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File: 1629808307514.jpg (194.12 KB, 1200x750, whiterunconcept.jpg)

No. 157373

A place to discuss everything Elder Scrolls

>What's your favorite game in The Elder Scrolls series?

>Tell us about your current/past playthroughs, favorite quests and guilds, favorite character builds
>What's your style of play?
>Post your favorite memes and artwork

No. 157375


No. 157378

Oh my goodness graciousness get yourself Skyrim right this instant

No. 157380

File: 1629810140636.png (477.71 KB, 1048x1324, tumblr_ov3vfxFJFO1uo9urbo2_128…)

I almost always play as a khajiit (the females are so cute and very pretty and I love all the fur options) archer and I love being a thief. I really like long range weapons and it feels really good to slink around and head shot people and leave a place with a butt load of loot and no damage cause I'm so swifty. I try and collect every book and pretty thing I can find to bring back to my house (that I basically stole and upgraded with an exploit) and decorate it.

Speaking of pretty things, I had Lydia with me and I decided she wasn't going to do me any good since I sneak around all the time and I don't want her getting me caught, so I murdered her and trapped her soul, then I forged a sword and enchanted it with her soul and called the sword Lydia. Now she hangs on my wall. Love you girl.

No. 157383

Am I missing out if I don't play the older games first?

No. 157385

No, they stand alone very well! You won't be missing out on anything, this is the most recent game in the series besides the online and I think it's the most accessible. After you play through once or twice you'd probably enjoy playing Oblivion!

No. 157388

I like to put the game difficulty on master and I have a mod that lets me have multiple followers, so I have 2. It's much more fun that way for me, I feel like we are a gang of adventurers.
That's nice of you to make Lydia immortal

No. 157389

That is actually so sick and I really want to do that. The roleplay aspect of the game is my favorite part. I have to use mods to fix the lighting and saturation though because sometimes the color palette of the game makes me feel like I'm literally being drained. Oblivion is so bright and cute in comparison. I know it's always cold and snowy but that doesn't mean the sun won't shine. The sunsets should be reflecting off the mountains in oranges and purples, wasted opportunities.

No. 157390

I was legit addicted to Skyrim a few years ago and this thread makes me want to install it again gggrrrr….I always play with a male Dark Elf because I find them really sexy lmao and with a sneaky archer build (short range weapons make me panic kek don't like getting close to the enemies)
>>What's your favorite game in The Elder Scrolls series?
Probably Skyrim for its color palette, environments and general gameplay but I also loved Morrowind (special atmosphere, but the clunky combat made it unplayeable for me. It was also too text heavy). Oblivion was also great because of the contrast between the fairy tale-like colorful Cyrodil and the hellish Oblivion. But hated that everyone was fat and that the system never let me steal lol
My main problem with the series (if there are any Elder Scrolls devs reading here by any chance kek): the NPCs feel too NPC-y. They feel stiff, wooden with zero personality and they could be made more realistic. Also the world just feels too friendly…? or politically correct? I'm not sure how to put it. Also, hiring more voice actors would also be nice

No. 157391

Also I never really cared about the main quest lol as soon as I could I fucked off to do the side quests

No. 157392

I just bought it lmao sooo do I wanna fuck with mods now or later?

No. 157393

nta but I'd say go vanilla first

No. 157394

File: 1629811787370.jpg (637.29 KB, 1081x1920, tumblr_0fb5f7aa7216adcffe4f10c…)

I feel you about that, there are mods that make them more interesting but it's unfortunate that I can't engage with people more authentically or feel like my reputation actually matters. It's kind of immersion breaking when half the male cast is Tino Tonitini from the Weekenders. My favorite NPC from the game is actually from the Dragonborn DLC, Neloth (picrel) who is voiced by Dwight Schultz, who also happens to play one of my favorite Star Trek characters Lt Barclay.

