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File: 1521749396415.jpg (49.69 KB, 800x450, universal constant.jpg)

No. 15093

needed some way to vent about this, and i always love reading about other people's raging hate boners for (insert x title here). this isn't limited to books alone - it can be a show, comic, webcomic, etc. as long as it has your blood boiling almost every time you see it and you can't begin to imagine how anyone could get into it.

i'll start us off: "a matter of life and death" (https://tapas.io/series/A-Matter-of-Life-and-Death) is kind of the brainless beauty of western BL. now, it didn't start off that way, but between the author deciding to start acting like a spoiled brat instead of taking responsibility for her growing fanbase during the past year, and the story itself taking an olympic nosedive into overwrought, melodramatic, needlessly vindictive (while somehow still failing to deliver all the emotional punches during actually appropriate scenes), everything-that-makes-BL-shit territory.

now, as a disclaimer, i will admit that i'm not a fan of BL in general. i've seen way too many works that portray stuff like rape, abuse, etc. way too voyeuristically for my comfort, and even in more lighthearted series it usually feels like the authors don't know how guys interact with other people, let alone how gay guys do it. it's just not for me. but for fuck's sake, even i can recognize that BL fans deserve better than this.

No. 15094

File: 1521754220466.jpg (13.93 KB, 219x300, pic279251.jpg)

I found Dune to be trashy and misogynistic. I seriously don't understand how it's so well-regarded, it's a Marysuetopia with really dubious morality and again, it's blatantly anti-woman.

No. 15095

I tried read Dune when I was 15, and got only 50 pages in. I remember nothing other than it was just infodumping and robotic world building.

Ender's Game is another one of overrated books beloved by a specific male audience.

No. 15096

i actually haven't read dune - although the title does sound vaguely familiar. i guess that makes me one of the lucky ones?

No. 15097

Can you explain how its anti-women? I kind of wanted to read it before but the infodump sounded like a turnoff, I never got time to.

No. 15098

It's one of the sci-fi "classics", except it's seriously awful. Super dry and tedious to read, worldbuilding you really have to focus on or shit comes up you'll be confused by, very misogynistic, and again full of Mary Sues (or Gary Stus) spouting psuedo-philosophical garbage.

No. 15099

>women rule over society in a creepy cultish fashion
>despite women being trained in mind control skills their cult stipulates that their messiah must be a man
>also despite women supposedly being super powerful men always outsmart them and control them
>hurr durr 99.9% of women are evul and should stay in the kitchen
>the literally 3 women who are allowed out of the kitchen and not evul are only allowed to advance a man's agenda, they have no real agency of their own (and one is mentally stunted from magic and shunned by the community anyways)
>btw a man marrying multiple women at once is perfectly okay

No. 15100

File: 1521758766470.jpeg (46.05 KB, 220x346, 97DEF804-A1A5-4C19-B70B-BF100B…)

So overrated for all the ~controversy~, spoiled rich kid drops out of school, lies about his age to get booze and women and is an antisocial weirdo with a speshul white stripe in his hair. What’s so special about that?

No. 15101

Yeah I read it as a kid and even at that age I was like lmao who is this bratty cunt I don’t get it

No. 15102

I guess it was such a big deal because of all the swearing? It used to be on a lot of high school reading lists iirc.

No. 15103

I actually love this kind of saltiness too. I'm pretty excited for this thread.

I recently watched Blade Runner 2049 after seeing all kinds of praise for it online. People are calling it the best movie of the year last year, even best of the decade, and saying, "only smart people can understand this movie."
It was really simplistic, and the robot Jesus story is an awful idea to base a Blade Runner movie off of (in my opinion). Plus, the way female characters were treated was pretty bad. Especially the waifu character. I thought there would be some kind of conflict with K being a replicant and waifu being an AI…like he would realize that she doesn't have even artificial sentience, and that even as robots their relationship can never be equal. It would be like being married to Alexa or Siri. But they went for the most obvious story beats and were very lazy about twists. Not that they were really twists, but when you see plot points coming from miles away, it takes away from the story. And one more thing, the visuals and music were great, but they didn't come together in a way that made the setting feel lived-in and real. I wouldn't recommend this movie to a Blade Runner fan, or to someone who has read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

It's mostly the fanbase that annoys me, since it's not a bad movie. But I've ranted enough now.

No. 15104

Saw a documentary on JD Salinger and apparently he’s a whiny cunt too

No. 15105

File: 1521761580711.jpeg (29.05 KB, 220x329, 187C29DC-9C21-4014-829D-458E28…)

The Great Gatsby is a boring, glorified soap opera. It's only appeal is being set during the 20's. I fucking hate this book so much that I threw it into a rentention pond when I finished it. I'd rather read car repair manuals than this shit again

No. 15106

File: 1521762132096.jpeg (31.22 KB, 200x292, BBDCC341-6D41-4C44-AC9B-3EBC01…)

Samefag but fuck Hemingway too. You'd think being a miserable old drunk would make one more expressive, but no. Third graders are more engaging writers. That being said, I did laugh at the part where he calls the fish a whore

No. 15107

>calls a fish a whore
>no merpeople plot twist

fucking waste of space

No. 15108

"The Great Gatsby" and Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" were only tolerable because of the homoerotic subtext.

No. 15109

Speaking of homoeroticism…
OP, you got any more shitty homosex comics? I need a good laugh.

No. 15110

File: 1521763315680.jpg (26.49 KB, 329x499, 41ohGCRSBcL._SX327_BO1,204,203…)

Interesting premise ruined by a shite writer and the fact that EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER HAS THE SAME LAME 2007 ERA /B/TARD SENSE OF HUMOR. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

No. 15111

So it's self insert? Figures.

No. 15112

kek I liked BR2049 but people literally posting about it nonstop on /tv/ on 4chan because they liked the idea of having a submissive holo waifu was the final straw that made me stop going there (though I should've stopped going there way sooner tbh).

thanks for the warning, I was thinking about starting this book

No. 15113

>"only smart people can understand this movie."

All I can hear when people say this is, "I hyped this movie so hard for cool points that I don't want to admit it sucked and look like a sheep".

No. 15114

>whiny cunt
He had PTSD after participating in holocaust camp liberations during WW2, chill

No. 15115


The thing is, this was a big deal when it was written, back in the 40s. A kid doing these things back then was ~scandalous~. The controversy stuff didn't hold up as well through out the years, but for some reason dumb conservative parents still think it is oh so outrageous when by today's standards it's not, and then the kids get disappointed reading it. If people stoped hyping up this book so much, it would just be a decent read into a 40's teenaged boy's life.

No. 15116

File: 1521765115436.jpg (52.83 KB, 290x450, 22288.jpg)

I remember sacrificing a week of friendship because my friend couldn't understand why I was ditching her to read this piece of shit, and in hindsight, I don't know why I did that either. And several more of his piece of shit novels. I wish I could abort that span of time from my life.

>thanks for the warning, I was thinking about starting this book
If you can suspend disbelief and constantly remind yourself Andy Weir made his career as a software engineer and has not a single literary bone in his body, it's probably not as bad as it could be.

No. 15117

read like… a few pages of one of his books a week ago? what did he do?

No. 15118

File: 1521765749836.jpg (26.53 KB, 201x300, RoseMadder.jpg)

Out of all, I think I've always felt cheated by this one. Even King himself thinks it's one of his more tryhard pieces.

It's a story of a woman escaping domestic violence, but King fucks it all up and adds unnecessary fantasical elements without any basis and the ending is trash as a result.

He didn't do anything, as far as I know. His books are pretty edgy and not very well written, so that was more of a confessions on cringe past, if anything.

No. 15119

File: 1521768048951.png (257.19 KB, 480x729, 5vWIW4b.png)


I personally thought The Martian was really fun! It's a nice summer afternoon read.
>>15116 is right though - you need to remember he's not the best writer. However, pic related is pure fucking garbage. I got it as a Book of the Month and I'm real upset that I wasted a credit on it.

MC is basically the exact same character as the MC in the Martian except a hypersexual (read: she talks like how a 13 year old boy would about sex and how sexy she is) Muslim woman that sounds exactly like a white man. The plot is boring horseshit too. At least you can root for the MC in the Martian.

Also Ready Player one is trash but I think it'll translate better to film. MC is a total Mary Sue. Anyone else read it?

No. 15120

heard of it. what the author did with the horny best friend character was so blatantly for last minute progressive points that i'm pretty sure it gave me physical chest pain, but don't remember much else about it.

No. 15121

Ohhh my god. Yes. That "plot twist" if you could call it that had me cringing so fucking hard.

It was interesting with all the 1980s fun facts but the story was so weak and the MC was so unlikeable…

I wonder if they're gonna make Love Interest thicccccc like she was in the book, I didn't bother looking up the character casting (NOT FAT THOUGH SHE WAS JUST REALLY CURVY BUT NOT FAT UNCONVENTIONAL BEAUTY OMG shes not like OTHER GURLS and shes NOT FAT ok shes CURVY) ugh Ready Player One made me want to vomit

No. 15122

Didn't read it but caught the trailer, and the shot of all the avatars running to battle made me fucking die. Just seeing OW Tracer and the Iron Giant together in the same scene felt like eating a month old stale Mcdonald's fry I found on the bottom of a car. I don't understand this obsession with constant references without substance.

I think I would enjoy the concept better if all the avatars and fantasy universe looked more like VRchat:

No. 15123

Good lord, he wrote another book?

I was hoping The Martian would be a kind of one hit wonder, all things considered.

The Martian's saving grace was the premise and the fact that the MC was so distant from the rest of the characters, their blatant similarities might be easily forgiven.

>MC is basically the exact same character as the MC in the Martian except a hypersexual

Good ol' Andy hasn't missed a beat, I see. I'm 90% certain he only knows how to write his own internal monologue, and any discernible difference in characters was all his editor's doing.

No. 15124

You're so right. I didn't realize the man could barely write dialogue until I read Artemis. It's hard to fuck up a monologue so that's what ultimately saved The Martian for me. But thinking back I remember that the Earthside scenes were a chore to get through. Everyone had the same damn personality! No emotional growth whatsoever btw in Artemis. LOTS of references to how sexy she is and there's a charming bit involving a reusable condom. Also there's a mention of how pedophilia is technically legal on the Moon (the setting) because of "some cultures". As in, in "some cultures" it's okay to have sex with fourteen year olds so it's not banned on the Moon. Like, that could've been an interesting plot point but no, it just came off as fucked up and skeevy.

No. 15125

methinks weir is the sort of fellow who thinks the age of consent in japan is actually thirteen because he saw it on wikipedia like a year ago.

No. 15126

Yup, the actual "Martian" parts were fine for me, but the fact that everyone in NASA had essentially the same personality (in a very serious situation! a man was stranded on MARS!!) is what I meant by "same sense of humor".

>Also there's a mention of how pedophilia is technically legal on the Moon (the setting) because of "some cultures".


Everyone disparages literary talent as something boring and not profitable these days, but this is the result. Nothing is sacred, and the masses salivate on any vaguely interesting idea no matter how poorly executed it is.

No. 15127

I just hate Harry Potter. It's probably the fans though. Star Trek makes me angry whenever I see shit for it too.

No. 15128

i don’t hate it, but i never read it nor did i have any strong desire to do so.
had a good sardonic chuckle at how badly jk rowling fucked it up with the epilogue + the cursed child though.

No. 15129

Piers Anthony. Can't wait until that pedophile apologist fucking dies.

A couple of reviews for the unfamiliar:



This is a man who corresponded with convicted pedophiles in prison & said of one of them that his only crime was being attracted to small boys. Not, y'know, molesting them.

He wrote a story wherein a FIVE-YEAR-OLD has sex with an adult and when the adult is on trial the law is mentioned… and then the law is dismissed as being retarded. Also the child and adult are referred to constantly as lovers.

Child's name? Nymph. What the fuuuuuck

No. 15130

What even the fuck? I've been a long time Piers Anthony fan and never heard about this. This is a rude awakening.

No. 15131

I loved it as a child but I’m sick to death of adults reading it and treating it like it’s a literary classic.
It’s a fuckin kids book. We had a lot of fun with it and some very good memories but let’s stop acting like JK Rowling is Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Noam Chomsky.

Catcher in the rye and the great Gatsby are shit. Main characters are goddamn dreary.

Chuck palahniuk is king of the edgelords (even though I too enjoy fight club)

I’m a judge prick and think that only stupid pretentious people read YA and supernatural romance. Read a decent book you fuck.

No. 15132

File: 1521797756387.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1307x1830, 20180323_043308.jpg)

Ah, yes, I fucking hate this cringe obsession with a children's book. Speaking of cringe, this is my cousin's WEDDING invitation. I hope neither one of them know this website exists.

No. 15133

It weirds me out whenever I see people near their thirties that still obsess over the series. I was a kid when the books started coming out, so reading them and going to see the movies on field trips was a part of my childhood, but my interest in the series completely vanished when Half-Blood Prince was published.

Last semester at Uni one of my classmates unironically asked our business professor what house he would be in at Hogwarts and ofc he had no clue what she was talking about.

No. 15134

I read Harry Potter twice, once as a kid and once as teenager. They were an enjoyable read, but I never developed the obsession a lot of fans and my friends at that time had with these books, like with sorting themselves into houses, making huge analyses about each house even though Hufflepuff was barely mentioned and whatnot.

No. 15135

I hate this fucking book so much. Another shit read in literature class was Great Expectations.

Apart from that, other fictional shit I hate is Star Wars (I'm sorry SW fans) and things like Steven Universe or Voltron (mainly bc of the fandoms but SU is so ugly, idk how anyone can stare at it for more than 5 minutes).

This thread is gonna be so dangerous for hurting peoples' feelings, but it feels nice to rant a bit.

No. 15136

I'm 30 and I'm not a HP fanatic anymore, but I do still enjoy it. We go to Universal every year though, so the Harry Potter world kind of keeps me slightly interested in my house and things like that. Other than that I almost never think about HP anymore though.

No. 15137

I loved new BR, I respect Dune, have a soft spot for Harry Potter and I stan the saga about Ender hard, lol.

What I don't get is the hype for superhero movies. I feel like there's 10 new marvel flicks every year. I watch them sometimes on TV as a time waster or with a friend who's a fan, just to hang out together, and I can't even remember the plot. Like I've seen Thors, yeah sure, few times probably, but I don't even know what the movies were about. The same about Avengers, Iron Man… They're all the same and generic, and I almost immediately forget them after watching.

The only superhero shit I like is Jessica Jones, I guess because it's different, very much about her, not saving the world blah blah. And she's a girl. Damaged and troubled.

But yeah, fellow geek people shame me for not caring about Marvel all the time (I guess DC doesn't count because it's even more embarrassing to like them). I don't get it.

No. 15138

I loved the books as a kid/teenager and I enjoyed some of the movies but I feel like the rabbid fans and some of JK Rowling's statement as well as the drama surrounding her are making me care less and less about the franchise. It's definitely overrated though, no matter how good I think it is.

I liked the first few Marvel movies a lot because I like action movies in general but I don't really care about the movies now because everyone hypes them way too much (no way I'm going to watch Black Panther because I know that no matter how good it is I'll be disappointed because of how often the fans said good things about it) or you have to watch almost all the movies in the series before to fully enjoy them. I loved the first Avengers movie but at some point having to be up to date with way too many movies makes things less enjoyable.

>but SU is so ugly
You're right, it looks so ugly. I can't believe that so few people think so or say it, whether they like or dislike the show. It's even worse because of people being more and more inspired by this show for their art style.

No. 15139

I loved Harry Potter they were the same age as me in the books growing up and I was going into big school when the first movie came out I saw with my Dad. The HP books felt like gameboy cartridges to me, they held that excitement and I always read them super fast because they had the fast reading challenge on SM:TV. I have vowed though to not watch another HP related thing for years because I am sick of it now. And JK Rowling has not aged well imo and her twitter gives me so much secondhand embarrassment.

I also agree with the Superhero stuff. I do not get the hype. I only ever enjoyed the Dark Knight and Jessica Jones. I also hate people that portray themselves as only comic book fans or like the nerds from big bang theory. Call me a 90s bitch but obnoxious nerds are my most hated subgroup

No. 15140

Yeah, I agree about superhero stuff. Growing up I was really into Marvel, but now I almost have a disdain for it because of how many movies there are and how big the cinematic universe is now. It's just overwhelming and seems like all it's trying to do is be a moneymaker. I've stopped going to see them, not really because I don't WANT to, but because there are just so many and I don't have time or energy to keep up.

No. 15141

>I just hate Harry Potter.
Someone finally fucking says it. I read the books. I hated them, even as a pre-teen and a teenager. I simply didn't get the hype. J. K. Rowling isn't that spectacular of a writer, especially when it comes to characters. The "whimsical" aspect of the book was way too unimaginative and while I respect it for the effort I just found it to be not that enchanting as it took a lot of overused ideas from other fantasy fiction and didn't really invent anything that special. Harry was a Mary Sue character for sure and the rest of them were either tropes or just not that interesting. The whole plot felt like it was calculated by a formula for maximized marketing value. Like a team of ghost writers writing a book based on market research. And in retrospect it feels even more like that now when Rowling is spending her time on twitter coming up with new trendy tumblr-pandering labels to throw at her characters as a selling point now that she's washed her hands off the series.

I, with no exaggeration, can say that I simply don't understand adults who obsess over this franchise because everything about it is so childish. It wasn't clever, it wasn't inventive, it wasn't immersive. I have an easier job understanding adults liking fucking Sonic the Hedgehog or My little pony than Harry Potter because at least Sonic is an interactive video game and MLP has the excuse of being a cartoon made to sell toys. And I think those franchises are for autistic people too.

No. 15142

> that I simply don't understand adults who obsess over this franchise because everything about it is so childish.
I think they like it because it's childish in a way. They're probably people who read the books or watched the movies as kids and they're still into the franchise because of the nostalgia and they associate it with their childhood. Kind of like adults who are obsessed with Disney movies. And you used MLP and Sonic as exemples but I also feel like a lot of adults are into these franchises partly because of the nostalgia factor.

No. 15143

I'm >>15136 and I definitely agree with this. The only reason I somewhat like it anymore was because I liked it as a kid. I know someone who was very sheltered growing up and wasn't allowed to read HP. Now she's about 26 and read all the books, goes to the theme park about twice a year, and shits herself over it in an embarrassing way. Like I'm honestly glad I got it all out of my system when I was 14.

No. 15144

Fate Stay. Maybe it's unfair for me to not give it a chance, but the designs look ugly (especially with the modern incarnations with the rhino noses) and the plot sounds nonsensical. It also seems to rely entirely on waifu baiting, with ten different Sabers and the weird ass Illya Prisma lolicon side series. Also whenever people post examples of the """amazing""" fight scenes, it looks like they just decided to go into After Effects and just add lights and VFX everywhere to cover up the actual animation.

No. 15145


Whew, I didn't expect such a response. Glad other people agree. Sometimes I feel like it's one of those things you aren't allowed to dislike because you'll be jumped on and attacked by fans.

This is AWFUL. I feel sorry for you if you end up going and have to endure that. Is her school or work on FB some shit about going to Le Hogwartz?

No. 15146

I don't understand it either.

On an embarrassing sidenote: I did one major in English literature and this girl in my graduating group presented her thesis project comparing Fate Stay to King Arthur and the round table.
I don't remember any of her points because they weren't well-articulated and none of us had a clue about Fate Stay, which she also failed to give a clear synopsis on. It's almost like she didn't know or couldn't name some of the characters if I recall?
They passed her though, I guess she put in the work and they didn't want to tell the spergish girl to pick a different topic on fear that she'd meltdown.

No. 15147

Agree with all that you said.
Friend and I were having a discussion about how reading is just a hobby like any other and that people are way too pretentious about it even if the shit they read isn’t particularly challenging, educational, or thought provoking.

She responds, “Well, I read GOOD books, like Harry Potter!”

Subject was promplty changed….

No. 15148

File: 1521870755246.jpg (334.18 KB, 1067x1600, LGswbbI.jpg)

I literally cannot stand this bullshit. I don't know if it's just because I'm the only one in my friend group (mostly artists) who wasn't into it when it was airing, or if fandom ruined it for me, but people go on and on about how innovative and amazing it was and I've given it about 20 tries and I just cannot get into it. There's some solid episodes and it's not necessarily even terrible, I just cannot stand it… I guess I actually can't stand the people who gush about how ~amazing~ it and Korra are. Get fucked, watch an anime, it's not that fucking special,

No. 15149

File: 1521872507685.png (472.92 KB, 700x560, 1444531925958.png)

I dislike most of the franchise because it's too close to a harem for comfort and the VN is literally porn, but Fate Zero is awesome, and much more palatable for a female audience. The main characters are mostly men but no shitty Shirou and the women aren't there just to be waifubait.

I can't blame you for not liking the designs or flashy fx, but I found it pretty easy to overlook for the good points.

No. 15150

i think korra is garbage but avatar is my fave show lmao, i think its different from anime, the storytelling and characters feels very american despite how 'asian-inspired' it is, you arent going to see an anime girl cause any real conflict and not tolerate certain bullshit. season 1 is episodic and sets up the plot and worldbuilding, season 2 is advancing plot and preparation for finale, season 3 is racing towards the end, bringing back things set up in earlier seasons and the finale.

getting through season 1 can be a chore so i dont blame you for giving up.

key season 1 episodes are 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20
the rest are to introduce characters you see later except 11 which is pure filler and 14 which you only see the location again in the next episode. i encourage you try again with my watching guide and then if you enjoy it go back to get introduced to side characters.

it was innovative at the time and still kinda is as every childrens cartoon is episodic and has a status quo so it was refreshing and new and what kids cartoon shows the effects of WAR of all things? even steven universe which everyone drools over having a great plot returns to episodic bullshit that no invested watcher actually gives a fuck about. im not sure if there will ever be another 'avatar' type show again, i still consider it special and unique especially in western animated media.

i hope you enjoy my autistically long post and can give it another go and wont find it as bad as you do now, best of luck anon <3

No. 15151

Nasuverse is absolute garbage, it’s like a mashup of outdated early 2000s anime cliches combined with the western obsession of rehashing and rebooting capeshit.

No. 15152

Yeah I've had a lot of people recommend it to me but it just seems to be a nonsensical, hard-to-explain story built around waifupandering. While there's nothing inherently wrong with that, people make it seem way more complex and amazing than it probably is.

As an animu oldfag it's just Americans taking every plot point we've seen in anime since the 70's and regurgitating it for American audiences. But for western newfags it's inventive and fresh as hell so I get why it's popular but it seems basic as fuck children's cartoon to me.

No. 15153

Since I don't really read a lot of fiction, just bc video games are 10x more interesting, my only experience with a shit-tier book was The Scarlet Letter. I had to read it for AP english and it was so infuriating.
Honestly, I get it's a period piece and it's meant to have tons more symbolic meaning than actual story, but the MC pissed me the fuck off for being a stubborn bitch to literally everyone, and Pearl was such a little shit that it just made MC look even worse for raising her kid to be an animal. I'm sure some people may think that's the point, that she's rebelling against a society that treated her badly, but imo I haaate people who treat everyone like shit just because of some 'society is bad' edgy ideology. Yeah, I get it, you got fucked over, no need to be a dick and drop any sense of kindness to people who might genuinely care about you if you showed some humanity. Ruined the whole book for me and I hated talking about it in class.

No. 15154

All I got out of reading it ages ago was the prose was boring as shit and Pearl was basically a Mary Sue baby who could talk with wolves.

No. 15155

literally all I remember from the book is the aggravating prose. Too many walls-of-text for 16-yr-old me's taste.

No. 15156

Holy shit. Good luck, I hope the wedding ceremony won't be too cringe and unbearable for you. Speaking as someone who like Harry Potter overall but agree on some points with the anon who dislike it, I'd probably try to find a way to not go to her wedding.

I never watched it and the reason why I didn't watch it when the first season was airing was partly because of the fanbase treating the female characters like they're qt waifus and talking about the show like it's a literary masterpiece. It was cringey as fuck.

No. 15157

File: 1521939863369.png (300.89 KB, 419x500, the-fault-in-our-stars-500x500…)

This piece of shit. The story was almost non existent, the characters were bland, obnoxious, whiny cookie cutter 2deep4u teenagers who didn't give a crap about anyone but themselves because they were too high and mighty with their shitty philosophy (especially Augustus with his cigarette metaphor, fuck off out of here), the main character obsesses and revolves her life around a stupid book nobody cares about…UGH it makes me so mad to think about this book honestly, let alone hear people quote from it. It just reeks of pretentiousness, ever nook and cranny of the story and its god awful characters that aren't in any way likeable. So yeah, screw this book.

No. 15158

Speaking of Disney, the only movies I really enjoy are tangled and bolt. Moana was cute too, I guess, but even as someone who likes cute animals it was clear the sidekicks were forced into the plot.

Frozen is annoying af though, I feel like it only gets hype because it had two princesses. I don't buy it as a feminist movie either.

No. 15159

Thanks for confirming everything I thought, but never bothered to read.

John Green is such a lame, and everyone I've ever known who stanned him was trash.

No. 15160


Frozen is probably the most overrated animated movie ever. It's really average at best, and the only reason people were obsessed with it for literally 3 years straight was because Disney needed a new cash cow and sold merchandise and promotion and averting left and right in our faces for goddamn ages even after the hype died down. It was impossible to escape. Everyone I know who went to see just said it was "okay".

No. 15161

Definitely agree, I couldn't stand Fate Stay Night but Fate Zero was much better written and appealing.

No. 15162

Some trashy girls from my hometown who like pretending they're bookworms and "Soo0o nErdy!!1!" love this book. Take that as you will.

No. 15163


Some guy in a chatgroup I was a part of got furious at me when I dared to mention that I thought Olaf was an annoying sidekick. Suddenly I was given a whole lecture on why Olaf's design was perfect for the movie, why he was the best sidekick a Disney movie have ever had and I was immature for not laughing at his humour.

Since I'm on Disney, I hate all the live action remakes they are doing. Especially The Beauty and the Beast. The Beast's design was awful.

No. 15164

I came here specifically to post this. The whole book reads like ~tragic~ OC fanfiction written by a 17 year old girl.
My ex was really into John Green and this book specifically. She stanned for him so hard because he is "so real" or some dumb shit like that.

I also have to agree with the anons talking about comic book movies, especially Deadpool.

My most hated one is Nightmare Before Christmas though. I still do not understand the appeal behind it. The songs are annoying and the characters just… annoy me to look at for some reason. In the same way that I can't stand looking or listening to Rick and Morty or Steven Universe. I've never been able to explain it. I just hate that movie and have since I was a kid.

No. 15165

Not to be mean, but is this guy autistic or something? Like of all the characters to defend… Fucking Olaf?

Also, agreed on the remakes. I can't believe they're redoing Lady and The Tramp. Cinderella is probably the only acceptable one because of the costume design and Lily James is pretty.

No. 15166

The only live action "remakes" I like are the 101 Dalmatians + the sequel, and that's because they're not really the same story; it's more about watching Glenn Close ham it up. I probably have a firm nostalgia filter on too.

Like >>15165 said at least Cinderella has some merit from a costuming perspective, but Beauty and the Beast? Nope.

No. 15167

I fucking hate the Wizard of Oz. The 1930's movie is my absolute least favorite, but all the spin offs are shit too.

No. 15168

I liked and still like HP books, but I was never really obsessed. Even as a wee teen I realized those were good children's books, but nothing great in terms of writing in general. I see a lot of wasted potential in this series now, but I guess I might be a bit unfair here. My views on HP cooled a lot when HBP was published (it's the weakest book of the series IMO). Rowling should really give up on any post-canon bullshit, even her most dedicated fans aren't buying it anymore. I also seriously hate all of HP films.

I must admit though, I still really like discussing HP and reading fanfiction, just for nostalgia's sake.

Back on topic, I have this weird masochistic relationship with Stephen King's writing. I read a lot of his books, but I consider him a mediocre writer at best. He always starts pretty well, makes a nice characterization and builds up the suspense, and then, somewhere around the middle of the story, he just drops it all and the rest of the book turns to shit. It keeps happening and yet I keep reading him despite knowing he will ruin a nice interesting concept any moment now.

I also don't understand the hype for Gaiman. I read American Gods first somewhere in high school and I remember being just thoroughly disappointed. That was this new innovative book everyone kept talking about? Same about the rest. I liked Anansi Boys, but merely as a pleasant read, not some mind-bending stuff. I like his graphic novels, though.

Also, book version of The Godfather sucks balls and films are absolutely superior to it.

Tim Burton should take a break from making films, he lost what made him unique and turned his personal style into some cookie-cutter, easily marketable bullshit.

No. 15169

Motherfucking THIS. That movie is such an overhyped piece of shit and I can't believe so many people are head over heels defending it and praising it as a masterpiece, some going as far as calling it a feminist cornerstone. I don't want to go into depth about what a shitty movie it is because this post would be long enough to count as an university essay but holy shit, the character motivations are so retarded, the songs are so bland and stock (yes, even Let it go) and the "hurr true love" thing is so predictable and the life lesson about not trusting the first guy you come across is thrown out of the window when Anna clearly falls in love with the OTHER guy she barely knows. The characters really never learn anything, Anna gets her way through selfish choices and Elsa has no character growth save for the last moments of the third act. It really shows that the script was in development hell for years and got rewritten again and again until they wanted to make it a musical so they could milk more money out of a broadway show. It's such a mess yet it's STILL huge and STILL being pushed everywhere. What the FUCK.

I watched it when it came out and didn't get why some of my friends liked it so much. Then it blew up and you couldn't go anywhere without having to face some sort of critical praise for it. Disney must've paid every fucking critic on the planet because if you dared to question the movie, you got flooded with people hissing at you for not thinking it's the greatest Disney movie ever.

Sorry for my fit but I really, really hate this movie and the phenomenon it created. It's a top example of how you can create a hype around something mediocre artificially if you're big enough of a company.

The live-action movies are awful and we're not going to get rid of them for another decade. They're a brilliant move financially, Disney doesn't have to pay for royalties because they're remaking something from the public domain and the adult audiences will be drawn in because it's something they grew up with made "adult" and the kids will like them for the fairy-tale aspect. Get one or two big-name actors and there's your blockbuster hit for the year.

No. 15170

>The songs are annoying and the characters just… annoy me to look at for some reason. In the same way that I can't stand looking or listening to Rick and Morty or Steven Universe. I've never been able to explain it.
I'm the same and I think it's because it kind of shows that the creators had an idea they wanted to get out as fast as they wanted to without really caring about the characters as individuals. Their only motivation is to serve as plot devices for some bigger resolution. I never liked Tim Burton movies for that exact reason, the characters seemed to be there more for the aesthetic than to be explored as multilayered beings. It's the same with Rick and Morty.

No. 15171

File: 1521982153431.jpg (60.24 KB, 718x300, Game-of-Thrones-Logo-718x300.j…)

This is not just overrated, it outright sucks. None of the characters feel like people, worldbuilding that makes so sense, and terrible writing with fantasy cliches on every page.

No. 15172

Oh man, don't get me started on the live action remakes of Disney classics. I think it shows everything wrong with how the movie industry can be currently - they're running out of fresh ideas, creativity, cashing in on stories that have already been made and don't need to be done again to look for a cheap, easy way to gain some money. Then they overuse CGI effects to compensate how bland and boring the characters are. I feel like most movies nowadays feel the need to have this huge, bombastic, dramatic quality to its scenes, if that makes sense, like everything has to be EPIC, the music loud and all that shit, and I'm getting so sick of it and the shitty Disney remakes use all these formulas and somehow get millions from dumb audiences. It doesn't matter what remake they're doing in the end, you're always going to be left disappointed, thinking the movie was just "meh", forget about it and move on. No one wants to make an impactful movie with effort. Disney just isn't what is used to be. You hear about a Disney remake every damn year and it got boring and old real fast. And nowadays the majority of huge movies are from comic books or novels, and just….please someone make something actually good and original lmao.

No. 15173

That's basically every John Green book. Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns are just as bad

No. 15174

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan but I agree with most of the things said here. I can't stand JK Rowling, The Cursed Child book was pure shit and Fantastic Beasts was awful (and the next movies will probably also be shit)

Writers from le lost generation are all overrated

Never read it and will probably never do, I don't know why but every girl that I knew who loved this book had some kind of mental issue

No. 15175

I've never watched/read Game of Thrones, but everyone trying to make me watch it kept going on and on about how good and realistic it was because 'hurr it shows rape and violence durr'

If they actually showed rape, torture and all that other shit in a realistic way, neither they nor their fans would sleep at night. And in my opinion they shouldn't strive to either, but it wouldn't surprise me if that's where this trend is heading.

Whenever I see a new show being described as "even grittier than GoT" I just check out. I don't mind violence in fiction at all, but this whole "look how realistic we are for showing this" just makes it feel even more empty than if they had done it just for fun.

No. 15176

imo it was pretty good but daenerys was such a one sided annoying character that it kinda destroyed the show for me. I dont understand why everyone loves her.
Jon was also one miserable motherfucker.

No. 15177

>If they actually showed rape, torture and all that other shit in a realistic way, neither they nor their fans would sleep at night.
I'm sure they would. Most of the people I've met who are really into this show are male. Honestly, that might be the only reason why a lot of people watch it.

No. 15178

I watched it up to season 5 I think and checked out. I got bored.

I feign ignorance when people talk to me about it and ask why I should watch it. Majority of people will say because of nudity and violence. Compelling

No. 15179

I know this is going to sound really obnoxious bus, do you mean the books, the series, or both?

No. 15180

The chase between the husband and wife were really awesome for me but once it got to where she magically gets a job and a perfect boyfriend (and the minotaur fantasy ending), it was ruined. I kept expecting the new boyfriend to completely betray her or something, not this dumb retelling of the old minotaur maze tale. It's unfortunate. King has a lot of out-of-place sexist/objectifying undertones in his other works though so I think this one was a good outlet for that through the character of the husband, lmao.

>live action Beauty and the Beast
Gaston was too likeable. I hated him in the animated movie but preferred him over the Beast in the live action, because it seemed like he had leeway for Belle to change him for the better if she never met the Beast. That would be and interesting alternate story if made tragic by the death of the Beast or whatever.

No. 15181

I watched four fucking seasons of this and people are still telling me to "stick with it". No it's just not that good! It wasn't horrible but I was never thinking "boy can't wait to find out what happens next" like I do with pretty much any other show I wind up watching 4+ seasons of.

No. 15182

File: 1522012821841.jpg (52.97 KB, 379x499, killingstalking.jpg)

In response to violence and GoT:

I think Killing Stalking is insanely overrated for basically being torture porn.
On one hand you have the fetishizing tumblr crowd being like "buT THE ROMAAAAAAANCE UWU" and then the super hardcore "finally someone who doesn't glorify mlm relationships".

When the writing is shoddy, the art is decent at best and the characters are either insanely cliché and OP (Sangwoo being basically Batman without the good: handsome, rich, intelligent, built, charismatic, Bum as sMoL UkE bOi~).
The story is one big gorefest and I don't believe anyone who says it doesn't glorify abuse, because Bum doesn't stay with him out of fear but because it's obviously ~true wuv~ for him.

No. 15183

If you don't like a show after watching one whole season, I feel like watching any more after that is a huge waste of time.

No. 15184

File: 1522013263267.jpg (100.46 KB, 800x679, flat,800x800,070,f.jpg)


Are you the same anon as >>236794
So salty I could cure meat with it

No. 15185


I'll admit I spent one night reading it until I was too sleepy and never touched it again, but it did entertain me until the point I read, but more in a fucked up thriller kinda way. I can't, for the life of me, understand anyone that gets off of it (maybe I am too ~vanilla uwu~) and worst, ship the main characters. It's worse than Harley Quinn and the Joker, imo.

No. 15186


The thing is… it's just not good. I absolutely get your fascination (which was basically how I discovered it as well a year ago or so) but it's not at all well written. The whole first act with this girl in his basement and Bum breaking in was just so unbelievable it basically suspended common sense. And this comic prides itself on depicting anything but the typical BL relationship, but has backfired storywise so far into the other end of the scale that it's basically comical.

I'll admit the beginning was a big mindfuck in regards to the sudden twist from innocent crush to psych horror, but all through act 2 it just got worse and worse. Fanservice from a beleaguered author and the story deteriorating rapidly.

No. 15187

File: 1522014202976.gif (996.91 KB, 245x180, 6EDE2228-19E1-424A-B4EA-03D51E…)

Season 1 and 2 last episodes of season 3 we’re solid, rest is absolute rubbish. Can’t wait for it to end.

No. 15188

I am not interested in yaoi but I did read some of this.

In early chapters I thought it was decent in portraying a relationship between a socially maladjusted stockholm syndrome victim and a manipulative crazy psychopath but as it went on it became clear that the plot is going nowhere and that it's supposed to be a pandering, fap material.

It really sickens me that author decided to romanticize and sexualize extreme abusive relationships. They are probably going to turn it into a ~tragic romance~ if it hasn't been turned into it already.

