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File: 1633720113351.png (692.09 KB, 1280x914, 8ED63BA8-C8AC-4F84-BBC8-B22825…)

No. 163420

Let’s give this a shot. Thread is for anything Elbertson-adjacent.
Post your memes, clips, favorite moments, and photos of the world’s zexiest internet clown

No. 163424

Jerma on his own is pretty alright but god do I love his dynamic with Ster. I can watch every single video of those two playing whatever stupid fucking game again and again. I would watch their videos obsessively as a kid.

As for Jerma as an individual, I feel like his ability to make almost anything into a joke is pretty good. He seems like a really silly yet oddly wholesome person. Haven't heard of a single controversy involving him yet, don't know if that's a good or a bad thing.

No. 163430

File: 1633725696119.gif (6.71 MB, 498x329, ripmeplz.gif)

I barely see Jermafagging on here but as a #1 Jermafag I am ecstatic we have a thread. I'll probably post my favourite fancams later!

No. 163434

Am i allowed to be incredibly horny in here or no

No. 163436

Please do anon

No. 163448

I always see Jerma memes around and he seems sweet but I never watched a video of his, apart from the Sims project. What's a good intro to the jermaverse?

No. 163458

LET'S GOOOO JERMAFAGS!!! I unironically love this fancam kek jerma paired with this aesthetic is cute

No. 163462

I think a good video that shows his personality (& attractiveness kek) well is 'A Tale of Two Jermas'. It was my 1st, but imo it captures the insanity of his streams pretty well.

YES!! This fancam is so cute! This one is my current obsession, I love the ironic over the top ones so much

No. 163466

File: 1633745764995.jpeg (17.19 KB, 400x300, DB378F4B-ED50-4588-AB3B-45CDE7…)

His utter willingness to make a complete fool out of himself just to make people laugh is what makes him so special. It’s technically the same joke over and over again but damn if it isn’t a great one. I think he’s improving the quality of Twitch content on average with his ludicrous (and unlucrative) projects. Hopefully other streamers how he’s changing the game and they could be doing it too if they commit to it. Overall I just think he’s a very special creator who’s perfect for the live stage. Plus he is sexy as fuck.

No. 163533

Jerma has such a boyish charm to him… but I also find "this man is literally a psycho!" memes so fucking sexy

No. 163582

I fucking hate Jerma so fucking much.

No. 163583

File: 1633816537754.webm (1.83 MB, 852x480, 1629581979463.webm)

can we just post related content? one of the best parts of dollhouse

No. 163584

File: 1633816578972.gif (525.09 KB, 900x440, jerma end.gif)

and for anyone who wants it

No. 163585

me too. he's only popular because he's a moderately attractive white man. like, i won't deny i'd love to see him take some dick, but his humor is so generic. i've seen it a thousand times. i have no idea why his fans are so rabid or why he's the darling of twitter genderspecials.

No. 163591

File: 1633818009121.jpeg (49.96 KB, 1200x679, 272CC85B-D78F-46DE-91FB-00C771…)

Hide the thread dumb bitch

No. 163598

File: 1633819397850.jpg (215.17 KB, 519x609, IMG_20211008_093549.jpg)

PLEASE post fancams I'm begging you. I love him so much and I adore watching fancams of him

No. 163612

Jerma is the only youtuber that can make me laugh. About a year ago I looked him up because I remembered that Rat Movie thing he did a long time ago and was interested to see what he was up to these days.

This video might be my favorite stream he's done, I remember laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.

No. 163617

My first Jerma vid was this and I was howling laughing at certain points

No. 163618

File: 1633827627430.jpg (19.91 KB, 500x500, chip.jpg)

He's always done that stupid skit sorta stuff on a low scale but it's so nice seeing him slowly get to do bigger stuff. I think that's partially why twitch game shows are getting more common/bigger (even though most of them are shit), Jerma's definitely had an effect on the irl performance side of twitch but they all lack the charm and thoughtfulness put into them

No. 163630

File: 1633842973443.gif (162.59 KB, 400x225, 5fe64c9b-db0d-4663-9cb8-0d3433…)

>The forbidden actor at the beginning

No. 163683

Jerma, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Jer-ma

No. 163687

File: 1633879742033.png (158.13 KB, 348x406, Jerma_Dumptruck_Ass.png)

Light of his life, fire of his loins
Keep me forever, tell me you own me
Light of your life, fire of your loins
Tell me you own me, gimme them coins

No. 163690

File: 1633881409889.jpeg (22.74 KB, 500x435, 33DF322A-B21B-460D-9A65-30B237…)

I am thinking of aurochs and angels, the secret of durable pigments, prophetic sonnets, the refuge of art. And this is the only immortality you and I may share, my Jeremy.

No. 163700

File: 1633889130720.jpg (127.68 KB, 1000x1000, b785e3a9d132556b9a91f395767118…)

coping this bad boy

No. 163701

File: 1633890678024.jpeg (577.66 KB, 528x824, E13C77D7-9A86-475E-847A-02BEF4…)

Kek i was actually thinking about getting jermashit off redbubble bc the dollhouse merch was scuffed as fuck (picrel) and sold out anyway. I don’t know why he greenlit this

No. 163702

i wanted to get something from the doll house stream but tbh it was all kinda ugly lol

No. 163703

File: 1633894348327.jpg (1.66 MB, 4032x3024, E-3-rhnXMAYKRki.jpg)

The owner of jerma out of control actually got jerma's dollhouse badge and it makes me go in a frenzy every time i think about it kek

No. 163704

thats so cool i really like that twitter account good for them

No. 163709

File: 1633896030128.jpeg (35.48 KB, 735x683, DF35A24F-1605-4A99-90CA-2E03D5…)

Ive thought about trying to get my fancams posted on that account but they’re a little risque to be exposed to his 70% male audience. I just know they’d be like “what the hell is this”

No. 163711

…n-nonnie, please post your risque fancams here please I need to see them please I beg

No. 163712

File: 1633898005853.png (60.31 KB, 300x341, jerma985_accurate_height_morph…)

Blue jeans, white shirt
Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn
It was like, James Dean, for sure
You're so fresh to death and sick as cancer

You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop
But you fit me better than my favourite sweater and I know
That love is mean, and love hurts
But I still remember that day we met in December, oh baby!

I will love you 'til the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you'll remember that you're mine
Baby can you see through the tears?

Love you more than those bitches before
Say you'll remember, oh baby
Say you'll remember, oh baby, ooh
I will love you 'til the end of time

No. 163714

File: 1633899083520.jpeg (48.1 KB, 651x667, F20D613D-7F74-44D8-9232-73B3F3…)

Yeah maybe. I might make a doc of my favorite ones and throw mine in there

No. 163715

them arms make me go brrrr

No. 163716

He looked kinda bloated during this stream

No. 163717

I would huff the neck area of that lanyard strap so hard I wouldn't even care about the inhaled microplastics.

No. 163718

oh my god he has a nice ass he just needs to stop eating so much

No. 163725

File: 1633901413814.jpeg (61.65 KB, 735x963, 41AF8C4A-FC5B-4A08-8F47-14DADA…)

Damn anachans.. He’s 36 not some teen twink eboy.

No. 163726

Its literally just a normal fiat man ass, I swear men's boring assess get over hyped way to much these days

No. 163727

File: 1633901767626.jpeg (42.22 KB, 736x415, DC5A8A5E-1A3A-43B1-ABDD-593BA5…)

I didn’t say anything about his ass. But I will now. He’s curvy.

No. 163732

I'm not an anachan I just thought he looked kinda bloated during the second dollhouse stream, like he ate something and his stomach was full of gas or something

No. 163733

If Jerma farted in a car with me I would roll up the fucking windows and just take it

No. 163734

File: 1633904370193.png (170.84 KB, 281x381, postr.PNG)

the only thing I liked is this poster (picrel), but it was originally fanart & you can tell it just wouldn't work on a larger scale

nonnie I would fucking die to see them, there's barely any good horny fancams kek

Didn't he say his health issues flared up before the show? That might explain it. I think its just the way his shirt falls over the shorts is in a weird way & ends up making him look bloated due to it looking like a shadow (that makes me sound so schizo sorry)

No. 163739

Goddamn it I thought I could escape this idiot

No. 163741

God, what a chad

No. 163743

Why is Jerma hot? I'm a Jermafag and I find him extremely attractive but I actually can't pin exactly what it is about him that I find so sexy

No. 163754

File: 1633916176097.png (719.77 KB, 750x750, jerma.png)

All right, here are all the fancams I thought you guys might like, in no particular order. Will add more as I find them. 11 is the one that peaked me.