No. 157395

I agree with going vanilla for the first time
Kek same, if I'm going to engage with story it's going to be through a guild, but I did play the DLC

No. 157396

File: 1629811934639.png (7.33 MB, 1714x1932, Untitled.png)

If your computer is not horrible, try using an ENB, it's a program that replaces the game's shaders. This is my game with and without enb. Just google enb skyrim, and you will find information how to install it. (I would tell you but I don't remember) I made a comparison image of my screenshots.

No. 157397

nta but these look amazing

No. 157398

It's funny how dragons were the big thing in Skyrim because I never really found them scary when I encountered one. Bears on the other hand lmao just seeing one in the distance made me panic and run the other way

No. 157399

File: 1629812235496.bmp (3.34 MB, 1440x810, ScreenShot15.bmp)

By the way… look how adorable he is

No. 157400

Which race are you gonna play as? cough Dark Elves are the best cough cough

No. 157401

Bears are the spawn of the devil, I can't believe how evil and powerful they are.
This looks awesome, thank you anon

No. 157409

Do we know where the next game will be set? I heard rumors about Hammerfell but not sure if it was confirmed

No. 157410

File: 1629813481820.jpg (1017.94 KB, 760x3017, archery.jpg)

I like to play stealth archer too occasionally, with some combat and gameplay mods it’s really fun

No. 157411

>Khajiits can do way more moon sugar and skooma than the other races, and once got so fucked up, they collectively believed their entire country had traveled to the moon.
Damn okay

No. 157414

I don't believe it's been confirmed, just people speculating about Hammerfell based on a vague tweet

No. 157416

File: 1629814176926.gif (23.04 KB, 220x290, races_ob_dunmer.gif)

Love the Thalmor description lmao. Also love how vampiric that Dunmer looks in the concept art

No. 157417

he looks like a kung fu master vampire, very cool

No. 157418

haha indeed

No. 157420

File: 1629815052568.jpg (416.45 KB, 1000x2832, c77bd6c928b1299a86dd545f796810…)

Found this interesting not sure if it was confirmed by the devs

No. 157431

>What's your favorite game in The Elder Scrolls series?
skyrim, because it’s a giant sandbox and I love modding. I usually only do this in the cold time of the year tho. sometimes ESO when I‘m in the mood for mmo but it’s been a while since I last played it.

>Tell us about your current/past playthroughs, favorite quests and guilds, favorite character builds

I‘ve played basically everything, but I‘m especially fond of two-handed heavy armor and dodgy melee thief builds lately.

>What's your style of play?

I love to build concepts for characters, and mod my game accordingly to get the most out of it for that specific playthrough. I ignore the main quest most of the time and spend my time having fun with the millions of side/mod quests as well as making screenshots (I use it as a story simulator)

what skyrim mods and enb do you use? I’d love to see some recs and/or screenshots, always interested in what others make out of their game. Will post some later if anyone’s interested. I’d love to sperg about mods with you guys, skyrim is my guilty pleasure

No. 157449

>What's your favorite game in The Elder Scrolls series?
Morrowind, it's got a unique setting which sets it apart from other fantasy games.

I have this headcanon that my Skyrim character is the granddaughter of my Morrowind character.

I played like an hour of Daggerfall and couldn't get into the huge but copypaste everything.

No. 157454

Has anyone played the Unity mod of Daggerfall? I never played even the original but I thought about checking it out, I like the oldschool feel to it and not sure if I should just play the original or try the Unity version

No. 157466

Dunmer are highly inspired by native Americans, but also random other bits like some middle eastern and others.

I disagree that Wood elves are like native Americans. I think they are more like a stereotypical generic elf, but with a cannibal twist

No. 157468

Thanks for the thread, OP! I was one of the anons sperging about Skyrim in the mundane thread yesterday so I'm super happy to have a designated thread for it now. I'll post about my main Dragonborn and other OCs tomorrow when I'm less wiped out, just wanted to thank you for starting the thread. ♥

No. 157471

Last time I checked the Unity mod wasn’t complete, but that was a while ago. I wasn’t digging the look they came up with either, so I stuck to the original. But the original, even with fixes is buggy and your saves can easily and very often get corrupted, so you have to keep backups every time you play. So if the unity version fixes that you may want to go with it for sanity sake

No. 157485

When I first played skyrim 10 years ago when it came out I played over 3000 hours without beating the main quest. Had to start over because the memory log was making the game freeze. Played it through again. Then I played it through several more times when the DLCs came out.

