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File: 1639439873034.jpg (100.12 KB, 640x969, RCO001_1591722996.jpg)

No. 173732

In light of recent events (the death of Anne Rice, AMC announcing a new Interview with the Vampire show, Twilight nostalgia) let's have a vampire thread. Any IP with vampires in it is fair game for discussion.

No. 173746

Any sci-fi stories with vampires in it?

No. 173750

I don't know if you'd consider it sci-fi, but Astro City: Confession is a good superhero vampire story.

No. 173751

Sorry for double-posting but I just remembered the movie Life Force. That's a pretty traditional sci Fi setting with vampires.

No. 173766

Ever since I read the OG Anita Blake book I thought it could make a decent tv show

Vampire Hunter D is sci-fi but I’d rec the movies over the book series because he’s a huge mary sue

No. 173775

Blindsight by Peter Watts is great and eerie.

No. 173776

What We Do In The Shadows got a third season and I didn't even know! Apparently the 4th is coming soon too
A while ago I downloaded all the vampire tv and film I could find just for lols, I haven't gotten through all of it but I'm glad this thread is here. I rewatched Lost Boys, Interview and Blade, and tried The Originals (which sucked). Next I'm doing A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night and Thirst (2009). Not sure if Jennifer's Body counts as a vampire movie but I'll add that to my list

No. 173785

thirst is fucking excellent

No. 173798

File: 1639490027894.jpg (159.87 KB, 827x1451, weed_alice.jpg)

she was so based

No. 173805

File: 1639496541611.jpg (69.56 KB, 1080x720, jacob-anderson-sam-reid.jpg)

So these are the guys playing Lestat and Louis in the upcoming VC show. I'm kind of curious to see how a black actor in the role of Louis would play out. I can see why they did it– Louis was a slave owner in the original, and I can see why that wouldn't go over well today. I really hope they just have him be a freed man and not an actual slave, because the idea of a white aristocrat vampire stalking and turning a slave into one is kind of yikes.

If you're autistic like me, you might recall that the reason Lestat turned Louis in the books was because Louis reminded him of his Nicholas, his lover from when he was human. Louis and Nicki are both tall, gaunt, mopey guys with long hair. I think the way they'll get around this in the show is that Louis' personality will remind Lestat of Nicki, not his appearance.

I'm really ready to see Vampire Chronicles get some love again. It meant the world to me as a teenager.

No. 173806

File: 1639497215754.gif (2.75 MB, 268x495, Tumblr_l_633733212496039.gif)

Samefag but personally I would have chosen Dacre Montgomery to play Lestat.

No. 173807

I watched the original movie at least a million times as a kid, so I’ll never be able to accept anyone else in those roles, unfortunately.

No. 173810

why did they pick ugly dudes

No. 173817

>Ugly white guy and an ugly brown guy
so this is what diverse casting means, also I'm assuming their gonna try portray Louie as the mulatto son of a slave master

No. 173819

File: 1639502648888.jpg (47.01 KB, 474x483, m2.jpg)

Couldn't they have picked an actual hot guy though?
Not to be racist but if you must make Louis black or mixed, this is the aesthetic, not….that
The white guy is ugly too, but that's par for the course for Hollywood. We should just be glad they didn't punish us with Ed Sheeran or Tom Hiddleston this time

No. 173820

File: 1639502833979.jpg (40.46 KB, 474x711, m.jpg)

Got another pic of a more "vampiric" looking mixed guy. They could've done this properly, but they chose to blunder. Probably a scrote directing and making casting decisions, too

No. 173823

Seconding Vampire Hunter D!!!

No. 173828

File: 1639507039026.jpg (519.32 KB, 1382x2048, lets be cops.jpg)

They look like they should be starring in a buddy cop movie, not being homoerotic vampire sexymen

No. 173851

File: 1639516298868.jpg (926 KB, 1080x1080, Nicholas-Hoult-Featured-image.…)

Reading the books, I kinda pictured Louis as looking like Nicholas Hoult (but with long hair obviously.) Also an issue I had with both the 94 film and the AMC casting is that these guys are too old to play the characters (including Hoult now unfortunately.) Louis and Lestat were turned in their early 20s. One of the very few good things about the QotD movie is that they actually cast people who were the right age.

