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File: 1634373088182.png (942.19 KB, 832x588, imagen_2021-10-16_033133.png)

No. 164600

Post your husbando and then post what you think his smell is like. Or ask other anons what they think their smell is. Flavors are okay too.

No. 164601

File: 1634373182321.png (1.82 MB, 1710x900, imagen_2021-10-16_033250.png)

For me this particular link smells like vanilla with amber, with jazmin undertones.

No. 164602

File: 1634373275418.png (424.82 KB, 650x632, imagen_2021-10-16_033433.png)

Aoba for me smells like, sugary sweet. Like what blue powerade tastes like.

No. 164608

Why not just ask in the husbando thread?

No. 164616

File: 1634388907565.jpg (83.98 KB, 720x380, Kamui.Gakupo.full_.973911-720x…)

I'm glad you have the same kind of autism as me OP I'm always thinking about this topic. He smells like bad hairspray and mixed berries.

No. 164619

I like to think that Link smells a bit musky with wood undertones.

No. 164622

File: 1634391693211.jpg (67.62 KB, 567x1409, FB_IMG_1621493198317.jpg)

Warm black tea and leather

No. 164628

File: 1634396118434.jpg (29.9 KB, 480x269, 2988106-yakuza-kiwami-2_offici…)

He stinks and he's proud of it

No. 164640

File: 1634398319426.jpeg (102.87 KB, 908x1200, 4286E347-AC0D-4164-AC9C-3D9B92…)

Metal, incense, little sweaty

No. 164641

I feel like these guys would be a mix of incense, sweat, car oil and alcohol

No. 164647

iirc most East Asians, particularly Koreans and Chinese, don't have body odor. not sure about the Japanese though, but iirc they were less likely to have the stink-free gene than Chinese and Koreans. i'd like to think Majima gets real sweaty and stinky after a particularly challenging fight. his balls must smell like crazy in those leather pants!

No. 164650

File: 1634400446102.jpeg (58.3 KB, 885x498, 46C9E49A-EAB2-4FE6-A108-976D00…)

i’ve always thought about this, i’d like to think bakugou smells like pine trees and maybe cinnamon.

No. 164653

>husbando smell identification

I think you guys need to go outside and smell the grass honestly

No. 164656

File: 1634401450443.jpg (48.82 KB, 522x523, Heike-Monogatari-01-35.jpg)

You are just jealous my husbando smells like freshly cut grass

No. 164659

File: 1634402847029.jpeg (232.42 KB, 1600x1067, 03686678-11A9-4B09-B874-014068…)

>she doesn’t have indoor grass
Kek, nonnie, My husbandos love touching the grass with me when I’m bored.

No. 164662

File: 1634403270288.jpg (887.86 KB, 871x805, 20211016_115341.jpg)

Like leather and gunpowder. Mmm.

No. 164665

File: 1634403621161.png (201.81 KB, 260x351, 36458372638599328.png)

I have though about this before. He wears a masculine, but gentle cologne with some sweet undertones of roses that lingers on his skin. There are faint notes of liquor after he comes home from gambling. I want to burrow my face into his chest and take a big sniff.

No. 164666

i did. sweaty yakuza balls still smell better.

No. 164667

File: 1634404495949.jpeg (179.89 KB, 1000x1200, 236F88B8-FB36-4916-A942-E0D57B…)

Diluc smells like grape juice, leather and ashes.

No. 164671

File: 1634405438616.jpg (42.18 KB, 646x640, 7891863a1aaf9c1f85ccc8f97cdbdb…)

Incense and sumi ink

No. 164673

Anon he would smell like dick, walking definition of cockbreath.

No. 164682

File: 1634407062502.jpg (58.93 KB, 736x552, e6b5a537901c7feb017adda63d43db…)

Artificial strawberry flavoring, sake and beer.

No. 164683

File: 1634407285321.jpg (568.67 KB, 1280x1464, True_Art.jpg)

Majima would smell like cigarettes, alcohol/booze/liquor with sweat and musk from fighting. He's a stinky dog but when he's dressed up nicely, he showers and puts on cologne.

He makes me happy.

>his balls must smell like crazy in those leather pants!

No. 164684

this is the best fucking thread ever

No. 164685

Majima's musk mixed with cologne must smell divine mmm quality husbando nona

No. 164686

File: 1634408375440.png (661.48 KB, 600x888, Dw2rEbzU0AA1845.png)

Pine trees and metal.

