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File: 1646252677714.jpg (41.53 KB, 888x821, tumblr_94af05b22691c7ee907870d…)

No. 186733

because /m/ won't be fixed anytime soon, here's a driverfag thread for all adam driver lovers

No. 186740

File: 1646254207057.jpg (82.42 KB, 1242x1709, 24c00083dc1a3f3b68589a480f8673…)

Why the RCDart pic though lmao
It's equal parts funny and equal parts ew

No. 186742

bc funny pohto funny

No. 186830

File: 1646314764819.jpg (139.65 KB, 1023x1008, Tumblr_l_9671633362559.jpg)

I just bought myself 2 perfume samples anons hehe, the Burberry hero one and Tom Ford ombre leather. Here's my take on it:
The Tom Ford one smell incredibly amazing, i feel like an attractive man while wearing it and can definitely imagine Adam use this, it really fits him. When i first sprayed it on me, my first impression was the leather, amber and insence notes, as time passed by the dry down notes are cardamom, jasmine, and patchouli, this create a more pleasant and sweeter smell. Ngl though, whenever i smell this perfume it made me blush a little kek, mature and sophisticated is what i would like to describe it. Its been almost a week since i bought the sample, the perfume smell so good i always catch myself picking up the sample and sniffles it. Whenever I see/read sth abt Adam i take the sample out, smell it and imagine him right next to me. (9/10)
The Burberry one is less impressive, they smell quite underwhelming, not bad but it really doesn't stand out like the Tom Ford one. Woody and the bergamot notes are the first thing i notice and the dry down have a fresh and spicy feel to it, must be the juniper and pepper, the dry down make it more tolerable but overall quite a forgettable perfume. They kinda smell like those axe sprays but a little more sophisticated, not my cup of tea (5/10)
I haven't tried the Dior Sauvage yet cuz they ran out of samples for that one. Maybe i should get one next time and do a little review for you guys if you want ofc. I have also bought that Threshold candle that allegedly smells like Kylo. RIP my bank account, Driverfagging is no joke lmao.
On another note, I think i should save my money and buy the Ombre Leather perfume now since it turns out to be my new personal favorite kek.
Hope this helps u ladies on which perfume to buy to smell like Adam!!!

No. 187086

I haven't been on lolcow for months and I am so delighted to see we have a temp thread

No. 187142

File: 1646451026343.jpeg (179.3 KB, 750x917, IMG_5524.jpeg)

I love your perfume rant. Has he worn the Tom Ford one before?
This makes me think about Adam anxiously walking by the 20 Burberry ads in JFK airport (excuse the blurry trash TikTok screenshot, I couldn't find an actual picture)

No. 187153

at least driverfags have a sense of humor

No. 187175

File: 1646469051143.png (1.39 MB, 1169x1443, Untitled47_20220302173732.png)

Praying to get our thread back.

No. 187186

File: 1646471771512.jpg (51.66 KB, 1024x562, EjSgJ-pU4AESqo0.jpg)

I think so yea, but it was mostly rumored though. The Tom Ford one was confirmed by an extra that was working with him on a set.
That's a lot of horse!adam lmao, for some reason we don't really advertise those where i live. I only saw him at malls that sell perfumes though.

No. 187197

God, I sure hope mods can restore the old threads. I can't believe that we could have lost 1,5 threads of driverfaggotry. What an insufferable thought.
First, thank you for your hard work!!! This is the kind of high effort driverfagging I've been missing, damn. I mean I've been missing any type of driverfagging, but you know what I mean
>Tom Ford ombre leather
God, I want to buy a sample too now. Damn
>Burberry hero
Such a shame to hear it's not so good, but it kind of makes sense since Adam has only advertised it and wasn't said to use it…? I'm still tempted to buy a 5 ml bottle since it looks so cute.
>I haven't tried the Dior Sauvage
Oh my God, how many perfumes is that man connected to? Is je said to wear this one too? LOL
>I have also bought that Threshold candle that allegedly smells like Kylo. RIP my bank account, Driverfagging is no joke lmao.
I want that goddamn candy, why isn't it available for me anywhere… Does any eurofag nonnie know of a good alternative?
I live for this shit, I wish I've been there personally
>This makes me think about Adam anxiously walking by the 20 Burberry ads in JFK airport
lmfao next thread picture
>The Tom Ford one was confirmed by an extra that was working with him on a set
Holy shit, I'm ordering that sample like NOW

No. 187312

File: 1646536624944.gif (1.62 MB, 245x249, 17b179fe5cd1e04e63994f2fd7f124…)

Adam Driver Playlist Shitpost

>Agony (played Cinderella’s Prince in his high school production of Into the Woods)

>Happy Birthday (his audition song for Julliard)
>Adam Sackler’s creepy breakup song from S2E2 of Girls
>Tu si ’na Cosa Grande (the Italian song he sings in Hungry Hearts) (tbh this is probably his best song because it’s actually in his vocal range)
>Please Mr. Kennedy (his folk song with Justin Timberlake and Oscar Isaac from Inside Llewyn Davis)
>Leaving on a Jet Plane (the song he used to describe Kylo in a TROS interview)
>Being Alive (the karaoke song from Marriage Story)
>Slow (his R&B song on SNL)
>Now May We Start (and the rest of the Annette album)

He's also mentioned in…
>Adam Driver by Sipper (a slightly unsettling song about thirsting for Adam)
>Outlast by Mello Music Group (rap song, “I’ve been solo, like Kylo Ren”)

There are probably other songs, but I've spurged enough

No. 187314

He needs to play Serge Gainsbourg asap

No. 187317

File: 1646540937264.jpg (176.19 KB, 1242x1327, ERWFfWhX0AAK7AA.jpg)

Oh I forgot, after writing that I did a little bit of research and found that the Dior Sauvage one was kinda disputed on Twitter that the person who told ppl that he wears Dior Sauvage didn't even attend the backdoor event…Now the only known perfume that he wears and confirmed is the Tom Ford one.

No. 187318

>Tu si ’na Cosa Grande (the Italian song he sings in Hungry Hearts) (tbh this is probably his best song because it’s actually in his vocal range)
True omg, I love it so much because of how the song compliment his voice. So rich and warm urgh! I got so weak in the knees.

No. 187324

File: 1646545598648.jpg (93.68 KB, 800x800, 24ea3153ba8f5e3cb431742279ca2e…)

The thread pic reminds me of this fish mask ffs

No. 187454

I got samples of Tom Ford from a perfume store and now I put those ribbons and papers on a table near my bed. The smell is really strong and I'm breathing it in as I lay. I want to buy those perfumes kek. I wonder if I could get my eventual bf to wear them
I need this on Spotify/yt like now kek
>Adam Driver by Sipper (a slightly unsettling song about thirsting for Adam)
What do you mean nonnie, it's completely normal kek
He needs to play Serge Gainsbourg asap
Uh no, he has already played a rapist… we don't need him to play a French pedophile (and who am I kidding, probably a rapist and molester too) too. You know that the biopic would glorify the fuck out of that ~artiste~. Typical frenchfag degeneracy

No. 187510

File: 1646626807121.webm (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 1611709859775.webm)

Just thought this should be reuploaded. I didn't make it but it makes me laugh when I see it

No. 187524

terrifying i must know who drew this

No. 187576

RCDart, lol

No. 187979

I watched house of gucci yesterday anons hehe. Omg he was so handsome nonas, expect him to smile non stop in the first 15 min or so, the movie wasnt as bad when you just focus on adam and lady gaga lmao. Whenever he was on screen i melt into a puddle ngl.

