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File: 1646692290382.png (43.55 KB, 390x585, 9e3748ebfb3e46ee69fef353f75874…)

No. 187662

The thread for all things related to the Sims! Talk about news, updates, your current save, prominent community members, favorite/least favorite games, etc. !
Here are some questions to start off the thread:
>favorite Sims game?
>least favorite Sims game?
>what kind of player are you? (legacies, challenges, builder, cas mode, etc. ?)
>favorite neighborhood?
>least favorite neighborhood?
>favorite townie?
>least favorite townie?
>what is one thing you have done in the game that you are proud of? maybe it's making it to 30 generations, or building a really good lot, finishing up a collection, etc.

No. 187664

sorry jannies if this isn't allowed. i just want to talk about the sims.

No. 187665


No. 187667

I can't remember which game it was, but I remember a lot that was basically a huge water tower that was super impractical to live in because it had like 8 super tiny floors, I couldn't even but a double bed in it. Was it a fever dream? Any nonas remember that?

No. 187684

did it come in a base game or expansion pack? or was it custom content?

No. 187686

File: 1646696072696.png (554.4 KB, 680x443, Old_Silo_Farm.PNG.png)

This one? I moved my family there once, too, and was utterly confused lol

No. 187691

My favorite townie as a kid was Claire Ursine because always gets pregnant a few days after the start of the game, or maybe she's in the first trimester or something. Anyway I'd usually always play her because I usually play generations, and because sometimes if you're lucky the baby ends up with her genetics instead of the father, Jared Frio's, genetics. Sunset Valley was so much fun and never got old to me. I'd always have a blast playing out the drama. I miss the Sims 3 so much, I need to download it again but torrenting it takes me like two entire days if I want every expansion+stuff pack plus the Sims 3 store shit (and I always do, this is non negotiable). I've just been playing the Sims 4 because I'm too lazy to download the Sims 3 or figure out how to run Sims 2 on windows 10.

No. 187695

I really don't remember :(

I think so! I thought it was way taller, but it was a long time ago, this is probably it.(:()

No. 187918

File: 1646781157006.jpg (32 KB, 600x450, g.jpg)

>favorite townie

Goopy Gilscarbo was my favorite when I played TS2. I don't remember much about him except he had the best name, best dress sense and was a romance sim. TS2 is the only game I've consistently played. Sometimes I'm tempted to try TS4 but I hear a lot of complaints about it so I'm still not sure if it's worth it. How does it compare to 2?

No. 188016

File: 1646802541297.png (2.4 MB, 1208x1548, farm.png)

my sims have a cute farm

No. 188018

File: 1646803373788.jpg (20.63 KB, 398x300, Kat-The_Sims.jpg)

My favorite pre-made family in The Sims (yes I'm kind of a nostalgiafag) was the Kat family, I would ALWAYS play them

No. 188030

Nice farm, I don't have this expansion, does the cat ever chase the chickens?

No. 188031

no but sometimes the cat will eat the chicken feed and you can lecture it for eating trash

No. 188058

I have a lot of fun with TS4's CAS and build mode but it is absolutely boring to play the actual game. Don't get TS4 unless you're autistically obsessed with building mechanics like me, or at least just pirate it completely

No. 188111

File: 1646829736059.jpg (4.59 KB, 256x256, stella terrano.jpg)

My favorite pre made sim is Stella Terrano. I would make her get a good job after university, she lived in a big ass mansion which was decorated with all the unique items I could find (and which I built myself so it was just a big ass square in the biggest lot I could find), she would change jobs as soon as she got the last promotion and the itens I wanted. Then she would explore, spending her hard earned money on more useless stuff to decorate her mansion and later she would have alien babies so strangetown would be all aliens. I think her daughter would marry one of the alien babies of those scientist guys and that's where it would start. Oh, and I always turned her into a witch too for some reason.

No. 188181

File: 1646842905126.jpg (736.06 KB, 1400x1048, Screenshot-20.jpg)

I never played much with premades, I played with the Bird sisters from sims 3 pets and Polly Maloney from Bridgeport. I went to Bridgeport and looked at all the people, there was a high rise building and what looked to be a rich lady in a fur coat living in it, and I thought oh yeah let's go be a rich lady. But I select her to play with, and she literally lives in the basement with 3 pieces of furniture… I felt bad for her so I played with her and sent her to college. Pic unrelated it's an alien bartender I made, I love aliens I downloaded a futuristic world (Cronor) so I'm turning the default generated service sims into aliens and robots.

No. 188192

I started with the sims 4 and have lots of fun, I tried 2 and it was ok, trying 3 and I’m bored out of my mind. The open world aspect is actually not interesting because there’s nothing to do between locations anyway. I was pissed to find out that I can’t even visit another neighborhood. Everyone loves 3 so much, what’s wrong with me?

No. 188194

Starting at sims 4 was your first mistake. I think that if you are used to great graphics and simple gameplay, it might be hard to jump into a game with worse graphics and considerably more to do. There is definitely more to do in the sims 3 base game compared to the sims 4 base game.

No. 188201

Like what? I started in twinbrook and there’s not a damn man here I want to marry. I haven’t found a career I like so I’ve just been tinkering and trying to invent, but I’m bored or watching my sim dig through trash for hours.

How does sims 2 compare to 3? Because I did like 2!

No. 188206

File: 1646850765765.png (1.08 MB, 1013x1027, img.png)

3 sucked and everyone hated it when it came out. the lighting is ugly, the base game worlds are trash (download a modded world it will be slightly nicer), the sims have ugly round pudding faces and you need a shitload of modded sliders to make anyone halfway decent looking. the pathing in 3 is the worst of any in the series, especially on BG worlds. if you have the pets pack make sure to disable wild horses because they are terribly bugged and were never fixed. same with zombies from the supernatural pack, they just ruin your game. there isn't anything wrong with you, people just have to circlejerk about how the previous game is better than the current one. it will happen with 4 when 5 comes out and everyone hates it. it happened with 2 when 3 came out too. if sims 4 had released a create-a-world tool and had a color wheel nobody would have ever complained about it. the sims community needs to just accept that there is always a new hotter sims edition that people will move to and no amount of trash talking or screeching about the quality of the new one will make people abandon it.

No. 188209

fuck this flashes me back to how terrible the apartments were in ts3. just a tiny shell on the top of a black empty fake high rise shell and the camera never knew where it was fucking looking, always jerking around. so buggy and frustrating.

No. 188360

I loved the apartments in sims 2. There were less restrictions so you could make terraced streets or bedsits with communal living areas and everyone’s kids would play together.
Also I miss designing neighbourhoods. Sims 4 really missed the mark when they only gave you premade neighbourhoods with mismatched driveways on their 8 lots.

No. 188382

File: 1646898607991.jpg (719.5 KB, 1356x1047, sims.jpg)

This fait accompli from my latest gameplay:
>Three teen siblings – two girls and a boy - living on the strip in Newcrest without any parents
>All have side hustles, do well in school anyway
>Youngest is my favourite, nerdy and sweet
>Sister ages up, moves out with boyfriend
>Brother ages up, becomes athlete, moves in girlfriend from work
>Youngest ages up, ‘borrows’ money from brother to build a starter home and go to university
>Has affair with professor.
>Time it so he knocks her up a couple of days before graduation.
>During her second trimester he wins the lottery
>She graduates from distinguished degree with honours
>He moves in with §1 mil
>Gives brother and girlfriend back the money she borrowed with 20k extra
>Probably going to kill her boyfriend next
Picrel, nerdy girl and her mansion

No. 188391

ranting about how sims 4 sucks incoming Why isn't there a little checkbox in the sims 4 game options that lets you reset the strangerville mystery? That's so fucking stupid. I like strangerville, it's fun, but how does it make sense storywise to take your sim who solved the strangerville mystery to the mother to reset it? It's fucking stupid. I like to redo the mystery every couple of generations or so and I didn't know that you had to cheat to get a keycard, to then open the secret science lab facility, to then walk to the mother, to then click on her to reset the mystery.
Do console players just play it once and that's it for each new game? That is kind of insane to me.

No. 188397

Wow I love her mansion

No. 188426

File: 1646914797821.jpg (284.63 KB, 1052x839, sims inside.jpg)

Aww thank you anóna. Here’s some of the inside, modelled on an art gallery/museum in my city.
Side note: does anybody know a non-cc solution to getting rid of the short fence around the top of the stairs while keeping the mezzanine effect? Without it the game autofills floor, so the fence creates a separate room which I've deleted the floor from. I can’t drag out the mini-fence because it still autofills floor. There has to be a more aesthetic way.

No. 188431

same anon but nvm I fixed it!

No. 188475

Reminder that if you are playing TS3 or TS4 to limit the frame rate to 30.

No. 188592

File: 1646956888718.png (343.11 KB, 417x586, felicityusher.png)

I ordered Sims 2 PS2 for the nostalgia today (though I was mainly a PC TS2 player in my heyday, it all started for me after renting them on console at blockbuster lol). I can't wait to play the stupid story mode and hit up my girl Felicity after all these years who I always, always ended up dating/marrying before managing to even move out of the first house. idk it was her haircut and the baseball tee…..

No. 188625

BIG AGREE. I started with 4, then went to 2 to 3 to 1. I bought 4 at the end of 2015 when they had fixed a lot of the base game problems, (added pools and fixed bugs). I've waned to play a mainline sims game for years but never could so I dove into 4 when I was able to and loved it. I didn't play 2 in it's heyday but i understand why it's beloved. I have a lot of fun with it . 3 was eh, I felt sad I didn't enjoy it until I added mods like NRAS story progression and NRAS cheats now I'm liking 3 more but I still mostly play 4, but I definitely see it's limitations compared to previous entries. I haven't given't 1 much of a try.
If they ever release 5 it's going to be a mess because of trying to force multiplayer.
>>188592 I like how this picture looks better than sims freeplay

No. 188702

Ohhh I love it love the staircase, I don't know if you've tried it but I use reshade, something that changes the graphics of the game, and I put a filter to make the colors more saturated, I think brighter colors really suit the sims 4.

No. 188717

I think EA would have to be run by literal retards to make 5 a multiplayer. Nearly every sims player I see mention it has thought it was a dumb idea and that they didn't want it. I honestly can't wait to see what ts5 will be like. Best case scenario for me would be ts2 with ts4 graphics and if not with ts3 open world, then at least with a color wheel and also with more lots than the pititful 4-8 lots per world. Worst case scenario: multiplayer/microtransactions/subscription based game.

No. 188742

File: 1647013704714.png (527.38 KB, 960x508, TS4_x64 2020-11-05 22-53-28-21…)

Anyone into the community aspect of the game? I used to be quite active but the literally insane people on tumblr and 4chan killed my enthusiasm about the game. I know those sites sound they are the worst but I honestly do not know lmao, people on like Reddit, twitter and official EA forums seem even more insufferable

I never even updated to the TS4 weeaboo fun in the snow pack, has anything worthwhile been added? Or any mods that change the game significantly?

No. 188744

>I think EA would have to be run by literal retards to make 5 a multiplayer.
10 years ago people were saying the same about SimCity and look what happened. Maxis were telling EA that it was a bad idea, players were telling EA it was a bad idea and they did it anyway.

No. 188770

File: 1647018574856.png (233.91 KB, 1524x742, Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 12.0…)

ayrt i meant to attach this article that states that they want to


No. 188771

We should storm EA headquarters and just beat the shit out of them. I hate them.

No. 188775

Literally going to cry, throw up, shit myself, and reee in anger. What is their fucking problem. They tried this with ts4 and guess what, it didn't work out! And nobody fucking wanted it to be multiplayer. I am wishing horrible things upon EA. I am going to manifest their liquidation.

No. 188798

>I never even updated to the TS4 weeaboo fun in the snow pack, has anything worthwhile been added?
It depends on your gameplay style. If you like making your sims self sufficient or off grid, Cottage Living adds a lot to that and meshes well with some of the features of previous packs like Eco Lifestyle.

Snowy Escape doesn't add anything consequential. The skiing, rock climbing and snowboarding skills don't have any use outside of that activity and hot Springs are just hot tubs that can fit more sims inside. I'd say it's only worth it if you really enjoy the Japanese aesthetic.

No. 188814

Thanks for the tip! I'm going to dick around with flux and see if I can get a similar effect before getting reshade. I am so sus of my Sims install imploding over the smallest change

No. 188816

>do not need university degree to get into science or medicine
>do need university degree to get into show business or paranormal
kek sims 2 career logic

No. 188818

also remember that if you give a Sims 2 sim 5 points in all personality traits (so basically no particular personality) they count as Cancer. lmao

No. 188828

this isn't an actual confirmation, this is clickbait bullshit. the sims 4 gallery is considered to be a 'multiplayer aspect' too. there is no confirmation you desperate pearl clutching retards

No. 188848

>you desperate pearl clutching retards
Why are you so aggro kek. Do you really think ts5 is going to be good? Look at ts4. They'll probably push multiplayer.

No. 188849

Yeah sims 5 is doomed. EA has taken a huge dump on the sims franchise. If any anon genuinely believes that the sims 4 is a good game they must be either delusional or have never played a life simulator before.

No. 188852

no, i think sims 5 is going to be just like sims 4 with some new weird terrible twist just like every fucking game has been this entire fucking time. it is never different. it was never better. if you really look at the trends of the game, sims 5 is going to be the least responsive least interesting version yet. they might do multiplayer but everything will have a toggle and there will be zero chance of anything unexpected happening in your game. i dont know why you pearl clutching retards keep screeching about multiplayer, it's not going to fucking matter. you can't stop the fanbase from moving to the new game. you just have to get used to it or stick to your old version that nobody gives a shit about anymore.

No. 188855

Which is why the OG the sims is superior.

No. 188857

No. 188872

I only ever play generational/rotational play on the same save, and there’s this couple I really love and want to have a cute wedding for. I have the latest pirated version but I heard the wedding stories is buggy so should I wait for my wedding?

No. 188875

I actually haven't played The Sims in years and the one I played the most was 1 with 2 being second. Always with cheats lol and I never really played a family for very long because I liked starting from zero every time, and spent a lot more time building/decorating houses and creating my sims.

Do you play without cheats? If so, how fast do sims age? I never really got the hang of playing for more than one generation and I've always been afraid of my sims dying, so in 2 I wouldn't play until I activated the no aging cheat.

No. 188890

there is supposed to be a hotfix coming so you should wait a little bit imo

No. 188910

I have heavily heavily modded sims 3 with most expansions and I have been playing this one legacy for several years now.
I'm only on generation 8 because I have multiple heirs strewn over all worlds. I am steadily working towards interbreeding them back to one base pair.
I am also playing through every job, lifetime wish, world, etc. I want to try out everything the game has to offer. And there's still a lot.

With mods, this is one of the best games ever.

No. 188920

what mods do you use nonna?

No. 188944

I heard that mods break sims 3 easily so I've always been afraid to try them for it. Has you ever ran into any problems?

No. 188949

I've never ran into much or really any trouble with mods in the sims 3, if you download the versions of the mods suitable to the version of your game, you should be good.

No. 188954

i want to download a sephiroth i found in the gallery so bad but the creator hasn't listed the cc reeeeeee

No. 189057

Too many too fit in a screenshot, sigh.
Most important to me are gameplay mods, I have awesomemod and nearly all nraas mods. I have fine-tuned every tiny aspect of the game. I have ramped up autonomy.
I have custom activities for children and adults, custom rabbitholes and custom careers.
Custom clothes, hair, skin and furniture.
Custom lighting, custom environment (sky, snow etc).
It's barely the same game anymore kek

No. 189058

Samefag, these are just the major mos groups I have. I have a gazillion other small specific mods, like the one that makes sims socialize without you having to click each interaction, the mod that makes sims write in a notepad instead of a computer for technophobic writers, a mod that enables online shopping and e books, a cigarette mod, and many such things

No. 189059

Last post I promise, just to reply
No, I've been playing this one save file with all these mods for many years with no problem. Runs perfectly smooth

No. 189060

I Love twisted mexies mods for better build buy and building off lot with TOOL. Also shameful posting but I wish WW didn’t bundle all his stupid moid perspective on periods and birth control. You can turn them off in options but can’t hide the objects in the catalog.

No. 189061

>I wish WW didn’t bundle all his stupid moid perspective on periods and birth control
What do you mean? I assume this is about TS4, and I don't have it lol

No. 189062

I hate that nraas SP has "stalker" option for ex romances that is on by default, I always turn it off. Very creepy.
Also, i once fucked around the options in one of the romance mods, and ended up having the option to woohoo pop up on a baby. Deleted the mod instantly, kek. I don't know what would have happened had I clicked it and I don't wanna know.

No. 189063

Graphics of sims 4, open world from sims 3 and gameplay from sims 2. Would be nice.

No. 189064

What are your favourite premade families from each game? (Minus the sims)
> sims 2:
> sims 3:
> sims 4:

No. 189066

File: 1647177733113.png (40.08 KB, 863x655, story progression lovers.png)

Ngl, picrel (modules for SP Lovers) has put me off of pretty much all nraas mods, not even only SP

No. 189068

File: 1647179704848.png (847.43 KB, 1280x1531, C3BBB641-656F-4EBB-982C-538F30…)

Oops sorry yeah I’m talking about sims 4 mods.
Pleasants or a broke/grunt combo picrel. Didn’t love the premades in 3 and Windenburg teen girl gang counts as a family for 4.

No. 189082

File: 1647189828663.png (1.15 MB, 1917x1077, bella-2.png)

Opinions on the sims 4 townie overhaul?

No. 189085

File: 1647193125822.jpg (44.88 KB, 359x540, download (33).jpg)

Inane and redundant. Anyone who cared about the TS2 premades in TS4 has already changed them or downloaded someone else's version from gallery.

No. 189087

File: 1647194336200.jpeg (49.4 KB, 462x642, 2EA5A6C8-DB10-44F3-A956-0A05C5…)

I always wondered why they made the base game sims so ugly in 4. Now all the new expansions add trendy and overly pretty sims with no personality. Idk maybe I’m just hard to please. I kind of like picrel because he’s uggo but unique looking. The whole weeb world is a cringey weeb land with kpoop teens

No. 189090

the fuck did they do to my girls… ew

No. 189092

I find 99% of EA employee made sims fuck ugly. It's probably my personal style but they always have fucked up profiles and proportions. Whoever was the person they let create the sims for Windenburg must have been on drugs or something, they all have fucked up genetics.

No. 189095

Can you buy base Sims 4 and then pirate the addons? I want the gallery

No. 189124

search up DLC unlocker, here you go nonna.
1. https://sims.tarac.nl/the-sims-4/the-sims-4-free-downloads/add-pirated-dlcs-to-your-legit-the-sims-4-game/
2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/clowwntown.tumblr.com/post/655831142312902656/how-to-legally-acquire-all-ts4-dlcs-with-origin/amp
tread carefully though, ISPs are starting to crack down on pirated content by threatening termination of their internet services and if you get sims via origin be careful because they can and will shut down your origin account if they detect somethings up, it really depends, i’ve bought origin codes off of cdkeys and nothing has happened thankfully. enjoy your sims game nonna <3

No. 189159

File: 1647224140388.jpg (185.88 KB, 1200x450, ts2-ts4.jpg)

The TS4 recreations of TS2 premades are just weird but Dina and Nina were offensively bad.

You can also use the remid cookie method with the anadius crack if you don't want to risk getting banned from origin.

No. 189160

Sweeet thank you nonnies ily

No. 189237

>Graphics of sims 4
Am I the only one who dislikes it?
I could be ok with cartoony graphics in general, but the style sucks. It's Disney bland. Yuck.

No. 189293

Me too. When we saw the first screenshots like a decade ago, I thought it was just early stages of the concept or a joke because it's so ugly.

No. 189400

just use mods and cc if you’re pc, sims 3 and sims 2 sims are by far the most ugliest creatures throughout the series. i’m definitely not defending EA and their unscrupulous business practices but ts4 would have possibly gone down as the best sims game in history if they were wise enough to integrate all of the best parts of the previous games. ts4 was never intended to even be a predecessor in the sims franchise, it was going to be another stupid ass attempt to make muh epic gaming multiplayer video game instead of another decent sandbox game. there is nothing wrong with cartoony or even good graphics, it’s the lack of engaging gameplay. i honestly would take ts4’s sim customization over the rest because you can turn the fugly NPC families into something near human resemblance

No. 189464

I kind of wanna play the Sims medieval off of Origin. Does anyone know if I can use an Xbox controller with it?

No. 189509

You know what you're right, I would totally just download mods to make textures, sims, lighting and all that shit more to my liking if the gameplay was good.
But as it is I just can't justify spending money on this, I don't own the sims 4 and never will. They really fucked up with that one.

No. 189523

i had to stop following the sims facebook page. there's nothing more annoying than people commenting on SIMS 4 (specifically THAT version of the game) asking for things from 3, begging for them to integrate horses from 3 or the color wheel from 3–if you want all those things from 3, go fucking play it! you keep saying 3 is better so PLAY 3 instead of spending your time spamming the comments of a video for sims 4!

sorry, rant over.

No. 189559

Why does people talking about what they want in the game bother you?
What are you, an EA cocksucker?

No. 189676

no but the color wheel was shit and the open neighborhood made the game load at a fucking snail’s pace. if you want everything sims 3 has, just play that one instead of spamming every fucking sims post with “wahhh my color wheel! my horses!”

No. 189677

That's the thing, Sims 3 fans are delusional retards that only look at random features and ignore that the game ran like shit. That game was riddled with bugs and it was in part due to its art style as well as feature bloat. I do think Sims 4 lacks depth in the features it does have but asking for expensive and pointless things like color wheels makes no sense to me.Plus these bitches are just gonna make black and white houses with a pop of maybe purple with the free reign of the whole color wheel anyway, let's be fucking real.

I wish Maxis was interested in deepening the family interactions or centering a pack around drama but that stuff seems to be totally out of scope for them. With the more contained nature of Sims 4, which is similar to Sims 2, I'd really like them to focus on bringing the chaos back. I'm also open to something new though, I don't need old features as long as it's actually fun and not just like 5 items to interact with and a new dialog option.

No. 189867

File: 1647462109586.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1017, straudvatore.png)

My current sims 4 save was made solely to breed good looking sims so that I could save all the attractive sims and then populate my first save with good sim genes because my original legacy was in its 8th or so generation and I had the auto populate houses option turned on so the world was full of ugly randomly generated sims and they were just not fit for my legacy sims whatsoever.
So I started a new save and painstakingly edited every premade sim to be better looking and then fiddled with MCCC woohoo/pregnancy settings and then turned off auto populate houses with randomly generated sims and then let them go at it.
Now I'm super attached to the second save. I play it more than my first save.
Every generation I have to take a 1-2 day break just to edit all of the sims who've aged up (if they have fucked up faces) and give them all better outfits. I'm aware that I could save outfits with MCCC and blacklist certain items, but I'm just used to the system I've got going on. Plus it allows me to 'get to know' all of the sims in the game and give them better names/make sure their genetics look like a realistic blend between parents. I've been playing this save so long that I'm pretty attached to all the families. It's really fun seeing families expand and marry into other families, and see how some family names just disappear while others live on.
What's happening in game right now: I think maybe two weeks ago there was a massive boom in males being born because I only play female sims 99% of the time so I'd only want my favorite families to have girls, and I have a lot of favorite families.
Also, my game's Judith Ward's great granddaughter (who was the product of an affair with the family's butler) married the Grim Reaper and had a child with him.
Pic is Isidore and Cressida Straud-Vatore, they're the daughters of Lilith Vatore and Vladislaus Straud's daughter, Imogen Straud.

No. 189869

That's so cool, I've never had my sims have a baby, I play with aging off because I would cry if my sims died and anon over here is cultivating an entire ecosystem

No. 189870

This is exactly how I play, except I try to keep plastic surgery to a minimum kek. I love the unique personalities that bubble up when you play this way and the natural backstories and drama that unfold.

No. 189877

I used to miss the Sims 2 but over time I realized The Sims 4 isn't a bad game, it's just way too fucking expensive in order to have all of the addons and features. Ridiculously expensive, like it's basically a scam. Everyone should just pirate it. I did buy a decent amount of content legally already. EA has enough of my money. Now I just got a new laptop and I'm having tons of fun with all the expansions, I do think it's nearly a "complete game" with all of them. Then you can just download what mods you want to personalize what you want in the game which basically finishes it off.
Also I have no hope for TS5. They never listened to what their customers want which is insane and retarded of them. Like go ahead, I'll just pirate that one too, idiots. If you look at the polls of what people voted they wanted in TS4 game, it's just sad.

No. 189919

I have lots of fun in sims 4 but I don’t think I’ve liked anything they added since before get famous. Every release since has just added annoying mechanics to the game, especially bust the dust and eco living. Except for Sulani, I liked that, and the jungle explorer one if that was after get famous

No. 190011

File: 1647520466279.jpeg (163.69 KB, 480x690, DE010F61-D1B9-4CDC-AA89-19B7CA…)

I desperately don’t even want to defend EA for that wedding stories disaster that they are desperately trying to distract people from by releasing another neighborhood stories (story progression) update but it’s at least a very tiny little step towards any kind of depth you can have in your world. They really need to stop being so fucking afraid of adding features and drama. with relationships and romance. I actually want my sims to be really mad if they see a spouse or romantic partner flirting with someone or discover that they’re cheating, maybe even make a dating service website or app like they did in TS3 but make it actually usable. They seriously have a long way to go and the path towards TS5 is getting even closer, they still need to make family gameplay more exciting, add more stuff to story progression, try to refresh and fix bugs that are found in nearly all of their DLCs, do a massive overhaul of their ugly hairs that look like a cut-up basketball placed on their heads and skin colors, add a new life stage between teenager and child, add more swatches to base game, add consequences of class disparity and poor choices like robbers, repo-man if they haven’t, even tax collectors tbh. People need to stop rallying for cars and color swatches and open world and need to start rallying about what mattered the most: the gameplay kek

No. 190245

Stupid annoyance #74368
Can't see cursor on snow

No. 190253

File: 1647582901789.jpg (216.17 KB, 1918x1076, Image3.jpg)

It took a whole day of grinding but I successfully enemies-to-lovers'd Tank and Johnny from ts2, I knew Tank could overcome his racism against aliens!

