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File: 1620152639561.jpg (228.94 KB, 681x900, a26dd701d196c8ed296a600f457c45…)

No. 140565

Everything Star Wars!
Let's discuss:


>And so on, so forth

Been wanting a Star Wars thread for a while, figured May the 4th would be the best date to do it!

No. 140568

File: 1620153437951.jpg (59.61 KB, 640x594, FB_IMG_1620105163977.jpg)

Forgot to say in the OP that memes are welcome as well

No. 140569

File: 1620153745448.jpg (97.93 KB, 1080x1350, 88802feb6a93555e9aaa6d1cae0e10…)

Thank god we have this thread so I can sperg about Ahsoka. Personally I feel like she's one of the best star wars characters, and I'm glad she was popular enough to appear in the mandalorian. Also this is objectively her best outfit.

No. 140575

File: 1620155045401.jpg (68.63 KB, 736x439, 913242b31e9d294fb446160ecd94cf…)

I am still at the beginning of TCW so I can't comment so much on her as a character, but I absolutely love her design. I think they hit the mark in every outfit she uses. I wonder if she was designed by a woman?

No. 140578

File: 1620155907110.jpg (674.46 KB, 2048x2048, zz96gqmtk9351.jpg)

Unfortunately I don't believe she was designed by a woman, but here's some funky concept art!

No. 140583

Hi sorry I don't know anything about star wars but I've always wondered this. Is that thing on her head a headdress or her hair?

No. 140585

File: 1620159557890.jpg (53.75 KB, 400x600, 0dda217db32a114532b6ede1c5bc75…)

>Hi sorry

It's kinda neither. It's part of her body but it isn't hair. It's not like she voluntarily moves it, either. It's kinda like a limp tail for your head (?) alien thing lol but it's coded as hair, if that helps.

These designs are cute, but definitely more childish. Glad they went with the final product version

No. 140587

Thank you, I get it. I always wondered about that and seeing this image >>140575 which says it's her future version and the hair thing is longer, so it must be some hairlike thing but it looks just like a hat in that image especially.
Imagine if we had that instead of hair, no need for styling or combing or whatever but it looks cool anyway, I'd really like that…

No. 140588

nta but they're meant to be like tendrils/horns. The top half are the horns and the lower half are the tendrils. Her species is a togruta and over time the tendrils grow, and her markings change as well. I heard they also double as ears? Not entirely sure how it works but
> it looks cool anyway, I'd really like that
same kek

No. 140591

i absolutely love ahsoka as well! the clone wars movie and tv series came out when i was younger so it was cool to see her grow and mature alongside the series, especially as a strong, independent character in her own right. she really has a lot of great development and love her arc throughout the series

No. 140620

File: 1620184689215.jpg (47.18 KB, 720x558, FB_IMG_1620156774411.jpg)

I don't know if anyone cares for dolls/blythes, but this guy named Paul Pham, to credit him made this custom Padmé one for May the 4th and posted in one of the fb groups I'm in and I thought it was super adorable

No. 140624

Kylo Ren did nothing wrong!

No. 140675

Are you sure

No. 140698

File: 1620243247560.jpg (90.71 KB, 576x864, 64f0f1a033911628cff3b528b71ad4…)

I really wanted this Jaina Solo bishoujo figure when it first came out, I thought it was super cute

No. 140708

What is the general consensus on the films canon? I consider all 9 to be "good enough," but generally prefer 1-6.

No. 140871

darth maul did nothing wrong

No. 140925

File: 1620434991033.jpg (81.95 KB, 720x836, FB_IMG_1620430898412.jpg)

What do you mean by this? Do you mean like faithful to the canon (?) or just like movie preferences?

My controversial list in order of preference:

Purely based in how much fun I had with it/which I would watch again more eagerly

No. 140926

Shit forgot TROS kek
Which yes, fitting. Dead last

No. 140956

Everything except the original trilogy is a waste of time.

