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File: 1645556979090.jpg (31.68 KB, 474x281, needy.jpg)

No. 186410

Also known as Needy Girl Overdose. A kawaii streamer simulation/raising game that parodies the twitch/youtube scene. Discuss the good, the bad, and postfunny screenshots. Try not to infight.

No. 186412

If you see yourself in the MC then I feel sorry for you.

No. 186413

I see myself as myself and I see the girl as an attention whore cow.

No. 186414

File: 1645558488499.jpg (9.71 KB, 236x303, 38787285eec23b7c2fb44fafaa1e63…)

No. 186416

I just finished my first playthrough where I was nice to her and she got obsessed with me kek.I don't like being mean to characters in games but I guess I don't have a choice.I liked it and esp the aesthetic but I found it a bit fast pased

Only moids would and most of us here aren't moids(I hope)

Don't worry Zhongli the genshin thread will be back plz get out of the mentally ill streamer thread and grow your rat tail again

No. 186417

File: 1645563774050.png (12.79 KB, 348x227, 896c8209-834f-4b19-b828-a87be4…)

The only thing I dislike is that the game was written with the idea that the player is dating Ame, so the plot twists and shock factors are formed around that.

My ideal happy end would be Ame comes to the realization she doesn't need approval from strangers and she stops caring about the trashtalk she receives, she continues doing what she enjoys and forms some meaningful connections/relationships that make her more confident.

No. 186418

what is this spacing?

No. 186419

Something that has been happening on imageboards for more than a decade.

No. 186422

Curious about this game. Is it only on Steam?

No. 186430

File: 1645610321772.jpg (107.49 KB, 1024x913, 1637036324606.jpg)

Good game but I'm tired of yandere girls VNs even when it's really well handled. Like yeah we get it scrote, you fantasize about a cute yandeshit girlfriend while simultaneously thinking it's the scariest stuff ever.
Weirdly topical too, with the rise of jirai kei fashion trend and the shitty japanese moral panic that it brought in some online spaces.

No. 186431

What about a yandere bf?

No. 186432

>jirai kei
is this a purely japanese trend? why do i see so many chinese results on google

No. 186433

I downloaded a torrent

No. 186434

File: 1645638966738.jpg (302.69 KB, 1000x1500, kuua oyasumi.jpg)

What is jirai kei? I see this game being related to menhera, yume kawaii and yami kawaii

No. 186435

NTA but I desperately need more good male yanderes

No. 186436

NTA but I heard somewhere that the basic way Ame dresses is jirai kei and that it's about women who want to be kinda dark/edgy but also nostalgic?

No. 186437

There's zero good yandere bf game, for those who are interested, maybe try Your Boyfriend demo (but it's pretty meh). I also remember Mystic Messenger having good yandere-like routes? But otherwise that's all I go
It's a bit like menhera, yeah. Jirai kei is a style that got popular in the early 2020's (looks a lot like larme kei fashion wise) and it's just mentally ill girls wearing frilly liz lisa like clothes. It's interlinked with mental illness and endangering behaviors like prostitution, smoking and heavy drinking. They're regarded as fashionable BPD chans basically. Jirai means landmine, it's a ref about how some cute looking women will turn crazy and possessive when they get in a relationship

No. 186438

Do you think a simple genderflip of this idea would work for a male version of this kinda yandere game? Or would a more story-oriented game make more sense?

No. 186439

i just played thru the first time and got the cucked ending. ummmm lol

No. 186440

played again got the love can muddle the mind ending now

No. 186441

There's that yandere otome game that's supposedly coming out but it's gonna be R18 and femdom
I'm not a yanderefag but do you not like shit like Diabolik Lovers? There's also that Kankinkon game that's based on a CD drama series. What sort of male yandere do you like?

No. 186442

Nta but what's the game coming out? Also, I know Diabolik Lovers but never heard of Kankinkon, were you able to play either of them in English?

No. 186443

I wish they were honest and marketed this as a co-dependent yandere fetish simulator instead of some groundbreaking critique of online culture. I played multiple endings in hopes of it eventually striking a chord and turning out to be worth all the good words but it never happened. I love the art style and the visuals, it's clear as day that there's a lot of attention paid to the details and aesthetics of the game but the weak writing kills what good there is. It's just generic and lazy "internet bad" discourse used to hastily excuse making a game where you abuse and break a streamer thot with spooky glitch graphics thrown in to somehow make it more deep than it actually is.

Ame is a needy, pathetic BPD-chan that bombards you with vapid messages that are either attention seeking or clearly blogging about her own superiority to others, her blowing the money simps give her on frivolous things, overdosing on drugs, having a private vent account where she contradicts everything she says on her public one, commanding you to post on her behalf to whiteknight her on the imageboard etc. There's nothing admirable about her and the only way for her to achieve happiness is to let her stress levels fall to 0 and have her become a normie, something the game treats as a bad end. The gameplay feels like it's some male power fantasy of taking a revenge on the popular e-girl who ignored your twitter reply because there's no real commentary on how exactly Ame is driven to act like she does besides the "hehe thot is depressed and dumb" aesthetics.

No. 186444

Not a yandere fan but have you tried Tomoe from Amnesia. He’s a classic extreme yandere in his route.

No. 186445

you should look at the r/maleyandere subreddit on reddit, i had some yandere mangas/games recommended to me there.

No. 186446

There's a vita patch but if you dont have a vita you can play on switch and have a side-by-side translation pulled up. I'm pretty sure tumblr has a bunch of them

No. 186450

File: 1645774669641.png (Spoiler Image,762.94 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (120).png)

she has a mental break and it's pretty kino.

anyway i don't want to white knight the game too much (because i more or less agree with you) but she has her moments of depth. it's pretty clear that she has self-image issues on top of being a druggie which contributes to her actions; it's also implied from the sole bit of dialogue we (the player) get that WE are not helping her at all, by being a toxic and controlling partner. and while i haven't touched it in a while – i totally binged over half the endings on launch day – her streams where she thanks her followers hint at a past of being bullied at school, and that led to her dropping out?

i think that one stream she has where she basically decries "false positivity" is good too.

>and the only way for her to achieve happiness is to let her stress levels fall to 0 and have her become a normie

fairly sure this isn't true. there's an ending where she becomes the streamer she wants to be, i just haven't gotten it yet.

No. 186460

File: 1645844436103.jpg (194.22 KB, 878x1239, EoI5ALpVEAMcTiH.jpg orig.jpg)

>Nta but what's the game coming out?
It's called Yandere Town
dunno when it's gonna be finished though
>I know Diabolik Lovers but never heard of Kankinkon, were you able to play either of them in English?
The first DiaLovers game and its fandisk both have fan translations but for the Vita; there's a web translation for the first. As for Kankinkon, there's no English translation. I haven't played either of them.

No. 186481

>Pretty kino
Gtfo vttranny

No. 187669

I like when she freaks out. I know this game is very "lol haha thats me XDDD" for some egirls and trannies
But I legit like this song because its the perfect song to want to kill yourself to

No. 189798

I lurked the 4chan thread about this after seeing the cool pixel art and the whole thread were guys in mental shambles over this ‘masterpiece’ and blogpost rambling about their own mental health whenever they weren’t violently angry at or simping for her, it’s funny, like a microcosm of male behavior.

No. 204125

File: 1651800728839.png (472.43 KB, 1024x913, w.png)

No. 204129

I remember this being posted on CGL circa 2014 but it wasn't jirai Kei. What was the original again?

No. 248222

I feel sorry for myself too

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