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No. 154751

Are you in the middle of a project or just finished one and want to share it somewhere? Dump it here!

Woodworking, sewing, painting, sculpting, modeling, embroidery, 3D printing, model assembly, knitting, jewelry making… Anything crafty goes.

Ask for and/or share:
>Tips and tricks

What are you currently making, farmers?

No. 154767

I’ve been making collages, there’s no pressure and they can turn out really aesthetic sometimes. It’s a great way to do something creative without any technical skills.

No. 154792

I've been practicing embroidery with the intention of putting it on a jacket since covid began, and I've got pretty good! Except I'm still too scared to actually embroider on the jacket. It's velvet and if I mess up and have to take out the floss, the needle holes would still be visible, which is pretty nerve wracking. Has anyone else experienced this anxiety? Do I just bite the bullet?

No. 154805

I am going to attempt to use canned dog wetfood to bake it make make treats. I don't know if this is the right thread but it is kinda DIY.
She can't eat most treats so I figured I'd try this to have some "high value" treats on walks instead of just her normal kibble.

No. 154824

Nice nonny! Have you thought about grabbing some similar material to practice on? Eventually I guess you’ll have to decide if you’re ready or not. Is embroidery something you can do on another piece of material and then just cut that out to attach to the jacket?
I think inaccuracies and imperfections are what make one off items like what you’re doing all the more charming. I hope whatever you end up doing that you continue to enjoy embroidery!

No. 154842

File: 1628099872578.jpg (83.06 KB, 736x736, a25cf0397fcd37f0b0eaf8ca3c9187…)

I was thinking the same as >>154824, when I used to cross stitch I'd embroid on another fabric and attach a heat adhesive to make patches.
It depends mostly on the size of the thing, I guess. A big one on the back of the jacket would look too bulky as a patch.


No. 154873

I've got three crocheted teddy bear purses - two pandas and one polar bear - sitting on the table staring at me. All I need to do to finish them is add linings and the purse straps, but I'm too lazy. They've been sitting there for three months now. Maybe this thread will inspire me to get off my butt and get them done.

No. 154874

File: 1628118260345.jpg (76.27 KB, 564x1108, 63dc31d0c88e01e7f2878f1a44a40e…)

This sounds so cute! If you are comfortable with it, consider taking a picture.
I wish I knew how to crochet, I'd make a lot of animals for me, but I fear I'm too dumb and impatient for it

No. 156097

File: 1629136682154.jpg (130.07 KB, 736x878, 1055b90a324d9874de8f9bed2ec359…)

I have pompom makers but I never managed to make a decent pompom animal.

Has anyone else done it? Do you have to use real wool at all times or is synthetic or cotton yarn okay?

I wanna make cute animal heads so bad!

No. 157050

File: 1629586245540.jpg (341.35 KB, 1000x746, teddybearbags1000746.JPG)

Finally finished them. Made lots of mistakes but I think they look ok.

No. 157051

Anon you made these?! They look so so cute and wonderful. I love them!

No. 157052

These are adorable. You're seriously talented.

No. 157060

Awww, thanks anons! For anyone interested, the pattern is from Sweet Softies. Her instructions tend to be clear and easy to understand. I used a completely different yarn type for these though because I was trying to use up some stuff in my stash. I also added zippers to the pandas.

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