I know I just said this, but Dacre Montgomery really would have been the perfect choice. He's the right age and set of acting skills for Lestat. He knows how to be creepy, sexy, and charming at the same time, and as a bonus we know he looks good with long hair. Also he's fucking shredded.

No. 173854

File: 1639517066879.jpg (784.68 KB, 2000x2400, 8b2db7db3efbd5b86772c40377fc81…)

Heath would have tapped into Lestat's narc psychopath personality really nicely imo

Also thank you thank you OP! I was obsessed with vampires when I was in high school and I've been totally been regressing into y those emo days.
Might fuck around and read some of Rice's books. My favorite was Blood and Gold. Marius was probably my favorite vampire.
Are there any shitty books in the Vampire Chronicles? I think she went crazy Christian in The Tale of the Body Thief but I can't remember.

No. 173855

Makes me think of 'The Great' in a while new light.

No. 173857

Kek anon, Blood and Gold is actually considered to be one of the "bad" ones from her Jesus phase. Blood Canticle and Memnoch the Devil are the other "bad ones." Body Thief is weird and more sexual than the first three, but it's not bad. The recent books have the opposite problem of Memnoch; they're pretty cheesy and fanservice-y. I read Prince Lestat and was like "this is a little weird but I can work with it," then I started Realms of Atlantis and I had to stop because it was a little too silly.

I'd say my favorites are The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned, and The Vampire Armand.

As an aside, she left the Catholic church out of support for her son when he came out as gay. Like I know the internet views her as an evil harpie for her views on fanfic (which for the record started off as her agent's idea) but she wasn't a bad person.

No. 173860

Not saying she necessarily was a bad person, but what do you think about uh… questionable content in her novels (Belinda, the character of Mona), which wasn't shown in a negative light?

No. 173866

>Are there any shitty books in the Vampire Chronicles?

idk if Pandora counts, the reviews seem average to slightly disappointed at best. It's the one I've tried to read several times, but it always gets dropped within 50 pages. Pandora did this and then she stood here and then she looked at that and then…
It felt to me like Anne was struggling to write that one.

No. 173872

Most of her books have examining taboos and the destruction of innocence as themes, though. Like that's kind of her whole thing. If it was some other genre or if she wasn't consistent about it, I'd be less lenient, but this is horror. I'd say that Anne often pushes into tasteless territory, especially in her late 90s work. I think she was trying a little bit too hard to be shocking and wasn't putting as much energy into exploring the nuances of taboos the way she had in her earlier work.

I'm personally not fond of the Mayfair Witches books, so I'm not trying to defend them here, but why is it necessary for books aimed at adults to say "this bad thing is bad?" I'd hope of you're reading Rice's work, you're old enough to know that incest and statutory rape are wrong without a book having to tell you so. At what point is a person mature enough to understand that something in fiction is wrong even without it being framed as such?

No. 173874

I absolutely agree that books for adults shouldn't be expected to moralize, but writing what feels like ddlg fiction is a bit different

No. 173875

It's a bad photo and he's chubbed up, but the black guy was the one who played Grey Worm in GoT, so he can be more cheekboney and glowering if he needs to.
But I agree with other nonners, I really wanted more otherworldly looking dudes. The type of lightskin mixed guy that has green eyes looks really uncanny, they could have had their diversity casting and still had actually vampiric looking people.

No. 173886

God, why can't we have beautiful vampires? That's like half of the appeal of those books.
Honestly I'm not a big fan of adaptational racebending, but whatever. I get that it's an American franchise and it's pretty bad for it to not have any POC nowadays.

No. 173893

That guy is nowhere near beautiful enough to play Lestat

I agree anon, these guys would make good vampires

No. 173894


What We Do in the Shadows is so fucking good. I can't wait to see where the next season takes all the characters based on the cliffhanger of the season finale. I'm so in love with Nandor.

No. 173931

File: 1639580529469.jpg (63.69 KB, 747x392, large_Vampire-The-Masquerade-B…)

I've been pining for Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 but it's been delayed so many times, I really hope it was because of Rona and not because they're going to cancel it. The first game was so good I want to play a ugly sewer dweller again.