No. 164705

File: 1634411405153.jpg (64.23 KB, 481x680, 11ba0f51c2a490874b6e8c9e885069…)

gunpowder, cooked meat and grass

No. 164709

File: 1634412284310.jpg (36.78 KB, 736x959, 3d1cdc85ac43092f0b472db8a52d30…)

Musk, pine wood, smoke, leather and a hint of vanilla.

No. 164710

File: 1634412443219.jpg (100.46 KB, 735x725, 4ca43c03ea7026ccaf66e9c3f6522e…)

Ambar, sea salt, green tea, cigarettes and sweet potato bread.

No. 164711

File: 1634412475055.jpeg (716.5 KB, 1457x828, A0F86A2E-F480-4815-AA70-3BF7A7…)

Anyone who would think for a second that Komaeda stinks is simply wrong and hasn't thought hard enough about it.
He would smell like vanilla, in fact, Komaeda would smell amazingly nice. But due to being seen as 'weird' and 'creepy' by the other characters, despite smelling beautiful and fresh, everyone would still want to stay away from him because that's just his luck that he would smell so divine with nobody to smell him.
His balls, however, would smell rather musky. Not a bad smell mind you, familiar almost.
His hair would smell slightly like cotton candy, and the scent would get more fragrant the less he washes.
Overall, with much thinking and research, I have deduced that Komaeda would certainly smell nice.
I think he smells better than your husbando.
That is all.

No. 164712

He smells like sweaty armpits and dried up old semen.

No. 164713

File: 1634412919352.jpeg (519.1 KB, 1157x619, 0BC03F28-86F4-4711-95ED-061513…)

You are an absolute imbecile who knows nothing about Komaeda's character, lore, the world around him and the game he's from.

No. 164714

Thanks for answering the question I had in my mind since I saw this thread. I agree with your assessment.

No. 164716

Wow chill
NTA but I think he smells like medicine and bamboo for some reason

No. 164717

File: 1634412990477.jpg (218.62 KB, 1024x1820, E4uMy0CVUAwbpFp.jpg)

Either like a sewer and corpses, or like the sea.

No. 164718

I know that he looks crusty and that is enough.

No. 164719

Is this copypasta or are you back, ko-chan?

No. 164721

File: 1634413558955.png (220.16 KB, 400x448, 66495848_p20.png)

Cheap body wash + shampoo and aftershave, blood and sweat/B.O when he comes home from doing work for 50 blessings

No. 164730

No one had called Komaeda stinky, but yes, we were all thinking it

No. 164731

who's this

No. 164732

Nta but Jacket from Hotline Miami I think

No. 164733

File: 1634414623108.jpeg (102.3 KB, 675x900, 25CE36A7-F0FA-4DB3-8B23-DC2DC3…)

I think Leona would smell like grass and lavender, a very pleasant and cozy scent.

No. 164742

File: 1634417119752.jpg (104.22 KB, 960x1129, 0GNFQtf.jpg)

Clinical smell, either an intoxicated clean clinic or a rotten one with a corpse. Regarless of which one it is, I am not complaining.

No. 164744

Consider this: he comes home all sweaty and rouged up, with a giant nosebleed. You can tell right away that Kiryu has beaten his ass for the fifth time this month. Now you have to wash him and patch him up again. But first, you need to take off his clothes. Whilst doing so you take time to contemplate every single scent that assaults your nostrils: his greasy hair, his liquor breath, stale cigarette smoke and, yes, the sweaty balls. You decide the shower can wait, it's time to fuck.

No. 164745

whos this

No. 164746

File: 1634417803357.jpg (51.45 KB, 452x600, Izanami.Hifumi.full.2424460.jp…)

Expensive perfume, roses, alcohol and fear

No. 164747

Izuru Kamukura from Danganronpa

No. 164749

Even though he's so rough and wannabe masculine, he does look like he'd be very clean and fluffy

No. 164750

Wouldn't he smell like something that explodes though?

No. 164751

File: 1634419240719.png (350.12 KB, 602x542, imagen_2021-10-16_161619.png)

Twilight Princess Link has a strong caramel smell, and a mix of wood scents (oak, cedar, and pine tree). His smell also has a clear undertone of clean cotton and milk.

No. 164752

File: 1634419595024.jpeg (56.84 KB, 640x640, 639E4374-79A5-4838-9440-18CDCF…)

Hell yeah, I was just thinking about how link could have some lingering smell of milk, that makes him extra adorable.

