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File: 1606453554178.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.16 KB, 480x360, 90df pain.jpg)

No. 116487

Has any farmers watched the series 90 day fiance? A lot of the cast members are really milky if you keep up to date with their instagrams/social media.

Premise of the show:
>Americans invite their LDR foreign spouses to come to America with a k1-visa
>K-1 visa states that you have 90 days in America to marry your American spouse before you are required to leave the country.
>TLC films the 90 days of different couples to see what challenges they face while moving to a completely new country.
>It's been based off the word reddit users who applied, TLC does not do any formal background checks and they are intentionally looking for batshit insane people in the show
>For whatever reason, the cast members become clout chaser and start stirring drama or new business ventures in hopes of maintaining their fame
>turns out TLC only pays the American spouses 11k per season (foreign spouses cannot be paid due to legality). If you are milky, you get paid more (some couples reported that TLC paid them 250k).
>the season finale ends with a tell-all where all the couples meet up in one room to critique (or insult) each other and their relationship.
>Realizing how much of a cash cow this is, TLC started making spin offs such as sequels (happily ever after?, what now, and quarantined) to prequels (before the 90 days) to genuine spin offs (the other way).

Show Listings:
>90 day Fiance - The original franchise / series
>90 day Fiance: Happily ever after? - The series follows the life of couples that got married during the show. What issues are they having now?
>90 day Fiance: What now? - For whatever reason, these couple are still trying to obtain their k-1 visa and it documents the troubles they face.
>90 day Fiance: Before the 90 days: This series document budding couples that are considering getting the K-1 Visa to be together, but want to see if this relationship is worth it.
>90 day Fiance: Pillow talk - this is a small spin off of fan favorite couples reacting to the latest series.
>90 day Fiance: The other way - This series follows the journey of Americans who decide to leave America to settle into a foreign country with their spouses
>Family Chantel - This series follows the life of one of the most famous 90 day fiance couple, Chantel and Pedro as they embarrass themselves on national TV.
>Darcey and Stacey - Same premise as the series above but with a different couple.

Notable Couples
Pedro (Dominican Republic) and Chantel (America)
>appears on OG Season 4, HEA Season 2, HEA Season 3, HEA Season 4, The Family Chantel, Quarantined
>Chantel is a nursing student that wanted to learn Spanish, and she joins this app where you practice other languages with foreigners.
>She meets pedro and falls in love with him. After a year or so, they begin the K-1 Visa to bring Pedro over to America.
>For whatever reason, Chantel did not want to tell the news to her family, so she introduces Pedro as a student she met at school.
>Pedro never got the memo, so family chantel was immediately suspicious.
>Because of their xenophobia, the family is determined to destroy the relationship, drama ensues.
>Pedro's family are also bat shit insane, they believe Chantel 'stole' Pedro from them.
>Pedro and Chantel fight a lot about family for reasons above, and also Pedro sends most of his paycheck to pay for his family's housing in the Dominican Republic.
>Notable thanksgiving fight where Pedro and River (chantel's father) fight each other on national TV.
>After this fight, TLC decided to give family chantel their own spin off.
>First season, Chantel and Mother Chantel (Karen) stalk Winter's (Chantel's sister) boyfriend. They found out the BF has another child that he never told Winter. Their relationship exploded.
>Second Season, Royal (eldest son of the family) returns home. Turns out he also did the K-1 Visa to marry Angenette, a Filipino girl who is ~10 years younger than he is.
>Obvious signs of Angenette being abused by Royal, but family Chantel insisted Angenette is the abuser here.
>You get to witness this family harass and bully Angenette exactly like how they bullied and harassed Pedro and his family.

