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File: 1607025226593.jpg (90.09 KB, 850x400, meme.jpg)

No. 117121

ITT: we discuss the history of certain memes and their sociological causes and impacts

No. 117126

File: 1607026178945.png (241.46 KB, 1045x436, doomerette.png)

can't find any pics of the original doomerette because the cute "goth gf" one took over and she is over the top sexualized and pornified. there is endless porn of her and it's real annoying, there are still uglier versions but they're still in this cute art style which is a plus imo I like it better than the ms pain style wojak, I also heard that they were drawn by a woman?

No. 117127

File: 1607026256520.jpg (54.21 KB, 680x777, 1606662333857.jpg)

I posted this before on another thread, but I find it interesting how the stock "Yes Chad" caricature and the tard wife now function basically as 2010 early rage comic stick figures, to be used for random situations and memes
the original context and meaning behind them has been stripped, not their just online stock characters

No. 117130

File: 1607027293131.jpg (15.25 KB, 400x436, 1607023364116.jpg)

I still personally prefer this version, If Doomer is supposed to represent an angsty young men in his early 20's whose given up on life, then I feel Doomer girl should represent similar attitude of a young woman whose given up on life

No. 117134

this doomer girl is like a person, the pretty one is like a man's view of a woman as only a shell

No. 117135

that's true, when I look at the pretty one I feel nothing just hollow 2d drawing. This one is much cuter and more relatable.

No. 117166

No. 117169

File: 1607056464062.jpg (331.19 KB, 2048x1620, 1598368576991.jpg)

I was really considering using this as the thread pic

No. 117171

I know people said it before but picrel is just rage comics 2.0. I'm surprised they're not made by 12 year olds

No. 117173

This is actually really cute but
>Men have facial lines
>Women have no facial muscles, only blush
It would be better if doomer girl had some eyebags like >>117130
and maybe there was some body variation to the girls without it being too Tumblr, doomers have bigger things to worry about than keeping a uwu loli figure kek. Maybe we partner up with the draw thread?

The people that made rage comics are probably making these kek. Imo Zoomer memes seem to involve repurposing screencaps more than MS Paint drawings

No. 117176

>I know people said it before but picrel is just rage comics 2.0. I'm surprised they're not made by 12 year olds
I'm pretty sure 12 year olds are making them at this point, many of the characters have lost what they were meant to represent (with the exception of maybe the Doomer) the Tard-girl, the chad and Doomer girl are now basically blank canvases used to represent everyone

No. 117194

wasn't the one that we call "doomer girl" meant to represent e-girls who appropriate "doomer aesthetic" for their tiktoks or smth? considering those memes originate from 4chan, I don't think moids there think that women have any problems or struggles at all

No. 117208

The Doomer girl did originate on 4chan and was shared and edited by various men on the site, but she came into her own on twitter and tumblr, she for all intents and purposes is now a different character

I mean to go tumblr sometime she's very popular there, for the same reasons the Doomer is popular with young men

No. 117211

File: 1607097542845.jpg (152.93 KB, 704x1408, tumblr_30c5b8a85cc821ba58259bc…)

i saw this post and searched the tag out of curiosity since i dont really use tumblr anymore and i didn't see many posts.

i found this one tho kek

No. 117214

search for just Doomer instead of Doomer girl

No. 117265

File: 1607142213732.jpg (129.15 KB, 720x620, d63.jpg)

No. 117266

File: 1607142647292.jpg (267.4 KB, 800x3000, 1418671112911.jpg)

I wonder if I'll eventually look back on Wojack et al and find them as cringeworthy and unfunny as I do rage comics.

Ahh probably not, they're a lot funnier than rage comics ever were even at their peak and have a lot more personality.

No. 117303

We absolutely will look back at wojaks and all of their variations ("doomer", "zoomer", "coomer", "boomer", etc.) and cringe at how embarrassing they were and how seriously they were taken, as if they weren't just replicas of the exact same unfunny 2000s meme faces.

