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File: 1621362861760.jpg (141.69 KB, 1400x700, eurovision-2021-semi-finals-ru…)

No. 142465

Back after a year break; this time in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
1st semi-final:
Tuesday, 18 May, 2021, 21:00 CEST
LIVESTREAM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRIHdPDt6ew
2nd semi-final:
Thursday, 20 May, 2021, 21:00 CEST
LIVESTREAM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVICcSLIHCM
Saturday, 22 May, 2021, 21:00 CEST

No. 142466

Theres Czech Republic, even Macedonia…but not Slovakia…kek

No. 142467

Slovakia has participated a handful of times. According to wiki they don't participate anymore because of lack of interest from the Slovak public.

No. 142468

Yes, let's go girls!!!

No. 142469

Reminder that Russian's song lyrics are based for mocking country's mentality towards women to a point where church wants to ban the song, I am happy that a lot of English-speaking people like it!

Also, I am surprised that /ot/ thread got locked instead of moving it to /m/
If anyone needs to check it >>>/ot/807181

No. 142471

>to a point where church wants to ban the song
Imagine being responsible for that kek I love it. I hope she wins! I don't know about that tbh but she'll definitely go through to the finals I think

No. 142472

Exactly why do they want it banned?

No. 142473

I don't know the datails but apparantly because it's "manhate", so fragile.

No. 142474

Aaaaaah soon ladies
I'm actually excited!

No. 142475

The lyrics are honestly.. tame? It's not much more than "Russian women need to know they're strong" and (being told) "have kids, wear (your clothes) shorter, longer, lose some weight".

No. 142476

It's against ~ trad values ~ and muh 'man hate' kek, the lyrics are awesome n simple, but there's really no hate, but its a church so

this website is shit, check https://lyricstranslate.com/en/russkaya-zhenshchina-russian-woman.html-1 one. it even adds references to the fact that half of the russian families dont have a dad

No. 142477

File: 1621364502912.gif (449.35 KB, 359x164, tumblr_oppevackjq1s4iukfo1_500…)


No. 142478

So they think it's hateful when women are strong, fucking scrotes.

No. 142479

Semifinals are starting bitches

No. 142481

>even adds references to the fact that half of the russian families dont have a dad
let them know it. Honestly unfortunate most of it is in Russian, it would've been magnificent if 200million viewers could hear and understand it

No. 142483

eeeeeeee troon as a host

No. 142484

Nikki is truly a giant

No. 142486

01 LITHUANIA: Qualifies for the final or nah?

No. 142487

samefag, I think they'll qualify. Fun, well sung.

No. 142488

One of the favs this year so most likely yeah, though MV was better

No. 142489

I like the song a lot!

Slovenia's singer is also gorgeous, deep voice scared me though lol

No. 142490

Yeah, I didn't see that voice coming lol (didn't really listen to the songs beforehand). She sings well but I'm not sure if it'll qualify

No. 142491

Russia is now

No. 142492

Do you think Russia will qualify? I think she may just qualify for her statement

No. 142494

Russia is cool but kind of tacky

No. 142497

Not my fave, but I kinda want to vote for it to upset dumb scrotes.

No. 142498

Thoughts on Sweden? I think it's kinda lackluster for Sweden's standards but it'll definitely go the finals

No. 142499

Time for Tusse-kun

No. 142500

same, I never vote though tbh

No. 142501

Okay but Sweden's fit is awesome

No. 142502

I like this song

No. 142503

We had much better songs that didn't make it, this one is quite boring. Tusse looks sparkly at least.

No. 142504

Yeah, it's kinda boring? Catchy but boring.
Damn that was off-key there

No. 142506

Is that pixielocks from w on Eurovision for Australia? Kek

No. 142507

Ooh Australia. Imagine getting to participate in the ESC, pretty much a once in a lifetime thing for most, and then not getting to perform.

No. 142508

Steven Universe inspired?

No. 142509

When I was watching the Eurovision recaps I was thinking "What did Australia submit?", turns out I had watched Technicolour multiple times without realizing it was Technicolour. Somehow it strikes me as something from an Eastblock country? Is my english just terrible or is the way she pronounces Techni really weird?

No. 142510

without realizing it was Australia**

No. 142511

I like his voice so much…it's your basic deep song, but the voice is so beautiful!!

No. 142512

Yeah his voice is beautiful. But I'm glad we have a low ratio ofstandard deep/operatic ballads this year tbh. Some years they're way too much.

No. 142513

Is this a troon host?

No. 142514

Nikkie's face is busted

No. 142515

Yes. He looks hilarious around others. Literally the tallest and biggest host compared to others, even a man

No. 142516

Why is Conchita there? He literally said he ditched this image to become a stylist or something.

No. 142518

Oh god
This year is Americanised

No. 142519

tbh the guy is only 1.81 which is kinda shortish for a man

No. 142520

Why? Because of Nikki?

That make-up is so fucking ugly

No. 142521

Ireland was meh, I don't think she'll qualify

No. 142522

Ireland's put me in a good mood.

No. 142523

Saw Conchita Wurst and Australia kept poking tranny flag during interview

No. 142524

Australia chick looks like she walked out of tumblr from 2014

No. 142525

Is that bad romance

No. 142526

This was another song the church wanted to ban, because of the devil reference.
It's meh.

No. 142527

Everyone says Bad Romance but am I the only one who hears that one Rita Ora song?

No. 142528

cyprus will definitely go to the finals

No. 142529

So, when will we get a straight male performer who looks like a stripper?

No. 142530

WOOOOOOOOO NORWAY, This is my fav from this semi-final. Ugly dude though

No. 142531

He looks like Shaggy from Scooby doo

No. 142532

This just confuses me, is he supposed to be ironic?

No. 142533

I listened to the Norwegian version of this song on youtube, honestly they should've either performed that one or inserted a verse in Norwegian into the English version because it's a bit samey samey

No. 142534

The outfit? It's so bad that it's good, so fucking funny

No. 142536

I just don't like this song

No. 142537

Is it just me or only one country used their own language in song?

No. 142538

Croatia sounds ten times better in its own language, English sucks

No. 142540

I feel like Belgium often sends "avant-garde" contestants. I like it.

No. 142541

Good song. Sounds like a movie soundtrack.

No. 142542

Yeah it does! It wasn't written for Eurovision apparantly, maybe that's why it's good kek. Not sure if it'll qualify though

No. 142543

>Don't you ever dare to wear my Johnny Cash tshirt!


No. 142544

The commentator said "I know funerals that pass quicker" (about Belgium) LMAO

No. 142545

Imagine having that perfect doll face + perfect voice.

No. 142546

Best hair has arrived!

No. 142548

What a fucking disappointment that outfit at the end wtf

No. 142549

Tired of clothed men and women looking like strippers.

No. 142550

I agree!

Tbh I'm sad that it was fully in English. Not unique kek

No. 142551

Ugh Mans again, when are we finally getting over Mans? They bring that guy back every year

No. 142552

I thought you meant menz kek

No. 142553

Romania is a fan of Billie Eilish, we couldn't tell girl

No. 142554

SHES SO CUUUTE I'm in love

No. 142555

Her outfit is adorable!! And her makeup!! She's so cute

No. 142556

The way she peeked out of her dancers' hug at the end was mega cute

No. 142557

Ariana Grande LOLLL

No. 142558

Yup, adorable.

No. 142559

I hate this song so much. It's supposed to be some sort of encouragement for women but it's basically a Victoria's secret lingerie show and the whole song was written by a production team. What's so empowering about that?

No. 142560

I feel awkward about the outfits

No. 142561

Yes, and she did the exactly same thing with "Cleopatra" last time.

No. 142562

I love this hosts outfit, such nice golden dress

No. 142563

I'm not a fan of this song because I don't like the way the language sounds

No. 142564

God yes, those outfits + the dance movements were so porny and impudently male-gaze. I felt like I was watching a soft porn

No. 142565

ukraine best

No. 142566

The best one!!! Folklore Trinity better win!

No. 142568

Malta's only 18, her voice is amazing

No. 142569

She's so energetic and good, damn

No. 142570

This is one of those performances that feel so calculated.. and no wonder because it was produced by a big team from Sweden just for ESC. It feels like they're using women's empowerment for tactic reasons, so disingenuous.

No. 142571

Idk I love this one!! She has charm , so much energy

No. 142574

I'm rooting for Ukraine. Party @ Chernobyl!

Who are you all voting for?

No. 142576

Me too!

But i just found out i can't vote cause my country isn't in the semi.fml

No. 142577

My predictions for the finals (not ranked on preference):

1. Lithuania
2. Russia
3. Sweden MAYBE
4. Cyprus
5. Norway
6. Israel MAYBE
7. Azerbaijan
8. Ukrain
9. Belgium MAYBE
10. Malta

No. 142580

I never vote but if I did I'd vote for the guy from Norway. But even if I voted I'd still not vote because I wouldn't support a guy with money kek what am I even saying

No. 142584

Samefag, more candidates for the maybe spots: Australia, Croatia, Romania, Azerbeijan

No. 142588

I think this Nikkie's "What to do when you don't win" was unnecessary, some weird #mentalhealth talk that will honestly make people even more anxious

No. 142590

Nikkie was unnecessary on general.

No. 142592

so many posts anons kek, i thought the thread got knucked forever, glad you made a new one

Please let Russia qualify, i love that woman…

Ireland was truly good, Israel as well.

What I didn't like was the outfits, some of them were really uninspiring, last edition did it better…

Btw, what about using cytube to watch the semis and chat? Haven't tried it but I know 4chan uses it. I don't know if you can watch directs tho.


No. 142593

WHY is Italy so popular? They're #1 with the bookmakers right now. I mean I like it, but why does the eurovision public like it so much? It's fairly heavy for eurovision standards.

No. 142595

That guy from Germany looks like Pewdiepie

No. 142596

Brb checking out Måneskin because of cute goth drummer.

No. 142599

I really hope she will be in finals too. After all the song was nice, lyrics too even though I didn't like the outfit. But generally she is a wonderful woman. I know that her country's people are not going to vote for her on purpose, she got a massive chunk of hate.

No. 142600

Dutch entry sucks but a good entry is better not wasted on guestcountry year anyway

No. 142602

Russia's through! Well deserved!

No. 142603


No. 142604

wtf why norway

No. 142605

I'm surprised Sweden is through.

No. 142606

Kinda cheesy song but super catchy

No. 142607

LAST SPOT has to go to either Ukrain or Australia!

No. 142608

1. Norway
2. Israel
3. Russia
4. Azerbeijan
5. Malta
6. Lithuania
7. Cyprus
8. Sweden
9. Belgium
10. Ukrain


No. 142609

I didn't like Sweden

No. 142610


No. 142611

LOTS of powerhouse women made it to the finals! I'm surprised Belgium made it but maybe they stood out in comparison to all the high energy songs.

No. 142612

I'm really glad she managed to qualify, it's a breath of fresh air to see an older woman in between all the super models, she sings really good too and I like her song too.

No. 142616

Ukraine, Russia and Belgium were my faves, so glad they are now finalists. Good luck to them!

No. 142619

Imagine how CRAZY it would be if hatari went to Eurovision this year

No. 142624

There are people who still watch this shit? In my country only grannies watch it lol.

No. 142625

Im a granny in my mid 20s

No. 142626

Based grannies

No. 142629

File: 1621374878396.jpg (505.18 KB, 1680x883, hero.jpg)

No. 142632

Anon I am fully convinced you are a time traveller

I don't get it either, Italy's had other better years. I don't care that much about what the public likes because it's very hit or miss, last year Norway won the public's vote and Hatari was among the fan favourites but they still didn't win.

Ukraine was everything I ever asked for from a Eurovision performance (eccentric, rave-y, not in English or broken Spanish). Kinda sad Australia didn't make it through, it was catchy and unique. Do you think it's partly because it was prerecorded?

No. 142676

Italy was super popular last Eurovision too, to the point that people were placing ridiculous bets because it had to be a sure thing.
Meanwhile, I totally forgot this was actually happening this year.

No. 142702

At least last year they were popular for a reason, Mahmood is an angel. I'd love for Italy to win though. Not because the song is good but they'd make great hosts. No english, so homophobic it somehow circles back to camp, and at least 6 hours long. Kek I can dream

No. 142717

I agree, so generic. It feels like Sweden just have a reputation now to help them, I won’t deny they have good songs usually but this year…not so much

No. 142719

Damn it anon, you have good eyes. The drummer is fiiine

No. 142720

File: 1621414354231.jpg (5.15 KB, 209x241, download (1).jpg)

Holy shit I didn't realize I got the predictions right one to one until you pointed it out

No. 142734

I think I get why Italy is so popular now; the singer is extremely charismatic and sings flawlessly. The band as a whole radiates charisma, pure skill and they have a magnetic stagepresence. You can't help but watch, they really draw people in. Their slick outfits and good looks obviously help too. If you compare that to the other Rock act, Finland, they're just another kinda scruffy angsty rock act that doesn't really stand apart in one way or another from so many other rock/metal/posthardcore bands.

Just my two cents though, maybe I'm way off lol.

No. 142745

File: 1621424559963.png (953.76 KB, 883x630, ugh.PNG)

I'm so upset, this will surely weigh them down
I'm more than sure they won't win (my money's on Malta tbh) but it was still a really fun act…

No. 142746

Ughh I feel so bad for them!! I really wanted them to win last year too

No. 142747

What country is that again? I feel bad for them.. I think Australia demonstrated yesterday that not performing live puts them at a significant disatvantage. And of course you just want to perform live on ESC for millions of people, that's amazing. Do they not have subsitutes though?

No. 142749

It's Iceland
As far as I know, the two guys on the background (one of them tested positive, the other one quarantined with him in the hotel) weren't 100% essential to the performance but at the same time why choose to go live with 4 out of 6 members instead of showing the recording. I also think it's too late to substitute them, the costumes have the members' faces on them and I don't think substitutes would nail the choreography too quickly. There's also the problem that they've already rehearsed as a band and if one of them tested positive, I don't think they'd like to risk it

Regarding Australia I 100% agree, I think they would've made it to the final if the performance was live. I voted for Montaigne and was so surprised she didn't make it to the final, Australia usually ranks pretty high up.

No. 142751


Bookmakers are currently predicting
1. Italy
2. Malta
3. France

From these three I hope Italy gets the win. It'd be refreshing to get a Rocksong win. And I also don't want Malta to get the win because it's the same concept as Netta's Not your toy from 2018. Why that snore of a song of France is there I do not know, maybe they benefit from the surprising lack of ballads and plasticness of all the popsongs.

Iceland's currently predicted 5th place, I wonder how not performing is going to affect their final placing. I think they'll still qualify for the finals though, mainly because the 2nd semi finals aren't as strong as the 1st semi. None of the strongest 3-4 contenders are performing tomorrow.

No. 142755

> I think they would've made it to the final if the performance was live.
Am I the only one who thinks Australia's placement was uncertain even if she had performed? The first semi had imo 6 no-brainer finalists: Lithuania, Norway, Malta, Cyprus, Russia and Ukraine. And 2 no-brainer outs: Slovenia and N-Macedonia. That left Australia competing for only 4ish spots in a large group of middle bracket songs.

