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File: 1639857400151.jpeg (119.09 KB, 1100x1055, 78130A72-B745-4D3E-8CB3-CA8F2C…)

No. 174377

Post pictures of anything military or law enforcement related. /K/ discussion, as well, is welcome.

No. 174378

File: 1639857482822.jpeg (2.15 MB, 3069x4096, 276EC58E-D933-495F-8A0E-9386F7…)

No. 174379

File: 1639857543982.jpeg (155.42 KB, 850x721, F4A5BBC8-CDD1-4A6E-ADF8-4012C2…)

No. 174380

File: 1639857596008.jpeg (60.77 KB, 434x439, 1DB3AFD5-CDC8-4CA3-AD0F-FAEED8…)

No. 174381

This is so autistic, and there’s already a thread about military stuff where you can sperg about it.

No. 174384

File: 1639858060986.jpeg (106.29 KB, 500x658, D5D30A0E-B07D-4364-969A-9305CC…)

Waaa you’re so mean I’ll never make a thread again.

No. 174385

No. 174390

Damn I wanna ask about guns and general home/self defense but I don’t want glowies on here

No. 174393

File: 1639861685166.jpeg (139.52 KB, 666x852, 0C56C8E0-5E6A-410A-9D56-B69DEB…)

Hot military himbo, Jocko Willinik. He’s a nice guy too.

No. 174406

File: 1639868411032.jpg (7.54 KB, 300x168, knifecat.jpg)

why does he look like this

No. 174448

File: 1639885849879.jpg (318.12 KB, 793x1600, E1epA9lXoAUxv0V.jpg)

As someone whose had family members who've served in the Military I find the fetishization aspect of this offensive
That is a thread I could do, I have some infogrpahs like picrel

No. 174457

cause he’s gonna give ya a big ol kiss

No. 174461

theres a self defense thread on 2X

No. 174471

aww nonnie is offended

No. 174481

File: 1639908326948.jpg (186.92 KB, 1280x855, lpl1yvig4al21.jpg)

Picrel are Danish frogmen and I love them. They look like Dark Souls characters

No. 174510

Yeah cause its offensive, I've interacted with people who fetishize guys in the military and Its always disrepsftful

No. 174512

Oh no, farmers disrespect men on lolcow?

No. 174514

File: 1639926031197.jpg (41.16 KB, 353x600, funny_picdump_540_640_12.jpg)

I'm looking disrepsftfully at this guy right now anon, what are you going to do

No. 174520

File: 1639928423350.jpg (29.54 KB, 543x604, c78e9fd25d59f0bfa9d5ba8a0ea3d7…)

I will ravage a tactical slut in a repsftful way

No. 174522

File: 1639929656738.jpg (98.96 KB, 735x532, 99b717677239b27aa2da87597f43f7…)

Hide the thread, move on.

No. 174523

Your scrote family members are worth absolutely nothing. They are cannon fodder, nothing more.

No. 174529

File: 1639930920010.jpeg (190.3 KB, 736x1085, 4FEEE7E2-994D-462E-A021-F1657F…)

I’m gonna fetishize them even harder now hhng

No. 174535

File: 1639933893822.gif (1.73 MB, 393x498, sir-yes-sir-oorah-oorah.gif)

Don't think they care about you defending them

No. 174537

Can I post just hot guys in uniforms (or guys in hot uniforms)? I have huge retarded uniform fetish.

Too late.

No. 174539

I have oily skin type and I’d let him invade me

No. 174541

Why that's the thread just for that anon

No. 174544

File: 1639937006719.png (291.38 KB, 528x390, 1621548919167.png)

i just miss when men went to war and died.

No. 174556

File: 1639943083531.jpg (47.65 KB, 564x639, i.jpg)


No. 174557

File: 1639943126287.jpg (39.09 KB, 563x351, wanna.jpg)

No. 174559

File: 1639943256809.jpg (45.69 KB, 563x550, fucking.jpg)

No. 174561

File: 1639943314535.jpg (59.56 KB, 564x564, ride.jpg)

No. 174562

File: 1639943351535.jpg (49.04 KB, 563x619, them.jpg)

No. 174563

File: 1639943401510.jpg (58.06 KB, 563x538, all.jpg)

6/6, voila

No. 174564

File: 1639943856968.jpg (291.09 KB, 1444x2048, EFkd-zIVUAArSFv.jpg)

amagicalplace wiki has some good infographics, just go to Wiki Content>A magical place>Sticky. But this one is the best imo, and It's not on there since it was made by 8chan's /k/ not 4/k/. https://imgur.com/a/It0D7hb

No. 174566

File: 1639945439214.jpg (143.13 KB, 736x1163, c92ac23a6be49f9068898b24db872e…)

The best military uniform, you can't change my mind.

No. 174582


No. 174600

File: 1639963553852.jpg (213.88 KB, 990x1400, 1474738794656.jpg)

No. 174602

File: 1639963618348.png (873.01 KB, 919x1134, 1494809588222.png)

No. 174603

File: 1639963666087.jpg (293.32 KB, 1000x1687, 1520522960959.jpg)

No. 174604

File: 1639963688355.jpg (634.13 KB, 1277x1644, 1497327681665.jpg)

No. 174605

File: 1639963733692.jpg (1.26 MB, 1715x2048, 1507194394446.jpg)

No. 174606

File: 1639963760681.jpg (200.88 KB, 841x1200, Napoleon_-_2.jpg)

No. 174607

File: 1639963822246.jpg (83.45 KB, 600x781, General_sherman.jpg)

No. 174608

File: 1639963862698.jpg (18.94 KB, 302x400, tumblr_lve3zmERLQ1r6y3vao1_400…)

No. 174610

File: 1639963896690.jpg (66.02 KB, 450x720, tumblr_lvhjg8FCUQ1qdanvuo1_500…)

No. 174611

File: 1639963943029.jpg (25.08 KB, 500x735, tumblr_n2sgg1Ekpj1r5kp5io1_500…)

No. 174612

File: 1639963964213.png (693.12 KB, 1280x713, tumblr_ntllvqB63w1tlgzd0o1_128…)

No. 174613

File: 1639964021993.jpg (612.67 KB, 2432x1739, Ulani.JPG)

No. 174614

File: 1639964108998.jpg (48.38 KB, 572x713, William-Tecumseh-Sherman (1).j…)

No. 174615

File: 1639964132074.jpg (908.01 KB, 2364x3000, William-Tecumseh-Sherman.jpg)

No. 174616

File: 1639964153039.jpg (475.4 KB, 685x1028, Yuri-Gagarin-1961-Helsinki-cro…)

No. 174617

File: 1639964202273.jpg (40.08 KB, 500x325, Yuri-Gagarin-and-German-Titov.…)

No. 174618

File: 1639964345476.jpg (41.17 KB, 436x500, 8d72b4b4665d2015de4ce748dd7306…)

No. 174620

File: 1639964380382.jpg (50.83 KB, 800x531, 6YVUVJD.jpg)

No. 174621

File: 1639964436358.jpg (44.86 KB, 370x600, 5872d2773c30a2524192e248444c0d…)

No. 174622

File: 1639964459165.jpg (241.67 KB, 768x600, 1467255957182.jpg)

No. 174623

File: 1639964536546.png (698.51 KB, 626x696, 1507350040893.png)

No. 174624

File: 1639964589215.jpg (1.39 MB, 4057x2840, 1535322939618.jpg)

No. 174625

File: 1639964637816.jpg (228.02 KB, 900x667, 1535476257477.jpg)

No. 174626

File: 1639964671773.jpg (55.64 KB, 470x711, 1558732760868.jpg)

No. 174627

File: 1639964726854.png (383.74 KB, 614x618, 1564610035516.png)

No. 174628

File: 1639964763643.png (1.09 MB, 1368x855, 1564773919827.png)

No. 174629

File: 1639964821995.jpg (519.67 KB, 2048x1375, 1580137262873.jpg)

No. 174630

File: 1639964853479.jpg (659.81 KB, 1904x1456, 1580137319200.jpg)

No. 174631

File: 1639964892426.jpg (122.74 KB, 847x1024, 1580172281558.jpg)

No. 174632

File: 1639964925591.jpg (480.31 KB, 2048x1489, 1586766801884.jpg)

No. 174633

File: 1639964996218.jpg (325.26 KB, 1123x1600, allied_soldiers_mock_hitler_19…)

No. 174634

File: 1639965034802.jpg (139.01 KB, 930x1153, b5bf342e18863a0c319489212c95f2…)

No. 174636

File: 1639965322132.jpeg (54.1 KB, 400x547, WhatsApp Image 2021-12-19 at 1…)

Carabinieri are hot.

