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File: 1638721247130.jpg (203.26 KB, 1436x807, acnh-design-1.jpg)

No. 172843

Post fictional characters that should not be lewded.

No. 172845

File: 1638721675091.png (503.14 KB, 1088x734, manesix.png)

pls dont lewd

No. 172846

File: 1638721809038.png (81.25 KB, 530x527, sagwa.png)

pls dont lewd

No. 172847

File: 1638721871231.jpg (51.7 KB, 578x465, moomins.jpg)


No. 172860

File: 1638725974560.png (374.77 KB, 552x724, Perfil_de_Cure_Mofurun (1).png)


No. 172869

File: 1638731568695.jpeg (129.49 KB, 1241x993, 381D315B-CF71-4FD9-B661-9FA61D…)

Protect her smile always

No. 172870

men truly ruin everything

No. 172872

File: 1638732275048.png (194.78 KB, 860x919, 7852.png)

Pic related + every other sanrio character.
I saw NSFW art of her before and it felt so wrong.

Cute. It's a shame precure attracts the weirdos.

No. 172873

All child characters, ever.

No. 172880

File: 1638734313352.jpg (2.1 MB, 2000x1996, __gardevoir_and_gardevoir_poke…)

I feel so bad for Gardervoir

No. 172882

File: 1638735911760.jpg (166.35 KB, 628x786, prettyselfexplanatory.jpg)

No. 172883

Wednesday Addams.

Every Halloween I get bombarded with "sexy" Wednesday Addams cosplay. One time I saw one advertising her only fans being like "Wednesday wants to spread her fat ass and pussy for you!" Do people forget she's a child character?

No. 172884

Is that fucking Napoleon? kek let it go

No. 172885

why does he actually look attractive in animu form?

No. 172889

Is he sucking on a potato?

No. 172890

File: 1638740165639.jpeg (75.41 KB, 680x510, 75A9DF24-B805-4A6E-83D6-0A8C10…)

I hate their costumes

No. 172893

File: 1638741190274.jpg (327.28 KB, 1463x788, dontfuckinglewd.jpg)

i really hate the trend of tumblr/twitter women trying to out lewd moids by sexualizing everything in sight like hollow knight, sing, transformers. i feel as if their fetish is getting rid of boundaries altogether

No. 172896

don't hate on transformers BL because you don't understand it

No. 172899

I actually hate how 4chan claimed Yotsuba. I used to love the manga when I was 10. She's such an innocent character.

No. 172905

Basada, transformers’ BL is deeper than it seems. You could say that there’s… more than meets the eye

No. 172906

File: 1638749556007.gif (2.42 MB, 554x333, tumblr_oys4i1xf4x1r7sijxo1_640…)

No. 172907

he can suck my potatoes, if you know what i mean

No. 172916

File: 1638760230241.jpg (57.53 KB, 381x500, 231220685848409.jpg)

Any media that makes sexy versions of Joan of Arc make my livid. I'm mostly looking at the newer Fate games like FGO, it makes me really sad how overtly sexualized those designs are because I actually really like most of the female designs in fate/stay night and wish that if they had to make a character based on Joan they gave her a respectable design like Astoria had.

No. 172917

Samefag I know she's not a fictional character, but I really wanted to rant about this and this thread seemed like a good place.

No. 172919

the fact that jeanne was persecuted for wearing mens clothes makes putting her in sexy women's clothes even that more ridiculous

No. 172923

This and Anne Frank

No. 172934

I still love yotsuba men can fucking die

No. 172942

crap this actually makes me mad, FUCK BRONIES

No. 172944

File: 1638791021384.jpeg (319.32 KB, 1200x1296, 84E27124-653B-4B59-8955-120764…)

I fucking hate the people that unironically fap to Pokémon porn, it’s a step away from that disgusting mix of pedophile and zoophile.

No. 172946

do people do that for the latter person genuinely or is it just for edge points? (gross either way obviously)

No. 172948

Jeanne has been my personal hero ever since I was 6, I almost hate any portrayal of her (Milla Jovovich looked amazing as her though).