No. 191800

My male sims with the Family Oriented trait seem to have womb envy.
One of them has alien kids, one of them has plant kids, one of them has bot kids as new family additions.

No. 191933

Would any Sims 2 UC anon be so kind to upload her vanilla game WantTrees file (found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Wants)? I downloaded a mod to modify wants years and years ago and didn't think of making a backup file…

No. 191996

No. 192097

File: 1648215907193.gif (35.02 KB, 247x314, 2fd346c060045bc8eb7f7ab3a748e9…)

Have a kiss, mwah

No. 192103

Cute, what reshade are you using?

No. 192143

File: 1648229414564.png (1016.09 KB, 1142x594, 2022.03.24-23.34.png)

Why does the smoking anim from Basemental Drugs look this good, this is bad influence

Updating my mods after over a year of not playing. Yes I am a coomer that uses WW, but god even I am not ever ready to see the degeneracy that takes place on loverlab man.

But anyway, I love WW. Yesterday my lesbian sims had sex autonomously while both were wearing strap ons. Must have been a hot yaoi roleplay session kek

No. 192417

This thread made me pick up TS4 again after years of not playing. I used to only fuck around in CAS and Build Mode, but now the fully upgraded gameplay is pretty enjoyable, I'm having fun with the fame implement and the actor career.
Also if any nonnas can help me here, I finally decided to try out WW. I followed the instructions and I can see nude Sims in CAS, WW traits in the add/remove traits cheat window, and WW Custom content in build mode, but aside from that none of the WW interactions are showing up in the actual game (including the settings window). Has anyone any idea where I fucked up? The WW troubleshooting guide isn't helpful.

No. 192473

I'm not a coomer but I use WW and Basemental mods with TS4 because without it the game is so fucking dry. WW is known as sex mod but it adds a lot to the game like extra personality traits, an attraction system and sims actually get jealous and react to their partners cheating on them. It's not that I care about sex and drugs, it's that both mods create chaos and randomness that is completely absent from the vanilla game.

Make sure that WW is only one folder deep in your mods folder.
It must be
The Sims 4 > Mods > Wicked Whims
The Sims 4 > Mods > TURBODRIVER > Wicked Whims

No. 192573

>Make sure that WW is only one folder deep in your mods folder.
I misunderstood this line on WW's site and simply put the two .package files in the Mods folder, but I'm starting to think that's not the problem.

I used G4TW's version of the game (updating the game as DLC and packs came out) but the latest version available on their site is 1.73.57, while WW's latest update only supports 1.80.69 and up.
I was thinking of uninstalling the game, then downloading another up to date repack, then simply move my old Mods and saves folders in the new game. Any nonna more tech savvy than me knows if this could work, or will I just ruin my save files beyond repair?

No. 192577

no reshade on this pic, just brightened in photoshop and a little bit of pink hue on top

No. 192578

I just realized I deleted all of my sims 4 screenshots last time I uninstalled the game because reshade saved the screenshots in the bin folder.

Download the all in one torrent from here, anadius always has the latest version.
All you have to do once you dl it is double click the iso, once its mounted on a disk you can copy all the contents in whatever folder you want to put sims 4 in and that's it!

No. 192579

I don't use WW but I would guess you are either missing a ts4 script file or you need some secondary mod like an injector

No. 192588

>tread carefully though
how do you do it safely? please forgive me im tech illiterate lol.

No. 192611

File: 1648405222145.jpg (Spoiler Image,70.97 KB, 700x441, 5661876575112f0c5fd35c17020457…)

Using mods that aren't suitable for your game version will cause issues. I agree with >>192578 about the anadius repack, as it's the method I use to pirate the game. Every time there's an update you can download a new anadius updater and update the game to the latest version by simply opening the updater and following the instructions. It also allows you to have complete control over what packs you have installed.

Here's a link to the TS4 Rebels google docs where you can download the animations needed for WW and find paid CC for free.
You can also find old versions of WW here if you don't want to update your game.


No. 192644

>50 gb
lol see you in a couple of days, I'll be using one of the old versions in the meantime. And thank you for the resources, pirate nonnies!

No. 192759

File: 1648458397843.png (627.54 KB, 722x918, cut.png)

Good luck nonnie.

Another tip for anyone maybe looking for mm CC, one of my favourite pages is https://maxismatchccworld.tumblr.com/ because the navigation is really good and it's up to date with all the newest cc.

I try not to engage, tumblr simmers are absolutely batshit insane. I love reading simsecrets though.

No. 192776

First time playing Oasis Landing. Apparently the future is space communism where nobody has to work.
I modded that. I made all my human sims have jobs, and none of the plumbot ones. Luddites, behold my creation and rejoice!

No. 192778


is there an alpha version of maxismatchccworld?

No. 192894

thesimsresource dot com

No. 195936

After fully updating the game I've been having a weird issue, Build/Buy opens up correctly but when I edit or place a lot then exit BB mode or close the game, the lot goes back to being the standard game lot.
Has this happened to anyone else?

No. 196020

Unpopular opinion I guess? But I'm really suspicious of adult simmers using teen pregnancy mods. Actual children and teenage simmers I get, they're young and dumb and think it makes for good drama (I still remember all the probably literal thousands of teen pregnancy stories on the Sims 2 Exchange obviously made by what Pescado & co. would call 12s). Grown ups however? WEE WOO WEE WOO

No. 196021

Replying to myself to add that mods that allow teen sims to romance older sims are also creepy as hell even when teen pregnancy is not involved.
I remember Sims 3 Awesomemod, when paired with such a mod, would give young adult, adult and elder sims a pedophile/sex offender hidden trait when they interacted romantically with teen sims. This trait gave sims a non-zero chance of getting caught by the police and going to jail KEK

No. 196038

generally agree, whenever I have teens "romance" an adult in sims 4 it's always for some sad story I'm making and presenting as a bad thing, but I also don't post anything about my stories anywhere I watched and read some of those cursed teen pregnancy stories as a kid but never made any myself so I guess this is catch up, but I'm an adult now so the stories are different from that

No. 196093

I'm a sims 3 player and I personally use the shit out of the colorwheel, can't imagine playing without it. Here's the thing - there are countless mods that add interactions and gameplay, it's easy to script. The colorwheel however cannot be modded in, and this is why players insist it be there from the start. It makes sense people are asking for the thing they can't add themselves.

No. 196102

I think teen pregnancy mods are popular because people like creating soap opera/telenovela tier melodrama in their games. The main teen pregnancy mods for each game only allow teens to woohoo so if some pervert really wanted to watch teen sims have sex they would need to download additional sex mods.

More recently there has been drama on simblr over InTeen and ACR, it's one of the reasons Pleasant Sims was cancelled, yet no one seems to care that NRAAS and MCCC have the exact same functions. Then there was the banning of Colonel Nutty over Devious Desires because it allowed teen sex interactions, rape, bestiality and pedophilia. While necessary and fully deserved, people seem to completely ignore that Wicked Whims also has a teen interaction unlock.

No. 196118

Pleasant Sims got cancelled? I never properly followed her, I just used her tutorials because they were really helpful, so I had no idea, but this is really surprising lol. And what's the issue with ACR? I never used it because there were options I extremely disliked and didn't want in my game in any way at all, even if simply deactivated, but I'm way more sensitive to stuff like that, so I can't imagine it's for the same reasons lol.

No. 196141

>Pleasant Sims got cancelled?
She got cancelled in January of this year.
Discussion of what happened
Link to her statement about it on tumblr
Simsecret anons revealed that the person behind it was a tumblr cow obsessed with Dominic Newlow and Loki Beaker.

>And what's the issue with ACR?

The main purpose of ACR is that it allows more autonomous romantic interactions between sims. Why it's been deemed "problematic" is that it allows teen-adult relationships.

No. 196874

Aw this is cute anon. I always wanted to merge ALL the neighbourhoods together into a massive big city, keeping all the original lots and sims. I'd love for Mortimor to get back with Bella (Strangetown Bella, yeah - Ik she isn't the original one), and I'd love for different sims in different neighbourhoods to get hitched together like Brandi Broke and General Grunt. Too bad that without mods, you'd corrupt your game by placing another lot into another neighbourhood.
>favorite Sims game?
Sims 2 hands down. I grew up with it and from a huge case of nostalgia I have researched random facts and lore about it lol. Favourite expansion packs were university - I loved how mean the cow mascots were and the random cheerleaders and nudists entering your dorms. I loved open for business because you can sell toilets or other things to sims kek. Freetime was annoying cuz you'd get harassed by the hobbyists via phone call or personal invitation.
>least favorite Sims game?
Sims 4 is bland and boring and I have always preferred vanilla gameplay over mods. Having to mod tf out of sims 3 and sims 4 made me not play them as much
>what kind of player are you? (legacies, challenges, builder, cas mode, etc. ?)
I am a "breed as many generations as possible" simmer. And I like having my family trees even so I'd make sure the spouses had great grandparents too. Made gameplay very tedious and long. I preferred playing the neighbourhood's premade sims rather than making my own until I had all the neighbourhood premade sims intermarried.
>favorite neighborhood?
Veronaville. I loved the tudor style homes and the modern adaptation of Shakespeare. Reminded me of the 90s Shakespeare movie with Leonardo DiCaprio
>least favorite neighborhood?
They were all good but I'd have to choose Belladonna Valley. The premade sims weren't that interesting. I loved the Freetime neighbourhood because we had a grilled cheese Sim. I made her go out with the secret agent guy next door.
>favorite townie?
Crystal from Strangetown. She was so pretty and I made the scientist brothers fight over her lol.
>least favorite townie?
Ivy Copur - my teenage sims would always invite her over and desire to kiss her
>what is one thing you have done in the game that you are proud of? maybe it's making it to 30 generations, or building a really good lot, finishing up a collection, etc.
Made it to 10 generations… it's pretty short, but they all had an even number of ancestors. And there is no time progression in the sims 2 so it kind of got repetitive playing various families.

Some more questions for Sims 2 lovers:
>What's your favourite Sims 2 aspiration?
>What's your favourite Sims 2 career reward and aspiration reward?
>What's your favourite Sims 2 Lifetime Wish? Least favourite?
Mine is raise 20 puppies or kittens. I usually make them switch it lol.
>What did you do with Veronaville, Strangetown and Pleasantville premade sims?

No. 196891

You know about Uberhood? Because that sounds right up your alley.

No. 196921

I have heard of it before though I'd rather have all the lots in one neighbourhood rather than a business district neighbourhood,downtown neighbourhood, etc.

No. 197043

File: 1649852974463.jpg (69.22 KB, 697x495, JFNEF_frnFK213.jpg)

I got the sims 2 on Games4theworld because of the recent hype and I'm amazed at how well it old up after all those years. Very soulfull and entertaining game.

No. 197051

agreed anon, I never tried sims 2 until 2016, and even though there was an adjustment not going to other sims houses(in vanilla game), I really enjoy the game and understand why its beloved. The only mod I have is moniques age clock mod because I enjoy the gameplay so much, it changed how I play sims 4

No. 197125

There’s an LGBT mod for the Sims 4 and you can actually make TERFs with it - not by name but there’s an add-on for ‘homophobia’ and the options for homophobia and transphobia are separate.

No. 197865

I don't know when TSR got rid of their stories but I just found out they did and I'm so pissed!!!!

No. 197866

So I can make transphobic lesbian and bisexual women? Sweet.

No. 197900

What are the fandom reactions to it? kek I imagine it to be a shitshow, but the SimSecret comments seem to be based from time to time, so maybe it's not as bad as I imagine it to be.

No. 197941

File: 1650144496318.jpg (29.95 KB, 900x679, milk.jpg)

Picking up the sims after a decade of not playing it was worth it for the community drama alone, never mind that I still get enjoyment from the game itself. Nearly every month there's a new fountain of milk to observe.

No. 197994

Im loving this cowbuild drama. PermaPaywallers can burn but anyone who subbed to a patreon that only sends you the content through dms is a stupid consoomer

No. 198001

The homophobia traits are 100% optional and most people use them for storytelling purposes (gay child, homophobic parent) so there’s not really a big fuss about it. I don’t think most players are putting two and two together

No. 198015

No. 198051

File: 1650190306439.png (700.74 KB, 645x950, twn.png)

Latest milk is in the TS4 community. CC "creators" that charge people through patreon for their "work" were found to be tracking and doxing their supporters by inserting hidden numbers in textures and GUIDs to see who was leaking their content to free download sites. It also turns out that these creators aren't even making their own meshes, they're stealing them from interior design websites and claiming them as their own. The two main people involved in this, Mack on the anti-paywall side and CowBuild being the main instigator of doxing patrons and stealing meshes are cows in their own right so cow vs. cow is cream on top of the existing milk.

What happened

Part of this is that the TS4 Rebels subreddit was banned so here's the link to their page if anyone needs it

No. 198132

the people in this community are so fucking dumb and technologically illiterate lmao. the aggressivekitty texture everyone thinks has someone's patreon number on it CLEARLY says 'AK07' it's a fucking watermark you retards. AggressiveKitty 07. If you pirate something of course people are going to try to stop you or find out how you are getting their stuff, you give patreon your email and that's how these people get it, you aren't being doxxed and you are giving your money and info to these people. stop being such a fucking consoomer and learn how to identify whether someone makes their own meshes or not. it's always so obvious. don't pay $20 for windows.

also ts4 rebels took my two week early access content and put it up for free the first day it was out. they dont even follow their own bullshit 'rules'. they just want shit for free and they want to feel high and mighty about it too. mack3030 is like some femboy fetishist freak, crying about how they got porn spam email on their UnIvErSiTy EmAiL omg!!!! they have been on this crusade for like 5 months now, clearly autistic schizoid obsession. cowbuild is printing money in thailand, she's smarter than all of us.

No. 198136

File: 1650214548058.png (44.56 KB, 655x414, kek.png)

like, get real! you say 'imagine doing all that work' NOBODY IS DOING ALL THAT WORK. It's a WATERMARK. I'm not a subscriber of hers so I can't check her other meshes but I bet all her fucking textures say AK## it's her fucking name i am begging you guys to get one brain cell between you

No. 198137

File: 1650215283094.png (57.33 KB, 838x428, stupid.png)

just blatantly sharing misinformation and scaremongering

No. 198237

I'm sorry but you and cc creators like you are fucking retarded and are responsible for how shitty and toxic the sims community has become. AggressiveKitty has done this texture tracking bullshit before. The fact of the matter is a mesh you can only use in a single player offline game isn't worth even $5 a month, let alone the $20+ some cc creators want. You can buy the rights to a mesh for that and upload it to any game or platform. This is ignoring the fact that 90% of sims CC is stolen from second life or other video games.
The fact of the matter is EA, the bullshit greedy company, had to step in and tell CC creators they couldn't paywall content anymore because you greedy assholes took it too far. Why is it so wrong to charge for mods to skyrim etc but totally a-ok to ask for $5 for a fucking dress mesh on sims?
Stay mad at ts4rebels but the're doing the lords work by forcing retards like you to actually follows EAs rules and not paywalling your shitty meshes.

No. 198247

>Why is it so wrong to charge for mods to skyrim etc but totally a-ok to ask for $5 for a fucking dress mesh on sims?
Excellant point, anon. Also, I presume modding skyrim would be more difficult than modding the sims, especially the sims 4.

No. 198337

>how shitty and toxic the sims community has become
Paywalling content isn't new. Almost the exact same shit happened during the TS2 era with Pescado vs. The Sims Resource. TSR started putting unique identifiers in content to find out who was leaking content to the booty. TSR customers that were suspected of leaking content were doxed and had their real names released with a list being passed around their featured artists.

TSR was forced to change to a donation model offering faster downloads and ad free access, instead of charging directly for content. Nothing happened to Pescado or PMBD because preventing players from sharing content made for sims games is against EA's EULA. The booty is still alive and is being updated by DHM which Mack is a part of.

>You may include materials created with the Tools & Materials on your personal noncommercial website for the noncommercial benefit of the fan community for EA's products

>In exchange for the right to use content contributed by other users through the Software, when you contribute content through the Software, you expressly grant to other users of the Software the non-exclusive, perpetual, transferable, worldwide, irrevocable right to access and use, copy, modify, display, perform, and create and distribute derivative works from, your contributed content in connection with the Software, and to distribute and otherwise communicate your contributed content as a component of works that they create using the Software, for example, The Sims lots or The Sims videos, without further notice, attribution or compensation to you. You hereby waive any moral rights of paternity, publication, reputation, or attribution under applicable law with respect to EA.s and other players. use and enjoyment of such content contributions in connection with the Software.

>When you contribute UGC, you grant to EA, its licensors and licensees a non-exclusive, perpetual, transferable, worldwide, sublicensable license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, publicly perform, publicly display or otherwise transmit and communicate the UGC, or any portion thereof, in any manner or form and in any medium or forum, whether now known or hereafter devised, without notice, payment or attribution of any kind to you or any third party. You also grant all other users who can access and use your UGC on an EA Service the right to use, copy, modify, display, perform, create derivative works from, and otherwise communicate and distribute your UGC on or through the relevant EA Service without further notice, attribution or compensation to you.

EA intends user created custom content to work like the GNU General Public License. Once CC has been publicly released it is able to shared or modified by anyone. Once you convert a mesh or any other content for use in any sims game, it is owned by EA and EA states that any other player is free to use, modify or share that content. EA can enforce it's EULA under law, CC creators can not legally enforce their TOU.

No. 198355

clearly you can't fucking read either, because none of you retards can. ts4 rebels stole my early access meshes that I make myself by hand and put them up before they were out for free, and my early access period is only two weeks. They are liars. They don't follow their own rules. They just want to steal and feel good about it.

No. 198360

Lmao I love how computer illiterate sims 4 players are

No. 198362

nonnie tysm for the ts4 rebels link! I never knew about this! time to go back to my sims addiction…

No. 198363

>AggressiveKitty has done this texture tracking bullshit before.
Do you know what a watermark even is anon? Why do people look at a texture that says AK07 on it and think it's some fucking patreon number? plus patreon user numbers don't have any letters in them. It's obviously just agressivekitty watermarking her textures with her own name

No. 198375

>stole my early access meshes
Who cares.

No. 198378

There's also kemono.party which archives paid patreon content for free download and the booty which is like an FTP of old and new paid content for sims games.

Just type the CC creators name in the search box and their paywalled content is there for free

A lot of the TS4 content is outdated so it's more useful to TS2 and TS3 players looking for old CC.

It's weird that Cowbuild and the others will rail against TS4 Rebels and dox Mack but won't even comment on kemono.party or PMBD.

No. 198392

oh kek so it's not about EA's TOS anymore? first it was that people are perma paywalling, then it was that they steal all their meshes anyway, now we don't care who made what and early access is just as bad. you are all retarded computer illiterate brats.

No. 198396

As a previous cc creator I agree with you, 2 weeks of paywall is fucking nothing man. Of course when you never release things for free and/or just convert meshes and print money from that it's kinda sussy wussy like FelixAndre (I think it was him)

Also kek you would get SO cancelled if you were found out about posting here, be careful of the tumblr schitzos bby. I left because they sucked out any joy out of this game for me.

No. 198399

You’ll only have lost business from people who are constantly checking the rebels site then and it’s not like they’d have payed you willingly in the first place. The early access thing just attracts donators no one’s actually frothing to get your content the moment it comes out -as you said two weeks is nothing. Therefore cry about it

No. 198403

kek I know how piracy works, I know that I'm not losing paying customers. I'm pissed at their hypocrisy and that I have to read their stupid ass high and mighty tumblr posts while knowing they're fucking fake and all their 'rules' and principles are trash and mean nothing to them. I'm comfortable with my subscriber amount and I do good work, I'm not worried.

Maybe if this community wasn't such a fucking dumpster fire all the time, CC creators would feel more good will and would want to uphold the community spirit more. But the fact is that you're all awful to be around, you have no idea what you're talking about, you have no standards for yourselves and all you ever do is complain. I'm not a grifter but I don't feel any sorrow watching you idiots get grifted.

No. 198407

I agree that it's hypocrisy. EA has stated that two week early access is fine. Giving people who donate something earlier access to content is just a way of saying thank you to your supporters.

I do wonder though do you take issue with CC creators that permanently paywall content? Most TS4 players are more interested in hoarding the latest popular CC than they are in supporting anyone, so surely having to compete against paywalls impacts your income because these type of people are going to spend their money on something they wouldn't be able to get otherwise, instead of supporting genuine creators like yourself.

No. 198408

Ayrt, I don't care about EA's TOS or whatever, I just personally think it's retarded to charge for sims cc. Yeah, I know it's not a new thing but it's dumb. Who cares.

No. 198410

I used to be 100% free all the time. I didn't make any money. But if you look at all the top earners on Patreon, they all paywall their CC. I think Harrie is one of the few who doesn't, and her early access period is like a full month. Ethical or not, paywalling pays off majorly. That's why I say this community has no standards for itself - you'll pay for dogshit CC over and over all while complaining and acting like you're better than that. I decided to still release for free because it's what feels right to me and I feel like the good will pays off in the end. But I know I'd make more money eventually if I went full paywall. It's tempting sometimes, I won't lie. I don't feel much fondness for the community and I look at this like a job. I don't feel like my ethics pay off for me and sometimes I feel like I'm being stupid for passing up the money.

No. 198413

File: 1650298352112.png (1.31 MB, 1344x712, TS4_x64 2020-10-18 14-02-53-53…)

Right? Some of the 100% paywalled content is absolute dogshit and people still go after the nicer creators with only a timed pay wall. I only made donation / patreon options close to the end of my "career", since I felt so wrong accepting money for mediocre cc. But goddamn if it doesn't infuriate me I did not have the idea to pump out 100% paywalled content and make a shitload of money. Some of the earnings per month are fucking outrageous. Yes, I'm jelly.

God. When you open your tumblr messages and it's all demanding and whining and crying and retardation of people not knowing what to do. And it's even worse on bigger modding communities like Skyrim, good god. Of course there are lovely people being nice but the flood of shit does discourage you

No. 198414

>I don't feel much fondness for the community and I look at this like a job.
Why do you keep making CC then? If you aren't making money and it feels like a job, why not just stop or take a break? This is a video game lol.

No. 198415

I make money now, because I started soft paywalling, keep up nonna. I enjoy 3D modeling a lot actually, the part that feels like a job is interacting with the community and being on tumblr.

No. 198418

Sorry anon but what did you expect kek.

No. 198420

it's where the biggest concentration of sims players are, I get the majority of my traffic through patreon and tumblr. It turns directly into money anon.

No. 198422

there's a woman who messages me like once a month with all her super great ideas about what i should make next, and then cries about how she's a housewife with very little money who can't afford to pay for early access items. no sense of perspective just endless entitlement for little pixel dollhouse items.

No. 198425

I've probably downloaded your stolen meshes before.

No. 198426

Switch to second life maybe. Thinking of it as a job is more the norm there

No. 198428

I make all my own meshes, as I've said already. You probably did download them, they're cute.

No. 198429

Stolen as in taken before it's free.

No. 198430

look how proud you are of yourself, proving me right over and over

No. 198431

Holy shit lmao. The entitlement.

Why are you this retarded. Just download the stuff for free and shut up

No. 198434

How am I proving you right? Sorry for taking money away from your not-job. I don't care.
Why can't I talk about it?

No. 198436

Buying CC is the dumbest shit I've ever heard of and thinking you're hot shit because you see 'making cc' as a job is equally as dumb.

Long live the pirates, keep seething patreonny.

No. 198438

Some people easily make 20k a month with Sims cc. Imagine that.

No. 198439

Imagine paying money for 3d clothes lmao.

No. 198441

Imagine paying money for video games, drawings made by artists, movies….

No. 198444

Cope and seethe patreonfag. I will continue stealing paywalled cc. Get a real job.

No. 198445

and some people make 20k a month selling their asshole, am i supposed to be impressed?

i pirate but ok

No. 198448

i know right lol let them think what they want

No. 198459

Lol you chose to create content that can't be sold. Patreon's only to allow people to support you by donations.

No. 198477

Like a Roman peasant choosing to pay money for their bread and circuses kek

No. 198480

TURBODRIVER makes around $12,000 a month on patreon, so I doubt TS4 players are throwing more money at CC creators than coomers are for wicked whims.

No. 198504

12k no, 4k yes. I'll be content with a meager 4k a month, idk about you

No. 198518

… what?

No. 198529

I'm saying I won't make more than turbodriver, you're right, but I can still make around $4k a month with my silly little CC. People who make similar things to me make that, easy. I'm not there yet but it's only a matter of time.

No. 198551

File: 1650313823839.png (2.88 MB, 1920x1080, TS4_x64 2022-04-08 10-34-47.pn…)

I don't really care about paywalling for 2 weeks since I'm not the type of player that plays all the time, but one thing I will always hate cc creators for is their mental breakdowns and deletions of their cc collections. SO MANY of them do that, I truly do not understand. No, I'm not entitled to your work of course, but why would you delete it, especially knowing other cc creators used your mesh and are linking back to you due to your stupid policy, knowing people downloaded your work? I simply do not understand.
I only had experience with one other modding community which was for an mmo, and nobody ever deleted their shit there. I can still find stuff from 2012, from every single name I remember. It's just so dramatic and autistic it truly makes me seethe.

