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File: 1643693108727.jpg (87.49 KB, 474x662, downloadfile-3.jpg)

No. 182915

A thread requested on /g/. Rate or roast these 2D men. Question or praise anon's tastes. You may also post waifus. Don't take things too seriously okay.

No. 182916

File: 1643693760488.jpg (31.35 KB, 720x473, 3738399393o3.jpg)

Starting with my man

No. 182919

File: 1643694743847.jpeg (109.16 KB, 600x400, A3E93ED0-3FC3-40D4-B685-68405D…)

8/10. He's loyal, courageous, a good father, and he'll never be grossed out by you, but he needs to manage his anger.
Of course I am not throwing stones. This house (in which we love Kira) is made of so much glass.

No. 182922

gay edgy incel with dumb hair 3/10

No. 182923

File: 1643695977161.jpeg (39.07 KB, 372x500, CC49FB17-AD8B-4870-B4E7-C2FCEC…)


No. 182925



No. 182934

File: 1643698351334.gif (883.3 KB, 500x281, CF1E0984-95D2-4395-B852-B4EC12…)

My husbando is 3D and I don’t simp for 2D men anymore. Not since high school. But I offer my last 2D husbando.

>pictures you can hear

No. 182935

hot. i want him to experiment on me

No. 182938

File: 1643698857561.gif (965.76 KB, 500x281, 4871EA21-05DC-4967-B709-94699C…)


No. 182946

File: 1643701206815.png (489.31 KB, 918x892, sniper.png)

You can't tell me he's not perfect, sheilas.

No. 182947

5/10, because piss jar; 8/10 if you're into that

No. 182948

File: 1643701790688.png (21.21 KB, 817x427, gaara uwu.png)

we don't talk about boruto gaara, we all know kishimoto did him dirty

No. 182952

Why, on MY lolcow, is an anon husbandoing a man who borderline emotionally abused his gf?

No. 182965

File: 1643705899709.gif (795.96 KB, 260x194, 7462C864-8A98-4F53-83A5-2842F7…)

I love his insane laugh

No. 182967

File: 1643707380704.jpg (108.43 KB, 1080x1080, 02b8bb089aa503aa5473d25388e7e5…)

Mmmmmmmm buff skeleton 123/10

No. 182970

File: 1643709755615.jpg (314.42 KB, 511x723, my man.jpg)

I love toothpaste hair

No. 182973

you have problems but so do I. 5 stars

No. 182975

250/10 would drink piss. Straight from the source

No. 182977

File: 1643714308199.png (218.26 KB, 651x730, dcdrp1m-ad1d7842-f891-4a2c-93b…)

my sweetest sun


No. 182992

He's insane but I love him

No. 182993

Bone zone/10

No. 182997

File: 1643717044434.jpeg (72.32 KB, 723x879, F1546DB4-31A7-4AB2-BF62-7ED4C2…)

No. 183011

Good shite, but he's too pervy sometimes

No. 183012

No. 183017

Post charts

No. 183018

No. 183033

File: 1643725782315.jpg (134.71 KB, 1280x720, Ghjikhb.jpg)


No. 183035

a classic one, 10/10 for you nonna

No. 183040

File: 1643728013740.jpeg (34.81 KB, 362x512, kabuto.jpeg)

Excellent and excellent. I always gravitate to the real weirdos

No. 183043

File: 1643730134716.jpg (1.04 MB, 1084x1084, 1643599368223.jpg)

how would you describe my type nonnas?
oikawa, atsumu, toji, tartaglia
izaya orihara, gojo, cayde-6, prussia Hetalia, Dabi
sousuke, nero (only DMC5), claude FE, bokuto

No. 183047

The kind of men I'd beat the shit out of but it's ok because they're hot 8/10

No. 183050

File: 1643731741935.jpeg (18.77 KB, 474x344, the man1.jpeg)

he's baby

No. 183051

File: 1643731771383.jpeg (17.75 KB, 474x395, the man2.jpeg)

also this

No. 183056

bastards (not bokuto tho, he did nothing wrong)

No. 183074

File: 1643735678532.png (2.47 MB, 1080x1297, ringedKnight.png)

He's tall, dark and handsome..

No. 183078

You like characters with short and especially white hair


No. 183080

File: 1643737085088.jpg (32.1 KB, 874x306, sexy_Reigen.jpg)

He's a hot fool but obsessed with boobies. Though I think going on space adventures and hunting aliens with him would be fun. 8/10

No. 183081

File: 1643737136589.jpg (166.78 KB, 540x810, tumblr_oonvyjNAhn1tqo45mo1_540…)

theyre cute

No. 183082

File: 1643737154737.png (635.75 KB, 1439x748, d9tid3q-e56ff85c-f9db-454a-a44…)

I'll always stand by my man

No. 183090

I find Sans anons to be really endearing but that's probably thanks to my new friend I met here. cute/10

No. 183095

love u anon <3

No. 183106

File: 1643738547174.jpg (46.88 KB, 400x400, 1b0784796fb86eb94485851032a227…)

I just love him so much

No. 183109

11/10 He’s actually so great.

1/10 garbage.

5/10 from what I remember, he was funny and cool. The character design is ugly af though.

7/10 I liked that anime, and I can see his appeal.

5/10 meh.

Haven’t watched Boruto, but original series/Shippuden Gaara is 8/10 for me.

4/10 No comment.

6/10 Solely for character design.

3/10 Not actually the funny guy he thinks he is and a pervert. Stupid hairstyle.

7/10 nice design, but what’s under the metal bucket?

Not my type, but I get it. I always thought he’d look better with a different hair color. 7/10

2/10 nah.

Your type is the rebellious one who may or may not be arrogant about it. 6/10 overall

8/10 I like big guys too.

0/10 wtf, anon? Are you okay?

2/10 I honestly didn’t like his character at all. Does he get better after the first season or something? I admittedly stopped there because I hated Reigen.

2/10 no.

10/10 I agree.

No. 183119

I think you should've put "husbando chart" in the OP too tbh

No. 183120

you have bad taste 3/10

No. 183129

Cringe opinion desu

No. 183130

File: 1643742612837.jpeg (165.11 KB, 853x1200, 29BDFA59-7DDE-4082-8B1C-EB4AD4…)

4/10, they’re hot, but none of them are marriage material
10/10, perfect
7/10, a classic husbando for a reason
8/10, would be good to settle down with
1/10, he’s a good character but a terrible husbando

No. 183132

File: 1643742896898.png (270.93 KB, 611x800, Harvey.png)

BUILT for my mermaid pendant. He's so sweet and dorky, I love him!

Don't know who that is but he looks nice. 7/10

No. 183134

File: 1643743017847.jpg (383.19 KB, 1920x1474, EkXbgLkWsAEDUwN.jpg)

my completely and utterly obscure husbando

No. 183141

He really is. He seems like he'd be super sweet and gentlemanly.

No. 183142

3/10 He's cute but he's a dead ringer for the rapist from The Lovely Bones. Also he's kinda creepy towards Maru.

No. 183144

As a robot/cyborg-fag, based totally on looks alone, 4/10 would not smash

No. 183145

File: 1643745493443.gif (1.43 MB, 498x278, 1642707086519.gif)

ayrt and fellow robotfucker, me neither i just want to help him love again

No. 183146

Ew you like faggots? 0/10

No. 183147

baby boy, baby/10

No. 183148

File: 1643745821544.png (61.18 KB, 1084x1084, husbando chart template.png)

Here's the blank template for your husbando chart
It has 13 spaces tho, I know most people have more or less than that of course
I had a close number to 13 so all I had to do was decide on which boys were gonna be left out

No. 183152

File: 1643746370403.jpg (273.36 KB, 850x1217, __majima_gorou_kiryuu_kazuma_d…)

not revealing which one is my husbando, i just want yakuza anons to rate/roast all the men in picrel (or at least the ones you recognize)

No. 183168

File: 1643747191164.png (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 1084x1080, hubandoo.png)

me? a type? im afraid so

No. 183169

This is so weird to me, I'm all about seeing a cute handsome face and nice body.

No. 183171

File: 1643747804048.jpg (404.03 KB, 1554x2048, E_hvqgWVUAQjrpn.jpg)

keeeek i didnt even realize it really is one good boy bokuto surrounded by mostly murderers and bastards

got me

>Your type is the rebellious one who may or may not be arrogant about it
yup i like arrogance

l-lots of them would make g-good husbands… giyus a nice choice btw

i understand the appeal for all of them except pyramid head. which part of him makes your horniness overpower the fear of being murdered?

No. 183173

File: 1643747918420.png (336.11 KB, 585x617, gary.png)

I liked him before he got buff

No. 183176

Cute, idk who he is or where he's from but I find him adorable.
7/10 since I don't know him

No. 183180

ayrt it's gary/henchman 21 from the venture bros, he is indeed adorable and the show rules

No. 183182

i love me some nice bodies but i dont think i should put those sorts of images in the chart kek
for faces though, i dont know…its hard for me to be attracted to characters with their faces visible, they always either look too young or too old? im more into nice deep voices.
i guess the danger factor is part of the appeal, i know the sexuality symbolism theory for him is basically fanon at this point but its hot by association. also he has a cute butt.

No. 183183

shinada and oda are disgusting scrotes

No. 183186

I've only been able to watch that cartoon once, but I always intended to watch it someday lol
>he's a fucking nerd

No. 183187

File: 1643748890126.png (1.04 MB, 621x885, lego land.png)

furfagettes pls rate

No. 183188

based legosi enjoyer/10

No. 183189

Unfortunately I haven't watched/read this series but I've read good things about him

No. 183190

Kek are you me? Based qween

No. 183191

Legoshi is so cute, it's a shame his taste in women is shit.

No. 183195

what's wrong with haru anon?

No. 183197

File: 1643749494967.png (1.89 MB, 1500x2049, Arisugawa.Dice.png)

No. 183198

7/10, he has this nerdy incely background, but he's dedicated, I can appreciate that.

No. 183202

File: 1643750408063.jpeg (25.98 KB, 507x200, D0294443-91E0-4315-887A-3A3088…)

In addition to Kakashi, him too

No. 183204

File: 1643750516736.gif (1.98 MB, 988x531, tumblr_oidkmjR6Kf1vruqgxo1_128…)

Howl but only when he is half transformed into a bird monster

No. 183205

File: 1643750547072.jpg (703.34 KB, 700x1000, xrdfghj.jpg)

the better brother

No. 183206

Well, i'm going to roast your husbandos nonnies please don't take it personal i'm just bored
no words
>bieber hair
>cringy evil laugh tm
>neanderthal skull shape
>long philtrum
>probably smells like sweat, gasoline and balls
Very whorish design, just look at that sinful body he barely covers with that weird bone harness, degenerated
He literally smells like piss i just know it
looks like a fuckboy and his hairstyle is stressing me out reeeee
>actual coomer
not this mf and his weird bowl hairstyle
Degenerated AND underaged
i don't even know where to start
great now we have furries itt

No. 183207

File: 1643750621358.gif (462.38 KB, 462x250, tumblr_d1889ccf5f4d018a54ea17d…)

Was about to post him too lo

No. 183214

BEST BOY! 7/7/7!

No. 183216

File: 1643751267805.png (873.06 KB, 1036x660, ididnot.png)

Rate my deranged asocial schizoid

No. 183217

File: 1643751358365.png (1.76 MB, 1084x1084, nuisance .png)

added some rules:
>no yakuza
>all characters must be from different franchises

think I'll go to bed now

No. 183222

File: 1643751772140.png (755.65 KB, 574x867, darkwraithy4.png)

I know nona

No. 183223

File: 1643751834724.jpeg (152.2 KB, 868x1228, E59Qx06VUAQus1q.jpeg)

I think he would make a good husband if he was real.

No. 183224

He’s so hot, I love him Tfw I will never fuck howl and then he transforms into a monster and he has a monster cock

No. 183226

different franchises is a good rule!

jyushi 9/10, would not be a neet if kanojo/homura had stayed

james 2/10 but change my mind

tadano 7/10, no logic as to why he liked retsuko in the first place and they could have just gotten a pre-nup if that's a thing in japan. no good reason given as to why he's against marriage

No. 183228

good taste, nonnie, you seem like you like kind and reliable husbandos

No. 183230

File: 1643752376760.jpg (438.75 KB, 850x1202, mw.jpg)

i think i'm the first one to post a waifu

No. 183234

I don't know who she is but solely based on design, she's 8/10 for me. Maybe the art itself helped

No. 183241

File: 1643753075194.png (181.15 KB, 404x749, F4989D3D-0515-4A6C-BEB9-FB07F3…)

Her game is on my to play list and the story sounds interesting. Once I'm finished I'll rate her for you nonnie.
Here's my waifu. I adore her forever!

No. 183242

I thought he would get roasted, and I would enjoy that sadistically but this response is nice too.

No. 183243

Screams zoomer twitterfag

No. 183249

So you like shit on your table hmm

No. 183256

want him to punch himself in the face after we make eye contact

No. 183258

File: 1643754220742.jpg (33.58 KB, 575x575, 6e56a5d44c3242220c2646ccd12231…)

My kawaii boyfriendo

No. 183259

10/10 based dark souls anons

10/10 monsters, robots, and masked men are so hot

Aerith is best girl! I love how funny and sweet she is in the remake

No. 183262

Yes! I love the idea of playing a sort of "game" with our husbando charts. Although it's gonna be quite tricky for me to think of husbandos from different franchises.

I also wanted to suggest like different themes for the pics you use, for example, instead of using their picture use their color palette, an item that represents them, all genderbends, or a drawing you've made of each one in the past.
I also saw an awesome waifu chart on /co/ where all of them were animated, I wanna do that.

No. 183263

File: 1643754488220.jpg (106.99 KB, 736x736, jolyne.jpg)

My waifu with kissable green lips and a rocking theme song.

No. 183264

File: 1643754600682.png (454.94 KB, 540x779, tumblr_pawys9olta1tg8peeo1_540…)

Would you…?

No. 183267

Never played, but since they are yakuza, they all are uncivilized violent gang trash, so - ew

No. 183268

File: 1643754837879.jpg (83.66 KB, 445x640, jolyne_gucci_de_tobu_5472.jpg)

she deserves better than that ugly pink haired tranny tbh

No. 183269

No, 0/10, improve your taste nona

No. 183270

who is that? looks like a mix of akutagawa and overhaul kek

No. 183271

adachi from persona 4 nonnie

No. 183273

Yeah my girl deserved so much better, in many ways. I'd be so good to her. Sigh

No. 183274

No… Definitely not but ok I understand what someone might like about him. 5/10 taste, you can do better than a psychopath.