I mean, teenagers are making serious video essays trying to analyze the "deeper meaning" behind wojaks, titled things like "Who Is The Doomer? - Dealing With An Age Of Hopelessness" and "From Doomer to Bloomer | My Story", comparing themselves and their life experiences to reaction images. They're already embarrassing.

No. 117305

zoomers or humans, in general, like to find a deeper meaning to things they enjoy because it somehow gratifies them but also because people enjoy things because they find those deeper meanings in them, it is not a new phenomenon, literature has been around for centuries and before that poetry and before that religion, it is just human behavior however what's different this time that they are analyzing memes so it kinda throws people off but it is still a valid analysis, IMO people are becoming more and more aware of how easy it is to make an essay video and how well they well do on youtube.

It is getting annoying and superficial when people try hard to make it as if something silly has a deeper meaning -to them- would make it less silly and most of the time they're objectively wrong so it can be real embarrassing to witness, I wish people would just enjoy things without making a big deal out of it.

No. 117307

I disagree, not about the cringe part but about the deeper meaning of wojaks. It's not too deep ofc but they definitely reference something more specific and personal than rage comics faces; even looking at >>117265 comparison you can tell it's all similar but wojaks are not as universally relatable as rage comics were.

No. 117310

I get the extreme deep analysis of badly drawn cartoons that came from 4chan is ridiculous,but I find it comforting that there's a specific type of meme that I can relate too.For example if I'm feeling like shit I can search a "doomer playlist" and find songs to listen that match my mood and see people feeling the same.It's the vibe of the songs that makes them "doomer" songs.There are also specific doomerette/doomer girl memes I've found that can be pretty relatable and seeing some other girl writing specific things that apply to me too makes me feel less alone.There's comfort in projecting negative feelings on a meme that's made to express a spectrum of negative emotions and people add their own experiences on them.maybe that was a bit spergy but that's kinda how I feel

rage memes have been around for much longer and were the first type of memes thet spread around the internet the way it did.At the time memes didn't change every other week and it took a long time till they became "outdated".Their simpler design helps too I guess

No. 117311

I'm starting to see people (mostly teens) regress these specific trad characters back to their original roots, which probably only lasted for a week or so and have since then just been detached from the alt-right. I have no doubt only 1% of memes created with these characters are literally anti-semitic, everyone else just sees him as the "chad" guy and she's the "pickme" girl. It doesn't get much deeper than that. Also another reason why teens should stay away from politics because they take them face value and obsess over trying to be the voice of reason.

No. 117312

lol non-contribution, but imagine someone doing a vid like "From Forever Alone to Trollface | My story

No. 117315

that would be an amazing video tbh kek

btw what do you guys think about memes getting repurposed after being "dead for a while?I posted this video on the dumbass shit thread a few days ago,which I found very interesting since it's a ten y/o meme and it's used from a very known company as their main advertising campaign.Like what was the decision behind using this meme as a basis for their ad campaign?The fact that the people who saw this meme 10 years ago are old enough to buy bosch products for themselves?Or a bunch of millenials who went into the marketing department of the company and wanted to make an ad campaign out of a meme?Only a specific age group will get the joke and the ppl too young or too old will just think it's a quirky commercial

(I realise this specific ad is almost 2 years old,but I saw another #likeABosch ad on tv just last week so I didn't know it was a thing till now)

No. 117323

I actually prefer the rage comics, they seemed more innocent and relatable. Something about wojak and all its derivations feels a bit pretentious to me. I also don't like how many of them like soyboy, tradwife, coomer, and NPC are associated with right-wingers.

No. 117333

they're probably trying to start something.