No. 142756

I didn't even realize they weren't there in person but the song was still underwhelming, so I don't think it mattered much.
Really wish Ukraine would win or at least make it to top 3, amazing song, definitely stands out.

No. 142757

I'd also add Azerbaijan to your list of no-brainer finalists, which leaves Australia competing for even fewer spots in the final.
Even so, I liked Montaigne and I think with the right staging she could've made it to the final

Let's just take a minute and appreciate how many songs from the top 5 are in the native language off the country competing. I'd love it if Italy won, not necessarily because I like this year's song that much, but because they deserve this win so much for constantly sending amazing songs in Italian every year. Malta isn't that bad either (I like it way more than Netta's Toy) but I feel like the concept is overdone

I hope Iceland won't get obliterated in the final, they seem like a fun bunch and regardless of their results ESC really boosted their popularity

No. 142770

Yeah, I think it's great there's a lot of native-language songs! I've looked it up and since 2000 we've only had 2(!!!!) songs exlusively in the artist's native language, everything else was in non-native English (including 2 partially English). I wonder if we're seeing a tentative trend back to native-language songs because of Portugal's overwhelming win from a few years ago.

I don't see Ukraine winning but I think she'll definitely place top 10, if not top 5.

No. 142773

I'm sad that croatia didnt make it to the finals, i also thought that belgiums song was super boring but i understand that some people might like it. It's good that ukraine went to finals tho because i would have been so salty if it didnt.

No. 142774

nothing will ever top up the 2006 Icelandic eurovision entry, stay mad hatari fangirls

No. 142779

This is just proto electra heart

No. 142786

im not even mad,she was the original icelandic troll entry
the booing though.i remember how she was made a huge deal in the news because ppl took her shit seriously.and then she was disqualified

No. 142792

File: 1621439901496.png (471.91 KB, 520x603, it should have been australia.…)

these are already a bit stale but im dumping them

No. 142793

File: 1621439932533.png (322.9 KB, 538x370, discoman.png)

No. 142794

File: 1621440536013.png (627.87 KB, 539x552, escdward.png)

No. 142796

I wonder how Dotter felt about this lol

No. 142797

I miss him…:(

catch me in the male unconventional attractions thread

No. 142801

Ex-yu fam, is Serbia the only ex-yu entry left? I'm rooting for you to get in the finals then.

No. 142812

File: 1621445842531.jpg (60.32 KB, 521x586, Capture.JPG)


No. 142813

Apparantly Flo Rida is going to perform with San Marino tomorrow..

No. 142819

yeah, i hope his 3 fans are happy

No. 142829

They look like tacky sex dolls…

No. 142831

I hate this shit.They better realise this type of self promotion makes them look bad

No. 142837

This is why they call eurovision camp

No. 142847

I remember how fucking fast whoever ran her fansite killed everything once her post-performance antics hit the web. lol

No. 142963

File: 1621504837659.jpg (118.72 KB, 640x1138, aerfyopaz7071.jpg)

No. 142964

I hate it too. Can we stop inviting Americans to Eurovision ffs? First Timberlake, then Madonna and now Flo Rida as part of a contestant's performance? So annoying.

No. 142989

Where the fuck is the pizza

No. 143019

Tell me I'm not the only one kind of creeped out by these two. I guess the guitarist is tolerable but there's something so off-putting about that old guy in purple jumping around and being overly enthusiastic. (Sorry Danishanons)

No. 143026

I've never actually been able to watch the whole performance because the guy in the purple is so off-putting to me. I don't even know why, just happy to know I'm not the only one weirded out by him lol

No. 143047

holy shit

No. 143049

They were watching this on tv in my country just now (as a preview/intro before the semi starts) and these men go (dead serious) "This is what 20 years of feminism has brought us! This is women being women!" yuck yuck yuck I hate that he deadass said we're women when we're displaying ourselves for men's eyes to feast on "This isn't acceptable here anymore because 'objectification', so it's great that we can still get this from eastern countries" yuck yuck. I was so right to hate this from the start.

No. 143055

They're not kidding when they sing "we're different from them" holy damn. How old are they? Everyone but the singer looks so young there, like teens?

No. 143056

the singer was born in 1999 iirc, don’t know about the others though

No. 143060

Are you ready for semifinal 2 nonnies?

No. 143063

I'm still upset about Croatia not making it to the final

No. 143064


Anons, who are your favourites for this semi?

No. 143065

yess let's go I CAN FINALLY VOTE
i dont understand how Mata Hari qualified, I liked Tick-Tock way more.

No. 143066

File: 1621537647281.png (448.67 KB, 544x396, lol.png)

nikki is so freaking tall
come on in nonnas

No. 143067

San Marino first! Her hair is gorgeous

No. 143068

Her outfit is awesome

No. 143069

I don't like Flo Rida there but the rapping part is not bad tbh. This will definitely qualify. Super catchy and fun

No. 143070

USAvision kek

No. 143071

Lmao what I heard the guy from Estonia was rly hot but he's not.. really?

No. 143072

I kinda hate this dudes face

No. 143073

This song is a snore.

>>143072 agreed, very irritating face

No. 143075

nah, not all kek, rip Estonian women.

No. 143077

Pretty good

No. 143078

Pretty weak vocally this one, I think Czechia is out

No. 143079

This song is nice but im not sure about his voice

No. 143080

i'm glad i'm not the only one that thinks his voice is weird, it looks like he's struggling to reach high notes

No. 143081

Not been impressed by any of the songs so far.

No. 143082

Yeah he's definitely struggling

No. 143083

The lowest notes at the beginning were off-key too, weak overall imo

No. 143085

I miss seeing fun entries like this one.

No. 143086

He looks like he hosts children's television.

No. 143087

I want that purple glitter suit, its so pretty

No. 143088

This one is probably the best so far

No. 143089

Another meh one.
Cute girl, shitty outfit.

No. 143090

This must be so weird to watch irl live, it's literally just greenscreen and green stairs for them, all for the sake for what we see on tv

No. 143091

had a huge throwback to a substitute music teacher handing us pamphlets with the lyrics of this one

No. 143092

Yeah i pity the live audience kek

No. 143093

yess she looks gorgeous omg
i like this one, although it's not perfect

No. 143094

This song started out really nice and then it just because Last Dance a hundred times, very redundant.

No. 143096

are any finns here did you hear that

tanssivat alapäät

No. 143098

Is that Taylor Swift's folklore album

No. 143099

There's something so annoying about "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED???????????????

No. 143100

I hope my country is not qualified to the finals just so those retards take a hint and stop sending generic ass shit

No. 143101

Im sorry but its a bit boring for me

No. 143102

Austria? Or Greece?

No. 143103

i like his outfit a lot it suits him

No. 143104

It is boring. It's all good yet boring

No. 143105

Did the first semifinal get all the good stuff?

No. 143106

greece kek

No. 143107

His voice is strong, I like the outfit and stage but song itself is _eh_.

No. 143108

His outfit is the only thing i like

No. 143109

The first one was definitely stronger than the 2nd imo

No. 143110

kek this is frustrating I wanted to vote but I don't see anything worth voting for

No. 143111

nice and off key!

No. 143112

The background is nice but i dont like the song or him

No. 143114

I feel like I'm in the 1980's, and I don't like it.

No. 143115

It's the key to advancing this year. The wrong key, but still.

No. 143116

This one could've been fun if the vocals were cleaner.

>or him

No. 143117

those hand lights are giving me 2009 war flashbacks

No. 143118

the background and color palette is all over the place, it looks tacky

No. 143119

Oh my god don't remind anyone this exists, I'm ashamed.

No. 143120

File: 1621539111288.jpg (49.28 KB, 625x350, download (2).jpg)


No. 143121

I love when the commentators are so savage about the artists

No. 143122

come to think of it, most of our eurovision entries have been cheesy as fuck

(video embedded unrelated)

No. 143124

Remember the one with the native american headdress? That shit would not fly today

No. 143125

Omg the song was so boring to i still dont understand why the hell she wanted that thing on

No. 143126

How is she out of breath before the song even starts?

No. 143127

2nd semifinals are such trash compared to 1st

No. 143128

First song I want to dance to! Nice.

No. 143129

This song was really popular but after hearing how bad it sounds I wonder how well it'll do

No. 143130

a lot of these "singes" rely a lot on autotune and it shows

No. 143131

I heard this lady is rich af and funded her entry almost entirely by herself

No. 143132

Please stop singing

No. 143133

Moldova was so cool in the prerecorded version of this song, this vocal struggle is sad to watch.

No. 143134

Ouch! I take that back! Bad singing!

No. 143135

For. fucking. real.

No. 143136

lady there's a reason you scored 22 points in 2006

No. 143137

kek that was so fail!

No. 143138

Moldova may just still qualify because of how poor everything else is so far.

No. 143139

They blend in the recorded video seamlessly, wow. It literally looks live.

No. 143140

I feel so bad for them, i hope they will go to finals this song is good

No. 143141


No. 143142

Iceland raising the bar far too high for this semi lol

No. 143143

There seems to be a grudge against prerecorded acts so we'll see.

No. 143144

These guys are so dorky in a cute way. They'll DEFINITELY qualify, everyone loves them and they're the only ones with good vocals so far.

No. 143145

that pixel bg is so cute

No. 143146

Apparantly the girl on the very left is the singer's wife and she's pregnant, they're adorable

No. 143147

how does it keep getting better" indeed

No. 143148

Aww they're cute.

No. 143149

Please let Iceland win

No. 143150

If they don't I'll eat my hat.

No. 143151

This and iceland will go to finals for sure. The others were so bad

No. 143152

This is what I think of when I think of porny pop from the east

No. 143153


>porny pop from the east

wtf kek

No. 143154

bimbo inc

No. 143155

These ladies can definitely sing, I'll think they qualify.

No. 143156

at least Poland enjoyed it

No. 143157

agree, they'll qualify for sure, props to them for dancing and singing with such power, although they aren't my favourite

No. 143159

I reeeeally don't think Georgia wants to host the contest next year

No. 143160

good night anons, sweet dreams

No. 143161

Back to the snoozefest.

No. 143162

I feel bad for disliking an "authentic" "genuine" song but fuck this is boring

No. 143163

Another boring song

No. 143164

Sweet dreams! We'll be snoring here soon too with these melodies

No. 143165

This one is quite nice visually, voice is beautiful too

No. 143167

don't they have any other outfits apart from those swimsuits? sigh

No. 143168

Is this prerecorded too?

No. 143169

holy shit I like Albania's staging

No. 143170

Trashy silver fringe outfits seem to be in this year, Cyprus and Israel are wearing basically the same

No. 143171

Yeah its really cool

No. 143172

Good voice, but I'm sick of troon makeup and bathing suits.

No. 143174

This will probably qualify just because it's not off-key and visually engaging enough. Don't think the song itself is terribly interesting though

No. 143175

I do think its suits with cyprus act tho especially because she dances so much

No. 143179

Do you think this will qualify? I think it will.

No. 143182

The commentators "Finally we got a song" LMAO

No. 143183

Damn she must have it so cold

No. 143184

That was nice :)

No. 143185

Bulgaria is another qualifier I bet

No. 143186

Damn that sounded like Billie Eilish there

No. 143187

she's gorgeous and her voice is super sweet, i'm in love

No. 143188

or the drivers license singer
I do like this more than Portugal's Maroon 5 tribute song

No. 143189

Nice voice, stage looks weirdly post-apocalyptic

No. 143190

Is that supposed to be a pyjama?

No. 143191

Her voice, song and set is beautiful

No. 143192

It looked very dream to me but i have a shit taste kek

No. 143193

Oh Finland, I like Finland. The lyrics and the whole middlefinger thing is a bit cringy tbh, but I hope they will qualify.

No. 143194

That was beautiful, I hope she does well

No. 143195

His hair is nasty but atleast im fully awake now

No. 143197

this is fucking rad, they NEED to qualify
my sides

No. 143198

blond is kinda cute

No. 143199

Sorry Finland, Italy has the superior rock band this time.

No. 143200

LOVE Finland, finally some energy

No. 143201

Finally something that was EXCITING. Between Finland and Italy (the two rock-acts), Finland will not win but I do really want them to qualify.

No. 143202

Holy shit find the note

No. 143204

Latvia is just… weird. I don't know what to make of it

No. 143205

this one reminds me of Russia, but the bootleg version kek


No. 143206

Well it's visually unique…

No. 143207

Yeah Italy is easily superior. I feel bad because I do really like Finland too, but Italy has massive star quality.

No. 143208

It's time to start preparing your prediction list anons. Only 2 more songs

No. 143209

This sounds good

No. 143210

Is that French? I thought you were only allowed to performm in your native language or English. They speak Swiss-German there right?

No. 143212

This sounds fantastic and is interesting visually, the guy is not an eyesore either. This will easily qualify

No. 143213

They also speak french in some parts

No. 143214

This is gorgeous. He should def be in the final.

No. 143215

yes he sings reaally good, i like his voice, it's very powerful and sweet at the same time

No. 143216

epileptic seizure 101

No. 143217

Switzerland has four official languages.

No. 143218

I like Switzerland and Latvia a lot!

No. 143220

Denmark no…

No. 143221

weird guy on stage anons

No. 143222

I'm muting this guy.

No. 143223

Idk its kinda cute

No. 143224

ugh, creepy purple guy

No. 143225

idk i kinda like it

No. 143226

I think its the most memorable song so far tbh, also Iceland

No. 143227

I feel like I'm "supposed" to like this, because they're clearly trying VERY hard, and they're having fun and they're singing in Danish yada yada yada but I just can't

No. 143228

It's a fun song, he looks weird but idk, not creepy to me!
Also I appreciate how little ballads are there this year

No. 143229

Apart from creepy purple man, I like it

No. 143230

File: 1621542116089.gif (2.65 MB, 442x442, race-flag-3.gif)

Denmark I judge thee to be OUT

No. 143231

the sound is good and the creepy guy is goofy kek, i hope they qualify

No. 143232

Dont worry ur allowed to dislike it, i just love cheesy songs like this

No. 143233

I already forgot about Austria's theatre kid entry

No. 143234

i want to vote for him just because i think he's kind of handsome kek

No. 143235

I liked Iceland, Portugal and Denmark. The others are generic crap. Yes, even Linkin Pa…I mean Finland.

No. 143236

my picks in order of appearance

1. San Marino
2. Greece
3. Iceland
4. Serbia
5. Albania
6. Bulgaria
7. Finland
8. Switzerland
9. Denmark
10. lmao idk i got none

No. 143237

Switzerland and Iceland were my faves.

