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File: 1634058885694.jpg (516.12 KB, 1200x676, 93394316_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 163970

All GI related discussion, salt, metas and rants go here.

> Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to log on https://genshin.mihoyo.com/en/gift
>Check your spiral abyss data https://webstatic-sea.hoyolab.com/app/community-game-records-sea/m.html
>Wish simulator (feat. old banners) https://gi-wish-simulator.uzairashraf.dev/
>Wish counter with some pull statistics https://paimon.moe/
>Damage calculator https://genshinimpactcalculator.com/genshinCalc.html
>Build simulator https://www.gscale.cc/
>Database filled with pretty much everything found in game https://genshin.honeyhunterworld.com/

previous thread: >>>/m/158229

No. 163979

File: 1634060929458.jpeg (213.78 KB, 850x1133, 29BA2473-EBE2-4EEA-A426-C82CB4…)

they’re really trying to ship that stupid weak ass anime trope tengu bitch with him

No. 163980

File: 1634061611318.jpg (20.25 KB, 480x480, 86697335_611534093004030_20836…)

Still too lazy to come back to this game despite checking most of my criteria
How long does it take to get to the last story?

No. 163983

It's so weird and feels so random kek, I think it's just because she has some voicelines about him

No. 163987

File: 1634063066888.jpg (1.36 MB, 1240x1754, 20211011_212815.jpg)

80 years, and the story is shit. If you ever bother to go through it I recommend finding a good podcast to watch in the bg while you click through all the dialog as fast as you can.

They look so ugly together

No. 163990

I can see the appeal but tbh YoimiyaxItto makes more sense but it gets overshadowed

No. 163991

>happy trail
>with piercing
Now we're talking.

No. 163992

Finally some fucking good food.

No. 163993

File: 1634064450188.jpeg (103.26 KB, 1200x531, 0F85FE7A-E596-4FB4-A0A3-95DAE2…)

It’s funny because she talks about him like you would talk about that annoyingly autistic neighbor’s kid who only talks about his best friend the cockroach.

No. 163994

their aesthetic needs personality fits together more but yoimiya’s engdub voice makes me want to commit genocide

No. 163995

File: 1634065709640.jpg (59.25 KB, 640x357, FBcrHGxUcAMs5-x.jpg)

It's not random at all, half the reason people were excited about Itto before we knew what he looked like and somewhat understood his personality was because of this interaction he has with Sara. It's hilarious how much of a dork he is honestly, I hope his character quest is about him annoying Sara to hell til she gives him his vision back

No. 163996

File: 1634065807000.jpeg (50.74 KB, 781x392, images (1) (12).jpeg)

Part 2

No. 163997

File: 1634065919818.jpeg (50.21 KB, 685x447, images (1) (13).jpeg)

And Part 3. There's also an NPC on Inazuma City that talks about how he challenged Sara to a sumo wrestling match to win back his vision without noticing how he was basically asking her to get naked in front of everyone lmao

No. 163999

i wonder if we're ever going to see canon fem zhongli, kek. on one hand i want to, on the other hand i sort of don't because female zhongli would almost inevitably get the mihoyo thigh high treatment. maybe better to just leave it to my imagination where fem!zhongli would be dressed the same as he dresses now.

No. 164003

after all the fan depictions of fem zhongli I really hope not

No. 164005

File: 1634070225811.jpg (196.17 KB, 1240x1754, 1634070044702.jpg)

I agree with you, nona, they would make great parents

No. 164006

I forgot yoimiya existed about a week after her banner went up

No. 164008

Anyways I had a dream I accidentally rolled on Kokomi's banner and got her. She materialized in front of me, pointed a gun to my head and demanded I add her to my party.

No. 164010

File: 1634072080881.jpg (50.33 KB, 476x476, kokoshoot.JPG)

That wasn't a dream. Start rolling.

No. 164013

Ntayrt but omg they would be.

No. 164026

>Me opening this thread to be reminded that there are people who like het ships

No. 164028

File: 1634080513475.jpg (221.17 KB, 1221x1118, booba.jpg)

you're about to get hated on but your right. with the exception of y/n shit het ships are for 3rd graders who don't know what bl is yet.

No. 164029

File: 1634081038840.jpg (347.92 KB, 1267x685, 1634080248435.jpg)

ANYWAYS, before the infighting starts, are any anons here are still going to roll for Childe now that we know what Itto looks like? I only have 23k and a guaranteed so I'll go for Itto. Not going for Itto's weapon tho since you need aroun 31k to guarantee it and I'm unlucky as sin. Tell me your savings, nonas!
Also, I love the current launch picture, feels really nice to see Xinyan in it

No. 164030

Aether looks so happy, i wish that were me.

No. 164031

not even just bl, gl ships are also good…

No. 164032

Here comes the self-righteous fujo

No. 164033

yeah, me! itto does absolutely nothing for me and i started playing after childe's first two banners so now i'm gonna throw my guaranteed at the crazy fatui man

No. 164034

If it wasn't for chongyun I might pass but I haven't been able to pull on a banner with him since zhongli's first banner!! I'll pull until I get his last 3 cons or until I get childe whichever comes first.

No. 164037

still pulling. but I do hope I get enough primos when his banner comes around.

No. 164044

I didn't care for Childe but as soon as I saw Itto I 100% gave up on pulling for Thoma. I probably won't even risk it with Gorou if he's in a diff banner from Itto.

No. 164053

Banners up… 120 pulls, no childe, and I just got my last chong constellation. Pain. Don't know whether to save my guarantee or not. I hope jean dies in a fire.

No. 164058

>Pull on Kokomi for the lulz
>Win coinflip
>Pull x20 on Childe's banner without any hope, maybe will get Chongyun
>Win coinflip again
I'll never be this lucky again. Hydro is the way.

No. 164062

File: 1634094121794.jpg (254.09 KB, 1916x994, 20211012_220150.jpg)

oh they're baiting hard

No. 164073

where did this come from?

No. 164077

Damn lazy Mihoyo making me download the entire game again on my shitty internet.

I really wish Itto and Gorou weren't Geo.
Not sure how they will work with actual gameplay. I barely use Zhongli because of that even though I love his design.

No. 164081

kek this post is beyond based and I'm going to screenshot it and save it to admire later on

They really did Thoma dirty by pushing his release to Hu Tao's banner and let's be real the announced 4-stars in Childe's rerun are worthless to go along with his kit. I don't want to waste a pity milestone on Hu Tao, so like many others who are nearing their pity I'm either going to roll for Childe to reset my pity counter, then a couple of 10-pulls to get Thoma and then the rest for Itto, OR just pass Hu Tao's banner altogether and wait until Thoma is available from the store or some other, more interesting banner. Any thoughts from other nonnies in a similar situation? I wonder if Gorou is going to be a 5-star or released with Itto's banner though.


No. 164082

I currently have 111 pulls saved and I really want to try and get C1 Childe. I will skip Polar since I already got Pulse and I will also skip Thoman and staff of Homa. Which makes me sad but I really want Gorou and Itto.

I heard some leakers say that Gorou will be on Albedo's rerun banner and I still haven't gotten Albedo either. Ah why is Mihoyo so suddenly throwing all the husbando's to us.

No. 164084

File: 1634110775682.jpg (57.84 KB, 640x699, bq9tdut4j5t71.jpg)

mihoyo official account said that gorou was a 4 star. there's new info from the guy who first leaked the 2.2 banners that an albedo event is coming 2.3 but whether gorou will be with him or not is still unknown.

No. 164092

File: 1634118052814.png (668.9 KB, 547x548, Tartaglia.png)

good luck to all anons pulling for Tartaglia (or his bow)!

No. 164101

File: 1634121297376.jpg (128.99 KB, 1002x1002, IMG_20211011_204551.jpg)

All I wanted is the new claymore (Akuoumaru), but no luck and I can't waste more of my hu tao fund. It's impossible to get the 4-star weapon you want from those banners unless you whale, isn't it?

No. 164105

I only have 15k primos and I'm going to save up for Itto, Gorou and Albedo and I'll skip Childe (pretty sure he will get a rerun again). I like Itto and Gorou but I can feel that their sales will be poor, so I'm afraid they won't get a rerun. Also, did they decide to give Aloy to everyone? I received her today but I'm not a PlayStation player.

No. 164106

>Itto's sales will be poor
>He's currently breaking records with likes on his twitter character reveal
>Gorou was trending after his release
Anon I think your fears are baseless

No. 164109

Aloy was always meant to be for everyone. PS players just got her one patch earlier than others

No. 164110

Itto is super popular in the western fanbase (honestly, I think he might be the most popular male character yet) but the chinese reception of him is mixed.
I'm guessing he's also popular in Japan because the amount of art from japanese artists I've seen of him is insane already. It's not a completely unfounded fear.
But also, sales dont really directly translate with popularity even if they are sometimes related, and I would think Mihoyo has better data to measure that

No. 164111

Itto may be popular, but the moids absolutely hate Gorou (or any good looking male character). No idea about what chinese players think of them, but I assume they drool over waifus the most, and mihoyo caters to them.

Oh I see, I thought she was going to be exclusive. Cool.

No. 164114

Don't most chinese players just care about meta? Wasn't there an estimated sale chart going around for chinese ios players and venti was the character with the most profit right?

>moids absolutely hate Gorou

I noticed that too, they hate him because he is cute and doesn't look like a general but yet they don't complain about Kokomi who looks like a magical girl and is supposed to be the leader?

I'm sorry anon, i do lowkey think the weapon banner is a scam and sometimes it's even harder to get the 4 star you want because they don't have a guaranteed pity like a 5 star. Gl with hu tao!

Thank you nonnie, I also wish you lots of luck!

No. 164119

>they don't complain about Kokomi who looks like a magical girl and is supposed to be the leader?
Moid logic at its finest. When Gorou was released male ledditors were put on suicide watch because REEEEEE HE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A GENERAL A GENERAL IS SUPPOSED TO BE A BIG BEEFY GUY but for whatever reason they were completely accepting of the great war strategist resistance leader being a literal soft pastel mermaid magic girl running around in her panties kek

>Don't most chinese players just care about meta?

Pretty much, yeah. Most Chinese players are just autistic minmaxers and are more concerned with OP meta. That's why Kokomi and Yoimiya flopped so hard.

Also I agree that the weapon banners are a ripoff and often replaceable by a cheaper 4-star one. In my opinion the weapons you get from BP are the best deal.

No. 164124

File: 1634133399774.jpeg (155.33 KB, 1746x1075, 3977DDA7-80C2-47D7-9B1F-92C256…)

I for one cannot wait for our Bara king. I hope his gang is like full of little kids or some shit.

No. 164127

I can't play right now.
How's the new island nonnies?

No. 164130

I got childe because I don’t want hoe ass hu Tao, any good recommended builds for childe?

No. 164132

Focus on crit damage, hydro damage and crit rate is my advice. He's a DPS designed for short bursts of damage so try to maximize his time on the field.

No. 164133

File: 1634138485887.png (92.4 KB, 640x320, 9lhlnfqff8t71.png)

Psa: gorou can summon a puppy that buffs your team

No. 164134

File: 1634138900773.jpeg (273.08 KB, 1242x906, CAF7DE74-7216-4CB3-B2F8-454C57…)

No. 164135

File: 1634139443188.jpg (349.87 KB, 2000x1600, 1634132841793.jpg)

He'll be BiS for an Itto team omg I'm so excited, hopefully they are on the same banner

No. 164137

WHY does he summon a puppy when HE's already a puppy?? Two puppies?

No. 164139

File: 1634140063520.jpg (362.85 KB, 1302x1420, 1634137830823.jpg)

He's a moron, your honor, I love him so much. His character quest needs to have him fight Sara, Mihoyo, that's all I'm asking

No. 164140

File: 1634140389400.jpg (210.98 KB, 1302x1355, fyr6chvinu04x26639.jpg)

2.2 can't end fast enough, gimme geo boys mahoeyoe

nooo aha she should stay with autism shogun in case someone tries to jfk her! let itto and mc arrange illegal beetle fights with shotas and do gang violence in peace uwu

No. 164142

it's..misty kek. i realised i need to have done a world quest which i haven't finished yet so I cant explore without "getting lost in the fog

No. 164144

File: 1634143040741.jpeg (806.67 KB, 2048x2048, FBkAqsoVcAIJUlf.jpeg)

Nah, Raiden is busy with Yae, Itto should follow Sara around for his rematch

No. 164145

File: 1634143742518.png (2.33 MB, 1720x760, itto.png)

Farm for your husbando, nonnies!

No. 164150

thank u anon!

No. 164151

File: 1634145884836.png (188.89 KB, 640x354, s163noszw8t71.png)

love the splash art ahh he looks cute in game too, and his kit looks meaty!

mm no thanks

No. 164153

File: 1634146280848.png (239.26 KB, 739x636, kokomiArtifact.PNG)

There is also a new artifact leaked that is made for kokomi.

The artifact set looks very pretty, it seems to be made for kokomi but can also be good on character like Qiqi i think? They will also probably leak another new artifact for geo.

You're so fast, I was just about to post it!
Omg his model looks so good? His hair is so fluffy im glad it doesn't look shit like albedo. Wtf i'm legit dead i will skip every banner to get him. And his abs look surprisingly good to.

Thank you anon!

- Heart of Depth (4)
- Sands - ATK%
- Goblet - Hydro DMG
- Circlet - Crit Rate / DMG

Crit ratio should preferably be like 1:2.
Have fun with him anon! He's my main for a while now and I especially like him with national team.

No. 164154

He is so beautiful oh my god!!! Can't wait to put him in a party with Sara, they are both such cuties

No. 164155

File: 1634146647448.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.13 KB, 320x651, l5ej574i69t71.jpg)

Ew. apparently this is a real thing.

>loli face with massive tits

Watch how fast the horny scrotes who dropped their money on raiden c2 bench her for new booba

No. 164156

File: 1634146866062.jpeg (368.04 KB, 1863x2048, FBa8iy_UUAkMEBD.jpeg)

This also allows non healers to heal, right?? Could potentially be good on Gorou too for a solo geo team if you dont want to use Noelle.

Anon, that's literally just female Gorou. Probably his mother?

Same, anon, I dont care how bad they might be together, I'll make it work

No. 164157

pls say sike. Where did you find this image, is this supposed to be like one of Gorou's siblings? God i hate the loli face and big tits combo so much

No. 164158

He looks amazing, does he turn into a hot demon oni with his q? That would be just fucking perfect. I love his colors and fluffy hair.

Ew, is she related to Gorou? Those gigantic hentai tits combed with the child face… it's disgusting. They listen to the retarded suicidal moids so much that they are willing design something this gross and cheap-looking.

No. 164159

Also sorry for the samefag but i think it might be fan art because her hands look so fucked up?? Like she has baby hands the art doesn't look that good

No. 164160

File: 1634147274880.jpg (208.41 KB, 1242x1553, ltfJjLT2EhrsA4hSFMZVt35oi3ueoH…)

Sorry for like spamming the thread but here is the other new artifact set

No. 164161

Nonnie what if the ideal team for Gorou is Fischl, Xiangling and Razor?

No. 164162

cracked, my geo boys about to beat ass

No. 164164

The furry club team.

No. 164166


redeem code anons

No. 164169

Thx good hooman

No. 164170

>>164155 if it is real that dress would cause major clipping issues she most likely going to be an npc at the most because we might be getting a gorou hangout in the future

No. 164174

File: 1634151397268.jpg (Spoiler Image,186.53 KB, 1515x811, 20211013_205436.jpg)

No. 164176

this is so crazy all I ever wanted in a character was an albedo buffer and the one I got is fucking OP and also a small dog… bless u mihoyo i never said anything negative about u ever, will be whaling.

No. 164177

the fact that gorou and itto are both geo. praying that ayato is hydro like the leaks.

No. 164183

I'm at 40 ar now and I started recently farming artifacts.
What kind of stats/substats are the most recommended overall?
Atk, element dmg, crit dmg, crit rate?
Also, should I wait until 45 ar so I can get 5 artifacts or I should level my 4 ones?

No. 164184

sorry it sould be
"5 stars artifacts or I should level up my 4 starts ones?

No. 164186

I’m not good at metafaggotry but I usually pick whatever makes sense depending on the character I give the artifacts to.
Like, I mostly give my Venti stuff with Elemental Damage, and Diluc has mostly atk, Mona too ha mostly elemental damage, Xinyan Defense and so on.
Like, depends on your most spoiled characters and what you feel like they need during combat.

No. 164189

File: 1634155636611.jpg (Spoiler Image,13.83 KB, 256x256, VUMX8tfl.jpg)

his specialty dish I can't take this anymore

No. 164191

File: 1634156959187.jpeg (65.52 KB, 451x386, D4314EC3-B90B-4A84-A87B-8B27BC…)

He’s an angel, he’s the angel we needed.

No. 164192

I'm gonna build a fucking geo team just for this dog. I have 165 wishes saved up, I kinda wanna roll for Albedo if he's gonna be on the other banner this patch like people are speculating.

No. 164193

I'm AR 45 and I can't do shit, my mains are all above level 70, talents leveled up, decent weapons, 4 artifacts leveled up to 10/12 (I can't get 5 ones from bosses and domains are a no go) yet I still can't do much damage. I'm not someone who fixates on meta and all that but I would love to make some things easier. It's pretty difficult to do anything like this.

No. 164195

File: 1634157970529.jpg (44.11 KB, 1280x463, RDT_20211014_01480813723553544…)

Wait till u see his lil doggie

No. 164196

Would Mihoyo actually make a full geo banner patch? It seems very unlikely and wouldn't make much sense

No. 164200

File: 1634159056739.jpg (99.97 KB, 1600x900, RDT_20211014_01311681833620437…)

Samefag also his namecard

No. 164201

Anon, maybe it's your team comps? You can try lowering your world level for stuff you have to do solo and just playing co op for domains and weekly bosses!
Do you mind showing your characters maybe we can help you through stuff

No. 164204

I don't see why not. we just had back to back hydro releases and there hasn't been a new geo since Albedo, probably won't be another for a long time after so let's celebrate the superior element.

No. 164207

Maybe? Seems wierd to me too, but rumors seem to be saying there's gonna be an Albedo event next patch and that one of the banners will be a rerun.

No. 164208

Omg nonnie same. I’m also AR45 with my main dps being 80/90 and the supports are 75/80. I’m stuck with the talents being at level 6 because I’m too weak to do the bosses. I barely get any five star artifacts because I’m too weak to do the higher difficulties on domains.
I think our only way to solve this is doing co-op. Which sucks.

No. 164211

Gorou's… mother?

No. 164212

File: 1634165166383.png (67.25 KB, 256x256, F16B3D7D-F62F-4E1B-BC01-BD55DF…)

He drew boobs on it

No. 164213

File: 1634165494061.jpg (54.95 KB, 1414x399, 64eoludgjat71.jpg)

rip non albedo owning plebs the free event weapon of 2.3 is the worst sword in the game for y'all

be sure you're using the right main stats on all your characters and pay attention to sub stats, in plenty of cases they can be even more important than main stat.

aiming to get all your damage dealers 50-60% crit and 120-150% crit dmg is a good start.

No. 164215

File: 1634166475564.jpg (Spoiler Image,478.52 KB, 1080x1707, Screenshot_20211014_010715.jpg)

2.3 content spoilers

No. 164216

File: 1634166526365.jpg (Spoiler Image,535.56 KB, 1080x1635, Screenshot_20211014_010643.jpg)

And 2.3 banner info

No. 164218

Jesus that effect, might actually be better than the 3* one everyone uses on Albedo.
Also, fuck me, I lost my 50/50 on Albedo last year and now I'll have to either not roll for him at all or maybe not get Itto

No. 164219

File: 1634166984964.png (197.17 KB, 800x219, 7B1F311D-606B-4D8F-9ED1-89578B…)

I’m gonna be honest Gorou’s look is not for me, he looks too much like a little boy while Itto can positively come and destroy my insides he’s so fucking hot why can’t real men look like him?

No. 164220

I want to pet Gorou and give him a cookie shaped like a bone, but I want to marry Itto and do unspeakable things to him.

No. 164271

This sheet gets updated regularly and has some good info on what kind of artifact or weapon you want to use for your character: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gNxZ2xab1J6o1TuNVWMeLOZ7TPOqrsf3SshP5DLvKzI/pubhtml?gid=654398186#
It's very easy to follow imo and is a good guideline for people want make a solid build for there character. They also write some notes and tips for characters to even give more explanations. If you want a very specific guid i would recommend keqing mains website, they post some really good guides there but they're very long and elaborate. https://keqingmains.com/

Omg so cute, I can't wait till I get him!

I read somewhere that the dog will become a pet, I hope it's not just a pet for the teapot.

Can you maybe give some more info on your team? Like a different anon mentioned you can try co op for domains and the bosses. When I was a beginner I used Qiqi a lot since she heals so much, maybe try putting a healer and a shield character in your team? Also is it all domains that you struggle with or certain domains where as example al enemies are cryo and you don't have any pyro member ect. I would say that elemental reaction and having good support make a real difference. Thankfully there are a lot of good 4 star supports like Bennet, Xiangling and Xingqui.

>Itto and Gorou on the same banner
Mihoyo, I take back all bad thing I said about you. I forgive you for putting Thoma with Hu tao. I'm so blessed.

>rip non albedo owning plebs
Ah you didn't have to rub it in kek. It's just that I did not like how is in game model looked compared to his 2d art. I kinda hope that the rerun isn't albedo but a character like ganyu so i can save for him.

No. 164274

>Can you maybe give some more info on your team?
I have Razor and Xiao as main dps, And then I use Kazuha, Bennett and Kaeya together with them (I switch depending on domains). I do have some other characters that I use occasionally but they're not built, like Yanfei, Xinyan, Sucrose and Noelle. Not the best team I know, I'll try to build some other characters that go better together.

No. 164276

So cute I’m gonna die

No. 164277

And this one is for the Ittofags

No. 164279


No. 164280


No. 164281

The little dog he summons FOLLOWS YOU???? I NEED HIM!!!

OMG I love how he fixes his hair after his autos LMAOOO a fucking idiot
But also, isn't his burst duration a bit too short?? I would have guessed it was longer, honestly

You could try a team of like Xiao, Bennet, Sucrose and Yanfei, maybe? With Yanfei there mostly for the pyro resonance and for when you dont have Xiao's burst up.
For a long time my main team was Razor, Diona, Kaeya and Fishl (Electro Traveler would be great here instead of Fishl too) and that team carried me through most of the middle game until late game (around AR 50).

No. 164282

Crystal chunks should take damage in the way critters do when you accidentally attack them instead of catching them, so you can see actual numbers. I like claymore users, but sometimes I don't have any in my party, so it's either auto attacking for a while or climbing up somewhere and plunging three times or switching someone out. Even though my Kaeya does 12k per plunge and my Noelle does only 5k, she can break them faster because of her weapon. It doesn't make sense and it would make farming easier if they just took a certain amount of damage instead of having to beat them exactly three (or four) times with a claymore. I know it's supposed to be like this, but there's no endgame content anyway, at least make it something that happens around world level 6 or so, crystal farming is so mind numbingly boring

No. 164283

If I don't manage to get this adorable bastard something dangerous is going to happen.

No. 164284

I love him so much that I would log in just to look at him wagging his tail for a butterfly.

No. 164286

man ikr?like i want to switch out the claymore i use to try more team comps out,and i cant because of those damn crystals

No. 164289

File: 1634211946383.jpeg (333.11 KB, 750x409, C317E0E0-1782-4B43-AD72-4EA881…)


No. 164295

File: 1634218762493.png (1.09 MB, 1165x947, f42.png)

No. 164296

Yeah, it's so annoying. A little unrelated, but I also kind of wish they made something like elemental resonance for weapon types. Like maybe a physical damage boost if you have two claymores in your party or elemental mastery if you have two catalysts… Because I sometimes catch myself making teams full of characters I like and it'll end up with three bows and one claymore, there should be a benefit to this kek

No. 164299

File: 1634221150836.jpg (69.64 KB, 558x1024, 20211014_161849.jpg)

Mihoyo needs to fire whoever is in charge of their english social media…

No. 164300

What the actual fuck are they doing? This is their solution to the anniversary fiasco. Elon Musk?

No. 164304

Some people are saying it was supposed to be a joke due to the insane amount of followers they requested, but jokes are supposed to be funny kek

No. 164313

File: 1634234864960.jpg (462.48 KB, 1000x714, 1634223846718.jpg)

They are so cute omg, can't wait for his banner

No. 164316

Spoiler please

No. 164329

I used to ship them out of spite. Now I've fell into the rabbit hole and loved seeing them together. Their dynamic is so adorable, not to mention the steamy fanarts posted on twt like damn I wish I was in Sara's position.

No. 164337

I cant help but notice how weird her left breast is drawn.

Ew i hate this.

No. 164342

File: 1634246182694.png (10.86 KB, 584x99, kldfwnjfpwf.png)

it gets worse

No. 164345

Wait is this real? Like, not fake at all?

No. 164346

Do you think I would go on the internet and lie?


No. 164348

This was so retarded I almost wanted it to happen

No. 164350

I 100% wanted this to happen.

No. 164352

File: 1634250021487.jpeg (60.21 KB, 567x378, EF8533D0-4942-4FDA-B021-191F41…)

We’ll have dendro soon right?

No. 164354

File: 1634250339472.jpeg (340.96 KB, 1200x1725, FBnkAbGUYAE2t_W.jpeg)

This message board got updated. Kazuha is the one who's writing to th owner, I'm going to cru, poor thing

Itto is leaked everywhere, anon, I dont think spoiling it makes sense

No. 164355

File: 1634250384747.jpeg (236 KB, 1120x1258, E9qpDxEVIAAvBYW.jpeg)

This is the original one that we can assume is around 1/2 years old

No. 164358

File: 1634250517314.jpeg (174.35 KB, 1800x926, E9tdI6nVoAA4nUH.jpeg)

Also lmao this one in Ritou is between Kazuha and Gorou and idk maybe Tohma?

No. 164365

File: 1634255014330.png (1.67 MB, 1718x1171, 1634254804584.png)

probably heizou, hes a tiny detective. this is supposed to be about him.

No. 164371

I meant spoiler it because it's ugly not because it's literally a spoiler

No. 164375

This is my hopium for mhy to add a little boy character

No. 164392

File: 1634278087541.jpeg (133 KB, 647x1000, CA122610-E3A5-471A-9DCD-F90FC5…)

I love him so much

No. 164395

does anyone here like kokomi? i haven't played genshin in like 2 weeks cause i'm stuck on the raiden shogun fight lol but i saw a lot of genshin streamers shitting on kokomi saying she's the worst character ever

No. 164397

File: 1634281039780.png (48.24 KB, 153x226, 5qizlj5ezjt71.png)

albedo butt plug! so pretty!