Mohammed (Tunsia) and Danielle (America)
>Appeared on OG Season 2, HEA Season 1, HEA Season 2, WN Season 2, WN Season 3, Quarantined
>40 year old Ohio, Danielle, falls in love with a 20-something year old man, Mohammed.
>Promise him that she will take care of him and brings him to America on the K-1 Visa.
>She has 4 kids, and it turns out she's actually broke.
>Mohammed is actually disgusted by Danielle, and even refused to kiss her during their own wedding.
>During the tell-all, danielle admits that Mohammed did not consummate their marriage during the wedding night. Sex is rare in the household. People asked why and Mohammed admits it's because Danielle peed on him and that she has a UTI she refuse to check out.
>After the wedding, Mohammed pretty much leaves to go to Miami and live his life
>Danielle loses it and harasses Mohammed to come back or she will get the marriage annulled, forcing Mohammed to be deported
>Mohammed told Danielle that he is willing to be her friend as long as she does not get him deported. Danielle agreed to this and drops the anullment.
>The two get divorced and the timeframe to get the marriage anulled is pretty much done. Mohammed is safe (for now).
>Danielle spam calls Mohammed during this period.
>Mohammed is starting to see new people.
>Danielle loses her mind and goes to Miami with her binder of evidence of Mohammed being a fraud
>She throws the binder at him outside, and Mohammed is forced to call the police.
>Police gets involved and Danielle leaves inconsolable
>As of now, Danielle and Mohammed are divorced. Mohammed is apparently a trainer or something. Danielle is now selling weight-loss products on instagram.
>This is the first bat-shit couple featured on 90 day fiance. Because of the ratings, people speculate this is why TLC started looking for crazier couples.

Rosemarie (Philipines) and Ed (Florida)
>Appears on B90D Season 4
>Rosemarie is a early 20 year old who falls in love with 54 year old Ed on facebook. Both of them are single parents.
>Ed admits that he used to have a wife but cheated on her, causing the wife to walk out on him and his daughter (tiffany) when he was 28.
>(Ed is that famous no neck guy you see everywhere on social media)
>When he finally decided to see Rose, he finally tells Tiffany about his plans of marrying her.
>Tiffany who is ~30, is horrified that her father is looking for someone younger than her. The two fight and stop talking.
>Before Ed leaves to the philipines, he leaves Tiffany a voicemail saying if I die, this is the last thing you'll hear from me.
>Tiffany freaks out and calls him and forgives him.
>Fast forward to the Philipines, Ed and Rose meet up. Ed pressures Rose to get an STI/STD test.
>Rose sees this as reasonable and requests him to get one as well. Ed is insulted and said he will not get one in the Philipines.
>Then he brings up how Rose has 1000 friends on facebook and demand to know why she doesn't talk about her ex bfs.
>Rose gets upset and tells him a lot of bad stuff happen with her ex lovers (which she state are 2 people) and did not want to talk about it.
>She leaves, which causes Ed to apologize and tell her how much he loves her.
>Rose forgives Ed and they decided to go to a hotel.
>Ed gets a ton of booze and they drink. Rose falls asleep n it is assumed they have sex.
>Ed talks about their sex to the producer and how great it is.
>Before they leave, Ed ask Rose to shave her legs because it is not 'pretty' and that all girls in america shaved their legs. Rose agreed only if Ed shaves his beard.
>Rose takes Ed to see her family, as it turns out she lives in poverty.
>Ed now speculates if she is using him for money. Barely interacts with prince. Also Rose wants to have more kids but Ed already had a vasectomy and is too scared to tell her.
>Ed tells Rose that he cannot sleep in their shithole of a house, so they go on vacation without rose's son, prince.
>While there, Ed tells rose that her breath doesn't smell 'pretty' so he bought her mouthwash, toothpaste, and a teethbrush to help with her breathe. Rose informs him that her teeth is good, but she is suffering from an ulcer (due to poverty) and that's why her breathe smells bad.
>Ed realizes he fucks up and tells her how much he loves her and how great she is, Rose calls him ugly in her own language.
>During the trip, Rose learns that Ed lied about wanting to have kids and that he refuse to raise anymore. Rose feels hurt and breaks up with Ed completely.
>On 90 day fiance, Ed outs Rose as being bisexual for some reason? He implies that Rose was probably cheating on him anyways with her GF (they are no longer dating during the tell-all).
>This couple is notorious because of how Ed has treated rose, and Ed now uses this as an opportunity to become famous online, even having his own twitch channel.

