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File: 1630448621167.png (1.44 MB, 1920x889, TF2.png)

No. 158368

Post about Team Fortress 2 here.
If you don't know what that is, it is a free-to-play multiplayer FPS. There are also free comics online outlining the story of the TF2 universe, which you can read on the official site: https://www.teamfortress.com

No. 158371

File: 1630449341755.jpg (74.82 KB, 1920x1080, 6v31c3cbt6j11.jpg)


No. 158372

File: 1630449371539.jpg (1.03 MB, 1000x3622, 1458498466627.jpg)

I'm gonna try not to post 5000000 pictures but I dunno

No. 158373

File: 1630449464235.gif (708.77 KB, 500x281, https___i.pinimg.com_originals…)

No. 158374

File: 1630449542783.jpg (1.26 MB, 2048x2948, keyxonomy.jpg)

I love it when they're all together like a family :(

No. 158376

Oh my god I love this KEK
I don't think Spy is Scout's biodad as some theories say, but he could be the stepfather

No. 158377

But have you read the comics?

No. 158378

File: 1630450760517.jpg (220.73 KB, 1690x1800, 1630447472769.jpg)

I actually started reading it with my boyfriend but we didn't finish and I didn't want to continue it without him. Maybe I should now, it's been a while.
Is it canon now?

I am bringing this design back from the shitposting thread because I absolutely love it

No. 158379

File: 1630450986065.gif (2.19 MB, 640x360, tf2-pyro.gif)

Yeah, he is for sure scout's dad. I like how in this female spy even her lipstick color is different depending on the team. pic unrelated

No. 158383

I love that there’s so many creative people in this fandom. pls watch these videos I love them so much

No. 158384

No. 158385

File: 1630451971439.gif (3.57 MB, 520x293, 12f.gif)

I love STBlackST. I had an exam today so I got back home tired and watched that stu_pidface video on repeat

No. 158386

File: 1630452101328.jpg (72.72 KB, 540x650, 734236b71c29d1c9313a24b02e952d…)

What's your favorite merc, nonnies?
Both for their personality and gameplay.
Mine is Engie for both, but I also love Scout's personality, he is fun as a character (he probably would be annoying af irl)

No. 158390

File: 1630455488816.jpg (71.6 KB, 800x998, bleedin__by_lintufriikki_d4b72…)

My number one favorite is sniper. I thought people who were all my husbando this my waifu that were just joking, but now I get it; I love him. I love how he is all mean survival stabby but he would abandon everything for his parents, even for his real jerk parents; and he seems nice and laid back if you are not his enemy, it's like he just took up sniping because it's done outside in the sunshine. I love his voice, and he's so tall, and his sideburns, and his face, and everything really. And whatever you say, he may piss in jars, BUT he brushes his teeth. I like playing as sniper best too, as the rest of them I don't really know what to do or where to go, as sniper I just click on some heads.
Other than him I love everyone else too, but I think I like Soldier, Spy and Scout just a little more than the rest. Soldier's lines are iconic and he is so nice unexpectedly towards Zhanna and his random acts of idiocy are hilarious but I pity him a little. And he is a himbo. That is the truth. I love how Spy is just always a badass and has a plan, but he seems to care more about the rest of the team than anyone else; his insults are the best too. And I think Scout is so funny and I love how he worships Miss Pauling, and I love his little teeth, and how he considers everyone in the team his best friend and invites them to his birthday party. He tries to pretend he's a big tough guy but he is just a kid who wants to make friends

No. 158433

God does anyone remember tf2.chan had some great artist on there.

No. 158461

File: 1630517098679.webm (65.31 KB, 840x472, 1630494295006.webm)

Stolen from the shitpost thread

No. 158464

File: 1630520500309.jpg (184.24 KB, 594x565, 137207197855.jpg)

Oh yeah. There's this person who is godly at drawing spy, and only spy, everyone else looks weird. I really like their painting style

No. 158472

File: 1630524774143.jpg (186.72 KB, 736x1472, 0181310acec24bed4cf7d18c0d50e8…)

Very random question, but do you prefer the blu or the red team?
I'm favorable to the red because I prefer warmer colors, also I like the westernish aesthetic.

No. 158479

Anon with the nice medic pics hand them over.
I always pick blu out of habit

No. 158508

File: 1630540636130.jpg (727.2 KB, 800x916, d36upku-22c7eb6e-8086-43fd-b72…)

i play mann vs machine alot and i just got used to playing red i guess.
plus red just looks smexy ah ah wink wonk.

sure, i like cucking out my nice medic pics.

