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File: 1637342204283.jpg (915.09 KB, 2400x3900, pic_kv_top.jpg)

No. 170549

Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞) is a franchise based on a free online web browser game by DMM. It's a bishie collector game where players assume the role of a Saniwa sage (審神者) who travels into the past to defeat evil forces that are trying to change the course of history. As a sage, you have the ability to bring famous historical swords to life as touken danshi, aka hot sword guys.
Your duty is to bring these blades to life, create an army, and defeat the enemies!

Unoffical wiki: https://touken-ranbu.fandom.com/wiki/Touken_Ranbu_Wiki
Play online (JP): https://www.dmm.com/netgame/feature/tohken.html
English server: https://www.johren.net/games/tohken-en/play/
Nintendo Switch game coming 2022: https://www.koeitecmoamerica.com/touken-warriors/

No. 170550

File: 1637342342112.png (456.88 KB, 600x640, CQ4lNEZVEAEy0w4.png)

Sperg here about the games, the animes, the stages/musicals and your swords! Go nuts!

No. 170553

I'll post the character gameplay videos from the upcoming Warriors game that have been released so far.
Mikazuki aka old man Jiji

No. 170554

Honourable bara tiddies Tonbokiri

No. 170556

Sengo with his very nice…gameplay.

No. 170558

All this time I hear about Touken Ranbu and think it's some mobage which I can't play, and I learn only now I could've played it online on desktop all along? If you excuse me for a bit…

No. 170561

And finally Kasen, man of culture and elegance.
Exactly, you can play it on your computer, it just takes a few minutes to sign up for free!

No. 170562

File: 1637343687954.jpg (101.58 KB, 800x450, FEiaZKgaAAEewCY.jpg)

Get him he's free

No. 170564

This surprised me. I didn't know you were such any easy boy Mikazuki!
I wonder why they're giving him out like this?

No. 170565

I only have a laptop with shitey onboard graphics, am I gonna have to commandeer my bf's much beefier PC to not have a bad time?

No. 170566

File: 1637344127299.jpg (92.36 KB, 564x798, kasen-launch.jpg)

At first kasen really was my least favorite starter but i've grown to like him so much. He's so refined and handsome. I wish i could have tea with him

No. 170567

File: 1637344647534.png (370.73 KB, 686x320, national whoring.png)

The wording is hilarious. I imagine him knocking on the door and he is wearing nothing but a gift ribbon. Mikazuki Munechika, by Mikazuki Munechika

No. 170568

File: 1637344687823.jpg (484.68 KB, 1180x2048, tumblr_53bc8342c68a970acadf19c…)

The browser game is very old school and you don't need a fancy computer for it.

I didn't like him at first either but he really shines in that 3D trailer! He was cute in Hanamaru with the tigers too. And the cleaning obsession makes him husbando material kek

No. 170571

Keeek, yes. The he says
>what do you think when you look at the moon?
Well honey it's beautiful just like you.

No. 170573

File: 1637345547350.jpg (16.67 KB, 236x406, 5c51ebc6a983669823dc65be162000…)

>Master, what do you think when you look at the moon?
Lunar sex, now take your fucking scabbard off.

No. 170574

I do love how they all call you some variation of Master, hnnng.

No. 170608

Nonniesss, I just started playing but I have two questions. 1) If someone reaches HP 0, are they permanently lost? I played Fire Emblem five minutes ago and now I'm paranoid lol 2) What's the reset time for a day? Midnight Japanese time?

No. 170612

Yes be careful. Your swords will break, forever, if they reach 0. This can only happen if they're already in red at the beginning of a battle. However in some events and in bouts against other players, they will heal automatically after battles.

No. 170613

File: 1637353548843.jpeg (65.86 KB, 608x574, 52FDD00A-ED36-41FB-B034-C44242…)

I love being referred to as a saniwa, idk, it makes me happy.

No. 170615

That's very good to know, thank youu

No. 170618

File: 1637355957943.jpg (11.79 KB, 256x183, ichi.jpg)

I've been playing Touken Ranbu since 2015 (with a few breaks) and I still don't have Ichigo. He's literally the only swordboy I care about. Please come home already.

No. 170622

File: 1637357333582.jpg (233.42 KB, 2048x1152, Di8qgDkUwAE4EF9.jpg)

Oh god those…plush mochi things…most bizarre merch ever.

No. 170624

Oh wow, I didn't expect to see a tourabu thread here. I'm a veteran saniwa whose been playing regularly since the beginning. When Musou drops I'm genuinely considering learning to speedrun it, I've already spent an ungodly amount of hours with this franchise, what's a few thousand more?

No. 170626

What is your citadel like? Is like everyone at 99?
I'm amazed that you've been at it for so long and not gotten Ichigo yet. I wish I could send you mine.

