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No. 154610

We already have a general apps/mobage thread, so this thread is specifically for idol mobage. Feel free to post about:
- What games you've been playing lately
- What games you're interested in
- Your best boy(s)/girl(s)
- Good/bad gacha luck you've had
- In game mechanics you like or dislike
- Fandom drama

No. 154615

File: 1627932978358.jpg (211.23 KB, 891x1200, 2885103.jpg)

Here, I'll start the thread off.
> What games you've been playing lately
I usually play deresute, but I haven't been feeling as passionate about the characters so I don't check into it as much anymore. I used to play Enstars Music but I quit once the horrible fandom finally caught up to me. I'm thinking of restarting my account again, but I kind of find it hard to keep up with mobage if I don't have people to talk about it with. Hopefully this thread will change that!
> What games you're interested in
Been looking into Puroseka because the 3d models look really good and I love vocaloid music, but the characters look simultaneously so ugly and so boring that I don't know if I could really get into it. I also have been thinking of getting into Mirishita, since the art is gorgeous even if the 3d models aren't. Bandori is also really cute, but the cards are so hit or miss.
> Your best boy(s)/girl(s)
Picrel, obviously. I also love Rinne and Chiaki, their quirks are really fun. It's controversial but Arashi is cute too, but I don't go there since Arashi is obviously a honeypot for drama. In deresute, I liked Riamu since she was hilarious and problematic and made everyone seethe with her comments.
> Good/bad gacha luck you've had
I don't know why, but I've gotten every single SSR I've ever wanted in Deresute on my first pull or at the very least for completely free. I've never had to spend money, except once when Riamu was being stubborn. My best boys in Enstars also came home whenever I pulled for them, it was always very surprising since the gacha rates are terrible there.
> Fandom drama
I don't know if this counts as fandom drama, but it's always been surprising to me that a large portion of Enstars' crowd is filled with 15 year old Aiden kinnies when the game itself is extremely dark and problematic. I'm pretty sure the main writer, Akira or whoever, literally wrote incest novels before, which is a cancellable offense as well. I desperately wish there was a place regular Enstars players could talk besides just here, since fuck, I just want to sperg out about my boys without worrying I'm going to trigger someone and get a 10 page gdocs callout.

Unrelated to everything else, I really wonder what's going on with HiMERU. I find his character interesting even if his design doesn't really tickle me, and I hope we find out more soon. I also wonder what's going to happen to Ra*bits, since their breakup seems really inevitable due to both in game hints and their general lack of popularity.

No. 154618

I feel you on the whole twitter sperg thing, we need a separate internet for retarded teenage kinnies. The entire English speaking community for Enstars and similar mobile games is just filled with genderspecials that have "fujos DNI" in their bios. But then they constantly post about fujobait games. Makes no sense.

No. 154621

File: 1627935028672.jpeg (46.27 KB, 486x631, images (1) (1).jpeg)

I'm not currently playing any idol game, just hoping that Project Sekai gets picked up for translation someday because playing it in JP was really hard.
I used to be REALLY into Utapri a few years ago tho and I'm honestly a bit surprised it has not reached EoS yet kek at least the english version.
Idk about now but the community was pretty small back then and mostly on tumblr (even on twitter it was hard to find something about it). I guess they are surviving from a few very dedicated whales?
I just remember that the most popular YouTuber for the game was this fake boi who was OBSESSED with Ai and would wear an Ai cosplay wig in every. single. one. of her videos.
She made ok videos around events and stuff (or maybe I was just starving for a community where I could talk about it and accepted anything lmao) but her Ai impersonation bullshit was disturbing.
I eventually quit because the amount of grinding that game required was ridiculous. The same issue I had with Bang G.
My 2 favorites were Ai and Syo

No. 154624

>I don't know if this counts as fandom drama, but it's always been surprising to me that a large portion of Enstars' crowd is filled with 15 year old Aiden kinnies when the game itself is extremely dark and problematic
I don't understand it either. Do they even play the game? Seeing how they decided on Arashi being a brave and stunning transwoman based on a few vague translated lines and chased the Japanese translator out of the fandom when she tried to explain that he was just using okama/drag slang it seems like the majority of them just like the boys for aesthetics and fancams without ever touching the game itself.