What bothers me even more is dumb fujoshis posting "POOR BABIES THEY DESERVE TO BE EACH OTHER; THEY ARE SOULMATES!!"
Like what the fuck you bitches?? What is wrong with all of you? That psychopath deserves to be burned at a stake and the stockholm syndrome victim needs some serious psychiatric help.

Few weeks ago I saw someone reblogging a Christmas special chapter- barf.

(Also couldn't help to notice that the main characters' designs are basically rip-off of popular Attack on Titan characters' designs - forgot all of their names lol)

No. 15189

I sometimes had to watch GoT because of my younger brother and i absolutely hate it, so i was exremely shocked to find out just how many women are into it.

I simpy don't like it, because they somehow feel the need to squeeze in 3 rape/assault scenes with full nudity in every single episode (Sansa having to be the victim in at least one of them) and then blaming it on muh historical realizm. (and of course people will call you a prude for being uncomfortable watching this…)

If women in the middle ages would have been really treated like this, we would have died out long ago.
Plus, if you want to make it realistic, no women over the age of 20 should still have all her teeth, their legs and pits would be hairy, they would be dirty and most importantly wouldn't wear any makeup, but of course that would destroy every nerds fantasy…

No. 15190


I was talking about the books, though the show doesn't seem that great either from what I've watched

No. 15191

Not gonna lie, i've never heard of this manga before and at first i thought this is an Attack on Titan doujinshi, based on that pic lol

No. 15192

File: 1522014483125.jpg (11.93 KB, 183x275, 1459372423175.jpg)

Loved the books but I completely dropped the tv show

>I dont understand why everyone loves her
Me neither tbh

kek, oh shit. OK, I know it's bad but for some reason I used to be hooked, and I found it to be really entertaining. I stopped reading it tho, I need to get back to it.

Speaking about Harley Quinn and the Joker, pic related was a shitfest

Is Black Mirror a good serie?

No. 15193

File: 1522014576568.jpg (28.5 KB, 446x262, what.jpg)


Now that you say it…

No. 15194


> serie

Anon, your German is showing.

No. 15195


All of this.

You pretty much summarized all of my feelings about K/S. It looked really promising, but similarly to Starfighter shot itself into bad porn hell by making all the wrong choices.

Starfighter started out as a comic trying to make fun of all the bad BL clichés but then fanbase and author ego took over and now the MCs completely dysfunctional and dubcon relationship is being fetishized into all heaven. Disgusting.

No. 15196


>It really sickens me that author decided to romanticize and sexualize extreme abusive relationships

who cares though? its fiction, not reality.

No. 15197

Well the series' huge fujoshi fanbase surely does not.

It's still awful.

No. 15198

Or it could be a typo, tv series…?

No. 15199


I'm sure most of the fujos reading Killing Stalking can understand that the relationship depicted in it shouldn't carry over into reality. If they can't, then the problem is them being too immature to consume the media, rather than the media being 'awful' just for depicting something morally questionable.

I don't think K/S is particularly good; it was pretty exciting as a thriller at first and I think the author does know how to portray the occasional tense scene, but overall the plot is dragging majorly. However, those are criticisms about competence, not moral policing.

No. 15200

Close enough but I'm a baguette who made a typo

Yeah, never really got that whole "don't romanticize fucked up things" in fiction… because it's fucking fiction.
>the series' huge fujoshi fanbase surely does not
If they can't distinguish fiction from reality, that means they are mentally unstable. People who are underage or mentally ill shouldn't have access to +18 media

No. 15201

File: 1522015748098.jpg (64.12 KB, 1190x409, well.jpg)


I mean… that was 5 seconds into the tag….

No. 15202

File: 1522015876008.jpg (25.63 KB, 391x259, tumblr_inline_p63w18l4Yj1ql0ri…)

Okay, but let's talk about the shitty ass art. Dude's LACKING A FUCKING EYE.

No. 15203

Yep. Seems like a mentally unstable person to me, wtf

No. 15204

File: 1522016067669.jpg (21.06 KB, 384x247, tumblr_inline_p63vnxtcEK1ql0ri…)

Picture in question sure looks a lot like a fetish to me. Crossdressing + erotic asphyxiation.

No. 15205


kek, asking for a "sweet" scene in K/S is like asking for the characters in Lolita to grow up and get a mortgage together. Completely missing the point.

No. 15206

I feel pretty divided about romanticized depictions of abuse and other shit. I mean, aren't there tons of studies showing that imagery in pornography causes people (or men, since I don't recall if the studies used women) to harbor more sexually violent thoughts? Porn is pretty fictionalized but people take it for reality. In a bubble, consuming violent media shouldn't be a problem, but a lot of people genuinely take fiction at face value and can't separate it from reality.

But I guess unless K/S's fandom overlaps with serial killer fandom, it's probably harmless when they just fap over 2D fujobait.

Dead ass thought he had a disfiguring scar across his face from the thumbnail, until I realized that was a guy's ear. Poor panelling.

No. 15207

File: 1522016797166.jpg (130.65 KB, 509x755, wonder_woman_ver6.jpg)

Superhero films.

I feel like this isn't even an unpopular opinion, but superhero films just keep coming out and making shit tons of money, so idek. How many more of these boring snooze-fests are gonna have to come out in a row for people to get sick of them? Adults in my age group seem to care about these films so much ffs, theyre for children! I haven't seen a single superhero movie in the past 5 years that hasnt been shit tier.

No. 15208

File: 1522016804062.jpg (778.28 KB, 1252x1666, 1427318286806.jpg)

I saw this page from Ready Player One being posted around 4chan and jfc…

No. 15209

pop culture was a mistake

No. 15210


I think when there are a substantial amount of fujoshis who say they want a relationship like this (18+, I know the community), it's pretty much a given that maybe further praising the comic for its "unusual topic" is a misdeed.

No. 15211

File: 1522017192915.jpg (545.84 KB, 1219x813, 1427322368468.jpg)

This is also from the same book and it sounds like a fucking Onision religion rant video

No. 15212

File: 1522017336921.jpg (46.9 KB, 600x597, euphoric.jpg)

No. 15213

File: 1522017430616.png (122.13 KB, 604x1724, 1452216350441.png)

No. 15214

>WW's first 1/3rd in the Amazonian civilization was fun as fuck
>last third is CG wompfest featuring an awkward mustached British guy as the Greek War of God
Superhero films usually have fun premises and buildup, but then the last third is always fucking garbage where it's 90% fighting with no weight and it's just shit.

Where's that "Ode to Nerd Girls" poem the author wrote where he's basically saying he's an elite mind because he's into librarian or school girl porn.

No. 15215

File: 1522017613911.jpg (33.69 KB, 600x342, wtfair.jpg)


i can barely parse this, it just reads like a fevered list of pop culture references. jfc this is fucking bad

No. 15216

It's like the texual embodiment of every self proclaimed geek boy from the early/mid 2000s

No. 15217


My ex-boyfriend used to constantly recommend me to read this book….

No. 15218

File: 1522017919437.jpg (431.25 KB, 1240x610, 1427318017291.jpg)


oh wait, it's not the last one

No. 15219

File: 1522017956812.jpg (73.61 KB, 571x960, IoRCkAe.jpg)

Found it.
>Cline spent the next few years working in a cubicle doing IT, winning Austin Poetry Slams with tracks like "Nerd Porn Auteur" ("These vacuum-headed fuck bunnies don't turn me on"), and waiting for the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.
>won a poetry slam contest with this

No. 15220

Like I said it wasn't horrible so I kept up with it, but yeah it did occur to me as I was starting season five that I was really just wasting my time because I wasn't that interested in the storyline at that point.

No. 15221

File: 1522018623538.jpg (19.11 KB, 275x224, 87687.jpg)

>"I don't wanna watch this misogynist he-man woman-hater porn"
>"these vacuum-headed fuck bunnies don't turn me on"
for fucks sake

No. 15222


Wow, what a shitty poem. I wanted to believe this guy purposefully wrote the Ready Player One character to be an embarassing nerd, but now I believe it was just an author self-insert. How does this stupid fuck not realise he is just doing the exact same objectification, except this time its on some weird smart nerd girl fantasy instead of a big titted blonde girl fantasy.

No. 15223

What? No, I was just trying to sympathize with >>15181 because having to watch a show you aren't interested in sucks. I don't even like the HBO show, but the books were okay enough for me to read them up to the most recent.

No. 15224

John green is an awful writer and his novels are pure trash. I’m so tired of hearing grown-ass adults gushing about how the guys some genius and his stories are sOoOo deep and touching.

His characters are obnoxious, unrealistic, pretentious, and dull. The guy has never seen a teenager or young adult let alone spoken enough with one to write a half believable dialogue between them.

Looking for Alaska was plain stupid and the title character was so offputting I was glad when she died. Paper towns was the exact same story with some different set dressing.

Ready player one is self insert trash and I still can’t believe it was published. The most flat, boring characters, a plot worse than my immortal, and a romance so lacklustre and forced it makes fifty shades seem charming.
Idk how he’s not embarrassed by his work.

The dude could have just written a list of things he enjoyed from his childhood and a two page summary of his favourite personal fantasy but instead felt like other people had to know just how much of a gamer he is cause he knows 385 more pages of references than you. What an asshole.

No. 15225

I really enjoy the books as a fun fantasy read but they’re not that great. GGRM
did a solid job but he’s not a hero for depicting rape and violence as consequences of war and he’s hardly gone and outdone Tolkien despite a lot of world building and lore.
He’s also terrible with distances, realistic travel times, sizes, overly long fighting sequences (seriously, Jaime and Brienne would not have fought for more than a few minutes, the viper and mountains fight was stupid and insanely out of character for a fighter like book-Oberyn, and children do not thrive through trauma like all of the Stark and Targaryen kids do.

He’s great at scene setting and some of his characters are great, fleshed out, and compelling but then others are y’know..Arya/Cat/Everyone at the wall except Jon and Sam.

No. 15226

It's more meant to be a commentary on depression than anything, I think. The feeling you get as you age that the world sucks and is harsh, even at times when you really are relatively doing okay.

No. 15227

She died? I always thought she just ran away after disappointing nerd sex with the awkward protagonist.

No. 15228

this belongs in the man-hating thrread.

No. 15229

Paper towns is nerd sex ending.
Alaska becomes an hero and everyone decides to solve her shitty mystery suicide note instead of acting like humans would. The mystery is that she’s a shitty person and wants everyone to notice her. The edgiest edgelady and so much weird focus on cigarettes a la fault in our stars. Cigarettes as metaphors for edge and boring pixie dream girls.

No. 15230

>everyone decides to solve her shitty mystery suicide note instead of acting like humans would
Ugh, that sounds like 13 Reasons.

No. 15231

Horribly similar.
Suicide as a romantic means of getting back at the big mean world that just doesn’t get you. She is poor at a fancy school and smokes so she is just too different and alienated to live. The main character is in love with her because of course he is.

No. 15232

File: 1522040209626.png (3.19 MB, 1619x1191, 2.png)

Ex-Machina was a dissapointment to me, I really like the concept of the conflict human-machine and all that existensialism stuff about what makes a human "be human". But that didn't offer anything new to the typical sci-fy script, extremely predictable with insuferable main characters,good photography and some nice views but nothing else.

Then I tried to give a shot with anihilation and happen exactly the same but worse, even worse characters, predictable "twist" and trying to hard to be deep and interesting, also every person that I tell that I personally don't find any of both as good movies, the first response in BOTH cases that I heard from them is "You didn't understand it" "2deep4you", both are pretencious pieces of fictional crap, it's not hard to get how overrated they are, and also makes me think that the director has a weird fetish with Natalie Portman face.

No. 15233

ugh Annihilation. I didn't hate it and there were some cool parts but I kind of liked the novel and the coolest parts in the novel didn't even make it to the adaptation. I wanted to see the tower, dammit!

No. 15234

>CG wompfests

This is why I get bored of superhero movies, especially Wonderwoman and Black Panther.
I LOVE the world-building that starts at the beginning. Love the character narratives.
Then of course, about halfway into the movie the producers have to rev up their retarded ass CG fight scenes that just drag on forever. Takes me out of the world completely because it all looks like bullshit. None of them ever fight like how humans fight–be that enemies or heroes–either.

Fans always jizz themselves over the fight scenes though, no matter how stupid or overdone.

No. 15235

Annihilation… Overrated? I don't even think it's made back its budget (but I guess that doesn't matter cause of the Netflix deal), and reviews are lukewarm or mixed, even with critics. The "2deep4u" argument is bullshit, though.
>anytime someone says they don't like the Monogatari series
>"you just don't get philosophy, man"
>entire series is tits and ass and distracting fanservice and slideshows

Maybe it's cause I read the trilogy after watching the movie, but I think it's a good translation of the themes and world, but not a good or accurate adaption of the story. The tower and the lighthouse keeper seem like they would be really hard to depict in live action and CG without disappointing or not living up to the hype built up in the books. Plus the CGI was already stretching thin, so those two elements would've really looked bad, imo.

BP's car chase scene was pretty much the only CG fight I was really down with amongst all the superhero films I've seen. Maybe that's just cause cars look good on the screen and my love for Vince Staples talking, though.

No. 15236

While I do think KS is overrated and the fandom is pure garbage I think you've misunderstood the series. The author has said that it's not a romantic story and I never got the vibe that it's supposed to be either. It's a thriller about two mentally insane people in a messed up situation. The story made it pretty obvious that Yoonbum's perversion towards Sangwoo is caused by lifelong abuse and the time Sangwoo saved him from a rape attempt during their military service. He has a sick obsession towards him, and that's why he breaks into his home. It's not uncanny, there are a million cases of seriously disturbed people doing that with the people they're obsessing over. Sangwoo is just as nuts and he uses Yoonbum as a dumping ground for his frustration and twisted desires, because he has to keep up a facade outside of his home. They're not in love, they're not supposed to be seen to be in love. Their few sex scenes are uncomfortable and painful both physically and mentally. It's not a uwu cute edgy yaoi uwu but a horror story. The shitty horny fandom just forces that narrative because they barely read the goddamn comic.

However I do think KS has a subpar execution because it gets insanely repetitive and overuses the false scares and other mundane horror cliches a million times to the point it becomes annoying and frustrating. The police force is shown to be extremely incompetent and full of idiots which really bothers me. I kept reading further in vain hopes of it maybe going somewhere and getting better but nah, it gets old really fast.

No. 15237

Couldn't have said it better myself - I can't understand for the life of me why people would ship the two characters together except for wanting to see two guys fuck. That's the thing about fujoshis and horny teen girls, they don't give a shit about the story, they just look for a series that has two attractive guys to ship and write smut fanfics about, and they happened to latch onto a story where they miss the entire point of the guys' messed up relationship just for the sake of fulfilling their fujoshi fantasy. KS is an interesting story to discuss because of the toxic and abusive dynamic between Sangwoo and Yoonbum, the nature of blind obsession and stockholm syndrome, and why exactly the characters behave like they do, the desires they hold, and how that bleeds into their relationship in such an unhealthy and disturbing way….but of course uwu so cute two guys together uwu. The fans wanting cute and sweet scenes between them are completely missing the point.

I read the story too when I was bored and curious, and yeah at first it was very intense and interesting but it got too repetitive and shock-value like and frankly a little disturbing to read when I got up to the flashback scene where Yoonbum gets raped by his uncle.

No. 15238

Out of curiousity, what was the twist if you don't mind me asking?

No. 15239

File: 1522078983331.jpg (639.22 KB, 1440x810, bakemonogatari-bakemonogatari-…)

>anytime someone says they don't like the Monogatari series
>"you just don't get philosophy, man"
>entire series is tits and ass and distracting fanservice and slideshows

omfg this

I remember browsing /a/ when Monogatari came out, everyone was trying to defend it as some kind of a deep, social commentary anime while that shit is just another harem - just a bit more modern one with not-so-typical animation style.

Main character is a nerd self-insert who has pedo tendencies and also wants to fuck his sister. He solves all of the female character's problems and they all are attracted to him, even the lesbian character.

And as much as monogatari fans tend to shout how deep and special the plot is, all they ever discuss is tits, asses, lolicon and incest.

No. 15240


I'm the OP of the earliest post and I don't see how we disagree. I don't think it's portraying it as a cute lovestory.
My problem with it is that it's just plain bad. Badly written, badly drawn and not as half as imaginative as it sells itself as. A lot of the plot twists are taken from early 2000s horror movies and are downright cheap. And the sex scenes are just a little too suspense-of-belief for me to swallow them even with the "two psychotic characters who don't fit together" deal.

About the glorifying abuse: I think it started off in a good place, as everyone here has agreed at, but slowly spiraled into some kind of "tragic star-crossed lovers who can never get away from each other". It COULD be realistic, after all there are many abused partners who stay with their abusive SO, but the whole story is just too fantastical to portray what it prides itself on: a gritty, potentially realistic story of a toxic relationship.
It's not.
Instead it's completely and insanely (lol) OTT and the characters behave so… weirdly, for a lack of another word. It's ceased to be compelling after the first two, three chapters.

No. 15241

Am I the only person who thinks "worldbuilding" sucks in general? Being meticulous about trivial background lore is not some amazing shortcut to good storytelling. Tolkien only pulled it off because he was very well educated in mythology and linguistics. Even then, his world did not have any pretention of realism. Middle Earth is very idealistic and Catholic and Norse influenced, and while I don't believe either of those thought systems it gives his works a sense of enchantment. GRRM on the other hand tries to ape English history but does it with such a stupidly large character roster and attention to violent/sexual/scatological detail that the whole thing feels like a worn out morally black edgefest. I like fantasy for escapism and larger than life characters, if I want political drama in 2018 I can literally find it anywhere IRL. But the fantasy elements that GRRM does incorporate (like dragons, the undead and giants) have virtually no original spin put on them. He's good at representing female characters, but that's the only positive I see in the whole series.

No. 15242

I personally thought Kimi no Na wa was boring, the animation was good but the constant generic poprock soundtrack and the dumb story just didn't cut it from me

No. 15243

File: 1522093640911.jpg (106.11 KB, 400x600, 1459372423175.jpg)

I find Death Note to be overrated, probably the most overrated anime.

>Nice plot

>Story starts good and strong
>L dies
>Everything goes to shit

No. 15244

Same anon. I really like Shinkai's other works but Kimi no Na Wa was such an disappointment after so much raving reviews it got.

No. 15245

I loved Death Note but holy shit it went down the drain HARD after L died. It was like watching a completely different show after that. And a bad one at that.

No. 15246

I feel like this is something everyone thinks. At least I didn't dislike the manga after the spoiler but it was definitely less interesting that the first part. I was really surprised to learn that the manga was actually supposed to end this way from the beginning, because one of the authors said in the guidebook that it was meant to have 108 chapters (because symbolism and shit). Almost everyone I know thought the manga was supposed to end once spoiler happened.

No. 15247

Basically everyone, including the people who love the series, think it went to shit afterwards. It's just an unsaid rule that praise applies to beforehand. I find it pretty appropriately rated considering the universal agreement that it starts off amazing and ends bad.

No. 15248


Death Note definitely had an unique premise, but Light's overpoweredness definitely spoiled it for me. That was the time of godmods in anime/manga and it's so obvious in Death Note. It has some symbolism but is so cliché and executed so literally that his character becomes somewhat hollow.
Also, Mello and Near were basically bad clones of L with some stereotypes to boot.

No. 15249

I thought Mello arc started okay but once Mello was neutered it got pretty boring. You could tell they were trying to stretch out the chapters to hit 108.

No. 15250

MC's best friend is presented as a white male through the book (due to characters using avatars) and at the end is revealed to be a gay black woman. However it's done so poorly and the writing is honestly atrocious. Examples of his cringe niceguy writing is up above.

MC's love interest avoids sending photos of herself to MC. Eventually he meets her IRL and she looks just like her avatar…. but she has super spesh vitiligo. Tumblr trait numero uno.

He's just a fucking hack lol

No. 15251

File: 1522115978068.png (1.13 MB, 1587x1600, 1469745376122.png)

I'm so mad WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO TOKYO GHOUL. hOW many times is kaneki going to change his personality?? How many times is he gonna die to be considered ENOUGH?? I'M tired. Last time I checked he was again with white hair looking like a clueless smol cute uwu BITCH, god I hate him, I hate Ishida for fucking everything up. He has been milking that story for way too long and now. It's time to stop

No. 15252

God, why are you typing like that?

No. 15253

i did it from a cellphone and it keeps messing everything up in his own and I'm too lazy to fix every single word lmao sorry about that

No. 15254


I love Death Note and I think it's an amazing story but yeah pretty much everyone thinks the first arc with L is better than what comes after. Also, I watched the anime first, really enjoyed it, then went to read the manga and honestly I like the manga better and find the art style more appealing. And when I think back to certain scenes of the anime I start getting annoyed and nitpicky about certain things, even if they were very slightly changed, like Light's personality. It's a great adaptation of the manga in general but a lot of the elements of the story is executed better in the manga in my opinion, I think it made me appreciate Death Note more actually.>>15243

No. 15255

lmao no, just admit that's how you type. phone correct turns people incoherent not into the tumblr dialect.

No. 15256


Personally I did like Kimi no Na Wa, it was cute, but in comparison to Shinkai's other works it really was kind of boring.


I agree, I loved the beginning of the story but both the anime and the manga went to shit. The story should've ended with Kaneki dying, RE is nothing but a cash cow

No. 15257

Ernest Cline is such a damn neckbeard, he doesn't have enough self-awareness to be embarrassed. If you guys haven't heard his "nerd porn" poem you should definitely hear this cancer

No. 15258

Oh my god why are thoses retards clapping? This is so embarrassing.

No. 15259

Typical "Shonen" Manga in general. Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and so on, they all started good (at least if you like the whole endless-action-journey stuff) but enough is enough, they are all way too long. The only series I kind of enjoyed was Inuyasha, but even there the last 16 volumes or so were unnecessary as fuck.

Also, The Mortal Instruments and its spin-offs. They are "fine" but not as good as all those 30-year-old "muh you are never too old for YA" tumblerinas make it out to be. All 3 (?) series are basically the same plot in a different setting.

No. 15260

Seeing so many good manga becoming way too long to sell more books made me so picky when it comes to discovering new manga. I watched the first few episodes of One Piece and never read Bleach but seeing Naruto becoming a steaming pile of shit during/after the Pain arc was incredibly disappointing. Not that it was a masterpiece in the first place but at least it was fun and the setting, the battles and the secondary characters were super interesting. It's been a while since I got into new shonen manga but isn't that a big problem mostly for the series published in the Shonen Jump? I remember when FMA ended and people kept praising it partly because it ended while still being good and didn't continue to eventually becomes boring and uninteresting., and it was published in a Square Enix shonen magazine. I guess one of the reason why I like Jojo a lot is because while it's long, it never feels like it is since each part is different. Now I just stick to relatively short manga that are already or almost over, or with anime distinct seasons.

No. 15261

>It's been a while since I got into new shonen manga but isn't that a big problem mostly for the series published in the Shonen Jump?
Yeah, most of them get like that. IMO the worst are sports series because they drag out matches/races for ages. Haikyuu is going to be 30 volumes soon and Yowamushi Pedal runs in another shonen mag and it’s already 54 volumes long!

Shonen Jump has been canceling a lot of newer series, too. The only recent ones I can think of that have managed to outlast their intro periods are Promised Neverland and Kimetsu no Yaiba.

No. 15262

Damn, I can't stop thinking that they're both recent series so I didn't even realize they were that long. Speaking of sports manga, Eyeshield 21 is really good but I couldn't bring myself to care about the world tournament. It was kind of pointless imo even though it was an opportunity to see some of the popular characters again.

No. 15263

File: 1522152224562.jpg (302.14 KB, 1920x1080, sherlock-1920.jpg)

I liked this show when it was on, but I feel like as the seasons when on it got more and more sillier and overrated. They didn't even explain how Sherlock survived his fake suicide, and there was just a lot of lazy writing and stupid plots and boring scenes. The fanbase was so fucking trash and legitimately insane too, so much entitlement and embarrassment, and the Johnlock shippers just ruined everything for me in the end, especially when they were REEEEing that they didn't get to see john and sherlock fuck in the season finale and calling the writers ""homophobic"" lmao.

No. 15264

I completely agree with you. The fanbase ruined it, forcing the writers to retcon Sherlock's death and milking more and more seasons. I kinda hope that the terrible fourth season killed the franchise for good

No. 15265

Sure, anon. Please don't type like that here, this site is 18+ and we're ready to call you out on your bullshit. I think PULL might be more your standards.

No. 15266

h bomberguy did a really great video on why it became so terrible. I'm not a fan of the series and also thought it was overrated, but his breakdown of all 4 series was really good.

How did the fanbase force the writers to change the story? from the sounds of it the writers ran out of ideas. I know many fanbases are toxic but its hardly their fault the series went to shit. I also dont understand the fascination with the lizard king benedict cucumbersnatch, there are some thirsty hoes out there.

No. 15267

I didnt mean literally forcing them, more like they were such a vocal fanbase they may have had a hand in stretching the series. There was even an episode where they mocked fan theories and they didnt even care lol

No. 15268

I really hate Dragonball. Like, I loath it and it's annoying fans.

I must be crazy but I see nothing special with it. Dragonballs ugly as hell, and I love 80s anime styles but Toriyama just cannot draw, and it's plot is so absurd that I'm shocked people like it so much.

idk man its overhyped for what it really is. Same thing with One Piece but it's hot as overhyped at least.

No. 15269

DB is poorly written powerlevel shit for kids and manchildren but its one redeeming factor is Toriyama's art, he can definitely draw. It still has some of the best drawn paneling and choreography in manga.

No. 15270

DBZ is one of my favourites from childhood and I’ll always love it but I’ll happily admit it’s garbage. So much screaming and it’s repetitive as hell. There’s nothing to defend about it other than a good time but there’s always that overly intense group of ultra fans that takes it too seriously.

No. 15271


Dragonball is very nostalgic for me but I understand. I got into OP as I got older and at least it has some empowering themes in it, Dragonball is basically just Goku being overpowered.

No. 15272

Speaking as a Fate fan, yeah, it's pretty generic and Nasuverse as a whole is pretty much powerleveling and waifupandering. I personally find the characters compelling though, which might not ring true to others so you won't stick through for characterizations/waifus/husbandos. I mean, King Arthur is a woman. No matter the explanation they gave, Saber is a woman to make it easier to get a romance plot. The writers themselves say Fate was always supposed to be a boy meets girl story and Fate Zero (and maybe FSF, which i haven't read yet) is an outlier to the formula. Even Fate/Extra and Fate Grand Order (to some extent) are like this.

tl;dr Fate is for waifufags like myself, Zero being an exception you won't see often. Unless you're already neck deep into weeb culture the appeal of Fate will be next to none.

No. 15273

File: 1523168549541.jpg (129.73 KB, 1171x436, pleasestop.jpg)

I remember people having this whole discussion about Killing Stalking a few weeks ago here.
I present you with: someone who romanticizes it. Fucking starcrossed lovers fetishists.

No. 15274

File: 1523211472258.jpeg (33.2 KB, 640x360, 51E962BB-9B3D-438E-97E1-52344B…)


George R. R. Martin cannot write women. And I’m so fucking sick of everyone quoting his flippant reply to a stupid question

> how do you write good female characters?

> You know I've always considered women to be people

Wow. Amazing. Revolutionary. If only that’s what authors of the past needed to be able to write good female characters. If he hasn’t explicitly stated it, you’d have never known.

The only main female character to not be raped or abused is Arya, the most masculine coded who takes on male coded activities and even fucking dresses as a boy for a period of time. Every female character to show an interest in female things is fucking broken and destroyed until she is “strong” aka acts like a man. Sansa likes fashion and sewing? Best get her raped till she comes back a shell of a woman. Her little sister likes sword fighting? She’ll be untouched and will come back to lecture Sansa about her choices. Danny wants to be a mother? Nope, fuck that. She has to lose her baby and rapist husband and refer to herself as a Dragon Mother, while displaying absolutely no maternal instincts and locking her symbolic children away for a good chunk of time. Cersei has long beautiful hair and dresses? Give her a short hair cut and dress her in black, after she’s raped by her twin and paraded around down town. The only real motherly presence and she’s demonized for it, loses her kids, and can’t be in a position of power by herself without looking stupid.

Martin’s way of writing women is to fucking crush them and remold them into male-coded characters because that’s what he views as strong, except his tomboy pet who started out that way and is glorified for it and gets super speshul powers from a man.

So progressive.

No. 15275

File: 1523212184835.jpg (22.18 KB, 300x200, 300px-George_R_R_Martin.jpg)

>Cersei has long beautiful hair and dresses? Give her a short hair cut and dress her in black, after she’s raped by her twin and paraded around down town.

In the book she also gets super fat, she's described as gaining so much weight that she can't fit into her beautiful dresses anymore. They skipped this on TV for obvious reasons (male viewers want hot women, no way you could have a fat main character in their war and rape fantasy show) you'd think that because he's a chunkster himself, martin would be more contentious of avoiding the "punish someone by making them fat/fat=bad trope" but newp he's totally disconnected.

I know that's a small nitpick and there's so many other bigger problems but it's one that's always bothered me.

No. 15276

Not that it makes GRRM any better, but Sansa's not raped in the books, just (I use 'just' lightly) threatened to be. Her storyline in the show is merged with a minor character's, but I get you if you consider this change to be GRRM's if he approved the creative decision. The directors of the show are as bad for not even bothering to work on the books' faults and add dumb shit like a 10 minute brothel scene and other tits in places they shouldn't be.

And I hate how male oriented the fanbase is, to the point they demonize everything about Sansa just because she's not Arya. It gives me flashbacks to Breaking Bad and how the fanbase treated Skyler just cause she wasn't down for her husband becoming a meth manufacturer.

No. 15277

>punish someone by making them fat/fat=bad trope

Well remember, being fat is only bad if you're a fat woman.
Men get to be whatever the fuck they want to be, which is why that obese underachiever can be a lazy writer and also not have to defend his image 24/7.

No. 15278

File: 1523216255204.jpg (289.96 KB, 760x1024, bechdel-test.jpg)

im not really sure what youre talking about. first off, thats the tv show that is slightly cough adjusted for mainstream purposes. second, while still mediocre this is more that female characters get instead of being just the pretty accessory waiting for her prince to save her.

ever heard of the bechdel test?

No. 15279

Not that anon but GoT doesn't pass the bechdel test at all?

No. 15280


It’s been a long time since I read the books and afaik Martin had a lot of creative control over the show.

And yeah let’s all clap for the male author who wrote female characters slightly better than we are used too. Whoo let’s hold him up as the standard of how to write women! /s

No. 15281

I hate it when male writers do this. They get so fixated on the idea of a "strong female character" that they basically write a masculine, emotionless, violent cunt that acts like the worst generic male action hero there is and then bask in the admiration of being "progressive". Often these women end up being broken and abused (unless they started like that) and a male character has to save and outshine them. B-but she's strong because she's not feminine! Femininity is embarrassing, regressive and a sign of weakness!

No. 15282

File: 1523226152054.gif (915.28 KB, 245x285, giphy.gif)

oh my gosh THANK YOU for this! mte I was cringing when certain outlets were praising him for "writing women so well" because yeah-man certainly knows exactly how women and especially teenage girls feel, same guy whos obsessed with his 14yr old protagonists breasts that he had to add in how they move and feel because thats not totally creepy, or how she falls for her rapist (yeah I know im gonna get slack for that but that is what happens in the first book) thats totes great female representation!

No. 15283

I advise anyone who is on the fence about GRRM to read or skim fevre Dream

>tons of unnecessary racism e.g drops the n-word a few thousand times plus unpleasant/unfavorable descriptions

-b-but it's accurate to the time period!!!
>it's about vampires
>awful sexist descriptions of women

I think he was around 30 when he wrote it, he seemed like a real incel type

No. 15284

Yeaaah, I'm not with you on this one. Getting fat after rape as a defense mechanism / feeling depressed seems like good writing to me.

No. 15285

No. 15286

File: 1523269222770.jpeg (15.77 KB, 266x256, 27182598-BBDF-457B-9F43-0BDABD…)

She doesn’t get super fat, and it’s not a reaction to the rape. She gains like fifteen pounds because she’s aging and drinks way too much wine, Cersei losing her most utilised weapons ie her beauty and family’s power is like, the leading reason she starts going a bit mad and puts in place sloppier plans and burns everything.

There’s so much to legitimately criticise and you managed to reach far enough to find some fat victimisation bullshit.

No. 15287

"Women" do not "rule" their society, the Bene Gesserit manipulate them. All of the outsmarting is done by Paul Atreides, who is literally the only man with access to Bene Gesserit skills, and is the end result of thousands of years of eugenics.

There is no "morality" in these books, the Bene Gesserit literally ally themselves with space incels called Bene Tleilaxu(their rivals) to fend off an invasion of a violent matriarchal empire.

No. 15288


Both Sansa and Arya got beat by Meryn. His misogyny is the reason why he dies. Arya gets beat by multiple men during the show.

Arya is the most masculine coded? She doesn't enjoy sewing, wow. she definitely portrays "feminine" behaviour multiple times in the show, for example when she and Sansa have their spat in Season 1, on top of that in Season 4 almost every dialogue with The Hound - where she's the voice of empathy.

Joffrey is a huge misogynist during the show, which bites him back in the end badly - they even call it a "womans weapon". The female murderer gets away with it through being cunning. If you had paid attention to the show, you'd have noticed that the characters that act cruel and misogynistic ALWAYS die in the end directly due to it. Meryn, Joffrey, and Ramsay are prime examples of it.

No. 15289


that's a really weird take on Dune, and very inaccurate. I hope no-one allows themselves to be dissuaded from reading it by your misrepresentation and projection.

meanwhile, Lord of the Rings and Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series are awful, bland, overblown, trite bullshit. I will never understand how they got popular.
Also, a bit obvious, but Stephen King is a decent writer who turns out some really woeful shit for the majority of his career.
sorry I can't contribute anything to the GoT discussion, I never had the slightest interest in it - it seemed like it was Too Edgy, The Show.

No. 15290

Ew I hate John Green so much

No. 15291

The Bene Gesserit who are all women, and all supposed to be hypercompetent mind controllers, except that they can't control the space incels they temporarily ally themselves with and immediately get stomped. And I don't get how you can call the desert fucks matriarchal when women in the tribes are literally men's property.

No. 15292

>Lord of the Rings
>awful, bland, overblown, trite

Jeeeeeeeeeesus. How wrong could you get?

>never understood how they got popular

Evidently, because some people and scholars didn't think it was awful, trite shite.

No. 15293

nta I didn't find Dune particularly sexist but I did find it incredibly dry. The ratio of sperg details and political dialogue compared to actual plot is crazy. It's just not what I like in fiction at all. Like if I'm going to be spending that much time piecing together details about a fantasy worlds political system I might as well spend that time reading up on some irl global politics. Neither are fun but at least one is useful.

No. 15294

I forgot to mention that my last paragraph is talking about the latter books. Bene Tleilaxu appear later in the books.

Fremen are literally based upon Arabs and are a warrior society, ofc they are going to patriarchal af.

You are essentially asking the details of how their powers work, and the exact limits of their powers, which is of course impossible. It is clear from the books that they are as "hypercompetent" as an covert agency today.

As to why the Bene Gesserit don't take direct control, they have very clear reasons for it. They fear abuse of their powers, and distraction from their goal which is create a Kwistaz Haderach which they can control. They also fear defeat; Bene Gesserit methods are not infallible.

No. 15295


NTAYRT, but calm down. It's their opinion and while I love LotR, I can also comprehend the criticism. It does have its weakness and lengths.

No. 15296

Speaking of LOTR, what do you guys think of Tolkien's works?
To me The Hobbit/LOTR are the best works of fiction ever written. Never read The Silmarillion though

No. 15297

The Silmarillion is interesting but pretty obviously unfinished. A lot of stuff is just given in essentially point form version since that's presumably how Tolkien left it when he died.

No. 15298

I couldn't get over the blatant sexism in Death Note. It's too recent of a manga to excuse it due to age…even female characters in harem mangas have more motivations and life than the female characters in Death Note.

Also, the memory arc was executed horribly and was super unrealistic. Overall, the plot felt too calculated for my taste.

Breaking Bad is overhyped as fuck. When asked about the blatant hate for Skyler, the writers held their hands up and acted like they didn't see that coming. Sure.

No. 15299

I last read them when I was like 11, kek, but I remember there being…so…many…overly described scenes that didn't seem relevant, Ent forest scene probably being the worst offender. I was 11, though, so maybe I was missing the point of the superflous descriptions. Are they meant ironically or are they important elsewhere in the book?

No. 15300

sexism? in death note? are you 5? go back to tumblr, death note had very little going on let alone sexism. there were hardly any women in the series and all the characters were basically just plot points to show us how self absorbed light was. i'm not saying it's good in the least, but i don't think you can get sexism out of anything in the series.

