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No. 122979

Previous thread >>>/m/49285

Discuss your favorite webtoons or ones you hate. Feel free to gush or rant and get things off of your chest.

What are you reading at the moment?

No. 122987

graphic design is her passion

No. 122991

Anon, are you high? Stay OT and sage.

No. 123020

Anon the pink op sucks ankn

No. 123023

Did anyone else see this trainwreck?

You sound like a fucking scrote sperging out about a color. No one fucking cares.

No. 123025

This is so stereotypically Hetero it’s painful

No. 123026

It's the shoop that sucks not the color lol

No. 123034

What the fuck did I just watch and why is her voice so abrasive. I'm certain the people represented are schlubby weebs, I can smell the body odor through the screen

No. 123037

File: 1611217574749.png (373.48 KB, 443x320, 437207543056.png)

Yep. The scrote's pikachu shirt and vague soul patch really seal the deal.

No. 123052

File: 1611235593917.png (490.18 KB, 1600x457, 5AusHjs.png)

Heartstopper's getting a Netflix adaptation.

No. 123053


I’m curious

Why are almost all comics now based on gay couples? Is it just me or?

No. 123054

I think it comes from the fact that a lot of artists grew up on queerbaity (at best!) media with no real good representation and theres still a big niche here to fill. I wish I had that when I was younger for sure, glad my generation is making that wish come true for zoomers.

No. 123062

Anons, what are the most overused settings / plots in webtoons? Is it the same as in shojo manga, high school settings?

No. 123069

Big agree, it's a good thing.

No. 123079

This, but it also can be done in a really cringey ass way. I'm picky about what I read.

No. 123100

When it's cringe it's never really due to the orientation though. It's just the creator being an inept cringelord, they'd butcher any subject matter.

No. 123109

I agree! I wasn't implying otherwise. I see a lot of creators who don't know how to portray an LGBT relationship without making it look like the ramblings of a tumblr fangirl.

No. 123122

I feel like Webtoon Canvas is becoming far too crowded with comics lately. Every artist and their mother is desperately trying to gain clout with their half-assed Webtoons about their quirky OCs doing nothing. I'm not saying that Canvas Webtoons are inherently bad, per say, but it's getting flooded with low-effort content from Instagram artists trying to become the next Originals Webtoon.

That being said, what do you anons think about Wattpad being picked up by Naver?

No. 123125

>Wattpad being picked up by Naver

Does that mean it'll be less shitty?

No. 123129

Canvas definitely needs some kind of moderation

No. 123131

Speaking of LO, she introduced Hephaestus finally.

No. 123183

Do you anons have any webtoons to recommend? I liked most of the webtoons recommended in the previous thread so i trust your judgment lol

No. 123184

apparently some kpop companies are considering the possibility of using watt pad to market their groups because of the amount of gay rpf on there lmao

No. 123186


No. 123199

Some webtoons I really enjoy and haven't seen mentioned often if at all:
Nano List (completed)
The Girl Downstairs (ongoing, from the same author as Nano List)
Your Throne (ongoing)
The Stories of Those Around Me (completed)
DEAD DAYS (completed)
Seed (ongoing)
Trials of Magicat (ongoing)
Assassin Roommate (ongoing)

No. 123200

If any of you are interested since lore olympus came into the topics here again. I found this long ass critique video about LO

No. 123246

>that cringey ass comment about Hades using slave labor

I have a lot of issues with LO, but simultaneously I'm sick and tired of people trying to sanitize these ancient stories or do some sanctimonious bitching.

No. 123251

Zoomers can't fathom stories about flawed people doing wrong things sometimes. It's all in the framing, you don't automatically glorify something by merely including it in your narrative.

No. 123252

Did they also completely miss the fucking part where these are deities who are above mortals?

No. 123257

Doublepost, but also

>that stupid comment about the story of Demeter and Persephone originally being about mother-daughter love and empowering women

>in ancient Greece
>female empowerment

Lmfao these retards really can't make up their minds when it comes to a narrative. That isn't what the focus is. Through a tragic event, Persephone is transformed from the innocent maiden into the Queen of the Underworld. The process of this transformation demands the resolution of the tragedy. The crime against Persephone (the abduction) must be faced, and her role as a victim abandoned. Persephone must reclaim her power and her responsibility, She must give up Her naivety in order to become the Queen of the Underworld. She has to take responsibility for eating the pomegranate seeds. It is not good enough for Persephone to remain innocent and ignorant of her errors or to expect to be rescued repeatedly by others. If she holds onto this attitude, she remains the Maiden and continues to be the victim again and again. The journey to the Underworld involves diving to the depths of the psyche to confront the emotional scars of abuse and trauma. In doing so she reclaims her power and her courage, wisdom and maturity.

Also, several different people recorded this story and depending on which version you read you'll have a completely different picture. In one version, she willingly leaves with Hades because the Underworld represents adventure and the unknown and pretending that Demeter wasn't a controlling ass parent is insane. In another version, she isn't a barely legal woman, but a middle-aged woman who has the mannerisms of a naive girl and is dressed like one because (once again) in Demeter's quest to keep her daughter 'safe' she completely infantilizes her.

Also, in regards to the was she actually raped as in physically penetrated or not:

"Rape in Antiquity: Sexual Violence in the Greek and Roman Worlds is a generally worthwhile collection of essays about a non-existent topic. This statement is not meant to be facetious. Nor do I intend to suggest that acts that we would call “rape” did not occur in antiquity. Quite the opposite: ancient Greek and Roman literature presents us with many stories about rape and attempted rape of both women and men. When I say that rape did not exist in antiquity, what I mean is that there is no single word in either ancient Greek or Latin with the same semantic field as the modern English word “rape” (viol in French or Vergewaltigung in German). The Greeks, for instance, used words like u(/brij and a)timi/a and the Romans words like stuprum and vis to refer to acts that we call rape, but each of these words possessed a much wider semantic field than our word “rape.” And many Greek authors may describe what we would call rape as an act of violence, yet do not always call it an act of u(/brij or a)timi/a (e.g. Apollo’s rape of Creusa in Euripides’ Ion, the rape of a wife at Aristophanes Lys. 223-28 or the rapes of young women in Menander’s plays). True, ancient authors give us some information (not as much as we would like) about acts of rape and ancient attitudes toward sexual violence. But we should not assume they had a concept of rape similar to ours."

I'm sorry for the sperg. I'm just tired of this shit.

No. 123280

yea dawg idk about that rape paragraph you posted

No. 123283

Its a thousands year old fictional story. I'm sure you'll get over it.

No. 123406

I despise most of the bl comics on canvas. They're godawful and sometimes even have broken english but teen girls are so blinded by horniness that they read them and give them popularity it baffles me

No. 123437

File: 1611445624903.jpg (346.45 KB, 1080x591, 20210124_004316.jpg)

kek she literally drew herself and it still looks like alien

No. 123449

It doesn't look like an alien, imo. Just very bland.

No. 123598

File: 1611551840185.jpg (186.76 KB, 800x894, yuna.jpg)

Haven't seen this recommended but I love Yuna & Kawachan! Really cute art style, cohesive color palette and a story that seems like it's going somewhere. I don't think the pacing is too bad either. Likeable characters as well.

No. 123707

People getting mad that Hades had slave labor, who are all dead by the way, being problematic. lmao fuck off. The video was starting well until they also got misinformation about Hades too.

No. 123744

Welcome to the majority of not only the LO fanbase, but also its detractors. Not that there isn't valid criticism amongst the latter, but a lot of them stay saying stupid shit like Hades having slave labor, Hera being "racist" against nymphs like Minthe and Thetis, etc. Its just too much, these people are fucking defective.

No. 123766


I think people are just tired of the LO fandom praising Hades and Hera to the core while ignoring their negative traits. So the people who criticises LO would pick out anything negative like slave labour and racism.

No. 123908

is the op image a metaphor for halfassed webtoons?

No. 123922

Yeah that was the point lmao

No. 123944

Has anyone else noticed how unprofessional the lettering and general graphic design is in most of the originals? Using the ellipse tool for a speech bubble is the most amateur mistake.

No. 124167

File: 1611785221986.png (390.29 KB, 934x826, NewCanvas1d.png)

raining knives was such a good comic, it sucks that it ended a year into its webtoon release

No. 124184

I'll start The Search for a Monster, has anyone read it? I just finished Elena so I'm looking for similar thriller webtoons

No. 124193

I love my webtoon so much, even if it depresses me sometimes <3

No. 124446

File: 1611880723254.png (544 KB, 1168x750, lookism.png)

anyone else getting sick of this webtoon? I didn't sign up for 17 weeks of Jake and his gang, I just want my slice of life comedy back.

No. 124541

Yeah but then it makes people who actually want to see good criticism get turned off. The first few minutes were okay until they started spouting false nonsense about Hades of antiquity. You can be tired of people praising said characters, but don't make shit up either. At that point they're no different from Rachel.

No. 124572

Yeah that's why I stopped reading it. The endless gangwar was becoming a snore (and hard to follow)

No. 124647

True beauty is really making me consider wearing make-up if it means I will make friends and find a respectful, boyfriend, haha… help.

No. 124649

Don't fold, anon. Stay strong. Makeup ages you and makes you hate your natural face.

No. 124678

File: 1611978813190.png (135.22 KB, 720x867, 20210130_115151.png)

Moonvika from insta remade her light years away comic again. How is it possible that this version looks worse than the one that came before? Both art and story seems rushed

Who wants to bet that shes gonna remove it again?

No. 124703

Just start with the small stuff first, basic hygiene, skin care, and proper diet.

I went full retard with that and surgery and now people treat me way better. It’s a shifty world but people are truly nicer when you aren’t ugly.

No. 124719

It's already at 1000+ subs god fucking damn. The pacing is awful, and the colours look dull and lifeless. At least the older one had some semblance of personality.

No. 124736

File: 1612006031542.jpg (238.4 KB, 1080x1776, IMG_20210130_192039.jpg)


Yeah, comics like Edith would look so much better without the tool. Legit the only reason the tool exists is to draw out the speech bubbles faster

I deadass thought the artist finished like a few episodes before. Then I was shocked that this was supposed to be the first episode, the pacing is really off and you can tell she rushed it

No. 124739

Thanks anon, I definitely am working on those things! It's consoling to read a story of a girl in a similar situation, except I am always ugly and not just at home kek. Sometimes the comic makes me cry because I know I will never be treated with the decency the males treat her. Kind of immature, I will admit. I only keep hoping I can be attractive eventually and overcome my deformities, so I can live a normal life and focus on what really matters.

No. 124888

Today's LO episode is a little better quality than usual. I enjoyed Hephaestus's characterization. I'm praying with every bone in my body that Rachel doesn't make Hephaestus another member of cInNaMoN rOll Persephone's harem and male worshippers. I'm surprised she added him at all tbh. I still remember Rachel adamantly refusing to include Hephaestus on LO, claiming that he's a "creepy incel" when asked why.

Some people speculate that Hephaestus's plot relevance is being ghost-written, and if so then thank fucking god. Rachel's already ruined so many characters with so much potential. Ares is literally just a BDSM joke that wants a piece of Persephone's ass now.

The amateurity of this fits in perfectly with Webtoon's main demographic of quirky tweens. I'm not surprised that it's doing relatively well at only one chapter up.

No. 124904

File: 1612078106152.png (1.16 MB, 748x1032, look at him leg.png)

The panel that comes after it explains why the leg be like that but at first…

No. 124935

I feel the same way anon, im glad that he has a rocky relationship with his mother like in the myths, i thought it wasnt gonna be like that but ive been hearing rumors that he will be on tEaM perSePhoNE. I just want a damn character thats neutral about the entire thing and gives no fucks

No. 124938

I wonder then: what ''type'' of speech bubble would look better? Does anyone have examples of good looking dialogue?

No. 125093

File: 1612153731718.jpg (94.6 KB, 320x954, 20210201_122748.jpg)

The text bubbles in unlucky mansion look good imo. It looks like its been done manually which has a certain charm to it

No. 125120

It indeed looks nice. If I had to make a webtoon I would draw it myself too, it would probably look like shit tho. So kudos to artists who can do that good

No. 125234

I thought I was the only one who remembers her calling this deity an incel kek. Imagine being that retarded and incapable of seeing ancient stories for what they were as opposed to through this modern lens

No. 125239


Zoomers will end us all

No. 125240


Zoomers get off on gay relationships. For the most party the majority of the world is straight. I get these are niche comics but they seem to fetishise lgbt more than anything I think. Just like yaoi.

They’re a quick buck

No. 125244

Alright anons what are some good Historical based webtoons worth reading ?

No. 125256

Sorry to ask, but is Persephone really that pursued by the other male characters? I thought it was just Hades and Apollo (kind of) who worshipped her, and the rest of the male cast hated her. The most I've seen was just the occasional male character(s) ogling at her.

No. 125257

File: 1612252444787.png (563.15 KB, 640x833, tumblr_375e53b3feefe76adb77df1…)

Less of pursued and more like siding with her like ares (although ares maybe part of the pursuing her considering he still likes her) theres hermes too and he probably has a crush on her but hes friendzoned, and eros the token gay best friend and alot of female characters too ofcourse

No. 125259

I may be retarded but didn't Persephone say yes to having sex with apollo? Like, way worse shit happened in greek mythology but every character is treating this like it's the ultimate depravity? Also Persephone murdered a bunch of people but that is fine because she's pink and uwu?

No. 125261

interestingly Persephone is very clearly Rachel's self insert, In a world where every male character likes her and can't admire her beauty and she get praised for her mediocrity and how uwu soft and sweet she is

No. 125262

File: 1612255114724.jpeg (46.83 KB, 500x461, images (9).jpeg)

Yeah pretty much

No. 125302

It was transparently unenthusiastic consent imo, if my partner looked that way in bed I'd stop trying to fuck them. He also took pictures of her without her consent and is holding onto them as revenge porn. It is depraved.

No. 125350

File: 1612305653495.jpg (89.52 KB, 828x778, EFpNim8U8AE-9lk.jpg)

anon please love yourself, true beauty is one of the dumbest webtoons out there
that dumb bitch put on makeup and two equally as shitty guys started fighting over her. regardless of the makeup she's still boring and stupid as shit, her transformation wouldn't fly in real life

just take care of your skin, take care of your diet/body and make sure you're clean and smell nice. if you want to try getting into makeup for a bit more confidence go for it but as >>124649 said, try not to let it affect your perception of your real face

sage for sperg but i really hate that webtoon lol in the beginning i thought it might build up towards jugyeong loving her face without makeup or something but now it's just a 100+ chapters long snoozefest of a love triangle.

No. 125589

File: 1612362104357.jpg (22.22 KB, 700x400, cover-ecstasy-hearts-manga.jpg)

Anyone remembers this webtoon? It was called Ecstasy Hearts and (iirc) it was this batshit story about the daughter of two really good tennis players and this other dude who was mentally unstable? And something about a Russian girl helping the crazy dude beat the daughter in a tennis match.
Did anyone finish it? I remember trying to read through it in 2017 but I dropped it because it got really weird and boring.

I just checked it and it has that dumbass feature of "One free episode per day".

No. 125695

if anyone's up for a new Canvas read, i'd recommend The Secrets of Soulford. really cool art and interesting mysteries to back it up

No. 125702

I can't say this bothers me and all and >>125093 these are kind of ugly tbf

Anon True Beauty is the product of an extremely insecure young woman in a society that pressures them to attain physical perfection. If you think about it it's really sad and it really shouldn't function as a motivation to wear make-up.

