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File: 1618249178613.jpg (357.44 KB, 1675x2048, books.jpg)

No. 136964

I saw there was one for movies and decided to make one for books as well. Feel free to improve the template.

For the favorite character, just write the name or you can post fanart. Or if the book's been made into a movie, post the actor playing the character.

For the favorite short story, just write the title and author.

Delete if shit thread.

No. 137063

this is sad. nobody has favorite books kek. Sorry OP we're all weebs

No. 137064

I have a lot but this is really really hard. Harder than the movie one.

No. 137080

File: 1618302214500.jpg (301.04 KB, 831x1012, bookmeme.jpg)

Here you go anon, I didn't do the greatest job on this but I really liked your idea. Could not pick a favorite book though lol.

No. 137107

File: 1618308102781.jpg (780.42 KB, 1675x2048, bookchart.jpg)

I really should stop reading fanfic and go back to reading real books. It's depressing how incomplete this chart is.

No. 137108

Why did Dracula disappoint you?

No. 137111

I hate Gatsby too. I wanted every character to die, lol.

No. 137120

i thought it's common for people to say that they hate gatsby? that's why i always feel like i have to explain why i like it. like yeah, the characters are garbage, but that's why i enjoy it so much.

No. 137121

I'm the ayart and yes I agree, I think it's rarer to find someone who genuinely likes it. I often like works of fiction where I hate all of the characters because I find them really fun. I'm not worried about any of them, I just want to see them tear each other to shreds. It's kind of stress free entertainment. But I just found Gatsby tedious and annoying.

No. 137137

File: 1618319707148.jpeg (1023.45 KB, 1675x2048, 0C4333FB-8DFD-4F5C-9335-2DB058…)

No. 137155

People hated My Dark Vanessa? I felt like everyone loved it for being babby's first book about grooming (sorry). I didn't hate it btw, just was underwhelmed.

No. 137158

A lot of people boycotted(?) it because of the drama stirred up by the author of Excavation but otherwise the main reason I heard people didn't like it (while working in a bookstore) is that they didn't like Vanessa as a character and didn't see much growth from her, which I agree with to an extent. I thought the ending was rushed.

No. 137167

>they didn't like Vanessa as a character
This kinda makes me lose hope for humanity. I felt like the novel drilled in the reader's head what is going on with a victim of grooming - the whole process, what's going on in their head, the psychological trauma etc. It was kinda rudimentary to me for that reason, because I didn't feel like there was space for anything else in the novel beyond the exploration of Grooming 101. If people couldn't empathise with Vanessa despite that (sorry if I'm wrongly assuming why they didn't like her, but from my experience any time a character is a victim of something, people don't like them because they are not empowered enough or their behavior 'doesn't make sense' even though it does), then I really have no hope for 'regular' people to understand that kind of experience… which really sucks.
>A lot of people boycotted(?) it because of the drama stirred up by the author of Excavation
Can't believe I already forgot about that book even though I read it around February last year… Wonder if the drama helped Wendy C. Ortiz sell more copies. It was a shitty move. If anything, I felt that My Dark Vanessa was too obvious in 'borrowing' pieces of narratives of other, more well known survivors (especially from Tiger, Tiger by Margeaux Fragoso - if you want more of this kind of content, read it… I felt like it's a masterpiece of a trauma memoir - as weird as it feels to say that).
BTW I agree with Eileen, really enjoyed the novel though I liked My Year as much (even though IDK how to feel about the 9/11 plug ending, even though I expected it from at least halfway mark). Another BIG agree is I'm Thinking of Ending Things being a letdown. Could you tell me what do you enjoy about Sally Rooney's work? I haven't yet read anything by her but I'm lowkey interested, but also cautious since a lot of people either love or hate her books.

No. 137169

lol good try golwnigga

No. 137175


No. 137330

File: 1618412800921.jpg (1.84 MB, 1675x2048, 1618249178613(1).jpg)

great thread op this took me way too long tho

No. 137334

I went expecting gothic horror with vampires, and got friendship is magic. For every page of horror there are 10 of the cast kissing eachothers butts, and going on and on and on and on and on how they admire and like eachother. I liked the king laugh part though.

No. 137410

lmao infinite jest in all three of the hate, overrated and biggest letdown categories, based anon. I've never read any Thomas Pynchon but I have heard a bit about him. Do you have a recommendation for which book of his to read first?

No. 137417

Why Song of Achilles as overrated? I really liked Circe so was hoping this one would be good too.

No. 137418

Nice nonny. I love all the Brontes and Her Body is a great and sometimes disturbing collection. Bunny looks interesting, I'll probably give that a go.

