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No. 150988

Media focused on humanizing obsessive and mentally ill women's perspectives and experiences.

Work by women writers preferred instead of the usual sexist "crazy ex girlfriend" stories.

Movies, books, music, and non-fiction all welcome.

No. 150989

Suggestions from the "Fictional characters that you think would browse lolcow.farm OR would be labeled as cows" thread that inspired this one:

>Ingrid Goes West

>Single White Female
>Black Swan
>The Perfection
>Killing Eve
>Perfect Blue
>The Piano Teacher

No. 150992

File: 1625349281492.jpeg (540.67 KB, 750x951, 199DD175-BB28-4083-BD3B-CE5FD5…)

Misery (1990) is a good one!
She’s not a scorned jealous lover and she’s not obligatorily sexy for the male gaze. She sends death threats to her favorite author, irl.

No. 150994

File: 1625350701980.jpg (88.51 KB, 1000x563, intro-1590010216.jpg)

Gone Girl seems like a good example? She's crazy but it's understandable and honestly, it's had to not sympathize with her to certain extent.

No. 150997

File: 1625351694496.jpeg (105.27 KB, 750x921, 1370EA56-343A-4A23-8464-AEB270…)

I love Norma from Bates Motel. She is as obsessed with her son as he is her. On the outside, she’s nuts and morally dubious to say the least. Some would even blame her for how Norman turned out. Yet Norma’s BPD black magic works on me, I’d kill for her kek. I think the show did a great job showing a very traumatized woman trying desperately to protect whom she loves.

No. 150998

Misery is interesting that she is obsessed with a fictional character and not the author (though she has to use the author to get to the character). I wonder if there are any more like that.

>it's had to not sympathize with her to certain extent.
I never thought of her as a sympathetic character before but now I think about it, her husband cheated on her and that other guy was weirdly obsessed with her. Her "craziness" didn't come out of nowhere and her cool girl monologue was completely right of course.

Haven't seen this but will check it out. Thanks for the rec!

I guess the original Psycho film works as a male obsessed character who is then humanized well in Psycho 2.

No. 150999

No. 151301

I highly recommend the series crudely named Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It's written by the lead actor Rachel Bloom, and goes pretty deep into mental health issues and serious topics as the show progresses. It's not for everyone, but it deserves a mention.

No. 151303

The main character is a bpdfag right? I have been meaning to watch that

No. 151418

File: 1625599105219.jpg (345.92 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20210706-141731__01…)

her mom sure fits the obsessive bill (obsessed with religion)

No. 151421

File: 1625602838610.gif (999.62 KB, 500x326, tumblr_mxuuk08YwM1qjbphyo1_500…)

as a psycho lesbian myself, single white female titillated me tbh

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