No. 163757

FUCK ANON that’s a good thirst trap

No. 163779

You're right, 11 does it for me. The lil tummy flash aww

No. 163803

I could some what understand the driver thread cause he's unique looking but Jerma just looks like any average white guy you'd find on the street but then he's not even average for a white guy cause he's a manlet
seriously raise your standards

No. 163806

File: 1633952984126.png (634.33 KB, 1125x930, 4zz3ielx2gl71.png)

ty nonny

No. 163817

He looks hot in this pose

No. 163833

File: 1633972958606.png (127.02 KB, 274x272, jermmy.png)

Thank you anon!! I've seen all of these but damn do they still hit, hands down jellyqhost is the best jerma editor I rarely see good thirst fancams but they hit it every time. The Jerma and Emilia one, oh my god, I was obsessed with their relationship so if anyone wants some I got you. I will die mad we never got the date

No. 163847

File: 1633978573630.jpg (43.14 KB, 900x416, Eld5qYwXgAEii27.jpg)

the jerma attraction pipeline does not start with his looks. at first he appears to be an average looking white guy- not very remarkable, but then you get drawn into his weird golden retriever energy and complete lack of regard toward humiliating himself and then suddenly he becomes very physically attractive.

No. 163854

File: 1633981304640.jpeg (35.24 KB, 750x217, 19CAB99B-5227-43DC-9434-59D735…)

even more attracted to him after that income leak

No. 163860

File: 1633987642467.gif (1.7 MB, 640x358, EA08189C-E1F7-4D36-99E9-6CDD56…)

jerma destroying my pussy under his streaming desk

No. 163868

Jerma having sex is such a weird mental image to me. He comes off as a non sexual entity so I don't understand why I want him to wreck me

No. 163874

I enjoy that this thread immediately became a jerma thirst circle

No. 163880

Ever since I saw his dollhouse stream I found myself attracted to this cursed being while finding immense joy
Thank u nonny for this thread

No. 163885

File: 1634004451756.jpg (100.57 KB, 935x938, E37dyg-XwAERd-l.jpg)

some reaction images

No. 163886

File: 1634004478921.jpg (151.47 KB, 1156x1178, 1616087644572.jpg)

No. 163887

File: 1634004571119.jpg (7.93 KB, 240x210, EvryaSUWgAUZq6v.jpg)

No. 163888

File: 1634004858336.png (29.57 KB, 611x251, E7wozYtWYAEfM45.png)

There's like such an innocent charm to him, it's weird…. I found his old otto videos kinda cringe but they honestly grew on me… he's so cute

No. 163890

I feel so tech illiterate but how the hell do people make these fancams?
>>163754 peaked me on Jermalust and I really want to learn how to make my own now.

No. 163896

File: 1634007879827.png (725.26 KB, 564x752, C64869D5-3867-4CE7-BDD7-FDAB2B…)

Kek, it’s just editing software nonna.

No. 163905

I agree
This is why people call fujos degenerate

No. 163967

File: 1634057055633.gif (2.44 MB, 498x385, borgor.gif)

I agree, watching some of the old videos felt so cringe but I recently watched them again (sub specials & otto stuff) and the dorkyness is so charming, he kinda still radiates it.

This is so true, I want him so damn bad but also cannot see him even having a dick or touching a woman. He's just sexy eclown

Please don't tell me this is edited it's so adorable I cant

No. 163973

File: 1634059054725.jpeg (191.96 KB, 900x1200, 21AB8356-5E07-467F-BBD2-7B863F…)

Of course it’s not edited. He’s just that cute.

No. 163984

Wait who is this he's really cute. Too bad I hate autistic dudes

No. 164122

Jerma isn't autistic he's just really cute uwu

No. 164172

File: 1634150433538.jpeg (104.18 KB, 750x921, 4A196ACB-4FC5-4C79-8645-AC5FE2…)

don’t let the anti-jerma fags discourage you, keep up with the thirst traps nonnies

No. 164205

File: 1634161670803.png (278.09 KB, 768x609, 1435FF91-7E0E-4A63-B5A8-695DA2…)

ANON thank you for this topkekk

No. 164356

so cute!! hnnng if you're wearing headphones you can hear him say "let me pet otto

No. 164361

Current day jerma is nice and cute but I miss boston jerma and his accent

No. 164364

File: 1634254966525.png (162.61 KB, 548x482, jermadie.png)

tfwywn have retarded, baby talking, joke killing golden retriever bf.

No. 164396

wish I could have been there when the tv fell on him so I could have 'helped' him out from underneath it

No. 164624

stop this, my heart can't take it

I miss his accent as well, even if he was cringe sometimes, ideal jerma is current personality + Boston accent

the sprinkler part was kinda hot, but then we got the "cwab pwot

No. 165318

People who say he's just a generic good looking white boy are so off mark for why people want to fuck somebody I wouldn't be surprised if they tried courting magazine cut-outs.

No. 165465

File: 1634703860144.jpeg (Spoiler Image,169.91 KB, 900x900, 34B1059B-5B5D-43F8-9075-73A935…)

For real he has a big fat ass personality

No. 165490

I can't believe I really started watching this dudes video because of this thread. The first time I learned about this guy was when I saw that cursed tumblr post about him. I do think he's kinda cute, I'm an undertale fag so the first video I watched of him was his deltarune playthrough. I'm a bit confused because I thought he was just streaming games but looking at this >>163716 it seems like he does some pretty big things.
Anyway is he single?

No. 165953

He had a gf but they split up

No. 165999

I'm so glad we can bring you down to this utter hell anon. He does "bigger" streams every few months, I don't think we're getting anything dollhouse like for a very long time kek, but he did mention last stream there's something cooking up!

No. 166009

985 looks cute ‘n compact here.

No. 166024

why is he blonde here im gonna cry my life is a lie

No. 166027

Never saw this dude before. He's handsome but looks like a total groomer. Probably prefers your preteen sisters over you 20-30somethings.

No. 166039

File: 1635014706172.png (204.38 KB, 348x468, E-FFOo3XsAQs24K.png)

I love my autistic ADHD groomer coomer doomer boomer gooner streamer! I love him anons!!

No. 166055

I wish he would ask me to tie his shoe laces

No. 166061

File: 1635021524218.jpg (9.11 KB, 400x371, 4tct35m0o4y51.jpg)

I love him I love him I love him I love him I love him so much too hes my little meow meow uwu manlet

No. 166084

File: 1635030427479.png (121.58 KB, 418x480, 619CF673-278A-4A09-A66B-6BECF0…)

Why would you say that? He had a gf of age for many years.

No. 166122

File: 1635036034419.gif (4.71 MB, 604x640, sick.gif)

he was literally a teacher, if he wanted to catch a case it would of already happened

No. 166916

What the hell, he was a teacher?? Imagine this guy dishing out detentions. What must his former students think seeing him now???

No. 167018

I think he was just an unlicensed substitute for a little bit, not like a serious teacher.

No. 167180

Cmon girly this is basic jermalore

No. 167458

The way he treats Otto makes me wanna have his children, he's such a cute man. When he played Hades and was perplexed by the tits on Aphrodite lmfaoo

No. 167459

He strikes me as the literal opposite, like he really wants a mommy gf. I mean, his ex was pretty mom-ish when she was on stream with him

No. 167873

File: 1635620075911.jpg (136.09 KB, 1079x917, tumblr_ab9df399d2c03fd4d784e06…)

No. 167880

Keep that creepy shit out of here!

No. 167927

That's the power of ADHD, reduces a normal man to absolute retard levels. And of course he'll never get medicated

No. 167956

File: 1635696516140.png (547.23 KB, 840x900, FAgj1NiX0AEHtx-.png)

>And of course he'll never get medicated
God I love my unmedicated streamer!!!

No. 168263

anons, do you have a favourite jerma/rats remix? I went down a rabbit hole of them kek

No. 168278

I’ll watch this later. Not exactly a remix but I do love this music video someone made of him

No. 169471

Jerma is doing a fast food tierlist stream rn and I love judging him for his taste kek

No. 169473

It’s not just us nonnas. His friends notice how obsessed he is with being whore-adjacent.