No. 15301

This. Like fuck DN had its problems but waving your hands and sperging about sexism just because Misa was a goddamn retard due to her mental issues is just tumblrina tier reaching and obviously misinterpreting the story. And like you said, her existence was meant to highlight what a sociopath Light was because he kept using her naivety and her sick obsession with him for his own gain.

No. 15302

> all the characters were basically just plot points to show us how self absorbed light was
I'm not sure if you're referring to all characters and just the female characters

But if you're referring to only female characters, I feel like there was a more elegant way of achieving that same goal than relying on overused tropes that portray women a certain way. To have every female character's motivation essentially be to love a man (with the exception of the shinigami, but even so, her motivation was still love) seems like the result of sexism and lazy writing to me. It was noticeable enough to me to be distracting. And it wasn't just Misa, it was Naomi, Rem, Shiori, etc.

I mean, I listed other reasons I don't like the series (that haven't already been mentioned in this thread). I didn't anticipate people caring so much about the casual sexism I think is present in the series. Sure, part of it is because everything is centered around Light in an overdone way, and I wasn't saying it's not used for the sake of anything else in the series.

No. 15303

i'm talking about all the characters. every one of them became blithering retards cause of light until near, but that only seemed to be the case so the series could end. i don't think any of the characters, male or female were good or acted on their own volition at all.

No. 15304

I love FSN, but the anime adaptions (except for zero) aren't that good and we still don't have a proper adaption of the whole VN. I love the VN and it's characters but it's long as fuck and info-dumpy. The plots not amazing but the characters are all pretty easy to get attached to and I liked the way it was structured and how it explored it's themes. You might be put off by the sex scenes too, though they're a really small part and Realta Nua gets rid of them. I personally don't care for the extended universe of F/GO and prisma illya and all that other shit at all, they're just milking it.

Actually, the original concept for FSN was a light novel with a female protagonist where Saber would be a dude, but they shelved that when they decided to make a VN because it's hard to sell a non eroge VN and they weren't as big as they are now.

No. 15305

>and the women aren't there just to be waifubait
I love zero but the way Urobuchi writes the female characters in Zero and many of his other works is honestly pretty, I hate to say the word sexist but pretty much that. They're mostly weak, fragile women who live entirely for the men they love, and get nothing but suffering and dying horribly to cause grief for their male companions. The only powerful female in zero was Saber and zero is all about beating Saber down. The closest a female got to being a master was that mage's wife, who was literally just a plot device.

Nasu has his own sexist quirks and likes to write about poor fragile victimized girls but at least they learn to overcome it and get happy endings, and can be genuinely powerful in his setting.

No. 15306

The whole book is supposed to have a mythological and poetic feel to it, and hint at a deeper and richer lore than we ever get to actually see. A lot of poetry has very superfluous descriptions.

I can see why people don't like it but I quite enjoyed it. I think it's just something you'll either love or hate.

No. 15307

One Piece.

I don't even know who created it, because I don't care enough to look it up, but I hate everything about that series and most shonen manga.

But especially one piece. The art is shit, the women look ridiculous and the writing is boring.

No. 15308


I stopped reading when you started bitching about Arya being "masculine coded."

She's a small prebubescent girl who's forced to abandon her female identity entirely to avoid rape and murder, basically. Because, believe it or not, shit like that tends to happen to women and girls when riots occur, because tribalism and patriarchy are awful. It happens all at once and she also loses her teacher, one of the only men who didn't tell her that girls shouldn't use swords, in a matter of minutes. After she watches her father be murdered.

I understand to people like yourself with no grasp of history beyond the sanitized white American suburh you live in, but stop trying to make everything PC.

A medieval inspired setting full of tribalistic peoples who live in feudal kingdoms isn't "progressive" enough for you? Fuck off. Dragons might not be real but many women still live in similar situations conditions, and some have to make similar choices to Arya's. "The Breadwinner" touches on this.

No. 15309

I still want to reread it. It's going to be near a decade since I last read it, so I hope I'll have a greater appreciation of it now than I did then. It's a matter of taste and expectations, really: I like poetry (though admittedly I prefer heavily thematic poetry), but it's because I'm expecting it to be a certain way. I wasn't expecting such detail because my first initiation to LOTR were the movies. I had expected a much more gripping, fast-paced story then.

No. 15310

I mean you were 11. Even for an 11 year old with advanced reading comprehension a book like LOTR will probably feel kinda boring.

No. 15311


Stop sperging, Jesus Christ. You don’t know my history knowledge or even if I’m American.

She was masculine coded before any of the major events took place: short hair, sword fighting, male friends, bonded with brother,
Refused to do traditionally woman activities like sewing or embroidery, etc.

Im not sorry I dared be critical of your precious fictional fantasy book series. Get over it. There’s no need to be so offended over my opinion.

No. 15312

File: 1523418380325.jpeg (45.35 KB, 450x398, B53089E0-0FAC-4AA8-ADD9-77390F…)

Wow anon, why so personal?

No. 15313

File: 1523463544268.gif (991.81 KB, 250x250, vVkoPPU.gif)

No. 15314

File: 1523573269201.jpg (38.62 KB, 332x499, shit.jpg)

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. I hated this shit when I was forced to read it TWICE, once for middle school, once for high school. Francie is an insufferable, annoying brat and I hated her. I never sympathized with her. The book is so fucking boring. One of my favorite parts

>francie meets stranger soldier guy who has a fiance

>she's delusional enough to think she loves him after knowing him for 2 days
>he wants to fuck her and she says no
>asks mom what she should've done
>mom says some shit like it would've been beautiful, she won't get that chance at that type of love (?? wtf he wanted an easy lay, he faked being in love with her and was taking advantage of her)
>francie cries

Francie's character was just awful. And I hated the pseudo-deep tree metaphor and Francie with her edgy "can't trust women ever again because women are vicious!!" shit.

No. 15315

File: 1523875675740.jpg (74.48 KB, 807x802, 1523607452267.jpg)

hehe, it's dry. got it. It's dry because of all the sand.

No. 15316

I love Star Wars and Voltron, but both have pretty shit fandoms. The Star Wars fandom has always been bitchy, but since the Disney buyout, it's gone full on asshole mode. You can't even discuss the older (now non-canon) work without someone screeching NOT CANON over and over again. And Voltron is a total cesspit of a fandom. I pray every day to be set free from this fandom, yet I never am.

Agreed on Steven Universe being ugly as fuck too. It has some of the ugliest character designs I've had the displeasure of looking at. And those gross lips are being slapped all over fan art now. I saw someone post a webm of it on /ic/ a few days ago, talking about how it's trying to save 2D western animation. the animation was so dull and lifeless, with no weight. If that's saving 2D in the west, then 2D deserves to die.

This is more of a general media complaint, but I am so tired of the overuse of sex and nudity in tv shows now. Yes, we get it, you're "adult" tv. Now stop shoving in pointless sex scenes like you're a bunch of horny 13 year old boys.

No. 15317

>Back on topic, I have this weird masochistic relationship with Stephen King's writing. I read a lot of his books, but I consider him a mediocre writer at best. He always starts pretty well, makes a nice characterization and builds up the suspense, and then, somewhere around the middle of the story, he just drops it all and the rest of the book turns to shit. It keeps happening and yet I keep reading him despite knowing he will ruin a nice interesting concept any moment now.

Omg I thought I was the only one. All of his characters speak with the same tone, if that makes any sense. It bothers the hell out me. But he does have some great ideas, even if they're rarely ever well executed.

No. 15318

Jon and Dany are the series' downfall imo. The two blandest characters ever written and they're supposed to be the final heroes that we root for.

No. 15319

Stephen king is one of those writers I read over and over again without ever being satisfied. I love the feel of his work but his endings are so bad and there’s so frequently gross or ineccessary sex and scat humour that it feels juvenile at times.

He’s this wellspring of ideas and great intentions but idk..somewhere his executions crumbles a little.

Tbh horror is so overstuffed with crap authors that a lot of Stephen kings merit seems to ca me from the fact that he’s at least original and not entirely mediocre.

No. 15320

File: 1524749863833.jpg (383.72 KB, 1920x1080, visual_main.jpg)

Probably the first post about video games in this thread.

Fuck battle royales. It's pretty much nothing but a teenage-infested hell-hole where there's large patches of NOTHING. And when you do find someone, you'll either kill them and pretty much wreck everyone else, or they get the drop on you and you die 'cause you can't see them in time. There's also the fact that two of them (PUBG and Fortnite) get constantly praised to hell and back, while other games that deserve better get left in the dust.

One last thing: PUBG is still a fucking broken mess, despite not being in early access anymore. It also still uses store-brought assets. C'mon, Bluehole, it's not going to eat up your TERAbucks/PUBGbucks to develop original assets.

No. 15321

Everytime I see friends play it on discord im always surprised because as you said anon its still a mess. I don't understand the overall hype of them but like most of these competitive games period they blossom with enough intial squalor around. Plus PUBG and Fortnite are pushing to be on every platform possible and while im all about gaming being accessible but holy fuck the games both have issues or just bare faced glitches when you play on the best of computers so why push so soon? To build those fucking numbers cause whats better than 7yr olds on their ipads ruining any chance of you having a game thats even somewhat enjoyable with the already shite circumstances.

No. 15322

It's not just 7 year olds, either. They also pander to teenagers with shitty taste in video games. PUBGNite pretty much infested nearly every single high school in the world. Can't wait for this battle royale trend to die.

No. 15323

File: 1524767257561.png (2.41 MB, 1438x870, Danganronpa-1-2-Reload-6.png)

Hang me on a noose if you have to, but I find the entire Danganronpa franchise to be a giant ball of confusing, identity searching, cliche-filled anime bollocks that gets too much praise, and comes with an absolutely awful fanbase to boot. I'll say this, though: The artstyle is great.

Probably the only positive thing I have to say about it, though. Even then, the
non-Monokuma main villain in 3 looks like someone's shitty OC.

No. 15324

Depends, there are some that stand out like carrie and it, Carrie was one of my favorites, his other ones just seem kinda niche is that makes sense

No. 15325

I loved the first game but couldn't finish the second one when I saw that Junko was involved in all of this somehow in chapter 3 and when I saw after this that if you didn't read a novel that's not available outside of Japan you won't understand everything that's happening. I really dislike it when it happens in series in general, and especially in video games when I expect each entry to be self-contained. I got the 3rd game on sales and didn't even start it so no spoilers please but I've been told it's not related to the first two games and the despair girls spinoff so I have higher expectations for this one. I hope I'm not wrong.
> comes with an absolutely awful fanbase to boot.
The fanbase almost turned me off the first game when they wouldn't stop posting untagged spoilers before the game's official release in English, I hate this fandom so much.

No. 15326

Well this is because it is. It was supposed to be a parody series, 1st game and 1st season really show that's what it was, just an OTT parody of similar things. Once it got traction the parody stopped, leaving it a mess, but people still eat it up and most western fans don't even realize it was meant to be parody.

No. 15327

I honestly never knew it didn't completely took itself seriously.

No. 15328

I think all the Persona games besides IS and EP were mediocre at best and they take themselves way too seriously considering this series started out as a JJBA x Devilman highschool AU.

Persona Q was honestly the 3rd best game in the series imo. Unfortunately, Q2 will probably suck.

No. 15329

Don't forget the Obligatory Shitty FanbaseTM

No. 15330

I played some mainline SMT games as well as DDS, P2IS and Soul Hackers after playing P3P and P4G and Persona starting from 3 doesn't even compare. I still love P3P more than P4G and all that. People praise the social link feature but I think that and the calendar system make the games more boring than they could be. There's also the fact that the stories always start with really interesting plots and characters and at some point it becomes so slow and boring until the very end. I wish I could play P2EP on my PSVita but I'm in Europe…

No. 15331

100% agreed! P3 and P4 weren't as good as any of the other SMT games on PS2, shame that they were the ones that blew up. Did like the Answer in P3FES despite the difficulty though and yeah, I think Shinji's social link alone made p3p better than p4g.

>I wish I could play P2EP on my PSVita but I'm in Europe…

You mean the psp version or the ps1 verion? You could play both with the Adrenaline emulator, I have. Runs extremely smooth, but the psp version is only in Japanese right now ;-;

No. 15332

File: 1524774542911.png (265.46 KB, 740x512, 1489602232217.png)

I thought about doing that but that was when my previous laptop couldn't even run paint correctly. I'll think about it, my new laptop might be able to handle an emulator and a PS1 game.

I only played P3P, not P3FES so I can't say much about The Answer, just that the story doesn't really appeal to me. But if it doesn't have social links and the goddamn calendar it should be better than the main quest/story (which I loved but it could have been better). Also yeah, Shinji's social was totally worth it. That and the side quests with Theodore. Literally the best boys of P3.

P4 and P4G are a bigger case of "it could have been so good" for me than P3. It has much more to do with the story than gameplay because I already expected the social links and the calendar when I started P4G. The story could have been full of suspens and mystery with interesting character arcs and it's only like than for the first few hours and the game barely acknowledges that Teddy is a bit weird, even for a shadow, and even creepy in insight we still don't know if his human form has internal organs iirc and the facts that Adachi and Yosuke have so much in common, that Yosuke was going to be the serial killer when the story was still in development and that the similarities between the two aren't even mentioned in-game is are so frustrating. They gave what could have been a satisfying backstory for Teddy to fucking Marie of all characters. And you can't even date Yosuke, what the fuck Atlus, he's so less unbearable than the female characters, what are you doing. I'm complaining but I spent like 150h on this game, I still like it.

No. 15333

File: 1524775627227.jpg (342.01 KB, 1280x901, oYktGCu.jpg)


The Answer is a fucking shitshow. They did that after P3P racked in that sweet dolla dolla bux and decided to cash in on it while it was still hot. I agree with you about Shinjiro, though, although I'm still bitter everyone's sleeping on Akihiko, when he could have been so much more than that awkward boxer dude. He has a really intricate backstory with his sister and all, and they mention it like, twice, and don't built him up beyond the "shy, tsundere boxer who gets pushed around by Mitsuru and apparently has Tourettes with his random bouts of shouting".

P4 is a whole other can of worms, honestly… I agree that it started out fantastically, with the first death and the one hanging from the pole in the fog I was super intrigued, but it just kind of… dissolved. Except maybe Nanako and Adachi, every character was just an amalgamation of tropes .
>Yosuke the buffoony comic relief
>Chie the tsundere tomboy
>Yukiko the hime crowdpleaser with a raNdUm quirk like that weird laugh
>Kanji the token closeted brawler slash second comic relief
>Rise the thirsty possessive slut that makes all the other girls jealous
>Dojima the remote dad
>Teddy the quirky foreigner slash wacky sidekick

I just found those characters ultimately unlikeable and I WANTED to like them. Maybe in their social links I somewhat did, but in group scenarios it's all just "oh Teddy is a pervert" or "Yukiko laughs snortingly again because someone slapped Yosuke".

Thoughts about P5? The critiques were rave.

No. 15334

Sorry for the incoherent spoilers lol.
>The Answer is a fucking shitshow.
Glad I didn't miss anything then.
>Except maybe Nanako and Adachi, every character was just an amalgamation of tropes .
Yes that's the biggest problem. Then there's the fact that between the introduction and the moment we find out about Namatame almost nothing interesting happens. The stroy could have been so creepy without being as "edgy" as the beginning of P3, I would have loved it. I didn't really give a shit about the slice of life parts of the story, it was funny sometimes with the date group café for example, but most of the time it was boring. And I agree about Adachi and Nanako, but I would add Dojima, he's cool. Fun fact, the writers and developers hesitated between writing Yosuke, Yukiko and Dojima as the serial killer. I liked Yosuke and Teddie because of their social links but I don't care about the rest of the playable characters.

I haven't played P5 yet, I don't have a PS3 or a PS4 so I need one of them first. I was looking forward to it so much for years that when the game was released in Japan I just looked for spoilers on /pg/ and it was fun. But now I'm not as excited as I used to be. I feel like while the gameplay seems much better, the story looks like it has the problem as in P3 and P4. I'll definitely play it once I get either a PS3 or a PS4 (and a TV too).

No. 15335

Oh, Adrenaline is a henkaku app on vita. Your vita also has to be on 3.60 to run it, so you might need a new motherboard (got mine secondhand for $20~ little over a year ago, idk about EU) on that FW or lower.

>But if it doesn't have social links and the goddamn calendar it should be better than the main quest/story

It doesn't, but it's hard as piss and requires a lot of grinding and luck. You get to play as Aigis though desu ♥

99% sure it is cannon that teddie doesnt have organs or a skeleton. Still agree with everything you said about P4, and I still liked it too if not just because it was one of the only good vita games.

>Thoughts about P5? The critiques were rave.
NTA obviously, but P5 was specifically what I was talking about when I said these are mediocre games that take themselves way too seriously. Nice soundtrack, but overrated as fuck overall.

No. 15336

File: 1524777129982.jpg (93.96 KB, 636x753, 1477097809494.jpg)

>>Nice soundtrack
>mfw Meguro will never top the music he made for DDS1 and 2

No. 15337

Dear Evan Hansen is a tone deaf show about a sociopath in the disguise of a "nice meek guy" and completely disrespects people going through actual depression, mood disorders and suicide. Because hey, aparently all is excusable if you are just a poor lonely baby and the guy how died was an ass anyway.

No. 15338

> The stroy could have been so creepy

Yeah… The killer reveal hit out of left field, which is one good thing about it. I can only imagine how creepy it'd have been for Yosuke to have been it (not gonna spoiler, this game is what? 7 years old?).

I'm kind of laying off playing P5 because I know it'll have the same recycled tropes again.
>Ann the mix between Chie and Rise
>Ryuji is Yosuke 2.0
>Morgana is Teddy 2.0
>Yusuke is male Yukiko, Haru is Yukiko 2.0
>Makoto is Naoto
>Goro is playable Adachi
>Futaba is grown up Nanako

No. 15339


>Ryuji is a mix between Yosuke and Kanji

No. 15340

Yosuke as the killer would have been so fucked up because he's shown as the comic relief by being a horny teenager. Imagine the comic relief who is shown hitting on girls and failing in funny scenes with typical humor you see in anime aimed at a young audience (well, not so funny but that's meant to be funny at the very least). There are scenes where he's having a hard time getting over the death of the girl he likes and you have to support him and help him get over it. Now imagine at the end of the game he turned out to be a serial rapist and killer who targeted his crush because he could get away with it. I bet that's why he wasn't chosen as the serial killer by the writers. Dojima wasn't chosen either because it would have been to fucked up because of Nanako according to the artbook. So much wasted potential. I guess since Adachi is more detached from the main plot at first they thought it wouldn't be as much of an issue if he were the culprit.

>>Makoto is Naoto

From what I've read and seen she's more like Tatsuya 2.0, and her sister is discount Katsuya 2.0. Don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, but Makoto looks boring.

No. 15341

god, all of this. so many of the writing decisions in this game just felt like they were done to create as little moral conflict as possible.

No. 15342

Do you think they would have sold more copies if they went for something less simplistic? At some point it seems like they made the decision to go as safe as possible while keeping the veneer of horror and mystery.

No. 15343

I want the next Persona's culprit to be the MC himself. Think about it. Selective memory, scenes are omitted, wonky almost-believable alibis, unreliable narration. It'd be awesome.

No. 15344

I don't know, Persona 3 took more risks and it sold well enough for the Persona team to make a sequel very soon after so maybe it would have sold well too. Who knows.

Maybe they just wanted to separate the Persona series even more from the mainline games (+DDS) because these games are way more pessimistic, just so they could reach a wider audience. They almost went bankrupt at some point despite the Persona spinoffs selling like hotcakes and then Sega bought Atlus. Maybe they just thought they couldn't pull off that kind of plot twist after all because they're not very good writers even though they have a lot of good ideas. We're talking about the people who made Rise the typical fanservice character even though her character arc is about how she's sick of her job as an idol because of all the fanservice it involves, as well as other reasons, so they weren't very good at being coherent at the time.

No. 15345

I really loved P5 but Makoto is boring as fuck and I have no idea how she's universally one of the most popular characters. Her social link basically starts off with her asking you to pretend to be her boyfriend and that's where all of their chemistry comes from. It's such a lazy trope because it means they don't even try to have anything interesting between them, a load of your time with her is either acting like her boyfriend and calling her perfect, or silently watching her be stuck up and then calling her perfect at the end. With every other character there's at least some things I like but I seriously couldn't stand Makoto being onscreen.

The way the game doesn't know how to have Ann as a sexual character is annoying too. Your first introduction to her is through people talking about rumours she's a slut and it's alluded she's sexually assaulted by her teacher, and the point of her persona and parts of her general arc is that she wants to be sexy and confident on her own terms rather than being stared at and groped. But then the whole way through the game it's still joked about how she's really curvy and how all of the guys on the team want to fuck her while she looks disgusted by them. It's like they wanted her to be a confident sexy foreign domme but didn't want her to be too confident, so they had to keep balancing it out by making her embarrassed by her shirt getting wet. I think the game tackles some of its fake-deep themes pretty well but with that one you can kind of see where they messed it up by needing her to be fanservicey too, it'd be less jarring if she was just one or the other since they couldn't do both well.

No. 15346

The target audience just want cute female characters to date and don't care about character development so I guess Makoto is popular because she's supposed to be perfect and she's into the protagonist in a way that shown drectly to players? The reverse would be Yukari from P3, she's hated for being a "bitch" because she has an established background that's directly linked to the plot, she has personal goals and her own personality.

And yeah I'd say that overall the real flaws in the Persona stories starting from 3 is that they're full of wasted potential and not coherent. Gameplay wise it's the calendar system and the social links (which is linked to the story, if you don't like the characters you won't care about their social links). I feel like I'm repeating myself with that, sorry about it.

No. 15347

File: 1524796994669.gif (736.67 KB, 296x296, 4VRAGs0.gif)

I feel like everyone's hyping Makoto up so much and I don't see the appeal. She sounds like a know-it-all, stuck up basic tsundere with zero personality. I increasingly find myself ffw through her hangouts.

Meanwhile, everyone rags on Ryuji for not putting up with that stupid ass cat constantly insulting him.

No. 15348

File: 1524833381371.jpg (230.58 KB, 1024x1024, 71zgik7HqXL._AC_SL1024_.jpg)

So now that the Persona dust has settled…

Tales of Berseria is edgy, mediocre garbage, and I don't know why it's considered the best Tales game. "BUT IT GETS BETTER", some of you say, but that's at the end of the half-way point. I don't want to spend that amount of time just to start liking Velvet.

I'm also not a huge fan of the Tales series in general, due to the stiff combat.

No. 15349

I also didn't like Makoto that much. She seemed boring. And her social link was ok but it was mostly about her friend.

I also hated Futaba. She's my least favorite Persona character by far. I've never cringed at a character so hard in my life. She is really annoying, and her English VA doesn't help things.

I think P3 was the worst about not being coherent. I understand Atlus was dealing with a new gameplay system but I don't understand why everyone loves the plot. I think it's a good game but I liked P4 better. And even though P4 plot was more cliche, I think it was more streamlined instead of having a bunch of random stuff thrown together. For example, I don't like how in the beginning of the game it's supposed to be a big deal that shadows are attacking random people, but it stops being an issue after the first month of the game and none of the characters care about the problem.

P5 is awesome even if you don't think the story would be good. The gameplay is amazing.

How is Futaba grown up Nanako? They're nothing alike. People also say Goro is like Adachi and they have similar names but they're also pretty different.

I would say Ryuji is more like Junpei.

No. 15350

File: 1524836654122.jpg (184.79 KB, 600x338, ToB_06-14-16.jpg)

I found it to be a pretty OK game. I'm very on and off with the tales series, I haven't played them all and my fave personally was Destiny.

But I didn't hate Berseria. Velvet is really hard to like. She has a breakdown basically where she finally sort of changes her perspective, but its not until the middle/end of the game. So if you weren't invested to begin with, I get not wanting to stick with it.

Magilou's backstory they really dropped the ball on, not even properly building it up until they drop the bombshell at the very end. Which is disappointing because her backstory would have been super interesting if they had built that up correctly.

Also not for nothing but selling DLC costumes is bullshit.

No. 15351


Believe or it, I find Berseria's combat to be okay. Definitely the best in the series, but it's not going to suck me in. I also do like the stories of some of the games.

No. 15352

>I really loved P5 but Makoto is boring as fuck and I have no idea how she's universally one of the most popular characters.
>She sounds like a know-it-all, stuck up basic tsundere with zero personality.
THIS. Everyone fucking loves Makoto and while I don't hate her she's SO boring, stuck up and blends into the background with no personality or noticeable character development. She's a plot device, she only existed to do that one important thing during the whole game. Even her design is bland and forgettable. I get that it's the trope she's supposed to represent but what I don't get is what's so interesting about her to warrant the fanbase. I was invested in literally every other character except for her.

No. 15353

File: 1524838394890.png (100.73 KB, 304x392, RoseDefault.png)

Still miles better than Zestiria, the game everyone seems to love despite being a plothole-ridden broken piece of bugged shit with a lousy, hard to follow story and the worst Mary Sue ever written. I'm glad it cost Baba his career at Bandai-Namco and despite the newfag spergs loving it most people are able to see the flaws.

>inb4 don't insult my lesbian queen asshole!!!!!uwu

No. 15354

I don't get when people call it THE BEST. It's not close to the best (I'd put Destiny, Destiny 2, or Rebirth in that slot). It's just better than Zestiria, like >>15353 said.

No. 15355


Zestiria's camera work pissed me the hell off tbh. I think the reason everyone liked it was because they saw Mikleo and Sorey as butt buddies or something. Gotta get that fujo bait I guess.

I haven't played Berseria yet but I have it just kinda sitting around untouched. Zestira wasn't painstakingly awful for me but it's overpraised when Symphonia or Rebirth were so much better. Hell even Graces was better even though it wasn't my favorite(Cheria was the worst character in that one imo)

No. 15356

Another Destiny fan! I love that game so much.

Yeah the story was pretty ok. Nothing amazing really.

I don't know how much I'd recommend playing it. I played it because at the time I was unemployed so I had a lot of time on my hands, so it was fine for that. But I'd say its only worth it if you don't have anything else to play instead.

No. 15357

The Sorey/Mikleo fujos aren't nowhere near as obnoxious as Alishafags or Rose worshippers. Those people will rip your throat out if you insult their precious waifus. Remember their outrage over Alisha not being playable for the most of the game?

No. 15358

Alisha's sense of duty and knighthood was so huge idk how players didn't see it coming that she'd be leaving the party to help villagers. I think her main purpose was really to just get Sorey out into the real world and no longer among the seraphs but that was it. I remember reading somewhere that in Japan people would return the game or pitch a fit immediately after finding out Alisha left. I noticed that the game was originally close to 50 bucks but then not long after that it plummeted down to 20 where I live because of it.

The other thing I didn't like about Zestiria is that they made it seem like the Shepherd and all that jazz existed hundreds of years ago and then as I play on I found out the last Shepherd existed barely even 20 years prior to the game. It just didn't make sense to me I guess. They built it up to be some mythical legend when really it was only a couple decades ago.

Until the next tales game comes out I don't have anything else to play so it sounds like I'll be in for a long ride.

No. 15359

Personally I liked Berseria fine. It had a lot of elements I enjoyed, the characters were fun and the fighting system was good but it was sort of mediocre otherwise. It's not godawful or bad by any means, just an average Tales game with some fun moments. I don't think it's even that popular compared to other titles though, a lot of people seemed to pass it by.

No. 15360

because 60% of P5 players are thirsty neets trying to romance all their "waifus" and Makoto is "canon waifu" according to the subreddit and 4chan and her codename is "queen", blah, blah, something something ~strong female characters~, something something step on me Makoto-hime.
Don't ask me, I don't get it either. She's so fucking boring but every male Persona player I know thirsts so bad for her.

No. 15361

Third Destiny fan reporting in! It's by far the best written Tales game in my opinion and it's such a shame it gets glanced over or forgotten. I really wish it would get a proper HD remake released to a current generation console.

No. 15362

File: 1524861535649.jpeg (576.6 KB, 1024x977, 028F49D5-64DC-4049-B6CC-3293F4…)

>Destiny 2
>best game

Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of Destiny aswell, but that sequel is a fucking abomination of a game and was probably one of the biggest flops of 2017.

No. 15363

File: 1524862279897.jpg (26.52 KB, 220x313, 220px-Tod2cover.jpg)

>I seriously can't tell if baiting or not
I'm pretty sure anon was referring to this game there my friend.

No. 15364

M’bad anon, scrolled past and saw destiny and immediately thought it was about Bungies shit. I’ll take my autismo out

No. 15365

To make matters worse there were rumors floating around in 2chan that Alisha was supposed to be the main heroine and Sorey's squire in the beginning, but the producer shilled his waifu (Rose) in at the last minute and gave Alisha's place to her. Which is why they had to completely rewrite the story and that caused the plot holes and the strange "discovery points" as the skit flags were already put in the game but Alisha had to be taken out. This was further pushed when people found out that the voice actress for Rose auditioned a year after the other actors.

Don't know if it's true but it would explain a lot, including the producer's leaving of the company shortly after. It could be why so many of the secondary characters were left unfinished (Mayvin and Sergei for example) because they were meant to interact with Alisha and why the anime was so different from the actual game, even giving Alisha an armatus mode.

No. 15366

He’s definitely got some great stuff, I’m not saying he doesn’t. Part of the shining and It are legitimately terrifying and he writes the fears of childhood in a way that makes them feel fresh and real.

It’s just that when he fucks up, he does so spectacularly. Under the dome was brilliant until aliens. Carrie was scary but the mother’s dialogue was just..strange. Dirty-pillows? I can’t take that seriously, but in the same novel he describes her isolation and shame so well that I squirm.

There’s so much hit and miss that it’s a crapshoot with every new story.

No. 15367

I would literally kill for at least a digital release so I could get my friends to play it. I was lucky to get a copy, but I found out a new copy in 2018 is $400 +
I'd also kill for Destiny merch that wasn't just Leon. I like Leon well enough but he isn't my favorite.

No. 15368

Xenoblade's combat system is awful. It feels like you're hitting the damn air. Not only that, but it also feels clunky as hell. The game also doesn't look great, too, TBH.

Don't get me wrong, I love how huge the areas are and some of the environments look fantastic, but without shadows of sorts, it's very dull at times.

No. 15369

American Horror Story. The only one I liked was Asylum and that was mainly because of Jessica Lange's performance. Coven in particular was very grating and everyone looked like they were trying too hard to be cool and empowered.

No. 15370

AHS is just shitty in general.

No. 15371

Supernatural is nothing more than a series of two men getting tied up. A lot. Which is why the Scooby-Doo episode is one of the few episodes that aren't shit. The rest is either what I've said or shitty for different reasons.

No. 15372

File: 1525103281668.jpg (43.37 KB, 550x550, 23rt43z5r.jpg)

Jessica Lange was the only thing that made me keep watching at times.
I really liked the concept of Coven, but it seemed like they simply had too many ideas for one season and crammed in too much so the whole thing became the fast-paced messy shit it is. Season 1 was great and Season 2 my favourite. I stopped watching during the Hotel season, it got old and Lady Gaga's role made me cringe.

No. 15373

Yup basically the whole series too many ideas and all executed like shit

No. 15374

will never get over the jarring way characters would be cruelly torturing and murdering someone immediately followed by a scene intended to provoke empathy for the same character; whilst they namedrop some designer brand as if it automatically makes them sassy, cool, and relatable.
It's super sinister actually and not in a good way. It must have fucked up young people's minds.

No. 15375

which scene are you referring to?

imo freak show was the worst because they had all of those out of era musical numbers sung by people who can't sing

No. 15376

(nta) Jessica Lange's 'Life on Mars' was good and cool, but I agree that all the other ones sucked.

No. 15377

I'm pretty sure it happened in most episodes, even multiple times an episode sometimes.

I'm pretty sure there's a scene in coven when the characters march straight in from a murder scene to gush over Stevie Nicks playing piano, as if she would just be jamming at home waiting for her audience of amoral serial killer mates. I doubt she knew what she was signing up to.

No. 15378

File: 1525122160044.jpeg (67.45 KB, 590x333, A5015BF5-5795-4C87-9200-29E702…)


Yeah it’s frustrating because I think it has a pretty good main cast and set up. It’s just the execution is shit. I also hate how they use disability as a creepy element, especially the Down syndrome girl, like they think throwing a special needs person in a shot makes it scary or some shit

No. 15379

They have so much material and somehow they always come back with the most boring, poorly written, fan servicey, stupid shit imaginable.

The plot is always messier than a clown orgy and every time they have the opportunity to do something really interesting or really cool, they do the exact opposite.

You could take someone, stick a pen behind their ears, put them on a pogo stick, and push them down a stairwell and they would write a better screenplay on the walls.

No. 15380

Coven was two shows stuffed into one. The drama between the older witches, and the younger witches. The younger witches dragged down the show with their shitty tumblr gif ready dialogue and awful romance plots. The show should have just been about Jessica Lange, Sara Paulson and Angela Bassett.

No. 15381

I can’t stand the creator, the story could be so good if he didn’t use cheap shock tactics. Plus, it makes me cringe every time he throws a rape scene in ~just because~ as if there aren’t other ways to further a story or signal character development for someone.

No. 15382

File: 1525158970467.jpg (252.9 KB, 500x518, 66679935_p7_master1200.jpg)

I'd kill for Johnny merch, but in Bamco's eyes he might as well not exist anymore. It took him winning a popularity poll in Link for them to even give him a 5*.

No. 15383

>Thoughts about P5?

I'm about 70hrs into P5 and its massively disappointing and awfully cringy.

I've been a fan of Atlus in general for years now, played all Persona games and i'd rank P5 below 3 and 4 for its sheer lack of originality alone.

My main problem is its being praised for things that already existed in mainline SMT and early Persona games such as the ailments system, demon negotiation and multiple endings shit, also Guns which exist in a large chunk of SMT games and P2.
Whilst taking away for example same sex options for romance like that of P2. And no hope for a fem MC due to the massive delay since 2015.

The good:
>Great soundtrack shoji meguro has yet to make a shit OST.

>Gorgeous art, every menu is interactive and amazing its quite a spectacle to just use fucking items. The pop art super hero, comic red style they went for is cool and far distinguishes itself from the cool undertones of P3 and sharp electric yellow of P4.

>One aspect of the theme was law and when law should be questioned I found this to have merit and found myself agreeing with whats his face a lot - the lawyer brown hair guy.

Unfortunately this theme was promptly forgotten and replaced with a bullshit theme of self expression or some muddled shit.

>The "palaces" were cool, pretty meh to navigate with shit puzzles that a preschooler could solve but still pleasant visually and had rad themes.

The Bad:
>Shit characters/recycled tropes, literally the same designs or similar designs for some.
see >>15338

>Massively predominated female cast to joking levels, the majority of the social links are grown women which are creeping around you for whatever reason.

>hidden secret ending where teacher or journalist chick get arrested for statutory rape of a minor.

Though this brings up a good point, why were none of the adult female characters paranoid of being arrested for statutory rape? At one point in the Social link of the journalist woman you have to lie and say your a boyfriend of her. As if that would somehow get her OUT of trouble with her boss, bitch could get arrested.

>Entire game is a huge drag full of text pop ups, text boxes and uninteresting padding filler shit.

This speaks for itself, or doesn't because its just bland writing on a screen.

>Literally all the female characters are sexualized massively. Ann - throughout the entire game from start to finish, Haru - her shitty sub plot of her fiance, even fucking Makoto at one point by the mobsters, even the computer girl who's a first year comments about why and how her costume is skin tight.

Good question Futuba why in a game about breaking the shackles of oppressors is your fucking costume skintight when your clearly not comfortable with it being?

It puts a sick taste in your mouth as the game tries to tell you to fight against this as a form of discrimination telling you to stand up to people who treat you as a sex object, but also all females must be sex objects.

And that leads me to the next point and probably the most important the conveyance of themes in the game is trash, and definitely the weakest in all of Atlus storytelling ever, inclusive of the SMT and Persona series.

Basically its fighting against itself to express what the core ideas are but the core ideas are constantly contradicted and muddled to the point of confusion the overall impression is weak due to this, contrast this to the ever present themes of mortality and death present in P3, and as gay as P4 is, the constant themes of friendship and unity. Both games have clear themes expressed pretty strongly in the case of P3 where your literal evokers are guns you shoot in your with.

The masks in P5 are literally just to look cool, they symbolize bullshit and aren't necessary in Mementos or palaces, at some points in the game the characters aren't wearing them and whether or not this is forgotten or poor writing isn't explained.

>The game becomes extremely repetitive fast, after the second dungeon you'll get bored shitless.

>There are no "stakes"

P3 had
>the dark hour, basically zombification of people by apathy syndrome and the literal destruction of the world by Nyx.

P4 had
>gruesome murders, the potential threat of murder as a stake even moreso murder of your own friends and schoolmates.

P5 has
>you might be expelled and have to go to a different school lel. Booh fucking hoo.