No. 158536

File: 1630588191539.png (402.49 KB, 900x799, tumblr_pajuazSAhj1v80i96o1_128…)

love the dynamic of these two so much

No. 158538

File: 1630588387562.gif (1.4 MB, 500x200, 1630588225519.gif)

engie! he seems like he'd be the most normal husband to me, even though he loves killing he's not super crazy or out-there like many of the other mercs. i think spy is appealing too but i also feel like i couldn't keep up with him and he wouldn't be a long-term husbando…

i typically prefer red because i like defending, though if i'm blu i almost always go medic and can get on the MVP board that way lol

No. 158592

TF2 introduced me to fandom and fanfiction back in 2014. Glad to see it get a thread! Honestly, I could talk a long time about it. I think it's been dying for so long that its carcass is immune from dying completely.
My favorite merc is Engineer personality-wise, and Helmet Party & Napoleon Complex are my favorite ships.

No. 158594

I've been reading this fanfic, it's really good. It's a horror and adventure story featuring Scout and Sniper. I'm not into shipping, so I like that there is none, just an interesting story. https://archiveofourown.org/works/30791243/chapters/76005743
By the way this is my favorite video ever
ok I know what helmet party is, but what is napoleon complex?

No. 158618

File: 1630628295125.png (7.8 KB, 400x600, scout.png)

Finally a TF2 thread

No. 158633

File: 1630646993943.jpg (167.89 KB, 736x1308, 1ae704dd208505f95abab60529a25e…)

I wish Valve would release TF2 II

>Same characters, maybe expanding to include comic characters like Zhanna and older generations of mercs like Abraham Lincoln, even the civilian as an Easter Egg

>New engine and updated graphics, keeping the cartoony look, just smoother and with better lighting
>Self aware joke that Valve doesn't know how to count to 3, but also keeping it clear that it is the usual cast of mercs and setting
>Updated abilities and weapons, but keeping the core of the characters
>A fuckload of new maps, with some classic ones
>New cinematic shorts, maybe even a series

It's obvious that the fanbase still cares deeply for this game and its lore even more than a decade later, I wish Valve would be the same. But they just don't care anymore.

No. 158663

File: 1630670098055.jpg (209.15 KB, 1440x900, download (1).jpg)

Wow never expected to see a TF2 thread on here. I actually grew up with this game. I have over 5000 hours just from my teen years alone. I played with a group of 4-5 other teens(one girl, rest guys) and I honestly consider it to be the best time of my life. We would all just get home from school, and despite being from different parts of the world, sit down at our PC and play pubs for hours just shooting the shit over Skype call. There were so many moments, ridiculous kills with ragdoll physics throwing scout booty everywhere, stupid duels with the huntsman, attempts to trickstab, don't even get me started on Man vs Machine. We hardly talk anymore since all of us have become adults. I even played UGC at one point (bronze division though I think? so not good, kek)

Tried to play again lately but surprised at how much Valve has let their title go…just bots filling all the lobbies, recent maps aren't as good as old classics like pl_upward. I'm surprised other women liked this game as well, though I shouldn't be surprised since the cast is filled with hunky mercs, kek. Seriously this game sparks so much joy and nostalgia in me just seeing this thread had me smiling. Love you ladies.

No. 158754

File: 1630688677600.png (3.88 MB, 2308x2959, doctor_tits.png)

I drew a medic when that scrote was baiting the other day but since I was in a hurry it sucked. So I spent way too much time on a new special digital version! I hope you like it also if you have an idea how can I make his smile look less wrong please tell me.
It would be enough if they just cared to update the game they have now. I would love more animated videos, apparently there was supposed to be a series of videos, expiration date was the pilot episode, but it took way too long to make they cancelled the series. Also that is a very nice image

No. 158848

ancient random tf2 videos warm my heart

No. 158868

Medic is the only hairy man I would have the pleasure to hug while shirtless. Amazing work, nonnie.

No. 158889

nonnie this is really good !