No. 188146

When Gaga went hardcore stalker mode to get that beautiful beast of an autist… I knew she was in the right, who wouldn't do the same? except driverhaters kek Rich, shy and a hottie. Too bad he became really shitty to her later on. Loved the part where he is just happy washing trucks and having desk-shattering sex with Patrizia kek

No. 188446

File: 1646923897681.jpeg (156.62 KB, 750x407, E31A6A03-4BE5-415F-9631-C6900F…)

He was goofy in a charming way, and cruel in a hot way. I hated the look in the leaked set pictures, but it grew on my after watching the movie

No. 189230

File: 1647255279265.jpeg (408.96 KB, 750x1107, DB7E063D-7055-4717-8AFF-BE385D…)

It was already posted in the celebrity thread, but Adam went to a Burberry show in London. He also produced an art opening for two artists. I guess that’s the most public appearances we‘ll get instead of the Oscars.

No. 189689

File: 1647394326989.png (Spoiler Image,438.7 KB, 1156x564, fegbvgoniinobijgb.png)

No. 189788

God,he is so hot.
Still dont know when we will get our thread back though, its been a month already nonas.

No. 189790

File: 1647434223189.jpg (188.35 KB, 500x750, Tumblr_l_1248928014483517.jpg)

Bumping the thread with a pic of clyde logan, my absolute fav husbando

No. 189804

mmmmmmmmm I love robot hands

No. 189862

File: 1647461735832.jpg (49.21 KB, 563x615, b29ec89c19ee54239af570f727701c…)

not a driverfag but I found this for you gals

No. 189931

File: 1647475710088.jpg (145.2 KB, 1224x954, cag8ac6wfh551.jpg)

This is so cute! I'm betting a lot of Reylos already know of its existence

a bit of a creepy joke, but it's not as if she would actually do anything to him

I've been studying so I still have not found the time to watch House of Gucci or TLD. I am months late, I know kek Which one did you prefer and why?

No. 189932

File: 1647476041855.jpeg (538.41 KB, 750x675, C8BA6CF1-BFD4-436C-B971-09587F…)

I love accidental Driver art. I feel like ‘The Embrace’ by Liepke looks like him too.

Feral Grumpy got me

No. 189992

Thank you nona, very cool!!!

No. 189993

I haven't watched tld yet but house of gucci was just meh at most if it isn't for Lady Gaga and Adam lmao.
I saw some snippets of tld online though and it was hawt (for some reason they dont air tld here where im from though, shame.)

No. 190125

>for some reason they dont air tld here where im from though, shame.
Why don't you just torrent/download it?

No. 190228

>having desk-shattering sex with Patrizia
kek I just had to watch that part with my family. Too bad, but it was a pretty hot scene so maybe I'll rewatch it later.

No. 190287

Oh i did, college been kicking my ass lately so i haven't got around to see it.

No. 190426

File: 1647637644296.jpeg (34.68 KB, 360x360, 1623489384.jpeg)

This is such a lazy attempt at general with no previous links or topics of discussion, driverfag on /g/ put more effort, yet her thread got locked.

No. 190430

File: 1647638545863.jpeg (785.98 KB, 1170x1174, 162948723895.jpeg)

I can't believe I have to wait one more year for this movie, fuck sony.

No. 190458

posting for driverfags who may not have seen his THR roundtable

No. 190522

Omfg is adam going to be an astronaut in this movie? Fuck sony indeed, i want my fanfic material right neow!!!!!

No. 190526

File: 1647672014486.jpg (68.81 KB, 750x873, Tumblr_l_1755317580558053.jpg)

I hope there's still another adam driver movie night, i really wanna talk to you guys!!

No. 190544

Thre should be, we still need to watch Gucci together. Do you have any suggestions?

No. 190556

I think Logan Lucky, The Last Duel, or Annette is what I currently have in mind. Hbu?

No. 190567

File: 1647682859979.jpeg (38.91 KB, 680x510, 16786788978.jpeg)

I avoid posting in temporal threads because I hope /m/ will come back at some point and this shitposting will be lost in time like tears in the rain

No. 190623

File: 1647704761086.jpg (106.91 KB, 552x1024, Adam Driver hops back motorcyc…)

I know nona, but at this point, it seems like its gonna take a while for our thread to return…Make as well make do.

No. 190627

File: 1647705220772.jpeg (80.33 KB, 416x738, Knowyourplace.jpeg)

Meme because of the recent happenings.
Also why some driverfags take the driver bait seriously in that thread?

Anyway, I too lazy to post because /m/ on the temporal state and I think mods doesn't seem to care.

I'm the creator kek

I already see some leaked nsfw scene. Wish I have more time to watch it nonny.

I heard the test audience doesn't like the screening of it. So they need to delay it

Same nonny, I want to spam some driver media and news but in this case, it's just not worthy it.

unpopular opinion, /ot/ is the only board that need to be rebuild / reborn because how messy the userbases is

No. 190630

>I heard the test audience doesn't like the screening of it. So they need to delay it
Yeah, some redneck youtuber talked about it but I think it has more to do with jurassic world coming out this year as well with all the nostalgia bait cast so sony delayed it.

No. 190640

i'm from the rpatz thread and i'm wondering if you guys have any more pics where adam's titties look really good. it's for, uh, research?

No. 190645

File: 1647710064923.jpg (78.06 KB, 500x648, EkecrByXEAglnm2.jpg)

Yeah… research. Here you go
Also vidrel

No. 190646

File: 1647710095981.gif (880.96 KB, 500x220, giphy.gif)

Side boob action

No. 190647

File: 1647710134678.gif (2.57 MB, 250x280, tumblr_p2mbixo2Ym1qdhps7o3_r1_…)

No. 190648

File: 1647710274969.jpg (25.5 KB, 400x350, EPatrRAWkAAw9mW.jpg)

Holding suspenders booba

No. 190649

File: 1647710323315.jpg (43.29 KB, 650x447, D-wn7ySXoAAN159.jpg)

Holding suspenders booba vol2

No. 190652

File: 1647710422685.gif (1.61 MB, 500x313, 79e9e22ef722c85d47c89a6fd770fd…)

You can see them jiggling tits

No. 190653

File: 1647710449793.gif (1.97 MB, 500x245, tumblr_37b92bd21eee49dccd43256…)

You can see them jiggling tits vol2

No. 190654

File: 1647710713543.gif (2.83 MB, 268x449, tumblr_3ad0407fc2b5e388a4c09e2…)

Holding boobas

No. 190656

No. 190663

File: 1647712792107.jpg (34.76 KB, 1200x675, 1634633408380.jpg)

ohhh god thank you so much, i love them all!!!! now i'm gonna cry because i'll never get to touch those juicy tits. why even live.

No. 190671

based meme from the based nonnie. rpatz spergs don't have a place to speak, their thread description is stolen from a driverfag one.
I miss Mikkelsen sparging btw
>I heard the test audience doesn't like the screening of it. So they need to delay it
fuckers should be shot

No. 190677

I missed those mads spergs too lmao, those were the days. Im really thrusting for some new adam content…
You will touch those juicy tits one day anon, never give up hope!!!!

No. 190682

You are welcome, join the dark side, we have Driver's boobies.
Whenever test audience is mentioned, I remember this Bruno's scene

No. 190759

Not a Driverfag (yet), but I think I love his voice…

No. 190760

File: 1647753104877.jpg (1.28 MB, 2048x2048, Tumblr_l_1812730113389016.jpg)

No. 190761

File: 1647753312227.jpg (1.21 MB, 2048x2048, Tumblr_l_1812735373402920.jpg)

No. 191020

File: 1647838653289.jpg (494.1 KB, 762x762, Tumblr_l_1370160874934926.jpg)

No. 191304

This whole scene with this music makes me wobble

No. 191557

File: 1648031073414.jpg (60.46 KB, 828x1017, 1625721347590.jpg)

>Adam Driver Parts Ways With Gersh

>After more then a decade as his agency, sources tell Deadline Adam Driver has parted ways with Gersh as his agency. While this would make him one of the bigger free agents in town when it comes to representation insiders add he will seek no additional reps with his attorney Robert Offer being his primary dealmaker.

