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No. 136281

A thread for terrible music and music videos.

No. 136283

This one is just amazing chef's kiss

No. 136284

No. 136286

No. 136287

Alvin and the Chipmunks ft Gary the Snail

No. 136288

No. 136289

White rapper with a music video zooming in on random women's asses

No. 136291

No. 136292

No. 136293

Why are mods removing my videos? Pls let me share my collection, they're all saged wtf

No. 136324

Heart2Heart ran so that BTS could fly

No. 136329

get in on this

No. 136336

no idea what theyre saying but lowkey i like this. it looks like theyre having fun

No. 136338

Not the OP but it is a song about sitting on a scooter with your gf, Romana. Zanger Rinus is a well known and loved Dutch handicapped "volkszanger

No. 136340

So does the “tutte tutte tutte tutte tutte” mean anything, or os it just a sound?

No. 136410

He says "toeter, toeter, toeter, toeter" and it means "honk, honk, honk, honk

No. 136414

No. 136415

No. 136433

The fact that this was a huge hit in my country … also lots of titty jiggle in the vid for whatever reason.


No. 136434

No. 136442

mi nombre es yasuri yasuri yamile

No. 136443

de dia de noooocheeeeee quisiera tomar mi tetitaaaaaa

No. 136444

a cute song about children drinking beer. Enjoy!

No. 136463

I raise you this, anon

No. 136480

kek I forgot about this gem

No. 136481

so bad it's good

No. 136483

Unironically in a so bad, it's good way, Duran Duran thought covering Public Enemy was a good idea.

No. 136487

jk it's excellent

No. 136492

First song that came to mind

No. 136493

Lance Bass is in this, I love it. This reminds me of the fucking Ryder Ripps boy band KEK.

No. 136494

No. 136516

what a bop

No. 136524

Samefag but fuck you anon. I've got the pizza song stuck in my head now

No. 136531

the fuck, this song is based and an absolute early 00's amv staple

No. 136536

Legitimately one of the worst songs I've ever heard. God help these poor kids.

No. 136578

File: 1618118937651.jpg (11.3 KB, 275x347, 1578093680406.jpg)

Fuck off this is good

No. 136604

This atrocity belongs here

No. 136605

More dutch gold

No. 136625

There are a lot of horrifying songs in this thread, but this… this is on another level. One of the top comments saying "BLINK if your being held hostage" is on point.

No. 136650

anon,why are you so fucking stupid

No. 136651

wtf anon, I feel offended right now

No. 136655


No. 136656

No. 136657

No. 136660

they're still making music, last song was released 10 months ago. three beat slide have a chart topper in them yet

No. 136662

2 million views and no comments?

No. 136671

I notice that it isnt visible on the video without clicking but it is the mandarin version of girlfriend

No. 136735

the legend

No. 136738

i will never forgive zoomers for bringing this shit back

No. 136741

No. 136745

No. 136746

i retract my statement,this version is fucking strange,sounds like shes speaking simlish

No. 136754

No. 136755

God,I know MSI is an edgy band and that's their thing, but what the fuck is this?

No. 136760

No. 136780

>Cinema Bizarre
fuck, now that is a name i haven't heard in a long ass time.

No. 136859

No. 136872

No. 136973

No. 136975

No. 136982

Everything BOTDF has made

No. 137017

I created an entire playlist for horrible music a while back, I added basically every leetstreet boys song to it.

No. 137018

I genuinely will never understand why this band was popular.

No. 137019

No. 137021

No. 137030

same reason as why onion was popular
omg I thought I was the only one who knew them! Loved them as a dumb teen because nerdy content was so rare back then

No. 137032

>omg I thought I was the only one who knew them!
I think they’re actually more popular now more than ever because of people making fun of their horrible music.

No. 137183

I really want to know the story behind this family.

No. 138184

Tis the season, ladies

No. 138186

Another iconic song

FUCK YOU Escape to the Stars was based KEK

No. 138188

No. 138191

National anthem

No. 138193

No. 138382

File: 1618905937327.png (48.16 KB, 300x300, E367095A-D491-4A18-8EFE-A2B306…)

not sure if this is the right thread for it but is anyone really disappointed in marina’s new song purge the poison. it’s not that she hasn’t included social commentary in her earlier releases but i found they were a lot more subtle and meaningful back then in like the family jewels and electra heart era. i cannot stand the heavy handed woke virtue signaling in this song and it’s not going to age well. i miss her old music . i don’t even disagree with the lyrics and the overall message i just hate feeling pandered to.

No. 138412

I checked and wow, those lyrics are pure shit. WTF happened?

