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No. 143363

For all things resin! Including
>resin art
>resin and vynil toys
>resin furniture or decorative stuff
>resin charms and jewlery
>resin kits

Do you make stuff with resin?
Share tips and tricks!

No. 143393

File: 1621564101127.jpg (86.62 KB, 794x1058, il_794xN.2640936375_mdeo.jpg)

Haven't made anything, but I really like when people use the fresh/pressed flowers and stuff.

No. 143395

There's a company called Reynolds Materials that sells fantastic plastics and rubbers for moldmaking and casting. It's a shame they're not a chain and don't do online orders, because I would totally recommend them otherwise. They also sell powders that give plastics a pearlized finish, chemical baths to smooth 3D prints, and foams for casting.

Unfortunately they're only in the United States and I'm not sure if they do international shipping. However they do have some nice casting tutorials on their Youtube channel.

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