Tl;dr I have probably played over 10,000 hours of this game..

No. 157564

Hehe you're welcome anon

No. 157568

File: 1629917703845.jpg (138.79 KB, 1920x1080, 20181209035100_1.jpg)

oh fuck

No. 157575

Nonnies what are your favorite mods? at some point i sort of became addicted to downloading mods even tho my laptop is shitty and can't handle a lot lmao. i still browse nexusmods once in a while to collect more and at this point it wouldn't be incorrect to call me a hoarder kek.

anyways my favs are usually cosmetic or completely useless but that i find cute anyway. like one of them just adds kiwi birds in skyrim. or one that adds more clothes to oblivion.

No. 157576

I want to play it for the first time but I am worried…is there anything I need to know? Any bugs, mods, basics?

No. 157579

You should probably play it vanilla first. or maybe download only mods that fix bugs from Nexus, like the unofficial patches or that one that fixes display cases. There's an entire category for them in the site.

Other than that, just make sure to have fun! Don't rush things, and at some point you'll need a place to store things. The cupboard and dresser in Anise's cabin near Riverwood are safe (most containers delete things after a while), so use them before you buy your first house. Or just sell your stuff. You'll have more than you need before you know it. I made the mistake of storing every single sword I found in a chest and now everytime I try to open it the game severely lags. Don't do what I did KEK

No. 157588

so long as I live I will never forgive Bethesda for not allowing me to marry Nazir

No. 157592

What a wonderful image-oh shit

No. 157710

File: 1629983463925.png (524.58 KB, 640x527, 0jdeq139z1j71.png)

No. 157712

moid game

No. 157729

So I ended up installing the original and played for a few hours. I really enjoyed it but the amount of bugs it has made it unplayable. Also, just wanted to add that…I did not anticipate this to be this creepy lmao. Atmosphere-wise it's closer to Diablo than the other Elder Scrolls games. It has also random sound glitches that also scared the crap out of me on occasion haha

No. 157738

Morrowind really changed everything for the elder scrolls. Too bad they followed that masterpiece up with exploring the 2 most boring races in the franchise

Daggerfall is still insanely fun, though. It’s better than Skyrim for sure. The magic is cool and the stories are weird. It can be genuinely hard, but nothing as bad as Arena. It’s more scary than horror games sometimes being lost in the huge caves and hearing a vampire

No. 157739

What is your favorite song in skyrim? Mine is Age of Aggression/Oppression
That's so creepy, I'd have nightmares if that happened to me

No. 157756

I like the age of aggression too, I also like that tavern song that sounds like greensleeves

No. 157882

Interesting! Not quite right though because they borrow from so many cultures to base the lore on and make things up from whole cloth. Like, there isn't a complete 1 to 1 comparison for any of it really except the Nords and Imperials. Also things like Bretons being half-elves are obviously not based in reality lol. Also the Alter borrow heavily (and sometimes clumsily) from Nazi Germany. A lot is left up to interpretation, honestly.

No. 157914

File: 1630120608826.jpg (365.32 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20210827-221441_Vid…)

the sultry maiden has a mans voice

No. 157915

File: 1630121368414.jpg (363.32 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20210827-222239_Vid…)

I dont really play with a lot of different companions, so I guess I'm wondering what some good companions are out there.
I did a playthrough with uthgerd once, she was pretty cool. I love her steel plate armor, it suits her very well, and shes good with a bow.
Had to stop playing with her bc shes a goody two shoes, and I couldn't do anything fun without her turning on me. I decided to test my summoned dremora from the sanguine rose staff, and attacked belethor. She killed him and then started attacking me. I also got past a certain point and the thieves guild quests and found that she was no longer following me, she'd went back to the bannered mare. I should've known from her attitude when you talk to her for the first time, but I was a fool.