No. 143238

File: 1621542526851.gif (167.83 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)


1. San Marino
2. Greece
3. Iceland
4. Serbia
5. Albania
6. Portugal
7. Bulgaria
8. Finland
9. Switzerland
10. WILDCARD SPOT: Austria, Moldova or Denmark

No. 143239

> last time Australia was throwing tranny flag in everyones faces
> this time its Iceland with pansexual flag
can people actually show flags of existing sexualities at least

No. 143240

Order is of appearance

San marino

No. 143241

Huh, I'm surprised you put Estonia in there

No. 143242

Shit i forgot one, uh Albania i guess then also

No. 143243

bisexual is not quirky enough anon

No. 143244

I dislike his face but i think he will make it to finals anyway because so many were shit

No. 143245

only the most artistic OnlyFans promo for Eurovision 2021

No. 143246

Kek I didn't see the flag but I thought they looked like people straight off of tumblr, makes sense now.

No. 143247

Hunky dance guy, but the bike was random.

No. 143248

lost my shit when the camera zoomed in on him just staring

No. 143249

Someone needs to put a camera on Mr. Estonia in case he doesn't get through. He seems real confident.

No. 143250

Seems like we largely agree on who will qualify. Tbh I had trouble even getting to 10 because this semi is so poor

No. 143251

Albania is so beautiful…

No. 143252

yes please

No. 143253

KEK yhes

No. 143254

Georgia's song gets a little worse each time they recap


No. 143255


No. 143257

Switzerland guy is so cute…

No. 143258

YESSS and such nice voice. awww!

No. 143259

finland is trending on twitter, i think they will be fine. same with iceland and san marino

No. 143260

Tried to vote but my stream is behind so time was already up. Very upset.

No. 143261

Aww, you poor thing. If that helps my country can't vote because they dont care about eurovison kek

No. 143262

He looks like an insufferable guy I knew lol, but he seems quirky and funny, hope he qualifies

No. 143263

Ah im sorry anon that sucks! You will still be able to vote during finals tho!

No. 143264

These Eurovision tutorials suck. literally no point

No. 143265

his face is blending with the background

No. 143266

Oooh, I'm not on twitter so that's good to know!

No. 143267

Who did you want to vote for?

No. 143268

Just filler material until the votes are counted

No. 143269

? they're not supposed to make sense, they're supposed to just recap funny moments from the past

No. 143270

kek what country?

No. 143271

slovakia kek

No. 143272

Nikki's makeup is so fucking ugly, I can't believe they allowed her to go on stage in that trash look.

No. 143273

anon, thats his usual makeup

No. 143274

The girl from France is so cute

No. 143275

shit france……….. so good….

No. 143276

Holy shit France

No. 143277

File: 1621543941472.jpg (25.41 KB, 438x353, 70526742_10157361094309774_120…)

agreed, she's adorable

No. 143278

I know but still. What the fuck. The other two ladies look flattering and representative and then there's Nikki looking like a hawk in that dragshit

No. 143279

Can't the UK ever do beter than they do?

No. 143280

two whole years without a James Newman performance, don't know how we made it

No. 143281

shit what's happening with big 5 this year??? i like all of their songs??????? kek

No. 143282

I don't like France. It's just a sweet ~petite~ song in ~romantic french~, what a fucking snore. Genuinely don't understand that's predicted for top 3.

No. 143284

The surreal blouse on Spain right now

No. 143285

i like french one

No. 143286

File: 1621544124761.jpg (141 KB, 1350x759, 1621543777237.jpg)

No. 143287

No. 143288

fucking lol. That really is their energy kek

No. 143289

File: 1621544236687.gif (332.88 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o9z1x2np231vx777ao1_500…)


No. 143290

Predictable so far

No. 143291

surprised over Serbia, but then again people were simping over them

No. 143292

Wtf Moldova is through after that terrible vocal performance. Eurppe you have terrible taste

No. 143293

Wtf moldova sung like shit

No. 143294

Europe fucking shame on you for Moldova. But I'm happy for Iceland! 100% expected

No. 143295

Will Denmark end up out afterall? I thought they would have Moldova's spot

No. 143296

did San Marino qualify for nipslip

No. 143297

What, Moldavia even after that voice fail?

No. 143298

Congrats Iceland!!

No. 143300


No. 143302

> tfw not latvia

No. 143303


No. 143304


No. 143305


No. 143306

the audince actually screamed for them lmaooooo

No. 143307

As much as I disliked Denmark, I'm surprised Moldova qualified before Denmark. Moldova was easily the worst between the two.

No. 143308

No. 143309

Lmfaooo I heard that, love that

No. 143310

I had estonia wrong but i dont mind he didnt make it because he seems like a dick

No. 143311

Nice, I got it pretty accurate!

No. 143312

haven't all cypriot acts been the same shit for a while now?

people were protesting outside the building of the national broadcasting channel about the eurovision song since it was mentioning the devil

No. 143313

Yessssssss Icelanddddddd
Can't say I'm surprised but I still screamed hahaha when they qualified

No. 143314

File: 1621544829034.gif (2.67 MB, 500x281, tumblr_60dae45544336347fc9ff49…)


No. 143315

pretty satisfied with the results, but I wanted Denmark to qualify
see you this Saturday anons!

No. 143316

File: 1621544878588.png (298.36 KB, 640x395, 1621544762808.png)

No. 143317

See you on Saturday nonnies, it's going to be an epic finale.

No. 143318

Not bad, everyone who I wanted to qualify these semis qualified!

No. 143319

Honestly the only reason you bitter farmers write these things about Nikki is because you know he's a mtf. He does great job as a host.

No. 143320

i agree, his english is good and he is very charismatic. But i also agree with other anons tho that he is sticking out alot because of his size and make up.

No. 143321

Same, it had a really cool 70's vibe

Anon you're so brave for saying this

No. 143322

Duh, I'm not denying he's a good presentator. But you can't deny he sticks out like a sore thumb

No. 143323

The guys from Finland are not charming

No. 143324

nikki is very large

No. 143326

>y-you bitter farmers!!1!
is this bait for radfems? kek shut up, you know why anons don't like trannies

No. 143329

>Butthurt dane spotted

No. 143330

No she's right, but atleast their song was good.

No. 143430

No, not Danish and glad to see Denmark go. Finland was easily my fav from the 2nd finals but let's not pretend they're not a bunch of greasy, uncharming guys

No. 143451

Malta has dropped with the bookmakers since they presented the running order for the finals. They will perform 6th and apparantly that early in the running order is statistically bad for televotes.

No. 143453

And it has increased Italy's winning chances because they got a really favourable spot at the near end between Netherlands and Sweden, two less favoured songs

No. 143458

The way you guys are hyping Italy I just know we will end second place again. Don't believe the bookies' lies

No. 143461

I refuse to believe Finland isn't a parody of bands like MCR etc. The lyrics even reference Good Charlotte. It's a catchy song for sure but it's just so, so cringy, it's exactly what 13 year old me listened to as a wee emo kid. Even the way they look with the greasy ass hair hanging over their eyes, I refuse to believe they're 100% serious.

No. 143463

nordic countries (well maybe besides sweden, they take everything way too seriously) are known for sending trolls in the contest so it's not surprising

No. 143489

How the fuck Greece make it to the finals? I don't know, I'm kind of disappointed, I would prefer some other country to take their place.
Also Finland, generic rock song. It's like Hungarian AWS but worse, I don't even remember how it sounded after a day.

No. 143490

Of course nothing is guaranteed, the bookies are only bettors after all. Personally Italy is my favourite so that's why I'm hyping them, but they haven't won yet in my mind. Actually, Italy's winchance isn't even that high. They currently have the highest winchance, but it's only at 25%. If you compare that to Duncan Laurence (winnen from 2019), he also had the highest winchance but that was over 50%. I'd say the finale is very open this year (much more than last time's) and it could still go to anyone in the top 5 or so. In fact, I think it's not out of the realm of possibility that we're going to get a surprise "snipe" from a top 10 country like San Marino or Iceland.

No. 143492

been wondering that as a greek as well kek

No. 143494

Yeah they're fucking cringey, especially the whole middlefinger thing, but they're still among the more enjoyable performances imo.

2nd semi was soooo weak, one after another went off-key or fell flat vocally or just gave a boring/outdated performance. Greece made it because she was among the few who didn't fail vocally and didn't give a snorefest of a performance (despite the awful greenscreen)

No. 143495

File: 1621606023828.png (1.04 MB, 776x886, rafalalo.png)

i mean, good for you and good for her and the team. the most important thing is to have fun am i right

still sad about denmark and croatia tho

No. 143496

If that helps, I am sad about Denmark too…

No. 143498

File: 1621607429743.jpg (149.61 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

I don't get Greece's appeal, maybe some hardcore Eurovision fans watched that girl win Junior edition and voted for her a lot out of loyalty or sth like that?
Still, Greece was nowhere as surprising as a finalist as Moldova. I do like the song actually but god, that singer just couldn't do it, felt bad to watch her struggle with almost every note on stage. I cringe thinking I'll have to watch her do it again.

No. 143503

Not defending Greece but it seemed like the sound mix was really bad for the performers, like no one could hear themselves onstage. Georgia's singer nearly burst a blood vessel at one point trying to get back on key and he still didn't come close.

No. 143507

Just how did she end up in the final after that vocal fuck up? Did people vote for this for the lulz?

No. 143508

Moldovia chick
>didn't contribute to the composition
>didn't contribute to the lyrics
>can't sing the song she didn't write
I hate it when "artists" are given a stage just because they wanna be glam popstars, not because they're actually good at it or have got somthing valuable to contribute. In comparison, Finland is cringy but at least they did the composition and lyrics entirely by themselves ànd can perform it live with good vocals. Same goes for Georgia and Denmark (minus good vocals for Denmark tbh) and they both went out the door instead of this trash.

No. 143518

So, nonnies, which song do you currently have stuck in your head? For me it's Israel, but I'll probably vote for Italy.

No. 143529

I got "Don't you ever dare to wear my Johnny Cash tshirt" stuck in my head.
Italy is excellent but I can't sing along!

No. 143543

Finland's whole "join" schtick reminds me of that age old meme "join the darkside we have cookies rawr

No. 143545

I have Maneskin's song but it's not the song they are sending to ESC lol

No. 143546

Which one is it?

No. 143547

No. 143550

Ooh excellent taste anon

No. 143576

people complaining about finland take shit too seriously, the guys are having fun and people too. so what if it's bit cringe, it doesn't matter if you don't have a stick up your ass. get over your shame over your emo past.

No. 143601

if eurovision wasn't at least a little cringe I wouldn't watch it, thankfully cringe is essential to what Eurovision is. Bless Finland and every entry like that.

No. 143651

I kind of hope Ukrain will win, because it will influence other countries on doing more cultural shit next year. I doubt they will, but one can hope

No. 143653

Hoping one these wins tonight:
1. Italy
2. Ukraine
3. Switzerland
4. Belgium
5. Russia

Yeah, it'd be nice to have even more songs in the countries own languages next year.

No. 143662

I'm hoping for either Italy in hopes that'll inspire more rock-acts to go to Eurovision and diversify the contest and because a rock-win would be cool. Or Ukrain because that song's fire.

The finals are so open, I can totally see it happen that the majority of votes will get spread too thin over too many favorites which could potentionally allow an underdog to unexpectedly win. I think something similiar happened in 2011 when Azerbaijan took the surprise win

No. 143668

yeah, honestly. i don't understand why blind channel's cringe is worse crime than some ballad cringe. i don't know if it's a metalhead or former emo thing, metalheads tend to take their music way too seriously and former emos too for some reason are the biggest critics of that style of music.

No. 143670

File: 1621684304660.jpg (105.12 KB, 1254x660, France-Barbara-Pravi-First-Reh…)

>it will influence other countries on doing more cultural shit next year
Folk inspired music has been popular in Eurovision for ages now with few notable wins; here's an article covering some of them but in general this is not new and win will not make folk more popular as it already is- and going with folk inspired song pretty much guarantees you a spot in the final
>that'll inspire more rock-acts to go to Eurovision
Since Lordi's win we get to see at least one heavier act (almost? I'm not sure) every year. It would be amazing to see Italy or Finland win because that would prove that there's a place for rock music winning without bizarre costumes but i sincerely doubt it will make it a more popular choice still as even though rock tends to go far, this is not what the "target audience" of Eurovision likes the most.

Now for predictions, I really really hope for Ukraine win, that song has everything for me, the folk, the fun, the visuals; but seeing finale performances order I think we may be seeing France win this year. Her simple but powerful song was placed between very strong, loud and lively performances, which will make her stand out a lot and grant her more votes for being unique; her vocals are excellent and reminiscent of Edith Piaf which is pretty much guaranteed to get her a very high score in jury voting as well. I think the song is good but but honestly would prefer something more lively to win, I guess we will see.

No. 143672

Ayrt you replied to and I actually like Finland's entry a lot, I just have a hard time believing they're serious. It's a fun nostalgic song for me since I used to be a cringy emo kid myself. I agree eurovision is supposed to be campy and fun but Blind Channel plays it so straight that I literally can't tell if they're taking the piss or if they actually consider themselves freaks living on the dark side.
That said I think they'll do pretty well, I hear they have a lot of fans all over europe and they definitely stand out from the other songs, that alone is usually enough to score some points.

No. 143674

Ah no, no worries, I wasn't referring to you but to general sentiment of taking Eurovision too seriously while it's never been really that serious.

No. 143677

>Blind Channel plays it so straight that I literally can't tell if they're taking the piss or if they actually consider themselves freaks living on the dark side.
I felt that way aswell but I watched this video and it's just them laughing out loud at a bunch of mean comments which makes me think they're literally just having fun and taking a piss at everything.

No. 143680

>If you play Blind Channel backwards, it sounds like the Devil's music. But even worse, if you play it correctly, it sounds like Blind Channel.
Made me kek

No. 143691

I don't know if this interests anyone, but this is a great docu on the singer of Ukraine's entry. The singer has had a very tough childhood and it's incredible that she can even sing today. I just think knowing that makes their entry even cooler and her vocals even more impressive.

No. 143694

>while it's never been really that serious

Let's come back to this after Italy doesn't win and withdraws from the competition for another 20 years.

No. 143699

i honestly don't care if they're playing it straight, because why would it matter? like as someone who's taken part in musical counterculture activity that has gotten police involved, like people breaking in places to have underground parties or cutting off streets to set up gigs, i have no problem with this kind of rebellion lite stuff. this kind of music is popular with kids and some 13-year-olds deserve to have their middle finger waving angst music, honestly it's better that kids do stuff like that that has to actual negative consecuences for them. and idgf about adults either who do that.

No. 143700

File: 1621697115643.jpg (90.27 KB, 640x929, vmz6g0vdfo071.jpg)

How do you all feel about Malta's ads to vote for them? I hate it, I hope lots of people see those ads and someone else out of spite.

No. 143703

I actually went and searched for the reasons why and it's just a mess. Apparently italian tv didn't want Fiumi di parole by Jalisse (a now historical meme in italy) to actually win the contest because boo then we'll have to organize the event that's too much work or something. So they retired the whole country from it also claiming the event was unpopular. Anyway, I didn't know eurovision was a thing until like 2014 when I saw it on tumblr (and we had already been participating for like 4 years) so maybe…

No. 143704

Oh wow, it's amazing she went through all that and can sing so well today.
Yeah that just reeks of desperation. Ugh.