No. 158891

File: 1630738238640.jpeg (87.42 KB, 1017x540, 391BE6AE-CD4E-4105-B1CE-31B6E9…)

Is anyone else dying for the rest of of the tf2 comics? They haven’t updated in like 5 years and the artists involved haven’t talked about it since 2019. I just wanna know how it ends :(

No. 158905

File: 1630750789125.png (138.33 KB, 548x313, Untitled.png)

This is so sad.
I can't stop laughing at sniper's hands in that picture, he looks like he heard somewhere that putting your thumbs in your pockets makes you look cool but doesn't know how to do it. And demoman is so frickin cute
Right? In real life hair is mostly unpleasant but on a drawing it kind of makes it look more human and like I can just imagine the alluring pheromone scent

No. 158908

File: 1630752906727.png (Spoiler Image,201.81 KB, 1366x768, best.png)

I loved to play Engie, Sniper and Pyro. I used to be one of those annoying razorback Pyros, sneaking up behind enemies and w+m1-ing them to death. Good times.
Personality-wise, It's so hard to choose, I've never come across another franchise where I like every single main character the way I love the mercs. Maybe Heavy if I had to choose, I love how devoted he is to his family and the people he cares about. I also love his fanon dumbass idiot personality, it makes for some truly iconic youtube videos.

Don't remind me, Anon, it hurts that it will most likely never be finished. It's the best adaptation they could have gone with for this franchise, it's so funny and well drawn. Plus, I always liked dadspy and it was great seeing it made canon.

No. 158911

The Winglet has fantastic videos but this one is my favorite, there's so many good lines. Also scout dispenser is gold

No. 158960

File: 1630780673506.webm (940.55 KB, 840x472, Project 2.webm)

I was digging around SFM files and I found these weird beta heavy voice lines. Somebody hold him

No. 159061

Anon, yes!! I am still waiting for comics updates because it's my favourite part of TF2 universe. Do you think they would ever try creating more comics again? I feel like after soilders VA death things might have changed a lot.

No. 159073

wow you drew that? amazing! it looks perfect!

No. 159074

File: 1630859806135.png (1.17 MB, 1318x720, sgisosmouz151.png)

ok old guard fandom, what the hell was up with tentaspy? it's like those horrible mermaid AUs of the tumblr era. why did this crap become so popular?

No. 159098

Never got it either, I guess it was Tumblr being Tumblr.

Amazing work! Pls post more aaa
Draw the mercs interacting with board-tan

No. 159103

Mermaid AUs are so cursed, they were everywhere and I didn’t want to remember this.

No. 159110

i mean the ART is hot but the concept is so stupid to me in every way. i really don't get why female-dominated fandoms (sorry it's the truth) are enamored with the idea of putting animal parts on their husbandos, be it mermaids, centaurs, satyrs, tentacles…

No. 159145

See this is what I was fucking talking about. The entire reason I bothered with this game was because I saw so much great fanart of it! Yeah there was a lot of gay porn but it was very well drawn.

No. 159171

It's the power of memes, like the super mario bowser girl that everyone was drawing a while ago, but still how did anyone even think of this in the first place
I'm so happy you like it!
Oh my god you are a genius board-tan and engie would get along so well. I'd love to draw alllll day right now but I have exams so I will draw more later.

No. 159337

File: 1631020228091.jpg (186.84 KB, 640x1280, d2d7769b-ca11-4f5f-b57d-5ae570…)

Based Sniperanon, the comics made me really love that guy.

No. 161131

File: 1632135225897.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080, jqppgff7hgo71.png)

Have you seen them snakes in snakewater
Adorable thanks for posting

No. 161213

File: 1632204213298.jpg (90.04 KB, 711x885, Tumblr_l_727700099325268.jpg)

I know she's not relevant in cannon but I love Scout's ma with all my heart, and love the fandom interpretation of Scout being a giant mama's boy.

No. 161214

File: 1632204244786.jpg (1.51 MB, 1667x2047, mama.jpg)

No. 161215

File: 1632204335212.jpg (142.72 KB, 800x597, consensnt.jpg)

No. 161216

File: 1632204462832.jpg (246.42 KB, 500x334, mommy's sweater (1).jpg)

No. 161217

File: 1632204561420.jpg (325.42 KB, 500x462, mommy's sweater (2).jpg)

No. 161218

I’ve never actually played tf2 but love the fanart/comics etc is 2021 too late to actually start playing or nah

No. 161229

File: 1632217352023.png (530.51 KB, 1040x919, tumblr_f2f98001e7e42f9537510c4…)

No I started playing recently too, it's never too late to have fun but I just play against bots for now because I'm a chicken
Thanks for posting the images, that one is very adorable

No. 161230

File: 1632219245996.webm (4.52 MB, 320x240, dmo.webm)

Imagine if every anime had a demoman

No. 161312

i dont play, but my brother used to religiously. heard that it's mostly full of hackers/bots now and valve has given up on it or something. i did enjoy the official comics though, sad that it doesnt seem likely to continue

No. 161452

File: 1632378429698.webm (3.8 MB, 1280x720, tf2 characters complementing y…)

No. 162219

File: 1632872097602.jpg (81.59 KB, 1366x768, isbnydpqe9951.jpg)

"i like chicken

No. 162609

File: 1633117425458.png (793.16 KB, 3000x3000, 1td340mx3t971.png)

No. 162839

Does anyone talk on voice in pubs? I'm always afraid to, not sure how the autistic tf2 community responds to hearing a woman talk. Sometimes I really want to save the heavy from being backstabbed by the spy but I don't want to egg on some retarded incel.