>The move to go with only a lawyer is rare but after several years of staying very busy including a 2021 that included Annette and The Last Duel and his next film already lined up, he is in no need for an additional rep. Driver is currently in prep for his next film Ferrari, a new biopic from Michael Mann that will shoot later this year. Driver was most recently seen in House of Gucci.


No. 191558

I don’t know much about the legal workings of the industry. He could be unhappy with a deal or project. Or he might be taking a step back from acting like he’s been saying. I did notice he also stopped using his dresser Michael Fisher for his promotional tours (hence the amount of dad sweaters). He might be letting go of his team. But again, I don’t know the industry, so maybe I’m way off and it just means his contract ended and he didn’t renew.

No. 191559

File: 1648032737909.jpg (124.76 KB, 600x900, Lady-Gaga-Adam-Driver-House-of…)

Maybe he wants to do more small european projects and he wants freedom to choose. If I'm not mistaken he had no audition since Girls, he just gets invited by directors so in that term he should be ok.

>he also stopped using his dresser Michael Fisher for his promotional tours

Yeah, I noticed that too but I thought Burberry had something to do with it. His dad sweaters were bad but nothing can top his un-tailored blue suit at HOG London premier.
I just hope he can keep Amy around as his groomer.

No. 191701

File: 1648077911054.jpg (240.05 KB, 1266x1772, Tumblr_l_101004861021520.jpg)

Amy always did an incredible job grooming him, his hair is always so perfect, almost too perfect, id say, i don't mind the dad sweaters but i hope he can hire a dresser for some special red carpet events though.
I don't have much thought abt it like >>191558 said. However, i hope he is happy with his decision and still getting good acting gigs after parting ways with his old agency.

No. 191735


If anyone cares -

Although Adam is no longer with Gersh, he is still represented by Narrative PR and the legal firm Sloane, Offer, Weber & Dern.

Joanne has two agents at Gersh working for her, but no PR firm or industry legal representation is listed on her IMDBPro.

No. 191881

File: 1648142077958.jpg (267.55 KB, 2048x1562, 20220324_222038.jpg)

Ladies, i need some of your fanfiction recommendations, anything would do since I'm desperate lmao. I just know you gals have superior taste.

No. 191926

File: 1648160348659.jpg (132.28 KB, 853x1280, 1615399620894.jpg)

Exactly! I find it funny how she grooms so many celebrities yet gets the most engagement when she posts pics of out fridge

No. 191927

>Joanne has two agents at Gersh working for he
Why isn't she the one to leave them when they booked her zero projects?

Apparently Adam's lawyer is a big shot, yet I find his name Robert Offer hilarious.

No. 192081

Is it contractual? She might have signed on for X number of years and has to wait it out, meanwhile Adam's contract ended. But maybe that's more common with music artists and not actors.

I had a good laugh when she started grooming Angus Cloud from Euphoria since he doesn't have a lot of hair to work with.

No. 192129


Some people over at CDAN are claiming that he left Gersh because they weren't getting good roles for his wife. Which makes no sense for multiple reasons but mainly if Adam felt strongly enough to leave then surely Joanne would have break whatever contract she has with them too and just bounce lol.

Why they gotta make Adam's career choices somehow all about his wife I have no idea.

No. 192166

Kind of reminds me of the rumor a few years ago that Joanne was treated rudely by a luxury clothing brand and Adam refused to ever wear them again.
I think things like that are mostly made up. How would anyone know their private relationship dynamic.

No. 192187

File: 1648241492443.jpeg (76.56 KB, 750x623, 37434545.jpeg)

This is what I remembered the moment I read this >>192129
It was first posted on deux moi and later on someone came to conclusion it was about Adam, because his wife's dress wasn't tailored at Oscars or something.
Tbh all of it sounds realistic from an autist that turned down being Hugo Boss’s spokesman because they made uniforms for the Nazis lol


No. 192209

>Tbh all of it sounds realistic from an autist that turned down being Hugo Boss’s spokesman because they made uniforms for the Nazis lol
Honestly based. Also from this moment on I am headcanoning Adam Driver as autistic

No. 192211


What in the real person fiction…

No. 192215

File: 1648247757138.png (407.29 KB, 1474x1282, Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 5.33…)

The guy who wrote it seems slightly autistic himself, but the story was funny and I'm glad the Driver spurgs got him 12k views.

No. 192307

Did anyone see the selfies with adam on the AITAF events? Omg im so jealous, i wish i could see him AKJDUAJCHDKKCL

No. 192320

File: 1648290511904.jpeg (113.53 KB, 750x913, 837893534.jpeg)

What sort of fanfics?
He looks well rested. The way he wears same clothes as he did year ago in Italy.

No. 192325

File: 1648297868614.jpg (41.91 KB, 600x600, 20220326_151359.jpg)

I feel like he can get a little anxious during big events. Reminds me of this meme lol

No. 192327

File: 1648299468793.jpg (155.15 KB, 640x1008, Alexander-McQueen-Fall-2018-Me…)

To be honest I'm a bit angry at him for keeping this boring style when he has broad shoulders and height like that to accommodate all sorts of alexander mcqueenian ensembles

No. 192330

File: 1648301762658.jpg (101.99 KB, 540x700, tumblr_425106959b711e513e5f9dc…)

Ikr?! Hes a handsome man, he really needs to be experimenting with his look more! He got the raw materials. Id usually imagine him in some kind of cowboy/vampire look like Orville Peck of some sort, he deffo gonna nail it ( pic related, i also want to see his meaty tits)

No. 192332

File: 1648302292242.jpg (108.78 KB, 750x1000, bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-pad,…)

Kek didn't someone say he was wearing black cowboy hat in high school? What happened to his artistic soul? Imagine, if instead of being a cinephile he was into clothes and fashion magazines he would have ended up becoming a model or a designer

No. 192334

I feel like he mellowed out when he got older. BRING COW BOY HAT ADAM BACK!!!!!! I can see him as a model fo sho because he got the weird/unconventional model look that the fashion industry always rave and eat it up, maybe in an alternate universe though.

No. 192336

File: 1648303650093.jpg (61.87 KB, 501x366, tumblr_69ff1da9fb11634610b0f15…)

Oh, mostly ADCU x reader type beat. My fav characters are Clyde, Flip, Pat, Paul, Adam Sackler…I'd say Maurizio too but he can be a difficult character to write without being cringey.

No. 192337

File: 1648304181314.jpg (870 KB, 1363x2048, 16765976786709.jpg)

>model anachan adam driver from alternate universe

No. 192338

File: 1648304646394.jpg (37.51 KB, 736x710, tumblr_53e36cf73c8fda50d8d01e0…)

He'll be so milky I just knew it.

No. 192349

File: 1648310912873.jpg (737.32 KB, 1538x1538, 00-tout-five-things-adam-drive…)


No. 192363

File: 1648317662364.jpeg (207.69 KB, 1866x2048, FE32f2mXEAkrWwP.jpeg)

No. 192686

File: 1648431429737.jpg (182.05 KB, 700x934, 20220328_082335.jpg)

2021 Release
>House of Gucci

*Checks 2022 Oscar Nominees

>No Nominations of Annete for best music, score and Actor.

>No Nominations of TLD for costume Design

>One Nomination of HOG for Makeup and styling

Driverfags, The Amount of salt please

No. 192717

File: 1648442505312.jpg (3.25 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20220327_221723723.jpg)

I spotted a random adam driver on tv!!!

