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File: 1644852352020.jpg (14.49 KB, 275x275, 1627687504335.jpg)

No. 186377

Let's use this thread as an off-topic refuge place until /ot/ is fixed!
Post whatever you want but like maybe reference the thead? Like "Vent - I hate my life etc" or "Things We Hate - potatoes" or don't i don't really care

No. 186378

How the fuck…

No. 186379

what happened to /m/…

No. 186380

You can search for threads using the catalogue, they should all be there!

No. 186381

Is anyone able to post on the threads? I can pull up the threads but not post in them!

No. 186382

yup same.

No. 186383

I can't even see threads in the catalogue.

No. 186384

oh, all the threads vanished

No. 186385

no but you can find them through the search option

No. 186386

wait /m/ broke after /ot/? lol

No. 186387

The fact that the last post in the /vgt/ thread was about needy streamer overload kills me

No. 186388

Shit, now all threads are gone when I click the catalogue.

No. 186389


No. 186390


No. 186391

What the FUCK??
Aaaaaghh fuck this
And why did this thread survive? Is it some kind of joke?

No. 186392

what the fuck, where is my driverfagging

No. 186393

File: 1645550892406.gif (4.09 MB, 588x250, byebye.gif)

We're sinking nonnies, adieu

No. 186395

Admin says everything is backed up and they're working on it.

No. 186397

Yep, thought so.
When you try to post in one of the old threads, it says "the specified thread does not exist".

No. 186398

>the specified thread does not exist
Maybe /m/ was a collective illusion of our delirious minds all along

No. 186399

I personally wouldn’t mind starting from scratch.

No. 186400

Yay im so glad /m/ is back! Now i won't have to bother other anons with my genshin fagging!

No. 186402

File: 1645554635553.jpg (16.36 KB, 518x300, E48wwvEVgAAmt2p.jpg)

I miss my driverfags

No. 186403

same, but we will get our threads back. Don't lose hope my fellow driverina

No. 186404

File: 1645554985564.gif (4.5 MB, 498x275, panting.gif)

T-This is just temporary ,right? This must be a simple coding error. Surely the admin hasn't deleted everything right?

No. 186405

File: 1645555116397.png (16.17 KB, 1148x127, admin.PNG)

yes just temporary

No. 186406

File: 1645555804471.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-02-19-21-37-24…)

I'd be happy to continue talking with anons about mobage, I guess we can use the old mobage/app thread or the dead idol game thread?

No. 186409

I see nothing

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