No. 117388

Yeah, earlier memes did have an "innocent" quality that is hard to explain. Maybe from a lack of irony / being less self-aware. Also, I know the doomer personifies hopelessness, but there's a feeling of pessimism in everything now. Earlier memes seemed to have a happier worldview. And yeah, they had sincerity. I think of the XD so randum trends, "I like wafflez" humor as a genuine way to express joy and silliness. Memes were more expressing joy or other emotions but to amuse each other. It seems like now, they are still to amuse but with a sense of "things suck, don't they?" Even people trying to revive that culture, it's from a sad sense of nostalgia and feels hollow now. Or like they're still adapting it to the current mindset.
Sorry, this is kinda spergy. I know there are examples that go against my view. It's hard to describe, but the best I can say is "it was a simpler time

No. 117390

I should add that ik some things exist recently like "I want fuit gummy" that are light hearted. There are still joyful memes. But everything feels extremely calculated and short-lived idk. sorry for samefag

No. 117407

File: 1607231291733.png (258 KB, 550x535, tumblr_nsvzcduLR41udwanoo1_640…)

AYRT and I totally get what you mean. Another reason I prefer rage comics and even Pepe was that they were more universal memes that both men and women enjoyed. I definitely feel like wojak and its variations are mainly for men (which I'm not complaining about since it comes from a male-dominated website). The female versions like tradwife and e-girl are sexist and even if normies try to decontextualize them the original intent still lingers with me and I personally just find it weird.

No. 117467

File: 1607281331806.jpg (254.38 KB, 1000x1500, MV5BMzU4Yjc5MjYtYWRjNy00OTM1LW…)

Has any of you seen the Feels Good Man documentary? I've watched it yesterday and it's really good, even though I didn't really learn anything new (maybe except rare pepes trade), it's still worth watching given how crazy is the history of this meme; it's really upsetting that using it can make people assume you're an edgy far right neo nazi because it really is a sweet and relatable face in it's original form

No. 117485

no, but I watched this a while ago and I think it sums up the documentary you're talking about in one minute.

No. 117489

Yeah, pretty much

No. 117534

File: 1607333686377.jpg (52.67 KB, 650x639, lgbtkenobi-twitter-650x639.jpg)

Anyone remember the Lesbian/lesbian ally Thor meme, originally it started as a dumb inside joke on tumblr

basically a guy who looked like Thor politely asked a woman out on a date, she said she's not interested because she's gay and she expected the guy to become angry or embarrassed but instead he's cool with it and helps set her up with a lesbian friend of his

from there it quickly went from guy who looked like Thor to actually Thor, where he represented an Ideal male ally, not some annoying woke feminist dude but just a great guy who you know supports you and is cool. but Thor also represented the "exception" for a minority of lesbian, basically the one guy a lesbian would make an exception for, Hozier is also also an example of a exception certain lesbians have


No. 117535

Oh my god I remember that! Makes sense that they also pinned him as the original himbo too.

No. 117539

File: 1607335997358.jpg (423.6 KB, 540x7510, ehhssms9zew21.jpg)

In both cases, it seems that in terms of male allies pretty much everyone prefers a guy whose just cool with it over some leftcel dude who reads advanced theories of obscure black french radical feminists from the 1970's, cause I'm sure many of us have had bad experiences with those types of dudes, cause they often are creepy and have ulterior motives
pic related

No. 117541


Twitter being annoyed at everything isn't new but this is taking off and I wonder if it could change something.

No. 117544

It's always fascinating to me how clueless people are when it comes to meme origins.

No. 117545

File: 1607344128267.png (136.72 KB, 1203x563, blissfuly ignorant.png)

I can't wrap my head around the idea of how can you be so ignorant when you're on the fucking internet, I can't believe normies exist this has to be satire.