No. 164754

File: 1634420729039.jpeg (198.22 KB, 750x702, E08BF49A-9CE5-4BD8-A103-655923…)

He would smell kind of like, either sea water or pool water.
If he goes extra full retard with an anime/game/manga, he would smell rank, like weeks of dried cum i don’t know how it smells like, probably gross.
And he would sometimes smell of some trendy cologne that matches perfectly with his natural scent which was chosen by Asmodeus.
And his natural scent would be quite sweet, some people smell kind of sweet naturally instead of musky for some reason, he would be like that.
>tfw I will never cuddle with him in his bathtub/bed as I catch a whiff of his sweet scent.

No. 164755

original anon here, even if he smells like that, he’s still sexy to me.

No. 164758

Absolutely based

No. 164760

File: 1634421308964.jpg (11.07 KB, 552x465, Ehj_oV4XgAAC6lD.jpg)

No. 164761


No. 164767

File: 1634442236345.jpg (38.51 KB, 600x364, bioperfume.jpg)

They actually made a cologne of him and I'm upset because I want it so badly but you can't import perfume from Japan.

No. 164771

File: 1634446260732.jpg (54.03 KB, 600x800, fukyothread.JPG)

bubblegum and

No. 164785

File: 1634454754247.jpg (1.61 MB, 4032x3024, k80hay9k6bh01[1].jpg)

a bit off topic, i have the black version of this majima cologne and the smell is musky and citrus-y, so pretty close to your description. i'd say the citrus-y smell is due to the booze lol. if you'd like to smell Majima's cologne IRL, an excellent dupe is Breath of God by Lush.

No. 164794

Valuable info, thanks for sharing

No. 164797

File: 1634462547954.png (195.33 KB, 480x360, imagen_2021-10-17_042210.png)

bubblegum and

No. 164798

What's based, nona?
Omg amazing. I wonder what they smell like? I love Leon, wish I could sniff it. I imagine RE mcs smell rather bad after a long hard day shooting zombies and crawling in sewers though.

No. 164800


No. 164808

this makes me wonder what kinda responses we'd get in a waifu smell thread

No. 164813

I'm sure you can post your waifu too here.

No. 164815

No. 164820

File: 1634470692525.jpg (824.05 KB, 885x1273, 1607015016865.jpg)

He probably would smell like ice with a hint of vodka, citrus undertones and a bit of sweat from all the fighting.

No. 164821

Anon I don't wanna burst your bubble.. but Japanese Hosts smell like the cheapest perfume ever. Learned that the hard way, kek.

No. 164822

According to the descriptions, Leon's is citrus-y, Jill's has a fruity scent and the one for Chris is cloves and black pepper. Lol that's true though, they would reek after a day of hard work, especially covered in viscera and dirt.

No. 164826

File: 1634476043049.jpg (329.09 KB, 1920x1080, 7904061b50b92d51b7870b84b7f8b5…)

Cheap? No way! Hifumu is not only a top host with many fans and stalkers, but Matenrou are the Hypmic champions. He has some money to burn, you know he smells great. At least when he is working, it's possible that he sprays himself with obnoxious-smelling cologne when the suit is off.

But I'm intrigued now nona. Tell us about your host experience.

No. 164831

File: 1634482391445.jpg (58.32 KB, 400x400, tumblr_b68ba3841a5c099106e597e…)

Expensive perfume and expensive make-up

No. 164832

File: 1634482507189.png (153.28 KB, 363x533, Touka_Finale_HQ.png)


No. 164833

File: 1634482677855.jpg (53.15 KB, 719x719, 8145d7c26d030c276707cb684e8853…)

Other girls' perfumes

No. 164836

do you really like touka?

No. 164837

File: 1634484573189.png (379.23 KB, 608x561, integra.png)

The finest cigars. I can't really imagine her wearing perfume but I like to think she'd use a mint bodywash.

No. 164838

yesss she would smell so good!! i agree with you, and i think for important occasions she might also use a light masculine cologne.
great taste anon

No. 164839

I love my tsundere bunny

No. 164842

I agree, definitely mint and cigars.

No. 164854

File: 1634488767153.gif (1.15 MB, 480x269, 931371D5-7813-41EF-9373-7D5709…)

Adult mami smells like expensive perfumes, tea and caramel.