No. 192718

Honestly, the whole thing was such a shit show that I didn’t mind that he wasn’t there. Although it does suck for the rest of the cast and crew as well.

No. 192772


Award shows are always painfully boring to watch anyway. I like seeing photos of the red carpet fashion, and I like seeing films I enjoyed being awarded, but the live show itself is inevitably tedious at best.

No. 192825

anymore anon? Less breeding/pregnancy please kek

No. 192877

Thank you anon!!! I love your fic recs
Ntayrt, but whats your fav adcu character? I hope i can rec you some fics hehe

No. 192878

>Look at the size of his head meme
But in all honesty, ronnie is the cutest

No. 192880

File: 1648487777866.jpg (228 KB, 1920x1067, 20220329_001539.jpg)

The Oscars was a total disaster, i didnt expect the slap™ to happen ngl, but Adam was not nominated for anything really make this worse. Fuk!

No. 192953

I don’t mind, I like all of his characters enough but my faves off the top of my head are Sackler, Flip & Officer Ronald. I’m a huge sucker of slow burn porn with plot kek, anything’s good as long as there’s no pregnancy/having kids

No. 193550

I don't think any male actor had a strong performance in 2021 like Adam did with Annette. I bet academy degenerates didn't even watch it, they care about musicals only when they suck golden age hollywood's cock.
The Last Duel had a potential of winning awards at Oscars but because of it bombing in box office they gave it no noms, plus Scott shilled House of Gucci instead, which was his mistake.

No. 193928

File: 1648835465646.jpeg (68.48 KB, 567x773, FPNMtoZXwAYPpmI.jpeg)

>tucked in shirt
>longish hair
>intense and fully in his performance
I swoon

No. 194006

No. 194086

File: 1648861099545.jpg (263.47 KB, 1372x1372, 20220329_023714.jpg)

He looks so powerful, i know he had fun during the reading
Read the whole thing, damn i wish i was there though.

No. 194221

File: 1648926711981.jpeg (168.34 KB, 749x967, FPXEfLRXMAM5lyw.jpeg)

Yes, I love this clown man.

No. 194232

You gonna get one nonnie?

No. 194239

Yes! to lick it from the inside.

No. 194270

why did this reading happen? God, so cool! I wish I were there too…
God, I love this story and those stupid masks. You know they would sell for SO MUCH money

No. 194472

>why did this reading happen?
AITAF event

No. 194508

File: 1649018016778.jpg (108.23 KB, 562x748, 162398345.jpg)

I just want my husbando and wifu to star in the same movie as passionate lovers

No. 194651

File: 1649076003084.jpeg (351.65 KB, 1638x2048, 12786742.jpeg)

I'm so happy Jon Batiste won grammys! I got into his music because of Adam, he mentioned that two of them are close friends since Juilliard.

No. 194696

File: 1649089742270.jpeg (244.53 KB, 1170x2080, 4759847542.jpeg)

New AD pic.
Italian men are really self inserting the fuck out of our guy

No. 194716

Right dude Wishes he was even a quarter of good looking as Adam.

No. 194720

Whenever guy says he looks like AD it's a LIE. Guy shouldn't say something like that, it's a compliment only women can make in your direction.

No. 194822

Jon is such a wonderful guy, he really deserved to win.

No. 194872

Him winning Album of the Year gave me a hope that Grammys still have taste, unlike cough Oscars cough

No. 194889

File: 1649152684460.png (61.05 KB, 409x295, dcr2022r4t05higat 77968.png)

He looks like that fucking character from the walten files

No. 194897

No. 194967

File: 1649175483391.jpeg (303.94 KB, 3604x3604, 374637843.jpeg)

>pic was taken in LA over the weekend
Hmmm, what is he doing in LA?

No. 195143

Some pre-production stuff for Ferrari maybe?

No. 195144

From what I know filming is planned in Italy, they can do tailoring and make up testing in NY as well.

No. 195195

File: 1649249373376.jpeg (514.74 KB, 750x948, 7404D7D4-7947-4B19-AB61-22FE08…)

It could be for a new project. Or postproduction reshoots for 65 since it was held back. But to be honest there are 100+ reasons for a celebrity to be in LA.
Reminds me of the guy on NewYorkNico who says he’s an Adam Driver doppelgänger. I think a lot of men don’t understand facial composition and think big nose + dark hair = Adam.

No. 195210

>literal egghead
Dude is a Felonius Gru doppelgänger

No. 196612

File: 1649683347290.jpeg (220.57 KB, 750x725, E8A4720B-D805-40CD-8C6C-B4E945…)

Looks like he’s still in LA. If eating at exclusively Italian restaurants is his version of method acting, I’m okay with that after reading all the Jerod Leto horror stories.

No. 196758


Broke: method acting by sending your co-star a dead rat.

Woke: method acting by eating hella pasta.(don't use emojis/emoticons)

No. 196853

At this point the best way of meeting Adam Driver is hanging out in your local Italian restaurant

No. 197398

File: 1649969507912.jpg (159.41 KB, 750x728, tumblr_9b32f7440370969e5a5ad9c…)

I dunno if anyone talked about this in the last thread, but do any of you nonnies read solo triplets au?

(also open to any new recs)

No. 198990

Oh yes i do lmao, they are so filthy but i love them so much!!

No. 199342

File: 1650565582624.jpeg (193.42 KB, 1169x1974, hmmmm.jpeg)

Opinions on this?

No. 199464

Sounds great, i hope he gets the role though. I would love to see him in more movies.

No. 200673

File: 1650964170345.png (252.18 KB, 657x667, 1650933258120.png)

At first they said it would start in May, what happened?

No. 201449

I had a dream about Adam Driver last night, he was visiting my uni class as a visitor and while I was talking to my friend my prof and him joined us in the conversation. He leaned in really close to me wearing that red sweater in the marriage story, he smelled like fresh laundry…jfc its so hot.

No. 205561

File: 1652378062903.jpeg (436.25 KB, 2048x2048, 118723728423.jpeg)


>Francis Ford Coppola has set the cast for his self-funded movie Megalopolis.

>Adam Driver, Nathalie Emmanuel, Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne and Jon Voight will star in the movie written and directed by The Godfather filmmaker

No. 205612

Finally, some good fucking food

I know a lot of anons consider Coppola to be "moidshit" but I really like his stuff that I've seen. I prefer him to Martin Scorcese. Seems like this will be a sci-fi, as well? I can't wait!

No. 205616

File: 1652388091398.jpg (54.95 KB, 540x800, f679f1bf2c1b4e0920319b65cde662…)

It's supposed to be futuristic noir. Even thought Coppola's latest movies are quite bad, I still have very high hopes for this. He basically shilled his wine for years so he could fund this movie. Now that I think about it, maybe studios not financing it is a bad sign? Idk I'm still excited and happy for Adam, I know how much he loves Coppola and working with him is literally his dream come true.

No. 205618

Fianlly, a non biopic where he doesn't play an italian man

No. 205622

At this point Italians will ether claim Driver is a honorary Italian or they will kill him and use as a Pizza topping to keep him away from stealing Italian roles kek

No. 205937

I claim him since they're not going to cast italians and there's basically no more italian american actors his age.

No. 205946

Can't wait! Bodega could never.
How many italian characters has he played? Seen almost all of his movies but I have missed the trend. I only remember the obvious one aka the Guccis

No. 205948

It's not yet out but he's going to play the founder of Ferrari in the Michael Mann movie.