No. 162854

File: 1633316093326.jpg (175.31 KB, 1047x500, Tumblr_l_274741703572606.jpg)

Visiting my old Tumblr, found this cute fanart

No. 164233

File: 1634173123213.jpeg (232.67 KB, 700x700, tumblr_npke3vuM6B1qf25pao1_128…)

Did Valve writers really backtrack on Miss Pauling being a homo or did they never even confirm her as lez and it's just Mandela effect going on?

No. 164325

a comic writer stated that, so make of that what you will

No. 165255

File: 1634639345728.jpg (542.03 KB, 2048x1536, ms_pauling_comic_2048x1536.jpg)

This image makes me want to cry, how dare he

No. 165265

File: 1634646507025.jpg (131.11 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_caf39f8c4743ec25712ba22…)

i did it in the past and no one ever said anything, but that was years ago, idk how different the tf2 community is now.

No. 165276

File: 1634654915923.jpg (33.83 KB, 564x504, 9853e21e0ccd6d568575243a8f670e…)

I really want to unlock Pyro's jetpack, but i don't have the patience to play through the casual matches and bear with sucking Sniper bot pp.

No. 165303

File: 1634668770885.png (424.83 KB, 640x720, z23aujgo3ll71.png)

I just got it the other day, you can just open an offline training match against bots and stand in the spawn point and wait for random drops. Also that image is brilliant

No. 165506

File: 1634740112030.jpg (139.61 KB, 1366x768, d5usq9y-0ecfdd28-717e-4e99-98e…)

i wanna marry sniper so bad. everything hurts that he isnt real…

No. 165541

This image brought the biggest possible smile on my face thank you

No. 165570

File: 1634754508976.jpg (47.71 KB, 500x613, e5c71b8a86d6bf43db441a8f313635…)

Nah, you can only do it in casual.
Oh well, i'm starting to feel the erotic undertone of sniper instantly headshotting me by pointing at the sky.
Mmmmm just take me behind a bush and fuck me like the wild animals you used to hunt.

No. 165584

File: 1634759732145.jpg (156.81 KB, 900x693, hello naked sniper.jpg)

I just remembered, you can go to the store and click the try it out button on the jetpack. And then when the time runs out you can just try it out again and repeat indefinitely. Anyway I think it is good that the thread is (d)evolving into a sniper horny thread.

No. 165727

File: 1634837294209.jpg (59.26 KB, 736x690, 4f516a6e331da8cb27aa73ca5ff9dc…)

nah, that's even less believable than the former. not that i disapprove of trying to troll pyro players or anything, it's a human right.

No. 165922

File: 1634950041851.webm (4.75 MB, 1500x840, scoutgarfielff.webm)

I love the Garfielf video so I made one with scout and spy, please watch it and thank you.

No. 165923

I'm serious, I've done it to play with the wheatley sapper just to hear him talk. Why don't you try it, you have nothing to lose

No. 166002

this belongs in the louvre. MAKE MOAR

No. 166023

Thank you for watching it I love youuuu and I'd love to make more but I don't have any ideas. I love making them say stupid things with sentence mixing but I'm not good at making up stupid things for them to say so if you have any ideas just say and I will make it so

No. 166033

Maybe it evolved out of spycrabs?

No. 166356


The elaborate shitposts keep me playing after a bot infested game.

No. 166367

I love eltorro.
Have you watched team neighborhood? Now that is an elaborate shitpost… the 4th episode is almost 50 minutes long. This one is half an hour

No. 166546

Me too, sis. Me fucking too.
What's wrong with a horny Sniper thread? He's by and far the best merc in the game.

No. 166609

File: 1635157395821.png (609.59 KB, 550x547, 807.png)

Nothing wrong with that and I completely agree with you

No. 166640

File: 1635162197222.webm (414.83 KB, 720x486, spy put to pasture.webm)

saw this >>>/ot/947646 .
Had to do it.