No. 183275

File: 1643755344124.jpg (33.09 KB, 418x600, downloadfile.jpg)


No. 183276

thank you sweetest nonna, will check him out since he is my type

No. 183277

cute ears, his teen form in OOT is better though 9/10

No. 183279

link would definitely treat you right (as long as youre zelda)

No. 183280

File: 1643755440661.jpg (235.2 KB, 720x751, Screenshot_20220202_032416.jpg)

I found out I might have three main types and they may intersect and combine

No. 183283

we stan visually impaired kings

No. 183284

ahh, basada. makes me so nostalgic.

No. 183285

>only when he is half bird monster
Based, his only good form
A classic based husbando

No. 183287

File: 1643755984176.jpeg (100.91 KB, 500x500, husbandos.jpeg)

Please no bully

No. 183288

File: 1643755986177.png (1.27 MB, 1920x753, I love the kind of woman that …)

This was both liberating and humiliating to make, I didn't realised that I had a type kek


No. 183293

File: 1643756385011.jpg (71.77 KB, 600x347, Itoshiki.Nozomu.600.1152608[1]…)

>Sensei Itoshiki
Goddess taste, Roland and Togami make the chart better

No. 183294

Makima…..♥# Queen shit

No. 183295

I would, I would. 100/10. The best husbando.

No. 183296

File: 1643757043942.png (137.71 KB, 300x650, 1231811523031.png)

you know what's up nonnie

No. 183298

Hail Satan!

No. 183299

File: 1643757836591.jpg (303.75 KB, 1448x1448, husbandos.jpg)

In no particular order.

No. 183300

File: 1643757884971.jpg (316.04 KB, 800x806, 1474527164264.jpg)

I would only if he weren't a dangerous serial killer and wannabe rapist because I like cute, awkward and depressed salarymen looking guys.

No. 183303

Absolutely based.

No. 183304

File: 1643758126283.png (362.47 KB, 640x480, i wish he'd repair my curtain …)

I don't watch anime so take what I say with a grain of salt. Picrel is my husbando btw

Pretty sure Shrek has Scottish ancestry judging by his accent and Scotland is nice so I'll rate 6.5/10. A bit cliche I guess but he seems nice

Reminds me of 2007 Deviantart 8/10

The Rugrats art style is a bit worrying but the shirt implies your husbando likes to party and have fun (I don't know who he is). 7/10

Buff 80s hunk with a dark side 8.5/10

Isn't this tumblr tier? But I admire your honesty and you are here on lc after all so I'll be kind and give 5/10. I actually like the art style too except I'm sure some wolk folk drew it

I have no idea who this is but I love his style and older men can be sexy sometimes so 7.5/10

No. 183305

It's surfshack tito, dude

No. 183306

File: 1643758235182.jpg (187.92 KB, 1000x689, harem again.jpg)

Here's mine, the hearts are the ones I've been thinking about more lately…

All those edgelord and anime guys then Cayde???

No. 183308

i don't know nothing of your boys nonna, but i love the execution of your chart, you seem very sweet

No. 183312

File: 1643758860212.png (989.9 KB, 915x662, yack.png)

based, need more western animation husbands in here
(didn't enjoy the reboot<)

No. 183313

File: 1643758890703.jpg (60.3 KB, 449x558, 79e0a1bbcc91917567e69096675ca1…)

Yareyaredawa/10, love her
I'm way more partial to her father though because straight, but I know he wouldn't be that good of a husband, even if he had his reasons.

No. 183324

ordis! i was considering putting simaris in mine, but thought an ai hologram was getting too bizarre. still, great taste

No. 183326

Your husbando is a 10/10. But since he's a kid (12-14 y/o) that costs you at least 3 points, so I give him 7/10.

No. 183330

unbelievably based, supreme taste

No. 183331

What the fuck, how did I miss this one?
Being a meganefag makes you pretty based, but unfortunately you have a different taste in meganes than I do. So I give you 8/10 including the non-meganes

No. 183332

File: 1643763262803.jpg (548.47 KB, 1536x1536, 1643761122454.jpg)

Please be gentle, he has my whole heart

No. 183333

File: 1643763816415.jpeg (193.36 KB, 1009x1009, 6B6D5325-9DE4-4199-B381-710FA4…)

absolutely beautiful amazing taste 10000000000000/10 would move my entire life to the sewers for him

No. 183334

File: 1643763949358.jpg (39.23 KB, 500x458, 7631460a0a86a664ac62578987062e…)

I love Ogata too anon, and although I prefer Saichi, I admire your admiration for him.
9.5/10 I don't know who was luckier during the succ scene

No. 183336

he kinda scares me but his expression is simultaneously hilarious too, idk why

No. 183337

Are you saying that as a passerby or as a fellow GK enjoyer? You wouldn't be wrong either way

No. 183338

I'm a mere passerby, he also reminds me a cat

No. 183339

File: 1643764914033.png (1.83 MB, 1164x1786, tumblr_033b9e9f791c38d3a6b9fc2…)

He kinda is, canonically even (picrel is a dream sequence but it's canon)
I'll stop derailing now, sorry

No. 183341

File: 1643765208305.jpg (2.27 MB, 1920x2560, Vtvzbubuo.jpg)

Hello there, fellow Morganhoe

No. 183343

I don't know all of them, but the ones I know, I rate based/10

No. 183344

>he's blinking slowly
kek, this is seriously hilarious

No. 183345

>but what’s under the metal bucket
not knowing is what makes it exciting nonny… u wouldnt get it

No. 183347

middle school me would have the same tastes. thats not an insult btw 8/10

No. 183348

File: 1643766098275.png (7.12 KB, 295x520, dbwv804-599f2654-6a0c-43e9-955…)

No. 183349

File: 1643766271948.png (276.1 KB, 627x960, bomb man.png)

he's big

No. 183350

File: 1643766407437.gif (609.54 KB, 500x230, 18cbad6ce2da9794816a244da8bf3f…)

Here's child-me husbando, Tulio. Feel free to rate or roast Miguel as well

No. 183351

Based and would make an amazing threesome!

No. 183352

solid 8/10, he's not my type but I love his idealistic self. Literal husbando too, and he'll love you even if you get fat.

He whole manga is, you should give it a try nona and join us on the military harem life

No. 183353

File: 1643766660058.png (810.84 KB, 594x804, 55342632_p1.png)

Yes I unironically like him
No I don't give a shit

No. 183357

File: 1643766933890.jpg (35.43 KB, 563x415, d0fc90147a89cdd24132b0862279b6…)

Fuck you but also based because someone has to like him, I guess. Also the more Metal Gear fanart the better I don't even care if it's him I'm just glad to watch him ditch his legs into the Seychelles Sea

No. 183358

the luckiest ones were us, the audience. Saichi is so cute too! Realistically he would make the most ideal husband he's so caring. 10/10 taste anon.

He is a moe sociopathic bastard meow meow what more could you want? You should definitely give it a chance anon it's a really great manga! Join us in the golden kamuy thread if you do.

7/10 not my type and I don't like the facial hair but all gk men are so sexy.

No. 183362

File: 1643768366131.png (1.04 MB, 1000x707, 55342632_p0.png)

There's a handful of Hueyfuckers I've seen on various sites, most notably this artist and a Japanese YouTube user who used to do model swaps of MGSV with Huey's model. Also a couple of people on Tumblr, and a couple on 4chan.

I used to like Huey in a "I love him so much, I wanna marry him, it hurts me that he doesn't exist" husbando way, but one day, all of a sudden, I realized just how much of a piece of shit and fucked up he really was, and now instead of wanting to marry him I just wanna torture and fuck him. In my husbando harem, he's like a pet compared to the others, kek. I keep him chained so that he won't murder anyone, so it's alright.

I've always liked to see people shit on him and I laughed at all the jokes. However, sometimes it got frustrating to not be able to talk about him outside of memes with anyone. Also it's hilarious when people seethe over him.

I'd give Huey a 2/10 tbh and that's just because he's a cute nerd and prime bullying material

No. 183365

Absolutely cute design
But since we have Otacon with pretty much same design and who is actually decent, I'd better go with him, yeah

No. 183366

Would fix 'em though

No. 183367

File: 1643770389239.png (1.2 MB, 960x1355, 578490386457983.png)

You are so right, anon. We are the luckiest ones.

I'm so happy that Sugimoto got a perfect score of 10/10 (+babyboy/10) from anons, he deserves it

No. 183373

File: 1643772323740.jpg (211.03 KB, 973x1042, tumblr_nvt6a95ktA1ui4pywo1_128…)

The reason Otacon the superior Emmerich is not my husbando is because he deserves to be happy and I prefer to ship him with Snake anyway

No. 183378

File: 1643773026111.jpg (109.08 KB, 1534x1534, Exe4JhzVEAUMl9I.jpg)

He doesn't deserve to be roasted by anyone, Solaire is too much of a sweet and helpful guy for that. The only roasting I'll allow him to get is in the warm rays of sunlight.
Also didn't Patches technically roast him already, I think he called him a strong idiot or something. Which is pretty inaccurate, I think he's just a dreamer, the romantic archetype of doing the impossible (finding his sun) through perseverance and belief makes him a very classical type of knight character and in a weird way it's a part of what makes him unique in the DS setting.
Anyway, excuse my Solaire spergery, I just really love him.

No. 183386

every time someone posts komaeda as their husbando i think back to that one post i saw here about him smelling like musty unwashed balls.
odour aside his personality is dogshit. you can't fix him anon im sorry

No. 183387

I don't game nor know this character at all but he looks like Limmy and that's good enough for me, 10/10

No. 183388

overall pretty good taste aside from joker, get well soon

No. 183407

I love Otacon, but is he worth literally dying for? The survival rate of his women is a round 0%. I think even according to fate it's unacceptable for him to be with anyone but Snake.
Huey can rot on history's junkyard.

No. 183421

File: 1643788824193.gif (3.58 MB, 618x480, Jose_Carioca.gif)

Furry posting? Alrighty. Legoshi is sweet and a good boy but his obliviousness towards Juno's romantic feelings for him is quite painful to watch and I still can't fully grasp his love for Haru since she has sex with other dudes and has no romantic feelings for him. 7.5/10

No. 183422

File: 1643788914771.jpeg (55.6 KB, 400x572, ShowImage.jpeg)

10/10 solely because he's come to Brazil
(I know you like the old school movie version, but I used to love his modern comics as a kid)
Have yuppie Zé Carioca

No. 183424

File: 1643791171696.jpg (80.7 KB, 726x720, IMG_20220104_175132.jpg)

>2/10 I honestly didn’t like his character at all. Does he get better after the first season or something? I admittedly stopped there because I hated Reigen.
Oof ok. He does get better after the first season. He even got called out for being a fake psychic but is still genuinely a good guy with good intentions especially towards Mob. I thought he was annoying and obnoxious after watching the first episode and dropped the anime plus its art style until I picked it up again after 3 years. I ended up loving him and his anime so much. He has like a silly attractiveness to him.

>not this mf and his weird bowl hairstyle
By weird bowl hairstyle, you mean Mob/Shigeo?

No. 183426

File: 1643792676126.jpeg (20.49 KB, 250x375, images (15).jpeg)

Can't decide… help

No. 183451

hell yes

No. 183465

File: 1643800950731.png (1.1 MB, 850x1178, E-JR6aBUUAQ8wJl.png)

as do i nonna…as do i. hes genuinely perfect and i think he would love you unconditionally, such a sweet man.
i want to be the sun he finds.

No. 183483

>not thinking about the post about his cum being crunchy

No. 183519

File: 1643814541508.gif (1.2 MB, 268x160, jhfh.gif)

I'm not a polyfag, they're my waifus in seperate universes

No. 183520

b a s e d

No. 183522

Who are they?

No. 183525

supreme taste

No. 183527

He's so fucking ugly and looks retarded. Everyone circlejerking over wittle babies uwu eye looking wonky remind me of the Kpopfags who see a grown ass 29 year old man and talk about how "he is teething" to find some deeper meaning of their scrote while ignoring the fact that he probably stinks and has brown stairs in his underwear. It's literally the same. The panel of him sniffing a hand is like that one dog fucker woman who touched her vagina and was making men sniff it as "perfume" around the mall. All the people trying to come up with some deep meaning of Ogata's character are really laughable, they simply cannot grasp the fact that his character sucks and the most generic shit ever. Women who are into ugly moids like this really show me that heterosexuality is a disease and the only cure is to kill the straights. The only good looking one was literally only Sugimoto before he got brain damage

No. 183532

File: 1643815949687.jpeg (247.64 KB, 1242x940, 1B2BF6A0-8EDB-42B5-966E-F69452…)

No. 183533

File: 1643815950246.gif (2.81 MB, 500x282, akali.gif)

I love my muscular tough ninja wife. What do you think of her?

No. 183535

100000000000/10 and i will not try to explain it

No. 183538

this is a kind, daily reminder to take your meds nonna

No. 183539

>"Rate/Roast my husbando"
>husbando gets roasted
>"omg take your meds?!"

No. 183540

he isn't even my husbando, i dont know him lmao im just laughing at this rant, it's not rating anything at this pint - it's seething

No. 183541

File: 1643817017565.jpg (638 KB, 1500x907, Dazai.Osamu.full.2984381.jpg)

gojo satoru wants to be dazai osamu so baddddd

No. 183543


how lmao

No. 183544

He wants to commit suicide?
Can't see her face properly nona.

