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File: 1546506752420.jpg (62.9 KB, 432x360, 6.jpg)

No. 1641

Can we have a thread about Overwatch? Talk about your thoughts on competitive, Blizzard itself, toxicity, your mains, and least favorite characters. Maybe also post tips here too?

No. 1642

>Can we have a thread about Overwatch?
actually no, we can't because we already have a video game general. go post about it there.

plus ow fucking sucks

No. 1643

File: 1546508009587.jpg (16.85 KB, 250x279, 8ZjLL17.jpg)

>play qp
>get harassed for only playing qp
>play comp, get to gm
>get harassed for playing comp

People just really hate women. TF2 is better.

No. 1644

feel that. people also hate supports too. especially in comp they argue about how im not healing when im on their ass the whole time. im sorry id really rather not pocket you, mr hanzo main. or when someone overextends and expects me to rush after them

No. 1645

How did you get to gm? I only managed to get Master playing D.va

No. 1646

I never got harassed for being a girl who mains support when playing solo comp. Guess I'm just super lucky

No. 1647

Your avatarfagging in every thread is obnoxious. Stop it already regina

No. 1648

>mfw people still play this
Theres already a million overwatch threads just check the fucking catalogue.

No. 1649

OP thanks for this thread, I know we already have a video game general but no one really talks about OW there and I don’t want to shit up that thread with OW related posts. Anyways, Overwatch has been my favorite game for awhile but it has a lot of flaws. I play on console and the amount of smurfs and MnK players is insane. I wish Blizzard would do something about smurfs but they probably don’t care since it’s more money for them.

No. 1650

you're welcome! thats exactly what i thought when i read the first post here. i want to talk about OW specifically because hardly anyone talks about it and like you said, i didnt want to shit up the thread. its so funny how some people are like oh haha OW sucks like the first anon as well. if it sucks, then thats your opinion. anyway im gonna stop sperging now, smurfs really fuck everything up sometimes and ruin my ELO. like i just want to fucking climb and then they match me against someone who is secretly like level 800 or something.

No. 1651

File: 1546556553820.jpg (154.44 KB, 1200x899, 1532741415735.jpg)

Anyone here follows professional OW?
I'm hyped up for the 2nd season of the Overwatch League.

No. 1652

File: 1546556818109.jpg (213.69 KB, 1142x1175, 1523239542020.jpg)

Anybody else hyped up for the 2nd season of the OWL?

No. 1653

I'm hyped for who's next to get outed on pedo charges or casual racism lol

OWL was top tier drama.

No. 1654


I started playing this recently, before that I played "Budget Overwatch" (Paladins.) I enjoy Overwatch much more but if I'm not playing in a group I tend to get annoyed with my teammates; not because they're bad but because if I'm the only healer they all demand healing and never protect me when I'm being shot at. Was playing earlier today and our team was shouting at me for being unable to heal because I was getting ganked by Tracer repeatedly and they were not listening to me requesting help REPEATEDLY. So I've decided I'm only going to play healer when I'm playing with my friends, or if I just feel like going healer.

To be honest I don't care if we win the match as long as I have fun I'm okay with it (I never play competitive.) But people acting like that just puts a damper on things.

No. 1655

lmao that DreamKazper situation was unreal. Guy was washing cars for a living, became a professional player making good money and having the adoration of fans, then he threw it all away chasing underage girls. Now he's playing CSGO under the name "CPdude".
What a complete subhuman.

No. 1656

File: 1546563025732.jpeg (65.86 KB, 912x516, 76DD0FB9-77C9-45B0-9C74-CE0894…)

I’m into the lore for some strange reason, I’ve never even played the game. Also follow some streamers on YouTube like twomad and AndrewJRT, idk it’s like I can experience the game without participating in the salty cancer lol.

No. 1657

File: 1546563477058.png (79.83 KB, 395x347, boomer aunt.png)



Actually, i prefer Quake arena and TF2

No. 1658

is this where i come to cry about my husbando clockwork not playing professionally anymore

because it still hurts

No. 1659

Lol what lore? They haven't done anything with it in a year and a half, and even then it's weak af

No. 1660

Thank god. He's washed up and his OW career was a complete joke.

No. 1661

but hes cute

No. 1662

File: 1546582184538.jpg (116.23 KB, 700x1144, arb40dB_700b.jpg)

I guess first post anon thinks they're better than us normie brainlets who dare to like a popular video game. But yeah, smurfs are starting to get ridiculous. They're even present in qp which sucks when you're just trying to have fun and try different characters.

Yes! It should be interesting with all the new teams they've added. Also question for you guys who watched S1 of OWL, did anyone else think it was weird how teams would get new players during the season? It annoyed me when the team I like would get new players and neglect the original lineup.

