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File: 1612359362787.gif (888.16 KB, 285x145, tumblr_8c8cc1de0569f46e5b4c98b…)

No. 125564

Thread for Timmy pics, gifs, and vids and for fans to talk about Timmy's roles, awards, looks, photoshoots, girlfriends, STDs, and pool sex paparazzi photos. Share rare photos and lesser known tv/movie appearances!

It's okay to make jokes about his hoeing around or even his unconventional looks, just keep in mind this is primarily a fangirling thread.

No. 125565

File: 1612359431754.jpeg (14.61 KB, 423x724, images (20).jpeg)

First off let's just get this out of the way. Yes he has some length

No. 125567

File: 1612359740538.jpeg (47.5 KB, 651x471, images (22).jpeg)

Second off Beautiful Boy (2018) is one of his lesser known movies where he plays a crack addicted son to his silver fox father, Steve Carell. Both are great in their roles. It's based on a true story so it's a non-Hollywood treatment of addiction and trying (or not trying) to get better. Highly recommend.

No. 125570

File: 1612360039393.jpg (127.56 KB, 421x750, timtam.jpg)

i wonder if he knew about armie being a cannibal

No. 125572

I don't remember Timothee being as much of a meme as Adam Driver

No. 125576

the meltdown that ensued when the pictures of him with his mexican girlfriend were released was hilarious. i saw so many stans denying that it was him in the photos.

No. 125594

I am so happy you anons made this thread. I love my rat ♥

No. 125602

It's not a Timmy thread without his LaGuardia rap! Romans's Revenge at 2:20 mark, ruh roh to all my barbs out there

No. 125603

And of course his iconic rap where he tries his hardest to get an A from his statistics teacher, Ms. Lawton. He's a barb and he loves statistics - as a psychometrician barb I feel like we're meant to be

No. 125604

File: 1612364254728.gif (1.94 MB, 268x268, timothy.gif)

so sad that his play got cancelled bc of covid. i was going to see him in person

No. 125613

Kinda reminds me of what happened when Ross Lynch(Former Disney Teen actor) was revealed to be dating his co-star Jaz Sinclair, he actually received some "backlash" from his racist teen fan-girls cause he happened to be dating who happened to be black

No. 125632

He's not, I guess some nonnies just like him and decided to make a thread

No. 125659

damn there's more timmyspergs than I expected, I'm not a timmysperg but this is funny af

hello, discharge anon!

No. 125660

Are they still dating?

No. 125661

Ross Lynch is ugly af

No. 125662

why am i unironically enjoying this image

No. 125664

your eyes see dick and immediately dart to it, I even do this with men I'm not attracted to now, I hate it

No. 125673

still better than timothee tho

No. 125675

Number 1 reason I'm into him is his crying face makes me feel something in my tummy

No. 125680

File: 1612377330262.gif (2.9 MB, 268x268, original.gif)

TimCha is a ratfaced bastard that makes me swoon. Tbf if he wasn't as good at acting as he is he would be less attractive

No. 125698

File: 1612382424292.jpg (31.99 KB, 808x373, xukfodq99zd41.jpg)

i do find him cute but this tweet was incredibly accurate

No. 125741

No thanks, I'm only here for Adam Driver driving his chair onto people.

No. 126139

Gonna hide this thread. I don't need to be any more of a simp than I already am.

No. 126650

File: 1612763632679.jpg (105.13 KB, 1024x731, Timothee_Scissorhands_17_RTV1.…)

You come home to this in your driveway wyd

No. 126651

Kek accurate. I hate his chin/jawline so much, he looks like one of those shitty charicatures you get at a theme park. Imagine being naturally born with a jaw that looks like the result of botched plastic surgery.

Also he seems like a douche and I 100% believe he spread chlamydia on purpose. He looks like the exact kind of guy who pretends to be "sensitive uwu" but is actually a nasty creep.

No. 126655

Not even a timotheefag, but why just comment here to infight, what's the point

No. 126678

what if like we all came together and kidnapped timtom and beat the shit out of him and had group sex

No. 126700

File: 1612800355692.jpeg (17.62 KB, 270x360, images (22).jpeg)

Yes. I will beat him up and then kiss him so hard on his bobblehead forehead

No. 352113

Necro… Don't give a fuck. Hope his agent/managers etc. get their money so he can ditch K Jenner and get his fans back but I think the damage has been done.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 352130

i think they are cute together & he seems really happy

No. 352168

I can't understand how the hell this rat looking squareheaded french (sorry for the tautology) man got to be a heart throb

No. 352189

White bitches have no taste(racebait)

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