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No. 130515

A general thread to discuss your favorite stories, authors, or annoyances from episode interactive.

Are you a limelight, classic, or ink fag?

No. 130517

I always wanted to give those retarded games a go, but I'm afraid of micropayments. How easy are they to avoid and how hard does the game try to suck you in? For comparison, I don't play Pocket Camp because I feel it's extremely succesful in pressuring a player to constantly waste time and/or money on it.

No. 130521

I’m an avid reader there and I would say to avoid the stories made by the Episode app, a lot of the choices you can make in the story are dictated by the huge amount of gems you have to buy so you’re restricted to only one path you can take. The community has better options and decent stories

No. 130555

File: 1614790088058.jpg (59.49 KB, 820x698, i hate when this happens.jpg)

I've had phases of playing this game intensively since forever. When you find a good story it's addicting. Then I don't play it for some time and then I download it again. I finished the second season of Through The Worlds, stories like that are genuinely impressive with all the coding and points.

>Are you a limelight, classic, or ink fag?

Who the fuck prefers classic? They legit look disturbing. Used to be an inkfag because I first played this shit so long ago but now I only like limelight. It's the most realistic and best looking one imo

Definitely seconding >>130521 on this one. In my lowest moment I bought more passes for this but they we're only 89 cents

No. 130563

File: 1614793456140.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 034C6D8B-90E4-4827-A268-900DC1…)

Seriously I second that anon, a lot of episode authors don’t get due credit because I tried making a story and it was fucking hard, it takes a lot of time and patience and sometimes even talent

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