No. 117548

File: 1607346661185.jpeg (81.9 KB, 640x619, 807271C9-36FA-44E7-86C2-1A0E50…)

Meme for being awkward at a party featuring feels guy who is only meant to express, well, feels…

No. 117557

I want quarantine to be over so American twitter will finally get out in the real world so they can stop cancelling things every other day. Also I recall reddit created the white chad wojak in the pewdiepie subreddit, because it was supposed to be pewdiepie. It wasn't even neo-nazi bullshit.
I wish people can separate the art from the artist. some people love pablo picassos art while knowing pablo picasso beats his wife. Let people enjoy memes for fucks sake.

No. 117634

OT but what's with all the /gen in the replies? I'm not a twitter bitch please help

No. 117656

File: 1607429190796.png (356.43 KB, 643x917, 0989786756e4.png)

No. 117664

Thanks. I'm keking at /r. I have so many questions but don't want to derail the thread.

No. 118103

File: 1607749618053.png (200.48 KB, 692x390, 46d.png)

Something I just find sorta hilarious behind the "-oomer" memes is well their origin, the meme started on /v/ when anons started getting annoyed by older users in their 30's or late 20's getting overly nostalgic for their past favorite games and so people startled calling these old nostalgic nerds "30 year old boomers" and originally all the memes were related mostly to gaming, but it spread to the rest of 4chan and the meme became less about games and more about mocking the older users on 4chan and even the rest of the Internet, as relation the "the 15 year old zoomer" meme was created mocking the gen-z users on 4chan and then it went crazy with lots of variations started being created but the Doomer variation ended up being the most popular and spread outside 4chan, mainly as a choice profile picture for twitter and youtube accounts, people became making highly specific local varieties Brazilian Doomer, Russian Doomer, Thai Doomer e.t.c and it got to a point where most people who had these profile pictures didn't what a wojak was or anything about chan culture it just found them

No. 118116

That's a rare boomer.

No. 118162

File: 1607790360389.jpg (3.99 MB, 4552x5272, 1607789798503.jpg)

9th Anniversary of Baneposting today

No. 118196

File: 1607811904230.jpg (231.2 KB, 1080x1151, cancer.jpg)

the whole hating british people meme (see pic related, from what I've seen it's popular in lefty zoomer places like Twitter and some subreddits) always kind of annoyed me and I didn't know why, until I saw that shuwu tweeted it and it finally clicked, it's the wokes' poor attempt at edgy humor since they can't say actually anything offensive or controversial so they settle for retarded forced memes like that and no I'm not british
sage bc kinda random and niche

No. 118198

im not british either but you see this here too. people will say "she looks British" as an insult like they think we're better looking? like the rest of the world isn't aware what walmart shoppers look like on an average day. I saw someone in /ot/ saying bad plastic surgery was a British thing like we don't have the kardashians? It's a massive cope.

No. 118201

It’s true, I’ve seen people use people British as an insult on here too. I don’t get hating on a whole country. However those using these memes that are from the us have cheek to shit on the uk due to the current state of the us

No. 118250

also sage for off topic but I don't understand why there's any sort of animosity between America and England, we've been allies for over a hundred years now and the History of cultural exchange between American and Britain is massive. we probably have more cultural exchange then any two nations in History
My husband was in the marines and he told me that the British soldiers who he served with were like his fellow countrymen, It's bizzare how we try to differentiate ourselves from them

No. 118291

Latin american meme culture is so rich I always stumble upon memes in spanish everywhere.

No. 118635

sorry for my autism anon but the reason "edgy leftys" make anti-British memes is because of the Irish Republican Army vs British empire history. They don't need to grasp onto "le british" memes as their only avenue for edge they call black people n*ggers and women holes just like the rest of the internet

No. 118661

> animosity between America and England

Some people are retards and just don’t like others because they need to get off the damn internet. I don’t think there is a real animosity for the most part, unless I’m missing something. I’m a burger, and have never met a single soul here who actually dislikes the British. Most Americans are delighted to have brits around. I can’t say much for the other way around though lol.

No. 118683

File: 1608156658169.png (75.46 KB, 400x436, doomer11.png)

(she was in fact drawn by a woman)

No. 118685

I want to hug her……..