No. 198555

I love simblrs that reupload deleted cc. They are saints in my eyes. Fuck all those overdramatic sims cc creators, get off of tumblr if you're going to have fifty meltdowns and mass deletions a month, fuck.

No. 198557

I also feel bad (not really annoyed or upset, just sad I guess. I'm sure you can find deleted stuff through internet archives) when creators delete their cc but
>due to your stupid policy
Why is it stupid? I don't think it's wrong for people to want credit for a mesh they created, especially if it's just a recolor or something

No. 198574

It's a dumb policy because oftentimes creators specify that you MUST download their mesh in order to download recolors, if they delete all their shit in the typical simblr drama queen fashion, you can't download the recolors because they won't show up in game. It's not about being credited.

No. 198577

Exactly, modders in that mmo were all Tumblr girlies too and I didn't see them pulling this over-dramatic shit.
Credit is totally fine, but most of the time they don't let you include the mesh for a recolor. In theory I don't care I'll just download both, in practice it's a different story if the maker of the original mesh decided to delete their cc. It happens a lot if you come across pre-2019 cc.

No. 198586

God help you if you want to download a sim with cc. Visit 20 different creators badly formatted tumblrs or find they no longer exist.

No. 198597

File: 1650320217154.jpg (98.42 KB, 540x638, tumblr_066251883a98e34bbf45fc2…)

some bigbrain wrote this to wherever mack3030 works lmao

No. 198605

File: 1650322064753.gif (441.05 KB, 220x298, 0A69D2BF-7B48-412C-B609-963E23…)

>”ts4 rebels stole my early access meshes that I make myself by hand and put them up before they were out for free, and my early access period is only two weeks”

L + rip bozo + you make ugly alpha cc for a kiddie game played by autistic women and gay men instead of getting a job or picking up another hobby + you stink like caca + early access just “two weeks” + I will be using rebel and pirating patreon cc until you are broke as shit

No. 198607

I love the passion, nonnie. The next patreon CC I pirate I will do it in your honor.

No. 198610

Clink to that nonna, fuck these drama queens bringing their drama here pirate as much as you can the game already sucks as it is kek

No. 198611

cowbuild chose her name well. always milky.

No. 198614

A good proportion of players pirate the game kek paywallers gotta respect the culture they're trying to rinse

No. 198660

>paying for ANY of that shit and 3D clothes

No. 198710

mack3030 is a teacher and this is 3rd or 4th time cowbuild has tried to get her fired by contacting the school she works at. It's completely unhinged.

No. 198749

Literally, what can you expect when a good chunk of your followers are probably already pirates.

No. 198786

The fact that it’s almost like paying for finished and already completed art that’s not even a paid commission. Common sense would tell them to make most of their stuff public and just rely on personal requests that people actually want and commissions to make their money. The only people paying for their cc are drooling retards and children in the community who can’t even figure out how to put script mods in their game. This is why they get burnt out, they turn their craft into a greedy money-making opportunity and then rage and get angry at their fans for expecting more from them.

No. 198846

Kek I did that, I panicked after getting death threaths after outing myself as a terf lmaooo

No. 198853

File: 1650391944898.png (1.46 MB, 1536x864, yep.png)

This is the kind of shit which gives me 0 sympathy for cc creators. Most creators are so far up their own fucking asses over this dumb dollhouse game.

Anyway the CC creators popping off in here about their precious meshes are missing off the important part - that sims 4 meshes are 9.99/10 based on already existing meshes within the sims 4. VERY FEW mesh makers for sims start with nothing and build up. So if you wanted to make hair for example, you would edit a sims 4 basegame hair using blender then re-import it. That means these "Creators" aren't actually creating their own fucking meshes at all, they're manipulating ones made by EA. Which is why EA can tell you not to charge for meshes YOU ALREADY STOLE FROM THEM. I can't get over these cc creators crying about their very real job making CC for sims when they're just ripping already legally owned meshes from one of the biggest games from one of the biggest publishers kek. These people don't know how to "mesh", they know how to export and manipulate. They don't know how to get their meshes working in SL or anywhere else where it could be an actual job, and even if they could figure it out, they legally can't because their meshes are technically owned by EA.

Anyway, I didn't even pay the $700 for the games so idk why any retard would expect me to pay a $5 subscription to se their shitty cc kek.

No. 198857

You know what I hate? The very few black Alpha hair creators will charge out the ASS for their broken ass hairs, there's at least two creators who make black hairstyles and the shit looks TRASH in game.
Then there's "Urban" creators who never release their shit. And whats funny to me is, people will literally tell folks to pirate the Sims 4, it's so broken, it's a mess, don't spend money on it, (true but I've gotten my moneys worth, I've been playing since 2017), but then will get mad at you for using sites to download CC thats locked behind pay walls for free.
Sometimes the shit isn't even nice CC, or just recolors of EA shit, or shit they didn't even make themselves, they got from some other site and ported it.
Im sorry but just like EA sucks and doesn't follow the rules, neither do some of these Cc creators and they are just as greedy and entitled with sometimes LESS talent then the sims 4 devs.
The only thing i'd ever think to spend money on is actual mods, like Basemental Drugs and when I did use Wicked Whims, I'd buy that.
I never have brought them, but they both seem to follow the rules and actually create something new and worth it in the game.
On and MC command center.

No. 198858

File: 1650393100397.png (323.02 KB, 924x374, wtf.PNG)

This isn't my picture, but I have this hair. This is how some of the shit they make looks in game. Or they'll edit the fuck out to the clothes and hair, then they want to charge you for this shit. They know there's not much hair like this out, so they don't really have to try. Just like EA knows they don't have much competiton (if any) for sims.

No. 198867

File: 1650394250034.png (456.61 KB, 1000x720, 7D0750DE-393A-4F24-8E9D-A8B471…)

Looks like something that was stolen from IMVU lmao. This is why you use maxis match, I’ve seen way better ethnic hair made by maxis match creators that look actually fit the cartoony vibe of the game without it being extremely ugly. Picrel is a good example and it’s free cc made by a talented person

No. 198868

This is understandable considering the sims community is completely unhinged about people they don't like. Better safe than sorry (viz. getting doxxed because you dared to believe in women's rights and make custom content for a life simulator at the same time kek).

No. 198869

I actually have this hair and I used to be a maxis match only Simmer, now I only use maxis match braided hair and a few other hairs. There's only a handful of decent Alpha hair and there's only half a handful of decent alpha hair for black sims. Certain styles I want to make an generic IG instagram thottie.
But I do love maxis match hairs, and some of them are more impressive and better looking then Alpha hair.

No. 198871

File: 1650394869001.jpeg (667.86 KB, 828x840, B5EF250B-E905-4AD0-BE7A-0923CE…)

kek not drama, just wanted to share this ugly as sin simself someone shared of Reddit

No. 198874

kek, is she in a wheelchair? Is there a mod for that or do you think it is a pose pack or something

No. 198875

Damn, Amanda Baggs is still kicking after all!

No. 198876

Yeah. I decided not to comment on her post when i found out she had the most trafic shit life(incest sexual abuse, neglect, physical violence. All as a child) you can imagine, i’ll just let her have fun with her ugly sim in peace

No. 198877


No. 198880

I’ve grown accustomed to not believing what people say their pasts were when it comes to the internet. I didn’t comment because I didn’t want coddlers to call me “mean”.

No. 198882

Sorry for having empathy, i’ll try being edgier next time

No. 198888

Omg i must have this!!!!

No. 198930

Someone tell me if I'm crazy, but I remember there was a post made by a modder, claiming they were going private or something, because they felt EA was stealing their ideas. They were talking about the wedding pack, which doesn't have any unique ideas that wouldn't be in a wedding pack anyway. Also anyone here visit Sim Secret? I was surpised to see how…unwoke it was.
I always except all Sim spaces to be super woke kek.

No. 198942

I never really read the comments on sim secret before this and yeah I expected them to be way more inoffensive and less entertaining

No. 198944

It’s not being edgy, it’s being a realist,

Anyways, I just find it comical that she picked literally the ugliest things she could for the sim.

No. 198950

I actually like it there, the vibe reminds me of /ot/ sometimes, kek.

No. 199608

File: 1650664482127.png (304.25 KB, 309x455, spotted.PNG)

aw hell nah, hope celebricows posters don't see this

No. 199645

No. 200755

So I have the Extreme Violence mod. Should I make a Cow House and do a Hunger Games style challenge where they autonomously kill each other until the last one standing?

No. 200779

Yes! Please post the results if you do.

No. 200781

I downloaded that once and it was so chaotic so I uninstalled it lol

No. 202633

Pls give me suggestions, I’m already planning on making Shay, Kathy, and Greg

No. 203904

File: 1651725290783.jpg (84.27 KB, 1242x969, matv51dsd8x81.jpg)

What are our thoughts, anons? Do you think werewolves are coming?

No. 203987

File: 1651748085312.png (928.38 KB, 960x508, TS4_x64 2020-11-05 14-40-32-81…)


Trisha is always a classic. Also a FtM and MtF sims to honor our terf members, stereotypes or specific ones whichever works

No. 204000

Yeah, we’re getting werewolves and I wish we weren’t. Every occult sim in the 4-era has sucked and I don’t think werewolves will be any different.

No. 204021

I'm super dissapointed with the current state of supernatural gameplay in the sims 4, the supernatural pack in ts3 used to be my all time favourite because of its strong atmosphere and fun gameplay. I hope this pack fixes some issues with the other supernatural sims or that when the time comes around for ts5 its kind of like ts3.

No. 204027

I hope that the werewolves aren't just straight up wolves so that they disappoint all the furries asking to play as a dog.

No. 204131

Has anyone tried getting all of Sims 2 physically recently? I need 7 more expansions to complete my collection and it seems nearly impossible to find Mansion & Garden Stuff for a decent price.

No. 204467

File: 1651953802184.png (166.86 KB, 569x611, petology.png)

why did pets in sims 2 have interests? it's not like they could talk.

No. 204470

Retarded game

No. 204475

amazing input. fantastic. wow, breathtaking genius.

No. 204498

iirc they could interact with each other, and if their interests matched up the interaction was more likely to end up positive

No. 204515

t. Male

No. 204545

Depends on what game you're talking about. I would agree that TS4, where sims will autonomously drink until they piss themselves is indeed retarded.

No. 204591

Scrotes don’t have the ability to like the Sims because their tiny brains cannot fathom taking care of something that isn’t themselves.

No. 204629

Apparently they want to put pronouns in the game. The last game pack was a mess and isn't even functioning right but pronouns and the feefees of genderspecials that don't give a shit about the game are totally more important than FIXING THE DAMN GAME

No. 204631

Makes perfect sense from EA's point of view though if you think about it. It's way faster and easier than fixing actual issues AND you can play the "transphobia" card to anyone who complains in any way about it.

No. 204760

Are they doing it for real now? Good lord

No. 204774

ur retarded

No. 204836

File: 1652108404335.gif (510.77 KB, 250x162, pizza-sims.gif)

Any other Sims 3 players find it incredibly hard to find maxis-match CC? Every time I google or search for stuff it always comes up with Sims 4.
If anyone knows of any nice maxis-match clothes (basically stuff that looks like it could be from the store or the game itself) please let me know where to find them. I'm tired of searching through instabaddie alpha cc from like 2016.

Also just want to complain about the state of the sims community on tumblr but I guess I can't be surprised. I used to look on there for house inspiration and found out that they turn every other sim into a ftm enby polyamorous single mother of six. You really can't escape this shit, I abandoned my simblr because someone messaged me asking why I made Nervous Subject have a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend and that it was gay erasure.

No. 205940

can this thread be used as a wcif

No. 205947

Anon, this video lmao

No. 205962

Kek imagine sending someone a message because they play with virtual sandbox people differently than you. You should have doubled down and posted a pic of them kissing or something. I hate those freaks on simblr, they're always trying to do some power play "PLAY THE WAY I WANT YOU TO" move for some reason? For literally no reason.

No. 206122

Can someone please tell me how I can completely disable the neighbourhood stories and ask for advice feature? I hate always having to go into 100 different households and then deleting a bunch of babies. I clicked in the options menu the button to disable neighbourhood stories but it is still happening. Is there a mod to completely disable this?

No. 206133

Are you using MCCC?

No. 207268

File: 1652891746952.jpg (2.14 MB, 3264x2448, 20220518_183445.jpg)

Bonhilda dies?!
This just happened and I'm shook

No. 207271

Bonehilda, sry

No. 207275

what are your favourite default replacements (mostly for skin and eyes) for the sims 3? i just reinstalled the full collection after many years and i can't stand those doughy looking fuckers

No. 207280

I personally use Navatsea skin. Specifically, Sexy edition.
I have a default replacement for eyes+teeth by Simlicious.

Those are not the most popular ones though, just my personal preferences

No. 207287

File: 1652894570173.jpeg (165.83 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

I remember downloading TS4, going to CC websites to find some cute clothes only to end up digging for an hour because majority of it was ugly fashion nova shit.

No. 207288

Am I the only one here who likes playing with the default features/doesn't use CC for sims? Like I don't want them to look beautiful, I just like playing with my silly and funny virtual dolls

No. 207466

nah, i dont use CC either but i do use mods. I just see too many times people saying they have too much CC and it ends up broken where as mods are easier to keep up with because i only use a few

No. 208036

File: 1653130113044.jpg (94.48 KB, 424x1040, 654212-927463_20050421_002.jpg)


I'm sad Sims 2 PS2 never got more attention. The split screen multiplayer was everything.

No. 208037

But The Urbz had the best soundtrack of all time. I love The Urbz and Sims Bustin Out so much. My friends and I would always play split screen for hours and hours during sleepovers.

The story modes are still fun to this day.

No. 208300

which hole do male sims give birth from

No. 208303

The yaoihole

No. 208331

File: 1653230476095.png (249.72 KB, 408x708, Lincoln_Broadsheet.png)

Loved The Urbz but just a GBA/NDSfag as far as nostalgia goes (and the nostalgia is STRONG)

No. 208556

File: 1653297114619.png (149.46 KB, 369x276, mack.png)

No. 208568

File: 1653308306068.png (297.59 KB, 652x692, EA.png)

EA is looking for a buyer
>According to the report, Brian Roberts, CEO of NBCUniversal parent company, Comcast, approached EA's CEO, Andrew Wilson, with an offer to merge EA and NBCUniversal, leaving Wilson in charge of the combined entity. Negotiations continued over a period of several weeks before breaking down over questions of price and the merged entity's final form.
>The report goes on to note that EA has also discussed the possibility of acquisition with Disney, Apple, and Amazon

I have no idea what it will mean for Maxis and The Sims. Maxis' other project Lost Astral is supposed to be released this year but as far as I'm aware there's been no official mention of it at all.

No. 208571

> Disney, apple, and amazon.

I hate monopolies and now these giant companies are going to get involved in even more markets . Why does EA want to get bought anyway?

No. 208836

File: 1653421155443.png (59.43 KB, 649x215, 1653420495042.png)

Stolen from the MtF thread on /snow/. We have pronouns now. Woo fucking hoo.

No. 208837

File: 1653421185962.png (52.99 KB, 495x356, 1653420882454.png)

No. 208840

No. 208845

Anybody who pirates the game fully up to date with all the dlc? Is it worth it? I have a pretty stable game right now and I have a version before cottage living/dream home decorator. I've been thinking of gettig the latest dlc but I'm worried it'll render my game unplayable with bugs kek. Should I download the lastest dlc or is it a better idea to wait for fixes?

No. 208846

The idea that there’s people out there who don’t pirate the Sims is wild to me.

No. 208847

File: 1653425140275.jpeg (282.73 KB, 828x1792, E61E3E22-B69D-45EA-A231-F290A0…)

>disability in game!!!

sims is absolute ass when it comes to animation glitches, i really don’t want to see how they’d animate disabilities.

No. 208850

File: 1653425591370.jpeg (15.71 KB, 480x360, 9DE666A2-3C5E-4725-84B3-4D2A23…)

> stretchskeleton will be canonized

No. 208853

The tumblr art checklist. Surprised she showed enough restraint to not outright demand mastectomy scars too.

No. 208856

The glucose monitoring tabs took me out. No sim in my game is going to be cursed with diabetes kek what the fuck.

No. 208860

>boring ass game with broken ass dlcs and packs that are nearly unplayable that they still haven’t even fixed yet

No. 208901

No. 208972

File: 1653486534953.jpeg (633.39 KB, 828x1358, ED39F452-69FD-41B5-9AFA-D7D387…)


No. 208981

All I want in sims4 is some more traits, a couple of traits that were in sims3 base game to be in 4. There's such a small amount and it feels like it does nothing for their personalities

No. 208987

File: 1653491038500.jpeg (240.79 KB, 828x620, DAE8183C-D72B-4111-9F0C-41B412…)

Looks like I’m unsubscribing to Sims subreddits. The pronoun shit has been out for a day and already there’s loads of posts like this, whining. Literally nothing will make them happy, they’ll bitch about anything.

Someone was attacked and called transphobic for saying “this is nice and all but I wish they’d fix actual game breaking bugs first”.

No. 208988

File: 1653491133692.jpeg (328.94 KB, 828x1095, 03C2052F-BA30-4899-B768-54A607…)


No. 208996

How are these people real? How did it ever get this bad nonas…

No. 209005

>genshit impact, the soulless consoomer game
>asexual background

No. 209018

File: 1653505419916.gif (56.38 KB, 572x378, db42485-ba66361c-573a-4aa0-9ea…)

>only one set of pronouns per sim
>no emoji support
Very very enbyphobic and exclusionary of you, EAxis. Do better.
How does this shit work in non-English languages by the way?

No. 209061

Does anyone know if anyone had the balls to make a mod where it removes the pronoun update?

No. 209064

has anyone here tried to buy a origin account with sims 2 on it? How'd that go

No. 209074

Has anyone made a house full of gender specials and then had a firework party in the living room?

I'd recommend just pirating it. The game is considered abondonware.

No. 209127

File: 1653556432725.jpg (1.3 MB, 1680x1048, Screenshot-120.jpg)

This is basically what I've done, and is what's made sims 3 top tier entertaining for me. I'm only on the secondish generation of my little town, given I made the ageing as long as you can get it lol. I've shortened it now. I'm the same anon in the old thread who posted about her medieval town, and I'm happy to report the town has been expanding and looking great!
The King is getting old, I think he'll die soon and the Queen will be forced to reign. I got a Monarchy mod so it isn't just headcannon. Picrel is my not-so-secret garden which you can find through some hills.
Sims 3 can be the best when you mod it enough and also understand those mods well enough to tune the game to you. Having been playing regularly for the past year after not touching it since I was a teen, I can safely say I don't even have an interest in touching sims 4. But maybe that's because the lack of an open world is so unappealing to me, kek.

No. 209143

I just used ebay to buy an account for sims 2 ultimate, but I've bought an account on playerauctions before

No. 209191

File: 1653598745503.png (1.19 MB, 1105x557, Gothotos.PNG)

What do you guys think about the goth update? Personally, Bella is one of my favorite townies to make over.
I usually make her black/biracial and a huge slut ig baddie. Or just a hot mean stay at home mom, who drinks all day and cheats. In my current save she's famous, cheats on her husband, hates her kids and just drinks/smokes cigar.
I love Cassandra because I love making her over, I HATED her base form, so I kinda like the "new look" but it doesn't translate well when she ages up. I just make her super successful and independent or a lesbian. The new hair style is only slighty better. I heard that the new young Boy goth, who name I can't remember, ages up to be really ugly. But he was either very ugly with big ears, or ugly hot when he aged up in my game, depending on what mixture of random cc he ages up to young adult with.
The older male goth is blah. I only stan the female goths.
My other favorite townies are Yuki & Candy, Vanessa (Who I made a blonde pop star), Sophia from winderburg, Penny Pizzaz (I made her into a IG baddie rapper).
Also what do yall do with "Baby Ariel" Sim. I always make her famous but I find it odd making her have her own life/style when she's based on a real person.

No. 209194

also the game is broken and unplayable for multiple people (me). Pronouns literally broke the game for some simmers. It's ridiculous, I never had this happen to me. People are saying it's a graphic card issue or something.

No. 209210

File: 1653601462607.jpeg (13.38 KB, 314x384, m30ev3f17o191.jpeg)

Alexander Goth was cursed to be ugly anyway
I pretty never do anything Baby Ariel since she never shows up in my game unless i use MCCC have her come to my house or something

No. 209268

From looking through the thread it seems to be an issue with AMD GPUs that are based on the GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture. So everything from the HD 6000 series up to the last Vega card which was the Radeon VII. This all but confirms that they don't ever bother to test the game on different hardware.

Things to try are to limit the FPS down to 30 and turn off autonomy completely. This fixes a lot of the existing lag issues so maybe it will work for new lag issue.

No. 209342

He looks like a monkey

No. 209438

I have a Bella in my TS2 Strangetown. In my game I've decided she's an alien imposter like in the movie Under the Skin and she seduces and kills townies. I might make her a vampire too.

No. 209480

I'm so fucking sick of EA's corporate Americanized wokeness. The Sims and the community used to be my safe space away from politics, where I didn't have to think about nonsense that doesn't affect me. Nowadays I can't even enjoy a stupid "let's play" without Western retardation seeping into it.

No. 209502

You sound like every gamer scrote whining about "games going political", just don't use the option you don't like and that's it.

No. 209506

>I'm so fucking sick of EA's corporate Americanized wokeness
>Sims used to be my safe space

No. 209537

Tbh I wrote this fairly tipsy and it's def got a bad tone to it, for which I apologize, but my poiunt still stands.

A big part of my frustration comes from the community/content creators. And holy shit, apparently not wanting a tranny in every "let's play" makes you a scrote on this site nowadays.

No. 209540

I can understand where you're coming from nona. If they just had some gay sim couples and some gay/bi pride flags in buy mode I'd be fine with it but the western sims community is pretty nuts and EA is pandering HARD to rake in the cash. They knew they fucked up with the wedding stories pack and they had to do a quick pronoun add on to appease the trannies because they're literal cash cows. And the pronoun thing worked. The trannies are appeased and will go right back to gobbling up EA's shitty dlc. went on a small rant there sorry but fuck EA and the EA dick sucking troons

No. 209558

I 100% agree with you, that's such a useless addition to the game

No. 209583

They've taken it too far to the point that it's obvious pandering. Maxis has always been progressive to a certain extent. Will Wright was open about supporting gay rights and pushing for the inclusion of women in game development. The problem now is that the studio seems to prioritize being woke over making good games and it often backfires on them as seen with the wedding pack being banned in Russia.

No. 209827

Would there even be any point in pride content considering homosexuality and bisexuality are are so normalized in the Sims? Maybe for stories using the Sims games as a medium I guess?
I remember that godawful Sims 4 pride mod which has sexual orientation and "gender identity" occupy entire trait slots and adds interactions such as "ask for pronouns" even before this update. At least it's just a mod, for now.

No. 209829

I don't play TS4, did the pronoun update replace the normal gender choice? Can it generate themlet townies?

No. 209845

I don't think so. Afaik (I have an outdated game version so not completely sure) but townies that are spawned are either female or male with no stupid special gender shit, I assume that the pronoun update is there if players want to fuck around with it but it isn't randomly generated.

No. 210215

Post your favorite Simlish songs.

No. 210218

I could sing along to probably half of all the pop station songs of Sims 2, though vidrel or The Veronica's When It All Falls Apart were those I skipped to the most often. The pop and salsa station make me the most nostalgic.

No. 210219

This song was definitely what influenced my music taste later in life kek. That and the MCR simlish cover (will link that too)

No. 210220


No. 210250

No. 210282

File: 1653954289728.png (1017.7 KB, 1366x768, nonnies.png)

I always forget about this thread, anyway even though I've been in it.

No. 210284

File: 1653954325825.png (1.1 MB, 1366x768, nonnie 2.png)

I'll repost them here, I usually put my shit in shitposting.

No. 210285

Love your nonnies and Elsie sim! The lolcow abode looks wonderful as well and I love that picture of them hanging up in the background. Very nice!

No. 210286

File: 1653954822783.png (1.38 MB, 1366x768, NonniesAndMe.png)

thank you so much!

No. 210287

I love the urbz so much, the job minigames were so fun

No. 210303

File: 1653959101637.png (360.08 KB, 540x409, onnii.png)

the sims 2 game here https://thepiratebay.org/description.php?id=13092888 or https://games4theworld.org/downloads/
Here is a guide on downloading https://www.reddit.com/r/sims2help/comments/gchmsw/please_read_technical_support_megathread/ and some fixes https://www.reddit.com/r/sims2help/comments/gcigfd/please_read_general_support_megathread/ that you can do to keep your game from crashing. Have fun! the reddit guide is more cohesive and informational then the one on tumblr which is not up to date compared to reddit

No. 210428

favorite sims 3 song

No. 210433

Truly legendary

No. 210613

File: 1654050560498.png (1.05 MB, 1366x768, LOLCOW.png)

No. 210614

File: 1654050614408.png (1.04 MB, 1366x768, THE GIRLS.png)

No. 210640

Will make a banner out of this

No. 210654

Anybody else here want to chat about machinimas? Particularly of old s2? Cclockface/Chrissy4jc's machinimas were the best imo. Sucks that most of her stuff is either deleted or only available in bad quality.

No. 210731

File: 1654098321621.jpg (113.92 KB, 1280x720, FULDeiFXoAAlJGa.jpg)

I'm sorry but this shit looks ugly

No. 210732

File: 1654098359030.jpg (46.2 KB, 600x600, TS4-Werewolf-600x600.jpg)

No. 210734

This is way too furry

No. 210737

The furry anthro motherfukers are shitting their pants over this I bet. You're right, it looks fuck ugly.