No. 137428

NTA but i don’t think it’s necessarily bad. i quite enjoyed it. it’s just wayyyy overhyped because of the gay relationship lol. and i do think some aspects of the story were sanitized a little bit so that achilles and patroclus could stay sympathetic and shippable

No. 137430

File: 1618448863619.jpg (2.85 MB, 1675x2048, 678574308574305743.jpg)

It's impossible for me to narrow down favorite books since I love so many. I had think of this as some of my top picks. Wish there were more opportunities to share genre or stylistic favorites. The categories are quite broad.

Outlander is a series not a movie but cheating on that one. Also Cinnamon & Gunpowder was actually a great (if occasionally anachronistic) read until the end, so damn the author for fizzling out there.

No. 137432

ethan frome? i'm putting you on a list

No. 137436

File: 1618449392096.png (3.87 MB, 1675x2048, book.png)

>Infinite Jest three times
>"Why do I like this?" being the Holy Bible
kek anon, I'd love to be in a book club with you.

Tried not to list an author more than once for this, but it was pretty hard. Definitely harder than trying to think of movies.

No. 137456

File: 1618453424870.jpg (2.71 MB, 1675x2048, bookmeme.jpg)

This was really hard to choose things for.

No. 137465

File: 1618458975968.jpeg (137.65 KB, 940x563, bookofthenewsun.jpeg)

>a TLT fan
hell yeah. tell me, are you a griddlehark stan or wrong?

Also no mention of Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe itt is making me sad.

No. 137500

You sound awesome tbh, I'd stalk your goodreads. I might finally read the tattered Moby Dick copy I have (that's missing the iconic intro kek) The Rainbow Fish is based

No. 137529

File: 1618489102907.jpg (1.01 MB, 1675x2048, th-12668186962-567x496.jpg)

I highly recommend "The Name of the Rose" anon. The movie adaptation is also great; it apparently has the most historically accurate depiction of medieval peasants, which is a bit depressing.

I know Amélie Nothomb isn't that popular outside of the francosphere, I love her but holy shit is she a proper cow.
I also met her when I was 15-16 at a book signing event; our interaction was so weird and threw me off so badly that I never set foot in a book signing event ever again
>never meet your heroes

No. 137533

Can you drop milk on Amelie? I've always wanted to read her books about Japan, they are quite well regarded in Poland (though not super well known)

No. 137551

Definitely start with the Crying of Lot 49, mostly because it's his shortest and his writing can be overwhelming, when I first started it I though I would never finish it but I stopped trying to make sense of every sentence and just went with the flow. I think the greatest thing about Pynchon is how re-readable his books are, I've read tcol49 about six times and I find something new I hadn't noticed/realized before every single time. Also the fact that his books can be really funny and he doesn't take himself too seriously. You'll love him if you like conspiracies, trippy situations, funky characters, and mostly the excitement of having no idea where it's going next.

Can we have a lc bookclub? I'd be so down with that

No. 137555

Even though she’s a massive cow, I still recommend her books, kek
Some things to know before I get into the “Fear and Trembling” controversy:

>From a rich family; daughter of Patrick Nothomb, a Belgian baron and diplomat who was the Japanese ambassador to Belgium

>Probably grew up in a wealthy bubble
>Massive weeb (most of her younger fans are weebs too)
>Describes most of her books as being “autobiographical” even though they aren’t, as she weaves lies and mystification in her work
>One of them is being born in Kobe/Japan, while she was born in Etterbeek/Belgium
>Neuroticism (alongside eating disorders) palpable through her style, there’s no way she isn’t on the tism spectrum too
>Bi or closeted lesbian

When it comes to “Fear and Trembling”:
FaT is supposed to be an autobiography in which Amélie recounts her life in Japan as a young employee for the Mitsui company (name changed in her book to Yumimoto for obvious reasons). FaT deals with the rigid Japanese work ethics, moral harassment and the difficulty of working in Japan as a gaijin.

One of the main character of the novel is Fubuki Mori; she is portrayed as an incredibly beautiful and jealous woman who is bitter towards Amélie for achieving the position that she reached in the company in a matter of weeks, when she herself fought for years for an equivalent rank. Fubuki is therefore constantly on her back and actively participating in humiliating her.