No. 154627

File: 1627939602165.jpg (44.51 KB, 389x512, c455331864b794a7c0ee66dbc4e61a…)

> Seeing how they decided on Arashi being a brave and stunning transwoman based on a few vague translated lines
I don't want to start anything but how caught up are you with the game? !!'s Hansel and Gretel event explained that Arashi started reaching out to fans that had issues with their genders just like Arashi does, and the original game had the Beasts event where Tetora apologized for calling Arashi an okama when Arashi said, simply put, that he was misunderstood by most and just wanted to be a woman or something like that. The drama CD also had Arashi say that he had the soul/heart of a woman and Tsukasa said something based about how Arashi was just a man who felt like a woman, lol. I thought very begrudgingly that all of that ^ confirmed it. I only follow translators I trust to not give me wokepilled translations and they translated it pretty much like that, so eh. I mean of course it doesn't justify everyone saying that you MUST believe Arashi is trans or you're a disgusting transphobe!1 since he could very well just be GNC, but much to my chagrin I can see how they could interpret it like that too, I guess.
> it seems like the majority of them just like the boys for aesthetics and fancams without ever touching the game itself.
Yeah, most of the kids just seem to talk about their headcanons meanwhile the adults in the fandom actually talk about the real content, although they're relatively quiet in general. That's my experience at least.

No. 154628

File: 1627939635871.jpg (196.7 KB, 480x600, my darling retard.jpg)

>What games you've been playing lately
Deresute, just redownloaded Enstars music a few days ago! I have a pretty hefty Bandori acc, but it's off my iPad for now.
>What games you're interested in
The recently announced Sidem game!
>Your best boy(s)/girl(s)
Pic related is a fucking wreck and I adore her. She always comes home. I'm biased towards Ryuseitai, Jiro from Sidem, and Rin from LL. Character design + overview of his character makes it likely that I'll like Mayoi Enstars a lot once I get to reading his stories. I feel like I would have to have the ability to softbully and comfort a character for them to be my favorite in a series, but my tastes are so spread out that it isn't a hard rule.
>Good/bad gacha luck you've had
I generally have pretty good luck, I guess? Tetora is the only character I've personally had a hard time getting a card for. One of Riamu's SSRs has come home three times in one scout.
>In game mechanics you like or dislike
Slide notes in Desresute. Don't know why I goof so bad on them.
>Fandom drama
I knew the one Adam guy that was infamous in the western Enstars fandom. Maybe talked to him personally like once.

No. 154629

Someone saying that "he has the heart of a woman" is literally textbook okama lingo, anon. I'd post the tweets made by that Japanese girl about it if twitter faggots didn't drive her out with their harassment and she ended up baleeting. He doesn't even look like a woman or dress up like one and instead is an effeminate okama, I have no idea how troonpilled you have to be in order to start calling him a "she" and demanding others to follow suite. You might as well trans all the effeminate male beauty gurus saying "Hi sisters" or calling each other queens.

No. 154631

File: 1627940295804.jpg (44.33 KB, 679x481, EZGrx7FUYAECeYN.jpg)

Another Riamu and (maybe) Mayoi stan? Based.

> One of Riamu's SSRs has come home three times in one scout.

Which was it? If it was her Cinfes, I'll scream. That one was the one that refused to come home, I had to spend $100 on her…

> I knew the one Adam guy that was infamous in the western Enstars fandom.

Holy fucking shit, I was in drama with that guy before. He was so annoying, he'd virtue signal like crazy so it came as no surprise to me that he turned out to be a pedo. What a clown. I remember asking him if he ever went to college or had a job when he was in the midst of some drama and he deleted the question.

Fuck, you're right. I always thought that Arashi using the katakana for atashi instead of the kanji also kind of signified that he was just really effeminate rather than seriously viewing himself as a woman… plus, wouldn't it be ~pwoblematic~ of them to include a transwoman in a game full of men? I'm sorry anon, I've totally been brainwashed by my old Twitter mutuals. Thanks for the wakeup call.

No. 154632

File: 1627940905187.jpeg (2.66 MB, 1536x2048, weemers.jpeg)

>I had to spend $100 on her…
I'm sorry anon, may rng be easier on you next time she gets something. She'd probably be happy that someone's so dedicated, though.
It doesn't surprise me that his drama managed to spread so far to even get to farmers somehow. I knew Adam from a mutual friend who I don't talk to anymore, but it seems like there was always some drama at any given time. There's an alternate timeline with an Adam thread on /snow/.

No. 154641

thank you based anon for creating this thread mwah

> What games you've been playing lately

just enstars lately, i play deresute causally but i’ve played pretty much every girl idol game in the past too. i will always be in enstars hell unfortunately.