Post-Show Discourse as of 2020
Deavon and Jihoon, ( The other way, season 2) have completely separated.
>Tl;dr, an american woman falls in love with a deadbeat korean man. Both of them are in their 30s, and have no savings or income. Deavon is furious that housing cost too much in Korea and how Jihoon cannot afford it. The two fight a lot, which was mostly just Deavon and her mother yelling at Jihoon the entire season how much he sucks.
>They have a kid together named Tae yang.
>Deavon gained a lot of notoriety because she is an instathot who photoshops her face a lot. She insists that she has asian lineage
>Her mother, Ellicia is bat shit insane. She has written books and named her characters after her daughter. She is antivax and believes in eugenics (posted on her youtube videos). Moreover, on her personal website, she had listed the entire family tree to show that she is a descendant of witches from salem and from English royalty.
>Deavon leaves Korea with their child and blasts Jihoon for abusing her, her daughter Dracilla, Tae yang, and their pet dog.
>Jihoon remains silent besides the occassional I miss my son. I am hurting, etc. He eventually comtemplates suicide but people persuade him not to.
>Jihoon eventually comes forward with his side of the story telling people how Deavon was threatening suicide if he did not let her leave America
>They are not formally divorced and said Deavon was seeing a korean-american man (Topher) during their entire relationship.
>Deavon is refusing to let Jihoon to see Taeyang, but is allowing him to send money and toys to Tae yang.
>Jihoon also provide reciepts such as showing a video of Dracilla throwing their dog, bambam to the wall on insta live. He said he had to rehome bambam because of this.
>Moreover, Deavon had claimed that Jihoon's family pulled her hair to discipline her. Jihoon fires back saying at the korean primary school, Dracilla was attacking and biting other children. He gently tugs her hair and ask her if that felt good. Jihoon shows a letter from the school that documents Dracilla's behavior.
>People started to notice how Deavon spoke about her ex husband (Dracilla's father) of being an abusive felon. Crazy fans did a background check to see he has no prior criminal record.
>Tides turned and now people believe Deavon has been lying and abusing Jihoon, not the other way around.

Larissa's contract ends with TLC
>Larissa gains notoriety in the show because she was willing to abandon her 3 kids in Brazil while she marries mama's boy Colt.
>She ends up suffering from anxiety and depression due to Colt and her arguing a lot. Debbie, Colt's mother, gets involved constantly and has called the police on Larissa 3 times.
>After the divorce, Colt and Debbie goes to a lawyer to get Larissa deported because this marriage was a fraud
>Larissa eventually leaks on instagram videos of colt waking her up at 3 am with loud noises for shits and giggles. She talks about how unsafe she felt at the house
>Also spoke up how Colt had been cheating on her throughout their entire marriage
>She ends up meeting Eric on a dating app and they fall in love but they end up fight just as much.
>Larissa pressures Eric to pay for her boob jobs and cosmetic surgery, insisting she would pay it back.
>She asks 5k from her dad in brazil so she can maintain her green card since her deportation was pending. She uses this for more cosmetic surgery.
>Larissa ends up making an only fans and breaks her first day with 100k. She and Eric decided to move to Colorado together.
>Someone tips off ICE and Larissa is detained (pressumbly Colt and Debbie). However she is released.
>Larissa and Eric ended things because Eric supported Trump.
>Larissa focuses more on her only fans, eventually opening a cam soda
>Due to conflicting contracts, TLC ended their contract with Larissa
>Meanwhile Colt ends up in a relationship with Jess, another brazillian girl. Only to cheat on her with the same woman he cheated on Larissa with.
>He manipulates Jess and tells her how crazy she is for being upset that he is still in contact with Vanessa (mistress).
>They break up and Jess falls in love with another American and they get married
>Colt and Vanessa just got engaged and is now pending a new spin off.

No. 116488

File: 1606454146161.jpg (217.92 KB, 750x1334, baby.jpg)

OP here,
Here is some discourse that has happened off the show that is not really relevant anymore in 2020

>Ashley (Ashley and Jay) suffered kidney failure due to the stress of Jay's cheating and filming the show.

