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File: 1618366309878.jpg (162.71 KB, 743x1024, midsummer-night’s-dream.JPG)

No. 137237

Thread to talk about:
>Foreign, experimental, handdrawn and stop-motion animation
>Nostalgic cartoons your parents showed you when you were a
>Recommendations and hidden gems
>History of animation
et cetera

Let’s share!

No. 137239

made the thread bc the discussion everywhere seems to be centred around modern american animation (that, or anime), and i’d like to see some appreciation for more esoteric stuff. hope i’m not literally the only person on this site that‘s passionate about this subject kek. i’d be very curious to hear from non-english posters about stuff you watched!

to kick this off, this one has been my favourite piece of surrealist animation since i was like 5. had it on dvd.

No. 137240


No. 137241

gay icons

No. 137243

this is so comfy

No. 137249

Jan Svankmajer had some interesting stop-motion animation films.

No. 137263

oh a fellow woman of culture


No. 137266

File: 1618382397102.jpg (93.5 KB, 559x786, 223-1.jpg)

samefag, an obscure animation I remember from my childhood is a russian animation about a poor girl and the twelve months of the year. I haven't seen it in a long time, but I remember loving the animation. It was dubbed in my language but idk about english. I've seen it's on youtube with subs though

No. 137282

Everybody loves the Clangers, even if they haven't seen it yet

No. 137283

Please enjoy this hand drawn (by one man!) feature film about pop music genres. Not sure if Bill Plympton counts as obscure though.

No. 137285

Great thread! Claymation is inherently creepy to me and adding Satan in to the equation makes this whole thing even creepier

No. 137287

I love this thread, I used to be obsessed with finding weird creepy animated short films

No. 137288

I adore them. Even the remake was good because they stuck to stop motion. There’s just something so soulless about cgi remakes.

No. 137338

My god I'm so excited about this thread. To start, here is my favourite music clip. It was made by only one women with 3000 hand drawn sketches. The plot is really surprising and the art is gorgeous.

No. 137339

Samefag but anyone else is waiting for Norstein's new film ? It's been so long since he started this project but his paper cut animation is pure magic at this point. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of time and technic to create such movements

No. 137375

File: 1618427712654.jpg (44 KB, 983x600, 1-14.jpg)

Fantastic Planet is a lesser known animated movie that isn't mentioned much. French film in the 60's that ask a simple question: What if humans were treated as pets for an (equally or more) intelligent species? It does feature death and some torture elements but an interesting watch.
Also unique in that the movie was hand drawn on paper but used cutouts to animate it.
I think the full movie is still on Youtube.

No. 137394

haunting oil on glass animation

No. 137396

weird shit

No. 137398

not experimental or weird, but a charming little short film about a showa era photography studio

No. 137399

cute/sentimental short about a boy and a robot

No. 137400

*girl. been a long time since i've watched this

No. 137401

spooky shit from the same director

No. 137403

unsettling stop motion adaptation of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. you can probably find a better quality version of this elsewhere, just check it out when you have the chance.

No. 137406

one of my favorite short films of all time, La Maison En Petits Cubes. again, you can probably find better quality elsewhere, just wanted to draw attention to this.

also check out Kunio Kato's other works, they're all wonderful and incredibly unique.

No. 137426

One of my favorite pieces of animation. The art is so surreal and beautiful, the atmosphere feels like a dream.

>Tortov Roddle is a man of few words on a journey through a calm and obscure new land, interacting with its inhabitants along the way. As he rides on his long-legged pig through the desert from town to town, he observes the interesting and quirky customs of the locals and reminisces about his past.

No. 137439

Suur Tõll, an adaptation of an Estonian folk tale made in1980

No. 137441

Russian animation for the story There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury

No. 137510

anon I just saw this thread and wanted to post exactly this kek
it made me cry so much when i first saw it

No. 137726

here is a cool animation made of embroidery

this was so good thank you anon!

No. 137738

I watched this music vid a lot in my childhood because of the animation. Its name is “Steklyannaya Garmonika”, made by Andrey Khrzhanovskiy.

No. 137872

I don't think they are considered obscure these days but I simply love the content they put out.

No. 137950

I’m sorry it’s in german but the story and animation are really beautiful

No. 144976

No. 145376

im not sure if this counts for this thread, but 'the flying luna clipper' is a very cool film that was created with msx computers. i think its really unique and interesting
(reposted cause i messed up the link)

No. 145378

I was legit terrified of the Clangers as a child, although I was scared of a lot of things

No. 147238

you brought back a memory for me! if I'm not mistaken I'm pretty sure I was the person to add this to mubi.com's database kek

No. 149528

File: 1624460228104.gif (8.65 MB, 540x292, khalif-aist.GIF)

feeling nostalgic, sharing some really wholesome childhood cartoon gifs

No. 149529

File: 1624460353628.gif (5.68 MB, 484x280, khalif-aist-2.GIF)

No. 149539

File: 1624465991064.gif (898.65 KB, 464x352, moog.gif)

wow, those designs are great!