No. 169550

If Jerma started going bald I would donate to his hair transplant fund.

No. 171248

I would buy him polish for his bald head and use him as a bowling ball ❤️

No. 171249

The only man I'd get a divorce for

No. 172217

File: 1638384497637.jpg (587.56 KB, 1170x1730, RDT_20211201_19470334328184653…)

If someone on here looks like Ursula, hit him up

No. 172219

I only started watching him not that long ago so can someone tell me the origin of the rats thing?

No. 172227

Yeah im also new and interested about the rat lore. Please share your knowledge anons.

No. 172235

Jerma made an animated short back in 2014 (rat movie) that starts with a song about rats. Rest is history.

No. 172887

File: 1638737634048.jpeg (32.28 KB, 139x168, 50DD10B1-7508-416C-B697-9FA1AB…)

idc if this thread is dead but zamnnnn daddy

No. 172939

Okay so I just watched both rat movies and it's unironically entertaining and the animation also is pretty good. Did he makes this fully by himself?
Also is it bad that I wish he would play more Nancy Drew games? Imo the drew streams where so funny and I love seeing Jerma fail at this kids game.

No. 173002

File: 1638826750325.jpg (101.74 KB, 1920x1920, rats.jpg)

It's made in a really old program, I cant remember the name of it but I remember Jerma saying it always crashed though
I'm personally anti drew crew, I find the games so insufferable kek but it was still good

No. 173003

here's a zerk off fancam since it's been awhile

No. 173230

File: 1639003470320.png (278.29 KB, 640x480, 3dmoviemaker.png)

iirc its 3d movie maker. looked it up in google and has that distinctly fucked up look

No. 173238

New to Jerma, anywhere I can watch VERY old vods like (3-4 years) with chat?

No. 173245

I don't know if this fancam has been posted already but eh

No. 173254

There's a stream archive with chat account on youtube. Don't know how far back it goes though.

No. 173791

File: 1639485323871.jpg (368.33 KB, 679x403, IMG_20211214_094346.jpg)


No. 173792

File: 1639485375864.jpg (195.49 KB, 720x819, 20211214_125009.jpg)

No. 173803

I had a dream recently where I met him at a mall and he called me gay

No. 175069

File: 1640159272051.jpg (49.58 KB, 1170x658, 164015920802112395362088798184…)

Jerma peaked at Shpee

No. 175437

No. 175505

just discovered this thread because I usually never go on /m/, I'm so happy this exists kek

nona your post made me rewatch "A Tale of Two Jermas" and I laughed so hard, I had completely forgotten about it

No. 175539

File: 1640365603876.gif (1.74 MB, 480x480, jermkiss.gif)

glad to have you here nonnie!

No. 175609

ooh suicidal ideation real strong today, but jerma is streaming right now so at least one thing is going okay. the new christmas brb screen is so cute!

No. 175707

File: 1640488519743.png (186.47 KB, 500x283, lol.png)

I hope you feel better nonna!! I love the new brb screen & I'm excited for the other themed ones coming soon, I hope they're just as cute
Also so excited for everything Jerma announced, I know he's gonna look fine as hell in that baseball stream. Anons any ideas/hopes on what the mystery stream could be?

No. 175720

Jerma is dating someone again. Side note, does anyone notice the recent change in his attitude lately? He's been going off on a lot of tangents lately. He's seems kinda burned out. Does anyone know what I mean?

No. 175732

How do you know?

No. 175734

He mentioned it in his Christmas stream

No. 175739

I don't know why he thought doing so many streams this week was a good idea in the first place. On one hand, he keeps complaining about his health issues and how he has to take frequent breaks from work every now and then. On the other hand, he streamed four (?) Times this week. It can't be money because if the twitch money dox was correct, he really doesn't need it. His community keeps getting more and more hostile too because his mainstream popularity brought so many handmaidens and trans ppl, while his original fanbase was basically 4chan basement dwellers. I feel bad for him in that way because he seems passionate about this and he's a great entertainer, he shouldn't have to deal with these political spergings

No. 175777

>while his original fanbase was basically 4chan basement dwellers.
I wonder how many of them stuck around after he started being more pro trans rights

No. 175778

His fanbase is getting incredibly annoying which sucks because he's just a funny guy. It's hard to explain but there has been a definite shift in the way the fanbase talks about him thanks to all the zoomers and troons that worship him. I've noticed that it's hard for many of them to realize that he's joking when he doing a bit or something, they end up going like "I can't BELIEVE jerma does XYZ, ADHD king!" almost as if they completely forget that jerma's job is to be funny while playing video games. I had to get this off my chest, sage for contributing nothing lol.

No. 175779

Considering the fact that 4choids are the reason he is "pro trans rites" now, pretty much all of them. That site is full of troons jsyk

No. 175790

>I can't BELIEVE jerma does XYZ, ADHD king!" almost as if they completely forget that jerma's job is to be funny while playing video games
It feels like zoomers can't even comprehend that people are doing a bit for entertainment, who knows what Jerma is like IRL

No. 175800

Hasn't he said he purposefully lies about little things and such because he doesn't want "stans" or just general obsessive zoomer weirdos? I feel bad he's got all this attraction, like the catboy jerma stuff is so annoying and gross it was funny for a bit but zoomers dragged it. Hopefully the attention dies down

No. 175841

Honestly, I'm really curious about this. I see zoomers on Tumblr complain all the time about how much they hate Jerma's toxic chat and his fanbase, but I don't really remember seeing him talked about that much on 4chan (though tbh I haven't really been on there in a long while). Also I don't think his chat is that bad compared to other streamers. If anything, it seems like the Tumblr zoomers are the ones projecting way too much onto Jerma and being weird with their parasocial relationships and are also the more vocal side of his fanbase. I think someone in this thread said his viewerbase is 70% male and I'm curious what they think of Jerma's status as a Tumblr funny-man, since I really don't see that side of his fanbase anywhere except on Twitch when he's streaming.

No. 175873

I’ve noticed there’s a certain obsessiveness that comes with streamers in general. They stream more and more and more until they run themselves into the ground and have a breakdown. Idk why they seem to not know how to set boundaries with their work.

No. 175879

I know it's petty but the main reason I stopped watching him live was because the weirdos in his chat AND the fact the "maid" in the Dollhouse stream was "non-binary" just pissed me off. That shit is retarded to me. I don't know how it came about, but I was already super annoyed by all the random spam in his chat. Especially the "trans rights" spam that used to cause mini arguments in the chat. I just hate when streamers even mention that kind of shit or add that kind of shit when it's not needed. It turns me off so much. I know it's petty but it is what it is. I know Jerma's a nice guy and He just wants everyone to shut the fuck up and do what he feels is right.
He's just a funny guy and it's his audience that act weird and off that makes me tune in less rather than him.

No. 175897

>Parasocial relationship
That's actually why I'm kinda happy he's being so open with his date life. Too many people try to hit on him every time he just briefly shows up in the discord and it's absolute cringe. No, this 36 year old man doesn't want you as his discord kitten. Fuck off child

No. 176153

Saged for rant, but it's recently been getting on my nerves but his chat is literally insufferable. He can't go one minute without responding to bait from someone trying to get their own "one guy moment" or trying to get a "capcom rant" out of him and it's completely destroying his streams. It feels like every stream is him responding to chat trying to bait him into a reaction instead of him actually getting to talk and remark on the game. I'm happy his fanbase has grown and that he's getting appreciated on a larger scale, but the chat needs to shut the fuck up more. I don't watch Jerma to hear him reply to zoomer bait every 5 minutes, especially when all the bait is the same psycho streamer Tumblr shit. I want to watch his streams and not have to hear him respond to the same unfunny jokes all the time. Granted, chat had their unfunny jokes even before he went "viral", but at least it didn't disrupt his streams. I hope it dies quickly because Jerma's really been one of my favourite streamers for years now, and I don't really want to stop watching him just because of chat.

No. 176597

File: 1640984833273.jpg (83.14 KB, 1080x568, Screenshot_20211231-220636.jpg)

Weird ass behaviour

No. 176602

>>Hey I know who his girlfriend is! She's clearly in one of his videos! Here's the exact timeframe you should look through, BUT i'm not going to tell you fucking weirdos! He deserves his privacy angry face.
This is so retarded. I hate his fanbase.

No. 176606

What a moron. How hard is it to just not go on Reddit and keep your mouth shut? I guess muh karma was too much to resist.