No. 138422

The composition and production is good but yeah the lyrics are way too in your face, I cringed hard when she brought up the virus and Harvey Weinstein. I hope the rest of her upcoming album isn't like that cuz I'm looking forward to it

No. 138443

Slap palms on a casino machine

No. 138445

No. 138446

No. 138448

The DS logo reminded me of this hidden gem

No. 138449

Why do I like this

No. 138667

I'm sick and tired of people acting like this is the only horrible music in this game when the entire OST is trash. I can't believe I actually played this shit more than once.

No. 138668

And for context, what I just posted is a remix of this.

No. 138672

It's shit but it's supposed to be

No. 138673

I hate sonic but even I have to admit the music is usually great, just makes this soundtrack even more of a earsore by comparison.

No. 138740

oh, you have not heard the WORST

No. 140373

I am still amazed this song made it into the mainstream charts

No. 140408

I loved this song when I was a kid ngl

No. 140414

Reality tv cast members don't deserve rights.

No. 140434

No. 140441

No. 140442

I want to trash him

No. 140452

No. 140453

I feel uncomfortable when I hear this

No. 140454

if we're including bad video game music, then let me present the only free DLC song for P4D. I wonder why it was free

No. 140466

lmao this made me mad

No. 140469

This shitty song triggers my autism because the hushing and mumbling reminds me of nightmares where people are talking to you but you can't make out what they are saying. Also at my previous job there was this giant Louis Vuitton store across the street, and for some reason they were showing this MV in the big store fronts for around a month, and at that time I didn't know who Sophie was, so everytime I saw it I thought "who the hell is this ugly dude prancing around?" lol.

No. 140471

Can't stand this guy. The most pathetic thing to happen to him was that his PR agents romanticised the fuck out of his death and people kept trying to claim someone else's suicide note as his.

No. 140581

What the fuck is this? Is the the hidden Bogdanoff triplet? This guy doesn't know how to sing to the point where this video looks like a parody. The fake whispering reminds me of this.

No. 140594

No. 140595

Some troon musician who died a few months ago, they tried to pass it of as an accidental death where he "slipped while moon gazing on a balcony", but come on, it's obvious he killed himself. He was apparently one of the main artists in the hyperpop genre, which doesn't make me want to discover it tbh.

No. 140606

"hyperpop" is so fucking ass, just a bunch of trannies shitting out heinous noise music thats mixed with appropriation of both late 2000s 12 year old weeb girl culture and mid 2010s alice glass/grimesfag 12 year old tumblr girl culture because the only way they can cum is imagining themselves as one of the two

No. 140745

Rick Genest’s death was also blamed on accidental balcony slipping. Is there a balcony slipping epidemic or are these suicides by people who perhaps regret some of their extreme body mods?

No. 140802

Terrible on purpose, though the pre rap opera wasn’t that bad to me.

No. 140846

Is it even common for regular adults to accidentally slip from balconies anyway? Unless you're very fucking high or something I guess… But here we have two people with unusual lifestyles who were in the public eye, and God knows what mental illness they might have had. I guess the accident conclusion was to give fans and families some relief even if they don't believe it.

No. 140899

No. 140914

No. 141048

Toronto/GTA anons ought to know

k e k

No. 141088

Oh hell yeah SPADINA BUS!!!

No. 141163

One of my personal cows has decided to make music and everything she releases is consistently shitty, it's always this terrible black metal, she can't growl to save her life and the only things she talks about are herself, tranny shit or dead musician Pelle Ohlin. She also has a fuckton of so-called "side projects" but they are indistinguishable from one another.

No. 141181

this is hilariously bad especially if you listen to a lot of bm. Sounds like she‘s having a constipation lol

No. 141225

>mfw this mf had screaming classes around 2010
>mfw he is still around, of course as a 'hip hopv crossover' artist Young Rockstar

No. 141227

Lol this dude has zero personality and just hops on trends in hopes of becoming the next big thing, here he is trying to emulate the SoundCloud rappers.

