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No. 136377

This thread is for actual discussion of art and art related topics. You can ask for advice here too. All gossip goes on the Art Salt Thread on /ot/.

Discuss your favorite artists, favorite pieces, etc. Everyone welcomed (just remember to be open minded for all types of art).

No. 136379

This is a duplicate thread right? There's already a thread for good art and a thread for bad art as well as a thread for art critique

No. 136385

It isn't, some anons were talking about making it on /ot/

No. 136386

File: 1618033180660.png (159.39 KB, 1222x438, ort.png)

No. 136475

Like I said, there are already 3 different threads for art here already. This is a redundancy. I don't give a crap what those anons say, they probably haven't checked either just like you.

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