No. 143718

File: 1621709580905.png (435.23 KB, 800x450, AAAAAAA.png)

No. 143719

I'm so excited. The votes at the end are going to me a MESS guaranteed

No. 143721

File: 1621710023419.gif (326.16 KB, 220x123, tenor (1).gif)


No. 143722

Let's go ladies!!

No. 143723


No. 143724

I bet Serbia is going to score unexpectedly high because all their surrounding countries are out, so they're going to get all the votes from the Balkans

No. 143725

Ukaine's singer is soooo classy and elegant wow

No. 143726

File: 1621710352067.png (500.66 KB, 771x387, fgvwerggwgr.png)


No. 143728

Did Germany send Frankie Grande or is my stream messed up

No. 143729

YESSSS fellow finland-appreceitor lol

No. 143730


No. 143731

I was checking more music from Manizha and found out this old song and MV about domestic violence, discovered that her grandgrandmother is a based woman
> Her great-grandmother was one of the first women in Tajikistan to remove her veil and begin a career of her own; in response to this, she had her children removed from her care, although she later was able to return to them and begin working outside of the home.

Islam even tried suggestion her to change her own song, not just Russia and it's church.

Her mother is also an artist who always encouraged any of her projects, was the bread maker of the family, while her Islamic father would always be too radically sceptical about it (they divorced, but of course only after she got accepted for Eurovision he admitted that he was in the wrong), along with sister being a journalist and little brother wanting to create movies.

I am slowly looking at articles about Eurovision artists and their Wikipedia page out of curiousity, chose Manizha because her song sparked my interest the most. Do you guys ever do that?

No. 143732

No. 143733

File: 1621710502698.png (553.64 KB, 610x436, 1111.png)

ew wtf

No. 143734

She sounds amazing! I don't think she's going to win but she'd 100% deserve it!

No. 143735

He tried…

No. 143737

can we just enjoy the final today and not shit on nikki tonight, it's getting old. He's low hanging fruit.

No. 143738

Terrible start for Cyprus wtf. That sounds terrible

No. 143739

Wow she sounds so much worse then her previous live performance…

No. 143740

Yeah 100%. I didn't expect that at all

No. 143741

It sounded better once the music from the chorus started though

No. 143742

Still not as bad as Moldova provlb

No. 143743

im sorrty how did she even got picked as a host https://tny.so/9u46UsJ

No. 143744

No. 143745

not related to this years contest but I was shuffling through some past entries and this one takes the cake for me.

allegedly the singer had to wear a bulletproof vest during her performance.

it's probably one of the very first eurovision protest songs. pretty cool.

No. 143746

learn to integrate newfag

No. 143747

Not gonna click on that shit, it's probably viruses or cp or both

No. 143748

Albania is still the most stunning woman of this Eurovision imo

No. 143749

Albania is surprisingly good vocally & visually. I can see Albania ending unexpectedly high

No. 143750

I feel too distracted by her glitter bathing suit.

No. 143751

It's like, hello look at my crotch

No. 143752

my parents say Albania's stage looks like farts and now I can't unsee it

No. 143753

I like how dramatic she makes the song but it's not very memorable, and she's performing so early in the show.

No. 143754

I kind of like it tbh. It's not completely porny like Cyprus or Azerbeijan's outfits

No. 143756


>not very memorable
Very true

No. 143757

azerbaijan has the worst outfit of this edition ugh

No. 143758

Eden is so pretty & petite, dreambody. Hate her whistlenotes though

No. 143759

Still sucks over how American this Israel's performance feels like. Murican song and everything else.

No. 143761

She won't win but imagine the tension if Isreal won.

No. 143762

Did she sing "spicy season"?

No. 143763

my exact thots

No. 143764

Hooverphonic! Great entry but it's probably too mature for eurovision public. I hope it's an unexpected high placement for Belgium

No. 143766

Go Hooverphonic!

No. 143767

Its kinda boring, not a bad song but i personally dont like it

No. 143768

This is quality popmusic tbh

No. 143769

Belgium's entry is boring and she's kinda fug, are belgians this ugly?

No. 143770

They're great, I will surely listen to them after eurovision

No. 143772

they are performing very early and their performance is not flashy enough, so I don't think they are going to be remembered
too bad, it's a really good song

No. 143773

I'm loving this song.

No. 143774

Yeah you're probably right

No. 143775



No. 143776

was so excited to see hooverphonic participating yoko kanno has sampled a song of theirs but I feel slightly disappointed now

No. 143777

I have a soft spot for russia lol
oh shite which one? share

No. 143778

She's performing "manhate" for an audience of 200mil, applause for this woman ladies!

No. 143779

This makes me feel like strong Russian woman (I'm not Russian)

No. 143780

File: 1621711695405.png (321.13 KB, 414x366, 1111.png)

love her she's a bad bitch

No. 143781

this one

No. 143782

omg queen

No. 143783

She sung this very well compared to last time, i hope this score high so that scrotes will get angry

No. 143784

and the yoko kanno version?

No. 143785

kek that's what I'm hoping for aswell

No. 143786

she was enjoying the performance so much, omg, good for her, I'm glad she managed to get to the finals

No. 143787

I hate Malta. It's one of those "men ain't shit slamdunk!!!!!!!!!!!" while performing in a slutty outfit, nah not for me

No. 143788

I like her vibe and she has a great voice but russia > malta

No. 143789

No. 143790

meghan trainor vibes kek

No. 143791

it's just another Netta

No. 143792

This song doesn't make me want to die so it's better than Toy by default

No. 143793

Russia did it better.

No. 143794

Lmao yes, the contrast between the two "empowering" songs is almost funny

No. 143795

File: 1621712068781.jpg (135.73 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i mean isnt it qwuite obvious why she got picked.ESC TRYNNA BE WOKE AND CATER TO SJWS https://dood.so/e/ea24kuysx6b29cq2fxfmnmay3lubjgdq

No. 143796

She also acted way too pretentious imo

No. 143797

did they do it on purpose kek?
Portugal is nice, but I don't think they are going to get a lot of votes

No. 143798

He got picked because he's the and the only international e-celeb from the guestcountry dumbass, originally he was supposed to only do the online content

No. 143799

lurk more

No. 143801

I agree, she is such a sunshine, even on social media and behind the scenes!! Such good energy, hoping the best for her.

No. 143802

I think this may get votes from older people. Probably not enough to end top 10 but decent runner for the middle bracket

No. 143803

Can we just appreceite Portugal in general? Portugal purposely sends non-Eurovision-y songs which I think is cool (and has been working decently for them)

No. 143804

Serbia is going to get all the Balkan block votes because they're the only Balkan country left, watch this going to top 15

No. 143805

i agree, they always send unique songs!!

Serbia are the only Beyonces I like, their perfomance is really powerful

No. 143806

I just wanna have their hair (yes I know it's all extensions)

No. 143807

Eww Swedish scrote commenter made a comment about them having OnlyFans. Shut up about your pornsickness at least for Eurovision

No. 143808

Wow that teardrops girl from Denmark looked WAY different, I wouldn't have recognized her at all if they didn't say it was her

No. 143809

Yucccccck. I hate how socially acceptable it has become to talk about that shit. And on Eurovision of all places.

No. 143811

wtf ew and they wont fire him because he was being "sex positive" or some shit, sigh

No. 143812

I haven't heard the UK at all

No. 143813

that's because it's part of the big 5, anon

No. 143814

What is up with the UK always sending these dumpy guys for their entries? Did they ever not sent a fat guy?

No. 143815

Just stopping by to say go Italy and Iceland

No. 143816

Oh shit this one?? I always loved this one

No. 143817

I know! I'm just saying I haven't heard them at all as in I haven't looked it up on youtube either

No. 143818

UK's voice is good, but the song itself Is boring as fuck

No. 143819

i like UK's song, sounds good and has a nice beat!

No. 143820

That one year they sent Jade Ewen, otherwise it's a large man in an even larger leather tube.

No. 143821

who remembers things

No. 143822

Let's see if the green screen looks better this time

No. 143823

she really is dressed like a winx

No. 143824

I like this song until the chorus

No. 143825

lol I legit didn't remember Jedward taking part

No. 143826

cant's unsee it now kek

No. 143827

LMAO can't unsee now

No. 143828

the ghost dancers were fun at first but this is kind of a lame performance

No. 143829

how could i forget
my favorite from 2011 was Greece tho
Greek singer was hot af

No. 143830

we're back at it again, showing the eu why they shouldn't supply us with more money kek

No. 143831

Families usually watch this with the kids and he makes coomer jokes, hope there is backlash.

No. 143832

i thought she looks like tinky winky

No. 143833

Switzerland is going to end up high

No. 143834


No. 143835

KEK anon thanks for the visualisation

No. 143836

switzerland is the gay chubby guy so of course he's gonna be high

No. 143837

No. 143838

Damn I miss them. They had some super wholesome song few years ago that always cheered me up

No. 143839

File: 1621713239893.jpg (38.13 KB, 640x360, E2BFSBfXEAgvdvt.jpg)

No. 143840

This is impressive nootes being done in a way that's actually pleasant to listen to, looking at you Israel

No. 143841

No. 143844

I didn't even know he was gay tbh, it's just a good song, vocals and performance.

No. 143846

So good to hear an actually talented singer.

No. 143847

I would like to hear France and Switzerland singing together, because they both have the greatest voices of this edition
I know it won't happen, but it would be cool

(edit kek)

No. 143848

if my memory serves me right, he was the winner of the ever first xfactor hosted here, last time I heard of him he was performing in some nightclub in my city

No. 143850

Do you think we're seeing the same rehearsal footage from the semi?

No. 143851


No. 143853

Oh no pancake sexuals
Yes, they got COVID recently, last week

No. 143854

Good job, Icelandic quarantined nerds.

No. 143855

they may be snowflakes, but damn they sound goood

No. 143856

Such a good song and unique performance but their pandering is so unnecessary

No. 143857

what pandering? explain

No. 143858

Was that a Jojo pose at the end?

No. 143859

File: 1621713729551.png (1.02 MB, 1064x908, my-image.png)

No. 143860

File: 1621713733921.jpg (60.22 KB, 1000x600, E129XeGXoAkeCI6.jpg)

No. 143861

They kept showing pansexual flag in interview like Australia with tranny flag

No. 143862

Try not to harass this tiny man's grandma again, Norway anons

No. 143863

Of all sexualities they chose the nonexistent one…

No. 143864


No. 143865

After this is a break because they need time to get that freaking moon off the stage kek

No. 143866

the moment modolva is up i can finally pee

No. 143867

my sides

No. 143868

File: 1621713841463.png (132.22 KB, 628x250, 1111.png)

I only have these because I literally don't care about anyone else kek

No. 143869

I want to see if she can handle singing this time.

No. 143870

Between this one and Switzerland, Switzerland is easily superior. Unfortunate timing for Spain

No. 143871

On an NRK Eurovision program, a commentator wondered why he's taking part if his grandmother is sick or something like that. He was leaning pretty heavily on the "This is for nana who has COVID" leading up to this.

No. 143872

Those dancers = The Matrix gone wild

No. 143873

Will she hit at least four notes this time? Get your bets in.

No. 143874

Moldova you deserve 0 points.

No. 143875

oh noooooo lmao

No. 143876

I hate Moldova, they give me motion sickness

No. 143877

No. 143878

plug your ears ladies

No. 143879

she dropped the mic, didn't she?

No. 143880

Not good.

No. 143881

She should have saved the mic drop for this painful fucking long note.

No. 143882

File: 1621714178918.png (291.55 KB, 588x422, 1111.png)


No. 143883

It's toddler time

No. 143884

How do you go from Dragostea din tei to this, Moldova?

No. 143885

Isn't it amazing how the big 5 countries manage to enter so many shit acts. I genuinely don't understand how you can be one of the big spenders and then send this

No. 143886

He reminds me of ninja

No. 143887

He is so different from the image we have of German people, that me and my family are joking about him being an adopted kid

I like his song tho, is goofy kek

No. 143889

It's catchy, I can't feel hate towards this.

No. 143890

I unironically like this song….really cute

No. 143891

Cool that he sounds geerma even while speaking English

No. 143892

It sounds like the debut single of a YouTuber.

No. 143893

It's yo gabba gabba time!!!

No. 143894

He Has fun i have fun

No. 143895


No. 143897

Because it is!


No. 143898

I heard they really believe in that dark side shit. weirdos

No. 143899


No. 143900

I know Finnish song may be cringe because they are just vibing out there and not taking it seriously, but everything about them literaly feels Finnish. From their appearance to song itself, and even this tiny weird room. If I had to guess which country is it it'd be Finland, comes from anon who visited it all the time

No. 143901

I wish the blond one believed in shampoo

No. 143902

Tell us more.

No. 143903

i think he's cute, why are you doing this to me

No. 143904

File: 1621714568151.png (248.99 KB, 540x392, 1111.png)


No. 143905

File: 1621714571449.jpg (53.31 KB, 528x606, E2BKlbSXoAYrrep.jpg)

No. 143906

I think he might be gay, don't remember which one of them is

No. 143907

my fucking sides

No. 143908

They're either trolling or just trying to sell it for the marketing

No. 143909

FUCK im laughing so hard

No. 143910

>this tiny weird room
huh? what room?

No. 143912

Great reaction image right there.

No. 143913

I feel like Bulgaria gives off too much of NLOG energy, which is why I can't handle the song and performance. Hell even before it everything looked like "I'm quirky

No. 143914

KEK anon thanks for making me laugh

No. 143915

They embody the essence of the finnish thread on ot yes

No. 143916

Giving a gift is such a russian thing to do…aawww

No. 143917

She's like the protagonist of a John Green book

No. 143919

The uh, whatever they are showing before the song

No. 143920

She is a sad copy of Billie Eilish, just listen to this

No. 143921

the normal sized yuppie european house yes, fitting for this economy

No. 143922

b-but she's cute…

No. 143923

There's only one Victoria for me

No. 143924

Pee break everyone

No. 143926

Oh dear, I agree!

No. 143927

What a snore

No. 143929

The bassplayer in Måneskin am i rite

No. 143930

Did she fail a note at the beginning? Sounded a bit wrong

No. 143931

File: 1621715003431.png (246.05 KB, 430x434, 1111.png)

Bulgaria is just "teeheee I'm so grounded and so small and cute… but also I'm not like other girls… I don't care about looks hahaha… btw can you see how cute I am with this outfit… I'm so profound… and no I'm not offbrand billie eilish I swear

No. 143932

Will juries give her points?

No. 143933

Of course! Fan since 2017

No. 143934

so if you don't go out and perform exactly like the serbian bimbos you're 'not like the other girls'? I hate this dumb zoomer mentality

No. 143935

Tbh don't like the song whatsoever but I'd rather have this over the vocal porn acts aka azerbaijan and serbia

No. 143936

I love Lithuania

No. 143937


No. 143938

File: 1621715139735.png (973.18 KB, 2048x1139, tumblr_00d6c80770b9d6d426a8838…)

omg lmaooo

No. 143939

very specific

No. 143940

No. 143941

Lithuania was great as the opener for the very first semi because it perfectly fit being able to perform/be entertained again thanks to the pandemic. Don't get the hype for it outside of that context

No. 143942

who says I don't hate the bimbos too, she's just too fake

russian lady still wins, WINS

No. 143943

They are so cute

No. 143944


No. 143945

It bothers me how much that one guy looks like James Corden but the song is ok.