No. 118688

File: 1608158071791.png (291.63 KB, 300x3103, 9855.png)

I just really love this image, nothing else to add

No. 118689

SIR is a treasure, I hope he finds a good job that makes him happy.

No. 118691

File: 1608159587833.png (41.86 KB, 602x748, 1533884788327.png)

it seems like best female wojak of all times was forgotten I say it only because she is literally me

No. 118692

Damn this reminds me of me 2 years ago. I mean I am still her just with different hair

No. 118700

This bitch is PCOS in wojak form

No. 118710

I honestly love everything SIR draws. I followed him years ago back when he was in the Homestuck fandom.

No. 118720

what kind of retarded zoomer shit is this

No. 118962

There's also the fact that zoomer has just become a kind of universal accepted name for Gen Z outside of 4chan. I've heard people who have nothing to do with/have never even looked at 4chan use the term when talking about Gen Z.

No. 119118

File: 1608548415549.png (68.47 KB, 494x800, pedobear.png)

Alas, the internet has forgotten about Pedobear. Perhaps it is because the powers that be wish to normalize transgender twitter pedophiles, and have actively buried the meme because it would hurt their feelings.

No. 119254

File: 1608674190221.png (4.14 MB, 3200x3200, xc0wf2q39e661.png)

>competency Iraqi political ideologies depicted with wojacks

No. 119255

I don't understand of course but I love it I love the soomer

No. 119256

I think of this meme once in a while and this post made me realise I had misinterpreted its meaning like a bunch of other people kek.Wonder how bringing it back would go

No. 119282


I always hated his right leg. I know it’s supposed to be foreshortening but if just looks like a crippled stump.

No. 119313

this is great, is it from pcm?

No. 119343

I mean, Spurdo is a derivative of Pedobear and that meme is still relatively alive.

No. 119493

File: 1608936889948.png (794.32 KB, 1911x1440, 39mbfhveld761.png)

The resurgence of this meme format is weird, I was surprised to see it again. I prefer the old 'I wish I was at home' version though.

No. 119593

As a latin american, no it's not, it's shit and I hate them all so much

No. 119597

File: 1609044845555.png (273.15 KB, 750x494, EqGK9lKW8AAm36E.png)

Kinda Incredible that femwojak derived avatars are seemingly everywhere on twitter right now and with every racial variation
This phenomenon really does exemplify the quote by Richard Dawkins which is the thread pic

>An Internet meme is a hijacking of the original idea. Instead of mutating by random change and spreading by a form of Darwinian selection, Internet memes are altered deliberately by human creativity. There is no attempt at accuracy of copying, as with genes - and as with memes in their original version.

I find it Incredible in a way

No. 119612

File: 1609073689782.jpeg (245.07 KB, 1080x1385, 96A7023B-712B-498A-B615-2E1716…)

No. 119818

File: 1609305606296.jpeg (55.83 KB, 686x708, EqbhZScXAAMpW-e.jpeg)

Saw this on my twitter feed, someone I know whose a total normie who has no idea about what 4chan or imageboards are posted this
Guess you can say wojaks are now in the mainstream

No. 120696

What's the thing besides the $ symbol?

No. 120700

a juul

No. 120704

i love this thread

No. 120830

Metal bat without his pompadour is so cursed

No. 123499

This is meme art, It's almost beautiful
how would you even describe this to someone from 100 years ago, how could you describe this ?

No. 123704

File: 1611608156803.jpg (23.2 KB, 480x270, cc6.jpg)

Where does this meme come from? I've tried to search on knowyourmeme, but nothing shows up. It looks like it's from a documentary.

