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File: 1646704759879.png (701.69 KB, 852x477, Asobi Asobase.PNG)

No. 187706

Want to gush about some ships? Have any particular tropes you like? Pleased by how the fandom treats certain pairings? Feel free to rant about anything OTP related here.

No. 187707

File: 1646705527952.gif (5.92 MB, 640x360, tomgreg-succession.gif)


No. 187715

File: 1646708750645.jpg (30.53 KB, 738x415, the one straight ship that sav…)

Idk when I started shipping them, all I know is that I started reading the fics about them and I couldn't stop, then I was too deep into it. Weird ship, there is like, 1 woman writing 90% of them and the rest might be written by Elizabeth Banks herself.. probably.

No. 187716

Walter White x Jesse Pinkman

No. 187719

they deserve each other

No. 187720

my otp is phoenix and (grown) maya.
take that nonnys

and keep making threads with pics from asobi asobase and youll wind up kissed if youre not careful

No. 187739

File: 1646717172205.jpg (278.51 KB, 1280x1068, ozli7nyfDM1v7ydreo1.jpg)

god help me, i still ship it

No. 187777

not a ship I think about a lot but yes! I loved Haymitch, mostly in the books. He looked perfectly as he should in the movies, but so much of his content (like his fucked up past in the hunger games) got cut.
Anyway he and Effie have such an interesting dynamic. I wish there were more fics, when I was looking for them years back, they were pretty rare

No. 187788

File: 1646736850252.jpg (63.11 KB, 591x800, 9a515060404aac7fc74d97fab8eb00…)

i want a gf like maleficent.

No. 187809

File: 1646749119078.jpeg (279.92 KB, 736x1040, 714174C5-B9FC-4C70-B0F3-BB73FF…)

These three together

No. 187815

File: 1646750610909.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.29 KB, 906x1200, 023e671ad25d5c57d2fa8a47ad2234…)


No. 187819

File: 1646752941412.jpg (512.4 KB, 675x928, The Big O by Ugg.jpg)

My OTP now and forever.

No. 187838

I kind of wish they stayed a platonic friend group forever.

No. 187846

File: 1646763728525.jpg (134.37 KB, 1200x902, gabrielle_and_xena.jpg)

I've been rewatching Xena for the first time since I watched while it was airing when I was a kid and HOLY FUCK they are so gay for each other. How can it even be called subtext when it's this overt? I am loving it

No. 187850

Great taste!

No. 187851

File: 1646766007571.jpg (108.38 KB, 1024x1154, zPePhungz-dva.jpg)


No. 187863

Yep, this isn't a ship, they're official life partners. Love them.

No. 187922

File: 1646782363242.gif (1.57 MB, 498x278, 17C5469D-5974-4386-8A3C-E118C2…)

kill la kill mako and gamagori.

No. 187960

File: 1646790977792.jpg (91.5 KB, 668x1162, 33591651_p0.jpg)

No one knows these characters cause obscure 90's OVA but all I can say is, Mosquiton and Inaho forever!

No. 187961

File: 1646791213410.jpg (38.15 KB, 708x510, sexymaid.jpg)

dey fuck, in fact I like the idea of the entire Lupin cast bangin each other in various ways (and so does most of the fandom it seems)

No. 187970

File: 1646796861198.png (476.7 KB, 1447x2047, FEXeWPCaUAAk8B2.png)

I want these two to become canon so bad

No. 188007

File: 1646801562414.jpg (56.4 KB, 735x484, ab21b039f6738765e72e2accfd2a1a…)

Speaking of Golden Kamuy…
I know they'll never be canon and honestly idc, but I think it would be cool if Ogata was at least
canonized to be attracted to men. I wonder if Noda would be that mad lad

No. 188008

File: 1646801694805.png (792.43 KB, 1920x1080, Maya_and_Phoenix.png)

If Mia was alive then otp for sure but I really dig maya and phoenix together.

No. 188013

File: 1646802239319.png (999.26 KB, 1201x907, export202203082303590520.png)

Also I prefer Edgeworth and Gumshoe together. Phoenix/Edgeworth fags sorry.