No. 176607

I hope Jerma starts being rude to his fanbase in 2022.

No. 176715

File: 1641045413425.jpg (316.85 KB, 1080x1944, Screenshot_20220101-145547.jpg)

I wish he would set CLEAR boundaries with his fans, like he did it once with the trans stuff

No. 176792

I think a lot of the newer retard fans are from the dreamSMP, a lot of them have mentioned Ludwig & he appeared on the Dollhouse, as well as Dream making that tweet about DH reaching 100k live viewers. I see Jerma just being lumped in with those lot quite a bit, even seen "jermtwt" which is just so dumb. The only "jermtwt" there was before that stream was the 2 OOC accounts. Most of them already know Jerma from the sus meme so I think they just project that zoomer retardness onto him. Hope he has to go on hiatus again or something so they all lose interest or maybe sperg about his crypto investments kek

No. 176820

sage for tinfoil/autism but i think his possible gf is holulu? artist for grottobeasts, was his "talent assistant" for dollhouse, he acknowledges her gift subs on stream etc.

No. 176865

File: 1641111741414.jpg (842.43 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220102-092140.jpg)

Yeah, makes sense. She's definitely a downgrade from his ex but as long as he's happy

No. 176890

She's cute, I can see how jerma would be attracted to her.

No. 176904

She is very cute. I hope it works out for them! Also love to see that Jerma's still rocking that "short man stance" in pictures.

No. 177485

File: 1641456157327.png (1.95 MB, 2048x1506, Screenshot_20220106-075322.png)

I think you're on to something!
She posted this to twitter. Also in August she moved out of Los Angeles but "is still close".

No. 177652

I was watching that thrillville stream and looked up at the scream just as someone in chat was screaming about "Terf island". I just closed the chat and enjoyed funny short man without it. I feel like chat has declined so much.I also get sick of the "say the silly thing Jerma!!!" In the chat. That's why I kinda skipped the NYE stream. I stopped watching the dollhouse because of chat & Ludwig. Now I just tune in when he's playing a game I really want to see.I never used to do that

No. 179127

Tumblr's freaking out lol

No. 179130

Why can’t jerms just be based.

No. 179135

I saw someone actually "dox" him too, don't know how accurate it is. Freaks over on Tumblr are drink nuclear waste, whats new.

No. 179140

I feel like popular and handsome twitch streamers are being overrun with trannies. I gave up on watching XQC knowing a lot of his viewers are creepy troons trying to troon him out; also he fell off.

No. 179150

The fuck? I only see xqc here and there but what about him even give troon? Trannies are so fucking predatory. Jerma should have never put on the cat ears…

No. 179153

File: 1642098951615.jpg (375.99 KB, 1592x900, lol a femboy.jpg)

He is skinny and kind of dumb. He isn't even feminine except he had long-ish hair once. For troons though, that's enough: skinny, dumb, hair. They joke and call him "femboy" despite the fact that he's never called himself that and he literally wears the same shirt and sweatpants for months at a time- that's so very femboy of him I guess. Picrel is what a femboy looks like I guess.

No. 179155

They’re hardcore projecting that just because they’re miserable. If you were rich, had a gf and fans for being a skinny internet goblin you wouldn’t have trooned out to begin with Mr.Ma’am.

No. 179157

Oh also there's at least one fanart of him being fucked in the ass and in it he's crossdressing because of course he is. (source: i found the image and i have it still)

No. 179170

Weren't troons trying to cancel him recently because he kept laughing at them in those Jubilee videos and said men can't be women.

No. 179176

Troons are so much more forgiving to males, especially ones they want to groom. The only backlash I saw were people in his YouTube comments on those Jubilee video reuploads saying "man… his chat is so transphobic… it's really sad…" Maybe so, but I think the troons are more likely to donate to him and they were probably the most responsible for the annoying femboy felix/felix friday spam on Reddit that made him not want to look at it on Stream anymore. Maybe this will change, I hope it does. I wonder what kind of content attracts trannies more: gaming or watching youtube videos/shows?

No. 179181

someone doxxed jerma for dating a 28 year old? that's what happens when you pander to troons i guess.

No. 179188

I always got the vibe that he's more conservative than lib that's why he's always been very careful sidestepping political shit. Hopefully he doesn't subscribe to /pol/tier shit. I fully support dunkin on trannies tho. An semi-attractive funny white guy would be influential over peaking a decent sector of zoomers. But he doesn't gain anything from it except possible social suicide so as expected he'll just placate.

No. 179193

He doesn't seem conservative at all, he just probably doesn't understand trannies or care about them. I don't think he's a /pol/ack at all and he probably wouldn't have a girlfriend if he was

No. 179197

Isn't there a joke about how Dream fans ruin any chat they attach themselves to? A lot of streamers have tried to ban any stan accounts associated with him to save themselves

I feel like the Fem Felix spam is 98% fans trolling to get a reaction (I guess the equivalent of boys calling each other gay) and 2% troons who can't read the room and think it's actually accepted. Either way it's weird.

I think he's fairly moderate about common sense issues, but not things like pronouns, fatphobia, and that type of stuff

No. 179202

I don't see why a man would spend time making fancams of XQC as a troll. I'd think maybe it was female fans but I don't think he has many female fans that care enough to flood his reddit, as reddit is a tranny website.

No. 179203

Shit is so stupid, almost 40 year old man with dick and balls has a girlfriend shocker. I hope it kills off the retard fans, God knows what they'd done to Kim if she was still around.

I think he's more central, why can't we all get along, normal fucking guy. Dude was literally a TF2 youtuber kek

Anyways nonnies, here's a fancam that my cat enjoys watching

No. 179209

Wait I'm dumb what are you guys talking about? I don't use any social media I only follow Jerma on twitch and YouTube, did people dox him because he hot a new gf? If so thats so fucked and insane.

No. 179281

Yeah some kids doxxed him & are hating on his new girlfriend. I keep seeing people say they aren’t gonna watch him because he now has a gf. I think he said something in the recent stream (haven’t caught up yet so I’m not 100% sure) which then made all the smooth brain fans attack

No. 179284

Imagine being mad at this wholesome shit

No. 179322

What the fuck, but didn't Jerma have a gf before also or did they use to attack his ex also all the time? So fucking weird how people get mad when a streamer gets into a relationship.

No. 179392

It seems like the weird attachment to streamers is more intense now than it was. Not to point any fingers but this thread existing now for instance.

No. 179404

Yeah, when Jerma was with Kim no one was bothered because there was no parasocial children watching

No. 179911

Sperg but I happened to watch his old online quiz stream on yt where his political stance was being asked, he blacked out the screen for a bit to answer. Someone in the comments had done the quiz, tested out all the different options and it had to be liberal.

No. 180514

A bit late but I really appreciated what he said during his itch.io game stream about feeling like you're falling behind in life and not needing to bloom, especially because he's older and wasn't just addressing teenagers but people who are in the 20s and don't know what the fuck they're doing.

No. 180519

listening to him rap during the new house flipper stream was a shot of seratonin directly into my cerebellum

No. 180526

absolutely the fault of parasocial relationships. straight boys (if jerma even has any male fans) would be jealous of the perceived loss of attention and maybe mad they don't have a girlfriend, whereas the aidens and sad nerds lusting over jerma are obviously mad he expressed interest in a woman who wasn't them.

No. 183517

File: 1643814358634.png (225.09 KB, 537x624, gn0qt2xuvbf81.png)

The stream was great. The first Jerma stream in a while I watched all the way through live. However did jerma have on make up or something? Why was he yellow under the eye? I also don't like Ludwig and wish Jerma would stop bringing him around but he was actually funny. I also never paid much attention to Ster but I loved him and jermas chemistry. He was really funny. I got this picture from the jerma sub btw.

No. 183551

Probably was since it was a studio thing, but the yellow is a bit weird? I enjoyed it a lot too though! It's nice to see him and Ster back together, I always love their chemistry

No. 184015

Ugh… I'm NOT.. A fujoshi..