No. 143946

I am genuinely fucking confused why Filip Kirkorov, the russian celebrity is with Moldova

No. 143947

god, I would do anything for her to win, but I don't think she will uggh

No. 143948

ukrainian lady enter the chat

No. 143949

File: 1621715422475.gif (566.17 KB, 258x200, 200.gif)

me right now

No. 143950

I personally like only the instrumental part of it…not a fan of the way the language sounds

No. 143951

oh shit I love these crazy flutes

No. 143952

i like it

No. 143953

literal gibberish would be better than english

No. 143954

No. 143955

File: 1621715539818.gif (25.02 KB, 128x128, 1612963935633.gif)

me right now

No. 143956

I think I have a crush on Ukraine lady she looks so cool.

No. 143957

File: 1621715589416.png (255.12 KB, 500x500, squgk15cro071.png)

No. 143958

Yessssss she looks amazing. What an amazing performance too!!

No. 143959


No. 143960

France omg, two fantastic ladies in a row, i can't, please let me breathe, i love both of them

No. 143961

anyone else rooting for France right now?

No. 143962

fuck I don't get why this is ranking so high. What's there to like about it? It's a snore of a boring french song

No. 143963

Pee break time.

No. 143964

it makes we want to run and scream, in a good way

No. 143965

that's so boring. im so sorry

No. 143966

It makes older voters remember Edith Piaf, but then they probably can't figure out how to vote.

No. 143967

oooh Norway, I have a massive soft spot for this super cheesy song

No. 143968

Oh wait Azerbeijan is first lmao nvm

No. 143969

Do you live in the future anon?

No. 143970


No. 143971

azerbaijan's song is insufferable i'm sorry
the only thing she says is Mata Hari

No. 143972

She tried to say Cleopatra. Give her a little credit.

No. 143973

walmart ariana grande

No. 143974

Azerbaijan is so boring, just another sexy lady and she doesn't even sing that well

No. 143975

tbf at this point I just respect everyone that DOESNT try and replicate current and 'chart' music

No. 143976

Mama mama mama kek

No. 143978

No. 143979

No. 143980

Same. Who votes for this shit?

No. 143981

Everyone's falling for that stupid Effentix publicity stunt

No. 143982

I don't get the hype for France. The song was a literal snoozefest and nothing special. Rooting for Cyprus and/or Finland kek

The Israeli girl looks like Ariana Grande if she was actually black

No. 143983

Can't tell me he is not Shaggy from Scooby Doo..

No. 143984

What in the late nineties boy band?

No. 143985

This is peak camp kek

No. 143986

that's a big disservice to the Isreali girl you know

No. 143987

nooooooo anon my sides

this song is the one that plays on the radio when the guy rejects the female protagonist in those cheesy teen movies

No. 143988

Nope, still not getting this guy.

No. 143989

why is he blinking like that wtf

No. 143990

I think that has something to do with his tourrettes?

No. 143991

remember guys you are not alone

No. 143992


No. 143993


No. 143995

File: 1621716361841.png (482.22 KB, 490x442, 1111.png)

spot the woman

No. 143996

yeah but he was acting because people with tourettes suposeddly dont experience tic episodes when singing or whatever

No. 143997

his name is literally tics anon

No. 143999

How is this Europe?

No. 144000

Doesn't that refer to vocal tics only?

No. 144001

yea he a tranny we get it

No. 144002

Great voice Netherlands!

No. 144003

You don't want broccoli~

No. 144004

File: 1621716469704.png (206.34 KB, 540x300, tumblr_2d83d807f8f7f8a992b346b…)


No. 144005

you know my brocoliii

No. 144006

I hear "You can't have my broccoli" kek

No. 144008

netherlands sounds like a bonus track from the lion king on broadway

No. 144009

It does feel very african.

No. 144010

Well at least we won't have to host for a 3rd year with this song, that's a good thing

No. 144012

No. 144013

oh my bad, didn't know that

No. 144014

there are non-white people in Europe, it's not the middle ages

No. 144015


No. 144016

San Marino literally doesn't have the room to host, you have to step up.

No. 144017

The song itself is not EU at all

No. 144018

I actually liked the brocoli song lol

No. 144019

Hell yeah!!

No. 144020


No. 144021

Damn, Italy is so good

No. 144022

these hoes got nothing on blind channel

No. 144023

Italy this is so rad

No. 144024

i'm in love, please let them win

No. 144025

Italy will win

No. 144026

oh my god that was fucking great

No. 144027

Hope so!

Still can't believe Sweden got in, didn't like their song at all

No. 144028


No. 144029


No. 144032

can Italy perform again instead of this guy

No. 144033

But all those American popsongs are? That guy is from Suriname which is where the sound is from, at least he performed something genuine and authentic unlike all those trashy popsongs

No. 144035

organizers did sweden dirty by putting him after italy

No. 144038

Mediocre song from Sweden but it's still better than what a lot of other countries send every year

No. 144039

Sweden is Ok. But just Ok. Nothing else
anyone would had looked like shit next to Italy, at least they chose a mediocre one

No. 144040

chill sis

No. 144041

I like Sweden too, one of my favorites. An unpopular opinion on here kek

No. 144042

What is the problem? He is cute.

No. 144044


No. 144045

Just like Italy? I don't see the problem, he looked good. Don't mind guys wearing heels, nail polish and jewelry if they're cute and have taste tbh

No. 144046

Meh, Sweden, San Marino, Moldova and the NL are boring as fuck

Pretty sure SM got chosen because she had a nipslip on cam. Still not wearing a bra btw

No. 144047

this song is such a meme because of flo rida

No. 144048


No. 144049

Love how this is the last performance yet theres still like 2 hours left

No. 144050

She looks like a queen

No. 144051

Apparantly that turning platform got stuck during jury performance, hope that doesn't happen again

No. 144052

nipslip where??

No. 144053

hoping it happens again, crossing my fingers

No. 144054

You will never be gasolina

No. 144055

Flo rida is so…out of place

No. 144056

Honestly this song is a bop. The only generic billboard top 50 song that's actually good

No. 144057

oh my goooooood

No. 144058

I think it's perfect ending song

Yes, but it wasn't visible at all

No. 144059

kek anon why do you wish bad on San Marino

No. 144060

i loved sm in semi-finals but now it is…meh

No. 144061

you're right anon

No. 144062

Can we just appreceite San Marino participating every year… they literall have <35.000 citizens. I don't know how they do it.

No. 144063

realtalk how hard will israel bomb in the voting because of what's been going on with palestine?

No. 144064

stop the bad music, it's time to play something good for once

No. 144065

I kek at
> Set me free
And Israel

No. 144066

if they ever win, do they even have a place for eurovision?

No. 144067

heh anon

No. 144068

Tbh I don't think it'll affect them much. Could be wrong

No. 144070

I think they would just host it in Italy in that scenario.

No. 144071

i think israel's song does have a winning potential (esp with the whistle note), but not this year

No. 144072

>how hard will israel bomb
Anon umm

Are you all voting?? Support your faves!

No. 144073

voting for Russia and Ukraine

No. 144074

They get artists from other countries. That's why they got Flo Rida there.

This, I remember reading that the contest would actually be held in Italy if San Marino won.

No. 144075

I never vote, not gonna spend money on it. Especially considering your vote is wasted if it doesn't make the top 12 from your country.

No. 144077

Remember to vote for Finland faggots

No. 144078

No. 144079

Nah, voting for the superior Italy

No. 144080

But if you were to vote you'd vote Ukraine. I respect you anon.

No. 144081

I wonder if Finland's going to steal votes from Italy to a degree that it's going to cost Italy the win. Finland had a LOT of support from the audience after they performed

No. 144082

Same, really rooting for them.

No. 144083

it could be other way around too

No. 144084

?? huh how did you know lmao legitimately confused

No. 144085

Ukraine is the best, who wouldn't vote for them

No. 144087

Really? Didn't know, that sucks

No. 144088

I don't think so because Finland isn't predicted for the win. I think Finland taking the win over Italy (or even a higher placement than Italy in general) is an extremely unlikely scenario

No. 144089

I wouldn't, I like Lithuania and Iceland more

No. 144090

…that's what i meant, that italy will win instead of finland

No. 144091

What is this video…is it "racist dad" trope for wokeness or something

No. 144092

?? But that's already the predicted scenario, Italy taking the win. I was saying that it's possible that Finland takes too many votes from Italy causing someone else entirely to take first place.

No. 144093

okay i misread what you meant

No. 144094

I forgot "Ten Feet Tall" existed lol

No. 144095

Not bad entertainment tbh

No. 144096

Aw yes titanium my favorite highschool song

No. 144097

>tfw i was in middle school
Sick and twisted

No. 144098

kek anon

No. 144099

Do it for me nonnies I cant vote for them

No. 144100

Italy's at 30% with the bookmakers, I really hope they're right this year.
During last decade, the predicted winner from the bookmakers ALWAYS ended up top 3, but didn't always actually take first place.

No. 144101

Russia's entry was based and pinkpilled, but ruined with the troonery in the background images.

No. 144102

File: 1621718333660.gif (52.3 KB, 239x275, 1621666141189.gif)


No. 144103

Italy or France, bookmarker numbers don't lie. France's song is shit though so I hope it'll be Italy.

No. 144104

That girl/person with the white bra/bandage? I wondered everytime if that was a troon but no one said anything so I figured not lmao

No. 144105

>"Russian woman"
>Shows lord knows what with tits cut off in the background

No. 144106

The jury vote always throws the predictions off.

No. 144107

Is anyone else's commentators talking over nikki lol

No. 144108

Could be a breastcancer patient.

No. 144109

Well that's the thing, the thing in the background probably was a ftm so still a russian woman. KEK blackpilled

No. 144110

there were a lot of snowflakes, there was a sjw who painted her face with the asexual flag or some shit kek
women cant have anything
love the song anyway

No. 144111

Afaik it's a GNC
I wish. Watching through YouTube

No. 144112

File: 1621718593613.gif (235.19 KB, 220x137, tenor (2).gif)


No. 144113

This, not everyone is a troon kek

No. 144114

Ukraine or Finland

No. 144115

Oh yeah, that didn't even occur to me. Just used to seeing constant troonism everyday, I feel kinda bad for assuming.

No. 144116

Interesting, no Malta

No. 144117

This is a sweet segment.

No. 144118

samefag but Ruslana will keep HEYing to change my mind

No. 144119

Still proud that Lordi left a lasting impact on Eurovision, literally 15 years later and they're still making an appearance during every interval act

No. 144120

In no particular order
France (unfortunately)
Malta (unfortunately)
Switzerland or Finland

No. 144121

i think iceland has a good chance of winning? everyone seems to really like them, plus possible pity votes

No. 144122

Not sure about Malta because she arrived too early, even though there was PR on twitter

No. 144123

Do you think they got good jury votes?

No. 144124

I think we're going to get a different winner for Jury and televotes, and that the 2nd winner for jury and televotes wins the whole thing. That's my prediction. Voting results are going to be MESSY

No. 144125

If there are any UK anons here could you please send something that's not shit some year thanks

No. 144126

No. 144127

You'll get Cliff Richard 2022 and that's all.

No. 144128

man idk. probably not but then again i feel like their entry is kind of refreshing/interesting in the kind of way that it might gets votes despite the way jury votes usually go

uk anon here, every year i wish for the same thing

No. 144129

Fuck I can't unhear broccoli every time they put on that song now, my fucking sides

No. 144130

I don't get how Germany and the UK are among the biggest contributers but manage to send the dumpiest shit every year kek

No. 144131

MANS, MY MAN, i love him

No. 144132

I was about to moan about Måns appearing yet again but Loreen has blocked Eurovision on all social media.

No. 144133

wait what lol really?

No. 144134

Aw how nice is it to give these super old previous winners a podium again.

No. 144135

kek what, why? Did people only ever want to hear Euphoria from her and that got on her nerves?

No. 144136

lol probably not, but they did an interval thing several contests back and she refused to return, so they used a Loreen lookalike.

No. 144137

Lmfaoooo I can see how that pissed her off

No. 144138


No. 144139

until we learned that Duncan had been partying maskless for several nights and now we all have to be tested repeatedly

No. 144140

Only Iceland and Duncan Laurence got covid, not bad for such a big scale event tbh

No. 144141

Wait did he really? Because thats so fucked up

No. 144142

I'm headcanoning that this is posted by the blue haired member of Iceland's team browsing Lolcow

No. 144143

La/the hills/hollywood, is he now some big shot living in LA?

No. 144144

I really like that the hosts aren't trying to be overly funny and making bad jokes and shit

No. 144145

File: 1621720302050.png (338.3 KB, 651x819, 2021-05-22 (2).png)

my sides anon

No. 144146

Whew how long intil the winner is announced?

No. 144147

well voting has ended, the fates are decided

No. 144148

pansexual queen

No. 144149

File: 1621720367248.jpg (19.56 KB, 249x280, the wifi sucks here.jpg)

No. 144150

i love watching tix in the background, he just can't sit still

No. 144151

It's italy 25%, france 22% now. I'm going to be so fucking mad if france takes the win

No. 144152

the jury talking is hot

No. 144153

This is going to take a long ass time

No. 144154

My country did WHAT

No. 144155

omg wrap it up Poland

No. 144156

Jury gave 12 points to San Marino, wtf hello? There was so much objectively better in terms of vocals and visuals than San Marino

No. 144157

File: 1621720670097.jpg (84.28 KB, 736x1289, tumblr_23974648fadec02d7348425…)

the italian singer is too sexy, best part of the show

No. 144158

It's already shite innit

No. 144159

Wonder if UK will be dead last this year.

No. 144160

Have you seen the drummer? God he is hot.

No. 144161

the music video where his hair is slicked back gets me all riled up

No. 144162

No. 144163

File: 1621720737386.gif (4.43 MB, 540x400, tumblr_6627bd2ed0b8478d281d2da…)


The entire band is sexy. I'm weak for the bassplayer

No. 144164

I hope it, UK needs to learn a lesson to send something not so fucking lame for a change ffs

No. 144165

Malta's rep looks like she can hold a grudge for a long ass time.

No. 144166

God I hate jury votes, always favoring boring "artistic" songs. Get rid of them.

No. 144167

Of course the Balkans are voting for Serbia

No. 144168

Artistic songs where, Switzerland and France are objectively sung very well and not at all ~avant garde~

No. 144169

Switzerland had one of the most boring performances, who is voting for them

No. 144170

Stylish Azerbaijani trousers

No. 144171

It's kinda fucking funny how 3 of the big 5 are at the bottom with 0 so far

No. 144172

Very engaging for a boring ballad, great vocals and fairly nice staging. I'm more shocked with France than Switzerland

No. 144173

I'm nervous and I'm not even Italian

No. 144174

i have a feeling Switzerland is going to win because of jury votes

No. 144175

why is greece there

No. 144176

France? Really?