No. 188072

File: 1646818262066.jpg (874.87 KB, 1179x901, a3jybelz82v51.jpg)

too much narumayo ITT

No. 188110

File: 1646829081802.jpg (21.36 KB, 448x252, tiger and bunny.jpg)

I posted here already but I just remembered these two and the fact I'll never get over it. I just want them to kiss, just one kiss, is that too much to ask???? We all know whats up with them

No. 188119


No. 188124

File: 1646831857665.png (155.01 KB, 800x800, 34479224_p0.png)

The only ship where I go full retarded fujo, sorry but they were just meant to be. The fact that we never see Madea's wife says it all.

No. 188133

I don’t even want to watch the anime because I know I will get mad at them not kissing. They’re just so cute together.

No. 188134

They were such a cute ship. I want them to raise Kanade together.

No. 188142

File: 1646834648100.jpeg (224.7 KB, 600x800, BA0EE8E0-9756-49D4-A491-AF0016…)

Pardon my sperg but. I want Lemrina and Harklight to save Slaine, I can see it, they join forces to save him from Inahoe’s dumbass neverland where Slaine is depressed.
Lemrina would wear a cool Martian suit that would let her walk and Harklight would drive her to earth where they fight the human guards as two rogue martians who just want to see their beloved safe and sound.
Then they run away to Lemrina’s palace, a place built by Asselyum so her sister could have a happy life, away from the crown’s issues and away from war.
Lemrina and Harklight spend the rest of their lives with Slaine, who at first isn’t too happy about being rescued, because he thinks he doesn’t deserve to have a good life after what he did, but Harklight and Lemrina show him that he’s actually a great man and that they don’t need to prove themselves to anyone because they only need each other.
The palace has a cool indoor garden, a reality simulator, a training room, a bedroom for the three of them with a cool and humongous bathroom that looks like a greek temple, a huge library with human and martian literature, three giant robots, three ships and a huge ship where the three of them fit in so they can escape in case shit gets serious.
Sometimes Lemrina would visit Asselyum but Asselyum isn’t allowed to enter Lemrina’s palace because Slaine doesn’t ever want to see her, he still accepts the gifts that Asselyum sends to them.
Harklight will also have an arc in which he struggles with his servile personality, Slaine and Lemrina wouldn’t want him to act like a butler all of the time, so it would take lots of time for him to finally stop doing so and be more like himself.
I hate how I liked these characters so much.

No. 188145

There's going to be a second season in April, maybe they'll kiss this time. Or not.

No. 188155

nta, but I don't doubt they'll maximize the gay/yaoi undertones on their relationship. Considering it got picked up by netflix or smth, I'm just theorizing.

But I'm really sure they'll give nathan a boyfriend. I always ship him with antonio though.

I'm dreading they'll troon pao-lin and call herself nonbinary considering she's a tomboy.

No. 188166

File: 1646839263049.jpeg (317.99 KB, 720x1200, 9116C7E0-DF71-4DC8-B5DD-BDAD6E…)

cute! one of my favs from the series.
I love them so much, they are so entertaining and hot together. I absolutely dont believe noda would make any ship canon either, but these two would have great potential if it would be that kind of series. Their hatemance and its canon portrayal truly is something else lol. shits getting real in the raws, I need the gk thread back hrrrggh

No. 188167

I doubt they'll do that to Paolin since Nathan is already taking the enby role, according to some interview. I'll always see him as nothing but a flaming gay guy though.

No. 188221

File: 1646853612438.jpeg (427.25 KB, 1033x878, FF43EFA2-A64A-4C43-92ED-851345…)

>roast my favorite ship from when I was 12
Looking back, I really have no idea what the fuck.