No. 210779

>>210731 ugly as a sin. It looks like a pixar character.

No. 210815

What the fuck happened to the sims

No. 210828

hahahaha are you fucking kidding me this looks so goddamn stupid. i hope all the reddit fans who were clawing for a werewolf ep eat it.

No. 210835

Very disappointed in the werewolf reveal. I hope there's an option to edit them like a vampire form. Hopefully they can have IDK, different kinds of ears and stuff? I'm honestly struggling to think of a way to make the werewolf in the promotion art look better. It just looks weird. It looks too dog-like in the face.

No. 210993

Official trailer was just posted. It’s not bad just the werewolf design could look a lot more better? I hope there are phases that the vampire occult has where they can unlock their full potential, only for werewolves they should have transition phases you can use in CAS/unlock through power phases and be able to become a full-fledged wolf at the final one. I agree it’s giving big furry energy. Look like it’s time for cc and mod creators to get to work lmao

No. 210995

ew this is some real furry shit

No. 210998

Sims 4 furry edition. Ofc they had to make a furry pack after the pronoun update.

No. 211000

They don't even look like werewolves they all look like different colored version of Tony the Tiger kek

No. 211026

Sims 4 in general is ugly.

No. 211036

File: 1654190186317.png (611.9 KB, 918x1198, simstranstoddler.png)


Saw this on the sims 4 reddit, and thought aww what a cute family until i saw the trans toddler/child

No. 211052

File: 1654193601160.png (1.02 MB, 1140x641, unknown.png)

It is BAD

No. 211057

The mouths disgust me and I can't really place why. They look fucking uncanny. Mad disappointing, I love werewolves.

No. 211058

A redditor debating with a trans redditor? And not getting banned? Amazing kek. Skintone inclusivity is great but these people really want to add disabled people to a cartoon game where you can have sex with the grim reaper and have his baby. Let that sink in

No. 211062

are those two in the middle in the top row supposed to be female werewolves? they give me hulking mtf vibes.

No. 211065

File: 1654197263582.jpg (11.65 KB, 300x300, 20220602_123408-300x300.jpg)

Where in the Sonichu Universe does she/he fit?

No. 211066

File: 1654197311238.jpg (15.43 KB, 300x300, 20220602_123029-300x300.jpg)

No. 211074

>>187662 ngl i feel… So disappointed? The designs are ugly as hell, and the mechanicals doesn't seem so much better. Out of all ways you have to tell a werewolf story, you pick the most ugly, cheesy and tried trope of "dumb, nasty big dogs" ugh. I know that the sims are lighthearted and fun but i feel that i'm looking at a Teen Wolf parody from 2015. I wouldnt play this for free, let alone pay for it. Sorry for the 'tism.

No. 211135

This literally looks like a furry avatar creator.

No. 211293

No. 211299

They're so ugly it literally makes my blood boil. Whoever settled on these designs I hope all the pigeons shit on their shoulder, over and over.

No. 211419

Anon… They look dumb and uncanny

No. 211547

Question for the more regular Sims 3 players: does dying a CAS-made sim's hair in Live Mode keep their genetic CAS-chosen hair color like it happens in Sims 2?

No. 211931

File: 1654432944713.jpeg (81.62 KB, 437x600, 4D216BA9-B343-4285-AA4D-68BF6E…)

The sims advertisements were something else. Makes me miss magazine adverts

No. 211932

File: 1654433256491.jpeg (83.6 KB, 451x600, 36404B78-CC36-4BF7-96FC-0633FC…)

No. 211950

This is the best

No. 211979

Pretty sure it doesn't, unfortunately.

No. 212129

>ywn be 11 years old and playing ts2 on the family desktop again

It hurts.

No. 212134

File: 1654484672021.jpeg (355.33 KB, 1258x1047, F9FF80FB-CBE9-491F-8832-C3C282…)

i made this quick edit and it looks scarier than i thought, it’s too red

No. 212218

File: 1654524565501.png (1.64 MB, 1672x2202, simscommunity.png)

The main guy keeping up the Sims Community site apparently had a breakdown and wrote a long and melodramatic essay about his situation.
I get what he is trying to say and I don't doubt that EA puts a ton of pressure on the Game Changers etc but he writes about this as if EA personally held him at gunpoint until he got a burnout.
I guess english is not his first language but he mentions multiple times that EA ''gave him split personality'' lmao

No. 212220

File: 1654525898680.png (86 KB, 1732x644, hehe.PNG)

Is this you lol?

No. 212236

Sims 3:
When my sim catches a lobster, they get a wish to make lobster thermidor.
When my sim catches a salmon, they get a wish to make grilled salmon.
When my sim catches any other fish, they get a wish to make fish and chips.

When my sim catches a jellyfish, they get a wish to make peanut butter and jelly. KEK

No. 212248

Funny coincidence but no lol. I just wanted to know what hair color would my bleach blond husbando sim pass to his offspring.

No. 212256

File: 1654534986752.gif (1.17 MB, 492x344, sonic-angry.gif)

>look up Sims 2 or 3 cc
>80% of the results are for sims 4
>write "Sims 2" (or 3) in quotes
>still 80% of the results are for sims 4
>"Sims 2" (or 3) -"sims 4"
>still 80% of the results are for sims 4
I am at my wits' end.

No. 212257

try sims 2/3 cc -"sims 4"

No. 212258

Wait sorry I didn't see that you already tried that because of the line breaks

No. 212266

You need to be more specific. Instead of searching for "Sims 2 CC" search for "Sims 2 hair" or whatever else it is that you're looking for.

No. 212271

I was not clear enough in that post but I was indeed specific in my searches. I was looking for a Sims 3 height slider today for example.

No. 212363

Based. I feel like so few people actually played The Urbz? Sucks. This is one of my fav songs from it. Some of them are on Spotify.

No. 212365

Just realized this iconic mv has 15 mil views

No. 212368

File: 1654567075560.jpg (45.42 KB, 500x372, 51FSCFCKQKL.jpg)

TS2 unironically had the hottest men. Check this guy out, the other games could never.

No. 212448

File: 1654604607404.jpg (118.89 KB, 756x982, Don_Lothario.jpg)

True, compare this retarded manwhore to his other incarnations from the future games, he's far superior.

No. 212458

File: 1654609011389.jpg (74.88 KB, 670x503, 670px-TS2GLS_Gallery_6.jpg)

Exactly. Something about TS2 men looks so much more masculine. Even with all the CC in the world TS3/TS4 guys look kinda fem or tryhard. Sims 2 guys are so casual and charming.

And I swear to god they even act more masculine. I think TS2 adults acted more mature.

No. 212465

I'd try different search engines. I use startpage and yandex. When searching for "sims 3 height slider" both of them come up with CmarNYC's height slider on MTS. I've found a lot of TS2 CC by using the yandex image search.

No. 212467

File: 1654614915074.png (293.88 KB, 656x738, s4.png)

alright but how do these NOT look at furries atp? they don't even look register as werewolves anymore

No. 212469

90s cartoons weren't intentionally made to pander to furries like I'm willing to bet this pack was.

No. 212470

Shameful confession. He was my first husbando

No. 212471

No. 212476

the people who are only excited for this just so they can use wicked whims truly terrify me

No. 212555

What happens when the last Sim of a household dies in TS3? Can I immediately play as a ghost, as it's a playable life state, or will I get thrown into the neighborhood and lose everything?

No. 212560

As far as I remember you just get kicked off.

No. 212933

File: 1654772965134.jpeg (70.22 KB, 1052x1052, 49F3DA5A-06EC-4C86-A610-EAB75A…)

There’s zero chance that I would buy this. Nope it’s just too ugly.
Reminds me of the unfortunate Cats movie

No. 213446

What's the easiest surest way to turn a CAS-made Sim into a service NPC in Sims 2? Something that works even on Sims outside the age and/or gender that a particular type of service NPC is supposed to be, such as an adult repairman or even an adult male nanny (this is the Sims, nothing bad could happen).

No. 213451

I dont know of a way to directly convert a cas made sim into an npc. But what you can maybe do is use the npc maker to create a custom npc and then you can edit the sims appearance later with the sims blender. You can try and make an adult male nanny but it might corrupt your hood, so either make a back up or create a custom test hood. There really isnt an easy way to make custom npcs it seems, sorry about that. Making custom townies is a lot easier tho

No. 213453

Samefag but here is a mod that might help https://midgethetree.tumblr.com/post/183154486679/death-by-childbirth-sims-have-a-10-chance-of

Ignore the first part, the part that says F/M only

No. 213456

Wouldn't really help me, I already know of that mod and also another one that can only generate adults even as service NPCs that can only be elders such as nannies and repairmen. I want service NPCs with a specific name and appearance, that's why I said CAS-made.

No. 213458

>I want service NPCs with a specific name and appearance
Yeah but can you not use sims blender and simspe for that after generating a npc?

No. 213459

I guess I can use SimBlender to change their names and SimSurgery in SimPE to give them the exact desired appearance

No. 213546

Have you tried the NPC and townie maker? Load a lot with testing cheats on and shift-click the mail box, choose spawn, then NPC and townie maker. By clicking on the gun with a sim selected you should have the option to make that sim an NPC. IIRC Argon's townie brick and some of the simlogical teleporters also have the option to make NPCs.

These mods might also help
Squinge - NPC Selector
Squinge - Teen/Adult/YA Nanny

No. 213733


Anyways, the retard who came up with the design is also playing victim because of people laughing at how they look. First off all, you are selling a product, not showing a drawing to your parents. Second of all, shes probably trying to manipulate people to stop making fun of the design and buy the pack because they fweel bad uwu. That orher fucktard who i cant remember the name of did the same shit when he said they wouldnt make Sims 5 if no one bought Sims 4.
Sadly enough, because a sizable portion of the audience are dumb SJWs, its gonna works.

No. 213734

File: 1655067138192.jpeg (433.66 KB, 750x908, 5EA18163-4132-49BD-9C26-DBD00F…)

The retard in question guilt tripping people for calling her ugly ass furries, furry looking kek

No. 213753

Kek cry harder motherfucker. They look like disgusting fursuit shit. Hoping and praying cc creators come in clutch and do something to make the werewolves look better.

No. 213772

How dare you threaten her life MONSTER, you better buy 5 copies of the pack now!!!

No. 213857

File: 1655109098124.png (1.05 MB, 921x921, trannyfurry4.png)

>werewolf design

No. 213861

It's not furry per se, it's Disneyesque like the entire sims 4. I mean those birds in Cottage Living are straight out of Cinderella, and the entire tone of the game is childish and cartoony, with no trace of previous dark humour.
Of course the werewolves were going to be done in the same disgustingly saccharine Disney style. Furries were also "inspired" by those anthropomorphic children's cartoons, so they do have a lot in common.
The entire game (4) is made for retarded children. I don't see how the werewolves are any different from the rest of the game.

No. 213862

were those colors intentionally chosen…?

No. 213876

Wtf is this thing. I can't believe people will actually spend money on this kek.

No. 213905

Yikes. so glad I am sticking to sims 3. I will never upgrade to 4. this is disgusting

No. 213955

File: 1655140966431.png (799.04 KB, 1715x560, wolves.png)

If they were going for the Don Bluth/Disney Renaissance they missed it by a wide margin.

No. 213961

the examples she posted are so mild too. oh no someone responded with "why". how will you cope

No. 214000

Atleast the birds look like birds, they dont look like tweety from looney tunes

No. 214001

Ofcourse, this is a pack pandering to furries, most of them are fags and trannies.

No. 214002

Its obviously emotional manipulation, this plus all the paid off game changers insisting THEY WORKED SO HARD, THEY LOOK GOOD STOP CALLING THEM FURRIES seems to be working, people on twitter and reddit feel soooo bad for them uwu poor EA, so now these retards will buy this garbage further incentivising EA to churn more garbage out and further ruining the sims instead of making decent packs.

I’m so fucking irrationally angry about this shit kek

No. 214003

File: 1655152103238.jpeg (100.79 KB, 828x303, B87A9CFE-873C-44F5-8AD6-8453BF…)

They’re going to what now?

No. 214004

File: 1655152296225.jpeg (448.42 KB, 828x1339, 7E554EF1-C9D3-484A-8244-B52B5E…)

Don’t worry guys we can woohoo the random dickhead werewolf. The fuck?

No. 214005

File: 1655152326114.png (513.6 KB, 980x543, 9B1936F5-8753-4B4E-AA1E-C177A3…)

No. 214017

Its a rabbit hole. Remember how everyone was praising TS4s closed off tiny worlds and loading screens because it was OPEN and didnt have rabbit holes? Now they’re a ~feature~…What a fucking joke

No. 214020

Oh yes, who wouldnt want ro fuck that thing

No. 214026

Oh I know anon. It’s just hilarious it’s a werewolf feature they’re calling tunneling.

No. 214036

File: 1655158051876.gif (Spoiler Image,2.69 MB, 600x319, 653123641_SeeingIfItFitsRough.…)

I can't stop laughing. Who the fuck gets off to this?

No. 214037

What the actual fuck lmao
But to answer your question, furries.

No. 214056

Ugh I hope they put clothes on that thing kek

No. 214078

Honestly what did you guys even expect? They can’t even slap together a competent game even if they were given glue and macaroni. Probably going to be full of fucking annoying ass glitches that’s going to be a huge inconvenience to modders and people who have lots of mods in their game. They already should just stop with this shit and focus on refreshing game/expansion packs, this and 2023 should have been a refresh year. Besides that, there’s plenty of weirdo devs who are furries or trannies it’s nothing new. Making shit video games and working in toxic environments is practically begging these kinds of people to work on their team and come up with this shit kek. They were already angry acknowledging that pedophiles were making sex mods that enabled them to simulate their disgusting fantasies into game, they’re practically opening another Pandora’s box of sick fucks into zoophilia.

No. 214081

this is what happens when you don't grow out of your "watching sims do the woohoo makes me feel funny" phase

No. 214121

I'm not even mad at the tranny devs. Real blame lies with those who financed this atrocity - idiot buyers. You kept giving them money for butchering my beloved franchise. You paid for this. I hope the furry werewolves haunt your dreams.

No. 214169

I doubt most anons buy this shit unless its something they want, WORKS and is on sale. I for sure wont buy this shitty furry pack.

No. 214171

I'm talking about buying anything prior of this pack, from the unfinished base game to rip-off expansions packs etc.
None of it was better than this furry shit. So now you feel about this pack the way I've felt about the entire game. Good.

No. 214175

I feel this way about the game too, got the basegame for free from origin, got like 2 expansions for free as a gift, 2 i bought 75% off and 3 gamepacks i also got for 75% off, so i have used less then 60USD on the game total, willibg to bet you paid alot more(aka funded EAs bs) so stfu.

No. 214192

Wonder if anon is secretly a furry and we tilted her kek?

No. 214201

I openly post in the monsterfucker thread but that has nothing to do with my opinions on the Sims

No. 214224

I’m really bummed out now, wtf…

No. 214246

What makes you think she owns even a single TS4 game if she hates it so much?

No. 214324

So you have the game and some packs yes or no?
Just a hunch

No. 214467

No, anon is right, I don't own the Sims 4 at all. Why would I, I don't like it.
I didn't even spend a single dinar on the Sims 2 and 3 which I do own and do like. Nobody here pays for games really.

No. 214713

Thats fair, i support and buy what i DO like though(albeit discounted kek), i’ll probably pirate it when its “done”, its just such a hassle atm eith the constant updates

No. 214724

Review of the Werewolves pack

No. 215523

The fated mate thing in the werewolf pack is the feature I'm most interested in. It's the closest thing to a chemistry system in the game rn. I have wonderful whims in my game tho so I can live without it but it's cool for console players.
I think it sucks that in the sims 4, sims are equally attracted to everyone. I want my sims to have opinions about who they want or don't want to woohoo lmao

No. 216540

File: 1656040257966.jpeg (82.3 KB, 712x840, 5D876FE4-EB7C-4D4A-AB98-1EF651…)

it’s happening

No. 216590

This pack just seals it, next time any game I like gets an update I am uninstalling sims4 to create some space.
I overlooked the tranny clothes packs, got really uncomfortable with pronouns update, but pandering with occults to the same demented audience is quite enough now.
I haven't even booted the stupid game in 6 months. Its time to go.

No. 216685

File: 1656110299116.png (2.82 MB, 1364x1394, donLothario.png)

sims 2 for pc and ps2 are still my favourite, castaway was fun too. I tried to get into sims 4 a few times but just can't get into it, the drugs and violence mods are fun for a while but the game just seems to be missing something. It seems like they're aiming for a younger demographic with the weird furries, the tranny shit and the colourful disney look.

No. 216887

Get WonderfulWhims! It’s like WickedWhims but no porn

No. 217177

Yeah, i feel the same way. Like it doesnt FEEL like a sims game but i cant narrow down exactly why.. I mean part of it for me is that the queing doesnt work at all and i usually que alot of actions, the annoying cartoony expressions, dumbass push ups all the time and that the sums themselves feel like they have no personality their moods are their personality basically

No. 217403

the aspirations and personality traits suck, they have no effect on their whims, it's summer and every sim despite their personality or aspiration wants a fucking bee box, they walk from one room to the next and their mood changes, it makes no sense. The old aspirations and personality and interest points system was so much better. Also the attraction system in sims 2, and sexual orientation, some people they will never get along with because of no chemistry and no common interests, but in sims 4 they can just hook up with anyone, no preferences of their own. They can look pretty but they are hollow. It's very aesthetics focused with little depth. When you make a sim in sims 2 you never know what they will be into, and you can look at their interests to determine what sort of hobbies or jobs would suit them, it's fun cause they all feel like different people.

No. 217468

this is actually so cute, i want to hang around a room like this

No. 217494

No. 217495

File: 1656374348454.jpeg (62.45 KB, 536x479, F582AD91-AB8D-4623-8D13-F1A6E2…)

Anyone still play sims 2?

No. 217510

I do. I love the vanilla premades, probably the best the series has.

No. 217514

File: 1656385328735.jpeg (70.81 KB, 600x450, AE6452D2-7B2E-44EB-93DB-B80D03…)

Last year I got back into the Sims 2 for shits and giggles. I always felt bad for Lilith cause she was treated like shit, anyways, I turned her life around and basically turned her into a rich rockstar who had 20+ lovers and then ended up marrying Dirk after awhile because I couldn’t keep track of who she was fucking around with. Felt nice to see her happy. Sadly I lost all my data cause my game crashed but I knew I gave Lilith an awesome life. Sorry for the Lilith Pleasant autism.

No. 217659

All the Sims 2 premades players I know believe in #JusticeForLilithPleasant
Myself I repaired Angela and Lilith's relationship and united them against their narc mother and pervert scrote of a father.

No. 217662

Yes, it’s the best sims game (and the only one I still play)

No. 217828

I've never been able to find a working MacBook one… or a sims 3 Mac pirate

No. 217989

Every time I boot up TS4 there's a new update, is that even normal?

No. 218020

I will play it again once I get a new computer, it was so much fun.
I tried the new sims when it released and it was fun for a bit but lacks that special thing that sims 2 and 3 have. I thought it would get better with new expansions but it got worse and worse, just plain money grab. Not wasting my time with that.

No. 218089

So…High School pack..,thoughts? Frankly, I’m unimpressed.

No. 218092

Those highschoolers look 30

No. 218097

is pirating in mac even possible?

No. 218103

I was wondering why people were complaining about that, but then I realized not everyone uses mods and not everyone has a PC. However, them looking old, is cringey but whatever, my game is so modded it won't even matter.
I'm actually excited for the first time in a while about it. Teens are boring and this gives them something to do. I'm as hyped as I was for Seasons. Which was the last pack i was genuinely excited for. So it's fine with me. I'll mod my teenagers short (like I been doing) and i'm happy I can have my cheerleader storyline.

No. 218114

could have added a new model/life stage like preteens or some shit, add elementary and middle school, daycares, babysitting gigs that aren’t rabbit holes and just call it “ts4 get an education” even add a free refresh to the university pack.

No. 218118

Lame, they should give Sims 4 up and start anew with Sims 5 and hopefully do it right or at least better this time

No. 218127

I hate when people say this. Like…what, you want to start anew with a shit base game that has nothing in it and a lack of mods to make it playable?

No. 218128

I nearly always had Lilith move out and live with either her grandparents because she would then inherit the house when they died or her aunt where she isn't constantly attacked and berated. The mod needed for teens to move out is Pinhead's move out teens.

On a Mac you can pirate the packs but not the base game. You could wait for the base game to be on sale for $5 and then just add the packs that you want. The link in that post has a guide on how to add pirated packs to the base game on Mac OS.

No. 218131

i don't mind a new game if it's nothing like the sims 4, and actually fun.

No. 218132

my wedding stories + university. They've completely ran out of ideas

No. 218138

They just need to do a 64-bit rerelease of sims 3 and I’d be happy.

No. 218236

btw there’s a way to unlock the rest of the dlcs even if you bought the sims 4 base game, use this link. idgaf if the mods ban me for not putting an image:

No. 218274

That's make me happy too but I'd still pirate it. Sims 3 is unplayable without mods, if I ever paid money to anyone for the Sims games it would be the modders.

No. 218289

Why do you think Sims 5 would be ANY different/better than Sims 4 at the moment?

No. 218303

Well I did say hopefully but yeah realistically it's unlikely but I still want to believe

No. 218308

Sims 4 had a very troubled development. It was originally supposed to be an online game code named Project Olympus but EA changed their mind after what happened with SimCity 2013 was so bad it ended the series. Maxis were given less than a year to retool Project Olympus into a fully single player game. Maxis had to meet the deadline no matter how unfinished the game was so EA could meet their promises to shareholders. It's possible that if TS5 gets a full four year development cycle like TS2 and TS3, it could be decent. I have doubts because the main people responsible for TS2 and TS3 aren't employed at Maxis anymore.

No. 218309

They’re planning on making the sims 5 like how they were going to make “the sims 4” in the very beginning. TS4 is always in production hell because the game was hastily made at the last-minute, full of bugs and yarn code. I think it used to be called Project Olympus which was meant to be a multiplayer online game (which is what they’re trying to make TS5 as) that’s why at launch there were no toddlers, pools, and ugly builds and carelessly planned worlds thrown into the game and wrapped in a $40 bow. So realistically there was never going to be a similar flagship successor to the Sims 3, they wanted to make some city skylines hybrid shit. You can watch vidrel for more info on it, it’s by plumbella. I wouldn’t get your hopes up they released a pack that was completely broken that revealed how inherently fucked the coding and functions of the game is (a pack that relies on sims AI and autonomy even though they can barely take care of their own babies and toddlers on free will mode is alarming) and are now showering the community with packs and crumbs of free content like their performative pronoun update to distract from that major failure on their part. Sure they’ll have more development time but they already announced that they’re working on The Sims 5 while trying to juggle the current game stretching the little resources and teams they have and that they should honestly be fixing and reworking their current game to make it a decent product.

No. 218311

I did hear how sims 4 was supposed to be multi player but didnt know about project Olympus. I agree with the anon saying that they should just make a new sims game or try and rewrite code to make the game more enjoyable and how the sims act. Also noway i would play a multiplayer sims game kek.

No. 218317

I never played Sims 2, only Sims 3 because I got a computer only when Sims 3 got released, and I am wondering if Sims 2 is better than Sims 3? Are there any differences?

No. 218347

Sims 2 has shit graphics and charmingly ugly sims but has the best personality and fleshed out gameplay and iconic stories out of the franchise. Sims 3 has open world, custom color wheel, cars, and if you buy the World Adventures pack for $20 or less or if you can pirate it you can go on a vacation to China, Egypt, and I think France without it being a rabbit hole, but it’s also full of glitches and it’s pretty slow because it’s an old game but there’s recent fixes to that. Depends on what you really want out of the sims: create-a-sim, gameplay, building, storytelling, challenges. Sims 2 isn’t available for purchase anymore so you can freely pirate it but Sims 3 is available on Steam and Origin.

No. 218351

File: 1656690834650.jpg (31.2 KB, 675x350, Sims-4-Werewolves-Rory.jpg)

Every-fucking-body out there is they/themming one of Moonwood Mill's townies and it's driving me nuts. Her description never uses any other pronoun than she/her and I haven't encountered any pop-up using they/them for her. Birdbrains will see a female sim that doesn't look like Dina Calliente or Angela Pleasant (and by extension, a real woman who doesn't look like a dolled-up hollywood sex symbol) and be like "they're serving nonbinarx they/she. Conservative views for the modern progressive internet user.

No. 218357

I would play local multiplayer with a good friend occasionally but otherwise never. I hate how many games are ruined by being forced as mid-mass multiplayer these days.

I played Sims 4 first and went back to try the others. Sims 3 was boring af to me and the open world isn’t as fun as everyone makes it out to be. I really liked sims 2 though.

No. 218365

am I the only one who thinks the sim with the blue hair looks like demi lovato?

No. 218367

Nah, Rory’s butch energy does not compare to Themi Lovato

No. 218369

the sims team of a butch woman is a chick with short hair and blue lipstick. hardpass, the guy on the left looks more butch

No. 218379

Very problematic of them to assume the Dina Caliente and Angela Pleasant are cis women tbh……

No. 218660

>stretching the little resources and teams they have
kek what gave you the idea they are the same team

No. 218661

i think the dude on the left (leo? i forget his name) is lowkey trans-man bait though. he has a super high pitched male voice and kind of femme features.

No. 218714

Guess what anon? You can still play your shitty sims 4 and us who hate it could have a chamce at a decwnt game. Everyone wins.

No. 218715

Atleast it has potential, TS4 at its core is broken because of its engine and the fact that it was supposed to be an online game.