>Makeup ages you
This isn't true tho

No. 125703

It can age you.

No. 125861

You know what, I disagree but I'm not going to fight over make-up in the webtoon thread lol.

No. 126076

No, but I think it's weak af that Apollo has been reduced to a one dimensional meathead and dragging the rape plotpoint into the ground. There is so, so little world building going on it's just uwu perse x hades 24/7.

No. 126109

there's not a lot to disagree on, it's a pretty factual thing. parabens, talc and other shit that's in makeup can build up in your pores and fuck up your skin, irritate it or even deepen your wrinkles.

No. 126189

Its not though. There were two or three week periods in the comic where the updates were nothing but fluff for other characters. I don't like the janky writing of this comic, but let's not pretend that Rachel didn't spend weeks on Eros and Psyche, Hades' own inner workings, events prior to Persephone's birth, and more recently Daphne and Thanatos.

No. 126207

>>126189 I guess but the sluggish pacing of this comic has made me forgotten about those other things happening. Rachel dragging out the vhs tape plot onto the finale just felt dissatisfying.

No. 126208

File: 1612541464443.jpg (61.14 KB, 735x837, my babies.JPG)

This is NOT a drill!! Unlucky Mansion's later chapters are finally being uploaded in English https://bato.to/series/57617/unlucky-mansion

Keep it on the DL because the user that's doing it is using the raws from an arabic fan translation and adding the English translations of a fan that got asked to stop uploading them previously, aka they're appropriating someone else's translations

I'm upset at where the story is headed atm but there are some more chapters to go before the manhwa ends so maybe it'll be okay. My heart hurts!!

No. 126210

bless you anon

No. 126444

Ayrt here and I totally feel that. I feel like if she had kept this series shorter it would've done better. Its been like three or two years since this comic began, but hasn't it only been like three weeks in the comic itself?

At least we have Punderworld.

No. 127436

Some people uploaded Lore Olympus episodes till episode 146 to yt

Just search "Lore Olympus chapter 146"

No. 127640

File: 1613231225489.jpg (365.59 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20210213_234614.jpg)

Anyone knows what happened to Mongie? It's been a long time since Let's Play updated and now I've been beginning to forget about it

No. 127666

Putting my tinfoil hat here, but I personally believe Webtoon is trying to end many Western originals and replace them with translated Korean webtoons. Like >>127640 said, series that used to be big (like Let's Play, I Love Yoo and some fad ones like Lalin's Curse) are now on hiatus and I believe they'll only come back for them to have some sloppy conclusion since they're only moneysinks for Webtoon. Villainess webtoons are all the rage now and with many other sites competing I bet Webtoon wants also their share of the cake.

Sadly Lore Olympus and Edith are still popular so I doubt they get cancelled, even if they get lazier by the minute lol

sage for longass tinfoil

No. 127667

I'd just like the artwork to not suck complete ass, don't care if it's gonna take a Korean takeover to get there. 90% of the webtoons on there look like shit.

No. 127685

Thats my biggest problem with webtoon for some reason all the artist their are shit, American and Asian. What is it about webtoon that attracts all the shit artists and repels anyone above mediocre?

No. 127691

I'm guessing most of the good artists are publishing their works through traditional means or are working at franchises. It's like how saturated yet mediocre indie games are, though there are undeniable gems amongst them.

No. 127738

File: 1613276844698.png (116.63 KB, 734x235, Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 11.2…)

has anyone seen this? it's so fucking bad.

No. 127755

Except that they're right.

No. 128162

Reading few first chapters it's just like every trite romance isekai garbage with no drop of originality whatsoever. What's so bad about it anon? Will it get worse?

No. 128916

The True Beauty author released a new webtoon called "River of Hope

No. 128917

If they are, they're dipping into already way over saturated market that is far too easy to pirate. I think they're just trying to boost readers given a lot of projects either get completely dropped or revamped that aren't Korean. Or cause too much headache like Olympus.

No. 128918

The art is absolutely eyebleeding. Werid fucking plot and non existent characters. Dude is 17 times the girl size and looks like his special needs daughter he takes care of and I’m supposed to believe this romance for a second

No. 128920

File: 1613903748461.jpg (680.97 KB, 1080x1080, EewT9NzU0AA5KZl.jpg)

I'm convinced this webtoon is a joke. I'm convinced this is a bet. I'm convinced the author made a bet that they could make a webtoon with mediocre art similar to the popular trends (True Beauty, Lookism) put all the romance tropes imaginable and see how well it would go. I cannot believe otherwise
It has e v e r y trope
We start with
-The fl has a secret she needs to hide, he finds out
-Enemies to lovers
-Creepy stalker
-School/University trip
-Ml is actually not mean like he was at first, but he's pUrE who blushes every 5 seconds and has no other personality other than being a dog/child
-They get locked in a room by themselves
-He's rich, fake Relationship/Contract relationship to piss off his father, but they fall in love in the end

No. 128921

I can't believe they even put romance plot in the title kek

No. 129074

File: 1614010791864.jpg (69.03 KB, 800x450, wHtSwUlkBByKYMv-800x450-noPad.…)

How come you guys don't read/discuss Purple Hyacinth?
It's a great toon so far. Give it a chance!

No. 129089

I might be out of the loop by why do you (I assume both replies are from the same anon, the typing style is very similar) keep posting this person's videos as if they are the ultimate arguments regarding Greek mythology? Surely she's not the only one covering this subject, is she?

Honestly I am tired of the generic Korean webtoon style as well as the generic love stories (whether Korean or Western). I remember seeing this ad on youtube about this webtoon called "The Remarried Empress" (see video) and I was kinda digging the style because it reminded me of those Hamilton animatics from 2016 (kinda stupid I know but it felt nostalgic). I went to look it up on the app and I was really disappointed by how it actually looks like, it's just your run off the mill romance manhwa
I wish there was a surge in new comics with interesting styles, there were a bunch of promising candidates in last year's competition but they got lost in the sea of corny BL comics

No. 129165

Is TB finished? How is she handling two series at once

No. 129193

Sorry for the dumb question anons and if I should have asked this in the art thread (and also if someone asked this before) but I'm genuinely curious about how many hours a day these artists work on their comics? I'm about to die over how much I want to create my own comic but I don't know if I can even manage the time to consistently put out chapters. Is it even worth the effort?
I'm so sorry if this is ot. Saged

No. 129205

I mean that depends on the creator, how often they release new chapters, how long the chapters are, if they have assistants, complexity of the art etc. I'm pretty sure it's a fulltime job for a lot featured webtoon creators. Canvas creators often do it as a side-thing and you can tell because they tend to update less and with shorter chapters.

No. 129209

I hope she gets herself a much-needed writer to assist her with the storywriting this time.

No. 129325

Anon, you're not obligated to put out chapter consistently. Go at your own pace.

It took me about six to eight hours every day when I was posting my story on Canvas (it was called Discover back then iirc), and I was going for weekly/bi-weekly updates with fully rendered backgrounds and shit. No surprise, I got burnt out really fucking quick. High effort artwork isn't going to mean anything if the author can't even manage to update past six chapters.

My advice is to cut as many corners as you can. Use assets and 3D backgrounds. Recycle certain panels and elements. Originals creators have whole teams of assistants and ghostwriters for them, but you're doing this all on your own. Lower your expectations for yourself.

Good luck anon, I hope you manage to get your comic out there.

No. 129410

Thanks anon, I needed to her that.

No. 129494

>Seo-jun and Jugyeong in a wig
>Trope of him being an asshole to her, and like the dumb bitch she is the first thing she thinks is that he's handsome

No. 129519

Yeah, her characters kinda have same face syndrome

No. 129601

Start with stick figure thumbnails. Most creators don’t show this part but it’s essential for planning

No. 129643

if she's rich she can just sketch the thing and send it over to assistants to finish it, as long as they are paid I doubt they complain

No. 129651

I can't find it, is it not on the English webtoon?

No. 129662

Nop use tachiyomi anon

No. 129664

File: 1614362933947.png (322.76 KB, 807x520, 1.png)

saw "i accidentally kidnapped a mobster's son" in the up & coming section and can't really say anything about the plot or whatever bc i haven't even read it yet but. why put this as your very first panel lmao it's so lazy

No. 129754

this is awful
canvas promotes a lot of shitty ones, and the same ones over and over

No. 129878

Sage for semi-old but I just wanted to put to words why this is so awful, for any aspiring creators reading this thread and looking for mistakes not to make.

The first chapter is basically just an info-dump of random, insignificant information that doesn't have any impact on the flow of the story whatsoever. Info-dumps aren't bad on the own and it's understandable if the author is trying to flesh out the world and its characters, but the way random characters are introduced only for 1-2 panels of sceentime just makes it seem messy and overcrowded.

Secondly, the humor is random and quirky. It doesn't feel earned. It's supposed to be a serious drama with high stakes but here the characters are, making "cute" expressions and smarmy quips. If you want to use humor to make light of a dark situation that's fine, but do it in a way that makes sense in context and not have a random character pop in to bicker with the others without any prior establishment, then immediately leave afterwards and expect us to take this seriously.

Lastly, the art. It's extremely rushed and lazy-looking due to the author having to account for all the stripes and patterns on the characters' clothing. The character designs are fashionable and aesthetically pleasing but don't tell us anything about their personalities. The poses and expressions are so stiff and lifeless that the author feels the need to make their characters explicitly tell the readers exactly what's going on, pic related.

Her older version of the comic worked because it was only around 8 panels and got to the point. This new and improved version feels like meaningless fluff that's more tell than show. You can tell her only ability to write is as aesthetic quotes and random bouts of nostalgia, because it's all style over substance.

No. 129880

File: 1614467757249.jpg (206.93 KB, 1080x2094, Lya.jpg)

Samefag. I forgot to attach picrel.

No. 129921

This is just an example of someone who has all their stories planned out in pieces but has no idea how to properly put them together to create a functional storyline

No. 129978

I haven't read True Beauty since that post, so fortunately the feeling has worn off by then. Still, I'm sorry anon! I just loveee cheesy romance genre that lets me visualise a sweet, simple world of affection and success that I don't experience myself!! TT haha. thank you for the kind words of advice, I understand why not everyone likes it. (I became a little bit bored which is why I haven't kept up). and I don't love myself

Exactly, I relate to her… But I agree with you, it sends the wrong message and is a bad influence on insecure girls.

No. 130396

File: 1614715983175.jpg (122.84 KB, 720x1110, wp6698068.jpg)

I tried reading Purple hyacinth but the art doesn't quite feel right to me, it's like it was unfinished… and the female protagonist reminds me of Shin-ae from I Love Yoo which is just the kind of female character I hate

Dude's hot though

No. 130400

the art keeps getting worse and worse by every update

No. 132066

File: 1615711384586.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2220, 20210314_100502.jpg)

So we got another antagonist in LO. Anyways, it's pretty interesting to see how due to Persephone'tree and Hades refusal to remove it may cause Kronos to escape and cause mayhem. Hopefully this is same sort of flaw for Hades cause I'm really tried that LO keeps downplaying Hades and Persophone'mistakes to make them seem like the pure guys

No. 132074

LO straight up ripped off Kung Fu Panda kek. And doesn't even give half the emotional impact.

No. 132124

>>LO keeps downplaying Hades and Persophone'mistakes to make them seem like the pure guys

Couldnt have said better, this is one of my main issues in LO and its pretty much why i dislike them. Also the amount of unnecessary subplots like leto and apollo wanting to overthrow zeus and now chronos waking up…it just overcomplicates things and im sure rachel wont be able to execute it well at all like persephones wrath thing

Theres not wrong with being a basic ass romance story, the important thing is that if you can pull it off well. She shouldve just stuck with the rape sublot, ive even argue the act of wrath is unnesessary due to how its handled. LO is rlly trying hard in making it look bigger that it rlly is

No. 132125

Shit i forgot to add this

No. 132283

File: 1615879341180.jpg (216.7 KB, 1080x1474, Screenshot_20210316_151855.jpg)

Sameflag. But apparently I'm wrong about Hades and Persephone, of course Minthe will be the one ultimately blamed for this whole thing

No. 132292

Yikes, LO fans never cease to amaze me with how ruthless they are towards anyone who gets in the way of their precious cinnamon roll Persephone and Mads Mikkelsen wannabe daddy Hades.

I remember when a popular LO fan account posted that any woman who dislikes LO has raging internal misogyny, since apparently that's the only reason anyone would ever hate on a poorly written piece of self-insert DDLG fodder. It genuinely baffles me how much mental gymnastics these people go through.

No. 132305

File: 1615885283864.png (403.52 KB, 554x425, 20210316_165947.png)

How the fuck is this even literally her fault? Persephone grew the fucking tree that woke up kronos. Is H and P not allowed to be held accountable for anything??

Also the artstyle in the pic attached is so obvious rachel didnt draw it and it just looks out of place

No. 132464

File: 1615970133559.jpg (648.4 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210317-093448_WEB…)

I find the story and art cute, it's a bit childish and simple but nice for lazy Sunday reading.

No. 133193

File: 1616408294881.jpg (421.56 KB, 1080x1070, Backpedalling.jpg)

I personally don't get how the I Love Yoo fandom can say that the comic has always been drama and that Quimchee was forced to change it to romance, when you can literally scroll down her Insta to see that the comic was romance when it was still on Discover.

No. 133381

File: 1616532606408.jpg (155 KB, 780x745, 6ERqcgd.jpg)

anyone else just dumbfounded by the retarded twist in cursed princess club? Dun dundun daa the pastel king is a troon get it pastels can only mean trans! he/she is the pantsuit lady the prez admired. probably gonna have being a guy her curse but she felt 'right'. Then get canceled when the woke crowd freaks the fuck out over it So there goes my the mom is a wicked witch thus Gwen isn't cursed theory. what a waste of time.

No. 133390

Honestly I didn't understand is as a troonery. I thought it only meant he was a very girly pretty boy like Jamie.

No. 133392

when did it say the guy was trans?? to me that was a gag about how this guy used to be a femboy, kinda like how his son prince jamie is, chill out

No. 133415

speaking of which she announced that I love you will finally make a comeback this spring!

No. 133417

Not only that but imo it reads a lot like a love-triangle romance more than it does as a drama. I mean there has 100% been drama in multiple plot points, w/ little to no romance involved, but the main focus of the story has always been Shinae's relationship between the two brothers (i mean it's why they're all in the cover art???).

No. 133419

>my life in japan

I thought she quit the internet because they had a baby? wtf

No. 133467

I love Yoo had great first few chapters, the comedy was fun, main character was fresh and interesting. I stopped reading around the time it was all about Dieter romance and the stalker drama. The chapters were too boring, too much pointless text, MC became too angsty and not fun to read about. Characters became bland. Idk if even a slow burner comic should be this boring.

No. 133502

where did she announce this? on Patreon? she has been MIA on other social media for ages

completely agree with you anon, add to all of it an insufferable protagonist and you get one hell of a boring series

No. 133676

Is that what it meant? I didn't get "oh he was trans all along" from it. I thought/think it just means that during his youth he was the same as his son who's also mistaken as a girl despite being a male.