No. 188239

File: 1646857559576.jpg (41.67 KB, 563x397, 76dcad1212fe3c60297fff3a4cb264…)

>they are so entertaining and hot together.
To be fair, I don't even think I want them to be canonically together and this is my opinion for like 90% of my gay ships because it would be just too unrealistic to have them together in a character standpoint and also given the time frame and culture they are in. It would feel too pandery and, too be completely honest, I don't even like fluffy or even domestic scenarios that comes with the territory of canon ships most of the times, and especially not for these dudes. I guess, to me, it would only work if it was like a dying moment confession of Ogata and Sugimoto is taken aback but respectful of it on Ogata's last breath, kinda like Ogata's lie about Sugimoto dying but with the roles reversed. Even so it sounds a bit cheesy, but weirder stuff has happened on GK lol
Sorry I got a bit too rambly AND THAT'S WHY WE NEED OUR THREAD BACK

No. 188259

File: 1646861612586.jpg (205.96 KB, 1529x1203, IMG_20220302_220547.jpg)

me x floyd
floyd x azul x jade
floyd x riddle
floyd x jade

No. 188268

Yes, but also
Jade x Azul x Me x Floyd
Jade x Me x Floyd

No. 188289

No. 188303

How do you even get a ship like this, what is the appeal?

No. 188322

bl wincest will never not be cute

No. 188347

It cute

No. 188350

File: 1646883434644.jpeg (300.79 KB, 828x776, CC985F93-010B-41BD-9402-26F467…)

They will always bring me comfort

No. 188359

File: 1646887571219.png (1.07 MB, 2000x1500, 79043829_p8.png)

I've always liked the franchise a whole lot, it's been one of the few things that keep me going and makes me smile. Kirby and Meta Knight are my favorite characters however I've started to gain a love for Dedede too, and then I realized something. KirDedede makes for a really fun pairing compared to other popular KirbyxCharacter ships like MetaKirby I don't hate mtkb, it's cute but I prefer kbddd over it. After all, I ship things like MetaSailor and MetaSusie too so it's just a matter of WHO Kirby is shipped with for me., it's cute too. As for the appeal, to put it simply they both can lift each other up plus their dynamic is cute with Kirby being cheery and sweet though I do like the idea of Kirby being a Bugs Bunny-tier little shit at times contrasting Dedede's somewhat grumpy, boisterous, prideful and lazy nature. To go in-depth, Kirby and Dedede are competitors at heart. Both would hate to lose and they both have a lot of self confidence in their inner strengths. Dedede is lazy and somewhat greedy, yes, but he HATES losing (We can see this as early as KSS but it's more apparent in KSSU). Dedede wants to be a great and strong leader his subjects look up to, adore, and respect. He wants to be the strongest in the sense of being great rather than personal benefit like Meta Knight. As his unbeatable rival, Kirby would see proposals to fight or challenges like Gourmet races as games and not grand ego-boosting challenges. Kirby is confident in his strength, along with having the actual strength to back up said confidence, he doesn't see Dedede as a true adversary. Even so, he still accepts Dedede's challenges. This makes their relationship complicated in a way, in that they sort of work with each other despite their conflictions! Dedede is motivated by Kirby to better himself and be a stronger king, because in a way, Dedede looks up to Kirby. Kirby accepts Dedede's many challenges and such to see how far Dedede has grown and to continue having fun and spend time with him. I can see Kirby, despite his strength, power, notoriety, and more, actually finding Dedede admirable just FOR that strength he continues to work hard and climb for and the fact that he cares for his subjects and such too. From all of this, I think they'd make a lovely pairing.
Plus there's more superficial things like their size difference, difference in powers, contrasting demeanors, species difference etc. that makes me like it.

No. 188361

Shoot. >>188359 was meant for >>188303

No. 188405

File: 1646908764887.jpeg (214.63 KB, 750x998, 987F2DE5-6B20-481C-A1CD-53C6A3…)

No. 188420

File: 1646913366274.jpeg (657.79 KB, 1000x1412, 5FD20CAD-A0A9-4A82-93D9-888D09…)

>To be fair, I don't even think I want them to be canonically together because it would feel to pandery
based and great taste! As much as I love these two I see it similar tbh. They do simply look good together, but a great deal of their appeal lies in the canon setting and situation, AU stuff is always lacking this so It doesnt do much for me as well even though their dynamic can be great on its own. Love your rambling btw I think its a cute idea! Honestly the flashback was already cheesy as fuck in canon and there has been way crazier stuff going on so this scenario is not too wild imo lol.
But I am always a bit sad when I discover a really good artist who is only into AU stuff because I really dont get much of the appeal as well.