No. 166641

You're doing the Lord's work

No. 166655

KEK thank you for posting

No. 167311

File: 1635355973856.png (1.96 MB, 1800x1200, engiefarmer.png)

I wanted to draw engineer and the lolcow mascot having fun but then I thought, he is male, she wouldn't hang out with him, she would call him a scrote and go away. But then I decided absolutely nobody in the world would decline hanging out with engineer. Also I imagined that she is his niece, because they look so similar. And she has cow horns because of Merasmus shenanigans.

No. 167324

This is adorable.

No. 167339

fucking cute

No. 167341

File: 1635361585310.gif (3.18 MB, 560x315, FoolhardyUnsteadyChrysomelid-s…)

Anon this is perfect and you're perfect holy shit

No. 167344

Ouch my heart is literally aching because of happiness from your comments, I'm glad you like it

No. 167462

I only just saw this, Merasmus' last line is so funny. Thanks merasmus

No. 168166

File: 1635806656458.png (597.35 KB, 834x1594, Oh Mickey its a pity you dont…)

Paste him somewhere please

No. 168174

Guilty as charged

No. 168176

File: 1635811528202.jpeg (247.71 KB, 1242x745, 15E22D3B-B43D-4151-B9CF-45574C…)

You’re on a date with Sniper, after looking around the Aquarium of the Dubai Mall, you will go have something nice to eat at Cheesecake Factory.

No. 168179

File: 1635811932994.jpeg (164.55 KB, 1242x698, B313261F-35F0-4DD0-BC6D-8960C3…)

Samefag, in this one, Sniper wants to check out the Mona Lisa with you.

No. 168180

File: 1635812296772.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2048x970, CE01873C-C018-41F1-81DB-4C279F…)

And last one, here you’re on a more outdoorsy date at the Everglades with Sniper, maybe It’s time for you to stop tripping with your own feet, because there’s alligators and crocodiles around, but he promises he will shoot any weird animal that might want to eat you.

No. 168212

File: 1635842079989.png (1.48 MB, 1280x720, Untitled.png)

Thanks anon I love them, also we get to see the mona lisa without having to wait in line, that's amazing.
I borrowed scout's mom's hand for the image
That's so cool, I feel like I'm in the presence of a hero. Thank you for your service. Let's go repopulate tf2chan again, I'm going to post my drawings there

No. 168871

Glitched models are usually cursed but tf2 characters are an exception.
Rest in peace Rick may.

No. 168883

I don't know what's going on in the video but I feel it

No. 168885

God fucking bless, amen, rest in reese's

No. 169141

Fuck i hate valve so much for ruining the potential for such a timeless game like tf2, it could have been seriously been so much more if it wasnt for them flaky about how to balance and organise their projects right, apparently it's just free for all as to what the employees want to work on, as well as fucking up their contract with adult swim but repeatedly disrespecting the runtime of 7 minutes going beyond the runtime for ten and not backing down being such arrogant pricks [AS] decided for tell them to fuck off, canceling the full animated series (apparently expiration date was the teaser pilot for it).

thanks for the anon who made this thread, its the only game i followed just because of the lore, none of my friends are interested or will ever be interested, the only thing they know about tf2 are the 15.ai shitposts i link.
Anyways here's my favorite 15.ai video

No. 169142

Also this one

No. 169551

What's your favorite voiceline? I go to tf2 wiki to listen to them when I'm bored.
My favorite one is scout saying nobody showed up to his birthday party so he'll just have it again. Also I like spy's "Does it sting when I do that? It does, DOESN'T IT?" The way he says it is hilarious. And of course soldier's "Last one alive, lock the door!" I would link them but I'm phoneposting.
I changed my mind my new favorite voiceline is "awoo

No. 169775

Did anyone here use to go on tf2chan back in the day

No. 170009

I was watching expiration date again and I just noticed how proud spy looks when scout says he'll do things himself, like he's trying so hard not to say you've learned your lesson, well done son. It makes my heart feel so fuzzy. Screw you Valve, we could have had a wonderful animation series and you blew it.

No. 170719

File: 1637443377861.png (327.33 KB, 547x960, tumblr_be093c286289d758f7123b2…)

Hey anon with the nice medic pics I have one for you I hope you don't have it

No. 170791

check this out kek.
no, i didn't. off to my pinterest private dungeon! but what's with these hands? they are covering much.

No. 170795

pov: you are sniper
I wanted to post that too kek "Book your pap Schmear… TODAAY!

