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File: 1609981235683.jpg (26.42 KB, 620x373, My600LbLife.jpg)

No. 121285

Since there isn't a topic for this guilty pleasure of an absolute freak show, I decided to make one now that season 9 just started.

>Opinion on the show?

>Predictions on how the pandemic affected the recordings?
>Favorite episode?
>Biggest trainwreck?
>Best Dr.Now moment?

Also, since the Slaton Sisters thread is long dead and their show is a spin-off I figured they might as well be included here since 1000lb Sisters got a season 2.

The Slaton Sisters are two blubbering rednecks from bumfuck nowhere that got semi-popular on youtube for being fat, disgusting and stupid, and later got a tv show about them being fat, disgusting and stupid while working towards weight-loss surgery.
>Tammy: 600lb mentally disabled woman that never learned that hands are meant for more than just eating and texting with obvious catfishes
>Amy: Tammy's less fat younger sister, married to someone that looks like he needs to use all his brain power to remember how to breathe
>The Show is TLC's attempt to combine the best of Here Comes Honey Booboo and 600lb Life with mediocre payoff

No. 121286

So far on Season 2 of 1000lb sisters:
>Tammy is still fat, starting to look like she is inching closer and closer to becoming bed bound
>Amy got her weight-loss surgery at the end of last season and have now lost 200lbs and looks almost like a normal sized person next to Mt. Lardass
>Tammy is for once not dating a catfish, but he doesn't seem to keen to have her lose weight which might means his intentions aren't all that pure
>Amy has gotten pregnant only 4 months after surgery, despite being told to wait at least 2 years. "oops"
>Amy feels sentimental now that she is preggers and arranges a family bbq where she decides she is now "eating for two" while taking eating two huge plates of food
>Tammy gets called out by their equally fat brother for not taking responsibility over her weight and that Amy being pregnant should be a wake-up call that she will not always be there to help
>Tammy throws one of her usual hissyfits claiming that she is completely self-sufficient and that Amy ONLY helps her with cooking, shopping, bathing her, laundry and taking out the trash and THAT'S IT
>Brother buys a scale for Tammy to remind her that she is fat

No. 121309

Tammys probably gonna croak soon, as the doc said. Do you think they'll cash cow that and keep filming the series?

No. 121343

Anyone watch Samantha’s? She’s such a piece of shit, as I imagine the vast majority of these people have to be to end up on this show. Sounds like she’s never taken care of her daughter (left that to her mom) and is generally narcissistic as fuck. She’s gross and I don’t blame her mom for giving up and not wanting to try to help her anymore. Tbh, I think she just wants to lose a lot of weight so she can resume eating for her fetish site audience without putting herself in the grave.

No. 121358

Notice how her mother and aunt doesn't show up anymore in the episode after their brief talk with her? They probably just did the bare minimum to get their paycheck and bounced. Seems to be a lot of resentment going on towards her, which is understandable.
Considering being a feedee is Samantha's job she is going to gain it all back in no time, she just did the episode for free clout and money. The weight loss just happened because she was hospitalized for months.

No. 121363

File: 1610047161654.jpeg (Spoiler Image,79.49 KB, 720x960, ew.jpeg)

No doubt. This was never about STAYING healthy for her. I won't be surprised if she gains it all back and more. She'll certainly meet the same fate as James K, but with no one to take care of her. I hope her daughter comes to realize how selfish her mother is and not try to help at that point.

No. 121489

I had a hard time watching the latest 600lb episode so I dipped out halfway through, not only because I just wanted to reach through the screen and cut off the poor man's giant third ball sack but also because something felt off about both him and his mom.
Also, imagine buying so much from the ice cream man every day he ends up opening a separate account just for you. Jeebus.

No. 121516

Oh fuck yea they will TLC will even have a 'special' memorial episode. Slightly off topic but only cause she's not listed but whatever happened to Whitney Thore? I know she got cheated on which too bad but she's as narcissistic as it gets not like she's gonna attract a decent guy.

No. 121531

The streaming site I was using to watch got taken down. UGH

No. 121536

I wish Thederick's mom could be my mom.

No. 121742

File: 1610426791858.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.79 KB, 1024x574, GINA-1024x574.jpg)

Gina K, season 8 episode 5 was a ride of an episode. She pissed me off so much but I couldn't stop watching lol. She said something along the lines of "a benefit of being over 500lbs is that I qualify for disability" and I was floored. Or another scene when she was crying for her wife to pick up take out but her wife insisted on cooking when she got home instead. Gina and her mom were treating it like the wife did something abusive because she wouldn't get take out food. Also her wife was the only person in the house who seemed to work and she still had to cook for them! She also did fetish porn with her own sister wtf.

No. 121777


God people getting on disability literally just for being fat as fuck pisses me off so much. It's really common in the UK. The strain they put on the healthcare system solely bc they can't stop stuffing themselves with 10,000 calories a day is infuriating.

No. 121782

There really isn't a good reason to help these people. If anything, keep feeding them till they croak and forget about it. These people are a waste of resources.

No. 121852

File: 1610536165440.png (3.85 MB, 1920x3226, fat bitch.png)

Last time on 1000 lb Sisters
>TLC still editing Amy to seem like a sweetheart, but if you know your Slaton lore we all know she is actually a cunt
>Fake live streams and YT videos that was never released for the sake of the show
>Amy eating like crap again and blaming it on pregnancy cravings (like pineapple + lasagna) and that "the baby wants it" like she's 6 months pregnant
>Tammy and Chris calls Amy out for eating like shit, Amy does not take it too well
>Eight years since Tammy could fit in a vehicle seat
>Dr. Proctor goes full Dr.Now on both of them
>Dr. gives Tammy another chance, but assigns a doctor closer to her instead and will welcome her back when she is ready to do surgery
>The probability of Tammy dying in 5 years is 80%, maybe finally Amy will give scamming people for a giant casket for Tam-Tam another try

No. 123060

Jag started watching the latest 600lb episode and holy shit this bitch pisses me off. She starts off the episode saying she doesn't really want to do it and starts making excuses BEFORE she even got an appointment with Dr. Now
Why did they even bother filming her

No. 179039

I just started watching the 3rd season of 1000 lb sisters and honestly I'm amazed at all the weight Amy lost. I never thought she had the motivation and endurance. She's still an absolute trainwreck with maybe 2 braincells left but I have to congratulate her. Hopefully her kid won't become as obese as her, although I doubt it.
With Tammy I'm wondering every day how she's still alive tho

apparently she's now deceased so maybe she should've focused on loosing weight instead of the disability checks, just a thought

No. 179925

Yeah Amy did great honestly. Tammy is still a sperg and refuses to lose weight

No. 182875

I'm honestly amazed concerning Amy. Even if only half of what is shown on the show is true, I actually feel like she's going to raise her kid just fine. If her session with a baby dietician wasn't just for show and she actually had an appointment like that, I still have hope for her child. I wish this baby all the best and I really hope that Amy is one of those few people who actually manage to get their shit together after having a baby. Let's all pray for Gage.

No. 182883

samefag but if I'd just known the sisters because of the show I'd feel so bad for Tammy . But knowing all the shit she's done to others I don't feel anything seeing her 'almost dying' rn. Hasn't she been admitted to the hospital as a lost case several times alreaday? Idk I obviously don't want her to die but I still have absolutely no sympathy for her.

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