No. 188480

File: 1646934532837.png (1.27 MB, 1800x1800, FKu-nH7acAAJue-.png)

This drawing is so cute!

Damn anon, for a moment I thought this was a page from the new chapter and I was about to lose my shit lol
>AU stuff is always lacking this so It doesnt do much for me as well even though their dynamic can be great on its own
>But I am always a bit sad when I discover a really good artist who is only into AU stuff because I really dont get much of the appeal as well.
Anon we share so much of the same views!! I completely agree with you. I like AU fanarts now and then and to have some ideas translated to modern time as a "Ha! Cool" moment, but as a setting for a doujin that is not pwp or fanfic, it just doesn't click with me. It feels too mundane and safe. If a story is well constructed with nice world building, the characters are usually very dependent on that world and its circumstances, so taking them away from that world you accidentally end up removing a lot of character, so it's them only in appearance and name.

No. 188528

File: 1646940054853.jpg (37.24 KB, 400x400, km.jpg)

Keiichi and Mion! I have nothing against shipping Keiichi with Rena, or even Mion with Rena, though. I really think that they are all so close and important to each other's lives that any combination makes sense. But I have definitely cried over Mion's love for Keiichi more than once since I first got into Higurashi ages and ages ago

No. 188594

Ngl, I kinda shipped it when I read the books but more in a “lol crackpairing” kind of way. Then the movie came out and for some reason, Woody Harelson and Elizabeth Banks had oddly good chemistry which I think ended up making the ship popular.

No. 188638

File: 1646976347834.jpg (49.64 KB, 545x657, eee07df9fb3da4cab7ac395705d2bb…)

They look cute together

No. 188851

File: 1647041746062.jpg (2.85 MB, 4096x4096, Girlfriends.jpg)

I love pink/pastel girl x dark/goth girl

No. 188859

File: 1647045024619.jpg (91.83 KB, 680x1000, 533.jpg)

Are there any more pink/dark where the pink is the butch aside from Utena?

No. 188863

I adore these two. Nanami and Utena were also an interesting pair to me when I had first watched this as a teen. Their antagonism to mutual understanding was so enamoring for some reason.

No. 188869

Other fish ship I like is Azul x Jamil

No. 188889

File: 1647056499442.jpeg (131.59 KB, 750x983, f705f52a037f3d8f1a753f1764e0cb…)

I love Snarry so god damn much, it's sad that nothing's been catching my eye fanfic wise.

I just love the pairing of asshole with no feelings and someone so full of sunshine. Plus they have the added dynamic of genius and idiot.

It's just too good.

No. 188891

File: 1647056970058.jpg (4 MB, 4096x4096, Girlfriends.jpg)

I also wanted to add Muffy and Étoile too

No. 188921

File: 1647089348536.jpg (73.01 KB, 623x817, tumblr_p5cdkl9byO1wr53lto1_640…)

how could you forget the OG ship

No. 188924

Okay but imagine their cute children.

No. 188947

File: 1647105227495.png (207.77 KB, 540x621, tumblr_50f3326542dc3b1f1751e7a…)

I never used to like their relationship until I watched GT. Especially that one episode where they're discussing how to get vegeta to ssj4 they were just so cute together that I am now totally on board this ship.

No. 189008

my otp is me x my husbando

No. 190499

File: 1647656004341.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x1350, nice.jpg)

I want based Gerri to teach Roman how to properly use his penis while calling him a scrote.

No. 190513

File: 1647666312427.jpeg (54.02 KB, 448x400, 25B9AA34-5FAA-419C-B971-958CB2…)

I’m not really a My Hero fag, so how popular is this ship? I think they look cute together.

No. 190515

they're both green. there's potential

No. 190554

File: 1647678527678.jpg (91 KB, 780x1091, primordial Miyu.jpg)

Come here https://8chan.moe/u/res/125.html

Are you my MIA mod?

No. 190558

File: 1647679041728.jpg (44.46 KB, 742x391, c01e9f00c3c33fef91187b0e0c2a0a…)

After years of lack of shipping, these two wrecked me on a complete new level

No. 190559

I watched Xena once when I was 8, and it was basically my lesbian awakening.