(used to refine his new weapon. both are received from an event where you make cute snowmen with him. ♥)

No. 164408

File: 1634289716291.png (108.18 KB, 598x323, kokoko.png)

I like Kokomi. She feels like an upgraded Barbara. She does decent damage and her jellyfish heals about 5500 per tick for me. I hope her new artifact set will increase her damage more, but I'm not sure if it looks like it'll be better than 4pc Millelith. Maybe I should try a Heart of Depth set instead. Anyway, she's cute as hell and I love her.

No. 164414

File: 1634293764045.jpg (171.47 KB, 922x766, 1634219598690.jpg)

stop being a bitch over nothing then, dumbass. istg why tf does ittosara make people so aggravated?

honestly, I really like her design and autos but the story made her so useless I dont think anyone believed the "genius strategist" sthick Mhyo tried to force her into.
Also, I think everyone was expecting her to heal a lot more than she currently does considering she sacrifices ALL her crit rate for it

No. 164415

Nta but Sara's boring as fuck and does not look good with Itto

No. 164417

Idk anon was kinda right tho, that art was ugly and they made Sara an blushy uwu girl. This is the only way i like ittosara >>164156

>the story made her so useless

This, it was so dumb that we got her quest after the war ended. But the Inazuma story was just shitty written in general but I feel like Kokomi is one of the characters who had potential which makes me extra salty.
Yeah Kokomi pretty much only heals just like Qiqi, the one thing I really like about Kokomi is her animations

No. 164418

i think itto and raiden give off similar energy

No. 164421

File: 1634298805491.jpeg (363.36 KB, 1440x1944, 2640D4C6-A20E-44BB-8211-A09DD5…)

Nta but the Ittosara spam really is cringey. No one else spams other lukewarm ships like that in these threads.

No. 164423

File: 1634301611048.jpg (Spoiler Image,493.99 KB, 2169x3200, 20211015_073307.jpg)

Come on, it's not like Genshin it's the peak of ships anyway.
Just let people have fun until the excitement for Itto dies down

No. 164424

the generic tsundere trope is tired and for whatever reason sara still looks groce and porny in a lot of these drawings. do you see anyone else avatarfagging with their genshin otp that no one likes but them?

No. 164426

Are there any itto x yoimiya fan art? they would look cuter together than that bitch sara

No. 164433

File: 1634305473768.png (1.23 MB, 710x920, gorou_itto.png)

Hard agree

Also here is a farming guide for Itto and his doggy husbando

No. 164435

Nothing porny about the post you replied to.

No. 164437

Please just accept that this isn't the place for lukewarm ships with one dimensional characters. You have many places where you can share your special interest on Twitter or any genshin subreddits.

No. 164438

NTAYRT but the pic above anon has Sara literally not wearing any pants kek. She didn't say that the post she was replying to drew Sara porny but there are some other posts where Sara is drawn more porny. Like the weirdly blushy face with bad drawn tits on Sara she referred to.

Anyway let's not try to get into any shipping drama. I actually do not give a fuck who you guys ship as long if it doesn't involve any of the toddler girls like Klee.

>Spectral husk
Oh what I will have to do to level this dog. Thanks for the guide anon, too bad we still have to wait for wolflord for Itto.

No. 164441

I'm not a shipper myself but it's harmless, as long as it's sfw who cares.

No. 164449

dude the new enemy flying things on tsurumi island are EVERYWHERE and they're so annoying

No. 164450

File: 1634315237475.gif (4.52 MB, 600x338, 05a08a160d98.gif)

come to me, puppy

No. 164451

100% agree nonny

>the amount of spectral items Gorou needs
I'll do anything for him though….

No. 164504

There's literally fucking Baizhu and Dottore spam in this thread lmao pls nta or do I even like Itto with Sara but we all know the real reason anons get pissy whenever they get posted even tho they have a lot more characterization together than tons of other ships posted here

No. 164516

File: 1634329520039.jpg (228.49 KB, 1616x2048, FBqUUVsVIAYjpS6.jpg)

Kek those are just characters, not badly drawn art of a flavorless pairing? The only people posting ships are whoever is going on about Sara x Itto and I think someone used to post self-insert Lumine x Childe or whatever. What "tons of other ships" are you even talking about?

No. 164525

At least Dottore anon was sweet and based unlike the hettie self insert shippers who spam their shit but have a meltdown over gay and lesbian ships

No. 164526

File: 1634331360124.png (53.56 KB, 1402x762, 1634245384397.png)

On a different note, I'm both surprised and pleased at how well Childe is selling in Japan. Like look at this, it's his 3rd banner and in the first day alone it's already higher than the peak of most Inazuma characters other than Ayaka and Raiden.
I wonder if Itto will do this well over there?

They are boring characters with literally negative characterization. Dottore is a generic mad doctor n. 1127638272 who's not even in the game but is confined to the shitty manga absolutely no one with a job has read. And yet everyone has the decency of just ignoring it whenever art for a character they dislike is posted so just stop bothering people over literally nothing

anon this is not your safe space people can post whatever they like as long as it's in the rules

No. 164532

how well is he selling in china? mihoyo is a chinese company, so if he's still selling well there despite being rerun thrice, then i hope they shift their focus to male characters rather than pushing out generic female characters like the electro archon. i know they tried to redeem her in the story, but i cant sympathize for her at all.

No. 164541

I agree. If a fujofag would’ve spammed the thread with the same ship over and over again so many anons in this thread would have a meltdown.
Yes I’ve been keeping up with some Japanese streamers who play Genshin and all of the girls seem so excited for Childe. It’s cute. I remember seeing a pic of a Japanese magazine where the female Genshin fans got to vote for their favorite character. Childe won and Zhongli came second. So he’s really popular.

No. 164543

Maybe that means we'll get a Childe rerun per new region and I'm not complaining at all kek

No. 164562

nah, I just want a 50/50 split with better designed female characters, personally.

No. 164567

File: 1634349754349.jpg (455.5 KB, 1895x1895, kokomiwatercolor.JPG)

I like her because she's cute

No. 164568

Because they're unironically jealous of Sara

No. 164569

Let people post what they want who cares
If it's Genshin-related, it belongs here
Don't try to minimod

No. 164570

>unlike the hettie self insert shippers who spam their shit but have a meltdown over gay and lesbian ships
Literally who are you talking about

No. 164573

File: 1634352786969.jpg (107.79 KB, 1029x1116, 232458.jpg)

did you know that you can reply to multiple posts at the same time instead of spamming like a jackass

No. 164574


No. 164580

File: 1634355577188.jpeg (46.14 KB, 736x736, Gorou and Sayu.jpeg)

From what we know about gorous kit. What do you guys think would be a good build for him?

No. 164583

NTA but all their posts are saged. Plus how do you even know they're the same anon? Stop trying to mini-mod.

No. 164587

I'm a completionist but I don't care much about learning the game itself, my fun is grinding for stuff. Can someone recommend me a good site for at least decent builds I can just look for?

No. 164588

File: 1634361164972.jpg (114.81 KB, 640x800, 1634355589224.jpg)

please anon 3 posts all within minutes of eachother while the thread was slow reeing about the same shit? they couldn't have made it any more obvious if they tried

gorou is weird about artifacts… in a good way. his stats have no true impact on his support role, only his talent levels and a1 passive. you could have a gorou with no artifacts and a hunter's bow equipped and he'd still be doing the same stuff! that makes him very versatile as far as artifacts go.

for the most damage you can just copy albedo's 2.3 build, but sadly gorou's damage is looking a bit pitiful so a support set would suit him better than a proper sub dps build.

my top picks for c0 gorou would be:
>4 noblesse - go-to support set that gives him a very welcome ult damage boost on the side
>4 instructor - best if using him on a 2geo + pyro + hydro/cryo team
>4 archaic petra - his puppy drags crystal shields directly to you durinh his ult, making him the first semi-practical user of this 4 set

for c4 gorou:
>4 kokomi new set - to boost his healing and some extra phys damage
>4 maidens beloved - same as kokomi set, but more healing

ideal main stats would be something like def/ER - def/ER/geo bonus if you want damage - def/crit/healing bonus(c4 only), and look for those same stats in subs. some great weapons would be venti's bow from 1.4 or sac bow. favonius warbow is nice too as long as you remember to give him some crit to proc the passive.

No. 164592

Who would be jealous of a generic ugly tsundere girl with no personality?

No. 164605

Nta but samefagging and double posting is against the rules even if it’s saged. Not trying to mini mod but let’s not encourage newfag behavior.
This is super helpful anon! I’ve read everywhere that he’s most compatible with a full geo team but I like your 2geo + pyro + hydro/cryo team suggestion there.

No. 164612

File: 1634387493168.png (36.48 KB, 1200x675, E_e1bXWUcAM.png)

Did you actually forget that most normal people don't automatically self insert into boring ships kek

But I actually came to complain about how often the story of a quest will rely on cutting to a black screen with some text on it. At first it was fine and used mostly for transitions but they keep doing it and keep putting more and more text in there, it started bothering me. I wonder if the writing is only getting worse from here

No. 164620

kek.i noticed this with the newest quest to the new island.i barely could finish reading what it was saying

No. 164634

I really hope the rumor about the writer's change isn't real, because if the new chapters are gonna get the same quality of the Inazuma archon quest, the story is fucked.
It could happen since Baal's sales were super high, so maybe they'll start rushing the story so they can sell more waifus.

No. 164644

File: 1634399251320.jpeg (183.57 KB, 1697x1350, FBcLCTgVgAEMZYl.jpeg)

Honestly, Gorou is super limited on what teams he even works in. Unless you have Albedo and Itto or maybe Albedo and a built Noelle, he's really not worth the effort because there's no one he works with well other than them.

No. 164655

Oh joy, the salty avatarfag woke up

I'm having to grind through all the 2.0/2.1 story quests to participate in the event and its really highlighting the absolute state of the writing in this fucking game. I hope this new team gets nuked because of all the backlash the Inazuma plot received.

No. 164657

kek you're the one who wont stop reeing at me just posting cute art

No. 164661

File: 1634403157260.jpg (108.81 KB, 675x900, 20211013_170513.jpg)

Kek this is a reddit-tier ship and it's showing in all the art you're posting


I replied to you once, sperg.

No. 164663

File: 1634403433703.jpg (22.92 KB, 484x484, ushi.jpg)

Anyways I love how Itto's bull has the same eyebrows as him.
Apparently he does crazy burst damage too,, I'm crowning him and only him.

No. 164668

File: 1634404917043.jpg (284.76 KB, 1200x1433, 1634396014312.jpg)

>I only replied to you once
Sure, sure

You dont have any character crowned?? In Inazuma alone we get like 5 crowns and then there's the event ones, why?

No. 164672

File: 1634406185100.jpg (118.69 KB, 612x686, gi new.jpg)

Apparently this ship is more popular (according to twitter)https://twitter.com/kovmii/status/1447939656104951816

No. 164674

File: 1634406345584.jpg (699.32 KB, 2560x1920, 3711.jpg)


No. 164676

God you nerds need to chill out with the ship wars.

No. 164681

File: 1634407040207.jpg (716.07 KB, 1559x2048, d319df719985267e1978cc7e7eff4d…)

You have good taste nonnie, I love beiguang and probably have too much drawings saved of them kek. Also you're so right about them posting some really badly drawn fan art. Like I still can't get over this >>164423 and >>164313 Like doesn't she ship this so she can self insert as Sara? Why seems Sara so weirdly sexualised and the art isn't focused on Itto at all. At least in this one they're both drawn ugly >>164644 but oh well.

>stop bothering people over literally nothing
>this is not your safe space people can post whatever they like as long as it's in the rules
So what is it? I think the Dottore anons are cute and they are definitely not as spergy as you. I tried to ignore your posts but you're like weirdly aggressive about everything kek.

That's such pretty art!

>Y-you girls are just jealous of my waifu!!!
Wtf this is honestly the most scrote like thing I have ever read in any of the Genshin threads kek.

Tbh I don't think I would build Gorou as a healer when he is c4. I try to think of him as Bennet but only buffing Geo characters. I think I will take your suggestion on the c4 noblesse tho, also I did not know about his puppy dragging the crystal shield to you. Thanks for the info anon!

Yeah Inazuma was such a mess, I really hope it won't get any worse then this.

Honestly just try to ignore the sara sperg. She is completely delusional and annoying, responding to her will just give her fuel to post and avatar fag more.

No. 164689

File: 1634409445425.jpg (177.42 KB, 1000x1200, 1623092940262.jpg)

Maybe not with their favorite OTP but there's a lot of avatarfags in this thread, anon, don't be daft. Scaramouche anon and like the other anon said Dottore anon post them and no says a thing but people we all know it's really just fujos keep bitching at me unprovoked when I literally just posted some cute art I liked while talking about something related to the game. Literally I wasn't the one who started this shit.
Anyway have some cute Gorou art.

No. 164692

>Literally I wasn't the one who started this shit
I don't know who you are, I'm just tired of people whining about others people's ships.

No. 164693

You posted some bad coomer art about your boring hettie ship and people don't like it. People are allowed to say that it's boring. Get over it.

No. 164695

i promise you it was never only one person posting scaramouche

>we all know it's really just fujos

now that i think about it, this is 100% the freak from the last thread who would derail about fujos every 10 minutes. report and ignore once again.

No. 164697

This, why the hell do het shippers get so personally offended when people tell them their self-insert waifu and het ship is shit? Fujos get told off all the time, deal with it

No. 164698

bad coomer art is posted in the thread all the time, wasn't an anon deleted for posting straight up porn last thread? it's common courtesy to just ignore it and move on

lmao no that's not me because like I said, I just ignore it and move on

No. 164699

>your boring hettie ship
This shit attitude is what I was complaining about. You other nerds aren't any better. Get a grip, shippers.

No. 164700

You can call people jealous of your waifu, gross fujos and nerds and I can call your ship a self-insert boring hettie ship. Get over it.

No. 164701

File: 1634410348364.jpg (92.56 KB, 999x562, FAv3TpYVIAAqeEy.jpg)

Beiguang is so good, I think they have the most potential out of any Genshin ship, next to maybe Lisajean. The last event had them bickering like bitter exes, it was so fun. And you're right, the issue is that anons insistence on posting their dumb ship by carefully picking some of the worst fucking art you could possibly find.

The art is literally not cute? Even this one is drawn badly, how do you do it? And the people posting about Dottore or Scaramouche have been doing so very sparingly in my opinion. I don't see your issue at all, just stop bothering people when they tell you off.

God, where was this picture when I wanted to make the thread header, it would have been perfect

No. 164702

yes, we are. look at how many more fujos there are than hettards itt then look at who's flooding the thread with ugly art of their autistic fixation ships and infighting when the other posters don't like it.

No. 164703

I'm not a shipper, stfu about this stuff already.

No. 164704

File: 1634411332352.jpeg (104.1 KB, 979x816, baals lil bro seems a little w…)

when will this fujo-yume race war end. 1st thread wasn't like this

>who's flooding the thread with ugly art of their autistic fixation ships
both sides
now shut the fuck up and let people enjoy their trash in peace

>going for the tail
>not gorou's balls
not my scaramouche

No. 164706

that's one ugly fuckin scaramouche anon, you're not one of us t. actual scara appreciator

No. 164708

File: 1634412108017.jpg (259.16 KB, 1536x2048, 1630618444344.jpg)

>then look at who's flooding the thread with ugly art
kek ironic when anon just posted some of the worst beiguang art I've ever seen

>not my scaramouche
you speak the truth, nona. Talking about Scara, with Childe's leaked voiceline what do you think he's going to do with the gnosis? I hope we get another story event like the Mona one where he appears soon, I'm tired of these filler events.

No. 164722

File: 1634413671351.jpeg (239.8 KB, 638x630, 47F62530-4536-4993-A73A-1E7FCA…)

Why does this thread have so much infighting

No. 164723

File: 1634413739904.png (534.78 KB, 544x885, 93209408_p0.png)

I wonder what they are planning with him in general… Every playable character that took some questionable actions so far has gotten some sort of redemption, like Childe or Raiden. I honestly can't stand the thought of the writers pulling something out of their ass to make him less evil. I saw a lot of speculation that he'll never become playable anyway, but I just can't imagine Mihoyo would say no to easy cash like that

It just started off bad right away, maybe it'll get better from here

No. 164725

I think it was better at the start. Maybe the threads are better overall when we have more content to talk about, but right now Genshin's content is just meh to me at least.
I'm one of the many just waiting for Sumeru.
I don't like Inazuma, it makes me feel sad.

No. 164726

Raiden’s story seemed very rushed and half-assed and dialed up the misunderstood waifu material trope because her banner was coming up soon and they needed lots of sales, but I doubt they’ll try to redeem Scaramouche. A lot of the characters exist in a moral grey area (reason why they attempted to make MC a neutral party), but everyone simultaneously kissing Raiden’s ass after all of the bloodshed and ruthless vision-stealing is annoying as fuck, same thing with Childe getting away with almost washing Liyue away with his bipolar antics. I used to think the lore was interesting but Inazuma made me realize that the writing is very dookie and made for weebs or minors to identify with the characters (I don’t know how a twitter genderspecial could identify with a war-mongering killer) but the game is not interesting with the storytelling, they only make the characters interesting for better sales and profit. It’s almost like a lot of these characters don’t even experience the consequences of their actions. Players dicked around in a new world only for Yae at the end to have no plausible answers to MC’s important questions, it was such a fucking waste of time.

No. 164727

What did the post say?
It got deleted for some reason

No. 164728

No idea, it also posted my responses twice it’s so embarrassing kek

No. 164729

Lolcow is dying

No. 164734

>I saw a lot of speculation that he'll never become playable anyway, but I just can't imagine Mihoyo would say no to easy cash like that
People are just saying that because of his huge ass hat and because he doesn't have an vision. I don't think this is the case though and that he will eventually be playable.

No. 164735

File: 1634414940494.jpg (152.13 KB, 563x377, imgoinginsane.jpg)

pls no fight

No. 164737

File: 1634415528316.jpg (248.31 KB, 1196x771, geo tummy.jpg)

I think it's signorafags bitter their waifu is ded mostly. All playable characters' weapon types are in their model names, and scara's model name has the same format as the other playable teenage boy models with "catalyst" in it. Signora's model didn't though, she always had the same name format normal fatui enemies do.

No. 164740

Poor Albedo thinking that he has to show more skin to be liked it kind of is the truth

No. 164741

A lot of people hope he won't become playable simply because the Scaramouche kinnies on twitter are apparently extremely annoying already, there's no telling how they'll behave once he's officially playable kek

But he still has the electro delusion, right? Maybe they'll incorporate them into the game later on. I think a skin for Childe of his second stage boss outfit with corresponding electro abilities would be so cool

No. 164743

File: 1634417152390.jpeg (50.48 KB, 531x746, EqusSrTXYAEQXzy.jpeg)

Yeah, Scara is def becoming a playable character if only for the fact that he has the same teen boy bodytype as the other playable ones. He also has an "about…" voiceline from Childe now so that's basically confirming it.
His hat is big but I mean, so is Mona's and they made her work. Pic for comparison.

>A lot of the characters exist in a moral grey area (reason why they attempted to make MC a neutral party), but everyone simultaneously kissing Raiden’s ass after all of the bloodshed and ruthless vision-stealing is annoying as fuck, same thing with Childe getting away with almost washing Liyue away with his bipolar antics.
Maybe I'm biased but I think with Raiden is way worse than with Childe because at least in Childe's case no one truly got harmed or were in any danger in the first place as it was all Zhongli manipulating him so he could teste if Liyue could defend itself without him and if not, he would step in and defeat Osial himself. That and the fact that after that Liyue fucking hates the Fatui makes sense to me at least, but with Raiden, we know of people who were straight up killed by her and Sara and how a shit ton of her citizens are becoming poorer by the Second because of the Sakoku Decree while she just does nothing about it in her mind space.
Like, if you play the world quests you'll see that we helped Inazuma not implode like 3 different times while Raiden is just reading fucking Light Novels and doing nothing about it.
Also Kokomi not pushing for independence for her island after a civil war was stupid as hell.

No. 164765

Genshin playable characters always have something flowy that flows behind them when they run. If scaramouche wasn’t going to be playable he wouldn’t have had those panels on the back of his hat.

No. 164773

File: 1634447770410.jpeg (284.96 KB, 1803x1900, あきしょう on Twitter.jpeg)

>>164644 I know I'm planning to make itto the dps and maybe put albedo on the team as well haven't figured out who the forth person would be maybe bennett?
Thanks a lot I'm not planning on getting c4 gorou unless I'm lucky but I might go for 4 set noblesse since a lot of characters I want to build need that. May I ask if the new Def artifacts would be any good on albedo the whole 4 set or maybe 2 set arachic Petra and the 2 set Def artifact.

No. 164782

I ship it so hard

No. 164791

File: 1634458087055.jpg (487.72 KB, 1854x2048, 12.jpg)

beiguang is my favorite genshin ship and i could sperg about them for so long. i love the bickering and the likely enemies to begrudging respect havers to lovers progression their dynamic probably had. i wish there was more fics.

also would love people drawing beidou in a suit more often, especially with ningguang.

No. 164796

>beidou in a suit
This is truly the superior look. Are you listening, game designers?

No. 164819

>she is unable to appreciate the deranged uggliness of scara art
you are the fake scara enjoyer here, nonny this art always makes me laugh ever since i saw it on bad art thread, he looks like a psycho hamster

>what do you think he's going to do with the gnosis?
ever since he first appeared i theorized he is planning to become inazuma's archon. so probably suck its powers? or maybe try to use it to communicate with the celestia?
during next event i hope that rather than fighing him as a boss we will get to see a cutscene of scara and childe fighting. can you just imagine? tart again going ham in his power ranger stance and scara using the power of gnosis. mihoyo better not fuck up such a hype moment

No. 164828

I dont get how people like this ship at all. Beidou is cool but Ningguang is one of the worst developed Liyue characters in the game together with Keqing (and even then, Keqing at least had the Moonchase event to get some story time). Also all of their interactions except the Moonchase one happen offscreen, literally why.
The exact same thing happened with Yae Miko in Inazuma it's annoying.

No. 164830

File: 1634482007352.jpg (433.53 KB, 678x738, 20211017_041609.jpg)

ya the new artifacts were made for albedo, much moreso than itto even! that set + his event sword alone will elevate his damage to near xiangling levels. like her he will be one of if not the most vital character in any upcoming geo comp. 2 petra 2 husk will be a fine placeholder until you can get a full husk set.

No. 164834

File: 1634483116427.jpg (333.98 KB, 1922x2048, 1634253601543.jpg)

If you're going to use ToM in any of the characters and want to make use of the geo res then having a shield character would be basically necessary since you need shields. I dont have Zhongli so I think I'll use Thoma whenever I get him in it.
Maybe Ningguang could be good too for her geo dmg bonus on her screen thing.

I regret not rolling for Zhongli now fr

No. 164840

File: 1634485278443.png (460.27 KB, 875x847, 1632960053288.png)


No. 164844

Exactly how I feel for both. Like with most charcters, you'd have to read their lore to understand them better but Ningguang should've been explored more since she's seen as the head of Liyue now. Such a shame since I like her background of coming from nothing and working her way up to a top position.

No. 164857

Here's a retarded ship for the lulz

No. 164862

File: 1634493194037.jpg (176.74 KB, 736x1308, 20-52-57-1631022699066.jpg)

Just did Thomas' hangout quest and now I feel tempted to roll for this malewife that knits sweaters for little animals sobs

No. 164868

File: 1634497677317.png (455.24 KB, 875x847, notkokomi.PNG)

Hi. You look very nice.

No. 164870

I'm so pissed off by Genshin's writing. The lore is there and has potential, the characters look interesting, the gameplay is nice and the exploration feels great, but then the writing is fucking awful. Let's be honest, even Mondstadt and Liyue's storylines were told awfully, it's all a back and forth, endless uninteresting dialogue and the parts that are actually interesting don't get explored in the main quest that much. The writing team is subpar. And somehow they managed to make Inazuma even worse. Even some of the story quests manage to say nothing about the character sometimes.

No. 164884

File: 1634503277151.jpg (57.57 KB, 692x449, 13.jpg)

most interactions between the most popular ships, safe for zhongli/childe and jeanlisa happen off-screen. xiaoven have never even once spoken or alluded to each other and they still get a massive amount of ship content. beiguang mention each other in dialogue semi-often, a few of ningguang's voice lines are about beidou, they have promotional art together, and a lot of their lore either hints at or directly speaks of the other one. other character's lore also mentions the two of them in tandem, like keqing has a bit where she mentions the tianquan's leniency with regards to beidou and how the tianquan gives her significant say in running the harbor. there's a part where ningguang said she picked beidou (and emphasizes that it's beidou specifically, not the crux) to enact some of her dirty work for her and beidou quarreled with her to make the point that they're on equal grounds and ningguang is not her boss. some of the NPCs around liyue will talk about the relationship that the qixing and the crux have with each other. when you're in the jade chamber, there's a porcelain vase that ningguang has prominently displayed that's signed from the crux.

i'm not going to argue that ningguang is fantastically developed on-screen, but that's more a function of mihoyo not knowing how to write complex female characters within the story. her lore is pretty well written and a significant amount of both of their lore is intertwined with each other and makes frequent mention of the other.

like i said, i will sperg. they have more development together than most other popular ships. they mention each other about as often as kaeluc mention each other but i don't see anyone complaining that they barely have any interactions so it makes little sense to ship it.

No. 164894

Thank you for this, nona

No. 164896

No need to be so defensive and just because some other ships are also underdeveloped it doesn't make it less bad, anon.
I think XiaoVen fucking sucks too and people are grasping at straws with that one, but it's entirely different than something like kaeluc because, well, we actually see Kaeya and Diluc interact with each other TONS of times. It's not just lore and subtext (even though they also have that), there's entire chapters on the manga dedicated to them, they appear together in the main storyline and also on other storylines like the Klee event or Venti's and Jean's character quest, even on the Windblume cutscene.
I dont particularly like kaeluc either honestly mostly because I think Diluc is an ass but people shipping them at least makes sense to me. Hell, Kaeluc does that vase thing too but a hundred times better than Beiguang because it's something that is first mentioned on the manga, we see it in his house (with some of the NPCs there talking about how he likes it) and then it's talked about in the actual story when they bicker during Venti's character quest. Set up and pay off, even better because it's directly tied to Diluc's lore on how he got his vision back after giving up on his delusion.
Ningguang and Beidou are not even close in terms of interactions and that's back to how Ningguang is so underdeveloped.

