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File: 1644520881940.png (3.02 MB, 1778x1475, the absolute state.png)

No. 185617

Considering that there seems to be a lot of anons into those 2 games here, this thread is necessary. Feel free to discuss anything: the salt, the issues, your stylings, ugly new suits, pretty new suits, preferences, impressions, speculations… Basically everything Nikki Up2U related.
>Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen is a dress-up game with rpg elements, developed by Papergames.
>Shining Nikki is a next-gen gacha dress-up game and the 3D sequel of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen.
Unofficial subreddit:https://www.reddit.com/r/LoveNikki/
Official Discord:https://discord.gg/lovenikkiofficial
Official Discord:https://discord.gg/shiningnikki

No. 185688

Thank you for making a thread anon! I'm honestly kinda over love nikki, i got so many suits and i don't feel like it's worth it to get any more because i hardly look at any of the suits i have. I guess i kinda did have the motivation to complete all the hells but that motivation is gone to. I already catched up with all chapters but the story just feels slow and it was frustrating how we got hells in the wrong order so the lore didn't make any sense, remember how long it took before we got 4 gods kek. Anyway i think i will just delete love nikki for a while and start playing again when they add a new chapter.

I have been enjoying shining nikki a lot more and i feel like it's really easy to save my diamonds even tho we get so many events? Maybe it's because a lot of suits i don't like but i have 50k dias saved right now and i will probably get the current rerunning suit because I'm mainly just saving for the devil and angel hell.

No. 185697

SN's makeups are completely soulless. They have no expression and look all the same.

No. 185702

File: 1644536085451.jpeg (195.78 KB, 750x1195, B11776AD-91AD-47C0-B203-9690C2…)

Thanks for making a thread!
I’m still doing the chapters (I craft and evolve all suits in them to get my wardrobe up so it takes longer) so I don’t have the same complaints as others do about the slow pace.
I’m just pissed that the game might die out because I don’t like the 3D look of shining Nikki. Part of the appeal of love Nikki for me is the crazy extravagant suits, like CLAMP on crack.
Anyone have an LN husbando? Reid is the most attractive in the game to me (he also looks like my boyfriend) but for total package I really like Royce.

No. 185713

I'm honestly somewhat surprised this is the first LN thread here. I haven't been playing for a few months, though I started back in 2017ish. I remember when you could actually get full suits easily without spending diamonds and now it feels like you have to spend a shit ton if you want a pretty one. I do love the story, though the progression has been painfully slow.

And can anyone explain why/what exactly are players boycotting? I've been out of the loop since I stopped following reddit and tumblr. Because non-CN servers are not getting new content/suits?

No. 185731

it's essentially that, yeah, there have been very long delays in content. this post summarises it https://www.reddit.com/r/LoveNikki/comments/sfo1ug/other_a_summary_of_the_past_week/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

No. 185751

File: 1644554029655.jpg (208.96 KB, 1920x1920, 1644553927751.jpg)

God, I hope the chinese players succeed at firing the artist. What the fuck are those poses?

No. 185756

I got pretty irritated that they basically retconned the story of LN. Not that it was particularly interesting or anything but going into SN and immediately being told none of that shit mattered kind of put a sour taste in my mouth. Still, I'm enjoying the new Nikki game alot

No. 185769

File: 1644560609062.png (34.86 KB, 128x119, thonkmomo.png)

been playing ln since 2018.

i gave up on sn because it basically took away all the fun elemensd of ln to make it a straight up gacha.
like sure, the art is very nicely done but there's nothing to do but spend, and compaared to kl you get way less stuff for the same amount of money

i hope they don't give up on ln. imo it's way better

No. 185772

File: 1644561180249.jpg (54.39 KB, 393x420, youve got problems.jpg)

It's because they fail to hide Nikki's deep soulless eyes. LN makeup changes her uncanny face so it looks better meanwhile SN just tries to fruitlessly fix it with makeup.
Same, I have no idea why they are keeping this milf hunter. Mb it's some executive's friend/relative? Also western LN fandom reaction to CN boycott (they say that art is not so bad and demanding to fire the artist is too much uwu) is so pathetic - art is the main selling point of this game, they shouldn't fuck it up under any circumstances.