No. 172949

File: 1638794086626.jpg (287.79 KB, 1280x720, Odd-Taxi-wall.jpg)

don't forget odd taxi and just about anything with anthropomorphic animals involved

No. 172951

Do people sexualise her? I hope not and that your post is preemptive. There is very little fan content about Angela, which makes me sad (mostly talking about fanfiction) – I certainly wouldn't want THAT kind of shit.

No. 172953

me too as a lifelong fan of pokemon it really sickens me. genuinely to feel attracted to these things you have to be both a zoophile and a pedophile. i always call them out and get told "it's just a joke!!" or "but akshully they aren't animals!" kill yourself.

No. 172954

men have been sexualizing hollow knight long before by slapping giant tits and ass on hornet lol

No. 172959

File: 1638802617641.jpg (79.23 KB, 680x680, 94a205d4999c271eaa574162c5432f…)


No. 172964

Same, also lopunny and eeveelutions. Feels bad.

No. 172966

I read once that she wore men's armors because the structure made it difficult to be touched. Basically she wore them so she couldn't be sexually assaulted by the guards. To see her now being sexualized and "waifu-lized" is just heartbreaking, and she was barely an adult as well. Scrotes are truly subhuman

No. 172972

I'm okay with genderbending historical figures in fiction but fgo only does it for coomerish reasons. They character designers clearly don't do any research

No. 172973

Is it even a novelty? Everyone knows that all they give a fuck about is the fancy schmancy names that they use to slap on a pair of tits with blue eyes and blonde hair.

No. 172975

File: 1638811408940.jpeg (52.97 KB, 736x602, 0E111BBE-CB9B-432B-A479-3EAD42…)

No. 172981

Same, they’re just kids. Love that show, hate seeing things like Mob being shipped with Reigan. Tf man.

No. 173035

File: 1638853700926.png (357.89 KB, 494x755, tumblr_nkyyaeKILJ1tptpfqo5_r1_…)

no lewd pls

No. 173036

File: 1638856348543.jpg (29.18 KB, 402x422, 7ed7a9b7bcc3cda827ab678fb41aa5…)

Care Bears are some very pure cartoon characters, and I truly hate when people make lewd stuff with them. I also hate all the edgelord gore edits, I find them tasteless.

No. 173053

File: 1638876785919.png (173.61 KB, 445x487, angry_claire.png)

Claire from The Summoning. She's super cute but since she's a furry-looking goth, she's more well-known from porn than the cartoon short itself even to the point of having the comments section turned off because of filthy comments which I believed is to be the case. I know about separating fan stuff and the source but lewd/nsfw shit really taints a character.

No. 173076

File: 1638890201514.png (3.89 MB, 1680x3994, Lazytown_stephanie_pose.png)

Leave her alone!

No. 173079

File: 1638892252091.jpg (126.83 KB, 1080x1527, 22020dd7312866dc75a49416978c20…)

Please. I had to scroll a bit to find a picture that doesn't feel cooomerish, and the characters sound, look and behave like children. I love Persona 5 but I don't understand why Atlus panders to borderline pedophiles. And no I don't care if "Lavenza could be a very short young adult", she still behaves in a pretty childish way and it's creepy.

This goes for all the "she looks like a child but she's 1000 years old!!!" characters. It doesn't matter, they still look (and behave) like children.

No. 173082

File: 1638893200255.png (566.13 KB, 503x516, 3768A5A9-7A8D-436F-977F-1DF6E1…)

I wish the anime deviated from the manga more where Kanna has zero fanservice. Would be cool if they got rid of her coomer socks and skimmed down the thighs. Kanna is just a baby I can’t stand the scrotes who sexualize her.

No. 173086

I always felt uncomfortable about her being the only little girl in a cast of grown-up scrotes. That's probably my traumatized brain, I'm not saying there is something inherently wrong with Lazy Town or the beloved actors.
Cannot believe that like a year ago, anon was extremely offended by someone calling them "BDSM lolis". Kek
That series is irredeamable trash. Probably controversial opinion, but fans of it saying 'do not lewd the loli' to Moomoo kind of felt like hipcrytes to me. At least Moomoo was an adult, the manga and anime sexualize a child. Not that I support lewd cosplay of children, she just didn't do anything the beloved piece of media hasn't already.