No. 144177

Wayyyy to early to tell

No. 144178

This, jury votes are almost always political they just vote on neighbor countries and boring songs. I hope one day they will be removed

No. 144179

thanks for the 10 points italy xoxo

No. 144180

Aren't jury votes to balance out political voting blocks?

No. 144181


No. 144182

Someone come get their child.

No. 144183

It's not THAT GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 144184

No. 144185

They loved that AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 144186

Typical voting

No. 144187

pls guys france really wasnt that good

No. 144188

she's so cute and hot omg

No. 144189

France was shit, the fuck is this

No. 144190

Hard agree. People are just memed into liking it because it's a ~heartfelt song~ in ~romantic french~ ffs

No. 144191

12 points go to…. greece?
lmao what was that tonation

No. 144192

Cyprys and Greece always the same shit

No. 144193

audience actually booed at that lol

No. 144194

It'll make sense when Greece presents their points.

No. 144195

exactly my thoughts, what do they see in it? france as well

No. 144196

samefag but they already did, ignore me

No. 144197

Switzerland is just Arcade 2.0. The song is literally produced by the same composer/producer too.

No. 144199

yes they did hahah!! they also screamed "greece" before the jury could kek

No. 144200

They always do at those "friend" votings which is great

No. 144201

I'm surprised Iceland is above Italy so far. Wasn't Italy objectively better in terms of staging and vocals?

No. 144202

the big 5 rule is retarded tbf

No. 144203

File: 1621721771568.png (530.67 KB, 407x632, vM5ARcF.png)

No. 144204

Yeah it was supposed to be, but as you can notice its every year that same countries will give eachother votes. The reason why the audience booed at Cyprus was because every year the jury give 12 points to greece and greece jury does the same favor.

No. 144205

No. 144206

Imo not really. The big money from the big 5 allow financially limited countries to participate, so I'm not mad at the rule.

No. 144207

Based Ukraine

No. 144208

Finally some good taste!

No. 144209

not expecting greece and cyprus to exchange their 12 points is like hoping the uk won't send a shitty song, it doesn't deliver

No. 144210

I can't believe Ukraine is behind Finland wtf. I like Finland but Ukraine's vocals and performance are really impressive

No. 144212

Can't wait for the UK to complain about not getting points because BrExIt. Does the UK genuinely think they're sending acts that stand a real chance?

No. 144213

Sit down you crazy sexy man

No. 144214

File: 1621722196858.jpg (156.4 KB, 1080x1308, E1vnMYaXMAMJ33E.jpg)

France's song is so bad and Switzerland forgettable….

No. 144215

why isn't finland placed 1 jury votes fucking suck

No. 144216

Yes 12 to Ukraine!

No. 144217

makes sense given greece abstained from the contest a handful of times as a protest to the turkish invasion of cyprus if you ask me

No. 144218

DENMARK: NO POINTS TO FRANCE, THANKS! (Poor taste for no points to Italy though)

No. 144219

File: 1621722262270.jpg (16.47 KB, 340x408, a pick-me-up.jpg)

He will, he did that line too fast.

No. 144220

Are Moldava secretly bribing these countries?

No. 144221

holy fuck

No. 144222

No. 144223

12 points go to gweese

No. 144224

How does Greece have more points than Ukraine???? How does Moldova have more points than Norway??????????

No. 144225

UK STILL at 0?!

No. 144226

how many times has UK been zero points/bottom? feels like it's always there kek

based af

No. 144227

kek sleazy druggies

No. 144228

Are u ok Carola?

No. 144229

only from juries

No. 144230

She's not even sure.

No. 144231

I don't think so kek

No. 144233

The dutch commentators joked that Moldova paid the jury kek

No. 144234

kek what? Can someone repeat what she said exactly? I missed that

No. 144235

i feel like a few years ago we could count on getting at least two or three pity points but yeah we've been rock bottom consistently now & tbh we deserve it

No. 144236


No. 144238

Why is Malta girl so salty lol

No. 144240

sweden and norway not giving any points to finland fuck you you traitors

No. 144241

lol Italy not appreciating Switzerland's robotic emotions

No. 144242

Oh no i didnt mean the hosts, i meant the people who comment during the show privately to the people who watch tv

No. 144243

File: 1621722703336.gif (724.28 KB, 240x240, LinearIllegalBronco-max-1mb.gi…)


No. 144244

oops my bad

No. 144246


No. 144247


No. 144248


No. 144249

Awwww at least he's nice

No. 144250

i feel so bad for uk omg

No. 144251

I feel so bad for the UK

No. 144252


No. 144253


No. 144254


No. 144255

Zero points for Pewdiepie

No. 144256

Germany's gonna get so many storytime vlogs out of this.

No. 144257


No. 144258


No. 144259

omg so many zeroes.

No. 144260



No. 144261

i'm fucking crying, this is too good

No. 144262

he's a youtuber?

No. 144263

How did noone vote for broccoli song

No. 144264


No. 144265

Fucking hope so, I swear if Switzerland wins

No. 144266

And this is why I don't mind the big 5 automatically qualifying. It doesn't get you a high placement if your song is shit

No. 144267

Yeah and a tiktokker to i believe

No. 144270

Apparantly he lost his job during pandemic as an actor/musical star and he became a social media star instead

No. 144271


No. 144272

Nobody in the UK actually gives a shit about Eurovision so they keep sending bottom of the barrel crap

No. 144273

3 points to belgium awwwwww

No. 144274

>3 points for Belgium

No. 144275

By this point as long as Switzerland and France lose I'll be happy
God it would've been funny if Israel got 0 points

No. 144276


No. 144277


No. 144278

They were in the wrong place.

No. 144279


No. 144280

not based!!!

No. 144281

wont be enough sadly

No. 144282

Tbf Belgium's song was too mature for eurovision's audience

No. 144283

Great for her!

No. 144284

Woo Ukraine!

No. 144285

File: 1621723253740.png (685.21 KB, 801x445, LMAO.png)

lmao caption this

No. 144286

Im gonna puke

No. 144287

No, but still it's great. It's still overwhelming support from the audience!

No. 144288

It was boring and she didnt hit her notes in the beginning

No. 144289

>paid ads didn't pay off

No. 144290

Between Malta and Switzerland, looks can kill right now.

No. 144291


No. 144292

I think im dying

No. 144293


No. 144294


No. 144295

I really thought Iceland would do better with the public than that.

No. 144296

File: 1621723366918.jpg (46.67 KB, 1058x572, E1xTwCoXIAIDhOC.jpg)


No. 144298


No. 144299

snowflake nation RISE UP!!!!1!1!

No. 144300

Too dorky/tumblr-y after all?

No. 144301

No. 144302

>47 points to malta

No. 144303

Maybe the routine got old the second time around.

No. 144304

pansexuality don't real, twitterfag

No. 144305

Haha Malta's ads were ignored…

No. 144306

Yeah, fair point

No. 144307

File: 1621723497309.png (440.86 KB, 800x448, etbheeggegrgr.png)


No. 144308

it a joke sister

No. 144309

I only care about Italy, Iceland, Switzerland, Germany, France and Lithuania tbh

No. 144310

I'm okay with either Italy or France, but if Switzerland wins I'm going to need a long nap.

No. 144311

File: 1621723539307.jpg (26.61 KB, 639x553, cdf05b50d13e95bf84eeaefe5ca8b4…)

No. 144312


No. 144313


No. 144314

soul vs souless

No. 144315

soft boy versus bad boy

No. 144316

I'm dyingggggg

No. 144317

File: 1621723609845.png (86.97 KB, 298x150, gegegeeg.png)

>43 points

No. 144318


No. 144319


No. 144320


No. 144321

congrats Italy!!
pretty satisfied

No. 144322


No. 144323


No. 144324


No. 144325

File: 1621723691992.gif (340.7 KB, 320x289, Charlotte.gif)

No. 144326


No. 144327

File: 1621723700404.jpg (26.08 KB, 474x355, descargar.jpg)

No. 144328

Switzerland boy was cute tho

No. 144329


No. 144330


No. 144331

He's going to fire so many housekeepers when he gets home.

No. 144332

GREAT JOB SPAGHETTIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 144333


No. 144334

File: 1621723774673.jpg (232.09 KB, 2048x1365, descargar (1).jpg)

No. 144335


No. 144336

File: 1621723806710.jpg (60.11 KB, 407x612, descargar (2).jpg)

No. 144337


No. 144338

nah fatty

No. 144339

File: 1621723850380.jpg (68.1 KB, 622x871, E2BebF4XsAEFqSG.jpg)

yaaaasss italy

this was a fun eurovision tbh and I'm pleasantly surprised that good acts got far.

No. 144340

File: 1621723860080.jpg (46.55 KB, 620x388, descargar (5).jpg)

No. 144341

File: 1621723916772.jpg (388.61 KB, 927x1024, descargar (3).jpg)


No. 144342

you deserved it italy and thanks for liking our song too best regards finland

No. 144343

Accusing Italy of cultural appropriation for doing a genre that is typically very Nordic. Congrats though

Right like I was bashing him earlier in here kek but when they kept filming his face… Yum

No. 144344

>cultural appropriation
i'm dying

No. 144345

he's as straight as a circle anon

No. 144347

>Accusing Italy of cultural appropriation

No. 144348

File: 1621724197512.jpg (584.43 KB, 1080x1546, Screenshot_20210523-005307_Twi…)

No. 144350

>yo fujoshis in the chat did u are that?
did you have a stroke

No. 144351

I'm watching a non-live version…I'm just waiting for them to actually show the results and show Italy winning

No. 144352

So satisfying to see Italy win. Hell yeah!

It's been a lot of fun watching with you nonnies!!

No. 144354

Goodnight everyone it was fun, love ya all xoxo

No. 144355

same here!! see you next year, good night and sweet dreams!!

No. 144357

Yeah i think I had
Too much pasta

No. 144358

Italy finally won fucking hell

No. 144359

Good night girls see you in a year!

No. 144360



No. 144361

I think of all top 5s, they deserved it the most! Super nice

No. 144362

File: 1621724473088.jpg (69.13 KB, 500x748, IMG_20210523_010139.jpg)


No. 144363

Liveposting should be a more widespread thing in lolcow, let's do it again with the oscars or the grammies or whatever kek

No. 144364

& How salty are the UK & Germany over 0 points?

No. 144365

File: 1621724826427.jpeg (556.67 KB, 640x1134, D0811DA9-E5BC-407B-9DEA-32317D…)

Im here for the UK getting 0 points lmfao

No. 144366

Germany deserved better tbh, even though it wasn't all that good, it was better than all of the other generic songs (even though Germany's song was quite generic too)

No. 144367

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this was POSSIBLE? Like, during this pandemic? I really hope this paves the way for concerts and festivals opening up this summer!

No. 144368

double posting but this is coming from a britfag. Britain was very boring ngl, but idk if they deserve 0 points

No. 144370

File: 1621725131518.jpg (3.75 MB, 4032x3024, DSC_1020.JPG)

This is how it should have ended. This is what peak performance looks like

No. 144371

good taste

No. 144372

Not just boring but also very poor vocally. Am not a britfag and I think it'd be great to see the UK performing well if they put in effort. It's the UK, the talent pool is big enough, they can do it if they want to. When's the wakeup call coming through?

No. 144374

ayrt maybe this humiliating loss will motivate them to actually do well next time

No. 144375

germany def deserved more than 0 points compared to countries like uk…

No. 144376

agree, that was my own top three in that exact order

i placed 5 online bets and won 4 of them so i just got 160 usd richer lmao thanks iceland and italy

No. 144377

Any Germanfags willing to share how Germany feels about getting 0 points two years in a row?

No. 144378

Even compared to Moldova tbh

No. 144379

or they will ragequit like Italy did in 1997 kek

No. 144380

My french friend is losing his mind but I loooove the result. Would prefer Ukraine but top 5 is amazing too.

No. 144381

what, did that actually happen?

No. 144382

i think it was a joke but im waiting for an anon to confirm kek

No. 144383

I can totally see that happening kek. I hope they don't though, Eurovision needs the big funders to afford various small/poorer countries to participate. That's the drawback of Germany and the UK consistently performing dramatically bad as funny as that is. Plz don't ragequit big 5

No. 144384

Around 15 minutes before they won, yep. There are clips circulating on twitter. It's a really quick moment. He bends over, does the line and comes back up for air.

No. 144385

love how the swiss kid started sulking and pulling faces when he started dropping in the rankings like dude at least try to be a graceful loser

No. 144386

Yeah, I thought their song was like a joke, but a good one.

No. 144387

can they be actually disqualified for that if someone starts complaining?

honestly they deserved to win also italy has won last time 30 years ago and they had shitty years with covid so i think this is a nice thing for their country and people overall

No. 144389

him and the french woman were looking so surprised and insulted when other countries got a lot of points and they realised how different it would be from jury votes. idk what they expected, it's always like that

No. 144390

Not surprised about that from France tbh, they think of themselves as the kings of Europe

No. 144391

I don't see a disqualification, he can just use the Vanessa Hudgens "actually it was WHITE CHOCOLATE" Coachella excuse and it becomes a standoff.

No. 144392

File: 1621726191808.png (37.59 KB, 738x390, televote.png)

they really need to remove jury votes kek

No. 144393

really? i didn't even notice. everyone would be sad i guess, but it's kinda funny

No. 144394

tbh I don't blame them I can only imagine how nervous they are

No. 144395

Nikki is talking about him hosting eurovision served as transrepresentation on a talkshow rn blah

No. 144396

Can he just fuck off already …
> Inb4 a trannie or nb-chan next euro (tho I bet Australia and Iceland had some nb-chans)

No. 144397

he is just taking his vitamins like the good boy he is

No. 144398

apparently Israel broke the record for the highest note in the history of the Eurovision

No. 144400

I'm not surprised, good for her. That vocal range is amazing

No. 144401

Is anyone else surprised with how few points San Marino got from the public? It was like 80ish points iirc? Do you think people just thought bringing in Flo Rida was a cheap trick?

No. 144402

i surely did kek

No. 144403

He was yelling in his phone's mic, there's already better quality videos showing it. Plus, who would snort coke in front of so many cameras and people, on live television? Kek

No. 144404

i saw it again and he was clenching both his fists so yea not coke

No. 144405

actually fucking retarded kek

No. 144406

I didn't even notice it was him, I just remember thinking "this song doesn't need a rap verse, it's not going to make it better

No. 144407

Dunno, could totally see him doing it. The rock n roll lifestyle you know

No. 144409

I mean they're all definitely high as shit, but he's probably not snorting coke in that specific clip

No. 144410

damn I missed the live thread :( anyway idc if damiano did coke on stage, fr*nch people keep seething

No. 144411

The saltiness of it all lmaooooo puritans at it again

No. 144412

File: 1621728098959.jpg (92.2 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_5be40a0c3fae767e2a6f6ae…)

I'm seething alright.
How can this fucking scandinaboo be so hot

No. 144413

Norway ended 18th wtf, I REALLY didn't think he'd end that low.