No. 190726

File: 1647735151668.png (41.66 KB, 250x333, 89AC95D9-9B99-4DD1-88C6-DE50D0…)


No. 190768

File: 1647757919632.jpg (211.44 KB, 650x650, __hatsune_miku_chibi_miku_and_…)

My one and only OTP

No. 190770

Annie’s pretty young, we try not to ship her

No. 190771

This is basically canon, so I don't count it as a ship.

No. 190774

ew gross

No. 190779

File: 1647767402022.jpg (91.2 KB, 333x500, d0fd50ba0e4844cfe1bcfbcc94c391…)

Agreed amazing chemistry between the two.

No. 190781

are you ddlg fag ?

No. 190785

File: 1647769066400.png (424.9 KB, 1024x577, purest couple.png)

Sebastian and Fenris from Dragon Age, my one and only OTP

No. 190786

>Muffy and Étoile

>that comic
Do you have a y chromosome

No. 190787

that 8chan post glows with xy retardation, ive never been more sure a 'stealthy' scrote posted something on lolcow

No. 190793

ew no, they are very wholesome in spite of the age gap. and if we have to be degenerate about it i only like sub!jeff.

No. 190794

Ok anon you get the based pass

No. 190807

File: 1647776809483.jpg (97.83 KB, 900x1391, m_lady_by_awanqi-db1nmwy.jpg)

Despite the coomer design, I liked 2B. Her and 9S had some very cute moments in the game.

No. 190809

File: 1647777155461.png (271.88 KB, 639x800, hehecuties.png)

Also, good boy and NASTY boy.

No. 190816

I love 2B's design but I thought she was kinda bland, and 9S was unbearable. Automata was a huge disappointment in general for me.

No. 190819

File: 1647778382545.jpg (139.18 KB, 1024x634, 927uwk81866161j751bs.jpg)

Bl shipping peaked with them

No. 190820

File: 1647778647234.png (1.33 MB, 1557x1200, 860126FE-D4E1-4B81-A669-783124…)

I agree. I love how defensive and protective she gets over him. And the cute matching shirts talk they had.
Luka x Miku ftw cotton candy hair
NTA but is it though? I thought he liked Makima and she liked Denji. Aki also had a lover in the past that we only got a short flashback of and wasn't really explained. They seemed just close coworkers to me

No. 190823

it's onesided and himeno is a gross coomerbait pedo but i guess nonas here love that type of women

No. 190827

Wtf just this single page is fucking disgusting.

No. 190829


No. 190830

>himeno is a gross coomerbait pedo
go back to twitter

No. 190834

About to play it, please tell me that their relationship isn't pedo or something? 9S looks kind of young

No. 190837

I fucking love this picture so much thank you for posting it anon

I don't interpret 9S as younger, he's just cute and short. I don't think he was designed to look and sound like a child either. They're both androids so they don't technically have an age, but they behave like two anime adults to me.

No. 190838

What legal shota cope is this? of course he's supposed to be younger.

No. 190839

Maybe I missed it but none of them have official ages, they're all androids and probably quite 'old' as in when they were made?>>190838
NTA but younger doesn't equal child. 2B and 9S are the same height anyway, she just wears heels.

No. 190841

How can you tell? He looks like a k-pop guy, he doesn't really behave like a child and in terms of "matureness" he's about the same as 2B. He could very well be a young adult. Also as >>190839 said, he appears shorter mostly because 2B wears heels.

As far as I know they don't have canon "human" ages, just their robot ones.

No. 190850

t. self inserts on degenerate alcoholic female pedos

No. 190858

The only kpop guys who look like him are probably underage themselves. He distinctly looks around 14 or 15, not mature.

I didn't say that it did. Len is 14 and he's the shota poster boy.

No. 190864

nta but he's clearly shota coded, the shorts give it away

No. 190866

I don't get this discussion, I think 9S and 2B look the same age either way.