No. 133900

File: 1616841396661.png (264.45 KB, 547x325, 33333.png)

anyone here know the webcomic site, tapas? it used to be taptastic until it when through a webtoons skinwalker design. anyways does anyone know why they seem to be only licensing like weird princess comics?
i wished there was someone out there to read them all and tell us if they're all the same or not lol

No. 133979

The specific ones in your screenshot are fairly different from one another.
First one is typical "OL with a single hobby isekais into fantasy medieval Europe and must introduce her hobby to this world", like all those stories it's slow and a bit boring.
Second one is okay so far, regression rather than isekai, protag returned to years before her murder and is trying to avoid dying again.
Third is pretty cute, it's one of those "my IRL family really sucks so I'll write a story centered around my self-insert having a cool, loving dad, true friends and cute love interests" webtoons. I like it so far but those stories usually reach hundreds of chapters with almost nothing happening, so it might get boring soon.

So overall they do have different premises, but all those isekai/regression/family wish fulfilment comics tend to be super slow and get worse as time passes. It's like they never want to end and stop making money, so they delay getting to the actual meat of the story for as long as possible. That's probably good for the platforms that license them though.

No. 134052

I actually kinda like Watermelon though the story progression is really slow and I sometimes forget it exists

No. 134120

How did something like Lore Olympus get picked up by webtoon and why is it so popular? Why is something so medicore getting turned into an animated series on netflix? I've seen other comics with nicer art and deeper stories never get advertised. Does the webtoon staff have favoritism?

No. 134122

I haven't read it in a looong while. But the first couple chapters were pretty interesting and it was definitely a different kind of romance compared to the current webtoons at that time. Why it's still popular… idk. But I feel the same, there are so many other comics with better art and story. I'm not sure about if english webtoon has a different department from the korean webtoon, but korean webtoon seems to pic webtoons to promote pretty nonbiasedly. Except True Beauty, the art for that webtoon is so stiff and bland and I can't believe it got a drama.

No. 134127

they're all isekais with small adjustments lol

not saying that's a bad thing there's a lot of gold isekai originals on tapas that doesn't get enough attention, what I am saying is that there's no variety in genre, Tapas has only licensed isekai type webtoons. i wouldn't mind if the front page wasn't saturated with these all the time. The "non-original" section is barely present and constantly pushed off by "my maid is the reincarnation of my sexy teacher's horse" or something
unrelated-the fact that you had to pay for the rest of the comic (when you might not even know if the rest will retain the same quality) kinda rubs me the wrong way.

No. 134194

Samefag but the new chapter gives no indication that Gwen's father is trans. He's literally just a man who looked like a woman during his youth.

No. 134312

File: 1617079192922.png (1.14 MB, 1584x1312, snailords.PNG)

This Webtoon. This fucking webtoon right here. I. Can't. Stand.
The art style is typical Deviantart styled Walmart shoujo.
The main character is supposed to be a stereotypical racially ambiguous brown character yet they're too stupid to even know how to color darker skin correctly. They use cooler colors instead of warmer colors to draw them, so it ends up making the skin have a greenish tint and look like vomit.

Not to mention the artist SnailLords is a degenerate POS. I've been following them for some time now (since the early 2000's).
They're a degenerate troon that tries so hard to be a nonbinary Tumblresque hipster. They are just a shit stain on Webtoon and I hate how they've managed to get popular enough to become a featured artist on Webtoon. Ugh.

No. 134320

I don't know that webtoon. But I remember reading Nightmare Factory and enjoying it only for constant hiatuses and the story just kinda fizzling out.

Also I haven't been on webtoon for a while and went on recently to find the whole coin system really annoying. I guess gotta get that $$$.

If anyone wants COMPLETED recommendations:
Romance: My Boo, Ghost Wife, Westwood Vibrato
Action: Nanolist
Comedy: Sound of your heart, Auro From Another Planet, 10th Dimension Boys
Comfy: All That We Hope to Be, Kids are All Right
Underrated AF: Hellper, God of Bath, About Death
I'm still salty Hellper season 2 wasn't officially translated.

No. 134324

at least name the webtoon, which i will proceed to guess is sirens lament or something? why does it suck anon?

No. 134327

Nta but it's Freaking Romance

No. 134349


No. 134351

Snaillords seems to be making a new series, i wonder if it is going be a featured one. I mean Freaking romance was popular so it would make sense, but the creator seems very unprofessional since they've publicly said that they hated making FR and the ending seemed very rushed. Also if was kinda same for the other one like >>134320 said. But it could be that Webtoons just wont give a fuck..

No. 134384

File: 1617138618371.png (580.14 KB, 2428x936, 2122922838671654.png)

this is supposed to be some innocent comic about toddlers doing toddler shit and yet i can't help but find it creepy… like it was made by some fetishist or something

No. 134522

File: 1617261983504.jpg (246.03 KB, 1080x889, IMG_20210401_092341.jpg)

Webtoon did shitty thumbnails as their April Fools joke but the Lore Olympus one just looks like normal art lmao

No. 135559

File: 1617776794159.png (130.34 KB, 254x449, flawless.png)

Has anyone read Flawless? I had to power through the first couple chapters cause of the feeling of the FL being a sorta mary sue. But I think the best part was the later chapters which is rare for most webtoons/manga. But it was really good how the webtoon touched on how FL felt about ML being "flawless" aka male mary sue and being perfect. I think it was really refreshing for a webtoon to be kinda meta. Really loved how it showed FL's insecurities. She is still sorta a mary sue, but I think I could overlook it. Of course there are still stuff in the webtoon that I didn't quite like and some plotholes, but overall I really enjoyed it.

No. 135717

File: 1617837895344.jpg (487.87 KB, 1080x1891, IMG_20210408_070736.jpg)

This isn't an LO exclusive problem but something about how dialogue is written in a lot of popular Webtoons just rubs me the wrong way for some reason. It's like they write the dialogue for kids with bare minimum reading comprehension, then cram in swear words or slang to appeal to "adults" as well. It reminds me of an edgy teenager watching Adult Swim and making offensive jokes to prove that they've all grown up and become mature.

No. 136199

snailords is a cunt and he knows it because he continues to give his supporters an attitude in the comments and be arrogant on q&a live streams. also he said he hates doing romance yet he started freaking romance. it makes no sense

No. 136200

I love yoo is reported to come back this spring finally and lets play is still mia after webtoon offered mongie a shit contract and now mongie is on strike.

No. 136245

I love yoo is so ugly but maybe this is a sign I should give it a chance. I hope mongie doesn’t come back.

I’m pretty sure most of webtoon readers are in fact stupid children (based on the comments) so it makes sense they keep the reading comprehension skills required at a bare minimum.

No. 136327

Jfc what is that dialogue. You are 100% right

No. 136515

The dialog and characters make me cringe so much I stopped reading it.

Honestly what is it with the rape stuff? I reread the scene and Apollo was a douchebag pressuring her into it BUT she said 'okay' two times and never even told him to stop or anything, just kinda felt bad on the inside. Worse is she even said 'okay' to him taking pictures. I honestly don't feel like it was this horrible horrible rape the characters keep making it feel like, am I just brain dead?

No. 136643

File: 1618152272513.jpg (314.24 KB, 1080x1984, IMG_20210411_223930.jpg)

How the fuck are their lives in tatters? They went shopping and are still living in luxury. Literally nothing about their lives minus Persephone's barely-touched-upon college degree has been affected in any way. People still love and worship them. How are we supposed to genuinely believe that Minthe caused Persephone and Hades to hit rock bottom and ruined their lives completely?

No. 136842

At this point can someone just, make a video essay about how bad Rachel's storytelling is?

No. 136854

Bro… for like three chapters Hades literally bought Persephone a bunch of useless, expensive shit, before Hera cared and had the nude pictures of her removed, Artemis helped her from her mom (who hasn't really shown to be malicious in any way??). The universe is literally bending over backwards for this character kek how is their life in tatters.

No. 136856

She literally turns a sentient being into an object in this recent chapter but they guy who had sex with a woman who said "fine" to sex is the real monster

No. 136871

Yeah and also Minthe has giant tits even though she was explicitly shown to be small chested before. She even compared herself to Persephone because 'small tits bad', of course. But we can't have any female characters that aren't just walking tits and ass so now she has the exact same body as every other female character in this webtoon.
This comic is so bad at playing woke.

No. 136884

File: 1618219255530.png (784.8 KB, 720x1177, 20210412_171311.png)

Persephone got triggered hard when minthe mentioned that hades was originally gonna propose to her

I fucking hope so. Im so sick of ppl just pointing out portrayals and the age gap rather than the story telling

Ikr. She also got angry when she mentioned her mother despite her barely mentioning her since the news aired of them

No. 136886

File: 1618219808738.png (443.44 KB, 720x882, 20210412_172633.png)

This stupid ass post now excuses rachels bad art inconsistencies and the comments keep on saying minthe is wearing a push up bra or got plastic surgery. We get it. You hate her now shut up and move on

No. 136998

I don't like LO that much either but being pressured into having sex and giving up resisting doesn't mean it was consensual
Consent consists of a question and an answer. In this case there was no question, just Apollo entering Persephone's room at night without notice and forcing himself upon her.

Other than that yeah I agree that the characters are badly written and the dialogue feels pretty clunky. There's a bunch of storylines that lead nowhere and characters that seem interesting but ultimately do nothing

I really hoped Minthe's character would go somewhere but she's so one-dimensional it's painful. She's just mean. Why is she mean? Just because.

Rachel tried in some chapters to flesh her out a bit and she seemed remorseful for how things went with Hades but she turns into a full-fledged bitch when Thetys and Thanatos visit Helios.

No. 137003

I've been hopeful for Minthe's character because I really thought the story was going to head to some huge confrontational meeting/court type of scene where Zeus uses minor characters like Minthe and Artemis who would have a chance to bring up their dirt on Hades/Persephone (and for Artemis to confront Apollo/Persephone and have a moment to develop her character like picking between her family and friends). But Minthe being turned into a plant just drives home that there really aren't any consequences for anything in LO. I guess either Hera or Demeter will show up and make everything magically better or some confrontation between main characters will be cut off by Hades' dad coming back to wreck shit.

No. 137254

File: 1618375747866.jpg (7.94 KB, 275x239, 1503653512316.jpg)

Which webtoon is your GOAT?

No. 137256

Unlucky Mansion

No. 137260

File: 1618380816246.jpeg (218.12 KB, 878x982, EC480757-09C5-42DA-992A-65C041…)

Spirit Fingers (Your Reign, Lady And Her Butler, My Boo, Honey Blood, Yumi’s Cells, CITT, Sound Of Your Heart, Bastard, and Odd Girl Out are all high for me though.)

Unlucky Mansion is great! I didn’t know if it was finished or not because the scanlator I was reading from dropped it after the series went on hiatus(?). I’ll have to continue reading.

No. 137276

File: 1618389720107.jpg (731.41 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210414-103942_WEB…)

This webtoon was very cute. It's a sci-fi about two girls falling in love. It's completed already and the story was nice for a lazy Sunday reading. I loved the music for every comic, really helps paint the atmosphere.

No. 137281

Which is the one in the picture nonita?

No. 137289

nta but Spirit Fingers

Aw I love this one, never got around to finish it but I remember it being really wholesome and a breath of fresh air from all the BL on the app

No. 137700

File: 1618581239878.jpeg (2.69 MB, 4032x3024, 94C553DE-E805-462B-9885-C1214B…)

So i’ve been thinking of making a webtoon about an average girl torn between the popular people vs ugly losers of her school, so she schedules her time between them. (pls tell me if this is a dumb idea). I was wondering if my art is good enough for a webtoon yet and how I can write it well?

No. 137702

I wouldn't worry about quality. Drawing consistently to update your story and depicting scenarios/poses/items/etc that you normally wouldn't draw will improve your art exponentially. Plus, I think your story idea is funny and interesting! Something similar happened to me in elementary school, actually. Generally it's always a good idea to pursue projects you feel passionate about. Even if it doesn't work out exactly as you planned, you'll learn a lot along the way. Please keep drawing and telling stories. I believe in you Anon.

No. 137711

I think it’s a nice idea! It’s honestly something I would like to read and something I would’ve liked to read as a teen. It would be amazing if you portray both sides as people with complexes, because that’s kind of how it is.

No. 137712

is there romance in it?

No. 137716

Thank you anon! You’re so sweet
There will be

No. 137863

The art is okay, maybe a bit too stylized for my taste, but are you gonna draw it digitally? Because just that photo is way too dark, it needs at least a bit of contrast editing.
The concept of the story I really like!

No. 137875

I dunno about the story anon but as long as the execution is good. Sorry but the art is kinda bad but story is all that matters

No. 138077

>decide to catch up on Sadistic Beauty
>go to first free link
>apparently it made some cuck so butthurt he inserts his textwall commentary in the actual pages like it's Mein Kampf
>not even irl moids are safe from Doona's sadism


absolutely based, I'm buying it now

No. 138172

File: 1618809917523.jpg (378.98 KB, 1200x1950, dd0e588e616de14d11a99f38ecb39a…)

lmao she even drew Minthe and Persephone parodying that photo where Sophia Loren is side-eyeing Jayne Mansfield's boobs, picrel.

I'm probably only hate-reading LO at this point, but it keeps cracking me up. In the latest chapters Hades' nose keeps going back and forth between pinocchio-tier and conveniently attractive small one. Yeah, it looks different depending on angles but come the fuck on.

Minthe recently looks fucking awkward, imagine constantly having to write a character's actions in asterisks.

The ''funny'' faces look off-putting when they are always in the forefront of a large panel.

No. 138561

>Minthe recently looks fucking awkward, imagine constantly having to write a character's actions in asterisks.

Really defeats the very basic "show don't tell" rule of comics

No. 138773

It's basically a story in a world where everyone dresses like an insta hoe and speaks like a twitter fag, about uwu big titty nlog who dresses like a baby prostitute, her much older boss sugar daddy is bullied by a skinny meanie no tit bitch, look at how big boobs Persephone has tho that means she's better, Persephone is a cinnamon roll but she's also powerful and angry with red eyes!! But only because she has trauma uwu. Her blue Pinocchio sugar daddy buys her useless luxury items and they are in love!
End. What a mess.

No. 138811

File: 1619102342844.jpg (104.85 KB, 752x896, Screenshot_11.jpg)

Does anyone know what webtoon this is from (and if there's English translation for it)?

No. 138831

But is it fun to hate? I would read it if it was

No. 138841

Fantastic summary anon.

I never understood why more and more female characters carry on the whole revenge fantasy trope- sometimes I love it, like in the movie Carrie, but god, sometimes it’s so badly written. LO is a good example of this because Perse never seemed to earn her revenge because she never made something for herself because it was always given

No. 138842

Ntsa; personally, no, it gets pretty tedious. I but I’m always wrapped back into it because platforms that I follow always trend when mrs. Mary Sue has another mental breakdown

No. 138849

Reverse image search says it's from The Pale Horse (창백한 말)

No. 138851

File: 1619114997661.jpg (81.62 KB, 750x1009, ae05dfa22f0297395aa1f90799ba8d…)

I have no input on the story but if webtoon originals with fairly mediocre art like Ghost Wife or Cursed Princess Club can exist then I think you could make your art work too. Assuming you won't upload a literal sketch like pic of course.

No. 138965

File: 1619163953320.png (326.43 KB, 887x312, Näyttökuva 2021-04-23 104233.p…)


Yeah it's from The Pale Horse and it is translated, it's published on Tappytoon. Just started reading it myself, the art is really pretty. However, it apparently won't be available anymore as of today (April 23rd)? Idk why, it seems like series are constantly removed from that platform, is it a license issue or something?