No. 174637

File: 1639965356493.jpg (185.64 KB, 1024x709, Contras.jpg)

No. 174638

File: 1639965380886.jpg (45.9 KB, 393x648, d2401063837fb6364420cfb8e1d5be…)

No. 174639

File: 1639965419801.jpg (123.42 KB, 634x960, f0e98f60b7ad.jpg)

No. 174640

File: 1639965466161.jpeg (207.09 KB, 1280x894, WhatsApp Image 2021-12-19 at 1…)

Women as well.

No. 174641

File: 1639965470242.jpg (23.36 KB, 236x339, General_Erwin_Rommel.jpg)

No. 174642

File: 1639965517343.jpg (211.88 KB, 600x1000, jacket_innerchits.jpg)

No. 174643

when i saw this photo on the front page i was so confused because i didn't know why italian police were arresting monica lewinsky

No. 174645

File: 1639966180766.jpg (108.92 KB, 1024x711, mfOEhFM.jpg)

No. 174646

File: 1639966210058.jpg (192.13 KB, 478x350, nbMjVFc.jpg)

No. 174647

File: 1639966249363.jpg (146.5 KB, 1024x948, pmCBLWU.jpg)

No. 174648

File: 1639966273511.jpg (81.53 KB, 645x909, PSnjjXV.jpg)

No. 174649

File: 1639966306341.jpg (153.31 KB, 800x600, PUCu50f.jpg)

No. 174650

File: 1639966348236.jpg (40.21 KB, 457x640, SbBubAi.jpg)

No. 174651

File: 1639966394075.jpg (470.19 KB, 1500x1563, SHORPY_09549u.jpg)

No. 174652

File: 1639966446720.jpg (57.99 KB, 524x396, Signal_16-1941..jpg)

No. 174653

File: 1639966475292.jpg (101.33 KB, 610x389, truth-animals122b.jpg)

No. 174654

File: 1639966510866.png (160.77 KB, 500x389, tumblr_ly9c83LZKN1r6y3vao1_500…)

No. 174655

File: 1639966548592.jpg (224.76 KB, 782x1080, tumblr_mn2e0zOBWD1rsde4yo1_128…)

No. 174657

File: 1639966591715.jpg (154.99 KB, 720x960, tumblr_n59szgbTCi1rxd5pto1_128…)

No. 174658

File: 1639966656446.jpg (43.69 KB, 479x720, tumblr_pe2kp5tK0w1regz7ho1_500…)

No. 174659

File: 1639966697670.jpg (694.73 KB, 2048x1365, TZKE7pq.jpg)

No. 174660

File: 1639966743032.jpg (36.22 KB, 604x397, z (1).jpg)

No. 174661

File: 1639966827333.jpg (31.75 KB, 564x488, 0b0925348b2a0df9383bdc94b45dea…)

guys in uniforms: edition with cute pets

No. 174662

File: 1639966849271.jpg (40.23 KB, 564x728, 1fba619cb336b280d281204f5a3436…)

No. 174663

File: 1639966870100.jpg (104.39 KB, 550x662, 02F.jpg)

No. 174664

File: 1639966912812.jpg (113.89 KB, 636x952, 3eeb3224ad5eba506adabfc68b1783…)

No. 174665

File: 1639966955573.jpg (93.66 KB, 540x801, 8cc2916449dbd32020a98ae49b2968…)

No. 174666

File: 1639966984484.jpg (37.28 KB, 564x329, 8f4d3bcf693bbe81ea2b24f97d2a57…)

No. 174667

File: 1639967014000.jpg (38.14 KB, 563x422, 9da54e6737eb1e96f9b2f6eacba526…)

No. 174668

File: 1639967038471.jpg (54.93 KB, 454x670, 17cffed44606b87f1e0961c228b4fe…)

No. 174669

wow literally no one here is interested in this stuff, scrote.

No. 174670

File: 1639967095608.jpg (83.4 KB, 483x640, 99ce300262c77e49b81aebfdfbc0d0…)

No. 174671

File: 1639967137488.jpg (117.23 KB, 476x640, 268c6f796b469908bb07f8228ad30b…)

No. 174672

File: 1639967194942.jpg (192.49 KB, 639x601, 1517742286893.jpg)

No. 174673

Shut up, im liking it so far

No. 174674

stfu these pics are hot and cozy. begone dark spirit

No. 174676

File: 1639968930958.jpg (119.15 KB, 750x749, BM.jpg)

Bosnian Mujahedeen

No. 174677

File: 1639969027309.jpg (61.76 KB, 370x600, australia.jpg)

No. 174678

File: 1639969087396.jpg (236.08 KB, 763x1067, 837329271611208.jpg)

No. 174679

File: 1639969117493.jpg (252.97 KB, 800x1174, Russia,_1893 2.jpg)

No. 174680

File: 1639969139219.jpg (385.31 KB, 800x1174, Russia,_1893.jpg)

No. 174681

File: 1639969335849.png (689.83 KB, 587x879, RussianImperialUniforms.png)

No. 174682

File: 1639969517709.jpg (500.86 KB, 1370x843, 1333713346641.jpg)

No. 174683

File: 1639969571130.jpg (60.21 KB, 550x705, 1337197343523.jpg)

No. 174684

File: 1639969923016.jpg (689.43 KB, 1014x683, 1364725921538.jpg)

No. 174685

File: 1639970000029.jpg (62.49 KB, 456x735, 1380696638363.jpg)

No. 174686

File: 1639970043063.jpg (628.31 KB, 1571x2039, 1385015414204.jpg)

No. 174687

File: 1639970074523.jpg (436.2 KB, 1247x899, 1385015493677.jpg)

No. 174688

File: 1639970105881.jpg (63.84 KB, 496x700, 296a356001969d185da2f21eb56c90…)

No. 174689

File: 1639970117976.jpg (490.98 KB, 1024x636, 1385015597750.jpg)

No. 174690

File: 1639970145281.jpg (37.14 KB, 564x433, 3769f2416ab112a87876b4d23aa2ce…)

No. 174691

File: 1639970158743.jpg (482.22 KB, 1574x1048, 1385016885708.jpg)

No. 174692

File: 1639970174087.gif (1.98 MB, 347x260, 1518658157892.gif)

No. 174693

File: 1639970239515.jpg (70.92 KB, 498x697, 1517708222955.jpg)

No. 174694

File: 1639970286379.jpg (83.93 KB, 599x880, 3407517afe76c5c5dc4a7caf7ae66a…)

No. 174695

File: 1639970334469.jpg (68.93 KB, 573x800, a4a6d379fcb0b53b0638e8122f0a62…)

No. 174696

File: 1639970358522.jpg (50.71 KB, 564x564, a08aae359dd0bfb9d2e9ec80c60d73…)