> Your best boy(s)/girl(s)

himeruuuuuu. the riamu love in this thread is making me happy too i love her aesthetic and how she makes people on twitter seethe.

> In game mechanics you like or dislike

slide notes can die.

yes, Akira has written light novels that include incest/cannibalism in the past and it will never cease to amaze me how many antis are into enstars when the brocon pandering is right there. i think a lot of causal fans haven’t read many of the stories (especially the earlier ones).

and himeru… i’m always happy to sperg out about himeru with you i’m literally obsessed with him haha.

> I desperately wish there was a place regular Enstars players could talk besides just here

me too, is it against the rules to make a server and post it here? i don’t use discord but i’d be willing to make an account just to join.

this is hilarious because the only utapri stans i’ve seen on twitter are grown adult yumejoshis who are literally delusional about their relationships with the boys.

No. 154645

Which games do you think have really good art overall? School idol festival was the game that got me into idol games but the way the art for the cards deteriorated turned me off completely.

No. 154646

File: 1627952036308.jpg (58.66 KB, 700x437, 186559.jpg)

If someone finds out whether or not it's against the rules and it turns out to be fine, I'd be okay with coordinating a server! Or even just making a throwaway email real quick to exchange Discords. It could be fun, since I don't know much about HiMERU at all and I'd love to learn.

> it will never cease to amaze me how many antis are into enstars

This probably doesn't come as a surprise to you, but all the Enstars fans I've gotten close to who publicly denounce any oh-so-problematic content always privately tell me the most degenerate shit and are secretly anti-antis. I think it's largely just a cover up, and this is true for most Twitter fandoms I find.

Mirishita has the most consistent good art, imo. Shiny Colors also has some pretty good art, but the style is a little samey to me.

No. 154648

File: 1627952805921.jpg (2.25 MB, 2196x1196, file.jpg)

Fuck yes, never thought I would be talking about Enstars on lolcow. I have to fucking hide the fact that I enjoy this because of the retarded underaged kids that are associated with it, so it gets kinda lonely sometimes.

I'm currently aiming for Natsume's 5* in the SS Tour! It's my first time going for the 3-3.5m and honestly it's a lot easier than I expected, probably helps that I saved a bunch of diamonds in the meantime but gameplay-wise its no where near as repetitive or draining as I heard it would be. Doing 500k points a day so I'm on track for now.

I wonder if it helps because its a Tour event and not a Unit event? Dunno. But speaking of unit events…UNDEAD WHEN

No. 154649

>Tsukasa said something based about how Arashi was just a man who felt like a woman
As expected of the best Knights boy

No. 154652

Is there anything with similar gameplay to the OG I-Chu? I miss it so much

No. 154655

File: 1627959224401.png (10.15 KB, 671x67, perverse language.png)

I go to read Enstars stories and find this. Classic Enstars!

No. 154656

File: 1627959624383.png (18.16 KB, 526x144, Untitled.png)

> stalking and perverse language
The horror! Lmfao, god, the wiki is such a disgrace. The fact that they also changed Arashi's pronouns to cater to the mentally ill fanbase made me so disappointed. The one dude who fought to keep Arashi's pronouns male was so based, poor thing got harassed so hard over it though.

No. 154657

It really does astound me that the games have attracted so many people who interpret the literal opposite of what it presents/ignore it altogether. I wonder how many of them at least dolphin for events while discussing how the event stories personally disgust them/how their fave would never.

No. 154661

I seriously doubt any antis dolphin or whale for their faves; most antis are young, and unless they have a hold of their mom's credit card, usually just complain about how their fave didn't come home. They speak so loud for people who contribute absolutely nothing to the game's wellbeing.

Discussing this makes me wish I still had my old account to bring up receipts. A little OT, but I had saved some threads of people arguing over the ethics of whaling/dolphining (although admittedly this talk was more rampant in female idol games) and how it didn't make you a better player and that you should be careful about doing it publicly because think of the impressionable children! A woman spent 1k or something on a card and didn't end up getting it and everybody used her as a prime example as to not spend money on gacha, even though she insisted that it was all spare money and didn't harm her in any way. Of course this talk fell on deaf ears, and she had to apologize.