No. 157931

I love J'zargo, of course for being J'zargo but also he has skill in heavy armor even though he is a mage. Also he doesn't care if you do crimes. Also Jenassa in Whiterun's Drunken Huntsman doesn't care about crimes. She uses a bow. I didn't play long with her but I like her voice. Just listen to her. "I am an artisan, painting in strokes of blood red upon the canvas of life. But yes, I will take coin to fight at your side. After all, where is the value in creating art if there is nobody left alive to see it?" Queen

No. 157951

I love her, she and marcurio are top tier hired companions

No. 157975

File: 1630176730038.jpg (111.47 KB, 600x600, 600px-SR-npc-Teldryn_Sero.jpg)

teldryn sero is probably my fav, he's got a lot of dialogue for a follower and he won't snitch on you. also it's kinda cute how he won't change his ugly crab helmet unless the one you give him also covers his face kek

No. 157991

Yall are turning me to the dark side.
The dark elf side.

No. 158001

You guys go stealing with your companions? I always make mine wait somewhere while I go cleaning the houses, then I just unload everything on their backs, kek.

I focus on the mages guild first so I can get that spell where you can conjure the dremora lord and the bow/sword, then after that I just go solo killing spree.

No. 158003

Come on where are the original character donut steel stories I was promised???

No. 158046

It's the best side

No. 158048

Also, it's ridiculously hard and it doesn't baby you like the newer Elder Scroll games. I died a handful of times before I could even escape the first dungeon and first I thought that I built a shitty character but when I Googled it turns out, no, that's just how the game's difficulty is

No. 158105

OP complaining about uthgerd,
I dont really steal, but I do kill innocents with mine around. I didn't know they would attack you if they didn't like that. I learned the hard way lol.

No. 158110

Lydia died, didn't realise, too long to go back to a save, quit. Love u Lyd

No. 158174

File: 1630343536524.jpg (69.56 KB, 1024x1365, d606be839cd9315b0a17ee19dc26e1…)

I did the Erandur cultust quest and I'm playing as a dunmer fighter. I spared Erandur and realized that not only can he be your follower but that he is indestructible because he is an essential NPC. I have decided to rp that he is my dad and we're adventuring together in an effort to raise enough money to save Solstheim. He has a lot of regrets and fatherly advice and his funny little beard reminds me of my own dad hehe. I love to give him cool items to help with our journey and I'm decking him out in great gear!

No. 158238

File: 1630359768903.png (707.49 KB, 467x770, 543095734076.png)

>I always play with a male Dark Elf because I find them really sexy lmao
Right? I just want a hot punk dunmer bf who'll join me getting high on skooma, have freaky sex, then make forbidden blood sacrifices to Dagon.

No. 158239

File: 1630360116073.jpg (68.06 KB, 559x900, 48903285-2680361.jpg)

I like this design for Dagoth Ur

No. 158293

Get Special Edition….or the upcoming anniversary edition coming on Skyrim's 10th birthday (11/21). It seems the AE version is the same as SE except it includes all of Bethesda's inhouse Creation Club content.
I have such a soft spot for Argonians.
Sorry, this pic activates my autism.
Wouldn't quite agree with this, this image is massively pigeon holeing every culture into a single human counterpart while ignoring what the lore actually says. The Bosmer don't strike me as Native American at all, there are skilled archers in every culture, for instance. They strike me as traditional forest elves but with a return to darker roots because they engage in cannibalism (because they are not allowed to harm plantlife) and are supposed to have monstrous true forms (but these have never played a part in the games). They participate in Wild Hunts which are a strongly Northern European motif.

Argonians are just bizarrely alien. They don't take bizarre 'drugs', they take the hallucinegenic sap from Hist Trees which is vital to their physical development, those trees are sort of like their patron gods/their creators. One of their defining cultural traits is that they originate from Black Marsh, described as swampland that most other races just cannot survive in.