No. 170628

File: 1637359171318.jpg (659.11 KB, 1500x1879, E_ZpfbrUYAEHxmZ.jpeg.jpg)

All of my non-kiwame swords except for the newest additions are at 99! Every time I get a new boy I just chuck him into my main team until he's fully leveled. My kiwames (I have a full library so I have every kiwame available) are unfortunately quite underleveled however, most of them are stuck around lvl 35-40 with only a handful of my favorites getting up to the 60s+ and my absolute favorite who I always have as leader at near 90. I used to play very regularly the first few years but now if there's not a new event or a new sword or kiwame I only log in for dailies.

No. 170630

Also would any new saniwa be interested in a simple watch guide for the bonus materials? (anime, manga, musicals, etc) There's a lot of really great sword content outside of the game but it can be daunting to newcomers.

No. 170631

I have a bunch of kiwames and it's crazy how slow they are to level up. I use them in tons of battles with barely any results. Is there some kind of trick to make them level up faster?
Sounds great, share it!

No. 170638

File: 1637363069340.jpg (89.27 KB, 768x1024, FDl74OhakAEiDnW.jpg)

>Is there some kind of trick to make them level up faster?
The only thing that I've noticed that makes a huge dent is events where they give out more exp than usual or 2x exp campaigns, basic map exp does almost nothing for them. Konpeito also helps. Still a very slow grind, in my experience, I have no idea how people who have full teams of lvl 99 kiwame did it.

I'll post some beginner friendly info about all the adaptations and where to find them soon! I love this series so I try to take every opportunity I can to get new people into it.

No. 170648

i would also be interested in a guide since i just got into touken ranbu thanks to this thread

No. 170694

File: 1637423979684.png (1.69 MB, 720x1280, ookurikara.png)

graphic design is my passion

No. 170783

File: 1637486666618.png (157.7 KB, 431x398, gghg.png)

never thought i would see a touken ranbu thread on here this series is so near and dear to my heart i'm so excited for the new game! whos your favourite swords nonnas? mines yagen!

No. 170797

File: 1637496875796.png (971.9 KB, 1024x576, aprince.png)

OP here, good to see other saniwas posting, new and old!
There are so many lovable characters but this short innuendo-talking, ghostbusting sword has a special place in my heart.

No. 170814

File: 1637504266181.jpeg (1.48 MB, 3464x3464, D7001599-A3A4-48B7-AC2D-F52494…)

Here are my husbands. I would love to find those anime sculptures things of them sitting like this with their swords to put them on my desk at work.

No. 170841

File: 1637523266783.png (241.17 KB, 1108x1515, Shizukagata-1.png)

Has anyone succeeded in forging this smug bastard recently? He has a forging event currently running, but I'm four attempts in and I've just been burning through steel getting random uchigatanas and tachis instead.

No. 170844

File: 1637525030897.jpg (165.22 KB, 900x1309, c9793f6def9fc7a9910e15955115b7…)

So far Taroutachi(I'm a newbie). He is so serious and refined I wanna make him flustered. He is quiet powerful too.
In 2 tries KEK. I'm a sexy sexy saniwa he couldn't play hard to get. Forge moar.

No. 170846

Only 4 tries? I've forged like 100 times and no Shizu. It's become a thing for me, where is that fucker so I can complete my sword collection?!

No. 170856

please share your powers with me, i'm on my 14th try and pretty much out of resources

No. 170865

File: 1637539363005.png (1.17 MB, 1242x1698, 0DD6AC3C-B506-4276-A835-42BD1B…)

I’m sorry for my autism, but he looks like he has a worm on a string as a boa.

No. 170912

File: 1637573600757.png (964.29 KB, 1513x684, newguy.png)

Surprise! Warriors will have an entirely new sword.
Hmm, will he be a villain?

No. 170920

And a story trailer!

No. 170973

Hot, I want him to the browser game

No. 170976

File: 1637602450300.jpg (210.64 KB, 558x830, FEyaF9HaUAAxuO9.jpg)

I don't know what to think of this dude yet but he has a sexy back.

No. 170977

File: 1637603952285.png (3.93 MB, 3558x1968, im_sorry.png)

Am i the only one who doesn't like most new swords designs that came out over the past 2-3 years or so? Idk why it feels like the game got influenced by arknights or something, why are my period husbandos wearing tactical gear now???… (ps, sorry if i dissed on your fav)

No. 170980

I agree. I don't like the too modern designs, camoflage gear and silly dog ears.
I'd rather embrace all of those four traditions if you know what i mean.

No. 171005

Wtf is this snowboarding getup

No. 171045

File: 1637634778585.png (137.21 KB, 244x499, Doudanuki-1.png)

I didn't like him at first because he costs so much to repair and he kinda looks like a knockoff Guts but his dumb proud warrior personality won he me over and now he's one of my favourites. All of his Japanese lines make him sound like such a bloodthirsty himbo and I love it. I just wanna fuss over his repairs while he pouts that he's not on the front lines and gets embarrassed that I'm making such a big deal out of taking care of him when he's only a utilitarian sword, help me saniwanons

No. 171046

I don't play this game but holy shit he is cute. You have good taste anon

No. 171101

File: 1637662741059.jpg (268.37 KB, 600x848, Doudanuki_Masakuni.jpg)

I feel you anon, he's my first big crush in this game. I was so happy when his kiwame came out. His personnality feels very unique compared to other touken danshi.