No. 139006

Does Snailords (guy who made Freaking Romance) give anybody else a very bad vibe? He's always on Insta thirst trapping to his young audience and screencapping DMs he's received from them on his stories. Plus, the way he talks about his characters is a bit …odd. He acts like he's their pimp or something, and I swear the characters for his new series were supposed to be teenagers but apparently he's making porn of them now and referring to them as his husbands and shit. Gives me the creeps honestly. Idk exactly why, maybe I'm just being a bitch lol.

No. 139401

So literally nothing is happened in lore olympus. Unsurprisingly, the art is garbage and the most recent fast pass episode makes persephone look retarded, literally answering a bunch of random questions from Leto and only asking who are you when she mentions apollo. How does a stranger just waltz in to the fucking kings house with no consequences. I can provide screenshots of fastpass eps if anyone wants them, they're nothing special tbf

No. 139402

ah thank you thank you

No. 139403

Please do !

No. 139404

You can also look up the fast pass episodes up on youtube for free, just search for the episode numbers, some people just post them there.

No. 139421

I'll have to wait until I finish work since the app doesn't allow screenshots which is really annoying cos youd think paying for something would allow you to make it a wallpaper of something but naah, I'll take some pics when I get home

No. 139426

File: 1619447075134.png (1019.3 KB, 750x1334, 86BE7135-BAA8-4469-91D9-D41AB1…)

sometimes i like to hate-read Love Bot but this ~wokeness~ is too much

No. 139454

File: 1619468153973.png (23.53 KB, 717x375, oh.png)

who do you think they're talking to

No. 139473

does this have anything to do with piracy? since it seems like it.

No. 139644

strong words from a company that scams creators and forces ill authors to keep working https://forum.novelupdates.com/threads/lezhin-comics-scandal.82557/

No. 139722

Anon, will you deliver? Or did >>139454 spook you kek

No. 139743

File: 1619608044793.png (227.49 KB, 1110x243, profil.png)

So I saw ths new thng and it looks good… plot-wise I mean

No. 139756

File: 1619616230065.jpg (30.76 KB, 500x375, 1533572387038.jpg)

I think I Love Yoo is dropped and we just don't know it.

No. 139791

Why does the femboy bot has to be so cute

No. 139813

How do you take screenshots on phone in the webtoon app? I tried screenshot apps but the screenshot just came in black.

No. 139866

I find a lot of western webtoons to be trash. Instead, I read a lot from the Naver Webtoon app. There's a higher percentage of better webtoons in terms of art and storyline, but obviously there exist some trash ones as well. Here are some that I really enjoyed (only a few have translations, will link if there is one)

> Yes, My Boss!

I read this in Korean then English first since I have no means of buying cookies. It's about a manga artist who takes up a full-time position as a designer at an engineering firm (iirc) and her boss is a scary, quiet, introverted dude who keeps to himself. The caveat is that he loves manga, especially the ones she draws and they meet once again after he applies to be a manga assistant where their roles become flipped. I really enjoyed it: https://tapas.io/series/yesmyboss

> Homework of the Mind

The main character moves into a new neighbourhood which she chose as she wanted a quiet respite from the busy noise of life and life. What she doesn't realize is that the neighbourhood is a hub for (friendly) vampires – and that her crush from high school lives in the same area as a vampire. Life gets more interesting (and complicated) as she befriends these vampires. I didn't get to finish this because the Korean app forces you to one chapter only and the English sites haven't finished translating them.

> End of a Relationship

A presequel to `Hell is other people`, a horror webtoon that turned into a drama (which I enjoyed enough). If you read HIOP, you get to see the beginning of the murderous crew and how a relationship gets ruined. Lots of blood, gore, etc.

> The Nine of Us (my translation that I prefer)/The Year We Turned 29 (unofficial translation)

A cute slice-of-life romance following the lives of three girl friends in their late 20's and the relationships/men they meet. This webtoon makes me want a friendship like them, enjoying the ups and downs together and moving past the hardships. I enjoy the art so much even though it's not super beautiful and intricate, but it is quite colourful and cute.

> End of the Century, Apple Academy (my rough translation)

It's soonkki's second webtoon about a girl who's short, boisterous, not studious, naive, but well-meaning and a boy who's tall, scary, smart, loner, but sensitive. They met as children since their parents were friends, though he always rejected her and opted to hang out alone. Now they're sixteen and go to the same school together, get made fun of their names (their names together refer to an old Korean comedy duo have) and it's their awkward story about their friendship (or lack of).

> Ugly Peoples

What would happen if God came to you and would grant you three wishes? The main character is an ugly man who has been treated poorly because of his poor looks, affecting all aspects of his personality and life. Meeting God, he wreaks havoc on all the world but bliss lasts only for so long.

> Some Guy

Two university students become neighbours in their apartment and have hilariously awkward interactions until they slowly get used to each other then to close friends. It starts off with dry Korean humour then moves onto something more serious, dealing with failed relationships and pending love. Unfortunately the series hasn't been touched since 2016 or 2017 and won't get updated ever.

No. 140051

>The year we turned 29
Is there a translation beyond chapter 33 available anywhere?

No. 140073

open the website in a mobile browser

No. 140095

I was reading The Pale Horse and seriously enjoying it, but I can't find an english translation past chapter 239. I guess that is because Tappytoon removed it? Fucking hell it was at the BIGGEST plot twist where it ended. I'm pretty sure there is more that happens after, are english readers just fucked now?
(spoilers) Of course lemon did something like that, so somewhere he replaced pierre with himself? honestly I think rose is better off with him though I don't buy this thing where she's suddenly a good person I mean… she ruined many lives including pierre's. but I can see she is going to be with him. Lemon is an ass but so is she so they deserve each other

No. 140096

samefag but I was mainly hoping to see what happens to jack because I loved the bizarre and sad development, guess I never will.

No. 140178

Unless you can read Korean, I don't think so… sorry anon.

No. 140403

File: 1620020868175.jpg (42.25 KB, 386x419, 20210503_064721.jpg)

You'd think she'd at least make the thumbnail look good. She looks like she's about to sneeze

No. 140412

File: 1620036018462.png (1.19 MB, 720x1225, 20210503_175731.png)

What the hell is happening in lore olympus?

No. 140415

Trust me anon, you're not alone and you're not a bitch for thinking these things. I've followed Snailords since their Deviantart days, they've always been a degenerate piece of shit. I could even show you some pictures to prove it.

No. 140614

A kdrama (done well, with a good budget, actual good make up looks/outfits and cast) based on the makeup remover would be epic tbh.

No. 140629

really, what is the deal with lore olympus? how did it become so popular? how did it become an original, how did it become a fucking animated show done by the jim hensen company? There are many better webtoons that deserve it instead.

No. 140661

Lore olympus popped up on my radar via really incessant advertising. The art looked nice with the pastel colours in the ads. A lot of people discovered it via these ads, and a lot of these people apparently are retarded enough to find it compelling romance. The comments say it all tbf, Ive gotten in to a few arguments in comments about the treatment of Minthe and Hades being fucking weird, as well as persephone being a horny, naive lolita-esque character

No. 140709

Anyone here is into Brimstone and Roses? I thought the story was kinda of nice actually but that QnA with the author just made me cringe to the high heavens.

No. 140720


I swear the entire LO dynamic between Persephone and Hades is basically just Pretty Woman

No. 140747

I don't know if I'm just being dumb, but when I look for Cheese in the Trap on Webtoon it only has 16 chapters? I know I read way further before giving up on it. It also says its completed with only 16 chapters, but there are definitely 100+ in the full series.

No. 140776

i love yoo is back. No explanation or anything ad to why she took an almost year long hiatus

No. 140777

hes a fucking bitch and is mean to his followers. likes to blame his fans for his never-ending sprained wrist.

No. 140792

The full series is on the mobile app (you also need to use passes in order to read it as well)

No. 140832

Someone pls post the DL link to the deleted Clementine productions video Ive searched but cant find it.

Unless someone knows how to DL privated Youtube vids

No. 140836

Am I mean if i don't believe Quimchee was sick? I just don't lol

No. 140847

so they put chapters behind a paywall? At least I didn’t like it that much then…

No. 140908

I read the newest episode of I love yoo today. For such a long hiatus the art kinda sucks. Short, fat necks compared to slender shoulders in comparison. Also nothing happened?

No. 140910

All completed series are like that now, you can only read one chapter a day and if you want to read more you have to use coins. It’s so annoying and idk if the author gets paid after they complete their work,

No. 140913

She had brain surgery

No. 140978

Sorry i feel bad now kek

No. 141365

What's happening in Gremoryland, I've lost it tbh

No. 141490


I'll bite, I'm interested. Is it more of the same or worse than what he's already up to on instagram? I saw he's just hiring people to make his whole fucking webtoon now and a few weeks ago he was hiring nsfw artists to make stuff for his patreon. Does he even do anything anymore? Just DM with his readers?

No. 141861

Is it even a Taejun Park webtoon if it doesn't have fugly people and bullying am I right fellas

No. 142066

Lore olympus is starting to get a community of critics and the fans are sperging the fuck out over it on tumblr and to a lesser extent, tiktok

No. 142073

File: 1621196768946.jpg (110.44 KB, 564x1008, 677ba3989cceeacd9cc575f2c6013c…)

I recently started reading The Way to Protect the Female Lead’s Older Brother. It's basically isekai where the FL gets reborn into a a family of edgelord villains from an adult themed book. ML is pretty milquetoast so far, so most fun comes from reading about her hilariously edgy family (I'm getting strong Borgia vibes with all the poison and incest subtext). The updates are slow, tho.

I used to read it around 2013, then it went on hiatus and I was reminded of it just recently when it popped out on my pinterest, so I went to check it. It has gorgeous art that got even better with time, but the story is pretty complicated and gets ridiculously dark (rape and so on).

No. 142087

File: 1621203747682.jpg (159.92 KB, 660x1200, 60b02de4a770560ed17dd809b77b06…)

Fluffy goodness, fite me.

No. 142093

Kek. I swear LO stans have the collective intelligence of a walnut. I very distinctly remember LO stans claiming that any woman who doesn't love Rachel Smythe's shitty Mads Mikkelsen self-insert Mary Sue webcomic has ~internalised misogyny~ and hates female empowerment.

No. 142114

Have you guys seen the drama with the Boyfriends webtoon creator? Apparently they drew BTS (the kpop group) nsfw comics in the past

No. 142391

As it should

No. 143755

Cringy, but it could be worse coming from a creator with a poly gay couple comic

No. 144608

main girl is a complete mary sue but honestly i don't care bc everything is so cute and the characters are enjoyable

No. 145278

No. 145279

Honestly what did you expect from the crowd that fetishizes gay couples in a uwu my gay beanz type fashion

No. 145907

I fucking hate everything about Lore Olympus. I hate what people did to the original story and how they interpreted it. It is a story about the grief of a mother (Demeter) bc her daughter (Persephone) got kidnapped by her uncle. The mother then goes on a journey trying to get her daughter back but the gods Zeus (who is Persephones father) and Hades are conspiring against her, bc Hades wants to marry Persephone (They ofc do not ask Persephone about her opinion on this). This is a myth about the sacred bond between a mother and her daughter and not some perverted age gap fantasy. Persephone in the underworld goes on a hunger strike bc she obviously wants to go back to her mother and this is the only way she can kinda defend herself against Hades and the kidnapping, but Hades then tricks her into eating six pomegranate seeds, so she is forced to stay with him a certain amount of time every year. The whole interpretation just says a lot about the modern western culture. Literally every kidnapping of a child and the parents left helpless and devastated is a "modern real life interpretation" of the myth.

No. 145911

What's so bad about that? (Unless they are/were recently underage? Idk shit about kpop)

No. 145922

Punderworld is just as bad for wrongly interpreting and romaticising the Hades & Persephone relationship and making Demeter the villain as is Lore Olympus. But LO def tops it

No. 145927

I don't think so, smegmaidens just act like it's a huge deal if you ship IRL scrotes together. fuck kpop but especially fuck people that act like the grown men are uwu precious babies

No. 145935

Actually, there's quite a few variations and interpretations of the Kidnapping of Persephone/Homeric hynm of Demeter, so The romantic interpretation of the taking of Persephone can be valid as a adaptation.
I would kill for an adaptation that flips the script and Casts Demeter in a good light as a chance of pace.

I think Hadestown has one of the more interesting depictions of the two and Punderworld is at least better then LO in pretty much every aspect so if you want a romantic tale I would much rather read that one

No. 145939

Other couples that could deserve to be adapted, since I think Persephone and Hades are just a tad over done :
- Eros and Physce.
- More stuff on Hyacinth and Apollo ( even if it's tragic-)
- Dionysus and Ariadne (at least one versions paints there bond as being pretty sweet)

No. 145956

The obsession of Fujo-Twitterfags with Apollo and Hyacinth where they are uwufying both characters is peak cringe. The story is literally about a dude who hits another dude with a discus fucking boring next please

No. 146036

Has any one here seen the NSFW drawings (just Hades/Persephone) Rachel made on her patreon? It is so shameless kek, literally all of them are Persephone in a position of powerlessness. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post them though.

No. 146088

I wanna see, but I am afraid that they will search for leaks. But then again there are people constantly posting the fastpass episodes on yt.
What do you guys think about the newest episode?

No. 146090

I don't think her patreon is active anymore

No. 146091

I hate that they mixed up psychiatrist and psychologist in this episode.
I also hate how they again and again shit on the caring mother Demeter from the myth and make her a villain and a bitch.

No. 146092

Lol tru
I saw those leaks on a nsfw website. Shes literally a very submissive bottom which is ironic how people keep saying shes a top
Not entirely. In the latest(?) She gives out a reason why she doesnt approve and its because shes afraid that her daughter might get heart broken and shes definitely isnt as bitchy and abusive as LO demeter. Shes shown in a more understandable light rather than straight up demonizing her

No. 146102

i wanna see the leaks

No. 146246

Look for it yourself

No. 146252

I think it's okay to link this as long as the images aren't shared directly on lc? https://e-hentai.org/g/1749148/6857992f42/

God her style is so ugly. I'm not even against more women drawing porn, better than scrotes for sure, but it looks so disjointed and some of the expressions are just creepy

No. 146254

it's in a 4chan thread archived somewhere

No. 146278

Seems like something a unsatisfied woman would draw. The size difference with the age gap is kinda weird tho

No. 146280

The profiles are so ugly and Hades' head is so big
Why is he so fucking large?

No. 146304

this is so fcking creepy ngl

No. 146307

She's like three feet tall to his seven feet in a some of those. Uncomfortable…

No. 146318

A character being short is one thing but this tops the cake since it is being fetishized not only in the nsfw picture but also in the main comic. They always try to pull this Ariana Grande infantilization uwu so cute bullcrap with the main character. If you are a middle aged woman and still glorify this bullshit there is something seriously wrong with you. I cannot believe that this comic won awards.

No. 146344

There's not much to go around as far as healthy by modern standards Hellenic romance myths ( without seriously altering the source winch I don't have a issue with per say as long as it's not LO tier levels of bad. I got no skim off my back that Hercules from Disney isn't accurate to the 12 works of Herakles) , so one can't be too choosy.

No. 146395

Honestly this is all pretty boring and sterile vanilla porn.