No. 205954

I hope he will play/voice Waluigi as well

No. 205956

File: 1652530867759.jpg (48.17 KB, 1200x635, 35467567668768.jpg)

No. 205958

What the actual fuck. I can't deal with this or marvelshit happening to his career. Now that I think about it… nonnies, do you think that he will take voice acting roles so that his kid can watch a movie with daddy in it?

No. 205959

File: 1652534072996.jpeg (30.76 KB, 360x360, El_KhL-XUAE3QlV.jpeg)

As a true cinephile as Adam is he will probably force his kid to watch The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari or something

No. 205960

I'm more excited for this one than Ferrari tbh

I think he was in Bob's Burgers, but he played a nudist so I don't know if it's kid friendly

Off topic, but does anyone know if the Boyega spurging in ot is ironic or is someone actually that invested?

No. 205961

>Off topic, but does anyone know if the Boyega spurging in ot is ironic or is someone actually that invested?
His "fans" do have a tendency of basically changing everything about his appearance in fanart, so that sort of delusion is on brand with them. I personally suspect they were a moid, to this day I still have to encounter an authentic Boyega fangirl in any fandom space doing any sort of thirsting and simping. Poor thing has to edit his own videos at fan meet ups and post them on facebook, no one even make fancam for him.

No. 205973

I would respect that kek. Better that than having your kid watch low-effort garbage like Minions never getting over the date rape joke at the expense of the victim that went on for minutes
I could buy it being the single female autist into Boyega because he's Woke or something.
>Poor thing has to edit his own videos at fan meet ups and post them on facebook, no one even make fancam for him.
No wonder he had to racesperg kek

No. 205980

Oh god I don't remember that joke, I did watch dubbed version so maybe they changed it. Disgusting how probably many weirdos get off knowing they put something like this in a kids show.

No. 205982

it was a situational joke, maybe im looking to deep into this but that's how it read to me and I find the whole scene fucked up and misogynistic at best

No. 205983

How did I miss this, I think you are very much right nonna.

No. 205991

Saging for OT but this doesn’t seem like a date-rape joke, to me at least

No. 205992

For me it's the part they wave at the cop with her being unconscious

No. 206004

While my mother was dying of cancer and high out of her mind on morphine she watched this movie on repeat… goes to show what kind of mentality you need to be able to enjoy this movie.

No. 206110

I'm sorry for chuckling about it, also sorry for your loss.

No. 206585

File: 1652702651001.jpeg (31.73 KB, 1170x418, FS0_TcrWAAAZNQm.jpeg)

Some bits from early megalopolis script draft

No. 206586

File: 1652702674174.jpeg (46.41 KB, 1170x415, FS0_TcsWYAEAQhs.jpeg)

No. 206587

File: 1652702785507.jpeg (41.52 KB, 1170x408, FS1ATJDXwAADU-V.jpeg)

No. 206589

File: 1652702920489.jpeg (27.12 KB, 614x418, FS1BzSSXsAAtDh7.jpeg)

No. 206591

File: 1652703189775.jpeg (31.91 KB, 606x393, FS1BzSTXwAAG0Lx.jpeg)

No. 206594

File: 1652703394880.jpeg (93.14 KB, 1170x1075, FS1D_kTXoAAtZOO.jpeg)

No. 206596

File: 1652703540065.jpeg (97.75 KB, 1170x1437, FS1ExxMXoAA_fl6.jpeg)

No. 206746

Do you guys think these movies will hit theater soon or its just a cable thing? Cuz after HoG i really want to watch Adam on the wide screen again.

No. 206749

>white noise
Is a netflix production so probably only streaming, but there are rumours of it being considered in award race, so maybe netflix will give it a theatrical release for it.
Sony is supposed to distribute the movie so most likely it will get a theatrical release.
I think it will get a theatrical release, but Mann's work looks good regardless of the size of the screen tbh.
Coppola is financing the movie himself, he is old school so I bet he wants a theatrical release, so if he fits into his 100m budget without needing more money from some streaming service he will find some distributor.

No. 206753

Thank you for clarifying anon! I hope i can watch adam on the wide screen again, we all deserve to see that handsome face up close kek

No. 206755

Yes, we deserved our wide boy on a wide screen.

No. 207926

File: 1653086924261.jpeg (78.89 KB, 828x838, 67597655432.jpeg)

I missed him at Cannes this year

No. 207927

File: 1653088781548.gif (653.05 KB, 160x180, tumblr_inline_o19490eud01rifr4…)

I was just thinking this. Missed him too

I am yet to watch a movie of him on the big screen, I hope this year will be the year it happens

No. 209106

File: 1653548027329.jpg (82.5 KB, 1280x1280, 1e007dd69413c53927f18388068888…)

So I figured out why Adam was only hot to me in The Last Duel. It's because of facial hair.

I guess it balances out his weird proportions.

No. 209107

File: 1653548060056.jpg (24.39 KB, 740x749, 740full-adam-driver (1).jpg)

Hnnnnggggggh I want him nonnies

No. 209108

File: 1653548682923.jpg (254.53 KB, 1462x2048, 2UF3IqHD_PULVCEkQSR1ctsNeHG9uq…)

K, one more

No. 210663

File: 1654082091396.jpeg (57.32 KB, 1094x1094, 5A5FA2F2-0AA8-48B7-9AC6-D45A85…)

98% sure this is BS since he’s currently filming in Italy and someone would have taken pictures, but some ppl are swearing he was at Solid Sound Festival. But the other 2% is remembering him dancing at the Car Seat Headrest concert

No. 212604


No. 212616

YES! I miss sperging with everyone so bad. I wonder if some driverfags have switches to danofagging?

No. 212650

Yes, just in a content drought. And avoiding the annoying Love Hypothesis drama on Twitter

No. 212653

File: 1654691937749.gif (1.17 MB, 268x268, d69080aab0cc1f4d95fbdf12323968…)

Yes! I've just been busy.

No. 212709


No. 212712

File: 1654706617835.jpeg (82.05 KB, 786x786, 4B8FF97B-593D-4465-974E-2E7E28…)

A lot of people are angrily claiming that the Love Hypothesis isn’t based on Adam Driver, even though it was originally a reylo fanfic and the cover is by a reylo artist and the character is named Adam. I never read it, but it’s just a lot of normies saying he’s too ugly to be the romantic character.

Also we’ve been blessed with new candids

No. 212714

Ah, that shitty YA romance with Reylo on the cover. I hope that one day they stop overdosing on copium and join us all living in reality.

No. 212982

File: 1654785218708.jpg (17.71 KB, 280x280, 20220605_140520.jpg)

Hi babe, life has been hectic for me.
Have some military!adam.

No. 213095

He has the same look in his eyes like that "we are witnessing mental illness" lady

No. 213116

File: 1654805174126.gif (2.14 MB, 268x300, 1616966775412.gif)

War movie with Adam on the lead as a marine when?? It can be a korean war movie, since it's bound to happen

This is so stupid. Someone posted the book cover in one of the book threads and I immediately assumed it was a Reylo fanart without reading the title. This
>just a lot of normies saying he’s too ugly to be the romantic character
is such a cope, if I was the author I'd go full on Sariah cringe and say that it is literally based on Kylo Ren/Adam Driver and people calling him ugly are uwu probwematic and lookist. Knowing twitter, they'd probably outwoke me, though

No. 213118

why would there be a korean movie with him in? he is ugly and extra ugly for korean standards kek

No. 213124

File: 1654807067411.png (195.32 KB, 700x394, MTcyNDgwODUyNjM3MzI4NDY3.png)

Not a korean movie, dummy, a korean war movie, which the US was a huge part of. More than 6 million american soldiers fought in the Korean War. In retribution, South Korea kept a strong alliance with the US afterwards (to this day, even) and sent a lot of specialized korean soldiers to help the US during the Vietnam War, and they were actually way more prepared and well trained than the american soldiers - especially because after a while the US was drafting anyone and everyone to Vietnam.

