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File: 1625347982329.jpg (142.23 KB, 731x1080, 239672.jpg-r_1920_1080-f_jpg-q…)

No. 150988

Media focused on humanizing obsessive and mentally ill women's perspectives and experiences.

Work by women writers preferred instead of the usual sexist "crazy ex girlfriend" stories.

Movies, books, music, and non-fiction all welcome.

No. 150989

Suggestions from the "Fictional characters that you think would browse lolcow.farm OR would be labeled as cows" thread that inspired this one:

>Ingrid Goes West

>Single White Female
>Black Swan
>The Perfection
>Killing Eve
>Perfect Blue
>The Piano Teacher

No. 150992

File: 1625349281492.jpeg (540.67 KB, 750x951, 199DD175-BB28-4083-BD3B-CE5FD5…)

Misery (1990) is a good one!
She’s not a scorned jealous lover and she’s not obligatorily sexy for the male gaze. She sends death threats to her favorite author, irl.

No. 150994

File: 1625350701980.jpg (88.51 KB, 1000x563, intro-1590010216.jpg)

Gone Girl seems like a good example? She's crazy but it's understandable and honestly, it's had to not sympathize with her to certain extent.

No. 150997

File: 1625351694496.jpeg (105.27 KB, 750x921, 1370EA56-343A-4A23-8464-AEB270…)

I love Norma from Bates Motel. She is as obsessed with her son as he is her. On the outside, she’s nuts and morally dubious to say the least. Some would even blame her for how Norman turned out. Yet Norma’s BPD black magic works on me, I’d kill for her kek. I think the show did a great job showing a very traumatized woman trying desperately to protect whom she loves.

No. 150998

Misery is interesting that she is obsessed with a fictional character and not the author (though she has to use the author to get to the character). I wonder if there are any more like that.

>it's had to not sympathize with her to certain extent.
I never thought of her as a sympathetic character before but now I think about it, her husband cheated on her and that other guy was weirdly obsessed with her. Her "craziness" didn't come out of nowhere and her cool girl monologue was completely right of course.

Haven't seen this but will check it out. Thanks for the rec!

I guess the original Psycho film works as a male obsessed character who is then humanized well in Psycho 2.

No. 150999

No. 151301

I highly recommend the series crudely named Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It's written by the lead actor Rachel Bloom, and goes pretty deep into mental health issues and serious topics as the show progresses. It's not for everyone, but it deserves a mention.

No. 151303

The main character is a bpdfag right? I have been meaning to watch that

No. 151418

File: 1625599105219.jpg (345.92 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20210706-141731__01…)

her mom sure fits the obsessive bill (obsessed with religion)

No. 151421

File: 1625602838610.gif (999.62 KB, 500x326, tumblr_mxuuk08YwM1qjbphyo1_500…)

as a psycho lesbian myself, single white female titillated me tbh

No. 176154

File: 1640739789487.png (613.95 KB, 800x400, Heavenly-Creatures.png)

Heavenly Creatures - obsessed with each other

No. 176162

File: 1640750161926.jpg (29.38 KB, 1000x407, 466705_full.jpg)

Excision (2012) has the main character not so much obsessed with a person but has a psychosexual obsession with medical macabre. I like this portrayal of the female psychopath, it is not romanticized and appealing. She is not seductive or cunning or righteous. She's delusional, disorganized and motivated by id. The plot doesn't revolve around scrote or even romance. But still she has sentimentality.

No. 176172

This one made me physically ill. I could recognize some of myself in her, but I am not a psychopath or obsessed with cutting people open and the like. It was horrific and sad at the ending. I don't think I'll ever forget this movie.

No. 176173

File: 1640758340446.gif (1.06 MB, 500x243, tumblr_ma5pkpUx4Q1r4fcnoo1_500…)

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1992). Evil live-in nanny plots to replace mother

No. 176182

File: 1640770274920.jpg (65.17 KB, 512x340, unnamed.jpg)

I love Stoker so much, India is based and Love from You wishes she was her

No. 176183

File: 1640770312724.png (140.64 KB, 700x400, swallow.png)

Swallow is about a woman who takes misconstrues advice from a mother's to be book and begins to literally swallow random shit. I thought it was good and loved the ending too.