No. 141259

Oh man, those lyrics were pathetic back when he pretended to be a rich rockstar despite having zero budget for his music video (>>141225)… and it's even worse when he pretends to be this rich Soundcloud rapper while he's still poor as fuck and hardly anyone knows him. Those kind of douchebag lyrics are always embarrassing display of scrote ego trip fantasies, but it hits twice as much when the scrote in question will never achieve his goals.
There is one commandable thing about him, I guess: at least he's honest lol
>With Etienne Sin, I was making Metal songs, but I'd still be listening to Hip Hop on the daily. While I enjoy Metal and I'm good at it, it's really not who I am. I can't express how I really feel through the Metal lens. I grew up on Hip Hop, even when I started making music, I wanted to be a Hip Hop artist with Rock influences. I just got roped into making music with ES because it was making me money at the time.
You know an interview is good when it's posted on a blogspot with my MLP FIM OCs in the banner. Feel bad for the girl 'singing'/'acting' as That Bitch cause he promised her a career and obviously she went nowhere.
>As for Alexa Lylth, she's my artist, so that's why she's on so many tracks. As I move into Young Rockstar, she will also be featured on many of my tracks. She's a part of TSCR and I'm in the process of building her into her own star. Everything that Alexa does, it's because she's working with the TSCR team. Eventually, I hope she can break away and do her own thing. But right now, I'm just helping to get her to an elevated place in the industry.
He's like Titanic Sinclair if he was completely useless lmfao
NGL, I almost pissed myself any time he called himself That Nigga, especially when I read some youtube comments

No. 141396

cmon, fuck a guy

No. 141397


No. 141399

man that's a shame. i thought some of her other tracks were good, that one was kinda ass, but nobody deserves to go out like that

you can't tell me charli xcx since 2017 hasn't been a huge improvement
i like the gecko band too though so my taste clearly diverges from yours. if i had to pick one to be a predator though it's gotta be dylan.

all of it is pretty questionable in taste and it's probably gonna sound super dated in 5 years but it's nowhere near as bad as grimes was

No. 141401

cover looks like it's for kids, not a good sign

… ok, listened to it, yeah this is barney she is either going quarantine crazy or she's after that resistance cash. reminds me of the road garfunkel and oates went down. at least marina is a decent singer though.

>ooookayyyy here we go
>sounds like the pharcyde, not half bad
>"something something passes me by"
>hey wait a minute the pharcyde's big single was called 'passin me by'
>In 1996, Green dropped "Austin" from his professional name and attempted a career as a rapper, releasing one album, titled One Stop Carnival, produced by The Pharcyde member Slimkid3.[5]
well i guess that explains it, kind of.

No. 141417

This belongs on a best songs thread it cheers me up instantly when I'm down

No. 141418

No. 141425

I kinda like this song honestly

No. 141428

lacking taste is a symptom of covid. be sure to get tested, nonnie.

No. 141431

File: 1620795908811.gif (810.69 KB, 318x287, 2915B700-83EA-405B-B12A-AC41D8…)

damn I'm gonna steal this insult

No. 141432

oh my fucking god it's been like 20 years since I saw this as a child on Ebaumsworld but I still get it stuck in my head to this day. I'm astral travelling listening to this shit, thank you anon for bringing my life full circle.

No. 141554


No. 141597

No. 141598

No. 141603

RIP to me being the only person who preferred charli's older discography, everything after Focus / No Angel / 1999 is significantly more ass in my eyes

No. 141695

Shit song with retarded pick me ass shit lyrics. Even when she tries to be a woke feminist bitch (in her more recent music), she still comes as a libfem begging scrotes to stop treating women like shit. Pathetic.
Also her voice is unsufferable.

No. 141707

No. 141720

kek I actually met them in person and they're ugly af. I do have feels cause a photo on their website has a girl i was kinda friends with and she died in 2019.

No. 141722

nct/Kpop boy group music is cheating. It's all terrible.

No. 141730

shaved ice song

No. 141744

No. 141774

Her only good work was "The Family Jewels", except for the song "Girls" which people claim was satire but now I don't think so.

No. 141775

Yeah Christian music is cheating but who cares.

No. 141855

i think i'm in love

No. 141883

could've been good if it was not all mumble

No. 141988

No. 142343

I had to turn this shit off the first time I heard it. I haven’t actually been able to sit through the whole thing.

God I love the intense dancing in this video holy shit

No. 142657

No. 142660

This song reminds me of IceJJFish.

No. 142917

lil piimp

No. 142952

>"what if I kicked a ball really hard?"

I think of this song 10+ years on and it's not even hit 2k views. ANONS PLS WATCH

No. 143006

this is adorable

No. 143356

Peak kweer zoomer shit right here.