No. 213190

I don't think I'd like to see Adam in a blatant propaganda film that glosses over the indiscriminate killing of Korean civilians by American soldiers tbh

No. 213223

File: 1654841794285.jpg (39.29 KB, 320x400, 953bf04b9690726fff38955ee578cc…)

Anon, have you watched any war movies? Legit question. Unless you're talking about really old movies about defeating nazis, most are not propaganda at all, they usually portray the horrors of war and can be really nuanced, that's why I like war movies aside from the history value although watching some really violent scenes in Apocalypse Now for example almost made me tear up
I don't think most people got of a Saving Private Ryan or Platoon screaning thinking that war is cool. Actually, most soldiers also think war is shit - especially during the times of the Vietnam War and the second Korean war, a lot of soldiers were draftees that didn't want to be there at all.
Not to mention that Adam already was the main character in The Report, where they criticize the CIA tortures in Iraq, so I can see he going from that to portraying an infantry man in combat that condemns war. And I just mentioned the Korean War because I think it's probably the most relevant to portray for a number of reasons, but the US has been into so many shitty conflicts, it could actually be anything.
I'm not pro-war at all, and the American military-industrial complex is insane, albeit interesting to gawk as an outsider.

No. 213229

AYRT and hey, you're right actually. I just don't think it's likely that Hollywood would make a decent Korean War movie.
Would love to see him in it if it ends up happening though.

No. 213248

I kind of want the author to say something, but I heard it might be made into a movie and she’s probably going to take the middle ground to make more money (and avoid a potential lawsuit? Probably not though since 50 Shades succeeded).
I think it’s mostly teens though, and I definitely feel like he appeals to 20s and older women because he’s a whole ass man and not a cute teen boy. Maybe I’m super off on that though because I didn’t read it

No. 213487

File: 1654971097800.jpeg (135.02 KB, 1170x1458, C3F2A099-924F-4E38-BB1E-E20438…)

If anyone is interested in acquiring his size 9 pinky ring…

No. 213635

File: 1655027367812.jpeg (215.81 KB, 2300x2300, T8LJ_OC_OS_A.jpeg)

Hi you guys,
Its perfume anon here, thought i would drop by and enliven up the thread a bit.
I got a job and bought myself a perfume set with a pretty good deal with my first salary. The set comes with a 50ml perfume bottle and a body spray.
After discovering Adam's perfume, it turns out that I have a preference for male colonge lol, be careful though, for some people this perfume can be quite jarring. The first initial notes are smoky and heavy with leather, and amber so if you are a sweet/fruity gal this can be a very different experience. Anyways, when the first initial notes fade out, it will hit you with that cardamom and jasmine notes, and I swear to God its so sexy akxhakdhowlaalhxfjk.
I'd imagine me pressing my face onto Adams chest and smell the middle notes. Im going feral again hahahaha. I hope I can see him irl one day, I miss him so much.

No. 213636

Omg anon, I wish I had that kind of money to spend

No. 217539

File: 1656397352773.jpeg (995.75 KB, 1170x1719, 9EFECC3B-6C7B-4AD4-9225-E4FE1F…)

If Ferrari production has yet to start in July, how is he foing to work on both projects?
I doubt 2 months are going to be enough for Michael Mann

No. 217722

File: 1656465752809.jpg (1.46 MB, 2000x1920, tumblr_36bfa14fb230365ea687712…)

Our man can do anything, I hope he just doesn't get burnt out.

No. 224698

File: 1658856467815.jpeg (53.66 KB, 828x415, mostra-cinema-venezia-2022-165…)

A new picture from white noise.

No. 227405

File: 1659729109374.jpg (56.44 KB, 471x557, cybere19a0798cbd.jpg)

New picture of Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrai

No. 227409

I thought that was Jordan Peterson

No. 227410

He reminds me of Stephen Coogan

No. 227434

what the fuck

No. 227436

Why does he look so bald? Ferrari pretty much wasn't.

No. 227681

He doesn't want to be a sex symbol, jokes on him I still find him hot

No. 227683

File: 1659787712129.jpg (26.37 KB, 640x427, 296621222_476498813809321_3394…)

He is playing older Enzo, and by that time he had a huge bald spot, Adam's this fake hairline looks better compared to the original

No. 227684

File: 1659787759219.jpg (233.89 KB, 703x900, 296702709_417804416991411_6985…)

No. 227685

File: 1659787947373.jpg (315.15 KB, 1437x1796, 296978011_748212143127893_3281…)

No. 227686

File: 1659788008054.jpg (143.77 KB, 680x623, 297099756_1666697643716063_189…)

No. 227687

File: 1659788280069.jpg (48.15 KB, 688x688, 296264420_997744577567248_2688…)

No. 227688

File: 1659788303189.jpg (149.7 KB, 1170x1286, 296618649_1692335554468483_669…)

Big, big boy

No. 227693

I thought these were Jordan Peterson

No. 227694

I remember him trying to kneel to get into the sports car in Gucci, so at least in this movie he gets a custom seat.

Is Venice film festival confirmed? I want to see him in a suit again

No. 227695

Yes, some Venice representative even said that Adam attending the festival is confirmed.

No. 227699

Exactly. Even Jordan Peterson thinks this is Jordan Peterson >>227685

No. 227714


No. 228289

File: 1659986105648.jpg (32.8 KB, 725x500, 296264067_605665660889309_1966…)

Does he know he can play old men years later and he is spending his young hot years on rich old blading Italian?

No. 228342

I wouldn't mind so much if it was balanced. Like one hot role for every two ugly ones, but alas. He might look like his normal self in 65, if that movie ever sees the light of day. That's why I just want an award show look.

No. 229114

He does everything to desexualize himself yet he doesn't realize there are plenty of people with older daddy kinds.

I think in Megalopolis he will be quite hot, but John Vough and possible casting of Shaia kills my excitement.

No. 229992

I don't know how legit it is but some openly autistic girl than stans Adam Driver was ranting about medical policy of preventing autistic people from spreading their DNA. She mentioned some famous people with autism or autistic relatives, as in
>would you prevent them from having kids as well?
So this autistic girl mentioned than Adam has an autistic relative, apparently he ether talked with someone who had an autistic kid and mentioned it, I don't remember all the details.
But yeah, your headcanon is quite close to the truth.

No. 230157

Holy shit, autistic AD truly would be something special. I doubt that he is though. Are there any autistic actors that are good at acting and emoting?

No. 230422

From top of my head
>Anthony Hopkins
>Daryl Hannah
>Chris Rock
There are more movie directors with autism tho

No. 230538

Honestly, growing up in rural Indiana as an introverted theater kid probably explains some of his social awkwardness. The Marines are also pretty open about not recruiting people with autism, although maybe that’s changed.
I’m glad he tried to relate to the kid by sharing a story about his family though.

I really hope they don’t cast Shia. It would just muddy the project

No. 230630

>Chris Rock
really? he doesn't seem that way at all. i thought autists had trouble understanding jokes so becoming a comedian seems like the last job they'd take.

No. 230937

Why does Michael Mann hate us so much? Italian paparazzies are doing their best yet Adam and Penelope are hidden in a bunker. It's a free movie promo before the promo drops, HOG had it and viral marketing worked well. Michael literally put Italian Police forces to defend and keep away people from the set.

No. 230940

Not sure, but apparently Penelope had a meltdown (not trying to say it in a condescending way, she was literally in tears from the heat) so maybe it’s to protect them to a certain degree. I’ve seen a few long distance shots.
He also just seems super secretive. He and Adam were wearing disguises when they visited in February, which I think is funny because Mann isn’t really recognizable

No. 231841

Yeah, I have encountered that news as well, I feel sorry for her and the crew. Shooting was supposed to begin in March but pre production took longer time I guess and now they are working under Italian sun in August.