No. 218716

Nah, hes just a pretty boy ala Bieber but edgy

No. 218942

File: 1656884331921.jpeg (2.38 MB, 4032x3024, 08E040A3-29F5-4517-8736-CA4910…)

Finally got a new computer, I’m christening my 3080 Ti with the only game that really matters.

No. 218983

Anyone else start making a sim in CAS and just get bored because the entire game can get boring? What do you do to have fun in the game?

No. 218992

File: 1656893811238.png (2.87 MB, 1920x1080, 7836157635767.png)

Same here, I also get bored very fast with gameplay and mostly just play dress up in cas, to make it more interesting I usually have photo shoots with my sims and if I have a story in mind I take photos that tell thet story. If you also want to try I would recommend downloading poses and reshade since it can give a whole new atmosphere to photos.

No. 218996

It looks like a movie, beautiful house and sims anon! I already tried reshade but since my laptop is a potato it can barely handle it I can only play on medium settings at a high framerate. I’ll definitely take more pictures with my sim families it makes the game feel personal but sometimes I feel compelled to just fuck it all and putting extreme violence in my game again

No. 219001

thanks nona! it's a shame reshade wont work for you, I'm also on a laptop but it's a bit better so I can at least turn it on for a few minutes to take a scrernshot. I hope you find a gameplay style that suits you altough extreme violence is also a fun way to go kek

No. 219007

File: 1656897090191.png (166.07 KB, 377x361, C1AF206A-28B7-4C30-BB2A-1C6403…)

A werewolf just crashed my Sims’s wedding and went into full lunatic rage mode and got in a fight with the maid of honor and I am PISSED.

No. 219011

File: 1656899562375.jpg (34.58 KB, 600x400, DznsucVX0AAC37D.jpg)

nonnie I am so sorry, but jfc that made me laugh so hard.

No. 219021

This is why I love the sims. Random ass shit happening that out of context sounds insane to the average joe.

No. 219036

You don't need a high frame rate to play the sims. High FPS are of benefit when a game requires quick reaction times like arena shooters. There is no point in running the sims at anything above 30 FPS. A 30 FPS frame rate limit will allow you to use higher graphic settings which will actually make a difference to how the game looks and it will keep your laptop alive for longer.

No. 219055

John Waters plays Sims?

No. 219128

Yes you do or your sims will stay in place/lag when you keep prompting their AI. 30fps is already the bare minimum for the game that’s what I meant, I recently got a new computer with better graphics and memory that’s slightly better than my old one and better graphics/framerate makes it easier to play the game. What a redditor tism thing to do, anon

No. 219162

It's the opposite. Lowering the frame rate reduces simulation lag. The TS4 engine does not correlate ticks (time passed in the simulation) to frame rate. Feeding too many frames from the CPU to the GPU causes simulation lag because the number of game ticks isn't synced with frame rate. The game locks up and becomes unresponsive because you are rendering the game when there are no ticks in the engine occurring. Lowering the frame rate also relieves some of the burden on the CPU, which leaves more processing capacity for the game's logic which runs the simulation. The game is incapable of recognizing more than four cores so having anything beyond an Intel i5 or Ryzen 3 does fuck all anyway.

No. 219176

I have an i5 so I guess that’s good. I remember when a nonnie told me I could go into the Electronic Arts folder and change the frame rate or something so it would stop my sims from doing that thing where they stand in place like a robot when they’re given a command. How do you do that?

No. 219184

File: 1656957860085.png (610.94 KB, 828x547, Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 3.56…)

The sims 3 now runs on my laptop without crashing or overheating so I've been playing it again! I'm also fulfilling my childhood dream of owning the Generations EP (Idk about anyone else but I could NEVER find it in store anywhere in AUS and my parents didn't trust the internet) This is the O'Brien family, a hopeless romantic single mother who is unlucky in love and writes romance novels for a living and her now adult edgy daughter who's in a love triangle with her high school sweetheart and a celebrity… seriously I missed playing this game and i can't believe that 8 year old me was playing it on my dad's outdated, slow work laptop

No. 219200

File: 1656959781281.png (15.34 KB, 339x482, ts4-fps.png)

Navigate to My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4
Inside this folder there will be a file called "Config.log"
It's icon will vary how it looks but I think it will just be a blank icon by default.
Right click on the icon and choose "Open with" then "Notepad"
Inside will be your system specifications, then underneath will be an options header. Look for where it says "FrameRateLimit". There will be a number after that, change it to 30 and then save the file.
The game's frame limit will now be locked to 30 FPS.

Before doing this I recommend making a backup of the Config file. Copypaste it to your desktop or somewhere else in case your cat steps on the keyboard or something. If you screw up just copypaste the old config file back into the The Sims 4 folder.

I've done this and I never have simulation lag in my game.

No. 219212

Thank you so much anon!

No. 219214

Holy shit mines was on 200 frames KEK thank you again

No. 219232

calm down, you’re typing like lucinda

No. 219310

File: 1656994053743.jpg (332.75 KB, 1080x1069, 1544318082802.jpg)

could any nonnies here share their cc folder in like, a google drive or something? playing this literal dress up game without cc is boring but i'm too lazy and impatient to scour the internet

No. 219318

start with dima honey, thought its mostly alpha cc:

No. 219353

Sorry nona i'm too lazy to do that but honestly these three creators are my holy grail, I get almost all my cc from them because they're easy and almost all of their stuff is good.

No. 219499

I haven't opened the game for about a month but when I opened CAS to make a new sim a lot of my alpha CC hair was completely broken. When I add it to my sim it shows up with a very odd texture where it appears pixelated. It seems to have impacted all my hair from the creator sclub. Is anyone else having this issue? Did the werewolf update just break a bunch of mods?

No. 219516

Your CC is now out of date, you'll have to remove them and then wait for the creator to update it. In general every update has the ability to break mods/CC which is why it's good to stay up to date with it…I certainly don't which is why I use maxis match lol

No. 219530

No. 219911

I'm reinstalling the sims 4 after a long time, can someone recommend me some basic 'essential' CC for skin, eyes, lashes?

also, some creators for makeup and clothes - maxis match?

No. 219923

I desperately need the my wedding stories and paranormal build items as bcg cc, any links?

No. 219941

Honestly with the high school pack coming out and me coming back to sims 3 it just makes me think of how little EA gives us… Just comparing sims 3 and sims 4 seasons expansions makes it obvious that we've been given the bare minimum. I see the new packs coming out and I just start thinking about how we either should've already had this! The amusement park coming with high school should have already been in the fucking game with the seasons expansion. I keep seeing people justifying the hyper-specification of the sims packs and i'm not convinced, the sims team should have been able to make satisfying supernatural gameplay without separating all the occult's. This is a pretty autistic rant but I'm just so disillusioned by the sims 4 right now, especially now that I rediscovered my love for the sims 3, i dont care how 'ugly' it is because the game play is so much more rewarding

No. 219949

No. 219953

File: 1657219512673.png (43.07 KB, 728x374, lvz8CQk.png)

The author of wickedwhims proves that ColonolNutty is a pedo and that his mods do contain pedophilia along with bestiality and rape.

>ColonolNutty is an individual who developed modifications for The Sims 4 which allow raping children and animals. Seemingly unaware that his actions have consequences that affected his reputation forever and attempting to play the victim by claiming that his past actions shouldn’t matter anymore or that they aren’t relevant because in his mind he changed.


According to this it was kiwifarms threatening to dox ColonolNutty that finally stopped him from developing the mod further.

No. 219971

This is good but EA is so fucktarded they will try to ban violent mods altogether just because some crusty ass pedophile wanted to simulate his fantasies in the game. I hate men they ruin shit for the players who want actually want challenge/drama/death in their game

No. 220019

wait what? i had my sim hook up with him in my game under the assumption he was a woman lmao

No. 220024

File: 1657252338572.png (64.17 KB, 266x277, image_2022-07-08_045237402.png)

So I was gonna upload some CC for >>219310, but I just realised I have 16 GBS (!!) of mods. 10 gbs of that is solely CAS content. That made me wonder how much custom content other nonnas have, and what you guys' must-have mods and/or CC are for whatever iteration of the game you play?
I play TS4 and recently installed Lumpinou's woohoo and pregnancy overhaul that allows for surrogates and artificial insemination; it feels sooo much more realistic for my lesbian sims rather than them just woohooing and one getting pregnant that way. It also allows for sims in a relationship to have their own individual desires for having children which feels a lot like something that would have been in TS2!

No. 220036

File: 1657262517738.png (3.58 KB, 348x89, mods.png)

I kind of went crazy with mods when I got a more powerful pc. That said the last time I played was around 3 months ago so I'll have some catching up to do. But I should also probably clean it up a bit.
I think I recommended my favourite cc authors before in the last thread, as for actual mods I have trouble remembering.
LittleMsSam has great qol stuff, Zero, BrazenLotus for crafting/cooking/harvestables.
I like the mod you mentioned, will probably try it the next time I play the game.

No. 220204

i only have 3GB but i really only use cc i make myself

No. 220247

woohoo wellness, mc control center, control any sim mod (on MTS), UI extension cheats, relationship wellness, any banking/finance mods by simrealist like SNB, have some personality please! mod, meaningful stories, wonderful whims, iso love photos/photographic memories 2.0 by ravasheen. that’s all I can think of

No. 220258

Wait, is this gonna apply to wicked whims and violence mods too? Those could also classify as fucked up but I'll be mad if that happens.

No. 220260

Looked in the doc and answered my own question oops. Here's for anybody else wondering:
>This introduced unnecessary confusion within the community, making people afraid to download adult themed mods due to it potentially resulting in a banned Origin account. Only mods related to and made by the AllTheFallen forum are a potential reason to receive a ban. The rest of the available adult themed mods are not considered by Electronic Arts as a reason to receive an Origin account ban.

No. 220269

I honestly think this is going to have consequences for TS5. Sex mods, violence mods, drugs mods and paid CC have existed since TS1. Yet now certain people in the community seem to be determined to push the boundaries as much as they can with pedo mods, copyright theft and doxing rings. EA has been good to the modding community by allowing almost anything to be modded into the game. This is going to change if it keeps generating scandals in the community that EA has to address. All it takes is for a MSM outlet to discover this and run a hit piece for EA to shut it down.

It's also weird to me how so many of these mods are now part of the mainstream modding scene. Back in the TS2 and TS3 days, finding these type of mods took some digging around. Now it seems to be common knowledge.

No. 220414

wish there was a viable way of getting sims 3 free on mac. i wouldn't even have an issue buying it if the dlc unlocker worked, but for some reason it's only available for windows. anyone know any alternatives or are we just forced to get windows or deal with the fact that ea still prices 15y/o dlc at $20?

No. 220416

I don't have a mac so I can't confirm that this works but torrents for it do exist.

No. 220417

from the comments it looks like that one is just for the old ver. newer macs can only play 64bit games and the version of sims 3 that can be played on a new mac just came out last year. i guess my expectations were sort of unrealistic as far as that goes, i can't imagine the userbase of "sims 3 m1 macbook players" is that big

No. 220422

This one is 64-bit, again I have no idea if it will work for the m1.

No. 220436

looks like this one should work! thank you :)

No. 220803

sims 3 player with a m1 here- i'm currently playing sims 3 on a VERY old windows computer (which takes about 5 minutes to turn on) precisely because no one cares enough to find a way for ts3 to work in mac lol

No. 221064

at this point i'm honestly considering it, especially because i could just buy the physical versions of everything and get it all way cheaper.
how much was your computer?

No. 221071

Can't. Stop. Downloading. Hair.
On a spree AGAIN. This is ridiculous.

No. 221167

NTA. If you want a cheap windows computer for TS3, I'd recommend looking at second hand prebuilts based around AMD's FM2+ socket APUs. They're cheap to buy and are good enough for TS3. I've seen them sold for as low as $20. They have good compression/decompression performance for their age and price, this shortens loading times. You can also install a SATA SSD or a NVMe SSD using a PCIe AIC to lower loading times further. These APUs will also run Win7 which has better compatibility with TS2 and TS3.

No. 221223

No, I think they’re mainly just focusing on the gross CP mod, as far as I know CN is the only universally blacklisted creator

No. 222192

Tell me if I'm tripping. Am I the only one who finds it odd, that when they made a High School expansion, they added the Pronoun system and now sexuality (Which is a good addition) to the game? Now almost every single teen is "Bisexual, Asexual, lesbian, "Non-Binary Trans femme (yes thats what they called one)"
In a way it's kinda funny, they know their audience a bunch of special gendered teenagers. I enjoy a lot of what I'm seeing and I'm maybe I AM looking too much into it.
I guess a high school pack should focus on sexuality and silly things such as 20 different Gender.
Also they are added-
>Wants & Fears
>Body hair
to the basegame.

No. 222193

And by "Focus" I mean, to a lot of people high school is when you figure out a lot of things about yourself. So not "Focused" on "Sexuality" but it can be a huge part for some and not so much for others.

No. 222201

File: 1657911893543.png (14.19 KB, 1171x136, Capture.PNG)

Also this is from the Sexuality announcement article.

No. 222224

But it's possible to turn off weather. Make it make sense. Also isn't this pointless without either a WW or TS2 style attraction system?

No. 222546

How can I stop my game from updating? Is there any way to turn it off? I don't want any degenerate genderspecials in my game.

No. 222568

If you don't mess with the new features it'll be the same as it was before

No. 222601

this is dumb as fuck. sims never had proper sexual orientations anyway, anyone could romance anyone age appropriate.

No. 222609

Wait for modders to allow you to disable it lmao, fuck this stupid overpriced game.

No. 222656

File: 1658089145752.jpeg (18.35 KB, 336x336, Erasmus_rotterdam.jpeg)

Challenge accepted, you faggots

No. 222657

it's the sims. sexual orientation literally does not matter in the world of the sims. sims do not need to figure out shit, they can just romance whomever.

No. 222677

Can’t wait for the inevitable homophobia mod for this update

No. 222725

My first thoughts kek

No. 222754

What they're doing feels regressive. Sims have always had fluid sexuality and developed preferences depending on who they performed romantic interactions with. Now you give them a label and that's it.

There's already at least two mods that allow you to create TERFs and homophobes.

No. 222799

File: 1658130267188.gif (5.04 MB, 640x360, stoned-cat.gif)

I was today years old to find out Sims 4 now has a pond tool, and has had it for AGES

No. 222818

One cool thing about the Sims is that sexuality literally does not matter. You could have Sims in same sex relationships from the very first game! Why does everything have to be "muh representation just like muh real life"? Sims games were always meant to be somewhat cartoony, idealized and slightly tongue-in-cheek. There are plenty of things that exist in the real life that don't belong in the Sims world and vice versa.

No. 222820

EA Team: How can we make an expansion pack with stuff that already exists in game so we don't have to do any actual work and can just slap a few buzzwords and labels on to it so the twitter wokies will buy it for 50$ and then forget about it. Seriously they get more and more outrageous and brazen with their overpriced shitty packs that have nothing on the inside. I tried to play the sims 4 last week and it is just so boring because everything is bugged and nothing has any depth. The furry pack was already embarrassing.

No. 222852

Both of those mods will break with the base game update

No. 223000

File: 1658188625019.jpg (26.14 KB, 540x254, tumblr_922b9eca4ce91242353ba56…)

Just a random thought, but honestly I don't really see the big deal with paywalling CC. The only thing I don't support is using programs like Adfly, creators who track/doxx people, and creators who make all of their content permanently exclusive and in this situation I just move on and find more free cc I like. Otherwise, I get that it's still their work in a way and I can't fault people for wanting to make a little money off of it when there are people willing to pay them. I just wish everyone on either side of the topic could relax about it.

Anyway, sorry this isn't related to any recent drama or news. I saw that a mod creator got hired by Maxis recently and it got me thinking about it.

No. 223030

Because it's charging money for derivative work and profiting from the free tools that are made by the community. All CC contains the intellectual property that is owned by EA/Maxis and the content is usually made using community maintained software like S4S. Also most of what people are charging for isn't worth paying for because it's all made by amateurs. If any of these creators could use 3D software on a professional level they wouldn't be selling Sims 4 CC, they would be employed in 3D modeling.

The major modders in the community who release large complex mods don't paywall their content. They earn money through early access and donations, yet CC creators are locking recolours and edits of Maxis meshes behind paywalls. It's nothing but greed.

No. 223037

I'm not going to argue or anything cause I think it's already clear from my post that I disagree but
>They earn money through early access
A majority of the CC creators I see these days do early access or early access with some exclusives. Like I said, I don't really like creators who permanently paywall their creations but I just move on because there's hundreds of other creators and I don't think it's enough get to my panties in a bunch over. At the end of the day, it's not really hurting anyone unless they use paywalls to invade their supporters privacy like Cowbuild.

No. 223049

File: 1658214206425.jpg (92.26 KB, 349x785, sims.jpg)

Same tbh. Yes it's shitty to paywall things and so on but honestly I think it's more annoying how the community reacts to it like a bunch of entitled fucking children. They act as if they have been hatecrimed and personally attacked for not having free access to some custom content. Crying and throwing up and shitting their pants on tumblr dot com because a creator hasn't shared something for free.

On that note, there's a blacklist of creators making the rounds on tumblr right now. I think it's fine and dandy to keep track of creators who are total scammers, thieves or doxx/track their patrons, but things like rude behavior, shoddy quality, silencing critics etc is really subjective and as such dumb reasons to put up there with no proof of the exact instances. ''Ethical by the standards of the community'' lmao here's the list https://sunnysresources.notion.site/Creator-List-05b801e94c074c6eac93777101209113

No. 223062

It will have long term consequences that have already been explained in this thread. It's causing discontent in the community and EA will eventually act against it to their own benefit. In the TS2 era EA did eventually send a C&D to TSR that forced them to change their business model.

As someone who just watches the drama for amusement Mack is an autist and she won't let this go any time soon. All she has to do is cause enough noise and chaos in the community and EA will react one way or the other like they did with Pescado.

No. 223071

What, I am not on the list for transphobia, I am almost offended

No. 223083

File: 1658234226882.png (Spoiler Image,792.68 KB, 540x960, 5489322.png)

the fact that someone uploaded this monstrosity and saw no problem with it makes me wanna alog. i'm not even an anachan but the way they purposely added cc to make this creature look as hideous a hambeast as it possibly could be is something else… imagine the smell. the cover also just saying "fat" on it sends me kek.

i kinda wish we had a tumblr simmer thread, because zoomers share their ugly sims and when you tell them they're ugly they decide you're an ~~~~evil fatphobic terf~~~~. i know simsecret exists but i'd be interested to see what farmers thoughts on certain cows are

No. 223086

Fucking kek at the slim face that doesn't match the body at all.

No. 223109

Izumi, Hana, Kengo, Kalamazoo, Yua, Arin, Masami, Tatami.

Those are the townies on this fucking lot, and no, I’m not in the city or the Japanese world.

No. 223120

>i kinda wish we had a tumblr simmer thread
I've thought for a while that there needs to be a thread here. Both simblr and simstagram are perpetual milk fountains. The ebegging, constant attempts to cancel other accounts for inane reasons like microagressions and being a terf, the fugly sims with fake body positivity and the whole patreon drama, then there's the owner of Sims Community having a mental breakdown. I don't know how much I would be able to contribute because while I enjoy the drama, I watch it from a safe distance.

No. 223143

i would love this, i have to pretend to be tumblr woke so i dont lose followers but i want to talk so much shit

No. 223154

File: 1658248981137.png (124.81 KB, 527x791, raj.png)

No. 223156

Omg someone please make it! I'm a bot ootl since I stopped participating years ago, so someone more in the know should do it.

Anyone read simsecrets? I stopped after the crowd there became wokie too lol

No. 223159

kek you are only concerned with TOUs and being good little citizens when it comes to paywalling CC creators, but pirating the games is fine right? hypocrite

No. 223160

EA just did an official in-game collab with a perma-paywall patreon CC creator kek they dont give a FUCK

No. 223176

File: 1658253230900.jpg (100.57 KB, 1280x720, 676566767.jpg)

what are your favorite and least favorite sims youtubers? I don't mind most of them, but Plumbella is so fucking unlikable

No. 223178

What happened with Pescado?

No. 223183

Least faves Plumbella with her nOnBiNaRy mental breakdowns, lilsimsie with her tranny save games, uhh idk if I even like anyone actually. Oh god and those two Aussies that are dating, they are so annoying. Can't even remember the reason why I hate them. And that fucking unfunny zoomer who overedits her videos to hell and back. All the drag queens can eat shit too, as can grimcookies.

No. 223184

I never mentioned neither TOUs nor piracy. Someone asked why people have a problem with patreon, so I told them. Maybe it's time to take your meds.

Pescado ran a four year campaign targeting paysites. No one could stop him because as he explains on his own website, EA's EULA states that all fan created content is owned by EA and can be freely shared. Paid content was uploaded to the booty where it could be downloaded for free. He made enough noise and created enough drama that EA sent a C&D to TSR which forced them to make all CC they hosted free and instead charge for ad free access and faster downloads. To this day the TS2 community does not tolerate paywalling content.

No. 223191

>Someone asked why people have a problem with patreon, so I told them
Nta but, I was the OP of the paywalling post and I wasn't asking anything kek

No. 223221

Yeah, i used to like her for a brief period of time, but handmaidenry and uwu kwirky mental health shit got tired really fast. I remember her saying she was autistic which sounded really fucking unlikely to me. Can any autistic anons tell if she's just saying it for internet points?

No. 223228

I don't mind the Aussies too much, they don't get too into whatever degeneracy EA is trying to push onto The Sims rn. Also Lilsimsie's eyebrows kill me.

I really love Syd Mac, she does pretty much only build vids, but she is very cute and fun to watch.

That's been one of my biggest problems with her too, I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on it

No. 223229

I hate lilsimsie and her handmaiden shit, it made me happy to see her uwu transphobes get out uwu pronoun update video had several thousand dislikes kek. Her reactions are so over the top and she just seems so fake. Uwu quirky simmers are the worst. Deligracys voice and way of speaking is super annoying and it makes her videos hard to watch.

I could believe her autism claim, but then again I haven't watched her that much because she is so incredibly annoying. Why do they all have to be so QuIrKy

No. 223238

I just saw a lilsimsie thumbnail the other day and it reminded me how much she dishonestly clickbaits people with her incorrect thumbnails and titles. No, a cc pack that’s locked behind an early access paywall that no 12 year old who watches your videos is going to be able to pay for with mommy’s credit card is not a “new pack!!!”, makes me roll my eyes sometimes kek. She’s kind of like a fast food sims youtuber, every video of hers is predictable, repetitive, nothing special and nothing bad but it does its job. The only people I can really stomach nowadays are the lets players and builders, I like watching neecxle and her obvious copycats because their videos are entertaining and their sims are always pretty. I love Jess, don’t watch her as often anymore and that fat guy who keeps whining that the ts4 isn’t as good as buggy, slow ts3 (carl’s guide) because they fairly and honestly tell you if the pack is worth it or not.

No. 223239

I think she’s more socially anxious. I don’t know what therapists/psychologists have with misdiagnosing some women with autism when they clearly have social anxiety kek

No. 223258

Lil Simsie is annoying as shit, can’t build, has stupid eyebrows and she and the Brit green card husband looks like siblings

No. 223259

She's married?

No. 223260

ayrt, yep! She “dated” some British dude over the internet for I wanna say .. a year or two? And they married and she brought him over to live with her in Florida kek

No. 223261

Wow, I just saw they got married last year. She's really young too.

No. 223306

>its your game!!! I'm not policing you!!!
but she wrote a novel of policing how people play the game.

All of them seem to be complete shite of obnoxious yelling for the 11 yo audience, not to forget bringing up how inclusive lgbTqiabbq+3.14 they and their ugly sims are. Also lilsimsie is so fucking ugly and I am tired of people pretending she is not.

No. 223340

File: 1658318713642.png (207.21 KB, 491x805, slave.png)

More patreon drama.

No. 223350

this is why you only pay for maxis match content from reputable, talented people in the community kek, alpha cc looks like shit anyways but it brings such nostalgic memories

No. 223642

He pretty much just posts news updates about the game, plays a bit still but it’s mostly just videos about Simtwt

No. 223645

>unfunny zoomer who overedits

No. 223858

Does anyone know how to make cc on a pirated game? I downloaded sims 4 studio but I'm unable to set my game path right. Should I just pay 5 dollars for the base game and make cc with that?

No. 223862

Lol yup, her

No. 223863

Nah, it's exactly the same as on legit copy, you don't need any legit stuff to make cc.

Did you read any tutorials? I can probably help you, I'm quite familiar with S4S. What do you mean you are unable to make cc? My first guess is that your game paths are indeed wrong if you do not see any items

No. 223864

File: 1658493121747.jpg (102.62 KB, 612x303, s4s.jpg)

Thank you so much! I tried to google it but couldn't find anything because I suck at googling, I would appreciate if you could maybe link me something about this issue? I only found posts saying that it's not possible to use s4s on a cracked game. I'm pretty sure that is my game path too but I'm tech illiterate so idek, I just want to make a suffragette flag wall hanging goddamn it

No. 223865

I'm a fucking dumbnut, I was supposed to take out the\game\bin part! I got it working, may my terf sim dreams continue!

No. 223900

Steph looks like she smells utterly atrocious.

No. 223973

File: 1658531978662.jpg (259.88 KB, 973x561, simsecret.jpg)

i like simsecret almost as much as i like lolcow

No. 223975

all of them, they act like infantile hyper autists (especially with every new dlc that comes out with there spergy reactions) those retard aussies and that big nosed freak come to mind. I don't mind LGR and carl ig

No. 223976

File: 1658533104648.png (117.67 KB, 300x300, dff00c7d-1a49-4e1e-8b2b-efa2b1…)

jeff the killer phenotype

No. 224009

Oh sorry nonna I was afk, glad you git it working though! Lemme know if you need help with anything else

No. 224016

I live in Japan so I thought maybe that's why I was seeing so many Japanese names. It's kinda annoying tbh and doesn't make sense (statically speaking)

No. 224047

Same thing happens with Island Living names, but there are mods that can easily fix this.