No. 190870

File: 1647794101621.png (650.9 KB, 452x950, 9s.PNG)

Definitely looks older than a "shota". Could be 15-20 honestly. I doesn't really matter because 2B is the same, so nothing pedo is going on.

No. 190879

he's 160 cm he's clearly a shota

No. 190880

Unfortunately, adult manlets exist.

No. 190882

in the art where 2B is with 2S, she looks like she is 20 and he like he is 14 kek

No. 190883

Adult men no longer allowed to wear shorts due to possibility of pedo pandering, spread the word folks

No. 190885

are you really treating deliberately designed characters as if they are people making fashion choices (which also aren't made in a vacuum, see ddlg hijacking some clothes)? Because holy scrote logic

No. 190886

go back to twitter retard

No. 190890

How is noticing that designs are supposed to bring some connotations to mind a twitterfag idea? IDEK if 2S is supposed to look shota or not, but the argument about irl scrotes holds no water

No. 190891

File: 1647801532391.jpeg (988.69 KB, 3464x3464, FA221827-2B82-4E1C-B6A1-391557…)

>shota coded
Makes you sound like a retarded twitterfag, but, the real way to notice the difference between a young character that’s supposed to look childish and a mature character is comparing the face of a non-npc adult character with the character you got your doubts about.
He does look childish if you compare him to this other character, hell, you could even pretend the top one is the adult version of 9S.
I’ve never played the game though.

No. 190892

I have never played this game. Based on the proportions, it looks like a teenager. So not a child but not a grown man.

No. 190893

File: 1647801750347.jpeg (61.84 KB, 600x439, 95B71D19-4D65-426E-9A94-C6A4B1…)

Fuck twitter fuck discourse, all my ships are your mom coded minors

No. 190901

he's just a little meow meow

No. 190903

NTA but are people forgetting the clothes he wears? He was pretty obviously meant to appeal to shotafags

No. 190907

File: 1647806396060.jpeg (162.89 KB, 600x600, 9CEEA1DE-63EE-4413-B976-CC140A…)

That shit hurted so good

No. 190925

The character above also has an entirely different body type and height. He could be the same age (just tall and jacked) or a couple of years older. Though I think literally everyone looks a lot younger with the doll/anime style of the game.

I mean, you can believe that, but they're just shorts, so many other teenager/young adult game characters wear shorts. I think it was just a way to make his clothes cutesy, just like 2B was designed with a short frilly skirt, high heels and puff shoulders. From the proportions he has in-game he could be a 15 year old as well as a short 20 year old, just like literally every anime character.

Which one? If you mean the first one that got posted, the artist's just not good kek

No. 190957

there's lots of coping right now, trying to argue that he's just shortvlike yeah okay so is riddle from twisted wonderland… oh right except he is drawn by a famous shotacon

No. 190962

File: 1647816283040.jpeg (Spoiler Image,196.46 KB, 1000x1179, CF8AC25B-6E0F-4EB7-BE40-0625B7…)

hello my sisters I am with you

No. 191008

File: 1647835402379.jpeg (128.3 KB, 600x498, 39F2DEF7-21E6-44A7-B1E0-9180B8…)

idk what it is about these two that i love so much. i’m not even a furry

No. 191101

File: 1647881151774.jpg (144.11 KB, 850x585, nines.jpg)

Who cares about the supposed age of 9S, he's a fucking android. It's not like he looks like a 10 years old or something.

No. 191108

based the moralfags will have to pry this ship from my cold dead hands

No. 191126

His obvious crush on her was pretty adorable. Especially when she calls him “Nines” and quickly takes it back

No. 191127

But anon he's shorter than her that must mean he's 12 and she's a PEDO

That and when she carries him princess style after Adam's fight are the most adorable moments

No. 191137

Oh my god I forgot about how she carried him (literally and figuratively). I’m glad 9S has his Eng VA. when I first saw the game I was worried he’d be annoying but ended up being one of my favs and sympathetic

No. 191153

File: 1647892990975.jpeg (50.2 KB, 550x696, 52488EAF-342A-4B6D-8C94-B2B5D0…)

Since the old thread is dead I can post them again. I love them so much nonnas, I hate what happened to the anime and manga but I still can’t get enough of them together.