Calling Dunmer Buddhist is just strange because they have ancestor worship as well as the Tribunal (three Dunmer mortals who fashioned themselves as Gods) or they otherwise worship traditionally 'evil' Daedric Princes. They have feuding family Houses. Their aesthetics aren't very SEA to me.

Altmer aren't particularly Japanese at all besides concept art of them in kimonos and katanas, I think in ESO they do have pagoda-like buildings, but otherwise they're like typical snooty magic elves who care about pure bloodlines and class.

Orcs aren't nomadic at all. They live in small splintered strongholds of one chief with multiple wives if they haven't intergrated into foreign places.

TES is known for being a complex, beautiful mess that can't be mapped 1:1 on real life, no offence to whoever made this but this image callong these 'inspirations' does the lore a disservice.

No. 158306

I loved reading this. Dunmer are my fave and I always assumed that their architecture has Assyrian/Akkadian origins. Their strongholds have a very ziggurat-y vibe to them

No. 158319

Thank you for this! I agree that almost nothing in ES lore is 1 to 1 and that's what makes it special. I think a lot of the people who make these comparisons would actually enjoy the various YouTube lore channels you can find that break it down better in terms of roots for inspiration. To start you've got Fudgemuppet and Camelworks is okay (kind of the trashy Maury Povich of the ES lore world if you ask me).

No. 158553

File: 1630596492168.jpg (52.14 KB, 736x368, brynjolf.jpg)

i hope i will live long enough to see elder scrolls 6. i would love a game set in elsweyr, i love the khajiits so much

i used to always rush to find kharjo in every game, now if i play i always have inigo by my side altho he's a mod. i think he's one of the most well-made companion mods ever
cicero is also fun

anyways who are your favorite waifus/husbandos? i freaking love brynjolf!

No. 158556

Yes, I agree with you; I love everything sumerian so I love dunmer, the image above looks like someone who hadn't played Morrowind made it, how could anyone look at that city full of freakin ziggurats and think of east asia
That's so cute, you are so creative

No. 158566

File: 1630606566041.jpeg (71.56 KB, 632x360, 60A3D5B0-58CE-4889-86B3-AEBA1C…)

i tried playing skyrim once, i bought it off steam and i refunded it after 2 hours. sad bc i really like the fantasy world, ie nothing else comes close to how much i've played WoW in my life, and other than that i like games like fallout, diablo, etc. is it possible i just didn't like skyrim at all because i just don't like first person games?

No. 158567

What do you mean? You can play in 3rd person

No. 158569

File: 1630607198331.gif (483.74 KB, 300x225, 4F59FCA2-D2DD-440D-ABED-DE6621…)

i didn't kno that

No. 158577

KEK okay I would really recommend you to try again because from the games you listed I think you would like it. Or at least to watch someone playing on youtube

No. 158580

kek i would give it another try but i'm more inclined to start my way from the first game in the series and work my way up. do people usually do that?

No. 158583

You can 'play' in 3rd person, but it's obviously an inferior experience.

No. 158591

I would recommend starting with morrowind, it has the best atmosphere and storytelling, and the only sexy dark elf voices. Arena and daggerfall are good but feel really different and are a pain in the ass to play. Skyrim is just a shit game in general, maybe that’s why you didn’t like it.

No. 158598

Nta, I prefer first person anyway but I especially dont like skyrim's third person because it puts the character at the far left of the screen instead of the center and it feels off balance

No. 158632

depends on what weapon you fight with. bows and spells 1st person is superior, but with a 2 handed weapon, or if you use a shield, I think 3rd person can be helpful at times

No. 158654

>What's your favorite game in The Elder Scrolls series?
Oblivion. It's extremely derpy and the characters look like potatoes, but I still think the nature and atmosphere is way prettier than vanilla skyrim and the faction questlines are amazing. The armors are god ugly though.