>He and Adam were wearing disguises when they visited in February, which I think is funny because Mann isn’t really recognizable

I wonder if Adam is also a producer for this movie to be so involved at early stage

No. 232122

File: 1660933528757.jpg (98.98 KB, 1200x800, 000888_BUR_02P_MRS_med-res-sca…)

>no new Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum pics in the thread
Nonnas.. what happened with you?

No. 232190

File: 1660957281892.jpg (59.72 KB, 654x720, 6k33v7kbgvb91.jpg)

Holy fucking shit, it's so good! Thank you for posting so much. I think he looks great in the other one from the set.
TBH I've always sucked with looking up news. I miss all my driverfags.

No. 232241

File: 1660990957783.jpg (102.2 KB, 1200x1190, 621e17914cfea4462e4e8d5ded8824…)

Yeah, I bet they have more photos locked somewhere for the future usage.
I just really miss all the driverfags. I feel like some big drama or his cancellation will bring us all back together but I don't want that.

No. 232274

Maybe if White Noise takes him to the Oscars we can have a watch party. Or when his other projects come out.

I feel like the only drama was a random woman on Twitter claiming Joanne bullied her in school, but I took it with a grain of salt since she couldn’t name the school. I also feel like every few months someone claims they’ll get divorced, but they’ve been saying it for years

No. 232279

We shall see, White Noise seems like a wild card tbh, even thought critics are anticipating it, the book is really hard to adapt, plus it's basically a satire and current terminally online generation is unable to grasp it.
Idk what to expect tbh, it's good and he gets a nom, it's so bad he gets a razzie nom, or it's so boring no one even talks about it :/

Idk what to think about his wife, I do wish she was more active in acting so we can get to know her a little bit from interviews and stuff. All I can dream for Adam is for him to be happy and I hope he is happy with her and all the schizo conspiracies about his wife are wrong.

No. 233292

File: 1661356769824.png (814.23 KB, 540x676, tumblr_1be2f919daa08d1975ed44d…)


No. 233569

There are new White Noise pics out and I can't post them because they are JPEG? What should I do?

No. 233586

White Noise trailer is out!

No. 233612

look at that gunt.

No. 234509

File: 1661758099464.jpg (850.87 KB, 1170x1662, 1659043651269412.jpg)


No. 234520

Is his beer gut mentioned in the book or did the director just want him to look completely unlike his character in Marriage Story?
Also when the pics first dropped I remember there was an unironic Tweet complaining about how it’s fatphobic that he has a pillow stuffed under his shirt instead of hiring an actor who’s actually fat, so I’m already prepared for more insanity.

No. 234525

God damn it, why don't they demand AD get fat for the part while they are at it. As if he hasn't been already ruined enough.

No. 234537

In the book Jack looks like Paul Giamatti, only reason Adam is in that movie is Noah's cuck fetish of seeing his wife with Adam.

No. 236594

File: 1662463664278.png (1.12 MB, 1457x1080, Fbld9swVQAAGdmV.png)

I'll share all the cute and hot moment Adam had at Venice

No. 236595

File: 1662463732222.png (1.12 MB, 1457x1080, Fbld9sxUUAAi-8K.png)

No. 236596

File: 1662463802894.png (1.25 MB, 1457x1080, Fbld9sxVEAAFXQa.png)

No. 236597

File: 1662463852980.png (1.25 MB, 1457x1080, Fbld9YLUYAIWXAe.png)

No. 236598

File: 1662464372878.png (1.13 MB, 1457x1080, Fbld9YNUsAAt9h5.png)

No. 237583

File: 1662733397719.jpg (71.34 KB, 588x588, 164887481.jpg)

Damn he looked so good here

No. 241174

File: 1663831468352.jpeg (56.42 KB, 680x670, 16239378534798435.jpeg)

They were the best

No. 241178

Is that Daisy? Never cared about them tbh.
Nonnies, I miss driverfagging and good Driver content. I'm so jealous of danofags! I wish Kylo got a comic written by Adam, that's such a cool idea.

No. 241492

It's Marion Cotillard, scene from the movie by Leos Carax "Annette"

No. 242541

File: 1664195255555.jpeg (71.28 KB, 680x680, 163987534895743.jpeg)

I don't want to wait till December, everyone is out there seeing White Noise at festivals

No. 248002

File: 1665993026615.jpg (167.6 KB, 1208x1608, 1651521651541.jpg)

The Last Duel was released an year ago

No. 249716

>>248002God I just wanna slap that sluts tiddies.

No. 250155

File: 1666621882287.jpg (72.81 KB, 1080x1350, 1666488062365080.jpg)

All this talks about Adam joining MCU ether as Reed Richards or Dr Doom makes me anxious.
I want him far away from Disney, especially annoying and mentally ill mcu fans, it's already tragic that I have to deal with soy star wars morons on daily because of him.

No. 250468

I get that, but imagine all the fanart we could get out of it!

No. 251533


He's going to attend a Deadline Contenders event next weekend and I have some hope that he'll start doing promo in LA the weekend after at the Governors Awards. >>242541

No. 251732

Isn't Coppola's Megalopolis starting production in November?
It does seems like Baumbach is the only director that manages to force Adam into doing promo, but idk if this time his influence will work.

No. 254453

File: 1668169969231.jpeg (805.22 KB, 1170x1359, 128732783432846.jpeg)

>dad beerbelly was real all along
Thats why he looked like that for Gucci's promo

No. 254456

File: 1668172122095.jpg (212.75 KB, 1234x693, IMG-20221110-WA0006.jpg)

Oh shit lol I hope he becomes Kylo Ren strong wide again. Also, they referenced him on Ricky and Morty lol

No. 254467

Fuck Rick and Morty but I appreciate that cameo!

No. 255005

I love how his waist and titties are defined

No. 255008

File: 1668419055728.jpeg (87.39 KB, 468x453, 1612764734.jpeg)

Encountering Adam's memes in a wild feels like a blessing

No. 257510

>white noise trailer is out
>thread is dead
What happened to you my fellow driverfags?

No. 264052

File: 1671220767827.jpeg (148.09 KB, 1440x1795, 1673435438854.jpeg)

DinoDaddy is here!

No. 264247

Trailer for 65

No. 266033

File: 1672567686466.jpg (3.15 MB, 1500x2222, MV5BMDJlN2M0OWYtMDcxNC00YmJiLW…)

I watch White Noise, Adam was amazing it, sad he will get no nom for it but it's the most chameleon work he has done in years, he completely morphed into his character in terms of voice and mannerism.

No. 266829

File: 1672769535953.png (380.18 KB, 512x512, -3-297342014-scale7.00-k_euler…)

This is not the Ai thread, but here are some pics I generated with Stable Diffusion.

No. 266830

File: 1672769559334.png (400.59 KB, 512x512, -2-297342013-scale7.00-k_euler…)

No. 266832

File: 1672769686608.png (371.33 KB, 512x512, -2-309536459-scale7.00-k_euler…)

No. 266834

File: 1672769760494.png (378.19 KB, 512x512, -5-1386149090-scale7.00-k_eule…)

No. 266835

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but peeking into this thread made me obsessed with Adam Driver.

No. 267175

God how I wish to see him in some sort of a high sci-fi/fantasy (him being a senator in sw would have been beautiful) oh well, somewhere like Dune or something like it is all I want.
Welcome nonna!