No. 174698

File: 1639970380396.jpg (46.19 KB, 564x443, b12f16c1aff3c7090129edc584eaf4…)

No. 174699

File: 1639970405261.jpg (94.84 KB, 564x848, b3763980f084f3be29525b697bb1b3…)

No. 174700

File: 1639970454232.jpg (38.23 KB, 720x790, BF__H.jpg)

No. 174701

File: 1639970476535.jpg (42.34 KB, 564x556, bf48f8b4434c91403674d6e2523bae…)

No. 174703

File: 1639970622412.jpg (101.59 KB, 630x559, 1385022196749.jpg)

No. 174705

File: 1639970652490.jpg (86.95 KB, 500x686, 1385023632691.jpg)

No. 174706

File: 1639970689935.jpg (138.67 KB, 991x639, 1385024013934.jpg)

No. 174707

File: 1639970724056.jpg (383.8 KB, 982x667, 1385027210902.jpg)

No. 174708

File: 1639970760388.jpg (2.33 MB, 2000x2668, 1409955083823.jpg)

No. 174742

File: 1639992008451.png (571.29 KB, 670x419, Hetalia.png)

Oh yes I love the military

No. 174745

No. 174753

File: 1639998783733.jpeg (68.11 KB, 540x477, F40D346A-5208-4CF9-8260-32EA4F…)

Damn how does this have 100 replies i thought it would sink lol anyway

No. 174754

File: 1639998848208.jpeg (27.06 KB, 337x376, 93FD6E46-7900-48CB-997B-9F63B8…)

No. 174755

File: 1639999052140.jpeg (70.71 KB, 625x437, CBBB57CC-9602-47C0-955A-88DCA2…)

No. 174756

File: 1639999160573.jpeg (127.14 KB, 800x600, CBE09BA9-A4CD-42FD-BEEE-498103…)

No. 174757

File: 1639999246762.jpeg (33.43 KB, 429x424, 3A5B7848-FD51-4BF2-9B8C-3E7F9A…)

No. 174758

File: 1639999375292.jpeg (118.81 KB, 959x645, 95BA9746-44CB-4D32-A3B1-EA9718…)

No. 174759

File: 1639999430182.jpeg (144.84 KB, 1050x1050, EDD1C52B-5301-4FB1-B517-E46754…)

No. 174760

File: 1639999636536.jpeg (140.66 KB, 639x639, 4A864375-8D66-48E2-B080-E2D7C0…)

No. 174762

Woah almost thought it was a troon thread

No. 174763

File: 1640000099851.jpg (43.02 KB, 234x347, tfw no twink black devil bf.jp…)

had the biggest crush on this guy in middle school… i was really into ace pilots back then. im glad theres finally thread with real men and not that big nose faggot and 2d men.

No. 174764

File: 1640000496104.jpeg (619.73 KB, 750x932, 2E58DF6D-E716-41DB-AA54-2252B2…)

No. 174765

File: 1640000687001.jpeg (86.94 KB, 540x539, 1399D172-7097-4459-BB92-2CF825…)

No. 174767

File: 1640000973337.jpeg (136.61 KB, 700x700, 51360453-5C9C-4857-93A2-B44436…)

You can be a girl and wear boots with pusheen socks

No. 174769

File: 1640001232836.jpeg (97.04 KB, 380x1024, CA3597E7-D049-4900-BC74-22F3C1…)

No. 174770

File: 1640001317090.jpeg (610.53 KB, 1052x1391, 1394FCD4-4843-4408-95BC-1104AB…)

No. 174794

File: 1640018990134.jpeg (212.93 KB, 1052x1285, 593BD314-541B-421A-B820-354283…)

No. 174796

File: 1640019260349.jpeg (98.74 KB, 700x882, F66ACBD6-4E9C-4100-8A54-3D021E…)

No. 174797

Too lazy to dig this but just so you know in a previous dress-up games thread there was a nazi picrew, the artist's twitter is filled with nsfw military it's kinda well drawn.

No. 174800

File: 1640023722650.jpeg (182.21 KB, 1460x2048, FD18AD3A-998E-4F54-97BA-307FFF…)

nta but it’s @mtmr_0721 on twitter if anyones curious

No. 174802

File: 1640024643102.png (968.13 KB, 810x809, uwu.png)

No. 174803

File: 1640024706574.png (Spoiler Image,4.47 MB, 1680x1040, spoilering just in case.png)

No. 174804

File: 1640024890949.jpg (222.37 KB, 689x1027, peace bitches.jpg)

No. 174807

With my eyes wandering off,
I spot a Dragunov

No. 174823

File: 1640036996539.jpeg (Spoiler Image,136.71 KB, 960x644, 75EBC400-FA50-4264-9CD9-69C051…)

No. 174824

File: 1640037185635.jpeg (Spoiler Image,137.26 KB, 640x433, C88F31B2-2690-42B3-AA18-DF910A…)

No. 174825

File: 1640037317278.jpeg (124.94 KB, 584x488, 22841DDC-49A9-4486-B3DE-B83EA3…)


No. 174862

File: 1640073519306.jpeg (137.12 KB, 586x782, 41469695-15E6-4AE8-B7AB-9229A0…)

No. 174863

File: 1640073569774.jpeg (189.63 KB, 907x1127, 17BAC5FF-BB37-4F18-B25B-DA5AC4…)

No. 174864

File: 1640073652631.jpeg (511.93 KB, 1440x2960, 0FAC5E28-389C-4A21-A172-DE8FA7…)

No. 174964

File: 1640118916394.jpg (53.52 KB, 640x479, ellie-nyland-katie-shaw.jpg)

No. 174965

File: 1640118946493.jpg (47.23 KB, 540x960, b1bygcgyjae21.jpg)

No. 174990

File: 1640122521243.jpeg (349.61 KB, 1052x1402, 866981FE-D23D-4719-A023-967244…)

He’s happy

No. 174992

File: 1640122620392.jpg (132.4 KB, 980x653, 1395562248610.jpg)

No. 174993

File: 1640122660394.jpeg (105.86 KB, 498x750, C5B96CC7-D30F-4B94-8C04-BE3C51…)

Ya ok i can post dead boys too

No. 174994

File: 1640122871427.jpg (78.45 KB, 541x800, mw278721.jpg)

I would

No. 174995

File: 1640122889522.jpg (184.43 KB, 1489x751, 1380679002846.jpg)

No. 174996

File: 1640122909380.jpeg (377.35 KB, 1364x1364, 28EED814-DEC6-4C26-B851-3CB3BA…)

my pussy is about to EXPLODE

No. 174998

File: 1640123017564.jpeg (27.4 KB, 280x365, FB409ECD-5836-40C5-B233-B023B8…)

No. 174999

Is that the forbidden man?

No. 175000

File: 1640123037269.jpg (153.89 KB, 960x1280, 1405505241788.jpg)

No. 175001

File: 1640123097835.jpg (105.23 KB, 482x640, 1407174896840.jpg)

No. 175002

File: 1640123150124.jpg (460.84 KB, 1276x1739, 1407174681570.jpg)

No. 175003

File: 1640123314668.jpg (102.44 KB, 1030x600, 1407169707773.jpg)

No. 175005

File: 1640123376664.jpeg (60.39 KB, 433x612, 4613AF87-54F8-4E34-80EB-7DA72C…)

if you mean napoleon yes

No. 175007

File: 1640123760557.jpeg (43.42 KB, 600x773, 8F39752A-D438-49BA-A13C-BDE329…)

See yoself to jail

No. 175008

File: 1640123835080.jpeg (87.78 KB, 736x482, E7698E91-0AD1-4B61-93C7-7EF947…)

Those pants are A+

No. 175010

File: 1640124026485.jpeg (339.98 KB, 1200x906, 20629AB9-EA93-42E1-9275-05F6B7…)

Perhaps not the best camouflage

No. 175027

File: 1640134839954.png (331.74 KB, 500x348, tumblr_m0sw8hCn4p1qaac0mo1_500…)

Get in line, bitch.

