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File: 1636223155776.jpg (86.89 KB, 1186x900, 1631119186593.jpg)

No. 168896

All things related to SEGA's Yakuza series and its spin-off Judgment because why not
>story and character discussion
>gameplay tips
>favorite substories?
>favorite minigames?
>favorite location?
>favorite songs?
>best boy?

yes I did copy-paste this from CC, let's just hope this one is more active

No. 168903

File: 1636225379867.jpg (202.76 KB, 1400x933, majima my beloved.jpg)

I fuckin' love this guy. I want to marry him and be his Makoto.

No. 168908

same nonnie. also what are your guys thoughts on the 5th game? i feel betrayed by majima being a woman beater even though i know 0 came out after this game. its honestly too beta for him. they should've rewrote the remaster tbh

No. 168909

File: 1636226891868.png (889.49 KB, 900x688, imagen_2021-11-06_132811.png)

Can Super Monkey Ball gals hang out in here too? we come from the same creator anyways

No. 168911

File: 1636227144705.png (766.22 KB, 1280x720, imagen_2021-11-06_133208.png)

speaking of, please get the new Banana Mania. It not only has a yakuza character but it is also super fun!!

No. 168919

File: 1636228734527.jpg (337.11 KB, 1920x1080, Goda.jpg)

his kansai accent had me saddled with unnecessary feelings..
also fuck majima's lying ass

No. 168920

File: 1636228809972.jpeg (79.14 KB, 539x542, 6D1873EC-CE41-4E2C-A01C-865269…)

Yay great thread idea OP. Who’s your favorite character nonnies?

No. 168927

Zero is the only unironically good game, and it wasn't even my first (I started from 4)

No. 169015

What do you have against the others?

No. 169023

File: 1636296200899.jpg (20.42 KB, 440x220, 032_B.jpg)

My favourite character is PS2 Kiryu. He just hits different. I waited so long to get my hands on Yakuza 3 and I vividly remember being mesmerised by how ugly they had made him, poor guy.
Yes, I am an oldfag.

No. 169038

The story is more retarded than in 0, worse pacing etc.

No. 169040

File: 1636303469373.jpg (112.82 KB, 1280x720, h09twslhby971.jpg)

bumping for what seems to be cp

No. 169071

File: 1636317380177.jpg (170.08 KB, 1491x741, Untitled.jpg)

What character are you, anons? https://uquiz.com/quiz/dfMByN?p=431026
I didn't expect to get Kiryu but I think it's a good fit for me; big muscles, small brain and I just wanna help people.

No. 169072


you are saejima taiga. you're rough and a little cynical, and you can be pretty blunt, but you're full of love for your friends, family, and the world. you've been through a lot, and its hardened you, but you still believe in things, and people. you're probably chronically tired and will do anything with your hair. you love cats.

No. 169074

yakuza games are very bad and stupid. but they are also very entertaining and the men are very sexy. god bless x

No. 169077

>you are majima goro! how did you get here, you little bastard? you are completely feral and absolutely rancid. you would attack a man in the street for fun and you're probably an insomniac. you are sensitive, under all that, and take great care not to let anyone know you actually crave companionship and love. you are probably depressed and think you're compartmentalizing pretty well, but anyone who gets close to you can see right through it.

No. 169078

File: 1636321452053.jpg (109.72 KB, 704x591, tumblr_acdf147a20e7388eee944a0…)

major batou vibes

No. 169101

File: 1636338835570.jpg (187.7 KB, 1200x900, 92313_1588064438.jpg)

>you're dojima daigo! you're a little bit feral and a little bit baby. everyone underestimates you, until they want you to do something–then everyone comes running. when put to the test, you're a good leader, though you wish you weren't. you probably love your mom more than anything. you have daddy issues
Weirdly accurate

No. 169121

File: 1636349406334.png (659.97 KB, 1196x817, Screenshot 2021-11-08 072935.p…)


No. 169135

File: 1636354150408.jpg (212.23 KB, 1200x900, DZeM05gX4AAbkkD.jpg)

>akiyama! you are akiyama shun! you're tired all the time, and wish you could be napping right now. you might be a little lazy, and procrastinate a lot, but you usually get shit done before the deadline–and you do it well. you're generous with your money and belongings, and wont hesitate to help someone out. you probably know what its like to be on the other side of things. you have a great singing voice.

Yes, I'm a lazy fuck and procrastinate a lot but I do get shit done most of the time. Also kind and like to help others. Definitely accurate.

No. 169175

File: 1636385047441.jpg (96.42 KB, 703x800, kiryu sawamura.jpg)

>you are sawamura haruka! you are cute and sweet, but you've been through a lot. you try not to let it weigh on you. you are independent and always worried about other people, and always trying to take care of them. you get stuck with clean up duty a lot. surprisingly, you probably have a good dad, or at least someone you can rely on.

No. 169182

File: 1636388697264.jpg (89.4 KB, 849x1200, Yakuza-Ishin---6.jpg)

still waiting on that ishin localization

No. 169200

God, I'm so desperate for Ishin. I'm honeymooning in Japan soon and very tempted to pick up a PS3 and a copy of Ishin while I'm there and just find a fan translation online.

