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This thread is to put a spotlight on music and artists from around the world that usually don't get highlighted or exposed to an international audience and would be difficult to find otherwise.

Don't post English music or non-English genres that already have established popularity like k-pop and j-pop.

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No. 155275

Once again I'm posting this cute song about suicide

No. 155276

No. 155277

(Starts @ 0:28)

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not OP but I feel like adding short description to whatever we are posting is a good idea. a problem with those threads is that they make me want to dump my music and not check whatever other anon's posted, which makes it pointless. I think that short description (mood, genre, even the type of music the artist is known for) would help everyone find something interesting for them

No. 155327

Blackthorn, an all female Russian metal band. I haven't listened to them in years and I think they might be singing in English now but their first few albums were in Russian. I recommend them if you like symphonic metal like Therion and Amberian Dawn.

No. 155339

Yegor Zabelov. Belarusian accordion player. I had no idea how emotional and intense this instrument could be. He's been playing since he was 7 and composing at 20. He makes these empassioned soundscapes that can be so dizzying.

No. 155369

You make a good point! Let's try to do that.

No. 155749

This song is actually part of a musical, so it has a little story. I love this actress's performance of it, though it helps that she's also beautiful
It's basically her voice and the piano.

The story is about a transvestite/HSTS MtF prostitute named Geni that is hated by society (the chorus literally goes as "Throw stones at Geni/ Throw shit at Geni/ She was made to be beaten up/ It's nice to spit on her/ She fucks anyone/ Damned Geni"). One day, a giant silver zeppelin approaches the town and threatens to bomb everyone, however the evil pilot says he won't do it because he got infatuated with Geni, but only if she agrees to sleep with him. The town begs for Geni to do it, and she agrees kinda reluctantly. They do it and the town is saved. They begin to mistreat Geni the next day.
This song is from the 70s btw, so this was way before the transbian epidemic

The moral: we live in a society

No. 155750

Thanks for explaining the story, it's so much better to listen knowing what it's about!
Accordion is SUCH an underrated instrument, mostly because majority of people only hear it played poorly in the streets. Discovered it in music school hearing other students play, under good direction it can sound so rich and intense, the guy you've posted is very good! If anyone is interested I really recommend classical music played on accordion by Alexander Sevastian, incredible mastery.

No. 155808

Neptunian Maximalism is a psychadelic free jazz with drone metal influence outfit from the Netherlands. Their lineup changes regularly but this is quite possibly one of the most unique live performances I've seen as of late. I'm really hoping their live performance at Roadburn Redux is released because one of their !!! 9 members !!! absolutely kills it on the theremin. I believe their "Solar Drone Ceremony" album is the audio from that live performance. It's an absolute experience — "Solar Drone Ceremony" feels like you're inside a science fiction horror film.

The song linked is from their album "Eons". It's just a taste of the dramatic and demanding funk that is this group. Such a fun find.

No. 155822

Tenhi, Finnish neofolk band. Mostly dark/melancholic sounds, other times is… the opposite. Idk how to describe them properly since I'm a bit biased, been listening to them for over a decade, but here's one attempt:
They're one of the few bands of this genre who've evolved over time without losing their creative essence; from the rugged neofolk beginnings with the Kertomuksia demo and Hallavedet album in the late 90s to veering into prog territory with Väre and Airut:aamujen in the 00s, then circling back to their origins and offering more mature melodies with Saivo in 2011.

Song: Yötä, from Väre. This one is more "upbeat", imo.

Te amo, nonnie.
Chico's songwriting = GOAT.

No. 155993

This sounds fucking cool anon, thanks for posting.

No. 156004

This must be insane live, I hope I get to experience it one day, thanks for sharing! I'd probably never come across this kind of thing myself.

No. 156362

Nice song about making bread

No. 156364

No. 156664

I rarely listen some "real" music, only weeb, osts or some meme music. My brother, on the other side, loves to find and listen something new. So he found this spanish ladies:
and a few other. Is female rap just spanish thing? I don't know any popular female russian or english-speaking rappers.

No. 156706

No. 156732

I have posted a different song of them before but this is the first one I found and one of my favourites(and I actually found a video with the lyrics after all these years kek)

so the band is called aural vampire and their genre is darkwave/industrial.pretty unique band imo with a pretty solid discography,even though many ppl felt that after they became a band(they were a duo)that their music kinda lacks but they are still good nonetheless.one of my all time favourite bands

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No. 156806

oh this is lovely. I don't know many Brazilian singers admittedly but I'm glad you shared this. The only other singer I know is Cartola and they both put me in a warm happy place.

No. 156810

Have some more Brazilian music, Nonnie. This song makes me less sad.

No. 156813

NTA but it's fun that you say it's lovely because the lyrics are super sad lol
The song is full of clever wordplay (so much so that it's not rare at all to see this in brazilian portuguese textbooks and exams), so it's a bit hard to translate it exactly, but the main plot of it is basically about a construction worker that dies by falling of the building they were working on.
The lyrics imply that he was drunk and it's been discussed (irl) if it was suicide or not. One famous verse goes as:
"And he trips in the sky as if he was drunkard
And he floats in the air as if he was a bird
And he ends on the floor like a limp sack
Agonizing in the middle of the sidewalk
And he died on the wrong way disturbing/getting in the way of traffic"

He's the same writer of this song btw >>155749
He's super famous in Brazil.

Here's another song by him, it's probably my mom's favorite song I think when she dies I won't be able to listen to this without crying for a long time
He also sings this one, but her favorite version is by this female voice quartet.

The lyrics to this are actually the tradwife anthem, but they are highly sarcastic. This song was written during Brazil's dictatorship and the censorship was very heavy, so artists had to find clever ways to bypass it.
So this one basically tells women how they should be beautiful, quiet, ladylike, submissive to their violent, cheating husbands, provide them more sons, never have any dreams and live in fear. The song kinda gives you a false start where you think it's gonna praise the "tradwifeness" until they make apparent that these women are actually miserable. It's called "Women of Athena's" (as opposed to strong, spartan women)

No. 156814

And another brazilian song cause why not

This one is a cover, the original one is from the 70's. I used to listen to this version as a teenager because I liked the dude's voice better and he sounded a bit like a crush of mine at the time

About this one: very upbeat song about a girl who loves dancing. That's it.

No. 156817

This is the original one.

Também te amo, anona!

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