No. 164858

Damn she's stunning

No. 164859

File: 1634491403351.png (97.56 KB, 266x580, tumblr_n44leirHsN1sx5qk0o1_400…)

I think she would like perfume that smells sweet, like candy or maybe something fruity, I think her lipgloss would be sweet too

No. 164861

File: 1634492983885.jpg (143.52 KB, 1440x810, Kashima-kun.jpg)

I love her. I bet she uses perfume or cologne to impress her fangirls and senpai. Probably smells something cool and refreshing.

No. 164877

Who is this lady?
Thanks for the description, now I can think about citrus-y Leon.

No. 164880

Come on, you don't seriously believe this tumblr crap that a person can smell like candy or fruit or plants? And no I'm not just jealous that my husbando would smell like cigarettes and piss

No. 164881

Ever heard of perfume?

No. 164882

Perfume smells like fakeness I do not acknowledge it

No. 164886

Yuu Kashima from Nozaki-kun

No. 164888

You just haven’t sniffed enough people to understand, unlightened.

No. 164890

File: 1634506679788.png (972.54 KB, 1060x996, leagueoflegendsjhin.png)

Herbaceous, like chamomile. A hint of a warm scent like vanilla, cinnamon or cloves. His guns use magic so as much as I'd like to say gunpowder, probably not. He'd definitely have a bit of a general metallic scent though.
Has top notch hygiene but doesn't use his favored scents unless it's a performance day. He wouldn't want to bring any attention to himself in situations where he needs to act as one of the crowd.

No. 164891

File: 1634506840753.jpg (8.67 KB, 343x550, titansmell_04.jpg)

This reminded me that Levi actually has a fragrance. It's described as
>Levi’s scent begins with a whiff of fresh soap. The middle note consists of the flowers rose, lotus, and iris, also commonly used scents for air freshening products. The scent finishes with the calming aroma of cedar and musk, simultaneously masculine and sedate in nature.

No. 164989

File: 1634565676103.jpeg (89.64 KB, 226x385, D5E9B59D-5D12-4A5E-A3E4-90E4FE…)

like the toxic waste of dead teenagers hnnnggghhhh

No. 164999

no offense anon but i never understand ppl who want their men to smell like vanilla or think men want to smell like vanilla. that's girl scent.

No. 165003

Nta, but vanilla smells good

No. 165004

>smelling good is for girls
Some women like men who wash their ass.

No. 165006

>Girl scent
You can go talk about girl’s stuff vs boy’s stuff in you closed minded subreddit, you tool.
Guys won’t die if they use a bit of vanilla splash before going out.

No. 165010

i like my men to smell masculine. vanilla isn't really a "clean" scent to me. it makes me think of women putting bed bath and beyond candles in their house. but y'all love anime here so go off i guess

No. 165011

>complaining about anime on a Hungarian goat trading forum
We get it, you like men to smell like domestic violence and ass.

No. 165012

why are you so angry that your vanilla husbando smells like a girl

No. 165013

File: 1634578877004.jpg (36.18 KB, 798x644, EfXCE01UYAA8csO.jpg)

>Hungarian goat trading forum
>still pushing this meme and acting like there isn't several anime hate threads here
Let it go, anon

No. 165015

Do some women really believe that smelling nice is a "girly" thing? Like what actually is a masculine scent, sweat and axe deodorant?

No. 165016

>sperging about anime in a husbando thread
Go back.

No. 165043

Maybe stuff like gasoline, motor oil, cum and unwashed ass, that’s probably some pickme that got lost on her way to Reddit.
Seriously, it’s funny how tradthot-chan is mad because we want to think that our husbandos could have a nice scent other than basic bitch musk.

No. 165045

File: 1634585503722.png (332.46 KB, 462x893, lookatmymoobskudasai.png)

Sweat, sunshine and exotic bodyoil

No. 165046

Perhaps even with some…vanilla in it. Who knew vanilla was so daring?

No. 165051

are you a lesbian in denial?

No. 165061

File: 1634588588025.png (248.76 KB, 970x970, imagen_2021-10-18_152301.png)

Vanilla and other """girl scents""" like florals and citruces can be mixed with other stronger smells to create a masculine perfume. Here, here are some examples of vanilla perfumes for men:

No. 165062

Uh oh you're going to make the vanilla hater's mind explode.

No. 165066

but you're the only one being super butthurt and carrying on bc you're offended someone said a scent you like is "girly

No. 165068

Anon there are multiple people making fun of you now.

No. 165084

i would prefer a man that smells like a vanilla cookie, it would make him more appealing. Most perfumes advertised to men with typical "manly" scents smell like old moldy wood.