No. 144414


if you refer to the name,his half-danish female guitarist proposed it

No. 144415

Everyone be thirsting over damiano but the drummer is way hotter with his l'oreal hair

No. 144417

woah… he is very good looking

No. 144418

File: 1621728287892.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.35 MB, 499x280, tumblr_8126cd81082d43a3ddcbd16…)

damiano has done pole dancing the drummer is more reserved and serious

No. 144419

yeah i also thought he was gonna be at the top 10
god yes he was hot lol

No. 144421

Wasn't his mom literally sitting near to them

No. 144423

He's going with "Thomas broke a glass, I don't use drugs please.

No. 144424

kek this looks so silly but if men wanna be objectified like this then continue

No. 144425


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 144426

He's just doing it to be provocative

No. 144428

why else?

No. 144431

Looking at the video again, I can see that. He is bending down to pick something up

No. 144457

File: 1621734824276.png (342.84 KB, 507x850, tumblr_866356b8ec6d30509534f2a…)

No. 144491

Kek this is cute

No. 144508

Maneskin's drummer is such a cutie patootie

No. 144515

Maneskin "doing drugs" all over french news right now. The fuck is this copium? Master mind journalism right there, focusing on boomer show twitter rumors instead of actual news

No. 144518

Pathetic, the French song was so boring anyway.

No. 144519

It was so lame, idu why we always sing those type of boring ballads at Eurovision. Would rather have a shitty generic pop song than whatever this edith piaf wannabe shit was

No. 144531

huge cope
it's like those brits who are convinced they got 0 points because of brexit

No. 144532

Tbh the only thing that I don't like about their victory is queerbaiting. The only LGB person in their band is a woman yet people all over the twitter are fangirling over two straight men kissing, claiming that's empowering and "LGBT community won" kek.

No. 144535

I love how the top 5 has shown a clear return to "authenticity" (as much authenticity you can get from a song produced by the same producer as 2019's winner ig). Even the only English song felt genuine. I'm so happy that none of the plastic strategic popsongs made it into the top 5.

No. 144536

File: 1621774381888.jpg (59.05 KB, 640x769, nkr0ev7eiq071.jpg)

And how salty are the UK and Germany about getting 0 points?

No. 144538

File: 1621775158341.jpg (65.73 KB, 720x720, 20210523_130953.jpg)

Not me crying over Manizha's song because of how important it is for us. She even kneeled to all the women on a screen I —
(( Long blog post about society in Russia, that's not even all of it. I know some foreigners say that it's just a silly song, but it means A LOT to us, like our own tiny revolution. I am not telling everyone to read under spoiler text, but if you are curious, go ahead. I wanted to explain a bit! ))

Everyday in Russia, at least 22 women are getting murdered. Whenever there is a public news about it (or woman being a rape victim), everyone would shit on a victim, write petitions to stop the case and free said man, talking shit about a woman and threatening her on social medias, saying she should be the one in jail, etc. Websites and imageboards that doxx the shit out of random women are never banned and heavily encouraged, while Russia can put a woman to jail for reposting feminism-related pages. Yulia Tsvetkova Got 5 years in jail just for drawing BODY POSITIVE artworks with Adventure Time artstyle that caused no harm, but they said that it's "propoganda". Meanwhile, a pickme of russian television paid for the court to free a man who raped multiple little girls and kept them in a basement to do a "shocking interview" with him, where he literally SAID THAT HE WILL DO THAT AGAIN. And guess what? He is free and TV channels keep inviting him to do interviews!!

Domestic violence became so common that they just got rid of domestic abuse law 5 years ago and never looked back. The part "syn bez otca, doc bez otca" is translated as "son without a father, daughter without a father" which is a reference to the fact that HALF of the russian families don't have a father. Them leaving and never paying alimony is the most common thing to happen, to a point where court would never give a fuck no matter of the times you tried asking the court to do something about it.

On the other hand, if a man claims that he should stop paying alimony and sends the woman to court, they will make sure to torture you for the next years, calling with threats if you don't visit him in court (it's happening to my mother for 10 years now. Her ex who would keep beating her up even while she was pregnant keeps inviting her to court at least 5 times a year because he doesn't want to pay for alimony WHICH he never paid, but asking that she should give the money instead).

And even if you are in a relationship, marriage or not with a man, you are the only one who "stands up" and does something, fixes problems and whatnot, because men are so spoiled in this country that they don't give a shit about anything, acting like violent babies.

Russia also forces tradthot and patriarchy propoganda onto you ever since you are born; society convinced you that a man and a woman can't be friends, only lovers, but as a woman you also can't befriend women and express any likeness towards them, after all they are going to do nothing but steal your husband, they are also totally jealous bitches. And you should never think about getting an education, let alone A JOB (because that's considered to be unfeminine, ESPECIALLY having a job), because you are meant to be nothing but an incubator, who is waiting for her husband at home, making thousands of babies, doing nothing but cooking and household (all of this stuff should not be done by a man, because that's not a masculine thing to do!). You should also always look like the best sex doll to ever exist (but also look natural!), be a dateless virgin but also have to be good in bed and at dating. If a woman gets a job instead of focusing on finding "the one" and sit on his neck, that means she is a fuck up. Also, bisexuality and lesbianism is just a phase! They will always assume that you never met the right man, or suggest you to have a threesome.

You also should never speak out about being sexually assaulted, after all that's what you asked for and you should be grateful instead.

On TV and media, ever since I was born the only jokes that'd see would be about nothing but "a woman is dumb / woman is used for nothing but sexual appeal / I hate my wife / if you are not married that means you are a crazy cat lady".

I used to feel sorry for "right-wing trad" women from snow thread, but the more I lived the more I grown to hate all of this shit. People who are unironically obsessed with pandering to poltards are disgusting and they are privileged as hell, living sheltered, normal lives.

I am sorry for my horrible English, I am currently learning my 4th language, so I may end up writing in a poor grammar, since I am focused on a completely different language.
Also, Manizha keeps getting bullied by other russians and twitter bots because "she is so unfeminine" and she is an immigrant, after all they would rather prefer to listen to some blonde girl in a dress, singing some song about ~ how much she loves her man ~. People keep saying that her performance is the biggest disgrace in Eurovision history, when it really isn't.

No. 144539

File: 1621775294744.jpeg (45.21 KB, 1024x768, c60cf72b-89cd-4ff3-9227-ee0da4…)

I'm Italian and I've never seen their italian fans do this tbh it's juts cringe teenagers on twitter. It's really trendy rn in italy for more "alternative" straight male singers to look and act gay on stage for shock value (picrel is an example), if anything maneskin are some of the least guilty of this

No. 144541

Gay provides shock value in 2021? Is Italy really as homophobic as they say?

No. 144542

>People keep saying that her performance is the biggest disgrace in Eurovision history
Tell them that in the eyes of the rest of Europe, this is one of your best performances in Eurovision history

No. 144545

Dont apologize your english is fine! The song is so beautiful and i really hope one day Russia will become a less shitty country for women. I watched eurovision with my family and friends and we all loved Manizha's song!

I agree with you, i felt bad for Germany and the Netherlands getting 0 points. I liked them and sure they werent winners but they werent that bad either.

No. 144547

They will shrug it off, calling Europe a rotten place which is what they've been doing for a long time now. Everyone are still shocked over how everyone else liked it kek

No. 144548

I'm from the Netherlands and I don't think anyone feels really bad about our low placement tbh, everyone's just relieved and proud that the hosting worked out well despite the pandemic. I was watching a talkshow right after the finals and the singer seemed to just be happy he got to tell his story on a big stage and was cool with it. I don't think anyone expected it (or wanted it) to do really well.

No. 144549

Ugh the situation in Russia sounds awful. Manizha's performance was powerful and it's a huge win that she made it to the European final!

No. 144551

File: 1621778374504.png (3.1 MB, 1863x983, russia.png)

I watched the Eurovision with my family too, and they shit on her performance for being too performative for wokepoints, while I couldn't catch half the things she said in her rap verses, so I had to check it out now. I don't know too much about Russia, but even being exposed to the shit they broadcast through satellite here, I can tell they're fucked up (talk show subjects, Men vs Women, TNT kanal's "jokes").
But I have to ask, what the fuck is going on in picrel? "Powerful female message? Let me get my anime bodypaint on".

No. 144552

Italy's a mixed bag. People who live in or close to the big cities are more likely to be open minded, meanwhile small countryside towns are always lagging behind by at least 15 years, especially in the South. The fact that boomers and even silent generation nonnas outnumber younger people takes its toll too.

No. 144554

Russia's crimes against women and sexual minorities are one of Europe's biggest disgraces (if not THE ONE). As a fellow europoor, I feel you, anon - even though Poland is not THAT bad yet, but looks like we are slowly getting there. Fuck this shit.
How did Manizha end up being chosen as representing Russia if so many people are angry about her? Kinda forgot Eurovision works nowadays, but weren't the viewers voting?
NTA but I think it's probably meant as a celebration of diversity of women

No. 144556

>they shit on her performance for being too performative for wokepoints
It's funny that people felt that way about Russia. In my eyes it was the only genuine "woke" performance this year. Her staging wasn't glamorous, her song not billboard top50-catchy, her story seemed grounded and sincere and not an attempt for wokepoints at all. Compare that to Malta who, in my eyes, was exploiting a message of gender empowerment to artificially create a win.

No. 144557

Wait wait wait… Victoria is lesbian or bi?

No. 144558

the pope is there

No. 144559

Do you think that a rock act winning Eurovision (and the other one ranking top 10) is a sign rock music is back on the rise again? Or just coincidence? I've seen people (unrelated to Eurovision) predict that rock is going to rise in popularity again this decade and I wonder if there's any correlation

No. 144560

Wouldn't be surprised, trends just seem to repeat in circles now. I can't wait for the awful EDM, trap and mumble dance music era to be over.

No. 144561

I sadly was confused over this weird-looking…whatever this thing is, but at the very least they also shown a radfem GNC (who was accused of being a troon earlier, it's just the way some GNCs portray themselves in Russia throughout this day). I checked one of the screenshots that had this person zoomed in on Instagram and it looked like a woman to me, just a weirdly creative one. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's some drag shit or whatever, because even though RadFem has always been the strongest feminism to exist in Russia, a lot of teenagers are brainwashing themselves with shit such as "meow/new" pronouns on Twitter and unironically giving names to "sexualities" that are:
-if you love a person ONLY if they don't love you back;
I don't remember the name of it but my bipolar friend ended up hanging out around these "made up this, made up that" people and she labels as this "sexuality".

I do not know if Manizha is RadFem, but by her big, long family story I would assume she is a RadFem, just not vocal about it, after all a lot of men in Russia beat the shit out of radical feminists and include themselves in libfem community just to stalk on radfems IRL. She is also a public figure, and a lot of people are trying to pander to whatever what's popular in richer countries right now.

As far as I know she just got chosen randomly by people who are looking for Eurovision singers. After all that's what kept happening in Russia at the very least. I am still genuinely surprised how they allowed her to sing it and do such "n-not traditional and feminine enough performance", but thankfully Europe loved it enough, even though our own Government was salty about it, calling her a clown etc. But let's also not forget that they could have used her as a way to get woke points, but by far that is the most genuine "woke" song I heard in Eurovision, that also remembering how she would sing only about women's problems in the past (domestic abuse song etc), she would also create events and participate in interviews in which she would call out beauty standards, and how women are forced to dress up like this, that, wear make up etc. (I think that's pretty basic, but in Russia you are considered to be a "greasy woman who doesn't take care of herself" if you don't wear any makeup.

No. 144564

southern italy has had a lot of influences from greece/albania/balkans as a whole so you can bet they are

No. 144568

>RadFem has always been the strongest feminism to exist in Russia
100% based. I can't help but think that's Russian women have even more basic feminist issues to solve (as much as I hate the argument 'you don't need feminism, women in Saudi Arabia do but not you' which my opinion may kind of resemble). Are women in Russia less interested in buying amerifag bullshit? It seems to me like there is some historical basis for that, but I may be talking out of my ass LOL
>(I think that's pretty basic, but in Russia you are considered to be a "greasy woman who doesn't take care of herself" if you don't wear any makeup.
Somehow it made me think of IC3PEAK's Грустная Сука (even though after double checking the lyrics, there is nothing about make-up there)

No. 144571

Don't blame being backwards on other countries, we are busy shitting up our own nations

No. 144573

I honestly can't blame these people. After all russian media is so heavily censored and unknown to other countries, and whenever some foreign media is trying to write an article, they never fact check anything and throw whatever shit they found from the first person who tried writing something in English (one of the smallest example is how everyone were convinced that twitch.tv streamer who killed a prostitute live on stream was actually his gf, that's not even the worst part about his streams). I don't like it how people go "m-muh country has it worse!!" But I am also not a person to start the good old "who is the most miserable person in this room" contest. If I had to write a lot of things that people do not know about this country (it fucks both sexes up, but women have it ten times worse), that would take me a whole day.
Ameristuff is a difficult question now… Over the past three years, A LOT of kids and teenagers started staring at America, specifically it's Twitter side and claim American-only problems onto our country. There always were libfems, but the only thing they would do is passively-agressively claim that they are "empaths" and talk shit about radfems, but now it's much worse. You see, in our country whenever people discover English-speaking community, social media and such, they immidatley think that it's ten times better, cool and "right" compared to Russia, which is I think understandable, but it's ridiculous how people are screaming about a lot of things that don't happen or affect russian lgb and fem communities. A huge amount of trans people in Russia were FtMs for obvious reasons, from people who gave up on living such difficult life to fakeboi fujos, but now I am seeing a lot of MtFs. They would usually be anons from imageboards with obvious deep mental health issues, but slowly but steady I keep noticing weeb futa fetishists (eg they are in Lolita community now, but this community is a whole different story).

We used to have a stand up comedy man who would joke about "how stupid Americans are" for many years (more than 10). I always found that rude, but looking how some things are being handled in USA now, I keep feeling like he was right. I feel bad for Americans.

I feel horrible over how russian kids on twitter would scream about troon problems, when Russia has much deeper problems, after all it's a country where elderly people get such low pension that they can't even pay their own rent with it. Our minimum wage is the worst, even with "normal" wage you will struggle surviving, yet they keep increasing prices on everything.

I don't want to spam Eurovision thread with such negativity, so I think I will stop now if that's okay. I wanted to ask a question about Saudi Arabia the other day, because of a weird situation around my acquaintance if that's okay. Can I do that in ex-muslim thread? Thank you!

there is also a neighbour country which still has its own "forest brothers" (Nazis). They were unnoticeable for some time, but now russians who migrated are going back home, because they keep getting threatened to get murdered through social medias, mailboxes and such. People even started randomly killing russians "just because". Eg a russian woman who had two children turned on her washing machine, and an elderly (!) Neighbour didn't like the sound of that, so he just knocked on her door and shot her in her head. The worst part is how her russian family keeps begging said country to give them her children so they could raise them, but they refuse to. My friend been living there for awhile, but now he's going back because him and his wife keep getting death threats all over their mailbox for just being from Russia when they just work as a doctor and kindergarten teacher.