No. 146408

File: 1622499358226.png (7.13 MB, 1242x2208, A85964CB-8909-445A-BBFA-D9415A…)

Speaking of size difference, pic always makes me laugh/double-take

No. 146467

File: 1622528795880.png (120.54 KB, 333x355, 247fecf36af1248f1a6684d0661ada…)

Always reminds me of this one

No. 146497

File: 1622556363462.jpeg (1.34 MB, 2084x2704, B400CB7D-C9BF-4835-92F9-EC2BAE…)

Has anyone else read Young Blood? It was a slice-of-life romance about young adults but it’s been rewritten/rebooted to a more…. fantasy genre romance? (about a witch who moves to the human realm, so still more human-focused)

Feel kinda disappointed with the art change though. I get it’s a lot of work drawing, coloring, and writing a webtoon, but the new art just feels… sloppy? I always felt background art was more of the artist‘s strong suit rather than character art, but now both are feeling pretty weak now. One thing I will say is that the characters at least have more of a personality, which was a something the Young Blood version had trouble with.

No. 146523

Yeah art style has gotten way worse and nothing has changed except that magical realm shit and that they gave the generic pink haired mary sue mc the worst "quirky" personality possible. The generic character dynamics (broody emo guy falls in love with quirky pink haired girl) are still the same. Thanks, I hate it. Even Lore Olympus has a better story than this and it has almost the same characters and the mc body also gets shown off and sexualized in almost every panel even tho she isn't doing anything sexual. Thanks, I hate it.
I wish webtoon creators would make comics with better plot lines with different and more interesting characters.

No. 146530

File: 1622568936486.jpeg (160.41 KB, 885x1023, 5271CCDA-BA2C-46E0-BE06-E9AD66…)

The artist posted this screenshot and
>Ohh Dream~
Jesus christ the state of webtoons

No. 146535

File: 1622572594005.jpeg (318.39 KB, 750x817, C7B83B84-A7BC-4053-96A3-A17C23…)

I remember this one, I dropped it in the first episode right after this scene. I know it sounds extreme but dialogue like this just makes me cringe so hard.

No. 146572

File: 1622594761216.png (Spoiler Image,3.58 MB, 2048x1937, chrome_screenshot_162259465181…)

So this is what smythe thinks a woman enjoying sex looks like?

No. 146574

Please post all of her paid content I want to laugh

No. 146592

Looks like absolute dogshit

No. 146604

File: 1622622122040.jpg (14.46 KB, 250x200, Magix_tecno.jpg)

Am I the only one who immediatly thought it looks like Winx Club? From the outfits to the stylisation of the magic world. And the story is basically a reverse Winx season 1.

No. 146608

File: 1622629579557.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1080x2280, photocollage_202162112555189.j…)

Ask and you shall recieve! Its nsfw so beware

No. 146609

File: 1622629615638.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1080x2280, photocollage_20216211226313.jp…)

No. 146612

my fucking eyes

No. 146645

Kek is Persephone supposed to have fake tits or is the author just that bad at drawing

No. 146648

who the fuck would pay for this omfg. this is some of the least arousing porn i've ever seen

No. 146714

Come on, you know smythe has no understanding of human anatomy. And since persephone is her self insert shes gonna be a weirdly fake bimboish ideal of beauty, especially since she has this weird older sugar daddy kink

No. 146813

that blue guy's fucking nose

No. 146819

I don't know how people always praise the art of this webtoon as beautiful
I think they may be confusing the texture/colors with style, because the way the characters are drawn is ugly as fuck and they all look the same

No. 146867

The way the artist used textures/colors is part of the art style though.

No. 146870

The art style has potential, she did a canvas with really good art called doctor foxtrot or something. I like the watercolour style but god damn these characters have ugly features. Hades has a massive fuck off nose and in some of these photos like where he's kissing her, a giant head. They look weird

No. 146871

File: 1622804494539.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210604-120114_Chr…)

She's really declined

No. 146973

File: 1622863673596.jpeg (131.63 KB, 690x1000, based pbdchan.jpeg)

i'm reading "the girl downstairs" rn and loving it. i never thought i'd be into such a trainwreck of a bpd FL but it may have awakened something in me

No. 147706

File: 1623337835393.jpeg (598.13 KB, 750x1146, A101947F-540A-41FA-B559-49C701…)

Didn’t plan on posting more because it’s not some big webtoon original with editors or anything, but holy fuck this is the worst attempt at a mean girl rival I’ve seen.

No. 147772

Cheugy thread in one pic

No. 148273

The creator of this mess announced that she now has a patreon (javikhoso) with supposed spicy content. Is it just as cringey as the one from Lore Olympus?

No. 148277

Something about the way Javi draws her OC irks me. Like it's always so instagram-tier baddie style. The big pouty lips, the expressionless face, the literal balloon perky boobs and thighs. It's so sexualized lmao ik this is a weird complaint though.

No. 148285

File: 1623745062559.jpg (930.33 KB, 1648x2968, blah.jpg)

Nah I get your complaint. Kind of puts me off how she draws every other female character, even the monster girls, basically the same way as you described. Same sexy faces and same sexy outfits aside from color scheme. Even the guys have the same generic handsome face.

I’m not even against attractive sameface casts, I’ve seen plenty that had more variety and personality than this. It just feels like this one is meant to appeal solely to people who follow sexy Insta influencers.

No. 148286

When I scroll through this comic I always have to looks twice bc Peppers lips literally look like a red anal ring kek

No. 148288

File: 1623746540404.png (524 KB, 1061x946, Screenshot_20210615-104040.png)

If Persephone from LO is the walmart version of the real deal then Pepper must be the dollar tree version of LO Persephone (+ Ariana Grande) since her color scheme and "personality" are literally cheap ass knock-offs.
The author even made a Hades & Persephone sketch in her discontinued comic of Pepper & Chace

No. 148306

Same face syndrome runs deep in this one.

No. 148497

Does anyone know where I can read the korean raws from garden club detective squad?

No. 148633

go to newtoki95 and insert the korean title in search bar

No. 148663

with the constant onslaught of new featured webtoons every time I see one that focuses around het love triangle/harem webtoon I throw up a little.

I'm so tired of all those webtoons that portray the female MC as a strong and independent woman until (at least) two men pop up in her life as love interests and suddenly she becomes a basic lamp

No. 148666

I really like how Odd Girl Out handles this. The MC is still level headed strong-willed girl and that's what makes the boys like her.

No. 148913

File: 1624029060187.png (333.03 KB, 778x532, aaaa.png)

not a webtoon exactly, but anyone else reading beware of the villainess? honestly it's one of the few of the "genre" that i like since MC has an actual personality besides being pretty and smart and loved by everyone. she has a temper and is sometimes (rightfully) shitty to people. also i'm so fucking thankful that it doesn't fall into the trope of the male love interest being abusive and hiding it behind being "romantic" or whatever. yuck also love how bisexual yuri and melissa are

No. 148937

I like Odd Girl Out but is there any point to the webtoon? Like is it going aaaaanywhere?

No. 148941

It's a slice of life genre, it has some minor plots but I don't expect any dramatic storyline.

No. 148961

I really liked it! But after a while it got stale because everyone else was fucking stupid. I also realized, like most other reincarnation manhwa, that the conflict isn't explicitly laid out and it relies too much on the initial gimmick to keep the story going.

No. 149120

Anyone got webtoon recommendations with villainess heroines who are legitimately bitchy/evil/intimidating and fun to read about?

It’s fine if they get development and become “good” later on if they retain some of their personality. I’m just getting bored of villainess webtoons where it’s like “actually she was the good guy all along“ or “ bland heroine gets reincarnated in the body of a villainess” or “villainess gets her body taken over by a nicer heroine and now everybody loves her”

No. 149125

File: 1624154317028.png (1.65 MB, 736x1096, 01106104829.png)

"The way to protect the female lead's older brother" is probably my favorite villainess manga. Beautiful art, has managed to remain interesting, and I actually love how the female lead has developed. Without giving you any spoilers, this mc transmigrates into a novel in a pretty shitty situation and you can actually feel the danger.

Also try "I want to be you, just for a day". Medea is a badass and she hasn't stopped being intimidating after 77 chapters.

"I tamed a tyrant and ran away" has a female protagonist that while not exactly a villain, has a very specific goal that can make her be quite ruthless.

And finally "Untouchable lady". Not a villainess story but a "revenge" one. Very satisfying seeing the female mc giving hell to the people that wronged her.

And those are the only ones I can think of. Hopefully you will enjoy some of it.

No. 149204

Thanks! I’ve been reading “I want to be you, just for a day” and I’m really into it. Checking out the brother one now.

No. 149306

File: 1624285947800.jpg (Spoiler Image,337.09 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210621-153053_You…)

How did Smythe manage to stretch out Hades and Persephone for so long and then just fucking speedrun it? The writing is so shoddy

No. 149666

Ntayrt nonnie but it's a channel notable for compiling what would otherwise be hours of research that most people aren't going to do themselves. You can watch those, Aliakai, or one of the other Hellenic vloggers who actually know what they're talking about.

No. 149837

(Someone who has never read a webtoon before)
Any really good romantic/nsfw(as far as it allows) webtoons out there? I don’t mind how many chapters it has, just really bored lately.

No. 149985

I just finished Gremory land and what a shitty lazy ending. Hated it lost my time

No. 150134

She did

No. 150136

Untouchable is pretty good. If you want NSFW you'd better go to Lezhin, Webtoons only publishes all ages content

No. 150170

Thank you for your response anon, I'll check out Untouchable & look through Lezhin. I thought webtoon was used for all comics? Does it only apply to those published under the Webtoon app?

No. 150249

anyone else enjoying your smile is a trap? decent art, and the fl isn't an indecisive pushover

No. 150253

Anyone read the manwha The Villain's Savior?
I thought the MC would be more cunning as to get to the LI without being murdered but in the end she is another "uwu I can't do anything, I'm so useless pick me!" girl and somehow the LI falls for her… I actually prefer the sister's obnoxious, headstrong and bratty personality over her nonexistent one.
Needless to say I read until the start of the second season and man it got weird when the crest hunter and mana thing appeared out of the blue and I just dropped it.

Should I pick it up or is it not worth it?

No. 150349

I had hope it would be a semi decent ending. Have no one other than myself to blame. It sucked and I won’t be checking their new work. It didn’t even make sense.

No. 150504

File: 1625002415003.png (438.26 KB, 637x365, 1.png)

started reading it the other day, currently in chapter 12. the main girl is a complete doormat and the LI's personality is kinda off putting (kinda makes sense in context tho). that and the weird mismatched crest plotline is making me want to drop it, does it even get resolved or do their personalities get less obnoxious or smth?

No. 150605

File: 1625081173611.jpg (55.28 KB, 350x491, let-me-stay-over-tonight-64354…)

Anyone reading Let Me Stay Over Tonight? It's dumb as shit (average MC gets three hot suitors out of nowhere) but the art is cute and different than most of the stuff that's being licensed from korean webtoon lately

No. 150634

I reallllllly loved the femdom vibes in the first 15 or so chapters. I'm on chapter 27 now, so I'm interested to see if it'll pick up again. Also, the tea party scene where Dion's mother brings her doll is unintentionally hilarious.

I think it can be both. Especially since there are no threads for other comic apps. For romance comics, I recently started reading Under the Oak Tree, which is pretty spicy.

No. 150674

No fucking clue tbh. The second season starts roughly at chapter 40 something.
And even on the first and only chapter of season two the MC keeps on being less proactive than an amebae.
The LI just falls head over heels for her during season one and does things that seemed ooc for a serial killer… To me it's mostly not worth it altho I am still curious about why MCs father did what he did, and I expected answers from season two. But I just don't have the heart to continue without being assured that it pays off…

No. 150676


Samefag. Somehow the tag didn't get through I was meaning to reply to

No. 150920

Does anyone read Under the Oak Tree webtoon? I just read chapter 31 and I'm hyped. I love Ruth and Maxi's friendship so much! Damn that cliffhanger though, cliffhangers area the worst.

No. 150940

you recommend it anon? It's been on my plan to read list for a while

No. 150958

not that anon, but i personally wouldn't. though that's just my dislike of stories where the love interest will dote excessively on the protagonist out of nowhere. i only read until chapter 13 or so, but no explanation was even given as to why he fell for her. no natural, gradual relationship development, just straight into the fluff after the initial misunderstanding is cleared. just makes me think that mc was made for self-inserting purposes only as the two mains lacks personality outside of their couple dynamic. i'll reiterate that fluff isn't my cup of tea, but if you're looking for that and a possessive love interest, then don't let me discourage you.

No. 151023

No I really wouldn't recommend it cause it's kinda shit. You know that feel when you start something and realise its shit but you want to see what happens/ you cant stop reading. Thats how I feel about it. I think the chapter I just read's ending was the most exciting since I started it.
I think the novel (which it was adapted from) explains it more into detail, apparently there's a version from the ML's POV but I'm not interested at all

No. 151053

File: 1625395764713.jpg (Spoiler Image,453.72 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210704-113539_You…)

Why tf is persephone being drawn younger amd younger? Smythe please stop writing your ddlg kink like its normal and cutesy

No. 151055

my god she looks like a different character. she looks so so bad. like a fat midget.

No. 151087

Anyone here reading windbreaker?

No. 151423

I'm reading it as well anon, it's really cute

No. 151510

File: 1625674634571.jpg (59.01 KB, 350x490, i-married-the-male-leads-dad-5…)

I just caught up with I Became the Hero's Mom and I hated the last twist.
I just wanted to read a cutesy story about a woman raising a child and falling for the hot dad, I didn't signed up for the protagonist to turn into the chosen one nor for a stupid love cuadrangle ala The Host.

No. 151599

it's called shortstack

No. 152098

god, using the ellipse tool for speech bubbles is the most beginner mistake. the bubble isn't even coming from her.

No. 152303

any thoughts on this video, anons?

No. 152326

anon care to elaborate on what happens in the end? I considered picking it up but from what you have said it sounds disgusting tbh, I don't mind being spoiled because I don't think I'll be reading it anymore but I'm still curious

No. 152360

Her height changes every panel but this is the worst I've seen. I haven't read LO in a while but I don't remember this art style being in the webcomic.

No. 152480

Did not watch the whole video bc its long and reeks of selfposting kek.
But Sam is absolutely pathetic girlie is middle twenties and still acts like a middle schooler being uwu I'm such a wittle clmusy shy baby uwu is so boring and so 2010's

No. 152581

I feel it was hard telegraphed as meta way in the middle. Like…the whole looking into a train metaphor. I get it. I enjoyed it but I figured it would end this way. I give it points for being genuinely spooky I parts but Melfina's Therapy was better.

I just want a nice horror manga that scratches the Junji Ito itch.

No. 152618

That ending felt like the ass pull of the year.

>comic starts to explain the lore behind the park

>characters are in a situation that seems impossible to get out of
>"oh okay cool here comes an epic finale"
> uh actually it's all meta or whatever everyone and everything is fine and alive and here is a slideshow of their lives after escaping or something k comic over
>"oh okay"

I do feel that Margot and Rami weren't really punished enough for their actions. Margot straight up kills a kid because she thirsted over Bruno too hard and Rami bashes Jax's brains in. The park was supposed to punish Rami for that but we never see it so it doesn't matter.