I used to play stealth archers in every skyrim playthrough but then I tried a necromancer/conjurer build an I found it really fun. Too bad it makes thieves guild and dark brotherhood quests harder and only doing the college of winterhold questline pretty boring.

No. 159091

>Skyrim is just a shit game in general
maybe you're right. downloading morrowind rn, will update how it goes

No. 161392

File: 1632339325158.jpg (312.41 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20210922-143431_Vid…)

I'm so peeved right now. I play on ps3(poor bitch) and viarmo is glitched. He keeps carrying around that damn torch from the burning of king loaf. He never puts it down. Everywhere he goes he takes the torch. Inside? Torch. Eating? Torch. Sleeping? Torch. Its fuking annoying.

No. 161393

No. 161394

KEK I like King Loaf better. Also I know glitches are annoying but I find them to be part of the charm in these games. Your Viarmo turned into a crazed pyromaniac. A thing of beauty

No. 161409

I can't stop watching these stupid Skyrim skits on YouTube.

No. 161414

I'm convinced part of the reason why the new Elderscrolls game is taking over a decade is because I keep fucking buying Skyrim. I've brought Skyrim at least 3 times now. I'm afriad to buy it for my Switch because it'll just delay the new game by another 2 years because I keep fucking buying Skyrim. Half of their funding is me. I did this

No. 161442

People have said that apparently Bethesda's said they keep making ports of skyrim bc ppl keep buying it.
But I wouldn't say that it's your fault es6 is delayed.
Let's be honest, clean cut games nowadays are a thing of the past. Developers want to make something they can milk the shit out of and make money. Microtransactions and shit. They dont want to make games like skyrim anymore, they'd rather just port skyrim since it takes way less money. But even if noone bought the ports Bethesda would still just pussyfoot around and never release a new game.

No. 161443

I like those too

No. 161451

I'm guilty as well. I bought it on xbox when it first came out, then again when they released the dlc's, then on xbox one, then on steam, then on switch because it was on sale

if you want it you could probably find a private seller on ebay or somewhere selling it and it might not "count" as a sale towards bethesda

No. 161458

Why do even want it for switch if you have it for other more powerful platforms?

No. 161470

Nta but maybe because she can take it places?

No. 161474

I want to take it places but also because I'm a huge faggot for Skyrim specifically. It was the first game I played properly as a kid back when it first came out and even back then I dreamed of having it be portable

No. 161479

>first game I played properly as a kid
Ugh, I know it's 10 years old this November but still. Way to make me feel old.
Is it really the type of game you'd play on the go though?

No. 166586

File: 1635151602722.jpg (119.3 KB, 700x434, 4598125-the-elder-scrolls-v-sk…)

This probably sounds pathetic, but sometimes I get legitimately sad that Skyrim isn't real. I will never be a badass adventurer who travels from town to town going to different taverns and shops, meets different people, gets rich from exploring caves, does amazing quests, slays magical beasts, saves the world from dragons, uses magic etc. playing Skyrim makes real life seem so dull by comparison. I have thought about playing Skyrim VR for a more immersive experience but I watched a review and I don't think I would like it that much, plus the floating hands look kind of ridiculous to me. Also I would have to buy a VR headset and rebuy Skyrim for like the seventeenth time. No thanks.

No. 166588

No I feel you, I'm more into sci-fi than fantasy but I play games for the same reason. To be the cool badass I can't be in real life.
There's lots of other RPG's out there though. Skyrim isn't the be all end all.

No. 166591

I know Skyrim isn't the end-all-be-all, I feel the same way about some other games and books too. But I tend to feel that way more about Skyrim because it is so immersive.

No. 167015

I'm sad this (I assume it's Males of Skyrim) never got ported to SE, I know how to port very basic mods but whew lad I'm not touching anything with dozens and dozens of NPC face records.

IDK if I'm just retarded because I've been trying for months in and off to make a custom follower because we need more hot male characters but something always goes wrong even though I understand most of the documentation out there.