No. 173089

It could have been a cute slice of life with what's pretty much a lesbian couple and their daughter, but no. And isn't the boy who is shipped with the vaguely gyaru dragon named as a reference to shota just to add insult to injury?

No. 173090

dragon maid was written by a degenerate with a knowingly disgusting history of drawing shotacon it never stood a chance at not pandering to coomers

No. 173092

File: 1638895630626.jpg (110.26 KB, 800x450, 1aedff54194edc0e9e9450dba0ebac…)

OK only if you're a 13 year old. But still, bad taste.

No. 173100

That’s all I wanted going into dragon maid. I wish it was written by a woman and fell into the shojo category.

No. 173103

why are you guys watching obvious coomershit

No. 173110

I dunno, I just got lured by the cute aspects, I usually don't mind fan service too much but this one is worse than average

No. 173118

the 1st season wasnt that bad and censored most of the coomer aspect

No. 173126

File: 1638918539376.gif (968.92 KB, 272x157, tumblr_okx5c2fRQ21ryt9m8o6_r1_…)

Laura kinney shouldn't ever be sexualized, specially dafne keen's version.

No. 173143

File: 1638936904683.png (778.61 KB, 1000x1919, kirby.png)

I hate what the internet has done to him and other characters in the series. Especially Susie Haltmann.

No. 173147

File: 1638940150178.jpg (84.51 KB, 1807x951, switch_dog.jpg)

Moids are much worser in my opinion. They sexualized inanimate objects and non-sexual things for the memes even to the point of it being cringe material.

No. 173148

File: 1638940302659.png (763.2 KB, 557x1169, 3B4DFDF8-246E-4A4C-BF3E-C6AE42…)

the amount of porn for this cat on the online design download feature…. i love her and have her on my island. no lewd plz urgh

No. 173149

File: 1638940442287.jpg (243.77 KB, 970x557, WKID.jpg)

it's one thing to say an actor of the live-action version is good looking but completely another to make porn

No. 173162

File: 1638948618116.gif (1.48 MB, 498x280, centaurworld.gif)

Protect her

No. 173215

I don't play AC but of all the shit I've seen in my life people sexualizing these characters makes me want to cry the most

No. 173216

any of them. don't "lewd" anything you mentally ill coomers.

No. 173227

File: 1639002729323.png (468.6 KB, 602x1023, Isabelle.png)

This and her. I don't see the sex appeal of cute anthro animals.

No. 173256

File: 1639024096586.jpg (79.48 KB, 875x1080, 61Q1VO9upjL._AC_SL1080_.jpg)

She deserves a world of no leading

Holy shit, agree. I've stumbled upon so many questionable edits and drawings throughout the years.

No. 173290

Why don’t they just cosplay Morticia? her character already has sex appeal and she’s essentially the grown up version of Wednesday…

No. 173402

I had the same thought.

No. 173403

File: 1639174875786.png (449.22 KB, 603x830, cream-the-rabbit-and-cheese.pn…)

Scrotes are shameless degenerates. They're more likely to be animal/monster fuckers and pedos. They would fuck anything.

No. 173406

I love her and I agree but also wasn't she sexualized in space jam?

No. 173420

she was in like one or two scenes, thankfully they didn't do that for the 2nd movie and the other media she was in.

No. 177332

File: 1641375077346.gif (807.68 KB, 540x304, tumblr_ae797e6d1ebd704a405ee77…)

Kanna is precious and adorable. Too bad she's in a shitty pedo coomer anime/manga series and makes me wished she wasn't in it. Also the whole "ravioli ravioli, don’t lewd the dragon loli" meme is pretty cringe.

No. 177342

Never seen the show but this is a very cute gif. Can't (don't want to) comprehend how moids can look at this and think of sex.