No. 165107

ayrt. I feel like you're imagining the overly sweet, fake smell you'd find in a cheap candle or something. I specifically said "a hint of" to imply it's just a light undertone.

>that's girl scent

sorry your grumpy ass can't open your mind (and nose) to the greatness some vanilla can add to a stronger scent kek. Living for all the nonnies here who can appreciate a bit of sweetness in their men.

No. 165126

This man stinks to the high heavens.
I didn't even know Jhin's face got revealed until this post, that's kind of lame tbh. I'm bad at imagining scents but your description sounds nice, I really love stuff that smells like baked goods.
>doesn't use his favored scents unless it's a performance day. He wouldn't want to bring any attention to himself in situations where he needs to act as one of the crowd.
I like the thought you put behind this

No. 165142

>kind of lame tbh
It was a mistake likely due to Riot's lack of communication with the artist, so it wasn't an intentional reveal by any means. They did show the partial face reveal in the physical version of the comic where he had his eyes covered. When the artist was given to go-ahead to post the finished version to their ArtStation in August, they posted this version. It was up for an hour before being taken down and replaced with the eyes censored. Imo he looks just as average as expected while still giving off a certain terrifying charm that I'd imagine helps him further his plots when blending in. Those dead eyes, the lowkey smirk… I love Jhin more than I can describe.

>I like the thought you put behind this

Tyvm nonnie, you're a doll. This lunatic lives rent free in my head all day every day and I couldn't be happier.

No. 165274

File: 1634653647886.jpg (74.96 KB, 800x742, f0fcb10810abb451c4ce600e1943d4…)

Currently he'd probably smell like leather, corpses and smoke. I like to think he used to smell like all that, minus the corpse part, and probably some type of cologne.

No. 165317

Tell me a husbando that smells like shit

No. 165319

No. 165579

File: 1634757016430.gif (1.95 MB, 300x390, 7409D774-2FC7-415E-B6E7-B4F213…)

The most nauseating brand of hairspray you can think of x10, but underneath that the aroma of fruity body wash and a hint of coffee.

No. 165585

This is so damn accurate, I can really smell it. Takes me back to my teenage VK years

No. 166838

File: 1635221295026.jpeg (216.86 KB, 480x519, 65BE3E63-80F3-4BBD-9398-9C20AB…)

Clean laundry and slight sweat. He would probably also smell like Axe.

No. 166868

File: 1635236062781.png (1.37 MB, 1365x1092, ;oj.png)

Weed and a strong sandalwood/musk cologne… Breath smells like liquor too

No. 167183

File: 1635297545934.jpg (69.95 KB, 400x400, 432753.jpg)

i always imagined he smells really sweet like strawberry candy after a bath but as the day went on he'd start getting sweaty. not to mention his undershirt is tight fitting so all the sweat would marinate and be even stronger after he took it off. I don't have a armpit fetish but thatd probably be the worst smelling area.

Also he would use nice conditioner, possibly also strawberry scented.

No. 167248

I'm obsessed with this husbando anon thank you so much for posting him

No. 167330

File: 1635359884927.png (4.88 MB, 1409x2000, 210916_shadow (1).png)

He smells like lavender canonically, I bought some lavender shampoo, candles and room spray to remind me of him. But before this was revealed I had always thought he'd smell something like cinnamon vanilla, or gun powder, or just kind of musky. I'd like to bury my face and nose into his chest fur when he's finally dry after showering, or when he comes home from a long day of work.

No. 167393

Never change, shadow nonnie

No. 167403

>canonically smells like lavender
Damn, nonnie, you’re one lucky gal.

No. 167424

File: 1635388358773.jpg (125.15 KB, 680x805, 62576678_p29.jpg)

His hair smells like 3-in-1 conditioner, his body in general smells like sweat but his scent isn't unbearably strong. I also think he would smell a bit like dirt.

No. 167429

Reading this thread is sending my sides into orbit never change anons

No. 167432

File: 1635390126221.jpg (123.87 KB, 934x1200, EfXPyTFXYAA1s-j.jpg)

he smells like toasted bread
got a feeling he has burnt his pubes

No. 167435

File: 1635392882641.jpg (27.87 KB, 768x432, Kira-Yamato-quotes-768x432.jpg)

cinnamon and sweat from being in his stinky robot all day, kek

No. 167483

File: 1635420796003.jpg (203.49 KB, 2048x1261, 20210905_101546.jpg)

He'd probably smell like cheap whisky, gunpowder and viscera. Maybe even pizza grease

No. 167494

File: 1635427737290.jpg (108.43 KB, 768x980, DZNnlXWW4AENn_K.jpg)

My beautiful fucking daddy who obviously smells like gunpowder and alcohol

No. 167497


No. 167498

He looks hot in dmc3, but I always wondered just how badly his leatherjacket must smell since he wears it demonhunting with nothing underneath.

