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No. 166666

Starbyface is a site that will detect your face and tell you which celebrity you look like, it gives a you a list and percentages of how much you look like them.

I love putting random characters, or even people I know in this site.

>who do you always get?

>are the people you get different from whom you’ve been compared to irl?
Some characters or random pics you liked to find the similarities in

No. 166668

I always get Sarah Silverman, Cristin Millioti, Alyson Hanniga and Kylie Bunbury and for the men I look like I always get Chance Perdomo, Orlando Jones, Dev Patel and Orlando Bloom.

>is it different than who you’ve been compared to irl?

Yes, I’ve been compared to Winona Ryder and Emmy Rossum but they usually never pop up.
I like to put random memes I have of my phone in the site and see what it detects

No. 166685

Post more examples OP

No. 166687

We already have a celeb lookalikes thread, this sounds like a shill

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