No. 143376

It's gross that being anything aside from straight has become a trend. It's insulting to actual lesbians and just muddies the waters when a lot of women were already dealing with comphet and trying to avoid being a straight girl's experiment. Now hooking up with a woman also gets you social justice points. On top of all that the lyrics are dumb and objectifying, basically a shallow scrote song but performed by a woman. I guess lesbians should be entitled to the same sort of garbage sexual songs straight people have, but imo it's all degrading. Very telling this has only become "cool" for women too. Just another way for the media to convince girls that being explicitly sexual is fun and progressive. Waiting for the day when all the homophobic male teens are forced to openly pretend they love sucking dick and receiving anal so they're seen as "cool guys"… and waiting… and waiting…

No. 143384

now that u mention it i was reminded of this which is on my all-time worst songs list

No. 143400

Katy sounds like absolute shit in this song, why the fuck was it so popular

No. 143405

File: 1621568783060.png (495.07 KB, 623x398, Screenshot_103.png)

she's got internet brain rot. if her songs aren't about hating men in such a way that it goes right back around to fetish bullshit for them, they're about pretending to want to have sex with women or masturbating to porn. all of which she also constantly tweets about because she has a retarded pr team who doesn't lock her out of her twitter.

how pic related isn't literal objectification is beyond me, i guess.

No. 143407

File: 1621570095582.png (188.37 KB, 600x512, eb99246308cb58372c70c0b7899972…)

"she's cute, kawaii, hentai boobs, i think she likes me"
this is on par with ima monster

No. 143408

i always think the videos with dancers in them are like, because there's a lot of money allocated for the production of a video but no real ideas

usually not a coincidence that the song isn't very good either

i don't have twitter but it sounds like she is doing that part right at least. all publicity is good publicity

i think that's just her voice lol

No. 143411

I remember this from cringe threads on 4chan!

No. 143416

what do you mean nona, clearly
>She cute, kawaii, hentai boobies, that excites me
is peak sapphic wlw eroticism. Sappho who?

No. 143443

Funny how this used to be considered so controversial and now children are lip syncing about giving oral.

No. 143477


No. 143504

this makes me think of a friend that I've loved dearly and who is no longer in my life… I wish I was 17 and dumb again.
I never understood who the fuck is the Yuri in the song title and if it's a reference to something. Also, why is he admitting to being able to do anything for his waifus while supposedly singing a song confessing his feelings to some other girl?

No. 143512

Yuri is lesbian manga/anime, like yaoi is gay manga/anime

No. 143517

I know but it doesn't make sense in the context, unless I understand the song wrong. It sounds like Yuri is meant to be his love interest. Otherwise the 'we'll together be… WoW level 70' part is nonsensical. Yeah, I know I'm thinking too hard about this dumb thing lol.

No. 143609

I wish I could've met this legend

No. 143632

No. 143659

No. 144268

ah, the len pic makes me extra nostalgic. thinking of +♂, otn, and all the other songs about him being a whore or overcompensating for having a tiny pp. good times.

No. 144712

No. 144798

really wish lolcow didn’t nuke the kpop critical thread. anyway i recently rewatched the music video for chewing gum by nct dream and i want to know who approved this and who this was made to appeal to. it honestly feels like shota-con bait. idk if they have pedophiles in the upper echelons of sm entertainment but i really think the kpop industry in general should stop debuting young teens in kpop groups

No. 144801

Kek nonnie I couldn’t even watch it all, it looks too much like shotabait, from the uniforms to the setting in general. Kpop was a mistake.

No. 144832

and they're all hideously ugly so only fags would take it, sad.

No. 144864

I have a friend who's into those types of concepts, switched from liking older guys to younger guys, and then insists it's not creepy. Watching her thirst over TXT for a time was cringe inducing, most of the members are barely legal at this point and this was a year ago.

Debuting 14 year olds has sadly been a thing for awhile now in kpop been into the music for 10+ years. The older I get the less I care about the idols themselves. If I like a song I'll listen to it on Spotify first, maybe watch the music video once or twice, but the general idea of stanning a group of people who are far younger than me (or stanning almost anyone) is more repellant. There are some songs I enjoy that I've never even watched the MV's of in general because I only care about the music. And while kpop releases a lot of trash there are some good songs out there, I wish that people would realize just because it's Korean or kpop it doesn't mean it's bad.

There is a lot of bad, though. Another example of shotacon/noona pandering crap from the aforementioned TXT. This song sucks ass

No. 144906

i actually like this song

No. 144907

hate dahvie but this is a bop.

No. 144912

lol it's catchy

No. 144918

What in the furry shit

No. 144935

This is so cringe

No. 144937

he's a troon and his faggot blipblop bingbong music sucks

No. 145161

everywhere i go they screamin bhad bhabie
if i see a hating ho, that's a mhad bhabie

No. 145164

Why can't she articulate properly, is her nose permanently stuffed? Who the fuck is this?