No. 177365

File: 1641394350997.jpg (32.29 KB, 225x350, 316559.jpg)

Once I found fanart of her in a really cool alternate, maybe traditional fisherman's outfit and I was trying to find it again but found so much inflation art. Absolutely disgusting. Even just googling for a picture to post there's weird shit on there already.

No. 177422

honestly I like her. She is precious but the moids really ruin the whole series. The series would be good if it was less sexualised overall.

No. 177423

File: 1641418650344.png (1.27 MB, 1107x1200, hj4ph5yp5ig31.png)

I really hate how every time a new Pokegirl is revealed, porn of them has been made under 24 hours. The absolute state of moid coomers. Also Lana is cute and I like her design. I hate how coomers pointed out that "Lana" backwards is "anal". Ugh.

No. 177441

File: 1641425527457.jpg (251.38 KB, 1060x1500, 81bAhddXB L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

No. 177451

people actually do?

No. 177454

ive never seen her sexualized, ever, thank god.

No. 177465

File: 1641438946251.png (248.5 KB, 637x900, D0VOAxlUwAAdMbQ.png)

I've seen some really weird shit. I don't think she's as sexualized as everyone else in the series, but there's still a small percentage of people that do it.
Weirdly enough, you can tell by the drawing style that they are women? It's usually not over the top coomer hentai shit, but unfortunately I've seen some doujinshis and fanarts of her and Ogata (way more often than her with Sugimoto). I am thinking it's some weird yumejos making a very inappropriate self-insert fantasy with Asirpa.
A very tame example of this, it's Ogata repeatedly telling her he loves her.

No. 177602

That looks like regular shipping. There's always going to be het/gay ships when the majority is gay/het respectively.

No. 177639

File: 1641503170584.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.46 KB, 800x1112, 040030722633-6p.jpg)

I'm not sure I get your point? You can sexualize characters that you ship? I'd say that's the case more often than not. Even if the ship was not sexual and was strictly platonic (a bit weird imo, but it could work), it's still very sleazy to ship a 12/13 year old girl with like a 23/25 year old man. It's not about being het/gay.
As I said, I posted a very tame comic. There are way worse stuff. This page is from a doujinshi that has explicit sexual stuff with her, and it's just weird. And there are other like these, even modern AUs where she's wearing an elementary school uniform before they do it.

No. 177665

File: 1641510113726.jpeg (46.16 KB, 623x614, 2C9DC781-A236-4B8E-AC0C-97A1D9…)

Really really wish I hadn’t seen this

No. 177678

No. 177681

Nonna can I ask why you have a page ready to go to talk about how awful it is when people sexualize Asirpa?

No. 177685

I didn't have it ready to go, I hadn't it saved prior making that comment and deleted soon after posting it. I just posted it here to "prove a point", but I guess that was actually my mistake in taking the bait. This kind of stuff is actually on google's first page when you look up for "尾形アシリパ同人誌" (Ogata Asirpa doujinshi) or something similar. I stumbled on it first when I was looking for OgataxSugimoto doujinshis, they were actually being sold by the same store.

No. 177696

this and seeing people sexualize the kids from Luca or any other Disney property where the characters are clearly children disgusts me

No. 177713

File: 1641532881781.gif (508.79 KB, 286x286, CsptAdv.gif)

I'm not sure if I can include her since the geniuses at Sunrise had her bare his kids at 14. But even before they listened to the degenerate minority there's been so much lewd of her as a child.

No. 177715

14?! Gross! I thought they would have the decency to age up her to like at least 17.

No. 177835

File: 1641573346868.jpg (805.82 KB, 951x624, c688fLb.jpg)

Well the show attempts in the second season to pretend she's 18 with ad-libbed lines stating. "As I recall Rin was around 18" and "Rin must of been 18 then" But this was only due to the backlash and Sunrise realizing the shippers are a very vocal minority. But given their timeline and the fact Kohaku is canon 11 at Inuyasha it doesn't work at all. They're trying to say these 2 characters are both 14 here. Which clearly isn't the case.