>Its highly unrealistic

This is debatable since it is fucking Persona but P5 tries to be so realistic and relatable to modern life that I feel this actually should be brought up as a valid point. The idea of Mementos is barely developed upon in addition to it being some vague manifestation of human emotions representing the bulk of the city.

>The Social links suck ass and are the weakest in the series

Anns is the most blatantly weak followed by Yusukes I believe. Additionally the NEET character unrealistically breaks out of her shell almost immediately which sucks, they had so much potential for these characters but wasted Anns arc on a pointless bicker with some rival model, Yusukes is literally just he weird, Futubas sucks and is unrealistic. At some points she's timid of being outdoors then she becomes enamored with it. There's no consistency.

>The concept of "hearts" is never explained enough

Its left vague almost on purpose. Its not clear whether you can kill individuals by taking their treasures.

>The whole group thing

The phantomthieves don't feel like they'd actually associate with each other due to their severe differences.

The scooby doo thing with P4 worked and the group seemed like genuine friends deeper than P3.

The P3 cast were forced together but were aware of each others situations and convictions despite being severely different.

>Everyone is boring and unopinionated , even downright fucking stupid at points.

Especially Ryuji and Ann, both are morons
Thank fucking god for Makoto and to a lesser extent before you get Makoto Yusuke. I honestly believe their group would be immediately disbanded and arrested if Makoto never joined, she's very by the books but someone fucking has to be in their situation.

>Inb4 shitty plot twist is coming up but I have no fucking motivation to finish this trash fire.

I'd rather replay Nocturne, or drop it for SMT V. At this point I shouldn't be expecting a plot twist but its become a fucking meta in the Persona series which is just cancerous.

There's an unofficial meta to Persona games now the meta is basically this:

have 4-6ish main characters with funny boi who your friend, MC, and grill also retarded mascot thing which never existed before 4.

It could be argued that Komaru was a mascot to 3 but it was literally just a fucking dog not a mascot, not a caricature of an animal, not some inhuman shit, just a dog. Aegis was equal to a person not a shitty mascot this is sort of the focus of "The Answer".

There's a mandatory p l o t w i s t in every Persona game now as well which hurts my fucking brain.

There's an awful amount of female characters to the point of cringe its become a straight up waifu, harem sim. I might ask why in a game about defeating discrimination is there so same sex options but you can hook up illegally with the teacher and random journalist woman?


At many points in the game Yusuke is teased for being eccentric and he's downright living off scraps at some points in the game, Ryuji is constantly berated by the cat to a deafening level for being stupid. There's points in the game where you have to escape a bunch of random gay men on a beach.

>MFW P5 is toted as the best game ever getting great reviews.

Fuck this shit. Fuck Atlus for delaying this shit for 3 years.
The only people who think this is the best game of their lives are fucks who never played a SMT or Persona game in their lives, this is a rehash/recycling that can barely hold a candle to P4 let alone P3 or the SMT series.

I could literally go on forever about shit I despised in this trash heap but I've bored you enough.

For a game that obsesses over hearts this one sure had no fucking heart in it, and with its shitty writing effectively broke mine.

No. 15384

>I could literally go on forever about shit I despised in this trash heap but I've bored you enough.
No please go on, I'm interested. I want to play Persona 5 because of the gameplay but I can't yet, and megaten fans' opinions interest me. A lot of reasons why you dislike P5 were already in P3 and P4 somehow, and I remember everyone thinking that P5 was going to be innovative when the first trailers were shown by Atlus so I'm really curious.

>retarded mascot thing which never existed before 4

I liked Teddie a lot but I feel like his role was going to be very different until Atlus decided that they needed a cute mascot because it sells. I was really disappointed when Morgana appeared for the first time in trailers because of that.

No. 15385

>Inb4 shitty plot twist is coming up but I have no fucking motivation to finish this trash fire
oh baby, you haven't gotten to it (or "them," i guess) yet?

very good post, but i feel like you would've really had a field day with the fun plot twist(s) at the end.

No. 15386

Fate: Grand Order is complete gacha trash. The only good things about it are the music and the art styles, but even then, only those two can carry it so far.

No. 15387

i hate any novel written before mid-late 19th century for the exact same reason literature professors love them: they're long, clunky, usually unnecessarily complicated and their main plot is shit literally nobody cares about. can you imagine praising a book specifically because it's boring and unexciting to read? just say the word Middlemarch to a faculty member and watch them wax poetic about mundane minutae of life in a fictional English village 300 years ago and stilted, starched relationships of its inhabitants being the most universally valid and beautiful thing ever written about human condition.

novel as a genre was cheap entertainment for newly-emerging middle classes and charles dickens was the equivalent of today's semi-trashy TV series, get over it. yes, they have their place in study of literature but they're crappy as hell. anything old being automatically deemed artistic and sophisticated annoys me so much. if anything, they're much less sophisticated than highbrow examples of modern literature simply because they were much more primitive and we didn't know any better. same thing goes for early examples of most genres and art forms.

thank you. i never understood the appeal either. i cringe so hard when my 30-something friends still make a big deal out of being "Potterheads" and act scandalized when i don't show any interest. there're so many more imaginative and interesting magic and wizardry themed books for children too.

like most anons here, i also find most US "classics" to be highly overrated. The Giver is also a super meh book i can't stand when praised too much.

No. 15388


samefag but would any of you like to add him to the "author cows" thread?>>>/snow/516563

No. 15389

It’s really annoying to me when people complain about rape in game of thrones as if life for absolutely everyone in that’s show isn’t terrible.. if you are weak you are a target, it doesn’t mean it’s inherantly bad to be feminine, gentle, forgiving, etc. I just see a lot of criticism along the lines of ‘I’m a woman so I don’t like rape so I don’t like GoT’ when imo everyone is constantly getting fucked in that show, and the rape is only part of it. I am also salty because I had a friend that had those complaints but wouldn’t stop with her yugioh underage porn fanfic lel. I’m not a crazy fan or anything, it’s entertaining but not above criticisms.

No. 15390

Writing rape is fine. But I just don't enjoy his books, and that's an aspect of it.

Daenerys is forced in to a marriage by her brother, and then raped- but eventually she starts saying yes during the act, and then falls in love with him. Uh huh. If the end goal was for her to fall in love with him, the rape makes no sense and was unnecessary.

Joffrey's abuse of Sansa was to… make him look really bad? Show how bad he was? Even when that was shown in a variety of other ways. Show how shitty she was treated, cause that was the only way how? Again, it felt lazy and gratuitous.

Sansa almost gets raped in a riot, but the Hound saves her. Whoo. Thrilling. Brienne is almost raped until Lannister saves her. Ohh. Scary.

And on and on. If you enjoyed the books, good for you. But not everyone is going to enjoy reading about women being brutalized in the name of ~realism~. Especially when it feels poorly done.

To explain why he includes so much, George R.R. Martin said
>I wanted my books to be strongly grounded in history and to show what medieval society was like, and I was also reacting to a lot of fantasy fiction…But if you’re going to write about war, and you just want to include all the cool battles and heroes killing a lot of orcs and things like that and you don’t portray [sexual violence], then there’s something fundamentally dishonest about that. Rape, unfortunately, is still a part of war today.

Again, I mean, fine. If that's what you're into, go for it. But I don't enjoy reading a "historically accurate" fantasy novel depicting the rape and abuse of women. Its just not my thing. There's clearly an audience for the book series, and that's good for him and those who find it entertaining. It doesn't wind me up that people find it entertaining, so I don't know why fans get so upset that some people just don't enjoy it.

You're annoyed people say
> ‘I’m a woman so I don’t like rape so I don’t like GoT’
It's totally fine if someone doesn't want to read about characters resembling them getting abused in a way that is "realistic." If someone is like "I'm a woman, and I don't want to read about other women getting raped, especially when its grounded in history and actual events." That's totally fine to me. If they said "I wish the books had less abuse of women so I could enjoy them more," I think that's also totally valid. If they say shit like "the books NEED to be edited to remove the content I dislike," that's a different kind of complaint and pretty dumb.

No. 15391

I do think that for writers and creators who want to use rape in their stories for the sake of being "realistic", they should at least portray the rape in a realistic manner if they want to use that excuse. Often it just feels like they're describing a kinky porn scene. That's all fine with me as long as they can at least admit to themselves that that's what they wanted to do.

I haven't read or watched GoT so I can't say how those scenes are portrayed, I'm just talking about fiction in general.

No. 15392

I'm not even a big fan of the series/books but seems like you misread it.

>If the end goal was for her to fall in love with him, the rape makes no sense and was unnecessary.

It's important to remember she was only thirteen when she was married to Drogo, so I wouldn't consider it 'real love' and I'd even go as far as saying it wasn't the author's intent. Daenerys is meant to start out as a child and slowly grow into a woman and that includes enduring Drogo's barbaric ways, I don't agree with it either and found it boring but I can see why it was necessary to the plotline.

>Joffrey's abuse of Sansa was to… make him look really bad?

Yeah, because that's the worst thing he did… You forget this is the same character who cut open a cat mom's belly just to show the kittens to his father when he was only a child. Joffrey was clearly insane and didn't want Sansa sexually, only liked tormenting her. His abuse of Sansa is pretty much on pair with his sadistic personality, it's not that complicated.

>Sansa almost gets raped in a riot, but the Hound saves her. Whoo. Thrilling.

Sandor's older brother pressed his face against the fire until it melted when he was just a child but obviously Sansa almost being raped is so much worse than that. Theon also almost gets raped in the series and books if I remember correctly, but obviously you'd only care about the female characters.

>Brienne is almost raped until Lannister saves her. Ohh. Scary.

And what did you expect, to see her breaking free from her chains and killing everyone? As you said GRRM likes keeping his books a little bit more realistic. Jaime lost a hand trying to save her and Vargo Hoat had his ear bitten off when he tried to violate her, I don't see why you make her look like some damsel in distress.

As >>15389 said, it's not depicting only the female character's suffering so I don't see why it is somehow worse than the explicit violence in the books. It just reeks of third wave feminism. And even though imo his books are far from perfect, I agree with him here.

>"I can describe an axe entering a human skull in great explicit detail and no one will blink twice at it. I provide a similar description, just as detailed, of a penis entering a vagina, and I get letters about it and people swearing off."

No. 15393

From the little I've seen of Game of Thrones and Westworld, it appears that these higher budget TV shows are just being unnecessarily indulgent with the violence. I feel as if people are mistaking cynicism and violence for realism, yes, real life is often violent and cynical, but it is tempered with piety and magnanimity.

I don't know man, it just feels like a waste. They have such a budget and seem to be attempting to tell great stories, but every episode I can see the corporate man behind the scenes saying "Market research shows that three people need to die every half an hour to maintain ratings, make it happen".

'The Man In the High Castle' doesn't fall into this trap, I'm interested in finding other high budget shows that don't.

No. 15394

I hate how it's becoming common place that there's no more clue, warning or atmosphere change to introduce a sex scene in movies and television, specially in stuff from Netflix, Amazon, etc.
I'm not always in the mood to watch fake sex out of no where, what the fuck, the media acts like people have sex all the time with whatever people like it's a handshake.
What if I'm with kids or family near the screen? At least start with a kiss scene or lights down so that the audience knows what's coming.

No. 15395

Hey I like Destiny. And yeah Destiny 2 was a terrible sequel. They messed up so many things. The gameplay and UI aspects were the most confusing, because they spent so long fixing them in the first game.

And I have so many problems with the storytelling. We still haven't gotten a continuation of the main stories from D1. Instead it's just random side stories. I didn't care about Ghaul in the first place, I wanted to see what happened to Mara Sov.

A point that really bothers me, though, is that while the writing is bad, I can't stand that all the blame goes to Christine Thompson. Destiny always had a fairly progressive fandom, until the PC players came along. It's funny how so many people are willing to overlook the trash writing in the first game (barring the somewhat decent Taken King), but as soon as someone figured out the head writer for D2 is a woman, they started calling for her to be fired. The writing has been at its current level since Rise of Iron, but people didn't care at the time because they got everything else they wanted. Entitlement is a big issue in that fandom, it seems. Anyways sorry for the sjw rambling, I'm probably overreacting.

No. 15396

that's why I'm watching more asian stuff now. don't get me wrong, the interactions can be pretty cringy but still, sex isn't as banalized as in the western media nowadays.

No. 15397

Just because someone doesn’t enjoy something doesn’t mean they “misread” it. People have different tastes.

No. 15398

what fucking idiot ever rooted for Dany? books or tv she was a complete fucking moron and scrapes by bc of those damn dragons.

I'm still salty that none of the GoT chars are fleshed out correctly. s1 and s2 and even a bit of s3 were so promising and now we have this shitfest.

I do enjoy the books more than that shitshow on HBO, but maybe that's bc I love chars over story. it's exactly what keeps me holding on for MCU… even after they let me down time and time again.

I don't know if anyone's mentioned Stranger Things yet. but it's fucking ridiculous to me. I get the Stephen King nostalgia/80's bullshit, but goddamn, that entire show is just every King book in a fucking blender. Firestarter and IT and Carrie all mashed up into one bullshitty show that may or may not be going places. altho tbh that's King down to a tee. he can write a story but he can't take it anywhere or end it.

No. 15399

How is Stranger Things like IT?

No. 15400

>How is Stranger Things like IT?
how can this be a real post lol. unless because of the capitals you are thinking of something called 'I T' instead of the movie It to which the anon was referring

No. 15401

It's nothing like IT, the only similarity is that they're both about a group of kids and are set in the 80s. Stephen King fans are just fucking weird and feel the need to bring him up constantly.

No. 15402

Nope, I was thinking of It by Stephen King. I don’t get how Stranger Things and It are the same, except I guess they’re both about a group of kids? But even then, the characters are all wildly different.

I agree. And cause that kid was in both the remake of It and the Stranger Things show, everyone sees them as more similar than they are. Even though the character he plays is completely different.

No. 15403

I’ve never seen the remade It but the book takes place in the 80’s, deals with horrifying monsters, a group of uncool teens who deal with some kind of strange monster the rest of the town knows nothing about or believe in.

You sub Pennywise for a demogorgon, swap the kids and add in some Firestarter government experiments with Carrie powered results.

The Duffy bros or whoever legit stated many times that they were inspired by their favorite parts of Stephen King. (altho, i did hear that they ended up plagarising Stranger Things from a college kid or something? who the fuck knows if that’s true or not)

You’ve got to be blind to believe there aren’t parallels between King’s books and the series.

No. 15404

>takes place in the 80’s, deals with horrifying monsters, a group of uncool teens who deal with some kind of strange monster the rest of the town knows nothing about or believe in.

That’s not enough to say the show is just
>Firestarter and IT and Carrie all mashed up into one bullshitty show

It’s more E.T than It. Or the Goonies. Or Stand By Me.

Or a dozen other 80s movies.


No. 15405

I def. agree that Stranger Things is a mishmash of 80’s movies and tropes like ET and It and The Goonies and a hundred other 80’s products. I enjoy that part.

I’m just not a fan of it bc it doesn’t seem original in any way to me. Movies like The Goonies and ET and books like Carrie and It were all original ideas- ST seems like each of these really interesting 80’s ideas all blended together to make it what it is. None of the concepts that are in ST are original and they haven’t been executed as well as they could be (altho it is only s2, so hopefully it goes upwards).

I just don’t get the hype of it. It’s literally cherry picking parts from every hit 80’s book/movie and throwing them all together to make a show. It’s nothing new or original. Just my opinion tho. I know people love it- which is super great. But, Netflix hasn’t done a great job taking all these tropes and concepts and making them into something unique imo.

No. 15406

because people who are like 35 watched that stuff when they were 7 and it's deep in their heart and all you need to do is use similar vibe and they go oOOoo. those are the losers that write all the articles about tv

No. 15407


I like ST but here's a fun fact: the creators admitted that they ripped off Eleven from Elfen Lied, a pedo fake deep anime. The papa thing is also taken straight out of it. Shit inspiration.

No. 15408

File: 1526195032390.jpeg (Spoiler Image,150.61 KB, 500x500, DEDBD72D-37CC-4B3C-B14D-F9942F…)

Funny, I don’t remember this scene in Stranger Things.

>Their appearance is similar to humans, but with several differences, namely horn-like protrusions on the forehead and the presence of telekinetic invisible arms called "Vectors".

>an event which causes her to develop a secondary, childlike personality known as Nyu.

They might have been inspired by it, but they definitely didn’t rip it off. Unless Eleven developed a second personality, horns, and telekinetic arms kek

>More recently I had seen an anime called Elfen Lied that is clearly inspired by Akira. And that was really influential. When I watched it I thought it felt like an ultraviolent E.T. There were a lot of things in there that I really liked and that made their way into the show, particularly related to the character of Eleven.

They also mention Akira and Silent Hill, among the 80s movies.


It’s definitely a derivative work but it’s not a rip off of any one thing, and neither are any characters just cut outs from any one movie or show. They’re a jumble of nostalgia and references.

>the creators admitted that they ripped off Eleven from Elfen Lied

So gonna go with no, that’s not what they said or did. Being influence by something is not the same as ripping it off.

Still didn’t watch the second season all the way through because I thought it was predictable and boring, but that’s besides the point lol

No. 15409


I can't stand Stranger Things, imo it's so unispired and boring. And the fans are so annoying acting like it's some masterpiece. My brother actually got mad at me when I said I didn't like it.

No. 15410

Right, so you’re saying that if you see a show which blatanly copies many aspects of books and movies and television, blends them all together in an uninspired fan-nostalgia (bc the creators were those 30 y/olds who did do all of that, and they admit it many times), that you wouldn’t understand why it got so much fanfare?

I get that this is something new and exciting to the younger crowd and even my age; but they haven’t improved anything. They haven’t changed anything. This isn’t groundbreaking in any way- despite what people treat it as.

I totally agree- I don’t mind sitting and watching it as one of those mindless tv shows- I enjoy all the aspects of it- but the fans fucking ruin it. It isn’t that fucking great. At all. It’s a pretty average tv show for what it is.

No. 15411

I loved HP as a kid, but I was never obsessed with it. I still like the story and watch the movies whenever they're on ABC Family (fairly often) but I don't understand how people became obsessive over it. I don't have a problem with adults enjoying media meant for kids but it comes off as a bit pathetic when it's basically a personality trait.

No. 15412


I about 15 chapters on a binge and couldn't/can't understand for the life of me how anyone could see it as romantic/a love story… It's fetishizing and gross, at best

I thought some of the elements were interesting: stalker being caught by another criminal and then becoming a victim of crimes he would've likely perpetrated when stalking wasn't enough of a thrill anymore. And the police officer trying to solve it all. Could've done without the torture porn, obviously.

No. 15413

I think people mainly became obsessive with it when it was still on-going and there were a lot of questions and suspens. I remember in middle school when I was really into HP, the media were all over it too, and there were multiple magazines aiming for a lot of different readers talking about how the last volume could possibly end right before it got released. And many adults who are still obsessed with HP seemed to have been kids or teenagers when the series was still on-going so there's also the nostalgia factor.
> it comes off as a bit pathetic when it's basically a personality trait.
I feel like that could apply to every fandom at this point, since they all have fans who seem to only live for their favorite series or celebrities to the point where it get creepy.

No. 15414

Honestly I don't trust Bamco to make a good Tales game anymore, and I sure don't trust them to not somehow fuck up the story even worse than in the PS2 remake. If they could keep that gameplay at least it might be fun to play, but "Leon's Story" can go die in a hole.

No. 15415

File: 1526344834079.jpg (25.41 KB, 400x630, 9781593080259_p0_v4_s1200x630.…)

The Picture of Dorian Gray. Everyone and their mother seems to love this book but to me it's just meh. I admit that Wilde has a nice writing style and there are some great quotes but reading it just felt so annoying and exhausting, almost like a chore. I even read it twice to see if I missed something, but nope I still don't see it. I might try one more time because it might be something on my part since this is so universally beloved.

No. 15416

Maybe it's because of the homoerotic undertones, idk.

No. 15417

It reminds me of my home and my childhood. I’m nostalgic for both. Living in a foreign country, HP is one of the few modern British books I really devoured as a kid that there is decent merch for. It’s so iconic and familiar. And it was authentically British. The food, the language, the family relationships. Reading it spanned my entire childhood. It’s the only series I really followed all the way through the releases. And I have special memories associated with the midnight premiers and reading it with my sisters. Idgaf if that makes me pathetic or lame cause I wear HP socks and have expensive merch kek. It’s special to me. I don’t care when people don’t like it. But I don’t get why people have to shit on those who do.

No. 15418

Books don't make it to the canon because they're enjoyable or well-written or anything like that, it makes no sense to think you disliked it because you missed something.

Most classical books people like are just a combination of tolerable plot and high status anyway. If you're not autistic levels into literature you're better off reading the best-seller tier stuff everyone else reads that you'll likely enjoy. I don't mean it in a demeaning way, btw, it's just less of a waste of time.

No. 15419

hey, i agree. i read it recently and it's… meh. wilde can come up with some witty sentences but other than that… it's a bit of a struggle haha. it's like - i can see what he's going for and all the ~subtext~ and ~hidden meaning~ but… it does nothing for me lol. i don't like most of his other work either, just not that into the whole #aesthetics and symbolism thing he's got going on i suppose.

>Books don't make it to the canon because they're enjoyable or well-written
>you're better off reading the best-seller tier stuff
just because anon disliked one book from the "canon" (whatever that is…) doesn't mean all of the classics are shit and not worth reading. pls love yourself.

No. 15420

Sage for "elitist" attitude, but every book in the YA fiction category is poorly written garbage.

No. 15421

God I know. I get a kick out of watching “booktube” videos ripping bad YA books in to shreds. I know it’s a relatively new genre, but it’s just so overwhelmingly filled with trash.

No. 15422

Cowboy Bebop really isn't that good.

No. 15423

agreed. its disappointing to see how many people like it tbh

No. 15424

Have you come across any booktubers yet that don't make videos on any YA shit at all?

No. 15425

the classics were shite, homer doesn't even real

I can't believe someone unfamiliar with the concept of "western canon" is telling me to love myself lmao

No. 15426

I like YA but it's basically junk food, plus they're usually such quick reads that I don't find myself thinking "I could be using this time to read something better," (though I won't read any YA series for that reason).

No. 15427

No you’re totally right anon. YA is trash for kids and adults who read it and gush or obsess over the fandoms are freakish.

There’s nothing wrong with reading it if it’s where you’re at re reading level,(because, dead serious, who the fuck actually needs to be able to analyse literature)

It gets weird when just about every mid twenties woman I meet gushes about Harry Potter/hunger games/whatever vampire junk it is this week. It’s almost always all paranormal romance.

I’m a raging fuckin snob (dont push your kids into academia, plz) and idk how to react we discover we both like to read and share favourites.

It’s a garbage book Ricki..it’s nearly 400 pages of a horny teenagers weird fanfiction. The antagonists name is literally Latin for ‘evil vampire’ and there were 75 mentions if the love interests ‘steely grey eyes’
What the fuck did you get out of that?

I know it’s partly because I’m an insufferable snob but goddamn, as a genre it is stuffed to the brim with garbage stories by garbage authors.

No. 15428

i am familiar with "the western canon", harold bloom etc.. i can't believe someone unfamiliar with the decades long ongoing discussion about the validity of such ranking and classification is telling people to read shitty YAs :) actually scratch that, i definitely can believe that

No. 15429

>defends "classics"
>talks about how such rankings and classifications may not be valid
You sound dumb and exactly like the pretentious people I referred to in my post who read "classics" (lmao) and think that makes them very smart.

I don't think people should read "shitty YAs", I just think the common "shallow" books criticised by pretentious cunts very worried about teh classiks and ~art~ have their merit, and that if someone's not interested in the history of literature, writing as an artform, literary theory and criticism etc they're wasting their time reading complicated books that are considered "classics" precisely because those into literature say so. Not that people can't also enjoy these books, but assuming they'll be "good" books by regular people's standards (and if they dislike the books they're "missing something") because they're "classics" is misguided. We're taking about different audiences with different interests and different approaches.

And tbh I don't believe someone who says "canon whatever that is" and refers to books as "classics" is familiar with the academics surrounding literature. You sound like you just googled that

No. 15430

Nta but holy shit you're sounding more pretentious than any person concerned with the "academics of literature"

Same. I try time and time again to get into it but I just can't. The opening is pretty good though.

I am so tired of twist games and anime that mix cute/moe shit with horror. People say madoka started that but even madoka had things going on from the first episode so there weren't any tricks. Doki doki literature club, omori, undertale and other western attempts at it are even more cringey than when Japan does it. Half the time there is absolutely no point to the plot and creators use the "it's open ended" excuse for not properly planning their series. You see it a lot with rpg maker games like pocket mirror or dreaming mary. And it's even worse when people eat it up like it's the second coming of christ and write theories that have more thought put into them than the original.

No. 15431

madoka wasn't the first to do that, but people assume it was the first ~~magical girl~~ anime that happened.

No. 15432

Similar here, I liked HP a lot, but I was never that much into it to the point of buying merch, cosplaying, going to see the movies in theaters or even participating in the fandom. However, once all books were finally out and the excitement died down, I suddenly discovered HP fandom with all of its drama, shipping wars, crazy theories, snapewives and contrived fanfiction, and I fucking loved that. I still like browsing HP forums and fansites, both dead and active ones.

So basically, I don't love HP, but I love reading about people who are obssessed with it.

OT, but why the fuck did they put Liszt on the cover? I know he was madly popular at the time, but he hardly fits that book.

Sage for ot sperging in general.

No. 15433

While I don't think Dorian Gray is perfect because it does a drag a bit (what was up with the whole entire chapter about him finding treasure and shit?) But I think it does a good job of showing corruption of innocence from influence with the relationship of Lord Henry and Dorian.

The best part of the novel for me was always about Dorian trying to fight to stay good while dealing with his obsession with staying young and getting more deprived
Though if you're not into that; I can understand why you don't like the book.

No. 15434

I really enjoy "canon" or at least "classic" books. Like The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo and Juliet, The Metamorphosis, The Scarlet Letter, Of Mice and Men, Dracula, etc. I get they're not for everyone, but I feel like people who bitch about them and how they're boring didn't give them a fair chance outside of a school setting.

Invisible Man is one of my favorite books in general. But I hated Fahrenheit 451 even though I get why its such a significant piece of literature. Catcher in the Rye can fuck off tho.

No. 15435

The Old Man and the Sea is honestly fantastic and written extremely elegantly. I fail to understand how you could dislike it, honestly.

No. 15436

Game of Thrones. I'm a history nerd, and so was very excited for this series; I read up until about book 3 and I couldn't take more of the contrived YA level writing. It's nothing but shock value dressed up as 'realism.' Yes… history was pretty gruesome. Using that as a main point to try and elevate mediocre writing is boring. There's no subtlety.

I think the nail in the coffin that turned me from 'ambivalent' to 'hate' was when GRRM kept making little snipe comments towards works by Tolkien. Like… how arrogant do you have to be?

No. 15437

Haruki Murakami books. Every fake book nerd here praises his books, it's so overhyped. When I was younger and don't even have friends or social media accounts I found Kafka on the Shore and Hard Boiled Wonderland to be good reads to burn time with, but later I got exposed to The Hype and keep hearing fake nerds bragging about their Murakami book collection I just want to slit their throats open. I read Norwegian Wood because of peer pressure and it's overrated, it's astonishing that it can be as hard to get through as classic Russian literature but with less text blocks. Edgelords galore.

No. 15438

and the fact that he can't not write about an older man with a younger woman

No. 15439

I like him in smaller dosages, but man, 1Q84 was just a fucking slog and felt like a waste of time.

Also I get he loves pubic hair but I don't need so much emphasis on it.

No. 15440


i don't know how this shit has become a phenomenom. i've been reading fanfiction for like ten years, sadly… and it's really nothing to write home about. people even itt are acting like its this super different and new thing when its not. i've read that story told like 100 different ways, just in LJ or Ao3. it's absolutely not special, not as a romance and not as a thriller either. i imagine its more popular because it has pretty drawing of cute-sy anime looking boys instead of being old plain writing but c'mon. the author clearly is just fanfic savy and has basic drawing skills. the fact people talk about this like it's anything more than mediocre fanfiction level just baffles me. it's not special whatsoever.

No. 15441

ikr. he's just written 1 story several times.
the best murakami is the first murakami you read. its downhill from there

No. 15442

My friend's entire 'book collection' consists of Fallen, Divergent, Hunger Games, Beautiful Creatures, The Mortal Intruments, The Selection series and John Green's books. She must own every single shitty and overrated YA book ever.

No. 15443

The Exorcist movie.

I get it's a classic for a reason but god it is so boring.

No. 15444

Ugh fuck I'm embarrassed but my collection is similar. I've tried to read "adult" books but they're really boring. Idk how to break out of it.

No. 15445

I hate On The Road so much. And Bukowski. I think I just hate reading about shitty men be shitty and self-indulent about it.

No. 15446

So? I dislike all of those books but I don’t care if others like them.

No. 15447

>Overrated Fiction That We Hate
looks like someone missed the point

No. 15448

And the sequels are even more boring!

No. 15449

The only people I know who read exclusively read this drivel. It’s awkward because they all love to talk books. Idk what to say when they wanna chat about what we’re reading.

No. 15450

It’s ok to dislike the books. I don’t get judging people who do like them, tho.

No. 15451

So why post anything about it?

It’s annoying to be surrounded by adults who brag about being well read when they spend six months plodding through christens books.

No. 15452


No shame about liking Hunger Games. Those books are great and well-written, especially in regards to the sociology of the world and character psychology.
If you want to branch out, maybe think what themes or topics interest you and look for lists with books concerning them? For example, mental illness, paranormal romance, dystopia etc. Try some of the adult books from the list.

No. 15453

>hunger games
>well written

Pick one anon, because it’s not both. YA is rarely written well, and teen romances set in prototypical dystopias aren’t even close to good, let alone verging on literary or important.

On topic opinion- every single ‘paranormal romance’ is trash and fans of it are kindly letting you know they are dim and have poor taste. It is impossible to write anything about a sexy ghost that isn’t trash.

No. 15454

>calling this blatant battle royale rip off great and well written
my sides

No. 15455

Even with a decent editor to fix all the technical errors and awkward language, the story sucked. She took the most common tropes available and rehashed them in all-beige.
>Well written psychology/sociology.. it’s like saying Harry Potter is a good reference for PTSD.

No. 15456

I have a policy to put down any book which starts with the main character running through how they look. Hunger Games does that. Its bad.

No. 15457

How else can the reader self insert if there’s no character description?
Bonus points when the female lead is quirky, clumsy, brunette, and totes not like the other girls

No. 15458


That's like, your opinion, anons.
Battle Royale is too different to call HG a rip-off, but I guess that would kill your hate-boner.
If HG is a rip-off of BR than Stranger Things is a rip-off of Elfen Lied kek.
BR is not allowed to be the only series about teens killing other teens because evil government.
I like many things about HG, though I'm not a fan of Nabokov-like writing style. Though I agree that dropping description of main character is fanfiction-worthy mistake, I don't mind it if the rest is good. I don't think I even noticed it while reading, kek. I enjoyed the world-building, the way the fictional society was depicted. Katniss was interesting character with all her contradictions (like hating her motherfor her depression yet becoming almost useless due to ptsd).
Not saying HG is some literary classic, but it's good and on a completely different level than Twilight or The Fault In Our Stars.

No. 15459

Before someone misunderstands, I meant that I don't like fancy writing style that distracts from plot. Not saying HG is written like Lolita.

No. 15460

What's your opinion on the Skulduggery Pleasant series? I liked it when I was a preteen so I could be biased by nostalgia, but a friend of mine called it a collage of edgy quotes.

No. 15461

It’s more poorly written than John Greens stuff in a technical sense, (Suzanne Collins needs a fucking copy editor as badly as she needs kidneys) and I’ve taken dumps with better literary content than twilight, so being slightly better plot-wise is hardly praise.

It’s fine to enjoy young adult stories, you don’t need to stan for a kids book.

Does anyone here read books marketed to people over 15?

No. 15462

>Does anyone here read books marketed to people over 15?
If you're so upset by that, suggest one you like.

No. 15463

Nobody is upset, just asking. I’m clearly not a fan of it but that’s got nothing to do with the readers themselves.

As far as suggestions go, sirens of titan, stranger in a strange land, and alias grace were really good imo. It would depend on what genres and topics you’re interested in though.

No. 15464

I don't stan for them, I just enjoy them enough to own a copy. I see them as entertainment and that's it. (Which, as a sidenote, Battle Royale is too, except with more violence porn and literal porn - with middleschoolers to boot, kek. No wonder everyone had to get aged up when the manga came out here).
Maybe John Green's stuff is better edited,but the plot is pure wish-fullfilment drivel and tragedy porn. Hate how he panders to teens with writing adults as idiots in comparison to his teen protags (at least that was the case with The Cancer Girl's mom).
I don't see why someone should be ashamed of reading/liking HG, though reading just YA is a bit too much.
Don't get why you care so much about someone disagreeing with you. It's fine for you to disagree HG.

No. 15465


>asks about opinion on one book series they've read during preteen

>assumes it's all they've ever read

The autism is strong here.

No. 15466

Those who read books from decades ago, and try to apply current ideas and social constraints, should look into the history, and social climate when the books were written. It has not been any great period of time since Women disguised themselves as men, or avoided revealing themselves as female, to get published. J.K. Rowling comes to mind and there are many others. Piers Anthony wrote during a time when 'boys will be boys' was still acceptable, and non-consensual sex was still considered "a fate worse than death". Marriage could occur, with the parents consent, at the age of 15, and pedophilia was so deeply buried that it wasn't even mentioned in "polite society". To expose such topics, in whatever way, and to champion the "sexual revolution" which was still brand-new, was a far cry from all the stupidity one encounters in the reviews currently published. Just consider that Misogyny was considered a 'life choice' in those days, and LGBT was still a criminal offense, in most states. You cannot judge any work, from an earlier time, by today's criteria, since times have changed and many of the things which we consider 'wrong' were simply 'scandalous' when they were written. Emily Dickinson was unable to publish as she chose, while she was alive, but no one seems to remember it being because she was female. If you don't know what you're talking about, then don't talk. The "#MeToo" movement would have resulted in jail time for the "lying women" involved, in the late fifties and early sixties. Think about that, for a moment.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 15467

File: 1552200109719.png (94.65 KB, 1287x608, Screenshot_2019-03-09 Book The…)

The Female Man by Joanna Russ
Everyone hales it as some great feminist milestone but it seems so disjointed and incontinent and the only defense people have for the writing was Joanna wanted to establish a "feminine writing" that is nothing like classic male way of writing of that its supposed to be that
also her weird little femcel fantasy

No. 15468

File: 1552204606270.gif (1.84 MB, 392x200, OhDxiN2.gif)

This was me when I started reading The Pillars of The Earth by Ken Follett. It was so damn horrible and I want my time back

No. 15469

I'm rereading the series ASOIAF / GoT was ripped off from and it's a nightmare at times. I loved Sorrow, Memory and Thorn by Tad Williams so much as a teen but I had only borrowed it and had forgotten the whole story again since I don't have the best memory. Now over a decade later I have it again. I knew Martin took inspiration from the series but there are too many details he used. Every other page I am reminded of asoiaf / GoT and it's awful. I even like the latter but this is annoying

No. 15470

I haven't read the book but the Battle Royale movie wasn't good. I found it very cheesy and the characters acted like cartoons instead of people. I feel like this is common in japanese media that the characters just seem very childish to me?

No. 15471

I haven't read the book but the Battle Royale movie wasn't good. I found it very cheesy and the characters acted like cartoons instead of people. I feel like this is common in japanese media that the characters just seem very childish to me?

No. 15472

>Characters acted childish
>Characters are children
Checks out

No. 15473

I know they're kids but they acted like cartoon kids. Like the whole thing with the photograph, what actual teenage boy screams and cries like the MC in the movie over photo?

The music was awful too, I don't remember the scene exactly but that weird "romantic" music that plays when one of the girls and boys is talking in some cottage/hiding place is horrible! It's like I as watching anime.

So by childish I mean the characters are written in childish way that you would expect from children's media but I see this happening with japanese drama series supposedly meant for adults too that they're written like cartoon characters. It's jarring.

No. 15474

Sage for double post but honestly, the music, the editing, the over the top acting, it's like I was watching live action cartoon?? Maybe I misunderstood the movie that it's supposed to be the whole point, though, I don't know

No. 15475

If it's an consolation I hated the book it's not really any better than the movie. I don't understand the hype for this book at all but it may just not be to my taste

No. 15476

I read the book (never have seen the movie) and disliked all the characters. I think people remember it more for influencing all those "death game" works than it actually being good.

No. 15477

there is a beautiful point and click adaptation of this book, and I really really liked it. The art was beautiful and the characters had depth. imo look into it?

No. 15525

I had to force myself to keep reading in the beginning but I do think it got much better eventually. Or maybe I just acclimatised, I don't know. Though I agree that I don't really understand why it became a cult classic.