No. 183545

File: 1643817310158.png (1.41 MB, 1200x837, Dazai.Osamu.full.3066791.png)

by how he is dazai osamu and the other one is gojo satoru. i hope i made the explanation clear enough. lmk if you have questions

No. 183547

i don't see any similarities between them, gojo doesn't want to kill himself at all and his main personality trait is that he is able to do anything well besides having a great personality, comparing them seems to me as some twitter gen z thing for kinnies and other idiotic things

No. 183548

>self-loathing virgin
>gay as fuck
>probably smells like dried fish and rat poison
>couldn’t even get his crush to touch his face without gloves
>nobody understands him apart from a guy who would dispose of him without hesitation if it would gain him any benefits
>is so delirious he could as well be retarded
>constantly gets obliterated and shat on for laughs
>thinks he’s tough but couldn’t even lie to a 12 year old
>in modern times he would probably be an incel or something

I love him btw

No. 183549

File: 1643818335348.jpg (381.7 KB, 1542x2048, IMG_20211226_135452.jpg)

No. 183552

File: 1643818992141.jpg (195.96 KB, 450x678, kamikaze-girls-lg.jpg)

Shimotsuma monogatari/Kamikaze Girls's Momoko and Ichiko

No. 183553

File: 1643819192920.jpg (1.07 MB, 960x1280, Kamui.Gakupo.full.296133.jpg)

I miss the youtube comments section of vocaloid videos in the 2010s

No. 183555

File: 1643819330018.jpg (72.95 KB, 1024x538, El-significado-de-los-pendient…)

he's legitimately making me appreciate manlets

No. 183556

File: 1643819502857.jpg (67.79 KB, 473x680, d95c695aa993a49760db6e9ced6eb9…)

Ogata sniped her whole family while having poopy pants, how tragic

No. 183560

Light is successful, good-looking and voiced by Mamoru Miyano, but he's also a sociopath who uses, abuses and cheats on his girlfriends. 1/10
Gaara is kinda boring and autistic, but he's cute and a good person 8/10
His hairstyle is dumb
Consumes porn, is late for dates and probably is an avoidant type, but he has many qualities to make up for those, so 8/10
God, I feel worried about your safety, anon. Izaya is very sexy, but it's hard to form a bond with him. He has no empathy and enjoys to make people suffer. He's only good for casual sex. 2/10. I guess Dabi would be an okayish boyfriend, as long as you don't get on his bad side. He has style, is confident and enjoys to tease people, so I get why people would feel attracted to Dabi. He's totally not husband material, though. He's sexist, obsessive, vengeful, aloof and individualist. 4/10. I don't like Sousuke as character, but he would make a good husband 7/10
Legoshi is nice, but he's reckless and always puts himself in danger 7/10
I don't get why this manchild is so popular 0/10
Satan is a cat lover and enjoys learning about things, but the fact he is literally the avatar of wrath is scary 8/10
Great taste, anon
Kanamori is ambitious and pushes her friends to grow, but her nag can be a little overwhelming and she isn't very affectionate 9/10

No. 183562

File: 1643819928762.jpeg (147.91 KB, 750x1120, BCEDB347-D20B-4FAB-9CDE-A8702B…)

I hate blue eyed men, except him. He can direct his blue orbs at me any day. Would you make eye contact with him nonnas?

No. 183563

NO. Or maybe yes since it would fry his brain if maitained for too long

No. 183583

>heterosexuality is a disease and the only cure is to kill the straights
1) Good luck killing the 98% of the population
2) I know for a fact you're straight too so cut the bullshit

No. 183586

They’re probably “totally bi and gay” but dating a moid kek

No. 183589

File: 1643823663305.jpg (71.36 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

my husbando

No. 183592

File: 1643823793918.jpg (132.69 KB, 590x677, IMG_20210827_182841.jpg)

>sees anons in rate my husbando thread being generally nice and playful, having a goood time
>writes out paragraph long seethe with retarded comparisons that dont even make sense
>its a rate thread.jpg

He is so pathetic and mentally ill I love him so much. One thing I love most about ogatanons is that we are all able to roast him and we're not delusional about him being some badass cool guy.

Fucking kek anon

No. 183608

9/10 before robofication, minus points for living in an empty room.

No. 183609

File: 1643825126021.jpg (128.37 KB, 1280x720, FKmui25VIAEmgit.jpg)

Rate my sword.

No. 183613

>Big tits
>Nice hair
>Sexy, red eyes
8/10 good taste

No. 183614

File: 1643826577903.jpg (51.76 KB, 564x923, 6d4f3cf17673c83f0429dba629362d…)

No the empty room makes him so much more alluring, also robofication adds tragedy and I do love a tragedy

No. 183618

Imo he looks way hotter as a cyborg, and i'm not a robotfucker

No. 183619

If only he could switch back and forth but alas the Patriots stole his body. I will never forgive them for that

No. 183621

File: 1643827879557.jpg (66.83 KB, 564x1011, 381454c3c7cc1aadad53e1f30307d2…)

I'm so happy other nonas appreciate my beautiful wife too!

No. 183625

File: 1643828774484.jpg (619.49 KB, 793x1083, raiden.jpg)

10000000000000/10, I love him and you have good taste. I just wish he didn't sound so whiny in English, his voice is so deep in the original Japanese game, it's a nice contrast with his pretty, feminine face.

I like him better before, but knowing that he was turned into a cyborg to appeal to male westerners who can't comprehend that Raiden isn't gay just for being pretty is really funny because after that he has high heels, long nails and a smoky eyeshadow look. Kojima will never stop being fucking gay and I love it.

No. 183627

I love any form Raiden and his stupid empty room. I'm so happy to have a MGS2 figure of him.
Kind reminder that Kojima created Raiden cause he got a letter from a female fan asking for a bishie as a main character in the next game instead of an old fart. Absolutely based

No. 183630

The team actually went out and asked young women what they wanted, and thus Raiden was created with an "erotic" look. The videogame industry should do this all the time.

No. 183636

File: 1643829507285.jpg (30.72 KB, 736x414, b16aa37ff11207845aa1852321f1fd…)

I prefer Ivan solely because of his uniform.

No. 183640

I like his whininess personally
Based, of course women are responsible for one of the best video game characters
But Ivan is a scary gay man who beats up his soldiers for funsies and is fucking around with Volgin (maybe Ivan's into being electrocuted)

No. 183642

File: 1643829878960.jpeg (311.12 KB, 1000x1414, 29BA7216-E8FA-4E35-9C76-C70F3F…)

I just wanna know what he looks like under there and also I want him to rail me regardless

No. 183644

I know, I love it. That reminds me of Ace Attorney's development, one of the 7 or 8 people working on the first game was the only woman in the team and a turbo fujoshi who spent her free time back then drawing doujinshi of Kakashi/Iruka, she was the character designer and unofficial beta reader of the game and she made it as gay as possible. When the writer/director saw how popular it was with women, especially fujoshi who liked Phoenix/Edgeworth he wrote the second game while completely drunk the whole time while trying to make them an actual couple but the producer said no. What other games have been heavily influenced by their female fanbases? I guess Yakuza? I've never played them but I've been told the director was shocked to learn it was way more popular with women than with men.

No. 183645

>Raiden was created with an "erotic" look. The videogame
Fucking incredible. I know Kojima isn't the best when it comes to female characters (imo he has been steadily improving, although it's not a linear progress kek – he definitely is retarded in that regard and one shouldn't expect radfem tier analysis from him) but I really appreciate all the ogling of attractive men in MGS, and in Death Stranding to a much smaller degree. It's so fucking cool that female fans of MGS were pandered to even though I'm sure heterosexual scrotes considered it THEIR game. The crying and seething over Raiden and MGS2 in general was legendary. I'm not a fan of the scrotey fanservice in MGS since it's usually immature and jarring, but it's easier for me to turn a blind eye to it since there is something hot for women to look at too. I will have to say that Raiden's personality is very appealing to women, he's deeply hurt but also strong and a bit detached.

Sidenote, but looking at wiki reminded me of this fact
>The romantic relationship between Raiden and Rosemary was inspired by Kojima's experiences
I'm deeply concerned, since I think it's specifically based on his relationship with his wife. Though maybe he just meant forgetting anniversary date kek
How do you feel about his masochism?

No. 183648

>The crying and seething over Raiden and MGS2 in general was legendary.
Wasn't it just with male western fans though? I can't imagine Japanese guys caring since that's a very common stereotype in pop culture there. It's like when western guys thought the Final Fantasy protagonists look too pretty, gay or emo and were too nice and way too lovey-dovey with their love interests in the early 2000s, unlike in the PS1 games, when they're literally the only players complaining about it. Like bitch, where the fuck do you think you are, this is a Japanese video game?

Also, I need to remind everyone that he made Snake's ass fat on purpose, comparing him to characters like Lara Croft so you know what his intentions were here too.

No. 183649

I'm a fujo, so I don't mind his gayness or masochistic/sadistic tendencies.
He is not my husband's tho, I was just adding to the conversation kek

No. 183650

Husbando*, ignore the autocorrect, I'm phoneposting

No. 183654

File: 1643831793945.png (292.1 KB, 480x640, Tumblr.png)

She's perfect and I love her so much.

Me too nonny 10/10

No. 183656

Men can't really comprehend Raiden's appeal. My sister's boyfriend told me that I'd like MGS2 because of the "femboy" and he also insists Raiden is gay. He is neither a femboy nor is he gay.

No. 183657

File: 1643832488998.jpg (263.31 KB, 700x1077, Integra.Hellsing.full.2395328.…)

100/10 anon, she is my wife as well.

No. 183658

They're so self-centered that they think everything exists to appeal to them, so Raiden can't be pretty for women, he must be gay for them.
Great taste.

No. 183659

File: 1643833109737.jpg (38.57 KB, 640x360, prettymofo.jpg)

Solidarity nona, I would def go into a sewer just so I could lick his aegyo sal.

No. 183661

File: 1643834368908.jpg (183.63 KB, 735x1239, 603f53b8f1ae63bf80d88d40e77e88…)

>couldn’t even get his crush to touch his face without gloves
Now I gotta go hunting to see if he truly never has, kek. Sugimoto touches Shiraishi's face the same day they met, also hugged and touched cheeks. Sad!

I'd say
>Rate/roast my ship thread when
But I know it would become an infighting mess 10 posts in.

No. 183662

Men get so insecure when they see a beautiful man in media that it's like their heads short circuit and they start yelling "gay" and porny terms like "femboy" everywhere. Raiden's extremely cool and beautiful, it's rare for a game made by moids to have pretty men in them.

No. 183665

If only they went, "shit I better work on myself if this is what women want" instead of yelling gay.

No. 183666

File: 1643834919326.jpg (209.94 KB, 796x1140, fa154409e33b5ced92f11b655313fa…)

great taste, but I like his batshit insane ass better

No. 183667

File: 1643835003598.jpg (62.32 KB, 662x793, 959f47b09e37acf6419f3b75b60ffa…)

and an obligatory heinkel post

No. 183668

>When the writer/director saw how popular it was with women, especially fujoshi who liked Phoenix/Edgeworth he wrote the second game while completely drunk the whole time while trying to make them an actual couple but the producer said no.
>Yakuza? I've never played them but I've been told the director was shocked to learn it was way more popular with women than with men.
There's no way that's true. Maybe you're referring to fanworks, since women do tend to be more into creative and transformative fan activities, but there's no way there are more female players than male ones imo. It's a very scrotey game franchise and the guys don't appeal to all kinds of women (fujos or yumejos), that's why I doubt it.

No. 183685

Ugh, I think I only have like 3 husbandos (5 if we count the husbandos I had in middle school) but this thread makes me wish I had more so I could make a cool chart.

No. 183690

Girl, someone in the Husbando thread posted h a pic with her 3 husbandos put together in MS Paint, doesn't matter how many you have you can still make a chart

No. 183691

For Ace Attorney I'd have to find the specific interview(s?) where Takumi and other people from the development team explain how the games for the GBA were developed, but I'm too lazy for that. It should be somewhere here : https://gyakutensaibanlibrary.blogspot.com/

The producer was Inaba at the time iirc, the female character designer and unofficial beta reader was Kumiko Suekane (one of her pen names at the time was Ryo Mutobe, according to her manga Retsujou she thinks Edgeworth should be the seme and Phoenix the uke. Here's her personal twitter if you want to see her gay fanart, but her artstyle changed a lot in 20 years: https://twitter.com/muchopo), and in the Naruho Gyakuten Saiban guidebook, Iwamoto, the second character designer, says that he read BL manga and magical girl manga for inspiration because he's more used to drawing ugly old men, but he ended up actually liking BL as a result.

As for Yakuza, as I said I don't play these games, mostly because I don't have any console for that, and I haven't seen reliable sources so it might be a rumor or an exaggeration.

No. 183695

Yes, I know about Suekane, and about all the gay shit in the original trilogy, I just don't remember reading about Shu Takumi wanting to make NaruMitsu official in JFA or writing that entire game while drunk.
I learned about all that stuff here btw

No. 183699

File: 1643837874561.png (223.45 KB, 320x440, crackhead.PNG)

To be honest, is it hard to believe that he was drunk? That would explain the abomination that became the third case of the game. To keep this on-topic, here's one of my Ace Attorney husbando.

No. 183702

>Wasn't it just with male western fans though
Yes it was and that's what I've meant… I think there is a huge chance they are the majority of fans. I don't know what Japanese scrotes thought, beyond probably being triggered about playing as some rookie and not a badass Snake.

No. 183703

Not only this >>183690 but you could also make something like this >>183332 kek

Or just post each individually, I think it's more fun to judge separately, personally

No. 183705

>Or just post each individually, I think it's more fun to judge separately, personally
NTA but I like to look at charts to figure out people's type and would also like you all to figure out mine. But I'm also afraid of posting it and being recognized from other places lol

No. 183708

Seeing anons post their charts is so much fun, especially seeing variety but still trying to pin down a type. Sadly I'm in the same boat, if I posted my chart a select few anons would know who I am instantly.

No. 183718

File: 1643841468405.jpg (66.73 KB, 540x767, tumblr_9c5f91bb4517481af82b88a…)

this series is chock full of the sexiest men ive ever seen. how did they do it?

No. 183732

Idk but your picrel’s voice makes me cream how DID they do it. What gods among men will we get to see in Elden Ring? Can’t wait.

No. 183736

revolting/10. Adachifags are the worst

No. 183737

ive seen (or heard, rather) one so far…very excited for what the future holds kek
timestamp 3:06 if you dont mind the small spoiler.

No. 183747

File: 1643844800541.jpg (17.96 KB, 400x300, 1231565311771.jpg)

w-w-why nonnie

No. 183748

I made a chart and then I saw it’s 2D only, but the chart made me realize I definitely have a type kek

No. 183753

>2D only
I don't know if OP meant no live-action fictional characters or just no real people.

No. 183760

Ohohoho ty anon. I’ve been trying to stay as blind as possible but I can’t resist a hot soulsborne man.

No. 183761

> Now I gotta go hunting to see if he truly never has
oh that would be tragic, will ypu share your results for scientific purposes?