No. 152831

No. 152896

The art is amazing! What a talented person

No. 164246

File: 1634177156123.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.21 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

(spoilered for somewhat grotesque imagery)
This is a Disney PC game I had as a kid, Nightmare Ned. This art still scares me as an adult. Wtf.

No. 164249

File: 1634177303849.jpg (76.54 KB, 640x480, 43995.jpg)

No. 164261

File: 1634184452851.jpeg (480.66 KB, 1434x1792, 0FD2A23B-9D8C-4912-B640-1E46AC…)

til the animator is a huge creep who apparently groomed one of his students(?) and married her when she turned 18. this man is 62. the girl's an artist, probably a fan. dude has a lot of highly sus pictures of kids saved publicly on his vk profile (https://vk.com/vanechka_maximov) i shouldn't be surprised to be honest.

No. 164297

File: 1634220875123.jpg (419.67 KB, 1000x1492, MV5BNDIwZTcxMGMtN2U5Mi00ZDU3LW…)

American Pop is the only Ralph Bakshi film I've seen that doesn't disgust me in some way. I actually love it and have seen it multiple times. It's made with a rotoscoping technique, with a really vibrant color palette. The story is basically a series of vignettes following the story of a family of Jewish immigration in New York and the music that's evolved through those generations. The ending is a pretty hilarious rock n roll acid trip type montage and its iconic. If you haven't seen it, I super recommend.

No. 165669


No. 165715

What the fuck why have I only seen this thread now? (Btw love Jiri Trnka, his illustrations and puppet designs were gorgeous.) I linked an old Russian animated movie that is AMAZING looking, except for the terrifying robot Thunderzeka.

No. 165719

File: 1634833378694.jpeg (74.79 KB, 610x467, 696263D1-684D-48F7-AC04-B731FA…)

good taste. words cannot describe how much i love the character designs in this. the robots? the weird round guy? the adorable parrot? THAT COW? fantastic breathtaking never been done before. i used to have a crush on pic rel character please don’t judge.

kinda wish it was longer.

No. 181627

Krysař (1986)

No. 181632

It's not old but I think it fits the thread well. La Casa Lobo (The Wolf House) is very cool and effort stop motion film about a girl's escape from nazi cult in Chile, which happened irl. It took a million years to finish the film.

No. 181643

I always thought this retelling of romeo and juliet was really cute and interesting. I'm surprised to find out now that the studio is sanrio films, who also made Chirin's Bell, another classical japanese animated film from that time period that I liked. Now I can sort of see the commonalities they share, it's neat. I wish the film studio still made serious kids films like this, instead of the moe stuff they make now.

No. 181652

I have no idea where my parents got it but we had this on VHS when I was a kid. I never watched it all the way to the end because the scene at the beginning with the seagulls made me too sad/scared. I used to have nightmares.

No. 181654

Without knowing anything about this the style looks distinctly russian

No. 181657

weird i had this on vhs but it's called 'Scamper the Penguin' instead.

No. 181665

It's cute and oh my god, the soundtrack is so gorgeous!

No. 181667

File: 1643167204092.jpg (210.17 KB, 540x759, 20220125_211825.jpg)

When I was a kid I watched a number of obscure cartoons probably all from Soviet Russia. The most known one being the bow wow cat one.
I really want to find the old raggedy Ann cartoon i watched as a kid. It was on one of the few blank tapes we had in my family and it was a really sweet cartoon.
It was about a little blind girl who raggedy ann teaches to "see" using her imagination. I really loved the more whimsically surreal animation.

No. 181668

Holy shit this is a blast from the past, I vividly remember listening to audiotapes of this in our crappy apartment when we immigrated

No. 181670

searched for "raggedy Ann blind cartoon" since it sounded really interesting and it's actually on youtube

No. 181673

Holy shit thank you anon

No. 181679

I used to look up random foreign/old animations on Youtube. I remember this one (Russian) animation called the Dog Door about some stray dogs looking for a place to live. It ends kind of bittersweet though I suppose stuff like Disney makes you expect ending on a happier note.

Also (maybe not the right thread) but I remember seeing clips of a cartoon about a yellow looking bear/koala creature that was the last of his kind living in a forest of animals. I only remember it was not English it might've been European or Russian? I don't remember the name of it but it was animated cute

No. 181684

Russian koala might be Cheburashka. Not a perfect match but it does look yellowish in earlier versions and it's also the only of its species in cartoons/books

No. 181686

File: 1643174230500.jpeg (27.65 KB, 407x342, CA532EB3-8289-4218-9D2D-AF8870…)

jungledyret hugo?

No. 181688

This isn't it, but is still very cute!

Ah, this might be it! I have to find the video, if it's still on youtube, of him singing with a bunch of animals

No. 182005

Inspirace - 10 mins

No. 182006

Klub Odložených - 25 mins

No. 182007

Blood Tea and Red String is one that looks like a lot of influence from Alice

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