No. 140976

the original trilogy may be the best quality, but it doesn't have the best character, sooo

No. 141222

File: 1620666739644.jpg (1.14 MB, 1000x1500, Vader-SWT1Extinction.jpg)

i thik the consensus is that OT (4-6) best, PT (1-3) has a lot of wasted potential, ST (7-9) sux

ppl hate on the prequels less now bc the sequels are even worse.

personally i think like the sequels have a good story but terrible execution. i love the OT best but that's bc i'm a vader stan

No. 142841

There's a very slim chance of me going to Galaxy's Edge in the near future so I let myself fall into the vlog rabbit hole
And goddamn I wanna build a droid so bad, I love the little fellas! But it's so expensive for a silly toy.
It will be hard to control myself if I end up really going.
I'd also love to buy a lightsaber - either from an established character or building my own, but I really have to pick my battles because that would be 300 bucks on toys that light up kek

No. 143505

Spoiler: it's a little girl dressed as bb8 and her interactions with the employees are really cute

No. 143516

the original trilogy is moidshit, the clone wars and (some) sequels are where it's at

No. 143542

>Everything I don't like is moidshit

No. 143549

File: 1621619964970.gif (3.96 MB, 591x251, FavorableCloseCoypu-size_restr…)

No. 143558

File: 1621622088043.jpg (119.89 KB, 736x1067, 91a58e3fda00ba393e1e706786b70d…)

I also hate the moidshit argument, this is how you create nlog pickmes

No. 143560

File: 1621623129439.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1820x2827, star-wars222.jpeg)

I really wish movie posters still looked like this

No. 143611

File: 1621642271502.jpg (677.13 KB, 1308x2000, tumblr_3d714fba2adb775d90db765…)

Some of the old European movie posters look really cool and experimental.

No. 143636

File: 1621658025673.jpg (121.33 KB, 1167x1252, RDT_20210522_01301369254994447…)

I love Sha'a Gi

No. 143643

not as much as the bottoms of grievous' giant clawed feet did

No. 143658

What are your rankings of the main series? For me it's
Empire > New Hope > RotS > RotJ > Last Jedi > Force Awakens > TRoS > Phantom Menace > Attack of the Clones

No. 143800

File: 1621712173616.jpg (43.91 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1620848685350.jpg)


Mine is >>140925
I think we actually have a fairly similar list

No. 145931

File: 1622310526821.jpg (28.63 KB, 500x634, 7e38ccbed14cacc2703f6bd924a5ff…)

I had a dream where someone asked me for a Star Wars related dog name suggestion and I said Obiwanwan Kenobi. That's all

Han Doggo and Chewbarka

No. 145934

File: 1622311589054.jpg (480.23 KB, 600x900, ddogx78-61f8f831-9be6-44ed-b5e…)

that's adorable! Why Obiwan wan tho, what pun is that? My ESL ass is confused. You made me think of a shitty SW pun with my fave dog breed in my language, so thanks for that!

No. 145942

File: 1622312872933.gif (399.6 KB, 460x253, b728f055bb3efd86dd9c2911c17162…)

Oh, don't worry - it's actually a japanese pun I was in Japan in the dream, I didn't think of translating it cause we have a lot of weebs here kek
It basically means "Obiwoofwoof Kenobi". "Wan" is the japanese sound for a dog bark!

No. 145954

ahh I'm a weeb but somehow missed that dogs go wan wan in Japan! Nya~ is so much more represented in weeb culture. I guess cats are more popular.

No. 146049

I love this video

No. 146055

File: 1622343162968.webm (1.37 MB, 240x426, 192700531_332259828568058_4171…)

Which one of you Maul simps is this?

No. 146061

The instant I saw Ahsoka's design I was enamored with her, and the same goes for Aayla.

I'm surprised no one responded to this. super adorable, I saved the pic because I love looking at it. Star Wars has so many good character designs imo. I love Padme's different looks.

No. 146538

File: 1622574536273.jpg (276.76 KB, 1429x1000, hot-toys-rey-jedi-training-six…)

Ikr? I love dolls and I wish they had a Star Wars doll line that wasn't embarrassing like Forces of Destiny, they have so much potential with their designs. Of course, I love everything Hot Toys, but I wish they had a doll line with fabric clothes that were in the mid-range price and quality for adult collectors. Kinda like some collector Barbies that go from 50-80 dollars depending on the amount of details.

