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File: 1616627783719.jpg (57.6 KB, 600x1028, fc4d9d69f18dc82589eab7527e60c7…)

No. 133599

>what insturment are you currently playing?
>how long have you been playing/what level of skill are you at?
>why did you decided to play that instrument
>what's your favorite genre to play
>what's the hardest hurdle you currently have to get over or had to get over when play?

No. 133601

File: 1616627897539.jpg (82.2 KB, 607x768, descargar.jpg)

>1 minute ago
Great thread! Hoping it flurishes, love to see this

No. 133604

File: 1616630184338.png (4.39 MB, 1608x985, kalimba.PNG)

Ohhhh it's like you're reading in my mind anon, because I was thinking about posting it somewhere on /ot/
Any of you is playing or had an opportunity to play on kalimba? I'm love the sound of it and how easy it is to carry around so I'm thinking of buying one so maybe some of you have personal experience / expertise to share?
I've used to play piano and percussion instruments (more in the lane of vibraphone/marimba than drumset though) in all of my school years but abandoned it going for college, now I'm almost 30 and kinda miss instruments, and I thought kalimba could be something fairly easy to learn to fill that void.

No. 133606

File: 1616630449442.png (382.73 KB, 476x377, Evulql6.png)

>what insturment are you currently playing?
Bass guitar!

>how long have you been playing/what level of skill are you at?

I started learning in late November so I'm still very much a beginner, but I feel like I've progressed a bit since then.

>why did you decided to play that instrument

I wanted to learn an instrument and figured guitar would be a good choice, but as I started listening to more music, I found that I liked the bass parts more, so I decided to give bass a try.

>what's your favorite genre to play

I love funk, new wave, and psych rock, but many of those songs are still super tricky for me. My guilty pleasure is pop punk.

>what's the hardest hurdle you currently have to get over or had to get over when play?

Playing fast and clean! My fingers fall apart trying to go faster than 120 bpm. Also finding people to play with has been really hard, I've had no luck meeting musicians irl.

No. 133693

Does anyone have some choice starter sheet music books / courses? I used to play piano but I’ve since lost all my old sheet music. Plus no one out here wants to reteach old farts.

No. 133706

How successful have you been at learning it?

No. 133722

File: 1616698497931.jpeg (182.16 KB, 2121x1416, piano.jpeg)

>what insturment are you currently playing?
Piano and harmonica
>how long have you been playing/what level of skill are you at?
Been playing the piano since I was 7. Graduated from music conservatory back in 2015. Harmonica since I was 12/13. Never took any formal lessons tho, I was self taught.
>why did you decided to play that instrument
Grandma was a pianist in her youth and she taught me to play at first when i was little. She also bought me my first harmonica after I expressed interest in learning it.
>what's your favorite genre to play
I'm classically trained, so I've pretty much only played classical music on the piano. As for the mouth harp, anything goes really
>what's the hardest hurdle you currently have to get over or had to get over when play?
I am extremely self conscious when playing an instrument to the point that I don't even like it when my parents hear me play. I even get self conscious about the neighbours hearing me play through the walls. So I usually wait until I'm home alone to practice my music, which isn't often these days.

No. 133729

File: 1616704949348.jpeg (31.11 KB, 405x484, French Horn.jpeg)

>what instrument are you currently playing?
French horn
>how long have you been playing/what level of skill are you at?
I've been playing for about a year now. As a legit musician I'm a newbie, but I'm improving fast and I'm applying for an intermediate/advanced orchestra this summer!
>why did you decided to play that instrument
I actually started out playing the trumpet and one time my trumpet teacher wanted me to try out the french horn for some reason and I guess he liked my playing because he insisted I should start taking lessons. After that it just kinda stuck.
>what's your favorite genre to play
Mostly classical but funk and fusion are fun too.
>what's the hardest hurdle you currently have to get over or had to get over when play?
On a technical level, a lot. Intonation is a bitch. On a personal level, I need to stop worrying so much about what other people think about my playing and wether it's good or bad. I play because it's fun and it makes me happy.

No. 133769

File: 1616743860976.jpg (109.87 KB, 552x735, Piano book.jpg)

Like many individuals, I had piano lessons in elementary school, but these stopped once I entered high school. Because we moved, I wasn't able to have my piano anymore either, which motivated me even less to play. I really want to make it part of my life again, however. I already try to use picrel to teach myself, as it is the method we used at class. My current approach is to simply keep going with these books as they progress.

Is there any advice you would give me? How should I schedule my practise? Are there any books/pieces you would recommend to incorporate into practising? Any steps that really should not be overlooked (but tend to be)? What is an adequate pace to grow at? Is it okay to play on a keyboard for the time being?