No. 175028

File: 1640137073765.jpg (202.83 KB, 990x1400, 1801_Antoine-Jean_Gros_-_Bonap…)

will never get over josephine holding him in her lap so he'd sit for the painting

No. 175030


crying right now crying pissing pussy farting

No. 175032

KEK I just realized what was on his shirt

No. 175037

File: 1640145816852.jpg (152.43 KB, 718x1024, napoleon-bonaparte-age-23.jpg)

Napoleon was referred to, with many terms throughout his life and afterwards
>Will Made Flesh
>The Son of the Revolution
>The Little Corsican
>The Last Condottiere

and now he will known as the "musk eater

No. 175039

I'm still living in a dream, musk eater
Holy shit, that's adorable. Didn't her legs go stiff? Lol. Where did you get the story from? I want more

No. 175041

it's mentioned in here: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/37499/37499-h/37499-h.htm (section b no. 18) and I've seen other people talk about it as well, don't know where a direct translation of wherever that was recorded is, or if there's one available in english (sry 4 unreadable sentence)

No. 175043

File: 1640149672868.gif (Spoiler Image,11.19 MB, 550x334, f453.gif)

funny tactical guys

No. 175046

File: 1640151172074.jpg (52.33 KB, 512x350, 1607788848784.jpg)

So clearly there's two types of posters in this thread, one who are into tactical military guys(who have peak human physiques) either being casual or battle situations(like picrel) and others who just want to see porn actors in military gear

No. 175063

File: 1640155214488.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3264x2448, 4979B533-A336-4CB2-A248-209BBA…)

Basically he was a very restless person and didn't like posing for portraits. Most of the known ones aren't made from life.
It's also why the painting in picrel is unfinished- napoleon was persuaded to pose for the painter but hated it and only came to the first posing session, then never showed up again, presumably because Josephine wasn't there to hold him still.
What category does Napoleon fall in?

No. 175074

historical husbando-ing I guess ?

No. 175076

File: 1640162607174.jpg (171.77 KB, 439x1000, i shall accept your offering m…)

No. 175104

Where are the porn actors anon?

No. 175157

File: 1640197129672.jpeg (36.23 KB, 682x499, 3C057490-1316-4566-A3B8-B5159F…)

And also memes.

No. 175204

File: 1640212901237.jpeg (76.96 KB, 534x677, 4DCD6467-5BD8-488C-8A81-263928…)

No. 175230

File: 1640221714643.jpeg (16.8 KB, 129x206, CD4EF12C-AE25-492B-A223-022308…)

reaction pic

No. 175233

why not both

No. 175281

File: 1640252758937.jpg (137.1 KB, 1030x600, main-qimg-aa844a8c9872d887f328…)

The blue colour used for their uniforms was called "horizon blue"
>Thought German soldiers in tranches wouldn't see them coming since their uniform was the colour of the sky
>Saw them coming miles away, even in misty weather
>Didn't want to change the blue colour because iconic and cute
>Better lose in style than win while looking ugly
Classic french moment

No. 175335

File: 1640266731405.jpeg (72.93 KB, 612x762, 5064445E-CC4B-4A5C-830E-91C67F…)

No. 175378

File: 1640284390481.jpg (488.36 KB, 1146x1802, 035fd.jpg)

No. 175379

File: 1640284433142.jpg (188.92 KB, 859x920, 7.jpg)

No. 175382

God i wish that were me
well that is some of the most debauched shit I've seen lately. @ me if she ever makes het content

No. 175388

See this is what I mean, >>175382 >>174800
Military Fetishists are almost always civilians who care more about the uniforms and leather roleplay aspect then the actual soldiers, hell I'm sure most have never seen an IRL gun in their lives

No. 175390

You sound like a /standingby/ pol scrote

No. 175392

File: 1640289773517.jpg (Spoiler Image,73.85 KB, 600x313, IMG_20211223_205850.jpg)

damn anon can't we be horni in peace, go lick boots somewhere else. oh and I ackctually see guns all the time because I live in a big euro city where there's military patrolling all big metro stations. and yes I am attracted to them, what are you going to do about it

No. 175393

File: 1640290273255.jpg (178.18 KB, 1000x640, Vigipirate-un-niveau-d-alerte-…)

Based vigipirate nonnette?
I honestly feel a bit bad for them, imagine joining the army and doing this shit for like what, 3 years? Crazy. Can't even be mad at the military moids in Calais car drifting in the mud kek

No. 175398

File: 1640292802450.jpg (254.84 KB, 978x604, IMG_20211223_215256.jpg)

wrong country lol, close though. And yeah I always feel bad for them, especially the ones standing outside in the summer

No. 175399

File: 1640293348204.jpg (181.74 KB, 675x1024, 926rsnaa0pr51.jpg)

See I'm attracted to soldiers as well, I guess you could say I objectify them
I find the build of a soldier to be the ideal male form, the form man evolved to have naturally

That's why I don't care much for the Military clothing fetish aspect of this thread, any scrote could wear some fetishy military uniform but If a man has actual military training and the fitness of a soldier, I found that to be the most attractive aspect of them, not the guns or the uniform

No. 175400

File: 1640293697223.png (601.44 KB, 700x436, unknown.png)

The fact that someone, somewhere, owns a Hello Kitty desert eagle keeps me up at night

No. 175401

File: 1640293779023.jpg (54.32 KB, 690x484, the ideal male form.jpg)

>I find the build of a soldier to be the ideal male form

No. 175402

looks 3d

No. 175403

just fuck a gymbro
literally seething and shitting myself, you've killed my myth

No. 175407

File: 1640296120821.jpg (153.81 KB, 603x606, Acadian_farmer.jpg)

Its funny you posted that pic, cause the guy was actually a fitness fanatic who bulked up just for the fun of it before slimming down when on active duty
gymbros(men with super big muscles not just regular fit guys) may have seemingly strong bodies but I wouldn't trust them with my life, he'd be just as useless as anybody else if SHTF and again I don't appreciate that make form
a man has to have a certain look that I'm attracted to, picrel is about as muscular I'm willing to tolerate for males

No. 175408

How many fucking times do we have to see this pic you utter autist?

No. 175409

fuck off fuck off fuck off retard

No. 175410

File: 1640297549650.jpg (277.31 KB, 736x1107, 8993466.jpg)

No. 175411

File: 1640297634713.jpg (128.6 KB, 750x750, 162971154.jpg)

No. 175412

uhhh sauce? for research purposes

No. 175413

File: 1640297738424.jpg (102.4 KB, 850x960, 109916121.jpg)

No. 175414

File: 1640298041690.jpg (206.86 KB, 1022x1019, 960.jpg)

No. 175415

File: 1640298157198.jpeg (333.91 KB, 1024x768, D82CDED5-87F0-4585-B4CD-DE3BA2…)

No. 175417

File: 1640298219983.jpeg (174.34 KB, 960x662, 31CB0F23-C561-4DFB-8864-406120…)

No. 175418

File: 1640298339349.jpeg (63.6 KB, 500x495, 98C2773E-9572-4519-A5D6-C457F1…)

No. 175422

File: 1640301900549.jpeg (58.68 KB, 960x772, BBA10870-C68B-4AD6-B235-531086…)

I will always fetishise napoleon

No. 175423

What's so great about him anyway?