Bekka literally exists only to die for a jump scare

Gremoryland was promising but it needed a few more days in the writing room. >>149985

No. 152671

Honestly even disregarding that, the whole youTuber thing and the way the comic handles it is so dated

No. 152874

File: 1626669720701.png (529.99 KB, 726x655, Brimstone and Roses .png)

this absolute cow of a comic
>""fat"", vaguely brown poc tries getting a date with a conventionally attractive demon
> all the male characters are skinny and attractive
> the ""lesbian"" wedding includes a MtF troon

also the artist themselves complained recently about a webtoon having a ""borderline"" nsfw scene but she promotes her nsfw on Instagram.
the artist is also friends with a bunch of well-known twitter cows like succulentbud kek

No. 152890

File: 1626683626460.jpg (26.42 KB, 400x400, tumblr_51ddfb69d28e6a167a8719f…)

> the ""lesbian"" wedding includes a MtF troon

Reminds me of My Dragon Girlfriend where one out of the two main lesbian couples is also a troon. What's worse, it's an absolutely insufferable uwu smol shy uwu type of character that turns into a smol cute blushing bat when embarrassed or something. I'd say it's based that the author made him so ugly and unlikeable but I doubt it's intentional kek
The story started totally revolving around him instead of the main couple for a long time. Couldn't continue, dropped it.

No. 152893

File: 1626685071188.jpg (329.9 KB, 1280x1785, tumblr_86641bf126d2cfface5f658…)

And of course he's the submissive one being seduced by an agressive cis girl.

No. 152894

Honestly, your artwork is just bad. You need to learn basic anatomy and how to make a comic in general (paneling, backgrounds, expressions) and then attempt to make an art style. Doing it backwards is how you end up with tumblr art. Even though you think you have an interesting idea, you also need to learn storyboarding or you'll wind up like these other comics with pacing issues. Just don't attempt to run before you can even walk.

No. 152954

You can tell by the art style alone that this was made by a troon. The janky lines with close-set eyes and everyone looking like they belong to a bargain bin cartoon.

No. 152994

File: 1626769061773.jpg (378.29 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20210720-101512_Ins…)

I don't think the author is trans. Probably just pandering.

No. 153070

Sweet Home. Loved the webtoon but hated the live action so much. I didnt expect to be that disappointed.

It was so disappointing. I thought Melvina's therapy jumped the shark, but this was far worse. He needs to stop injecting social justice issues where there is none. His work is getting worse imo

No. 153271

File: 1627000939052.jpg (112.58 KB, 510x510, bigjo.jpg)

ok am i just being paranoid or are there too many similarities between bea and jo (from big jo)? both mexican, plump, thick eyebrows, slightly sassy, skin and hair color are pretty much the exact same shade of brown. are these the only stereotypes they can come up with latina/mexican female characters? also the love interest from brimstone and roses is fugly

No. 153331

File: 1627042834342.jpeg (65.2 KB, 761x487, 368e61886b6d441b83b227874c1679…)

Nonas, please help me finding this webtoon (I hope it was a webtoon…) again. The protagonist (星子, it's originally Chinese iirc and I have no idea how you transcript Chinese names correctly) hates men because her father left her mother for a younger woman. A guy (夜天) transfers to her school after he got thrown out from his previous one due to bad behaviour and shows up at her part-time work place. She thinks he's stalking her, but he's actually a regular. She apologized the next day, and I think they start to become friends or something??

No. 153332

No. 153333

Yessss, it is, you found it in not even five minutes, you're amazing, thanks!!!

No. 153334

No worries. Yandex image search is your friend, it is very accurate.

No. 153335

Also, heres the bato.to link, since it is a nicer manga viewer in my opinion: https://bato.to/series/67399/wanting-to-touch-you

No. 153370

Boyfriends (webtoon) was ok at the beginning and has a very cutesy style, but it keeps getting more and more cringy. Some of the dialogue sounds like the writer spends too much time on TikTok and I'm tired of the "wow we're so gay" jokes. We get it, move the fuck on

No. 153399

The webtoon itself is mediocre but alright. The real show is the amount of shitfighting between side "THIS COMIC FEISHIES GAY PEOPLE" and side "THIS COMIC IS THE PINNACLE OF QUEER CULTURE".

No. 154814

I actually loved the first season but then the author had to out himself as an absolute cow lol

No. 154816


I just got bugged out at the transracial bit. I was literally so ???

No. 154888

File: 1628128386378.jpeg (418.91 KB, 1280x989, 092EBF18-AE95-485E-80EA-C5A810…)

On the topic of brown webtoon girls, jesus I’m tired of these type of designs. They’re so bland-looking.

No. 154894

Is true beauty borderline becoming a slice of life webtoon? It's just going in circles and circles

No. 154985

I stopped reading ages ago but this is what usually happens with longer webtoons. If they don’t have a clear plan then the drama all gets recycled or drowned with filler. I honestly preferred the kdrama because that at least had a planned and wrapped-up plot

No. 155415

I might have missed something here: trans racial?? I was under the impression she herself was Mexican, but it said on her profile she was actually Chinese-American or something? I remember her flipping out about the flower-vagina thing, and then getting upset someone said they knew her for her nsfw art (claiming she didn't make much of it but I'm fairly certain she does). But not the racial stuff.

No. 155419

I think anon misunderstood the transracial bit. It just means her adoptive parents are not the same race as her, not that she transitioned her race.

No. 155545

I have no idea then why she decided to use a term made up by cultural fetishizing morons rather then something like " pluriracial background" or something like it. Deadass I never heard an adopted kid raised by parents of another race using terms like that

No. 155604

the new Let's Play season is so embarassing how can this get published?? I was ok with the previous ones like it had its flaws but I found it endearing… When True Beauty has more interesting arcs than you right now you know it's bad.

What are your favourite F/M romance comics anon? please save me from reading mediocre stuff

No. 155649

File: 1628763100742.jpg (52.77 KB, 640x640, tumblr_cf196848933b87721ce6110…)

Does anyone here read Emmy the Robot?
I love the artstyle and the concept, it's been consistently good so far. The foreshadowing has been excruciating though. Even if there's going to be a darker twist I hope the comic doesn't lose its charm and wholesomeness.

No. 155806

brass & sass is cute. characters act like actual teenagers, could be a pro or con
romance 101 has decent art, although the plot can feel slow at times. act like you love me has nice-looking art as well
your smile is a trap is cute also, and the fl isn't like the typical webtoon love interest in the least

No. 155848

I'm a dumbass I came back to watch let's play and Jesus fuck is Sam okay? Why is this bitch trembling and gasping at the mere thought of dick? Asthma does not cause that is she an autist that suffer from over stimulation? This twenty something never masturbate in her entire life? And the whole damaged man meets an angel cute girl that makes him whole again is so dated and cringe. The whole thing reads like erotica for 12yrs old kids.

No. 155849

Whenever I post a rant in this site my grammar is fucked. Am I the actual autist here?

No. 155930

fantasy rec
Raven Saga has really pretty art and I really like the curse for Corliss, idk if its based off an actual fairy tale or not, but excited to see where the story goes with it.

m/m rec
Take Off is really heating up, but there has been good tension between the leads throughout. I think the series is ending soon? If L from Deathnote is your husbando, go subscribe immediately.

m/f partial rec
In Love With A Burglar
Only partial for now because I can see things going in a lame direction but have hopes it won't. I like it because the main rival to the male lead isn't written as an absolute douche and legit seems to care about the fl. Their chemistry seems a bit unusual so I'm curious to see it fleshed out.
Despite the title, it is not Hybristophilia bait.

No. 155931

File: 1628990786003.jpeg (165.33 KB, 750x968, 235D3AD2-4C5D-4CA1-9F1A-F44F85…)

I usually don’t like to read webcomics unless they have a backlog of at least a couple hundred pages. I feel like they’re less likely to be abandoned at that point (though the risk of being abandoned is still disappointingly high) and you can get a feel for if it’s updated often enough to be worth following after initially reading it. Also by that point the story has usually started getting somewhere and you have gotten to know the characters. Picrel- a nicely drawn 25 page webcomic I followed against my better judgement that the author has evaporated from ever since.

This gets a little fuzzier for Webtoons(TM) because they’ll often have several pages worth of content on one “chapter.”

The worst feeling though is reading a few hundred pages of webcomic and at the end having no desire to follow it, either because the story or characters are badly written. That’s more unusual though.

No. 156376

I like Makeup Remover, fun characters, interesting story and pretty art.
Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid is a super cute romance webtoon, pure fluff with the healthiest relationship I've seen in a webtoon.
Odd Girl Out and Your Smile is a Trap for a slice of life feel-good romance.
Remarried Empress is a nice court romance drama. Similar to it is Men of The Harem, bit average but still fun to read as it is more of a comedy. Your Throne has some MF romance but is more of a serious dramatic story, beautiful art though.

No. 156764

I read Your Smile is a Trap, really lighthearted & nice!
I have to give Brass & Sass a shot next.

I'm adding your recs to my next reads!

Thanks a lot anons, I've already read some of your recs, my favourite ongoing romances webtoons are Romance 101, Makeup Remover, Remarried Empress & See you in my 19th life. I read a lot of other stuff too because I'm content deprived but sometimes I'm past my cringe limit lmao, thanks again.

No. 157164

Glad you enjoyed some of these! Adding to this that Refund High School is a nice completed webtoon.

No. 157272

One if the best webtoons I've ever read has to be Yumi's Cells, I found it to be really relatable when navigating moving out and getting my own place

No. 157332

LO is getting a netflix series. LOL

No. 157469

I hope its so bad its funny instead of just boring bad

No. 157609

How old is Rachel Smythe?
ngl I'm jealous that she's living the dream of tons of creators by having her shallow romance comic animated

No. 157624

Damn you didn’t go easy on me. My art kinda improved, I’ll post on rate my art.

No. 157942

Idk if there's canvas discussion allowed but while I like the comics " Gwendy and Ghost" there creator seems like a cow ( also posts Lewds/ does light SW for a living it seems)

No. 157963

File: 1630170361303.jpg (48.75 KB, 512x327, unnamed.jpg)

Wow, there is so much garbage in this thread. Let me talk about something that is actually good. Annarasumanara, was the first manhwa and web toon I ever read and is still the best one I've ever read. It's style is so bold and inovative on the use of digital art and the webtoon long strip format. The story is also great, especially if you like magical realism. Go read it
Acutally, My heart is beating, ties of compassion and this were the first ones I read and really set the bar high, most webtoons I have read since then feel so mediocre and bland (Unlucky Mansion was fun while it lasted tho)

No. 157965

What's the webtoon on pic about ? I'm fond of circus stories lol

No. 157966

You achieve that dream by appealing to the lowest of low and having a rabid fandom to match so I kind of hardly envy her

No. 157986

The main character is a poor high school girl who takes care of her younger sister and heavily focus on studying, she's so poor she can't afford new stocking even tho hers have holes in it. There is this urban legend magician who turns out to be real nearby the school and she becomes his apprentice of sorts because she always wanted to be a magician. There is also this classmate who is (one-sidedly) her rival at getting best grades. It focuses a lot on the expectations, pressure and escapism.

No. 157993

I think lore Olympus is badly written and the art is an inconsisent mess but I think Rachel gets too much shit for it being a shallow selfinsert mary sue romance story. So it's a self insert story, so what? Idk I say just let a woman and her teengirl audience indulge in her mundane, harmless lovestory. You can't say that about shit men watch.

No. 157996

I do too though for the moid shit that moids predominately like , ready player one for example is also absolute dog shit ( but i suppose ranting about it would be a little off topic-), I don't mind the fandom, it just some of the popularity still baffles me to this day. At least it's not a tenth as creepy as twilight or 50 shades and the likes; it's the only perk
I actually read the whole story on a whim; I thought it was a little on the nose but I'm such a sucker for magical realism and circus things and took me back to reading the night circus by Erin Morgenstern

No. 157999

Also I'm so happy that Ai/A-ee kept pursuing her dreams even in a more realistic sense. It was a surprisingly grounded ending

No. 158019

ot but i read the book and got halfway through the movie and neither were all that clever in their storyline. and an absurd amount of references. i almost wish he’d written a culture of his own bc the story was nothing but pop.

No. 158059

File: 1630231520804.jpg (399.68 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210829-105607_You…)

Why does an old man have eboy piercings?

No. 158092

What is even going on?

No. 158114

Gotta remain relevant to all the zoomers obsessed with this shite

No. 158121

Why does she have anencephaly?

No. 158166

Why is he touching Elton John like that?

No. 158186

No. 158547

I'm honestly sick of lore olympus being the benchmark for quality in webcomics. I'd actually love to see more variety of success in webcomics in general, not just webtoons scroll format, I actually prefer page by page, probably because I'm old, but I want more webcomic creators to be successful regardless of their formatting.

No. 158558

File: 1630599029438.jpeg (234.72 KB, 750x911, 2AC4695C-50C8-44B9-8171-5355A7…)

Tinfoil but a few weeks ago I noticed that LO had been briefly knocked out of the #1 slot but I didn’t screenshot :/ I’m sure they bumped it back to the number one slot since it’s getting a Netflix adaptation and I’m sure that their top webcomics are just as organic as the top Netflix series… I wonder what the real metrics are for the American Webtoons

No. 158593

> I'm honestly sick of lore olympus being the benchmark for quality in webcomics.

I’ve never heard anyone say this about Lore Olympus. Honestly I’m not sure I’ve ever heard someone say something positive about it. Just because one webcomic aggregator sticks it on its front page doesn’t mean it’s good.

No. 158685

I mis-worded my thoughts. I meant to say tired of seeing it be lauded as the outline for a successful webcomic when it doesn't actually have a lot going for it except maybe word of mouth and really good marketing.

No. 158819

Honestly it’s the only reason I knew WEBTOON existed because they paid for a fuckload of animated YouTube ads and I don’t doubt that the ad campaign that was specifically for LO brought a lot of regular readers to the site

No. 158826

Just copy the both main characters and their dynamic from Twilight/50 shades of grey based on generic tropes (pink innocent heroine & older dominant man) and then put them in any kind of fantasy setting that you want + have an aesthetic art style that looks interesting enough but is sloppy and lazy enough to copy and paste. Award winning comic finished. Stepehnie Meyer, E.L. James and Rachel Smythe managed to profit off greatly from essentially the same story with altered settings so you can probably do it too.

No. 158835

Also make sure that the male protagonist is totes is not getting with her for her own “protection” but have the whole fabric of the story universe push them together anyway. There you go… conflict

No. 158880

Amazing taste anon. I absolutely adore My Heart Is Beating and the message behind it. I hope the artist has made more works since

No. 159152

File: 1630905635392.png (128.11 KB, 400x768, Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 10.5…)

I've been reading this little canvas webtoon called apogee lately, the art's a little wonky at first and the pacing is a little slow for my tastes, but the aesthetic and the characters are cool, It's a neat time travel- groundhogs day type thing

No. 159156

A lot of canvas comics are better than originals
You just have to find them among the trash

No. 159225

File: 1630957239611.png (124.01 KB, 960x960, pink logo.png)

Use this if you guys want.

No. 159748

Yeah but it wouldve been better if she didnt use greek deities thats still being worshipped today to project her self-insert into

No. 159755

>greek deities thats still being worshipped today
Are you joking? Yeah technically Hellenism is still (barely) alive but it's practiced by a very small subset of the population and is nowhere near as active and organized as even the random papier-mache religion of neo-paganism. Hellenism was straight up banned in Greece itself and wasn't officially recognized again until 2017. There are maybe 2,000 hardcore followers in the entirety of Greece (population ~10.7 mil). Does it also upset you when people make artistic media using Nordic, Egyptian, Eastern European, Indian, African and Middle Eastern folklore? There will always be some psychotic fringe worshippers who find it disrespectful, but even people who do believe in those pantheons are typically sane enough not to get their panties in a bunch when a comic artist thinks they have a cool "aesthetic." The vast majority of folklore and mythology is literally fanfiction that's been appropriated and passed between various cultures over centuries in the first place.