No. 181515

File: 1643095217853.jpg (9.97 MB, 5120x2881, The_Loud_House.jpg)

I've never seen this show but what the absolute fuck. Coomers think this is a sister harem cartoon.

No. 181516

Isn’t it a permaban there if you post lewd Yotsuba?
Even 4chan agrees that Yotsuba is not for lewd (yet they post lewds of whatever other child…)

No. 181517

I seriously just fucking reeee every time

No. 181523

File: 1643104310518.png (213.21 KB, 600x279, B7B6FEbCMAACfFa.png)

I know she's "naked" in some scenes and is also in revealing clothes in others.
Finding fanart of Lain that is not coomerish depictions of her in that one scene where she's in a nightie that's slipping off one shoulder is hard sometimes.
I know she's your goddess, but perhaps show some respect as she's 14. And also maybe reconsider why you're actually worshipping her. Okay for transhumanism/schizo reasons, will absolutely destroy any pedo who touches the source material to coom.

No. 181535

The creator got booted for sexual harassment so honestly I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 181538

I never found her nudity sexual in any way, kind of like Sailor Moon being a naked angel in her final fight with Galaxia. Both evoke vulnerability rather than sex. You have to be a coomer scrote to sexualise either heroine's nudity in those scenes. TBH I don't remember Lain wearing revealing clothes, but I never saw anything as sexual in SEL. The scene of Arisu masturbating made me uncomfortable because I wasn't used to scenes of girls/women doing it. I guess someone could wank off to it, but it was presented in a very chaste manner.
I should rewatch Lain someday and see if my opinion on it hasn't changed. I agree 100% that Lain should never be lewded. If scrotes absolutely have to, they should at least have the decency to age her up.

No. 181547

weird since one of the 4chan banners is yotsuba hiding from pedobear.

No. 181581

Modern male transhumanism is inherently tied into coomerism due to the linking factor of trannyism unfortunately. No ability to engage with philosophical ideas beyond the most superficial level (so they can stroke their ego about how smart they are), they just want to disassociate from their bodies and jerk off while imagining themselves as anime girls.

No. 181591

File: 1643135141242.jpg (332.73 KB, 1169x826, 81425864_p0.jpg)

Ok, this complaint involves some shitty theorizing, so indulge me for a minute.
Plain Doll from Bloodborne always felt like a commentary about objectification to me, even if it was not intended by the game creators. She is a man made version of a real woman, Lady Maria, made by a gross obsessive old moid who was in love with his student. After Maria left, he made a doll version of her, dressed her in very feminine clothes that Maria would probably not wear and then discarded her after realizing that her personality is nothing like Lady Maria's. The game itself even tries to tell the player that Plain Doll is an object, with Gehrman telling the Hunter that "You're welcome to use whatever you find… Even the doll, should it please you…" and the description of the tear stone that you get after she cries even says that "Whoever thinks this is precious must be troubled by severe naivete."
I always viewed it as a comment on how people treat her, there might have been hunters that "loved" her but no one ever respected or truly cared for her, she was created to love humans, but she questions whenever that love is only artificial. She also clearly feels some sort of spiritual freedom after Lady Maria, the woman who she was created to be, dies. Whenever it is her realizing that she's free to be truly herself or that she is now the only version of Maria is up for debate.
Anyway, excuse my shitty theory, I kind of felt like writing an autistic paragraph today and if I got some lore wrong please correct me.

No. 183459

File: 1643799114534.png (577.54 KB, 893x1155, No_Lewding_Claire.png)

No. 183461

File: 1643799375678.png (203.56 KB, 600x740, No_Lewding_Isabelle.png)

No. 183464

i'm pretty disturbed by how men can turn any random cute mascot into porn

No. 183864

File: 1643877898287.png (600.1 KB, 623x1000, 78896F10-4770-4AE1-9AC9-E1E4A3…)

I feel actual maternal feelings over this zombie child.

No. 183867

I haven't played the game but this was a really nice read anon. You've thought a lot about this. I like posts like this.

No. 184119

I had the same thought. Now I'm starting to read about these characters too.

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