No. 286087

I know we had a replacement thread for this when some of media disappeared but I think the energy of this thread is better. Jeremy has been up to lots! I have been too busy to heavily keep up with streamershit but I know his card game came out. The grotto beasts thing from that archaeology stream. Very little promotion on his part. To be honest I think grotto beasts is his girlfriend’s pet project and I’m not crazy interested. He received a Legacy Award at that streamer Oscar’s ceremony. A couple more of his quirky ugly expressions went viral. Do any of his latest streams stand out? I’ve been having mixed feelings about the mustache in the baseball stream lately.>>163420

No. 286088

File: 1679976131122.jpeg (147.47 KB, 735x1103, AF8ABD1F-6362-4C91-AF4D-5DBE4B…)

I know we had a replacement thread for this when some of media disappeared but I think the energy of this thread is better. Jeremy has been up to lots! I have been too busy to heavily keep up with streamershit but I know his card game came out. The grotto beasts thing from that archaeology stream. Very little promotion on his part. To be honest I think grotto beasts is his girlfriend’s pet project and I’m not crazy interested. He received a Legacy Award at that streamer Oscar’s ceremony. A couple more of his quirky ugly expressions went viral. Do any of his latest streams stand out? I’ve been having mixed feelings about the mustache in the baseball stream lately.

No. 286089

File: 1679976065836.jpeg (147.47 KB, 735x1103, AF8ABD1F-6362-4C91-AF4D-5DBE4B…)

I know we had a replacement thread for this when some of media disappeared but I think the energy of this thread is better. Jeremy has been up to lots! I have been too busy to heavily keep up with streamershit but I know his card game came out. The grotto beasts thing from that archaeology stream. Very little promotion on his part. To be honest I think grotto beasts is his girlfriend’s pet project and I’m not crazy interested. He received a Legacy Award at that streamer Oscar’s ceremony. A couple more of his quirky ugly expressions went viral. Do any of his latest streams stand out? I’ve been having mixed feelings about the mustache in the baseball stream lately.

No. 286090

File: 1679976198968.jpeg (147.47 KB, 735x1103, 4E97D003-C4D8-4B0C-B2EF-F0DA19…)

I know we had a replacement thread for this when some of media disappeared but I think the energy of this thread is better. Jeremy has been up to lots! I have been too busy to heavily keep up with streamershit but I know his card game came out. The grotto beasts thing from that archaeology stream. Very little promotion on his part. To be honest I think grotto beasts is his girlfriend’s pet project and I’m not crazy interested. He received a Legacy Award at that streamer Oscar’s ceremony. A couple more of his quirky ugly expressions went viral. Do any of his latest streams stand out? I’ve been having mixed feelings about the mustache in the baseball stream lately.

No. 287943

File: 1680836603795.jpg (123.32 KB, 1024x851, moujcc68a8sa1.jpg)

This was so fun really lightened my mood up

No. 305176

What is the hold that Ludwig has on Jerma? What does he even do? Ludwig seems retarded and gross. In fact a lot of what Jerma does nowadays imo is kinda retarded and his humble is getting more and more, "act retarded to make my retarded fanbase laugh".
He comes off like a cool teacher trying to get hos hyperactive class to be cool.
When you think about how old he is its really kind of creepy. If jerma streams 10 times a month I might watch 1 or a half a stream if that. Before I used to watch almost everything. The last stream I watched was the last commercial stream.
Nothernlion streams are way more clever, funny and I legit feel he has the best Chat. He talks like he talking and trying to entertain people who aren't fucking teenagers. I'm sure he panderers but lord.
Vinny is also do fucking cynical, it's like everyone i like watching is just going down the drain.
I cannot stand Ludwig and I do not know why him and jerma have taken this strong liken to eachother. For some reason Ludwig gives me "clout chaser" vibes even though I'm sure he has clout of his own.

No. 305177

I barely watch Jerma's stuff but little of what I seem of Ludwig I get the same vibes from him Lol.

No. 305243

It’s probably cause jerma’s audience grew into children and zoomers, and his chat is probably way more insane now. I watch some of his vods or highlights on youtube and people in the comments mention more and more how insane chat goes over little things and ruins them.
But yeah ludwig really gives of a sleazy vibe. I liked the elden ring games he played with ster recently though, they have a funny dinamic (it probably helps that he mostly ignores chat in those streams lol)

No. 305576

Hate to say it but Jeremy has been losing it

No. 315165

File: 1692169211943.gif (199.91 KB, 666x562, tumblr_1daf958910a2552e98efb2d…)

Ludwig is a pretty open Jerma fanboy. The clout stuff is kinda ehh, Ludwig once held the most amount of subs on Twitch once for an event before he fucked off and he does Youtube shit, he does Smash Bros shit and has his own separate circle of clout. In the end he's another LA streamer.
I used to watch Lud when he'd do stupid dumb jock stuff for his thousand viewers. I admit I still check up on him but that's due to my terminally poor taste in online men. But his stuff isn't similar to Jerma's at all. Weirdly enough Jerma's fanbase is still more cancerous than Ludwig's
I don't think it's entirely his fault but Jerma kind of fell off since now he's doing shit with Minecraft Youtubers (Ranboo, again another Jerma fanboy, has a project and Jerma is a cast member as well as director) and Ludwig's company, Offbrand. It isn't constant work but I feel like he should have stuck to his own personal projects than being a behind the scenes suit for other streamers.
Jerma can't be peak forever, and his chat seems terminally fucked. Older stream, the patapon2 stream was so insufferable that he seemed annoyed for over half of it, I think about that when I see his more recent streams. This is a major nitpick but his fanbase seems to not understand Twitch humor at all so he'll say shit and they won't even react to it.
TF2 with Ster was cute and a nice throwback at least.
>it's like everyone i like watching is just going down the drain.
I can't tell if it's post-lockdown exhaustion, nothing fun being out these days, or it's that everyone I've followed on Twitch are feeling burnt out but I feel you so bad. I wondered if I outgrew streamers/Youtubers but I rewatch streams or compilations and I still laugh my ass off. I also wonder when Jerma is ever going to retire. Not like I'd want to see it when I still like him so much, but this summer I was combing through my old subs and Youtube likes, and the amount of guys I used to watch who fizzled into obscurity despite being popular made me kind of sad. If Jerma will stop having such an online presence, I'd rather he go out on a high than end with burnout.
Sorry for the negativity nonnas. This is my only outlet for streamer gripes that aren't just lolcow stuff lol

No. 315228

Wow kek I thought this thread was 6ft under
I don't think it's bc he's now mingling with other streamers, he's always said he's wanted to collab more, but a lot of current now streamers really idolise Jerma since he was sort of the blueprint for doing Twitch shows & just in general isn't like other streamers (at least back then). And he's good at those, he enjoys playing characters etc, so I'm more happy for him than anything even if it's with annoying people.
>his fanbase seems to not understand Twitch humor at all
This is definitely the combination of a lot of things, mainly, normies in lockdown using the internet more & the sus guy meme. A lot of retard zoomers then latched on, that's why the same 3 jokes float around bc none of them actually watch him & just see Jerma as a trope/meme/whatever, it's really sad and dehumanising, could get really retardedly woke and say it's infantilising ableism kek to see him being treated more as a dancing monkey than an actual guy. The Dollhouse was praised by a lot of big streamers who gained lockdown normies fans so they then they all checked out the stream, 'Jermatwt' became a thing that night after everyone tweeted, which I think says enough. It's always old Jerma clips going around and never new ones bc of this exact reason too, these fans have just sucked the life out of streams. Probably also why he's gone back to doing 'chill streams' where he doesn't have any intention of pandering and playing up, which a lot of people hate for obvious reasons, sometimes I wish he'll do something highly problematic so they all run off.
>TF2 with Ster was cute and a nice throwback at least.
Every time they stream together I feel my sanity restore, I love them together, I think bc it's the only time we actually see Jerma be himself

No. 315468

It's definitely infantilizing whether it's mental health or just him being a quirky male. Somehow zoomers have turned having ADHD into some sort of protected class of endangerment where every odd behavior is immediately attributed to mental illness and he's just a big baby who's incapable of doing anything or doesn't "realize" he's "autistic". Every movement = stimming and every display of interest is a hyperfixation. It's genuinely gross how much they analyze normal behaviors or just straight up streamer antics into some sort of mental health crisis so they can feel better about themselves. I can't imagine anyone actually enjoying streaming to an audience like that. I hope he keeps playing more tf2 or csgo or something so they get filtered out, zoomies really hate watching fps.
I apologize for attributing his collabs to the stream frequency going down I think I just have a chip on my shoulder over Ludwig and Minecraftfags. The more he associates with them the worse the fans and streams get but whatever makes him happy… And you're so right, when he's himself with his old friends the streams are way more tolerable since he's ignoring chat more and able to be himself.