No. 224104

I always felt ss had a similar energy to lc

No. 224225

They're adding sexuality to basegame and you can be attracted to men and/or women or none. Can't wait for the nonbinaries to start reeing. I wonder if they will change it to masculine and feminine frame or something and make trannies ree. I guess they will take damage to their image either way from some group of genderspecials.

Thanks nonny, I really appreciate it! It's a really weird system but easy enough to make slight color changes to wallpapers and such, and I really enjoy the idea of making custom paintings for all the houses I make so they're unique and fit the style of the sims living there. It really makes one appreciate the serious cc makers, it's super difficult to make it look right!

No. 224365

if you want any help i'd be happy to give you tips or explain something, feel free to ask in this thread but try to include screenshots

No. 224369

It definitely has lol

No. 224436

File: 1658728155012.jpg (183.21 KB, 1390x1116, FUQ1cmZX0AEuo92.jpg)

Slightly sims relate but istg paralives better have better looking characters by the time it's out. Simmers are hyping it up because there's no other games like Sims or Paralives but the characters look like cheap unity asset store models.

No. 224450

File: 1658735661050.png (2.99 MB, 1920x1080, db103dfms1171.png)

Paralives has been in developement forever, people put too much faith and hope into this kickstarter project. It will not even compare. And I don't even play any sims anymore, pushing gender special pronouns in sims 4 made me uninstall, combined with the furryfag werewolves its just too much of twitter brain. I didn't even play in language that is heavily gendered. Just useless waste of space to lag me out more.

No. 224466

The fuck are all you whining about itt
>Boo hoo the Sims' target demographic are teenagers
Well yeah, you probably started playing it as a kid too
>Waah waah kids these days are into dumb shit
That's what previous generations said about you too

Leave the zoomers alone

No. 224468

sage this shit

No. 224472

Quit minimodding

No. 224486

Sims is for people who were born before sims 2. You are the reason game sucks ass.

No. 224492

I'm gen X, I just want zoomers to experience growing up with the Sims. I'm not possessive of a videogame. I played my fair share. Why not have them enjoy it now.

No. 224499

of course you're an old gen x asshole, gen x never did anything worthwhile but loves to cry for as much attention as possible, and you burst in to minimod and thats not what anyone is even talking about in this thread kek we're talking about youtubers and pay cc, read the fucking thread first, fuck(infighting)

No. 224503

Getting worked up over a videogame thread is even lamer than getting worked up over a videogame

No. 224521

Ikr even though sims 4 is being developed and produced by greedy demons from the pits of video game hell, it’s still a playable game. Honestly if they fixed a whole lot of the bugs, added way more free content/depth/challenge to the game, and lowered the price of the packs I rather play sims 4 than paralives. It feels like an actual sandbox game where you can have your sim wearing a custom content squidward costume while twerking and making minecraft-tier mansions and houses. Doubt you will even be able do that shit with paralives, seems like it’s overhyped by the nostalgiafags who think people only enjoy the sims franchise solely for gameplay and not just to fuck around, build or create. The mod/cc community for the sims 4 and sims 3 is honestly the best throughout the entire game and the modding community is what makes or breaks the game for me personally. Consolefags, millennials, and very dumb technologically illiterate players who can’t find their own mods folder and are always the groups these games are marketing towards are unironically a small part as to why sims 4 sucks ass apart from the fact that the game wasn’t even going to exist in the first place kek. If the game devs had more time, healthy work/life balance and creative freedom they can deliver a product wayyy better than paralives.

No. 224523

>pushing gender special pronouns in sims 4 made me uninstall, combined with the furryfag werewolves its just too much of twitter brain

imagine uninstalling your game when pronouns mean jackshit and don’t even show in live mode and you definitely don’t have to buy the packs nonna. just ignore it

No. 224527

paralives will be even worse for tranny shit because they always assure discord and twitter users they want to be inclusive as possible. the only plus side is them not adding sexual content to the base game. personally i'm not going to bother waiting for this game because the cel-shaded graphics look lame and i want to create something more hd than alpha sims

No. 224566

File: 1658779118881.jpg (79.91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

she looked better in the og reveal

No. 224578

I think the Paralives team under estimated how complicated a life simulator is to code. Maxis had been working on what would become the sims since SimCity 2000 was released.

No. 224582

I hate to be so pessimistic, but this so fucking ugly it's crazy

No. 224602

File: 1658800484327.png (446.13 KB, 817x720, pretentious tif article.png)

I don't play anymore but seeing the discussion about sexuality in game reminds me of when TS2 was still coming out and forums like boolprop were the like the LGB(T) sims hub, does anyone else remember? iirc you weren't allowed to discuss anything sexuality related on the official site then, I could be wrong though. Boolprop was also started by a lesbian with the username swiffner. Don't know what happened to her but I hope she's doing well. Pic semi-related but from what I remember there were basically no troons or people calling themselves queer on that forum

No. 224633

The whole art style of paralives is "yeah no" from me.

No. 224879

Sims games have always allowed same-sex relationships from the very first game (programming-wise it's easier to just allow them instead of adding extra checks so the Sims have to be a male and a female) and didn't make such a huge deal out of it until very recently. In fact the cool part about gay Sims was that in the context of the games it did not matter at all. I swear we're going backwards.

No. 225033

File: 1658967095677.jpeg (24.57 KB, 228x341, 87B11BC0-CA6D-45F4-818F-46CDEF…)

I’ve seen some people whining because the choices are only binary lol. The only good thing EA has done, gif bless their laziness

No. 225049

File: 1658970925067.jpg (72.96 KB, 1280x720, ts1 fire.jpg)

The new base game update is completely broken and the sim gurus are getting flamed on twitter. Curved walls have glitches with floors and windows. The new wants and fears system is fucked. Sims are getting wants to perform romantic interactions with relatives. The system also only includes wants and fears for the base game and the high school pack, it doesn't include any for previous packs.

No. 225051

I just noticed this when I basically have to replace a lot of my mods because they broke. My sims keep debugging/resetting after trying to complete an action. Really wish they would stop ignoring the underlying spiderweb cod fucking up the game

No. 225080

that's the way it goes. are things ever going to get better for this game? or for the franchise in general? I don't have any hope for paralives but I get why people are clinging to it. I wish some other well funded company would try and make a life sim

No. 225082

I'm extremely confused by this because it was always an option to date straight or gay? Even a "straight" sim could be turned gay after flirting with them over and over if they were in a flirty mood. This specific part of the update is basically nothing yet the community thinks it's incredible

No. 225629

all this new sexuality and broken updates bullshit with sims 4 actually prompted me to buy sims 2 and holy shit, i like it even more than i liked sims 3. i even like how the sims look in it better than any of the other games. i feel like 3 and 4 lack the same charm.

No. 225642

Sims are so stupid they always clog their toilets even though they only pee.

No. 225710

File: 1659226029609.png (141.12 KB, 798x964, EA.png)

The sims community is the gift that keeps giving.

The payall argument has ended because EA has updated their policy for custom content and mods in TS4 and it completely bans not only paywalls but early access.
>Mods must be non-commercial and distributed free-of-charge.
>All users must be able to access the Mods in full for free regardless of whether they donate.

No. 225786

yeah whatever, you bitches can crow on tumblr all you want but you're putting your faith into EA to enforce this and they aren't going to lol, may i please remind you that they already did an in-game collab with a perma-paywall patreon creator. they dont care. they wont enforce it. they'll go after people using their logo but nothing else lol.

No. 225805

File: 1659283868238.jpg (129.08 KB, 530x345, ha.jpg)

they say this completely unironically like it doesn't show that their politics mean nothing and go out the window when it's time to consoom some cc

No. 225827

File: 1659292768539.jpg (382.42 KB, 2000x2000, big milk.jpg)

Me browsing through tumblr and twitter right now

No. 225840

Don't just say this and not post your favorites, nona…

No. 225846

File: 1659300043898.jpg (244.4 KB, 750x542, IMG_1789.jpg)

No. 225864

I'm confused. Is the "cc can be under an early access paywall for 2-3 weeks" rule now gone? Does this only apply to permanent paywalls? Have they even fixed the game yet
I really don't understand people like mack3030 who spend hours of their life debating about a game everyday. I genuinely wonder if she has autism.

No. 225896

I believe that is the case, yes. I think early access was still allowed but now no paywalls. Apparently some of the perma-paywall creators who were being shitty ruined it for everyone and they're now having a fit and deleting their content, saw it elsewhere but need to find it.

No. 225897

How is banning paywalls racist, tf? Creators are still allowed donations, they just can't charge upfront for their CC or mods.

No. 225901

because almost all of the biggest patreon paywall creators make black hairstyles and nails and fashion etc. all the biggest alpha pay cc creators are black. something a lot of people aren't commenting on.(back2twitter)

No. 225902

>something a lot of people aren't commenting on
C'mon, this is not racism in the least.

No. 225903

File: 1659314828921.jpeg (126.25 KB, 640x448, 3564F2D5-5E9D-40C6-9561-80A421…)

They're still allowed donations too. Don't like EA in the slightest but creating content for a game that you're just playing at the end of the day shouldn't be relied on as a player's main source of income and is generally considered a hobby.

Plus apparently someone named Cowbuild is in the middle of this drama (not sure 100%, was told to Google)

No. 225908


No. 225911

they definitely know this isn’t racism, their entire fantasy worlds are crashing down because in a few months if EA ever gets their sweaty asses up and actually start enforcing their own policies these people will have to start getting real jobs and quit their “creative” avenues such as ebegging online because they took a month creating something using EA/3D assets that technically are not theirs. I love a lot of maxis match creators who have turned their stuff “early access” but the extreme wait times just in order to download their content for free is actually getting even more absurd and predatory, almost like they make you wait weeks just for a measly cc pack of great custom clothing even though it’s $2-3 dollars to access. i just forget that it’s going to release on that date and most of the time i don’t even bother, a lot of these people already feel disconnected or discontent with the community as a whole and i can already feel a lot of them are in extreme burnout periods, even the sims youtubers. unrelated sperging but a lot of the clothes, hair, shoes themselves don’t really even function as something that seems reasonable to be in the sims, a lot of them cater to the dressup heauxs who want to simulate their fashionista lifestyle in a life simulators game

No. 225912

This, and if I'm hearing correctly it seems like EA made this statement (at least partly) because of the uproar related to some of these creators doxxing a bunch of people because those creators want to keep their content behind a perma-paywall and I hear even stealing other people's content to make their meshes and passing it off as their own.

No. 225913

>all the biggest alpha pay cc creators are black.
This pretty much isn't true

No. 225915

I started by looking at Mack's tumblr and twitter as she's at the autist at the centre of this.
Follow the tags and other accounts being reblogged and retweeted depending on what interests you. The DHM discord is also probably flooded with milk right now.

Mack's a cow and yes she does have autism.

What happened with Cowbuild is explained here >>198051 and there's more here https://littleblackbooksims.tumblr.com/
Basically she was stealing meshes from interior design websites and converting them for use in TS4. She claimed the meshes were her own and put the meshes behind a paywall. Groups like DHM, PMBD and TS4 Rebels started uploading her content for free download. To stop this she and other paywall creators started hiding unique identifiers in their content to find who was leaking it. Anyone suspected was put on a list and doxed through their patreon info.

No. 225965

File: 1659337880005.jpeg (Spoiler Image,185.32 KB, 659x845, 971D2647-A8E8-459E-BB19-40EDC3…)

One of cowbuilds friends allegedly made a fake cease and desist letter (referring to the drama about stealing CC a while ago) KEK

No. 225966

File: 1659337901870.jpeg (Spoiler Image,74.1 KB, 618x692, 55013337-6637-438D-B590-17FF47…)

No. 225970

File: 1659338000722.jpeg (Spoiler Image,50.74 KB, 604x500, 80CD7729-0B95-47E2-9FE7-1D3EE1…)

No. 225971

File: 1659338082227.jpeg (Spoiler Image,59.14 KB, 583x530, 770E15B7-6585-4BBC-A88C-BBE803…)

Modders will justify anything if it makes them money ig

No. 225975

Kek I actually saw this earlier, it's so ridiculous they'll really do anything to justify what they do

No. 225981

Why are these spoilered?

No. 226017

File: 1659363604814.png (101.18 KB, 440x672, OliveSpecterFace.png)

Grim copulate

No. 226020

> and yes she does have autism

No. 226106

File: 1659394315981.jpeg (566.47 KB, 2048x1669, 937FBA57-7894-42D0-B026-2CCAB1…)

Apparently no one's clear on whether early access is allowed or not. People have been asking EA customer support but have gotten different answers. I guess I'm not surprised they haven't even made it clear with their staff.

No. 226121

Does EA ever do anything that doesn't feel rushed and not well thought out

No. 226124

People are just being dumb
>All users must be able to access the Mods in full for free regardless of whether they donate.

No. 226125

At this point I'm convinced they rush everything for easy profit. Why bother letting the devs make a playable game or hire more QA testers (heard their count dropped way down from City Living) when you can push unreasonable deadlines to push out yet another half-assed pack a portion of the fanbase will buy regardless?

No. 226127

tumblr collecting statements from patreon CC creators

Mack's twitter
She's posting some of the more unhinged reactions

No. 226264

File: 1659461096370.png (747.18 KB, 904x555, MTS_Lamare-2110762-50_wants.pn…)

I've waited so long for something like that, I love the TS2 modding community. The game's been out for almost two decades now but we're still getting stuff that was thought of to be technically not feasible to implement like new LTWs, seperates for toddlers, traits… These 50 wants are actually more than what exists in the vanilla game with just 39, too.

No. 226307

Finally somewhere I can say this and people know what I'm talking about: Lilsimsie's annoying perpetual laugh is JUST LIKE Creepshow Art's and is so offensive to the ears, it physically hurts. I agree with other nonas about her eyebrows (ugh) and the handmaiden shit and trannies and genderspecials in her save but honestly she makes up for it in that she makes them so easily clockable kek

No. 226314

File: 1659478097504.png (913.7 KB, 1280x720, 07-23-22_8-08-59 PM.png)

All of my actor sim's directors, producers, and crew all had Snowy Escape names and all I could think was wow this would make a really convincing J idol experience or whatever, idk anything about that J pop stuff and not a weeb. Picrel is said movie crew.

No. 226352

lilsimsie is a shill for EA and her troon pandering is really fucking stupid. we get it, your troon audience gives you money and head pats, and you’re a sheltered rich white girl who can afford to have all kinds of luxury beliefs, but mark my words, one day they’ll deem you not woke enough and cancel you. you’re just a cis white girl after all, they hate you, and they always eat their own.

No. 226359

I couldn't have said it better, it's like she's a caricature of what she thinks is the Best Most Hecking Accepting Noodle UwU Bean Person UwU. I hope when she gets canceled that it's something milky.

No. 226386

File: 1659500552789.jpeg (973.88 KB, 1326x3013, 383F4B25-C089-4665-8516-4152AF…)

I hate Lilsimsie and English Simmer for being pathetic handmaidens.

No. 226396

>it's not very inclusive
Oh no! Someone should call the Sims team out on how twansphobic they are in their own builds! Now I wonder which bathroom the HSTS goes into, ffs

No. 226552

what bathroom do the new update themlet sims use anyway

No. 226944

I was under the impression that the new sexuality update wouldn't touch npc/townie sims, but almost every damn sim I tried to flirt with tells me they aren't "exploring romantically". It's dumb as fuck that I'll need to use cheats or mods to change this, there was nothing wrong or offensive with every sim being bisexual as default.

No. 226945

so funny how all the bitches being jerks to creators about early access just went dead silent after the clarification lol. eat your crow assholes. you were wrong the whole time, your clique just boosted you to make you feel like you were going to win something.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226948

File: 1659624051480.png (234.92 KB, 591x815, Screenshot_32.png)

Kek what the fuck is wrong with these cc creators.

No. 226950

File: 1659624206953.png (317.82 KB, 604x1595, Screenshot_32.png)

No. 226951

Since when was there so much drama in the SIMS COMMUNITY? I swear everything was normal back when they didn’t have pronoun options and didn't try so hard to make the game lgbt friendly

No. 226952

File: 1659624446727.png (76.21 KB, 398x547, sims 4 orientation.png)

apparently they were supposed to be "unchanged" but the default settings for the gender interest check-boxes have them both unchecked and since the townies all got the default options they're now asexual i guess

No. 226953

File: 1659624453375.png (96.92 KB, 554x862, FZMImGTXoAIXMVw.png)

Here is what magic-bot said. What a fucking shame because she has some nice cc.

No. 226954

paysite drama has been a thing for many many years lmao

No. 226955

kek why is it "a shame", do you feel like you can't use her cc anymore because she's canceled? everyone in this community is so spineless. get off tumblr and experience the freedom to do whatever you want with your game.

No. 226956

File: 1659625490720.png (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 1116x3496, mb.png)

Just found out magic-bot made a naked child cc and excused it as being for realism.

No. 226957

and mack has been crying on twitter for weeks saying that charging for cc is emotional abuse, there's retards on both sides

No. 226958

Yeah I have always browsed and used cc since before ts4 and still remember some of my favourite creators but haven't played in so long now. So I knew that was a thing, but I just didn't realise how dramatic the drama all is, right now. I do kinda think EA has tried sooo hard to appeal to they/them's

No. 226962

the woke drama seems to have started (or at least really gained traction) with the sims 4 indeed. of course games such as the sims are prime wokie magnets by nature so it's not even surprising really

No. 226970

Can't wait for a bunch of other cc creators to have melties and delete their content en masse more than usual. These people are fucking unhinged.

No. 226974

Ew what the hell? It would be nice if someone made a thread where nonnies can share their own sims creations.

No. 226976

anyone else not getting the new high school pack and is just sticking to education related mods?

No. 227037

These two posts being next to each other is funny kek. I wouldn't want to use her cc either

No. 227046

you’re not missing out on anything, the gameplay is extremely limited, it gets old very fast. this is why i play mainly with occults, this game would be really fucking boring without them.

No. 227049

Wonderful Whims, Wicked Whims and Lumpinou's LGBT mod override the Maxis functionality and provide better options, including randomizing townie sexual preferences and editing their preferences without entering CAS. If it's an issue it might be worth looking into one of these mods.

>children are not workable for wicked whims
But they are for Colonel Nutty's pedo mod. Very disturbing.

I honestly hope Mack continues waging righteous jihad against pay CC. This has been the funniest shit to happen for a while.

No. 227155

tbh i kind of put my foot in my mouth because i dont know much about magic bot or her creepy cc, ijust think people should do whatever they want in a single player game

No. 227203

timmssimms consulted a lawyer over EA's TOU and is now leaking GBs of paywalled CC

No. 227207

Not going to lie, I definitely feel like this is the most exciting thing to happen in a long time in some of these people's lives.

No. 227214

Thanks anon I'll have to try those mods! I've been ggetting sick of not being able to romance dilf townies. Also, I've beenj assuming magic-bot is a woman but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it's a moid. Just the amount of realistic feet cc they have is suspicious enough on it's own.

No. 227749

Lmao I don't play Sims but I am glad to see people people who paywall files or make fans beg for shit get what they deserve.

No. 227762

No. 227877

This is so unhinged kek it's not a requirement for these people to make CC or anything. It shouldn't be anything more than a hobby and they're free to quit it anytime if it's that stressful, they're not obligated to do this. If you're not doing anything illegal fine all you needed to do was just say that.

No. 227990

File: 1659923668640.png (3.56 MB, 1752x1658, ashwhatever.png)

I just found out the Ash character that comes with the new pack is a male. He can pee standing up and he's infertile. I went on CAS to change him into a female because he'd look cuter as a woman, but when I tried to change his blocky body type into a female one, I realized he has custom body types, all of which look male. Is this a preview of the customization options they're gonna add for troons?

No. 228006

File: 1659926788401.png (3.64 MB, 1798x1636, ashasawoman.png)

I fixed the problem. I turned Ash into a normal man and then into a woman, and now she has an actual female body.

No. 228155

File: 1659953489984.png (44.74 KB, 405x101, never change.png)

Somethings never change

No. 228190

don't they already have troon customization options with body types and voices and now pronouns too? what more do they want

No. 228198

anon is this a self-ad

No. 228219

>troon body types are all visibly male with zero waists and barrel-chests
kinda based

No. 228239

I was watching LGR's review of the new pack and that appeared in the recommendations. It reminded me of the stories that used to get published on the TS2 exchange.

No. 228613

File: 1660077788685.png (52.77 KB, 603x709, tweet.png)

they are so dramatic lol, their little uppity language is so telling. "hell week" "regret to inform", a fucking list of demands to the devs

No. 228728

why do so many still buy all the sims 4 dlc ea keeps shitting out

No. 228729

can't believe even sims has femboys now kek

No. 228951

We don’t. We take to the seven seas.

No. 229207

File: 1660165351563.jpeg (346.11 KB, 750x1376, 34D75EE2-840E-4AD9-BF9F-E09491…)

it is a life simulator after all.

No. 229211

File: 1660166066673.jpeg (325.38 KB, 750x953, D68C0A37-DE09-4383-8AC2-1414E6…)

the sims community is brain dead.

No. 229227

Lol I love the - 11 hecking updoots

No. 229278

i know not the simmers ITT but the community at large i mean

No. 229291

No. 229326


No. 229477

is it a tranny? it talks like a girl but everyones saying him

No. 229548

ftm troon must be then

No. 230505

File: 1660415983359.png (20.62 KB, 600x450, KEK.png)

another absolutely retarded take brought to you by simsecret

No. 230544

LMAO going to use this at the car dealership

>lamborghinis are my special interest

>i need access to all the lambos i want

No. 230545

cmon nonna this is so obviously satire kek

No. 230553

or maybe she's autistic and complaining about simsecret while not understanding ironic posts (because she's autistic) is her special interest what about that!

No. 230554

Oooooo good point, I'm going with your theory.

No. 230601

They’re too technologically illiterate to figure out piracy lol

No. 230608

god it annoys me so much when people who buy ALL PACKS AND KITS complain endlessly about ea JUST FUCKING PIRATE IT OR STOP BUYING

No. 230651

File: 1660456925747.png (377.87 KB, 549x985, agp.png)

With the new update you can create really authentic AGPs.

No. 230804

what an abomination.

No. 230838

File: 1660512609032.png (511.82 KB, 790x598, sims 2 hair defaults.png)

Thinking about redownloading hair defaults for TS2 on TS4 clay hair style. I had that realistic Pooklet (?) texture before on all my hairs but idk anymore, the clay hair really suit the ancient graphics imo

No. 230877

Someone needs to post this to Simsecret saying it's "great representation"

No. 230913

100% they would not publish it, the owner is a woke TRA fag. I was in his dicord server and he pinged everyone updating about Biden's election status when that was going on. I do not care about your American politics retard.

No. 230914

I always felt like Simsecret still gives a little bit less fucks about this than other parts of the internet, but even if they don't, wouldn't it still end up in the unposted secrets section?

No. 230955

File: 1660570754398.png (471.67 KB, 1072x804, tumblr_3bccd9fef220d5b1baceca8…)

Why do some people make sims like this

No. 231077

yeah i just remembered way too many sims players don't even know how to take a screenshot they just take a photo of the monitor kek

No. 231079

maybe back in the day it used to but nowadays most bend the knee and especially when it comes to trannies more than other causes for some reason

No. 231100

Personally I can’t pirate because my internet service detects copyright in games, so unfortunately I have to buy but I only get it through third-parties where the price is low

No. 231102

>internet service detects copyright in games
Idk how that would even be a thing but if it is just get a vpn

No. 231116

The paywall drama has descended into posting sims porn of Mack having sex with Bob Pancakes.
This is on the same level as 12 year olds.

No. 231158

sims porn is so unappealing idg why the sex mods are so popular. maybe it looks better with cc?

No. 231161

i think it just blocks torrents

No. 231163

If your ISP only looks at torrents and if you don't want to use a VPN, you can try using a direct download
anadius has a google drive link on his site

I have no idea if your ISP would still pick up on it so use at your own risk.

No. 231248

you could take a laptop somewhere and use public internet to torrent it and then copy it over?

No. 231755

i thought you made lurch in the sims on purpose kek

No. 232004

File: 1660872581303.png (229.49 KB, 399x299, bigdonenergy.png)

TS2 fuck/marry/kill:

>don lothario

>daniel pleasant
>mortimer goth

No. 232006

Marry Mortimer - he is a normal old family man with monies to fund my neet lifestyle
Fuck Don - most attractive, he wouldn’t pretend to care about a relationship, he’s been passed around the whole town anyway so no one would care
Kill Daniel - coomer scrote, cheated on his wife with their maid, no affection or care for children

No. 232093

File: 1660917592531.jpg (13.86 KB, 250x188, Strangetown_story.jpg)

TS2 fuck/marry/kill but this time Strangetown edition:
>Loki Beaker
>Vidcund Curious
>General Buzz Grunt

No. 232098

marry general, fuck loki, kill vidcund (the curious are so damn ugly and boring)

No. 232169

> not even including polytech

No. 232181

>fuck general buzz because he seems like the uptight right wing type of moid to have a secret submissive side or humiliation fetish
>marry vidcund because he seems like a harmless nerd and it would be interesting to watch the mpreg thing play out. i always thought his house was cool too
>kill loki, he seems kind of scary for a bunch of pixels

i haven't played ts2 in about 10 years btw so take this answer with a grain of salt

No. 232431

File: 1661060461697.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1373x1610, 806E628C-EA5E-4E06-83A7-5CF4D3…)

Kekk imagine paying for this. Even though paywalling CC is stupid imo I can’t help but feel bad for OP.

