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File: 1642985702780.png (660.81 KB, 1728x1620, unknown.png)

No. 181231

It would be fun to see everyones responses to these and also add new templates when you find them! I'd love to see them all compiled in one place

No. 181232

File: 1642985747153.jpg (357.44 KB, 1675x2048, fave book.jpg)

Favorite book template from a previous thread

No. 181233

File: 1642985768543.jpg (194.76 KB, 1675x2048, fav movie.jpg)

Favorite movie template from previous thread as well!

No. 181235

File: 1642986183351.jpg (208.07 KB, 1024x1661, my_favorite_pokemon_meme__blan…)

No. 181236

File: 1642986413164.png (5.6 MB, 1728x1757, unknown (1).png)

I feel like my taste in stuff is so surface level but I'm satisfied with them haha

No. 181238

File: 1642986721547.png (110.32 KB, 1675x2048, 6wJMjgO.png)

An anime version for all the weebs

No. 181243

File: 1642987279467.jpg (38.02 KB, 500x412, IMG_2926.JPG)

No. 181244

File: 1642987371710.png (251.37 KB, 500x412, penchart.png)

No. 181247

File: 1642987844050.jpg (42.53 KB, 500x412, 1642987279467~2.jpg)

No. 181257

File: 1642991436827.png (143.54 KB, 500x412, ijustwantoloveyou.png)

He's autistic
very hard to keep from petting him because he's very cute but i try to respect his boundaries

No. 181274

Fun thread, OP! Can't wait to see more of people's charts.

No. 181287

File: 1642998214518.jpg (63.17 KB, 960x960, chinchilla petting chart.jpg)

No. 181288

File: 1642998338485.jpg (139.13 KB, 960x960, 1642998214518.jpg)

No. 181324

File: 1643017312157.jpeg (46.5 KB, 500x412, 2D4C3329-D35D-48E4-9D01-C220F1…)

She will stick her whole ass in anyone’s face like a floozy just so they’ll scratch the base of her tail it’s her #1 fave.

No. 181476

File: 1643076929242.png (3.59 MB, 1728x1620, 1642985702780.png)


good taste

No. 185158

File: 1644296254933.jpg (941.38 KB, 1675x2048, Chart.jpg)

Sorry for multiple picks and my fujo taste.

No. 185162

Good taste tbh

No. 185164

File: 1644297947537.jpeg (385.89 KB, 828x629, 40E7173E-EF26-480A-985E-410959…)

I love how my cat is just a gradient and the far you go down the more likely she hates it

No. 185182

File: 1644307615231.jpg (2.5 MB, 1728x1620, 758943850439853.jpg)

Too many favorites I couldn't fit, but here's a smattering. I don't think "everyone hates" Pyre but it's underrated and has a thoughtful story in sports game packaging so figured it was weird enough. (Also a contender for "best music" if nonas want to check out the soundtrack.)

No. 185226

File: 1644340105394.jpg (720.33 KB, 1728x1572, about_you.jpg)

No. 185245

Everyone hates Shattered Memories? WTF. I remember it at least being liked by the SH community, it also has 77% on metacritic. I'm so shocked

No. 185256

Omg Hatoful Boyfriend! It’s so damn good, not even being ironic kek, I was so in love with the ghost pigeon

No. 185260

File: 1644350295501.jpg (38.91 KB, 718x718, dog petting preference.jpg)

No. 185261

File: 1644350641593.jpg (77.26 KB, 718x718, 1644350295501.jpg)

No. 185264

NTA, unpopular Hatoful opinion incoming.
Personally I wouldn't call it good. The dating sim part is cliche while being unfunny, and as it doesn't have anything else to offer, ends up being a chore to play. The final route is much better, but still 6/10 for me. Would recommend to normies or newbies to vn, since they will enjoy the "OMFG dating pigeons, lolsorandom" bait and be surprised if they discover that the game has an interesting plot hidden underneath. It requires some dedication, so I bet some people have missed it

No. 185265

File: 1644351374691.jpg (56.29 KB, 718x718, 1644350295501~2.jpg)

My dog hates having his paw pads touched it was the only time he ever bit me

No. 185284

File: 1644357315247.jpg (66.61 KB, 718x718, 20220209_085242.jpg)

My generic shelter dog

No. 185285

Kek why did you think it was necessary to include his butthole.

No. 185287

coming back to this thread when I get my next cat, I miss my last baby so much I envy people who have pets lmao <3

No. 185289

The ball, so cute!

No. 185297

File: 1644362233708.jpg (53.02 KB, 500x412, 1642987279467.jpg)

No. 185315

File: 1644369494767.png (138.45 KB, 500x412, cat.png)

he is a simple boy

No. 185319

File: 1644370273381.png (318.08 KB, 1004x394, mychildren.png)

They are brother / sister and extremely affectionate to people!

No. 185332

File: 1644378109568.jpeg (46.02 KB, 500x412, 76FC4BB4-FB23-427E-8A58-98C3AF…)

My amazing foster cat who nobody wants to adopt

No. 185354

A lot of people only like 1-4 and have some respect for Shattered Memories, but only because the others post-4 were so bad in comparison. I think a lot of men in the community are butthurt that the game outed them for oggling women, so they shit on the mechanic entirely. Without Konami interference, I think it could've been better than Silent Hill 2 tbh. I don't really mind when women really like Silent Hill 2, but when men do, I'm reminded of the statistic of men leaving/cheating on their ill wives. Shattered Memories could've been a more in depth exploration of a young woman dealing with what kind of man her father was. The shyamalan twist ending gave the agency to the woman. Meanwhile with SH2 I feel like men have the option to empathize and relate to James for the wrong reasons.

No. 185429

File: 1644436123880.png (127.17 KB, 1675x2048, XAIHZbe.png)

No. 185432

File: 1644436397289.jpg (55.82 KB, 500x412, demon.jpg)

Can relate, nona, my cat is a weird demon. You can do anything at all to his face and head. He wants me to stick my fingers in his eyes and ears, I swear. But almost anywhere else and he goes nuts. He may have hyperesthesia, and tbh your cat may, too. It's not a big deal, they are just extra sensitive.

No. 185433

File: 1644436823088.jpg (53.47 KB, 500x412, 1642987279467~2.jpg)

My other cat is basically all "I'll kill you" unless she's pet with a tangle teezer. She loves that brush lol

No. 185441

File: 1644438593388.jpg (55.99 KB, 500x412, 1642987279467.jpg)

No. 185445

File: 1644440901247.jpeg (110.2 KB, 960x790, 26EDA553-9C33-48ED-8741-10CBE0…)

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