No. 175424

File: 1640303601275.jpg (101.45 KB, 578x732, truth-animals110b2.jpg)

I refuse to feel bad about objectifying moids.

He was a man who came from nowhere and became the most powerful person in contemporary Europe if not the world for a while and it took a combined effort of almost all European powers to bring him down. People compare him to Alexander the Great or Hitler, but Alexander was a prince who was born into power, and Hitler came to power partially thanks to mass media (Goebbels himself said that the Nazis wouldn't get anywhere without the invention of a mere microphone) and never personally commanded an army. A man like Naps is born only once per millennium, maybe even less.

Also, he was cute in his youth, and I dig the general aesthetics of his era.

No. 175425

File: 1640304305147.jpg (445.5 KB, 1697x1169, _8efe38294249f8e716d1053d4fd4…)

Will this lift your spirits?

No. 175426

kekk ty nonna
amazing pussy eater

No. 175439

it's so embarrassing seeing women drool over military guys like they wouldn't rape and sexually batter you for fun if you were civilians of whatever country they're fighting.
Military men literally see women as the sex prizes they deserve for going to war, like literal apes. This thread is sad & cringe.

No. 175442

File: 1640312376442.jpg (405.52 KB, 1080x1069, bwgt9jz9yu651.jpg)

at least to me the uniform and the military status implies that theyre super fit underneath nona. its part of the appeal. sometimes less is more.

No. 175444

File: 1640313097373.png (115.32 KB, 1800x1578, ca1.png)

it's not that deep

No. 175445

We don't care what they want or would theoretically do. This is pure objectification, I'll be sure to peg the fantasy soldiers in my mind if it makes you feel better.

No. 175446

I'm aware it was largely due to how sexist he was but the fact that he was awkward with talking to women somehow also does it for me

No. 175448

It is, though. Soldiers are responsible for mass rapes in every war that has ever happened. It's part of male military culture, and you can tell because it always happens. Ignoring that reality to get your cooms in is embarrassing and shows a real lack of empathy to all the women who have been victims of male military culture.

No. 175452

It's not real, it's men who we think of wearing military uniforms while being pegged, they don't exist. I'm sure many contributors to the thread just like the shape and form of the uniform and are anti-military. And anyways, men who served are insufferable misogynists and should be looked at like pretty meat. That's it.

No. 175453

i do hope you plan to argue like this with every woman posting gross men in the "shameful attractions" thread in /g/

No. 175454

File: 1640315613905.jpg (155.21 KB, 640x785, 5ebe577076bdfb6288d74e1c0_b12c…)

he had a really interesting life from penniless petty officer to master of europe, he was not only a military legend but also made a lot of very important reforms
plus was cute in his youth, and his simp letters to joséphine are the stuff of legend

No. 175455

at least they're ashamed lol

No. 175456

back to /g/ and enjoy your anal prolapses and fecal matter

No. 175462

Fuck off you absolute sperg, leave them alone don't you have anything else better to do? Hide the thread if you're so offended
>Ignoring that reality to get your cooms in is embarrassing and shows a real lack of empathy to all the women who have been victims of male military culture
It's literally just suits, you sound unhinged.

No. 175468

ayrt but I'm not anorectalviolence-chan ( >>175456 ) idk why she dropped in just to bash pegging lol. fetishizing military isnt based, but pegging is. love and peace everybody

No. 175471

>Pegging is based
>But militar suits aren't
You have absolutely no moral to criticize anyone itt, degenerate

No. 175476

making anorectalviolence-chan mad was not where I thought this was going lmfao

>pegging: sexual practice that takes advantage of the fact men have prostates, requires man's consent bc a woman can't overpower a grown man. Mutually enjoyed act.

>soldiers committing mass rape: exactly the same amount of wrong as the above, apparently.

No. 175482

I'm literally not a soldier-fucker, I just think anything involving the asshole is fucked up, I hate ass-eating, sticking your finger in a someone's ass, just anything in general related to assholes
the thought of even being near someone assholes makes me wanna barf

Porn has conditioned both men and women to think anal sex is somehow clean, people bury their head in the sand and pretend that an asshole isn't a thing that is only capable of producing feces, farting, prolapsing, etc, you wanna dominate a scrote kick him in the nuts or some shit, anal stuff is just barf inducing

No. 175483

File: 1640326051881.jpeg (48.74 KB, 366x400, C7F61E1C-A2CF-404C-9CA2-358FFF…)

no one gives a shit post more napoleon

No. 175485

Clearly one anon wants to date a potential tranny who'll be wearing her clothes and demand to be called Alice

No. 175486

File: 1640328402233.jpeg (153.1 KB, 461x345, D9373B9C-9C52-4AC3-9432-EB6882…)

This is literally just a thread for eye candy no one wants to hear autistic sperging about troons and arses hth

No. 175487

File: 1640328513099.jpeg (700.36 KB, 1023x829, 75571C0E-C371-4EE5-9536-B4B875…)

No. 175503

File: 1640344103401.jpg (93.8 KB, 1300x1144, army-pasta-is-served-on-cartoo…)

I love this thread, keep em coming nonnies

No. 175508

File: 1640346782128.jpg (20.33 KB, 480x320, P05-151214-301.jpg)

The amount of retards complaining about this thread based fetishy content and yet not posting anything remotely useful unlike >>174564

No. 175521

File: 1640353034235.jpg (57.73 KB, 500x620, B3-flight-jacket-8-1-1.jpg)

WW1 and WW2 era airmen are my absolute favourite.
I wish I could find a genuine b3 sheepskin jacket in good condition and wear it. My mom bought one in the 80s and it survived up until the early 00s. It was incredibly warm and looked cool as hell.

No. 175529

File: 1640361747378.jpg (806.68 KB, 1214x1224, EmypiRrWEAIuWTf.jpg)

the only thing better than old-timey uniforms is women in old-timey uniforms

No. 175549

File: 1640369517871.jpeg (129.7 KB, 1024x683, E665A548-5DBD-4020-96FF-AB5459…)

I love these pictures of women soldiers . Also soldiers being kind to children

No. 175570

I too, love propaganda!

No. 175583

File: 1640381642306.jpeg (82.79 KB, 800x605, 338B121C-EAB5-4AB8-9540-9C676F…)

No. 175587

You're right and you should say it. As much as I want to believe bitches only want to "objectify" moids and won't actually feed moid egos irl, I don't.

No. 175590

File: 1640385958528.jpeg (43.49 KB, 450x600, 8B4F35CB-73B3-400F-892F-2D207D…)

Can you please chill with the moralfagging? this is just a picspam thread you can hide it if it bothers you that much

No. 175594

File: 1640387004001.jpg (93.38 KB, 953x912, Pride 1945.jpg)

That's a pretty shit propaganda pic, kid isn't having any of it lmao

No. 175595

File: 1640388242635.jpeg (72.65 KB, 472x597, 32A01DDC-4765-478A-80AA-3CF87F…)

Propaganda ngl

No. 175596

File: 1640388326620.jpeg (102.97 KB, 410x604, 492460F1-4F9B-4029-88DA-475465…)


No. 175597

File: 1640388402870.jpeg (154.05 KB, 613x932, 2D2F0738-7026-4AC2-8EC6-E433B5…)


No. 175598

File: 1640388427330.jpeg (30.73 KB, 599x406, A5F2A0F9-8460-4A6B-A4CE-478070…)


No. 175599

File: 1640388527505.jpeg (170.49 KB, 860x1200, 514F4071-D9A2-4C78-BEAD-6123EE…)


No. 175600

File: 1640388617476.jpeg (16.39 KB, 226x226, 92190905-CF24-4E5C-8B12-841D1A…)

U have 5 seconds to put ur toes in my mouth

No. 175602

File: 1640389770870.jpeg (20.83 KB, 362x570, 2ddb4e5e-7b2c-4518-965b-330d33…)

nice, hadn't seen that one before

No. 175603

File: 1640389812266.jpg (154.38 KB, 1300x995, 1140-809-Sevres-A-rare-Sevres-…)

No. 175740

Plate armour bros do technically fit here. Look at him running full speed

No. 175750

explaining my type of man to people is incredibly difficult

No. 175810

File: 1640547489869.jpeg (198.47 KB, 869x1242, E4CE89C1-3A56-4A70-BE34-D1B255…)

You are completely understandable nonnerina.