No. 232432

File: 1661060493137.jpeg (1.52 MB, 3024x4355, AD98CE44-68DF-4F00-856E-C514D0…)

No. 232528

Holy shit, wow

No. 232680

That looks horribly done. Why would the creator make the skin look so pale around the baby hairs? Results like that are another reason why paying for CC is a bad idea. Feel bad for the OP too though.

No. 232682

File: 1661147997868.jpeg (1.22 MB, 2415x1231, 22C49C71-09CF-43AF-B6C1-E3042A…)

Samefagging, I guess the CC creator Simtury made the majority of her content free after getting outed that she still paywalled the majority of her CC.

It was advertised as a non-transparent hair base and I saw a commenter say that you’re supposed to use a skin overlay? I’m not sure how that works. Still, it looks like she just took a photo of someone’s hair and didn’t bother cropping it. Looks awful either way.

No. 232793

With those type of hairs usually they have swatches in different skin tones. I also think they're just cropped from random photos and I personally don't like them.

No. 233026

So what was the point of the new patron rules? People still have shit from years ago behind ppayrolls.
It'd sad, a lot of cc creators who make urban styled clothes and kinky/curly/black women hair styles always have shoddy quality, but I swear they are the main ones keeping their cc behind permanent pay walls or months.
So many people unlocked some of their older cc but keep other stuff locked. Honestly it feels like people who make the worse quality shit keeps it locked the longest or don't release at all. Looking at you simstefani.

No. 233027

Also some people photoshop their cc so much that you don't even know how it looks in game. They even photoshop the in game pictures. I don't complain about cc makers who follow the rules or who don't do these things

No. 233028

Samefag again, also I hate when people tag cc wrong. Set everything for random, make shirts bras or lingere, give toddlers Instagram baddie style make up etc. I have to make sure everything if tagged before I put it in my game

No. 233062

there was no point, nothing is going to change, ea will never go after anyone, reporting means nothing and people will continue to paywall

No. 233341

EA and the modders have a symbitotic relationship. Without mods, the Sims 4 is bland and gets boring quickly. I know for any long term gameplay I need to add some mods in, and I'm far from alone in that. EA relies on mods to make the game playable, so that players keep playing and buying new packs. Meanwhile, the modders are allowed to make money off of their work. Without modders EA wouldn't make as much money

No. 233541

What is weird about it is the people who earn the most money on Patreon are people like TurboDriver, Basemental and Nisa K that make sex and drug mods. Modders that aren't making explicit mods like Twisted Mexi and Lumpinou are still earning thousands a month. None of them paywall, they all do early access by offering patrons beta versions of mods. The people perma paywalling are nearly all custom content creators and few them are even capable of making their own meshes. It's all ripped from Second Life, IMVU and interior design websites.

No. 234284

This is so true, and they cry loudly about deserving money for their haaaaaaaard work

No. 235228

File: 1661970019197.png (338.66 KB, 495x757, maids.png)

Sims 4 needs to bring back the slutty male maids.

No. 235664

and the dance cages and cake dancers from Sims 1! but of course they never will because this game is just so sanitized now

No. 237015

File: 1662585367304.png (761.34 KB, 1440x837, xbhwy4y6xmi01.png)

Ever since the HSY update my game has been playing like dog shit, long loading times, simulation lag and frame rate drops. Now I've found out why. I prefer to limit the game to 30 fps because it prevents simulation lag and gives a smoother game play experience. After the update the game went back to running at 200 fps (you can show the frame rate in game by pressing control+shift+c and then typing "fps on"). I tried editing the config.log file to limit the frame rate to 30 and it would reset back to 200 fps every time I started the game. The update broke this method of limiting the frame rate, now you either need to use an external program such as your GPU driver or edit the Options.ini file.

The process for editing the Options.ini file is the same as for the config.log file. Find the Options.ini file in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4. Open it with notepad, control+f to find "frameratelimit" and change the number to 30.

No. 237026

thanks nonna for this advice. i know it’s not surprising and probably par for the course by now but it’s dumb something else just breaks with every update.

i went to play the sims after not playing for a while, pirated so the version i’m on was the update for when hsy came out, not the most recent. all my mods were updated for the version i’m on and for some reason now i can’t click on sims unless i turn off mods when it worked the last time i played. i don’t know if i can be bothered anymore, i heard apparently the new update just broke more things and doesn’t even fix much else other than add new scenarios. people are flooding the sims 4 instagram page begging them to fix shit while whoever runs it only likes and interacts with the positive comments.

No. 237059

>for some reason now i can’t click on sims
Are you using a mod that alters the UI like Cheats Extension UI, More CAS Columns or Better Build Buy? I had a similar issue earlier in the year and it's because I forgot to download a new version of the Cheats UI Extension after updating the game. The other thing to try is playing with the UI scaling under game options. I use dual monitors and sometimes the game doesn't know which monitor to display on and it resets my UI scaling settings which can cause UI issues like not being able to click on certain UI elements.

No. 237995

File: 1662852293912.png (111.31 KB, 1186x440, Screen Shot 2022-09-10 at 7.25…)

i only come in here to post really obnoxious sims reddit posts.

like really? the annoying pronoun and sexuality update isn't enough for you guys? you have to turn it off to get rid of the "stinky straights"!

No. 238024

>like really? the annoying pronoun and sexuality update isn't enough for you guys? you have to turn it off to get rid of the "stinky straights"!
Yeah, that comment is annoying as fuck, but tbf EA is in the wrong here. Nobody wants to play a Sims game where you cannot control and modify every aspect of your sims. I don't get why it's not even an option that you can toggle on and off like free will, that would be ideal.
Also, not allowing players to manage the updates they've installed and play the game as they please is a surefire way to make your customers angry and lose profits.
The woketards that now work on The Sims are really bad at capitalism. Another example is how they refused to sell the wedding expansion pack in Russia allegedly because its anti-gay propaganda laws would've forced them to remove the gay content (as explained by many Russian fans, those laws don't apply to 18+ games, which The Sims 4 is in Russia, so the pack would've been legal there) but they backpedaled once Russian players complained that it was discrimination against the Russian LGBT community kek

No. 238037

sorry for late response, i did remove twisted mexi’s better build buy since i was barely using it and thought it could be the cause. i did also use ui cheats though. what’s getting me is i didn’t update the game nor the mods since one or two patches ago which may not be a good idea but didn’t feel like dealing with more possible broken features and updating the hundreds of mods i have installed for updating to the newest patch. the last time i did update i updated my mods as well for that patch but haven’t updated either since. i use a repack that has a separate online and offline version. i usually play the offline version but used the online one to download some stuff from the gallery for the first time, maybe that messed it all up somehow. i lastly turned off mods and then i could click on sims again but i’ve basically given up on playing it for the meantime because while i’m sure i messed up somewhere i just don’t think i can be bothered anymore.

No. 238093

>Yeah, that comment is annoying as fuck, but tbf EA is in the wrong here. Nobody wants to play a Sims game where you cannot control and modify every aspect of your sims.
Excactly, also wtf i didnt know about that Russian stuff kek. The new sims team sound so messy, my only hope is that there will a better sims game knockoff or that sims 5 will somehow turn out to be a masterpiece.

No. 239207

File: 1663178314271.jpg (64.24 KB, 1200x511, 20220914_195750.jpg)

Sims 4 base game is f2p starting october.

No. 239209

Its on its last legs now. Gear up, simmernons. The sims 5 is just upon us now. Can't WAIT to see how they fuck it up! Any predictions about the sims 5? I bet it'll kill the franchise entirely. I bet that's the most realistic outcome.

No. 239217

paid sub multiplayer on a f2p basegame and a cc marketplace

No. 239224

i paid $5 for base game during the steam sale i'm seething

No. 239231

Cool I will add it to my Steam library and then never play it ever

No. 239241

File: 1663187210679.jpeg (60.73 KB, 640x360, E56B56B6-2717-4F76-9F17-CD83F0…)

Also the fact that they removed bowing from the snowy escape pack, because it was wacist against koreans somehow? Fucking retards kek

No. 239317

Coulda been like me and paid full price at the launch. I did wait until they added pools and toddlers
Micro transactions ala the sims store for the sims 3, “new” graphics that make the sims look just as doughy as they always have, online capabilities ala Sims Online, and a target audience of wokeies. They’ll probably find shitty artists to contribute to the game like the weird tattoos made by people I never heard of. They’re going to be very upset when Paralives releases.

No. 239319

They never removed it, it’s a personality trait called proper. What they did remove was Shinto inspired temple stuff because the Koreans were mad about Japanese occupation and them building temples in Korea. I’ve never seen Korea as a religious country anyway, why the fuck does it matter. This might be insensitive but nearly everyone who was able to understand and experience it are dead. It was just going to be a ringing of the bell and bowing in front of it or some shit. The sims will eventually turn into grey blobs ala the fairy odd parents as not to piss anyone off for any reason, and even then someone will be triggered by the blobs.

No. 239474

>because its anti-gay propaganda laws
The Russian law they tried to protest isn't an anti-LGBT law, being gay is not illegal in Russia, there's even world renowned gay bars in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The law is an anti-grooming law that stops companies from marketing anything sexual towards minors and this includes depictions of both straight and gay sexuality. Nothing was stopping them from selling the wedding pack in Russia, it would need to be rated 18+ like the rest of the game already is.

No. 239846

ngl i'm excited to see what they've changed even if it's guaranteed to microtransaction filled mess. hopefully they did listen to some of the complaints about ts4 gameplay

No. 239858

how would sims multiplayer even work? one sim per player? basically a mmo?

No. 240142

one sim or even one family only mmo would take away a lot of the fun. maybe private server based? each server having one or more neighbourhoods and multiple players can share neighbourhoods but can only control their own families? when it comes to marriage or move in proposals for playable sims controlled by another player in the hood, would the new household member be transferred to the player who owns the household? would the current player of the moving in sim have to approve the transfer first?

No. 240276

unpopular opinion, I love sims 4 and it's a fucking mess, but i love it.
I have no thoughts on Sims 5. I really enjoy my game and i've been playing since launch basically, so I feel I have my money's worth. With that said, after the HS pack it's the most broken my game has ever been. I guess I've been "Blessed" not to have some of the issues I see others have throughout the years after DLC/Patches/Updates.
My game is finally working decently, fuck EA forever but I do enjoy the game.

No. 240306

i’m not buying sims 5, i’m staying with ts4 because they will eventually have to lower the price of the packs kek

No. 240314

>paying for any EA games

No. 240316

i have no idea, i just think they won't stop trying it. maybe like gta rp. we'll see.

No. 240326

fitgirl doesn't go through all this so you PAY for EA games of all things

No. 240436

i’m just asking because i’m unsure but is there any viable way a sims multiplayer would really work in a way that would benefit players? even if players manage to get their sims together what happens when someone tries to interact with another person’s sim and the other person doesn’t want to engage that way and the other keeps pushing it, it just seems that’ll get annoying, would they implement a block option, that could be interesting. what if someone decides to spam their action queue on a specific item and not let anyone else use it? will players get together on a player’s lot and can mess with someone’s house or would ea/maxis make a whole world specifically for multiplayer that can’t be edited (also remember how horrid some of their builds can be) is it just going to be like simport from the sims 3? never used it though to be honest it seemed kind of lame. i don’t totally know how gta rp works, but i’m assuming it doesn’t work in a way where the only way you engage with other people involves clicking and selecting an option from a menu though

i’d be interested to see how a sims multiplayer would go down though i don’t have much interest in trying it myself. i feel like functionality could be limited in some aspects

No. 240492

There's already been an online sims game. The Sims Online was released between the first game and TS2. It was an online version of TS1. It failed to make back the money EA invested in it and was shut down. There's a fan made recreation of it called FreeSO that's currently online. I've never played it so I'm not sure how it worked.

No. 240503

oh that’s interesting, i didn’t realize. i only got into the sims just after 3 came out

No. 241181

yes, but that was a spin-off side game. I'm pretty sure the average Sims player would not want a main entry in which she or he can only play one sim because that's just not what Sims is about.

No. 241256

theyre making the base game f2p b/c there wont be a sims 5. they're trying to get as many people on this sims 4 as possible so they can continue to milk the franchise w/o having to innovate.

it pains me to say it b/c the sims 4 is trash but there wont be a sims 5

No. 241257

praying for a sims 2 source leak

No. 241388

honestly my tinfoil is they could have made base game free because if there’s anyone who somehow hasn’t played yet and they finally check it out because it costs nothing, they’ll find that it’s absolutely boring as shit without any add ons, either subtly leading them to check out some packs and/or resort to mods and cc. of course i could be wrong but i don’t feel like ea’s ever made a move without some sort of motive. the game can already be pirated anyway but kids are still out there talking about buying packs.

No. 241389

yeah that’s what i was thinking. the way sims is usually played doesn’t exactly suit multiplayer, many players seem to like being in charge of whole families and worlds and play out scenarios in the way they want them to happen (almost). so i don’t know if a main game multiplayer could happen

No. 245410

why was there a UK English version separate from the US English and why did it not even use UK spelling?

No. 245416

For which game? I owned retail copies of TS1 and TS2 and there were differences between the UK and US versions. For TS1 this was mainly game titles such as Vacation = On Holiday and in TS2 there were differences in the music available on the radio stations.

No. 245419

Sims 2. But why the differences in music? And still, why no UK spelling?

No. 245612

nta but in terms of music, maybe some issue over the rights to it depending on the country? similar to how youtube videos are only made available to certain regions for whatever reason, but this is just a guess.

No. 245758

i heard you have to have a origin account to get sims 4 for free on pc or is having a steam account enough too?

No. 245759

File: 1665262545959.png (93.04 KB, 367x287, Screenshot 2022-10-08 235438.p…)

you do need an origin account for any electronic shart game that is also on origin which quite defeats the point of putting them on steam really tbh

No. 245761

this shit so complicated….so i have to have a ea and origin account?

No. 245762

yes, AND also the origin desktop app installed AND kept running in the background to be able to open the game. what even IS the point?

No. 245766

then the game isn't exactly free considering they are making you install apps and have accounts on different sites.
Its not worth it since you're only getting the boring base game meanwhile ONE expansion pack for this game costs $40 (it literally costs almost $700 to buy all of the expansion pack).

Ill check if they have it free on steam for pc, they probably won't have it, so whatever.

No. 245768

they will have it free on both origin and steam after october 18th, but you'll still need origin, both account and app to use it even on steam, so might as well just use origin and ditch steam when it comes to sims 4, it's literally the same thing

No. 245775

just go find that shit in the high seas lol. not worth the hassle

No. 245836

EA really wanted to market the game to teenagers and used music to do it. They replaced Jerry Martin with Mark Mothersbaugh, they paid for popular electronic music artists like Lemon Jelly and Timo Maas to remix tracks and they paid for popular bands and singers to make simlish versions of pop songs. A lot of the European versions have differences in the radio stations because EA included certain tracks by bands and artists in the countries where they were popular.


No. 248179

File: 1666055287282.jpg (71.79 KB, 1280x720, sims.jpg)

i feel like the sims 5 is going to be announced tomorrow

No. 248237

Get your wallets ready to buy every expansion again!

No. 248269

File: 1666094147890.jpg (10.35 KB, 251x238, 1463083919102.jpg)

I checked Sims general on /vg/ to see what they are saying about it, it was just moids posting their loli sims and degenarate sex mods as usual

No. 248272

is it free yet?

No. 248276

The base game should be free today yeah

Idk man, would they do it on some random stream rather than like E3 or something? Where was TS4 announced?

No. 248282

yeah on fitgirl repacks

No. 248283

it was revealed at gamescom 2013 and the gamescom twitter account made a tweet wondering if ts5 was going to be revealed at the summit. I can't imagine what other big announcements they'd have that's worth a whole livestream but I'll temper my expectations.

No. 248293

its the 18th today…i am waiting

No. 248294

I hope the fuck not.

No. 248309

Hey farmers, i just downloaded the free base game on the official origin site.

Can you recommend me some sims4 cc sites or places to look, im really interested in the japanese , alt and korea-fashion aesthetic.

also if you could give me some hot male sims cc

No. 248313

For Korean CC. Naver in general, if you're willing to go looking for some blogs and wade through reuploads of western CC. Hope this is what you're looking for

No. 248321


No. 248322

File: 1666109266778.png (411.83 KB, 797x635, BOOTYCHEEKS.png)

Fuck you

No. 248323

File: 1666109375620.png (397.96 KB, 767x597, CLAPPED.png)


No. 248325

File: 1666109551612.png (52.99 KB, 578x805, RAGE.png)

You must be kidding me, why make it free if i gotta go through all this trouble

No. 248326

File: 1666109808100.png (17.67 KB, 381x326, DESPAIR.png)

Of course im a human, a robot wouldnt be playing your shitty game.

No. 248327

No. 248328

the puzzle game is actually kinda…its not easy .

No. 248329

Omg it’s free?! I literally haven’t played the sims since Sims 2

No. 248330

Maybe you’re a robot anon

No. 248331

File: 1666110150692.png (7.45 KB, 497x63, HUH.png)

So i just passed the puzzle and it said you completed it then i clicked next and it reverted me back to creating my ea account again….

So now i have to do the puzzle all over again.

No. 248332

File: 1666110352425.png (424.87 KB, 1920x1078, SIMS.png)

Went through all that hard work and origin will probably take my personal data #noprivacy but atleast i get the base game i guess,

No. 248334

Nonnies ask me questions about Mods or dlc and I'll answer for the new players. I'd love to see more sims screenshots and players on lolcow.

No. 248337

most people focus on appearance cc but im curious about any good or popular personality or action cc that are fun?

No. 248339

Please keep your mod folder clean, these bitches need to be "checked' everytime there's a new update to the game.*

>>Helaene Preference Plus-

There's likes and dislikes in the game. Adds custom ones, such as favorite flavors of foods or drinks etc.

>>Kiara Sims traits-

I don't use a lot of traits but most are Kiara Sims. she has a SHIT TON of them on her site. She also will tell you if the it's "Base game compatible" which means no DLCs are required to use it- https://kiarasims4mods.net/category/traits/
She also offers Aspirations and custom events, most being BGC.
I'm going from my own mod lists, I don't use a lot of traits anymore. I just use the basegame/dlc traits and go from there.

No. 248345

Hey so is it possible for a poly option in sims because i want my sim to have 3 husbands

No. 248346

Wicked Whims / Wonderful Whims has the option I think, at least a ”no jealousy” one

No. 248347

Also mods new players should definitely download if interested basically the "Basic Starter pack mod set for beginners.

>>MC Command center- https://deaderpool-mccc.com/#/releases

Allows you to basically change anything you want in the game via menus on the Sims, Computer or Mail Box. It's like the Nraas(?) mod for sims 3. It's free.

>>Basemental Drugs- https://basementalcc.com/adult_mods/basemental-drugs/

If you want to make your sim smoke crack, cigerettes, weed, cocaine, pop pills or sell them/grow them. Base game compatible and a great mod. Also add alcohol to the game.

>>UI cheats exenstion- https://www.patreon.com/posts/ui-cheats-v1-14-26240068 (Free and up to date)

Makes it so you can quickly fill up needs, change the time, etc. etc. with just a right click. It's also free and basically "Cheating" without having to put in codes.

>>More columns in CAS- https://www.patreon.com/posts/more-columns-in-27751117

Exactly what it says, adds more columns in cas. Please read instructions.

>>Wicked Whims- NSFW- ONLY IF YOU FEELING FREAKY- https://turbodriver.itch.io/wickedwhims

Allows your sims to have sex, genitals, periods etc. I just use it for the strip club function. Plenty of Animations and shit linked on the download page. Be aware it's degenerate.

>>Wonderful Whims- https://modthesims.info/d/647895/wonderfulwhims.html

Literally Wicked Whims without the sex, adds periods, attractiveness etc. Just no sims fucking in random places and doesn't offer the strip club function, ugh.

All these mods are free and base game compatible. I love talking about the sims as much as I love exposing the truth about you know who. So ask me anything.

No. 248349

Livestream with possible TS5 announcement

Agreeing with >>248346. WW enables you to give sims the polyamorous trait or you can use Lumpinou's mods

No. 248350


Two new EPs for Sims 4 announced (no titles yet), new worlds and fashion packs and they hinted something with a baby cry

No. 248351

No more object babies?

No. 248352

File: 1666112964871.png (352.48 KB, 767x570, sims.PNG)

>>Open Love Life Mod-
>>https://lumpinoumods.com/2020/10/20/open-love-life/- Mod description/how to use
>>MOD DOWNLOAD https://www.patreon.com/posts/42086339
If you want to use mods, but don't want to use Wicked Whims to get a "Poly relationship".

I will not link shit you have to pay for, if it's on "Patreon" it's free, I only link free CC/mods.

No. 248354

I hope they do something with fucking babies, good lord. I'm excited

No. 248355

They are releasing a new official platform where creators will be able to upload their mods.

No. 248356

LMAO Pearson just announced a regulated market place for CC. No more patreon.

No. 248358

excuse me?

No. 248359

Lol, kek, i'm very happy for that.
I just re-read what I wrote, I didn't mean it that way. I mean "Do something" as in make them more then objects. I hate babies in sims 4, they are tied to the bassinet and they aren't really even sims. My bad with the phrasing.

No. 248360

what was the point of the dance group

No. 248362

Show trannies shaking ass

No. 248364

EA's not making enough money so I guess they've got to work for those ESG loans.

No. 248365

who put these pajeets to voice annoucements from their headsets lmfao

No. 248367

its ok i saw what you meant anon after i posted.
youre actually watching the livestream???

No. 248368

So they are making Paralives

No. 248369

File: 1666114006572.png (544.79 KB, 853x480, sims.png)

No. 248370

on the live they are making some game project renae (idk if i spelled it early)

No. 248371

>>project rene
They aint slick, they probably just gonna "Renew" sims 4 and thats the project. Honestly, I like Sims 4 so I don't care.

No. 248372

File: 1666114328056.jpeg (185.86 KB, 1593x991, FfXl1hcWQAAaIdc.jpeg)


No. 248373

whats that, i know its project rene but what does it do.

No. 248374

It looks like buy mode.

No. 248375

This does look awesome ngl

The pronouns on every speaker was so embarrassing

No. 248376

what the fuck is this?is this sims 5

No. 248377

I think it looks cool but I'm not much of builder. I just hope they don't use the whole crossplay between phones and pc to dumb the game down further

No. 248379

Who gives a shit about build mode. Tell me what they are planning to do with gameplay and sims AI that is absolute shit

No. 248380

Will the baby crawling update be in 2023?

No. 248381

File: 1666114667423.png (628.97 KB, 759x412, Capture.PNG)

If it has phone crossplay it's over, it's gonna be shit with microtransitions in buy mode like sims 3. I think this is a picture of game play?

No. 248383

What's this?

No. 248384

They showed you can share your creations, so maybe you can just download cute shit other ppl make

No. 248386

File: 1666114847513.png (751.38 KB, 723x503, Capture.PNG)

sims 5, will it work on my potato?

No. 248387

There's a colorwheel here, I didn't clip it my bad

No. 248389

they didnt say this was sims 5 though.

No. 248390

Oh nevermind I wonder if they asorbed the Paralives people or this is some mobile shit? I'm not watching the stream

No. 248391

Well can someone explain what it is? I'm not watching the stream, just trying to see what was announced.

No. 248392

This is the future that Patreon whores like cowbuild created. Enjoy you're regulated EA approved only CC.

No. 248393

How? Like can't people still make websites or they literally going to track what we put in our game and Simsfinds etc. will be shut down?
Or is it the option to upload to their shit and the mods be "EA approved". I'm not watching btw.

No. 248395

File: 1666115259860.png (434.64 KB, 380x666, ruykmryum.PNG)

>highest quality mods

No. 248397

>I'm not watching btw
Yes you said it three times already you fucking retard. Wait for an article if you don't wanna watch a 15min video you can skip through.

No. 248398

i dont know exactly either but its related to project rene (no idea what that is).

No. 248400

calm down

No. 248401

Ok then, thanks. I don't really like the layout If it's some kind of build mode, but I guess we'll find out more about it some other time.
I'm another anon who said I wasn't watching the stream, and I only said it once so it's definitely multiple different anons. Chill out.

No. 248404

Downloaded Sims 4 since it's free, I haven't played a Sims game since that Sim hotel game for the DS. Played it like a dress up game for 2 hours and then immediately got seasick trying to do the camera controls for the actual game and got annoyed that my Sims were fighting for no reason and closed the game kek. I'm not built for Simming.

No. 248405

nice, what are some places or tags to use to find already made sims?

No. 248409

The sims reddit is just annoying ngl, just go play sims 3 or support paralives instead of spending all day complaining about a game/company you don't like. I get criticism but it's so annoying to wade through 50 identical posts about the same shit that ends with, "welp, guess i'm going back to sims 3/2! I'm going to support paralives it's better!"
If so many people hate the game, why even be on the subreddit or follow it at all?

No. 248410

unpopular opinion sims 3 is overrated.

No. 248412

File: 1666117438621.jpg (105.99 KB, 563x960, tumblr_463476cc1e29f042b265aa8…)

No. 248414

It's just as broken as sims 4 tbh and they just left it that way. I enjoy both games, but I hate how Sims 4 just has people who don't even play or like the game but make it their personality to involve themselves in every conversation about to talk about how they hate it, don't play it and/or still buy DLC they hate. So they can hate on it. Just play the other games, they are great and better.