How does this adaption handle the rape scenes? Including the part with Tom and Ellen in the forest after Agnes dies and they lose the baby because that very nearly made me put the book down permanently. How the fuck was that supposed to be romantic?

Honestly there were too many parts where it felt like I was reading the author's self-insert erotic fiction with either Tom or Jack as his author avatars. Adaptations can correct for this sometimes, so I'd be interested in checking it out.

No. 15535

File: 1552303345147.png (69.44 KB, 1293x488, Screenshot_2019-03-11 Book The…)

The Female Man by Joanna Russ
Everyone says its some great feminist milestone
finally decide to read it
it seems so disjointed and incontinent and the only defense people have for the writing was Joanna wanted to establish a "feminine writing" that is nothing like classic male way of writing of that its supposed to be that
also her weird little femcel fantasy

No. 15540

File: 1552304805951.gif (1.28 MB, 851x468, space dandy.gif)

I pretty much avoid any anime that has teen protagonists and/or is set in an high school. I am so fucking tired of this neverending trope, how boring it is and how annoying teens are. I know animes with adults are rare but watching less anime in general has been a benefit

No. 15580

I hate it too! It's such a cop out for a good plot. The only good anime I've watched where they had a school setting was Kare Kano, that's the only one I'll watch. There's plenty of really good anime about school aged students and you rarely ever see them in school, like Digimon and Yu Yu Hakusho.

No. 15622

File: 1552329057248.jpg (13.72 KB, 262x381, Looking_for_Alaska_original_co…)

Does anyone else hate this book? Looking for Alaska is one of the worst books I've ever read, even when for I was in high school. The main character is a pretentious twit. Alaska seems like a stereotypical manic pixie dream girl who is also spoiled. Her emotional instability is so attractive because she is hawt. But she isn't normie either. She's not like other girls!!!!

Also, I don't get how it's so sad that she died while drinking and driving. I understand no one is perfect, but it's not cool to put other people's lives at risk. It's not like she's an ignorant hick living in a bumfuck area where that behavior is normalized either.

This book is targeted towards kids who think they are so intellectual and better than anyone else. But they have no work ethic, have no intellectual curiosity beyond trite quotes, and never want to read anything more challenging than YA fiction. They are the worst.

I imagine that after graduating high school, the main character gets an English degree. He doesn't have the luck/connections that Green has so he works in a shitty office job. lmaoooo

I hate this book so much. Also fuck YA books in general for being overrated af and having such a shitty, toxic culture.

No. 16666

Anything by john green seems to be trash, it's always a manic pixie girl plot

No. 16777

I found no rape scenes in the game, so you should be fine if that's a trigger for you. There is one scene where it almost gets to sexual assualt, but it's stopped before hand. I haven't read the book, so I don't have book to game comparisons for you, but I did really enjoy the game.

No. 21966

File: 1553545517062.gif (189.03 KB, 336x506, 7189SFT92BL.gif)

fucking atlas shrugged. it was so overrated, i heard so many good things about it and i was really disappointed. to be fair, i didn't finish it, gave up after 200 or so pages. the way it's written is so pretentious and the main character isn't likable. the entire "story" is basically ayn rand rimming capitalism so hard she ruptures its rectum. it's ostentatious garbo, seriously, fuck this book

No. 22249

>main character isn't likable
The Main Character is basically an idealized version of Ayn Rand Herself and Hank Rearden is her Ideal man that she wants and believes she deserves

No. 22293


No. 22294

John green is a nu-male soyboy cuck

No. 22318

File: 1553805180322.png (Spoiler Image,746 KB, 960x544, Danganronpa_2_CG_-_Mikan_Tsumu…)

>>15323 Mentioned Danganronpa but I'm gonna add to it because holy fuck do I hate these games. I'm so mad it got localized, the fandom was bad enough on tumblr during its fan-translation days, but now the series is everywhere and it's only gotten worse.

I was so happy when I heard about how the third game pissed off the fans with its ending that can be read as the creators going "we hate this game, we hate this franchise, you're all sick for enjoying this." It's not what they actually meant but seeing all these fans gets upset over how it ended was great. I was hoping this would cause a bigger backlash, I just want to see stupid franchise crash and burn already. Yes, I'm mad.

Also the fanservice is disgusting. Every female character is just there for men to ogle.

No. 22326

File: 1553808907769.jpg (122.76 KB, 600x600, Studio.Ghibli.600.691470.jpg)

Ghibli movies. Yes, the movies are easy on the eyes but I find Miyazaki's art style pretty bland even though he's a skilled draftsman. I also have way too many friends who go absolutely crazy over these films, have watched them multiple times, and can't stop gushing about them when they are brought up. I guess it isn't actually hate from my end but I'm just so over these movies at this point.

No. 22327

Ik this post is a year old but I clicked on this thread specifically to bitch about this book. I almost failed my first semester of American Lit cause I could barely get through the whole thing and the book report after was a huge chunk of our grade.

I like a lot of Ghibli movies a lot, but I will never understand the obsession with Totoro. It's such a non movie. It reminded me a lot of Bambi, really cute, easy to look at, but there's no real plot. It's boring.

No. 22328

I saw Totoro multiple times when I was a kid and it definitely entertained me back then probably because of the lifelike animation of Totoro and Cat Bus. However, as a jaded adult who's seen much more media since then, I have little to no desire to rewatch it. People just meme about it because Totoro is a cute character and because it's anime.

No. 22332

I loved the first game but that character in your picture pissed me off so much for so many reasons, fanservice included, that I stopped halfway through the second game. I don't get how it got popular on tumblr because of all the fanservice and how most of the characters were huge assholes, so I always only enjoyed the game by myself. I bought the third game as it got released and never played it but if it pissed off the obnoxious fans then I'm looking forward to this.

No. 22336

girl i know! i have no idea how people who are into literature shill this tripe

No. 22346

File: 1553820978573.jpg (1.32 MB, 1920x1200, Link_and_Zelda_(Ocarina_of_Tim…)

The only Ghibli movies I genuinely like are Kiki's Delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle, the others are such a bore.
I tried rewatching Princess Mononoke last year and I could not focus at all. The story had a lot of holes in it. Totoro is cute, but the story is really slow. I also didn't like Spirited Away that much either. Loved the character designs, but the movie itself is… eh.

I can't get into a majority of Zelda games. Ocarina of Time was boring. Majora's Mask was worse and difficult in not even a fun way.
However, I did like Twilight Princess, but I had the Wii version so I probably would've liked it more and actually finished it if I used a Gamecube controller.

No. 22363

File: 1553840245649.jpg (137.59 KB, 1600x864, kaguya.jpg)

Totoro and Ponyo are my favorite Ghibli films because they both capture the same thing: comfy childhood joy. I love films that take place in rural settings with childhood as its main theme. I saw them both as an adult but the way they make me feel is very special.

As far as visuals I like Princess Kaguya above all else. The painterly art style is extremely expressive and stands out amongst the Ghibli fikmography, especially during the emotional climax of the movie.

No. 22371

>Salty moralfag can't stand people enjoying ~problematic content~ despite never even playing the games herself, more news at 11
DR has some of the best female characters and a very respectable gender ratio, take your ~ugh disgusting sexualization~ farthuffing to the isekai crowd or at least don't use the screenshot from a scene that was an obvious joke directed at forced fanservice

No. 22388

>It's just a joke bro!
You sure got butthurt over that other anon not liking some degenerate animu game.

No. 22416

File: 1553872017898.png (9.18 MB, 2436x1125, 99CA358A-9095-4920-AE71-8A4125…)

“ironic” sexism is still sexism, dipshit

anyways since video game moralfagging pissed anon off so much, can i just say how much i hate the witcher 3 and its shitty woman pandering nonsense? the whole game is riddled with this typical male brand of faux-feminism and there’s one storyline that’s a perfect microcosm of the whole thing:

this female warrior goes into battle with her tits out (pic related) and gets chided by her male superior for putting herself in danger and does the classic “i’m an empowered woman and i can wear what i want!” shit (which you just know the male writers were patting themselves on the back for) and we’re meant to cheer for her as if she’s a real person and not a fictional character deliberately designed to be sexually titillating by a bunch of men. this tone deaf shit makes my blood boil like no other, not to mention it kind of loses its edge when 90% of the female npcs in the game have their tits out anyways, including random villagers and noblewomen.

i hate to see how much praise this game gets, even in supposedly feminist circles. and i’ve never played the first two games but i’ve heard they’re even worse than the third in regards to misogyny, so i won’t even bother.

No. 22423

File: 1553872805213.jpg (68.68 KB, 1280x720, Suzaku253.jpg)

Fuck this character and everything he stands for. I've never seen anyone write a more obnoxious, overpowered, morally ambiguous, virtue signalling piece of shit. He was literally only in the show to fuck shit up when things started getting too easy for whoever he sided with. Ruins the entire show. He should've killed his father and then himself.

No. 22445

Have you watched Castle in the Sky? It's easily the best Ghibli movie. I agree with you on Princess Mononoke, I couldn't get into it at all despite trying multiple times but I thoroughly watched Howl's Moving Castle and that shit was ridiculously bad with tons of plotholes and questions left unanswered. Spirited Away wasn't that memorable.

Totoro and Kiki were good but Castle in the Sky was great and actually had something going on compared to their other films.

As for Zelda, you kind of have to discover it as a kid to get it. Wind Waker is the best one in all aspects but I'm surprised you didn't like OoT as that's second best. TP was shit.

No. 22454

Everyone in the Zelda fandom knows TP is like a shitty version of OoT so I was surprised to see OP praise it despite disliking the much better OoT

No. 22455

Well she said she's not into zelda so her opinion on that isn't valid at all.

No. 22456

Reminds me of some male and also female gamers who are huge fans of Bayonetta like to go on about how empowerful she is.
>in b4 she is a strong independant woman and the designer is female

Meanwhile, male developers were obsessing about making her ass "perfect" before the game was out, her clothes are actually her hair, etc etc
Feel free to love the game but don't pretend it's not full of objectification.

No. 22459

Can't disagree more. There are collaborators in every occupied country, the struggle against them is among the most important.

No. 22460

Original Ghibli disliker anon here, I actually have to agree that Castle in the Sky is probably the best of the Ghibli films. It had a pretty solid story overall that felt more compelling than other Ghibli films. I dissed Miyazaki's art style in my post but something about it works very well with it in this film. Maybe because his style was still evolving at that point and it fit more into that retro 80s anime style that I like.

No. 22464

Danganronpa's popularity among the tumblr crowd continues to baffle me. I get the first game since it's light on the ~problematic~ elements, but by Another Episode I expected people to disown the series now that 10 year olds were the victims of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. However as far as I know there wasn't any outrage, I guess because it's a spin-off so people didn't care for it.

>I bought the third game as it got released and never played it but if it pissed off the obnoxious fans then I'm looking forward to this.

My friend got me the third game after I heard about fans getting pissy and as someone who used to like DR before it went to shit, watching the ending and everything unfold was pretty satisfying knowing it outraged the fanbase that much. Seeing as you've already bought the game it won't hurt giving it a go if you wanna see what upsetted everyone, if you're anything like me you might find yourself liking hate-playing it.

No. 33225

A mix of waifu for the 4chaners, a mix of SVSTFoE for tumblr, and a mix of lame jokes for reddit.

I just find online animation so gratting for soem reason. Both 'The Summoning' and hazbin hotel just don't appeal to me. instead of being creative with a small budget they hit this uncanny effect

No. 33672


This post is super old but I just find it so weird that the cover photo of that book is of a composer named Franz Liszt

By the way, has anyone ever read the book "their eyes were watching good"? I'm sorry, but that book was actually so fucking boring to me I can't even begin to explain how much I didn't want to read it. We had to do it as a requirement in school before and honestly I just looked up summaries of the entire thing. I'm guessing I expected more from it because my teacher was all like "it's one of the best books I've ever read" but it was just another story about a black woman maturing through her years around the time of slavery. It just wasn't that interesting to me.

No. 33689

File: 1559181206147.jpg (77.18 KB, 317x475, carryonrr.jpg)

I think I only managed to make it about 300 pages into Carry On. Annoying characters, annoying writing, constantly switching POV with no matching character voice. Whenever I mention not being able to get into it or finish it, people give excuses like 'oh it's supposed to read like fanfiction' or 'it gets better'. And, yeah. It does read like fanfiction. Shitty fanfiction. And if I wanted to read shitty fanfiction, I'd go somewhere else. Besides, I shouldn't have to trudge through 300 pages of bad writing, hoping it's gonna get better.

Also, it's so nice to see that I'm not the only one who's not that into Ghibli films. I was pretty indifferent to them to begin with, but after what they did to Howl's Moving Castle, I just can't sit through any Ghibli film without being reminded of how they threw out some of my favorite aspects of the book.

No. 33707

I don't get why Rainbow Rowell is touted as such an amazing YA author. Eleanor and Park is the only book I read of hers, and it was average. I heard that Rainbow Rowell was a flaming mess, though. There are so many better authors than her. She seems like a cringy person overall.

No. 33708

File: 1559194445621.jpg (92.38 KB, 825x464, mcu_large.jpg)

I honestly can't wait for people to get tired of Marvel movies. The last one I actively watched was Civil War and it's been a complete trainwreck since.
The movies are just so mediocre I don't understand how the gp eats this shit up.

No. 33714

god, yes. marvel movies are so fucking exhausting.

i'm probably gonna be shitted on for saying this, but i hate anime. i used to be obsessed with it when i was a teenager, but now that i'm older, i look back and all i see are overdone tropes, rampant misogyny, and boring two-dimensional characters. i haven't watched an anime that i've genuinely liked in years, and even those animes i look back on now that i used to like just don't have the same luster that they did back when i was a kid.

not to mention that anime has caused a surge in men becoming freaky sex pests. i'm talking about dudes that wear ahegao jackets and supreme logo mock-ups with "hentai" on them in public. that shit's fucking weird and i can't wait for that trend to die.

No. 33804

File: 1559228756533.png (872.74 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2019-05-28-18-30-45…)

Webtoons "choose the style you like" page is like choosing the best piece of trash. All the rop comics are either 'tumblr romance' or 'reddit comedy'. All the top horror stories aren't scary, but are just weird (Most of them I only read out of this weird desire to see what happens). The site also suffers from this gigantic issue of all comics either being popular or being some 12 year old's fan project. Like the discover page is horrendous artists, with no followers, and amazing artists, with lots of followers. No inbetween. The only thing you need to be popular is good art, or at least make it aesthetically pleasing, and constant updates.

Also I found "home sweet home" hilariously bad and "Bastard" was an edgefest.

No. 33819

>I honestly can't wait for people to get tired of Marvel movies.
It's already kind of happening. Now that the franchise has so many movies and TV shows, retconned and canceled one of the most interesting ones (Agent Carter) because it would contradict the last minutes of Endgame, and now that so many short series are planned for Disney+, the whole MCU will be a giant mess the way the comics are and normies will only care about some of the new movies depending on their favorite characters. And since the MCU lost its two poster boys I feel like a lot of people already decided to stop caring about any new releases.

>i haven't watched an anime that i've genuinely liked in years
Same for me, I can only enjoy watching anime or reading manga if I'm very picky. Which is normal but anime fans seem to think you have to watch everything that's released each new season to say you like or dislike anime, which I think is really weird since there are so many series and so many different demographics.

No. 33999

Since this was talked about in the gaming thread I have a feeling death stranding is going to crash and burn.

"In the near future, mysterious explosions have rocked the globe, setting off a series of supernatural events known as the Death Stranding. With otherworldly creatures plaguing the landscape, and mass extinction imminent, it’s up to Sam Porter Bridges to travel across the ravaged wasteland and save humanity from impending annihilation." The summary sounds like some random anime plot. The fact that once you die you have to manuver your self back to the living plain just feels like it'd be annoying after awhile. The game play so far looks like any other AAA game. The plot feels like its going to be a mishmash of what kojima thinks is cool.

The worst part is that even if the game comes out as 'good' or 'OK' the hype train will implode.

No. 34001

File: 1559420449733.png (27.11 KB, 180x215, MGS1_Solid_Snake.png)

what i'm kind of curious about is how mgs and kojima have stayed so popular and relevant. mgs 1 came out before most of the zoomers on the internet were born, mgs 4 came out 11 years ago, and mgs 5 was incomprehensible to anyone who hadn't played a previous mgs game. how did mgs not sort of fade away, in a "remember these games i used to love when i was 12? they were so good! too bad no one talks about them anymore…" i feel like most people who grew up with mgs are at that age where they're losing interest in video games.

the older games are annoying to play if you're used to games with better controls. you can't even play mgs 4 without a ps3. so how did kojima generate so much hype for death stranding?

No. 34006

>game developer has the bare minimum of decency by not showing spoilers in his new game's trailers because he hates when trailers show spoilers
>mixes elements or sometimes plagiarizes games, anime and american and japanese movies he thinks are fun and cool
It's always the same shit said by the same fans. I like MGS but if I listened to the franchise's fans I would have expected the greatest piece of literature and political commentary in video game form when it's not. I'm looking forward to Death Stranding a lot but vide game journalists and gamers are going to be obnoxious about it if that's not already the case.

No. 34013

Its about the loss of innocence. I still like it because of that even though I dislike Holden and people like him. Him wanting to protect those kids is something that I will never not relate to

No. 34015

WOW. i remember being very hyped for this game a year ago but with this new trailer it looks stupid as fuck. maybe the open world roaming aspect will be cool? but im still bitter about the "OPEN WORLD TACTICAL STEALTH ACTION" that was mgsv (aka a fucking desolate dumpster fire) so i doubt it

No. 34016

what was so cool about the first 2 trailers was how vague and horror influenced they were (imo). but all I got out of this first trailer is that any mystique and ambiguity about these creatures and the other aspects of the game is going to be over explained and beat to death with details.

No. 34021

Visually, I still think it looks cool as shit. I dig the character designs and the whole atmosphere. (Definitely not buying it at full price though, I'll probably wait over a year to play it when it's on sale.)

No. 34043

Maybe it's unbelievable to you, but a lot of people kept up with MGS throughout all the consoles. It's not that hard. Look at Kindom Hearts, first game came out in 2002, the sequel in 2005. We only got the third one just now and in the meantime Square kept shitting out midquels/prequels on all the systems possible… and yet people were hyped for KH3.
Plus whatever you say about Kojima, he's one of the few author gamedevs. He's got a vision and a personality. Crazy marketing ideas (like what happened with MGSV) also probably helped.

I know a lot of people who played MGS in their childhood and kept on following the series. It's one of a kind, and it appeals to both patient kids and slightly spergy adults (not that MGS is meant for kids, but you know…).

Part of DS hype is that people are happy to see Kojima work on a new project after the Konami basement bullshit. He is an industry legend and at least deserves fair treatment.
Death Stranding also involves famous actors and seems weird as hell. No wonder people wanna play it.

No. 34046

>the other aspects of the game is going to be over explained and beat to death with details.
That's what I'm expecting too. I played MG1 and 2 a little and played MGS1, 2 and 3 and what I liked about these games was that even though a lot of things were explained to make the plot happen, there were still a bunch of mysteries like everything about the supernatural powers some of the characters had. I was really disappointed when I watched a MGS4 playthrough and found out that the story is just there to explain every little things nobody asked for about the past games. I don't really care about MGS5 because of the gameplay but I've seen it's similar to MGS4 when it comes to the story, trying to explain every little things. I'm hoping Death Stranding will be more like the first three MGS games but with more horror and mysteries.

No. 34633

File: 1559861964284.png (66.23 KB, 620x350, MasterClass-Logo-620x350.png)

Masterclass feels like another form of the "I don't have to work to get good. I just need to figure out the masters secrets" (look at /ic/ as the purest form of this). It's a lot cheaper to just buy a few 'how to' books. Also the fact master classes are aimed at the broadest possible audience you wont learn much if your an intermediate hobbyist or are trying to get a job in said field.

No. 35027

Steins;gate is SO BAD. But it's literally rated the second highest anime in MAL and the community on r/anime would crucify you for not treating it as a sacred cow.

The first cour is notorious for being mind-boggingly slow and many people admit to dropping it. I dropped it too, but on a re-watch it was a cluster of intrigue, boredom, and a little enjoyment. Just painfully average.

The real kicker apparently is the second cour and the reason why the anime is treated as Jesus as a TV series. Went in with high expectations and damn.. damn… Is it shit.

Spoilers that are vague enough for you to not understand anything, but the people who've watched the series might get it:

We now have 12 episodes left.

3 episodes are dedicated to the biggest melodramatic cluster-fucks of character arcs filled with nonsensical events, asspulls and contrived sequences. Essentially filler. Horrendously bad.

Two episodes were dedicated to the biggest asspulls in the history of anime. At the ending. Deux ex Machinas so bad my emotional attachment to anything happening was so low because it felt like I was watching a completely different anime from the middle.

One episode is dedicated to 20 minutes of a character dying over and over again. Intense but too long.

One episode is dedicated to the most melodramatic and cringe interactions between a couple dragged on for 20 minutes. The context is sad, yes, but can I not have 20 minutes of filler in my face? I don't want this!

One episode is an exposition dump of the life of a character that jumped back in time. 20 minutes of it. No flashbacks whatsoever. Just a melodramatic and terribly written letter and exposition dumps. What am I doing here? What attachment am I supposed to have with YOUR descriptions of her life?

One episode dedicated to uncovering the secret identity of one character. A contrived mess. It was so fucking contrived. The asspull was so fucking lame. What were the odds that it had to be this guy?? What were the odds that all characters had to meet here??. Inanity ensues. Drama happens between his character and this bitch of a character. A slow mo of her collapsing on the ground as she's shot in the face made me giggle, and I'm supposed to feel bad for her. I have no connection with these characters. What am I doing here?

8/12 episodes suck here. I don't remember what even happened in the other 4 honestly.

When I say it's boring. I say it's I-nearly-pulled-my-hair-out-of-my-head boring. When I say it made me angry, I say it's the-type-Ill-make-50000-words-rant-about-it angry, the Ill-punch-the-fans-for-even-liking-this-atrocity angry, and the Ive-suddenly-developed-more-anger-than-a-berserk-moid-on-testosterone-for-20-years-who-punches-walls-and-shit- type of anger. When I say it made me sad, I mean is-this-embarassment-to-humanity-rated-SECOND-on-MAL?-Wtf?WTF???? type of sad.

Moids have terrible and shitty taste. Horrendously bad taste. More news at 11.

No. 35051

File: 1560095629545.jpg (64.87 KB, 316x472, 50275 (1).jpg)

Honestly it isn't that bad but I know this book got a lot of positive reviews for being "so raw & authentic" when some bits are just so goofy and the grammar is kinda obnoxious.

No. 35052

>Moids have terrible and shitty taste. Horrendously bad taste. More news at 11.
Absolutely. Steins Gate is a textbook example of a massively overrated anime that men love because it's a pseudo harem filled with waifus and a self insert MC. The presence of girls they want to fuck makes them enjoy something much, much more than they would otherwise, and that's hardly the mark of good fiction. And they never notice their bias unless it's a really blatantly bad guilty pleasure show, whereas something like SG masquerades as deep and emotional.

No. 47473

File: 1567515174662.jpg (103.14 KB, 830x1200, le_fabuleux_destin_d_amelie_po…)

Fucking Amelie

When i first watched it i thought it was a shitty movie, didn't think much of it, only later i realized it was a huge meme because every other girl i went to school with was shilling it HARD.

>bur amelie, my fav movie es Amelie, dude have you watched Amelie, Amelie is true art, real movie magic, i want to get a Catrina tatooo, i watched Amelie a million times

God, stop, i have actually tried rewatching that shitty film a couple times, and each time it was worst, i can´t stand the Manic Pixie dream girl archetype "uh uh i act retarded and like a 3 yr old , is quirky and autistic fall in love with me, Not like other girls uwu ". I actually liked Delicatessen and City of Lost Children, they were okay, but could never stand Amelie and can't stand the spergs fans.

Also, i am not much of a fan of Leon the Professional and i think is creepy pedo fodder. No surprise you see gifs of it all over tumblr from girls with daddy kinks, yuck.

No. 47477

Thank you, anon! Every time i see this dvd cover at my job, I feel so annoyed. I've had so many customers come in and recommend it to me. No thanks

No. 47485

This fucking movie used to be the holy grail of the Manic Pixie Dream Girls of my generation back in the early 2000's, why didn't it die with that decade. Every pretentious, quirky, daddy issue ridden alt chick was all over it and thought they were super special for naming it their favourite. Ech.

No. 47630

I wonder if it's childhood nostalgia? If you see the movie when you are a kid I think it's way better because like you said she acts like a child, so it is way more appealing to children.

Also IIRC the director of Leon was actually a pedo IRL and pedos also loved the movie and sent Natalie Portman letters saying they wanted to rape her so yeah it is definitely pedo pandering garbage.

No. 47663


in the book Leon and Matilda actually have sex, and there were deleted scenes from the movie that make it even creepier. Every time i hear someone mention that movie i assume they are dog whistling to find other pedos.

No. 47672

There is a book? I kind of want to read it, but can't find any info on it online.


The Leon in the movie is not a pedo, so I understand why people like the movie. My parents loved it because they saw it as a story about unconventional family bond (in a sense of more serious Despicable Me). When I first saw the movie, I was same age as Matilda and I was very confused if it's a love story or not.

No. 47677

File: 1567535016742.jpg (31.63 KB, 360x254, 139925.jpg)


sorry, i meant the original screenplay. Been a while since i read about it

"Leon embraces her. He's full of happiness, shame, so many
emotions, he can't control very well. But, hell, how
beautiful it is seeing them sweetly making love."



No. 47736

Lots of women see Matilda in Leon as an inspirational and empowered character, especially when they saw it too young enough to grasp the idea that actually she had very little power over her life after all. When I was young of course I loved the film, there was a girl my age with the power to kill people, and even though she was my age she was coded as sexy too just like I wanted to be at the time! Same with Hard Candy.
I'm so glad they didn't follow the creepy sex plot, things were bad enough for Natalie Portman as it was.

No. 48019

File: 1567752286082.jpeg (330.91 KB, 1920x1080, 0FF2930F-F3C4-4A6A-A0BA-627D9D…)

Fucking Requiem for a Dream, I don’t care what anyone says.

It’s beyond me how that pretentious crap always ends up on “best movies EvUrr!!1” lists. Is it because so many people had watched it as easily impressed teenagers and view it trough the lens of how it affected them back then?
It’s basically 1,5 hours of shock value and cheap emotional baiting with no depth to it. It feels like an overblown anti-drug PSA. I’m not disputing the message that drugs are bad but how is beating the audience over the head with it in most bombastic ways imaginable considered good filmmaking again? It’s just annoying to me when a director fools people into thinking a movie is deep and thought provoking, when it’s blatantly form over content and I feel like most Arronofsky’s work can be described that way.

Also, cool montage, Darren. Let’s see it 45 more times.

No. 48026

Honestly when I decided to watch this movie I fell asleep halfway through. Never bothered to go back and finish it, so I can't really give a true opinion on the movie, but yeah, it's way overhyped IMO. People really obsess over any media depicting drugs because omg it's so edgy and gritty and real!!

No. 48032


Its was too hammy and way too cartoony. The movie did make me feel like shit but it was because of how it was directed, everything about it was purposely unpleasant, but that doesn't add any believability to what's happening, as you say it felt like a PSA and everything is over played, i didn't came out of that movie thinking i knew any better about drugs, it was like coming out of an horror film believing in Freddy Krueger.

Even if it has some cartoony momments too and the tone was more like a dark comedy Trainspotting felt more real and hard hitting in that aspect.

No. 48254

File: 1567893046777.jpeg (154.5 KB, 749x1157, CD7B1F4B-268E-4D97-BA99-625CD5…)

The Goldfinch will always be pretentious garbage to me. Donna Tartt really needs to pull the tree branch out of her ass and start letting her editor actually cut bits out of her manuscripts, not just correct the grammar. The middle of the book, where Theo is in Nevada, dragged like nothing I'd ever read before. There was absolutely no need for ~100 pages straight dedicated to his benders with Boris, just establish that he's a functioning addict and fucking move on!

What gets me even more is how no one ever even mentions how Theo is obsessed with Pippa to the point of stalking her, and if his fiancé weren't also carrying a torch for someone else, he'd no-doubt emotionally abuse her. Pippa isn't even given a last name IIRC, that's how little characterization she's given outside of being Theo's supposed one true love. Even then, their "love" is just rooted in trauma-bonding from the explosion, and we never get to see if they have anything in common outside of that.

There's not one likeable character in the entire book, save maybe Hobie. But I guess that's a theme with Tartt's work, all of which is unbearable. Shame the movie looks so gorgeous.

No. 48272

god bless, I hate Aronofsky lmao. mother was shit too (black swan was just okay).

No. 48332

The same person did Mother and Black Swan? I didnt mind Mother for the first part of the movie, but then everything went fucking haywire and i wished i was high to even finish that garbage.

Black Swan was pure trash. The main guy in the movie is a freakin creep.

No. 48452

File: 1567962555195.jpg (166.24 KB, 1024x768, 0_n_eAPquuIzbtCUA7.jpg)

I am sick of hearing people raving about the twist and how "brilliant" it supposedly is, but it's not, it just makes 99% of the footage of this shitty movie completely useless. And even outside of the twist, the movie is not good, it's just an unimpressive gangster movie (let's not even talk about Singer and Spacey being pedos).

I also found the Godfather to be a giant borefest, 3 hours of men in suits talking and sometimes getting shot at, how thrilling.

No. 48464

The Wrestler was really great on the other hand. I’d say it’s his best movie, maybe because to me it’s so different from his other work. As in, you feel like you’re watching a movie about a real, living person that you can actually give a shit about, instead of a 2D character meant only as an accessory to Aronofsky’s artistic vision.

Good point about Trainspotting. What’s funny to me is I’ve seen people shitting on this movie for supposedly glorifying drug addiction, while praising Requiem for a Dream for being a cautionary tale. Which I don’t understand, because imo Trainspotting does way better job at conveying reality. The characters are scummy and ugly but also written in a way that you can laugh at them/with them, because that’s what makes them more fleshed-out and relatable but not necessary likeable. The point is, I don’t see glorification of drug abuse, just a slightly exaggerated portrayal of real people in a very real context of drug-ridden 80s Edinburgh. Whereas in Requiem you have these basic-ass characters who just wanted to fix their lives uwu~ The film basically browbeats you into feeling sympathy for them with the endless misery porn, but once you see past that, it feels really empty. Here’s my hot take: despite all the gross imagery Requiem is way closer to romanticizing drug abuse, in the sense that it shows you those pretty, tortured heroes, who are fighting and losing against the cruel world and forces you to feel for them, instead of actual, sleazy junkies that mostly don’t deserve much sympathy.
The comedy in Trainspotting might be crude, but at least it serves to make characters personable. You need these lighthearted moments to make people relate with your story. Constant pain and and awfulness just get mind-numbing and pointless after a while.

I kinda feel bad for shitting on Requiem so hard though, lmao. It’s definitely a unique visual experience and I can enjoy that, I just wish people would stop making it out to be some kind of masterpiece when it’s just misery porn disguised as art.

No. 48662

this book sucks. the secret history was so good but it makes me wonder if it was just a fluke or if her editor died. her weird obsession with showing off just how much she knows about opioids and benzos comes off as weirdly inauthentic too. i honestly cannot believe she won a pulitzer for this dreck

No. 48670

wtf? i commented about Shape of Water being the worst and only bad Del Toro film and the mod deleted it? why?

The movie felt like a parody of his work and too hacky, pandering and oscar baity with preachy too on the nose cliche social commentary. All the characters were basically one note social justice tokens and the plot and reactions everyone had to the situation made no sense.
"what? you are breaking the law and any standard of common sense to fuck a dangerous animal like some fujo zoophile? YO GO GRRRRL RAWR!"

Pans labyrinth deserved an Oscar and didn't won, this one deserved to me mocked by the critic but got the award, is crazy to me.

Chill out mod, don't delete opinions just because its a movie you liked.

No. 48686

Thank you anon, I've never seen anyone else agree with me on this before. I was so excited for the movie, everyone had told me it was amazing and I loved the premise, but it ended up being a Disney movie with some sex stacked on top.
I wish the alien had actually learned to speak; it's hard to feel invested in a romance between a normal adult and a child-like, abused alien who mostly signs "egg" and "music". He didn't have his own character at all, so how can there be romance between them? The only part where they had actual, fully sapient interactions was when the protagonist imagines dancing with him. It conveyed a lot more about her desires, their relationship and limitations than any other scene did. He just came off as a clingy pet in every other scene.

Also I was super put off by how the movie uses gay men and women just to seem woke. Sassy black woman sidekick, gay man whose only purpose is to suffer so you can see how happy the protagonist is in comparison, even the MC's muteness only serves the purpose to make her "different" and quirky. I understand that the very point of the movie seemed to be about accepting differences, but it didn't seem genuine at all, since it was all so surface-level. It really felt like a movie made by a bunch of old men for what they think young women want.

No. 48707


Exactly. Its super creepy how he doesn't even talk. There's nothing ever that validates them having sex as a sane thing and natural course of events or them being in love as relatable or believable or even less something to root for. It reminds me of Twilight, it is basically the same thing of spezhul self insert girl loving a monster for reasons and when you think about it the whole thing is full of red flags and i wonder why so many girls keep falling for this trope.

All the characters almost look like some right wing guy wrote them to make fun of the usual leftist stereotypes too. The quirky ~disabled~ uwu girl that is not like other girls. The strong black woman that needs to learn she don't need no man, the incel gay guy who is oppresed by society because the straight dude he stalked didn't want to sleep with him. Come on, its the cheapest, hackiest screenplay ever, and of course in typical tumblrina fan fic fashion the main villain is an extreme "evil guy" caricature of the most satanic demographic: a conservative white male with a job. Soooo lazy and baity. Its great to have social commentary and all but he set out to do it at the expense of a interesting and believable story and well rounded characters and the actual social commentary there is is extremely shallow and cliche.

You are right about the dancing scene, the whole movie stands on one single aesthetically pleasant scene and nothing else.

No. 48721

Holy shit thank you anons. She taught it to ask for eggs and then she fucked it, that is not romantic. And this is coming from a total degen who thinks the fishman is hot. Also I'm sorry but if you eat my fucking cat you're not getting this poosy.

No. 48734

I didn’t completely hate this movie but I’m super fucking salty Del Toro made this and not At the Mountains of Madness.

It was already halfway done, at least let the fatso make a Netflix show out of it or something, ffs.

No. 48766

>I’m super fucking salty Del Toro made this and not At the Mountains of Madness.

Me too, a Lovecraft movie would be so perfect for him. I am very salty about all the cool projects Del Toro was involved with that went south. Like Silent Hills and The Hobbit, i think he was supposed to be making a remake of Dr. Moreau. It is heartbreaking, all of those would have been a lot cooler.

>Also I'm sorry but if you eat my fucking cat you're not getting this poosy.

omg i had forgotten about that scene. I would even strangle Antonio Banderas himself if he harmed my cat in any way. That didn't make the creature endearing at all.

No. 52850

File: 1569691076243.jpg (201.55 KB, 1800x1012, scott pilgrim.jpg)

I was hanging out with one of my friends recently and she put pic related up on Netflix.

This movie is as bad as I remember it, holy feck.

No. 52856

I fucking hated this movie. I could not understand how it got so popular. Likely because it was unique for when it came out.

No. 52857

>how it got so popula

The movie bombed hard at the box office actually, deservingly so, it was a shallow movie who's only redeeming quality was referencing other pop culture shit, a trend trend that exists to this day in bs flicks like Ready Player One. It was only popular with fedora wearing neckbeardos that probably also had at least one rageface shirt.

For years cringy sites have been using it as an example of "amazing movies dumb normies didn't get, this is why we can't have nice things waaaaa".

No. 52895

Still love this dumb movie but as I grew older I really hated Ramona and Scott (manic pixie dream girl and selfish predator lmao) The side characters are what held it up all this time tbh. The video game quirkiness and references arent interesting but absurd acting gets me hooked on stuff.

No. 52915

the manic pixie dream girl schtick hadn't been beaten into the ground as much as it has today so it was less obnoxious to a 2010 audience. I like it now because it's a fun, flashy movie with a good soundtrack and a lot of actors I like in it but I was genuniely into the comics ten years ago and had the movie poster on my wall when that came out. I was just coming to terms with being bi around then and found Alison Pil and Mae Whitman really cute in it, and both their characters were into girls so it was sort of important to me in that respect. Spoilered for austism, but I'm still mad they cast Micheal Cera honestly. the rest of the cast was perfect but he was so off to me.
I didn't own a rageface shirt, but when I had the movie poster on my wall I covered Cera's face with a printed out trollface.

No. 52916

No. 52960

Are you a scrot?

No. 52969

File: 1569761739949.jpg (129.11 KB, 570x831, il_570xN.693529905_38fw.jpg)

I'll never understand what was supposedly so amazing about Gatsby or what made it a classic. Also apparently F Scott Fitzgerald plagiarized a bunch of work from his wife then had her thrown in jail when she tried to accuse him.