No. 125625

File: 1612369058584.jpg (106.45 KB, 770x962, EqILw1zXYAEH6E9.jpg)

No. 125633

File: 1612369834613.jpg (132.55 KB, 500x618, rarepepewatermark.jpg)

something that bugs me about the twitter chan meme derivatives is that there is no coherent and flattering style.

the asians look randomly hideous in this style.

with the exception of doomerette and her wonky sperm eyebrows, 4chan is much better at designing memes for some reason. even simplistic or ugly designs (some Pepe's) just look so much better

No. 164125

File: 1634134280614.jpeg (199.71 KB, 1010x710, E31C3219-0645-4706-81D5-5E01A2…)

I thought this was funny but it’s a cringe political compass wojak meme from Reddit

No. 164148

I don't get it, what's wrong with drinking water?

No. 164149

>wojak and pepe memes are still circulating, but with twatter edits
>enough time has elapsed for normalfags to catch up and familiarize themselves with 4chan memes
>everyone and their grandma uses chans now
Does anyone else think internet culture is dying? What do you think caused this rapid stagnation?

No. 164194

File: 1634157550856.jpg (48.94 KB, 567x567, E21Qc2EXMAE5Oqj.jpg)

You're wrong, my fellow latin american friend.

No. 164198

I read that with his latam dub voice. Blessed.

No. 164907

I think the internet used to be mostly for losers who didn't get out of the house so it was more niche. Now, most people are online daily so shit spreads faster. (maybe this is a retarded take though idk)

No. 313262

I've noticed that new 4chan (or other imageboard) memes stopped filtering down to normies on other social media sites. Those wojaks in 2020 were the last one I remember going mainstream.

No. 313268

does 4chan have new memes? (genuine question, I stopped going so I have no idea.) I thought it became 99% advertising bots and shills several years ago, the death of OC was often lamented.

No. 313315

God this post HURT to read

No. 313316

Don't they mostly post soyjacks now? I would guess those are too much for the general population

No. 313317

they're "edgy normie", but still normie

No. 313352

That's just because 4chan is autistic about their meme and wojak hate since they claim they are normalfaggy.
Same reason for why the old rage faces died. At some point reddit was using them too it seems which means that you are a redditor if you use it, so anons stopped posting them. The overzealous oldfag LARPing and forum police attitude was always one of the aspects I hated the most about 4chan.

No. 315212

File: 1692186716817.png (337.39 KB, 600x608, Screenshot.png)

Why do terms started in niche internet communities like 4chan or even Incel forums seem to get normalised so quickly among the general public?

No. 315279

-maxxing stuff went viral on reddit like last year i think I only use reddit for like 3 subreddits for my rather niche hobbies and i’ve been seeing looksmax, bodymaxx, moneymaxx etc stuff on the recommended posts recently. i saw some tiktoks with it too, but I rarely use that app so i don’t know how common it is over there. but i don’t think normies know it’s 4chan talk.

No. 315293

Basically this, both Reddit and Tumblr do a good job of spreading these niche terms to a wider audience, and then they spread to more mainstream sites like twitter and tiktok.

No. 316494

The internet merging, most of the net activity is limited to a handful of places and social media is all about attention so people repost things from other places for brand purposes which means that twitter, tumblr and 4chan are more or less the same thing now.
It's boring, but the central issue is that the modern internet is an extension of real life in which people bring IRL shit in and overshare, whereas the old internet from the 90s and early 00s was a mean to escape reality. You only showed your husbando avatar and some edgy chuuni name and probably LARPed a different persona of yourself on every website you used. Whatever it was, it felt like the opposite of real life, I felt like "hiding" when I went online after school and I loved that shit. And I loved that almost nobody else was even aware that those places existed. Read all kinds of discussions there but I barely ever saw anything real life related.

Felt good browsing for ages without ever seeing any politics or celebrities being mentioned. Also, less infighting IMO. Even the conspiracy theories were still fun. Back then the biggest conspiracy theory would have been that phones are made to prevent people from thinking since they are constantly busy looking something up as soon as they have a free minute. Or something cool with Reptiloids.
Now conspiracy shit is just racist far right bullcrap.

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