No. 175854

File: 1640562154848.jpg (701.25 KB, 2236x2430, 1368771437352.jpg)

No. 175855

File: 1640562249638.jpg (112.87 KB, 505x712, 1467363214703.jpg)

No. 175863

File: 1640565373047.jpg (43.15 KB, 500x494, 78hc5srduv841.jpg)

nona im going insane. mental. thank you so much for showing me that image i will read this and cherish it

No. 175907

File: 1640615342044.gif (2.22 MB, 270x319, tumblr_ca7d059dc54c0477e92623d…)


No. 175918

File: 1640625518629.jpg (97.08 KB, 1024x683, boUjbFmCae1wSb1jL8ggZUVxX0Xr_e…)

Chinese and Pakistani border guards in the Khunjerab Pass

No. 175920

I ship it

No. 175925

10/10 would write a slow burn fanfiction about their forbidden love as soldiers who are loyal to their own causes and how it makes them so reluctant to confess their undying love to each other, but then, a tragedy in the Chinese platoon happens, and chinese soldier admits that he fell in love with paki soldier that evening in which they hid themselves in a trench due to the sheer cold and lack of rations.
First they shared an expired energy bar and water, then they started sharing their experiences, and soon, they shared their warmth as the cold got harsher and harsher on that silent December night.

No. 175928

File: 1640628832763.jpg (422.64 KB, 1100x733, 2720796_orig.jpg)

Their just holding hands, its considered a common thing in South Asia for people to hold hands
You probably wouldn't be shipping guys like picrel cause their all as sin mostly ugly(like most south asian males sadly)

No. 175932

I can see a classic love triangle, white shirt is in love with purple squares, but blue shirt likes white shirt, so he gets literally in the middle of purple squares and white shirt so they don’t notice their feelings for each other.
Blue would convince white to go on a date with him, but things wouldn’t go well because they don’t share the same opinions on pizza toppings and milkshake flavors, so white goes crying to purple’s house where they share a passionate hug in which they admit to have had feelings for each other for a painfully long time. The confront blue shirt and then become friends again. It’s a happy ending.

No. 175933

File: 1640629637695.jpg (310.9 KB, 1300x866, lioudmila Pavlitchenko.jpg)

No. 175935

>>175335 who is she, she's so pretty

No. 175940

File: 1640633295716.jpeg (115.67 KB, 748x1024, C4DC4E5A-A5A6-493C-9912-AA390E…)

Nona seek help

No. 175941

File: 1640634190926.jpeg (122.76 KB, 850x850, 9ADD7579-1019-41E5-B064-ED118B…)

Kancolle shipgirl USS Hornet

No. 175943

File: 1640635340986.jpg (103.32 KB, 722x626, 249c05c318f051f0ef512cc609b4eb…)

I know, paki chan. And you're right, I don't ship ugly dudes, cause why bother. Maybe if they are masked.

No. 175947

File: 1640636619433.jpeg (57.29 KB, 976x549, 33B39F33-6F44-4481-8CAF-BD4D97…)

What are you favorite military focused movies? I like Dunkirk, the guys are cute, even Harry styles looks less like himself and more like a cute guy, but it’s probably just the uniform doing its magic.

No. 175953

File: 1640639686055.jpg (155.27 KB, 1000x1020, eXTCCOOMPEc9eH7cWa9CxAhDZj09HQ…)

Not a movie but I loved Four Tankmen and a Dog as a kid, It was an old Polish tv show, and it's what sparked my tank autism.
BTW It's hilarious that Polish facebook boomers have literal waifu wars, arguing whenever Lidka or Marusia is best girl.

No. 175978

>>175941 Ty anon i have fallen in love with her. Love that even her damaged art is not that sexualised compared to other ships CG.

No. 176015

File: 1640676839091.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.88 KB, 913x489, 135402391832.jpg)

Das Boot (1981). I watch it for the plot, I promise.

No. 176044

My ex regretted showing me this movie "noooo its philosophical you cant ogle the men nooo”

No. 176093

What's this, the daily dick inspection?

No. 176176

File: 1640763952758.jpg (2.25 MB, 2011x2000, 12.jpg)

Your ex sounds like the kind of scrote to unironically post shit like picrel, and feel like he's a genius for "getting" popular and universally beloved movies

They had a pubic lice outbreak iirc

No. 176242

Gunplayerphil, the title was something like swat cop captured

No. 176245

File: 1640808451121.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg)


No. 176249

oh I found it already, that video in particular seems to be private on his profile though rip. thanks anyway nonny

No. 176287

File: 1640835925380.jpg (1.25 MB, 2011x2000, ffgsdf.jpg)

wonder what scrotes would think of my taste
O are the one's what I watched and liked
X are the one's that watched and didn't like

No. 176289

File: 1640838299656.jpg (90.77 KB, 900x629, roza-shanina-with-her-friends.…)

no1curr, post cuties in uniform

No. 176297

Ken what the fuck is this snowflake shit? This "the other sex will never understand" thing looks so dumb when moids do it. Sorry, but it is a one way street.

No. 176302

post more nazi qts pls

No. 176304

File: 1640846726538.jpg (58.71 KB, 472x736, 22b8b4ee2d01d3c64cad1c3c111f7a…)

No. 176308

File: 1640848101677.png (2.75 MB, 2132x1800, no men, just fascists.png)


reposted because someone else had already posted the exact same photo my pic was based on

No. 176309

File: 1640848826669.jpg (62.04 KB, 800x419, 00-femsnip.jpg)

No. 176310

File: 1640848889717.gif (3.67 MB, 310x162, f02ad72cb2263d75da3e80a7e42b3c…)

I learned this in Hetalia

No. 176311

File: 1640849050684.jpg (84.52 KB, 640x907, 1492183715-gettyimages-3405048…)

No. 176312

File: 1640849075584.png (2.24 MB, 1200x1200, 38d0cde4f74dcb97897c4fc715ad49…)

No. 176313

File: 1640849546441.png (708.58 KB, 750x585, b04bccba14d25cb90e696edcaf2db1…)

No. 176315

File: 1640850549580.jpg (190.08 KB, 1280x794, 39321e9262a41aaeea80f5a745caba…)

No. 176316

File: 1640851176659.jpg (104.58 KB, 807x474, NKVD2.jpg)

No. 176318

File: 1640852319474.jpg (145.14 KB, 1000x703, __Oman_Women_Fighters.jpg)

I wanna sperg here for a moment, the UK and US really helped fundamentalist Islamic monarchy that practiced actual human slavery over an organic peasant revolutionary movement just cause "muh irrational fear of communism

No. 176334

File: 1640860446441.jpg (55.74 KB, 474x714, 6140.jpg)

No. 176335

File: 1640860603267.jpg (46.25 KB, 490x767, german-mariner.jpg)

No. 176339

File: 1640863535022.jpg (62.21 KB, 473x683, d49d6bbbe04b5b10aaad7cf178d4c3…)

No. 176359

looks extremely gay

No. 176363

File: 1640880202736.jpg (269.04 KB, 1024x848, RIAN_archive_626399_Karpov_fro…)

I know, anon, I know.