No. 185783

Nice thanks for the thread op!
I started playing somewhere in 2019 I guess, and still have fun playing. It’s just the best dress-up game out there imo because it has just soo many different items and possible combinations with great art quality (if you ignore the occasional retarded proportions/poses that are accordingly related to that artist everyone seems to hat lol)
>I’m just pissed that the game might die out because I don’t like the 3D look of shining Nikki.
same here I will never play SN, 3d dress up games are ugly to me and everything I’ve seen so far looks kind of lame tbh. One appeal of dress-up games for me is to be able to go as wild as possible, if what I can do is limited to making the same boring Nikki doll look only slightly different with a different hairstyle and dress, great if you’re into that but I really don’t see the point.

I really hope they don’t give up on LN I mean the game is still a cashcow, I assume and hope it would not be profitable dropping it now since there are still many players who are ready to spend shitloads of money on it.
It’s Cloris for me I just love him he’s so cute, sleeping under the tree like that.

No. 185833

File: 1644589906332.jpg (305.16 KB, 1280x911, 0xiG40vFx6ElJzblRWWVfXErtoDz8z…)

There is so much shit to talk about tbh, I don't even know from what to start lol… Anyway what's your opinion on the new hell&recharges? Have you obtained anything yourself? I've reached the second node and got 2 suits I wanted (prince - for his background and knight - for her scythe). Overall this hell seems too cartooney to me, plastic even. I don't really like this style, though I like The idea behind those suits. The last node is something severely tragic: the concept is really good and original but the execution is so lackluster, there are just so many things wrong with that snow white girl. Recharges are pretty but they don't do anything to me. Originally when I saw that elf and her breakdown for the first time I planned to recharge until I get her ears, but rn I think I don't really need them. I don't have any desire to purchase anything from this lineup at all.

No. 185835

not aa fan of the sunflower and grim reaper shit but i love the sun one (gonna use it for a louis XIV sc entry) and the starry night.
not my fave hell (i like the cloud ones better) but i like most of it. i got the recharge because i love flapper style

No. 185837

>louis XIV
Lol wtf. Post here pls when you will style it, I need to see that masterpiece

No. 185859

Agree. LN is not the artist's personal account, people are putting money on this game. The global players are so oversensitive and get satisfied with any little thing. This is why Elex will never change, and the players deserve it.
>what's your opinion on the new hell&recharges?
The cheapest recharge is the cutest. The elf is boring and her anatomy is extremely messed up. I think the hell event is average. The prince and sunflower painter are the best suits, I'm in love with their background items. I don't like the other duo. The only pretty item of Night Stray is the dress, her pose is awful and her hair looks like something you'd craft in the early chapters. Dawn Sky is boring and I don't like the top part of her dress, it looks transparent and kind of slutty. But some of the individual items look useful.
>The last node is something severely tragic
Did you get her? What do you think of it? I think Snow White looks very cute, but I don't like the pose and I don't know if I'd use her dress a lot. Her hair is gorgeous, though, and her makeup looks so gentle.

No. 185897

File: 1644606794396.gif (11.6 MB, 750x1314, snow.gif)

>did you get her
No I didn't. I really dislike her dress and accessories (she looks like a baby in a cradle tbh), I am thinking about getting her on rerun just for the snow special effect but only if I wouldn't have anything better to spend on when that time comes.
There was a breakdown and versatility testing of this hell on reddit though, its op gave a short review of each set (how useful + compatible it is in her opinion), you might want to check it out ♥

No. 185905

Only the van goth boy + sunflower combo are worth it in my opinion, only got the boy for now and I love his background item.
Also anyone saw the subreddit drama? Funniest shit I've seen in the community in a while.