No. 176211

File: 1640792000128.jpg (607.51 KB, 1468x1466, saintmaud1-mediumSquareAt3X.jp…)

Saint Maud (2019) main character is obsessed with the belief she is on a mission from God to the point it consumes her entire life.

Misery is a fantastic film, Kathy Bates is everything


No. 176226

File: 1640801374908.jpg (237.63 KB, 1551x960, image.jpg)

Girl, Interrupted (1999)

No. 176237

Such a great story and left a big impression on me as a teen, but think I was too young to get it beyond the surface. I thought the girl that "rested" instead of sleeping was so cool, cringe

No. 176238

apparently the original memoir the film was based on was greatly exaggerated and admonished with a narrative
even some of the women who were in the asylum ended up attempting to sue Ssanna Kaysen for the way they were portrayed

Kinda ruined the film for me to be honest

No. 176248

File: 1640809672421.jpg (50.98 KB, 420x606, 81zoWwS351L._AC_SY606_.jpg)

I really enjoyed Saint Maud, the main character was strangely loveable. You could really tell that it was directed by a women too. I also enjoyed the ending!
A bit unrelated but I really like weird/obsessive caretaker characters, does anyone know something similar ?

I really need to watch this! sounds really intersting

No. 176266

File: 1640817595007.jpeg (134.01 KB, 1300x730, npmNXZNo3uQvJghUfzXWUEm3J3J.jp…)

Notes on a Scandal

No. 177594

What? The character is supposed to be crazy? I always thought the husband deserved what he got.

No. 177595

She literally kills a dude when the things don't go as she planned and goes back to her shitty husband.
I think it's easy to sympathize with her but she's definitely mentally unsound.

No. 177629

I am once again shilling Higurashi and Shion Sonozaki specifically, the sound novel not the anime. This is a very well made video on why she's such a great character and why I think she fits this thread.

No. 177640

Yesss I love this YouTube channel

No. 177649

What? She made the husband her bitch. He is gonna play her perfect scrote until the end of his life or until she ends him. I don't think she ever meant to stay with Desi forever, she knew he was unhealthily obsessed with emotionally vulnerable women

No. 177654

A+ Taste. And Killing Eve was cool too.

No. 177783

File: 1641549414136.jpg (21.27 KB, 204x307, bNBmQoA.jpg)

The Night Caller". The main actress, Tracy Nelson, is really good for the role. The main character, Beth, is meek and has never been shown appreciation. She finds someone that finally cares about her and shows her kindness, Lindsey, a therapist on a radio talk show. Beth does anything to integrate herself into Lindsey's life, and this is where she starts to change.
The world around her is rough and the majority of characters are assholes. Beth is pushed around by others throughout the whole movie. You sort of root for her at times. Beth has a gentle demeanor and is polite, but is still a sociopath.
The movie is similar to Carrie in some ways.

No. 177797

She still went back to him. Spending your life with someone you hate and raising his baby seems like a waste, even if you can treat him however you want. In general she put way too much energy into trying to mindgame a stupid man who didn't really care about her, reminds me of FDS kek.

Cool girl speech is iconic though.

No. 177798

File: 1641560087629.jpg (335.01 KB, 1280x720, image-w1280.jpg)

3 Women. Sissy Spacek and Shelly Duvall become obsessed with each-other.

No. 177852

She loved the image of him that she had in her head and made it a reality. She wanted to kill herself first, which would suck, but eventually found a better solution.
Didn't she fake the pregnancy test? I never thought that she is supposed to have a baby… What did I miss

No. 177859

She got hold of his sperm (can't remember how) and got artificial insemination without his knowledge. She holds the baby over his head to keep him under her control. At least that's how it goes in the book, it's possible the movie changed things since I haven't seen it. She did also fake a pregnancy at some point, but I think that was when she was still doing her original plan.