No. 176364

File: 1640880269668.jpg (70.67 KB, 640x494, border_guard_karl.jpg)

No. 176391

File: 1640889361408.jpeg (309.29 KB, 650x1076, D1899190-6A65-4DC5-85E7-42AC34…)

No. 176399

What is this from? I really like it

No. 176415

File: 1640896268688.jpeg (255.81 KB, 800x564, E1003C79-9B0F-49CF-9FE5-B8E9E9…)

Crossover art of girls frontline and rainbow 6

No. 176432

File: 1640903492883.jpg (256.48 KB, 899x860, 24570921564.jpg)

No. 176433

File: 1640903584455.jpg (180.73 KB, 960x540, tank-ballet.jpg)

No. 176452

This thread is so autistic I would love to know how many people are actually using it. It's got to be like three extreme autists, max. Is this what being raised on 4chan does to your brain? Military fanaticism is such a repulsive moid hobby

No. 176457

Hide the thread retard

No. 176458

seethes somewhere else. ppl like what they like bigot

No. 176459

I don’t really mind tbh, I thought this was going to be some weird thread to talk about uwu dream military bf daddy bullshit, but it’s just pictures so it’s okay.

No. 176465

i posted some stuff, i think uniforms are hot. go sperg elsewhere

No. 176466

File: 1640915764258.gif (163.7 KB, 220x220, pet-jager.gif)

everyone in rainbow six siege is hot as fuck but i especially love recruit, bandit and jager. i would love to bully them.

No. 176468

File: 1640916022021.jpg (Spoiler Image,405.02 KB, 1716x1200, 4520712 - AchooHo Tom_Clancy's…)

can i post siege porn?

No. 176469

There was definitely one anon hardcore mass posting their collection a little while back.

No. 176471

File: 1640916072479.jpg (Spoiler Image,6.69 MB, 5016x3541, 4236218 - Tom_Clancy's_Rainbow…)

im gonna do it

No. 176472

I like it

No. 176477

File: 1640918340904.jpeg (527.82 KB, 1262x2048, 2A0E07F9-1915-4A98-81A9-D70186…)

well i know there's at least two napoleonfags

No. 176481

holy mother of twitter crossover

No. 176492

nta but come on, your way more in it for the uniforms more then anything
I have a fetish for men with peak perfect bodies and trained combat experience, you got a uniform fetish
we are not the same

No. 176500

so we aren't allowed in this thread if we like the uniforms?

that anon was right, this thread 3 autists circlejerking

No. 176509

what about the thread description implies it's for women who appreciate "peak perfect" bodies more than women who like uniforms kek

No. 176512

File: 1640938053265.jpeg (35.8 KB, 420x555, 27ED6C9C-2BAC-4632-9BB6-0AA19B…)

fuck off. what if we're into it for the uniforms?

No. 176513

File: 1640938083061.jpeg (81.98 KB, 544x713, 2402C565-1327-4840-8F31-1F6D87…)

No. 176514

Just fuck off, hide this thread and let people post things they like, ffs.

I posted about 20 pics, it seems there are more people enjoying military shit.

At least four.

No. 176520

File: 1640943104901.png (115.32 KB, 544x477, you.png)

No. 176525

File: 1640946832804.jpg (117.7 KB, 564x752, 66915f88d01178afcd1712758f8dbf…)

Can someone spoonfeed me on the NEET Army cringefest?

No. 176538

File: 1640954221784.jpeg (79.46 KB, 548x650, 9323E3D7-B723-465F-9A02-E35AB0…)


No. 176584

File: 1640976079202.jpg (150.07 KB, 590x885, 70ac4db2d8091d52f538d64ef45dc4…)

I hate that the girl is wearing a tennis skirt and thigh highs cause ~le girl~
She would look so much better in regular tactical attire, like the men.

Also the gatekeeping is so water brain, for either side. If people are into it for the uniforms, or for the combat training, or for buff men and wen, or for the history, or for the guns/arms… What difference does it make? Tism, not even once

No. 176586

Women look so good in uniforms, it really is the best outfit for both men and women it's just peak attire

No. 176589

File: 1640978686168.jpg (345.26 KB, 599x846, 1358083486909.jpg)

It started as joke cosplay at comiket

No. 176590

No. 176592

betting $50 the "girl" is a tranny

No. 176610

File: 1640990132851.jpg (57.41 KB, 500x459, 454sc4fg8.jpg)

No. 176612

File: 1640990558240.jpg (49.4 KB, 680x486, FCfNETwXMAI2dJL.jpg)

No. 176613

File: 1640991017342.jpg (120.52 KB, 1080x771, FCfMp-oXoAUgL0x.jpg)

No. 176616

these make me lonely

No. 176622

File: 1640996794714.jpeg (71.74 KB, 564x705, A1F25A4D-1F59-4FD1-BA60-376253…)

It makes no difference. I made this thread to post about absolutely everything tangential to the military. Here look it can even be fashion

No. 176629

>uwu this scrote with a ski mask coming back from murdering people is so cute ugh goals he'd definitely not bring that violence home to me
cringe, love yourself a little. women who think men who shoot each other to death en mass are sexy need to be sterilized so they don't breed more extra-violent males who'll fuck the world over.

No. 176631

File: 1641000639138.jpg (1.17 MB, 956x1230, James_Clark_Ross.jpg)

I'm dying to know if this is the same retard as before that can't understand we just like the images or if there's multiple. anyways I like old british military dress, picrel

No. 176632

Uwu hide the thread and shut the fuck up

No. 176644

>let me enjoy fantasizing about men who massacre people in peace you meanie!
>this retard can't understand we just like the images
oh so you like it for the pixel layout? Come on, you know this is a dumb cope argument. anons itt like these pictures because they fantasize about violent moids, see >>176616
If you're just here to appreciate 18th century military uniform fashion then obviously this doesn't apply to you, use your brain. I'm talking about this weird shit >>176610 which deserves to be clowned on. Report me if it makes you so mad, idgaf, it needs to be said.

No. 176649

File: 1641005269086.jpg (171.22 KB, 535x933, 1490666828690.jpg)

Hide the thread and touch grass.

No. 176650

File: 1641006151090.jpeg (105.05 KB, 447x596, A4753D38-D2B8-489A-A48E-A887A9…)

i like these pictures bc i fantasise about bullying napoleon, cope

No. 176651

File: 1641006190254.png (2.12 MB, 1280x831, 1623078295968.png)

There are different possible reasons why a woman would save pictures of this kind, a uniform or armor fetish is just one of several.
This might come as a surprise to you, but being a military and/or history sperg is not an exclusively scrote hobby. For example, Japanese rekijo:
Personally, I don't want to talk about my reason for having these, and don't mind what other people post, rather, I appreciate the variety.
And also I have a uniform fetish lmao

No. 176652

File: 1641006715836.jpg (87.26 KB, 800x1072, 1362823191496.jpg)

No. 176653

File: 1641007215213.jpeg (449.55 KB, 1983x3000, 10173A61-3802-4343-AFF4-42D3EA…)

Uniforms are sexy and based, moralfags can sue me

No. 176656

File: 1641009315676.jpg (144.02 KB, 736x1101, 3f88aef9c0747e8a4f16106d1ab00b…)

Based nonnie
I like history and combat/survival/military training as well, but I'm the first one to say I also have an uniform fetish. No idea which came first.