No. 167601

who is this?

No. 167610

Sebastian Castellanos from The evil within, an horror videogame

No. 167641

File: 1635493685032.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, Sleeping_bag.png)

I bet he smells musky too with a hint of coffee. Aizawa looks like the kind of guy that showers every other day unless he's dirty and filthy from fighting/training. Plus he has to balance work as a pro hero and a teacher so he gets less time to sleep and shower. Definitely has a strong musky smell down there too since he always looked unkept. Just imagine crawling into his sleping bag and inhale his scent.

No. 167661

Kek this guy looks so done with life.

No. 167697

You just awakened something in me, Nonnie

No. 167774

My nightly Aizawa fantasies don't usually involve smell, but when they do it's always like you described it. I'm sure he has a strong scent down there too.

No. 168029

File: 1635717870731.gif (777.33 KB, 500x281, bb808c79fd5eeb39f15b3e4d7b6f60…)

What does a literal angel smell like…

No. 168052

He probably smells like whatever you want him to smell, you could be thinking
>damn, I wish Kaworu had a vanilla scent
And when you least expect it, he will smell like fresh and pure vanilla extract, not the cheap kind, but the real kind that just got manufactured with all of the love of a person who feels alive and happy when they’re finishing the whole process of extracting the vanilla scent out of the most perfect batch that was harvested out of the best vanilla plant in the whole ass world.
Kaworu, a literal Angel, has a great scent.

No. 168071

Thanks anon. I love him so much

No. 168077

File: 1635750030046.jpg (61.33 KB, 1500x1500, 81ciFYVrsUL._SL1500_.jpg)

in shinji's case, it was picrel

No. 168083

File: 1635754252809.gif (14.93 KB, 150x150, unnamed.gif)

>What does a literal angel smell like…

No. 168084

Fairydust, sprinkles, and chocolate chips

Cutie alert. I want it as a pet lol

No. 168153

File: 1635801042656.jpg (72.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I want to smell like however she would smell tbh

No. 168154

File: 1635801432195.jpg (63.73 KB, 851x627, 9b039aa878c559f540bdaf122486fb…)

broh this is a level beyond autistic

No. 168490

File: 1636024441702.jpg (41.02 KB, 736x473, 8ca9d96e96a286aa6abacba4c23201…)

A sugary synthetic melon flavoured candy type of scent. Like what melon bubblegum tastes like. There's a slightly bitter undertone, but it's definitely a sickeningly sweet artificial smell. There's a hint of hospital, but it's overpowered by the bubblegummy melon. It's kind of pleasant if you're standing one meter away, but the closer your nose gets to his neck and chest, the more it's all reminiscent of those box hair dye fumes in your bathroom. When you peek into his boxers, the sophisticated waft of gingerbread-like ball sweat attacks your nostrils. It's not as putrid as it could be, but it's still more natural than the rest of him.

No. 168493

File: 1636027528321.png (337.09 KB, 680x493, wdytwa.png)

where do you think we are?

No. 168684

File: 1636098573310.jpg (175.92 KB, 756x838, general_grievous_5__colored__b…)

Tell me ladies does he smell like rust or sweat and blood? I bet its sweet afterward combo of anger and dispar

No. 168704

File: 1636100477970.gif (947.03 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mt1705yuli1s0tnf9o1_r2_…)

I don't have a real boyfriend.

No. 168715

Fortunately blood and iron smell the same. So both

No. 169192

File: 1636393768137.jpeg (360.83 KB, 1242x1908, D89FFB01-1F6A-4630-869E-3A18BD…)

Hell yeah, now I know the smell of two of my husbandos.

No. 169193

File: 1636393800431.jpeg (353.26 KB, 1242x1784, 6895C58D-1591-4B94-99B8-C8BF3C…)


No. 169195

Is this Amami or Midori I can’t tell

No. 169213

File: 1636410284366.jpg (137.1 KB, 1027x1200, 22bf19391d08c45fa6cb8f52189a34…)


No. 169214

File: 1636410530573.jpg (133.45 KB, 1080x1829, 0960d1f35d8d92c94748a07a7fbee2…)

Mmmm…any guesses?