No. 183768

File: 1643851800960.jpg (250.62 KB, 800x1120, unnamed.jpg)

I love him… Kaneki, my beloved.

No. 183769

>edgy anime protag #834697
>generic design
5/10 you can do better

No. 183770

File: 1643852465685.jpg (660.37 KB, 1829x3198, IMG_20211003_154252.jpg)

dumb pokeman

No. 183771

File: 1643852562036.jpg (56.98 KB, 563x398, 98374e09f8786f828f4ee08104a454…)

Oh yes, of course. I'll post it in the GK to not derail this one too much

Another husbando from there for anon's ratings. He's number 3 on my personal harem

No. 183775

File: 1643853237475.png (45.16 KB, 250x307, Mutsuki_con_el_cabello_blanco.…)

I cry, anon…
Att. Tooru Mutsuki

No. 183781

Adorable spoiled brat/10 anon! He's number 4 for me.

No. 183783

File: 1643854734315.jpg (240.15 KB, 989x1400, il_fullxfull.2381702381_g2u1.j…)

would you dare to roast such a sunny soul?

No. 183784

Overrated trash, ugly as fuck design (what the fuck are those eyes? lol)

No. 183792

File: 1643857798496.jpeg (94.05 KB, 683x1000, C0CFB3FB-EA1F-4F43-BA9C-6C2171…)

My middle school crush

No. 183798

File: 1643860267502.jpg (54.01 KB, 563x511, 6e6f6bd330b4edecf54b4f909b493b…)

All 3

No. 183800

Oh yeah, not to mention that his signature pokemon is a fucking charizard

Jonathan: 10/10 (most perfect gentleman in the entire series)
Joseph: 6/10 (he's a massive cheating slut)
Jotaro: 6/10 (kinda misogynistic, shit father and apparently also husband)
You're one greedy fuck though

No. 183803

File: 1643861731459.png (327.9 KB, 500x717, lasjcdlkjf.png)

Same. I loved him so much (still think he's great). I guess people could say he is (was?) overrated, although there doesn't seem to be many of us edwardfags left in modern day.

No. 183805

File: 1643862558916.jpg (23.14 KB, 604x340, c7f1ca26b50ac525f53e3e49776803…)

Same, personally I found his 03 incarnate more of my flavor. I don't care if he's a manlet, he's beautiful.

No. 183809

File: 1643863250890.jpg (92.34 KB, 660x779, lmfao0.JPG)

The 03 anime's style was so nice, elegant but a bit grungy at the same time. I'm a slut for angst and it seemed like that's what 03 excelled at– unfortunately I personally couldn't get past the janky plotlines and shark-jump moments. Brohood visual style looked like ass tho imo. (picrel, literally just found this image on google and i'm laughing my ass off. whoever made this, she was based.)
Even though I prefer the mangaverse, I will always be bitter that arakawa gave him a normal height at the end. I liked him as a manlet, damn it! I choose to ignore that part of canon. He's 5'2 in my heart.

No. 183811

underage manlet, 4/10

No. 183813

I love how "underage manlet" still gets a whole 4/10 lmfao

No. 183821

File: 1643865383233.png (380.54 KB, 884x717, Untitld.png)

9/10 love how he's a genius but not incredibly weird about it

Anyway I want this manipulative bastard so badly but only when he looks like this or his TYBW appearance

No. 183822

File: 1643865394399.jpg (262.57 KB, 600x887, 202202033777416587101741889.jp…)

hot trash

No. 183823

what and who the fuck is this guy even? a soccer player with a party city wig on and tribal tattoos on his face who is also royalty?

No. 183830

File: 1643866821775.jpg (115.05 KB, 2048x996, IMG_20210909_180736.jpg)

he's the Pokemon champion in Pokemon Sword and Shield, not royalty nor a soccer player (though I guess his uniform takes inspiration from soccer). He has a beard, not tattoos. Funny roast tho

No. 183831

File: 1643866826830.png (741.74 KB, 795x900, BA942777-26E6-4EF0-B3A9-553C5F…)

Yeah. Leon’s design is stupid. These girls need to get some taste.

No. 183832

File: 1643866958530.jpg (183.09 KB, 600x804, 202202038829440881818170067.jp…)

I do love Raihan also

No. 183835

File: 1643867932840.jpeg (117.13 KB, 750x720, 05821C0F-9C4B-4A95-A83B-E6AC17…)

The only man I love. Would leave my husband for him. Hated his ass at first tho

No. 183846

raihan is the hottest male pokemon character ever made he makes me feral holy shit

No. 183851

File: 1643873082019.jpg (52.86 KB, 557x551, piers.jpg)

he cute or whatever

No. 183852

Gender swapped cruella devil…?

No. 183854

kek, it's piers from pokemon sword and shield

No. 183858

10/10 but he's already mine so back off.

I always liked Alphonse better, no idea why. I should reread this someday.

10000/10 would marry him on the spot swsh looked like shit but I bought it for cheap just for him

No. 183861

File: 1643876636541.jpeg (517.94 KB, 1242x880, E14494FC-E3FC-4A08-A2FD-8C79A0…)

Alphonse was clearly hotter and for some reason they had to make him a fucking 8 year old. Why. Why not edward’s older, of-legal-age brother.

Good GOD I haven’t played Pokémon since I was like 10 but I want to play right now. 11/10 would fuck and then never call again.

No. 183866

There's no effing way with that voice. Honestly I found him annoying.

No. 183868

Alphonse is 14 and Edward is 15, given the things that happen in FMA Alphonse would have been even more traumatised if he were just 8.

No. 183869

I just guessed his age kek I thought I remembered him to be a little boy.
Guess it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the show. I

No. 183871

my fellow nonna of culture
ive never watched fma but thought he was hot, then someone sent me a clip of him speaking…im so mad

No. 183873

kek I only consider Jotaro to be my true husbando, but since I liked everyone else as well I wanted opinions. I love himbo Joseph but the cheating thing is so unforgivable. I wish Araki did some other asspull like Giorno to have Jousuke, he kinda ruined Joseph.

No. 183877

File: 1643887974625.jpeg (128.05 KB, 1280x720, Kashima.jpeg)

My silly handsome wife!

No. 183884

6/10 for goth vibes, this fanart looks good but his original design is super ugly.
cute, 8/10, never finished fma so it would be higher maybe
NO! I could never do that to my boy Solaire. But I will rate him a 10/10 for obvious reasons.
8.5/10 athletic and handsome, -1.5 for having weird eyebrows and being a drama queen
satanic trips/10
I dont know him aside from fanart but he has pretty eyelashes and seems to be enjoying himself while living in the sewers so I’ll give him a 9/10 based on that.
10/10 magnificent taste
8/10, handsome and ambitious also seems to be fun to hang out with.
cat/10 I have no words to describe how much I adore this pathetic bitch
wannabe rapist /10, dont really know him but that shit aint hot also he ugly
based taste
10/10 cute, beautiful and bonus point for the ears
I don’t know them but they are beautiful!
6/10 for being handsome and the bird mode but I don’t like his character, I think hes an asshole and not in a sympathetic way.
furfag/10 sorry I just can’t with this even if he may be a good guy
10/10 best boy
4/10 sorry he looks annoying, would not pet
8/10 the man
7/10 cute but minus points for him being both a coomer and a naruto character

No. 183894

Same rating as Leon, 6/10. As a Pokemon trainer he's a little bit more interesting than Leon, but Raihan looks like a fuckboy who spends all his time on social media, in addition to having a terrible fashion sense, perhaps even worse than Leon. Both are overrated trash.

No. 183903

Cute goth/punk, but in official art and in the game he looks kinda shitty and too cartoony, not to mention his hair. How the fuck does that thing work??

No. 183904

>seems to be enjoying himself while living in the sewers
Oh sweet innocent anon. Well, he certainly does.

No. 183910

Love her but I'll admit that my respect for her tanked when she started dating that stupid manlet, he doesn't deserve her and i wish I could kick him right in the balls

No. 183915

That’s why I like him personally. He’s an awful fuckboy but since he’s fictional I can just pretend he loves me.

No. 183929

File: 1643906280703.jpeg (1.93 MB, 3464x3464, 1CE5E343-55F2-402D-86E2-5C5FB6…)

Shounen shit, golden retriever energy protags are my type. I would probably never date a man irl like this, though.

No. 183938

Cute, how do you feel about Tanjiro anon? This kind of guy doesn't really exist irl

No. 183944

7/10, he's too hot headed, childish and indecisive/double timing, but at least he's not a pedo. Plus he got the two hair thing in one going on, which is pretty neat. To bad it's once a month

Good brother/10

No. 183946

10/10 without, 12/10 with glasses

No. 183947

File: 1643909959079.jpeg (105.82 KB, 847x1024, 4C5C9C82-E738-44EA-868C-00AE37…)

I watched that awful show just for him. It was a torture I endured just to watch a few minutes of his tired face ranting against the system. I love him so much anons, it’s insane.

No. 183954

File: 1643911049992.jpeg (120.57 KB, 1280x720, 261F842D-FEB6-4A91-9512-5A43D0…)

I love him too! For his sensitivity, of course. Tanjiro is easily the best male in that godforsaken anime.

No. 183962

File: 1643911758386.png (1.15 MB, 1261x501, the main squeezes.png)

Considered making a full chart but these are the only two that matter to me right now.
8/10 also considered watching this show for him but I didn't have it in me. I'm sure he appreciates your dedication to him!
9/10 because nostalgic and wholesome taste. I just know your self inserts would have compelling and lengthy bios.
7/10 don't know who he is but cute design. Minus three points because his source material means he's probably a murderer
Hard agree on the bird monster thing. Otherwise he's just annoying.
Cute chubby boys are the best 8/10
You should be my mortal enemy but tbh I get it. 6/10
15/10, not my type but +10 because whenever you post your art it brings me joy. Your pic as a threadpic was a real treat!!

No. 183967

File: 1643912907067.jpg (153.77 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20210903_181752.jpg)

We could always share

No. 183968

File: 1643913158395.gif (971.87 KB, 500x300, 35C60E38-E856-4B60-AC0B-A53D83…)

Who ??? 10/10 for looks alone.
He looks like Vincent Volaju from the cowboy bebop movie. He’s totally my type too. Unhinged, misunderstood sociopath. And great hair.

No. 183971

someone made you a sticker on the husbando thread on /g/ nonnie, did you see it??

No. 183972

samefag but it was the /m/ one sorry

No. 183973

File: 1643913832401.png (2.17 MB, 1280x1280, haremu.png)

Legit have no specific type but they all satisfy some part of me.

I want to bully, I want to be bullied, I want it all, nonnies.

No. 183975

Kek I just went to go look. Super cute art but I’m not Vincent-anon. She has suburb taste tho and we should be friends

No. 183976

>purple hair
I dunno nonnie you definitely have a type kek

No. 183977

You can't say you don't have a type and post Chrom and Dimitri in the same picture. Dimitri is literally just Chrom 2.0 with slightly more daddy issues and psychological issues.

No. 183981

File: 1643914851414.jpeg (1.46 MB, 3464x3464, C277829F-6984-4FB8-943F-B67C2C…)

Forgot to add these two goofs also!

No. 183982

I'm thinking 3/10

No. 183987

File: 1643916413008.gif (930.89 KB, 659x344, a5bd9afe3a3e5404c19b5bb6e46bfb…)


No. 183988

File: 1643916662504.jpg (58.88 KB, 538x759, e7f79a10feba560d44ff3b32a06984…)

10/10, and bonus points for having Johnny in the back

No. 183989

I Hate Him/10
I'm sorry, I couldn't stand his overly cheerful and friendly behavior. The way he called every random person he would never see again a friend really irked me. Plus my pedo groomer used a pic of Sora as an avatar. God knows he must have tried to get me to reach out to him after I cut contact, cause there is no fucking way he played Kingdom Hearts (it was 2010 or so and he was a pC mAsTeRrAcE tard

No. 183993


It's Aizawa from BnHA

Finally, someone of taste giving good ratings itt.
>he's probably a murderer
On the contrary, he's Sherlock Holmes from The Great Ace Attorney.
Also who's that on the right?

No. 183997

File: 1643917637199.gif (Spoiler Image,2.78 MB, 540x304, tumblr_ord6u9AXMb1rk2rdno1_540…)

Here's a present for you anons

No. 183999

File: 1643917855197.jpg (60.15 KB, 680x920, kan.jpg)

You just have zero taste. He was made for bullying.

No. 184001

That's really damn nice

No. 184003

File: 1643918183609.jpg (568.49 KB, 700x988, 1500934563710.jpg)

so true bestie

No. 184009

File: 1643919240757.gif (1.85 MB, 540x300, tumblr_oaiy6irkvM1tmp8rdo2_128…)

OH FUCK YEAH the internet sex symbol

No. 184012

I don't even play Persona or know the extent of this guy's crimes, but I can relate to the bullying part at least since my husbando is also a psychopath.

No. 184026

…damn. maybe i should watch this anime

No. 184029

in case you are wondering, this is episode seven, season two

No. 184031

File: 1643922353640.jpg (434.13 KB, 1772x2104, 9b22fa82f21bb0e8bc9134d07f238e…)

I've seen another guy that look similar like these two. Here's Hwajin Na from Get Schooled. Though damn these types of guys are so fucking hot.

No. 184032

10/10 for Jose, no further comment

I think Legoshi's feelings for Haru are subverted predatory feelings because he's a mentally defective paraphilic autist (this is why I like him)

No. 184033

all the reigen fuckers in this thread are sending me. I love this character so much but he was so ugly in the manga, studio bones really took all the mha money to make this man weirdly attractive kek. The gif from >>184009 is a great exemple of what I'm talking about

No. 184034

File: 1643922858771.jpg (298.31 KB, 1875x1000, t7cdae9_qman_pk_tpp_1641_grann…)

That's Granny Weatherwax from the Discworld novels. A moment of silence for all anons who like characters from books and have like ~4 pieces of official art for them lol

No. 184038

oh no he's really hot
what's his deal?

No. 184040

File: 1643923443454.jpg (668.6 KB, 1200x800, chart.jpg)


No. 184044

100/10 taste

No. 184045

>Bayo (my favorite design no less)

No. 184053

File: 1643925559874.jpg (254.99 KB, 1400x991, Nicholas.D..Wolfwood.full.1219…)

all extremely based but vash

No. 184054

I find his ugliness or ONE's unique art style of him to be quite charming in a funny way and seeing Studio Bones making this dude attractive and sexier is beyond me. Can't wait what they'll do to him in season 3.