No. 164897

who fucking cares

No. 164898

File: 1634508061267.jpg (3.4 MB, 7402x3416, 1634423910828.jpg)

Clearly that anon does? Otherwise they wouldn't have sperged out about it.

No. 164899

Agreed, holy shit go touch ass

No. 164900

File: 1634508477096.jpeg (589.47 KB, 1200x1004, 274BCDCC-C0BD-4912-9EF9-2B1745…)

Have you anons done the quest on Tsurumi island yet? I really liked the vibe and actually care about Ruu. I also like how as the story unfolds we understand that some pretty creepy and fucked up stuff is going on

No. 164901

File: 1634509513169.jpeg (308.92 KB, 1535x2048, FAOR0yPXMAQFSUS.jpeg)

I did!! I'm actually super behind on the main story quests but up to day on the world quests because, specially the Inazuma ones, are actually pretty good?? Why dont they put that writing team onto the main story is beyond me lol
I loved it, extremely fitting for the spooky month too. I cried a bit when I finally realized what happened at the end.

No. 164903

too busy dying of cringe from the end of the archon quest to touch genshin right now omg idk how it was even worse than I expected but it was. I want to throw that filthy rat paimon in a brazen bull.

No. 164923

File: 1634517718102.jpg (4.03 MB, 4096x7907, CollageMaker_20211017_21402891…)

Nona, I'm sorry, I'm a fucking idiot. That one that I posted (>>164526) is the chart for the chinese sales. This one is the japanese one, Childe's is the one I marked in red. It's REALLY good considering that's only what he sold in 4 days versus 3 weeks of Kokomi, for example.

No. 164943

File: 1634524508968.jpg (1.02 MB, 2048x1858, 52.jpg)

i'm just trying to explain the appeal. i guess i don't care about kaeya or diluc enough to remember their interactions with each other. i don't read the manga.

in any case beiguang is still better developed than most popular ships. take your issues up with mihoyo's ability to write female characters because the potential is clearly there, just read the lore lol.

this is an imageboard thread for a waifu bait gacha game. we're all losers here, what other point is there but to discuss the game and it's characters. i'm aware it's sperging hence why i said it.

No. 164951

I love this artist a lot, I wish they would stop doing the thigh gap and tiny feet on everyone it just looks so fucked up and funny

No. 165027

man I love the fog on Tsurumi island shame it's gone now I kinda liked the moody vibe of this island

No. 165037


> childe has a voiceline about scaramouche

What? Just checked the wiki and found nothing. Raiden does though. You sure anon?

No. 165063

I got Diluc from the standard banner today, but I'm wondering if I should bother to build him since I already have Hu Tao and Klee and I'm currently building Amber for keks while waiting for Itto since I got Polar Star (no Childe tho, sobs) I also have Wolf's Gravestone if it matters.

No. 165120

File: 1634598623624.jpg (132.45 KB, 1181x1748, taru.jpg)

He's definitely stronger/easier to use than the other two with wgs plus he wants the same artifacts as klee anyways. tbh all 5 star pyro dps are scams, stick with one you like the most and remember you only get 1 xingqiu.

No. 165171


Nah you're right, you can leave your Diluc alone. Despite him. being a pretty good and easy-to-build DPS, you already have Hu Tao and Klee. I have C1 Diluc but I don't bother with him because I have a ton of other Pyro characters fully-built. You should look for other elements to build instead.

No. 165172

Hmm interesting, I guess I'll go ahead and dump Klee's artifacts on him since I rarely use her. Hu Tao + Xingqiu are my hardest hitters in abyss, I really wish there were more support characters like him.

No. 165174

Just finished the Tsurumi island quest chain and it's pretty okay story-wise. I don't really pay attention to the text since I have a second account and do all the reading there. But I gotta say, the island's atmosphere is great for spoopy month and the music for the ending scene slaps.

No. 165175


Xingqiu is awesome even at C0. He goes with pretty much any team comp. I'm forever salty they put him on Kokomi's banner (alongside two other 4*s I really wanted to build).

No. 165181

Yes he's great! Definitely one of the best supports in the game and absolutely busted once you start getting more constellation levels. Hopefully you can get some soon!

No. 165427

File: 1634691685017.jpg (1.03 MB, 1742x2286, FB-EUsRVIAcVvs-.jpg)

Everyone hated Kokomi, but I actually find her incredibly useful and almost always switch her back in after I take her out pretty quickly. I can throw down her skill and switch to someone else to whale on enemies while getting healed, and it does damage and lets me trigger elemental reactions (+ an ATK boost from the weapon I have equipped on her right now). She's a pretty solid support unit. Yeah the massive crit rate reduction is a nuisance, but if you're using her as a DPS, you're not playing her efficiently anyway. I don't keep her on the field for too long and she still does decent damage while she's there. She could stand to be buffed a little to enhance her support abilities (why were her constellations seemingly for building a DPS?) but she's nowhere near the disaster some people made her out to be.

Maybe I'd feel differently if I had other healer units besides Barbara, but I don't and prefer her to Barbara.

No. 165474

People dislike her because the only thing she does is heal, just like Qiqi. While 4 stars like Bennet and Diona also heal but also give a buff/shield. Genshin is a very easy game and the only time I actually used a healer like Qiqi was at the beginning at the game when I just didn't understand what I was going. You really do not need a full on healer character like Qiqi or Kokomi in your team because the game is so easy anyway. The new wolf enemies they introduced are very easy to dodge and I can handle them with Bennet just fine.
I'm btw not saying that you should not play Kokomi, you should def just play the characters you like. Just trying to explain why people were disappointed in Kokomi, I don't hate her but just see her as an hydro Qiqi.

No. 165479

Well, I guess I'm still early enough in to find a healer character useful kek. I mean, it's pretty easy which is why I don't mind using up a slot on a healer.

No. 165521

yes, pure healers fall off in late game content. spiral abyss is such a dps check that it's barely possible for anyone but whales to full star current 12 - 3 with kokomi on board. they're not bad for overworld though.

No. 165522

File: 1634743290482.jpg (1008.34 KB, 2100x2230, 9346326414465.jpg)

boobs in my mouth

No. 165533

Can we do one boob each anon

No. 165649

File: 1634787925776.jpg (110.19 KB, 1440x1080, 80eb31669cc7edfbce1531f4d25a53…)

I love the new event so far! Sara's addition felt extremely unnecessary but Xinyan, Childe and shiki taishou are so cute!! I hope we get to keep him as a pet when it's over

No. 165651

File: 1634789024425.png (489.48 KB, 698x496, FB8V5wrVcAExZS0.png)

this made me kek

No. 165675

I'm just randomly scrolling down /m/ and see this, thanks for blessing my eyes.

No. 165757

File: 1634852422021.jpeg (51.69 KB, 680x674, FB3caFgXMAAVu44.jpeg)

I am so fucking burnt out on this game. I can't even bother to do commissions except like once a week maybe. Idk I think the lackluster writing they used for Raiden kinda killed my interest. I've just been farming beetles for the oni dude

No. 165759

File: 1634853049566.jpeg (493.46 KB, 2048x1592, FCKkGrBVUAMTxEZ.jpeg)


No. 165760


No. 165779

File: 1634860490226.jpeg (267.9 KB, 2048x1478, FB4E8YLUYAM1WOg.jpeg)

Unfortunaly it's only that but the artist is @kradebii on twitter. She has some amazing Lumine and Tohma art but Lumine art in general too

No. 165934

Currently rushing the Inazuma archon quest. I already knew it was bad, but god the Teppei part where they try to make you feel sad fo him was a lot shittier than I expected. It was almost hilarious to see Lumine snapping because of some literally who guy

No. 165971

The Teppei plot was pathetic. As for NPCs, I really cared more about Ruu from the Tsurumi world quest than Teppei.

No. 165994

File: 1634997494892.png (2.57 MB, 1555x946, dsgdgdbgbfb.PNG)

Best thing about Inazuma.

No. 166077

File: 1635026502363.jpg (212.44 KB, 1920x1080, u4k6j7h2nbl71.jpg)

I know my fellow Gorou wanters are probably already farming but in case someone needs it, here are sango pearl locations!

No. 166081

File: 1635029028529.jpg (1.77 MB, 1555x1885, xx.jpg)

Rip, I finished all my farming for him just today with no propper map. the specters are obnoxious as hell…

No. 166083

File: 1635030052765.jpeg (312.04 KB, 1280x1428, 8EA9DF60-F8BE-469B-9CDF-98DAE1…)

Im thinking of dropping genshin for a bit. Takes too much of my time right now.

No. 166088

Same. After Itto I’m not gonna play the game until I get Xiao during lantern rite. It’s so time consuming with the events and primogem hoarding.

No. 166438

File: 1635109343837.jpg (159.63 KB, 1920x1080, 3996.JPG)

I dropped it too. The only reason for me to play right now is to save up primogems for Yunjin, but I don't have the motivation to do that.
Take a break!

No. 166487


I dropped it too recently. idk there just wasnt much for me anymore after the anniversary stuff. im really only saving for scaramouche and theres no word of him on the horizon and i already got enough for a guarantee

2.2 feels like such a filler update lol. at endgame this game feels like grinding simulator. like do abyss and then youre done and wait 6 weeks for maybe a new island or a quest that is badly written and then grind artifs for the rest.

No. 166544

File: 1635138653257.jpg (105.32 KB, 540x979, 1635083692424.jpg)

I've been so busy with school I barely had any time to play but I actually have been liking this update quite a lot compared to anons. I really loved the tiny Kazuha event, it was a nice send off for his character and potentially sets up that we will meet him again in the future too.
Also the Childe and Xinyan event is super fun, it's nice seeing such random characters interact lmao it's also nice seeing scrotes meltdown over Childe beinv confirmed as stronger than the Traveler even though that seemed pretty obvious since the start.
My only complaint is there's no halloween stuff. I know the spooky island was supposed to be that but I wanted a more thematic one.

No. 166558

I love these two boyfriends

I think China has banned the portrayal of "witchcraft" in their media which includes a lot of scary stuff (it's all for interpretation just like the rest of their censorship laws) so I think that's why there's no Halloween themed events like in a lot of other Gatcha games. Anyway I agree about the events, they've been really nice recently.

No. 166590

I do appreciate that the writers aren't forcing you to be super friendly to Childe… yet.

No. 166653

This art is so cute! Sauce please, anon?

No. 166657

Yet they were to baal in her story quest…?

No. 166723

You're so right, like paimon and traveller are still super suspicious but they aren't scared that Baal will go bad again and just steal visions or kill her citizens? The same thing with just so easily helping Sara and the Tenryou Commission. Like okay I guess we will just forget all the crimes they have committed?

I wish the writers had the balls to actually continue the war and let Kokomi take over.

No. 166751

File: 1635197692741.jpg (216.05 KB, 1538x969, 1628998619472.jpg)

same, anon, it's really stupid that Kokomi just gave up and didn't even think about the idea of getting independence for Watatsumi Island

No. 166753

File: 1635198116133.jpeg (274.36 KB, 1110x1500, E2527942-D70F-42D6-A56B-2BF134…)

I’m really conflicted on who I’m saving my primos for. I need a geo character and I need a new dps because my Keqing is getting kinda boring. So Itto would be a good choice but he needs geo supports and I really don’t like having a team with the same elements. Xiao is cute and coming during Lantern Rite but he needs a anemo support, healer and a shield. Which is restrictive too. Should I just wait for Ayato and hope for the best? Who would you recommend anons?

No. 166762

File: 1635200528547.jpg (396.48 KB, 878x1880, smbd.jpg)

there are new rumors about 2.4 having a new artifact set for xiao, a polearm being the free event weapon, and yunjin being an uber niche footstool for him the same way sara and gorou were for their respective 5 stars. if I were you I would go for him + albedo if you have enough for both. even if the rumors about yunjin aren't true xiao doesn't need an anemo support or a healer, just one of the good shielders or albeqiu combo.

as he is now, itto looks like geo male eula: major dolphin bait, not trash but not a "must pull" by any means unless you're in love with him or you need some gorouslike me. and if the 2.4 rumors I mentioned are true, xiao>>>>>>

No. 166855

When I saw Gorou and Itto my excitement for the game kind of came back, but honestly I don't even feel like logging into the game anymore. Not even to do comissions. Razor still brings me happiness whenever I look at him. Despite that, I think my fire for this game burnt out. As some nonnies said before, Inazuma kind of killed it.

No. 166856

Inazuma was a crock of shit but honestly I didn't even care about it, I had no expectations after I saw the waifus so I focused on events instead. Best decision I've made, the events and story quests are way more entertaining than the garbage fire that is the Inazuma archon quest. Really looking forward to Itto and Gorou, hoping that we're getting world quests related to them to fill in the gaps left by the Archon storyline.

No. 166948

Where did you get that about the polearm? Until now they have been rotating between free characters and weapons with each update, so it should be a character in 2.4 after the Albedo sword in 2.3. But the Xiao rerun has to come soon anyway, it's fucked up how they made his banner only last 2 weeks and it's almost been a year since then

No. 167142

File: 1635280235357.jpeg (627.84 KB, 2480x1391, CAF9BB33-4111-46BE-AC66-373E71…)

Wow thank you anon! Definitely gave me some clarity. I’m waiting for Xiao then!

No. 167157

oh wait, you're right! that part might've been bs, or maybe they'll do both since it's a bigger event and the free 4 star will probably be a crummy ningguang instead of free choice this time. we'll know by the time itto's banner arrives regardless.

No. 167204

File: 1635302752425.jpeg (110.08 KB, 800x800, FCou58qUYAEyaxy.jpeg)

Mihoyo is selling Halloween merch!!! They ARE ALL so cute, I'd kill for a Mona skin like this

No. 167313

File: 1635356560122.png (47.06 KB, 256x256, Item_Shiki_Koshou.png)

aww we did get to have him around as a pet…sort of

No. 167334

File: 1635360907765.png (405.37 KB, 640x594, xx95swcegqv71.png)

There's a Xiaomi and Genshin limited phone collab now. For some reason beyond me, I think it's just Sucrose? Seems like an extremely odd choice but everything in the kit looks super nice.

No. 167335

File: 1635360929011.png (890.03 KB, 879x1211, bvg04k0fgqv71.png)

No. 167338

File: 1635361448887.png (1.03 MB, 1325x530, 49gqa3nkwyv71.png)


I think his new abs looks better, the arm thing is very subtle.

Sucrose is a pretty popular waifu character i think? She's like a shy, nerdy, blush girl and her outfit isn't as exposed as mona or ganyu so that probably also helps. But yeah i agree with you it's strange that it's only sucrose.

No. 167351

File: 1635364338981.jpg (109.67 KB, 1080x592, FBoZ6TxUUAAzhaS.jpg)

Maybe someone with a boner for her was pushing for it behind the scenes? Weird

>comment section is 50% triggered moids still reeing about him not looking like a roided jojo character, 50% 2012 band geek humor
Never change, plebbit. All I want is for his face to look less ugly in his ult animation.

No. 167372

Why the fuck did they not pick Xiao?
Come on! What the hell are the marketing people doing?

No. 167378

Mona, Diluc and Xiao's should be skins.
For some reason Qiqi's makes me sad.

No. 167379

Nah, Sucrose is actually one of the least popular characters even with scrotes. I'm thinking they may have picked her because seems they wanted a green theme and she's the greenest character..????

No. 167381

They could have picked venti, xiao or jean for that who are all more popular and recognizable characters, or better yet a simple anemo slime theme to make it look more cute and less blatantly weeb. sucrose isn't even one of the more well-designed characters…everyone seems very bemused by this choice.

No. 167384

Not sure if it was posted before, but here are some leaks for the new boss that will come out in 2.3

No. 167409

i think an anemo slime theme would have been cute, shame they went for this.

No. 167419

Ayee no more Sucrose slander. I'm sure it's not made for waifu enthusiasts. Her outfit and image is very decent and chic. I'm sure non-players who would see an advertisement like this and think that Sucrose is another cute anime girl.

No. 167446

Honestly, this is really cute! Love the packaging and her outfit. Not my favorite character, but everything looks cute!

No. 167479

They probably had to use a girl because moids won't buy something with a pretty male character (like Xiao or Venti) on it and Sucrose is only girl with those colors I think. Jean may not be "cute" enough.

No. 167538

File: 1635447073469.jpg (264.74 KB, 1080x1174, IMG_20211028_215028.jpg)

Hu-tao banner character and weapon rate-ups

No. 167541

File: 1635448791670.png (649.83 KB, 622x606, 1633517680173.png)

Fuck me, I REALLY want just one Diona because mine is at C5 and her C6 is so good but I'm on guaranteed and I really don't want Hu Tao.
Getting Thoma or Sayu would have been great too ugh

No. 167546

I love Thoma and I would love to get him, I know I'm going to end up getting Hu Tao instead and I don't want to risk it because I'm also saving up for Itto and Gorou. I'm gotta get him another time he's on the banner, hopefully with a better 5 star.

No. 167635

Malewife demo video is out

No. 167652

Great music damn

No. 167689

I de-installed Genshin. I'm no longer addicted anymore. I'm free.

No. 167695

What broke you free, anon?

No. 167719

me too, I left myself enough pulls for a guaranteed scaramouche if he ever comes out and now I'm going to pick up a new game. having nothing to gacha for defeats the purpose of the inherently boring gacha genre, the gambling is 80% of the fun.

No. 167782

I literally just woke up and lost any passion I had for the game. I used to be a whale, spent so much in games like LN and CR. I never spent anything in Genshin besides time though.

No. 167829

I'm so sad he's on hu taos banner and with Itto coming up I will have to skip him. Goodluck to all the anons who are pulling for him or hu tao!

No. 168252

ayo anons did you roll?did malewife come home?

No. 168256

yes, he came home on my fifth single pull!!

No. 168258

File: 1635880778552.jpg (431.28 KB, 1800x1300, 20211101_180232.jpg)

none for me… i have 220 saved for gorou and itto so hoping he'll decide to show up in those pulls

No. 168280

Second 10 roll and first got Sayu, so have all 4 stars again.
Still have plenty of rolls left for Itto, and lots of map left to explore for more primos too.
That's my favorite part of the game, the exploration. And the music, even though it's derivative sometimes.

No. 168289

File: 1635897413750.jpeg (28.65 KB, 543x564, images (1) (20).jpeg)

The new web event is super cute!! I love how there's a little bit of lore into it too like how they said rock music started in Fontaine

No. 168293

I'm the same anon who de-installed the game I'm re-installing it again I couldn't do it. I'm a failure. A liar. I lasted just a few days. I'm coming back nonnitas

No. 168301

Welcome back! I was sad that it felt like everyone was leaving lol

No. 168306

I got tempted and pulled for Hu Tao and Thoma at the same time (I was on 50/50 for Hu Tao) so this should be a good bye to my Itto funds right?

No. 168307

You waste real life money for game amour(don't use emojis)

No. 168308

How much do you have now, anon? Maybe you can get enough for Itto until he comes since it will take roughly a month until then

No. 168344

I love how he fishes out random stuff like hilichurl masks,flip flops and mora and just puts them back lol

No. 168357

I am on welkin rn until the end of Itto's banner and haven't done the quests of Watatsumi in Inazuma yet. Now on 16 pity btw.

No. 168374

File: 1635954355041.png (81.35 KB, 944x194, 1635953289300.png)

No but how can Twitter Schizos like Ei when she did pic related and scream at every little thing supposedly bad that Zhongli or Childe did?
It bothers me so much

No. 168380

Congrats nonnies!

Same for me, I'm so sad that I will have to skip albedo too.

I think the only people that like her but hate childe are horny scrotes and all they see is boob sword so they like.

I think you will be fine, Itto's banner will come like december 15th and you also have to remember that you don't have to get him the first day. Maybe you can try and use one of those primos calculators online just to be sure if you will be close to pity?

No. 168419

because they kin her and her sapphic neurodivergent mommy milkers, anon! you just have internalized misogyny!

No. 168444

The only, undeadly "charm" that Ei has is her 'booba sword'. Other than that, all she got is a plain shitty design, bad story quest and meh personality. I am starting to get traumatized of seeing twt users with either Ei or Yae pfp cause they're so quick to calling you a misogynist if you don't find genshin waifus interesting.

Thank youuu. Will find sites that does the primos calculator so I can save well. Anything for the oni king

No. 168460

personally i didn't mind raiden as much as yae, who comes across as extremely condescending to me. i dislike the smug "sadistic" onee-san trope more

No. 168461

This post speaks the truth. I was shocked at how badly written, selfish and immature Ei's character was and really, really don't understand how I'm supposed to like this bitch. She never saw any of the consequences of slaughtering her own people and carried on as normal, no retribution, no nothing. Just accept that the god who was supposed to protect her people started oppressing them for muh eternity and dead friends is actually a good girl who's just a bit lonely uwu. The Inazuma Archon quest was an all around waste of time and seeing how the rest of the Archons are confirmed to be female I'm afraid of the trend continuing like this. The world quests are so good, why did they fuck up the Archon one so bad?

But >>168419 summed up why Twitter drinks it up. Autistic lesbian booba mommy headcanon attracts a lot of coomers, male and female alike.

No. 168592

Hu Tao almost reached Ei’s day one revenue and CN Genshin got so much traffic that it shut down for some players. I’m honestly a bit shocked that a rerun could do this good without even being an archon rerun. What’s so good about Hu Tao that made people go batshit insane? I wonder how crazy the Ganyu rerun will be.

No. 168597

Could it be Thoma's release?

No. 168605

It's because of Thoma. I called this right after it was confirmed that he would be released within Hu Tao's rerun. Can't wait to see all the waifufag moids gloating about another waifu selling well when it's entirely thanks to the new husbando character everyone is obsessed with and who's the first pyro male since launch.

No. 168620

There's a lot of factors besides Thoma. Hu Tao is considered very meta, Staff of Homa is the best polearm in the game (and elegy is a good support bow, all around a good weapons banner), c1 is a huge QoL boost to anyone who has her, and her design/personality are popular as well. I hope she dethrones shitty booba sword waifu as top selling banner. With all that said, Thoma does help a lot after how long it's been since a new tall male husbando was released. Also his cons are good, his shield is great, pyro vision, and he synergizes well with walnut

No. 168623

File: 1636070685333.jpg (374.41 KB, 2122x2915, maido.jpg)

Just like the anon above me said, not only thoma but homa is BiS for almost every polearm in the game and elegy ain't half bad either. This is an even bigger W than it looks on the surface because for baal they reset top ups and moved her OP con down to c2 as bait kek. After childe already outsold her banner in japan I guess this means the malewife filler patch will be the highest selling overall then, based.

No. 168631

Hu Tao is very popular

No. 168718

lol this is exactly how I feel
a friend of mine did the quest now and he was like "it was DECENT" and I went on a rant on HOW it was decent and sent pic related kek
lol this bitch bothered me too.i dont remember exactly what cutscene it was but even when she wanted to be nice she came out as bitchy.can't understand how people like her

No. 168747

File: 1636124568224.jpg (516.56 KB, 1029x648, 1636120337729.jpg)

Rumours that these are the next banners. If it's true I will seriously consider trying to "build pity" on Hu Tao's banner despite having a guaranteed bc fuck me I already have a C6 Bennet and I dont want either Sara pra Noelle cons

No. 168755

"uwu step on me mommy" kind of people

No. 168790

Building pity is something I'd strongly advise against. Even if you don't want these 4 stars, there is a chance to get off banner ones and if you pull on Hu Tao now you could simply get her, what are you going to do then?

No. 168803

i like her and hate childe because childe is trite and annoying

No. 168821

I guess it's because of muh wlw girls on Twitter that ship her with Ei that Yae is popular. She's not especially likeable but I'll take her over Baal any time

No. 168975

If this is true I can FINALLY get Fischl's last constellation while pulling for Itto….let's goooo

No. 169136

File: 1636354814095.jpg (41.79 KB, 789x400, Smell-like-Genshin-Impact-char…)

you can finally feel closer to your husbando/waifu with these genshin impact perfumes

No. 169148

File: 1636369739753.jpeg (58.7 KB, 800x800, 2477F65D-0328-4BF3-AD05-C229DC…)

I want the Diluc and Keya ones to spray them on their respective body pillows.

No. 169179

I wonder what they actually smell like

No. 169202

cheap and bad

No. 169207

There are descritpions of the exact smells if you look it up. I'm not a perfume person but they seem to have put a lot into it.It also costs 60 dollars and doesn't ship world-wide but I guess we will have reviews eventually

No. 169219

One of them has dominant notes of eucalyptus and tarragon and I just…

No. 169260

Hopefully they smell good since I quite like the design and packaging of the perfumes. I looked them up, it's really cute.

No. 169262

File: 1636444344501.jpg (2.3 MB, 1920x1080, RDT_20211109_10390645876736268…)

Itto u negative IQ mofo kek
How much of a fucking child is he?It would be interesting if he was some shota with an attitude instead of some tall-ass man imo

No. 169268

File: 1636466478238.png (367.71 KB, 850x600, 1635098793845.png)

Its much better that he is a big dumbass, anon, there's no himbos in the whole game yet

No. 169271

Himbo is a beefy,stupid but kind man.This dude steals stuff from children and bullies them.That's not so nice lol

No. 169273

He takes candy, toys, and mf PICTURE BOOKS from children. I'll cave and buy desperation crystals for this dumbass slab of beef if I have to and I've never done that before. They got me. Mihoyo fucking got me nonitas.

No. 169277

I could accept stealing bugs and candy but who the fuck takes picture books from kids kek I need this man just so I can laugh at him

No. 169281

This is great for my fic because he's as stupid as I pictured him kek

No. 169288

Itto is such a refreshing character. He's very funny and dynamic, even his design is unique amomg the other characters (also love how his design is similar with Jiraiya and Rengoku). I just noticed that Inazuma boys have very fun aesthetic and personalities: Thoma is a pure malewife, Ayato has a gap moe (he makes Thoma eat weird stuff), Gorou is an adorable pupper, Kazuha's quirky sense of smell (and kickass part in the cutscene) and Scara's bratty attitude. Looking forward to Shikanoin Heizou cause he seems interesting as well. Even a lot of my dude friends are dying to get Thoma in his banner cause they simply love him.

No. 169290

Onis being mean to naughty kids is a thing in japanese mythology, even now it's one of those things parents say to spook their kids into behaving

so my poor meowmeow can't help it ;-; it's in his oni blood

No. 169397

File: 1636532746052.jpeg (359.54 KB, 900x636, 93764125_p0.jpeg)

Albedo announced as first banner in 2.3. The leaks were true. Can't wait for the stream! Honestly hate being f2p since I'll have to skip so many banners in hope of Ayato in 2.4 or 2.5.