No. 167064

someone has converted it, found it under original mod's the comments. i hope it works for you!

in case it doesn't work, pandorable's overhauls are also pretty nice

No. 168182

Is anyone actually considering Anniversary Edition? I might

No. 168394

old post, but anon you should consider getting into roleplaying or larping if you want to experience this, there are elder scrolls campaigns and shit for a lot of ttrpgs out there

No. 169681

I don't want it and have been avoiding the whole update issue because I mod my SSE heavily but yesterday I just read that you still have to buy AE for another twenty bucks if you're an SSE owner? I don't get it.

No. 169684

AE comes with a free update and the seprate Creation club shit that costs 20USD lol

No. 170769

ty anon, I've actually wanted to get into larping/ttrpgs for a while now. sadly there are no larps like twin mask (ones where you actually dress up and stuff) anywhere near where I live (other than a ren faire that happens once a year, but I wouldn't count that). there is a comic book store that has some kind of tabletop/dnd type thing sometimes, I think it's weekly, but I've been too scared to go. I guess I should just force myself lol.

No. 171491

File: 1637898066253.jpg (55.74 KB, 640x480, DQi_M-xXkAU6Dmz.jpg)

I kind of wanna play Oblivion again, but I am so spoiled by Skyrim's graphics and world and the fact that it's easier I just want to go play Skyrim.

Also, is Morrowind hard? I've never played it but I heard it was really hard, like you had to spend a really long time fighting rats in the sewer just to build up enough strength to play the game.

No. 171526

to avoid the awesome free forced update just set your game to ‘only update when I play’ in steam and only lauch it through skse until the skse and mods are updated. I hate when Bethesda does this.

No. 171670

When I played Morrowind I knew I wanted to play a magic based character so I added mods to make it easier since I was only interested in playing it occasionally, not for long hours. I don't remember specific names but the mods I got made the whole leveling system easier (guaranteed 4 points each when you increase 3 different stats on a level), made walking slightly faster, and increased magicka regeneration rate. That let me have a smooth experience early on from what I remember. I don't find melee engaging at all in Morrowind from the brief hours I tried it out, since whether or not your hit lands is on a diceroll and you stand there hitting the key hoping it does damage. At least in Oblivion you can zoom around trying to kite enemies if you're bashing things with a sword. Mage is the most fun style to play imo, especially when you start getting custom spells and get access to levitate.

No. 171769

I didn't like the RNG in Morrowind so I just cheaped out and played with god mode on. But there is a difficulty slider and if you bother to build your character correctly I'm sure it's not that hard.
The setting is a lot more unique than Skyrim or Oblivion so it still has that going for it.

No. 171774

personally I found Morrowind easiest as a warrior with heavy armor/blunt weapon so you're stronger/do more damage to compensate for the RNG, the game gets easier around level 5 or so which should only take a few hours of gameplay so after that it's a breeze. It's not so much hard as it is tedious at first, just make sure you carry a lot of potions and armorer's hammers.

No. 177494

I always want to play Skyrim but when I go to play it I just get bored. Idk if I will ever find it fun again because I have played it to death over the past decade. I wish I could do mods but my laptop isn't actually a gaming laptop and I don't know how much it can handle (also have never done mods before and have no idea how lol)

I'm thinking of maybe buying the anniversary upgrade when it goes on sale again at some point, but it also seems like it would probably be a waste, and I'm tired of giving todd howard my money

No. 177512

Have you tried Enderal? It's a total conversion mod that can be downloaded on Steam, I found the story vastly superior to Skyrim's

No. 177548

File: 1641476611690.jpg (126.32 KB, 1024x578, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net…)

I love shit like this. My personal tinfoil is that Bretons are inspired by actual Bretons (from ex-Armorica/Brittany). In fantasy, elves are often associated with Celts and Briton-celtic culture, the fact that Bretons have elf-blood might be a direct hint at the Briton blood of irl Bretons. Also the fact that they’re good mages might be a ref to druid Merlin whose legend is linked to Brittany with the Broceliande forest
I like khajiits too because it's not difficult to make a cute one without mods kek

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