No. 317953

File: 1693083293276.jpg (139.87 KB, 473x448, doll.jpg)

A more official statement on 'soft retirement'
>cut down on Twitch into 2024
>focus on Youtube, release videos on a non-strict schedule
>focus on more behind the scenes/acting combo projects akin to Offbrand and GenLoss
Clarification for the future when he plans to stream less and less/have a more scarce online presence. Nothing we haven't heard from the boss before. You can really tell how much he loves doing these huge projects compared to booting up stream and playing a game while wrangling chat. He called it pivoting to a new era.

No. 320816

>>it's really sad and dehumanising, could get really retardedly woke and say it's infantilising ableism kek
While it's not sad, it's weird, considering this man IS 37, but despite being so much older and having what seems like a younger fanbase, he hasn't been outted or isn't a creep. Yes, I also like Jerma's streams with Extalyx, he seems very chill and himself with those too. I come across so many weird videos about Jerma, "Jerma being a Himbo, Jerma being cute, Jerma being this or that". He is the Mister Rogers of twitch. NGL, I'm waiting for the day he does a stream and it's for some transgender spefic charity. Maybe he's done it, but it's so weird how little Jerma had to do to become a trans icon.
When I've watched him a TON of times ignore fucking troon flag spam. Like he doesn't go into "Yeah guys trans rights!" he just seems so "Do what makes you happy" about the issue. There's vinesauce streamers who speak about that shit more then he does.

No. 320817

I feel it's not just work, but he may be thinking of settling down and starting a family or something.

No. 322578

so the trannies won? the cringe fanbase killed him? i only watched this guy a few times and found him super annoying, everyone who doesn't watch him just thinks of him as "the guy who panders to his tranny fanbase by doing embarrassing things on stream".

No. 325740

Probably the only person who comments here or cares, but whatever. I know this is an very old happening, but i'm watching "LifeLine" vod on youtube. So Jerma is getting a bunch of donations, one dude donates him like $800 in a row to say he's bad at a game.
You can tell Jerma is kinda overwhelmed, then other people start giving him money/subs, Joel raids him. It's 5 hours in.
Suddenly the chat is full of trans pride flags, at first I thought someone donated money, but I think it's just a raid or something.
So Jerma goes,
"Tran-transgender pride..yeah..yeah fuck yeah…fuck yeah" in the most confused dry voice. Then chat of course shits their pants, and it's full of people going
>He said it! We got him to say it!!
and the, "Stop making things political, why did he say that? Whats with all the hearts?" comments. And of course people crying "MODS STOP THE TRANSPHOBES!!!"

Like 5 mintues later Jerma is like, "Everyone calm down..I just saw it (Mumbled something I couldn't understand) and i said it"
now sounding more unsure about it (IMO). Chat of course doesn't calm down, the mods put it in emote only mode (probably because the "transphobic" comments).

So this is it? This is the first time I've seen Jerma say anything about transgenders out his mouth. I've heard people say over the years he'd answer donations messages like, "yeah be whoever you want, etc". I heard he told people to basically stop being assholes in chat, by getting mad at the trans spammers and being "transphobic" but this was after months and months of folks randomly spamming it. I remember in the Shakiro Die Twice playthrough, I saw it live, people were bored and someone started the trans right spam. This was back when people actually fought back agaisnt it and would question why it was allowed, how they didn't care, or be "transphobic". Jerma looks over and is like, "Whats going on?" and moves on.
He HAD to address it, because the spam kept happening and the agruments in chat kept happening, probably also troon mods or reddit posts.

Why is he considered this huge TRA streamer? I remember Hasaan going, "yeah Jerma is a huge trans friendly streamer" and even Keffals making some unfunny joke about how much Jerma does for transgenders.
Has he done big donations? I've been in random streamers streams, who will stop everything and knowledge trans right spam, or whatever.

Jerma normally ignores that shit (even to this day), he even didn't want to say "Gay" when he saw it on a sign in Geo-guessr, he tends to act "Confused" when he sees "Problematic" things in games, then will make a joke out of it, "Like this guy is a huge asshole, ha ha" afterwards.
I do not get why they act like he's like singing about transrights all day, he just lets them spam and his mod team is full of transgenders/TRAs so they will ban anyone. Even the "Non-binary catboy" shit in the IRL Sims thing, didn't seem Jerma's style.
If that was his idea I'd be very shocked.
Sorry for the rant, it's late, I'm watching videos and I'm trying to entertain myself. I doubt anyone will read this.
TL;DR, I finally saw the Donkey Kong raid, and I watched Jerma awkwardly go, "Transgender pride", I do not get why he's considered this huge ally, based on the little situations where he's just like, "Stop doing this, be nice, be who you want", Also sidenote, I've been binging jerma's old streams & Throughtout all of them, I've noticed chat members who do nothing but spam the transright emote ever so often. I don't think I've ever see them make a comment. Are they fucking bots? etc.

No. 325741

Nah, he just seems less into it. I once thought he enjoyed more crazy weird streams, that are fun, instead of IRL stuff, but someone said that he enjoys the IRL productions more. Which makes me feel like he wants to interact less with his fans and more creating big things for his fans to watch/interact with.
Versus him sitting down for 3-5 hours, while chat spams transrights everytime they see anything pink, blue or close to those colors. Or insulting him randomly, or asking him to "Put on the cam!".
I hate that shit so much, I don't get it, They'll literally beg him to do it at times. Or people bitching that he's playing a weird fun game or a weird bad but good game, some of his best streams where him pushing through bad interesting games.
While some chat members whine about it. All that said, I think he's just getting older and is close to retiring.

No. 325840

Yes, he's said several times that he enjoys doing IRL stuff as well as planning hence loving doing the Generation Loss stuff, more than streaming.
Anyone catch the news about him hanging out with Meatcanyon and Ryan Magee?

No. 326193

Haven't listened to Meatcanyon's podcast this was mentioned on (unless there's more elsewhere) but my two parasocial boyfriends hanging out is crazy

No. 326703

They censored his name on Cream Crew podcast on Youtube, but not on Spotify. since he's still in his pariah arc I guess. That's how people found out.

No. 329255

yeah I have no idea why people see him as this huge TRA streamer who has trans flags in his room and says "TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS" every 5 seconds.
the only reason he kinda panders (with that catboy shit) to the tranny mob is because he doesn't have a choice… they make up a lot of his fanbase and he can't say what he truly feels because they give him views… but still, I wouldn't want my fanbase to be half trannies, they're all so goddamn obnoxious. I would rather have 1.000 not-tranny/tra fans rather than 10.000 fans where half are trannies/tras

No. 330768

File: 1698492070691.png (587.3 KB, 463x459, jerma.PNG)

from hollys instagram

No. 330819

File: 1698513784333.jpeg (41.48 KB, 640x677, jermy.jpeg)

rare pic

No. 330821

File: 1698514051261.jpeg (39.95 KB, 359x391, jvnZxyP.jpeg)

Can't get over how he is probably wearing some normal sized shorts and they look like this on him.

No. 330831

How short is he?

No. 330924

Trannies should pressure him to do OF

No. 331093

File: 1698574917954.jpeg (65.01 KB, 768x1024, jNbNxwo.jpeg)

5'7? I think?
hi jermanonnie from the moovie night kek gonna dump a rare pic of him as well

No. 331105

File: 1698577642138.jpeg (58.66 KB, 720x478, 62C11EFE-0298-4885-B0F9-88FC4B…)

If we’re dumping rare jerme pics, I have quite a few kek

No. 331178

File: 1698598440608.jpeg (85.27 KB, 828x714, SPPsAUi.jpeg)

ooooh okay this one isn't in the imgur link… do you have more?

