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No. 126814

Discuss Graphic Design or Ask anything about it.
>Poster, Packaging, UI, etc

Anon what is your
> Favorite Design Trend?
> Hated Design Trend?
> Personal Style /Aesthetic

Everyone is welcome expect Twitterfags and Vendettachan

No. 126815

Shouldn't this go in /m/. Graphic Design is basically media.

No. 126816

If this should go to /m/ then art discussion should too

No. 126817

File: 1608638178688.jpg (19.36 KB, 328x499, don norman.jpg)

I've written about this on lolcow before, but I cannot recommend this book enough, one of my favourites, and I'm not even into design. The author is both an engineer and psychologist and a pioneer in user-centered design. He us the one who invented digital screens on phones so you could see what number you're dialling. He's also responsible for hot and cold water being color-coded and standardised hot=left cold=right. He analyses and talks in detail about mundane things as door knobs with such insight, I never thought I'd enjoy reading about door-knobs that much. It's interesting to see the thought process behind so many things we take for granted today.

No. 126818

What are some good books to read about the basics of graphic design for someone who's a complete n00b?

No. 126819

No. 126820

I guess the farmhands don't agree but I think the art discussion thread(s) should go there too, yes.

No. 126821

Don't agree with this, because the art discussion is more about Milky stuff than just art.

No. 126822

That's a good point actually.

Nvm my post about moving this to /m/, I guess it hardly matters anyway.

No. 126823

I love Chip Kidd's designs

No. 126824

thank you!!

No. 126825


free online course:

no book but website for current hot shit (which I loathe tbh):

No. 126826

fun thread!
i recently transitioned to a career in UI design/research after working as a dev for a period of time.
i'm enjoying it a lot more since there's definitely more creative freedom for the designers compared to to the devs who are essentially handed a schematic to build and have little say in design choices otherwise. anecdotal, but i also just vibe with my design coworkers so much better than my former co-engineers.

not books and i'm sure seasoned design anons are already familiar with these, but i'll drop a few general links for the tech design noobs seeking inspo:
> https://www.awwwards.com/
> https://www.behance.net/
> https://dribbble.com/
> Pinterest has also been a surprisingly good resource as well.

No. 126827

Can I ask about how you made the transition? Did you just make a portfolio on your own and started applying to places?

No. 126828

NTA, but that's a good place to start, I always make portfolios for the thing I want to get a job for.

No. 126829

What design trends do you think will be prevalent in 2021?

No. 126830

I still think its minimalism though, people like it because its easier on the eye. My prediction is they prolly last for another year or two before they got sick of it.

No. 126831

What are graphic design farmers' opinions on Kel Lauren? Innocent question. Sometimes I like her work and sometimes I find it a bit too reliant on trends, but I guess that can be a good thing.

No. 126832

She's very hit or miss. Sometimes she makes logos that are good, but not always. I didn't like the Petco redesign she did recently tbh. The old petco olgo (the one with the dog and cat) was better, her logo was just needlessly complicated and wasn't all that appealing

No. 126833

logo* how tf did I misspell a 4 letter word

No. 126834

How could you forget Olgo, the demon of graphic design? If you do not worship him, he will crash all your WIPs and eat your logo folder

No. 126835

File: 1609346225070.png (1.13 MB, 1171x1497, pardini.png)


I'm glad this thread was made because I wanted to hear some opinions on this situation between Julia Fletcher (close friend of Kel Lauren's and fellow designer/youtuber) and Raissa Pardini. Julia was called out by Raissa for copying her designs and selling them, Julia claims it was inspired by another image and you cant claim a font/aesthetic as your own.

>I was following Julia Fletcher (juliaflatcherphoto) until not long ago. She tagged me a few times in her own inspirations board and I was grateful. But then she started replicating designs of mine for commercial purposes, putting to risk her work and mostly her clients. Left alone the respect she has for my work and for the bands I designed those posters for. I approached her very nicely and privately twice and she blocked me and kept designing like nothing has been said. She admitted the designs were the same in our first conversations (which I have). Today, with no space left for me to talk to her, I had to call her out. Design platforms reviewed the work and regardless what she told everyone of you today, the work is the same. She blocked everyone of you to tag her, comment on her designs, message her or say anything freely. She put the poster on sale on her website and didn’t apology or has been in touch. I get copied all the time, everyone does! But plagiarism is going against copyrights. And all our works are automatically copyrighted by law in the U.K., for a long time.

No. 126836

File: 1609346281098.png (2.04 MB, 3381x2000, julia.png)



No. 126837

Not really an opinion on the two designers here, but just how people in the design community preach about how you should “steal” ideas from others. I think it’s a little ridiculous how up in arms people get about copying ideas. Lots of design is extremely similar these days. Like, I wish the community would make up its damn mind on the matter.
Tbh, both designs are ugly. I think Julia needs to not be so “obvious” about where she gets her inspiration from. I’d be mortified and ashamed if I were her.

No. 126838

Honestly? Even if I lowkey believe Julia's claims that she wasn't directly inspired by Raissa, she needs to be a professional and 1) do her goddamn research before debuting a new piece, i.e. see if her peers have done anything similar and 2) put some effort into making more unique work.

No. 126839


In design school they constantly told us to be Magpie's; take little things from the work you enjoy and people you admire and incorporate it in your own work, but the most important part is to make it yours. I think Julia was being willfully ignorant in her post with the "it's literally just stacked type!" "it's literally just the same font and colours!" as if any design can't be boiled down to that. I think she could've handled things with a bit more grace. The black and white poster is still up in her shop and the baltimore poster is on her website (though altered to look less similar).

No. 126840

What would you consider a good portfolio?

No. 129571

File: 1614298410722.jpg (210.5 KB, 800x896, unnamed.jpg)

Too bad you've saged this since this tread got buried pretty quickly… if you're still around, that depends heavily on what and where you're applying to really. If you give some specifics maybe someone will know!

Talking about porfolios, any designers here working for companies? Did you design you CV in a way to give it some additional visual interest, or kept it very plain?

No. 129585

this design sucks ass

No. 129618

It does, good contribution anon.

No. 129631

File: 1614343085963.jpg (197.85 KB, 600x600, R-7250491-1602662375-1651.jpeg…)

What are some iconic album designs according to you guys? I love this particular album cover by Robert Beatty

No. 129638

File: 1614346822815.jpg (73.64 KB, 750x750, FKA-twigs-–-LP1.jpg)

I like this one a lot too!
FKA Twigs albums have gorgeous covers, it's always her face but edited in a way that is so dream like and intriguing that it attracts attention immediately - and fits her music perfectly.

No. 129639

File: 1614347048319.jpg (49.87 KB, 640x640, Tatvamasi_-_Amor_Fati_by_Rafal…)

I like looking up album covers from more local, smaller artists (or by local designers and artists), because even though they're not iconic or recognizable, there's always a lot of more creative freedom there for the people making them and you can find a lot of gems, like this one, gorgeous illustration and such a great typography.

No. 129641

Ah I love this, thanks for sharing

No. 129647

File: 1614352193663.jpeg (29.42 KB, 379x809, 4walls.jpeg)

Kpop Album Graphics design is so good.

No. 129690

This just looks retarded

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