No. 146560

Rey is obviously awesome (as all Hot Toys figures are), but the porgs have really charmed me. I wish Kylo came with them, even though it makes zero sense. I may purchase the black series Porg figures, I think they should be in the right scale (haven't checked though, so maybe I'm wrong).
I think that Kylo Ren and porgs (in that order) are the best things that came out of the new trilogy… you will not change my mind.

No. 146569

I agree with you, but I'll add old Luke to the list, as well. I know a lot of people think his character was botched, but I really didn't get that impression - nor that he was a coward. Seing cynical and jaded old Luke was very fun for me. I wish they had explored more his relationship with Kylo for TROS, I'd love to see force ghost Luke just pestering Kylo, and then get super serious trying to get him to turn on the next scene. Alas…
Also, bb8! I love droids and round droids are just too cute. And he's my favorite color combination, to boot
For the black series porgs, I don't know the scale either. I hope someday to have the reylo Hot Toys, i'd definitely go for TLJ Rey cause she's my favorite.

And talking about porgs, here's Jenny Nicholson reviewing every single one she owns, in case it can be useful for you or for someone else lol

No. 146570

dropped the video lol

No. 158644

File: 1630652600049.jpg (28.45 KB, 564x1003, 17ed0e7d33e7b6af22738e47f7ef62…)

Necro to say that I keep making myself sad by watching TRoS breakdowns/analysis videos. I'm on the team that liked TLJ, although I understand why people may not like it. But I think it had really nice set ups for the last movie, like Kylo being the big bad, the opposite sides of Rey (nothing, wanting to learn from and get closer to the past, light side with temptations from the dark) and Kylo ("royalty", wanting to distance himself and destroy the past, dark side with temptations from the light). I even shipped reylo slightly if I am completely honest, but I'd rather have them not be canon by the end, because it would be really forced even if the movie wasn't the big nuclear waste it was. But I wanted for Kylo Ren to be kept alive so the Skywalker lineage would live a little longer. Maybe a better writer could even keep him evil and alive I don't know if Disney would like that though kek
So much wasted potential. Although I think TFA was a bit of a rehash of the OG Star Wars with some new, shiny clothes, it was still exciting and left you wondering what would come next.
Sometimes I feel like writing a "fix it" TRoS comic and publish it somewhere just to get it out of my system. It can't be worse than what JJ sharted out.

Is there any hope for Disney retconning it or even soft rebooting it? A lot of people say no, especially in memory of Carrie Fisher. But I wouldn't hold my breath, I can totally see Disney retconning a lot of shit for series or even a game. We'll see…

No. 159684

I'm hyped

No. 159747

me too nona! I wanted to play the old game so bad, but it aged so poorly, I couldn't handle it…so excited for this one!

No. 159796

File: 1631286296082.gif (4.41 MB, 444x250, CandidMerryBushsqueaker-size_r…)

I honestly don't mind the old graphics that much i think they are nostalgic, but especially in story-driven games like that it is nice to have beautiful visuals since you take it slower and the dramatic scenes can get distracting with a face made of like, 3 polygons
I remember seeing the trailer for The Old Republic back in 2011 and was blown away by it's graphics at the time, so imagine what they can do 10 years later. I already think BFII is beautiful.
Hopefully there's a PC port as well!

No. 159798

I want a mod that replaces the model of the protag with kylo ren

No. 159804

File: 1631288506306.jpg (87.32 KB, 736x728, f660db439b503ea5681ccbc31707ce…)

On KOTOR? kek it would be so out of place, but more power to you

Also here's a thing for you, kylononny. I highly doubt the forbidden man would come back for the role aside from cameos, and I think they would do a prequel about his time with Luke and how he turned to the dark side. IIRC, Finn Wolfhard has said that he'd like to play Ben after seeing pics like picrel, so that would be my guess in case this actually happens.