No. 184055

did the same thing, im not regretting it but there were moments where it was a little too much

No. 184058

IDK judging from the Reigen video it looks like that's just the artist's simplistic style + exaggerated ugliness for comedic effect in some panels. I don't find it weird at all, especially with how he looks in the anime, which has a pretty nice and detailed style as opposed to the original style.

No. 184063

File: 1643928087294.png (1.18 MB, 1166x699, Untitled.png)

I only have one husbando (it's the sniper) but I wanted to make a collage too so I put in characters that I like and I want to hug them. I like exoskeletons and aliens and military guys, I wonder why in the end I fell in love with the sniper, he is literally just a guy. I have to say I only played MGS3 so I don't know them but gray fox and psycho mantis look so nice. I want that psycho mantis figure
Anony thank you I didn't post that first sniper picture but I made the drawing and it makes me happy that you would say that, also I am going to draw something for you just wait for valentine's day

No. 184064

File: 1643928237295.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3840x2160, Metal-GearNaked-Snake-Eva-(MGS…)

Also I think this image should be posted in full size

No. 184066

File: 1643928512132.gif (998.53 KB, 500x260, R.gif)

>little ocelot
Based. Snake is also based. In fact your chart is just really top-tier.

No. 184067

A shame that these amazing models had to be wasted on a fucking pachislot machiine

No. 184068

File: 1643929272229.jpg (2.05 MB, 3840x2160, MGS-Snake-Eater-Pachislot-Wall…)

He is just so cute, he tries so hard to be taken seriously but he is just a kid. Mrowr
Yeah… And they made ocelot look awful. Unforgivable

No. 184069

File: 1643929506354.jpg (Spoiler Image,328.75 KB, 713x777, 46410341_p7_master1200.jpg)

Damn, nice anon. We have similar taste, namely Dandy, Steven Stone and Beel but the others are great too. I'd love to be your friend. A gift for you!

No. 184070

File: 1643929900085.gif (1.47 MB, 297x150, R (3).gif)

No. 184073

holy shit, he looks so good. love all the mgs husbandofags

No. 184074

File: 1643930947394.jpeg (411.61 KB, 1242x1241, 18FC3B2F-19DA-4E82-BB99-9BA92F…)

Couldn't decide because they both have that sultry voice and resting scowl face. But ultimately Frylock's beard gives him the advantage

No. 184076

File: 1643931664332.jpeg (186.97 KB, 750x1000, 1D2B32A3-6492-497C-B9F9-525F11…)

Gale is the best bachelor in the entire Harvest Moon franchise. 10/10!

No. 184079

I still can't believe they made everyone look amazing for a fucking pachiko thing, Konami truly stopped giving a fuck about video games kek

No. 184080

based tbh

No. 184081

Since this is also a roast thread I like to present this. I love him though.

No. 184083

holy based

No. 184084

File: 1643933656649.jpg (146.38 KB, 500x688, 53212446_p57.jpg)

Yes I love buffalo hats

No. 184085

File: 1643934696954.png (5.01 MB, 1784x2300, illust_92111276_20220202_15202…)

My one and only husbando. I can't wait for the hanamaru movies aaaa
He's legit the only "person" I've ever fell for tbqh, both in 2D and 3D world.
He's also my introduction to the wonderful world of yumeporn
9/10 if you're a based ryonachad, 7/10 if you're just a saviourfag, -999/10 if you want to be the harley quinn to his joker

No. 184089

File: 1643936777883.jpeg (191.43 KB, 1200x811, 8985AF88-0DCA-4674-97F7-7E363B…)

I hate that I’m attracted to this trashfire instead.

No. 184090

spectacular taste, glad you included his braces

No. 184091

samefag, genuine question, how do you imagine having sex with a giant cup of fries (if at all)?

No. 184093

frylock was always fuckable, and meatwad turned me into shotacon

No. 184110

NTA but I imagine he would use his fries. Something like tentacle porn. Plus he has powers and is super smart so he could build a really good device for fucking. The possibilities are endless.

No. 184112

File: 1643943777042.jpg (562.52 KB, 600x846, Kannonzaka.Doppo.full.2749430.…)

I literally feel possessive over him sometimes kek

No. 184113

as a person, you are unsalvageable

No. 184114

Oh yeah now we’re talking

No. 184115

I don't play, listen to, or watch Hypmic but this guy and the guy with glasses are the two characters that I would get into HypMic for.
From what I've read about Doppo, he's an 8/10 in my book.

No. 184120

he'd bring back the robo legs he made to impress that computer nerd with a dumptruck ass but with a strapon

No. 184122

5/10 still charges you 5 billion dollars when you faint in the mines even after you're married

No. 184123

Supreme taste

No. 184124


6/10 because he will never love you like he does his dead wife

No. 184125

you are so right and your meat is huge

No. 184126

File: 1643946472516.png (91.27 KB, 800x600, bait.png)

No. 184127

So you like tin cans?

No. 184129

She doesn't care for she has ascended beyond humanity

No. 184136

Kek, get grease and salt in ya.
How do you feel troons trying to co-opt frylock as an FTM?

No. 184137

nta but excuse me????? examples??

No. 184164

Apparently Frylock was a “confirmed” troon in the movie.

No. 184173

File: 1643961513589.gif (3.8 MB, 400x217, og bruno.gif)

silly guy with his silly beard and his silly friends on a silly adventure

No. 184174

File: 1643961923863.jpeg (40.75 KB, 500x584, 76E9F63B-9BA2-435E-8E4D-3C880A…)

I’d sell real estate for him

No. 184175

A long time ago I drew porn of him and it ended up being used in a parody video that made international headlines (especially in Russia). Love you Snoipah!

No. 184176

Oh my god that's you I love you so much holy shit I'm sending virtual kisses

No. 184177

File: 1643963093826.gif (3.42 MB, 540x500, malewife.gif)

wealthy with a prosthetic arm, determined, caring, he checks all the boxes imo

No. 184178

kek trannies vs not being able to tell when their subspecies is being used as the butt of a joke

No. 184182

File: 1643963658146.png (49.05 KB, 2570x3909, 591DC88E-9C0A-4DB5-B3F3-2E61CF…)

the fanart of this pixelated fnaf man doesnt have the right to be so hot

No. 184188

I'm negatively judging you.

No. 184189

2/10 for poor sense of fashion and ugly haircut

No. 184190

File: 1643964834165.jpg (280.58 KB, 960x720, Samurai_Jack_-_Jack_Is_Naked_1…)

Was my first husbando. Took me a while to realize I religiously watched the show each week both for the plot and the chance to see him shirtless.

No. 184199

File: 1643965591685.png (446.51 KB, 1000x510, ?berkids_(Pico's_Unloaded).png)

Mike Afton looks like an Uberkid.

No. 184200

more power to you anon even if I'm absolutely amazed that you like the manga version, I hope he doesn't steal your wallet on your first date
Also nonnies, I'm laughing so hard right now because your videos are great. A bit ot but the mp100 fandom makes such good memes and fanart, I love it so much!

No. 184202

10/10 was my first husbando as well

No. 184210

File: 1643969477674.jpg (117.72 KB, 1200x750, shibes.jpg)

I prefer his brother, but Hige's voice is so lovely. Lovely musical actor too. 8/10
Please share the good stuff you've found
5/10, -5 for personality and +5 for really hot outfit.

No. 184248

File: 1643981048063.jpg (431.13 KB, 1200x1697, Benedykt-szneider-tumblr-o343d…)

No. 184288

That's a quality tin can

No. 184310

Fair Anasui analysis

No. 184317

extremely based

No. 184343

File: 1644004624351.jpg (3.55 MB, 3264x3264, husbandos.jpg)

Shitty chart, sorry. My brain can only focus on one husbando at a time and I consume media really slowly so I don't have that many. I was thinking of adding my middle school husbandos too, but she was a different person and I can't vouch for her.

No. 184357

this is a roast thread, also i meant no harm with my post

No. 184367

It was pretty funny anon.

No. 184380

File: 1644009925798.gif (637.26 KB, 516x292, 138824.gif)

regards from one fictional serial killer lover to another. good taste

No. 184388

whos on the left nonnie?

No. 184396

It's Rando from Lisa the Painful! I played it a few summers ago, so he's not a recent husbando but at the time I remember being really into him. He is buff and strong but also sensitive and wants to be a good big brother even though he has a lot of trauma.

No. 184399

File: 1644016962164.jpg (25.71 KB, 610x343, Phoenix_Wrightjpg-610.jpg)

He is perfect.

No. 184402

File: 1644017628593.jpg (735.5 KB, 1500x2000, tumblr_7f43b54a1632115477c62b5…)

Please no bully, girls.

No. 184408

>Having a Venture Bros husbando and NOT being Dr. Orpheus

Are you serious, anon?

No. 184409

7/10, he seems too pervy/womanizer, but at the same time I feel that he would be a very dedicated husbando once someone actually reciprocates his shit. Soft himbo energy, and sex with stand users always sound fun

No. 184410

File: 1644019418187.jpg (62.36 KB, 640x453, 9b8c00070a2bbe0c4bae.jpg)

What about a sensitive war criminal with a troubled past and passion for fashion?

No. 184411

9/10 from description and design alone

No. 184442

I want to explore watersports with him.

No. 184458

File: 1644044590428.jpeg (56.71 KB, 441x353, 3D5CD9C2-80B4-4138-B204-5F35D3…)

Your very first husbando rate/roast

My first was Duo and Heero. Both. Biggest crush and I was so embarrassed about it because who the fuck crushes on a cartoon? Pretty sure I had this exact wallpaper on my computer.

No. 184473

Who's that? Reverse searching the image wasn't helpful at all

No. 184477

File: 1644052166321.jpg (79.52 KB, 500x571, d5e45d49e34a2d940cf1abc71ed68a…)

I'm not completely sure, but I think he was my first.
Loved him as Kenshin and Battousai. I would draw him so much, I wish I could find those drawings.
My first disappointment was seeing the original japanese voice acting as a teen and his voice was not even masculine, like it was on my native language dub.
Second disappointed is the whole author thing.

No. 184478

File: 1644053139079.jpg (486.3 KB, 1536x2048, Memory_Tides_-_Nidhogg.jpg)

Nidhogg from Love Nikki.

No. 184481

Get this thread locked already wtf is this shit

No. 184488

is that plagueofgripes?

No. 184508

Lmao idk but how do we feel about Plague as husbando? I’d like him complain and rant about stupid shit all night in my ear tbh

No. 184510

File: 1644072385027.jpeg (420.32 KB, 1280x711, 75499747-F889-4DBF-ADA2-E75CE1…)

Nayrt but omg thank you. I knew I recognized him and couldn’t figure it out. He’s definitely the hottest man in LN even if he’s an awful person.

No. 184512

File: 1644072664464.png (551.86 KB, 1289x778, Atlantis-disneyscreencaps.com-…)

I'm not really sure who was the very first (probably some cartoon character I liked in kindergarten), but this guy, I crushed on him so bad, he probably defined my current taste more than other characters in my childhood.
I had a toy from this movie that I treasured because I was so infatuated with him.

Please rate cuz I don't remember much about the movie myself.

Are you afraid of this stuff being capped and posted on some other site to make fun of us and that's why you're like this?

No. 184524

File: 1644074433748.jpeg (109.14 KB, 640x452, C7640B5F-A915-4FEE-94F2-50163C…)

7/10 Milo was always so hot to me too tbh. Cute and awkward. Also picrel both of them are good.

No. 184543

God he looks so cute in that pic.
Why the -3 tho?

No. 184544

Milo is a cute husbando, nonnie, I swear I saw a cartoon of Atlantis as a kid and he was as nice as in the movie, or maybe it was just another movie, it was a long time ago already. Everything about Atlantis feels like a fever dream, like that series about Kuzco being an asshat.

No. 184557

Idk lately I’ve been in the mood for dudes w a lil more muscle. Which is weird bc I used to just love skinny dudes and manlets. Just personal taste rn maybe on another day I’d say 11/10 lol

No. 184586

File: 1644092769466.png (3.7 MB, 1500x1500, Dark_Verdict.png)

Ayrt, I don't want to be all 'well AKSCHTUALLY' but I think Nidhogg has a point. Miraland is in a state of fake peace, all he wants is true freedom. Maybe his methods aren't the best but he is willing to suffer for his cause. Bitch activated the blood curse but continues to power through it. Very hot.

Unrelated, I love the suit based on his sword. Can't wait till it's back.

No. 184632

10/10 Rando is awesome, great taste anon, not familiar enough with the other ones enough to comment
6/10, he has a point and I agree with it but I don't think he needed to go to the lengths he did with what happened in Cloud and how he treated Yvette is awful to say the least and makes me hate him.
It's quite sad how we'll probably never see his arc finish due to Shining Nikki, I would like to see more of him.
Love his hairstyle though, his uniform is cool and the the dragon in his sword suit is also awesome.

No. 184633


No. 184657

File: 1644119109621.png (219.84 KB, 1536x1321, hermblert.png)


No. 184665

3/10 I haven't thought about that character in years

No. 184666

File: 1644120471245.jpg (163.87 KB, 850x755, 7673542ca7e031ac314f7c7b4ce7.j…)

vampire husbando goes brrr

No. 184669

Who is this hot specimen, nonnie? 10/10 taste.

No. 184675

roa/SHIKI from the visual novel Tsukihime nonnie!!

No. 184687

File: 1644124288712.jpg (43.51 KB, 1132x780, samuraijackbath.jpg)

Hell yeah. One time I wrote a letter to Cartoon Network telling them Jack should have a sidekick, and then I subtly suggested my self-insert character. 10-year old me was kind of a moron.

No. 184689

File: 1644124434269.jpg (84.58 KB, 500x812, milothatchconceptart.jpg)

I wasn't really into him until I saw the concept art. Fucking kills me that they didn't keep the design in picrel cause he was fucking hot.

No. 184705

Based yume kid anon.

No. 184707

File: 1644135958296.jpg (148.6 KB, 657x473, 23328830_p0_master1200.jpg)

I'm glad you agree anon! I wish so badly for him to make another appearance or at least have a spiritual successor like a lot of the characters have.

