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File: 1618728010790.png (843.85 KB, 616x1498, trad.png)

No. 138025

Female characters so unrealistic its ridiculous.

No. 138027

>I will piss like on the porn videos and we will call it cum
Please, no more, my sides are already gone

No. 139014

File: 1619203721682.jpg (55.79 KB, 360x500, k-on_1263.jpg)

There is probably worst out there but I couldn't get past 4 episodes

No. 139022

Cousin Mel. Too beautiful and amazing, completely unrealistic.

No. 139032

I've had this song stuck in my head for 10 years

No. 139056

let's kiss

No. 139077

File: 1619223333318.png (53.94 KB, 472x310, tis.png)

i have mixed feelings about this topic tbh cause i don't think unrealisticness is always bad as people make it out to be but i understand that too much of it is boring. but i mean sometimes i like a moderate amount of idealization, i often read/watch things to get away from reality. i actually hate characters that look/act too much like me or people i know

Idk i just think a character can still be interesting without being realistic. like i wouldn't consider most anime guys realistic but they're given more roles and things to do compared to female characters so I can see how they're more interesting in that way. Or if we include videogames, Bayonetta is far from realistic but is still a cool character.

No. 139081

No explanation needed

No. 139100

File: 1619232338235.jpeg (42.53 KB, 225x315, ED08742D-057E-4D54-87FC-FF0465…)

Anything this mangaka does, specially this manga though, with a brain dead huge bodied woman that somehow has a hourglass shape and as far as I know, supposedly has a decent weight.
She’s so fucking retarded that I hope no one is buying into this fantasy.

No. 139102

I tried watching this show when it was popular and barely got past the first episode. They all act so infantile for a group of late teen girls.

if I had a time for every sweaty fujo or otherwise embarrassing woman that called themselves 'basically Konata' I'd be fucking rich. Even the fanart and comics that try to portray her as 'realistic' come across as overly sympathetic and cringy.

No. 139136

Lucky Star is a gag anime undeserving of such vitriol. Like everything else in the show, Konata is not intended to be realistic, much less a serious portrayal of typical anime otaku girls. Why would you harbour so much hatred for people who identify with a character that is quite literally a joke at their own expense?

No. 139168

File: 1619286964872.png (301 KB, 500x529, 1452553430357.png)

But anon all anime is supposed to be DEEP, including silly lighthearted series. If there's no complex analysis on the human psyche for 26 episodes you're not allowed to like it.

No. 139532

Yeah nothing says unrealistic like high schoolers making a fake music club to get out of actually doing work after school. Bad example, this show could be boring because it was too realistic and undramatic. Literally just a bunch of teens procrasinating.

No. 158910

“Naturally dry” ouch..

No. 158936

File: 1630770267762.jpg (462.64 KB, 975x1400, AvAyr2HDi9gE9wH7mlrf863Fo5ek2S…)

I like the ghost concept but this made me completely go off reading Mieruko-Chan. On what earth would a girl accidentally forget to put her panties on unless she was high/drunk/literally braindead

No. 158951

>On what earth would a girl accidentally forget to put her panties on unless she was high/drunk/literally braindead
Same thing happened with Bulma in Dragon Ball which led to an infamous scene, coomer shit

No. 158955

Not the same thing, Bulma's underwear was taken off her by someone else while she was asleep
She thought she was still wearing underwear in that gross scene

No. 158956

I also had to stop reading that manga because her friend is the obvious token big boobs waifu for coomers. I know you need comedy relief when a story gets too serious, but it could have been better without the coom.

No. 158965

Ahh sorry, I was going by a second hand description of what led to that scene (I avoid DBZ like fire for many reasons, including the gross sex shit). It caused a huge drama in my country and a published of the manga justified it as Bulma forgetting to wear panties that one day. Thank you for clearing up my mistake!

No. 158984

If you're disgusted by this don't even try to read Dr.Slump, the main character is a total pervert despite being married with kids (including Arale). I thought this sort of scenes was funny as a kid because to me it was on the level of poop jokes, but now I just cringe.

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