No. 159813

>On KOTOR? kek it would be so out of place, but more power to you
I know, I know. But it would still be so fun to play it like this.
>Also here's a thing for you, kylononny.
God I want this, but also I'm afraid of Disney fucking up his backstory and lore. I see some promise. My dream would be an animated miniseries exploring Ben's past (can be cgi, but pls not ugly)

No. 159820

>My dream would be an animated miniseries exploring Ben's past
That would be the dream indeed. I like the lineless style for galaxy of adventures, but CGI is cheaper, especially for a TV show. In that case, I think the clone wars style is cool, but I'm not too fond of the resistance one. The animation and even the models are ok, but I think the cell shading looks a bit flat, idk.
But the fact that they do stuff like this to capitalize on the fact that little boys like Kylo Ren (and BB-8) tells me it's not completely impossible for Disney to come back to Ben. But I see more of it being a D+ series than a new movie trilogy tbh. And that would actually be better imo, so than can flesh out the story without the need to rush the pace or whatever to fit in a 2 hours movie

No. 159951

File: 1631364880524.jpg (269.41 KB, 1280x1539, tumblr_2d7f3bf09c0aade8b11e201…)

Despite all the shortcomings that come with the subpar graphics and old-timey quest planning, kotor1 is still a good game. i really hope that remake will turn out to be an amazing game and does well!!… so that kotor2 can get a good remake too. i need atton in all his problematic glory

No. 159958

God, the existence of this video makes me sad. I'm aware that it's a different continuity than the Trilogy etc., just a funny cartoon for toddlers and shouldn't be treated seriously… but it's still a bit like looking at a childhood photo of a suicide/murder victim. Anyone is free to laugh at me and how it isn't that deep.
On another note, they've really squandered the potential of BB-8. People loved her!!! And now nobody remembers. LOL I'm not crying about it since BB-8 was just a cutesy mascot character, but that's a loss for Disney.
>CGI is cheaper, especially for a TV show. In that case, I think the clone wars style is cool, but I'm not too fond of the resistance one.
I didn't like much the Clone Wars style. I get what it was going for, but it wasn't right for me… It was okay, I guess. I would prefer the Netflix anime type CGI (also not perfect) with 'realistic anime' type artwork. Probably wouldn't look as good as I imagine, but I can dream. Even a character design like of that one Kylo figure would be ok.

No. 160004

File: 1631394593523.png (943.15 KB, 574x717, 2527413f92bbb9b6bfdcadff5ac969…)

>Anyone is free to laugh at me and how it isn't that deep.
Not gonna lie anon, that was my first reaction lol But I also think your love for Kylo is endearing. I like his character but I think I like him more because I'm also a driverfag than the opposite. I've liked SW since I was a kid but bringing him to the new trilogy sparked my interest again Star Trek is still the superior franchise with Star on it's name
>they've really squandered the potential of BB-8. People loved her!!! And now nobody remembers.
Really? It's absolutely not the case here in my country or some online SW spaces that I visit. Kids especially still love BB-8 and also me, but I love most droids, and the promotional stuff for the ST that I see always feature bb-8, Kylo and Rey. I'd say that Kylo Ren and bb-8 are the biggest cashcows of the ST, but Rey is also always there because: 1- little girls like her 2- she's the main character and all 3-reylo. Aside from that trifecta, it's always the old main droids, the new stormtroopers because most sane people can't barely tell the different era stormtroopers apart, spaceships and maybe either Poe or Finn if they are feeling daring.

> I would prefer the Netflix anime type CGI (also not perfect) with 'realistic anime' type artwork. Probably wouldn't look as good as I imagine, but I can dream. Even a character design like of that one Kylo figure would be ok.

I was going to tell you this was nearing pipe dream territory, but you know what? I can actually see this possibly happening if Disney was to hand this to their japanese studios. Considering how popular anime is nowadays, how Kylo Ren is moderately popular in Japan (he was featured in random japanese games like lineplay and the monster strike) and how it has been done successfully in the past with marvel properties (and DC as well, but that it's not disney so idk), it's not that farfetched. I'd say it has like a 7% chance of happenning lol work on your manifestation powers, nonnie

>i really hope that remake will turn out to be an amazing game and does well
It will totally do well despite of it being shit or not. I will put my chips on the table and bet this will be one of the most purchased games of the year it releases based on SW fanboy nostalgia alone. No matter where you go, KOTOR is always ranked the best SW game, and people have been wanting a remake for eons. I will go out on a limb here and even predict that Disney may start dropping hints of a D+ Old Republic series after the game sells out.