No. 191185

I don't remember anyone saying that he's a literal child, that the ship is pedo, or that you shouldn't like it, just that he was designed with shotacons/oneshotafags in mind, which seems true considering how 2B looks more mature than him and relatively tall. There's no need to deny that.

No. 191212

File: 1647906070590.jpg (55.88 KB, 563x701, 23e2dccd976553641bff496cc88289…)

sad its not as popular anymore I love this ship so much

No. 191241

File: 1647915627651.gif (786.54 KB, 220x220, 53286246325.gif)

No. 191255

File: 1647921264764.jpg (42.82 KB, 496x750, 670f55c38e87a8fd4b21223dfdc143…)

Please don't come for me I was 13 when I shipped them

No. 191266

it's a good ship nonnie, honestly fuck the dudes

No. 191269

The dudes were gay too

No. 191271

This, too scrotey for me to get into because of it.

No. 191278

File: 1647929865543.jpg (23.72 KB, 640x480, Princess_Tutu_06.DVD(x264.vorb…)

They were insanely gay.

But man I remember getting whiplash from how hard I switched from Mytho to Fakir as best boy, in the end I liked him with Ahiru best because it brought out the tsundere in him.

No. 191287

You literally just said it because you called it shotacon/oneeshota, which are pretty terms for pedophiles. Still, they look about the same, she's just taller and for some reason that triggers your moralfagging.

No. 191297

girl you're the one who is coping here, this is how any japanese would refer to that couple. oneshota
you don't want to admit thay 9S is made with shotacons in mind

No. 191306

Judging by Drakengard, Yoko Taro has some issues with children which makes me slightly suspicious. It features a heroic pedophile (although his pedophilia is presented as shameful), an eternal child, a woman who became obsessed with eating babies after her family got murdered and she became infertile due to magic shenanigans and missions where you slaughter child soldiers. Oh and one of the villains is a sister of the eternal child. And giant newborns as monsters.

No. 191333

You can pretty much ship any of Tutus four mains and make a decent argument for it, only one that might be kind of hard to shill is Fakir x Rue but I feel like you could even argue hatesex or something there.

No. 191393

File: 1647975198363.jpeg (166.31 KB, 736x744, 6CBE9284-84A4-42CE-A669-D915AB…)

Back then I didn’t know this was my dyke awakening

No. 191459

File: 1647990642984.jpeg (178.08 KB, 600x711, 299AE948-74C9-47FA-B0A1-D695C4…)

I am once again posting true love

No. 191581

File: 1648044322394.jpg (206.69 KB, 1006x1280, original (4).jpg)

Jason's only tolerable when paired with Reyna.

No. 191659

wish they had a good end, they deserved so much better . . .

No. 191660

File: 1648064542758.jpg (176.74 KB, 1200x977, ochakugo kacchako.jpg)

he respects her as a capable hero and was the only one to take her seriously. even shitty deku didn't do that. they would have a relationship based on mutual respect, as opposed to ochako x deku 's weird hero-worship based relationship. thanks for coming to my TEDtalk.

No. 191670

Kek I see it and at the same time don't

No. 191688

File: 1648072195357.jpeg (87.3 KB, 720x720, FE92D63D-4CD4-4390-B6A6-BE0984…)

Don’t do this to me, anon. Don’t get me into a crack ship that will never happen in the end. It does make sense and it’s cute, fuck.

No. 191850

File: 1648134368929.png (138.25 KB, 400x301, 8A7FE065-716A-498D-AEC1-A53D50…)

Princess tutu was for the girls and Fujos. Yeah everyone was straight at the end but leading up to it they gave us lots of fanservice . I don’t think I’ve seen troons talk about liking it either kek.
I’m not even a fan of MHA anymore and I want this to happen.

No. 191874

File: 1648140945679.jpg (34.32 KB, 635x477, ahiru duck ballet sign.jpg)

Troons better NOT touch PT, and zoomers also, this series means tooooo much to me to be ruined with making them all thembies and obese and hairy (but somehow they can still do ballet despite being a deathfat) Fakir x Ahiru OTP fucking forever

No. 191877

Troons don’t care about anime like Tutu generally since it’s unabashedly feminine in a specifically meant for actual women.
Compare it to shit that troons actually do like such as KLK and it’s obvious why they’d never have interest in Tutu (thank god).

