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No. 133681

Hatari is an Icelandic music group, famous for their BDSM-inspired image, anti-capitalist message and participating in the Eurovision. Hatari is Icelandic for "haters". Their music is hard to categorize: they use electronic instruments accompanied by growls and clean vocals and occasionaly use distorted guitars.
Hatari consists of vocalists Klemens Hannigan, who sings clean vocals, his cousin Matthías Haraldsson, who sings growling vocals, drummer and music producer Einar Stefánsson and dancers Ástrós Guðjónsdóttir, Sólbjört Sigurðardóttir and Sigurður Andrean Sigurgeirsson. They are signed to the label Svikamylla ehf. and are sponsored by SodaDream (both of these were made by Hatari, just for show). Hatari like to pull stunts including but not limited to announcing their disbandment due to not accomplishing their primary objective (dismantling capitalism), challenging the Israeli prime minister to a wrestling match and creating a news site dedicated only to them and their collaborators, https://icelandmusicnews.com/.

bandcamp: https://svikamylla.bandcamp.com/
official website: https://hatari.is/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hatridmunsigra/
instagram: @hatari_official

Please join the thread with songs, images, interviews, thoughts, observations, questions or whatever you can think of.

No. 133682

File: 1616672121866.jpg (66.14 KB, 713x475, hatari-cake.jpg)

I decided to make this thread to contain the posts we've been making all over lolcow and to promote Hatari.
Please join the thread, we have cake. What is your favorite song? Mine are Tortímandi and Ódýr.

No. 133696

Threads about new cows belong in /snow/ anon

No. 133711

Nta but I think anon didn't mean to discuss them as cows but as a band. Kinda like how there is a driverfagging thread but Adam Driver isn't a cow.

No. 133717

File: 1616696986184.jpg (62.69 KB, 640x960, Tumblr_l_3657644874592.jpg)

Exactly, containment thread for our fangirling and general discussion

No. 133718

Good taste nonnie, right now mine are spillingardans and klamstrakur. The beat in klamstrakur is so good, i'd kill to hear it live. Planned on seeing them this year but covid killed that dream.

No. 133719

File: 1616697487400.jpeg (343.56 KB, 1200x857, tumblr_pq84bzvNoi1rx5pcao3_r1_…)

I'm sure she was just joking.
Anyway, if anyone else is interested in learning the Icelandic language thanks to Icelandic music, I got a book by P.J.T. Glendening called Icelandic, from the Teach Yourself Books series. (you can find it on library genesis)
I also really love Spillingardans, also I've never watched the klamstrakur video because it's age restricted and I'm too lazy to sign in kek

No. 133720

What are your favorite interviews? It's annoying how most of them just focus on their look, i'd love to know more about specific song meanings and their writing/recording process.

No. 133721

It's totally worth it tho do eet

No. 133723

File: 1616699949429.jpg (235.59 KB, 1000x750, andrean_bic7712_by_bicnick.jpg)

Here's Andrean without the freaky styling
Ok, I did. I'm a bit uncomfortable now. But also niiicccee
I can't find any about specific songs but I liked this one https://grapevine.is/mag/feature/2020/02/07/breaking-down-hatari/

No. 133782

File: 1616755298811.png (595.41 KB, 1280x794, meme-thias haraldsson.png)

When did farmers start posting about Hatari enough to warrant a thread kek.This was unexpected but I don't mind.Tbh I haven't really looked into what they do aside from some youtube uploads they do here and there

since I don't really have anything to contribute here's a meme.Anons tag yourselves I'm art student

No. 133797

File: 1616763620628.png (900.11 KB, 755x645, 97678564587y8y.PNG)

Honestly bit surprised on seeing a thread on a Icelandic band on here. I wonder if the OP is the farmer who a while back posted on wanting to meet Icelandic men. Anyway Matthías and Kristlín just broke up which is a bit of shame, they looked cute together.
Hatari is a singular word so in English it means hater instead of haters

No. 133801

File: 1616765521503.gif (1.84 MB, 438x246, tenor_1343512.gif)

I'm the braincell
That's too bad. Thank you for correcting the translation, I remembered it wrong and didn't google. I'm not the person who posted about that but I remember her haha I hope she sees this thread
Anyway my favorite part of Hatari is how they have different characters. Matthías is removed from the happening, he is an outside character judging and pointing out the mistakes in society, his lyrics never say "I did this and that", on the other hand Klemens is part of the society and he laments on how he is affected by it, his lyrics often say "I did this, I feel this".

Also I learned how to type í,ó,á etc., you type ´ before the letter kek I'm stupid why didn't I notice it sooner

No. 133833

Nice thread! For a Eurovision song, I think Hatrið mun sigra really holds its own and I'll still listen to it from time to time. 'Hlauptu' is my favourite of theirs.

Is there still a Hatari fandom/community? I remember on tumblr/twitter/discord there was a sizeable group of fans after Eurovision but I don't come across them as much anymore.

No. 133842

File: 1616794267314.png (1.13 MB, 600x765, 546456345245.PNG)

While I'm personally not a fan of their music. I found another Icelandic person who is a fan that is translating interviews, contexts and etc. This might be of value for you

Also for anons that would like to read more about the band here is a archive with all of their articles from RÚV https://www.ruv.is/tag/hatari
While it is all in Icelandic but that okay you'll just suffer through it or google translate it or check the link above as she has translated e.g. Klemens furniture interview

Pic related for attention and reminder to myself that I will never be able to buy furniture in this style without going completely broke…

No. 133843


No. 133845

Sorry for ot, but if you want nice real wood furniture for pennies check out estate sales in your area. Everyone wants small, light, particle board Ikea furniture these days because most of us live in boxes, good quality stuff is out of fashion save for boomers going into furniture stores buying a wood cabinet for $5000 when they could get the same thing in an even more unique style from grandma's basement. I've gotten gorgeous antique pieces, an ornate 100% oak chest and tons of other great finds all for sub $100. You might not get perfectly matching colors but nothing a wood stain and a couple hours of your time couldn't fix. Not a bad trade for saving tons of cash.

No. 139046

Spotify freaked me out today, it grouped some other artist named hatari with Hatari and for a moment I thought they genuinely turned to producing deep house.

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