No. 184713

KEK anon when I tell you my sister almost did something extremely similar but ended up not sending it, I guess either due to ADHD or a moment of self reflection. I was down bad though. He was a total thirst trap. also not husbando related but I couldn't watch the new series because of Aku's voice actor sounding like Cheech Marin

No. 184727

File: 1644145775744.jpg (866.66 KB, 1172x1624, 29293994.jpg)

yeah he’s handsome but I agree, Yvette did not deserve this.
seriously fuck SN for absorbing dev power from LN. The 3D graphics dont have as much charm and variety as the 2d ones imo also its even more expensive.
Speaking of LN Husbandos, I really love Clovis and Cesare and their story of cesare biting his wrist so their memories finally converge ngl that was kinda hot, but I have a thing for elf guys.

No. 184733

Edgy. But we don't even know what the fuck is going on inside Miraland. The only thing we know is that they have a lot of issues and there is a lot of conflict. No idea what has caused it and what it is centered around. Abolishing the Blood Curse wouldn't do any good, since it would just resurrect the infighting instead of solving the problem that has caused it. Nidhogg's belief that the blood curse is the source of all misery seems to be a product of his own psychosis instead of an actual reflection of reality. It would make sense only if the absolute state of Miraland was a result of people's frustration with BC, but lore tells us it's not the case and it has been shit there before BC even happened.

No. 184737

File: 1644152335449.jpg (77.73 KB, 700x934, Soma-Cruz.jpg)

I thought this was Soma from Castlevania gone wild for a moment. 6/10, not Soma but dresses like a slut which is nice.

No. 184740

He's so fucking fine, i can't believe i will never find a man like him fuck this gay earth and fuck men

No. 184752

File: 1644159958885.jpeg (25.22 KB, 275x251, 77291346-73F0-41AA-AB3A-D52A6C…)

Did someone call for a husbando with ridiculous muscles and huge tiddies?

No. 184754

kek what is this body

No. 184760

File: 1644162453336.jpeg (94.42 KB, 458x898, 23847026-A272-4EAB-BC24-265C52…)

The best one.

No. 184772

File: 1644165005171.jpg (96.25 KB, 460x740, a1QK9Dw_460s.jpg)

The ideal body according to scrote manga artists

No. 184775

All those muscles and no ass? 0/10
What a waste.

No. 184779

weird balloon body aside, the face makes him look special needs. Stop ogling retarded men anon.

No. 184781


Explain who this is and why you like him kek
Cute design tho, fwiw

lol maybe I should re-watch that movie for old time's sake, although I'm already obsessed with a character right now so I doubt I'll feel much.

No. 184786

File: 1644166651014.jpg (70.94 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I thought the same thing, crazy evil soma is so perfect I would just pause the game and stare at his face

No. 184787

File: 1644167314692.png (143.54 KB, 1024x449, herbet.png)

It is Herbert from Club Penguin. He is the villain and he has a crab sidekick. I think he's supposed to be gay coded though, but I like him because he is iconic, grumpy, mean, wants to live on a tropical island for some reason, and is a vegetarian despite being a polar bear.

No. 184789

>~gay coded~

No. 184791

I support your autism
7/10 decent

No. 184793

File: 1644167906864.jpg (32.38 KB, 590x791, why.jpg)

Kek, was it the cage scene? 7/10 because nostalgia is real
I play SN and tbh it's only that good because Elex is so trash at localizing, there's boys there but they haven't gotten me invested like Louie or even Fu Su, Cloris is great, his backstory is nice and his long hair is so beautiful, haven't seen enough of Cesare to comment but there's a reason they put him in the trailers before the game.

No. 184794

omg is your husbando fishsexual?

No. 184801

anon i –
please explain

No. 184804

You should rewatch just bc the whole cast is so good.

No. 184811

File: 1644174540459.png (2.25 MB, 1000x1624, S0094_2.png)

>SN boys haven't gotten me so invested as LN boys have had
Glad that we are all so different

No. 184821

File: 1644178491896.jpg (876.58 KB, 1125x1839, image0 (3).jpg)

Sorry anon, but only Vulture kinda got me but since there's of the lack of content it can't reel me in as much, yes ik moments, not enough, Shining Nikki has got lots of characters so it can't focus in depth in too many.

No. 184825

File: 1644179766248.jpg (686.31 KB, 1857x4096, 20220206_175036.jpg)

My precious dumb himbo.. I wanna spoil you rotten

No. 184833

Ugly. Color pallette is reminiscent of a Piñata. There are plenty of other endearingly dumb, gay ogres in the mountains of Japan.

No. 184834

Who are they and are there any straight ones?

No. 184843

I don't play this crap but based on the exposure I've had to this character, I'd say around 8/10.

>Color pallette is reminiscent of a Piñata.
Mexican here, I disagree. There are some Genshit characters that look like a piñata, and Arataki Itto is not one of them.

No. 184847

8/10 he's hot as fuck and idk why anons trash him so much every time he gets posted, he's literally the only interesting character from that generic gacha
>Color pallette is reminiscent of a Piñata
lmao anon i wheezed

No. 184851

>dark red
>muted purple
Mmm yes, piñata colors.

No. 184855

File: 1644188100214.jpg (58.69 KB, 640x633, 0e6g3qjdt9t71.jpg)

Ogres is gay
Bright red, orange, and purple? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I went to a bday party as a kid with one that had the exact same shades he has.

No. 184865

Is this miyamoto musashi and donald trump, I never finished reading

No. 184867

He looks like a generic Chinese OC that was made in picrew

No. 184868

Not her but I think that's just the way he looks in the game's artstyle. He always looks better in fanart lmao

No. 184884

File: 1644197327751.png (85.15 KB, 530x428, download (2).png)

Does this answer your question

No. 184887

That art style died in the 1800s goddamn

No. 184895

File: 1644201114430.jpeg (136.74 KB, 2048x2048, EUDPXdeUYAI7Ccq.jpeg)

These two are my Animal Crossing husbandos. They also love each other very much.

No. 184898

File: 1644202194628.jpeg (124.68 KB, 686x840, B98967CA-7A52-48F4-BB3D-9B4078…)

i usually like male characters more than actually feel attraction but swatch from delatrune, whew

based nonny

No. 184900

NTA but no it doesnt. However, that's pretty cute, I like you based nona.

No. 184903

damn, nonnie has bad taste

No. 184904

Based! Felt the same way when I saw him.

No. 184906

That's not Ankha and Isabelle

No. 184908

They might as well be the male equivalent of those characters tbh.

No. 184910

What's wrong with the glasses cat?

No. 184913

File: 1644208155124.png (256.32 KB, 814x543, 265.png)

You don't like cute boys or is it because they're overrated and popular?

No. 184916

They're chibi animals. At least post a human ver.

No. 184919

File: 1644209343810.jpg (400.99 KB, 1366x1986, desbt5d-57cabdbc-b765-40e2-91d…)

Yujiro Hanma, the perfect organism in the world in the world of Baki

No. 184920

File: 1644209612496.jpeg (181.88 KB, 720x720, A40ED1BD-422B-43C2-A4BD-45EE5F…)

he’s so cute

No. 184921

File: 1644210030813.jpeg (69.7 KB, 600x798, 71434A1A-CF6F-41DC-8CD0-09255B…)

infinity/10 he is the ultimate husbando, he is perfect in every way shape and form.

No. 184922

File: 1644210102822.jpeg (84.5 KB, 720x529, DC10C999-413D-4E5D-A950-097D05…)

samefag, sorry here is some actually cute art

No. 184923

File: 1644210190803.jpeg (101.6 KB, 749x747, 46A6089A-656D-4AC4-B16B-E78990…)

ok last one

No. 184924

oh my god thanks for the sauce nonna

No. 184925

4/10 fuck Dio and DIO but especially the former

No. 184937

File: 1644216768578.jpg (138.08 KB, 900x1200, EYIQXFMUwAEVIg-.jpg)

10/10. My first serious imaginary relationship (lasted for 2 years), best fucking boy

No. 184939

File: 1644217066770.jpg (450.42 KB, 3464x2216, vuvuvu.jpg)

His posts on moments are such a kekfest

No. 184940

File: 1644217100751.png (395.19 KB, 689x492, napopo my beloved.png)


No. 184945

I'm not egypt anon but this is getting weird, I get that it's an in-joke but I'm worried that someone might actually meme themselves into falling in love with Napoleon

No. 184946

File: 1644220214023.jpg (140.88 KB, 736x1032, kasen.jpg)

Rate my man's elegance level.

No. 184953

7/10. He has elegant clothes and an elegant pose but his hair is weird and the flower on his shoulder looks stupid and his cape is lopsided

No. 184956

File: 1644221262920.jpg (89.48 KB, 1080x1035, 0qkvErU.jpg)

it's just a running joke, no one's gonna get psychological damage from shitposting about naapoleon

No. 184963

File: 1644223061465.jpeg (138.74 KB, 602x917, 0A3D58D8-46B1-40B0-B803-825B37…)

Based Napoleon-fag has unironically done exactly that.
Might be the horny but 7/10 would totally smash

No. 184968

I unironically did it lol

No. 184975

Napoleon isn't real and cannot hurt you, contrary to most scrotes kek

No. 184979

File: 1644227682873.jpg (46.36 KB, 650x1024, Canova-Napoleone-calco-650x102…)

Napoleon depicted as mars the god of war

No. 184980

File: 1644227723033.jpg (443.67 KB, 1280x1918, 90df3b65fa72d8776d666e7209ed53…)

No. 184984

File: 1644228219037.jpg (98.9 KB, 1024x680, Canova-Napoleone-calco-.jpg)

No. 184989

File: 1644231224048.jpg (34.45 KB, 499x686, 849776d38df6809533b9215b335fa4…)

>He has elegant clothes and an elegant pose
>but his hair is weird and the flower on his shoulder looks stupid and his cape is lopsided
H-how dare you!
Actually I thought Kasen looked dumb at first too, but now I love him and his sexy voice.
What's wrong with anons falling for epic pussyeater Napoleon, it's not worse than falling for a cartoon character.

No. 184994

File: 1644233021555.jpg (505.09 KB, 1920x1152, EwnidnVXIAAUXyg.jpg)

It seems like there is renewed interest in Master Chief with Halo Infinite, but all these people lusting after him now weren't there with me when I was 11 and desperately searching up "Master Chief shirtless" on google images. These same people would have mocked me!
I know nothing other than really basic information about Napoleon, but I wish I had a naked manlet scrote with a cute little angel companion.

No. 184997

>11 and desperately searching up "Master Chief shirtless" on google images
kekk nonna i love you

No. 185008

Even though I only played the original trilogy in the last few years. I love him too, but I can't husbando him. He's too busy being the big damn hero and there's no room for self-insert.

No. 185010

>He's too busy being the big damn hero and there's no room for self-insert.
I 100% agree with you, but him being unavailable just makes me want him even more lol. I think I like the chase.

No. 185012

File: 1644244123214.png (582.6 KB, 700x770, C761F27B-5267-46E2-A5C0-F1D2F9…)

And yet you found the ugliest picture of him in existence.

No. 185019

File: 1644248290818.jpeg (27.02 KB, 276x276, 80F44A59-C94C-4A97-B41D-E849F2…)

anon do you know what a joke is

No. 185021

underage please leave

No. 185024

What is going on with the hand? Is he holding the club or not?

No. 185025

AYRT, YEAH ME NEITHER! Makoto Iwamatsu completely made Aku. His voice totally made the series feel like a Kurosawa film, it was a brilliant move to hire him as the voice. I miss him.

No. 185030

Soma Cruz is extremely incredible taste. 10000000/10

No. 185043

File: 1644256802043.jpg (305.31 KB, 1181x1181, 48001645_p13_master1200.jpg)

Another nona of taste I see!
I wish there was a game with Soma that had HD graphics. Ayami Kojima's designs deserve great graphics.

No. 185044

File: 1644258165388.jpg (51.06 KB, 686x1280, 5d45ddf4db90b8a022f2233c53e1e3…)

I don't even know why.

No. 185046

who is he? the art is cute

No. 185047

I replayed Mother 3 recently and it took my all my strength not to fall in love with Duster and be jealous of Kumatora, kek
8/10 just because I like him

No. 185048

>Actually I thought Kasen looked dumb at first too
lol this happened with two of my previous husbandos

No. 185051

How does liking Itto make someone underage? Sage your non-contribution, faggot

No. 185052

liking genshit does.

No. 185053

No nona I have autism lmao I’m sorry

No. 185057

File: 1644262756313.png (Spoiler Image,496.88 KB, 1020x522, ss.png)

Duster was literally the only person I could think of in recent memory that might have SOMEONE know what the fuck I'm talking about.

I play a lot of obscure ass videogames so when I off handedly mention someone like picrel people think I'm insane.

No. 185058

What game is that? Maybe I'll play it nona

No. 185061

Starsector! Though it costs money you can reuse CD keys all you want and the devs don't care. I bought it eventually because I wanted to support the devs.

No. 185065

is this prince charming

No. 185071

File: 1644265464017.jpg (128.39 KB, 900x1200, thenewartstyledidthemalldirty.…)

tall, black hair and voiced by ishikawa kaito. he'd look at me the same way he'd look at a volleyball.

No. 185092

File: 1644272665332.png (221.82 KB, 498x418, Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 5.17…)

6/10 before the timeskip because he looks and acts like a generic shonen deuteragonist sorry nona… But he's at least an 8/10 during the V-league era, he looks really cute with a middle part imo you probably don't agree with me based on that filename though kek

No. 185095

File: 1644274626072.jpeg (1.15 MB, 2021x2048, 22F1CFE9-CC4C-44FC-AD6D-430821…)

Yes I’m an autistic edgelord why do you ask

No. 185096

no it’s dio

No. 185097

File: 1644274767682.jpeg (99.23 KB, 600x800, 977FEF87-58F2-445C-B536-45E722…)

It’s okay nonnie i’m sorry I love you

No. 185099

I only know Pyramid Head (4/10 because let's be realistic) and Ganon (7/10), who are the rest?

No. 185100

Top right Micah bell, bottom from left Madarame Baku, Sigma and Nazgûl king

No. 185101

Ilu too ty for the hot Dio pic

No. 185104

Nta but pyramid head a 4/10????? you gotta be joking man is a solid 10

No. 185106

dude is a rapist brute, also probably has James' head underneath (this isn't a problem to me, but IDK how you feel about him)

No. 185107

We're not just rating the characters' bodies wtf

No. 185109

File: 1644279096887.gif (2.18 MB, 640x358, A0909C66-E9D0-4970-86E9-D99BCE…)

The triangle hat stays on during sex

No. 185126

File: 1644284959849.jpg (3.2 MB, 3469x2501, 81453364_p0.jpg)

And I play as a chibi human. Girls can like furries too.