>Opens a gofundme to pay for treatment
>Jay's sister reveals that Ashley is a liar and used the gofundme money for a tummy tuck

>Anfisa and Jorge became a very famous couple because Jorge promised Anfisa that he would give her everything in America.

>Turns out, he cant. So Anfisa would delete his apple acc, key his car, throw things at him, etc.
>No one says shit because people believe this is poetic justice since Jorge went on a rant how American women were too assertive and feminist
>Jorge went to jail for trying to smuggle weed to Arizona
>Anfisa promised that she would stay with him, but she leaves him for another rich guy
>Anfisa becomes a body builder while Jorge rotted in jail for a few years.
>Jorge is finally out and he knocked up his latest GF

>Joshua and Alcksandra is a mormon couple that preaches mormonism. Aleksandra's daughter does not look like Joshua at all. Joshua insist it is his child, picrel to their "fully white" baby

No. 116489

How can you forget Paul and Karine?
A lot more milkier than Ashley and Jay tbh

No. 116490

File: 1606457041521.jpg (341.05 KB, 1733x971, 90-Day-Fiances-Darcey-Silva-Je…)

Darcey is my favorite cow. Stacey is a close second. Thank you based anon for the thread, 90df is my shit.

No. 116491

File: 1606457122434.jpg (58.54 KB, 800x445, 90-Day-Fiance-Darcey-Silva-Sta…)

The matching plastic surgery and twinning in your 40s (?) has always struck me as creepy and sad.

No. 116492

File: 1606457300288.jpg (147.72 KB, 1200x1100, 90DF-Couple-Paul-and-Karine-Ge…)

Sorry to samefag, but can we talk about Paul and Karine? Holy shit, terorism charges? I think she's away from him now and ended up filing domestic violence charges. With how he acted on camera, I'd be horrified to see what really happens behind closed doors.

This show is chock full of cows. I'm happy to see other anons are into the trainwreck.

No. 116521

Apparently the terrorism charge was a mistranslation and it was actually for arson… Jesus christ, I hope to God she runs away with the child.
Guy is literally one of those "American women suck:(((" men

No. 116534

File: 1606502570255.jpeg (60.46 KB, 490x324, EB64493A-138E-4585-9BE1-4791F3…)

BAHAHA that baby’s obvious biracialness cracks me up. She says that she’s half black (and that picrel is her dad) and that’s why the baby looks like that. Why tf does she look 100% white then? People have said that Josh is obviously gay while Aleksandra’s kid’s father is that friend from Prague. I wish that they were on other seasons so we could get more milk from them.

No. 116535

File: 1606502672885.jpg (615.01 KB, 2048x2048, 90-day-fiance-brittany-yazan-f…)

The clips of him running up the hills in Brazil live in my brain rent free. I love those.

What do you guys think of Yazan and Brittany? Brittany is definitely ignorant as shit but I don't really get what Yazan is thinking getting with a woman who was thirst trapping all over instagram. That is what he signed up for and is now expecting her to change and be a good muslim waifu. It's never going to happen. I think he's as retarded as her but for some reason people only rip into her for having completely unrealistic expectations. They are so wrong for each other. I also don't get why leaving Jordan is not an option they ever bring up. If Yazan feels smothered by the culture there he can try to leave with her instead of trying to get her to convert. If he likes it there and actually wants to live the trad life then he needs to find a nice muslim girl and stop swimming uphill. Brittany I understand even less though. There are so many mid eastern dudes that look like him in the US. Why do you need to go all the way to Jordan? For whaaat.

No. 116536

ive been watching this show on/off since the dinyell mohammud fiasco.

i like anfisa, but i didn't start to until she was off the show. but i also like darcey so my taste is trash. i think the only person i genuinely hate is leida or whatever her name is, she is a miserable person

No. 116538

File: 1606503523757.jpg (592.56 KB, 1080x1345, Screenshot_20201127-105831_Red…)

thank u mods for moving to /m/ after locking on /ot/

spot on. I always have had a hunch he burned down an ex girlfriends house or something. Does anyone know what Paul actually did? Obviously something batshit crazy.