No. 53065


for every one of those manic pixie girls there are 10 sadboi posers trying to put the same image forward but in the male version. But i guess the scrotes really are the true fans that really understand the lyrics of neutral milk hotel and the subtext of Leon the Professional and thats why no one is making a gazillion videos to shit on their taste in media and fashion, if a scrote likes Radiohead he is really real, if a girl does she is a pick me manic pixie hoe.

No. 53954

Not to go full radfem but men decide what's considered classics, and since they have no taste, we have to live with the fact that a bunch of mediocre books by sexist, mediocre (white) men, who probably stole from a bunch of ideas from unknown (female) authors, are considered "serious" literature.

No. 55541

File: 1570660428505.jpg (59.48 KB, 512x288, AAAABUJFDqhOx0GqXw13M_MLB82FyU…)

Seriously what the fuck was this? It had an interesting premise and the acting wasn't bad and then it fell for all the Netflix shows have: random sex scenes everywhere, unnecessary violence, and strange unrealistic character reactions to situations in a way that feels like the writer is trying to brainwash you

No. 55542

>random sex scenes and unnecessary violence.

I feel like this is why i can't wait western shows anymore. Everyone is competing to be the new GoT and nothing is fun/campy anymore. I like story and good character development. i hate sex in tv shows tbh

No. 55669

tfw I actually really liked Gatsby and was my favorite book growing up :(

No. 55673

File: 1570691823255.jpg (62.33 KB, 608x309, sense8.JPG)

This is like all western shows for the past 10 years or so.
>No fun allowed
>Everything has to be shot with a yellow-greenish/green-bluish filter slapped on and contrast and shadows cranked up to the skies
>Everything needs to be 3edgy5u, nobody is allowed to smile, everyone needs to have a slightly annoyed stare and talk with either monotonous ranting voice or straight out screaming, at least one character needs to do drugs because that instantly makes a character cool and edgy!!
>Preachy politics and beating the corpse of a horse with ~amazing~ fresh takes like like duhh smart phones make us zombies! social media baaaad hurr
>Token characters from each minority group that are obviously there just to fill the diversity quota
>So many sex scenes it's one nipple/dickshot away from a porno rating, they also drag on WAY too long and become uncomfortable after like 5 seconds
>Also so many unnecessary and generic melee fighting scenes that go on and on and turn boring very quick
>Having jumpscares equals a smart thriller right?
>Gratuitous self inserts in the form of mary sue OCs from the writers
>And fuck sense8 and its porn thirsty creators, pic related

Even when they're trying to make comedy shows they're always mean spirited but NOT funny, the "humor" is either lazy random access pratfalls or more based on the writers ranting about things they don't like through the mouths of the characters. Even that new Matt Groening show turned out to be a snoozefest that wasn't really funny despite him coining two successful comedies before. I'd 100% rather watch shitty, dumb teen shows from the late 90's because at least they seemed somewhat genuine and weren't so up their own asses about trying to be ~an intelligent and unique show~ while being painfully generic.

No. 55674

File: 1570691888889.png (202.19 KB, 500x278, tumblr_ois86uwwQ81sg9jepo5_500…)

it was a wachowski production, it was always going to be a mess. I don't think I got past the first episode. the ebul terf at the pride festival making fun of the tranny was hilarious. you know that had to have come from a much more pathetic real life experience one of them had.

No. 55677

>Evil bigoted butch lesbian cis terv bitches tell the meek scared precious nerdy transbian how it is
>the transbian's token black girlfriend threatens the evil terven coven with violence and takes these cunts to SCHOOL with witty snapbacks like "I will colonize your face with my fist" and "[you're] a loud-mouth Berkeley bitch"
>Definitely not a tranny power fantasy at all!

No. 55686

Ah yes, because nothing says intellectual and artsy more than an over-the-top sex scene complete with strap ons. It's sad that this is what's apparently considered good television now. Also I agree with you on the characters being way too edgy, and they have to be really witty and smart too for some reason, spouting out one-liners like some kind of lowbrow capeshit movie. You can tell it really panders to the nerdy fans who think they're so clever watching this show

No. 55722


we wuz writers and shiet

No. 55735

she's not wrong

No. 55737

>have no taste, we have to live with the fact that a bunch of mediocre books
>ho probably stole from a bunch of ideas from unknown (female) authors

Great Gatsby is a mediocre work but also it might have been written by a woman so its also good at the same time

No. 55742

ah yes, a good argument.

No. 55769

File: 1570718332894.jpg (541.61 KB, 1000x563, mixed-ish.jpg)

I just wanted to know why Western media decided no fun allowed and boring, shoe horned violence is the best thing ever. Also, why do so many remakes of the 80s just.. do not have that 80's vibe at all? It's so hard to just do a faithful rendition of the 80s? Looking at you mixed-ish.. american horror story..

No. 55786

File: 1570720548632.png (546.78 KB, 892x746, smh.png)

This is honestly kind of fucked up , something is wrong with my countries media.

No. 55789

When the director made Evan Peters into a Trump "cult" leader alt right 4channer I stopped supporting the series. I did watch that season for the keks tho.

No. 55792

Ugh why do people and the media romanticize murderers and serial killers. Specifically male murderers. I guess a man killing people is totez cool.

No. 55798

File: 1570721406500.jpg (69.67 KB, 426x597, AAAABTxh_K5NtRZ9Lb1qLZgvc9wDkE…)

Not even 6 months between each other!! WTF

How can someone see this and think, "Yeah this is alright.

No. 55833

First Ted Bundy, now this. Why? Actual people died because of these shitty men.
Who's next? The Charleston church shooter? Shit's disgusting.

No. 55989

I cannot stand Ryan Murphy. there is a good AHS thread going on right now. but in general, America has an obsession with making serial killers (always males) look like misunderstood people and it's crazy disrespectful to the families and victims

No. 55991

That caption is disgusting. they're going on how hot he is when he killed real women irl. I fucking hate AHS tbh and anyone who romanticizes serial killers

No. 56057

I know this is six months old but I was obsessed with John Green's work when I was in high school, especially Paper Towns. So much so that I chose a cringy quote from it for my senior year book photo and it haunts me to this day.

As for what I think is overrated now? Disney anything. Yes, I grew up watching Disney movies but I don't get the hardcore obsession so many people have. I've never wanted to go to Disneyland, I don't get all the liveaction remakes. There are some movies I really enjoy (like Mulan) but the majority aren't as amazing as people make them out to be. I think it's weird that adults get so crazy over Disney shit.

No. 56213

No respect for the victims and their families.

No. 56389

Scorsese is right actually

No. 56888

the caption is describing how they portrayed him in AHS, not how he actually was. if you read the actual article it's a criticism https://meaww.com/american-horror-story-1984-richard-ramirez-millenial-badboy-depraved-night-stalker-serial-rapist

I didn't grow up watching disney movies (well, some of them, but not most) and I've never understood the disney obsession that so many grown ass adults have? the stories are really not that great. and disney land looks like a stressful af place to be and probably really expensive.

No. 57595

File: 1571115278819.jpg (69.65 KB, 336x500, 61RfhBNcKdL.jpg)

I liked Alice in Wonderland when I was a teenager, and now I'm not even sure why. It doesn't have a compelling plot or characters, it's just like an acid trip with a bunch of weird shit happening and then she wakes up. I don't get why it's so iconic. Also the author was a literal pedo.

No. 58209

I quite liked it as an elementary schooler too. I think I'm just drawn to fiction that invokes that trippy, daydream-like feeling, I was a big fan of Nesbith's books at that age for the same reason. Unlike Nesbith's stuff, it really doesn't stand up anymore but maybe that's partially due to the knowledge of him being a pedo ruining it.

No. 59778

Breaking Bad - it just got mindlessly evil, I dropped after they killed the libertarian partner of Walter.

Seinfeld - annoying people/situations doesn't equal funny

Star Wars OT - I tried to watch the first movie when I was older, I barely gone through it was boring. The acting was too subtle, no proper exposition (hey there a princess you need to save. Alright!) and barely 5 people in stage at most which doesn't make it feel Galactic Empire.

>expecting a book heavily based on Islamic religion and Arabic culture to be feminist
What were you thinking?
Dune is great, but it's somewhat tedious to read I'll give you that. I think it's due to all those epigraphs every chapter.

>Ender's Game is another one of overrated books beloved by a specific male audience

Ender's Game is another great Sci-Fi book and your reasoning is stupid, change your sentence to female audience and it's the same shit. For someone who cries misogyny, you sure don't mind misandry, how hypocritical.

No. 59905

I really don’t think that movie was trying to make Ted Bundy to be “mistunderstood.” But it had a odd narrative that really didn’t show what a piece of shit he was till the end. I think in this case it’s less about romanticizing and more about poor choices in storytelling.

The director for that movie also directed the Ted Bundy Tapes documentary on Netflix and that doc has no trouble telling you what a terrible person Ted was. So again, I don’t think romanticizing Ted was their intention.

Haven’t seen AHS 1984 to comment on Richard Ramirez but Ryan Murphy has always been a hack.

No. 60059

I really fucking hate almost all sitcoms but especially Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother. I would say BBT too but I think everyone already hates it. I don't like The Office or Parks & Rec either.

Even though I think Seinfeld is decently funny/more watchable than other sitcoms, I can see why someone wouldn't like it.

I've never read Enders Game but I know the guy who wrote it is Mormon, anti gay marriage but also an anarcho-communist. I know the books could still be good but knowing that about him just puts me off from wanting to read it.

No. 60167

when i was 11 i kept seeing media shill harry potter hard and i thought i HAD to get into it because everyone else was going crazy for it and it was all over the news, "omg, every other kid is buying it and i am missing out???"

well , nevermind, it sucked, i bothered my dad so much about getting that first HP book, it was the first time i realize mainstream media is manipulative and can go suck a major dong. I did like Lord of the rings way better and got obsessed with Poe and Jorge Luis Borges . i was already into reading and harry potter did nothing for me even as a tween.All the rest of those years i found it anoying as fuck, most girls around me were crazy about it.

No. 62074

I like the HP universe and aesthetic, but I could never really get into the story. The books are honestly depressing/bleak in my opinion (there's a lot of abuse and other tragic things in them).

Harry Potter has more plot holes than there are stars in the galaxy, and just when I think I've heard all of the plot holes someone will point out new ones. It kind of ruins it for me when a story has that many plot holes.

Also the whole premise of the Harry Potter world just requires too much suspension of disbelief for me. The fact that there's a whole magical world that goes completely unnoticed by "muggles" and the muggles who do know about it never tell any other muggles about it apparently. The amount of effort it would take to hide it from the muggles just seems unachievable, but then again I guess they could use magic to help with that.

I think most people like HP because of nostalgia, and it's more the kind of thing you have to get into when you're younger. I enjoyed it when I was younger but mostly because of the hype.

No. 62105

Modern family is the most cringey shit to exist. At least How I met your Mother made me chuckle sometimes. I can't stand the whole 'this wacky dynamic' in Modern family, trying to normalize creepy shit, like an old dude with a mail order bride 20 years younger than him.

No. 62135

I unironically like HIMYM. It gets bad at later seasons but at least they idealize traditional, vanilla romances like Marshal/Lily for a while.

No. 62146

first 4 seasons were great and Marshal/Lily were the best part throughout the series

No. 62148

File: 1573391726451.jpg (144.56 KB, 801x856, screenshot-79.jpg)

A Clockwork Orange

Alex is a piece of shit. Him and his friends run around killing and raping people and I guess you're supposed to question if it's bad that he gets forcibly treated with aversion therapy. I'm someone who generally believes the death penalty is good when used against guilty rapists and murderers, so the question of morality is null to me. I think the majority of people just like the aesthetic and the notoriety of the novel/movie but I really don't trust any man who's into it because it feels like it's basically just asking "should we allow men to do what they want free of consequences? Isn't this what men naturally want to do? IS IT BAD TO PUNISH THEM FOR KILLING AND RAPING AND ATTACKING PEOPLE??

No. 62155

>random sex scenes everywhere
I hate this bullshit. Recently started watching House of Cards and there are sex scenes/jokes everywhere. Multiple times per episode. I like it a lot despite not being too into politics, but the constant shoehorning sex in because it's an mature adult show!!!1 is so juvenile and hurts the show.

No. 62162

Blame the people who consumed the movie and came to idolize Alex without ever having read the book or understood the intentions of the author.

In the movie: Alex was always supposed to be viewed as a piece of shit, and an irredeemable, unreliable narrator while committing these deeds. An adult who consciously and intentionally picked his crimes and wanted to continue them. Alex was evil to the core, and even when he opted for the LT technique to get out of jail quicker by becoming an accomplice of the state (see the video), he tried to manipulate the people around him into feeling sorry for his plight because he still wanted to choose evil. People liked movie Alex because he was an honest and unapologetic depiction of primal urges. Immature people like to be told that there's a deeper philosophical justification (an appeal to nature if you will) to their choosing evil. Anything else is forcing artificial goodness, which is like, totally fake man. The movie satisfies that sentiment. Moreover, people could blame the actions of this character on a failed society which further distances themselves from the responsibility of the individual.

The novel intended to highlight the morality of choosing goodness through the duality of there being an option for evil. Not to mention the slippery slope of an unethical government forcing its citizens to behave in a particular direction (in the book the LT wasn't optional to get out of jail quicker; a teenage boy was forced to undergo this experiment).
The book character wasn't intended to personalize or normalize psychopathy, but that's the edgy message people took from the movie adaptation.

Here's what the movie left out: In the book Alex is a teenager of about 15 years. They aged him up for the movie because the public wouldn't feel good about seeing a teen murdering people. In Kubrick's film, there's a consensual sex scene whereas in the book Alex is raping even younger girls.
Alex would be considered pathologic, not admirable, if Kubrick had stuck to those details.
Then there's chapter 21 that was left out of most American publications that depicts Alex later growing out of the violence and opting to fit into social order. The movie adaptation ends on the note that it does because Kubrick read the US publication that lacked this final chapter. Burgess's point was that people could be reformed, and morality comes with maturity. People can change.
US editors took the final chapter out because they thought that a violent character turning good with age made the story "bland," if that says something about the consumer public.
Burgess is eternally pissed that the intention of his novel was bastardized into a poesy for violent nature.

No. 62164

I'm honestly so happy to see anons call out this movie/book because Alex is glamorized by people almost the same way Leon the professional is. There is no good in Alex and there is no excuse for the violence he chooses. I think people enjoy the aesthetics of how it looks but miss the point entirely.

Also, thanks for chiming in on how Kubrick adapted the novel quite differently.

No. 62165

This. Adding in sex to make it an 'adult show' makes it so stupid. It ruins most of the plot and character development. Plus, i dunno about most anons, but i feel awkward watching sex scenes with other people.

No. 62178

Jesus christ I hate pseudo-intellectual zoomers who think they're being woke as fuck by repeating the moral outrage discourse of "UMMM THIS BOOK HAD VIOLENCE AND RAPE IN IT, HAS ANYONE REALIZED THAT???". You're just as dumb as the edgy fuckers who like the book just for those things.

No. 62190

So… what exactly are you criticizing? The book or the dumb men who like it for the wrong reasons?
Thank you for writing that out, anon.
Yeah, I have to agree unfortunately. Also I can’t help but think half of them never bothered to read the book they’re discussing, and instead regurgitate stuff they’ve read online, confusing random people’s opinions with the author’s actual intentions. It’s the same with Nabokov’s Lolita. Some people should really let go of the notion that a main character in a book is always meant for them to root for and identify with, except maybe YA novels.
I’m not denying there are books where you can tell the author was writing depraved sex scenes with one hand in his pants (fucking Piers Anthony) but Clockwork Orange isn’t one of them.

No. 62197

Why are we meant to care about how unethical it is for a government to try and forcefully rehabilitate violent criminals, even if they're only 15?

What's the other option? Stick them in jail and make them worse? ACO isn't posing a thought-provoking question.

No. 62198

The way I interpret it, the question is whether morality or immorality is inherent to humans and whether they’re capable of acquiring moral values as they mature. The ethics of forced rehabilitation are only a part of that.

No. 71997

I just finished Rebecca and I HATED it, good Lord what a waste of time. Rebecca is a classic gothic "suspense" novel. (I had originally been told this was a horror novel, but it's barely even suspense).

summary (including spoilers) and why I hated it:
Rebecca is about an unnamed woman who marries a recently widowed rich man. She goes to live with him and everyone is always talking about Rebecca (his recently dead wife who allegedly drowned). The servants and friends are all obsessed with Rebecca and keep talking to the protagonist about her, so naturally the protagonist compares herself to Rebecca. It turns out (shocker) that Maxim actually murdered Rebecca, because she had allegedly slept around and was shitty to him. When he tells this to the protagonist, she says "only one thing matters now, that he never loved Rebecca, he only loved me". Yes, after he told her he MURDERED his first wife, the only important thing is that he didn't love her? What the actual fuck? And how did she know he wasn't lying about all that? Anyways some suspicions about her death comes up and Maxim goes on trial, although her death was ruled a suicide. But even before Max was acquitted, he said he was happy he killed Rebecca. And then it turned out that Rebecca, right before she was murdered, had found out she was infertile and terminally ill, and that she WANTED Maxim to kill her. This upset Max/the protagonist because it meant "Rebecca had won". Then their mansion, Manderley, burned down at the end, though it never said who burnt it down. Why is this a classic? It's fucking god awful.

No. 72085

wasn't it mrs danvers who burned it down? that's how i've always interpreted it

No. 72420

It must have been, though it never explicitly said it was her.

No. 78558

My god this is a bad take.
>we were much more primitive
You need to explore outside of pop culture and realise that the world was not created in 1963. Haven’t read Middlemarch specifically but if you’re past high school and still think Shakespeare is difficult you’re genuinely dumb. Hamlet is Hamlet by any standard. The Iliad is dope. I thought like you when I was 12 but there’s a point where art as opposed to entertainment clicks and age is never a barrier to you again.

No. 79254

Perhaps because forced rehabilitation/ change isn’t genuine. True growth comes from the choice to change and grow and the commitment to see that choice through. It’s more compelling for a character to realize their flaws and horrible behavior and start to choose to be good over being impulsively or methodically evil. Taking away that characters choice and agency to become good is bad because it supports the premise that we are all fundamentally evil and need government intervening to become good, and the government gets to decide what evil is and how to get you to act. Of course, their experiment starts with “rehabilitating criminals” as criminals are abandoned by society (which is a pressing issue in real life, criminals don’t think that they are worthy of rehabilitation so they often times won’t improve themselves, because they have already been given up on by everyone including the system) but that will, undoubtedly, move beyond prisoner experimentation when the studies are deemed successful enough to try on the average citizen to make them act in accordance to the governments doctrine.

No. 81147

File: 1585603026840.jpg (9.43 MB, 2048x1152, Glitch_Tech_Toolkit-Billboard_…)

I don't understand the fucking appeal for this cartoon right here,I can't take the weeb culture references seriously and holy fuck Miko is so annoying with her stupid fucking voice and the faces she makes not to mention I can't believe how forgettable it is I know it's for kids but I literally had a straight face watching every episode.i swear people like this or may I say scrotes like this because of a sexualized 14 year old annoying girl gamer,she almost looks like a character created by shadman ugh don't get me started on the creator who unintentionally liked diaper fetish art on Twitter with Miko and another girl
0/10 don't recommend watch tangled the series instead.

No. 81154

My god this looks fucking awful. Please tell me this is only popular in some small niche circle and not actually a thing.

No. 81160

It didn't blow up huge as I expected but it's slowly turning into a thing especially with the dirty greasy coomers with their rule 34 fixation I really hope it gets forgotten quickly though since it has less than 12 episodes in addition the official trailer has less than 100,000 views

No. 81204

>may I say scrotes like this because of a sexualized 14 year old annoying girl gamer,she almost looks like a character created by shadman ugh
You mean the violet hair girl? She doesn't look sexualized on the attached picture, but maybe it's different in the show. How exactly is she sexualized?

No. 81240

>smile to die for
he could literally suffocate a person just by openin his mouth

No. 81295

Look at her again and tell me she's not sexualized,I thought she was a young adult im honestly surprised me that she is only 14 why give her such a mature body?of course it's going to draw in disgusting coomers

No. 81297

you're nuts.

No. 81298

This looks like a tumblr special, but i agree with the other anon, that i do not see any sexualization here. It just looks stupid af however

No. 81300

Not an argument

No. 81350

She looks like a young teen… no issues with her design in my opinion. MLP characters were not even remotely sexual and yet bronies happened. You can't win with coomers.

No. 81426

>mature body

Are you referring to her hips, anon? Her hips do seem exaggerated for a teen girl but that's because it's a cartoon.

She also looks to be bottom heavy when with her wide legs, so it makes sense for her hips to drawn wider to fit with her overall silhouette.

All the characters are drawn with exaggerated body types in >>81147. Most likely to be diverse in body types and make each character easily recognisable with their silhouette.

No. 82722

File: 1586322506147.jpg (336.22 KB, 1200x1872, good-omens-1.jpg)

god this thing sucks. The TV show especially. I hate Pepper with a burning passion.

No. 95316

>Fremen are literally based upon Arabs and are a warrior society, ofc they are going to patriarchal af.
They made Liet Kynes a black woman in the upcoming movie and the fanboys are shitting themselves, lol.

No. 95317

>Seinfeld - annoying people/situations doesn't equal funny

Oh boy you're going to love Curb Your Enthusiasm.

No. 95327

Oh god, my boyfriend has tried so many timez to show me some Curb Your Enthusiasm scene he finds hilarious and I just.. don't get it.

No. 136020

File: 1617926941302.jpg (268.79 KB, 1600x800, va-11 hall-a.jpg)

This game is overrated in the underrated gems category, especially when it comes to vita games (where it's often called a must-have). I always see people praising the humor and the atmosphere, but it's all so try-hard. I really love the concept (you're a bartender mixing drinks for customers and based on what you serve them, the story supposedly changes) but the characters are unbearably dry, and all the humor is snippy one-liners, hurr durr look at us talking about weird sex thingies with cyborgs and i hate my job. I only played until shortly after New Years, so maybe it got better but I don't have any motivation to finish.

No. 136108

necro but totally agree. very boring, people only like it because it’s gay and they ship ugly british men together

No. 136121

File: 1617962357141.png (244.75 KB, 616x1024, 2feeff04868907028dc7c6fe551ed6…)

everything about homestuck pisses me off for some reason

No. 136142

No. 136151

I’m so glad I’m not the only me who thinks so, I couldn’t even stomach reading more than a few dialogs before closing the comic, game, whatever the fuck it was, forever.

No. 158957

I don't hate any of these at all, but I do find all of these games/series very overrated
>The Witcher
>The Last of Us
>Life Is Strange
>Detroit Become Human

No. 158961

File: 1630780838531.jpg (138.5 KB, 600x857, Violet_web_lr-600x857.jpg)

This anime pisses me off so much. It's not especially bad, but everyone in the anitube community praises it like it is a masterpiece. The protagonist is a fucking Mary Sue and that fucks up any character development she could have, and she's not even fun to watch.
Yes, the direction it's great, but I don't care, Violet ruins everything.

No. 158964

>Abril 2021

No. 159003

You're exactly right, anon. It's a very pretty show but it has no substance.

No. 159005

The poster is in Spanish anon. That's how April is spelled

I don't get the appeal behind any of David Cage's games. His writing is cringey, pretentious drivel

No. 160189

i tried reading the witcher books and they were so, so bad. scrote wish-fulfilment fantasy with 0 writing talent

No. 161506

Medieval fantasy. All of it.

No. 161510

The post is old, but I also wanted to add that the movie was based on the relationship of Besson and his second wife Maïwenn Le Besco.

>Besson's second wife was actress and director Maïwenn Le Besco, whom he started dating when he was 31 and she was 15. They were married in late 1992 when Le Besco, 16, was pregnant with their daughter Shanna, who was born on 3 January 1993. Le Besco later claimed that their relationship inspired Besson's film Léon (1994), where the plot involved the emotional relationship between an adult man and a 12-year-old girl.

Besson met her when she was 12, btw. "Emotional relationship

No. 161518

You're probably not around, but did you read it in Polish or some translation? I also hate how scrotey Witcher is (especially since it used to be treated as the holy bible), but I do think Sapkowski had over average writing style (for the genre) and some interesting plot ideas. If you want to see actual zero talent, take a look at various Witcher rip-off books.
NGL, I love Yennefer for being a fucked up bitch that isn't afraid to screw around and stomp all over widdle Geralt's heart - while having a lot of nuance. I wish a woman wrote Witcher and made it at least 50/50 between Geralt and Yennefer story parts.

No. 161530

I really enjoy the Witcher books. Love em, in fact.

No. 161543

Normal People by Sally Rooney is a dreadful book, both the main characters are insufferable (NLOG pickme and a popular boy who's ~secretly deep and has anxiety~), important plot points (the abuse, the weird romanticised eating disorder shit) are mentioned and then never addressed again, and the ending was pathetic. I kept reading because I hoped that if I kept going then the main characters would get some kind of wake up call about their own pseudo-intellectual narcissism and gross unhealthy relationship, and it just never came.

No. 161566

ayrt, tried two different translations (french and english).
i can't speak for his writing style as i can't read polish. but i meant 0 writing talent as in he can't plot and the books are super repetitive and formulaic imho.
plus it's just too scrotey for me, geralt is essentially a gary stu and most female charcters are only there to get fucked, killed, or both.

No. 161680

>he can't plot
WDYM? I ask this more as an amateur writer rather than Witcher fan (or rather someone who kinda enjoys the book/series, with many caveats). I'm genuinely interested in your criticism, of course if you feel like replying. Sapkowski was praised for the short story collections, but the Witcher Saga got varied responses AFAIK.
>plus it's just too scrotey for me, geralt is essentially a gary stu and most female charcters are only there to get fucked, killed, or both.
I was so angry when I read the Witcher for the first time because that's exactly what I felt. I was so disappointed that the cult fantasy novel series turned out to be… this. On the other hand, I couldn't stop reading and parts of the books stayed with me, so I DID end up liking it a bit. I know that it's probably a weird position to be in. I absolutely would recommend anyone wanting to avoid scrotey fantasy to stay away from the Witcher (even if it has some good things in it).
I feel like the Netflix series is significantly toning down the scrote shit (i.e. by giving Yennefer more plot and screentime), but the USA-centric casting, poor direction, stupid plot holes due to narrative changes make me not like it much.

No. 161740

ayrt, it's been a while since i read it so i couldn't give you a detailed critique, just that it felt like he was repeating the same formula over and over? it was very "monster of the week" shit.
it was hard to maintain interest for long. maybe i missed some shit bc the repetitiveness and the misogyny made me zone out after a while.
and i didn't find any reason to care about what happened to geralt, he was just a "look how cool my MC is" generic fantasy protag.

that said, these are all my personal opinions. i couldn't get into that partcicular book but there definitely are some scrotey books i still like.
if the witcher is your guilty pleasure, there' so reason to feel conflicted about it imho.

No. 162118

I just watched all of the original Twin Peaks after everyone had been hyping it up for me for years because I like spooky things and… it's very misogynistic, literally every conflict between people is them having an affair which gets boring when it happens 50 times in a row, it has a bad ending, it is super pretentious and almost every character is super unappealing so I hate them which makes it hard to root for them. Not to mention a lot of the camera techniques and editing choices are super weird and annoying to watch.

And I can't get over the fact that the main guy Cooper can't date Audrey because "she's only 18" (she's a cunt, I don't want them to date) but then his actual adult/totally ok love interest in the show is played by a girl who is 5 years younger than the actress who plays Audrey… just shit casting. Not to mention the love interest was SO clearly added just so Cooper could be hurt by her being in danger, she has like zero personality or agenda on her own.

Worst of all, the show is not even that spooky and "weird" like I had been led to believe. Those things are pretty minimal other than the bad guy being a demon spirit who posses people to kill.

No. 162241

The thing I find with the original Twin Peaks is that, when it's good, it's really goddamn good, and there lots of episodes and little scenes that are very well done. However, when it's bad it's shit, and unfortunately there are also way too many episodes where nothing really happens except cringey eye-rolling moments. The whole second half of the second season was like this due to David Lynch leaving until he came back for the last episode (I'm surprised you think the ending is bad anon, I think it's phenomenal and one of the best I've seen). It's a shame because I actually prefer the first few episodes of season two to season one. Another thing which stops me from being a huge fan of the series is that truthfully I don't really care that much about most of the characters, which is disappointing because normally I love a huge cast of weird whacky characters that are somehow entwined with each others lives, but with Twin Peaks I was kinda like "meh". I only love Cooper, Audrey and Laura, and was only half-invested in a couple other characters. And yes, like you said, there's a lot of sexism in the show which can get hard to ignore.

And god forbid you say anything negative about the Twin Peaks revival from a few years ago. There's a lot of things that annoyed or disappointed me about the show and I'd probably be here forever if I started with them lol. I think people don't wanna admit they didn't like it because it would make them seem like they don't "get" David Lynch or his art. And I'm a big fan of David Lynch, but someone really should've taken him aside at one point and told him to stop fucking around on purpose and just give us a story and stop wasting everyone's time. It's one of those shows you enjoy watching, but then when it's over you think back and wonder "actually was it really that good?" So yeah there's a lot of things I love about Twin Peaks - the music, the aesthetic, the lore, the supernatural elements, Dale Cooper - but there's also a lot of things I dislike.

No. 162245

I love TP, but agree with some of what you said and I respect your POV overall.
>every conflict between people is them having an affair
I think that's cause TP was supposed to vaguely resemble a trashy soap, like the one Invitation To Love was spoofing. The cheating truly reminded me of watching The Bold and Beautiful with my mother and grandma. Lol. Not that your criticism isn't valid.
>Not to mention the love interest was SO clearly added just so Cooper could be hurt by her being in danger, she has like zero personality or agenda on her own.
I liked Annie, but she deserved so much better when it comes to writing. Even though her backstory also primed her for being Coop's LI, there was a lot that could have been done with it. She's been in a convent following a suicide attempt triggered by heartbreak. She could have been even more weird, "fish out of water" (it was hinted at in the first scene of her waitressing), a (quiet or not) BPD-chan etc. It doesn't help that Mark Frost threw her away like trash in the sequel book.
BTW, thank Lara Flynn Boyle and Kyle MaLachlan for Audrey not getting with Cooper. Finally someone who isn't obsessed with her lol. I love that Coop let her down gently, and didn't prey on her. As expected from the actual angel that he is.
I would recommend giving The Return a shot, but that's up to you. Not saying you should watch it if you are sick of TP already, but it has some priceless stuff in it.

No. 162258

Lynch’s style is pretty unique and he did end up influencing a lot of other creators, so you feeling his stuff isn’t unusual may be an instance of having seen a bunch of derivative work. He isn’t overwhelmingly weird or creepy, it’s the subtle line between the mundane and the surreal/shocking that he does well. I do agree some of his work is misogynistic, he has a weird psychosexual obsession with women’s suffering that seems to have developed at a young age. He witnessed a bloody naked woman walking down his neighborhood street when he was a child and his dad was emotionally abusive. He seems to both acknowledge and sympathize with women’s pain as compared to men’s but also be a bit of a voyeur for it. I think he can write some solid female characters and I love Audrey though.

No. 162267

regarding the ending (and this is of course without having watched the return)
i'm fine with "bad" endings if they feel satisfactory but twin peaks ending didn't. The whole show was about stopping evil boy bob: they tried to stop him and he got away, they tried again and he got away again - oh that's the end i guess.
That paired with how we don't get to see how any of the characters end up, we're just left in the middle of action for most of them, it just comes across as lazy, unfinished bad writing to me. Feels like those shows that set up for a new season but get cancelled due to a lack of funding.

I did like a few characters, Cooper was charmingly autistic for most of the show, the log lady was alright… but most characters were unlikeable and I borderline hated them so not even getting to see what happens to them makes it feel like I literally only wasted time watching them.

No. 162555

File: 1633073187063.jpg (29.92 KB, 266x375, Yakuza-sega.jpg)

Overrated scrote-tier forced meme of a series that would have been drowned in the oversaturated sea of open world crime games if it weren't set in GRORIOUS NIPPON!!! Even here I remember seeing an anon long ago claim that it caters to the "female gaze", I had to laugh. Any fujo or yumejo who finds those ugly men attractive has abysmal taste.

No. 162556

I don't think this is that unusual of an opinion, but I really think all of marvels movies suck
the tom-something guy who plays loki is so freaking ugly as well, god i hate his ugly face so much, i do not get how girls simp for him so hard

No. 162585

Played 1 and 2 before the series blew up, those games used to be extremely niche cause they weren't like other crime games. Yakuza was a J-RPG, but with fighting game style battles, plot heavy - and yes, weeby too, but that wasn't all. It was universally praised for how Tokyo was (re)created: it was surprisingly large and lively for what PS2 could do. From my POV, it was also surprisingly nonvulgar for a crime game and "realistic" for a week one. IDK if now there is more vidya like that, but it wasn't just the game's setting and the series almost did get overlooked.
Not discussing your like or dislike of the games, btw.

No. 162617

Seconding this. Not arguing with you or saying that you have to like the game but it's a very unique game in terms of how it blends it's heavy, detailed plot with easy to learn/hard to master beat 'em up gameplay; not to mention the RPG aspects and silly, light-hearted side quests. It's pretty much a spiritual successor to Shenmue, so it's quite unlike most crime games. I wouldn't really call the earlier titles "open world" as you were in a relatively small area - what made it feel open world was the dense detailing. I slightly disagree about it being scrote tier, in Japan it was to start with but now a lot of women play it too. The western fandom has always had more female fans than male though, even before the fandom got invaded by yellow fever fujos who only care about Kiryu and Majima bumping uglies.

No. 162627

>I wouldn't really call the earlier titles "open world" as you were in a relatively small area - what made it feel open world was the dense detailing
This, this, this! Those games weren't open world like Bully, but they seemed so cause there was so much to do round every corner. Even the thugs randomly attacking you added to the feeling of a bustling metropolis.
Spoilered cause nobody fucking asked, but my dad loves the PS2 Yakuzas even though he isn't exactly a fan of weebshit, except stuff like GITS movie or some Ghibli movies. We have to play 3 or 0 together someday! I'm laughing so hard imagining his reaction to being informed about the fujo fanbase. I know that I may be adding fuel to the other anon's 'it's a scrote shit game lmfao' argument, but I think it was super sweet how my dad was moved by the plot of the first one. I won't argue that Yakuza is a ~female gaze~ game (though IDK, maybe the new Yakuza games do pander to fangirls somehow), but to me, it seemed like a unisex game. I genuinely think that the Witcher game series (which I also like) is a better example of a beloved game series being scrotey as fuck

No. 162953

reading the old posts in this thread i gotta say that honestly, hating harry potter is very cringe too. why you get so worked over a kid's book while wondering why others get so worked over a kids book.

i really didn't like mulholland drive. at times it felt like a david lynch parody.

No. 176903

File: 1641151354707.jpg (501.44 KB, 1920x1080, Lead-3-1.jpg)


No. 176917

Preach, and the designs are boring as fuck too, it wasn’t that shocking to play, specially because everyone went batshit about it and would post all the spoilers everywhere, so unless your downloaded it completely unaware of the nature of the game, it was doomed to be predictable.

No. 176922

Monika is my gf idc idc

No. 176944

File: 1641176348471.jpg (851.78 KB, 1284x2094, k.jpg)

1984 and basically all the "classic" books they forced us to read. They were dry with no emotional depth, and woman hating. I remember in the first chapter he just started fantasizing about burning a woman. I legit got traumtized from that shit and had nightmares. Apparently he also stole 1984 from his wife and smeared his male shit all over it.

No. 176981

Lol. I didn’t dislike 1984 but your post reminded me that the main female character in it (Julia?) was such a NLOG pickme.

No. 176982

File: 1641188599252.jpeg (191.79 KB, 1024x1024, 1774B2EF-1B3E-49A6-880E-06D27A…)

“it’s actually a really clever parody, you just don’t get it!!”

No. 176986

I had an autistic(as in actually diagnosed) who loved the series, brought it up almost every second conversation
I tried playing but could never get into and especially the fandom which my friend loved

sad case really

No. 176988

I've always found the art style so repulsively ugly.

No. 176996

They're not clever but I found the first game very fun. The rest of the series is trash though.

No. 177000

>first game is the best
I think so too, best atmosphere&ost, not so delusional when it comes to plot as other games are, pretty nice characters that aren't as cringe as charas from 2/3 parts. Funny how in their demented fandom first game is being regarded as the worst. The reason for it is pretty much the fact that it is the only game that doesn't have an autist magnet male, like komaeda and kokichi.

No. 177020

>Funny how in their demented fandom first game is being regarded as the worst.
Really? I thought that third was considered the worst, but I haven't been active in the fandom (just took a glance)

No. 177025

Same. It's the soulless eyes and those stupid mouths.