No. 173932

Why are they so fucking ugly!!! Give us pretty boys sculpted from marble reeee!

No. 173934

Same, anon. Bloodlines is my absolute favourite game of all time and I was shaking when I first saw a sequel was announced.
My heart broke when they fired Brian though. I hope the new developers can succeed where Hard Suit dropped the ball, but everything still seems kind of sketchy- especially with the lack of communication, but I'll remain cautiously optimistic.

No. 173937

File: 1639583711317.png (150.66 KB, 949x693, 3534534.png)

Ok turns this new series not going to be set in Antebellum Louisiana, instead its going to be set in modern day New Orleans, it’s going to take place during Covid

>It is also noted that Malloy will now be working as a professor. He's had a tumultuous career, and is forced to conduct classes from his home due to the COVID epidemic, which will be worked into Anne Rice's existing storyline. The plot of the series finds Malloy interviewing his vampire a second time, as he was too addled with his drug addiction to get it right the first go around.

>Louis De Pointe Du Lac, who was portrayed by Brad Pitt in the original movie, will now be played by a black actor. Production is seeking someone in their early 30s. The description for this version of Louis offers these tantalizing details.

>"Creole, beautiful, eyes are brilliant green. His skin is smooth, as if sculpted from Ceylon ebony."

>Daniel Molloy was much younger in the book. And his obsession with becoming a vampire seems to be getting a major tweak. The idea of a second interview also sets up the notion that there will be flashbacks to the original interview, which could be intertwined with the events of the original book and movie. And the inclusion of the COVID pandemic is a major change that immediately thrusts the story into modern times.

>Louis being black is cause for some major changes, including the fact that he once now owned a brothel instead of a plantation, as seen in the movie and included in the book. It appears that Louis was not forthcoming in his first interview with Molloy, where he told a few lies that now need to be updated and corrected for the record. It is expected that these character changes will bring a very different dynamic to the two main characters from what was seen in the book and movie, with Christian Slater having played the interviewer the first time around. As the show is looking for an older version of the character, Slater could play the role if producers were so inclined to go that route.


I can't tell if this is better or worse somehow

No. 173943

>it’s going to take place during Covid
please say sike

No. 173951

File: 1639590407487.jpg (119.17 KB, 1200x800, bloodlines-patch-screen-3.0.jp…)

My heart stopped for a second when I read your post because I misread it as 'I have been playing Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2' and I was like wait, what, did the devs pick it up again after it was abandoned??? And how the fuck did I not know about this??? Then I read it again.

VTMB is my favorite game period, but I played it so often, that sense of wonder I had for the first time is completely lost, I know the dialogue, I know all the missions and the endings as well.

Can anyone recommend me something that has a similar atmosphere to VTMB? It could be any medium, novel, comicbook, film, another game, TV show, etc.

No. 173958

>similar atmosphere to VTMB
It's set in an older time period but Penny Dreadful is good monster-based fun and has some vampires in it. Eva Green is amazing. The closest fit to me is actually a visual novel named Red Embrace: Hollywood. The writing is very good but it's extremely depressing so just a heads up for that.

No. 173966

Make it stop. Goddamn. Can they not just come up with original IPs anymore?

No. 173974

File: 1639600440618.jpg (15.58 KB, 320x220, 1639310970014.jpg)

>Louis being black is cause for some major changes, including the fact that he once now owned a brothel instead of a plantation

So they turned the previously white planation owner to a now black pimp, Its like they want to create controversy

No. 174000

Fucking love REH, the only bad side to it is that with so many choices, you need to fast forward the whole game for a new ending. It's great reading a vn with a more mature writing and none of anime bs (maybe some minimal gender fuckery, but I haven't noticed it myself)

No. 174014

File: 1639621690185.jpg (58.2 KB, 515x805, c340e56ec3643522201df7f737f448…)

Ok but what's the point of making the movie of they aren't going to be dressed like this. Just cancel it I know it's goin to be a flop right away. Did they even ask fans about what drew them to the original movie?