No. 171103

File: 1637666998527.jpg (71.61 KB, 600x816, lookatthisfuckingtease.jpg)

Screw you Shizu you've been a bad, bad boy…you never came home in the end.
Manlet appreciators, unite!

No. 171104

I want to fucking bite his hips

No. 171106

I bet he doesn't dare to come home to my citadel because at this point he'll get a spanking when he does.

No. 171109

File: 1637670025835.jpg (56.75 KB, 800x1333, 117172473_4297865716953664_111…)

I really like this dude tho, something special about his gaze

No. 171110

yeah he is myopic

No. 171111

Me too.

No. 171114

File: 1637675988045.png (990.98 KB, 1027x575, tomoecamelias.png)

Well at least I have good boy Tomoe. This new snowy background is gorgeous!

No. 171115

File: 1637677121341.jpg (362.68 KB, 1280x865, Tumblr_l_330125344395231.jpg)

I don't know why this guy is swerving me so much, I have multiple copies of the other starters but not even one of him

No. 171116

Don't worry, you'll get one bazillion copies of him too eventually.

No. 171117

I want tsurumaru and kogitsunemaru… is there any recipe that really works? I've been trying with 350/510/350/350 and 550/660/660/550 and i got a bunch of tachi but none of them

No. 171138

File: 1637699036051.jpg (550.36 KB, 700x971, Iwatooshi.full.1839883.jpg)

since there is a campaign for forging him, does that mean our babyface beefcake iwatooshi is next?

No. 171140

Probably not, only those two bros were announced in the November schedule.

No. 171147

I'm one of the beginner saniwas from just a few days ago, and about KBC… Everyone warns about them, and I obviously got some of my maps already infected too, but I don't really take any measures to avoid them. I honestly just reload the game and restart the map when I run into one, as cowardly as it is lmao. I feel like avoiding the boss node on purpose and missing out on those EXP is way more of a hassle than to just restart. Is this going to bite me in the ass someday?

No. 171151

I'm also a beginner saniwa and i avoided boss node on all the maps except 1-2 which got infected as a result. I think i still get a pretty good amount of exp and i don't feel that anxious. Think that you'll need to grind those maps A LOT so is it worth it?

No. 171157

Why are you scared of them? They won't break your swords if their hp is fine.

No. 171166

It wont really bite you in the ass, but you do get daily rewards and KBC exclusive sword drops from fighting them. Nothing wrong with avoiding them, but once you learn how to fight them it's easier to just get it over with sometimes. The strength of the KBC is based on the highest level sword in your party so if you keep your swords around the same level on infested maps you can handle it pretty easily. If you're still having trouble, give KBC grinding teams all gold armor and ranged ones if you can, and for an extra buff get them sakura fubuki'd beforehand.

Also I don't remember if this is placebo or not, but people used to say that entering a sortie while swords have any amount of damage makes it more likely to trigger KBC battles. I have no idea if that's actually true, but it often feels like it is, lol.

No. 171176

File: 1637731804079.png (2.44 MB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20211123-214447.png)

>lose a shitton of resources trying to smith shizukata, fail
>get this fruity flamingo bastard first try
what kind of RNG fuckery is this

No. 171181

The fact that I have to grind them a lot is the exact reason I feel like not skipping boss node is probably the faster way for me personally. For sub Lv15 I've mainly used 1-4, where, in a constellation of three swords, I can get 240EXP at the very least, but no more than 720EXP for a single sword even if he gets both the captain and MVP bonus if I avoid the boss node. Compare that now to 600EXP at the very least and 1800EXP with cap/MVP bonus. Writing this out like this really shows me that I shouldn't give a fuck about KBC, so thanks for that! lol

I'm not really scared for my swords, I'm scared for my ressources lmao. Those few fights I had with KBC wrecked my entire team, and due to me trying for Shizu I barely had any ressources (mainly coolant) left to make troops. But now that the campaign for Shizu is over (I never got him…) and I got Tomoe on my very first try, this might turn out different, so maybe I'll just try fighting them next time lol.

You're right, I've started to read a bit into the KBC level systems and realized those times they killed my entire team was when I had two high level swords with four low level ones, so that might've been the reason for me failing each time lol. I won't run next time. Also, can't really attest on the trigger damage, but so far the encounters were actually fairly rare, so maybe I just haven't got a chance to experience yet lol.

No. 171185

File: 1637739513521.jpg (145.75 KB, 1090x1496, EvOqnHPVkAEDGTW.jpg)

Alright, finally got some time to type this up, so here's a beginner's guide into Touken Ranbu adaptations. I'm going to start off with some info about the original browser game first, just in case some of you are complete noobies and don't know much about the game setting itself or the community around it.