No. 267356

File: 1673039210212.jpeg (424.03 KB, 1366x2048, FkX2_eCX0AIT1ZQ.jpeg)

This is a late update but
>first look at adam driver in coppola's megalopolis

Streets are saying he has super short hair under that hat, fellow driverfags, I'm scared

No. 267357

File: 1673039235333.jpeg (156.87 KB, 817x1222, FkX4eGKX0AEsMQu.jpeg)

No. 267360

File: 1673039694086.png (729.49 KB, 1115x668, FkZt2J8aYAElHdI.png)

No. 267382

File: 1673045382822.jpg (107.91 KB, 736x765, 4886118de4bf9af5c64c2c5b9ace80…)

Would someone care to make a list for me of movies where Adam has long hair and a beard/mustache. It's the way I find him most attractive. Already watched TLD

No. 267387

File: 1673047545333.png (1.69 MB, 826x1230, Girls.png)

The second the teaser trailer was released I knew I would have to revisit the thread, but I was late as usual. There's so much new content and pictures compared to earlier this year, we're finally being fed.

The only thing that comes to mind is Girls, but it's not exactly the same styling or length. Don Quixote is another similar one

No. 267437

In TLD he has the longest hair, but longish hair with facial hair are in following movies
>logan lucky
>the man who killed don quixote
>in later seasons of girls
>vidrel snl skit

No. 267523

File: 1673124555071.png (2.58 MB, 2264x1000, Logan Lucky.png)

Logan Lucky is pretty close

No. 267710

File: 1673208185620.png (1.32 MB, 1503x796, 16654651326548.png)

I can't wait to see Adam as a girldad

No. 268190

File: 1673340700867.png (1.05 MB, 1170x1757, 654654857656786.png)

This rumor is back and now "sources" are acting like this is confirmed, I hope this isn't true, I don't want my boy in MCU

No. 268224

Already having to deal with Star Wars fans (as a casual one myself) and then adding MCU on top would be my nightmare

No. 268408

They are already out, seething about this.
Idk I can't help but feel like he is not going to agree to this.

No. 268418

File: 1673438538827.jpeg (63.17 KB, 896x503, 13551B3D-812D-4E25-B1E9-42B135…)

Sometimes Adam not having social media is great because he generally avoids all the internet drama and is spared fandoms, but on the other hand I’ve seen AD fans getting weirdly angry at him over hypothetical scenarios they’ve made up since most of his life is offline and private.
AD Twitter is by far the most annoying. Every time a project rumor comes up “He still hasn’t worked with a female director yet!” Ignoring he worked with Dunham for six years. Or begging him to be in that fanfiction adaptation The Love Hypothesis, which he probably only knows about from his lawyers.

Sorry rant over. I know there’s a lot we can be critical of, I just hate Twitter whining when people are bored from lack of news. And I especially hate fandom Twitter like MCU

No. 268420

Agreed, plus a lot of people that are "stuck" in his fandom don't even like him, or are annoyed by his success.

I'll add to your rant and say I don't like how fandom there calls themselves rats, I know where it comes from but it's legit stupid. There are so many better alternatives, like passengers or something, anything but that.

No. 268759

File: 1673609911355.jpg (94.48 KB, 749x696, 58309583954.jpg)

Adam had the worst day this week

>his nonprofit is closing

>got accused of joining MCU as reed and got trashed by social media for it
>rumor about chaotic production on Megalopolis

No. 268769

AITAF is closing?? What's the reason?

No. 268770

I guess covid?

No. 269130

File: 1673857214292.jpg (216.98 KB, 817x1222, aubrey-plaza-adam-driver-megal…)

Adam defending production

>“Driver in particular was incensed that the film is taking lumps based on rumors-‘I’d like to briefly respond to The Hollywood Reporter article published Monday, January 9th. All good here! Not sure what set you’re talking about! I don’t recognize that one! I’ve been on sets that were chaotic & this one is far from it.

>“The environment that’s being created by Francis, is one of focus and inspiration. As of now, we’re on schedule, making our days, and honestly, it’s been one of the best shooting experiences I’ve had. Our crew is fast & inventive our costume department is on point, the actors are incredible and willing, and Francis is one of the most insightful and caring people to work with.

>I’m very proud to be making this movie with him, and them, and though I haven’t interviewed everyone, I can confidently say that It’s unfortunate when it happens, but this production is not out of pocket in comparison to other productions; especially to the point that it merits an article about us descending into chaos. That characterization is inaccurate.

>No one signed up for this movie expecting the process to be conventional. We were expecting the opposite in the pursuit of making something unique. The only madness I’ve observed is that more productions aren’t allowed to be as creatively wild and experimentally focused, precisely because someone else is paying for it.

>It’s an effort & risk by Francis that I feel should be applauded, not publicly mischaracterized as troubled.”

No. 269154

I love that he used “out of pocket” and “on point.”

Probably a mixture of COVID and funding issues

No. 272830

File: 1675329641113.jpg (557.26 KB, 1379x1838, 323530464_1940770589607689_409…)

We finally got to see his hairstyle in Megalopolis!

No. 272832

File: 1675329703528.jpg (374.69 KB, 1456x1941, 325605937_712897406855322_6775…)

I can't shake the feeling that bangs look like slavish gipnik hairstyle kek

No. 272835

File: 1675329986569.jpg (121.86 KB, 1024x683, gettyimages-1246386140-1024x10…)

Solo pants in da house

No. 272837

File: 1675330391876.jpg (148.03 KB, 1024x683, gettyimages-1246386062-1024x10…)

He is going to play an asshole I can feel this in my bones

No. 272838

File: 1675330438571.jpg (116.81 KB, 683x1024, gettyimages-1246386243-1024x10…)

Natalie is so so cute, I can't wait to see her as Adam's love interest

No. 272841

File: 1675331161078.jpg (94.43 KB, 1024x683, gettyimages-1246386129-1024x10…)

No. 272843

File: 1675331408760.jpg (135.77 KB, 1024x682, gettyimages-1246386143-1024x10…)

No. 272844

File: 1675331429329.jpg (127.45 KB, 683x1024, gettyimages-1246386306-1024x10…)

No. 272885

File: 1675339518968.jpg (154 KB, 683x1024, gettyimages-1246386401-1024x10…)

No. 273622

File: 1675622118432.jpg (81.76 KB, 931x499, 11231545120.jpg)

Why did he act in a squarespace ad? Is he broke?

No. 273625

Apparently this is not even the final ad? Just a funny vid they did behind the scenes? I'm curious of a final product

No. 273627

File: 1675622381886.jpeg (244.53 KB, 2057x1169, 16265465346846532.jpeg)

Choose your Adam, I go with the happy Labrador Adam

No. 273628

Not fucking borzoi sound on the official short of squarspace


No. 273639

whose the original

No. 273641

My bet is on the right one that is disassociating

No. 274843

Singularity is upon us!

No. 277736

File: 1677142077373.jpg (59.78 KB, 601x589, adam-driver-wife-pregnant-seco…)

Adam is going to be a dad again!

No. 277741

File: 1677142727127.jpg (97.17 KB, 484x589, adam-driver-wife-pregnant-seco…)

No. 277745

File: 1677143355477.jpg (73.98 KB, 380x589, adam-driver-wife-pregnant-seco…)

Looks like she is very close to giving birth, which matches Greta's pregnancy.
People suspect Noah and Adam planned this pragnances to rise their kids together.

No. 277747

File: 1677143867040.jpg (89.29 KB, 463x589, adam-driver-wife-pregnant-seco…)

Also, now we know Adam drives subaru forester?

No. 285365

File: 1679704105459.jpg (86.96 KB, 563x787, f2968e0cbeb6e8115f207f6edea056…)

no one talked about the movie ? I never saw such an obvious fanservice movie but MY GOD was he hot. 90 minutes of wounded daddy

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