I know reddit is mostly shit, but the 90df sub is pretty golden.

No. 116539

I linked the wrong post, sorry. But man, Dinyell was really the OG crazy bitch for the series. it was like a real documentary before.

No. 116541

Thanks OP. The old 90 day fiance thread is years old and dead.
Woah wait Jorge is out? Does he have an insta or his preggo gf?

I followed Anfisa until recently but her butt posting on insta was getting to be too much. Shes was my favorite on the show. I kinda hope she would do some spin off or something but i guess now that Jorge has a new girlfrind she wouldnt be up for it.

No. 116559

I highly suggest you guys checking r/90daysuncensored subreddit instead of relying on normal 90days subreddit, because the normal one is filled with batshit moderators and heavy censorship, while 90daysuncensored has all the possible milk on others.

No. 116565

File: 1606522874816.jpg (438.74 KB, 750x1440, d00bcaf.jpg)

Paul was charged because he was sending death threats to his ex girlfriend and slashing tires. Apparently she was pregnant but it turned out to not be his child.

I dont care if paul has some longterm trauma from his ex, it is fucked up that karine ran away to hide from paul a few months ago. So, in response, he went to brazil to party to show that he can be anywhere that Karine goes.

No. 116568

File: 1606523169345.jpg (780.89 KB, 1125x1378, b431298.jpg)

Jorge posted a sonogram on his insta here

No. 116582

File: 1606529974716.jpg (191.65 KB, 1800x1519, qpik0nq5yne41.jpg)

Deavan really takes the cake as one of the major cows in the series, it's interesting to watch how koreaboos turn out as adults.

No. 116611

Thanks for the tip, I've had a lot of fun reading the shitposts on the regular sub but I'll definitely check out the milkier one for more content.

I think she had a really pretty face naturally but of course she couldn't leave it alone. Her limp, overly-long hairstyle was the main thing dragging her looks down and instead she goes and completely ruins her face with fillers. Maybe a tiny bit of filler on the lip I can understand but the amount she got is unjustifiable.

No. 116626

I feel kind of bad for deavon because it honestly seems like Ellicia dictates Deavons life and beliefs. In the recent other way episode, Ellica jokes saying she hopes the wedding dress still fits. Who says that to their own daughter?

At the same time, none of this justifies what Deavon had done to jihoon. I hope topher, Deavon's new korean boy toy, is using her for clout. Who would stick with someone who says korean people hate kids, eat dogs, etc?

No. 116757

I hate all the youtubers who commentate on the show, they're all braindead literal who's that often get into stupid slapfights with these z-list celebs for clout and it's fucking embarassing.

Kek. For some reason I always imagine her being one of the anons in /ot/ ranting about her incel "boyfriend".

No. 116812

File: 1606690294793.jpg (350.8 KB, 1600x1600, husky-getty.jpg)

I just discovered this one, thanks for reminding me anon!

Elicia is nuts for sure, it's definitely where Deavan gets it from. However, she's a grown ass woman with 2 young children who moved them across the world and back. At some point she needs to stop blaming Jihoon for everything and grow the fuck up. Dracula bugs the fuck out of me more than anything, you can tell Deavan never even tried to discipline her.

Pic related, it's the same energy as all of her selfies.

No. 116814

Anfisa was a bad bitch who was 100% upfront about her expectations from the start.

No. 116825

File: 1606700317534.jpg (18.35 KB, 400x268, trout-pout.jpg)

Her insta pics are so heavily edited, I always laugh when I see her on a TV because she looks nothing like her edited pics.
Picrel to what she looks like.

Does anyone know if Deavon had a job before this series? Is she actually working or is most of her income crying how jihoon ruined her life? Im glad TLC cut contracts with the couple.