-The wikia is your friend, use it. For 6 years before the official english release of the game, the eng fandom was held up entirely by fan translators and history nerds and their translations are leagues better than the official version. It's fine to play the english release because the content is the same, but so much of the nuance of the characters is lost in translation. If you're interested in a specific character, take a few minutes to read the wikia's lines and trivia, and if you like this game for the history, go spend a few more minutes on relevant historical figures' wiki pages. A lot of this franchise involves a basic knowledge of Japanese history, so the more you know, the more you will enjoy yourself.

-Don't spend money on the gacha mechanics in the game. Every sword will become available to you eventually. The key to the actual game is just putting in the time. Thankfully, the game itself is extremely easy (if not just straight up boring) so once you are used to the mechanics, it's very very easy to mindlessly grind while multitasking. This game is forgiving to completionists so long as you're on that grind.

-Every player account and adaptation of the game is considered a unique timeline parallel to all other timelines. This is fun for us because each of our own versions of the game is "canon", and you get to experience a lot of different interpretations of the characters/setting through all the adaptations. The biggest downside to this is if you're someone who cares a lot about lore or consistency, it's different for each run, so you kinda just have to pick a favorite and run with it.

Once you have a basic knowledge of your favorite characters, some relevant historical figures, and the setting, you can basically jump into any adaptation you're interested in! No adaptation is a prerequisite to any other.

No. 171186

File: 1637739623240.jpg (385.34 KB, 1006x1433, 7a8972ac38d4be7acf2b4932e82ee9…)

Firstly, there are the manga anthologies. Currently, there is a daunting amount of over 30. Here is an updated list of them all: https://ameblo.jp/kurisyaruka/entry-12140993593.html

Unfortunately, only a handful are translated, but you can find them easily by just searching for "touken ranbu" on basically any manga site.

The anthologies are compilations of one shot manga chapters by many different manga artists. Some of the artists worked as character designers for the game, but most of them are just established mangaka who are fans of the series and wanted to write stories for it. Because each chapter is self contained, there is no reading order other than just going by release date, but it doesn't matter much. They are basically doujins published as official work and are easy and fun to read and are a good way to familiarize yourself with the characters.

No. 171187

File: 1637739788701.jpg (219.23 KB, 1000x629, DMkdpMvVAAAVHl2.jpg large.jpg)

One of the most popular adaptations in the english fandom in particular: Touken Ranbu Hanamaru. It's a 2 season slice of life anime that also recieved a manga adaptation and a summary movie for season 1. They recently announced they will be making another movie as a sequel. The anime is available through crunchyroll and funimation.

Hanamaru is a great place to start because, while it does have an overarching plot, it also features a majority of the cast, so it's good for both familiarizing yourself with many of the characters as well as getting a taste of some of the deeper stories that this series has to offer. However, if you don't already know most of the characters, it can be kind of overwhelming because of how large the cast is, so I do recommend still familiarizing yourself through the game or wiki first.

The manga is untranslated but as far as I know it sticks to the anime's story with few additional moments.

If you like the Shinsengumi and Okita Souji in particular, or are just really into cute anime boys being cute, you will probably like this anime.

No. 171188

File: 1637739974391.jpg (96.7 KB, 634x851, DIvXrTvUIAAHvhT.jpg large.jpg)

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu is a 1 season anime with a manga adaptation. They also announced a sequel movie but it's been YEARS since there's been any news on that, so it might be cancelled. The anime is available through crunchyroll and sentai filmworks.

Katsugeki is the flipside of Hanamaru: the cast is much smaller and the action and history are ramped up significantly. The tone is heavy and somewhat melodramatic, and most long term fans tend to criticize it for the characters being slightly OOC and the visuals/worldbuilding being different than most other adaptations, but it still has some points for having great animation and unique storylines compared to some of the other adaptations.

The manga has a fan translation you can find online and is a slightly improved version of the story, with additional character moments and better pacing, I actually prefer it to the anime.

If you like the Shinsengumi and Hijikata Toushizou or Sakamoto Ryouma in particular, or are just really into action series, you will probably like this anime.

No. 171190

File: 1637740209316.jpg (250.18 KB, 2048x1536, D_JdUIQU8AAie6J.jpg)

Here is where things start to get a bit complicated, but trust me, this is where it also starts to get really good.

The musicals, or TouMyu, are live action stage musicals that also include idol/concert performances. There are currently 10 musical stories, as well as additional concerts of just the songs.

Each musical contains a cast relevant to the story of each historical event it will revolve around, yet also contains an overarching plot that slowly becomes more apparent the further you go. Each musical is several hours long, so it is very much an investment, but if you enjoy musical theater, they're very fun and have a good balance of drama and cute character moments. A unique aspect to the musicals is that after each story performance, the actors will do a literal idol concert and perform additional songs, so if your favorite sword is in the musicals, you get the bonus treat of watching him run around like an actual idol.

For a comprehensive list of them all in chronological order, check the Musicals tab in the wikia. As a general rule of thumb: if there's a year at the end of the title, it's purely an idol performance and not a story performance, and tankis are solo idol shows for specific characters.