No. 145172

No. 145177

>really wish lolcow didn’t nuke the kpop critical thread
same nonnie, we got banned on cc and choachan (my god this name) is just pink twitter at this point, full of edited pics and saying X idol is ugly is nitpicking, they completely changed the image board culture and now i want to cry in my bed.

I'm also shocked by the number of people who unironically like this song and go as far as calling it their favorite. Beyond the pedo bait, it's muscially bland, the same chords and unsynchronized rap. Kpop is mostly shit but there're way better songs.

No. 145180

This makes me glad I never went to choachan. I scoped it thinking I might want to post there with everyone on lc saying "go to choachan kpopfag" and I immediately noped out.

It seems like there's nowhere left where you can properly shit on kpop or even be critical of it in a kind way. You take one whack at these fetus scrotes and some twitterfag is in tears

No. 145182

>It seems like there's nowhere left where you can properly shit on kpop or even be critical of it in a kind way.
Someone should make an imageboard for it

No. 145183

The name could be

No. 145190

Annoying orange fart emoji rap

No. 145202

everybody normal already knows whats wrong with kpoop and they don't feel the need to fill up 80 threads harping about it. only stans reeing about their favs' competition under the guise of being ~critical~ of it care enough to do that. and that's exactly why they were exiled.

No. 145219

I don’t like how he sounds when he sings in Japanese

No. 145338

True. There honestly isn't much to actually discuss before the conversation delves into fan-wars.

No. 145390

well i listened to the whole thing and it hurt tell me there is some reward

No. 145400

I guess. Just kinda wish it'd been around during the AOA jimin and chanyeol girlfriend scandal, the string of bullying scandals, among others that happened. Plus it's hard to find places where you can talk about South Korean misogyny in general without offending bgfags and their "precious uwu baby boys".

No. 145868

No. 145871

No. 145940


No. 146636

I'm surprised this has 1 billion views. I always thought this was trash when I heard it on the radio.

No. 146679

No. 146680

Shakira's a great dancer.

No. 146703

Gunther is a classic how dare you

No. 146941

He sounds like the average overconfident weeb. Why has he not practiced speaking consonants?

No. 147616

I've hated this song my entire life. I don't care if it's bout anti-catcalling, I hate it

No. 147617

I don't actually hate this tbh

No. 153108

No. 153478

I fucking hate the "yeeeaaah"s in the back. I don't know I just hate/like this song.

>Cory in the Prison Cell
>so everytime I saw it I thought "who the hell is this ugly dude prancing around?
This gif, lol.

No. 153496

loose translation

Your batons
(blonds with signs that say "prude" and "hottie": What a pig!)
aka buns
(Fat chance!)
Don't flake on me, girl
(Go home!)
Let's go out
(Don't stand there!)
I'm gonna wait
(God it sucks)
for you in ambush
(What a moron)
We're gonna be
(You won't stand a chance…)
Hunky dory
(…with me)

The whole retardery actually makes me laugh, and I like blonds' replies but everything else is so trashy and the word choice in verses and vocal are sickening

No. 154960

No. 160230

A lot of these popular remixes on Tiktok really suck

No. 160236

Its so bad but I love it?

No. 160259

British boyband cover of Jackson 5's Can You Feel It? The music video manages to make it 1000x more painful kek.

No. 160370

I just randomly remembered this after 10+ years, it's not as bad as I remember, but I do remember when I first found it all the comments were saying how terrible it was.

No. 163235

Wow it's unironically really catchy. And she's gorgeous

No. 164347


No. 164401

goddammit I actually liked this album

No. 164404

>You will have to kill me to make me fuckin' stop
>I was already dead again
>You can't hurt me only god

I am losing it kekkkk
>>163235 is right, she is mad pretty

No. 164406

ok which greekfag posted him?

i have only heard another song of his and for the non-greek anons,the main line in the chorus goes like this

>I'm very brutal,I'm a neanderthal,let's do anal

also RIP this guy died some months ago

No. 164407

turkey AYYYY
mashed potatoes AYYYY

Thank you so much for bringing this masterpiece back into my mind

No. 164428

No. 173724


No. 173981

Kanye's rap verse at 2 minutes is one of the worst of all time

No. 174001

the rest of his songs are even worse

No. 174005

wow I haven't seen Ken Ashcorp since forever, beside the lyrics that song is still a bop to me.

No. 174008

i knowww thats why it bothers me so much. he couldnt even upload an instrumental version kek, i get such strong secondhand embarrassment whenever i listen to it that i just cant bear to

No. 354869

This song is good

No. 354870

I always hated that version of the song. The demo was much better.

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