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No. 162718

Why hasn’t this show died yet? It had a good run

General discussion and sperging is welcomed!

No. 162719

File: 1633221663875.jpg (42.79 KB, 624x352, c73fb5d2b12c499b7ddf5be5c7d809…)

Does it have enough steam and fans to hold up a thread here, though?
I like the first seasons a lot (quelle surprise), but I don't have much to comment on it

No. 162721

It should, a lot of anons use their gifs and memes. I didn’t, it had to with Homer’s tone of voice in the beginning episodes and I found boring.

No. 162722

What is The Simpson? Furthermore, The Simpson's what?

No. 162741

I've been rewatching older seasons lately, I almost forgot how genuinely fucking hilarious it is. Even as late as season 12 it blows every other comedy I love out of the water, and it's twice as good now that I'm an adult and understand more of the references.

No. 162747

I could have sworn someone else started a simpsons thread a few days ago, but I checked the catalogue and there isn't one. this shit keeps happening to me.

being off meds fucks a bitch up.

No. 162752

I watched a Treehouse of Terror a while back and I was shocked at how gruesome it was.

No. 162769

A classic

No. 162770

This is so autistic but I want the Simpsons to end so I can stop watching it…I called a garage a "car hole" and my friends thought I was insane

No. 162801

Same, sometimes I actually can't believe how damn funny old Simpsons was. And it's so nostalgic for me, it brings me right back to this specific couch I used to sit on with my sister, watching episodes until it was time for dinner lol. Sucks to see what's happened to it these days, it should've ended long ago.

No. 162804

I was absolutely terrified of the episode where Willie the janitor gets killed and he goes around killing everyone in their dreams. Now that I’m older I know it was a parody of Nightmare on Elm Street but as a kid not knowing the context made it fucking terrifying.

No. 162807

File: 1633285057983.jpg (11.54 KB, 236x348, 6adedda76a4f7779735ed29274d891…)

>kids these days don't know what a car hole is

My nostalgia for the Simpsons is also with my sister, on weekends though. In my country they aired a 3 hour marathon from 9am-12pm on Sat and Sunday along with the regular nightly schedule. It just doesn't have the same exciting comfy feeling to watch it any time, in my own room, without her. But maybe I should schedule my own marathons anyway idk.

No. 162811

File: 1633286435600.jpg (130.8 KB, 837x620, 4cf079b0-29af-424e-bb0f-2063c4…)

Good timing, I was thinking about The Simpsons these days. I never watched the series when I was young because I thought it was dumb and uninteresting, but now I realize there are some episodes that are worth watching. Which seasons would you say are the best? Or maybe episodes, idk. I wish there was some website that highlighted (?) the ones with interesting social commentary/satire or the most hilarious.
I hope I don't sound too impertinent.

No. 162829

File: 1633296565575.jpg (67.86 KB, 564x795, 658290.jpg)

I was obsessed with The Simpsons at it's peak and the highlight of my weekdays was watching it in syndication growing up. I use to be able to recall entire scenes just from a vague reference, remember a given episode's name and season, and recall so much random trivia about the characters and production. I collected memorabilia and particularly loved my Homer Simpson alarm clock that would repeat like 3 phrases ad infinitum. I idolized Lisa and I think she was a wonderful influence to me as girl; I absorbed her ambition to learn, question the status quo, and advocate for herself. I even became vegetarian and learned how to play saxophone because of her. I also learned what makes for good comedy and how to be funny from the show in general.

I stopped watching new episodes sometime after they killed off Maude; when irrelevant celebrities started making cameos as themselves instead of original bit parts and they started resorting to developing background characters since there no sensical way for the family to grow without dropping the conceit of a cartoon. That was over a decade ago.

Seasons 2-10 were the best imo.

No. 162861

File: 1633324827290.jpeg (Spoiler Image,623.55 KB, 4032x3024, C39AF8B9-BB44-4890-AF2A-71FFD2…)

Yeah that episode scared the shit out of me as a kid.
Spoiler cause still scary lol

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