No. 159929

Who gives a fuck about religious people. Religion (even hellenism) is made to opress women so I support anyone making fun of it.

No. 159962

File: 1631371651130.jpeg (397.13 KB, 1125x2035, E25ewSsWEAIxU67.jpeg)

Reading Men of the Harem. Recommended if you want a fanservicey webtoon where a dominating woman becomes emperor and creates a harem for herself. Hehehe

No. 159970

>reads western shit

No. 159992


I can tell you right now that actual hellenic polytheists don't give a shit about LO. Just like they don't give a shit about Percy Jackson, and Norse polytheists honestly don't care about Marvel's Thor and Loki. Mythology is meant to be iterated upon, LO isn't the first shit take on Greek myth and it will not be the last.

No. 160057

Thank you anon for recommending it, I just started it and I'm really liking it so far

No. 160739

File: 1631860776430.png (153.59 KB, 724x640, 1630529257479.png)

I get so annoyed whenever I think about this webcomic. I swear I have an inner neckbeard, and this brings it out like nothing else. It has cute designs, an interesting, mysterious story, and lovely animated videos/music, but the creator is a retarded sperg.
>constantly nukes everything (and even before nuking, updates had always been sporadic)
>takes down fan-made archives of the old content
>nuked a Discord server full of fans, OC, etc for no apparent reason
>bragged about drawing autistic lolicon hentai of his character(s) on Twitter
>has created and deleted multiple reboots all with the exact same settings/characters, and is now making some shitty 4 panel comic (again with the same characters, but little to no words or story)
He doesn't deserve those characters, or even an iota of the story he's trying to tell. In some ways, he's right that he can't express it properly. He's incapable, and always will be.

No. 160759

Would it kill these artists to draw a man with a strong jaw?

No. 160784

You don't understand anon, it's very important that all characters have very pointy jaws to battle each other with.

No. 160820

>greek deities thats still being worshipped today to project her self-insert into
Let me guess: you're a witch too.

No. 160825

Pick your poison: Japanese manga with moe uwu eyes/pastel hair/everyone in high school, or Korean manhwa with men with shaven jaws and rosy, plump lips.

Tbh I'm not in love with the artstyle, but I just felt thirsty for a reverse harem lmao.

No. 160883

File: 1631967950698.png (797.41 KB, 864x903, kleinkun.png)

Thanks for the rec nonnie. There seems to be absolutely no sex in this story (as of chapter 34) but plenty of politics.
Which guy is your favourite? I actually like Klein, so funny.

No. 160982

Simping for the red haired knight dude, I know unrequited love is an unpopular trope but I love/hate seeing him suffer from afar as his loved one makes herself a harem LMAO.

Also kind of loving the ridiculous cat fights between the men.

That being said, when will someone create a reverse harem with actual romance/kissing/sex with the men? WHEN?

At least I hope we're overcoming the decades of "reverse harems" where the naive heroines don't even realize they have 5 men in love with them. Bruv.

No. 161018

Check out the manhwa Lady and maid, the maids are male and mc bangs them nonstop.

No. 161070

Or a different face

No. 161089

Horndog dominating heroine? WOOF. Thanks for the recommendation.

No. 161144

You're welcome, it's the first comic I've come across where the author just lets her female sexual id completely loose and she gives absolutely no fucks (while fucking a lot) kek.

I really hope there will be actual romance in Men of the Harem though. The most likely candidate would be Sounnought. Merchant dude is the most suspicious guy ever and mercenary dude seems to be a werewolf or undead

No. 161161

I think Sounnought or Hyacinth is going to be end game. Pretty to look at though, and I do enjoy a badass empress who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.

The Princess's Jewels is similar, though way more horny in tone to Men of The Harem.

No. 161198

This story is very frustrating when it comes to romance. There's basically zero romance in it. The main character is only dominating as an emperor. She's your average dense, too pure to show any interest in sex type of female character.

No. 161202

thank you for recommending the Princess's Jewels,
I've really enjoyed Men of the Harem for it's story but I agree that it begins to become frustrating with the romance. I could live with the teasing though
Princess's Jewels on the other hand is wow. She said I'm going to be hot and keep a harem of men.
She even has a man castrated for being a sex pest, removes him from power, makes his daughter head of the household and steals his son for her "jewelry box" good stuff

No. 161208

Kek at that spoiler. Does she have romance/sex with her guys though?

No. 161255

yes by the second episode

No. 161259

File: 1632244816158.png (30.62 KB, 830x407, poormen.png)

So far the MC of the Princess jewels seems like a total Mary Sue except more aggressive and horny. Not sure where this plot is going. These comments were funny though - omgz I can't believe she ~objectifying~ men

No. 161271

File: 1632250951661.png (625.53 KB, 1057x820, eunuch.png)

Castration was based but
taking the sex pest king's son with her against his will was hypocritical though. Is she supposed to be a villain?
Damn this comic is trash but I can't stop reading.

No. 161279

File: 1632256361385.jpg (109.98 KB, 500x676, YOU PROMISED US A WILD.jpg)

yeah I agree about forcing the son's hand to follow her but besides that it's nice to see a female power fantasy comic. When I typed the princess's jewels into google I got a reddit thread using this picture complaining about the lack of sex in Men of the Harem

No. 161281

waiting for updates… anyone have any translations past chapter 35?

No. 161292

File: 1632267076069.png (788.59 KB, 519x747, medea.PNG)

if you want female power fantasy, have you tried "your throne"? it isn't without its faults, but i liked the main female lead better than the one in princess' jewels. she isn't afraid to kill a bitch either. i liked that the author doesn't go the common route of pitting two females against each other and have one of them just be a one-dimensional villain that gets easily taken down. the author focuses on the character growth of both female leads and they actually have each other's backs. they are my guilty ship.

No. 161300

File: 1632269320775.jpeg (265.66 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0676.jpeg)

I keep getting "your throne" recommended because of reading men of the harem and the remarried empress I'll have to try it
pic from the princess's jewels

No. 161304

File: 1632271992416.png (430.54 KB, 389x771, psyche.PNG)

please do! i forgot to add that really it's lacking in romance though, so if you're looking for that you might be disappointed. there is a male lead, but at this point main female lead actually has more moments with the second female lead lol. i havent read men of the harem, but i'll give it a try too.

No. 161348

I feel this picture.
I don't get why she doesn't want to do anything sexual with the guys. Harems are wasted on asexuals.

No. 161892

File: 1632679355275.png (959.51 KB, 853x1024, Big-Ethel-Imagery-853x1024.png)

Thoughts about the new Archie comics comic on webtoon?

No. 161902

That jughead makes me want to throw myself out a window. What is with all of this hyper-chadding of normal guy characters?

No. 161921

The girl's face and neck, look kinda weird or is it just me?

No. 161989

can someone explain to me what even is the appeal of the Archie comics extended universe? Before Riverdale appeared on Netflix worldwide (I assume), nobody in my country knew or cared about those

No. 162015

They changed her from the weird and goofy, tall bucktooth weird girl to a self-inserty "smol uwu soft girl who was actually pretty all along trope" in order to make her relatable to the preteens reading it, which I found kinda disappointing

I also don't like that they made the gang unnecessarily mean to her while electing to ignore her whole "aggressively cornering Jughead despite him saying no to her all the time" schtick

But besides her height, I can forgive a lot of that in order to modernize everything… but I still cannot get over that VERONICA LODGE needed to get Ethel to get her free movie tickets when she could use daddy's credit card to buy out the whole place if she wanted to. Just felt like an extremely dumb ooc plot device to go boohoo for Ethel

Still gonna read it, but it does feel like its own standalone thing, even though I know its an official collab with AC and WT

No. 162021

More content and focus of characters besides the age old Love Triangle with Archie two timing Betty and Veronica + the modernization to fit what's relatable to you since AC have always tried to update itself for whatever era they were publishing in

No. 162141

File: 1632839491020.jpg (167.31 KB, 1200x1107, d9ab98fa5b0dadc3f74e4a2314812f…)

Just finished reading Sora & Haena and I'm finding it difficult to find something new to read. Any recs of wholesome romance webtoons with a side of drama? Preferably GL but anything goes lmao. I have read White Angels Have No Wings and am following Tamen De Gushi/Begin With Your Name. I tried some of the popular ones on Webtoon but didn't really like them

No. 163515

Why are schoolbus graveyard's episodes so short despite it being a featured webtoon?

No. 163620

File: 1633830485592.png (111.63 KB, 372x661, IMG_0509.png)

as much as i hate true beauty and let's play, what a great thing to see lore olympus finally nearly knocked off the top charts

No. 163673

File: 1633867224717.jpg (82.33 KB, 720x405, MzycwuaHKsqlEuc-800x450-noPad.…)

Manta Comics has been aggressively advertising something called Under the Oak Tree at me for days. I caved, I'm hooked, but they tried to hid it behind a paywall.

… but I found the whole thing for free elsewhere online. I dont think Manta Comics was prepared for people (me) who have bad romance manga as a guilty pleasure.

I've only started it but the basic plot is that there is a princess who has been deemed low value because she has a stutter. She is forced to marry a knight, and he disappears for 3 years after their wedding night, and it turns out the knight has saved an entire continent by slaying a dragon. Now he has returned to his wife and he is determined to overcome the difficulties of being a PTSD riddled dragon slayer in love with a woman traumatized from years of abuse

I eat this kind of crap up and pretend I'm enjoying it ironically. I'm the type of person who knows that Twilight is cringe but still loves it anyway, if you're like me you're going to fucking love this. Hoping I can get a few people to start sperging over this so I dont have to sperg alone

I'll link it: https://undertheoaktree.online/

No. 163675

fuck I love this and I ship them a lot, both dork in their own ways. And the blond knight working for Riftan is hot

No. 163682

I've only really just started it and I'm already addicted. I'm trying to fight myself to have it as my evening read instead of binging it all in like a day. I LOOOOOOVE this kinda thing, and Riftan is unironically husbando material. Man titty supreme

No. 163685

Kinda surprised TB is taking the lead between TB and LO. I read both out of curiosity and LO is more interesting than TB right now imo.

No. 163698

Thanks for the rec anon, this was cute.

No. 163735

I've been waiting for updates too, but I wonder if the webtoon had been dropped now. Remarried Empress is also being postponed until November, and I wonder if it's because the story is turning dark by now (as per the novels) and the artist is reworking her style to reflect that more or sth.

I started reading From a Knight to a Lady, but it's going slow so far.

No. 164090

File: 1634115455321.jpg (1.79 MB, 2898x2898, 10-13-03.51.54.jpg)

>those scenes used for ads
>the motherfucking synopsis

istg why manhua are so trashy and they keep churning the absolute worse shit.

No. 164091

I need the name for this webtoon kek.

No. 164098

File: 1634119847941.jpg (119.5 KB, 800x1066, 039.jpg)

I found it lmao

No. 164107

Late but the title is "Beauty and the Beast" add manhwa or manhua for easier search

No. 164120

Thank you anon, ntayrt but unlike OP trashy shoujo is my jam.

No. 164146

>Worse of all, this world is a matriarchal society. She doesn’t want three four husbands waiting on her!
Bitch why the fuck not, are you dumb? Sign me up

No. 164165

Seek the novel if possible. It's the only novel I am hooked on and it's more explicit, great reading!

No. 164210

The males are poorly written annoying pieces of shit, one even raped MC. I won't trust a Chinese comic throwing around the word "Matriarchy.

No. 164251

File: 1634178858657.jpg (156.15 KB, 860x860, Big-Ethel-Energy-Launch-Carous…)

The art triggers me for reasons I can't explain. It's not that it's bad, it just feels… try hard? Soulless? Idk how to explain it.

No. 164452

I’m currently reading LO and it’s probably dipping because the characters are in court and just retelling the entire story again but with gasps and commentary among the characters that doesn’t add much to the narrative so it’s probably even too boring for some fans right now.

No. 165165

So we can all agree that Let's Play is just soft porn at this point right?

No. 165169

you prompted me to read the newest chapter, and what the fuck was that

No. 165178

I'll admit, I had been rooting for Let's Play while other anons on here disliked it, I always found it slightly more palatable and realistic than LO or other top webtoons. But damn, that chapter really came out of left field. Usually I like sexually dominating female characters but this felt off.

No. 165184

File: 1634615802113.jpg (80.26 KB, 438x319, tumblr_md1wmhj9Fj1qc6ud8o1_500…)

Why can't characters just be ugly sometimes, though?

No. 165185

Also, seems like they tried to make her look like a different race or something? Unless that's the point and she's actually supposed to be a different race now.

No. 165186

Because that would require to draw something other than Instagram pretty girls.

No. 165250

File: 1634637351365.jpg (443.41 KB, 1060x792, unripeapple.jpg)

is anyone reading this? its by the author of cheese in the trap and i feel like their art and storytelling has become better, and the story itself is so nostalgic. reminds me of reply 1988

No. 165260

thanks for posting this, I think the style is very cute! the author also wrote cheese in the trap, not sure how to feel about that honestly but I like it so far.

No. 165279

Warning, it's by the author of Cheese in the Trap

No. 165289

I think she's meant to be Latina now. And it really does have a boring instagram aesthetic look.

No. 165327

I personally think it's because of wish-fulfillment for the target audience. Teengirls who want to read into the fantasy of going through a major glow-up and getting all the attention of other hot characters.

No. 167840

Anything nice or bad to say about Heartstoppers?
I've read it all and it's kind of…bland. sweet but bland, like the physical embodiment of vanilla.
there's a tranny mc and that can either break it or make it depending on who you ask lol

No. 167844

I think it’s cute, preachy because of the tranny shit and ED shit, but pretty sweet, specially because the ED stuff actually makes sense within the plot and it doesn’t really feel too much of an afterthought as a character flaw.

No. 167845

Samefag, and you can ignore the tranny because it’s just a secondary character who has a romance with another guy, tbh, I’m glad it wasn’t a transbian, I would’ve dropped it if that would’ve been the case.

No. 167868

Yeah weirdly enough the ED shit felt strangely artificial to me even if I didn't think it was too bad and all that.
To be fair I'm not huge on slice of life YA adult shit but gave heartstoppers a chance out of curiosity but didn't really became blown away or very attached to anyone

No. 167870

Yeah, the ED shit does feel a bit rushed, i think it would’ve been more interesting if they’ve shown the guy actually suffering through the recovery process at the hospital or something like that.
But then again, the focus is more about the two dudes in love and not mento illness.

No. 167874

Weirdly I don't think either is mutually exclusive ( it's not like mental ilness goes away once you are loved) so I guess more could have been done with it I think

No. 167875

I mean, yeah, I know right, I don’t know, it feels like the author could’ve done something else but I’m not sure of what it could have been, like, to make the story more rounded.
Something it leaves you feeling like something is lacking.

No. 167876

Maybe stronger characters? The mains and most of the secondary cast does feel quite cookie cutter so maybe that would have make it more gripping

No. 171787

File: 1638087145043.png (29.45 KB, 1266x688, 1622693080301.png)

Woah, I never expected to see another fellow Voihoni here.