No. 174018

File: 1639622268735.jpg (76.83 KB, 720x1303, 9dcabee60ac40fb47b550d783e5a32…)

Interview with a vampire gave me brainworms when I was young and I still haven't stopped fantasizing about wearing flouncy lace sleeve shirts with silk embroidered jackets, fancy leather shoes, and epic velvet capes. I'm a poorfag and I seethe. Why give me this fantasy then make it impossible for me to live it? Even if I do somehow get the clothes my face and body are too busted for me to enjoy wearing them.

No. 174035


What We Do in the Shadows is so fucking good. I can't wait to see where the next season takes all the characters based on the cliffhanger of the season finale. I'm so in love with Nandor.

No. 174040

File: 1639639796185.jpg (22.14 KB, 300x450, DlKDwp5WwAELbfo.jpg)

Are you sure you're not just misunderstanding what they're saying anon? The original took place in the seventies, and all the stuff in the 19th century was just Louis giving an oral history. I think when they say it's set during the pandemic, they mean that's when the interview itself takes place, not the story of Louis and Lestat meeting. I could be wrong, though.

Also having Louis be a pimp is offensive and doesn't fit his character at all. At least in the original, he inherited the plantation and slaves. You don't inherit prostitutes, so am I supposed to believe that introverted, neurotic Louis decided to be a pimp in this? Also it's interesting how the writers think treating women like property is more politically correct than treating black people as such.

If I was in charge, I would have had Louis be a mulatto freed man with some kind of church job (this would tie into his brother going into religious fervour during his manic episode.) The actors playing Lestat and Louis would be between 21 and 28, and Armand's actor would be no older than 22. I would include the scene in the book where they sleep in a coffin together because that's fucking cute. I'd be include something at the end about how Louis was an unreliable narrator and intentionally included incendiary/incorrect things about Lestat as a way to draw him out of hiding (which was canon in the books.)

Men in tight pants with big floppy blouses is my kink tbh. Fun fact: one of the inspirations for Lestat was Jim Morrison.

Come to think of it, that's another problem with setting the interview in 2022. Lestat won't get to be a rock star because rock is lame now and there's no way he'd sleep through the 80s only to be awoken from his grave by some garbage like Mumford and Sons or Imagine Dragons

No. 174046

Oh your right, I guess the "contemporary day" of Interview with a vampire would be our current time rather then the 70's, though having it set during COVID is fucking dumb, also it states that Louis is a 140 years old from today, meaning he'd be born in the 1870's when slavery had already abolished
your right Louis being a brothel owner being so out of character for him, I'm afraid their gonna turn into some pro-sex worker message or some other shit

No. 174052

NTA I was interested in the series as I liked the idea a lot but couldn't stand Anne Rice's lead heavy writing. With so many retarded changes, my interest has almost evaporated. Like what's the point? Maybe I am wrong, I hope I will be.

No. 174053

File: 1639642856816.jpeg (186.46 KB, 707x1000, 88481CAE-55F4-4B05-806F-0BF019…)

I liked this

No. 174054

File: 1639643109602.jpeg (182.02 KB, 429x600, 3AEE781F-F10D-4AD6-B4AE-052369…)

This even more

No. 174061

> However, Zirnitra has a trump card in the form of Irina Luminesk, a vampire who they hope to use as a test subject to spearhead research into achieving the first human spaceflight.

Alright I'm down

No. 174065

Based, the manga is great

No. 174068

That OP doe

No. 174069

It's okay anon, different people enjoy different writing styles, and there are plenty of other stories out there about vampires.

Rice's work is really dense, I think it's because she wrote such long sentences. There are a few times especially in her earlier books where I'd read paragraph and realize it was only one sentence, or that a whole page consisted of two or three sentences. The takeaway from this is that if you want your work to be a more relaxed read, have some variety in sentence length.

No. 174104

I’m pretty sure it’s just because she had the writing style of a 7th grader.

No. 174106

nonnie you better post this in the "anime ost we like" thread. I don't know what this is but this is such a bop

No. 174112

>There are a few times especially in her earlier books where I'd read paragraph and realize it was only one sentence, or that a whole page consisted of two or three sentences.
Holy shit. That's why I was hoping for an adaptation… all of the plot, none of the writing style issues. But looks like we cannot have that. Damn.
Without internet there wasn't anyone to tell her that purple prose is usually bad, or that at least you shouldn't write an entire book like that. But she could, so she did kek

No. 174123

I love vampire diaries and the originals! Damon salvatore, klaus mikaelson, katherine pierce, etc are all so entertaining. Tvd got me into vampires

No. 174290

Is True Blood any good? Thinking about watching it, but I'm not sure.