I like the characters and the lore, although the lore is unfinished and has some plot holes. Part of me wants Blizzard to release more canon lore, while the other part wants them to hold off so I can come up with my own theories lol.

No. 1663

Except you were told there are already ow threads in the catalogue so why are you ignoring it? You really are shitting up the place with this horrible thread.

No. 1664

look, i scrolled and scrolled and couldnt find a single overwatch thread. if there are as many active OW threads as you proclaim, link them here because i can't find them. however, if you really hate this thread so much, why do you constantly keep coming back to it? AFAIK, when i hate a thread on here i find it quite easy to avoid.

No. 1665

Like >>1664, I’ve checked the catalog and this is the only OW thread I could find. If you hate OW so much then just hide this thread, catalog-chan.

No. 1666

Anybody following the Ellie drama?
>supposed female player reaches top 10 playing DPS on the NA ladder
>Contenders team Second Wind quickly signs her up
>people start questioning her saying it's suspicious she came out of nowhere
>she quits the team and the team manager and the media make articles claiming the OW scene pushed her out due to misogyny

Now the truth came out:

No. 1667

I had to uninstall the game because it was so addicting. I was finally able to let it go thanks to shitty new characters and reworks completely ruining the comp scene.

No. 1668

What characters do you just not play at all? Not only play rarely or w/e, your "ten minutes of playtime total" characters.

Mine: Zen, Hanzo, Roadhog, Doomfist, Genji. I just get nothing out of them for whatever reason. Everyone else I play at least a little.

No. 1669

mine was your list minus zen but plus symmetra, dva, and rein. i think theres more. i particularly think widow can be boring at times but ill play her sometimes to switch things up. i really just play moira mercy lucio torb and sombra.

No. 1670



Why play Mercy when everyone else plays her or at least has a pocket Mercy?

No. 1671

its relaxing when i dont feel like killing

No. 1672

Doomfist. I tried time and time again because he's my husbando, but a character whose weapons have no range is too confusing visually. Oh same for Rein

No. 1673

Honestly not surprised. I ALMOST had sympathy for her because I can believe shes gotten death threats from beta insecure virgin incels, 100%. But its not surprising to me that she isnt legitimate after i saw she doesnt scrim and doesnt even communicate during games. Males have literally been ousted from professional teams for not participating in scrims and team shit. If Blizzard did this intentionally, as a "social experiment" or whatever the reason, they've basically given up on all integrity of the game that was left and there wasnt much anyway.

No. 1674

I heard about the drama but didn’t look into it much. Even if this was all a social experiment, I don’t see how this proved anything. Of course people are going to question the legitimacy of the player if they never reveal themself.

For me it’s winston and bastion. I would add hammond and ashe to the list but since they’re both fairly new I haven’t decided if I like their gameplay yet.

No. 1675

I don't buy the "social experiment" excuse. The guy who pulled this off is probably just trying to save face. He's not a pro player or anything, just a random player who's very good at the game.

No. 1676

anyone here know when the lunar new year event starts?

No. 1677

It’s been speculated to start during the last week of January because the lunar new year begins February 5th.

No. 1678

File: 1546908933767.jpeg (65.92 KB, 601x368, EA9CFBCD-6B12-4C3F-95BB-141E3C…)

So Soldier 76 is gay; it was revealed in Bastet and confirmed by Michael Chu on Twitter. I’m waiting for the male gamers to sperg like they did with Tracer.

No. 1679

Let them sperg out. I know a few male Soldier 76 cosplayers, and if this is 'affects' their cosplay, it will be amusing.

No. 1680

>the first 2 heroes you meet in the game are gay
i'm okay with this

No. 1681

i mean this is really shit pandering considering they gave all the characters detailed bios and are just now dropping sexuality stuff. like, don't do that, no issue with gay characters, but you can't just tack it on.

No. 1682

Yeah it does seem like they're pulling a JKR by not just having it included in their bios in the first place, though on the other I guess their romantic lives aren't really so relevant that they required being included initially.

No. 1683

Blizzard was facing a backlash because of the Ellie drama so they dropped an emergency gay backstory. So progressive.
On the upside they nerfed GOATS so the meta will change soon.

No. 1684

Thoughts on the new Reaper buff? Personally, I think this might be the final nail in the coffin for Overwatch. The playerbase is dwindling, people have been begging for more tank/support characters because the game is getting extremely stale if you don’t play dps. Now they’re buffing Reaper to the point where he’s borderline invincible, effectively giving the middle finger to tank mains in a sloppy attempt to nerf GOATS.

No. 1685

File: 1547082984109.png (627.51 KB, 912x480, Untitled.png)

Pic related is my top 4 most and least played heroes,
I stuck mostly to defense heroes before I learned how to actually aim and heal recently.