Unfortunately for foreign fans, they're somewhat inaccessible. You can use a VPN to watch what is available through DMM.com or download what is available here: mega.nz #F!5JZiXCbS!mkoV2pydVacXG348LXiY8w Also the music is available on spotify but iirc it is regionlocked so you may have to use a VPN or set your region to Japan. sohmariku on tumblr is the main source of fansubs.

Do not post screenshots on twitter or similar social media, they are very protective of copyright.

No. 171191

File: 1637740315575.jpg (78.11 KB, 1024x768, EBIFywPUEAEmm4X.jpg)

The stageplays or "TouSute" is a seperate live action stageplay series currently with 10 stories and another in production. There are also some novelizations, though they are untranslated.

Although they are both 2.5D, the musicals and stageplays are completely unrelated and separate adaptations. The stageplays do not contain musical numbers (save for opening and ending theme songs) and focuses even more on the longform story through all the plays and has some very dramatic payoffs. The stageplays bend slightly darker than most other adaptations and get more risky and creative with some of its storylines. Large ensemble casts, more so than the musicals but less so than Hanamaru. Similar to the musicals, it also balances drama with comedy surprisingly well for how dark it can get. actual spoiler: if you love tragic timeloop (b)romances, this is the adaptation for you.

For a chronological list of them, check the Stage Plays tab in the wikia.

Again, they are somewhat inaccessible for foregin fans, so you may have to use a VPN for DMM.com or check mega.nz #F!odg0yT4B!iWd3S8OD6W-eaqwsK2Cs0g

And again, don't post screenshots on social media. Not sure what it is about 2.5D, but they really hate people sharing content about it.

No. 171192

File: 1637740620333.jpg (250.69 KB, 1200x796, MV5BMDA3NWVkNWQtYWVjMS00NjM5LT…)

And finally, there is the live action movie.

Although it takes the same actors used in the stageplays, it is once again a separate and unrelated story. It's a straightforward drama about Oda Nobunaga with a lot of focus on Mikazuki Munechika, so if you're really into either of those then this movie is for you. Other than that, I would recommend almost any other adaptation above this one because the story is rehashed from other projects, but the novelty of Touken Ranbu characters being in a big live action movie is still kind of neat. I believe this is also available on DMM.com but you can also find it on nyaa.

No. 171193

File: 1637740921191.jpg (5.22 MB, 2464x3508, 0-0000.jpg)

I think the only other major thing to mention is that Touken Ranbu releases artbooks semi-regularly. The 3 Kenran Zuroku books are character design sheets and compilations of ingame sprites and assets, and the anniversary books are new illustrations drawn by each character designer. You can probably find scans of them online if you just search around on scan sites.

I know this was all very wordy, but I hoped this helps some new saniwa understand the series a little more!

No. 171196

>the characters being slightly OOC
but the swords have literally… no personality…

No. 171206

I'd take "gimmicky" or "one note", but "no personality" is just innaccurate imo. The characters have very well established personalities, at worst they hit you over the head with each characters designated traits, and at best they're interesting reflections of the historical figures they're most closely associated with.

For example, Kane-san is pompous and posturing because he admires Hijikata who was powerful and no-nonsense, yet because he's one of the youngest swords he still doesn't quite fill those shoes and often comes across as immature. Contrasted with Horikawa, who he was designed to be a dai-sho set with, Horikawa is actually mature and responsible yet has a soft spot for Kane-san. Yet even though he adores him, he's also shown to be strict with him and kind of tease him at times.

However, in Katsugeki, Kane-san is given a position of authority over Horikawa and ends up coming across as broody and experienced, meanwhile Horikawa is a bright eyed newbie who follows Kane-san around like a puppy and goes full yandere by the end. There's a complete structural difference in their relationship in Katsugeki vs the game and it can really put some people off.

No. 171208

where did you get all that, the characters only have like 5 lines in the game

No. 171210

If you spend more than like 2 seconds thinking about any of their lines it's all very obvious. All of the different types of lines and their speech patterns, the recollections, kiwame letters and kiwame lines, unique internal affairs interactions, etc etc.

I can only convince someone on this as deep as they're willing to engage with it themself, but I promise you the hundreds of hours of adaptations and even larger amounts of fan content exist and have outlived a lot of its contemporaries for a reason.

Also in case this is the issue I will mention it again but this is all based off the original jp, the official english translations are incredibly poor.

No. 171218

>the official english translations are incredibly poor.
Nta, I knew it! I can’t believe that a game about sword guys was all I needed as motivation to feel like learning Japanese and about Japanese culture, I really want to know everything about everyone.
And yeah, I also got to get what you mean with their personalities, having a bit of reading comprehension really helps with the deciphering of badly translated games, like, the issue isn’t the writing, it’s the translation.

No. 171225

File: 1637754496857.png (1.46 MB, 1200x789, 1526308633403.png)

Thank you for those detailed posts nona!
I really recommend Hanamaru to new saniwas. It's such a cute and fun anime. You get to see the daily duties and swords doing stuff like cooking, drinking and writing bad poetry (I'm looking at you Kane-san)as well as battle.
I also recommend checking the wiki to see translations of their lines if you don't know japanese. As previous anon said, the fan translations are more faithful. And lines in battle and at the citadel aren't translated in the english version.