No. 154665

>I wonder how many of them at least dolphin for events
>retarded obnoxious twitter babbies
>paying for anything
There's a reason why HE has never made a global server

No. 154686

File: 1627974853987.png (1.42 MB, 959x1200, (Ephemeral_Pink)_Tori_Himemiya…)

I remember about her, the way she lowered her voice to make it deep sounded uncomfortable but the videos were fine (there was another funny masato fan with a generated voice). I'm still coming back for Otoya events but the UR grinding is horrendous I agree with that point. I kinda gave up hope to pull his URs too, I don't feel like doing other events as they are the main source of prism besides log in bonuses. At this point I wouldn't mind if the game closes, it's to slow to load…

Now about problematic part of Enstar story, I've always heard about "the war" but what does it consist of? I know pretty much nothing about the game and I always skip stories in mobage I play anyway. (best boy is this little shit)

No. 154708

it has been years since i read anything enstars related (only played the game once when it came out and hated it so i only ever read story translations) but didn't arashi himself say things like 'don't forget that i'm still a man' to anzu/mc? i was deep in TRA shit back then but even then i really didn't like how everyone acted like arashi was a transwoman. back then i was friends with some artists and they'd draw me arashi for my birthday since he was my favorite and they always included stuff like 'beautiful trans queen arashi for my dear friend nonny, happy birthday nonny!' and i'd feel so awkward and uncomfortable because… that's a whole ass man. my husbando, if you will.

but eventually i left arashi because i was tired of his drama to be with my new man rinne so there's that.

No. 154711

NTA, but he does say that. There was also a separate occasion where he said "I'm still a man" when discussion of his femininity came up, but I don't think they've done that in literal years. I wonder if it's because of the vocal Western audience or if Japan/the Japanese idol mobage audience is becoming more woke.

No. 154723

> all the Enstars fans I've gotten close to who publicly denounce any oh-so-problematic content always privately tell me the most degenerate shit and are secretly anti-antis

yep, that doesn’t surprise me at all. people who are the most outspoken about how much they hate degenerate shit tend to be those who are actually into it themselves.
does anyone actually know if creating a server is against the rules or not? i was going to say we could use the friend finder thread to add each other on discord but i just found out it’s locked so rip

i think i remember this, or if not something similar happened about a year ago on twitter. someone whaled for a card (i think it was in deresute?) and she got bombarded with comments like "if you have this much spare money why don't you give some to charity?" so i think she actually did but people were still triggered because she didn't give enough. god people on twitter are truly insane

ntayrt but something funny about arashi drama is that the same people who will call you out for not using she/her pronouns also believe pronouns don’t equal gender. there was also something about girls (basically just anzu) not being allowed in the dorms but if arashi is a trans woman wouldn’t that mean…?

No. 154726

I was thinking of the friend finder thread too, it's a shame it's locked. I think making a discord server is probably means to get banned, but I'm not sure about a throwaway email since it technically would still be anonymous. Not trying to say one of us should bite the bullet, but…

>someone whaled for a card (i think it was in deresute?)

Yeah, that's what I was talking about! Completely forgot the detail about the charity donation thing, I can't stand Twitterites.

No. 154733

File: 1628013468392.png (1.6 MB, 1144x1156, hiiro thinking very hard.png)

I hope we don't turn this thread into a central for discussing twitterfag drama anontachi
Just wanna have some fun with the few sane people still into idol games

What's the most you guys are willing to whale for a card? I feel like a genuine schizo when I'm rolling so I would probably spend all of my discretionary income I have to. Fortunately it's never gotten that bad, my max so far has been £80

No. 154737

There a quote on the wikia where the man himself said "No matter how try I hard, I'll never be the woman I want to be" self-owning kek.

I stopped whaling ages ago but if I were to retry I would only spend money on guaranted pulls, like packs (esp anniversaries). Something I used to do on FEH was to wait the very last day and set a limit to how many time/much you would pay (3 times).

No. 154738

File: 1628014694043.png (261.62 KB, 540x419, tumblr_pazvebDIph1rahlqfo1_r1_…)

A full spark's worth, probably. In Deresute I believe that's 300 USD, I don't know about Enstars. Although admittedly, I think I'm sick-minded enough to pre-purchase tons of dia/star jewels ahead of time if I have a lot of money to spare.

No. 154741

>I'm sick-minded enough to pre-purchase tons of dia/star jewels ahead of time
KEK same. I bought the recent 1000k dia pack and I plan on buying the smaller packs when I get paid this week, there's also the 2nd half of anniversary coming soon which will bring a bunch of other packs. I just prefer to have a comfortable amount of currency sitting there instead of living from dia to dia even though the latter might be smarter in the long run.