That's it from me, at least for now. I don't want anons to feel sad about reading my posts, after all Eurovision is nothing but a cute contest that brings everyone together and creates a nice distraction from problems. I hope next year will turn out to be amazing, and COVID will stop messing everything up! Italy did a great job, along with other countries. My personal favourite is still Lithuania, there is something that I like about this genre, and they looked like charming, goofy adults. Very cute!

No. 144584

It's not as popular here as it seems to be in other countries but those who watch are obviously mad, those tv stations who finance the esc and who decide on which idiot to send are paid for by our taxes afterall.

Everything went worse after the statement they put out afterwards, literally claiming that the other european countries just didn't "understand" the song…and then the dude said that this actually isn't one of his better songs and that he already expected it to do badly. But he had fun and gained ig followers! wow how nice for you…
It's a combination of german boomers being incredibly arrogant (the commentor also kept putting down the other singers) and them trying to shill a fake woke agenda that only a tiny minority in Germany and Europe is interested in.
Many write that it refects nowadays society here: do bad but nevertheless pat your own ass, and always lecturing others, literally pointing a finger.

Supposedly he was elected out of over 100 artist by over 100 judges but the entire process is private, so it's more likely that he's just some good for nothing son of some tv boss…
After Russia we have the most inhabitants, there are so many bands here, it really shouldn't be so difficult to find a suitable actually talented and charisnatic act.

No. 144585

>>RadFem has always been the strongest feminism to exist in Russia
Is it really? Are you referring to actual radical feminism, or just slightly more radical liberal feminism? Like, political lesbianism? just curious

No. 144586

Definitely, Malta's "empowering" song felt very calculated and inauthentic coming after Russia.

No. 144587

Playing Malta vs. Russia back to back really feels like some libfem vs. radfem presentation slide for high schoolers

No. 144588

older generations kind of are. I'd say the prevalent attitude of the general public is "live and let live but keep it to yourself, and definitely dont show it on national tv

No. 144590

samefag but does anyone else think Belgium was criminally underrated?

No. 144591

Not the lesbianism one, but not a liberal one too, just the one that would eyeroll if someone goes 'not all men', because we know that's bullshit. All of this sisterhood stuff, etc, women against sexualisation and such. Your usual (original?) RadFem that focuses exclusively only on biological women without giving a single shit about men because they damaged us enough. There are a lot of lesbians out there, but we don't scream that "everyone should just turn themselves into lesbians", even though the topic of forced straight sexuality comes up really often, which is not surprising, after all kids are brainwashed into liking only the opposite sex.

No. 144592

I loved Litva a lot… She was perfect for me. Her dress was the most stylish one, but the most importantly her character and song were unique and amazing compared to others. Gave me tomboy vibes haha

No. 144593

>kids are brainwashed into liking only the opposite sex
You're right and you should say it.
Lesbians here in North America often complain about comphet being fake but it's extremely prevalent in other places, and even in NA in some communities.

No. 144594

File: 1621791349276.png (57.52 KB, 835x320, ebu.png)

EBU's official statement on the coke thing from Maneskin

No. 144595

No. 144596

File: 1621791683536.jpg (100.11 KB, 640x1138, x5e7qnl9nr071.jpg)

Also. Between him getting voluntarily tested and the broken glass story adding up, it sounds like he didn't snort coke after all, good for them.

No. 144597

man, what kind of salty loser or bitter boomer made that up…
that's some "rock music is the devil!" murican shit, nobody would have ever dared to accuse any of the other participants

No. 144599

It's laughable, really. If you look at the video you can see it's bs. Both fists are visible on the table, shaking. The table is too far from his nose. He only gets closer for a split second before getting back up. And with all the security, cams, people around, how would they even be allowed to openly bring and snort coke?
It's sore losers feeling the need to make up bs, and it's sad.
Take a better look https://twitter.com/BudhaMe/status/1396227401512783875

No. 144616

A number of people from my country (Serbia) are sharing the "coke sniffing" video around because they are convinced that Loco Loco somehow got "robbed", as if anybody outside Balkans cared about that dumb song. It's so fucking annoying.

No. 144621

>Every other country reeing about losing and being robbed
>Meanwhile Finland is celebrating their second best placement ever

No. 144626

File: 1621799472205.png (176.66 KB, 415x371, dxb8451rrw071.png)

Their reaction to winning was so wholesome.

No. 144629

Finland's 2 best placements are both rock songs, love that for Finland. Tbh Finland deserves to be happy & proud, 6th is a great score especially in a year as strong as this one was! Good to hear Finland's celebrating it!

No. 144630

I still love this one. How could she get 18th place?

No. 144636

File: 1621801003471.jpg (301.79 KB, 1080x1306, esc2021_1.jpg)

>Broccoli song
>united kingd0m
>0 votes x4 killstreak
>Malta seething
>coke conspiracy
>perfect balance between fun cringe and actual bangers
>Italy finally winning
Best ESC edition yet, by a landslide

No. 144638

Eurovision sure delivered after those two years. Very satisfying.

No. 144639

don't forget the moldovan chick dropping her mic

No. 144640

I'm so happy this year was the first time i managed to watch it live

No. 144641

im super late into this but this was so hilarious and cute.idek much about this tix guy or even liked his song but he seems so wholesome.i hope i aint wrong

No. 144649

they were crying so sincerely compared to all those fake smilers and then they get called druggies…

No. 144661

That's very nice to say. It's a band thats been around for a while and they're pretty good. The two guys are assholes though, the girl is pretty chill. They've also switched singers a lot but now they're the original band again.
Not their best song imo, I'm okay with them not winning. (Look up "mad about you" if you want to hear them at their best)

No. 144737

just out of curiosity, anyone got any juicy deets on maneskin? besides the fake cokespiracy

the drummers really cute!

No. 144746

File: 1621846586645.png (228.32 KB, 300x360, urgh.png)

on Jodel (an anonymous social media app that works within a certain km radius) people were really fucking salty. Some were pure frothing at the mouth, talking about how Italy should be disqualified for the ''coke'' clip.

I liked Italy's performance, but most of all I'm just glad Switzerland didn't win. The singer's face and demeanor really pissed me off. His expressions when other countries flew past in points cracked me up.

No. 144748

My only win condition was for France not to win, so I'd have been fine with this kid-faced switzerlander winning, but Italy obviously blew out everyone, just because they had actual concert/video clip energy. I'd have hated France's performance less if they didn't even try to make the woman look like Piaf.

No. 144750

File: 1621850097991.jpg (77.34 KB, 640x644, f5artc6y9v071.jpg)

God the drummer is handsome

>The singer's face and demeanor really pissed me off.
Lmao I can totally see why.

Tbh Switzerland wasn't one of the songs I wanted to win but it also wasn't on the "I might not watch out of spite next year if this wins"-list either (Malta was, god I fucking hate that faux-empowerment song so much).

I don't know what it is about something so mega ultra French that pisses me off so much but god France's entry was so irritating.

No. 144751

So beautiful, she didn't even make it do the final, no? No surprise Slovakia eventually decided they don't want to bother anymore. Thanks for posting and reminding me of this song

No. 144752

Im glad the singer took it so well, the singers from england and germany also took it well thankfully. I cant stand it when they cry because low placement lol. The hosting was very good imo, i liked that they didnt force any cringe jokes.

its cute, ofcourse it could be a publicity stunt but peoples say that now eurovision is over they want to try and date, i hope it works out for them.

At first i didnt mind if france or switzerland would win, but when i saw their faces when public votes came out i really wanted italy to win for their reaction.

Her reaction is kinda yikes, but also she is pretty young and probably thought she had a chance because of the bookmakers.

No. 144753

Rhythm Inside is my favourite entry from Belgium in recent years, it has made a lasting impression on me! It placed 4th which is really good but I wouldn't have minded seeing it win instead of Heroes. The vocals are great, the staging perfectly fits the song. And the song, well there's just something so distinctively cool about this song and performance.

No. 144755

This Eurovision year is going into the books as one of my personal favourites. From all the great entries to the messy voting, it was awesome.

No. 144774

I thought Italy's lyrics went "siamo fuori di casa", and I thought it meant like they were badass for partying on the streets or something. Now I looked up, and it's apparently fuori di testa, and I just can't hear it no matter how many times I listen.

No. 144777

yess anon,I became a huge fan of Loic after the competition took place

seems like he's doing well these days.

No. 144779

well he also apologizes to his mom for always being out, so it's not like you were wrong!

No. 144799

I liked their last singer Luka, too bad Eurovision didn't happen last year when they still had her.

No. 144839

Måneskin offically tested free of drugs.

No. 144851

File: 1621879882326.png (604.81 KB, 749x591, q4bTLUg9rR.png)


No. 144855

I'm just glad Switzerland loss. Fuck that kid's attitude. I'm one of the dorks who was really for Iceland since last year but when I heard Italy and Ukraine's song for the first time I was confident one of them would win.

Bookmakers fucked up ranking Switzerland and Malta so high but I'm more mad that Ireland and Australia didn't advance but Sweden did when their singer was weak af the first time. Also Cyprus. The song was fine but both times her vocals were super unstable. Sweden came back and sang better in the grand final but oof the first time.

Malta's singer just stood there and while her voice was really good her lack of movement made the fact she was insecure about her weight super obvious.

My partner is a lighting designer and I'm a kpop fan so I'm really interested in the overall stage design but also expect a good performance AND voice, not just one or the other.

No. 144856

File: 1621881406763.jpg (63.44 KB, 934x704, E2Kny-SWEAIwAdB.jpg)

They acted pretty high during the press conference but I guess they were just drunk and high on life.

Btw his leg looks like upside down Italy

No. 144857

No. 144858

File: 1621882306717.png (722.78 KB, 1058x592, tumblr_fdcc7af87e13ec0d17cba25…)

Did they? I assumed they were just Like That™, fits well with their alternative aesthetic. Also,
truly an iconic moment

No. 144862


No. 144863

Is that Swiss guy from some really well-off, rich family? He really struck me as a spoiled brat.

No. 144865

What the the Swiss guy do that made you think he was a snob except make some disappointed faces?

No. 144872

I think the only person who suits your description was Malta, I am not sure where you were looking during the time she would eyeroll and had "Well, I am already defeated because even though I paid Twitter, I know people barely reacted to my fakewoke shit" face.

No. 144876

In my opinion he took defeat really well, of course he was sad but even speaking about potentially losing after jury scores were announced he said he's happy to get that professional acclaim and it's what has the greatest value to him. Looked up his bio and there's no info on him having any "special" heritage, he's just a talented kid; having good hair doesn't make him a spoiled brat.
Malta tho.. like other anon said, 50 shades of bitter. Sad to watch.

No. 144879

this thread is so cozy

No. 144915

File: 1621904574364.png (1.19 MB, 1084x606, sw.png)

he was def salty

No. 144916

File: 1621905212186.png (1.61 MB, 908x1072, ffygy.png)

No. 144917

File: 1621905322543.png (175.54 KB, 282x328, hvgiuñh.png)

No. 144920


You're just biased because Destiny is fat/not that good looking; he was far more douchey and his comments that the professional scores are all that mattered comes off as him saying he's the "real" winner. Like whe wasn't bad but he just wasn't that good or special.

At least France paired their basic bitch ballad with really good camera work and lighting choices rather than the boring shit other countries did.

No. 144988

> Malta kept giving a pouty, passive-aggresive look and it was obviously shown how pissed she is. Her entire song is calculated and pretentious as fuck, they even had to pay social medias during semi-finals and finals just to beg for televotes

> Y-you are fat shaming!!1

> professional scores are all that mattered comes off as him saying he's the "real" winner.

It's not that deep…

I do not want to argue in Eurovision thread so I'll stop. I am sure that's some weird bait. Not even his fan because he is just genderbent version of France but you are weird as fuck.

Have you also seen Italy's finals reactions? Would you blame their lead singer for looking angry as hell, etc?

No. 144990

christ he has a punchable face. idk i dind't mind the song even though it was a basic ass ballad, he has a really good voice. something abt him just makes me seethe lmao

France's song was ok too and the performance and mood were good, it's just that it is…………….France.

No. 144991

Btw did you see the scoring for the semi finals? People speculated that Australia had just barely not made it in, but she actually ranked 14th.

Also Croatia got 9th and 10th place for jury and televotes but still failed to qualify. Interesting how that's possible.

No. 144992

I didn't see Malta as arrogant but as extremely nervous 18-year-old kid. If I was a contestant and lost I'd bawl despite the cameras. Plus her voice was really, really good, and as eurofags we don't need to pay attention to the quality of english lyrics anyway.
France and Switzerland however are those types of people who make me wanna punch them just by existing kek
Twitterfags unironcally write that the UK deserves their result because they're colonizers but frenchies get to pull the same uwu so artsy and romantic and natural and different (not really) shtick for decades and still get asspats for it. I was so glad that they lost at the end, fuck those jurys, it's always the same, normal people like completely different things than what they rate as good.

No. 144994

>You're just biased because Destiny is fat/not that good looking
Lmaoooo implying Swiss singer is good looking / not fat
Maltese girl is prettier than him, it has NOTHING to do with anything though

No. 144997

>Have you also seen Italy's finals reactions? Would you blame their lead singer for looking angry as hell, etc?
NTA but right before they're announced as winners, you can hear the lead singer telling the others "Hey if Switzerland wins, let's not be butthurt" lmao he probably noticed the other contestants' salty reactions too

No. 144998

by far one of the worst eurovision song entries, you could've replaced the frontman with our current prime minister and nobody would notice

that english though…

No. 145016

File: 1621944127043.jpg (34.67 KB, 629x688, ipidnsi.jpg)

I'm still so embarrassed about that one, everything about it was godawful.

No. 145029

It's kind of a guilty pleasure i can't hate it.falls under the weird Eurovision kitch. If it was tweaked it would be better


always nice to see greek anons heyy

No. 145044

File: 1621951944231.png (72.34 KB, 447x355, ESC_2022_Map.svg.png)

This thread reaches 1200 posts in ~5 posts, would anyone be down for an Eurovision 2022 thread? It'd probably not be very interesting or active for the time being but then there's a place to discuss once preliminary rounds start and participants and songs get announced. JESC talk or anything about the American version of ESC could go in there too if anyone's interested in that.

Picrel is all countries that have already confirmed particpation for 2022.

No. 145045

i was thinking about a esc general where we can post esc stuff all year round regardless if it's related to the current year or not idk what do other anons think?

No. 145046


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 145048

Ayrt, yeah calling it ESC general is fine too, same in my book.

No. 145052

All right, new thread here:


No. 145529

I'm not saying anyone is fat shaming, it's just factually easier to hate someone that is uglier, which she is. She was dumb for getting her hopes up given her poor performance (feel bad for the dancers tbh cause all she did was stand there and do jazz hands while she sang), and her pouting came off less pretentious to me than the Swiss kid acting like he already won and also having some pissed off pouty looks and eyerolling and getting upset every time anyone else got points.

Italy looking rough is part of their whole 'vibe', not really the same. That'd be like saying Finland was rude for flipping the bird being part of their song/performance.

No. 172821

sorry for bumping the old thread, didn't realize I posted in the wrong one.

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