No. 185909

Uhh are you talking about one of the mods overreacting to snarky comments under the momo-talking giveaway and claiming that people harassed her? Yeah that was really cringe.

No. 185917

> Anyway what's your opinion on the new hell&recharges?
The flapper girl recharge has great items for example, while the elf suits individual parts are boring - the ears are cool, but imo the ones from the last halloween even are more versatile. The hell is allright because it’s cheap and I judge suits by their individual parts in the first place. In general the poses of the scythe girl and the recharge elf are ridiculous but I love the black armor parts from night stray and the makeup for example but as a whole the suit sucks. Sunflower girl and the male suit are really nice and I love the dark sun themed suit too, don’t care for the last one honestly I just want to finish the hell event because of the avatar frame, never thought I would do something like this but here we are

No. 185932

I just started this game like 3 days ago because someone posted the elf prince guy in the rate my husbando thread and I loved him so much I had to get this game kek. I don't usually like mobile games but I'm really enjoying it, really love the suits and art styles. I've been focused on trying to unlock elf prince story in the dreamland thing.

No. 185997

How do I learn how to match items to create something else in the Starry Corridor? I was messing around SC today, but it's so hard

No. 186035

New redeem code for SN: MECHACAKE

No. 186036

Mb get some concrete inspiration instead of pointlessly playing with backgrounds? If you have in mind some particular thing you want to create in starry corridor (like a scene, cosplay or smth) you will naturally come up with ideas how to do it. At least that was the case for me.

No. 186128

I said that I don't know how to use SC, not that I don't have inspirations

No. 186136

Then what sort of issues do you have? Like you don't know how to rotate them or something? I just don't really get your problem.

No. 186137

I hate when crafting recipe of some previously diamond event suit requires spending stamina on princess/maiden drops. Like if it wasn't included in the original event why the fuck should I do it now? I don't want to wait reeeeee

No. 186140

File: 1644692139229.jpg (947.25 KB, 1080x1904, wake me up inside.jpg)

Hey, how about posting our stylings for the current comp theme itt? I will start. Seems that most people go with ice themed outfits for it, I don't have them, so I've made this messenger of spring.

No. 186171

I got invested into Nikki franchise and I am wondering whether playing Shining Nikki is worth it to keep the plot going. I don't find the gameplay too fun and for some reason I don't enjoy the story part (so far) too. I do like how some of the elf men cards look like…

No. 186177

Am I insane or did we have a Love Nikki thread years ago? Like around 2018? I remember getting into Love Nikki back then because of farmers. I remember farmers posting their stylings for the comp here! And there was a discussion about like how people do the same damn thing all the time or how the shittiest stylings get high ratings. Or did I completely make it up in my head that there was a thread?

No. 186286

I honestly don't remember that. Mb it was in some other thread like the dress up games general?

No. 186291

How do I find an Association that's actually active? I've been in a /cgl/ one for a while but only two other members actually use it anymore and it's so slow to progress with it.

No. 186294

i used to be so addicted to this game for a long time. I kept breaking phones and having to make new accounts over the years tho so I could never truly build up my collection. Which made me lose interest, thank God. I definitely would have ended up spending hard earned money on these pixels had i built up a collection

No. 186327

There are occasionally (monthly?) association megathreads on LN subreddit under which people promote their associations, you can look up the most recent one there. Also on LN discord there is an entire channel dedicated to associations' advertisement.

No. 186342

I used to play this for a while but constantly having to skip text, especially with the crappy translation was annoying. The outfits look pretty at first but then they just start to blend together because almost all of them have the same excessive aesthetic. There was a bit too many male gazey outfits too for my taste as well.

Now I just play Covet Fashion which is simple and I think I like real fashion better than the fantasy stuff in long term.

No. 186344

After a whole day of searching you’re right anon, there wasn’t anything like that here. The thread might have been on /cgl/ actually and I mixed it up with lolcow in my memories

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