No. 248416

I reported a mod creator who keeps their shit behind Paywalls forever and nothing happened a while back.

No. 248427

I would really like to get into Sims 2 (or any other Sims game for the matter) but I honestly find it really stressful. Kinda sureprised that this franchise is seen as something for casuals when I'm struggling so much to make my Sims not miserable. I refuse to use cheatcodes

No. 248458

Hey just a question but in which folder do i put the premade sims cc and lot cc in.
I know you put the other cc's in mods but what about lots and already made sims?

No. 248464

Just put the cc in the cc folders like you do normal cc. Put the premade lot/sim files in the tray folder

No. 248474

File: 1666128245234.png (11.41 MB, 3840x2184, project-rene.png)

so what do we think about project rene, nonas? early days of course but I get a strong sims mobile vibe from it.

No. 248502

didn't they hire twistedmexi? i guess this is what she's making for them

No. 248635

Looks like the same ugly low poly blocky lego art style of TS4 so it probably(hopefully) either isnt TS5 or its very early in development.

No. 248636

Sims 4 is the worst sims game ever created, and EA does not give a single shit. Keep crying and caping for over priced garbage games, no one actually plays it, they create same face OCs and build.

No. 248654

>nobody actually plays it

copium, millions of people play it and it’s predecessors daily, the problem is that most of the important functions of a sandbox game like dining, leisure/fun, and seasons/weather and travel is locked behind pricey micro transactions and a million of them you have to buy that eventually slows your game down into a buggy, unplayable mess. the game would be perfectly playable if the backend of the entire franchise did not put impossible time/financial constraints on their employees and workers and impossible superhuman deadlines and last minute decisions and pure greediness. the only thing that people should be mad about is that the entire gaming industry is following this ugly new trendy profitable model of gaming where casual/moderately challenging games like fortnite that you can play on your PCs/gaming consoles have to look like a mobile game and function exactly like that, because they must appeal to the lowest common denominator who can’t even figure out how to download a mod and put in their game folder. the sims is no longer complex or fleshed out because of that, it was going to be exactly like their sims mobile game before they scrambled before the deadline and they were missing important elements like toddlers, pools and base game neighborhoods that looked finished. it’s going to be the end of an era where women, their largest demographic, can have a game where they can creatively build and create things without it being in the mist of violence/sex/misogyny rated M fodder like other sandbox games GTA. noticed how animal crossing was shat on because a specific demographic of women likes to play it because it wasn’t “real mature” like real manly games? kek, yeah, you think sims is exempt from that? they also certainly don’t care for who actually plays the game which are young children, teens, and women. the sims 4 would have been a decent game if it was given proper time to flourish and they didn’t l, people know there are good even great parts of the game that make them come back, it’s also a negative mix of corporate fuckery that ruins it

No. 248659

Can we stop it with this stupid "women are pure and hate violence" thing? No woman is like any other woman and we all like different things. Some like ultra-violent games, some like comfy games like Animal Crossing.

No. 248660

Agreed. I'm a complete TS2 supremacist myself but the constant ongoing circlejerk about how TS4 could never is so damn annoying. I thought I'd be safe from that on /r/Sims2 but even there every third or so post seems to be "That's why our game is better ♥". Like, the game's still there. If you already know it's so much better, why not go play it?

No. 248667

I agree that it can become irritating. I pirated TS4 over a year ago out of curiosity and it's ok. I haven't encountered any game breaking bug that wasn't caused by mods or CC and there is fun to had in the game. It's certainly lacking compared to TS2 and TS3. TS2 has the depth of simulation, the superior AI and there are so many smalls details included that 18 years after first playing it the game still surprises me with things I haven't seen before. TS3 is a huge game with almost endless combinations of things to do and sims to create. TS4 isn't bad, it just isn't as good as TS2 or TS3 and no matter how much content Maxis crams into it, TS4 never will be because the main issue with TS4 is it's core gameplay, shallow simulation and limited game engine.

No. 248695

File: 1666198922162.png (851.87 KB, 1137x593, 2022.10.19-16.39.png)

I love the build mechanics Sims 4 has, and the multitasking etc. I love TS2 just because of the nostalgia factor, but it's nerve wracking to play it in fear of corruption borking your save or you whole game. TS3 is unplayable with the lag. TS4 run very (for me at least), but something about it feels a bit shallow. Maybe it's partly my age too. Maybe I would enjoy it as much as I did TS2 if I was 12 again? I don't know.

I started playing TS4 again after a while, finally had a lil vampire baby on my lesbian vampire legacy family yay

No. 248696

just got sims 4 for free on steam lets gooooo

No. 248697

TS4 rebels updated and the requests are open. So if some retarded cc creator has their cc locked for months and you don't want to give these fucks money, then put in a request. Or see if it's on TS4 Rebels. Do not give these idiots money for CC, half of the shit these people "Create" are stolen meshes from other games or brought.

No. 248699

I love you nona

No. 248701

Im autistic, I like to spend at least a hour downloading mods before I play. In doing that, I often run into paywalled cc, so I keep a fucking list if it's over a month old.
Already have to deal with EA trying to sell shit, can't even download fucking recolored dresses without some fucker trying to charge you $10 a month.
I'd rather give my money to an a Modder, like the basemental Drugs guy or someone who creates mods AND gives free updates. At least I'm paying for something thats game play.
Anyway heres the link- https://ts4rebels.cc/ for anyone interested.

No. 248718

No. 248720

Tell me you havent played Sims 2 without telling me in a nutshell

No. 248726

Jsyk, apparently all the "Never do X or it'll trash your game!!!!!" about deleting Sims, or gravestones or moving between hoods in TS2 we've been fed for the past decade isn't all that game breaking as it's been made out to be lol. EA may be incompetent, but turns out they're not that incompetent after all.

No. 248732

What? I've played it for thousands and thousands of hours since I've been a kid. Are you not aware how easy TS2 is ridiculously easy to corrupt? https://sims.fandom.com/wiki/Game_guide:Avoiding_corruption

No? I've certainly had issues with all my long running saves in TS2 which has discouraged me from playing, as you feel like all your work has gone to nothing as it eventually crashes and burns

To both anons, do not take my criticism of TS2 as some personal attack kek. I love the game, people just seem to have major nostalgia goggles on, when all the Sims games have issues. It's a personal preference which one you like the best, idk why people get so heated about it.

No. 248738

Im going to cram 30gb of custom content into my sims 4 HAHAHAHAHAHHA

No. 248746

I have 99Gb of mods and 800 files

No. 248753


IS your game okay????

No. 248757

I admire your dedications, nonnies. I can only make it to 10-11gb before I can feel my save file becoming suicidal.

No. 248758

I've got 8000 files with just over 2GB overall, mods being aroud 550 and 45MB, how is this possible lmao

No. 248759

most mods that i find have quite alot mb in them, i dont have that many files but its still alot of gb.

how do you have 8000 files being just 2gb.

No. 248760

File: 1666209457312.png (3.21 KB, 252x82, sim anon.PNG)

99gb anon here, yeah It's mostly CC that i merge into 1gb files. I'm also- >>248701 >>248697, so it's self explantory. I love CC and download a lot of it.
My computer is pretty shitty (8gb ram and 500gb space), my game runs like a C+. I have all the Expansions, 90% of the Gamepacks and maybe 70% of the stuff packs.
I have no kits because fuck kits.
I play with my sim on very high, view distance on and the reast of my graphics are mid-to high.

No. 248784

File: 1666214852791.png (Spoiler Image,248.03 KB, 620x422, Kleos Bunny Boy - Peach.png)

picrel has nothing to do with the question.

Give me some good sims male body skins or presets.

No. 248800

Now the game is free does anyone think it would be a good idea to come up with a LC recommended mods list for new players?

No. 248808

I made one of essential mods-
>>248347. Here
But I've been thinking of making a lolcow themed "CC Pack," basically just cow spotted/farm themed CC.maybe throw it up on a random Google drive, but I'd 100% be into sharing mods or recommendations

No. 248816

>can we stop this

no, fuck off nonna

No. 248829

File: 1666224604945.jpg (11.99 KB, 235x309, gma.jpg)

i aint reading this shit since you called expansion packs 'microtransactions'.

No. 248922

can manhate or even transhate gameplay mods (if they exist) be included

No. 248939

There is a violence mod you can kill sims with and start gangs https://sacrificialmods.com/downloads.html#extreme-violence-download

Also theres some LGBTQBBQ mod that adds the trait "transphobic" lmaoo https://www.patreon.com/posts/pimpmysims4-lgbt-50606800

No. 248940

cool, can the violence mod be tweaked in some way so only the female sims autonomously attack the males and never the other way round?

No. 248941

Idk, maybe if you learn to code

No. 248944

those traits actually take up a sim's trait slot? so you can actually make at least a third or so of a sim's personality being legbutt? and everything they can do with it is talk about being a legbutt? literally what's the point

No. 248948

It's how things in the wokieland work, you have your identity in place of actual personality kek

No. 248950

Anyone else feel really stressed out for missing all cc when you don't play for a while or check blogs etc? Then you feel like you need to catch up and it's an undaunting task

No. 248983

What’s even really supposed to happen? They just make it unplayable or the mod not work anymore? Paywall shit whatever it’s shitty but there’s some real illegal ass mods I hope they’ve been able to get removed.

No. 249025

File: 1666266681633.png (106.65 KB, 286x432, KOKOK.png)

I just made my first sim on sims 4 and he looks botched and weird ASF

No. 249026

File: 1666266711895.png (96.36 KB, 247x408, JIJI.png)

Also not all of the cc i have shows up for some reason

No. 249028

Which kpop boy is this

No. 249037

It looks like dog boy.

No. 249044

thank you for sharing this abomination

No. 249048

Between this monster and the (actually cute) gyaru sim an anon posted the other day, I feel like maybe I should play the sims

No. 249055

If you have a legal copy of the base game you can unlock all the DLC for free if you're prepared to sail the high seas.

I was thinking that something like a pastebin document with clickable links to different mods under descriptive headers along with advice about mod settings and finding free CC from recommended creators.

For example TS2 players trying TS4 for the first time are probably going to want a mod that adds an attraction system, where as TS3 players might be more interested in recommended settings for MCCC story progression.

No. 249057

File: 1666273863202.jpg (12.27 KB, 296x296, 1463085491510.jpg)

No. 249058

kek this is why I can't really use alpha cc. It only looks good in posed screenshots away from all other ingame sims and items

No. 249060

I don't understand why they made TS4 free but not TS3… Does anyone know a free from viruses place to pirate 3 from?

No. 249062

fitgirl-repacks has the complete edition iirc

No. 249073

File: 1666279716138.png (1.07 MB, 645x880, blue witch.png)

you should try it, i want to see sims other nonnies have made

No. 249075

File: 1666280080374.jpg (20.12 KB, 341x379, Screenshot 2022-10-20 113436.j…)

god I love Eloise so much. I've never actually liked a townie before

No. 249079

There's a subreddit called piracy that has links. (probably not allowed to share here)

No. 249142

File: 1666293804299.png (Spoiler Image,312.45 KB, 620x477, Cows.png)

No. 249158

i'd like to live for an hour with the mind of a person who came up with these

No. 249163

No. 249168

Late reply but iirc you can actually click on a sim amd enable/disable autonomous killing and I think you can also allow/disallow them from being killed as well. You would have to click on every sim but it could be done.

No. 249170

like >>249062 nona says, fitgirl has entire collection which is actually a repack of version from games4theworld. i didn't have any issues so far. same for ts2 from games4theworld, it's fine so far but it was really annoying to install.

No. 249214

don't remind me. i haven't downloaded anything since august and i know it'll probably take me hours to find everything i would have wanted in the time that's passed since then. also scrolling through ts4 rebels changelogs is a pain

No. 249266

File: 1666327016330.png (6.66 KB, 332x184, storage.PNG)

you are like a little baby. watch this

No. 249272

So do you click download on every individual CC or is there some magical CC pack site I don't know of? I found few channels that seem to offer folders but idk if that's even safe to download.

No. 249274

For sims 2 you can go too DJ repacks for super easy installing.
For the sims 3 I’d recommend anaduis repacks because it comes with a smooth patch and overwatch, which solves the crashing problem sims 3 is known for.

No. 249278

It's a looong process scouring obscure cc sites, finding a cute cc piece just to then discover there was some tumblr drama years ago so the creator deleted their blog and now you can't find the cc anymore etc fun stuff

No. 249289

for me it's been years and years and countless hours of accumulation because i am an e-hoarder. i've probably spent more time CC hunting than playing the actual game itself. i usually download from individual patreon and tumblr backlogs but sometimes i'll look through TSR or simsfinds if i'm really desperate. it's really just a matter of finding a creator you like and going through their notes/patrons to see what other creators do something similar over and over again ad infinitum.

No. 249407

Alot of these channels link to a patreon (Which is safe) but want you to PAY for their CC folders OR they link to a googledrive or megafiles. I wish they'd just use SimsfileShare.
Basically I just check TS4 Rebels, go to the vault and try to see if they uploaded whatever, the fuck I'm looking for.
Also, t helps to follow creators on tumblr and just check there

No. 249652

Ugh, Kelsey Impicciche is including trannies in her Not So Berry challenge. I guess I’m gonna have to skip the rest of the rose generation.

No. 249933

File: 1666541984057.png (1.17 MB, 1146x605, 2022.10.22-21.18.png)

You guys have any recommendations of lot creators? Preferably cc-free (or very light cc / cc included), overhauls of game lots or even save games with overhauled lots?

No. 250093

What challenges do you anons like doing?
Stuff like the 100 babies challenge for example.

No. 250110

There's no one specific good lot builder. You can just try placing different builds from the gallery to see which matches your style. But in my personal experience, the top most downloads (mostly from youtubers) aren't good. They're so samey and boring (like their youtube channels).

No. 250246

File: 1666643161649.jpg (521.45 KB, 600x853, 072969f072caa0c2185be904b6bb3a…)

I thought of lolcow when I saw this,it's also free.

No. 251209

Has this worked for you nonna? Ever since I saw your post I’ve been contemplating it

No. 251375

I don't use it myself, I use the full anadius crack because it means I don't have to deal with origin or any of EA's other bullshit. The full crack works really well and it's easy to update.

No. 252138

File: 1667332445180.jpg (103.98 KB, 1200x800, Ri28myNM.0.jpg)

I don't have good feelings about this.

No. 252365

Same, I don't have high hopes in EA/The Sims team anymore after the monstrosity that was TS4.
I know i'm late but Kelsey is a former Buzzfeed giga handmaiden. Best believe pandering will be part of every video.

No. 252537

Youse think EA might introduce paid community mods and enforce the use of the exchange/store/etc harsher when 5 arrives (as in only being able to install mods through the exchange)?

No. 253612

the discussion here is mostly sims 4 but does anyone watch bigmouths sims 2 series? i love it so much and i'll be sad when it ends, she only has one season more planned. It's so well made and makes me love the premades even more she gave them so much depth

No. 253978

What are your unpopular/unconventional premade headcanons? mine are:
>Mortimer Goth is a shitty scrote who wanted to get rid of Bella because he was perving on his sisters-in-law and he was already aware of their alien ancestry which he found convenient to frame them for Bella's disappearance
>Dina Caliente is not an "evil golddigging schemer", she really is dumb as a rock, Nina isn't evil either, she just isn't nice and doesn't give any fucks
>Mary-Sue Pleasant is a narc mom with a neglectful disengaged husband and father to the twins, Angela is the golden child, Lilith is the scapegoat, neither twin is "good" or "bad"
>Don Lothario definitely groomed Cassandra Goth as a "rebound"
>Brandi Broke is supposed to be a teen mom, no elixir of life involved, likely groomed too
>Kaylynn Langerak is a huge pick-me and most likely a tradthot wannabe
>Circe Beaker has a thing for grumpy blond science boys, married Loki because at least he isn't an incel like Vidcund Curious, Circe and Loki are actually a very loving couple in the unholy matrimony way
>Vidcund is such an incel and so not over Circe he's actually a little gay for Loki "to understand what she sees in him"
>both Circe and Loki sometimes feel bad for Nervous Subject every once in a while for like… 3 seconds or so
>Nervous has serious brain damage from all the experiments but deep down there really is a lovely man underneath the surface
>Circe and Loki probably both get off to torturing Nervous outside those occasional 3 seconds, it's great foreplay for them
>General Buzz Grunt is alienphobic because he's afraid of anorectal violence and mpreg, doesn't really mind other occults actually
>Tank can be quite nice when not under Buzz' thumb, definitely another narc parent case going on in there, Lyla got away, Tank remained the golden child, Ripp the scapegoat and Buck the invisible one
>the entire Curious bunch actually really fetishize aliens to an obscene extent, PT#9 also fetishizes Sims so it just works
>aliens in general are culturally obsessed with Bella Goth the same way bitchy gays are obsessed with Britney Spears
>Olive Specter is the absolute gigastacy everyone loves to hate and hates to love, she didn't kill ALL of the people in her graveyard, many of them were unfortunate accidents as an excuse for the Grim Reaper to get close to her because she's that much of a gigastacy
>she did kill some of them though because she still really is not nice at all but most of the time she was probably just like "i wish this sim would just FUCKING DIE" and the Reaper was happy to oblige
>Albany and Cornwall Capp definitely both groomed their way into the Capp family
>Albany is a trad scrote who wanted a rich bangmaid baby factory to leech off
>Cornwall was probably some softboi wannabe loser idk (he probably seduced Regan with crappy poetry or some other fake deep shit) but Regan and him still have better chance of working it out because they always have at least 2 bolts chemistry even with literally incompatible turn-ons/offs and so they keep boinking like bunnies and they also both like shmoney
Keep in mind that I have only played these sims on the PC version of Sims 2

No. 254038

Doing my first ever legacy challenge, and my founder is pregnant for the first time! The only rule I'm playing with is that women have to be heirs. I'm really excited, I only started playing Sims 4 when the base game became free but it's so much fun. What's the most amount of generations nonnies here have played with?

No. 254065

samefagging to say i fucking hate toddlers and this was a mistake

No. 254076

The longest amount of generations I went through was actually 10, and I only did it once. Since then I attempted to start a generation challenge multiple times but I didn't go further than 3 generations because for some reason my sims started getting insanely stupid the more I had of them in the household a few patches back. Not sure if it's the sheer amount of mods or what, because I even upgraded my pc and it should be more than equipped to handle sims 4.

No. 254153

>sims getting stupider multiple generations in
are you inbreeding them?

No. 254358

now James Turner introduced an enby character. why can’t i watch a nice let’s play without having genderspecial woo woo shoved down my throat by virtue signaling straight people? i hate this community.

No. 254515

love all your headcanons anon, i see angela as the golden child and a victim too, i try and make the twins friends once they are away from their crazy family. My Bella married morty for money but decided to pretend to have been taken by the aliens to live the single life, don helped to cover up for her. He felt guilty so he tried to be there for cassandra and then took it too far and got into a relationship with her. Dina and morty supported each other after the loss of their partners and fell in love, then bella decides to come back and pretend she has memory loss and has no idea where she was, she only came back cause she wouldn't be getting money when he dies since it would go to the new wife so she wants morty back. Sometimes i have Bella be a witch and kill dina and then come back soon after. Other times morty is living with both of them and then he cheats on dina with bella.

No. 254588

the sims general on /vg/ is such a shithole. every time i go there it's just a bunch of pedobait and ugly sameface trannies. does anyone know if there's any other forum/imageboard where people discuss the sims? lolcow is great but this thread is really slow. simsecret is also good, but that's only once a week and kind of limited based on the format. i need to get my fix somewhere that isn't tumblr

No. 254589

There's a dead thread on CC and that's it for image boards. There's still a few active old forums but they generally don't talk about TS4. Most sims discussion outside of tumblr happens on reddit or in discords full of enbies and gender specials that will ban you unless you use the correct pronouns.

No. 254594

that's so sad. i guess i'll just have to bully my friends into playing so i can talk about it with them. and check back in on this thread occasionally of course

No. 254701

why are sims 4 babies born so grey? it weirds me out

No. 254705

be the change you want to see in the world anon, sperg and more spergs will join you.

No. 254711

I just realized how dumb that sounds because I wrote it right before sleep. I actually meant the simulation lag kept increasing because of a bigger household + a bigger house and it really sucks. There was some inbreeding though, ironically kek

No. 254747

Do you have the bug where the baby is the wrong colour? For example two black parents will produce a pure white baby?

No. 254921

Started the notsoberry challenge a couple months ago currently on generation green and ever since the high school years pack unwanted update fucked everything up I can’t complete my sims tech guru aspiration my sim is not able to livestream from their computer which always puts them in a bad moodlet of unfulfilled dreams. I don’t have city living expansion so I don’t have the game console as a substitute. They haven’t fixed the bug and it’s been months now. Is there any patches to fix this?

No. 254991

nta but is that a bug? i thought it was because babies are just objects tied to cribs so they come in limited colors. it’s weird and i miss babies being actual interactive beings like in past games.

No. 254996

funny you should say that. i think one of the next major base game updates is going to improve infants. i only use the sims 4 as a dressup doll game so i don't really care about babies, but i guess i'm glad to know that they're doing something other than endless kits.

No. 255014

If it's simulation lag try limiting the game to 30 fps and using this

Babies have four skin tones and it's supposed to make sense when considering the skin tones of their parents. Instead the colour of the baby is completely random. The child has the right skin tone when aged up to a toddler.

If you use Cheats UI you can just right click on aspiration goals in the panel to complete them.

No. 255118

neat, i don’t like playing with sim babies at all i always age them up as soon as possible kek

No. 255122

is the fear ruining things? you can download mods to get rid of or reduce fears if you’re on pc but can’t think of the names off the top of my head. wants and fears are borked as all hell and the option to hide them in the settings does nothing because they still show. the unfulfilled dreams one is especially annoying because iirc, if your sims get frustrated enough while the fear is in effect they won’t follow when you command them to do something.

No. 255204

File: 1668519295244.png (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 1425x729, simsfinds moment.png)

does anyone have a good resource for relatively practical and "modest" female clothing? it seems like whenever i go to the main sites i end up getting nothing but stuff like picrel, super skimpy and impractical bikini bottom crop tops with weird cut-outs. while there is less cc for male sims on average, the stuff they do have is pretty normal by comparison (long sleeved t-shirts, suits, etc). i am so desperate for adult female cc that isn't relentlessly thotty

No. 255206

No. 255210

thank you! i thought liliili deactivated, so i'm glad she's back. here are a few other cc creators i like in case anyone else wants to provide similar recs

No. 255223

>If it's simulation lag try limiting the game to 30 fps and using this
Thanks nonnie, I'll try it next time the sims 4 itch comes back. I actually used to have the fps limited on my old laptop because it was old, I didn't know it inadvertenly helped with simulation lag kek

No. 255391

i’m still playing on an old patch offline, because a) i don’t know if the features of the newer patches are worth it and b) since my game was pirated and installing it involved the sims 4 demo which has since been removed, i think the way the repack works has changed? should i bother or keep playing offline

also apparently they removed the ability for werewolves to eat certain objects which is a bummer because there’s something about having a werewolf sim eat the dumbest things in public to freak other sims out

No. 255457

I'm having so much trouble finding my cute shirts that ARE NOT CROPPED
finding a shirt that's a full shirt but not some purposely frumpy shut is my goal. Cc creators even make fucking cropped coats.

No. 255458

Also nonnies who are your favorite Townes to remake in the sims 4?
>Candy & Yuki Behr
>Alice Martin
> Vanessa Jeong
>Penny Pizzaz
>Bella and Cassandra

No. 255461

If you want to update the game there's two main options. Use the anadius updater or get the base game for free and use the DLC Unlocker.

Both can be found here

If you're unsure on what to do there's guides here

Personally I regret updating my game beyond werewolves. The highschool pack has caused nothing but problems and the features of the pack don't even work.

No. 255595

i do have the updater (i have kaos krew repack which i believe uses anadius? don’t know if i’m using the right wording my friend has the install files on a portable drive for himself and i decided to use it after) the repack also comes with a dlc toggler to enable/disable packs and two separate shortcuts to play online or offline. i’m just not sure if the update is worth it for me or what exactly will change. when i first installed i’d logged into ea with a burner account via browser, got the sims 4 demo, iirc i didn’t even have to install origin. had to put in a remid cookie before i could start the game. online and offline did work, could use the gallery with the account, also turned off share usage data just in case etc, but i’m not on the latest patch so i’ve stayed offline.

i’m guessing that with the demo no longer available that might have changed. i’m definitely able to update with the updater but i was wondering if that means i have to go through a whole process again since the demo is gone, i hear ea desktop is needed now and that cracked games can no longer access the gallery (i could be wrong). sorry if this sounds dumb. that being said, i’ll check the link if i can get more clarification. thanks for the help nonna.

No. 255648

It says that the remind cookie method is out of date
If that is just for new downloads or if the remid cookie will continue to work on existing installations I'm not sure. I use the anadius repack with the updater but I've never bothered with the gallery and just play offline.

The new method either seems to be legal free base game + DLC Unlocker or this

No. 255807

what hair is that?? it's gorgeous

No. 255820

I hate seeing non-simlish text in sims cc tbh

No. 255836

No. 255866

File: 1668726353670.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.06 KB, 1428x848, wHGQCJR.jpg)

the sims 5/project rene got leaked. apartments are confirmed and the world is based on france

No. 255867

File: 1668726402192.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.33 KB, 821x466, w5MQTGW.jpg)

No. 255868

File: 1668726497855.jpg (Spoiler Image,121.56 KB, 1531x850, rd0W51r.jpg)

No. 255869

File: 1668726575889.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.98 KB, 852x849, pT3XTRY.jpg)

the models look more cartoonish but it's still a test