No. 331180

One thing I do enjoy about Jerma is he seems to really dote on his girlfriends, like I'm watching old streams and he brings every girl he's with up constantly.
Like he goes out his way to mention them, especially when he was with Kim. Despite all the Troon shit (which is very little and overblown by his fans) Jerma does legit seem like one of the few streamers who is what he is.
I'd be very very very surprised if he was some kind of monster. Even though his older streams are better,I still do enjoy him.
I don't find him physically attractive 90% of the time but I can understand why people do, what he shows on streams makes him seem like a weird dude with charm and a sense of humor.
##though I I get the vibe that sll

No. 331352

File: 1698666141274.png (505.3 KB, 604x453, BA8F717B-ACCD-4544-96EF-9ABE40…)

Ohh kek you know the imgur, there’s a few pics not on there if you found that via cc that was me & stalkeranon whom I miss very much it’s also been quite awhile since I’ve gone looking so someone’s probably dug up more

No. 331435

File: 1698697535095.png (117.18 KB, 439x356, tumblr_n3xj57fyeo1seg4qmo1_500…)

>if you found that via cc that was me & stalkeranon whom I miss very much
I did! but with the help of a jermanonnie in the moovie night room. (hi jermanonnie if you're here, don't want to namedrop) she sent me the cc link + the imgur link.
question, how did you find the pics? also do you maybe have mirror(s) to his old website? I'm curious to see what was in there kek

No. 331992

File: 1698870745136.jpg (115.74 KB, 800x533, tumblr_d521528ce6840eda462bb69…)

I wish I had a mirror of his old website, from what I know it was deleted either before or early into his YouTube career. I think its cute how he spoke about relationships/sex on there, he's so closed off now it kinda pisses me off kek.
>how did you find the pics?
The deactivated tumblr mentioned in the imgur had them, there was people in their circle who are still active today and have pics not on there, I can't remember any blog names off the top of my head sorry but it's a lot of digging through weird jlud shipping dead dove kinda shit

No. 331996

File: 1698874294019.png (80.16 KB, 671x555, jermanet.PNG)

>I think its cute how he spoke about relationships/sex on there
wasn't there a .txt file where he talked about sex/relationships? or was it a webpage? I don't remember that well but Wayback Machine has the page archived (but not the .txt file).

No. 332000

i'm here

that thread was great, do you remember what the jerma discord cap said? it got deleted.

No. 332044

>##though I I get the vibe that sll
did you have a stroke or did jerma kidnap you mid-sentence

No. 332073

File: 1698885574837.png (106.99 KB, 140x359, 87659.png)

I don't think so, that stuff was on the /rant section of his site which isn't on wayback so I'm unsure how anyone would find it nowadays
>do you remember what the jerma discord cap said? it got deleted.
You're lucky, the thread was archived on wayback, here's the link that was in the reply, discord messages about who he'd date & Newgrounds caps/VA reel + some random bits https://imgur.com/a/EySfc1f

I'd like to note the cross right behind him in this pic, it evokes something in me, also CC stalkeranon if you're still around lurking I hope you're okay especially after everyone harassed you for calling his brother up KEK you had top notch stuff

No. 332239

Wtf based let me read about this pls

No. 332760

File: 1699111898611.jpg (221.97 KB, 1079x954, worldsbestcollage.jpg)

>You're lucky, the thread was archived on wayback
I found the post! here's the link if anyone wants it: https://web.archive.org/web/20230107122200/https://crystal.cafe/x/res/2475.html
regarding the imgur photo dump, holy based. I remember 2 years ago (I think) I discovered his newgrounds and I went all over his forum posts (to add, when I saw that specific comment he made in picrel I was a bit flustered, especially when he said "OH MY TOOTSIES, Oh my GYOD" that was cute).
also the way he flirted with Ellair.. I wonder if they were together at some point.

No. 332762

File: 1699112370433.png (Spoiler Image,338.44 KB, 554x565, 1668574639881.png)

samefag, a pic I found I think on LC? or CC? or maybe 4chan? I don't remember kek
clearly it's not him but a girl can dream

No. 332772

File: 1699118592459.png (629.18 KB, 1080x1338, image_2023-11-04_171420907.png)

It's so cute the way he flirts, picrel is what gets me, height teasing is so cheesy & cringe usually but it's different with him kek. If you think his Newgrounds era is cute, someone wrote a fic on ao3 about it, it's really good arguably my favourite fic ever, called 'Ping!' I usually find jerma fics occ but this is pretty good had me kicking my feet and all
Pretty sure it's been posted on /g/ threads a lot kek, it's insane how much of a lookalike though

No. 332781

I have a fantasy where he gets raped while streaming but the chat is in emoji only mode so people can’t even use voice donations to call 9/11. They spam the crying face emoji while some girl brutally pops his prostate with a knife. I want to see him gagged with a bloody maxi pad and two tampons in his nostrils. The last sensory experience he has is of rotting blood and the cheap synthetic smell of feminine hygiene products.

No. 332802

based but a man should rape him

No. 332815

>call 9/11

No. 332983

>a man should rape him
GOD. Can't women have anything?!

No. 333138

do you have the fic link?

No. 333150

here nonna, unfortunately hasn't been updated in ages. I pray the author does update one day. https://archiveofourown.org/works/44596522/chapters/112185616

No. 333332

No. 335004

Anyone watched the fruit game stream? I feel like Jerma shows in a very small way some resentment towards chat. Maybe I'm just retarded he kept jokingly coming at chat for things he seemed annoyed by.
Also did he retire? Did I miss something? I only watched him when he plays something I like to watch, do I missed the last few streams before the fruit stream

No. 336223

literally no wonder he wants to retire chat gone to shit he def doesn't like it. a bunch of tard 14 year olds who make fun of him all day and spam trans flag it's gotta be grating at this point. fame at what cost…

No. 336482

Yeah he just sounds bored every new stream he does. Also I'm sorry I know that some of the shit he does outside of streaming is what he wants to do, but none of it seems entertaining or good
Then again. I have to remember this scrote is almost 40.

No. 337739

File: 1700754023314.gif (145.98 KB, 396x398, never-forget-9-11.gif)

we love you Jeremy Harrington…

No. 338042

Even the discord server is unreadable, just kids talking about nothing relatable to a 40yo man. As a private person, he’s only withdrawn further and inevitably is very alienated from his own viewer base. Doing production stuff is the only venue where he can interact with peers and maybe meet the audience on his own terms, I don’t think he cares about being the funny man anymore. It’s over.

No. 343108

Jerma keeps talking about retiring and streams that are him just alone, don't really feel the same. It's kinda getting annoying tbh.
I do like how he seems too seriously pop back at chat. He used to do that before, but chat is so annoying that sometimes his "Being mean to chat" aka telling people to chill the fuck out sounds like he's really annoyed.
I've been watching his old stuff and it's night and day to me his demeaner, then again he is like 40 entertaining a bunch of probably teenagers or people in their 20's.

No. 343651

you can write a fanfiction on ao3 based on this

No. 344451

File: 1703378838898.png (1.1 MB, 1200x1044, 34FCE3DD-E2B6-4F9A-8432-CF7095…)

holly used jerma’s influence to shill her pet project. you can tell he doesn’t give a single fuck about grotto beasts kek. also she likely initiated dating him through his discord and drew this before he knew who she was. jerma was her husbando and she was the husbandofag

No. 344457

It’s kinda sus that he’s a fan/employee dater. But tbh he’s literally a man of wealth and influence, supporting your gf’s projects is the least that he could do.

No. 344847

is there a compilation anywhere of her pre-actual jerma dating jerma stan antics? i've seen her random fanart she still has up on i think her twitter from years ago before she met him but i don't actually know how much is out there or rather still out there

him dating a fan honestly did make me think less of him when it all was announced but the loss of long term wifey had to have made the nerdy girl truly obsessed with him seem so comforting after all that right? idk.. it still freaks me out. like she was drawing that stuff of him while he was just a random streamer dating someone else lol?? but now she's dating him?? that's weird

No. 344921

I mean… if they ever break up that means jermafags have a chance right? lol

No. 349124

Jerma seems so ready to retire, just do it already. He honestly comes off like he's kind of resentful of his audience, he often talks now like he's chastising a classroom full of kids.
Maybe it's just me, I kinda like it tbh, he did pander a lot to his chat, i know all streamers do but i've seen little moments where he seemed legit uncomfortable by certain shit. I will miss him though. Seems like he wants to do anything thats NOT interacting much with the chat for long periods of time. Thats why I feel he wants to do IRL stuff so much, because he's not sitting for hours with a game he may or may not be interested, having to read chat and interact as much.

No. 349125

Lol you’re watching him talk about 2024 plans too? Idk why he feels like he has to let chat down easy or something, like he’s backing away from a nervous animal. He looks sickly btw.

No. 349139

Nta but he looks like total shit now probably due to his years long struggle with chronic pain kek. It's a wonder he maintained himself as long as he did considering all the shit that was going wrong with him.