No. 185127

Femdom pilled, but mentally unstable 9/10
Adorable, but it would be a bit annoying to deal with her misunderstanding you 8/10
Inferior version of Kakashi 5/10
7/10 L has high emotional intelligence and a great sense of humor, but I think he wouldn't have too much time to spend with his partner and he can be cold

No. 185155

he liked his women STINKY,are you even up for that nonna???

No. 185161

might? past that rn
pretty sure that letter/quote was fake, he did send some other sexual ones hhnnnnng i love knowing that napoleon at pussy but I've never seen a legit source for that quote

No. 185163

samefag but 10/10 taste, glad someone posted him here

No. 185165

And furries have bad taste no matter the gender. I like some non-human characters too, but I would never consider them husbandos, because there are lines I won't cross.

No. 185183

File: 1644307803436.jpg (369.39 KB, 706x709, waifugraveyard.jpg)

I thought it would be fun to make a chart of all of my past husbandos (and one waifu).

No. 185193

File: 1644313350528.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1100, 9985F3FF-13E4-4797-9911-CA95E9…)

This just unlocked a core memory of watching Swat Cats on Boomerang at 1am on a Friday and thinking the fat one was cute.

>speed racer

10/10 based nona.

No. 185236

No. 185237

Bad taste not for being a furry but for liking the abomination that is Raymond

No. 185239

>idk why anons trash him so much every time he gets posted
Because he's ugly as hell

No. 185241

Itto is a babe

No. 185242

No. 185247

good taste for being a furry

No. 185277

False. I don't even play Genshit btw, but that guy's one of the least forgettable characters and he's pretty hot all things considered.

What's wrong with Raymond?

No. 185311

File: 1644368767840.png (317.45 KB, 369x512, Portrait_kitsuragi.png)

he's gay, but i still love him dearly

No. 185312

0/10 for this creepy sex pest. there's so many good jojo boys and you pick HIM?

No. 185316

I'm not that anon but I thought he was kinda cute in a twisted literal mental illness way, I mean on paper he is horrible maybe second only to kira, but I didn't think he was so bad towards jolyne. He never hurts her, he just acts too possessive of her, and when she just ignores him he doesn't do anything bad. Even though he is a horrible guy. So it gives an impression that he is uwu misunderstood and just needs tru luv. Also he is fuckin hot

No. 185320

File: 1644370360041.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.88 KB, 750x740, 53403da9900aac92ea8186c3569690…)

No. 185321

KEK but jotaro aren't you glad we are trying to take away anasui from jolyne?

No. 185324

Not a fur-fag, I just grew up on cartoons that were mostly animals for awhile kek
At least until Toonami and Cartoon Network started airing the good ol late 90a cartoons. Otherwise it was disney cartoons like dark wing duck and duck tails or gargoyles.

No. 185330

I just find him attractive and I like characters who are pathetic at simping tbh

No. 185331

I love you nonnie

No. 185345

Disliking what's popular by girls and hated by moids don't get you cool girl points. Raymond is cute and that's a fact.

No. 185388

deltarune and undertale characters have the worst designs.

No. 185484

File: 1644454883260.jpg (251.75 KB, 780x689, KAITO.full.269475.jpg)

I love him and his kermit voice kek

No. 185491

Godspeed to you anon, but i don't see what's up with vocaloid characters. Except the purple haired dude when he's drawn in an alt outfit.

No. 185510

File: 1644464443497.jpg (26.1 KB, 450x253, ginko.jpg)

He has white hair, I love him

No. 185512

You have exceptional taste anon.

No. 185522

File: 1644470984932.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.96 KB, 256x300, 24334.jpg)

Yeah I know

No. 185530

who is he anon? i think he's pretty, megane supremacy is real

No. 185542

He is a lovely guy, always helping others. 12/10

No. 185551

top tier

No. 185586

Kyouichi Sakuma from Hadaka Shitsuji, the BL game where you rape butlers

The thing is, he's canonically gay and only for his master (the MC) iirc, which is why I'm so ashamed of this
On the flip side, though, there's a scene where both the MC and his university girlfriend fuck him, meaning that the author does not give any fucks, so having him as a "conversion therapy" husbando shouldn't be a big deal. Still, it's embarrassing and personally I wouldn't rate him 10/10 only because of that.

Nona, he's so fucking perfect I couldn't help it. The fact that he will never be real and straight kek and no moid in real life will even come close to him used to hurt so bad.

No. 185600

I like pissing him off

No. 185668

File: 1644525600133.png (1.71 MB, 1280x1920, RaySaeran.png)

this man and his 3 separate personalities ruinned my life

No. 185669

Divorce him.

No. 185675

File: 1644526169299.png (1.97 MB, 1280x1920, SaeranRay.png)



No. 185904

File: 1644607841233.png (1.28 MB, 640x960, Event_21.png)

please tell me you like him for Ray and not Saeran nonnie, get help

No. 185979

File: 1644627927115.png (2.08 MB, 1280x1920, SaeranChoi.png)

i love all three of my one husband:

>Ray for the unconditional love and my slight sadism (sometimes bullying is hot)

>Unknown/Saeran for the yandere aesthetic and my slight masochism (sometimes bullying is hot)
>Saeran Choi for being a stable mix of the two and sane

No. 185989

He looks insane (hot) which is unfortunately my type. I have idea who he is but 10/10

No. 185998

File: 1644634841073.jpg (796.03 KB, 1500x1500, Kamui.Gakupo.full.1180532.jpg)

You called? I just love gakupo so fucking much

No. 186004

Late as fuck reply, thank you for the kissies. TF2chan was a hell of a hangout.

No. 186007

File: 1644637746906.jpg (139.06 KB, 747x475, nicolaaassss.jpg)

This mod is straight at the top of my mod load list

No. 186054

File: 1644663769171.jpg (53.82 KB, 640x360, tumblr_pwxh9dOih31xm1eaco2_640…)

museum date in okinawa with this qt

No. 186055

oohhhh nickkyyyyyy

No. 186191


he looks like he'd treat you right, 10/10

No. 186247

Nonaaaa I love you I’m playing y3 rn and rikiya is what makes it bearable for me, I’m a kiryu girl but Rikiya is coming for me
And he’ll defend and fight for you too nonita

No. 298494

Bringing this back. I'd post mine but he already got destroyed into oblivion kek

No. 298502

File: 1684971945645.png (536.72 KB, 541x663, goober.png)

"who the fuck is this?" husbando squad unite
based. I don't care if this is a year old I will necro skeletor always.

No. 298503

File: 1684972353258.jpg (47.33 KB, 735x698, b6f31622caad5daa70e8fc166da88c…)

No. 298658

I find him annoying. I don't even get the appeal of the show. I tried reading the manga and had to stop - it couldn't get my attention at all.

No. 298676

10/10 based and despairpilled

No. 298691

File: 1685056454883.png (142.87 KB, 500x632, IMG_3375.PNG)


No. 298694

absoutely based steinfaggot. 10/10 also
>My husbando is 3D and I don’t simp for 2D men anymore. Not since high school.
pretty much same but i kept all my gay husbando folders on my pc.



yes i would 10/10 idc that hes misogynistic

>I like cute, awkward and depressed salarymen looking guys
me 2

……..ur strange

No. 298700

File: 1685059775784.jpeg (860.92 KB, 2480x3508, FwWxqOOaIAIImK4.jpeg)

who the fuck is this? kek 8.5/10 bespectacled characters are usually pretty cute, and maybe it's just the pic, but he strikes me as an otome LI. does he have a tragic backstory? is he the boy next door perhaps? seriously, who is he?
i barely recognize this character, but he's from a game, yeah? one of the Persona ones maybe? his hat and overall vibe say yes… anyway 9/10 cuz scruffy, tired men who wear jewelry and are tatted up will always be primo to me.

No. 298701

File: 1685062707195.png (5.35 MB, 1372x1753, Dio_Brando.png)

Autistic daddy icon uwu

No. 298702

File: 1685064626941.jpg (179.77 KB, 1280x1916, tumblr_oodek5gOYh1vibj4ho1_128…)

its iwai the gun store owner in p5

No. 298703

>he strikes me as an otome LI
NTA but he's from a BLge actually

No. 298705

thanks for the sauce, nonna! looked him up and decided i'm bumping his score up to a 9.5 cuz i think his outfit is snazzy!
nice, i was sorta close! so what's the game? by law you have to tell me (you don't)

No. 298706

File: 1685068020402.png (39.06 KB, 250x276, IMG_2141.PNG)

t-ty nona

No. 298711

The game is called Mahotsukai to Tenshi to Akuma, AKA Sorcerer's Choice
The artist has worked on otome games so maybe that's why it gave otome vibes

No. 298766

aww you're welcome!
ty nonna! i have now been properly informed of Flow as a character.
i'll be honest, his outfit leaves something to be desired, but his game was released in 2018, so i'll chalk it up to the designs being a tiny bit dated.
>saw a portrait of him blushing while i browsed for info
+0.5 cuz that shit was mad cute
final score: 8.75

No. 299590

He pumps, sucks you dry and dumps you(r dead body).

No. 299630

File: 1685489888032.png (4.15 MB, 1920x1080, 2352q.png)

This trash heap of a man has been my hyper fixation for the past year and a half. I wouldn't of even gotten to the latest expansion of the game if we were allowed choices cause I'd do anything he asked of me in a heart beat.

No. 299649

He has the haircut of an old lady in a retirement home.
I love him too, excellent taste.

No. 299652

File: 1685509395947.png (Spoiler Image,140.43 KB, 782x334, toga.png)

nta but I'm still impressed and appalled by how his angel form outfit is basically a blanket. though yeah, he singlehandedly made me way more into ditsy, compassionate men and I'm not sure if I resent or, or like it.
does he only briefly appear or is he a major character? I recently noticed a stardew valley mod of him and it's so elaborate that I can tell a lot of people husbando the fuck out of him. also he is cute in a crunchy way.

No. 299660

>is he a major character?
NTA but yes he is. He's the main villain in the third expansion.

No. 310164

I NEED to know the rapeable qt in the bottom right corner. Nonas??

No. 320265

File: 1694179970458.jpeg (895.33 KB, 750x1083, 15E66F1D-54DB-4DFC-B0BD-7013B5…)

Great fighter
But dhalsim is a kinky lover

Imagine him tying you up doing karma sutra with his man tenticle.
Then we’ll teleport somewhere nice and have a picnic

No. 320314

File: 1694207625811.jpg (32.99 KB, 512x302, 00958e3dac511a839c959b8a26cc15…)

No. 320367

No idea who this is but seeing him lovingly bottlefeed a baby sheep like a good farmer makes him a 10.

No. 320403

immediate 10. adonis would be a great husbando

No. 321446

File: 1694746427111.jpg (327.37 KB, 841x1074, Screenshot_20230914_225247_Ins…)

Michael Afton from FNaF. Most reoccurring protagonist in the franchise, has daddy issues, wants to make up for the fact that he accidentally killed his little brother, and gets his organs torn out in one of the games (which makes him good whump material).

No. 323404

File: 1695634936508.jpeg (19.87 KB, 738x415, Joe_from_Megalo_Box.jpeg)

He'sh sho cute especially when he's getting beaten up. Or depressed. Getting beaten up while depressed. I like that he's pretty masculine in personality without having a roided body. It's such a shame him and his anime is so underrated (it's really good!). Like, I barely see fanarts of him. Feels bad man.

His season two design is pure ass though with the ugly ass beard.

No. 323676

File: 1695762726942.gif (319.24 KB, 498x269, michael-afton-william-afton.gi…)

Good taste nonnie, 10/10. I may be bias because William's my husbando and I was just about to post him, kek. I love Michael but I hate when I find good art of him only to realize they drew him with top surgery scars.

No. 324876

idk nothing abt fnaf but males fanart are so yammy

No. 324888

fitting because he was probably the same height as you at the time.

No. 324890

I hate trannies, they latched on fnaf so hard. I rate nonnys husbando 08/10 just because his father is sexier.

No. 324899

File: 1696247515597.jpg (755.96 KB, 1500x959, belial-granblue-fantasy-versus…)


nonnies dont mind if i post my hs troll fave to rate or its cringe by default?
he also was inspired by adachi tohru

No. 324940

I don't play Granblue but this guy always reminded me of Lucifer in El Shaddai, at least his design does.

No. 325065

File: 1696315714828.jpg (148.56 KB, 800x1133, 13870541_p1.jpg)

Wow, somebody else remembers El Shaddai.

No. 325066

It's cringe because he would force you to do anal. Therefore, you must be into anal which is wrong.

No. 325085

he reminds me of my another fave boy ignis scientia
belial is ultimate bottom he offers his services to his colleague in interactions
that troll is virgin keyboard fighter and cries then gets beaten once but damn i didnt thought of( i forgot i love him because of him being cringelord

No. 325086

File: 1696329185259.jpg (44.91 KB, 564x687, f74534842d4e50b94ab9be2d776ff3…)

sorry forgot

No. 325277

File: 1696443966355.jpg (845.74 KB, 4093x2894, IMG_20220923_235703.jpg)

My lovely poor boy.
Nobody else understands him like I do, I can save him.
He can also make plush toys, very talented.

No. 325461

hes giving you the best sex thats for sure

No. 330026

Holy crap I forgot that I even posted here. Holy shit, Michael got a good score. Thank you, nonas

No. 330950

File: 1698533812231.jpg (368.96 KB, 1242x1242, tumblr_Bruce_Waynee1bba9d2f6a8…)

No. 333331

File: 1699259777272.png (163.56 KB, 422x402, IMG_0510.png)

I wish this thread was more active cuz I love seeing other nonnys husbandos
Old reply but fucking based!
Not a comicfag but cute

No. 333754

File: 1699390835334.gif (2.18 MB, 498x378, 1679678760856033.gif)

mai husbandoru
based taste, he's definetly second best boy from venture bros(imo)

No. 333755

Who is this handsome guy?

No. 333772

No. 333981

File: 1699422656040.jpg (218.19 KB, 898x772, tumblr_d0dbddbab19f5136dedacd5…)

I will save my paranoid schizoid redhead metalhead.