I'd love to discuss the stageplays and musicals. I saw Atsukashiyama Ibun live and it was such a great experience. I thought the idol parts might be cringe but it was just fun! It was cool having them walk around in the audience too. Kashuu is so pretty.
Other than that one I really recommend the Honnouji stageplay and the Mihotose musical.

No. 171251

Me too! Trying to understand the Japanese voice acting has really forced me to brush up on my reading and listening comprehension. A lot of the swords use very polite, archaic manners of speaking which can be a huge pain as a beginning learner but it teaches you a lot about how the language evolved over time. On the other hand, some other swords are rude as hell (cough Doudanuki cough) so the contrast is pretty amusing.

No. 171338

>I saw Atsukashiyama Ibun live
That sounds amazing, I'm so jealous! I kind of love the idol sections because they're cringey. There's just something about a sword that's several hundred years old and belonged to a real life war lord doing a silly little dance in a sexy outfit that I find endlessly amusing.

I love all the myus and stage plays you mentioned. Mihotose is really interesting to me because it breaks the most common tkrb story format of "I'm gonna change history bc I wuv my previous master so much". I do like that format, but Mihotose is just such a fascinating and unique story, even comparing it to other time travel stories outside of tkrb. I also just love Sengo's character in it lol.

No. 171442

File: 1637871957421.gif (Spoiler Image,2.97 MB, 500x427, sengopompom.gif)

Yeah, watching the performance live was so much more intense! The sword fights are more impactful and impressive
and you get the actors adressing the audience and well, irl fanservice ho ho.
Highly recommended and I wish I could see another one irl!
>There's just something about a sword that's several hundred years old and belonged to a real life war lord doing a silly little dance in a sexy outfit that I find endlessly amusing.
Yeah it's clearly a winning concept kek
>I also just love Sengo's character in it lol
Don't get me started, I adore Myu Sengo. At first I thought Ota Motohiro would be a bad Sengo because he isn't the beefcake type.
But he gave the character so much personality!
He is so pretty, sexy and funny and also surprisingly vulnerable.
It's interesting how his actor plays him completely differently in the -17 version and the -19 version.
The latter version where he acts more cold and suspicious probably suits the plot better but I like the silly -17 version the best!

No. 171551

Have you all heard the attendant bgms? https://touken-ranbu.fandom.com/wiki/Attendant_BGM
Kikkou's sounds like a marriage waltz!

No. 171703

File: 1638040212537.png (1.21 MB, 1114x642, 12.png)

he finally hit puberty. time for refining! plz deal more damage now..

No. 171709

Stop flaunting your goth abs sword nona, I'm jealous! I'm gonna keep trying to forge him, dammit.

No. 172171

Look at him go! I feel exhausted just watching it.

No. 172231

Everytime i see him i get reminded that the bongo cat artist is one of us and she's his fav. Love him

No. 172233

File: 1638387370217.png (91.93 KB, 589x612, zup.png)

samefag, he is her fav*

No. 172240

What's a bongo cat artist?

No. 172263

File: 1638393888334.gif (3.42 KB, 220x223, bongo-cat.gif)

the meme nonnie

No. 172602

File: 1638573539321.jpg (87.95 KB, 736x736, 803f3ccb84c3087cf693cef5bcb1ea…)

pov: you choose hasebe this day for grocery shopping

No. 172628

File: 1638590397622.jpg (122.7 KB, 564x758, 45544.jpg)

Souza Samonji!! He's so beautiful & melancholy, he makes me think of Jeanette's "El Muchacho de los Ojos Tristes".

Still holding out hope maybe he'll at least get a nendoroid someday …

No. 172682

Mine's that purple mf who never opens his eyes, forgot his name. I really should log in again after all these years

No. 172688

File: 1638623871156.jpg (20.77 KB, 387x610, large.jpg)

Kek, that must be Juzumaru. He looks like a Clamp noodle but I do like his polite, stoic personality.

No. 172691

File: 1638625710285.jpg (64.65 KB, 540x307, funatthebeach.jpg)

>The young man of the sad eyes
>has finally found a reason
>to make his eyes smile
>with my kisses and my great love

I showed my love to Souza by levelling him to 99 and then kiwame'd him but he is still a bit whiny and passive-aggressive. I get that he is traumatized by geez boy, you whined about being a decoration and now you're part of my power battle team! Cheer up FFS.
All the 3 original Samonjis are depressing af as aides but they're so cute in the other media adaptions.
Being all depressed together and supporting each other.
Bless his little heart. I once, without thinking, added Hasebe, Tomoe, and Kikkou to the same team. Big mistake.

No. 172730

File: 1638649490712.png (911 KB, 1000x700, Kikkou.Sadamune.full.2264086.p…)

>sending Kikkou with team
why are you abusing your other swords like this?..

No. 172811

Eh, Kikkou is a good lad…kinda.
When I set out this team there was a cutscene of Hasebe and Tomoe arguing, with Kikkou nowhere to be seen. I guess he was perving in the background about being ignored.