No. 169205

File: 1636406178612.png (4.09 MB, 2560x1440, 4-1606777590-1930555750.png)

did you guys enjoy playing 7?

i picked up the gameplay pretty quickly because i already play dq. i like cute/dumb types like ichiban, but most of the party members sucked (except the pretty ones i guess). i hope we get different ones in the next game

No. 169206

I've yet to try it because the only turn based game I've played is Pokemon kek. I love the combat of the Yakuza games so I'm really reluctant to try Yakuza 7. Plus I kinda feel like 6 should've ended the series as I think it should go out on a high while it's still great. How's the story? I think inevitably I will cave and buy it but man, I am gonna fucking suck at it kek.

No. 169223

I actually enjoyed it a lot, played it with my boyfriend and it was his favorite in the series—I was surprised since I’m the one who goes for turn based combat (we’ve played 0 and kiwami 1/2 together for reference). Ichiban is a sweetie. though it felt like an AU i kinda feel that was the tone being set.

No. 169265

if the united nations passed a global law that all male nipples ever must be censored and that obviously included the male nipples in the yakuza games and all the games would have to be patched to remove the male nipples would you still play the games with the male nipples censored

No. 169289

Yes, all I care about is muscles. Male nipples gross me out a little bit.

No. 169298

7 is amazing! Was not expecting to like Kasuga. Also I’ll never look at coin lockers the same ever again…..

No. 169300


Has anyone played Judgement and the sequel? Thoughts?

any Kaito fans

No. 169605

Why are the characters in these games so tall considering that the average real life Japanese male is about 5'3?

No. 169608

i played the first one and kimura takuya is amazing in there. i felt like the combat system and mission format were upgrades from the other games. felt kinda crappy to go from there to 7 ngl. i read that the latest judgment wasn't made under nagoshi so i wonder how much its changed

No. 169609

File: 1636704632270.jpeg (Spoiler Image,143.58 KB, 1921x1080, E285cpOXIAcWYaq.jpeg)

I would still play it since the guys have their shirts on most of the time. It'll be less distracting like the anime Free! but having male nipples adds the realism and sexy appeal to it though I'd be questioning, "where are his nipples??" whenever they rip their shirts off.

No. 169650

The average Japanese man is like 5’7, and they usually make them taller because that’s more attractive

No. 169660

Doubt it, I'm 5'8 and when I was in Japan I towered over pretty much everyone, female or male. Maybe foreign citizens and biracials are skewing the statistic?

No. 170020

File: 1636975427338.jpg (162.27 KB, 1200x675, EQtu9LsU8AIdUz_[1].jpg)

AiAi and MeeMee are the best couple, they need more lovey dovey screen time.
Also, Binary Domain chads join in because they have the same creator as well kek
In all seriousness, the best man in this series is Majima and his love for Makoto is so fucking strong and the fact they can never be together. Whatever this Romeo and Juliet shit is, they did it so well and I hate it.

No. 170024

kek do you really think the 2% of foreigners in Japan are skewing the statistics in any way? Especially because most of them are Asian as well.
The average Japanese male is 172cm, around 3cm shorter than the average American man. Which, shiiit, American men are tiny.

No. 170128

Yeah, I love Majima but I feel bad perving on him because of Makoto. Even though their relationship was a little cliche-y, it was so goddamn cute and tragic at the same time. Definitely one of the highlights of the series.

No. 170137

>inb4 muh Majima is gay!!!

No. 170802

Thanks for validating my monkeh obsession

No. 171893

File: 1638138496427.jpg (267.91 KB, 1157x1080, Tumblr_l_1793780561405609.jpg)

I love how tiny Majima's waist is

No. 180393

No. 180447

File: 1642727415985.jpg (94.29 KB, 564x797, 40ff7c248df5dff93d8fc3ad7e1d2c…)

Is there any fan ports of the old games to the PC? It can be in japanese.
I'll download a ps2 emulator as a late resort, but I think my laptop may not be able to handle it lol

No. 180452

>the best man in this series is Majima and his love for Makoto is so fucking strong and the fact they can never be together. Whatever this Romeo and Juliet shit is, they did it so well and I hate it.

>Yeah, I love Majima but I feel bad perving on him because of Makoto.
Also this, kek

Wtf I didn't know there was a Judgement sequel.

No. 180456

yeah, it's called Lost Judgment, was released September 2021. sadly not for PC, much like its predecessor.

No. 180504

File: 1642749185704.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, R.fd846f4fc053d0905cc9a6361688…)

No. 180544

NTA but what's even the point in being a Yakuza hetfag, literally all the women in those games are cardboard cutouts with no personality.

No. 180555

fujobaiters never fail to amaze me

No. 181098

anyway Majima is obviously bisexual and all ship wars are fucktarded

No. 181159

File: 1642968497313.jpg (182.81 KB, 1280x720, EQMrUZJXsAAoWrw.jpg)

I don't even care about the shittily written characters anymore but eh…

No. 181170

I don't even go here but I've seen this guy so often posted on husbando threads, what the fuck. Yet when some other anon claimed these games were scrote garbage she was dunked on. Some women will really fangirl over the most misogynist shit just because it has "hot" men in it, see also Metal Gear.

No. 184828

>female Yakuza fan
>yumejo or hetshipper
agreed, the only thing that makes scrote shit like Yakuza or Metal Gear Solid palatable is the fujo potential.

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