You sound so impressive, it is very inspirational

No. 133771

File: 1616745603614.jpg (86.04 KB, 900x1200, main-image.jpg)

>what instrument are you currently playing?
>how long have you been playing/what level of skill are you at?
about 15 years, passed ABRSM grade 8 in senior year of high school
>why did you decided to play that instrument
parents made me learn as a child, I grew to enjoy it
>what's your favorite genre to play
similar to >>133722, I am most comfortable with classical. Fiddle music strikes fear into my heart.
>what's the hardest hurdle you currently have to get over or had to get over when play?
I applied to a few conservatories, all of them ended up either rejecting me or being far too expensive to attend. As a result, currently rotting away in my third year of business undergrad, and I hate it. So I guess my greatest hurdle right now is the lack of time to practice, and the lack of opportunity or reason to play at all. Hopefully, I can retire early and join up a recreational orchestra or something. Though those usually kinda suck.

No. 133777

File: 1616753674165.jpg (6.42 KB, 355x142, clarinett.jpg)

I don't play any instruments now but as a kid I used to play the clarinet! It's kinda lame but also pretty classy and elegant. I wasn't particularly good at it but I also stopped after maybe a year of practicing because of an accident that happened with my parents, and to this day I can't bring myself to play it even if it's still in it's case in my room, because it's tied to that bad period of my life. So I've thought about playing some other instrument but they tend to be expensive… if I had money and time to learn though I would like to try the cello.

No. 133804

My friend played the clarinet and she would call the reed a chocolate because it came in a foil like a chocolate bar, that was so confusing.
I'm sorry bad experiences ruined it for you

No. 133818

Ahh she's right! The packages for the reeds often look like chocolates. And by mentioning reeds, you reminded me that you have to lick the reed before using the instrument in order for it to play nicely. It gets gross after a while kek

No. 133890

File: 1616830784332.jpg (86.96 KB, 850x626, e636d9cbbf9984eb9bcfe309ef74d1…)

Redpill me anons, is it too late to learn the piano at 20? How hard will it be to become okay? How much of a handicap is it to have womanlet stubby hands?

No. 133914

File: 1616853131517.jpg (33.01 KB, 512x300, dx7.jpg)

>what insturment are you currently playing?
>how long have you been playing/what level of skill are you at?
i've been playing ever since i was a toddler. my uncle bought me a casio at a garage sale and i played with that thing nonstop. my skill level is… eh… i just like whailing at the thing. i did take piano classes when i was about 7 for like two years, and i was in band all thoughout middle school and high school played percussion.
>why did you decided to play that instrument
it was fun and i feel it's easy to learn. i used to play melodies of songs i heard on the radio.
>what's your favorite genre to play
dance and classical. mostly video game melodies.
>what's the hardest hurdle you currently have to get over or had to get over when play?
i have stubby babby hands. also since i stopped going to piano classes, i don't really have a proper form. also, i have the hardest time reading sheet music. when i'm playing piano, it's difficult to look up and to even talk at the same time. i basically learned everything by ear.

No. 133935

You can do anything with enough time and practice and dedicated learning. Obviously the odds of becoming a prodigy or celebrity or something are near nonexistent, but it's never too late to pursue a new skill or enjoy a new hobby. You're 20 years old, not 99 on your deathbed with arthritic fingers. Live your life, Anon, there's lots of time left and it will be that much lovelier if it's filled with music.

No. 133937

Samefagging to say that's such a pretty picture of Monika. She would support you in your efforts to learn piano, too.

No. 133965

Thank you anon I will do my best!

Should I pick an beginner song and just go for it? Or is it better to follow a beginner course or something?

No. 133985

It's certainly better to follow some sort of beginner course. Naturally, an actual tutor is the ideal, but that can be costly and there are many good resources online such as youtube. Beginner songs are certainly part of such courses though, so it won't just be boring scales and stuff!

No. 134027

File: 1616943430051.jpg (140.11 KB, 688x1024, height of summer 2009.jpg)

>what insturment are you currently playing?

>how long have you been playing/what level of skill are you at?

I've been playing for about four or five years, off and on. I think I'm pretty good in that I have a lot of chords memorised, I can handle barres and fret hand muting, and I know some different strumming patterns. I want to learn finger picking styles, palm muting, and how to make my own arrangements of songs I enjoy.

>why did you decided to play that instrument

One summer I fell in love with Amanda Palmer's "Ukulele Anthem" and it really inpsired me. I've briefly played both guitar and piano before, so picking up an ukulele really was that easy. Also it's very small, which is great for my stubby womanlet fingers.

>what's your favorite genre to play

Any song with vocals that I enjoy. So pop and pop punk, alt rock, and the like. J-pop is also very fun because they tend to have interesting and jazzy chord changes. However I don't play them often because I have to multitask between reading the tab itself (which are written with kana, naturally) and the romaji lyrics. Sucks to be a gaijin.