No. 173041

File: 1638868670618.jpg (93.92 KB, 800x450, FF-6upQaMAQHJkK.jpg)

How is it going everyone?
This new, temporary battlefield kicked my swords' asses. I had one team of kiwames 30 + and one of swords level around 90 and no one has made it through so far.

No. 173150

Oh damn, I haven't tried it yet but it sounds rough. I'll check back in later after I watch my swords get their asses kicked.

No. 173165

Good luck, I suddenly understand why there is a "no waiting time for repairs" campaigns right now.

No. 173231

>that pose

No. 173266

File: 1639044449147.png (299.7 KB, 1443x1194, Nikkari-Kiwame6.png)

It's kinda cute. They're waiting for your orders, nona.

No. 173385

File: 1639168044002.png (1.13 MB, 1021x569, kikkouletter.png)

When a 2D guy long for you instead of the opposite.

No. 173734

File: 1639440051606.jpg (280.28 KB, 1406x2048, Ewrc-Q6UcAAvibd.jpg)

I tried it and one of the later nodes sent 4/6 of my boys to red and took out EVERY troop on every boy. Harsh.

No. 173774

File: 1639469810674.jpg (460.9 KB, 1131x800, EYlwnKQUEAAKSUP.jpg)

Did you all get any Gou swords from the event that just ended? I already had idol-kun and vampire-kun, now I also got Kuwana and Buzen.
Kuwana turns out to be a wholesome literal farmer sword. I like him.
Buzen…randomly says "hop on" to you. Lewd.

No. 173821

File: 1639503325692.png (916.45 KB, 1018x574, what.png)

Everyone likes to hop into Buzen's lap apparantly

No. 174171

File: 1639740982304.jpg (262.47 KB, 800x800, FGzERgyacAANeaf.jpg)

A romantic new sword? kek

No. 174741

File: 1639991732418.jpg (247.9 KB, 800x1333, FHChOQmaAAIzCLE.jpg)

Dramatic flamenco music plays in the background
nothing personell, kid

No. 174743

big meh

No. 174744

IDK yet. He is Mitsutada's bro. I wonder why he looks so evil.

No. 175386

File: 1640288039250.jpg (159.52 KB, 600x542, 50084537_p5.jpg)

Taroutachi is a total dreamboat. I want to see him blush too.

No. 177185

File: 1641323894054.jpg (23.15 KB, 1078x576, crying-cat-meme-idlememe-5.jpg)

I just want Hanjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin come on rng

No. 177382

File: 1641400515762.jpg (764.08 KB, 800x1131, E0SmDNqVoAU8hhc.jpg)

I was the bitter anon who never got Shizuka, but I got lil' garbage man after just a few tries. Hope you get him too nona!
I enjoyed the New years messages from the swords btw. Sengo was telling me to tell off Tonbokiri from stopping his stripping.

No. 177569

Anyone know where the tradestamps that you get right now can be used?

No. 177618

i think you gotta wait till the 13th (or 14th im not sure). for the time being you can't exchange them

No. 177831

OK, thanks I wondered if there was a bug in my game or something.

Now rejoice saniwas and Sengo…there will be clothing damage in the 3D game!! (2:03)

No. 177833

Hell yes, I need this.

No. 178007

Yeah I thought it looked mediocre at first but now I'm sold on it too. The swords got fun moves, there are wholesome mini games, nice music, and clothing damage. What more could you ask for? Marrying your sword?

No. 178290

Katsugeki is back in town with an upcoming movie! I'm so excited

No. 178291

File: 1641735857536.png (2.44 MB, 850x1200, FHv3z9vVgAEbhRz.png)

No. 178309

File: 1641739720945.jpg (466.86 KB, 2036x1378, FIL9Y-HaIAQGNLk.jpg)

That's such a pretty pic of Kane-san, but what I don't get is it a new movie? or a movie cut of the tv-series?
A trilogy based on Hanamaru was also announced, but I wonder the same thing here. Would be super exciting if it was all new!

No. 178332

The media source i got this from let it hint it's a new movie coming up. I wish some japanese speaking anon could dig this up a bit more tho. I wouldn't mind a movie remake of the serie (like madoka magica had), but i hope for fresh touken ranbu content for 2022-3. Please rng-sama, i am starving…

No. 178338

The year is starting out well already with the Switch game coming out soon, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more fresh juicy movie content too!

No. 179134

File: 1642092259295.jpg (2.76 MB, 4096x4096, FI_bouEagAAYrwG.jpg)

Happy 7th anniversary Tourabu!
Reminder that you can exchange your stamps for a sword boy of your choice today. I got Hakusan, he can heal others.

No. 179174

I tried it a long time ago! And I wanted to know what was going to happen but the main conflicts.. seem interspersed by casual life chatter and side stories? I found it so confusing I lost interest and felt too pressed for time to continue watching it. I wish the main conflict unfolded in a straight line. Can someone let me know if it ever improved ? Is there a certain episode you have to start with?

