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No. 177474

In response to the “cool girl/pick me” trope that makes women cater to and settle for shitty men to not be a hortiblr uncool nagging kill-joy, Is there a term for falling for the “thinking the loner that fucks prostitues does so because his lonely and yearns for true connectiin and is not appreciated for his genius”? Cuz i married a guy like that(now getting divorced.

At the beginning there were rumors he was with prostitutes before me and when i asked him he told the truth about his past and cuz of my trauma from my last relationship of never being told the truth, i cherished the guy that than later became my husband way too much…. He fit this trope i cant name, he thought he was ugly, he claimed he inly fucked prostitutes because he could not get a girlfriend, he thought he was a an underapreciated genius that could change history, he read philosophy stuff and philip k dick, (then exclusively read problematic nazi shit that lead to the distruction of our marriage but thats another longer story), but once i crossed an invisible line in his mind he fucked my whole life up, he put me in a ward, nobody believed me when i showed them evidence of all the fucked up shit he did, then he said i cant cone back to our house not knowing if i was homeless or not when discharged while he fucked whores and told me later, blaming me for giving him sex everyday as the cause!!!!!
i live with my mum now.

he was faking a personality the whole time we were together because he knew no gf would put up with his real ugly self(its so ugly it would have to be another post)

But anyway, idk what media lead me to believe that men who fuck whores are mosunderstood lonely history changing pioneering philosophers seriously what fucking trope os this?(shit thread)

No. 177480

dogisaga… inb4 you get banned pls make more art of the bunnies, also I miss your website

No. 177482

but im a transman, terfs consider transmen female.

Ill draw when i can bother

No. 177483

and ill reupload the website somewhere else one day

No. 177487

stop being a tranny. best wishes ♥
and do I hope that nazi idubbbz bootleg pos ex of yours croaks, you didn't deserve to be treated like that. the first trope that comes to mind for his type is aspiring adult mass shooter…

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