No. 174317

It's very watchable for the first two seasons, but it goes downhill fast after this.

No. 174343

Is 'Only Lovers Left Alive' good?

No. 174344

I wasn’t a fan, but there are a lot of people who love it.

No. 174364

File: 1639852810446.png (315.26 KB, 443x482, Goals.png)

Literally my ideal aesthetic

No. 174366

Yes, watch it if you want a chill movie

No. 174368

Charlie and Lola looking asses.

No. 174416

>Are there any shitty books in the Vampire Chronicles?
Most of them.

Mayfair Witches are my guilty pleasure, but they went over the tasteless treshold to the point I didn't finish them.

This, tbh.

No. 174439

half-asleep and literally thought this was zendaya by the thumbnail

vtm nonnies you have my heart, vtmb is my comfort game and I love the tabletop stuff too!

all nonnies who have not played and enjoy the vampire genre are really missing out, it's the best cheapie game on steam you will ever buy. vid related.

No. 174576

>something that has a similar atmosphere to VTMB
The most obvious answer is the movie Blade, which features vampires hiding in plain sight in a modern urban setting, using blood banks, doing magic conspiracies with a lot of gore and nightclubs, and possibly the Underworld movie which is about a secret war between vampires and werewolves (but of imo lesser quality)

If you're looking more for a magic war with goth/punk elements in a urban setting I'd say the manga (not the anime) Dorohedoro is right up your alley. Magic conspiracy with otherworldly beings would be The Courtyard by alan moore (cthulhu themed comic) plus of course a selection of lovecraft works. Flesh-shaping body horror like the Tzimisce do would be the manga Franken Fran, ugly people killing each other at night would be Sin City (the comics are better than the movie)

Charismatic vampires fucking up humans to establish their rule in a depressing world while dealing with otherworldly entities would be the legacy of kain game series (amy henning's greatest achievement), buffed up people fucking each other up with ties to Cain would be The Strange Talent of Luther Strode (comic), the special agent doing stealth operations in a sort-of-open city vibe while acting against global conspiracies could be found in Deus Ex, the supernatural, violent, gritty atmosphere (with no supernatural element however) in a city constantly at night would be Max Payne (game). Maybe Clive Barker's Books of Blood for stories of monsters and demons in urban settings who, just like vampires, have to follow rules and can't just kill people as they want, and I'd finish with the Shiki anime (vampires in a japanese small town, inspired by King's Salem's Lot) because I liked it

There are other vampire the masquerade video games but I don't know what they're worth…

No. 174935

File: 1640109538821.jpeg (176.53 KB, 1920x1080, 3gqGlavhjLQ-snVrFRCyxg.jpeg)

Nonnies, when I found this thread AND saw people talk about vtm I squealed! Let me give you some recommendations
This is my absolute favourite series in the entire world and I'm still periodically replaying vtmb trying to find new ways to beat the game both in gameplay and roleplay, and when I run out of options I will start playing with mods like Antitribu kek I heard it's really good so I'd give it a try if some of you anons want more vtmb gameplay!
I also love to autistically dig though anything I can find concerning vtm, like digging through the game files to look at the models and maps, listen to the voice lines and analyze code snippets. I love finding something that hints at unfinished or cut content, it's a shame the release turned out how it did… Vtm has been a bit unlucky in the past so I'm anxious about vtmb2's release

For more content, I'd recommend reading the rulebooks they're so much fun and provide some new interesting info. Didn't read the clan novels yet, but I have them lined up and ready, and I hope they're fun. Also the 'Ghouls: Fatal Addiction' sourcebook might provide some interesting info from the perspective of a blood-bound kine if you're interested! (I can provide access to the pdf versions of the books I was able to collect if some anons are curious)