No. 169411

Now I can imagine him hoarding stolen picture books like an idiot and being proud of it too

No. 169475

File: 1636596238987.jpg (322.21 KB, 1240x1754, 20211111_100323.jpg)

pspspspsps dottore anon I have some good food for you

No. 169476

Is it just me or does this art have wonky proportions

No. 169479

head too big and no neck

No. 169512

File: 1636645587074.jpg (128.78 KB, 564x396, thankyounonna.jpg)

thank you nonni! yes, im still here kek

No. 169513

File: 1636645734205.png (823.73 KB, 1061x1448, yaeflowers2v2.png)

Is yae miko going to become a playable character, I have not played this game in a long time. Sorry if I am out of the loop.

No. 169546

Leaks are hinting at her becoming playable at 2.4 or 2.5. Her code says she’s not an NPC apparently so she’s very likely to be a playable character.

No. 169601

File: 1636700117929.jpeg (170.13 KB, 666x871, A44263D7-738D-4D3E-9A26-343F7C…)

According to leaks (lumie) we’re getting a new banner type in 2.3. So not only Albedo, Itto and Gorou but Eula too. Say goodbye to your primos from now on nonnies

No. 169610

File: 1636705437049.jpg (150.96 KB, 1129x1223, 3fc8497ec8f90c6d8cd250dabd9179…)

God I will get so mad if they will give us two male returning characters at the same time. The banners share a pity btw.

Anyway I still am going to skip Albedo, I know he's a good support but I still can't get over the fact how ugly his model looks compared to his official art. I swear this is totally not me coping that he is still the only current male character in game I don't have haha…

Good luck to the people pulling on Albedo/Eula.

No. 169619

File: 1636713470188.png (504.24 KB, 603x603, 202117202122_1.png)

after gorou my primos aint going anywhere but the vault for scaramouche and cryo 5 star shota heizou. those damn dirty reruns and dumb ice betch #30s ugly bro can suck a dick.

he just looks cute. you're getting memed sister.

No. 169638

this video was hype af ngl.wonder wtf is going on with itto and albedo

No. 169639

I actually like Itto’s sonicesque voice. Uhg! I hope I can finally fucking update the game so I can play, this update is amazing.

No. 169641

Why is he so fucking cute

No. 169645

File: 1636737320338.jpeg (472.13 KB, 1200x824, DB0F4512-016F-4E6E-8A31-C90944…)

I love the return of so many characters in dragonspine! Seeing Benny made me so happy and Albedo possibly losing his shit and destroying stuff is exciting

No. 169649

They just had to shoehorn the coomerbait yuri fanservice in. Oh well, Albedo looks sick as hell.

No. 169653

So nonas, do you think I'll be able to get Albedo, Itto and Gorou with 18k primos?

No. 169658

File: 1636744543506.jpeg (324.51 KB, 1061x1500, 7AB988C0-9184-437B-B747-096DCF…)

Sorry anon 14400 is a guaranteed. So to get 2 five stars for 18k is purely based on luck.

No. 169659

File: 1636744555774.jpeg (132.02 KB, 800x1170, FD8w4W-UcBAPWS4.jpeg)

Do you have pity or a guaranteed? Because 112 pulls would require a lot of luck to get both Itto and Albedo.
Of course, the new patch will give us more primos (usually between 6k~9k) which will up your chances considerably

No. 169664

Hmm I think I'll skip Albedo then, I really want Itto. Dragon boy will have to wait.

I'm not sure, I have a hard time calculating wishes. I'll wait anyway just to be sure.

No. 169671

File: 1636749709522.jpeg (535.67 KB, 2048x2048, FD6iTMwaQAI0tly.jpeg)

Basically every wish costs 160 primos and the hard pity (when you're guaranteed getting a 5) is at 90. So, like the anon said, a 5 character "costs" 14400 primos.
Buuut, there's also soft pity, which is in between wishes 75~80 where the chances of getting a 5 are REALLY big and most people get their 5 here (it's really hard to end up going to hard pity then). So you could also guess that it costs 12.000 to 12.800 primos

No. 169672

Amber and Eula are just best friends. And there wasn't any fanservice, they just made snowman together with little boy.

No. 169674

So happy to see Bennett being cool.I wish we get to see Rosaria too cause she was suspicious of Albedo and it would make sense

No. 169686


No. 169755

why dont these work for me?was i too late? kek

No. 169756

Worked for me yesterday after the livestream. You might be late.

No. 169757

File: 1636805798248.png (55.07 KB, 780x672, Untitled.png)

One thing I didn't notice with all the new announcements was that we are getting a new type of banner which,from what I understand,will have two characters on reruns instead of one and they will be sharing pity


No. 169760

Yeah it was said in the livestream and already mentioned here before the livestream >>169601

No. 169761

I thought they just meant the one will be after the other.Lol sorry

No. 169794

Hello nonnies, would it be alright if I ask for your opinions about the new banner system? I want to hear your sides especially if you're f2p or a dolphin (not whales cause I know they'll roll on both). Personally, it's a 50-50 to me. A good thing because I can roll for a character without waiting for new patches to arrive. Kind of a bad thing cause the time for saving primos would be limited and my indecisive ass would have a hard time if both banners are my fave. I do wish they increase the primos we receive every week tho… I don't get the 50 & 40 wishes in each banner either. A lot of it is still confusing.

No. 169800

I'm a goldfish and I don't consider spending more money for now but my thoughts are pretty much the same as yours. I believe mihoyo did this so that people will be skipping banner less when there's totally a possibility to get one of the two 5*

No. 169819

File: 1636837051919.jpg (379.68 KB, 2048x1935, FED27BYagAEEB-W.jpg)

I only really buy welkin and I think it's a good thing in the long run?
Like, sure, you can look at it in the lense that saving will be harder but also through the lenses that reruns will occur a lot more often, so you won't have to wait half a year for a character to appear again in a banner. So like, losing a 50/50 on a new banner isn't that big of a deal because they might be rerun soon, yk?
We know that they aren't scared of having 3rd reruns thanks to Childe too.
But ig that depends on how picky you are with the characters that you want. So maybe we won't have long periods of saving but also we won't have long periods where there's literally nothing interesting to roll for, yk?

No. 169826

I'm f2p and I don't think I will mind to much since this means that if I'm not able to get the character I want, I won't have to wait like a year for a rerun. But it will definitely suck when it are 2 returning characters I really like. I think if anything this will just "suck" for whales because they will spend double the amount of money kek. I'm also wondering if this means they will push out even more new characters?

No. 169837

I'm a dolphin and I don't pull often so whenever a new character that I want pops up I always have enough to get them then and there. The double banner is harsh for newer players but for people who've been playing since 1.0 - 1.2 it's a very welcome addition. Genshin's banners run way too long for them to be rerunning one character at a time, often back to back.

No. 169862

anybody have any good fic recommendations?

No. 169885

well what ships do you like nona?

No. 169918

File: 1636903000340.jpg (525.26 KB, 1334x1932, 20211114_231555.jpg)

sometimes life sucks

sometimes you find a nice piece of fanart for dottore anon and you just gotta show it to them

No. 169920

File: 1636908347802.jpg (178.53 KB, 563x504, thank.jpg)

thanks nonni, have a wonderful day, this one is so cute

No. 169926

Where's that pic where childe shoves his face in dottores tits it was posted last thread and I didn't save it

No. 169928

anons, this is extremely annoying, please just make a discord channel or at least sage your shit

No. 169939

I dont think it's annoying, this thread is super slow anyway. Also does it even matter if someone doesn't sage in /m/?

No. 169942

i'm open to anything! m/m, f/m, f/f, gen. i've read a sampling of the major ships. i looked on twitter but so much of it is authors peddling their own fics. i appreciate that recs from here will probably be a little more honest.

No. 169943

I don't want it to be sage. Dottore anon has to be the one of the sweetest in this thread. Everytime users show them some Dottore related content, the moment just becomes wholesome. I really hope Dottore appears in Sumeru as the nation's fatui. Be it a playable character or villain/boss, I'll manifest it so anon would be joyful!

No. 169944

sorry for the scarily fast response please don't be scared nonna kek, but thank you for that manifesting…i really do hope he comes soon, and that mihoyo does not fuck up his beautiful hair. Im so so so desperate for canon dottore content. no pic this time because i dont want to annoy anyone else

No. 169958

its some of the most cringe shit I seen on lc in the past year

No. 169959

File: 1636922938682.jpeg (61.89 KB, 500x773, 944EF92F-CE56-42BE-B1F1-3B9D79…)

Not annoying at all. Dottore-anon is super wholesome and only replies when we ask for her rather than spamming like the lumine sperg and Sara x itto sperg. Also she posts fun edits as replies as >>169920 Seriously this is an imageboard let us have some fun.

No. 169962

not any of the anons above but This, dottore anon deserves kisses. She's not ruining anyone's fun unlike those three assholes

No. 169965

I know right, Dottore-anon is cute, I wish I knew how to draw so I could post some Dottore fanart for her.

No. 169976

Honestly I feel like I'm talking to a bunch of 14 year old, nona, that is unironically something our Queen PT would post

No. 169979

you basically are. now that i know that the creepy anons are the fujospergs who would fight anyone if they so much as mentioned any female characters, it all makes so much sense. lore: they would legit start some lengthy infighting every thread with other anons by calling them scrotes for liking female characters even when not addressed, then act like a victim as if they were attacked first. it was some intense memory loss shit that dragged on.

No. 169987

File: 1636949442948.jpg (115.32 KB, 919x1024, 202022.jpg)

sigh such is the nature of genshitters

uhm ya lost me. they were still right about the female characters.

No. 169989

kek it's not about being right about the female characters. i've even posted before about wanting more male characters because mihoyo pushes out female characters as fast as possible that they end up making bland characters like that electro archon.

i assume you weren't there, so you wouldn't know how annoying it was for people who just came to read the thread in peace when the fujospergs dragged their infighting with the same points for almost the entirety of literally 3 consecutive threads because they couldn't stand others enjoying different things. imagine a person who is enjoying a cake and someone comes and literally takes a dump on it unprompted while flooding the entire room. the fujospergs have calmed down a ton and the infighting stopped a bit as they're now choosing to just creep on dottore anon instead, which i still would take any day i suppose.

No. 169993

idk, i remember both sides flinging poop at eachother for a long time and i think yaoi is sexy and hot so ngl i was rooting for them

No. 169996

poor fujos, so victimised by mean anons itt uwu

No. 170000

>Anon posts pictures of male character
>Some other anons get pissy and annoyed for no fucking reason
>Say it's the "fujo" who likes male characters that started it
Yeah you anti-fujos get triggered so easily, not everyone wants to drool over female characters you self insert in 24/7, especially if the majority of (coomer) players already does that and refuses to see how bad some of them are written.

No. 170010

>Complains about dragged infighting and not letting people enjoy their own thing
>Proceeds to start fighting and bitching about Dotorre anons who are doing their own thing
What? Like come on, the thread finally has calmed down. No one is bothering the lumine avatar fag anymore who posted some days above, there have been anons mentioning just female characters liking them/waiting for there banners ect. And now suddenly you want to start this discussion again even though this thread has become so calm?

Everyone was annoying as fuck with the infighting there were no "sides". There are only the people who sperg hours long about why they're triggered because a certain character was posted like you're doing right now and anons who just decide to ignore posts they don't like.

Also can I just say that >>169918 literally has Lumine in it? So I don't know where the sudden fujo sperg comes from kek. I think Dotorre fags just want to horny post about him, no matter if its straight or yaoi.

Okay you got me, Albedo is indeed cute I'm just coping because I don't have enough primos for him and Itto. However I'm currently chest hunting in Inazuma in the hope I will have enough for both of them but I doubt it tbh.

No. 170015

About Dottore anon. I'm very shy, so if I would receive this amount of attention, I would probably be uncomfortable. Are you sure she is comfortable with your constant posts?
His animations are very beautiful. I noticed them only after a month of using Albedo and was very fascinated.
Mihoyo would make new characters no matter what. So the choice basically is the long rerun cycle or the short rerun cycle. Obviously second is better.
>harsh for newer players
How is ability to choose harsh to new players?

No. 170016

>How is ability to choose harsh to new players?
It might be harsh for newer players because they have less times to save for the characters they want. But yeah I think the new system isn't that bad since it means that even if you don't have enough primos to get the character you want. You will not have to wait a super long time now for another chance to get them. And yeah Albedo's animation is so pretty, I really like how much effort they put into the animation of characters to make them more unique.
Also I think Dottore anon mentioned before in a previous thread that she does not mind the posts and I'm sure she can speak for herself if she does ever feel bothered.

No. 170100

I think it was a few weeks ago when i said I was going to re-install the game, which i did try, but for some reason I go to the Genshin website to download it and it won't let me. Is this the Gacha gods punishing me for abandoning it once? Like I literally click download and nothing happens, am I free? I want to see Razor again, I'm so fucking sad.

No. 170136

Do you think it will ever come to Switch?

No. 170141

I doubt it. The switch announcement is the same as the KFC glider announcement. Abandoned.

No. 170142

It's probably not a great idea for miHoYo and their dodgy source code, but Nintendo would probably want a cut of the gacha profits too.

No. 170162

>dodgy source code
wdym by that anon

No. 170312

File: 1637203228138.jpg (78.93 KB, 889x500, 4126b1c132a427cd4e300215c85697…)

The ultimate monkey's paw

>KFC glider is finally going to be available outside CN server

>The only way to obtain it is to buy 2 month+ subs to shitty genshin twitch streamers

No. 170313

more details:

>Being gifted by someone doesn't count

>Past subscriptions don't count
>You must sub on the weeks of the event
>Have to sub two month tier 1
>Twitch Prime doesn't count as a sub

No. 170314

Ngl it would be hilarious if this ends in another anniversary-like backlash kek

No. 170327

Wtf why do they keep doing this shit
It should have stayed that way

No. 170333

What are you doing Mihoyo? What the fuck? How do they fuck up the marketing this bad time after time? Why are their campaigns always loaded with some conditional bullshit that requires you to jump through hoops that simply aren't worth the effort? Does anyone even review these ideas? I have a hard time believing that someone would just rubber stamp this without questioning how fucking awful it sounds. Pay to sub to twitch streamers you don't give a shit about just so you can get an in-game costume glider. Good god.

No. 170336

Wtf why are we getting it a year late and why on twitch? So $10 to support some pathetic waifu simp on twitch? I can only see myself maybe subscribing to Dish since she does have good taste in husbandos. But other than that who the fuck am I going to give my money to? I rather just pay in genesis crystals.

No. 170337

Keep in mind it only includes Genshin streamers who are partaking in the campaign so in other words approved by Mihoyo, you don't even get to choose freely.

No. 170338

Shit you’re right. This genuinely sucks. Looks like Mihoyo apparently just copied FF14. They also had a twitch event for global.

No. 170346

>10 dollars for a glider and a little bit of mora
Uuuhhh why the hell would anyone spend 10 dollars on this, it doesn't even include any primos. Isn't it better to just buy welkin moon instead so that you actually get something worth your money?

I heard the streamers are only be able to partake if they only stream genshin for 2 weeks long, like wtf this isn't even a good deal for streamers also. Like how the fuck are you gonna play genshin so long, I do my dailies in like 15 minutes are those streamers just gonna kill random mobs for 2 weeks long or something?

No. 170377

Dish declined the collab

No. 170385

File: 1637259357060.jpeg (617.19 KB, 1920x1077, 09EE2224-B612-42D9-9007-8D1FFF…)

Well fuck this then. I’m not spending money on twitch scrotes

No. 170386

I hate that people are beginning to be burnt out by genshin. I hate that mhy sucks and they're letting a good game die. Will things ever get better?
Anyways, anons what else are you into? Give me my replacement so I can forget about this game and stop feeling so horrible.

No. 170387

I'm not burnt out by Genshin, I've been playing since launch on my own pace without giving a shit about minmaxing and instead just having fun. It's not dying, we're just getting a oni with his tits out, a dog boy and Ayaka's big brother.

No. 170388

File: 1637260184671.jpeg (250.17 KB, 1000x1445, @lavelis_twi on Twitter.jpeg)

Why do you need recommendations if you only play about 30 minutes each day?

No. 170401

Unironically welcoming this. If there were less players they'd have no choice but to give out better rewards and make nicer characters. Other gacha games have events where they give out 20-40 pulls for free while Genshin tried to get away with just copying one of the old login events that gave you 10 fates. They've made a little too much money for a little too long

No. 170407

File: 1637269075639.jpeg (113.09 KB, 1280x635, 7D7AFD53-D2C7-443E-9230-7216B0…)

Maybe you can try Tower of fantasy when it comes out. Very few male characters (around 5 I think) and the girls look slutty but the world looks like a fusion between honkai and genshin. It’s a gacha but you can customize your own character too apparently. Personally I don’t feel burnt out yet with genshin cause I play like 4 times a week.

No. 170421

File: 1637274330051.jpeg (18.93 KB, 546x562, images (1) (6).jpeg)

This glider thing is such an overreaction lmao literally it's just a glider, not even a skin, why are people pretending to care so much?

No. 170424

between this and the elon musk retardation, who the whole fuck is in charge of sns marketing for genshin in the west? they just keep fucking shit up. all they ever had to do was eng dub the commercial.

tysm for your input lumineschizo we were all camping out itt waiting for your thoughts on this

No. 170425

As much as you wish I was avatarfagging, nona, I'm really not. I dont get why you're so pissed but ok, I guess? Have fun being mad over literally nothing?

No. 170426

You know avatarfagging isn’t allowed?

No. 170427

I mean the kfc collab required you to pay money too, but a warm meal is easier to justify than a two month subscription to some streamer, especially because most casual players probably don't even watch any. The glider itself doesn't look that good anyway, but the twitch thing cuts many people off that might've gotten it otherwise. I haven't seen anyone complain about the lackluster google collab they've done, the glider was just already awaited, so I guess people expected to get it easily.

No. 170428

jannies dont look in this thread

No. 170430

I'm… explicitly not doing that tho? It's a reaction image

No. 170431

The most grating thing about that anon posting the same picture over and over is it's not even a real reaction picture; it's just a normal ass close up of her boring face like something a waifufag would post.

No. 170435

File: 1637277559312.png (101.06 KB, 319x298, 1637273733391.png)

I feel like an autist for even clarifying and checking this but neither have I posted that picture before, only posted with a Lumine picture or even make up a significant amount of all the posts with a Lumine art attached in all the threads.
I think you are conflating multiple people into one because of some dumb infighting that makes no sense.
Anyway that's it from this dumb discussion.

It feels blown out of porpotion by twitterfags who would never get it in the first place. It's not like an actual KFC collab wouldnt also cut many people off from actually getting it either.

No. 170436

it was never the avatarfagging/shitty taste in reaction pix alone that gave you away. you are a weirdly argumentative freeek and it makes all your posts very easy to clock.

No. 170437

But then why are you saying I'm avatarfagging or posting the same picture when that is not true?
It's not a crime to be a bitch on lc, nona, we all are, you are being one right now.(avatarfagging)

No. 170441

this is exactly why everyone itt hates you. stfu.

No. 170510

File: 1637324512533.jpg (60.88 KB, 926x925, FABCw6nUYAMkJ-Z.jpg)

My heart hurts when I see HP builds for Thoma. Don't even get me started on Thoma crit. dmg
I came across that famous chinese tier list today and I saw Thoma at the bottom of the Sub DPS list, along with Geo traveler and Amber. I really had to laugh, how can people be so dumb.
>best sub DPS at C6, the true Hydro 5* star!!1!!
>oh wow he is shit???????????

>inb4 well Thoma doesn't deal as much damage!!!1!

ok, don't care about numbers but he's not sub DPS Amber wtf

Btw, Aloy mains (if there are any here or at least someone that took the time to build her), should I go for the two-piece set Noblesse Obligue or should I stick with my 4-set Blizzard Strayer?
I tried to build her as a DPS, but it seems she works better as a sub DPS, so I'm wondering if I should try to boost her ult. I guess if I got noblesse obligue set I should go for a ATK% circlet right? Idk

No. 170517

>My heart hurts when I see HP builds for Thoma. Don't even get me started on Thoma crit. dmg
What does that even mean?
…Anyway that tier list is made by an autist who makes them for every gacha game under the sun and has no actual knowledge of any of them. He puts the newest ssr unit at the top and calls it a day. Geo traveler is great.

Aloy on the other hand is a waste of resources. Awful, janky dps and outclassed as a sub dps by chongyun, kaeya, and rosario. I suggest using one of them instead.

No. 170584

File: 1637348239454.jpeg (618.45 KB, 1807x1129, A3DCBD2B-1AF6-4BB1-AED8-D8F7E3…)

Maybe this is autistic and f2p on a sad level but I do these tier lists that help me know who I should save my primogems for. The “don’t want” is for characters that are c6 or I don’t like. “Meh” are okay characters that I wouldn’t be sad getting (or getting more constellations of) and “nice” are characters I’d pull for if I have leftover primogems.

Since Xiao is top priority and is coming soon I’ll have to skip my “want” characters unfortunately.

Here’s the link for anons who also want to make a list: https://tiermaker.com/create/genshin-impact-characters-13-792389

No. 170629

File: 1637359192658.png (784.09 KB, 960x530, fiqaglk82e081.png)

The double rerun banners share the same 4 stars and also the weapon banner is revealed.

You have good taste anon! Some people are speculating Yunjin will be a new support for Xiao. Kinda like how Gorou is designed to suit Itto. I hope this is true because I love both Xiao and her design. Also very excited to see how Ayato will look like, I hope he looks just as good as in the fan arts that I keep seeing.

I would stick to 4-set Blizzard Strayer for her and put her into a freeze comp since it's provide alot of crit rate. You should also just focus on getting an crit rate/dmg circlet. Ofcourse you always could go to the alternative 2 piece noblesse if you prefer that.

No. 170688

File: 1637413623686.jpg (410.39 KB, 1280x1099, tumblr_7d1247bf2faa7aa020fb4a0…)

I hope everyone complained on the survey about Tartaglias missing plunge attack in melee. I seriously don't get why he still doesn't have one, even Baal has a sword-like one during her ult. So weird when he just kind of jumps instead of attacking, everything else about him is very detailed and thought out too, it just doesn't make sense

No. 170708

Let's wait for his next re-run then kekw. Kidding aside, yes I was upset as well that they didn't import that. But if ever he would have a melee plunge attack, what type of weapon will he be wielding? Sword, right?

No. 170715

No. 170825

I think it should be a polearm-like plunge because his weapon does turn into one on his fourth(?) hit and during the burst. Otherwise a bow plunge with some water splashing would be fine too, I wonder what the holdup is. In interviews and such they keep talking about how hard coding him was, so maybe there are some issues with it? I read somewhere that leaks said it was supposed to come in 1.2

No. 170835

Yes, he's the hardest character to code they said. Even his cape animation during his skill uses a different software afaik. I suddenly remembered that Zhongli and Thoma's polearm plunge attacks are hella sexy, meehoho pls give our Tarutaru the same skill plunge animation

No. 170916

File: 1637575462432.jpg (138.69 KB, 640x1138, gi9c4gjge4181.jpg)

Ew im sorry but Ganyu looks dressed as a saint compared to Shenhe. I think it's the lace but she legit looks like she's wearing lingerie, this is the most coomer design of all female characters imo. Atleast Yunjin looks cute so hey one female character that doesn't look like a stripper yay.

No. 170917

File: 1637575595863.jpg (158.91 KB, 960x960, qrfghr5ra4181.jpg)

Here is Yunjin, kinda strange they decided to switch to Geo again after they showed her vision being blue. She looks super cute and pretty, she's my favorite female character now based on design.

No. 170918

Also sorry for the samefag but the fact that they're both polearms is just so strange. We already got so many polearms. I really hope they don't pull an Ayaka on Yunjin and show her panties because they make her skirt fly everywhere during animations.

No. 170919

still better than eula's outfit imo

No. 170922

cryo woman is the most shit tier genre of genshin character. got bowlcut mcgranny-panties, autistic boobie sock goat thing, a literal dead hooker, eula, and now this hoe too, god damn.

No. 170923

she looks lazy, like they took all the waifus and threw em in a blender but mostly ganyu ningguang raiden sara and ayaka. can't complain since im really going to need a break from pulling after 2.3.

No. 170926

I'm not even surprised anymore, they're all the same and nearly all of them have some see-through clothing that makes them look like hookers. And you know that Yunjin's skirt is going to fucking fly when she runs.

No. 170933

File: 1637585921094.gif (3.99 MB, 580x580, Yunjin Wave.GIF)

I'm so happy that Yunjin is finally revealed!
She looks so cute and I love her boots.
Time to return to the game solely just to save up for her.

No. 170935

Holy hell her design looks like a mess, I would accept a bodysuit but half of it is see-through and now she got those ridiculous naked parts on her hips that look like an afterthought. Some marketing guy walked in and told the designer to add some motehrfucking sex appeal and they did the best they could with the model that already existed kek.

>I really hope they don't pull an Ayaka on Yunjin and show her panties because they make her skirt fly everywhere during animations.
This, I was initially happy for Ayaka having proper clothing but of course they had to give her pantyshots.

No. 170942

I would die for Yunjin, I love her too anon! She's so cute, definetely one of the best female character designs. I think her and Amber would make cute friends.

No. 170944

Oh you're right! Not only cryo ladies were as frequent as the pyro ones but they're the most coomer bait outfits ever. It's all sex, reveal this, booba that. In the end, they all end up looking tacky. I'll have to make Ayaka an exception since you can only see her panties until you look up her skirt, but her overall design still looks elegant to me. And Rosaria. Oh god… her design looks trash and the worst of them all. She's like a thot dressed up as a nun for a halloween party and nothing in her outfit looks sexy. I wish she was never released as a character if her design's going to look like that. All these men will still pull nonetheless once boobs, ass and thighs are in sight.

No. 170947

I don't even think the worst coomer moids will pull for the slutty characters like Rosaria as they consider them too sexy, they prefer the innocent waifus they can molest by peeking up their skirt or zoom up into their buttocks. Just look at all the moids perving on Noelle, Ganyu and Ayaka.

No. 170968

I like Rosaria's personality a lot, it's a shame her design is like that.

No. 170981

File: 1637604707876.jpeg (56.35 KB, 349x339, C49B8A83-3E30-468E-97F3-536C6E…)

So we got all leaked characters except now Yao Yao. Also looking at pic related they really did make Shenhe sluttier

No. 170984

looks like a really trashy design not just because she is wearing lingerie but her accesories look so ugly….