>what's the hardest hurdle you currently have to get over or had to get over when play?

Right now I have no motivation to play because over the years, I haven't kept my instrument in good condition. Never changed the strings, it's got a bunch of dents and cracks that I've covered up with Literal bandaids. I'd like to get a new ukulele, but currently there are more important expenses to take care of.

No. 134386

File: 1617139517100.png (10.81 MB, 1920x1080, bd3dfb62803125.5a9c795d0bf32.p…)

>what instrument are you currently playing?
Bass guitar.

>how long have you been playing/what level of skill are you at?

I bought it way back 2019 and practicing at least once a week. Now I only play once a month. Can play a handful of songs but haven't learned scales/notes/etc. I've been meaning to get lessons but the pandemic hit and zoom classes aren't for me.

>why did you decided to play that instrument

I just really like basslines.

>what's your favorite genre to play

Hard rock and disco but I'm starting to warm up on grunge.

>what's the hardest hurdle you currently have to get over or had to get over when play?

I have small hands so trying to reach another note that's 2-3 frets away is hard. Just need to find a way to have faster reaction time.

Also, getting motivation and time to practice. I haven't touched my bass since January.

No. 137333

File: 1618415797948.jpg (25.01 KB, 500x338, tumblr_lcvkk1ceso1qc78qbo1_500…)

I've been trying to learn the bass guitar on and off since I was fourteen, but I've been practicing really inconsistently so I'm not great at all. I end up just learning bass lines to songs I like and then stopping for a few months (or years) and then starting again. Not having any structure
to learning makes me lose motivation really easily to keep practicing, I guess because I don't really know what goals or benchmarks to set for myself other than "oh I like this song I guess I'll learn it if it isn't too hard." I've recently been motivated to start practicing again so we'll see how long this lasts!

No. 137627

File: 1618543186198.jpeg (82.74 KB, 1001x1001, 1FC28498-A2F1-4EA6-8537-D2E64A…)

I just bought a piano from this nice old lady and I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing KEK I’ve always thought pianos are cool but every place I’ve tried to dip my toes into it (at family’s houses, friend’s houses, school, a public park, a church…) it was terribly short lived and not apt for practicing. I’m fully determined to be self taught and I know I’ll play like shit for at least 3 years because I’ve played flute for 6 years and then on and off for 8 and I can’t read sheet music KEK

My dream instrument is the harp but I’d love to play a trumpet and violin. I’m all over the fucking place though, I bought an uke a decade ago and I still can’t play for shit, then recently bought an ocarina and it’s collecting dust too. Now I want to get a kalimba so I can do an absolutely shit job at playing ghibli songs.

No. 137679

I've just bought exactly this kalimba and it's perfect! It was cheap, is very easy to play, you seriously cannot mess it up, and the sound is just so relaxing. I wholeheartedly recommend.

No. 140901

I'm getting depressed over how I can't play chords on my guitar properly. My fingers keep muting the other strings. The book I'm using has only had me play songs with single notes so far. The only way I can play the chords properly is in extremely uncomfortable hand positions.

No. 140903

Same problem anon, have you tried stretching exercises?

No. 141778

Does anyone have a decent resource for learning to play piano? Just something that will take me from an absolute beginner to intermediate level?

No. 141780

File: 1621012612188.jpg (326.74 KB, 342x340, cupcakke.jpg)

There are beginner books available which give simple sheets of music to learn to read and play along to, for improving sight reading.

Another thing that is necessary is to learn chords, recognise them by ear and memorise scales, boring things like that.


Here's an example of a theory exam, in grade 1. You can see the type of things that would be helpful to know in here, time signatures, notes, etc. If you can complete this that's a good start.

Next, if you know any songs that are well known enough to have sheet music on the piano, you can practice playing with these, as you will already know how the song sounds and have had an introduction to music theory so that you will be able to read the sheet music well enough. If it's a song you love, you will be motivated, instead of the boring grade exam pieces.


This may be a nice song to start with if you like bts. Lots of mentally ill women like bts and this is where this website is where the mental women go so I hope it helps :)
Also sometimes it feels like your brain is clogged from practicing so much, so taking breaks can help, and then when you come back to the piano your brain has absorbed stuff a little more. Good luck anon <3

No. 141782

Thanks for the resources, I'll check them out! I'm not into bts, I like classical music mostly with a few game and movie OSTs scattered in between.

No. 150655

>what instrument are you currently playing?
I'm a guitarist
>how long have you been playing/what level of skill are you at?
18 years or something. I'm pretty good at certain styles and can jam in any style with other musicians but there's a lot of stuff I can't do.
>why did you decided to play that instrument
was always drawn to it
>what's your favorite genre to play
indie rock/art punk with my band
>what's the hardest hurdle you currently have to get over or had to get over when play?
there are constant hurdles. wish I were more productive, for one.

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