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File: 1625377141047.jpg (374.89 KB, 2160x2160, 9th2fez2syy41.jpg)

No. 151031

Post iconic videos from the early days of Youtube.

No. 151033

I randomly remembered that this shit exists. ecks dee

No. 151046

I used to watch Laci Green all the time as a teenager, but stopped. Heard that woketards ended up hating her or something, don't know how she's doing now, but her older videos were nice.

No. 151050

ugh, I miss old youtube. btw, does anyone remember a british youtuber, she had blonde hair and made comedy videos? I used to watch her way back in like 2010 but I can't remember her name. I didn't even like her that much, it just bothers me so much that I can't remember her name.

No. 151061

I used to love Smosh as a kid but I never understood why their first video was so popular. I guess this type of video was really original and funny in 2005.

No. 151065

Started dating Anti-Sjw(Now more centrist) youtuber, Chris Ray Gun and also started doubting the whole TIMs are 100% real women narrative, which was the cause of her cancellation
now she's a lib centrist

No. 151182

In 2005 you would become popular just for being able to upload a video on the internet. It was extremely rare at that point because most people didn't have the required equipment at their disposal. Now you can use your phone to record in 4K but in 2005 most people only had a shitty 240p resolution webcam with a janky framerate. The substance of the video was secondary, people were just amazed to be able to stream moving images online. Back then I just watched video after video simply due to the brand new experience of being able to do so, and Smosh was one of the rare comedy channels with accessible humor like using the Pokemon theme song that people recognized.

No. 151191

Super Mario Brothers - Frustration

No. 151192

Hey There Delilah [Club Penguin Music Video]

No. 151193

Will It Blend? - iPad

No. 151194

TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving - Epic Meal Time

No. 151195

You Suck at Photoshop series

No. 151453

My friend and I must've watched this video hundreds of times. I still lose it at the fish part

No. 151460

stuff like this

No. 151461

extra nostalgia points for the terrible quality

No. 151464

Bad Boy (Cascada) anime AMVs with random rainbow and shattering filters. That was the shit at that time.

No. 151465

I used to watch this shit so much when I was like 12, and I didn't even liked Naruto that much or even understood english that well kek

No. 151474

No. 151477

I remember someone pointed out how the original video uploaded to Youtube so recompressed over time where you couldn't hear him yell the punchline.

No. 151486


No. 151487

Kingsley - Things I Hate

No. 151489

Misheard lyrics" used to be a big genre on Youtube

No. 151493

I love those videos

No. 151522

i'm sad she kinda fell off and isn't even friends with shrinkle anymore

No. 151564

No. 151598

Not a lot of description, anon… What kind of comedy, and did she ever work with any other youtubers? Did she ever do music? What kind of blonde? Was her hair straight or curly? Was she well-known?
Random guess, but wasn't carrie hope fletcher, was she? Though I'm not sure if she would be considered blonde.

No. 151612

b4 I even clicked on this I was like 'o shit is that real ninjas?' I used to watch so many naruto AMVs on youtube as a young teen, and never even saw an episode of naruto proper until I was almost 20

No. 151813

sorry lol, it's just that it's been 10+ years since I've seen her videos and I barely remember them. she was a pale white blonde woman with a long-ish face (not like sjp long though) and I'm pretty sure her blonde hair was fake because in her older videos she had brown hair. her hair was very light blonde but still a natural shade, not like bleach blonde and also not golden blonde, and it was straight. I think she had brown eyes, but I'm not completely sure on that. I only remember 3 of her videos- a 2 girls 1 cup reaction, a video of her unboxing easter candy and a video of her doing some kind of skit where she was acting different characters. sorry that's literally all I remember, I can't remember if she collabed with anyone. I just looked up carrie hope fletcher and no it's not her, thanks though

No. 151842

LiamKyleSullivan - Shoes

No. 151843

No. 151844

I love this vid

No. 151845

This woman was a legend and I wish she made more videos.

No. 152048

epic meal time fell the fuck off lmao

the main guy just hate comments on buzzfeed videos now

No. 152663

Not as hilarious as I remember it being

No. 152803

why are americans so painfully unfunny?

No. 152851

it's hilarious, you're just a zoomer

No. 153655

File: 1627312393466.jpeg (144.86 KB, 1078x1070, clueless.jpeg)

OP pic made me sad.

No. 153657

No. 153886

No. 154851

That's how internet used to be like
Makes sense seeing all the millennials and gen x around lol

No. 154853

You know what it still holds up.

No. 154862

One look at the thumbnail and I could hear "CHEEZITS! CHEEZITS! CHEEZITS!" so clearly in my head.

No. 154881

The infamous lesbian foam furries
God bless 'em

God, I still love that video. What a kawaii fucking morning indeed
>an cafe text
Fuck, I'm old

No. 154882

samefag but WOW they made this video for the 10th anniversary of the vid and one of them trooned out

No. 154885

what does this even mean

No. 154932

Holy shit I still quote this video to this day

No. 155107

Just another day in the life of Jimmy Nutrin.

No. 155108

Holy shit, I vaguely remember watching this as a 13 y/o after searching for higurashi on youtube and absolutely not understanding how people thought it was so funny.

A decade later and I can finally say I understand. I understand how it is so funny. I don't know how child me didn't think it was funny. no one asked but my fav part is the cutaway when suddenly there's a narrator and out of nowhere he goes "some people who are lactose intolerant can go to the hospital" The line delivery for Mion is perfect.

No. 155196

I still love this vid, especially after actually playing the VN.