No. 169215

File: 1636410776750.jpeg (44.23 KB, 480x480, 62CAFDB9-B16E-4D7D-B15C-07AEA2…)

I don’t know why, but this.

No. 169217

hot, i approve it

No. 169218

File: 1636411661915.png (686.87 KB, 1280x1642, 79c.png)

Really fresh scent with a hint of f i s h

No. 169237

File: 1636418472091.jpg (21.82 KB, 512x288, 08c6e66d807c39a749db4e90a605cb…)

Canonically qunari sweat is not as horrible as human sweat, so I'd imagine a spicy musky kind of sweat, and ale.

No. 169239

File: 1636420012394.gif (7.67 MB, 540x400, Tumblr_l_37240117596938.gif)

Probably smells like those cheap cinnamon candles that make the room smell like it's burning when you leave them out for too long

No. 169242

Shin pls

No. 169248

You mean fish with a hint of fresh?

No. 170816

File: 1637505813164.jpg (152.41 KB, 1000x1000, IMG-20211121-WA0023.jpg)

This is how sonic officially smells like

No. 170818

File: 1637505845433.jpg (144.48 KB, 1080x787, IMG-20211121-WA0024.jpg)

I actually like this…

No. 171035

File: 1637627159562.png (134.91 KB, 192x499, q8h1q9ut4uc71.png)

He smells surprisingly neutral, like a fragrance-free shampoo or an extremely unnoticeable laundry detergent. Imagine the taste of unseasoned freshly boiled rice, but as a smell. When he's exerted, he gets a little bit muskier though and his ricy aura deepens into that of the yesterday's cooked rice accidentally left out overnight. Shin's scent is friendly, delicate and inoffensive, but unforgettable to the ones who know how to properly appreciate it. He once tried wearing a cologne but all it did was make him smell like a new car.

No. 171050

Wondering what his cum tastes like

No. 171439

File: 1637870781427.png (27.82 KB, 900x950, 8DF01111-063E-4970-B1A6-2E6F02…)

I like to think he smells like some type of cheap body spray. Something Smokey Like somthing you’d find at Dollar General. Also cigarettes.

No. 171477

File: 1637884158269.gif (2.55 MB, 640x496, pumpkin-rabbit-the-walten-file…)

Pumpkin with a very sugary smell

No. 171480

wtf is this tumblr shit

No. 171486

I know it looks very tumblr sorry about that, i just like this character because i like pumpkins and rabbits, I'm not really fan of the artstyle

No. 171502

and cheap beer

No. 171535

based non-human enjoyer.

No. 171631

File: 1637984715604.jpeg (80.79 KB, 1000x1000, Eau0hNCWoAANzBK.jpeg)

You know it smell crazy in there

No. 171679

Oh hella. And probably something brimming with msg like 7/11 ramen or somthing lol. It all sounds terrible, and he IS terrible … … but, he’s cute right? Lmfao.

No. 171690

Oh girl I want to sniff his armpits

No. 171811

He has no time to clean his dick so I bet it smells very strong (yum)

No. 171853

File: 1638124343268.png (1.46 MB, 820x1014, Together_Forever__Unlocked.png)

I've been thinking about this for a while now. He probably smells mostly of whatever he's been eating, but generally warm and like fried food. And like tangerines after a bath because I imagine him to have 5-in-1 bodywash with fruity scents. I wish there was more fanart of him, why is everyone so obsessed with literally every other character other than him and Asmodeus:(

No. 171855

File: 1638125071783.jpg (84.96 KB, 800x565, FFDLJw8WUAclxsU.jpg)

What do you think she would smell like? Lime?

No. 171857

gum and nail polish for me

No. 171861

Good taste anon, I stopped playing this game but I still have such a soft spot for him. He definitely smells like fried food, I'm going to say funnel cake.

No. 171865

has no one in this thread ever had a boyfriend

No. 171868

Pfft boyfriend? Husbando is the superior option.

No. 171870

>muh boyfriend
What’s with these faggots shilling real men? They’re shit, go back to /g/ to complain about your boyfriend not wiping his ass and not cleaning up after himself.

No. 171871

>>171865 nta but do you know where you are nonnie?

No. 171872

Ironic how it was posted just after i posted my lesbian girlfriendo Jolyne too.

