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No. 16627

Does anyone else watch this show?

I just started watching this on Hulu. I think it's season 2.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry while watching this show.

How do you farmers feel about it? Do you watch it? Do you feel pity for the people featured? Does it inspire you to make any changes to your life?

and why am I wasting my time on the TV?

No. 16628

I like to watch these kind of shows so I can stop myself from being like this. It's like a warning, a reminder

No. 16629

This show is like a guilty pleasure of mine. I like shows about obesity that actually show how bad it is and the people actually work to fix it, not glorify it.

No. 16630

This fatties are always crying and the first few times is hilarious but then it gets repetitive and annoying

No. 16631

That's what I like about the show too. Then when the fatties aren't doing their exercises and diet plan they get scolded by that little doctor. I watch it to see them get better and the positive changes they make but every once in a while you get one that's pretty rage inducing. They go through that major surgery just to fuck it all up over again. One that's particularly maddening is the episode with Donald Shelton. The dumbass goes and does hard drugs after the surgery and puts himself in a coma.

No. 16632

I didn't know they had a second season, I remember watching the first while ago and thought it was pretty good, but annoying at times. Like the one woman who apparently really wanted the surgery but pretty much refused to diet to get it. It didn't help her family continued to eat crappy food in front of her, but still. You have to prove you can stick to a diet because the one post surgery is worse and your too fat to operate on!

No. 16633

> don't know whether to laugh or cry
only cry if you are 600lbs

No. 16634

This shit is my Sunday morning TV watching. There's fuck all else on and sometimes they actually lose a fuck ton of weight, look completely different and turn some serious issues around, which gives you hope.

And then sometimes there are utter losers who start out ok, then fuck it all up and end up divorced, living out of their cars and losing about 3lb net, which makes you feel better about your own shitty life. Either way it's fun.

No. 16635

The worst episode was Penny's. It's on youtube. She lost barely any weight and kept making up so many excuses while she continued to eat mountains of junk.

She even said at the end even though she hadn't lost anything and was bedridden that she knew her son was proud of her for trying.

Crazy bitch

No. 16636

Her son has to be proud of the fact that he's now ridden with the permanent job of taking care of her ass until she dies because of fat. I'm sure he's got no resentment over that.

It's nice when they realize that not only have they fucked up their life, but also their friends and families, especially their kids who don't really get typical childhoods or teenage years. And then you have the really selfish ones who don't fucking care and cry into their fast food about how horrible their life is.

No. 16637

Someone needs to man up and do some decent rips of this show. I am sick of having to find shit quality eps on youtube.

No. 16638


You can find them on vodlocker. There's even a search engine for vodlocker, it's pretty easy to find.

No. 16639


This is when people should realize that once a person crosses the 300 lb line, they have serious mental issues and should be in a locked ward where their food intake is seriously monitored and their mental issues that cause them to overeat are treated.

No. 16640

I really love the doctor. you can see he's not american and doesn't have this over-the-top motivating polite & happy attitude. people on youtube complain about it.

No. 16641

Did you see the revisit episode? They went back for a season to see how people were doing, and she was forcing her husband to do couponing and lying to a therapist.

Her niece also did an impromptu AMA on r/fatlogic but her responses were deleted off Reddit for some reason. It's even more depressing, but at least the son seems to have some better role models.

http://neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=149298365&postcount=34 quoted everything.

No. 16642

I'm not a barbarian. Where are the torrents for seasons one to three?

I searched for the search engine but I couldn't find it. Just loads of fake streaming nonsense.

No. 16643

The most recent episode with Brittani was good.

She made great progress but her husband was at least 300lbs. And they said that they got married because he 'likes big women'

Won't he eventually just sabotage her or stop her getting too small then.

No. 16644

File: 1453120056857.png (153.12 KB, 764x483, sfdfsfs.png)

That's usually the problem with feeders. Not always, but usually. They got with these women not because of their personalities, or because they share similar goals, or dreams, but because these women have an (overeating) eating disorder. Just like a dude with an anorexic fetish marrying an anorexic won't be good for her recovery, same applies here, unless the dude can make some very mature and tough choices, changes and sacrifices in terms of the way he acts.

And long term changes of ingrained habits are never easy, especially with something as hardwired as a fetish.

No. 16645


I'm watching the Donald episode right now. Here's the link.

It is infuriating. First he does hard drugs and lands in a coma and can't walk. He loses weight but his mom thinks he's too skinny at 200 lbs so she feeds him more. He fucks up his physical therapy because he gains 200 pounds and breaks his electric chair. Why?

No. 16646


why do i see more obese women with sex partners than ana women?

No. 16647


s-she actually looks cute and wears that well…
i bet theres a lot of guys that would want to fuck her though smh

No. 16648

She is using the classic Myspace angle to crop out most of her fat.

No. 16649

I thought the myspace angle was camera above face

No. 16650


I saw her other pictures and shes still cute. For one she doesnt have a disgustya manface with a strong nose and big browridge. Shame she wants to gain all that fat though

No. 16651

File: 1453172556207.jpg (73.75 KB, 640x379, image.jpg)

What I meant was focusing on face and tits, and cropping out the rest. Girls on Myspace did this a lot.


To each their own, I guess? She would look better if she lost the double chin and left her eyebrows alone, imo.

No. 16652

>do you farmers feel about it?
I think it's eye opening and very sad

>Do you watch it?

Ocassionally on youtube.

>Do you feel pity for the people featured?

Yes, obesity is caused by a mental illness so of course!

>Does it inspire you to make any changes to your life?

I pretend it does.

No. 16653

I'm watching the one with Brittani. She's never been out on a car ride longer than three hours until she appeared on the show.

No. 16654

File: 1550949727562.png (1 MB, 1136x640, 5787A6FD-ABFE-40B8-A33D-F9C7F7…)

Hey y’all —soo does anyone else find Schenee Murry from my 600lb life to be a super disgusting liar who milks the system because she’s too lazy and fat to work? Does anyone else think she DESERVES donations from gofundme/other resources to pay for gastric bypass surgery because she blew her chance at getting it done for free? Does anyone else think it’s possible to gain 100+ pounds in water weight?…Schenee sure does! She’s a liar and I’m sick of her stupid YouTube bullshit channel—anyone else feel me? This is a picture of this whale…and yes that’s a leg!…or it used to be.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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