No. 349212

File: 1705479302174.png (268.93 KB, 438x353, jerma.PNG)

He has a head full of nice brown hair and a solid hairline, if he's not going to cut it I wish he'd at the very least comb and wash it before streams.
He was playing with his hair for a bit in this screenshot, but he really is starting to get into his, "Who fucking cares" stage.
In a lot of streams he was constantly commenting on his hair, and how he looked on camera, now I don't think he gives a damn. He said retirement like 55 times kek.
Does anyone know what Jerma is doing outside of streaming? He seems to live very modest, he had a roommate, etaylx for the longest.
I wonder what he's going to do when he stops streaming in general.

No. 349241

I think the main thing is working for Ludwig’s company. And I have a strong feeling he’s gearing up to have a kid.

No. 349407

Nta, but imo I think he's doing the Jschlatt thing of wanting to come off as unattractive to his audience. Even before he got a thirty zoomer audience any 'handsome streamer' comment made him sorta uncomfortable and probably to then see thousands of comments like that in chat every time must be very annoying & weird. Currently he's working as creative director at Ludwig's company & pretty sure he lives with Holly. I'm really gonna miss him though, he's my ultimate irl husbando

No. 349448

Jerma's gf is a fat, fart and furry freak! she openly follows that stuff on her public twitter that he follows. i wish she wouldn't have made him so fat and lazy

No. 349550

>she openly follows that stuff on her public twitter that he follows
uh oh.. proof?

No. 349645

what is ludwig's company? and I'll miss him too. I don't think he'll be the type too have a kid and stream.
I think once he gets ready to marry and have a kid that'll be it. I criticize a lot but i have to remember he has been doing this for fucking years and he is 40, if he does want kids and marriage he may be ready to settle down and not deal with bullshit.
I also think it's not him trying to look unattractive, I think he just hasn't been grooming himself lately because he's not on camera.

No. 349835

File: 1705690358193.png (247.87 KB, 1280x720, ludwig leaving offbrand.png)

about that…

No. 349837

File: 1705690485351.jpg (1.03 MB, 3507x2481, 20220106_220114.jpg)

first this is holly's own fursona

No. 349839

File: 1705690636805.png (244.11 KB, 750x634, IMG_9654.png)

and this is the fat fur account she follows on twitter. besides the one i posted she's drawn a lot more furry art, i can post a collage i guess if anyone asks.

No. 349850

100% Jerma is going to have a kid within two years max. There's no other way he'd get with some terminally online fat fetish furry fangirl kek. She's insane 100% and probably won him over by mentioning she wants to have kids very soon or something and he ran with it.

No. 349851

File: 1705693724731.png (2.35 MB, 828x1792, IMG_6927.png)

I don't think jerma wants anything serious. He didn't want to marry his exgf, i think that's why they broke up. Remember when he did a fake proposal on stream (to his girlfriend of 5 years, who moved across the country for him too) and gave her a promise ring?

No. 349863

I don’t usually care that a woman have fursonas, it’s autism adjacent. If I’m giving her benefit of the doubt, maybe she’s just one of those artists who lowkey do a lot of furfag commissions.

No. 349864

Any explaination for this?

No. 349873

Jerma also confirmed before they ever broke up that he and Kim had discussed their relationship and came to the conclusion that they weren't going to get married or something. It was pretty obvious that they weren't going to last. It was in an L.A. Noire stream iirc. He's approaching 40 years old, I'm sure he's feeling some kind of pressure to marry and start a family.

No. 349911

kim turned into a they/them gendie (her pronouns are on her twitter), thought that was the reason why she and jerma broke up

No. 349913

File: 1705705259938.png (686.44 KB, 1170x624, IMG_0194.png)

well that's true yeah, maybe that's the reason, since she started using pronouns after breaking up. it's surprising because she's very normal compared to Holly (whose real name is Monica Grover in case that wasn't known here)

No. 349983

I thought I saw someone mention that Jerma said he didn't want kids. This was a few years ago tho

No. 350014

Didn't he say that he wasn't going to marry her in the Sea Man stream? Anyone remember when the Sea Man was asking jerma questions and he'd mute himself answering them.
Well he unmuted just as the Seaman was saying something to the effect of him not wanting to marry his current partner. I have recently watched the Sea Man stream but I purposely skip over that part because it was so cringe, so I may be misremembering.

No. 350017

I watched some browser game stream where he was asked did he want kids and he said no, but who knows whats true. Things can change, again, he is 40.

No. 350237

pls do nonnita I don't use twitter idfk how to find anything on there

No. 350377

File: 1705856899360.png (17.86 MB, 4500x3500, hollys shitty art.png)

No. 350379

File: 1705857013640.png (15.13 MB, 3500x3500, New Project.png)

No. 350381

File: 1705857039338.png (185.08 KB, 828x797, IMG_7529.png)

her deviantart is hollulu.

No. 350998

File: 1706128908943.jpeg (196 KB, 828x748, FFC8FF83-8442-4577-86D4-5BFC91…)

lol this is all making the alleged ex bff of holly’s on tumblr seem more credible. they also posted about how she scammed a bunch and underpaid all those shitty card game artists.
the funniest part to me is how all she posts about now is jerma. she never posted about her previous youtuber loser bf ever. she’s giving off the “jerma fangirl who won” energy and is smug about it.

No. 351228

Smells like vendetta in here, pony art is milky how? Where's the furry porn? Half of the twitter art community would be cows if we're up in arms about every mf who fumbles their shop orders once in a while.
Sorry anon Jeremy is probably gonna get her pregnant soon, you should start making peace with that posibility.

No. 351621

ponycon?? lmao

No. 351623

>Where's the furry porn?
nonnie here is right, all she's drawn apparently was sfw pony fanart and some sfw anthro fanart

No. 360415

Do you think he'll actually stream on the 7th? I remember seeing a comment on YouTube pointing out that there wasn't even a single female streamer on the big Lethal Company stream which us true and sucks but I'm not surprised. I think it was Ster that put that together or am I mistaken?

No. 361009

He's streaming right now puzzles. I came here to ask, has anyone looked into whatever he's doing with Ludwig?
He mentioned something about a show, "Unpaid" or 'Paid intern" I can't remember and I'm not going to look because it involves Ludwig and really dislike him.
Is it good? What is it? The chat seemed very uninterested in what he was saying about it kek, I wonder if it pissed him off or disappointed him.
Also I notice that when ever Vinny streams with Jerma he constantly seems like he wants his attention. I noticed it in the Lethal Company stream/Among us stream etc. maybe it's just me. Someone pointed out on KF that Vinny was always bringing up Jerma randomly but that was some months ago. Maybe thats why I notice it so much

No. 361040

>Furfag with fat fetish wins over youtuber while his fangirls seethe about it
Based department is calling

No. 361111

I missed him mentioning that, I'm going to have to rematch at some point but I'm guessing he had some hand in planning or coming up with games? Not sure and I'm not planning on watching the whole thing but I got recommended this clip from it.
As for Vinny I don't watch him, I did catch a stream recently and it was kind of fun but I don't think I really love his sense of humour, he does come across as very socially awkward though kek

No. 361116

Vinny comes across as a pathetic simpering depressed bitch in a crusty wig. Sometimes I feel like he hams it up so his teen followers will be like zomg Vinny is sooo troubled and sad and depressed [tearing up emoji].

No. 361140

Vinny isn't my taste, too many in-jokes, one time I saw a vod uploaded to youtube, I clicked it and within like 5 mintues he was doing a snake voice and talking about pooping a diaper or some kind of gross poop humor. I can't remember and I don't care if it's unironic, i just hate that kind of shit.
Jerma is the perfect mix of, non-coomer, non-terminally online, non-super woke, random retarded humor I love. It's never gross out shit, when he puts his mind to it he can be really clever.
I think thats why he said he likes to write instead of being on camera. You can tell he really does enjoy putting an idea onto paper and then watching his ideas come to life. He also said he's a bossy person, so he's obviously the leader type.
I also prefer Joel over Vinny. Vinny is okay but he's not really my humor type.

No. 361237

File: 1710035579874.jpg (16.12 KB, 624x468, 072cff7e5b5730ce23ee380113dc60…)

"based" department can GTFO

No. 363155

File: 1710640345046.jpg (13.73 KB, 275x270, oouhhhhhmygawwwww.jpg)

No. 364680

File: 1711127467618.png (337.55 KB, 400x531, IMG_7084.png)

i miss him

No. 365049

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