No. 171880

Idk probably like a Walmart shopping cart or clothes from a thrift store

No. 171881

File: 1638134852227.jpeg (72.95 KB, 750x920, C325E006-1E43-4030-AAC9-30A02D…)

MMM. Imagine the smell…

No. 171921

very strong citrus but specifically artificial citrus, also sour apples. maybe a hint of something metallic

No. 172018

File: 1638226421550.jpg (44.97 KB, 735x510, bec80b7598f9521429e9c8cb76cc4d…)

No. 172228

That definitely sounds right, also with a strong tone of sexy sweaty Jojo pheromones.

No. 173061

File: 1638880749505.jpg (45.16 KB, 1024x576, Reigen.jpg)

Cheap cologne. Maybe aroma oils from his massage and salt too but I don't think they have much of a smell.

No. 173108

File: 1638906498470.gif (1.51 MB, 640x562, smell_kiss.gif)

MMM yes

No. 173161

File: 1638946291841.jpg (5.46 MB, 3832x5550, img_Z14133236_0010.jpg)


i use this website (choose "by fragerance family") to mock up perfumes that i think characters would smell like/use. it suggests top-middle-base note ratios, what scent goes with/compliments what, etc

picrel rohan would have a top notes of blackberry and french lavender, middle notes of jasmine and orchid, and base notes of amber and vanilla bean

No. 177871

File: 1641591889606.gif (1.83 MB, 178x274, 5bYi6eJ.gif)

He probably smells sweaty and musky too after getting in action and has an unhealthy diet of eating junk food like burgers and ramen. Definitely covers them up with cheap cologne. I don't mind it at all.

No. 177879

File: 1641593457866.jpg (66.16 KB, 540x960, 1c4b4cc7b4d53907d7bad93852376c…)

i think he'd smell like pussy when im done with him

i think he'd smell like gore and blood from all the fighting but with a good wash he'd smell like sandalwood and mint. mayhaps a little hint of manly musk and hair gel

No. 177880

t. Nero's mom

No. 177894

Legit hypnotized by how the burger just vanishes in this scene - I think Reigen would also smells lemony just from his fav drink

No. 177898

No. 177902

File: 1641606260507.jpg (1.17 MB, 1612x2048, Arataki.Itto.full.3488094.jpg)

100% he smells like six started far placing saw respect females old. civilly why how end viewing attempt related enquire visitor. man particular insensible celebrated conviction stimulated principles day. sure fail or in said west. right my front it wound cause fully am sorry if. she jointure goodness interest debating did outweigh. is time from them full my gone in went. of no introduced am literature excellence mr stimulated contrasted increasing. age sold some full like rich new. amounted repeated as believed in confined juvenile.

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No. 177910

i can get with this

No. 177912

I believe this is the code behind any neural blender pic

No. 177913

File: 1641610873559.png (Spoiler Image,112.26 KB, 212x232, Wx6tyCr.png)

any nona who had intimate relationships with japanese salarymen pushing 30, please report, i need to know so bad.
He prolly smells a little bad but it's ok a true wife accepts her husband as is, you could scrub him good

No. 177914

By default I believe that every husbando who comes from a modern setting story smells like cheap cologne. I don't even know the difference between cheap and expensive cologne but yeah.
I'm not very creative when it comes to these things. Maybe because I'm an asocial NEET so I don't have a lot of experience with people's smells.

No. 177917

File: 1641612514588.jpg (60.27 KB, 417x636, 698cbf3a84712beab471e105cf61f0…)

He does bathe a lot so it's harder to pinpoint, but I'd say, on avarage, he'd smell like dried up blood, general wild animal smell including it's grease (?), grassy greens, gunpowder and musk.

No. 177918

my aunt back in the early 2000's dated one and she'd often complain how stinky the dude was, especially a day after a drinking party

No. 177921

File: 1641613285934.png (111.35 KB, 413x515, boneman.png)

Everybody says he'd smell like ketchup, but I feel like he himself doesn't really smell like anything, unless bones have a scent. I guess his clothes would smell kind of stale, or maybe have a bit of a ketchup scent to them if he spilled some on his clothes.

No. 177922

File: 1641613342722.png (31.38 KB, 1016x345, whatthatmeans.png)

thank you for your insight, nona, i'm throwing up and crying rn, i can't believe my husbando would smell bad. jk that's kinda hot… sewer rat supremacy

No. 178418

File: 1641766536396.jpg (110.81 KB, 500x667, Travis Yusuke Kozaki.jpg)

I'm a little sad he said himself that he doesn't wear any cologne in TSA but I'm sure his natural musk would smell really good to me.

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