No. 171461

A new eltorro64rus video!! I think this is maybe his best video after the TV one. Bloody scrumpalumpas

No. 171528

omg I almost spat out my coffee watching this

No. 171557

File: 1637942556509.png (223.85 KB, 1920x1080, download.png)

Everyone I am begging you I am BEGGING YOU vote yes on this item set please I need it

No. 174223

I bring you an ancient video from before sfm existed

No. 174229

anyone else remember this?

No. 174234

I've been listening to tf2 remixes for an hour you understand me

No. 174773

I can't get this out of my head.
What, d'you guys give up? Come on! Come on! You all suck.

No. 178017

I'm sorry to keep bumping this thread all the time. But you gotta see this, it's amazing

No. 180891

File: 1642884472227.webm (395.58 KB, 1000x1000, home decor.webm)

Uberduck ai is way better than 15 ai. Please use it and join me in shit posting

No. 180892

File: 1642884566445.webm (2.06 MB, 500x500, soldier navy seal.webm)

No. 180900

File: 1642886787159.webm (679.56 KB, 442x760, soldier moment.webm)

This is my favorite part of all the comics

No. 278432

File: 1677365400395.jpg (51.54 KB, 736x793, 4e8d947f1158a620bf9259fe9b5a45…)

Anynonnie still playing? I miss Tf2, but I have no energy to have fun ever since I started my job.
Gloomy bump over. I wonder if you are still around..

No. 278436

A tf2 nona reporting in! Still playing, with my prinny hat of course.

No. 278508

File: 1677380567453.png (490.8 KB, 1956x595, 4812112 (1).png)

I'm not sure how popular this image set is but anons should see it

No. 278513

File: 1677380682614.png (603.19 KB, 1956x595, 4812112 (2).png)

No. 278604

They made a 2 hours long SFM movie

No. 278614

absolutely adorable thanks

No. 280713

File: 1678158947266.png (537.72 KB, 1280x716, tumblr_9fd7bd0d9ef7efe84e66873…)

i'll have to watch this!
god, everything tf2-related makes me so fucking happy all the time.

No. 286569

File: 1680117663078.jpg (28.15 KB, 564x426, 280bbf328c978199c19111375ee8e4…)

No. 288468

File: 1681005639862.png (373.29 KB, 830x1154, ludwig.png)

some of the fan art for this game is phenomenal

No. 289038

What are the chances of Volvo porting TF2 to source 2 now that they actually released CS2?

No. 289805

No. 290030

i heard from my bf that when there was a fanmade csgo source 2 port WIP they halted it because they wanted players to play the official release, and yet they don't halt that same community project in tf2 so i think it's fair to assume we won't be getting the port to source 2 or else they would've halted it by now

No. 295855

File: 1683873082441.gif (4.94 MB, 435x245, 142.gif)

does anyone play on uncletopia? its the best tf2 experience ive had ever, but i also feel drowned in the amount of gendies there are kek they take the fun out of everything.

No. 295859

didnt happen on uncletopia but i got reported for calling someone a tranny on a random server and was banned couple minutes after. i was getting sick of this weird troon constantly giggling into the mic everytime they got a kill. they were a shit sniper too.

No. 295876

tf2 for some reason seems to be the prime place to get your ears assaulted by some horrible mans horrible falsetto lol. it happens too often that half the server is populated by lily, zoey and luna (she/her (girl (uwu))). i was looking for a tutorial the other day and clicked on the first one only to be assaulted by a troon's terrible lady voice. just came back to tf2 im already exhausted. i swear it wasn't like some years back.

No. 297640

File: 1684621771100.jpeg (91.83 KB, 750x713, 8AC543C0-9920-4E01-8E81-E627F8…)

Love this dork. She’s definitely stern when under a lot of pressure, but hearing her cracking jokes and doing impressions of the mercs makes me love her. Also she’s fucking the administrator. Or at least wants to. I’m kind of tempted to think of it as a Mr Burns/Smithers dynamic. Given how she’s mostly professional but kind of a dork, I think if she’d ever find herself crushing on the administrator she’d likely try to suppress it at first, maybe compliment her awkwardly but nothing more. She’s not scout levels of bad, but still pretty bad

No. 297641

File: 1684621948812.jpeg (81.82 KB, 750x755, A0488327-B482-4CCD-AAB3-9FB5C3…)

No. 324566

File: 1696109198142.jpg (241.91 KB, 1920x1080, tumblr_713da0d0f2ca4ca8cecafae…)

today i w+m1ed for 6 hours

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