No. 179208

Sorry but you will most likely not enjoy Hanamaru unless you like the main duo. As someone who does like them, I thought it was kino from beginning to end.
If you wanna get into this the best place is honestly the game material. If you don't wanna play it I'd recommend going through the character pages and reading + hearing their lines.

No. 179211

All it says is that it's a new work. It does have a different title so it seems like it's going to be new original material. The latest announcement just says they'll release more info soon.

No. 179333

File: 1642181225509.jpg (411.07 KB, 1920x1080, FI95KabaAAAfJlU.jpg)

The first Hanamaru movie is coming out in May this year. No info about the content yet.

>seem interspersed by casual life chatter and side stories?
Yeah that's the main appeal of this show. If you don't like it, you don't like it!

No. 179380

File: 1642194638172.png (32.87 KB, 236x132, 111.png)

nonitas can anyone pls tell me what the hell are these things? i know what they can be used for but i dont know how i got them kek the wiki isn't helping either

No. 179381

Who did you get from the coupons nonnas? I got ocean dude, he ate all of my ressources and never came. (Hanjin anon, too bad he wasn't in the lot)

No. 179386

File: 1642196405198.jpg (106.04 KB, 1500x1189, a74a1ece926bd8a3640ba67cd99c3e…)

We all got them as a celebration gift.
Oh Chiyo is so cute, I love him and his calm attitude. I can't believe he has the same VA as Hasebe.
There were a couple of swords I wanted but settled on Hakusan since he is hard to get.

No. 179519

File: 1642277058360.png (773.44 KB, 1030x578, wheeeee.png)

I smithed Shizuka-kun! He sucks in battle but here he is, pole-dancing in my Honmaru.
All swords will come to you in the end!

No. 179640

File: 1642347296838.png (590.31 KB, 1027x573, shizuanniversary.png)

Samefag but he thinks he can thrive with me, awww!

No. 179869

I'd recommend you check out the live action adaptations (the musicals or the stageplays) if you want a more clear plot. The appeal of Hanamaru is watching your favorite characters have fun and relax in their daily lives, the plot is just there to tie things together instead of be a focus. The live action stuff is way more story and drama oriented.

No. 179912

File: 1642481560693.jpg (604.05 KB, 1418x2004, d9198-157-380775-0.jpg)

I recommend them as well if you want plot.
Anon even linked to the musicals here >>171190
Also if you want to see the stageplays https://mega.nz/folder /odg0yT4B#iWd3S8OD6W-eaqwsK2Cs0g - enjoy!

No. 180518

File: 1642765434767.jpg (191.04 KB, 2030x2239, FJjmT_QaMAA8Znw.jpg)

Someone drew Konnosuke with winter fur…ahhh

No. 180532

I love this.

No. 181735

File: 1643209137669.png (45.68 KB, 479x66, (g) saniwa.png)

Sometimes you stumble upon some wise sisters that make you wish there was an option to contact other saniwas in-game..

No. 181737

File: 1643210957449.jpg (501.45 KB, 1304x2312, mutsusnow.jpg)

Me too. I wouldn't mind having some saniwa friends.

No. 184798

File: 1644169499764.jpg (97.78 KB, 1200x600, FJXSXGcacAENWYx.jpg)

Anons please explain these…

No. 184807

Those seem to be the kind of pillows that you can use as neck support, and since they’re swords, they’re great for safe sword fights at home that won’t send you to jail.

No. 184810

KEK omfggg I know her

No. 184813

Yeah but why do they have faces…and little feet…like some kind of furry slugs. Help.

No. 184830

File: 1644180644858.jpg (61.2 KB, 474x948, 27deb93ec099e50e3899f507168a43…)

You never heard of tsumtsums before? It's just that, but longer. Maybe for hugging. To me they look like an uncut sushi roll

No. 184950

It's the thing you put under the door to stop the draft

No. 184992

I would never put my husbando under a door. How rude.

No. 185487

pity. i would absolutely stomp on my husbando

No. 185582

File: 1644508964935.jpg (74.37 KB, 540x469, FLOkN-oacAQq9MP.jpg)

Help, what is happening? Official twitter has an omnious video warning us to prepare for a great invasion!
I hope your husbando is Kikkou.

No. 185914

nonas i am stuck in 1:30 hell and i can't get out help

No. 186033

What is 1:30 hell?

No. 186121

when every sword you try to smith gets a 1:30:00 timer (so probably a starter uchigatana)

No. 186126

File: 1644688306839.jpg (954.84 KB, 1648x2056, E-7xViXVcAEEvRY.jpg)

Oh yes that's annoying, especially when you're using special ofudas and all. Who are you trying to smith?

No. 186129

File: 1644689137172.jpg (804.5 KB, 2706x4016, FLPRNlRaUAAT8V4.jpg)

I have seen nothing about this in english so does this mean we are safe from the "great invasion" in the english server? Hmm

No. 186352

i'm trying to get taroutachi! he won't be very useful bc im currently in the middle of the ikedaya map but honestly i just want some eyecandy kek

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