No. 177026

File: 1641225366080.jpg (31.64 KB, 526x300, 3c8e09e9.jpg)

I have to agree. I mean I kinda liked 1984 (it was a little bit dry though) but other very male dystopian novels have these stupid and cringy thoughts about women. Like how women are the ones who actually like the ebul oppressing government because lmao women are just like that: sheep. So blatantly misogynistic.

Also Fahrenheit 451 got a really weird part about abortion in it.
If I want to read some dystopian shit, I'll grab one written by a woman.

No. 177038

File: 1641230159029.png (142.58 KB, 261x390, 2001_A_Space_Odyssey_(1968).pn…)

Pretentious, drawn-out garbage. I get that the special effects were revolutionary, especially considering how none of them were digital, but the actual movie is a senseless bore. Even Lovecraft could write more compelling interactions between humans and extraterrestrials. Plus, the entire HAL plot makes no sense in the context of the rest of the film and just feels shoehorned in.

In a similar vein, Blade Runner 2049 was also overhyped and about twice the length it needed to be.

No. 177040

File: 1641231070931.jpg (430.77 KB, 1728x3072, robot2.jpg)

Well, I'm biased as fuck because I love the movie and it made me interested in cinema when I was a teenager. I think a lot of the movie's theme makes 10 times more sens if you know a bit about Nietzsche. It's also one of those movies which is suppose to be an ""experience"" that speaks to the unconcious, watching it on a good cinema screen and good sound system would probably help a ton to get into it!

>the entire HAL plot makes no sense in the context of the rest of the film and just feels shoehorned in

I think it makes sense, so I'm really curious to know about your opinion, I'm not trying to troll I'm genuinely interested kek!

No. 177051

2001 is one of the films if you criticize it moids will be screeching kek
I didn't also like it at all, like you said it was very pretentious.

Liked Blade Runner 2049 though, it had great visuals and audio. I'd still admit that the plot was boring and got the same old 'misogyny in cyberpunk setting' schtick.

No. 177065

>Everything about it pisses me off
Same here, and I'm someone who likes it. People suffer through all the comic's many flaws because it has some good characters and cool music. Fans' relationship with it is basically Stockholm Syndrome.

No. 177088

File: 1641259806282.jpeg (52.22 KB, 739x415, shite.jpeg)

I hate capeshit movies and I absolutely despise MCU. Everything is the same and the ""funny one liners"". Shit is like the fast food of the movie industry and i despise the fanbase. It ranges from manchildren to people overanalyzing shit and claiming that the characters are LGBT then get pissed off when theyre queerbaited.

No. 177098

Any anime with more than 150 episodes can go fuck itself. Any anime with a beach episode can go fuck itself. Any anime with a club in it can go fuck itself kek.

No. 177136

I watched The Legend of The Ten Rings some time ago (I hadn't seen any marvel movie in literally years) and I swear, the CONSTANT quips gave me whiplash, especially when they would suddenly interrupt serious moments.

Also, I'm not sure if this might be just that I haven't watched movies in so long I stopped being used to "movie character reaction time" but there were some moments in the final battle where stuff happens and it feels like the characters could do something but they just stand there. Does this happen in other marvel movies?

Personally I'd be willing to give anime like KochiKame or Doraemon a pass because they're anime that was meant to be watched in ramdom order just for the hahas, but One Piece fans defending how it's actually awesome having to watch 1200 episodes to get the story sound freaking psychotic.

No. 177420

played this recently and dorothy made me very uncomfortable.
why did they have to include this shit?

No. 180274

File: 1642647362379.jpg (263.49 KB, 1055x1500, 81gphzmVlyL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)


No. 180296

Completely unable to tolerate Japanese media anymore
No animu
No manga
No video games
Nothin. The characters never seem to act like actual human beings, just weird cartoony caricatures.

No. 180301

Death note fucking sucks. Both L and Light are annoying Gary Stus (sorry fangirls but their "flaws" are not really that big to excuse their edgy op-ness). Pretty telling that the only people liking it are essentially either twitterfags or tumblrinas.

No. 180312

>The characters never seem to act like actual human beings, just weird cartoony caricatures.
I like some weeb shit that doesn't feel like that, but I agree 100%. Most of is garbage. The caricatural, easy to read behavior is why autists are drawn to anime

No. 180328

Finally somebody said this. Aside from the kinda fun directing, most of the characters and plot lines are extremely forgettable. Not to mention that they are really funny

No. 180334

I totally get what you mean. I still watch some japanese media but a lot of it is just so one-dimensional.

No. 180335

I don't bother reading new manga or watching new anime anymore because I don't have enough patience to wait for new chapters and new episodes that always end with cliffhangers, but on top of that I'm also starting to get sick of today's popular tropes and trends. I'm perfectly fine reading old manga I liked since decades ago and I'm already picky with video games. Everytime I see some new popular series and it's about characters in middle or high school I instantly lose interest and I mute the characters' names and titles on social media to not get exposed to this bullshit.

No. 180366

I get this as well. Everytime my fellow weeb friend recommended me new anime to watch, it's always the same recycled, stereotyped characters, overhyped over nothing.

I don't give up on this hobby since I've managed to follow a few curators that would do the job for me to comb through recommendations, and now I have a long backlog of good hard-hitting anime/manga to go through. Keeping this hobby private does help me from having to talk with annoying anime fans too. Anitwit is a disease.

No. 180386


I played this shit for five minutes and then turned it off and sold it.

No. 180403

Only saw the one at the top and it was so dumb and boring, the ending sucked

No. 180416

I like it and I'm neither of those things

No. 180440

Idk I liked Hot Fuzz

No. 183707

File: 1643838625730.jpg (143.79 KB, 1000x1497, MV5BNDE5ZjMwNGEtYzMwMC00NzEwLT…)

How does this garbage have so many fans?
Based trips
Also true

No. 183712

The beginning was interesting enough and people kept reading and watching out of habit I guess? It's the type of manga full of cliffhangers that people read just to know what's next at some point even if they don't enjoy it anymore.

No. 183730

I hate how the isekai/cultivation/reborn in a videogame/novel genre has been shilled. I hate that popular webnovels and webcomics are all the fucking same with this shitty trope.

No. 183836

File: 1643867940969.jpg (31.04 KB, 640x360, orig_ebf2b88a4c431f72fe70225b2…)

Skyrim. I don't exactly hate it but it's so overrated it hurts. The graphics are garbage yet every once in awhile there's a post on reddit with a picture that says "Skyrims graphics are still beautiful years later!" And the game in the picture is riddled with mods. The actual graphics in the vanilla game are god awful. If you get even slightly close to plants to collect ingredients, you can see every single pixel and the berries are pretty much just flat stickers on a stick. The trees too.
There are so many bugs it's not even funny. I just got into skyrim again years later and I think I had a bug every other quest. Many of them were game breaking. And Bethesda doesn't even fix them even after they shit a version after version to milk that cow to death. And people still buy them. And can they just fucking finish the next game already? It's been ten years.
I may be biased because I prefer Oblivion, but that game was heaps better. Okay, everyone looks like a retarded beat up potato, but at least the stories are good, background and nature graphics are decent and I don't think I have had a single game breaking glitch even once, even though I play it with my shitty Xbox 360 that I've had since middle school. Not to even mention Morrowind that had actual nice story telling to compensate for its short comings.
And these fucking skyrim baby's first rpg fans say "This is the best, most beautiful game ever made and the story is so good!" No. It's a buggy mess with shitty graphics and short quests that lack any nuance. The previous games might have shitty combat and only somewhat worse graphics but at least they have some good story telling and other mechanics(like spell crafting). And for fucks sakes, Bethesda, you are a triple A game company, how the fuck can you not afford more than like four voice actors already?
This whole game is kept afloat by the modding community that tries to fix all of the game developers messes and keeps the coomers coming back with porn mods and gross bikini armors.

No. 183909

me too. i hate how basically every webtoon is that premise now. especially the countless comics aimed at women who are just "i got isekai'd as the villainess but i'm actually good!!!" it's just so boring. they're all the same and not a single story is unique in any way.

we need to get rid of:
-sports anime
-idol shit
-isekai shit in any way, shape or form

obviously all coomer shit too but that's a given.

No. 183936

Because it was promising and at some point it really seemed to have taken a big quality leap, it had an unpredictable twist.
It shat the bed with the part leading to the ending, and the ending was an absolute shart set in a way that it retroactively ruined the whole series, including the good parts. It was incredible, I've never seen such a fuck up.

No. 183966

Kek nonnie, I've never even played Skyrim but I love your rant. I bought Oblivion last year when it was on sale, played it for an hour and half, and got a refund. It's just not my type of game I guess, kek

No. 183992

>we need to get rid of:
>-sports anime
>-idol shit
so you're really trying to get erase of 78% of my personality just like that, huh?

No. 183995

oy vey. hope you turn 16 soon, nonner.

No. 184006

>"i got isekai'd as the villainess but i'm actually good!!!"
I hate that so fucking much. I think the one that broke my back was "I am seducing the villain's father" or something like that. I thought they were going to do something different and the reborn villain woman was going to fuck the villain's older father, instead it was before the villain was born and she had to get with the twink "father." I have never felt so lied to in my entire life. Fuck isekai so much, especially ones that go inside a novel or video game. It's basically a fucking cheat code so the protag doesn't have to work hard and any contrivances are forgiven with a "I read the book so I know what's going to happen!" Unimaginative and for bad writers.

No. 184018

File: 1643920819855.jpeg (70.41 KB, 406x600, 6A757814-D03C-4126-9D41-CD9867…)

I think death note should have come to a conclusion after L died. But seeing the downfall of Light was glorious. It was refreshing to see a manipulative scrote get his just desserts.

No. 184021

I have no shame I'm still a huge Death Note fan and was a massive fangirl when it came out (I'm in my mid twenties now so do the math) and the last episode of Death Note was one of the most satisfying series finales I've seen for the exact reason you stated

No. 184025

>I thought they were going to do something different and the reborn villain woman was going to fuck the villain's older father, instead it was before the villain was born and she had to get with the twink "father."
Kek, I would've seethed pretty hard too. Sick of every single female-oriented manhwa being shitty romances where the office worker protag falls in love with her (young) piece of shit boss, or slightly less shitty romances where the protag is isekai'd into a generic "Medieval European Fantasy" kingdom and falls in love with a generic-ass "MEF"-themed bishie. Wow, so much for variety. How can people stand reading tons and tons of this same shit with very slight variations in art, designs, characters and plot?

No. 184027

File: 1643921989736.jpeg (120.38 KB, 410x600, 2CC39F26-87EC-4D4A-9C6B-88A595…)

Yeah same, nonnie. I was 13 when it was the hottest anime on the block. I’ll be 28 this year.
There was some cop-outs here and there but the ending made it so worth the watch. Just avoid anyone who says light is their favourite character and was acktually based. Kek

No. 184041

l and light be having the hottest gay sex

No. 184056

That scene was actually hot. Wish we could've seen him suffer more throughout the series. I love Light but only because I know he gets absolutely destroyed at the end.

No. 184097

you just know it's garbage by looking at the people shilling it, which is always alt right antivax retards.
i liked the scary moments but the idea of some bitch literally offing herself because the MC didn't pick her is just so ridiculous yet kind of sinister because it's still a form of male wish fulfillment

No. 184168

no bitch offed herself just because she didn't get pick AFAIR. Sayori has been suffering from clearly untreated depression for a long time before she killed herself. Even if she did it because of MC (hello School Days)… sadly it happens. I agree that the trope can be a culmination of scrote fantasy, but in Doki the suicides were presented as something horrifying and scary anyway. IDK about School Days, it probably applies more.
I swear that I'm not even a fan of that VN.

No. 184207

Fooly Cooly. Can we already stop catering to dumb teenage boys and pretending that this obnoxious shit is in any way good? If moids actually do feel that way during puberty they are genuinely retarded.

No. 184211

God yeah, fuck that obnoxious lolsorandum garbage. It's crazy how many series are overrated af solely because men related to it or wanted to fuck the characters, and it's so validating to constantly see other women on lolcow bringing it up. I spent years following anime and being bewildered by the popularity of so many series, assuming there was just something I didn't get because I wasn't smart or cultured enough or w/e. Turns out my taste is fine, I just don't care for the moid perspective.

No. 184222

ayrt, i used to be super into sports anime and idol shit too, but i'm just so tired of it. i got tired of it years ago. i especially hate the "only girl at an idol school" or the "20 y/o manager of an all male idol group who all want to bang her" trope.

i wouldn't mind if there was just more variety. shit, make an anime about arts and craft competitions, i don't care. but every anime chart is just the same. coomer bait, sports anime, idol shit, isekai shit, coomer bait sports anime idol shit.

No. 184247

File: 1643980988571.jpg (96.34 KB, 1200x800, tf2_adult_swim.0.jpg)

Painfully unfunny lolrandom humor and the characters look like Pixar dads, I will never get why this game is popular with fujos.

No. 184249

Holy shit thank you. FLCL fans get more offended when I say I don't like their series more than any AOT or Eva ever could.
Lulsorandum!! I swear people only pretend to like it because they think it makes them look cool. "You just don't get it, it's 2deep4u" fags. Lain fans are like that too.
Out of curiosity, what is your least favourite and favourite anime?

No. 184254

Meh, that was the kind of humour that was popular on the internet at the time. They do look like Pixar dads, but they still have more personality and better lore than characters of other similar games.

No. 184257

I fucking hate FLCL, thanks for validating me
Look at the picture again. Do you see any woman? Yes I know there is a single female character, but she isn't as important and may be a lesbian anyway

No. 184261

TF2 may be overrated and its humour may not have aged well but it's still miles better than Overwatch/Valorant/Apex Legends/whatever flavor of the month shooter there is out there.

No. 184266

>I swear people only pretend to like it because they think it makes them look cool.
It's gotten popular on tiktok recently so that issues only gotten worse. Kind of ironic since one of the major themes in the show is characters faking maturity for validation (Noata and Ninamori) and superficial masculinity again for validation (Amarao and Naota).
Seriously, look up Fooly Cooly on tiktok and one of the first videos that pops up is some acne riddled zoomer misinterpreting a quote from the creator, saying that he meant for the show to be meaningless as to say "It's okay if you don't get it, you can still pretend to like this show while not feeling COMPLETELY dishonest!!!"
Can't say I agree with your lulsorandom statement though. Can you give examples of it in the show?

No. 184269

oh yeah and how could i forget literally the most obvious example of pretending to like things for validation within the show: Noata’s bat.

No. 184273

was the ending really that bad though? i watched the whole meltdown on reddit and twitter and honestly it left me feeling the same way about how game of thrones ended. people get way too wrapped up in their head canons and the writers always seem to start panicking because of the pressure to make the fanbase happy and yet make something creatively satisfying for themselves. people were never going to be happy either way and most of the theories i saw were more unrealistic than the og ending that was supposedly unsatisfying. it was like how got fans really thought jon and daenerys were going to have a baby and live happily ever after in westeros, like you guys couldn’t see the build up to dany burning king’s landing or the self-insert of king bran/grrm coming? i feel like people get way too invested in these series in an unhealthy way, and it’s ruining shit because now writers are too scared to try something different lest some shut ins start threatening suicide because their fantasy ship didn’t pan out.

No. 184274

The anime might be garbage, but I love the OST.

No. 184275

Not that anon and I didn't finish the manga but the mangaka back in 2014 or 2013 said that he changed the ending he planned because of the anime's popularity right after season 1 was over. He gave more info on the ending he planned but it's been a while so I don't remember it, I think everyone or almost everyone was supposed to die or something.

No. 184281

Lain is actually good and 2deep4u though.

No. 184283

File: 1643988912137.jpg (42.62 KB, 1122x632, sdbdcefw1jw21.jpg)

>left me feeling the same way about how game of thrones ended. people get way too wrapped up in their head canons and the writers always seem to start panicking because of the pressure to make the fanbase happy and yet make something creatively satisfying for themselves.
The ending was absolutely retarded and ruined so many character arcs in the name of 'sUbVeRtInG eXpAcTaTiOnS'.
>like you guys couldn’t see the build up to dany burning king’s landing or the self-insert of king bran/grrm coming?
Picrel. Also GRRM's self insert is the fatass scribe. The build up to Dany burning King's Landing was extremely weak and seemed contrived so that we get a shocking ending. See also Jaime deciding to die with Cersei after he mostly got over her. Probably some more shit, but I don't want to think about it more.

No. 184298

It's for trannies

No. 184304

i remember reading that as well. people would have literally self-annihilated if that had happened lol.

i am not defending in any way d&d’s slapbang writing at all, that shit was a mess but they were clearly sick of the show, tired of waiting for grrm to get off his fat ass and finish the series, and clearly wanting to work on something else and honestly, i get it. grrm apparently wanted to drag that shit out for another couple of seasons; i would be pissed too tbh. they were smart enough to see the writing on the wall and from my understanding, already had the basic groundwork for how the story would end but not enough details to properly flesh things out. if grrm had finished winds of winter by then, maybe things would have been better. i don’t know.

i feel like the issue with dany’s ending was that the writers mixed the book (f)aegon hinted drama into the lover jon plot, which was painfully overcomplicated and divisive, downplayed tyrion plotting against her because tyrion was a fan favorite and people can’t handle moral ambiguity, and then yeeted her dragons in the most retarded ways because she was “too op” or some other bullshit, and one of the co-writers was a jon fanboy and hated her. i really have no words for how cersei and jaime went out lmao.

No. 184311

Wasn't he a pedophile too?

No. 184313

I see what you meant now and I respect your opinion 100%

No. 184315

File: 1643997017348.png (3.65 MB, 1898x1394, 32f6d23e25fefb5d9140002c1158c6…)

you know the game is shit when you get more attached to a secondary, non-playable character than any of your party members

No. 184326

Great way to say that you didn't get it and that you have no real criticism of it.

No. 184328

I got it and it was still boring overrated garbage

No. 184329

I never finished P5 because I started it at an acquaintance's place long ago but is it just me or is the veru first arc really well written, interesting and a good intro to the game and then it becomes generic and boring as fuck? Persona 3 and Persona 4 also have their moments when nothing happens until the final arc but it wasn't nearly as bad and the characters were actually interesting throughout the whole games.

No. 184359

Skyrim feels kinda bland and boring to me at this point, but I can't tell if it's because I've played like 20,000 hours or more over the past 10 years. I think it's appeal is a big world, not so much the quests. I still play it from time to time but it's more for nostalgia and immersion rather than the actual gameplay. I really do wish the quests were better, Oblivion had superior quests.

No. 184376

D&D is shit. And everything derived from that. There are a shit ton of other games out there, yet people waste money on that shit franchise.

No. 184383

File: 1644010809474.png (8.16 KB, 287x312, 1588686966835.png)

I will never understand anyone who say that FE3H is better than FE Fates. In terms of gameplay and designs Fates is so much better than 3H it's not even worth making a more detailed comparison, but in terms of story I found Fates better written than 3H and just way more fun and interesting. At least in Fates the incoherent parts of the story are 99.999% because of the terrible "localization" trying and failing to make the game more family friendly, but 3H is so full of bullshit I wouldn't know where to start. Between Claude being described as clever but never doing anything clever on-screen because the writers themselves are too stupid and can't write smarter characters than themselves, Dimitri's schrodinger step-mother, Edelgard… everything about her, really, the horribly written edgy mole people, etc. yeah, no, it's an incoherent mess. Corrin is loved by all the characters for either being their close family member or their employer or their friend and has a set personality and backstory that makes perfect sense in the story, Byleth is a silent self-insert you can't even customize, that's supposed to be an experienced warrior and traveling mercenary but is actually so retarded they don't know anything about the world where they live for no actually good reason, etc. Legit, FE fans will say a game is better written than another just because the continent where the story takes place has a name.

I also don't get why people praised Echoes compared to Fates and Awakening because my god, these maps and dungeons were trash. The story is so horrible I wanted to throw my 3DS against a wall everytime there was a cutscene with that ugly retard Celica. It was the very first game I sold in my entire life after hesitating for years for some other games, that's how terrible it was.

No. 184398

Villainess stories are NLOG cope and the MCs therefore have no option but to be retarded, sports anime is full of characters with literal autism, isekais are illustrated virgin moid wet dreams, and idol shit is pedo coomer bait whether it's real life or 2D.
I wish there was more variety too, I want to have more sports anime where the characters have lives outside of their special interest and isekais where the plot doesn't revolve around booba. I'm still waiting for the day when I find a villainess story where the MC doesn't tie herself in knots over being polite to assholes because they're royalty and just beats the shit out of them.

No. 184446

Anon, Fates has a literal petting minigame, kek. I would love to hear your opinion on why mechanics like feeding a literal retarded tadpole dragon some bread, grinding zombie fights, and being able to marry and have children with nii-san is better than some mole people and their anti-dragon artillery kek.

No. 184474

>literal petting minigame
>feeding a literal retarded tadpole dragon some bread
>grinding zombie fights
None of this is mandatory and takes at most 5 seconds, unlike the shitty monastery, which is really fun at first and becomes a real chore later. The fish thing was useful if you played online or thanks to streetpass against other players' team.

>and being able to marry and have children with nii-san

I'm gonna be real with you, the kids' presence was just there for gameplay reasons so I just see it as a way to unlock more maps and playable characters. I'd say for some of the characters it's actually a good way to show who they really are, it lowkey shows that Ryoma is a manipulative shit with Corrin, which he confirms later in Conquest and in his support with Camilla where he brags about being even more unhinged than her. You have plenty of choice, you can very easily marry unrelated characters anyway. I'd rather have that than the side quests in 3H that show uninteresting cutscenes between the students, make you go through the same maps for the 5 times already because 3H reuses maps all the time, and the items being good or useless depends on the quest. I'd say Awakening at least made the effort of making the kids part of the main plot at least. The DLC that focused on the kids in Fates was pretty good imo.

So, again, I'd rather play a game with good gameplay and level design and a meh story than a mediocre game with average gameplay and a meh story that gets infintely worse the more you think about it.

No. 184611

There’s a story that’s kind of like that. I can’t remember the name but the idea is that the MC beats the shit out of the corrupt nobles and saves hot guys.

No. 184766

it's time we all admit that homestuck was never good

No. 184768

To this day I don't get why it was so popular. I started it way back in 2012 or 2013 because of mutuals on Tumblr wouldn't shut the fuck up about it so I got curious, and while I thought it was kinda interesting from act 1 to act 4, I thought it shat the bed as soon as the trolls were introduced at the very end of act 4. I can't believe so many retards kept saying that skipping act 1 to act 4 was ok and that everyone should start from act 5.

No. 184771

The humour of the first couple parts really stuck with me but I gradually lost interest because it just wasn't that engaging. I wasn't invested in any of the characters at all, a lot of them are assholes so why would I be invested? My friend was going wild about it and my first con ever was flooded with homestuck fags, but they couldn't convince me the series was actually worth the time it takes to go through it all.

No. 184782

>i feel like people get way too invested in these series in an unhealthy way
…Or maybe it really was bad.

No. 184829

I feel like it took way too long for people to realize Lore Olympus is pretty shitty. I'd argue too late now because once that animated show comes out, the internet is going to be the most annoying place on the planet.

I admire Vivzie for actually making her cartoon from the ground up and it's actually pretty inspiring but I don't like Hazbin Hotel in the slightest. I'm not a fan of how she designs characters in the slightest and the humor is not for me.

No. 184888

as someone who was obsessed with it in middle school, looking back it was so pretentious and dragged on for way too long.

No. 184891

Those Percy Jackson Books
Discount American Harry Potter who is aimed at boys but the fandom is full of fujos because of course. The worldbuilding is clunky and the writing is so immature. You're trying to tell me that the Greek gods left Mt. Olympus, the real actual mountain to live on the Empire State Building, which was built in the 1930s, because they wanted to follow Western civilization? Let's not even talk about how apparently Hades canonically looks like Hitler and how Hitler is his son and all the evil shit the Nazis did was just spooky evil magic.
Percy is the author's self insert even though he claims it's his son's self insert. Annabeth irritated me but that's because she has "female character written by a man" disease.
This Greek myth fanfiction is worse in hindsight because most of the world, concepts and characters are written for you and he still managed to make it bad.

No. 184935

I admire your passionate hatred for 3h, but unfortunately all of your gripes are really the same between all three of the newer gen FE games (awakening, fates, and 3h). Liking the supports or not is subjective, and the level design for all three is objectively shitty with gimmicky mechanics. The monastery was also not mandatory fyi.
There's a reason people hate Fates, nonny, whether you want to see that or not. You really can't tell me that Garon turning into a slime monster was any better of an ending than the retarded Shamballa dubstep, or the literal 'I came from an alternate dimension with zombies!' narrative from awakening. They are all equally retarded.

No. 184964

For the supports, I disliked their presentation in 3h, not the supports themselves. In previous games you just saw the characters' portraits and the text, I'm a fast reader so I read the way I usually do. In 3h you have the characters' 3D model doing awkward actions that take time for no reason, they say the same shit in all their supports so even the good ones get annoying quite fast, and the ones with Byleth try and fail to give you the illusion of choice by making you choose between two sentences with the exact same meaning every five second. They should have made Byleth its own character and not a self insert.

At the end of the day Fates is way more focused on its characters so I forgive stupid moments like the goo monster dad. I admit that Revelation was trash for its maps and its story but it's just a DLC so I don't count this here. 3H is way more focused on its plot, which is why its bullshit gets embarrassing to look at and hard to ignore. That's why I liked AM more than the other routes, at least I can pretend the rest doesn't matter because the cast is legit interesting and it made Edelgard look like a cool villain and not a kawaii uwu waifu who did nothing wrong. The monastery isn't always mandatory but it's required a few times iirc. I started skipping it halfway through my first run though.

No. 185335

this is honestly one of the most hilarious, baffling stories i have ever read or seen.

the story really ranges from medicore to shit and isn't the masterpiece it's fans say it to be, but it has these little moments of brilliance that makes me lose my mind, like where the fuck do those moments come from? it happens enough times that they probably weren't accidents but suddenly the author goes right back into writing such utter shit that they have to be accidents? would the story be better if it wasn't written the usual way manga is, making shit while you go but was published in slower way than monthly chapters?

then there's just so insane plot twists that they are absolutely hilarious, this is one of the funniest most entertaining stories i have ever read. i suspect the author is legit mentally ill the story just oozes batshit insane.

No. 300469

I liked the anime (all 3 of them) more than the games. The games not being fully voiced is a big downside for me.

It's overrated on MAL for sure, but /a/ trashes it more often than not, so I don't think there is a 'consensus' about it being any good.

No. 300508

this is a year old post butit's nice to see a fellow Percy Jackson hater. I was the right age demographic when I read the first book and I still thought it felt too juvenile. The story in the first book is also tedious it's just
>characters goes to point A
>random monster encounter
>monster is defeated
>characters goes to point B
>rinse and repeat
I know that's the formula for every fantasy/adventure book but Percy Jackson was so obvious about it you can tell the author followed a checklist when writing the first book. Their also is no reason for the monsters encounters because Percy never randomly encountered monsters in NYC until his quest begins. At least in Harry Potter Harry first starts encountering monsters when he reaches the wizard world.
I was really into greek myth before I read Percy Jackson and I slightly judge people who got introduced to greek myth trough Percy Jackson kek

No. 300554

ffxiv. i played through a few expansions (i got them all on sale before ew) but largely didn't understand the hype. the best parts to me were healing in dungeons and doing savages with friends. the plot, tho…


absolutely awful infodump fetch quest garbage. every single expansion suffers from mindless fetch quest segments but arr was RIFE with that shit. drove me nutty.


boring. people coomed over the "gray morality" but i really couldn't bring myself to care about it. the dragons were assholes. ysyalewhatever was annoying. harchufant (jp dub) was amazing though and the main reason why i kept pushing. yes, his death made me cry. yes, it doesn't get any easier.


acceptable, but only when the villains were on screen. zenos, yotsuyu, funny daniel – all great. great beyond the context of an mmo. everything else was ass.


easily the best expansion – i am a sucker for inverted symbolism and emet was fun when he wasn't written as pity bait – but it tanked hard when it became…you guessed it, fetch quest central.


BORING i could not finish. got to the bird girl and my brain simply conked out.

>the characters, in general

outside of…a few husbandos. all trash. very one-dimensional with little actual development.

all in all it was a 4/10 game plot-wise.

No. 300564

The Persona series from 3 onwards for using sibversiveness as an aesthetic without ever saying anything of actual interest or meaning. It's too caught up in marketability to actually do anything impressive in my eyes. The way 4 attempts to make statements on gender roles and sexuality for example is constantly undermined by an obsession with pandering towards waifuism for the female characters. It's all good fun but these games are really treated as way deeper than they really are by people who want to feel seen in their otherness without real critical thought applied to why society works the way it does at large.

No. 300567

Nier Replicant was a stupid fucking game.

No. 300570

Fire Emblem in general is bad but 3H is the absolute worst because of the fans it produced. It had the most braindead takes on socioeconomic topics but the mere fact that it mentioned them in a serious and drawn-out setting made fans jizz themselves over the supposed depth of it all. Anybody who takes the politics in this game seriously is a retard, like JRPGs generally fail to approach these issues in an interesting way, but 3H really took the cake.
Fire Emblem needs to be enjoyed as vapid fun with an ensemble cast and my no.1 issue with it is that the backdrop of war ruins the chances of fans approaching the games realistically.
Engage may be stupid but I was honestly glad to see the series make mask off so blatantly.

No. 300577

Nonna we must be on the same wavelength because I was just about to post about this! Imo Persona 5 in particular is the most egregious example of everything you're saying. For a game that was literally marketed as "We Live in a Society: The Game" it is such an incredibly surface level (if not somewhat regressive) portrayal of both Japanese society and the people who are most negatively affected by it. So many interesting aspects of P5 were pushed aside in order to not generate controversy in Japan and/or to make the female characters more appealing to moids. It barely takes any risks in the social commentary aspect, so to see people praising the story kinda drives me crazy…did we play the same game?? Same with both Naoto and Kanji in P4 - there are some issues around sexism and gender roles that the game attempts to tackle but literally nothing comes from them except people thinking Naoto is a tranny. Tbh the way women in modern Persona games are treated makes me wanna scream!!!!!! Waifuism is a sickness, I just want a game that respects their female characters and gives them unique, complex personalities that they deserve.

No. 300583

i feel like people overhype the plot a lot just because it's an mmorpg with a half decent story. i enjoyed the story for the most part but i don't think it's anywhere close to the masterpiece the playerbase makes it out to be.

No. 300587

File: 1685952710175.jpeg (145.65 KB, 1024x615, annihilation.jpeg)

Man, I loved the vibes and imagry in annihilation, but the ending part just fell completely flat. Makes me wonder if the book had something going on that just doesn't translate well to cinema.

True, some of these courses are hilarious. The climbing one, has two people at the absolute peak of their specializations, teaching people how to tie a figure 8 knot. Like, what does Tommy Cadwell add to this? Just take a fucking course at your lokal climbing gym you'll learn so much more.

No. 300633

tbh once you notice that Persona 4 and Persona 5 tend to have cases inspired by real life criminal cases or by detective novels and manga and you stop having high expectations the stories seem a lot better. I can take the story with Kamoshida seriously because for some cursed reason gym teachers tend to be pedos or just extremely stupid to the point where they're dangerous, then Madarame's case is legit so inspired by a case from Kindaichi's Case File it would have been borderline plagiarism if not for the urban fantasy elements. Naoto's dungeon is copy pasted from the villain secret lair in the first chapters of the Kamen Rider manga to the point it's also borderline plagiarism too. I see it as writers having fun first and badly trying to make a point then.

No. 300709

This makes sense, but I do think that:
A) The fans are a huge part of the issue here because a lot of them themselves assert the games as more nuanced/deep than they really are
B) The games go out of their way to market themselves with a promise of more nuance/depth than they really have
The heavy references don't really detract from this as for the most part they don't rebut my criticisms. I am glad that you've found a way to enjoy these games, though, nonna. I don't think there's anything wrong with how you've chosen to approach them and I wish more fans came from your angle.
The Kamen Rider thing honestly gives me an even bigger headache as a longtime KR fan because there's a very loud constituent of KR fans who insist on seeing the original series as a trans metaphor just because Hongo gets disfigured into a cyborg by Shocker. It really plays into the stupid transwashing of Naoto even though I doubt that was the original intent. This point is mostly an issue on my end from seeing too much shit, though.
>Waifuism is a sickness
I adore you, nonna! Glad to see somebody else on the same page.
Out of curiosity, have you played 1 & 2? Were they better about these things? I've always wondered if that's part of where this persistent overhyping of the series' writing comes from. But the old gameplay and length is too much to undertake for a series I've had so many misses with.

No. 300712

File: 1686012247334.jpeg (17.46 KB, 206x305, IMG_1140.jpeg)

The movie itself I think is pretty mediocre and boring, I just hate people praising the director for emotionally abusing women on set and calling him a genius for this, it’s fucking sickening.

No. 300715

File: 1686014787978.jpg (157.91 KB, 1000x1481, MV5BMTc4YTY0MDUtYWNmMi00NTRiLW…)

This retarded anime. I legit fell asleep watching it. The characters are annoying and insufferable. They were hard to sympathize with, and had the dumbest issues to deal with. The overall plot was stupid and humans were in the wrong for kidnapping a fucking angel/alien and cloning it, if they just returned it nothing would've happened. And it's mostly child porn and some sexist ideas said by the "scientist" character. It's an anime for people faking mental illness online.

No. 300722

Anno is just another dime a dozen male "creative" who has too much fake-deep shit to say because of his mental illness. And people eat it up because they'll obsess over anything that implies depth from a beautiful enough podium.
I hate that the Shin movies mean I have to hear everybody sucking his dick again. The new Shin KR had the most meager hint of lesbianism in it and suddenly libfems are worshipping Anno as if he's God's gift to lesbians. Like okay? Let's just ignore that he's historically been shit about women in his media and has never made any notable effort or statement towards improvement.

No. 300745

>characters are annoying and insufferable. They were hard to sympathize with
>humans were in the wrong for kidnapping a fucking angel/alien and cloning it
also yes. but both of these things help me like it more. i feel like it has more to say about humanity and relationships by focusing on flawed characters who are often in the wrong

No. 300747

I read the manga as a teen. It just hits differently when you're a teenager and I don't think the series becoming popular is an accident.

No. 300753

Nta but the old games (P1 & P2IS/P2EP) are much improved for the lack of waifu pandering as they were created before the implementation of the social link system. You could still date, but it was not heavily involved nor the main reason people played the old games.

No. 300766

File: 1686042271808.png (52.1 KB, 500x380, 7oe80a.png)

Second ayrt, and yes!! I haven't played P1 but I have played both Persona 2 games and they're my favourites in the series. I think that since the duology has adults in the main cast there tends to be a somewhat more mature tone to the story (and less moid-pandering). The gameplay itself is a drag (a loooot of dungeon crawling, a pretty basic combat system and an annoying random encounter rate), but the storyline and characters are some of the best in the series imo. I'm sure you're probably aware but in case you aren't; the protagonist of the second P2 game is an adult woman who generally isn't infantilised and disrespected which is amazing especially considering there's only one other female protagonist in the fucking series. Some aspects of the games treatment of certain female characters wasn't ideal to me personally but considering the first game was released in 1999 and the fact that I'm incapable of seperating entertainment from my politics I can give it a little leeway. Even with the few issues I had with it, it's still a million times better than modern Persona games when it comes to the women having actual personalities. I played a fan translation of Innocent Sin and I've heard that some parts of that game had content changed due to being deemed too ~problematic~ for a modern audience, so maybe it's not an issue in that version? I'm not super aware of the differences between the fan and official translations though. And agreed nonnie, it's nice to find another woman who has the same gripes with the series! A lot of the time I talk about these games its to moids who are exactly the types of guys the newer games are aimed at which is mildly infuriating kek

No. 300768

File: 1686045853211.jpg (144.99 KB, 1280x720, NieRAutomata_PS4_Jaquette_001.…)

It's not a bad game, far from it, but the way people praise it as groundbreaking is exaggerated, like they always say it's so philosophical when it's just surface level shit you study in high school, and calling robots after famous philosophers doesn't make you a scholar. The gameplay is fine but it's mostly a watered down version of previous Platinum Games titles, once you equip the correct chips you don't need to press more than 2 buttons even for the hardest encounters. The humor fell flat most of the time for me, and the coomer cult around the game is so fucking strange, I know Yoko Taro is a coomer himself and he encouraged it but even Bayonetta didn't get this kind of fanbase.

No. 300772

Could you elaborate because my friend wouldn't shut up about how deep it is because you give up your items at the end to help others progress and that it's about humanity and what is means to be human. The coomer cult also repulsed me to the point I wouldn't give it a chance.

No. 300774

I haven't played it but why the fuck should I care about unrelatable robots pretending to be human? It makes the 2deep4you appeal of the story fall flat to me. They lack the most basic elements of the human condition like the ability to die and having a survival instinct/fearing death because I saw the very beginning of the game and the two main characters explode and have their data unploaded in perfect copies of their previous "bodies". It could have worked if they were cyborgs and not robots, maybe.