I never realized the blouse was coeurl print… 10/10, the picture of loyalty and devotion.
Haven't been able to get past season 2's first episode but It hurts to see him treated like shit by almost everyone he meets for being ignorant and naive , then put on the mask of a confident, non-traumatized tough guy and be loved only because he fucked up and died somewhere and was spat back to the reset point. Even when they remember the bad, embarrassing shit he did, he can come back from it because he knows what others want, because he fucking embarrassed and shamed and de-valued himself and DIED to get every piece of game-changing information. Emilia and Puck are the only two who would still love the original, ignorant but happy and carefree Subaru if he survived that first fight, then he'd still be killed in the mansion by the dog's curse or for having the witch's scent. Most of his interactions are not from his true self but from the scared boy who doesn't want to feel the pain of dying or causing someone else to die from "his mistakes" again. Characters like him deserve to be from better series

No. 333991

File: 1699423268398.jpg (282.75 KB, 1600x1200, tumblr_c8e41b9a29e794a466df9bf…)

i'm only roasting you for not picking the superior version

No. 334016

Thanks for the kind words, Though ngl I actually really love the original webnovel, its a fucked up ride for Subaru to say the least, but there's this slow but deep build up happening when it comes to him and his relationships that makes me incredibly invested in what might happen next. There's so many parts where I just want to hug and cheer for him, I'm rereading it constantly.

No. 334020

File: 1699435365234.jpg (75.93 KB, 1280x720, bjorn without helmet.jpg)

roast this pretty bastard, nonnies

No. 334027

Retard didn't know when to give up and got brain damage. Such is scrote life.

No. 334057

File: 1699455158553.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1744, IMG_0662.jpeg)

No. 334063

File: 1699458396067.jpg (1.73 MB, 1000x1100, Tumblr_l_1199398071515929.jpg)

Bonus points if you make an insult that isn't related to his bad weight

No. 334065

You are his sunshine 8/10
God-tier taste in shows, his battle against Grougalo was spectacular 10/10
Either a child or a manlet, looks like he pisses the bed 1/10
The kind to marry a woman just to cover up his homosexuality. Still hot though 8/10
6/10, too scroteish

No. 334100

>Either a child or a manlet, looks like he pisses the bed
what's wrong with liking pre wall men? but yeah, he's a manlet.

No. 334118

Snotty ass psycho who wakes up every night screaming, you think you can fix him? He'll be an emotional leech and then gaslight you. i get it tho

No. 334212

He probably smells and did very bad things but I liked his looks and he was a real bro. 8/10 imo.

No. 334286

File: 1699520050636.jpeg (450.44 KB, 1329x1333, 0A7EF298-EA24-459E-9E2E-94245C…)

I’m obsessed, be kind to him please

No. 334295

File: 1699524343875.png (2.72 MB, 1920x1080, Deus Ex_ Mankind Divided™_2023…)

Posted my chart way back, but lets try again.

No. 334308

File: 1699533321781.png (346.08 KB, 1080x1238, 835c8e69-b70f-4407-9ef0-c78359…)

No. 334309

Excellent taste, chappess!

No. 334323

Good time boy/10.

No. 334494

File: 1699598050651.jpeg (188.97 KB, 1170x1528, IMG_0663.jpeg)

What about this one

No. 334497

1 million/10 (hello sisterwife)

No. 343196

File: 1702906392992.png (993.2 KB, 701x1193, King_Magnifico_transparent.PNG…)

I strongly believe he deserved better

No. 343198

0/10 you are the husbandofag equivalent of a consoomer. You hop on the bandwagon and eat up every shitty aging cartoon man with a dorito figure, tragic backstory, and a jawline, the "safe horny" ITman of the week.

No. 343212

He's silly I like him, can't hate him

No. 343214

I hope you can fix him

No. 343222

Eyes too big, feet too small.

No. 344826

File: 1703560033198.png (1.02 MB, 810x699, AscendedAstarion.png)

eviscerate me nonnas
>will give you everything you want as long as you dont leave him
>he is always watching

No. 344829

Looks like an old ugly lesbian

No. 344831

the way people talk about him i had no idea he was a yandere.

No. 344832

terrible hair. also
overrated. just code for entirled demanding scrote

No. 344834

he only becomes a possessive yandere if you ascend him

unascended he's just a sadboi because you took the power away from him but he loves you/wants protection from you so he sticks around which is what most of the fandom/tifs want

No. 344835

>demanding scrotes
Not all of them are like that, there are the desperate to please types.

No. 344836

File: 1703565878195.png (54.9 KB, 584x960, 2359708-arbiter (2).png)

He's everything to me

No. 344837

based. I don't care what anyone says, fantasizing about having an obsessed stalker freak for a bf is peak insecure becky behavior.

No. 344842

haven't played b3, but would you respect someone's opinion about him before if they were an insecure super model? most women are beckies after all so it isn't an insult.
kek, I'm sorry but how?

No. 344843

the only thing that he demands from you is that you stay with him
he is the desperate to please type, he will spoil you rotten if it means that you'd happily stay with him forever (literally forever, he turns you into a vamp)
he only follows you around as a bat and will protect you because you are his treasure. i see this as a win.

No. 344930

File: 1703614539325.jpg (117.74 KB, 963x697, 20231212_043407.jpg)

No. 344931

File: 1703614622197.jpeg (81.86 KB, 1200x800, IMG_1455.jpeg)

he is stupid as fuck

No. 344960

doesn't the character not respect you for it though or something like that? tbh that is a dealbreaker for a yandere character for me. he has to love and think of you as perfection

No. 345113

File: 1703671425526.jpg (Spoiler Image,338.45 KB, 2880x1925, ascendedastarionromance.jpg)

he does love and sees you as perfection but he is highly insecure about himself, he thinks you're degrading yourself by being with him but thinks that maybe thats what you want and he knows it.

basically he thinks you deserve better but refuses to let you go anyways.

No. 345296

ok, I can certainly enjoy a nice self-loathing yandere who knows his place

No. 345465

File: 1703831710776.jpg (1.98 MB, 4467x5989, ratemystupidman.jpg)

7/10 he may be perpetually broke, kinda dumb and hasnt made an appearance within the series for years now, but he's devoted and will always make you smile.

No. 345468

3/10 because I know he's unclean and doesn't wash his cock, 10/10 once bathed with force

No. 345472

File: 1703835555376.png (1.42 MB, 1396x891, sadboi.png)


No. 345473

I like the actual Togami more and I hated the animator fag he hung out with in DR3.
Issue with Twogami more just comes from lack of screentime than anything else.
0/10 I'm sick of seeing his ugly Preminger ass everywhere

No. 345478

Best boy in his game for sure

No. 345496


No. 345557

This one is killing me

No. 345587

Kek i'd say he's a 7.5/10, good qualities but he looks too old sometimes
he's funny i like him
Imo he looks too feminine

No. 345833

File: 1703991846134.jpg (46.1 KB, 361x512, cleantoki.jpg)

Don't worry, his dick is no longer crusty.

No. 349335

File: 1705532571701.jpg (95.57 KB, 798x548, edogai with bear.JPG)

what do we think, nonnies? (he's the one on the left)

No. 349348

> +5 for his cute smile (like, that is a really cute smile. wow)
> -1 for the sweater vest (personal preference, not my thing)
> +2 for the button up shirt (has potential. he should roll up sleeves)
> +1 for taxidermy aesthetic (looks cool. kind of intimidating in a good way)
> +0.5 for the apron. (i love a man in an apron)
A solid 8.5 husbando imo. Who is he, nonna?

No. 349402

File: 1705546408130.jpg (82.27 KB, 678x718, 1234.JPG)

one of them is more like a past husbando but I stand by my taste
8/10 I don't know who he is but I like that he looks like a loser
7/10, I loved him so much when the game first came out. I wish he didn't look so old though. Also every time I see him I can only think of the lacefront wig kryolan tv stick post
he's so pretty
kek thanks for clarifying the bear isn't your husbando. I like his apron and eyes a lot. What's with the animals, is he a taxidermist? Because that's pretty cute

No. 349403

File: 1705546773579.jpeg (39.79 KB, 600x337, IMG_0535.jpeg)

NAYRT but this is Edogai from Golden Kamuy. He's inspired by Ed Gein, hence the many skin suit pictures you'll see if you look him up.

No. 349801

…kek that is certainly an image. The Ed Gein thing is weird, but inspiration regarding a character's origin isn't enough to dock any points, so the score remains.

No. 350006

Oh for sure, I wasn't trying to get points docked for nonna. I just thought the energy of the pic she chose was hilarious compared to the full picture of what the guy is like.

No. 350138

yes, a taxidermist. and a designer, on the side. just a well-rounded lovely artist.
come on nonnie, you absolutely had to post his worst outfit, huh… his opera-length gloves and thigh highs are excellent. makes me want to have my way with him.
well. he keeps the "full picture" hidden away, in the dark…
nobody knows about his silly side hobby. to the world he is just a sweet boy who knows his craft.

No. 350140

File: 1705794596294.jpg (30.84 KB, 364x406, crying edogai.JPG)

samefag. thank you for your words of truth nonnie. he IS a solid 8+. (personally i love that he shares my appreciation of sweater vests.)

No. 350306

File: 1705823923932.png (1.44 MB, 2600x2252, characters_27_grimnir.40fa1386…)

I played this kusoge for longer than I should've because of him.

No. 357251

File: 1708403432929.jpg (537.03 KB, 512x875, CE643232.jpg)

Love her design even though I stopped playing fgo years ago. I don't know how to properly explain it, but she looks "clean", like she just got out of a shower in every piece of art she's in. Doesn't help that her scarf looks like a towel here.

There's just something about elf ears that changes a character from average to great. That's a really nice design, he looks like he uses ice or wind magic.

No. 357325

Damn he is hot as fuck, is this gbf? 9/10 especially thanks to the shoulder expose which is my weakness
She is one of the few fgo waifu characters I love, she’s beautiful! 8.5/10 for her

No. 357644

sorry, I love Cu so I have to hate her.

No. 364519

10/10 best Disney husband

No. 364521

File: 1711073869209.jpeg (250.52 KB, 1500x1050, IMG_5461.jpeg)

knock some sense into me anons

No. 364522

File: 1711073960052.png (617.51 KB, 1334x1002, 4333MASKING-Power-yUmM86.png)

i wish i wasn't so shit at playing bandori because i miss Masuki

No. 364548

File: 1711089783028.jpg (128.89 KB, 1024x512, EQuoVWsU4AY4GpE.jpg)

9/10 Perfect cute wonderful husbando with a sexy sexy VA, point docked for it being GBF. I played it too so this isn't judgement but rather understanding of the misery.

No. 364736

10/10 evil hunky skeleton demon
0/0 ugly fat skeleton

No. 364815

File: 1711154421331.jpg (420.09 KB, 1080x821, Dansan.jpg)

I'm ready for your judgment Nonnies.

No. 366887

File: 1711948178839.jpg (60.29 KB, 735x786, d850816622921cf8f59e4930922726…)

Rate my old man

No. 366889

anon can we share him <3(<3)

No. 366918

File: 1711960354211.png (383.23 KB, 724x923, image.png)

>punishes evil moids and protects good women
>punishes streamers and paparazzi
>nice to nice people
>multitalented and resourceful
Fantastic taste nona but I may be biased

No. 368053

0/10 shit
Not bad but not good either 5/10
I don't know where he's from but I like his smile 6/10

No. 368074

File: 1712343972489.jpg (100.16 KB, 1200x1200, 1200 (1).jpg)

This brat was my first anime husbando. Not a shotafag though.

No. 368079

File: 1712345149447.jpg (345.21 KB, 971x2077, 20240405_212123.jpg)

I've become obsessed with this faggot

No. 368099

File: 1712352046620.png (2.56 MB, 1928x978, Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 18.1…)

My masochistic, potentially brain-washed, alt-husbando

No. 368222

This is a woman

No. 368275

He's just a pretty man, the artist is a coward and didn't draw a bulge.
Your huabando is pretty nice tbh, tsunderes are always a nice treat.

No. 368288

File: 1712384092440.png (154.86 KB, 317x598, Sun_Moon_Grimsley.png)

Not really a husbandofag anymore but rate younger-nonna's taste

No. 368289

not to necro but I was obsessed with him until someone pointed out that he's very much faggy for kiryu and crushing on him, and that ruined him for me entirely. 7/10 cute chinpira puppy husbando though if he wasn't so gay

No. 368293

File: 1712385111886.jpg (419.13 KB, 879x674, 20240405_101429.jpg)

he rarely has a bulge in the official art tbf

No. 368296

I played nucani for a while before my phone became shit and I was always bothered by the lack of bulge… he has skintight clothing but we can't see his dick??

No. 368303

Why would you post this…

No. 368422

Why does he tuck his peepee in the peepee slot

No. 368424

Having his penis just flapping around would be improper for a knight.

No. 368461

I don't have a dick but that looks like it hurts.

No. 368589

who is he? i love the design

No. 370581

File: 1713087380785.png (647.3 KB, 695x694, losersassemble.png)

Offering my male losers, feel free to say anything bad about them because none of them are normal, i like some of them more than others but i think they're all equally bad, i tried to keep the current relevant ones.

No. 370583

Germany, Raiden, Nero are godtier 1000000/10. The dude from Diabolik Lovers whose name I forgot is really cute, 7/10. Don't know the rest, so can't say anything about them. But the dude on the far right on the second row is really damn hot. Who is he?

No. 370584

File: 1713088681754.gif (2.78 MB, 500x353, 154978.gif)

Aw thank you… The one you mentioned is Reinhard from The Legend of the Galactic Heroes, he's a bit fruity like the guy from Diabolik Lovers but i think he's a better person kek. The one that is opening the door (Reuenthal) is from the same series, i think that he's very handsome but i love that picture.

No. 370585

Boone just seems really out of place in this chart.
If he didn't have dead wife at his own hands issues, I might've husbando'd him.

No. 370587

Thanks nona, it seems interesting and I like the description of his character kek. Gonna check it out

No. 370596

Kek yeah could be because he's the only one from a western thing that doesn't have his face covered, i liked and hated the way he acted but he also was one of the few videogame moids that made me tear up so he's dear to me and he's good at shooting from afar, i like that in a quiet man
No problem! I hope that you can enjoy it.

No. 370598

You have a soft spot for serious Man?

No. 370601

File: 1713095930205.png (12.97 KB, 149x144, 7654829.png)

Correct… and serious + autistic = smile on my face

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