No. 154742

1k dia* of course

No. 154743

>I just prefer to have a comfortable amount of currency sitting there
That sounds so nice, anon. How expensive is that though, and how often do you usually buy packs?

Also vaguely related, how great of an advantage is being P2U vs F2U? I know it varies from game to game, so I guess I'm specifically asking about Enstars.

No. 154748

The packs that I buy are the ones on offer that appear with special seasons (i.e summer, valentines, xmas, new years) or anniversaries and they range from $8 to $100 so they appear every 4-6 months-ish? I don't get them every single time but if I suspect that one of my favorite characters is due for something soon or if I'm low on currency then I buy.

>how great of an advantage is being P2U vs F2U?

In Enstars Music's case, it leans towards favoring p2w players but it's possible to remain f2p imo it depends on your priorities as a player. If you're here for the rhythm game aspect (which I really enjoy) and you don't care about specific cards then you're fine as f2p, there are Tour events that happen once a month which give you a free 5 by completing it or a special currency to redeem an old event 5– tour cards tend to be stronger too (if you care about scoring). When I first started I didn't want to spend money or roll on any banner and saved 4k diamonds as a newfag account.

IF your priority is collecting cards then you probably need to whale since gacha rates are low with no pity (spark at 300 motherfucking rolls) unless you're a luckstacy. For Unit events, different from Tours, you have to reach a certain point to get that 5 card which = spending dia. So unless you have some saved then you might need to whale there, you can't get the 5 without spending dia in Unit events unlike in Tours.

I hope this made sense, there's a lot of factors to consider too like how many favorite characters you have. I have many which is why I ended up as p2w, but if you're not a slut you can get by as f2p easily since the cast is so large so card rotations for different characters can take an eternity and by then you'll have saved up.

No. 154757

File: 1628022055960.png (319.78 KB, 350x438, tets.png)

Me, age 16, walking to a 7/11 in scorching heat to get a Google Play card to get this card. I honestly can't believe it's been 4 years since then, Jesus Christ. I'm mostly f2p now, but I think the highest I ever got was $60. I still get tempted when there's good deals.

No. 154759

REEEEEE i don’t know what to do because i don’t want any of us to get banned but i just want friends to talk to outside of here…

i don’t really spend money on gacha since i really only scout for 1 idol in each game nowadays, but the last time i spent money was to get all 5 copies of the event card in enstars and it cost over £100. at least i can justify events because there’s no luck involved but with gacha i want to die if i spend money and don’t get the card

No. 154761

File: 1628024956855.jpg (301.73 KB, 1000x1200, EaAAUXqUEAIzYLV.jpg)

It's alright, anon. I don't think it does, but if a farmhand says that this does break the rules, I'll delete this post immediately. Godspeed!

No. 154762

hell yeah anon

No. 154789

This so hard, I had several Japanese friends calling enstars writing insufferable (I mean just look at how Aira talks) and Arashi is a disgusting okama.

I do love seeing the fans have meltdowns, like that time Rinne went on a date with Anzu and everyone broke down from coping and faked that the teddy bear isn't for Anzu but for Nikki, kek.

No. 154836

>and faked that the teddy bear isn't for Anzu but for Nikki
I love rinnikki but my god that day was funny as fuck

No. 159024

File: 1630839944159.jpg (995.5 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2021-09-03-17-03-56…)

Deresute is having a generous anniversary and I'm cashing in.

Sorry for the enstarsfags and the drama in your fandom over translations.

No. 159089

File: 1630869093858.jpg (363.81 KB, 1362x1534, 1451459809702.jpg)

Damn I wish I was you

No. 159108

how are the enstarries feeling today?i got a hiiro dupe on both basic and music.

No. 159113

You post on /vmg/, don't you

No. 159376

yup,got me

No. 159383

Lucky anon, all I wanted was Hiiro dupes but I got Midori instead. At least it was a new card.

No. 159460

File: 1631085902357.jpg (1.03 MB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2021-09-08-09-19-09…)

Does anyone play LL SIFAS? I kind of wanna get into it for the cute models and this is the old jp account I have

No. 174084

File: 1639674931214.jpg (321.83 KB, 1662x2048, 20211211_144032.jpg)

No. 174102

File: 1639686185663.jpg (138.35 KB, 845x844, 1cd67a754867036034ceca6e9a8d3f…)

Part of me is elated, the other part of me is terrified of this attracting even more batshit insane people. I wonder how they're going to handle the whole Arashi thing

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