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File: 1611859933241.jpg (51.16 KB, 567x364, 714.jpg)

No. 124377

As people are getting more political and explicitly more ideological recently they are adopting obscure and bizarre ideologies and political opinions, mostly for the aesthetic but many unironically agree the core messages

got inspired by Shuwu's new boyfriend being an unironic Longist in 2021

No. 124378

> white people

No. 124380

File: 1611860782264.jpg (145.44 KB, 1080x1414, EsrlqZWXIAAoFjV.jpg)

clearly you've never heard of ethnocacerism

No. 124381

It's Indigenous Native American National Bolshevism

No. 124385


No. 124390

something something nazbol gang

No. 124424

File: 1611872007864.png (357.43 KB, 722x711, carnivore vs vegan.png)

These aren't necessarily political ideologies, but I enjoy observing people who are into different diets like raw vegan, fruitarian, carnivore diet, keto, paleo, etc. and their debates with each other. It's kind of funny how angry and defensive they get over their diets, especially the people who follow the more extreme diets.

No. 124449

It's time for Posadism now.

No. 124466

Does anyone else know jreg? He's a youtuber who did a series called Centricide about personified political ideologies. I watched him for a while last year, the fandom was interesting because it was a mix of tumblr fandom girls shipping the ideologies together and edgy teenage boys actually into politics kek. His target audience is pretty young I think but if you're into bizzarre ideologies you might enjoy him. Also the communist/nazi fanfiction is pretty hot

No. 124467

Yeah he's one of the reason I made this thread, I also dislike the NSFW fanart, he also says that he's uncomfortable with it and he's anti-porn but his dumbass fans still don't get it

No. 124494

I watch him and his ap tour finally gave me the courage I needed to finally clean my house.

No. 124515

damn I had no idea he said that, the ao3 tag is dead anyway so eh
I didn't know he was anti porn either, that's based

No. 124677

>[Posadism] attempts to introduce elements of Ufology into Marxist thought. Arguing that only communism can allow the development of interplanetary travel, they concluded that visiting aliens from other planets must live in highly advanced communist societies and are bound to help Earth-based communists with bringing about the world revolution.
>One of the most well-known positions of J. Posadas was his enthusiasm for nuclear war. More precisely, at the height of the Cold War, Posadas thought that nuclear war was inevitable. His idea was that rather than wait for the forces of capitalism, the nuclear-armed socialist states should launch a preemptive attack that would destroy the nuclear capabilities of capitalist countries.

This began in Latin America btw

No. 124776

File: 1612027773608.png (9.06 KB, 340x226, Cathwork_flag.png)

>Catholic Workism
The base Idea of Catholic Workism is that all states should be dissolved and instead live in worker communes headed by bishops and the Pope will become the leader of this workers states

No. 125155

Like some communust feudal system?

No. 133544

What's up with non-Chinese people (usually self-identifying communists) defending and idolizing China? Doesn't it occur to them that China's economic growth occurred after capitalistic reforms? And they also gloss over the human rights violations that are a result of the authoritarianism. I'm just so confused how this is even an argument when we have so much information to show that China is not a good example of anything other than what NOT to do.

No. 133545

Sorry for necro'ing the thread but I want some actual answers and figured that this would be a good place to ask.

No. 133546

It's overhwelmingly self-hating Americans that wk China. There is a subset of lefties in the US that are smart enough to hate imperialism (so they hate the US) but they're too retarded to also hate China who is also an imperialist power. It's a result of contrarianism basically, they just wanna be anti-US and don't apply their reasons for being anti-US to any other nation.

No. 133549

Also if you think that China's gotten better solely due to "capitalist reforms" without looking at embargo and sanctions against any communist nation leveled by the West starting basically from their inception, you're sorely missing in context for how communist nations struggle and why it looks like capitalism fixed them when in reality capitalist reform was basically forced on them by trade restrictions.

That being said I'm not an authoritarian so I'm not fond of communism as a model but the fact is, you can't solely chalk the failures of communism to communism as a model being bad. International sanctions matter a lot to whether your economy, and by extension state, will struggle. What I'm getting at is that it's not really possible to be a fledgeling communist society in a world where imperialism is rampant and succeed. You'd need a more even playing ground for it to have a fair shot.

Anyway, read up homie.

No. 133667

Your post reminds me of noname, she's a woke rapper who talks about the injustices the US does against black people(which is valid) same time Simps and capes for the Chinese government

Also she gets mad that majority of her fans are white liberals and sjws and wants more Black fans, but literally only white sjws care about her politics

No. 133692

she’s so cringe. i used to enjoy listening to her until she started whining publicly about how much she hates her audience and THEN started whining when she was losing ticket sales because of her own bitch ass attitude. she’s so embarrassing - such a typical ‘leftist’ yank who spends too much time on twitter. it’s a shame too because other than that she’s pretty talented and i appreciate the idea of the book club or whatever it is that she does

No. 134575

File: 1617307329953.jpg (108.8 KB, 1430x774, Catholicleft.jpg)

I downloaded a 4chan chart mega a while ago and it has a small subset dedicated to politics. I'll post the wierder ones

No. 134576

File: 1617307409355.jpg (433.53 KB, 2500x1571, url.jpg)

No. 134577

File: 1617307496610.png (1.05 MB, 1400x739, 1549094807535.png)

A lot of the weirder stuff is pushed aside for the generic /pol/ fuckery

No. 134578

File: 1617307538168.png (616.01 KB, 1088x735, 1547264061311.png)

No. 134579

File: 1617307582111.jpg (2.57 MB, 2190x1990, 52e7dc35103c575d43bb44855adbe3…)

Last one. God praise the queen

No. 136263

Sure that's fair as well but nationalistic self-reliance was one component of the communists' doing. Mao's own policies were against education as well as industrialized production and he was actively telling young male workers to go work in fields. Despite whatever evil Americans did, that economy under Mao's rule wouldn't have been able to compete with other countries' goods who were producing the same goods at lower costs. There's a reason why nations like South Korea who develop their infant industries with government subsidies for later international trade are faring much better than the countries who abide by great advice courtesy of the Washington Consensus.

No. 136274

There is nothing more retarded than subscribing to a belief that an economic system is perfect and everything else is evil. All economic systems are theoretical frameworks with downsides that are courtesy of the realities of international trade, domestic and international politics, and other factors that intertwine with economic behavior. This goes out to all the commies out there who don't realize how impractical their actual economic system is. I'm not a free market shill either just fyi.

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