Now I play Mystery Heroes exclusively, the challenge of RNG keeps the game fun for me.

No. 1686

>Eevee from Athletico OCE becomes first female player in Contenders Lan
At first I thought it was that tranny eeveea. I'm glad real women got to play OWL and Contenders Lan before trannies.

No. 1687

File: 1547099623381.png (714.6 KB, 964x526, 48BD09E6-739A-45D1-9DBF-F35C23…)

B.O.B is the most op ultimate in the game. He’s like if bastion had aimbot and a shit load of health. It also doesn’t help that Ashe is able to built ult charge very fast either. Why blizzard decided to buff Reaper, who already kills tanks in two hits, and not nerf B.O.B is retarded.

No. 1688

You're bronze, aren't you?

No. 1689

Just let me buy the Bastet skin, why is it behind 9 wins

No. 1690

>junkrat main
>mainly mystery heroes

anon, are you me?

No. 1691

Does any mid master player wanna duo with a support main( Any support but lucio) the only guy I can deal playing with is my boyfriend and he hates playing overwatch. Everyone else I know is annoying, and not fun to play with.

I hate joining voice chat all you get is guys acting stupid, and when you lose it’s yur fault and you’re boosted.

Seriously I’d rather get flamed for not being in voice.

No. 1692

It’s not that hard, just play qp lol

No. 1693

You're that Bischu stan who posts in /vg/ aren't you. good taste

No. 1694

It's obvious that they buffed him too way too much. I also don't care about OWL so this patch has me salty because it's obvious they did it for the sole purpose of pro players. I have barely seen anyone play GOATS outside of OWL.

I love Overwatch but the game is getting really boring and stale. I know they just released Ashe but it's seriously lacking diversity with hero picks. I also want them to stop making main tanks whose sole purpose is a shield it's boring.

No. 1695

I don't know how I feel about Overwatch nowadays. The creation of Brig was certainly the lowest point of the game.
I play many online games and OW is the only one that can make me rage because of its bullshit heroes.

No. 1696

you can freeze him, put him at sleep, push him and destroy him. He's only useful if there's your team to back him up.

No. 1697

>TF2 is better
true that. you also have more freedom in tf2 than you do overwatch.

No. 1698

File: 1547785741270.png (168.43 KB, 512x512, dae9373342cbfc3107240b38bd55bb…)

I still play, but really only play QP, capture the flag (when it's on the arcade), and go on custom servers to mess around.

I used to go on mic, but over time it gets tiring and stressful trying to talk to guys on mic. Boys are eh or miss, but make me uncomfortable as I want talk to someone my age. The only guy I can talk to is my friend's cousin.
I wish I can just find other girls to play with and talk to on mic instead of being obnoxious just to be obnoxious. It doesn't help that I'm painfully awkward too…

No. 1699

Goats is still being played in pro play.

Goats isn’t something that can be changed in one patch, it’s a slow progression but I think it’s a step in the right direction.

No. 1700

File: 1547972701353.jpg (284.63 KB, 1580x886, eevee.jpg)

Always nice to see a girl playing on LAN.
AUS Contenders playoffs.

No. 1701

Coconut head…..!?

No. 1702

anyone know how to climb?? im stuck in bronze because i always either get bad teams and when i finally win and join tc and practice i still stay in bronze to later get bumped back down again.

No. 1703

Whoever this coconut head girl is, it's really cool to see her there.

No. 1704

File: 1550188270661.jpg (178.97 KB, 1498x878, 1524960808258.jpg)

Anyone hyped for the Overwatch League?

No. 1705

Wahh wahhh muh team~
You're bad, so get good.
I've never seen a non-awful person with that rank. Ditto for silver.
Gold is pretty much your average player and anything below it is full retard. Plat is merely "decent player". Just think about how bad your stats and MMR are that you got placed so low. I do bring in stats bc they get weighted into your placements and skill rating, it's not even just about win and loss ratios.

And if you're playing a terribly passive character like Mercy you need to develop the game sense and mechanical skill to play something else.

No. 5649

>being anything lower than diamond
anyway, I love pro main tank players.

No. 114336

File: 1604734974091.jpg (67.51 KB, 500x500, tumblr_9af78327df984e9df5d9572…)

coming back to overwatch after a nearly 4-year hiatus (had to quit in college due to spotty campus internet connection - i ended up disconnecting from half my placements in freshman year and dropping from gold to bronze). this may be a long shot, but would anyone want to six-stack with me this season and crawl back to a respectable rank? sorry to res a dead thread to talk about a dead game lmao

No. 114340

I would totally group up with you if I weren't a degenerate consolefag, anon. Best of luck though.

No. 114397

don't support this dead game anon, move on.

No. 114410

Just got a 2 week ban because toxic man children can't handle getting shit thrown back at them. Otherwise would help.

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