No. 178058

File: 1641677947017.png (2.11 MB, 1334x750, 37C6DF53-44E5-4C04-94C1-B8B736…)

I watched both the movie and the short film it was based on. I think the movie script really dates it and I think the endings were pure shock value, kind of came out of nowhere, I just couldn’t picture her psychosis (though it was severe) manifesting in the way that it did, the whole scene reeked MALE mad scientist. You can probably get the same experience out of watching the short film but both actresses were crazy good in their roles. Fun crazy stupid watch.

No. 178070

File: 1641680020249.jpg (42.5 KB, 450x450, Pauline League of Gentlemen.jp…)

I thought the movie portrayed her worsening psychosis with a surprising level of realism despite the campy tone (my best friend from high school developed schizophrenia and it reminded me a lot of him) until the ending went full schlock. I didn't really like the dumb music video dream sequences either, it just felt like they were there to nudge the film into feature length.

The heroine being called Pauline kept reminding me of picrel, who I guess would also count as an obsessive woman (I know that's a man, this is from when it was still pretty common for British male comedians to play physically ugly female characters). A Dolores Umbridge type who dreams of owning her own stationery shop but just torments the people at the job centre where she works instead. She's also bisexual for some reason.

No. 178096

Nonnie thank you for reminding me of this. God, I completely forgot about Pauline. The League of Gentlemen was so delightfully strange and gross. The show freaked me out when I first saw it as a kid and then I became a little bit of a fan later. No idea how this character completely slipped my mind. I think what I most remember are the two creepers from the local shop. And Papa Lazarou is still probably capable of haunting my nightmares. When you think you forgot Royston Vasey, the trauma finds it's way back lmao.

No. 178527


I love Bates Motel, it was such a great show. The first two seasons were a little uneven but I think the creators did a fantastic job at showing Norma and Norman's messed up relationship. You end up hating and feeling extremely sorry for the both of them at the same time lol. And Vera Farmiga is a phenomenal actress, she absolutely embodied Norma and made her such a compelling, complex character, probably one of my favourite characters from any TV show ever. She's sweet, compassionate, artistic, ruthless, completely emotionally unstable, manipulative….so strong and vicious yet so vulnerable and sad simultaneously. I don't think anyone could've done a better job. Really I could go on about the show because it was so good lol. I could watch Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga act together literally all day they were perfect

No. 178851

File: 1641951824644.jpg (1.96 MB, 1382x2048, ZUvvQZZ.jpg)

Unicorn Store. Obsessed but more in the immature otaku sense. The main character is an awkward unicorn obsessed woman who has a hard time trying to be normal adult. I find this movie comforting.

No. 347481

File: 1704811895889.jpg (80.21 KB, 220x326, Young_adult_ver2.jpg)

Young Adult (2011). Depressed alcoholic yet successful-ish YA writer returns to her home town that she thinks she is better than and tries to snare her ex from 20 years ago who just had a baby. Written by Diablo Cody.

No. 347596

File: 1704866872675.jpeg (61.39 KB, 333x500, IMG_0511.jpeg)

Not going to spoil anything, especially as it's a quick read, but I really enjoyed this one.

No. 347608

File: 1704872091067.jpg (110.91 KB, 1024x683, jennifersbody.jpg)

Jennifer's Body (picrel) of course, love this movie. Jennifer is so obsessed with her friend Needy. They did this film extremely dirty by marketing it so hard to only Transformers teenage boy fans because of Megan Fox's co-star role when it was clearly made for women. Pretty well known so I won't bother with a synopsis.
There's also Braid (2018). Sort of a strange one but I liked it. Made very little at the box office so I think this one is not well known. It opens with two drug-dealing women who lose their cash and stash deciding to hit up one of their old friends who is mentally unwell. She forces them to participate in their old childhood game and it spirals from there.

No. 347989

Just watched this and it was super relatable and cute! Thanks for the rec

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