But speaking of games, I'm the anon who said was playing Jedi Academy and I am having so much fun. I don't even think the graphics in game are ugly, just kinda outdated (it does look goofy on the cinematic face close-ups though). The action holds up perfectly well. I wish they would make a remake of this one also, but I can see them maybe doing a soft reboot for the Jedi Knight series and repurposing Kyle Katarn's character to be more aligned with Disney's current idea of canon. Which, btw, I think Kyle's story should basically been Finn's, but he was reduced to a useless simp.

>mandalorian game when
I know they are making a (mobile?) action game, but with how the series is structured, it would be perfect for an action-RPG game.

No. 160071

Samefag cause holy shit anon I completely forgot about vidrel
Maybe the Kylo Ren anime dream is closer than we'd imagined

No. 298597

Hope it's ok to bump this oldish thread but I don't see any other relevant threads to sperg on.

Anyway, I'm not a huge SW fan so I only got around to watching the new trilogy last weekend. I already knew all the major plot points from watching RLM.

One thing I haven't really found any discussion for yet is that the new trilogy has a really interesting take on family. It's become a bit of a cliche these days that every movie is about family being the most important because that's what most movie goers will relate to. Most of VII is trash but Rian Johnson really elevated the character of Kylo Ren (and his relationship with Rey). A big part of that is obviously drawing inspiration from Pride and Prejudice, similar to V taking inspiration from Gone with the Wind (which no ever talks about either even though it's pretty blatant…).

But the biggest improvement is that Kylo Ren has what appears to be a "narcissistic parents" background. Leia seems to have been too wrapped up in the resistance and Han probably didn't want to be a parent that much so Ben got sent to Uncle Luke's jedi school. Luke likely slowly put distance between them until finally almost murdering him. It's not really surprising Ben was drawn to Snoke if everyone else had been rejecting him. Then in IX, Leia distracts Kylo so that Rey can stab him. Leia chooses Rey and the resistance over her own son, terrible as he may be.

It's so rare to see movies that show how much having narcissistic parents can create this love/hate relationship inside you. Kylo kills Han but then has Han speak to him as a father. Kylo hesitates to kill Leia, perhaps still hoping that she will be a mother to him one day. He abandons the first order when Rey shows acceptance for him, someone that finally wants him around.

I'm sad that Rey didn't take Kylo's hand at the end of VIII and add the first order to the list of things to burn, or that Kylo didn't list this himself. Not as a Reylo thing but it would have been something completely new for the franchise. Plus the the resistance was basically nothing at that point. For Rey to insist on keep doing the same things when they were failing was dumb. They only won in IX because all the other ships magically appeared when there had been no one else on their side before.

Also Palpatine or Snoke should have been Darth Jar Jar. I really hope they confirm that eventually a it's so obvious when you look for it.

No. 298605

Forgot to add, another thing I really liked about both Ren and Rey is that they are their own people, shaped by their own experiences and not just clones of their parents. So many movies are lazy like that and it completely diminishes the characters.

No. 299786

File: 1685576439061.png (99.73 KB, 800x800, d3421d2fcc8fa3d.png)

Any Thrawnfags here? How do you feel about him coming to live action? I'm trying to listen to most of the books (legends and canon) before Ahsoka airs.

No. 299795

I love Thrawn one of my favourite characters, especially in legends. But I’m honestly nervous with how they’re gonna portray him in live action, I hope they don’t do something stupid and kill him off early or I’ll be madly disappointed.

No. 299799

That's my biggest fear too. I can handle him being two dimensional evil, at least it will be entertaining and I can just add in the book portrayal in my head. But if they just waste him Disney Wars is dead to me lol.

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