No. 171001

Overall, it's plain and meh. And I heard her character is like Eula, usual cold and snobby woman. I'm 10000% sure her story quest will give her extreme waifu treatment that is pure fanservice and not contributing anything to the lore. I hate how I already dislike an unreleased character, too. Just really tired of mhy pumping out boring waifus.

Anyways, since she's the only 5* shown this patch, would it be possible for a Xiao and Ganyu rerun? I'm really nervous rn

No. 171003

idk if it's that I'm used to coomer designs,but I'm not as bothered by Rosaria's and Mona's.Yes they barely wear anything,esp Mona,but I like them(even though their old designs not even having leggings were even more ridiculous).Maybe I like them as characters I guess

kokomi's design here was cuter imo and looked more like a priestess than whatever she got now

and to diverge from the shitty waifu design,he's some leaked Itto lines(I'm not 100% if they are legit but I hope so cause I'm sold.What a dumbass)

No. 171004

Where did it say she's a 5 star?

No. 171008

File: 1637619433410.jpg (1.71 MB, 3000x3000, 20211122_160913.jpg)

she clearly is one, and yunjin a 4 star.

either xiao ganyu or xiao zhongli

I have all them so I'm skipping no matter what, don't pull ganyu guys she's out of meta and an all around severely overrated unit

No. 171057

I really hate the lower part of the new design, it looks like someone removed some skirt she could have to look at her lingerie. The original color was fine and it was already revealing, but noooooo, they needed it to be even more coomerish than before

No. 171105

Fuck anon this art is so cute!! I don't really ship in general but they look nice together

No. 171112

I was gonna say the same! Never seen this ship but it's so cute

No. 171148

File: 1637706577724.png (452.2 KB, 1024x514, image-42-1024x514.png)

Why the fuck did they do Shenhe so dirty? Her original model was fine, not a fan of the blue accents but at least she didn't look like a goddamn stripper.

No. 171149

This is not fan mashup of Ganju and Eula?

No. 171150

No, it's 5-star cryo waifu number 853.

No. 171152

ugly whore

No. 171153

I'm lowkey mad thinking that she's yet another cryo waifu but she'll sell amazing again….

No. 171159

>tfw no male cryo since launch
whenever he does finally show up he better be powercreep

No. 171161

Nah anon, it's going to go downhill from here. Waifus will become more sexualized and more frequent and eventually Genshin will just turn into Honkai 4th. I'm already doompilling hard on this, them taking off Shenhe's clothing is just the beginning of the end.

No. 171165

i wouldn't go that far. the writing team only cares about male characters like zhongli, scaramouche, albedo so we'll get more good ones in time. even itto's filler ass had more care put into him than any plot relevant waifu.

No. 171171

File: 1637721909069.jpg (174.24 KB, 980x1400, bebebebebebebe.jpg)

Albedo time is nigh, sluts

No. 171177

File: 1637731925435.jpeg (391.65 KB, 2000x2500, 5B2F9427-1C13-4FEE-B790-89A341…)

I finally got Albedo to go with my baby Klee!!!

No. 171184

I had 90 rolls saved up for Itto anyway so I spared a 10 roll… and got Diluc.
Sorry Albedo, not going to try again.
Also there goes all that effort leveling up Thoma, gonna have to figure out a new team comp.

No. 171195

Okay from what I can see in this video it does seem they pulled an Ayaka on Yunjin skirt which makes me sad. But I believe she's wearing just full on leggings so technically not a panty shot, her animations look very pretty I hope she won't be on Shenhe banner but on a 5 star i like. It's nice to see so many Yunjin fans here!

God when the hell will we get dendro? Also i will be so disappointed if dendro does not have some new reaction with geo.

Time to spend all my primos on Albedo and then get sad when Itto and Gorou arrive.

Congrats anon!

No. 171197

the truth is that it's harder to sell male characters so they need to give them a stronger story. but from a meta pov, the only actually good male 5 stars are zhongli and kazuha, all of the care is put on waifus

No. 171198

What's Zhongli's meta?
Seriously asking, I have him at C2 and not sure how best to use him.

No. 171201

>the only actually good male 5 stars are zhongli and kazuha
Uh what about Venti, Childe, Bennet, and Xingqui?
Childe national is one of the most meta teams and is used a lot of times in speedruns. All the other guys I mentioned are great supports and used in many meta teams. Also Albedo works great with Xiao and Hu Tao and probably also Itto.

I think people consider him meta because of how strong his shield is?

No. 171202

Sorry for the samefag just realised you mean only 5 male stars. But i still stand with my point. Childe and Venti are still great and imo only Diluc isn't that strong anymore. Xiao was strong on release and I hope he will get a good new artifact set.

No. 171204

yeah i meant only 5 stars. i mean venti was great on release but he's not needed much now, now let's compare it to all the big dick damage female characters and you see who is the favorite

No. 171205

I get what this anon is saying. Looking at the five stars (not 4 stars that are meta like Bennett and XQ) there’s less meta guys than female characters. I mean albedo is nice and all but he’s never been meta.

No. 171207

I mean venti is still used for morgana but yeah pretty much all other comps prefer kazuha now. I think one of the problems is that we don't have many male characters and secondly most of them are support. Like we only have 3 dps 5 star male characters right? Diluc, Xiao and Childe. Let's hope that Itto is a good dps, they did seem to tweak him a lot during beta.

No. 171209

a beta tester said he's weaker than eula but we'll see

No. 171211

File: 1637748006141.png (45.43 KB, 640x114, 8nVAfZDg_qUjCFeGoiummVsIXul5v5…)

latest leak on dendro…

No. 171212

childe's team is strongest in the game, xiao is the best aoe dps in the game, venti is still just as busted as he was on release, itto's comp is going to be pushing hu tao numbers but without her shit aoe feat. nu albedo doing 40k off field every 2 seconds are you high. there are no weak male characters, razor included with his new overload team lol. thoma is the worst but even he's miles more useful than yoimiya, keq, klee, etc.

No. 171213

uncle dumb dumb NEVER predicts anything idk why that hack uba still posts him

No. 171214

File: 1637748499014.png (189.86 KB, 1621x1123, redditmoids.PNG)

>they prefer the innocent waifus they can molest by peeking up their skirt or zoom up into their buttocks
Ha moids are truely the worst, see pic related a comment I found on reddit. Also why the fuck are they so obsessed with armpits.

Yeah but beta testers also claimed kazuha sucked and that xiao needed 3 anemo character to battery him kek.

I'm sad we won't be getting any male archon anymore, also don't like they will be pulling the uh actually this child is +5000 years old probably on the dendro archon.

No. 171215

>Yeah but beta testers also claimed kazuha sucked and that xiao needed 3 anemo character to battery him kek
They cucked themselves with that "expensive Sucrose" meme so hard and now they all have massive boners for him after watching him pop up in every damage showcase since his release. The beta testers gave so little of a fuck about him we didn't even know how major parts of his kit worked until days after his banner went up, yet they insisted Yoi was op. It should be obvi by now that they're chosen precisely because they don't know what they're doing kek.

No. 171219

nah beta testers entirely ignored yoimiya for ayaka

No. 171223

it's not harder to sell male characters, it's harder to sell support characters which male ones are often made into in Genshin. the only limited male dpss are childe and xiao and all of childe's reruns have sold well and the only reason xiao didn't was because of the overlap with ganyu's banner and him being anemo. if there was a cryo/pyro 5* dps husbando he'd sell like crazy. Everyone is still kicking themselves over not rolling for Kazuha because they wanted to hold out for Ayaka/Ei/Yoimiya and like >>171215 said, memed themselves into the pointless Sucrose cope like a bunch of idiots, scrotes can't literally comprehend anything beyond muh cryo and pyro meta and think anemo is worthless

>that screenshot
moids are a disease

No. 171227

>Dendro Archon is a loli confirmed
I hate it already

No. 171231

Oh god their obsession with armpits. I remembered those Yae Miko fanarts with her armpit drawn to look like pussy lips or something. They really need to emphasize the detail on it as well.

No. 171242

File: 1637762220278.jpg (44.04 KB, 1080x631, ibieawhsmj181.jpg)

I'm punching the air right now, why is Yunjin on this coomer bait banner? Fuck mihoyo.

No. 171243

Hey nonas, just spent most of my primos, lost 50/50 to fucking Keqing, I'll have to say goodbye to Itto and Gorou but at least I'm an Albedo haver now. And I have C5 Bennett.
Also, is welkin worth it? I didn't want to spend money on a chinese game but you know…

No. 171245

It's probably because of the new double rerun system. No need to put a new character on a rerun as an incentive since people will pull for one of the rerun five stars no matter what. Gorou is also on Itto's banner, they are probably going to keep repeating that pattern. Well, I hope you can get her without ruining your pity, good luck anon!

Congratulations! I could take or leave Albedo, so I pulled until I got a five star and it was a Jean constellation, which is fine since she's the most usable out of the five off-banner ones. At least Xiao is now guaranteed haha. Also got a C6 Bennett which I won't activate for obvious reasons, but the little exclamation mark is already annoying me to no end.
I'd say the Welkin is definitely worth it! It gets you roughly the same as a 30$ Genesis Crystal pack I think? It makes sense to get it if you're planning for the future and it's not too expensive if you can spare the money, especially since flat out buying that amount you'd get over 30 days costs way more. I've bought it myself a few times already, but my luck is still shit so I lose all 50/50s at 80 pity regardless kek
Wishing you the best of luck on acquiring Itto though!!

No. 171246

I mean I'm happy about Benny since I do use him, but yeah. Also got c5 Rosaria, Sayu and c1 Noelle.
I'll look into welkin then. I played nearly every day since Kazuha and I could only get a guaranteed Albedo, the primos are actually pretty scarce as a F2P. My luck's also shit so I'm not going to get Itto, I'll save up for a guaranteed Ayato or other husbandos at this point. The double rerun sucks too, it won't let players have enough time to save up.

No. 171247

we're never getting a cryo 5* dps husbando. i can bet ayato will be another support/subdps, probably made for ayaka, devs can't have a husbando stronger than a waifu am i right?

No. 171250

>Well, I hope you can get her without ruining your pity, good luck anon!
Thank you but I might start thinking about skipping her because I really don't want Shenhe. Maybe I will try and pull if I get Ittou and my pity is zero but otherwise I will just have to wait a bit longer.
Also I totally understand your suffering with c6 Bennet, I have C6 Bennet for a while now and it's still bothering me. I sometimes want to just enable it but I'm afraid they will introduce a character that I really like that will get fucked over by his C6.

No. 171252

trying to discuss the lack of good male charas in moid infested spaces is extremely painful

No. 171253

Tell me about it nona, both moids and pickmes are infesting every corner of the internet and they're beyond insufferable.
>I think this game should have a more balanced gender ratio and write the female characters better
I also hate that in order to actually pick up on leaks and news I first have to dig through mountains of coomer shit about Yae's armpits or something. I wish there was a place that had waifufagging outright banned kek

No. 171256

File: 1637781244116.jpeg (325.03 KB, 1350x797, E7FE5089-7D5D-4656-BF30-7916A9…)

Ayato has been datamined, I repeat Ayato has been datamined! Fucking finally.

He’s a tall male sword user! Joining our husbandofag collection

No. 171257

File: 1637781802294.jpeg (Spoiler Image,222.99 KB, 1080x1260, 5E28FAFF-58A5-4DC1-811E-977B45…)

Samefag but here’s some 2.4 leaks. Boring. The only thing I’ll do is pull for Xiao and check out the lantern rite event if he’s in it.

No. 171258

wait, A NEW HARBINGER? wasn't arlecchino part of comedia dell arte?

No. 171259

yeahhh imo pickmes are the worst because they make it all about feminism like girl this is a coomer game made by moids it's not that deep
i hate how easily women accuse other women of misogyny for the sake of fictional charas

No. 171260

Wait what seriously?! I didn’t know that was a harbinger?

No. 171261

File: 1637782658032.jpg (406.89 KB, 2500x1080, FE-mzzTUYAMC5UT.jpg)

here u go yunjin lovers kek

No. 171262

It's an italian name and you know what that means.

No. 171263

im pretty sure that's pierro (the 1st one). since his condename is the jester/fool

No. 171264

File: 1637783969921.jpeg (232.33 KB, 1284x1110, B9AA3D28-5506-44DB-961B-418810…)

Thank you. I have some Yun Jin copium. We might not need to pull for her on Shenhe’s banner if she’s a free 4 star.

No. 171265

File: 1637784115585.jpeg (135.77 KB, 1080x776, A79E704E-27EE-4AA4-80D5-A714E0…)

Even more copium, dendro reactions??

No. 171267

Agree, Pierro was already foreshadowed during the Inazuma chapter so it would make sense to introduce him next. Sorry dottore anon, I'm sending hugs and kisses your way

I never saw it happen before Genshin but for some reason in this hell fandom everyone is doing the "if you hate moid pandering you also hate women and especially lesbians by proxy" thing. Fucking ridiculous, I often feel like dropping the game entirely simply due to the community which is unarguably one of the shittiest ones I've ever experienced in my life. At least the husbandos are worth it.

No. 171276

File: 1637788069752.jpg (113.89 KB, 535x338, heyatleastipulledalbedo.jpg)

i swear….im ok….

No. 171282

>if there was a cryo/pyro 5* dps husbando he'd sell like crazy
ha, it kind of already happened. back in 1.0 the most wanted character was diluc since he was colloquially known as the best dps in the game at the time, everyone was wasting their primos on standard banner pulls to try and get him. supports are so strong in this game that the only dps worth pulling are xiao, tardtaglia, and ayaka.

No. 171291

File: 1637790247425.jpeg (132.99 KB, 482x427, lolidendro.jpeg)

No. 171296

so they decided to retcon the male dendro archon for a loli…….

No. 171299

File: 1637791814642.jpeg (28.33 KB, 225x225, 601601DA-795D-458A-A573-2E4A7A…)

Come on, maybe it’s all a ruse and moids’ sexual fantasy of having a child as a powerful god. Why can’t a cute boy wear puffy shorts? Maybe the Dendro archon will be a really stoic boy who looks cute but hates being called cute because he’s hyper intelligent, knows anything about everything, and he will be basically like an awkwardly smart little brother to the traveler.
Don’t forget that the pink fox was talking about a lesser god when she said “she”, not about an archon, the lesser god will probably be the annoying little girl with an unnerving voice actress.

No. 171300

Precisely, Diluc was regarded as the best DPS and literally everyone wanted him and was singing his praises. If Ayaka was male she would've sold just as well due to the insane damage output. People who believe in the "only waifus sell" meme have never played a fucking gacha game before, gender is a secondary trait to a character that can break the game. The cumbrains who only roll for waifus wouldn't be spending the money past c0, it's the autistic metaslave minmaxers who put their yearly salary in the game.

It was already speculated during the gender change. What a huge scam, people were expecting a male archon and were given a loli instead.

No. 171301

Hand over that first class copium nonny, I need some of that stuff too after this piece of shit leak

No. 171332

File: 1637800538253.jpg (Spoiler Image,457.08 KB, 1920x1781, hina.jpg)

Ok gorou's hangout was pretty great, 10/10 adorable fujobait cp

No. 171335

File: 1637801813380.png (435.71 KB, 283x797, oh.png)

Thought I lost him to the 50/50 again…….but no. I'm so happy and I finally have all the standard 5 stars! Itto+Gorou manifestation begins now

No. 171336

Were you trying to talk about it on /vg/?

No. 171353

File: 1637821286912.png (214.03 KB, 1504x866, sigh.PNG)

I think someone clarified that the "sword" part can be a placeholder, so it's not actually confirmed. Though speaking of Ayato, there was this crumb from a guy that was right about Itto's appearance, so maybe this is right too? I kind of don't care to pull if he ends up being fully covered like Diluc, but there's surely no way they'd make him ugly? And if he's a 5 star, he and Ayaka will be the first siblings that have the same rarity if you exclude the travellers, kind of interesting to me. I hope this doesn't mean he will be a 4 star support, I don't think I could take it kek

So hyped to see new harbingers!! So far they have all been very cool

No. 171354

File: 1637821946128.jpg (33.01 KB, 529x867, E648lcDXIAAQLGm.jpg)

Also what the fuck was up with this guy? I saw him posted in a previous thread and a few times on twitter, but no one mentioned him again and he hasn't been posted about in any leak sources I am aware of. I think the pictures came originally from a twitter user called @WenLumi, but it's as if the account was made to post them and nothing else. Is this just a case of leakers not giving a shit about male characters, so no one is willing to clarify? Some anons called it fake back then, mostly because of the completely black hair but that could also just be a placeholder. The rest of the overcrowded design fits right in with the other characters

No. 171360

Well no leakers are talking about it since it’s clearly a fake.

No. 171363

I'm also coping and hoping that the lesser loli god kusanali will be passed off as the archon while the actual male archon is kept hidden. It's just so shitty that we can't have equal gender ratio for the archons at least.

No. 171366

I'm gonna get itto out of spite now because everyone is skipping him and they'll regret later

No. 171367

It's indeed fake. He's a mixed up asset of every characters from the game. Kaeya's boots and Rosaria's glove for example. I remembered how people speculate him as Itto back then because he looks like he's from a 'gang'.

No. 171368

who the fuck is skipping him? no one else to pull for in 2.4 besides xiao
>not saging this shit
you from cuckchan?

No. 171369

Omg I hope so much that this is true, I wouldn't have to worry about getting Shenhe then.

Congrats anon, that is such a lucky pull! I also got Albedo but have not much primos left. Hopefully I will be lucky and get Itto and Gorou too.

Ha I did not except him to wear a suit, I'm really curious to what he looks like. I would be very disappointed if he was a 4 star yeah.

I think she's just talking about people outside of this thread skipping him. I saw a bunch of moids on reddit and other places claiming to skip Itto and go for Shenhe because in there mind Itto is already the worst dps ever and Shenhe will be a meta character or something.

No. 171370

Makes sense then, it just seemed so weirdly high effort for a fake imo, they are usually easier to spot.

I'm curious too, if the stuff about Yae in 2.5 and Ayato in a patch after her are true we should get to see official artwork for him right at the end of 2.4! Only like three more months kek

No. 171371

>I saw a bunch of moids on reddit
why lurk moid infested shitholes in the first place expecting anything different? shenhe's kit is putrid as it is now she won't be meta at all.
there comes a time when you as a woman need to swallow your pride and make a twitter

No. 171372

I just lurk on the genshin leaks reddit to get all the new leaks and for people to translate chinese leaks. I don't care to much about what moids have to say but you will see them being generates on pretty much all threads so it's hard to miss.

No. 171373

actually it was on twitter, i know moids don't like him supposedly because of his 3d model

No. 171374

what is saging?(absolute newfag )

No. 171375

then quit dumpster diving in the replies of attention whoring leak reddit crossposters. those faggots only use twitter to follow coom artists.

No. 171376

bitch it was a genuine question whatever i found what it is

No. 171382

Lurk more you fucking idiot

No. 171384

NTA but every time I complain about the shitty writing and coomer designs for female characters or the lack of husbandos on my own goddamn Twitter feed there's always some retarded pickme who has the need to start sperging about my "internalized misogyny" or some bihet bitch preaching at me how sexy booba lady is her favourite WLW representation. We're not safe anywhere nona

No. 171386

your tits

No. 171397

>on /m/
For what purpose?

No. 171398

I genuinely believe Twitter feels more like a psych ward than even 4Chan does.
I don't think any mentally sane person would use Twitter for anything other than art, and I'm saying this as a lolcow user.

No. 171443

File: 1637872163176.png (2.08 MB, 1200x1736, 1637872020286.png)

What if shenhe was a dude and looked like this anons?

No. 171444

He would look ridiculous, exactly like female shenhe does. Nice drawing tho

No. 171445

He kinda hot, I would welcome this version

No. 171446

He'd be perfect.
Coomer male designs are based and coomer female designs are cringe.

No. 171453

Unironically this. Only a truly courageous game would push out sexy male designs anyway, making sexy females is some cowardly basic ass beta shit tbh

No. 171455

This is the answer I was looking for thank u anon

No. 171457

File: 1637877843052.jpeg (926.96 KB, 1200x814, 22D0B270-560D-462A-BE3F-F5FA60…)

The rumors about Ganyu, Xiao and Zhongli having reruns in the same patch gives me anxiety kek. I have one guaranteed and would have to choose between the Cute manlet and Geo daddy… Advice on which one I should choose? I’d love a new dps but zhongli works in every team comp.

No. 171458

Depends on what you're looking for. Xiao and Zhongli are both really good characters gameplay wise but Xiao is a DPS and Zhongli is a support. Both have extremely good kits so you can't go wrong with either. Just pick the one you feel you need the most of which one you like the best as a character.

No. 171459

to show you aren't an underage newfag at the very least

hm it kind of depends on how well invested your other carries are and if you're willing to spend some glitter on blackcliff refinements for xiao. xiao's best support is zhongli… so maybe go for him and then try for xiao? or pick who you like most they're both great characters

No. 171479

Beautiful tbh, 10/10 would spend money for him.

No. 171499

It gives me anxiety as well. But what worsens that anxiety, was the thought of what if they'll do triple banners again, like there will be limited time to save for each banner phase.

No. 171504

File: 1637909696997.jpg (45.19 KB, 500x500, FAVr2gLVEAQh4o4.jpg)

I caved in and rolled to get Eula and now I'm not guaranteed Itto now.BUT I'LL GET HIM RIGHT ANONS???(I have enough wishes for another 5* but not enough to guarantee Itto)

No. 171506

Genuine Q: Why waste your gems on Eula of all characters?

No. 171507

Cause coomer design aside, I find her cool and her tsundere quirky attitude is kinda funny to me

No. 171509

If you wasted your primos on the most coomer designed character in the game you’ll have to live with the consequences.

No. 171510

File: 1637914439402.jpeg (364.68 KB, 1674x2048, FEjjGf8VQAMTxBT.jpeg)

you will

No. 171511

Honestly do people have no self control? I have enough saved for a guaranteed hard pity Itto because I skipped banners to get him, if you really wanted him you wouldn't have wasted your gems on coomer slave owner. Deal with the consequences.

No. 171512

Sorry to hear that, nonnie

No. 171513

Imagine being this salty over a rando rolling for Eula. Mental illness.

No. 171515

Fr.If anon said she rolled for Albedo anons wouldn't get this apeshit.I get the argument that some people hate the women in this game

No. 171516

60 primogems:


No. 171517

Imagine being salty over anons making fun of you for your "hee hee I wasted my gems on Eula but I will still get Itto right???" blogpost. Mental illness.

No. 171520

I am a genshin woman misogynist it's true fuck every female character created by and for horny male weebs

No. 171523

kek I do and I'm unapologetic about it, don't know what's the big deal with despising fictional anime girls obviously designed to cuck moids out of cumbrain money. They're not real, mommy Yae won't fuck you, Ei wasn't made for lesbians and you will never be an IRL Ayaka

No. 171529

Did any of you do the hangout events with Gorou and Beidou? I think they're really good, but I might be biased because I love them both.

Well if you're lucky you might get him. The events this patch will also give primos and you don't have to pull immediately the day of his banner so I think you will be fine.

>I get the argument that some people hate the women in this game
These are not women, they're fictional character made by males for a male audience.

Thank you!

No. 171531

File: 1637924997045.jpeg (100.04 KB, 1080x1441, FEmvPrGX0AoBOoD.jpeg)

And this is the prime example of why I don't really come here anymore. I can't imagine these anons having friends tbh. I don't like some female characters either, but getting so riled up over one harmless post is literally cringe.

No. 171532

Good riddance nona, less waifu apologists the better

No. 171536

ok if waifu slander is 2cringe4u ya better go find a genshin community that isn't full of us lowly 3dpd women

No. 171540

File: 1637930978850.jpg (15.74 KB, 331x331, EyB-uHHWQAQO65i.jpg)

jesus christ you retards with not even an ounce of understanding of social interactions or emotional intelligence. what's about mentioning a possibility of liking a fictional anime girl over fictional anime boy that get's you all aggro?
>less waifu apologists
she didn't mention shit about eula being her waifu and it's not about the "waifu slander" either. It's about how unnecessarily aggresive you became towards her, when nona mentioned rolling for a (oh god, oh no) character with boobs. in previous threads there were also other anons whining about their low impulse control but somehow no one went out of their way to shit on them.

all characters including your precious 2d scrotes where desgined to cuck you out of money. she wasn't trying to convince you how eula is a perfectly written character so shut the fuck up and let her enjoy shit without outing yourself as autist for one minute.

same. i guess it's time to find a normal genshin community on discord instead of visitng this thread


No. 171541

Why do you anons even play this game when it's so full of coomer waifu designs? Boycott games where you hate the female designs. It's what Im doing.

No. 171543

File: 1637931895849.png (539.08 KB, 890x890, FDHJgZxXsAYCvcl.png)

Thank u for understanding, sister. I'm not even the anon that rolled for Eula, I just find this uproar childish and I wish the vibe of this thread was more chill… but I guess is not possible.

I hope you find someone to talk to, kind anon, and good luck on your pulls.

No. 171544

the open world is neat… can't hate too much on a game where I get to run around as venti. but I do save my big whale bux for husbando games, or mostly husbando with the occasional fancy girl.

No. 171547

>she says while writing multiple tl;dr wall of texts having a meltdown
kek stay seething

No. 171549

What uproar, people were questioning why the Eula simp would cave in and roll for Eula, a notorious coomer character, instead of saving her gems for Itto, a character she specified wanting despite her lack of primos and suddenly some twitterfag pops up to ree about anons hating women again. Anons made fun of her for the retarded "hating waifus means you hate women" crusade and waifufags got even madder over nothing. I swear husbando enthusiasts could be insulted till the cows come home and not give a shit but for some reason waifufags start trashing around and pissing their pants over the slightest jab. You people constantly do this shit in this thread, instead of ignoring banter you take it personally like a bunch of fragile autistic drama queens and threaten to "leave" while never following up on that promise. If you can't handle anonymous users on a slow imageboard insulting your body pillows then yeah I'd recommend fucking off to any of the million Genshin discords that welcome your preference for cartoon titties.

No. 171559

Either learn to cope with banter or go back to reddit. You people are fragile as glass

No. 171561

File: 1637948199813.jpeg (940.71 KB, 2560x2800, 94CB7671-DB01-4FE8-88DA-D0B42B…)

How many times will this general argue about the female characters
If some nonnies enjoy them here then who fucking cares
This infighting isn't even fun

No. 171573

File: 1637953742341.jpeg (496.62 KB, 1200x777, 15AF6A87-3542-46AC-A89C-E30122…)

I haven’t had time to play genshin at all this month. How is the current event anons? I hope I’m not missing important Albedo lore.

