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No. 187122

A few days left until Kokomi comes home!!! I already have Yoimiya, my goal is to get characters scrotes hate.(shit thread)

No. 187129

>making a whole thread to announce this shit
>implying that pulling some ugly waifus that prance around with their tits and asses out is somehow a huge middle finger to scrotes
Psa to genshintards: you need to be 18+ to post here

No. 187132

It's an accident I thought I was responding to the Genshin thread.

No. 187136

File: 1646447927515.jpg (23.14 KB, 520x507, Image (16).jpg)

I dunno which scenario offers a thicker additional layer of retardation to the original post

No. 187139

I tried deleting the thread right after posting but my password wasn't working either??? I accept the ban tbh.

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