No. 116828

File: 1606707461876.jpg (31.55 KB, 471x547, 7527a00_1.jpg)

stacey's lips are terrifying here

No. 116829

File: 1606708133858.jpg (168.08 KB, 2028x1158, Screen-Shot-2020-09-09-at-2.58…)

Stacey's lips are always terrifying. Where do THEY get the money for their lifestyles?? They were single moms w/ multiple kids before AFAIK (save for the occasional foreign engagement kek) Are their parents wealthy? They flaunt designer shit and all kinds of expensive enhancements to their appearances. Is it all just on credit?

Love yourselves, Darcey and Stacey goddamn.

No. 116830

I'm really curious and I'd love to see some YT cows covering 90df cows. Any recommendations? Bad or good?

No. 116831

their dad was a hollywood tycoon. I believe they had their own show before 90df, too. If you watch darcey & stacey, their dad has a foreign k-1 visa wife, also lol

No. 116899

Yourwetsock is some trust fund kid, who just gives a rundown of 90day episodes while given his "hot takes", who got into a slapfight with deavan over something stupid in like september

Master of Blackjack jist reuploads clips on youtube but, really stans Paul hard on their second channel master of blackjack 2, to the point of having direct contact with him and supposedly trying to better his life.

The Celeb Talk guy seems like just your average clout chaser who covers a variety of reality tv shows

Your up and adam is the same thing but, frequently does collabs with up and adam, and yourwetsock while also covering other reality tv shows.

The youtube 90day community is really just the commentary community but for z-list celebs. Occassionally they'll dip their fingers into the drama constantly surrounding the people they cover or give some of the most boring and lukewarm of takes.

No. 117072

Michelle McDaniel (My Thoughts Will Probably Offend You) has done some episodes where she comments on the show, she had a short series covering Ed and Rosemarie that I thought were pretty funny.

No. 118843

File: 1608279608499.png (702.13 KB, 960x493, holyshit.png)

Watching the new season and the new couples have me fucked up. The cougar who owns not one but at least 3 different items, including a tshirt and a debit card, with her fiance's face on them cracks me up. Her fiance is an overly-jealous Tunisian man whose extremely creepy "i love you babeeey i kees your lips muahh" snapchats that TLC graciously edits into each episode. Her son is ~2 years younger than her fiance. It's also her second time importing a Muslim husbando, the first ended in divorce
We also have:
>overgrown frat boy with alcohol issues and his high femme gf who hates him for being a slob and an alcoholic
>sex tourist black weeb with an obsession with Thai culture and his Filipina gf who is clearly a closet lesbian trying to squeeze a woman into their relationship. Currently "bi" but vocally looking to have a throuple.
>a couple that admitted they are not in love with each other before they decided to move in together to start the immigration process, they straight up hate each other completely

No. 118845

Oh and the black weeb showed us his buddhist shrine as well as used his katana to first hack at a tree branch and then chopped some vegetables.

No. 118971

I'm watching the new season right now and holy shit, Tarik's rapping is fucking terrible.

No. 119194

I feel like the 90DF commentary market is full of potential because each episode is so batshit insane that you have to look up commentary to confirm that you're not crazy.

Anyway weird question for you all but I'm always a season behind bc I don't have TLC. I try not to spoil myself with the info of what actually happened with the couples (aka "Where are they now?) until I'm fully done with their time on the show. Do you bother to do the same thing or do you not care?

No. 119230

i'm on the reddit a lot so i tend to get spoilers.

No. 119793

Im not in the US and i cant keep up when it shows live on TV, and i dont watch illegally so im always 6 months to a year behind. I get minor spoilers from memes or here but otherwise i wait. I dont follow reddit either.

No. 131130

Was thinking about how many of these people launched OnlyFans. 90 Day Fiance is a crypto-sex-trafficking show now. The fiance to sex work pipeline…

No. 131131

On another note, I'd like to share with you Natalie's batshit youtube channel. Enjoy.

No. 131209

File: 1615189012562.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.2 KB, 1080x2280, pnl2hlbp22b61.jpg)

Elizabeth and Erika are my personal lolcows of this show.

No. 131352

this is anisa-esque, wow.

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