I haven't gotten around to playing all the text based games yet, but I was so excited when the Parliament of Knives came out! I'm so excited to roleplay more high-stakes kindred politics, it's such a fun concept! I just wish they included more visuals, because the promo material looked so beautiful! If any of you anons decided to pick one up, I heard that night road is the most liked out of the text based games. It has some DLC that unlocks many more clans to play as and new disciplines too, which the game was praised for adding.
I hope this thread survives a bit longer… I'd love to talk about these games when I complete them and maybe even interest some of you in them, but this thread might be dead by the time I find the free time to fixate on vtm again kek It's a shame, but it's fine. I'm just super excited that I got another confirmation that anons enjoy my favourite thing of all time too

That being said, there's a lot of talk about vtmb2, obviously, but have any of you looked into vtm-Swansong yet? I don't hear people talking about it but the release date is initially planned for 2022. Any thoughts on the game so far? I'd love to hear it!
Sorry anon, but Nossies aren't implemented in vtmb2… (yet, hopefully) I wish they were, they're one of my favourite clans and very interesting and fun to play as, for sure!

I want to ask anons if they played Vampyr - I did and I enjoyed my playthrough fine, but I've seen people complaining.
The combat was fun, I enjoyed the abilities but it could get a bit cheesy sometimes - maybe it's the problem of me stockpiling my xp and upgrading everything in one night so the powerspike felt too big? Not sure, but some bosses were taken down in a single combo.
The story was okay too, but I don't have the best of tastes so I'm sorry if someone plays it and thinks it's a bad game kek
Some relationships are super rushed Lady Ashbury calling me her love made me recoil and if you let them, some characters will talk your ear off, but it's fine otherwise and that dialogue is optional anyway. I liked the 2d art, but the 3d models looked a bit ugly at times. Loved the music a lot! It was very memorable because it succeeded at setting the right mood. Me being an insomniac Ekon made the pandemic system a bit underpowered too, but you can always handicap yourself by sleeping more. I enjoyed playing doctor and being nosy with peoples secrets. Also that one scene at the end… Why do you wander around in the afternoon sun? I don't know…

I'm so sorry for this long post but this thread is my dream kek I'll let myself sperg just this once

No. 174955

File: 1640115040395.jpg (257.34 KB, 768x576, 1-itjfd57JMhdHA[1].jpg)

Is Vtm:redemption worth playing? I never ever hear anyone talking about it
>Nossies aren't implemented in vtmb2
The more it goes the less I have hopes for this game…

No. 174981

Nonnie, I haven't played it yet, but I own it, so if you'd like and if you have some patience, I can make it my next vtm-related playthrough and let you know what I think of it. From what I know it spans over diverse periods of time, and states of unlife, so that is interesting to me from the storytelling perspective.
The game came before vtmb, but it's vastly overshadowed by it, so it's very rare to see someone mention it at all.
If you'd like to have somebody's opinion right away, I will link videos deconstructing the game, but if you want to avoid the spoilers make sure to skip Acts 2 and 3 of the embed. This video is very lenient, but I'll also add one that's very critical in another post, so you can get both perspectives.
To summarize - the game explores the full life of a neonate kindred you are a part of a coterie, so there's more characters, but it seems to mostly focus on the main protagonist, so it focuses on his struggles very closely rather than how it was done in vtmb. You're playing an established character. The game will be a bit clunky and dated and it's recommended you skim through the manual because the game won't provide any tutorials on it's own.
Some people aren't patient with dated game design so I understand why it's overlooked. I've had people tell me they didn't have patience for vtmb and would rather wait for the newest release, so I could only imagine how they'd react to Redemption kek
Looking past all it's flaws, I'd still play it, but maybe I'm being too forgiving

If you do end up giving it a chance I really hope you enjoy it!

No. 174982

This one is the very critical video

No. 175034

god nonnie i wish i had friends like you, please reply to this post when you return so we can sperg together

what clans do you all main? any of you play tabletop?

No. 175146

I'll be very interested to know your opinion on it (no need to rush it I have a huge backlog of other games I have to play), thank you for the vids!

No. 175343

If I am not wrong, Lestat was like…22 or 23 when he turned out and Louis was 25.
They got old people and I can see neither of them as Lestat and Louis. Pretty shitty choice ffs…

No. 175394

File: 1640290427340.jpg (155.48 KB, 617x879, game-steam-vampyr-cover[1].jpg)

It's for free on the epic games store right now!!!