No. 171576

nothing of note has happened so far.I even think it may be a little more underwhelming than I thought…we will see.

No. 171579

nothing much, but we did get it confirmed that Rhinedottir who made Albedo and Durin, is the same person as Gold who corrupted Durin

No. 171581

Damn paimon is so annoying in this event. Why does she have so much useless dialogue? The interesting dialogue with albedo was super short compared to all the random shit characters kept talking about. The snowman you can make is cute tho and the challenges are super easy. I'm just glad we're getting primos because i desperately need them.

No. 171582

File: 1637955936803.jpg (Spoiler Image,184.99 KB, 1000x523, beidou-hangout.jpg)

I'm doing the Beidou event(I got two hangouts left) and man I love her what a queen.Tbh it's much better than Gorou's.His left me a bit underwhelmed. >>171332 this whole thing was kinda funny though

No. 171583

File: 1637956107851.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.24 KB, 750x375, Gen-pct-bdo-hgev-gd-2d-750x375…)

samefag adding the same pic with Lumine cause I like it better

No. 171614

Ah I see, thank you anons. I’m feeling less fomo now.

No. 171616

I can finally fucking update the game, I would’ve been just sitting here while getting consumed by my lust for Itto’s ass and pecs.

No. 171620

Super old, but was it hard for anyone else to get Thoma during the last patch? It's usually easy getting featured 4 stars but it took getting Jean and Hu Tao before Thoma decided to come home, and by then I was too drained to try for his constellations. This malewife really made me roll 2 5 stars I didn't even want for him.

No. 171622

technically happened to me with yanfei on childe's banner even though I didn't want her at all. after 160 pulls I got no childe, my first jean, a whopping 11 nings, the exact amount of chongs I needed for c6, and not a single yanfei… losing 50/50 to Jean or Qiqi must bring extra bad luck

No. 171628

This happened to me with the anemo Japanese child, I wanted her because everyone was praising her to hell and back and putting her on a pedestal. I got the amber2.0. I’m still seething, I already got Diluc, I didn’t need a buffed amber.

No. 171647

I relate to this. I got both Hu Tao and Jean when trying to get more Thoma cons. I only got him once and never got him again, he loves to play hard to get so much.

Oh Sayu I see. Yeah, everyone's dying to get her as well. It's because of her passive talent where she doesn't scare crystal flies away when you're near them. Ngl that was very useful to me and I got a handful of crystal flies thanks to her. But right now, I don't see anybody else using her with full build.

No. 171653

Thoma was playing hard to get for me too, it took about 70 pulls until he showed up. I did get two of him in a row but I used up almost all my primos and my friend who was also rolling just for him didn't get a single one. We're both f2p, rip.

No. 171671

I know this had been said a thousand times but I'm playing the new quest and I can't help thinking that they did Albedo so dirty with his model. He's still cute, but compared to his 2d portraits? He looks fucking divine there and I don't understand why they made him look so different. Characters like Kaeya, Zhongli or Venti are almost indentical to their 2d art and look great, but then you have Itto, Albedo and Diluc who just look off. It's a pity.

No. 171713

File: 1638044846479.jpeg (229.84 KB, 1194x1215, 37C2B415-3F49-4C7C-B552-332452…)

I agree. I feel like mihoyo proved that they could make pretty male characters with kaeya. His eye shape is so pretty, but they never made a character have that style of eyes again. Now most male characters look derpy. 0 effort was put into replicating their art. Even thoma looks a bit off in the face. Diluc and Albedo are awful looking, I don’t understand why they won’t fix him.

No. 171715

File: 1638044962996.jpeg (231.96 KB, 1280x1079, DFD57B07-7902-46B9-82B4-2C27B1…)

Samefag but look at this improvement to Diluc’ s face in this edit. Such an easy and small thing to fix.

No. 171729

Anons have u heard this?

No. 171752

this edit actually doesn't look any better, one on the left looks worse

No. 171790

Nta but what are you talking about? The face on the left resembles his art so much more. I can also make out his eyes and he has a subtle expression at least.

No. 171796

He's so cute, I can't wait to get him!

I think both the face and hair looks better in the edit. His eues look a lot better and i like that he was given thicker eyebrows. Also wow kaeya is so pretty >>171713

Yeah Albedo doesn't look like his 2d portrait at all.

No. 171797

Excuse my dumb ass question but could someone please explain to me what are the differences between character meta and kit? Please don't laugh at me

No. 171805

What do you mean exactly? Those terms refer to different things, meta refers to the overall strength of a character if you only go by numbers and kit refers to their set of abilities afaik?

No. 171818

File: 1638111674609.jpg (46.79 KB, 800x400, Genshin-Impact-Albedo-800x400.…)

Samefag, in this lighting he also looks stoned as fuck because the shadow over his eyes is reddish for some reason.

No. 171825

His model never bothered me. Do people just dislike the 3D model because he looks so young? I like cute Albedo much better than older, n absolutely hate his jp voice for the same reason. Sounds like some random ugly 40 year old man.

No. 171830

No one's complaining that he's young, it's because his model is not very well made (it's mostly the hair and eyes, I guess people are pissed because it would be such a simple thing to fix). And his jp voice sounds cute enough imo.

No. 171836

But the size of his eyes is what makes him look younger and cuter than his 2D arts…

His earliest mined model did have slightly longer hair. Genshin's hair physics are pathetic tho, safe to assume it was shortened to prevent clipping.

No. 171837

Thoma was difficult for me too anon, got two Hu Taos and a Mona before he came home. Thankfully I'm at the edge of pity for Itto.

No. 171901

File: 1638140296114.jpeg (222.4 KB, 2048x1390, 0F0AF32F-09A7-489B-BC44-78F989…)

No he could look young in a not so derpy way instead, pic related. Nobody’s complaining about him looking young, he just doesn’t look like his art. Which is kinda false advertising.

No. 171902

File: 1638140789169.jpg (54.09 KB, 500x500, artworks-leup776oGW9PhorE-hJHK…)

What bothers me about his model is how bug-eyed he looks compared to the artwork which gives him much sharper expression. The mullet also looks like two bulky pigtails and not the bushy mane he has in the artwork pieces, I know it's due to clipping issues but I digress. They should've revised his design to be easier to model if they just wanted to recycle the generic shota rig.

No. 171913

>False advertising
Lol. This one's face barely even looks different.
Still, big round eyes > manlet vibe squinty eyes for me. He's supposed to look 14 - 15 like how he sounds in chinese.

No. 171918

Okay anon then we disagree? Go ahead and like your bug eyed Albedo, it’s not gonna change the fact that people are complaining about his bug eyed ugly ass.

No. 171920

File: 1638152611602.jpg (249.06 KB, 1000x1000, Image (24).jpg)

Sheesh, no need to get so aggro. Whatever helps you convince yourself to skip I guess.

No. 171957

Nta but that just means more derpy shota for you. Yikes but good for you.

No. 171959

I have albedo and i wouldnt mind if they gave more fluffy hair, the fluffier how cuter imo.

No. 171964

File: 1638198001571.jpg (164.67 KB, 1400x1024, 5a9259f5ad28d0fa30ad607dc73249…)

I'm also complaining about Albedo's model and I still pulled for him because I like the character and playing with him is fun. Even if I like him, objectively his model looks kinda rushed and shitty for no reason (we have characters with longer hair that don't clip so that's not a limitation).
Also he looks super cute in his splash art, I love it.

No. 172050

File: 1638267159943.jpeg (805.97 KB, 2500x2500, 7B7F2EF2-FD38-4F4D-9A1F-850C01…)

Official art from mihoyo for Kaeya’s birthday. Best husbando in the whole game ugh he’s so hot

No. 172051

File: 1638267278938.jpeg (512.91 KB, 2000x2000, F3598AA6-AA0F-4688-BE24-CC3651…)

No. 172054

male hip windows are freaking underrated. would pull instantly.

No. 172055

One day, one day I will have your constellation my beautiful bastard I love youuuu

No. 172060

His perfect ass regularly catches me off guard while I play.

No. 172064

I love him so much, I always keep him around my team unless I really, really have to swap him, he’s just perfect and goes amazing with the basic bitch melt combo with my Diluc. Having a harem of hot guys is the best.

No. 172078

Happy birthday Kaeya! He's honestly so underrated, he's a great cryo dps and burst support.

I had to buy his c1 from paimon's shop. Praying that they decide to put the starter characters in the event banner.

No. 172107

Apparently Shenhe’s oversexualized lingerie outfit is getting hate from the CN community. Positively surprised by the backlash. Don’t think Mihoyo would change the outfit now that the art is released already but it’s nice to know that Genshin might not continue oversexualizing their female characters when it’s getting this much hate in China.

No. 172112

Good. Her stripper outfit is ridiculously out of place amidst all the relatively nonsexual female designs and it makes no sense seeing how she's supposedly Cloud retainer's dignified exorcist student, not some random hooker. It's ugly, it's cheap pandering. Though I gotta love all the moids being fucked up by their cognitive dissonance seeing someone else but "western SJWs" hate this mess of a design kek but fuck do I hate the "it's not sexual it's beautiful and artistic!!!" cope they're trying to push now.

No. 172126

>relatively nonsexual female designs
literally who besides yunjin, xiangling, and klee

it's pretty common for chinese fanbases to get upset about things like this, and in a lot of cases you'll see the companies cave and change the design before official release which is cool. but most of the time that only happens with games that are irrelevant outside of china which genshin isn't. their next biggest markets are the coomer flooded US and japan who seem to be eating the design up. I won't be getting my hopes up.

No. 172135

>literally who besides yunjin, xiangling, and klee
Some of them might show cleavage or thighs but almost all of them have arguably modest outfits besides Mona, Eula, Ganyu, Fischl and Rosaria. Even the archetypal sultry mommy fetish character Lisa has actual clothes on. Shenhe is wearing nothing but nonsensical slutty lingerie with weird ugly hip windows and they even gave her model bigger tits than previous female characters.

From what I've gathered the reason why the Chinese players are so mad is because she's associated with a god-like creature and they get pissed seeing divine women being degraded by sexualization. So it's basically more about them just being trad conservatards than actually critical of the gratuitous sexualization.

No. 172141

Still good. Just google goddess and you will see how oversexualised female deities are in the West. The fact that chinks are still decent enough to respect their goddesses makes me hate them a little bit less (I still can't forgive selective abortion though).(racebait)

No. 172145

>muh chinky chink chinks r based for their madonna/whore complex
jesus stop this scrote level cringe edgyness

No. 172148

File: 1638350638678.png (Spoiler Image,640.45 KB, 1279x720, ez5wo3nom3281.png)

Spoilerd the image because honestly Shenhe her body looks so fucking weird. Like I'm not sure if its because of the cut out at her hips but she legit has the cursed plastic Kim Kardashian figure.

It's so funny to me how Lisa who is the stereotypical sexy librarian character is better dressed then most of the 5 star female characters. Ningguang and Beidou also have a sexy design but are so much more classy. Probably because they don't have the weird underboob/spilling thigh/panty shot/weirdly specific belly button reveal like the 5 star female characters have.

Mihoyo does not care if the character design of female character does not suit there personality and lore at all.

No. 172149

Holy shit they can make one female character have this disturbing literal Kim K silhoutte with extra large tits but it's too much to ask for to give Itto a more muscular body instead of painted on abs?

>weirdly specific belly button reveal

What's up with that anyway? So many female characters suddenly have an open or see-through space on their stomach to reveal the belly button for no reason whatsoever.

No. 172150

how severe is your gacha brain rot that it's got you whiteknighting those ugly, horny designs like this… I agree that shenhe is the worst offender but come on now. none are giving "tastefully horny" in any way shape or form.

No. 172165

They stole itto's muscles and put them into shenhe's ass

No. 172169

You're telling me this isn't a bad edit? Her proportions are fucked. You can bet they will add insane jiggle physics to that ass so it's even worse in movement. They tweak female models all the time (boob size, ass, intricate hair) but god forbid they make Itto's arms a little thicker or Albedo's hair fluffier.

No. 172175

I checked out weibo and there were plenty of comments like "I'm also a girl and I love sister shenhe she's sexy stop arguing" so I don't think anything will come out of this

No. 172178

damn the writing team's favoritism is on full display. of the playable characters I think his story is the only really interesting one.

scaramouche will join him whenever he comes out I love the husk of opulent dreams artifact descriptions

No. 172180

I was so confused for a minute there.Idk much about Albedo's lore.also bf the whopperflower transformed I felt it was going to be Scaramouche kek
Wonder what will happen in part 3

No. 172181

not much id imagine, just epilogue fluff with the boring shitters

>I felt it was going to be Scaramouche


No. 172184

her proportions look very off because her waist is incredibly tiny

No. 172185

pickmes are a plague

No. 172186

learn to read moron

No. 172187

she didnt say they were "tatefully horny" just that they had at least some clothes on and that mihoyo is progressively going downhill with shenhe. what the fuck is up with this thread and anons' lack of reading comprehension? stop hallucinating offence when there isnt any.

No. 172188

File: 1638376716891.jpg (11.13 KB, 584x267, chinks 40 percent revenue.jpg)

>but most of the time that only happens with games that are irrelevant outside of china which genshin isn't.
Oh-ho-ho… seems like someone here severely underestimates the power of ching chongs… These fuckers donate more in genshin than global server ever will, there is a reason why virtually all chinese games (yes all, you seem to be rather ignorant about this issue, sorry) pander to chinks besides mere nationalism. Global just doesnt have this sort of p2w culture that they do (or nips do, they can be even worse). If they boycott genshin, mihoyo will definitely change this shit. lets just hope that the chinese will finally do something useful for once.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 172189

Stop saying "chinks" and "nips", this isn't /pol/ and it's cringy as fuck.

No. 172190

obnoxious unintegrated faggot

No. 172191

if arent you sensitive. stop taking everything seriously

No. 172193

>gets offended at "chinks"/"nips"
>uses faggot

No. 172194

File: 1638378466848.jpeg (224.93 KB, 2047x923, 4ED10E67-3B1C-4F4E-A85E-15DF46…)

Here’s HQ shenhe

No. 172196

File: 1638379107602.gif (376.11 KB, 342x342, 518.gif)

>if arent you sensitive
cringe. schools still closed in NA I assume.

No. 172202

Here's a summary from reddit for retards like me who didn't get the plot.

Albedo's master is Rhinedottir, also known as "Gold". Albedo himself is an artificial being created by Rhindottir. There is only one real Albedo and one Fakebedo (the "failed experiment"). The mutated whopperflower is not The Fakebedo, it is merely a decoy made by Fakebedo using Albedo's alchemy notes and Durins blood. For people wondering about the "3 Albedos" they are the real Albedo, the failed experiment Fakebedo, who we first see at the cavern entrance and then in the last cutscene, and the whopperflower created by Fakebedo as a decoy, which we see in the fight cutscene. The Primordial Human Project is an experiment conducted by Rhinedottir which resulted in the creation of at least Fakebedo and the real Albedo. The project appears to centre around the creation of a "perfect human being", however this statement cannot be confirmed by any sources. Fakebedo was one of Rhinedottir's attempts on this project, but was deemed a failure, and was therefore discarded. Albedo however was Rhinedottir's successful attempt. Fakebedo's motive is to live the life of Albedo; the life he would have lived had he been deemed the "perfect creation" by Rhinedottir. Albedo in the final cutscene puts himself in Fakebedo's shoes; meaning what he says is what he believes Fakebedo plans on doing. The second Albedo without the star on his neck is Fakebedo himself. What Albedo says in the final cutscene is this: "I would replicate your appearance (Fakebedo looking like Albedo), study your alchemy (Albedo's notes were stolen), and create miraculous lifeforms to divert your attention (The whopperflower acting as a decoy).Fakebedo did not have the diamond shaped mark, as he believes that the diamond shape mark is a mark of imperfection (it was explained in the quest). After the whopperflower was killed, the only two people to know of Fakebedo's continuing existence are Albedo and Traveller. If Fakebedo disposes of both of them, he would be able to impersonate Albedo and peacefully live the life he wishes to live.

No. 172205

I'm gonna throw a tantrum if they make ayato ayaka's support

No. 172210

File: 1638383249073.jpg (1.2 MB, 2108x1956, clam.jpg)

expecting him to be ugly like his lil sis at the very least.
the hype around him never got to me… I'm skipping for scaramouche unless he's as broken as my halal ugly boy, bennett.

that's awesome when are they going to partake in frotting have sex and make out with eachother

No. 172211

Good fucking god giving her a plastic ass and pervy hip holes wasn't enough, she has to have a bare back and see-through sides as well. This is by far the most terminally coomer design in the game yet. Going to go ahead and say it, I'm already predicting that she'll just be a MILF fetish Eula.

No. 172212

File: 1638383568093.jpeg (85.25 KB, 605x596, 08E3318D-4410-4CC7-94EB-0066E9…)

Same nonnie I’m frantically checking Ayato leaks everyday in fear of him being an Ayaka support. We know he’s hydro and a sword user with white hair. Hydro makes me think mihoyo won’t make him a main dps since that would be quite strong and they’re scared of making broken hydro characters like Xinqiu. Hydro is usually a support or healing element too but they most likely won’t make another hydro healer after the Kokomi fiasco.

No. 172213

I'm annoyed because people already say shenhe will work well with ayaka so why would she need ayato too as a support? i hate the constant OP cryo waifu shilling in this game

No. 172215

>Post your face when Ayato turns out to be a hydro Thoma shield support for Ayaka
I hope I didn't jinx it now

No. 172216

Aside from the interesting stuff about Albedo and the little bonding time stuff,it was meh for me.I liked the guoba event better.I thought they'd show more Albedo/Fakebado stuff


Bcuz he gave an evil smirk that reminded me of him at the time.It was a retarded passing thought kek

No. 172218

"hydro thoma" is quite literally just xingqiu but shitty

No. 172221

Nonas do you level up 4 star artifacts as well? I'm at a point where I can't get strong enough to get the 5 star artifacts from domains and a lot of bosses are still impossible. I see people getting 10k damage at level 70 but I have a level 80 Xiao that barely reaches 2k, my weapons are limited so I'm thinking of just leveling up his artifacts and some talents until he can work properly…

No. 172222

File: 1638385112730.jpeg (243.05 KB, 908x1200, 9C6FC91D-B7B5-4F46-9F19-000185…)

Oh god please no, not another Thoma. That would literally give me PTSD kek.

Nope Thoma didn’t turn out to be as versatile and strong as XQ, even though that was what everyone hoped for. Mihoyo is avoiding another Bennett and XQ situation.

No. 172224

I think you have to level up your artifacts as you can, I honestly don’t know how the fuck are people doing 10k damage, I can barely reach 3k with 5 stars artifacts at full level for my 5 stars. Metashit is for whales.

No. 172225

Nta but I know right, the little moments showing you that Eula is totally not 1 dimensional waifu number 28472848283 was boring, same with Bennett, we know he’s self-conscious about his bad luck, and while he’s cute, it’s redundant at this point.
I’m glad that now there’s going to probably be a bunch of fanart and fanfics of albedo and fakebedo, I want to read about fucking both of them at the same time.
And Jesus Christ, Paimon’s English voice is getting more and more obnoxious, I love the cope of the people saying that “I-It’s because she’s opening up for us guyz srsl!! She just was shy and t-that’s why her voice wasn’t as high pitched as it is right now!1!1!1!1” bullshit, the voice actress sucks more than a shark vacuum.

No. 172229

I was so disappointed that they made Bennett the dumb fall guy serving no purpose again, wasn't it already done during the Windblume festival? I would've liked to see him do something worthwhile for once instead of just being a nuisance because he's one of my favourite characters and he has a lot of potential depth to explore. I like that Albedo's character is being explored but come on.

If you can't grind for 5 star artifacts yet then you just need to level up the 4 star ones and build your team up that way. Artifacts can make or break a character so they're essential to the gameplay.

No. 172230

yeah it feels like the characters are flanderised to a stupid degree.

I don't want to whiteknight the paimon's VA since she makes a big dial of her nonbinary bs and it annoys me,but I read somewhere that she was asked to make her voice like that which sucks cause it was ok at the beginning.

>I want to read about fucking both of them at the same time.

kek based

No. 172232

thats what i said anon "xingqiu but shitty" …

No. 172236

>you just need to level up the 4 star ones and build your team up that way.
How much should I level them up? The ones I use are all at level 12-14, should I go higher or should that be enough?

No. 172239

/Nta you can level them all the way to 16 and then feed them to better 5 star artifacts whenever you get them.

No. 172261

Ah sorry anon must’ve misunderstood you then.

No. 172297

I don't even play with the engdub but they should just fire that cow to begin with. I have no idea how they allow her fighting fans on twitter and being a bipolar semi-troon munchie in public with absolutely no repercussions.

Just like >>172239 said just level them up all the way to 16 and then use them to level up better 5-star artifacts once you get them.

No. 172316

Having to go from Albedo saying weird cool shit I want to know more about back to fucking Amber, Bennett, and Eula of all people over and over was defo the worst part of the event. They legit added nothing, it would've been better with just our guy like the first Dragonspenis event. Paimon suggesting we leave Amber to die so we could go hang out and paint with him on the first day was so real.

No. 172321

This really isn't that slutty, is a bodysuit inherently slutty to you guys?
Maybe I'm just desensitized by FGO though.

No. 172335

>but most of the time that only happens with games that are irrelevant outside of china which genshin isn't.
but mihoyo IS a chinese company and actually do show preference to their chinese fanbase. most know this. i dont agree with how much they yield, but in this case they should do so since shenhe's design is god awful.

No. 172336

I usually use the
>If I wore this to an anime convention, would I get told to cover up?
Question to know wether a costume is too much or not, like, sure, some people go out like tuna melt-chan, but there’s a point in which you seriously have to think about it and consider wearing it, because unless you absolutely adore the character, going out in a see-through bodysuit wouldn’t be worth the hassle.
But also the personality and the context of the character matters. She’s a dignified sage who is considered an important figure to the guardians of Liyue, I don’t really think she would be wearing some random hip windows and uncomfortable body tights.
While most of the designs doesn’t even make any sense, they really stopped giving a single fuck about their clothes after liyue, just look at Noelle, yeah, she shows her ass while she’s gliding, but her outfit makes sense because she’s a wannabe knight and she needs some heavy armor to protect herself.
And Ningguang, while she looks sexy, she looks dignified and like the rich and powerful woman she is.

No. 172337

Bodysuits are fine. But do they necessarily have to add hip holes just to make it "more" revealing?

No. 172342

The only thing I like about Shenhe's design is that she has pretty eyes and that's about it.
Even if she wasn't overly coomer, something about her design is just so terrible to me.

No. 172346

My prediction is since Shenhe and Chongyun are using the same talismans and are rivals Shenhe is all Yin energy.

No. 172349

Nta, but right? She just looks kinda boring. Mihoyo should hire other character designers. Don't you guys feel the designs recently just aren't that good? I mean GI character designs thmeselves aren't that great anyways, but the new ones just feel so lackluster or they fuck up their faces. Itto is the only one I don't dislike that much and nonnies you know why kek

No. 172351

I thought they went way downhill especially with the inazuma characters. The only nice design is gorou, and the rest literally look like fucking shitty deviantart ocs. Srsly fuck raiden shogun becuase you could literally put her in an isekai harem anime and I would never know the difference. My thought is Shenhe is the big Mihoyo experiment of trying out the ultimate coomer design to see if simps will shell out big cash just for skimpy pixels and if Shenhe makes it big we’re going into harem hell.

No. 172365

File: 1638433985123.png (Spoiler Image,698.47 KB, 902x821, PLCCC.png)

>is a bodysuit inherently slutty to you guys?
No, if you bother to read we have explained multiple times what's so coomerish about her design.
But here is a summary:
>Has weird gaps at her hips to show she has no underwear
>Kim Kardashian body
>Lace that looks like lingerie on weird spots to reveal even more skin
>Shows specifically her stomach covered with lace like Eula, probably a weirdly specific fetish
>Open back like Ganyu to show she's not wearing a bra
>Random weirdly placed red thingies that aren't coomerish but are useless and ugly

>Maybe I'm just desensitized by FGO though.

Yes see pic related

No. 172366

yes it is slutty, she looks like one of those thots with bbls that live in shein bodycon jumpsuits but with anime face

itto ain't without his own sins

No. 172367

FGO is degenerate coomershit (I say this as a FGO player myself) in which this would probably be considered a puritan outfit but Genshin is nowhere near as sexualized so she sticks out like a sore thumb. Context matters.

No. 172373

No offense but what is this abomination? A loli face, petite body and big boobs? All of a sudden my perception towards genshin waifus' design made a 180° turn, thinking that at least they have clothes at this point.

A lot of ppl are already drooling like rabid dogs with the hip holes placed right there. But it's still going to depend on her kit whether they'll pull for her or not. Most of these coomers still highly rely on meta.

No. 172377

She's gonna be op so she can sell well, like all the other waifus.

No. 172382

oppai loli… the most cursed scrote abomination….

No. 172384

actually her kit sucks ass. there haven't been any decent waifus since ayaka let alone op, and before her came shitty eula.

No. 172393

I'm currently on part II of quests and I like Genshin taking a kind of darker place as well… with the death on Inazuma (even if terribly executed) and the sword now. I hope this is a progression for deeper stories.

No. 172396

I just saw an edit of Albedo with long hair and it's making me feel things. I'm liking this story quest though, I hope we'll be able to see more of Albedo's character.

No. 172399

File: 1638458476840.jpeg (174.38 KB, 700x700, DE9EA53E-73B2-4A9C-83E4-EC65A9…)

Shenhe’s design is just a slutty version of crane priestess miku.

No. 172400

All Snow Mikus are adorable and well designed, Mihoyo wishes they could do character designs like that.

No. 172410

How dare you compare best snow Miku to Shenhe

No. 172411

I'm not sure how much of an unpopular opinion this is, but I feel like since Inazuma, everything has gotten worse.
The story, the character designs, the content, etc.
I don't even enjoy exploring Inazuma, it lacks the charm Liyue and especially Mondstadt have to me.

No. 172413

I feel like Inazuma’s quests have been a drag to me, maybe because I haven’t explored the whole map yet, but they talk too much and it’s tiresome to read. Maybe I’m just biased because I haven’t been playing until the Albedo quest came up and because I’ve been reading about how Inazuma has a bad writing team.

No. 172415

Yeah that’s why they ripped off Crane Priestess Miku.

No. 172416

They cram a lot of needless chatter into story quests to flesh out filler-y characters as if 99% of people don't pull based on looks alone. I pretty much always come away from it liking the characters less. Ayaka and Yoimiya are great examples.