No. 155726

File: 1628811910812.jpg (10.61 KB, 246x138, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 155944

I genuinely thought this was peak fucking comedy as a 13 year old. Cringe lmao.

No. 155959

You just unlocked a memory lmao thank you for posting this.

No. 156730

This shit's still funny

No. 156826

Dude youtube peaked when Shithead came out fr

No. 156898

me and my friend were obsessed with klay world years ago, this one was our favourite though and we would constantly quote it. i know it's not that funny looking at it now but i love how silly the whole video is.

No. 156933

Holy shit it’s Chad Future

No. 162933

Will we ever get another golden era? I don't think we are currently living in it.

No. 162935

surprised how this isn't here

No. 162938

This is what jolyne cujoh would look like if she was male

No. 162939

No. 162941

I miss retsupurae

No. 162942

BASEDDD ANON I miss them too! I honestly miss this slowbeef.
this is my all time favorite video.

No. 162943

Hi fellow anon of culture! Did you know they still do streams together every once in a while? But honestly, old retsu can't be topped.

No. 162961

Yes! I love the co-op streams, The resident evil co-op streams are my favorite! but I agree old retsu can't be topped… I better stop before I go on a schizo rant about how pc culture effected retsupurae kek

No. 164534

I used to love this meme back in the day. Tbh it stills put a smile on my face because it's so silly.

No. 164535

my childhood

No. 164579

GMod Idiot Box

No. 164593

Let's go back anon!

No. 173358

File: 1639137749576.jpeg (66.98 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpeg)

Back when youtube allowed you to enable literally anyone to add annotations to your video. Peak hilarity for me at age 9. I feel like barely anyone remembers this feature. No way in hell they'd allow any feature like this these days.

No. 173359

everyday hair&makeup routine. - ambrehhh is dead

No. 173365

File: 1639144352668.png (329.37 KB, 353x342, l.PNG)

lmao the emo spongebob on her wall
i love her

No. 173437

I still don't understand it

No. 173439

We will never have this type of wholesome cringe again. Does this make sense?

No. 357876

I randomly remembered this yesterday. I remember when I was 13 or whenever this was made and we all thought it was the funniest thing to ever exist

No. 357877


No. 357884

I own this on DVD. What a trip down memory lane

No. 357896

It's funny how many sincerely angry comments stuff like this used to generate when looking at it today it's obvious the girls are playing characters.

No. 357915

>Uploaded 15 years ago
Take me back, nonnies. I want to go back. And bless the one who bumped this thread.

No. 357916

I miss when people would reupload random viral Nico Nico Douga videos onto YouTube

No. 357927

This thread is so fun! I was into IOSYS, vocaloid and hetalia back then. A lot of the old "weeb cringe" videos nonas have posted are making me really nostalgic. Rewatching this one, it's a lot gayer than I remembered kek

No. 357930

this video is new but still so impressive and nolstalgic

No. 357932

i love these types of fandom shitposts kek

No. 357933

This was so fucking cute.

No. 357946

I loved her parodies so much. It's sad no one actually remembers she was the most subscribed woman until 2012. Also a shame her life got fucked up and she made terrible choices. I'm not sure what she does now but I hope she is better

No. 357947

samefag I also found this woman extremely funny for some reason even though her videos were just her doing her thing. It's what >>151182 said about most ppl just being amazed at other ppl apploading videos. AAAnd she kinda does onlyfans too now…phew

No. 358062

'When I'm Bored' and it's endless TF2/Hetalia/MLP/Homestuck variations bring me right back to age 14.

No. 358071

ANON WHERE were you when I kept dropping references on lolcow from this exact video I thought I was alone
>trip stop being a nob, what are you like five or something this ain't at nursery - also please don't forget your manners
This phrase comes to mind at random points in my life

No. 358078

Omg this really took me back. I can’t find it, but I’ve been thinking about that old yoko amv to perfect exceeder ever since that song featured in saltburn kek

No. 358081

Old speedpaint videos of people drawing with a mouse in paint. I could never afford a tablet as a kid so I studied these videos intently and it was the way I drew digitally for years.
Partially related since I found them posted by a channel making similar content to the attached video (though I won't post them here becuase the people in the videos were obviously young kids at the time) but I came across these videos uploaded by some girls into furry/anime/emo stuff in around 2010, doing things like sneaking to look at yaoi in the library or fucking around at school. They were from my country so it was insanely nostalgic, I remember doing the exact same things at that age. I miss being an anime fan in this era.

No. 358153

All the spoofs and Yt poop stuff still is good times to me.

No. 358200

I still hear this numa numa one whenever I listen to it.

No. 358214

I still remember that nasally voice

No. 358215

No. 358216

No. 358217

No. 358218

Remembered this channel out of nowhere, I used to watch her religiously as a preteen.
Thinking back a 20-something(?) woman spending her time complaining about emos and Justin Bieber fans was probably a huge loser, seems like she went down the anti-feminism path sometime later on though it never took off.

No. 358592

Panacea81 makes me nostalgic because she was one of the first people doing makeup videos. Back when the youtube front page was divided into different categories and her videos would dominate in "Howto & Style". I was too young to try any makeup looks though.

No. 358596

I remember watching her read onion's books, might have to rewatch those videos because I thought they were pretty funny back then

No. 360486

I cannot fucking believe this is 17 years old, just kill me already

No. 360487

No. 360488

Kek I loved these, I listened to her readings of Onision's books so many times whenever I needed white noise I basically know his books by heart now. It's a shame she made her brand being "anti-woke," she was pretty entertaining otherwise

No. 364523

Omg kek i remember seeing this video ages ago thank you for posting this

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