No. 175438

File: 1640310566908.jpg (25.78 KB, 640x480, rat_coterie.jpg)

kek I started playing that night because this thread got me too excited. I'm gonna try and see if I can get that rat in my inventory all the way through the entire game or if it dies in torpor

Nonnie, my favourites are definitely Nossies and Torries. Nossies are just too cool, the clan culture is awesome and the more I learn about them the more I love them. They're my precious little rats, very fun, very lovely, can't go wrong with them. Toreador is the clan I got recommended from the vtmb quiz, so they were my first ever clan, and when I first found the books, the one to focus on when reading about any aspect of vampirism from the clan perspective, they feel like home, and not many people seem to like them, but I think they're great
I also like Lasombra and Tzimisce, they stand out to me, and are very interesting to read about for sure, but I don't have anyone irl that likes vtm so I didn't get to play around with them yet, which is a shame, but maybe one day I'll find a group to play tabletop with! What about you, anon?
Also, tell me nonnies, what was your first ever clan to play as, and the sect you like most?

No. 176812

Have you somehow avoided all of the drama, firings, rewrites, changing studios etc? Why is everyone in this thread so hopeful for vtmb2? I don't want to be a downer, but even if it ever comes out it's going to be far removed from the og.

No. 176832

I played a Brujah in bloodlines at first only because she was the prettiest character model (i was like 15 pls no bully) but I've grown to really like the tremere for their esotetric spooky shit and the nosferatu - ESPECIALLY cleopatras. Imalia's story as a former model turned into a hideous monster has just embittered her for eternity and I'm so here for it

No. 176899

No wonder that game sucks so bad, no soul and shit writing and combat.
Nosferatu are no.1 they have the most unique playthrough, and their dialogue seems more complex. There's been tons of mystique and buff and etc vampires, but I've never seen something done like Nosferatu, living in sewers and transformed into monsters, getting by on skills and stealth, it's so unique compared to everything else nowadays.

No. 176900

all kinds of games are for free, not only poor ones

No. 176901

File: 1641150873887.jpg (53.3 KB, 327x499, 51997QHntTL._SX325_BO1,204,203…)

Anyone else self insert into these books when they were young? I feel like they made me forever obsessed with vampires, the ultimate escape fantasy of becoming strong and escaping from shitty life.

No. 176905

File: 1641151801986.jpg (63.43 KB, 630x1200, MV5BODNmYjhjMzctY2JiMi00YjdiLT…)

Yess!! I loved the Darren Shan series so much omg. I was also obsessed with Buffy and fantasized about hooking up with Spike lmao

No. 179909

File: 1642480030134.gif (937.95 KB, 498x280, buffy-spike.gif)

Spike was a great character! I lose it whenever Buffy breaks into his crypt, lol. The relationship he had with Joyce was also very funny and unexpected, talk about unmatched energy. Love him sm. Sometimes I just pretend that episode from S6 never happened, that was a big mistake, huge.

No. 180945

File: 1642900332223.jpg (159.2 KB, 1280x720, ed2axy5.jpg)

i watched night teeth on netflix. the lore was YA-tier but the chemistry between the two leads made up for it.

No. 180948

Saw that one too. Overall forgettable but really fun in the moment.

I downloaded the whole Morganville vampires series of books. Don't know much about them, kinda going in blind hoping they're not trash. Missed the fact that it's completely YA and main character is some 16 year old and only realized later. I'd rather read about adults but oh well, I have them already so let's try.

If this doesn't pan out I'll have to look more cause I'd really like to get into a full on series of books.

No. 180953

Actually had no fucking idea about this. Me as a teenager imagining Lestat with the face of a young Ville Valo and I get this pink fuck. I don't know why Louis is black or who wanted that. Since doing shit no one wants or asks for is par for the course now, the least they could do is get the best version of the thing we didn't want. But no, here's this goofy fuck.
This casting is misogynistic. The brothel story is insane. Louis is now a black pimp. Like, I…I can't deal with the stupidity of that.

No. 181080

he is equally hideous as the two men above kek.

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