And WHY are so many quests related to taxes, commerce, and travel visas? Who cares??

No. 172417

>And WHY are so many quests related to taxes, commerce, and travel visas? Who cares??
THIS why do i need to read about taxes in a fantasy game?? why are so many characters busy with boring workload, it's not even funny it's so lame

No. 172421

Why couldn’t we have our character arrest vision holders and be loyal to shogun? At least that would be more interesting than a resistance movement. I feel with you nonnies that inazuma feels so cheap. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that Japanese based games are boring and so overdone?

No. 172423

But why the fuck would you want to support a murderous bitch literally ripping people's ambitions and dreams from them? I guess if you're roleplaying your Traveler as a government shill that would be fine but I don't think the Traveler's established character is very pro-authority.

No. 172424

>They cram a lot of needless chatter into story quests to flesh out filler-y characters
This is honestly a continuous problem with quests in Genshin. I'd prefer learning about the characters based on their actions and choices, it gets boring as fuck when half of the quests are just characters babbling about mindless fluff and Paimon being annoying.

But anon! Ei is just a lonely girl who wanted the best for her country, why, she even came out of Euthymia to enjoy the contemporary culture of her people for like ten seconds! She's a good girl who did nothing wrong!

No. 172425

Yeah, dealing with legal shit and whatever made sense in liyue, but even though it makes sense that Inazuma is going through some tough times, I’m sure that there’s more to do. Like the Sakura cleansing ritual was a kind of nice quest, even if there’s lots of lore that they want your to know right there, it wasn’t shoved down your throat in a single scene.
Idk, I feel like they needed to add some spice but didn’t know how to. But then again, how difficult is it to make everyone autistically obsessed with eternity like how everyone is obsessed with freedom in mondstat and contracts in liyue?
I haven’t done all of the quests yet, but I think something about someone trying to find a serum for youth, or someone trying to revive a long lost loved one, would be more interesting than taxes and visas.

No. 172431

I kind of like the idea of the traveler believing in the shogun at first, but it doesn’t make sense because everyone and their mother has been telling us about how shitty she is.
A resistance is actually more interesting than being a guard dog for a tyrant, but Mihoyo managed to make it boring as fuck.

No. 172433

It would have been better if Signora didn't get killed but instead the traveler decides to kill the shogun. Like raiden is a tyrant and won't ever give up her power so traveler has to make the choice to kill her.

No. 172437

I would have loved this, the idea that the Shogun was just not going to listen and had to be put down. But Mihoyo seems to be allergic to the idea of having dead playable characters so there was no way shitty booba waifu was gonna get killed at the end.

No. 172438

Ei is a literal god and it's been said multiple times that the traveler isn't able to kill them. It wouldn't make sense to have her be put down, but it would've been better if she was punished in some way. Now you were just supposed to accept that all the genocide was committed by the "puppet" and Ei was a completely innocent waifu jerking off in her hikki space while her own people were being murdered en masse.

No. 172480

I agree that it would be way too early in the story for the Traveler to take Ei down on their own, but they could have had help from Yae, for example, or the entire Watatsumi resistance. She should at least have been forced to abdicate or imprisoned. It just feels bad/wrong that Ei gets off with no consequences because she was sad and wouldn't rein in her murderbot.

No. 172498

Inazuma Archon & Story (waifu dating sim) Quests >>>>> Inazuma World Quests. Every main world quest from each island such as Sakura Cleansing Ritual, Tatarasuna barrier, Obarashi's legacy and especially, the one from Tsurumi island are so good. They are not fetch quests, they have puzzles and an actual lore in them. I find them really fun and way more amazing. Also the fact that they are divided into real days gives you a cliffhanger effect. The NPCs (even with the basic npc template) have more personality and story to tell than most of the playable characters honestly. Take Ruu and Kazari for example, their characters are so well written, that you feel sad for them disappearing at the end of the quest.

No. 172510

>Inazuma Archon & Story (waifu dating sim) Quests >>>>> Inazuma World Quests.
Anon did you put these in the wrong order kek, I was ready to fight you but then the rest of your post was praising the world quests. Anyway the Inazuma world quests are so ridiculously good compared to the weak Archon storyline, seriously a lot better than the ones in Mondstadt and Liyue. I wonder why that is.

No. 172511

Oop sorry, I noticed the mistake very late my bad. Anyways tru, I think Inazuma world quests are better because somehow they improved the writing imo. I suddenly had high expectations for Sumeru. But not for the archon/story quest anymore. I know they're going to fuck it up, especially if the archon is a waifu or loli.

No. 172515

i imagine China's censorship tendencies hamper down a lot of the creative freedom of its writers. im surprised they let them write even a resistance movement considering CCP's history. like i guess the traveler could side with shogun so she could help with the search of their sibling, but it also would make no sense and defeats the purpose of the game since the ones in your party are vision holders. at the very least they could have tried to redeem ei other than have her be boring gacha bait.

No. 172516

I think they have different writing teams because the quality is so different OR they're allowed to have more freedom with the world quests. For the main story they need to cram a bunch of characters to sell them and they also only have 3 parts to work with so they need to rush it

No. 172528

Yeah or the rumor in the CN community is true that the Mondstadt and Liyue archon storywriter team got replaced (quit) and a new team that had to figure out how to make Inazuma.

No. 172533

Most of China's censorship laws are only applied to foreign media to keep competitors out so I wouldn't sweat too much about Genshin having to censor itself to the point they're creatively bankrupt. The problem with Inazuma was the head writer being changed midway through and the rest writing themselves into a corner.

No. 172535

Speaking of Sumeru, I hope they'll do something original. There's a very nice theory going around saying that the true Dendro archon (who may even be a male) is kept hidden and Kusanali is put up as a replacement instead. It's plausible and based on the Dendro slimes' behaviour, which often have something in common with their archon. I would actually really love it if Mihoyo pulled something like this off. Or maybe I'm just coping.

No. 172537

File: 1638533636944.jpg (37.1 KB, 828x327, 20211203_061300.jpg)

hell yea

everyones gets free gems for some playstation reward thing they won

No. 172543

Holy shit so it was confirmed that the head writer was changed? I remember anons saying that it was fake rumors last thread.

No. 172557

Do I get primogems even if I don’t have a PlayStation?

No. 172560

Yes this is for everyone.

No. 172562

File: 1638549704249.jpeg (208.95 KB, 1242x1142, 337CC335-E04E-4B02-8B72-65A203…)

No. 172679

File: 1638611084668.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.65 KB, 334x362, Untitled.jpg)

Albedo quest part 3 summary

No. 172680

File: 1638612700883.jpg (76.52 KB, 1009x678, 20211204_041124.jpg)

i want to fucking him

No. 172683

MMMMM the grin

No. 172687

So basically we just played among us
Joel's father is kinda sus too ngl

No. 172689

File: 1638624058264.jpeg (Spoiler Image,50.71 KB, 680x383, C9150F82-EEC2-4A10-BD58-FB81DA…)

I mean, yeah. This is basically like when the little stumps use some insane powers to kill the other stumps.

No. 172690

Samefag with
>tfw I will never have a foursome with the albedos.

No. 172702

File: 1638637159273.jpg (620.33 KB, 1772x1949, 736336252529119.jpg)

everywhere I look (besides here) I see these long-winded posts about which albebe is in mond right now and to me it was obviously the real subject 1 albedo. it's long been established that he's a smug cunt who likes to fuck with people just for funsies sometimes.

emo for the one that got furry vored by the big dragon though, he needs love too. we should be able to put multiple albedos in our teapots now…

No. 172704

>we should be able to put multiple albedos in our teapots now…
That would be amazing, Fakebedo would be kind, and Realbedo would be smug, maybe Plantbasedbedo would be completely emotionless and when you turn around, he turns into a whopperflower just to turn back into plantbasedbedo when you look at him.
>thing that will never happen.

No. 172717

>Plantbasedbedo would be completely emotionless and when you turn around, he turns into a whopperflower just to turn back into plantbasedbedo when you look at him.
And he would do so just like in the meme where a cow shakes its ass when the postman isn't looking, with the funky music too.

No. 172719

It could be realbedo but can he actually remove his star at will? Plus Joel's dad is also shady, his situation may mirror Paimon's story about the whopperflower, and fakebedo may partially mirror realbedo's story at the camp. It could fit also because the Albedo in Mondstadt was trying to lure the traveler to Dragonspine again with the sunsettias excuse. It just feels off, and we didn't even see realbedo killing fakebedo.
Basically it's a cliffhanger. I hope we'll get to see some more of his story soon.

No. 172740

File: 1638653160271.jpeg (186.32 KB, 744x1453, 6AF29D44-67E8-4CD2-A707-C45ED0…)

> I hope we'll get to see some more of his story soon

Yeah next December most likely kek

No. 172744

The Albedo at the end was the real one trolling the traveler. But Joel's dad might be imposter

No. 172777

File: 1638668695801.jpeg (693.64 KB, 2048x2006, 876F3E90-EC54-4514-93E1-4A1C2D…)

I’m so confused by that ending. So albedo at the end was the real one just joking?

No. 172778

Yes. He was having a bit of mischief

No. 172815

File: 1638698125174.jpg (325.64 KB, 2250x3000, 703.jpg)

he probably can but chooses to leave it since he considers it his birthmark, like proof that he isn't a perfect being as normal humans are. I think joel's real dad is dead as fuck and subject 2 albedo settled for taking his place instead so that he can live his dream of experiencing life, feeling loved and wanted, yada yada. joel and his mom can have joserf back blissfully unaware that the one they now have is a doppelganger too, its a win-win for everyone.

No. 172832

So there’s only two bedos, plantbedo and realbedo, right? Then that means he tried to kill plantbedo, the one on the cliff, because he didn’t help him with his prank, or because he did try to become smarter to replace Albedo.
But plantbedo escaped and took Joel’s dad’s identity, who I think is dead as fuck, and maybe Albedo knew but never bothered with it.
Because, how does plantbedo manage to gather the information of Joel’s dad? And his image? Unless he found a non-decomposed or not too decomposed corpse of Joel’s dad. Which makes sense because then Albedo tells us about how long can a fruit survive in dragonspine without it getting rotten, maybe it was an allegory to Joel’s dad’s dead body, he might be dead, but he’s well preserved in that huge freezer.

No. 172841

What are you talking about? Did you not play the last 2 quests? There are 3. The plant one is out of the picture.

No. 172892

There are 3 Albedos in the story, it gets explained more than once. So real Albedo, mutated whopperflower Albedo and subject 2/fake Albedo.

No. 172903

kek this thread is really revealing the players who don't pay any fucking attention during quests and lack reading comprehension/critical thinking
Although this event was kind of text heavy tho

No. 172945

I’ll be honest, all the retarded talking between Eula, Amber and Bennet made me feel a bit dizzy.

No. 172947

There was literally no reason for them to be in this event. At least not as much as they were. Bennett sure as hell didn't need to be there just so writers can make more redundant "haha Benny bad luck" jokes dunking on him. Its just mean spirited kek

No. 172952

everytime one of them showed up id mash through their dialog like i was playing a fucking mario party mini game. guess mahoeyoe had to throw some ass shots and yurishit hentai prompts into this otherwise top tier event for the cumbrains who don't care about plot or lore or male characters or… well anything besides anime girl thighs and feet. bennett's inclusion is a bigger mystery than the event itself.

now to mentally prepare to get itto c0, gorou c1, and qiqi c3 with the remnants of my primogem stockpile.

No. 172957

As much as I love Bennett I just don't understand what was his purpose being there besides the repetitive bad luck jokes despite being an active character during the Windblume event. The same goes for Eula and Amber. I guess because people complained so much about the lack of playable characters in events that they just started writing them in to event storylines but forgot to give them a reason for existing in them. Oh well, at least Albedo's storyline was interesting.

I swear every shot was framed so that you were staring at Eula's or Amber's ass, tits or crotch kek. All of my friends complained about it too so it can't just be me. How embarrassing, Mihoyo.

No. 172958

File: 1638801312584.jpg (58.93 KB, 589x437, mfw eula.jpg)

>every shot was framed so that you were staring at Eula's or Amber's ass, tits or crotch
I don't even get the point of doing that nasty shit. Anyone can go and look at their models whenever they want so why force it on normal people too?

No. 172969

I'm guessing it might be a dub vs other voices issue because the end of the event in the English sub really gave me the impression that Subject 2 Albedo replaced Subject 1 Albedo and was trying to cover up a slip up with his mark removing and readding thing. But I doubt Mihoyo would do something bold like that and actually kill a playable character off so that's probably not the case.

No. 172980

theres no way it was "just a slip up"… that much is obvious from the face he made at mc when it happened and him outright acknowledging that he played a joke on him/her in poor taste after. dub differences dont change that but it is worth noting that (objectively speaking) khoi dao provides the definitive albedo experience.

No. 172983

>it is worth noting that (objectively speaking) khoi dao provides the definitive albedo experience.
"Welcome to hell, bitch" plays in my head every time I use Albedo's burst, and I play with the japanese dub.

No. 173004

same and i play in chinese

No. 173065

File: 1638882918594.png (930.41 KB, 1074x570, 1453135678793.PNG)

I'm glad we can appreciate Khoi Dao

No. 173153


No. 173167

File: 1638955069351.jpg (164.9 KB, 636x900, 804.jpg)

kawaii itto-san

No. 173168

Apparently we hear Ayato? I'm willing to skip the himbo to save up for him if he looks good.

No. 173172

I love this meathead

No. 173174

File: 1638963710264.jpeg (65.94 KB, 464x614, 96893D8A-6F60-4187-B0C6-48A120…)

Yup Ayato’s JP and CN VA is the same as Otto from honkai. Mihoyo does that a lot, remaking honkai characters in Genshin.

According to some sketchy leaks Ayato has a white uniform and “looks like a black butler character’’. That fits the Otto theory. We’re most likely getting a white haired Otto.

No. 173177

File: 1638965002462.jpeg (635.7 KB, 2048x2048, 48956D8F-D45F-4DA9-8BA8-1442B4…)

Samefag but I found these versions of Otto and these seem more likely to be what Ayato is based off according to the sus leaks. Kinda disappointed, hope Ayato gets more Japanese elements to his outfit.

No. 173178

The guys in the pics looks nice but i was hoping his outfit wouldn't be so european inspired. It would look a bit weird since he's from inazuma. Still im super happy with these crumbs hopefully we will get to see Ayato soon.

No. 173179

this on top of being the 800th male sword user? how lame. watch him be another elemental infusion dps.

No. 173181

File: 1638966615647.jpeg (163.44 KB, 1200x1200, ECBCAFBA-2A10-4913-A259-B6EBE9…)

Yeah I agree. Maybe he’ll got a European looking uniform with Japanese details? Like Thoma’s jacket. They’re from the same clan after all.

No. 173183

Ngl I like that description, and maybe his clothing could have an explanation.

No. 173185

otto is such a shit character why the hell would they remake him into someone like ayato

No. 173186

I doubt he's going to be an Otto recolor, seriously this tinfoiling is based on nothing but the seiyuu.

No. 173204

Yup but isn't it a significant hint that both the CN and JP Ayato voice actors are the same as Otto? Sure, it's speculation but it's worth considering that Mihoyo made that a deliberate choice.

No. 173223

File: 1639001247690.jpg (27.4 KB, 197x280, tumblr_lngzm4Bauq1qltl67o1_500…)

>According to some sketchy leaks Ayato has a white uniform and “looks like a black butler character’’.
Can't wait to have Earl Grey from Black Butler in Genshin

No. 173226

No. 173250

I want a male catalyst user.

No. 173253

Been mentioning it in every survey for a while. Not like it really matters though.
This is why I'm never going to pay any money for this game.

No. 173255

File: 1639023109666.jpg (222.34 KB, 1200x620, 20211208_221141.jpg)

No. 173258

Joined you nona!

No. 173373

File: 1639152990121.jpeg (740.8 KB, 1200x759, 8E7D82BF-2436-4376-AFA4-B2924A…)

I’ve been doing some inazuma quests that have been sitting for months waiting to be completed. Why was the Kazari quest so hyped up it was possibly the worst genshin experience I’ve ever had. So incredibly tedious and unimaginative.

No. 173380

It is. Took me a whole day answering those puzzles from locations that are either undiscovered or far from each other. But honestly, most of Narukami's hidden chests, electroculi and locked passages can only be accessed from that quest so I understand it's a major one. I still love the lore that ties with it. Each to their own.

No. 173457

Same, and I want him to get the female character treatment, a sexy male catalyst user.

No. 173463

File: 1639238611674.png (1.23 MB, 1000x1265, B31999DB-CD56-4D9D-B441-A421CE…)

Please let the first male catalyst be baizhu

No. 173467

The shrine maiden quest was… okay, nothing memorable, making her an impurity was a twist but felt like something they did just because, if we would’ve fought against her in a final battle, that would’ve been more impactful than her just singing a song and dying.
Yoimiya’s and Ayaka’s missions were boring as fuck, being Ayaka’s mission a bit more interesting than checking out boats. The only thing I liked from Yoimiya’s quest was her father, and the old couple, other than that it was just spamming the skip button if possible because no information of value was lost.
Also, Yoimiya’s English voice is like fucking nails on a chalkboard, who the hell thought that she would have a stereotypical Hollywood high school girl? Specially when she calls her dad “pops” that’s more of a farm girl type, right? In any case, I don’t get the need to give them weird accents, just say your lines with a fucking normal voice, Jesus Christ. She talks and talks and talks on and on and on and it was driving me nuts, I had to play that whole quest in mute because I just couldn’t stand her voice.

No. 173508

Nonnies!!! I wasn't even pulling for Albedo or Diluc AND I got them, plus I got the one I wanted! Bennett. I got them in 1 pull. I'm so happy, they're my first 5 stars ever. I want to post a pic but I didn't take a screenshot. I took it with my phone and I'm paranoid

I'm just so happy because after that pull, I went to the permanent QiQi banner and I got another Bennett. God is smiling upon me. I can do as many Razor and Bennett photoshoots as I want now!

No. 173510

congrats, anon ^ c1 bennett is a beast and albedo is too with his new sword and artis! be sure to max refine it before the event goes away!!

No. 173533

I definitely will try to! I still can't believe I got TWO 5 STARS IN ONE PULL !!! I'm going to grind so much.

No. 173548

No. 173552

Feel you anon, I couldn’t stand Yoimiya either. I know her whole personality is “I talk a lot” but it was just too much empty information. Completely useless. Which brings me to why Inazuma’s archon quest sucked. Too many characters that we had to make “a deep connection with” for no reason. The previous archon quests focused on fewer characters. Liyue = Ningguang, Zhongli, Childe. Mondstadt = Venti, Diluc, Jean. All the other characters like Ganyu, Keqing, Kaeya, Lisa etc we just got a quick introduction too, which is good. In Inazuma we had to spend an unreasonable amount of time on so many
characters who in the end did nothing.

No. 173575

Exactly, I think that they should’ve kept certain characters as their focus, like Thoma, Gorou, Shogun and kazoo guy, but kazoo feels extra in the story even though he’s the guy that should probably get more focus on because he ran away and came back to help a whole ass resistance against the literal goddess who killed his best friend.
I honestly don’t understand why gorou couldn’t be the dude that we become besties with during the quest in which we become captains of a platoon, why do we need to become attached to this random NPC model guy? If this was an extra quest like Zahada’s-?- quest, I would get it, but it isn’t, this is the main quest that people would try to not spam enter/skip the whole time.
Seriously, the writing sucks in Inazuma, it feels like the team who had to do this story, kind of hated the idea and threw up anything they could for the sake of giving screen time to a bunch of nobodies so people threw money at them.

No. 173583

Nta but I haven't finished the Inazuma archon quest yet because Yoi and Ayaka took so much out of me. Kazuha really should have been the main focus of the quest along with Gorou for all of the reasons you mentioned. It felt like I've spent all of this story trying to impress Ayaka for whatever reason and I dunno what the hell the writing team thought they were doing.

No. 173589

This fucking anti-raiden shogun training is probably the most fucking annoying challenge I’ve ever done in this game.

No. 173591

Didn't realize you had to destroy the thing at the end. But after that it wasn't that hard.

No. 173594

Right? For some reason I could never dodge the final attack even though I destroyed the little things. I had to turn to youtube and found out you can pass it by having your entire party killed off and then waiting until the timer ran out to revive. All that annoying shit only for Yae to say that it was pointless what the fuck kek

No. 173595

People hype the Kazari quest? That was the most boring of all the Inazuma ones. I just smashed the skip button every time I could because I couldn't care less about this random shrine maiden sending us to do tedious bullshit tasks with no proper payoff and an uninteresting story.

Preach anon. It was so fucking annoying to do and in the end it was worthless because I beat Ei with no effort anyway. I don't understand why they had to add that dumb detour.

No. 173600

>People hype the Kazari quest?
redditors so the term "people" may not be the most fitting

I will never not be pissed off that ayaka and yoimiya's story quests were required to finish the main plot. throughout all the inazuma quests the writers really were desperately trying to make you give a shit about these random losers you just met getting their hopes and dweams crushed or whatever but it did not work at all. for those two in particular, if you don't want to fuck them then they have absolutely nothing more to offer as characters kek. if kazuha had more screen time I might've cared about him at least but no, they blew it all on thots, paimon, and npcs. that cutscene where he parried shitgun with friendship power, a moment that was intended to be hype, wasn't at all either as a result.

afk'd at the end where mc is walking at 0.6 mph, all the npcs are taking naps, and paimon won't shut the fug up. why did that go on for like 5 irl minutes?

No. 173601

I don't really understand raiden's massive sales. There is nothing memorable about her design other than "booba sword".

No. 173602

They reset top ups, anon. That's a huge deal. She would not have had nearly as good of sales otherwise.

No. 173611

I'm guessing they forced us to do Ayaka's and Yoimiya's story quests simply as a desperate filler to pad in for the Inazuma archon story because even from world-building point of view they were a borefest. Most of the character quests always tell the player about them in dramatic detail but as for Ayaka it was like playing a shitty dating sim and for Yoimiya it barely taught us anything about her besides how she's the nice girl at the fireworks shop. They felt more like hangouts or lackluster event storylines than actual quests. As for Kazuha I feel like the prerequisite quest with him appearing at Beidou's tournament did more to tell us about his motivations and goals than Ayaka's and Yoimiya's actual quests. Which is why I was mad that he was dropped completely the moment you arrived at Inazuma.

No. 173614

First female archon and archon of weeb nation

No. 173637

File: 1639345131068.jpeg (101.72 KB, 652x432, 513B5EEE-987B-4F06-B55F-F1BC3E…)

I know it’s because she’s supposed to be some sexy “hurr durr step on me” kind of waifu who is actually “kind”, “lol can’t cook” memes and “wow she’s literally me” NEET bullshit, but she wasn’t even shilled as a dps, it has to be like what anon said, first archon waifu who happens to be the archon of the grorious nippon.
I hope Itto and Gurou make huge sales so we can get even more husbandos, and so maybe they can start writing the female characters with a tiny bit more of a personality, other than being autistically obsessed with some object/work. Which is funny, because Ayaka and Yoimiya are yet another pair of waifus obsessed with work.
On another note, I love gurou’s Japanese voice, he seems to have a lisp and that makes him adorable, 10/10 would give him blueberries and dog cookies so I can pet him.

No. 173639

File: 1639345729715.jpeg (229.81 KB, 1000x1333, 4C5E8C11-EDC2-439C-B3F3-60008C…)

Yeah whenever I praise the Ruu quests on Tsurumi island a bunch of retards always chime in and say that it’s “almost as good as Kazari’s quest”. Like fuck no.

I hope Itto and Gorou do good too but I’ve noticed loads of people skipping them because of the mono geo team bullshit. I think Ayato will be the male character that does well and hopefully makes mihoyo understand that women are playing Genshin as well. Ayato has been trending on twitter in Japan several times so hopefully the hype doesn’t die down like with Itto.

No. 173643

Both Scaramouche and Ayato have been trending more than any of the one dimensional waifus in the game despite the first not even being confirmed as a playable character and the latter having not been even revealed yet. Childe is the only limited character who has gotten three reruns in less than a year. The market for male characters is fucking huge and I'm pretty sure Mihoyo knows it which is why they're hyping Itto more than any of the past 5-star female characters. Remember to fill those surveys nonnas and request more male characters so that they know to put their mouth where the money is.

No. 173644

>loads of people skipping them because of the mono geo team bullshit
when will you learn that no one cares about this outside of plebbit. take one look at the reddit hate thread in ot, reflect on who the apes behind those posts are, and ask yourself again if you think anything they have to say matters. and it is the exact same ones from r/askmen you see posted in that thread on the daily, they make up the majority of the western male audience for waifu gachashit (pornsickness + autism that causes them to hyperfixate on le meta even when there's no pvp or difficult content to warrant it).

No. 173645

samefag but
>three reruns
Meant to say three banners as in two reruns so fuck me

No. 173647

This, the "I can't use mono geo!" shit is just a cope for them to poo-poo all over the male characters withholding all the new waifus from them and to give the metaslave moids an excuse not to roll male characters, just like the "Kazuha is just an overpriced Sucrose" one. Plus ledditors literally can't comprehend gameplay more complex than 5 star cryo waifu go brrrr. Give it 3 months when Itto is topping all the damage dealer lists and they're suddenly asking for a rerun.

No. 173648

exactly. one character they do shill is eula despite her being the shittiest limited 5 star in the game. why is that? see: >>171214 for a wall of text on how it takes a very high iq to appreciate her thighs. raiden too who is another non-meta limited 5 star. they hate male characters because new male character = 3 weeks without new fap material.

ot but someone needs to post about r/gooncaves in the reddit hate thread. I'd do it myself but I'm terrified to go there.

No. 173649

I’m not on Reddit anon, I’m speaking of what I see on YouTube comments under Itto’s videos. Yes people think he’s cool but there’s definitely a lot of people expressing how they’re gonna skip him. I completely agree with you that mono geo teams are fine and that it’s bullshit how that’s the given reason for skipping. So I don’t understand why you’re sperging out.

No. 173650

youtube comments? kek same shit, like I said that breed of reddit moid is the average western male gacha player. those fags were never going to pull for a dude anyways and they're writing essays on why mono geo is completely unusable cuz they're too pussy to say the real reason out loud in the female heavy genshin fandom. a new cryo waifu that buffs their other cryo waifus is the banner after him ya know.