No. 174071

I have been reading ahead on LO and boy you guys are in for a bad art treat when they show more of Athena holy shit she(?) is even uglier than when shown before

No. 174075

File: 1639668251148.jpeg (32.78 KB, 600x312, 2B04E2A3-1055-4B11-92D0-3A7E3E…)

I have been enjoying Nora Swipes Right, it’s about taking advantage of yellow fever basically

No. 174139

I'm so fucking sick of seeing merryweatherrey's comics everywhere. He has multiple originals and dominates the canvas section, they're not even good. He preys on weebs and whatever anime trope of the day is popular.

No. 174270

File: 1639793715703.png (982.13 KB, 828x1792, 10B677AF-C5DB-4906-8715-FFD9C3…)

The only reason this webtoon went viral is because the author is an ulzzang YouTuber. It is every romance author’s worst nightmare. It is rushed, the POV switches back and forth too often, the characters have no personality…etc if you thought true beauty was bad this is 10x worse. And surprise! It’s based in Korea and it revolves around aspiring kpop idols. A koreaboos dream.

No. 174321

God i binge read this comic the whole night yesterday and i loved it. Its cool to see the author including the photos from her trips. I'm both envious and in awe that nora gets to fuck around.
and thank god she didn't end up with anders i dont think id be able to stomach his personality kek

No. 174335

I don't know, the premise seems just you know just offensive
Engaging in men's yellow fever is just something that will always be cringe

No. 174337

How empowered, letting yourself get slapped and choked by strange men that treat you like shit. She's mental

No. 174346

It’s like reading the story of that one bpd friend who wants to fill a void.

No. 174367

Well in a way i relate a lot to her, i also did the retarded move of flying across the globe for a dude, and he was also kind of a creep. Seeing very similar situations to those i experienced, and my feelings expressed by someone else, helped me see clearer and cut him out of my life for good.

No. 174410

File: 1639869706517.jpeg (58.1 KB, 858x296, CB788184-F8D8-4B71-B38B-2AA84D…)

I also kind of relate to her, having someone from another country into you and that guy wanting to basically marry you when you don’t even know if you truly like him.
This felt like a cautionary tale of sorts for some reason. I’ve received this same text as well, how the hell do you even react? It’s so weird. The lesson I’ve learnt is that even trying to keep a casual relationship is impossible because you’re expected to baby every man, and that American guys are trash because fuck, that representation of the basic American dude felt too realistic.

No. 174601

File: 1639963612710.jpeg (46.75 KB, 459x352, 8F0D3ACC-251E-47EE-BE3C-C73BF3…)

Just a couple of chapters in. I’m kinda against casual sex, so I’m biased, but it feels more palatable in you view Nora as being low-key bpd/dumb and that all the men in this series aren’t worth anything more than their bodies. The Amsterdam guy was kinda pretentious and degenerate imho and the manbun guy was also pretentious. The American guy is straight up Satan. The only decent-ish guy was the ginger tbh

No. 174713

File: 1639973065138.jpg (114.6 KB, 946x567, -xncn8b.jpg)

Theres also this webtoon i like and its been completed now for a while. It's called How Far Have You Gone? And its about the author's married and sex life with her husband. Very sweet and realistic and it opens up a bit what being in a relationship is like.

God yeah same. I relate to her alot in terms of being asian lol. Ive met a lot of dudes online with yellow fever, especially someone like the Norwegian guy.

Oh yeah for sure. The american dude in the comic was horrible. thats why i find most male americans unattractive kek they always seem so arrogant and vain in my eyes

No. 174717

I'm not asain but I have been occasionally fetishized in my own nation for my features and I don't know how anyone could be just fine with that
It seems insulting to me

No. 176502

I got impatient and "read" through what was on Navar. Compared the to Cheese it feels like the author is firing a machine gun loaded with cheesy romcom stuff while still not being too much. Love it lol, very cute.

No. 176946

Any good straight up girlboss misandrist webtoons?

No. 177004

Been reading the newer LO chapters and it's frustrating how much everything revolves around persephone. Yes I know she is a mary sue.. but holy fuck

No. 177008

mine but im not linking for obvious reasons

No. 177011

That's bottom tier writing for you. Especially common if the main character is the author's self insert and has narcissistic tendencies

No. 177021

I have girlboss webtoons but sadly no misandry
> lady knight
a cursed girl goes to an all boys school to save a bunch of nuns from the spanish inquisition. right now there seems to be alluding a romance plot with an edgy classmate but so far it’s pretty good and the art is beautiful.
>Garden Club Detective Squad
The main character joins a gardening club attempting to be president and ends up trying to solve a murder. The mystery elements dont hit hard but it’s a fun read.
>pyramid game
the new girl ends up joining a sociopathic rich kid class where they recreate a caste system. It’s really good and absolutely insane.
>unholy blood
i genuinely dont even know where to begin. The writing sucks and sometimes the proportions get uncomfortable to look at but it is the ultimate female power fantasy. The main character is strongest vampire in the world and is trying to kill the rest of vampires. If you want trashy power fantasy i suppose this is for you. I liked it though.
>your throne
The women are powerful and insane, the men are weaker than them. It’s good. The art recently has been lacking but the writing is enough to keep you engaged.

Here are the stories that are somewhat girlboss
>meow rangers
this is every cat persons fantasy i think. Cats are an alien species and are at a proxy war with each other using humans to fight. I don’t even know why i’m listing this
> god, please make me a demon
A devil gets to be reborn as a child and turns to god to make herself into a demon again. The art is pretty and her friend group is really fun. Though I’m scared that the only important male is gonna end up in a relationship with the demon.

It’s annoying how the only interesting plot (Kronos coming back because of Persephone and Hades’s literal mistakes) is only being hinted at and overridden by the Authors constant fifty shades of grey fantasy. The only good and interesting character was minthe but she’s a fucking plant.

No. 177034

File: 1641228661189.png (404.44 KB, 1482x827, Captura de pantalla 2022-01-03…)

We got one of Akiko Higashimura's (Princess Jellyfish) webtoons translated. Don't let it flop, it's a josei title written by an author who actually knows how to write

No. 177089

File: 1641262025350.png (624.03 KB, 719x772, chitra.png)

chitra is very based and you should read it

No. 178154

>your throne
>The women are powerful and insane, the men are weaker than them. It’s good. The art recently has been lacking but the writing is enough to keep you engaged.
What the fuck happened to Your Throne's art style? All characters look super creepy now, ffs.

At least it got some nice femdom recently.

No. 178162

>What the fuck happened to Your Throne's art style? All characters look super creepy now, ffs.
kek is that really surprising? It's a fucking manhwa, it's a given that the art is gonna go to shit

No. 178377

Anyone read new chapter of Lore Olympus? Eris is so fucking ugly. What the hell is that character design?? She looks like a giant baby with that one hair sticking up.

No. 178397

Lore olympus art style is fucking ugly in general I wont read ugly shit

No. 178398

Nonna please know your worth and stop reading that shit

No. 178500

File: 1641807504838.jpeg (8.58 KB, 225x225, stažený soubor (2).jpeg)

Anyone read Edith recently? I miss when she had actual personality and flaws. Now she's just a 'pure cinnamon roll uwu' and both her love interests are boring as shit.
Long-running series often suffer from this, they all had a lot of character at start and it just fizzled out.

No. 178735

the art is so bad now too. The author traces stock pictures even for normal shit like chairs LOL

Also please tell me LO is finally ending I'm so tired to see it everywhere I go

No. 178837

File: 1641945101009.jpeg (717.12 KB, 2048x1638, Dx_QV2vU8AIjntz.jpeg)

Is anyone else waiting for The Devil is a Handsome Man to come off of hiatus?
I should probably re-read it again sometime soon. I don't remember a whole lot of the plot, but I remember really liking the art style. I hope the artist is doing well.

No. 178961

I dropped it because it's boring.

No. 179437

reading LO because i hate myself: this trial subplot is so poorly written even for LO standards. the fact that it’s going to be on Netflix infuriates me.

No. 179439

the author is literally taking a break for over 4 months rn how long will she keep dragging this comic out? doesn't she have a bunch of assistants that even draw the scenes for her hence the inconsistencies with the art

No. 179440

since it will be a YA show and Netflix has a tendency to fuck those up it will probably become even worse and also a Riverdale/Winx dark academia clone with even more bad writing

No. 179577

I hope it bombs
I'm so sick of seeing LO shit

No. 179630

File: 1642340828593.jpg (780.54 KB, 1080x1968, IMG_20220116_144542.jpg)

I can't believe the "twist" for this insanely boring court act was stolen from Sleeping Beauty. Smythe cannot take ideas from anything that isn't Disney, can't she?

No. 179638

Seriously I hate her design so much. Why does she have only one hair?? Eris has so much potential to look cool. But then again all LO designs suck, they all look like insta hoes from 5 years ago.

No. 179768

“it wasn’t persephone’s fault she killed those mortals, eris cursed her with wrath!!1! our cinnamon roll would never want to hurt ppl!!”

also being cursed with wrath somehow correlates to having ambition? when did persephone even show she has goals and dreams she wants to fight for

No. 179798

I dont think I've seen anything about her being ambitious since she started going to college, and that got dropped basically immediately to send her on some fifty shades of grey job at hades slave factory

No. 179818

>I wont read ugly shit
So you don't read webtoons?

No. 179861

File: 1642451827472.png (1.18 MB, 1072x645, samelmao.png)


i'm a Radelk simp, myself

No. 179926

I was thinking this. I don't see any resemblance of ambition when nearly everyone is bending backwards for her??

No. 179928

File: 1642507099230.png (176.29 KB, 269x251, 2970435.PNG)

No. 179940

Honestly this, they dont even bother to draw backgrounds and use badly rendered shit that looks like its copyright free

No. 179941

File: 1642517287029.png (378.58 KB, 500x600, edithfhfhfgfdhh.png)

I kind of like the really sloppy art style at points but I really hoped it would have improved or at least gotten more consistent after the hiatus. But nah, somehow it's gotten even more sloppy and annoying.
I fucking HATE how the characters are beady-eyed and sloppy at one moment and in the next panel they have these huge doe eyes and mile long lashes, picrel.

No. 179947

Nta, but yeah, the very first manhwa I read were webtoons and they were very enjoyable, but opening the webtoon app is just tiring cause I'd obviously have to sift trhough so much garbage to find anything decent

No. 180071

If you want good webtoons, check out the self-published ones on canvas. There are a lot on there that are higher quality and better written than the originals.

No. 180072

File: 1642562148076.jpeg (83.44 KB, 1280x720, image.jpeg)

No. 181579

File: 1643129005127.jpg (752.63 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220125-164254_Chr…)

This gives me physical pain what the fuck

No. 181580

i felt ill all morning and this shit made me finally puke

No. 181586

File: 1643133049865.jpg (736.57 KB, 800x3364, 57899155-6dac-4a3a-b9d2-36a9ac…)

anyone reading a chinese comic called scream queen? i already love her.

No. 181637

nitpick but i hate those randomly thrown in non-english expressions like the blondes "bore da, bunty" or the lets players and his older sis' conversations, or that obnoxious friend of his. i get it's there as an easy way to show "look at them, they're bi/trilingual, aren't they kewl uwu" without having to put any effort into showing anything deeper about those cultures, but the way it's shown in the webtoon is not at all how i (or my friends fwiw) ever experienced multilingualism. stumbling over a word here and there because sometimes the entire concept of it doesn't exist in another language, sure, putting on a bad accent and over-dramaticize it for the fun of it, why not, but this entire 'randomly throw foreign vocabulary into your speech and expect everyone to understand it until somebody points not everyone is ethnicity' seems just like someones bad take on growing up bilingual and their only reference material is bad mid-day sitcoms from the early 2000s. at least it's gotten better in recent chapters bc there weren't even any translations in earlier chapters iirc.

No. 181639

>randomly thrown foreign vocabulary
NTA but yeah I hate that shit in all kinds of media. They think it makes characters look cool but it just comes off as cringe.


No. 181649

This is hilarious, the premade open-condom asset is the cherry on top.

No. 181789

File: 1643230231767.jpg (785.9 KB, 972x2655, Screenshot_20220126-082329_Chr…)

Why do they make it like he fucked a timid child and not an adult woman?

No. 181792

anon why are you reading this cringe

No. 181794

Nta, but it’s surely a form of self harm, let her heal at her own pace.

No. 181796

It was really popular when I downloaded webtoon so I gave it a go and I'm just straight up entertained by how bad it is

No. 181803

Did he fuck her ass and piledrive his dick into her mouth all while she was doing cartwheels and had to hold her own body weight as he fucked her? Why is she this hurt?

No. 181823

This comic's art style and character design makes me irrationally angry every time I see it.

No. 181873

Omg I just read it and wtf. What is his dick made of? Is the author s virgin?

No. 181963

I was uglier in the beginning, but so much better

No. 181967

File: 1643308254441.jpg (75.56 KB, 540x540, secretary.jpg)

I like "silly" webtoons sometimes but Pic Related is completely retarded. I tried reading a few episodes and lost some braincells.
Imagine winning the lottery but keep getting explored at work because you don't know how to say to your abusive boss that you quit?
And ofc she probably will fall in love with him.

No. 181968

holy shit his body looks gross. like lumps of fat mashed together. they dont even look like muscles wtf

No. 181997

Vaginismus? I have no idea what this comic is.

No. 182039

Depressing reminder that this was nominated for an eisner award

No. 182051

The fact that her hair shine is not following the curvature of her hair is driving me crazy

No. 182079

No, she's supposed to be ~weak~ fragile heroine. Not sure if they specified what she has. A lot of comments on that webtoon were defending it like 'My body is weak and I'm exactly like that', yeah right.

No. 182090

File: 1643381900873.jpg (84.52 KB, 540x540, yoo.jpg)

After a long hiatus, it came back last year.
I feel like this webtoon always keep the readers in expectation to see something happening, the story move on.
Almost anything that happened in the past and should be showed in flashbacks was shown. Even after a few months back from hiatus and 160+ chapters, readers barely know anything about anyone.
Quimchee could wrap it up some more. I feel like she will get another hiatus this year.
Just get closure on this reeeeeeeeee

No. 182960

I kind of enjoyed i love yoo a couple years back, but its so boring now. Nothing happens and I just dont care any more. The long hiatus didnt help since I forgot about most characters and couldnt be bothered to go back to jog my memory. Its just bland

No. 183766

found this post on reddit about snailords. hes the author of freaking romance. it all makes sense now. i used to follow him back in 2018 and quickly unfollowed him after realizing what a cunt he is. an anon said they used to follow him back during his deviant art days. what was he like?


No. 184872

File: 1644192378212.jpg (133.5 KB, 640x981, 093f2d66437de45f7c7a85c15e3781…)

thoughts on hearstopper? i read it all and the artstyle is kinda ugly and sometimes looks really rushed but its really sweet and easy to read, i like to read dumb comics when i think i read too much obscure stuff

No. 184893

The whole fucking ed thing really killed it for me, like ok we get it, but can we not dwell on it. The tranny friend also annoyed me but it's a cute mindless read otherwise, scared about the netflix thing though.

No. 184969

i read it once like 2 or 3 years ago but that author is so obsessed with all flavors of gender bullshit, it's insane. peak libfem brainrot. and like >>184893 said, that ed thing was just fucking annoying. all in all it's just soft boi romance for they/them enbies to self insert because they, too, are smol gay uwu twink boiz.

No. 185074

If you're going to have a main character who's a cutter, at least show us the fucking cuts. Normal people won't care, and the teens who cut themselves are all looking at anime guro on their phones anyway.

No. 186154

im so tired of all the featured BL/GL webtoons being constantly advertised to me.

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