Around 2013 (in an article that I can’t seem to find anymore) the real Fubuki apparently came forward to share her side of the story. From what I remember:
>Dropped “Mitsui” as the real company name, said she decided to come forward now as she is no longer working for them
>Said that Nothomb’s treatment in the company wasn’t as extreme as her book led you to believe
>Amélie apparently got the job in the first place because of her well-connected father
>Exposed her as being “unqualified” for the job she was given; Nothomb’s incompetency made the company loose a lot
>Mitsui didn’t want to fire her however, because of her father status
>Had no grasp of Japanese etiquette whatsoever and her Japanese was very poor
>Amélie acted “inappropriately” with her and said that she was in love with her. Made Fubuki extremely uncomfortable. When Amélie left the company, she couldn’t help but feel relieved.

I didn’t think too much of it at the time, until I met her at the book signing, and it kinda validated the story in my head.
Long story short; she spotted me in the crowd, told me to skip the queue and come to her, she was drunk as fuck and told me I was pretty (I was 15-16) and small talked with me for what felt like an eternity to the point the people in the queue were starting to get understandably mad. She gave me a free copy of “Pétronille”, signed it and kept talking to me. I felt incredibly uncomfortable and my mom had to intervene and say that we had to go, kek

No. 137571

nta but you gave me the final push to read something by pynchon. just ordered the one you recommended and now I'm excited

No. 137578

seconding the book club idea i would love this

No. 138665

yaaay I'm excited for you anon, please share your thoughts when you're done.

it would be awesome but idk how to organize it

No. 138969

File: 1619165247868.png (3.67 MB, 1675x2048, 271CBF45-9B8A-4274-939D-2A1CE5…)

why did this take up so much of my time and why is my taste so embarrassing!

No. 138997

based catcher in the rye appreciator, everyone shits on holden for being annoying as if every teenager isn't kek

nayrt but someone could set up a discord and post the link here

No. 139003

Love Catcher in the Rye too. Like all choices here except A Little Life. Find No Longer Human oddly soothing because I'm a total freak.

No. 139083

File: 1619227130410.jpg (1022.53 KB, 1675x2048, 25063536565269.jpg)

I read a lot, but some of these categories still ended up being kind of hard! My taste is kind of random, but I like horror.

No. 139108

>best plot
Is it still plot if the book is non-fiction? Something to ponder…
Glad you liked The New Me! I enjoyed The Social Creature as well, would love more books with plot like that. I find the dynamics of a clueless ritch bitch and her aspiring poorfag friend fascinating, especially combined with the skinwalking. If anyone knows something similar, I will be thankful for recs!

No. 139141

I will come back to you. Just be a bit patient with me because I'm reading something else right now but next up is the pynchon

No. 139158

Hah, I was unsure about that myself, but Just Kids is one of my favorite books and I decided fuck it!

I'd love to see recommendations for books similar to Social Creature as well. Something about it was so addicting.

No. 141905

>The Master and Margarita



Was a surprise for me as well, love this book. Damn I want to do this thing too but I find it so hard to remember all the fitting books. I often forget even those that I liked, my memory is shit.

No. 142767

File: 1621434213540.jpg (1.39 MB, 1675x2048, my fave books.jpg)

Hunger Games is one of the only book series I've read, so I guess it wins.

Side note: I read the Dragonfly Pool as an adult. For a children's book from my actual childhood, either Little Witch by Otfried Preußler or Crocodile Gene and His Friends by Eduard Uspenski.

No. 142809

I was shocked that Steppenwolf felt so modern when I first read it (not all that long ago). Harry’s attitude is of course taken to the extreme, but the general misanthropic outlook and how he feels caught between the modern world’s conveniences and a desire to just throw it all away and chase the next high is something I think a lot of people can relate to. The numbness that can end up settling in from participating in a “bourgeois” existence and wanting to feel anything for yourself instead. It was wonderful and I liked the surrealism.

Maybe you can fill out some books as you remember them! I like seeing nonnies’ interests.

No. 142838

The Decameron sounds interesting, kind of like an Italian Canterbury Tales? Thanks for sharing. I think Eco is great! Enjoyed the movie adaptation of NotR as well. Even though it relies on the Satanic female seductress trope it does a really good job of creating a sense of mystery and medieval horror.

No. 150652

File: 1625121331611.png (3.76 MB, 1675x2048, favbooks.png)

I don't really like Anne Rice, just didn't know what to put. I guess I just realized I like standalone novels and not series.

No. 151938

File: 1626008969291.jpg (1.27 MB, 1675x2067, book meme.jpg)

Hard to choose between the cover illustrations done by Hugh Thomson, they are all really pretty.

No. 151941

Ah, I loved 'all the light we cannot see', a good one.

No. 151964

> hates Murakami's works
I love you anon. I'm going to read some other books from your pic as your taste is evidently based.

No. 151972

>China Mieville
>Dark Places
Love you nonny, impeccable taste.

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