No. 300782

I finished it recently and it's basically a mix of the machines imitating human behavior, the androids in denial of it, and the implications that the machines and androids are more similar than they think yet they keep fighting in a bullshit war
And then the last route kind of tosses all of that aside in a "Dude nothing matters it's all fake and gay" way unless you do that action your friend did for the true ending
It's not the deepest shit in the world like some reviews say nor is it the most refined philosophical work like some people try to theorize, it's just a fun (to read/play) story that gets overpraised to the point it turns off potential players because they go into it expecting biblical tier writing

No. 300789

OG Nier did that part way better imo. Not to mention the voice acting was phenomenal.

Speaking of, the remaster sucked ass. They completely botched Tyrann's voice acting.



I really think Yoko Taro is getting lazy because he knows his new normalfag fans will happily eat the forced pretentious shit that he spews out. Sad and disappointing. The only real good thing left is the music in his games.

No. 300791

File: 1686062015596.jpg (53.71 KB, 1280x720, x720.jpg)

The only value this game had to me writingwise is that it showed some improvement on Yoko Taro's end from the stupidity on display in Replicant. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't get past the coomer shit, though, because 2B's outfit was bad enough knowledge going in, but then seeing A2's designs and the way their clothes explode off ruined my ability to respect anything said by the writing. Classic example to me of a guy who wants to say deep shit but undermines it by making it clear that women will still always be sex objects. Maybe the guy would be less strikingly depressed if he started seeing half of the population as complete people.
Don't even get me started on how I'm supposed to respect Replicant's already retarded plot when Kaine looks like this in every cutscene and is somehow the one who is ALWAYS getting skewered through/sacrificed/almost killed throughout the game. Moids can be such weird freaks about their "strong woman" characters.
As for issues unrelated to misogyny… It's been years, but off the top of my head:
The king of Facade was so fucking stupid. Not a single decent instance of believable governance on display, and it's laughable that we're expected to then feel anything when he and his entire entourage get themselves killed. He says he cares so much for his wife and her shit past but then gets destroyed by a hulked out pig made from baby souls instead of, I don't know, becoming a good ruler and effecting real change? Sure, he's still young, but the fact that we're supposed to accept that the ENTIRE nation backed this (the guardsmen allegedly went door to door hat in hand asking for permission) and that not a single adult around him found this as retarded as it actually is staggers belief.
And then Route B… The stupid nonstop fest of "actually the bosses all have sad backstories". But there's no way the characters could have known this and there's seemingly no real message behind it other than the fact that you constantly hurt people who hurt others and everybody has a tragic past. It's clearly supposed to make you feel sad, but it's such an unproductive doomer worldview resigned to not understanding why shit happens or how it can be resolved that I can't even be sad about it. It just makes me want to tell the devs to go outside and try to sell this shit to people who are actively living through the trauma of conflict and fight for their right to survive regardless, and try to sell them on this loser mindset.
If this game wasn't couched in beautiful graphics and sensitive material (again, that says nothing of true substance, at least for most of Replicant) it wouldn't have a fraction of the audience it does. And then when you add in coomerbait… Well, it's a lost cause at that point, because hordes of men like it so it MUST be good.

No. 300794

Oh god, NTA but thank you for this post. I was disturbed by Kaine's outfit and how she got skewered in Nier. Like are we supposed to care about her when her ass crack is out and the camera zooms in on that? Everyone else seemed fine about it at the time, claiming it was some subversion of female tropes or some such bullshit because she was so aggressive. Hell no it's a celebration of objectification.

No. 300795

BTW Yoko Taro always seemed like someone who has disdain both for his characters and his audience. He makes these anime cardboard cutout characters and edgy themes and things ending in a depressing way. It feels off in the end, like there was no point or depth.

No. 300797

File: 1686065082305.jpg (50.93 KB, 440x686, 8dfc999cca18dc8875ef7df76358f6…)

Just poorly written and boring.

No. 300805

Yeah, it was so bizarre that everybody who recommended the game to me NEVER mentioned how weird Kaine's depiction was? Like the camera was always slowpanning over her body or focusing on her exposed parts, especially her ass. And this didn't let up even in scenes where she was being brutalized or scenes that were supposed to be heartfelt. There's no subversion or commentary there.
I think that assertion is just another way to excuse liking the game without critically thinking about all the ways in which it undermines itself. Doubly so because coomermoids obviously love that she looks like that, is looked AT like that by the camera.
This may be giving him more credit than he deserves, but Yoko Taro seems like a genuinely troubled individual who is at odds with the tragedy of life. I don't see this as justification for the vapid shit in his games, though, because the takes present in them are overwhelmingly those of somebody who has not done anything substantial to confront his dread over wrongs in the world. Subscribing to this kind of mindset where everything is shit and there's nothing you can do about it is both condescending to people who actually work to effect real change on important issues and incredibly sheltered navel gazing.
I do think he's shown some improvement when you look at the shit presented in ghe Drakengard games (party members included a baby eater and literal pedophile alongside an immortal child– wow, the edge). So the evolution into some degree of moral assertion in Automata instead of the basic torrid swirl of degeneracy present in his earlier works is at least somethimg. But he's given way too much credit for arriving at basic conclusions this late into his career when all of this could have been understood by like… I don't know, basic political literacy and understanding of how conflict arises in wars.

No. 300806

File: 1686066689870.jpg (10.22 KB, 185x273, 9k=(2).jpg)

I guess it was easy to read, but I don't understand why it's considered life-changing. Felt like middle-school reading level entertainment with some interesting concepts. Youth literature can be good and impactful, but it's being taken too seriously as a book for adult audiences.

No. 300807

I think the sad truth about games like Persona and Nier is that most people just don't read or care to at least do a cursory search on referenced subjects, so it takes very little to convince them that something is very deep just by making casual references and being edgy enough to go further than you have a right going.

No. 300818

File: 1686071080968.jpg (29.9 KB, 736x736, 1679244455810.jpg)

Bump don't scroll

No. 300823

I haven't read this in like a decade now, I remember loving it when I was a kid though, is it really that bad?

No. 301135

ffxiv is overrated as fuck, I say this as someone with 1200+ hours. people who say the story is 10/10 literally epic literature don't read much or at all, so to them it's amazing. I felt like I was going crazy when I pointed out the glaring issues with endwalker and everyone around me shouted me down. shadowbringers was definitely the strongest expac.

No. 301136

I've never played FF14 and don't plan to but a friend of mine is obsessed with it and told me that talking about the game with people who play it in English is infuriating because of how the localization is. The Japanese dialogues and voices (so, the original) are super normal, the French localization is very accurate from what she showed me and the English one seems like some kind of fanfiction? As if the localizers wanted to imitate Shakespear or Tolkien or whoever the fuck just for the sake of it and she also told me some characters are OOC but I don't know the characters enough to make my own opinion. So whenever I'm online and I see people talking about the story being a masterpiece they always show screenshots of the English butchered dialogues and it makes my friend seethe. From what I've seen the story seems fairly normal? I assume people are more invested because it's a video game so it's way more interactive and it has regular updates, and then there's the pretentious English localization that tricked English speaking players into thinking they have a 1000 IQ for playing it?

No. 301139

That's interesting, I didn't know that. Translators are kind of notorious for that. The story in Endwalker with the bird of despair was pretty standard 2deep4u anime clusterfuck, not sure how much of it can be blamed on the translators. Got any examples?

No. 301141

I don't have a lot of examples right now, I was at my friend's place and she showed me a bunch of cutscenes in Japanese, French and English. Then she told me there was no Spanish localization which… wtf? It was long ago when FE3H got released because we were sperging over Fire Emblem localizations at the same time and she showed me that FF14's was even worse but only in English. She showed me a cutscene of a pretty, cutesy small fairy introducing herself to other characters and in Japanese she talked normally and had a youthful, high voice. Same in French, with an accurate translation. Then in English she sounded like a Scottish chain smoking woman in her 50s and was yelling some completely unrelated text, my ears were not ready for that kek. Then there was something about a character who wrote a poem or said it out loud and the text in English was so unrelated it looked like the localizers gave no fuck. But I don't remember the details on that one.

What's weird is that usually with JRPGs we have translations based on American or maybe British localizations so if these ones are bad, the French one will have the same issue. So I guess Square Enix stopped doing that long ago? Unlike Nintendo.

No. 301157

>I pointed out the glaring issues with endwalker and everyone around me shouted me down
I haven't played the game but this is exactly why my friend who was super into the game quit playing it, she thought the story was retarded but everybody around her was praising it, and from what she's told me it didn't sound super amazing.

No. 301168

You need to tell me what's the problem because I don't play thag game and I'm very curious. You can spoil everything if you want. It's a FF game so I except some edgy anime shiy going on but that's what I liked about the retro FF games tbh.

No. 301182

Alright, you're a long way off from experiencing the whole thing. This is also covering one base game and four expansions and ten years now so it spans a while. Overall, the FFXIV story from ARR-Shadowbringers the story is completely serviceable. It's cool, government intrigue, FF style big evil empire. I liked how grounded the story was compared to other FF games sometimes. Filler obviously like any MMO story , but if you like FF games you can definitely give it a go, the majority of the playerbase resubs for the story and unsubs for the rest of it (raiders are like less than 5% of the playerbase). I am mostly bitching about Endwalker because it was hyped so much. Spoilers after this so you have been warned.

For one thing, an enemy that was built up as this serious antagonist was just kind of dealt with very early on in the first trial of the xpac. My main problem was a shoehorned villain that was introduced 2/3 of the way through the expansion ("foreshadowed" by 'there was a sound and then the world ended'. Yes that was their explanation.) Especially coming after Shadowbringers, the strongest expac, it just felt so weak. I didn't care about the villain at all and 'the true villain was despair haha get it cause we all play MMOs were all depressed' fell so flat. Such 2deep4u garbage I am sorry read Dostoevsky or something. The praising of that aspect especially made me think people who play this game just don't read. The secondary antagonist was just kind of there, there was a cool body swap duty but they did nothing with it.

>the reason why hermes/fando become sad is that the bird went to space and got sad and then it came back and told hermes it was sad and that made hermes want to kill everyone

(^how my friend summarised the villain)

Shadowbringers was a self contained story that wrapped everything up beautifully, had a villain you could sympathise with but had to fight against. He was basically just like you except on opposite sides. Endwalker was two expansions in one basically. Garlemald went from being in a stalemate with the alliance to a burned out refugee camp in two weeks. There was so much fanservice, bringing back a villain who got a perfect send off (Emet) and a villain who has a lot of fans here but I personally can't stand back for the fourth fucking time (Zenos). The fistfight at the end was such schlocky anime garbage I audibly groaned. The 'final days' were one weather change. The stakes didn't feel real, there was no sense of urgency or tension. It is basically surface level philosophy, the power of friendship saves the day in the end, etc, etc. Again, it's fine, even above average for an MMO. But for something that was being called best story ever in a game? Over this I was told 'women will never understand'?

No. 302578

5 years alter and it's still so true.

No. 307432

File: 1688845549318.png (Spoiler Image,708.19 KB, 1843x652, norwegian_wood_assault.png)

Can we talk about the 13 year old character in Norwegian Wood who was sexualized and then has a lesbian fetish rape scene where she rapes a 31 year old woman? It reads like a lesbian porno and nothing like a sexual assault as the victim describes it to some stranger. Murakami also goes on how beautiful this unnamed 13 year old girl is, describing that her breasts are so big and bouyant and whatever, but that she's so smart and calculated that she ruined the life of the 31 year old woman and is the reason she ended up in the mental hospital.
Picrel is the text of this sexual assault that is way too vivid and pornographic for a woman to tell some random guy she's newly acquainted with. Ew.

No. 307434

I gave Murakami so many chances, I really wanted to like him, but almost each and every of his books sucks so bad lmfao. No matter the novel, there seems to always be some sexualized girl having the hots for the useless roach of a protagonist. I think the only story of his that I liked was about that mother that lost her ability to sleep and spent the nights reading Anna Karenina and watching her husband and son sleep.

No. 307457

I had the opposite problem with hermes writing to where I felt he had valid complaints about his society and then the game itself demonized him for it and im like. didn't
they write it. you wrote it to bring it up and then gave the equivalent of "just do yoga for depression 5head" it's. just bizarre choices like that and pardoning the sex slaver that made yotsuyu a monster. I like the characters but think they've fumbled every deep point they've tried to make. Not to mention they won't ever make tough narrative decisions bc killing waifus would stop people from subbing

No. 308179

I don't know how to explain it besides saying that I find these movies incredibly cringe.
I never liked superhero stuff to begin with since it's even duller than generic battle shounen and more obnoxiously pathetic. But what makes it even worse is seeing these stories as live action. Real actors wearing skin-thigh cosplays and shooting badly made CGI lasers and shit will never not be painful to watch. I am genuinely incapable of taking these movies seriously even if one of them actually had a good story for once. And the massive usage of CGI backgrounds and shitty filters make it even so much worse, these movies look as flat as video games to me just with real actors.

No. 308263

I liked some of his short stories in Men Without Women but the way he describes the female love interests of his scrote main characters is sometimes just so fucking cringe, especially the weird thing with their chests always heaving.

No. 308335

The only female character he’s written pretty well that I’ve seen was the dowager of 1Q84 who runs a safe house for abused women and coordinates the killing of abusive men. I liked Aomame too but since she had a few embarrassing pickme-isms courtesy of Murakami’s double standards and misogyny (like being a sexy hitwoman who happens to love receding hairlines, yikes). Just be warned that the teenager character in that book is pitifully sexualized by Murakami. Aside from that, I really love that book—but mostly Aomame & the dowager’s storyline kek.

No. 309947

I hate Limbus Company. I guess it'd be fun in a vacuum but 90% of its fans should go read a book. Some of the literature chosen for that game really should not be there because I don't fucking want to hear people talking about them with the most smoothbrained, mentally deteriorated takes. I hate it.

No. 309952

I hate pride and prejudice. Both the book and the movie. That handflex scene is extremely overrated.

No. 309954

The love interest guy acted like an annoying autist. Yeah the actor is handsome but I never understand why so many women like the actual character. Never forgiving my friends for making me waste 2 hours of my life watching that snooze fest.

No. 309955

Please elaborate I’m so tired of my scrote friends shilling it.

No. 309964

It took me 2 years to read P&P because it was so boring, I learned the hard way that I had zero interest in stories centered around romance.

No. 310113

File: 1690090543202.jpg (74.63 KB, 1600x900, 20210109155643_1-e161046166177…)

A few years back, I tried playing Metal Gear Solid for the first time. I'm a Millenial, but somehow never got around to playing the games, despite all the hype around them. I knew beforehand that it was going to be a dialogue-heavy game, but I had heard only good things about the writing, so I went in with high hopes.

…and holy shit, it's one the most retarded pieces of media I've ever experienced. I'm not exaggerating. It's like an action movie written by an autistic 14-year old, who just read the TV Tropes page about the fourth wall. The dialogue was so clumsy and juvenile and went on an on. I get that many people praising this game played it first when they were still 14-year old autists themselves, but shouldn't they have figured out what garbage this is by now? I initially planned to play the whole series, since it's deemed essential vidya, but this game left such a bad impression, I haven't really followed through with that plan.

No. 310136

I played the hack and slash spin off so i cant comment on the overal series but it really felt like babys first political commentary. Which isn't a bad thing but people talk about Metal Gear like it's super deep and thought-provoking. Kojima is a movie fan and got the impression that any political scene was inspired by a movie instead of being his own opinion. I know the spin off has different gameplay and focus on different characters so maybe the main series is more "elegant" in it's delivery.

No. 310150

kojima had a few moments of genuine prescience that cause his fans to look at the rest of his work with rose-colored glasses. Picrel is from MGS2 which came out in 2001 and accurately predicted what the post-internet world would look like – the message is obvious and relatable but if you look up forum posts from back then there are plenty of people who seem confused or annoyed by the monologue. That's just one stroke of genius though and causes people to overlook stuff like "princess beach" kek.

No. 310151

File: 1690118997784.jpg (234.1 KB, 800x1000, jswxMum.jpg)

samefagging bc I dropped the pic

No. 310157

The only thing that got me through the games is that I'm really horny for every iteration of Big Boss

No. 310158

the script is definetly not all that, but you know moids, any action piece of media that's remotely deep gets praised. Personally, I think they're pretty fun to play (at least from 1 to 3, never touched the others) so if you enjoyed the gameplay I'd say give the others a go, if not, you're not missing out.

What bothers me though is the overanalysis of the series. The core message is always the same and it's always so clear, nuclear war is bad, politicians are trash and technology is often used with evil purposes (which is also the message behind half of japanese media post WW2) so I don't get why people feel the need to make the same video essay or twitter thread explaining how great and 2deep4you the series is over and over again. If you read the dialogue it's pretty self-explanatory.

>the message is obvious and relatable but if you look up forum posts from back then there are plenty of people who seem confused or annoyed by the monologue

maybe they took the premise of the game at face value thinking it would be just another shooter with espionage elements and when they were faced with any type of social commentary they were shocked by it but that has more to do with audience consuming videogames at the time than Kojima being some sort of Nostradamus (especially when the influece the "virtual world" would have on the real one was such a hot topic back then). Kinda like how, since most of the audience consuming anime are otakus, they get shocked when authors reference books or movies they wouldn't read or watch themselves.

No. 310181

File: 1690127586540.jpg (71.43 KB, 559x1000, 81ym3QUd3KL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Dune is misogynist, racist, homophobic slop. The only interesting thing about it is some of the worldbuilding and even then it's mid. I first read it as a teenager and even then I couldn't shake how blatantly misogynistic it is.

No. 310206

nta but I think with MGS2 what's impressive isn't just that he predicted how the internet would be because as you said it was a hot topic in the late 90s and early 2000s and even as a kid I read plenty of magazines for kids explaining the potential of the internet and how that works exactly, but how specifically it's explained by the AI near the end of the game. It's super accurate and even more relatable now than before since we're dealing with what's ominously explained by the AI on a daily basis. It's going to sound dumb but we're currently living in a cyberpunk setting/era and we didn't even notice until it was too late. As for the series in general, I like the story but only played MGS1, 2 and 3. It seems like it gets way too needlessly complicated after that for the sake of not contradicting previous games or whatever. But all I knew before playing the games was the whole "was it a russian taunt" discussions, I think normie men who played the games as teenagers are biased and often just dumb.

No. 310219

I find this message less prophetic when you realize Japan got obsessed with the internet much earlier than the rest of the world, especially otaku circles. Still interesting nonetheless.

No. 310242

i love mgs but i agree with you kek, its funny how scrotes act like its super deep

No. 310324

This is pretty much it with Kojima. Dude consumes a lot of media, chews it up, and regurgitates it. Fans who consume nothing but games mediawise then proceed to go wild about his genius because to them the regurgitation looks deep, when in actuality its a funky pulp.
Fun stuff, and I think the dude does genuinely have an eye for and appreciation of good media, but he's really overhyped by his fans. I hate him but that's because I'm sick of male creators who get hyped to hell and back for having a big budget and superficially deep products (looking at you, Hideaki Anno and Yoko Taro)

No. 310340

To be fair he knows how to tell a story with video games through gameplay and not just by relying on cutscenes like some weirdly overhyped games like TLOU, and he usually references American movies, anime, etc. which aren't interactive at all. But yeah some of his games are basically fanfictions written by a westboo, which I find fun but it's weird how some people don't notice. Sometimes it's really blatant like how in MGS5 there's the whole NGE bullshit going on with Huey trying to force a toddler to pilot a giant mecha and the other two possible pilots are someone's clone who has an existential crisis later in life and a foreign kid with red hair and issues with his parents.

No. 310509

File: 1690249716644.gif (1.68 MB, 332x332, 1586003987492.gif)

>doesn't rely on cutscenes

No. 310543

Doesn't rely JUST on cutscenes.

No. 312956

File: 1691245737144.png (10.3 MB, 4724x3744, han solo is ugly btw.png)

I don't really hate Star Wars, I just don't get it. Pretty sure people told me the director made stuff up as it went, like Lea wasn't originally meant to be Luke's sister. It's fine, but then the fanbase acts like it's a holy grail and forgets it's inconsistencies and pitiful flaws. I can understand how impressive some of the movie techniques were in the old movies, but beyond that it's just some silly action movies. The episodes 1,2 and 3 are fun and anakin was cute, the flying car race is my best memory of the entire Star Wars movies. The games are boring, all of them. Some people put Star Wars on the same level of LoTR but that's just unfair and I don't even care for LoTR either. Maybe I wouldn't dislike it as much if the fans weren't so weird about it, like comic book fans and some game fandoms can ruin the experience sometimes.

No. 312958

These movies are so boring, I get it if you're a late boomer or gen X to love them, but later than that I really don't get how you can be a fan.

No. 312961

my problem with Star Wars is that most fans take it way too serious while in the end it's just more like a fairy tale in space. I prefer the original episodes over the new ones as I dislike those clean looking CGI effects and the stories of episodes 7 to 9 are just bullshit. I really enjoyed Mandalorian and Boba Fett and the Knights of the Old Republic games are amazing, still I wouldn't want to deal with the fans that just consumed everything, from comic books over Lego Star Wars. They are just too much and behave like dicks when you tell them that you like Star Trek more than Star Wars or don't know who every single fact or minute of every movie. And to compare Star Wars with LoTR doesn't work, it's completely different, you can like both, but not compare them. Fandoms really make stuff worse sometimes and I try to avoid them for very famous things that have been around for many years.

No. 312968

I remember from somw Twitter thread someone stated that star wars was originally meant to be just one film, just a homage to pulp science and epic fantasy, it was too successful for its own good.

No. 313017

I always considered Harry Potter fucking shit for toddlers.

No. 313092

Han Solo is always the worse part of the movies for me. I just hate his character and Harrison Ford. I can never speak my truth kek moids get mad. Anakin may be a worse character morally but at least he’s cute and not played by a gross old man.

No. 313145

for me it's Natalie Portman, I hate her acting in every movie so far, I hate the Padme Amidala character, I just can't stand anything about her, but if you tell it any moid, oh, they will hold a monologue about why you are wrong. I honestly like Harrison Ford and the Han Solo character, but I always liked older men, kek. Anakin is annoying, he is as annoying as Kylo Ren, all this crying, whining and stupid anger and then the actors aren't even good looking.

No. 316759

The Simpsons. I don't get why it keeps on going. Doesn't the audience get tired of this?

No. 336902

I think they get most of their money from merch at this stage. It's an extended TV ad.

No. 336908

It's still Fox's most popular show, also it's weirdly popular in Korea.

No. 336910

File: 1700417036646.png (116.44 KB, 640x358, digital-circus-releases-soon-w…)

No matter how unique or creative is trying to be , it'll always comes off as soulless and humorless also hate the ugly furbait that is Jax.what would a furry be doing in a digital circus???

No. 336921

It's Poppee The Performer's aesthetic mixed with the plot of I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, so it's neither of those things

No. 336925

Samefagging but allow me to amplify my point
>Jax or whatever is Kademono (Poppee The Performer)
>Ragatha is Raggity Ann
>the mask thing is SCP-035
>the pink piece of shit is the creator's persona/OC from his pfp
It's insane how uncreative this dog shit is and everyone is just eating it up because it's tailored to amass the biggest following possible, from furries to troons. It's so frustrating…

No. 336927

File: 1700421621827.png (264.01 KB, 440x550, Original_kedamono.png)

hey give kedamono more credit, he's actually a nice guy unlike jax.

No. 336929

Even Ongezellig is better than this shit.

No. 336953

Beetlejuice is so overrated it hurts. Do people really like this movie or are they saw it at the age of 6, remember nothing of it and just pretending to like it?
It’s so bad - so unfunny, boring and tryhard. What keeps me eyerolling, that it wants to be edgy. The only self aware (at least I hope so) scene was lydia writing a suicide letter, that was funny, okay. The rest is just out of touch with reality: aimless satire of some bad bad wannabe hip rich people, to which burton ironically belongs himself, good good country people, they are good because they are young and good looking, you see. And the teenage goth gf wetdream waifu - she’s so speshul and totes nlog, fuck offff
And don’t get me started on the beetlejuice himself - aside of weird tif following for him as tumblr sexyman - he’s ugly, crude, disgusting and will hump every object - so it’s believable he’d fuck them, to add he’s chaotically extroverted and I guess it’s a charming point to socially disabled nerd girls. ANYWAY, aside of all this, his character is so “oh look how edgy I can be oh I am such a nonconformist rebel”, I guess it could be funny for kids, but why all those sexual harassment “jokes” then
I recently rewatched it and was baffled how nothingburger it was, considering its status. I also rewatched nightmare before christmas and also was surprised how boring it was - not surprising was the fact, that story was written by beetlejuice director and by beetlejuice screenwriter. The former did some episodes of mystery/horror anthology tv series and wrote some horror books, also was a speshul edgelord, according to his page on wiki. So the worst of all beetlejuice is not even close to comedy horror - no comedy, no horror, that’s it
The sets and some costumes was nice, afterlife bureaucracy is a tired trope, but still cute imo
The only really good thing is elfman’s music, the rest of music suck ass, I hate the closing wHimSical dance scene

No. 336966

I agree with you,nonnie
I've always found Beetlejuice extremely boring then again all of Tim Burtons films are boring and overrated as hell except for the FrankenWeenie films,they got my heart.

No. 336977

I think some of the crass humour was a product of its time, a lot of PG rated movies back then felt more PG-13. I guess the standards were different? (from what I read, I didn't really grow up in that decade). like one of those National Lampoon films had a joke about a teenage girl engaging in incest with her uncle and those were considered family films. there was some other PG film I forgot the name of that had Molly Ringwald in it and there was a scene showing bare uncensored breasts. idk things were odd back then.

No. 336978

To me, this feels like something I would almost like, as the idea of a ninties computer game theme sounds interesting. Its just that its too hyperactive for me, and the designs of pomni, ragatha, and jax dont fit the supposed aesthetic, and just feel forced in design wise. Theres so much you could do with that concept, so choosing that route is safe, but boring. Since its a pilot, hopefully this means there will be improvements.

No. 336996

The merch was being pushed hard this year. There must be a sequel or remake coming out soon.

No. 337144

Yeah, they made a sequel for some reason, it is planned for ‘24 iirc

No. 338524

File: 1701140158504.jpg (192.88 KB, 1242x2208, Screenshot.jpg)

Kek I checked out what channels had to say about that digital circus pilot, and already there's autists eating it up and unironically making 30-minute videos on why the bunny guy, the raggedy ann doll, and the jester girl are "trauma babies" or why it's gonna be "so deep". The pilot is paced like an ADHD simulator, all of the characters are one-dimensional tropes that are already popular, the jester girl's voice acting is so shrill and annoying, and the creator is even a trannoid that even seems to encourage the coomers. The only thing I like about it is the animation. Sure, maybe I'm being harsh because only the pilot is out, but where else am I gonna talk about not liking it?

No. 338570

File: 1701167866064.jpeg (2.78 MB, 2048x2951, FKzU8mVVEAMhUOl.jpeg)

The pink piece of shit is just a Zolo toy so it's no original either. I hate this shit

No. 338576

Image won't load but I absolutely hate Madoka Magica. Anything Madoka tries to do is done well by another anime or is handled in the worst way possible. It tries really hard to be a deconstruction of the magical girl genre without understanding or respecting it. It wants so hard to be this tragic lesbian style romance but none of the characters show any sort of organic development towards each other. The fake deep shit about entropy is pretentious and completely misunderstands the concept. Madoka's writing can be summed up as some weird cutesy moe psychological torture porn made by a coomer moid who thinks he's smarter than he actually is.

The art style is trash even for moe-blob standards because they have fucked up lego heads and their eyes are a mile apart. The character designs of the main five are mid and every design they made after that has been an eyesore. Like most moe-blob animes the characters are supposed to be teenagers but look like malformed toddlers. It doesn't help that the character designer or artist for this anime was confirmed to be into lolisho. The only thing artistically that Madoka has going for it is collage-style animation done by Gekidan Inu Curry, and even then it's used for eye candy rather than anything significant. When GIC isn't on the animation or design team it looks bland and ugly.

Overall its a series made for degenerate moids, troons, and pick-mes who want to feel like they're deep for jerking it to roblox head loli yuri porn. I can't believe people consider this anime to be on the 2deep4u level as shit like Lain. (For the record I don't like Lain but Madoka is not nearly as complex as it so the comparison is legitimately retarded.)

No. 338589

Elfman is a sex pest who has been recycling the same soundtrack since Batman. The real highlights are the Harry Belafonte tracks

No. 338590

File: 1701180145639.jpg (114.7 KB, 780x438, intro-1686685995.jpg)

yes, i absolutely love beetlejuice, mostly because of the idea of nice, kind of dorky husband-and-wife ghosts trying to help a lonely goth girl get away from the creep that is beetlejuice and ultimately triumphing. i remember wanting them to adopt me when i saw it as a kid. it's a fun movie.

No. 338598

File: 1701183765609.jpg (541.77 KB, 1717x4096, akemi_homura_kaname_madoka_and…)

>Anything Madoka tries to do is done well by another anime
I loved Madoka and would love to see something even better. Do you have recs?

No. 338697

It depends on what you initially liked about Madoka. If you like the teenage magical girl theme with lesbian undertones and some social commentary then I would suggest Utena. If you want more psychological anime I would suggest Lain. There's more I could suggest but then that gets into personal tastes so I don't to derail. Keep in mind that both animes I suggested have issues of their own but I feel like they handled the themes better than Madoka did.

No. 338698

>without understanding or respecting it
What is there to ‘respect’? Like 90% of the genre is just toy commercials.

No. 338699

And 90% of all action movies are military recruitment. Cinema is frequently intertwined with propaganda. So what?

No. 338700

Never said action movies weren’t also crappy, I just don’t get that anti Madoka argument that gets brought up a lot in particular.

No. 338704

I understand that Utena is considered a classic, but the sheer amount of rape and incest in it makes the show genuinely unwatchable for many people, especially women. You're right that Gen Urobuchi is a degenerate and a pedophile, but Madoka Magica itself lacks sexual violence. That's a huge draw for women who are into horror content, especially if they're looking for media that is entirely centered around female characters.

No. 338713

sally rooney's stuff is just navelgazing garbage. the prose is flat, the contents are a snoozefest, critics gush about it because they find the self-absorbed, pseudo-ironiccharacters #relatable.
she pretends to dissect rhe woke millenial psyche but it's just pretending ti be detached while being eminently self-conscious posturing.
no entertainment value, no literary value. absolute drivel.

No. 338729

File: 1701238076967.jpeg (29.44 KB, 426x720, images (25).jpeg)

Today i will remind them

No. 338745

YouTube keeps recommending a video of someone arguing that calling Gooseworx a creepy degenerate is "stupid drama", even though I've never watched Gooseworx, YouTube animations, or internet drama videos. Hell, I always use the "don't recommend this channel to me" function for channels run by men and tranny advocates, I just haven't bothered this time since I figured it would only be recommended to me once. Does YouTube's algorithm have some retarded reason for thinking I would want to watch some scrote whiteknight a walking red flag factory tranny moid, or is Gooseworx actively being shilled by the platform?

No. 338796

Anon you could say that about most anime genres. Especially nowadays since most animes won't get made unless there's a chance for extensive merchandising.

No. 338812

How does that invalidate what she said? She wasn't critiquing low-brow anime, she was saying that "Madoka Magica doesn't respect the magical girl genre" is a weak criticism of Madoka because, even if it were true, the magical girl genre isn't all that inspired to begin with. It's exactly as eye-rolling as saying a piece of media that uses the concept of superheroes in an edgy way "doesn't respect the superhero genre".

No. 338818

nothing but facts. its okay to like something that is superficial, thats not an automatic insult

No. 338871

File: 1701298860930.jpg (412.98 KB, 1280x1162, tumblr_971351bf4684ce923571be3…)

At first I thought it was interesting and enjoyable but after knowing about Goosetranny's creepy background, his head drilling/abused girls fetish and encouraging his fans to make coom art, it all so icky and off putting. I hope TADC and Goosetranny gets more tomatoes thrown at while being a dumpster fire.

Jax is inspired by Popee since they're both bunny bullies and Gangle is inspired by Kedamono since they both wear masks and get bullied. They basically have the same character trope and just switched their color palettes.

No. 338960

I love the Pride and Prejudice movie, read the book after, and while I enjoyed it I honestly preferred the film, which I know might be sacrilegious to admit. Tbh I think I like Jane Austen's work less than I was expecting - I also read Emma and Northanger Abbey and wasn't completely impressed or entertained with the stories. I bought Persuasion recently and maybe I'll like that more because apparently it's the most mature and refined of her works? But I have the sneaking suspicion that she mostly writes the same characters over and over and she's not as smart as most of her fans seem to think. Witty yes, but not smart. I feel like her books are way more longer than they need to be for such simple plots where not a whole lot happens. Pride and Prejudice is different in that regard, that's probably why it's my favourite

No. 339001

File: 1701360267207.gif (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 320x240, megu chan.gif)

I dont get why people are so defensive towards the magical girl genre. Cutie Honey and Majokko Megu chan are from the 70s and they are both pervy shows pandering to degen males. They where both a huge impact on the magical girl genre and its dumb to deny their legacy. Minky Momo and Creamy Mami where popular amongst lolicons back when it aired. They weren't the target audience but the studios they didnt care that lolidegens watched their shows kinda like the MLP:FIM staff. Azuma Hideo an oldschool lolicon also dabbled in the magical girl genre back in the day.
Hero with an alter ego is a really old concept that isnt unique to magical girls. The only thing that is unique to magical girls is that its all girl teams (which is done for marketing purposes) and elaborate transformation sequences which only became a trend because of Cutie Honey.
All that aside most normies in japan sees them as childrens entertainment that exist to sell toys. Idc if people like them but magical girl fans needs to stop acting like their fave genre is profound.
regarding Madoka: I dont know if the creators ever claimed it was a deconstruction? Most japanese otakus are aware that there have always been pervy magical girls shows and there have existed dark magical girls shows prior to Madoka. It was mostly westerns who called it a deconstruction. I dont blame magical girl fans for hating Madoka but it csn be criticized without claiming its an " appropriation" of Magical Girls

No. 339004

Was the Molly Ringwald one a John Hughes film? So many of Hughes films have aged like milk with their treatment of women. The exception I can think of off the top of my head is Ferris's Day Off, but I rewatched The Breakfast Club this year and it's cringe inducing.

No. 344810

I have been watching Hunter x Hunter after seeing it get praised for years and it has been a pretty taxing experience with an annoying formula
>author dumps a shitload of rules and restrictions on you
>characters make assumptions of dubious quality as to what other characters will do because of the rules
>"smart" character makes an accurate prediction of how everything will go down and we are supposed to believe them competent even though in reality all of their logic is based on above dubious assumptions
>the plan as it was presented generally occurs as was slowly outlined to us
>all of this serves as an excuse to have the narrator or a character's inner thoughts constantly blaring and explaining high school material like how amortization works to us
>any other solution present from prior episodes is ignored so the narrator can continue to blabber on
It sucks because I really enjoy the general storyline and the characters but this show is so tedious.

No. 344827

I think this a reference to
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
by Robert Heinlein. The inhabitants were a lunar penal colony based on libertarian values, and then they created a new culture and they based maturity on "moon years"

No. 359482

I loved all three. Mind you, I don't know how popular they are - I just found them on Amazon and decided to watch on a whim. Hot Fuzz is my favourite.

No. 359488

how many threads are you going to necro

No. 371601

File: 1713386789681.png (117.46 KB, 300x225, Invader_Zim_title_card.png)

Boring as fuck,tried watching it again as an adult,still boring.it doesn't even have good female characters.

No. 371630

It's honestly the kind of show that you can only enjoy as an edgy teenager growing up in the early 2000's, otherwise no one will ever understand what it means to be into invader zim and the autism it generated back then.

No. 372562

File: 1713707957046.png (128.37 KB, 688x1000, percy.png)

Was so disappointed when I picked it up and found this series of books to be very boring and childish. While I didn't like it in my 11-12 years old, I can see why many liked at the same age, what I don't understand is the amount of old horses shilling the series as the pinnacle of good entertainment for teens and pre-teens.

No. 372912

File: 1713811901411.jpg (736.82 KB, 500x375, LsvfhoD.jpg)

Different people have different tastes. I like Gaz, but I'll agree that there hardly any female characters in it. Gaz would kill a man.

No. 373335

You're right and you should say it. I'm extremely into Greek and Roman history, and without fail, if I mention this fact, someone will say something to the effect of, "oh, I love Percy Jackson, too!" They're fine entertainment for kids, but they're still children's books and I'll never understand the chokehold it has on people above the age of 13. I've also met people who will say certain 'facts' about the history and mythology that are exclusive to the series without disclosing they got those 'facts' from a series of children's books. Embarrassing behavior.

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