No. 176662

File: 1641015801743.jpg (158.07 KB, 997x763, Rom.jpg)

I do prefer the combat/survival/survival training aspect over the uniform fetish, as well as the political history of these conflicts but I still like the "aesthetic" of soldiers and insurgents
especially of eastern european one's or anywhere that's chilly

I admit that it is somewhat problematic, so there are lines that I don't think should be crossed, e.g any gore posting, shipping/sexualizing and any Persofnication of the conflict with anime chibi fan-art

No. 176665

File: 1641017654315.jpg (95.08 KB, 640x824, e2e99668addc8daea452f31944baf0…)

No. 176668

File: 1641020311913.png (1.62 MB, 780x993, air_craft_uk.png)

This one is from the sukeban-themed, 80's Japanese TV series Shoujo Commando Izumi btw, this pic circulates in some places as a "Vietcong insurgent" kek

Is that by Kotteri? I love her art so much.
>No idea which came first.
For me, the military uniform fetish came from Hetalia, lmao. But the serious interest in real-life history and military stuff came much later in adulthood, although it helped that my family (and my environment) taught me to care about those things since I was young.


No. 176671

File: 1641021349226.jpg (96.06 KB, 897x1200, God_No.jpg)

When I talk about persofnication of conflicts with anime chibi fan-art I mean shit like picrel
which portrays conquest and colonization as being relationships

No. 176673

File: 1641024923477.jpeg (468.21 KB, 960x1280, BC3ECDB6-61F6-4A93-BFCD-550F3B…)

Why do i have to be subjected to this on my own thread

No. 176675

I made the lonely comment, I don't know why you're using it as some 1up in your argument, I was passing by and liked the expressions and embrace and I've never opened this thread before that. I'm not fantasizing about shit, I just like the bittersweet feeling of seeing people in love

No. 176676

File: 1641026320252.jpg (55.35 KB, 500x270, japeneselarpingasbalkan.jpg)

>which portrays conquest and colonization as being relationships
Hetafags used to do more or less the same thing lol
But despite cringing at it now, I think Hetalia will always be better than Countryhumans. At least the Hetalia guys wear their uniforms.

No. 176677

File: 1641027198299.jpg (22.18 KB, 412x274, _methode_times_prod_web_bin_a1…)

I recommend reading "The Unwomanly Face of War" by Svetlana Alexievich

No. 176678

File: 1641028374593.png (807.27 KB, 842x758, 1636555669710.png)

No. 176679

File: 1641028472516.jpeg (65.33 KB, 604x400, ezln-oldie.jpeg)

No. 176680

File: 1641028631718.jpg (50.76 KB, 960x756, 1614431638065.jpg)

No. 176681

Is this real

No. 176682

File: 1641028886735.jpeg (45.57 KB, 468x700, BD49883B-1BB5-4B55-BAFA-84FC56…)

wah wah romanticizing problematic relationships wah wah imperialism no one cares
pics or gtfo

No. 176684

File: 1641029699099.jpg (75.12 KB, 740x702, podavqznovadfaywickefgegsqgoof…)

NTA but I care. I'm aware that I can't discuss that stuff here though.

No. 176696

File: 1641035835002.jpg (329.13 KB, 2160x2420, Kaiser.jpg)

hey everyone here is for got guys in military uniforms and fun historical facts, just think gay fan art based on historical colonization is fucked up

any way here's Kaiser Wilhelm

No. 176698

File: 1641036318616.jpeg (71.96 KB, 412x700, 48EF1EF9-5B95-4138-9AFE-31E06B…)

Very good addition

No. 176707

File: 1641038237044.png (250.22 KB, 464x506, d0fff514504e48dc8d7e21a7ef47a4…)

not gonna lie he was a kinda cute when he was young

No. 176796

god damn i would video-fuck that guy

No. 176805

File: 1641077456154.jpg (88.95 KB, 549x768, E3706lBUYAE9S7j.jpg)

No. 176808

I have a crush. No I have two crushes.

No. 176842

right one looks like a 12 year old boy who was conscripted

No. 176908

File: 1641153254209.jpg (508.54 KB, 1899x2560, 81ChW8-tbjL[1].jpg)

Reminder that the absolute reference for any uniform lover is Osprey's Men at Arms series, which is reasonably easy to find for free

No. 177839

File: 1641576507967.jpeg (218.45 KB, 750x936, 731D4FA1-890A-4C44-A0D0-41B689…)

No way, you dumby

No. 177885

File: 1641597048682.jpeg (37.13 KB, 402x451, 01controlli_allerta_sicurezza_…)

Border guards

No. 177893

File: 1641599391668.jpeg (110.97 KB, 960x650, 92005B7F-9B04-4C10-9874-C424E7…)

No. 177964

File: 1641642060023.jpg (45.07 KB, 540x695, 20220108_194039.jpg)

No. 178388

File: 1641760894576.jpg (159.76 KB, 1024x977, 2750a5526125a93c93a4e735a99fd3…)

No. 178389

File: 1641760959517.jpg (533.65 KB, 950x1025, 8.jpg)

No. 178390

File: 1641761026834.jpg (180.36 KB, 811x1200, 1017855.jpg)

No. 178393

Based. Do you have that official drawing of Russia with a Degtyaryov gun? That has always been one of my favorite Hetalia pics.

No. 178413

File: 1641766278910.jpeg (290.5 KB, 850x1450, 6A83483D-96B8-446F-B937-397387…)


No. 178467

File: 1641789892384.jpg (53.95 KB, 500x718, 1f9622b507c0b8c973064567fd6fad…)

No. 178468

File: 1641791067285.jpg (39.03 KB, 342x509, c2da2f940b729a97fb3c39aa4339a8…)

No. 178469

File: 1641791097265.jpg (52.23 KB, 500x694, b89f9b3c4e17b9f346f0e74c9e0c6e…)

idk why I have these two saved but they appear to be a bit different so whatever

No. 178603

File: 1641847921199.jpg (181.01 KB, 1500x742, tank-shaped-pool-float-with-wa…)

No. 179453

File: 1642249140283.jpeg (63.77 KB, 325x488, B8A8535E-B283-4795-836B-962929…)

No. 180116

File: 1642595903163.gif (8.79 MB, 540x304, jl2.gif)

No. 180182

File: 1642621316365.jpg (780.9 KB, 1397x2255, rose.jpg)

No. 180470

I want to know her story

No. 180745

Probably the most rapey army of WW2.

No. 180811

All militaryfags are rapey, there's some major suspension or disbelief going on here

No. 180812

TBH that's how I feel when I see most military men pics, I don't trust them to not assault civilian women and children. Heard too many horror stories.

No. 180951

That's why i said "the most" and not "the only".

No. 181994

File: 1643319770959.jpg (237.87 KB, 2048x1440, 51190428_2238170889756729_1832…)

No. 182076

holy shit
before i say these guys are hot i have to ask, who are they

No. 182104

File: 1643393049331.jpeg (54.31 KB, 540x362, 50E0ED83-4F65-4E41-9C5F-D87C68…)

Bolivian military police

No. 182111

File: 1643394898121.jpg (466.69 KB, 1024x766, 5417029833617320.jpg)

No. 182112

File: 1643394993888.jpg (278.77 KB, 771x800, 3418713773157407.jpg)

No. 182113

File: 1643395090584.jpg (275.08 KB, 1242x828, 7415477559597131.jpg)

No. 182115

File: 1643395200780.jpg (13.95 KB, 411x229, 1419537859579072.jpg)

No. 182116

File: 1643395293624.jpg (220.94 KB, 1280x960, 1420292076645190.jpg)

No. 182117

File: 1643395387889.jpg (171.48 KB, 1280x808, 1415882079463748.jpg)

No. 182152

File: 1643411255132.jpg (16.66 KB, 250x338, 805fff40765d4c161d174cd26841d0…)

cats w guns reminded me abt this cute ass photo of che w a puppy

No. 184695

File: 1644127208565.jpg (68.08 KB, 495x600, Colonel-Thomas-Grosvenor-1764-…)

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