No. 173664

i don't think itto will sell that well, not because of moids but because he doesn't appeal to the chinese yumejo crowd

No. 173669

Who cares about picky Chinese yumejos or what they think, most of the Chinese players spending biggest money are rolling for meta and Itto is already confirmed to be a DPS dealing out massive damage. Not only that, Itto's reveal on the English account got over 100k RTs and 260k likes, compared to Shenhe who only got 44k and 140k respectively. None of the other character reveals has received as much hype as Itto did, he's popular with both female and male players because everyone loves his character trope. I might be inhaling copium but I'm expecting him to sell really well, but we'll see in a short while.

No. 173681

Afaik there was a meme/comparison that his fb and twt engagements even surpassed Raiden's. I agree that all players regardless of their gender loved Itto. His appearance resembles shounen anime characters and we're getting another new husbando so it's a win-win for everyone. There's a small population of people who will "skip" him that only consists of pure meta-slaves, waifu-only coomers and edgy twt feminists which are not fun to hang out with at parties.

No. 173694

this. personally i like itto a lot but i just dont want to see more buff guys in the future so im buying my top ups while albedo's banner is still up and plan to stop pulling as soon as i get gorou's sixth constellation.

No. 173699

Why do people even like Sara? I was legit irritated every time she appeared on screen. Her unit is Lisa tier bad. I just don't get it? Itto deserves better than a police state shill.

No. 173701

But Itto isn't even buff, he has the same model as all the other tall guys. I guess you could say he's muscular but its not like he is bara.

Don't be rude to Lisa like that, Sara is a lot worse because she pretty much only works well at c6 with raiden.

No. 173730

>But Itto isn't even buff, he has the same model as all the other tall guys.
This, I don't know why anyone would consider him a bara model. He's muscular but not in a nasty way.

No. 173780

strong stoic woman trope. well she doesn't particularly annoys me, i like her way more than yae who i find insufferable but i think the reason why she is shilled in so many ships (sarabaal, yaesara, kokosara, ittosara you name it) is because people have started to lowkey project on her
honestly her ship with itto doesn't even work, "ha ha she always kicks his ass" is their entire dynamic

No. 173782

People who ship Sara to Itto have brain damage to begin with, you can't expect much from them. Like >>173780 said she's just a self-insert for most people to project into as she lacks personality and ambitions so much that it makes it easy for people to ship her with whoever they want like Baal, Kokomi, Yae, even Kazuha depending on their tastes. She's boring, has an ugly design and is worthless as a unit. I don't hate her but I just don't find her appealing at all.

No. 173784

I like her. There's nothing in her scenes nor her personality that shows she's an uwu waifu that gets shy when traveller's around.

No. 173786

I noticed thoma and sara have a disgusting amount of screentime despite being 4 stars. they appear literally everywhere

No. 173790

There aren't many Inazuma side characters to begin with and their roles in the story make them somewhat important to the general public, so it makes sense for them to appear a lot. But who else would you like to see, I don't think there are any neglected characters except for Ayaka and Raiden? I haven't seen them brought up anywhere since the quests, I sometimes forget they even exist kek

No. 173793

I'm already so annoyed by the comments comparing Itto to Noelle. Why? Just because they are both Geo claymores? They have nothing else in common other than doing Geo damage during their ults, Noelle is a tank and shielder that does some healing and Itto is a dps that needs supports. Just shut the fuck up if you don't want to pull, like why even say anything

No. 173794

>despite being 4 stars
Are you really going to hate characters because of "stars"? Rarity correlate only with stats. It doesn't make character better or more important.

No. 173795

Like said before anon, it's waifucoomer scrotes and poorfags making excuses not to pull for Itto. It's the "Sucrose is better than Kazuha" cope all over again.

No. 173799

File: 1639492619315.jpg (68.46 KB, 803x642, 21-12-14-08-31-42-528_deco_1.j…)

Flex your pulls, anons! Nuking shit with that loud little cow makes me so giddy

as if being a tsundere waifu is any better

No. 173800

as a kazuha main i don't understand how can anyone pretend sucrose is just as good as him kek i have both and the difference is huge. also literally no one uses dps noelle who are they trying to fool

No. 173804

No one likes or even plays much of the inazuma characters and I began to realize that by playing shit loads of the domains. Everyone plays and adores the classic characters who don’t come with crazy ass gimmicks and awkward gameplay like Raiden, I only see a bunch of people using the characters who were shat on for failing to be SS-tier god-tier DPS queens like Sangonomiya, Yoimiya and Ayaka. Tired of the game it has no end goal, it’s an incomplete game built off the same model that EA does, you release an incomplete game and since the game is boring it will get people to buy stuff which in this case since it’s a gacha game it’s gonna be characters and weapons. Sorry for the sperging but this game is starting to get on my nerves

No. 173809

Sucrose is better when you have lots of elemental damage so you need more EM in melt/vaporize teams. But this situations are very rare.
And their ultimates make their attacks geo infused and add defense to attack. It was obvious, that they will be compared. Also her shielder and healer role is very bad, so most Noelle mains use her as DPS. >>173795
If they're telling that Noelle is stronger then they're wrong, but if they're telling that Noelle is cheaper alternative then it's alright. It's not possible to create absolutely unic characters, so Mihoyo is starting to copy roles of existing "but better". Eula is better Razor, Kazuha is better Sucrose, Ayaka is better Kaeya, Sara is better Bennet for electro teams and now Itto who is better Noelle. And some people prefer not only characters or meta, but gameplay, so if they have character that has similar role, they probably want to save some primogems.

No. 173811

>Sucrose is better when you have lots of elemental damage so you need more EM in melt/vaporize teams
Not better, they're equal as long as you double swirl

I feel like the "itto is noelle 2" claims are going to evaporate in the next 24 hours now that he's out because his playstyle is one of the most unique in the game; its nothing like hers.

No. 173813

I am unaware of the qualifications of being a tsundere but I think Sara's just a mature, stoic character in general, not even showing a sliver of "romantic feelings" to traveller nor Itto. Dunno what trope she fits to exactly but Diona is the only tsundere I know. Anyways, I'm so jealous of your pulls, you're so lucky! Congrats on getting more than one constellations of the geo boys!!

No. 173836

I don't play much co-op, but you're right, the newer characters are barely anywhere and everyone is waiting for reruns on Ganyu, Xiao, Zhongli etc. Iirc there have been leaks before 2.0 suggesting that the Liyue characters will still be the strongest over all. Damage tests show that Ayaka does a little more than Ganyu, but I don't see anyone waiting for her rerun (though this is also affected by their designs and the fact that Ganyu's banner was almost a year ago vs. Ayaka's more recent one).
You're also right about the rest, I haven't been interested in any banner since Kazuha and playing has become so boring, there's no point in continuing really. The new gimmicky characters all require specific teams so everyone will keep playing because you need to build more and different ones to fit the new one in a team

No. 173839

>c1 itto
>c1 jean
>c0 gorou
yeah… i'm happy but also not really because what is this??? gorou hates me

No. 173847

Is it normal to get characters on the weapon banner? I was rolling for Itto's claymore but got Thoma lmfao?

No. 173848

>c0 Itto
>Jean con (I am on c3 on her bc she always ruins my 50/50)
>C4 Gorou
>Harp & Redhorn

250 saved wishes well spent. I hope I can get 2 more Gorou cons til the banner is done

No. 173864

I have rolled only 3 times on it and one of them was xinyan.I have seen other ppl rolling and getting characters so I guess it is.Like getting weapons on standard/limited banners.The weapon banner is for whales and a scam for people who don't pay so I don't roll kek

No. 173865

I'm still mad about what gorou did to me. how can he come only ONCE in 90 pulls? this is why i hate 4 stars cons

No. 173867

Yes that's normal. There's a button labeled 'Details', it shows you what items you can get on every banner and the probability.

Only 250!? What insane luck you must have, congratulations nona! Wishing is like pulling teeth for me, even if the 5 star is guaranteed I always have to go to hard pity so I'm not going to risk it, Xiao is right around the corner and I only have 120 wishes saved up for him and his weapon

No. 173868

now that i got itto i need to save for ayato. i have around 100 pulls left but i'm not on guarantee

No. 173869

Thank you!! To be honest I am always unlucky too and have to pull to at least 70 pity to get anything…I was lucky that I got Itto pretty quickly after Jean so I could invest on weapon banner

No. 173870

I hate how time zones work with this game.
Still have Albdo's banner up.

No. 173877

But there we go, Itto in 60 rolls and 4 Goros.
+2 Barbara and 3 Xiangling.

No. 173878

>tfw wasted my few primos on trying to get the chalk dude and now I have to grind harder than a coffee grinder in a Starbucks during exams so I can even dream of getting chinese pretty boy tails

No. 173880

I was feeling down because I don’t have any more primos and didn’t get itto, but looking at all the no gorou posts online I guess I should be more thankful. He’s really evading some people.

No. 173883

anons im so stoked! i got c0 itto, a c2 diluc and a c3 gorou so im pretty much set. a double 5 star in one ten pull is an amazing feeling. convinced diluc loves me, hes my main and always ruins my 50/50 lol

No. 173889

Ignore that anon, Sara is fine

No. 173902

Only 7k primos, I'm hoping that at least I'll get Gorou. Wish me luck nonas

No. 173910

hope you got him nona!

No. 173912

Damn I’m surprised how smooth his gameplay is for being a claymore user. Big damage too

No. 173913

Gorou came home, now I'm left with a few wishes only. Bennett haunts me.

No. 173922

File: 1639575516203.png (465.8 KB, 540x540, 5e8oidcrxz081.png)

I spend 10k primos and got Itto but still no Gorou. I keep getting Barbara it's so annoying but I won't give up. I will keep pulling on Itto's banner till i get Gorou.

Damn that's alot of constellations, congrats! And yes the little cow is so cute yet so strong.

Congrats anons!

Yes his gameplay is very smooth and I love his animations!

No. 173924

I got c2 Gorou! But I lost 50/50 to QiQi. This was supposed to be a meme, not real life!

No. 173927

meme's are inspired by life anon

No. 173948

I'm surprised I've seen anons talking about their pulls but not the story quest itself unless it's a timezone thing.Tbh I did it a few hours ago and I really liked it.It was different from what I've expected but still nice.wonder if there's crimson-blue oni stuff out yet kek

No. 173960

File: 1639595960224.jpg (60.03 KB, 680x598, 8112140.jpg)

>tfw don't have the patience to play through raiden and kokomi's story quests
both his and gorou's hangout are locked behind them… are they going to start requiring us to do all of these even when they add nothing to the main plot?

No. 173994

File: 1639608012179.jpg (253.81 KB, 1920x1080, 758758478.jpg)

lol in your dreams, Scaramouche is going to be the first male catalist just you wait!

No. 174044

Got Gorou and Itto in the first ten rolls, been saving up since Childe's rerun and now it feels a little silly

No. 174050

What, that's so lucky! Go for constellations or his claymore if you don't want to feel silly kek

No. 174082

Damn you're lucky, I'm at about 40 pulls and only got C1 Gorou and no Itto yet. I'll wait until I can get more primos and pull for him the last day of his banner.

No. 174206

Hate how every fucking moid youtuber ships ittosara, I'm getting jeanluc flahsbacks yikes

No. 174208

File: 1639767648738.jpg (545.88 KB, 2992x3764, 20211216_131828.jpg)

Cant tell if they want to get cucked by Tyroni BOC or are delulu enough to self insert as him or what, but they need to get a clue and lay off. Writing team fujos didnt go out of their way to give him 80 bl ships for this.

No. 174215

To be perfectly honest I always felt that jeanluc was a ship made just out of spite due to kaeluc being so popular and people desperately wanted diluc to be straight kek

As for IttoSara it's such a shit ship, literally no other ground than "haha Itto wants to fight Sara how endearing". Moids lacking self-awareness are self-inserting into Itto and want to fuck the big titty tengu tsundere and girls who skinwalk Sara cry into their oni body pillow because anons on lolcow dot farm said their kinnie is boring

No. 174217

Before playing genshin i heard some moids saying stuff like jeanluc is implied/canon and when i finally did the quest i was like "huh, this is all? this is your ship?

No. 174218

i got double 5 star diluc and itto on my first ten pull holy…

No. 174224

It's just moids liking the tsundere trope, as usual. Personally I think Itto's too much of a himbo to be shipped with anyone (though I admit he looks nice with Gorou…)

No. 174236

mihoyo clearly shills m/f ships at first to bait normies, half of the inazuma ships are like that but when you read the voicelines and see them interacting there's literally no romantic chemistry (or straight up brotherzoning in ayaka and thoma's case). however it's still obvious they were paired like that on purpose and it's kinda jarring, hopefully they won't try to shill yae/ayato in the upcoming inazuma event
i've also noticed they tend to hide the BL crumbs (perhaps to avoid the CCP going on their asses), like you find about kazuha's friend after seeing him interact only with beidou. and why push his ~friendship~ with beidou, which came literally out of nowhere, when beidou fans would rather ship her with ning? i feel like they have different writing teams sometimes

No. 174254

No, I actually noticed that they're pushing the yuri agenda more, like what they did from honkai. I recently read Sara's special dish and the description says that it was cooked for someone who likes sweet things (probably Raiden). Not to mention, the beiguang ship or jeanlisa as well. Retarded twt users will say they're lesbians, but with all honesty, it's just another yuri bait at this point in order to cater the stinky male audience.

No. 174256

you're right about yuri ships, after all honkai is pretty much a yuri game but i'd say they equally shill both yuri and m/f ships. the only inazuma yuri ships are raiden/yae and raiden/sara

No. 174306

Best himbo

No. 174307

All the main girl characters in Inazuma are laid out to be potential waifus for the protagonist, all of them had some clumsy romantic setup to them in one way or another. Moids were already seething over Ayaka being implied to have a fiancee in one voice line before her release because they want the girl characters only to serve as their fap fodder, not as standalone contributors to the story.

They shill m/m ships too, the official twitter account even baited Kaeluc which drove all the underage antis insane because of muh incest. But because of the reason I stated above the m/f ships will never happen due to scrotes not wanting to be cucked by all the in-game male characters. which is good because I ship m/m kek

No. 174312

Idc what anons think about the eng dub but u can't deny they did a great job with Itto

No. 174318

You're entitled to your opinion but Takanori Nishikawa was fucking born for this role.

No. 174324

well i have to thank the cn incel moids for being like that because knowing how these shitty writers at mihoyo work they would make every single m/f ship canon naruto-style if they could

No. 174325

however it was neved implied ayaka had a fiance anon

No. 174336

It wasn't implied but there were fan interpretations of leaked voice lines(?) that first sparked the rumors of Ayaka having a fiancé.

No. 174338

meh I hate his jp voice. eng and chinese are way better, haven't heard korean yet.

No. 174340

Not when the translators make him say stuff like 'homie' and 'capiche' when he's not that type of gangster.

No. 174373

But he doesn't beatbox for me

No. 174376

And I wouldn't want him to.

No. 174388

Alright boring mcfuckface if you're that determined to die on the nip dub supremacy hill then I wish you well in giving yourself stockholm syndrome for the curdled uncle who's trying to stay hip with the kiddies voice

No. 174389

Are you okay anon? Seriously what is wrong with some anons here, unusually unhinged even by farmer standards. This is a shitty gacha game, no need to take it so seriously. Some anons might prefer the Jp dub because of the oldfag nostalgia for T.M Revolution. Let those anons think and feel however they want, it’s not affecting you.

No. 174391

File: 1639861258549.png (1.72 MB, 2480x3508, FGhBZwWXMAggq1J.png)

Ittomiya is the superior ship let's be real The m/m ones are okay too I guess

No. 174392

It's the spergy scrote repeating "nips" and "chinks" over and over, it seems his previous ban expired again. Report and ignore.

No. 174402

I regularly forget Yoimiya exists
Itto is meant to be with "miss Hina

No. 174411

Does anyone else play in a language other than English?

No. 174412

i play in chinese nona

No. 174413

I play with the Japanese dub because I'm ESL and more used to the Japanese language and acting methodology associated with anime aesthetics, engdubs in general have always been poison to my ears.

No. 174414

Chinese with spanish subs! I love the Chinese dub

No. 174415

Kek it's just that one weeb who used to sperg out at people who use eng again nitpicking, dude

No. 174417

Man I don't care either way about Itto/Gorou but holy fuck did I find the whole "Miss Hina" thing to be coomer cancer. It's the same retarded Barbara has disturbing creepy stalkers plot from Mondstadt applied to an unknowing dude instead. None of the other joke hangout routes felt as mean-spirited to me as Gorou's did except maybe Bennett's and his whole character is bad luck incarnate so at least that made sense.

No. 174421

Chinese paimon is best paimon
Literally can't physically tolerate the shitty English paimon

No. 174427

I actually love Chinese Paimon too, I wish I could mix and match the different voices so I could have all of the voices that I like of the different voiceovers

No. 174430

korean, because albedo sounds nice in it

No. 174431

Same. I love Korean zhongli, also Chinese xiao and paimon, and I wish I could have both at once

No. 174475

this is why i despise yae so much kek

No. 174524

i tried korean dub but honestly hearing the voice speak something different than the subs say makes me not able to concentrate on reading the subtitles for some reason. so i switched back to english real quick

No. 174538

I think the eng dub has some really nice voices (personally I like Albedo's, Zhongli even if he sounds weird and Itto's) but they get ruined by the very poor quality of the rest of the voice acting. English Xiao sounds fucking annoying, Razor is a joke, I would like Gorou's more if it didn't sound like an adult man with a deep voice trying hard to sound soft. Paimon is shit and can't even keep it up lately.
What I like about the other dubs is that the quality of the acting is about the same for all characters, so you don't have some really nice ones with the rest being awful. I played the most with the japanese dub and I love how Xiao, Kazuha and Venti sound. I like Bennett sounding masculine and I must admit Itto isn't great to me but it's still nice.

No. 174752

>>174206 >>174215 >>174217
Ittosara doesn't bother me too much (even if I do think Gorou/Itto is more obviously telegraphed, or as best as a Chinese company can do) but god is jeanluc cringe. "guys it's canon" no it isn't, they're just delusional moids who thinks that a male and a female being mutually respectful towards each other in spite of their differences = male has permission to fuck her. If Jean was a guy nobody would touch the ship, not even the most fujo of fujos because the chemistry is nonexistent. (Or maybe they would as a shitty alternative to Kaeluc to "own" the "bad fujos" which kek imagine arguing what trash is worse)

No. 174774

if jean was a guy they would just say jeanlisa is canon instead and jeanluc would be seen as a dead ship for anti-kaeluc fujos

No. 174840

Ruu’s story is actually fucking sad, how is the story about the shrine maiden bitch even comparable to Ruu’s? Like, yeah, Sumida is fucking annoying and soulless, but the mystery of the island is actually interesting.

No. 174936

I have a question for amerianons: is the us genshin fandom as toxic as I seem to hear?Cause I've seen people kicking out people who don't use certain characters or starting domains without them on purpose.I'm a eurofag and 99% of my interactions or interactions I've seen are very nice and people seem to be helpful even when they can't communicaterussians kek

No. 174944


the only ""toxic"" player ive ever come across was this one dude who kept insisting that we play vaporize yanfei in the crimson witch domain and then kept getting pissy when we refused and then started making fun of me for having only "3 digit damage" lmfao

No. 175121

I’m also an eurofag and everyone’s really wholesome. One Childe main only communicated with me by saying “go” and “wait”. He showed me so many hidden chest areas and fought everything for me it was so cute

No. 175127

I'm a eurofag but play on the american server and today I played online for the first time. This player joined my world, asked me how many 5star characters I had, spammed elemental bursts and then left. So yeah, I'm not sure.

No. 175191

I really wish we could choose what language a character speaks in individually, if that makes sense. I like JP Hu Tao, CN Paimon and EN Ganyu.

No. 175289

I started playing three days ago and so far I have Itto, Xingqiu and Kaeya. I like all of them a lot. I wish I also had a pyro or electro husbando then my husbando squad would be complete.

No. 175344

File: 1640271333778.jpg (32.58 KB, 435x508, 268429934_618238316081044_3606…)

Ningguangs skin has been leaked, sorry for the shit quality but could not find a better image. Imo it looks pretty good, it's still elegant and classy which I'm glad of. Also the blue goes well with the golden of tones of the geo element.

Welcome anon I'm glad you enjoy them and goodluck with collecting more husbando's!

I'm also an eurofag and yeah people are so nice in co op! I found a fellow husbando lover one time during co op and also someone from the same country of me. I like how helpfull people are and always try to help them too if they need anything.

I would love this, I switched to english just for Itto kek. I normally prefer chinese and I will switch to it again when we get a new story mission because paimons voice is so annoying in like almost every language, only in chinese i can accept her voice

No. 175345

She looks so pretty, I seriously love ningguang, I’m not getting the skin because I hate throwing money at games though.

No. 175346

The ningguang skin is free nonnie! Only Keqing will cost money, we don't have any leaks of her skin tho.

No. 175348

OMG I can’t wait to get it! I love ningguang so much! I’m glad Mehoeyo is letting us get at least 2 free skins, even if the Barbara skin is lame and pretty much pedopandering.

No. 175349

Yes i think they will keep releasing 1 free skin and one where you have to pay for. I actually kinda like Barbara her skin, I think it's cute. It's a bit childish but I was just glad it wasn't a coomer bikini outfit lol.
I hope they will also eventually release some skins for the male characters, I would love a skin for Kaeya.

No. 175350

File: 1640273090207.jpeg (Spoiler Image,673.26 KB, 750x2993, 0B6FAB2C-71EB-4593-A870-14AD93…)

I know right, it would be nice if we could get a skin for Kaeya, maybe they will release it alongside a Diluc skin so they have the 5 star paid skin and 4 star free skin. If the Diluc skin were to be hot (pun intended) I would honestly buy it.
What if the skins are something like winter clothes or something like that? I would die for it tbh.

No. 175351

>the guizhong schizos from twitter are gonna be even more annoying
i'm really curious why is mhy still pushing the ning is guizhong reincarnation thing when the whole chinese fandom hates it??

No. 175352

genshin skins are so half-assed, my god. this is basically just a pallette swap and people will have to pay money for this after the event ends? kek

No. 175353

Sorry if I sound dumb but what does this skin have to do with guizhong? Also it's my first time i heard of this reincarnation theory but also im not on twitter kek.

No. 175354

ningguang is wearing a glaze lilies dress and guizhong is heavily associated to glaze lilies. ningguang's BIS also happens to be memory of dust which was guizhong's weapon. also zhongli followed ningguang since she was a little kid (i know the implications are very creepy…)

No. 175355

it's a more redditcore theory born from the need to make a "badass" male character who has lots of bl ships and a fetish for inhuman boys straight

that is not her damn bis

No. 175357

it was released for her don't be obtouse. i also coped that there is no way ningguang is guizhong's reincarnation but this skin proved that this was their intention all the time. and her character is too important to the liyue arc, just like guizhong was

No. 175358

>also zhongli followed ningguang since she was a little kid
Wtf if they actually want to push this theory and that ship why would they put that in lore, it makes zhongli look like a creep.

Ugh I really do not see why people would ship ning with zhongli when beidou exists. I'm sorry but to me they don't have any chemistry together.

No. 175359

they have no chemistry and his ship with guizhong is the most cliche shit i've ever seen, but the writers probably thought to themselves that it's so "oh romantic" but couldn't be too obvious cause they still want to sell zhongli as a husbando. notice how this never happened to raiden? or any other waifus like ayaka? only the males are obsessed with random women

No. 175361

it was released as part of a set for zhongli's weapon kek it wasn't released for her anymore than the unforged was released for noelle

No. 175362

It looks super nice, especially the colours. Reminds me very vaguely of Fischl a little.
I wonder how Keqing's will be.

No. 175363

I mean Signora's whole backstory is kind of like that and iirc they love writing stories of lovers that have been separated for a long time and still believe they might find the other. Many npcs have such stories and it often comes up in the little novels. Haven't looked into anyone's backstories but I'm sure the only reason the waifus don't have something like that is because they are busy working themselves to the bone in their stupid office jobs kek the writers just don't care enough to give them a story

No. 175364

It looks nice, but it reminds me a lot of Jean's skin. Are there no colors other than blue?

No. 175365

they can keep that shit to NPCs

No. 175368

I thought the same, are all of the skins going to be blue?

No. 175375

Oh it looks nice.Cant wait to get it for her even though I don't feel it can top her default one.We will see when it releases

No. 175383

Ningguang's new skin is so sexy, and I'm glad she stays elegant while not having a coomer bait design.

No. 175395

It's nice that it doesn't seem to be coomerbait but to me it's boring. There are three skins in the game and they're all blue (which fit with the summer event, bit they really could have gone with another color here).
I also hate the guizhong thing, it's fine if Zhongli has this obsession with a random goddess from his past but he wouldn't be good with Ningguang imo. We don't even see them interact in the story ffs.

No. 175396

>it's a more redditcore theory born from the need to make a "badass" male character who has lots of bl ships and a fetish for inhuman boys straight
Unironically this

No. 175404

Sooo pretty! So the 4-star skins always seem to be free?

No. 175490

On every survey I ask for Surcose and Yae to get tails, I also ask for male characters with fluffy tails.

No. 175496

Gorou is the prototype… but we need MORE!

No. 175498

File: 1640340425002.jpg (67.64 KB, 640x701, kdukhajaeg781.jpg)

This is the same person who leaked nings skin. We will get to know if this is true Sunday because then there will be the live stream. I do think it's funny if shenhe has to share her spotlight with Xiao. Shenhe wanters will have to pull ganyu and zhongli to make fully use of her.

I think I might get c1 xiao or c1 zhongli, or do you guys think ayato will be coming soon after? Because i might save for ayato then. I also finally got Gorou after 90 pulls, the only male character I'm currently missing is Thoma.

Right now it seems so, I'm wondering if they're going to give the 5 stars from the standard banner skins first. I do want to note that the skins themselves have stars, so a 4 star could get a 5 star skin which i assume will cost real money. I'm surprised with how slow they're giving us these skins, you would think they would push them out quicker because most games make lots of money with skins

No. 175513

Hello nonnies! Is buying BP worth it? I'm trying to get more primos to save for Xiao's banner cause I just pulled for Itto and I'm only on 11 pity. Currently on welkin, too btw. I hate my uncontrollable urge to spend everytime a husbando banner is up. I was f2p before but not anymore.

No. 175514

Gnostic hymn (the cheaper BP) is worth it in my opinion, you get a pretty good weapon, 126 Hero's wit exp books, 288 mystic enhancement ores, over 2 million moras, 680 primogems, 5 fragile resins, 4 intertwined fates and plenty of talent books. Gnostic chorus on the other hand isn't worth the extra money unless you really, really want the teapot furniture and namecard.

No. 175519

Never thought about it but you're right, it seems to be the standard 5-stars first that get skins. Excited for a Diluc skin then