No. 191880

File: 1648141866169.jpg (123.28 KB, 426x610, Pierre y Chocola Laurichi.jpg)

true that, praise, I mean I like PMMM and I saw especially what Euphoria did to the series but Princess Tutu is way too feminine and also a blast from the past Moyoco Anno girlies! Where my Sugar² Rune ladies at?

No. 191886

File: 1648143141694.jpg (181.07 KB, 800x1182, full moon.jpg)

Full Moon was depressing as fuck. I Shipped Takuto and Mitsuki yeah the ending is a bit corny but whatever they deserve it.
Pierre and Chocolat forever.

No. 191888

I can see late millennial fakebois being into the show because it's very girly and they grew up with it, but it's never got enough mainstream spotlight to get the woke fandom treatment.

No. 192208

File: 1648244916204.jpeg (52.15 KB, 326x406, D4561961-8680-445B-BBD2-DE8E86…)

They might as well be canon at this point honestly.

No. 192210

Oh, this is such a nostalgic panel. Love them.

No. 192213

Nonnie, How?

No. 192216

File: 1648248387081.png (435.29 KB, 495x499, B654C816-B639-4D7D-BF91-BEA606…)

>running dysfunctional marriage joke since the 80s
>franchise doesn’t even seem to have a problem with characters who beat each other up becoming canon (Cyclonus beat up Tailgate early on and they became canon)
>They do a funny evil laugh together
>We need more boomer marriage rep

No. 192217

File: 1648248692548.jpeg (57.69 KB, 385x357, A61AFA0C-65DB-444F-BDA4-C3A8B9…)

I see, well, you got me. Also posting one of my Transformers OTPs, god why are they so cute. I still consider the best megatron ship the Megatron x Me

No. 192218

File: 1648248899659.jpeg (407.68 KB, 650x1928, 255238EE-E250-4489-BAB9-BAB9F1…)

>god why are they so cute.
They are very very cute.
>Megatron x Me
Even sad old man with a cat Megs would make a pretty shitty boyfriend, I’m a bit concerned Nona…that does pretty much sum up why I like him with Starscream though they’re definitely types who deserve each other.

No. 192219

I do like sad old man with a cat megs your pic made me kek, I love it.

No. 192257

very true. i was like iffy on cygate for so long but recently its become one of my fav ships ever (and dont worry, megs selfship is so powerful and real. im with you sister)

No. 192478

>for a moment I thought this was a page from the new chapter and I was about to lose my shit
super late but in retrospect, what we actually got in the chapter wasnt too far away from picrel >>188420
I did not expect something like that, wtf Noda lol it was kinda hot ngl

No. 193370

File: 1648653665962.jpg (293.98 KB, 800x995, 8205183.jpg)

I just finished wiegenlied of green and I love Clarith and Michaela together so much that it breaks my heart. They're both so lovely and all they wanted was to be together. I really love Clarith, she deserves the best and deserves to be happy with her gf.

No. 193373

File: 1648654698203.jpg (2.19 MB, 1400x1211, 1534174910250.jpg)

only human Megatron though

No. 193387

File: 1648662858190.png (591.19 KB, 2500x3000, EVclgMUWsAAM_ye.png)

I love their dyamic so much

I cried so hard for this two, don't remind me of the pain nonnie, it was such an intersting and unexpected way to close the arc too!#

No. 193413

File: 1648675792179.jpeg (529.35 KB, 1331x2048, 9087EFBF-5EEC-4EF9-B9E0-65AD1F…)

>She wouldnt fuck the robot Megs
Weak, his female bishoujo line figure coming out is really pretty though.

No. 193414

>female bishoujo line figure
why is that a thing

No. 193415

File: 1648675955882.jpeg (207.53 KB, 1278x665, E52397DC-64B9-49DF-B0A6-9E400C…)

It’s cute I guess, they did ponies so I don’t see how doing transformers is any more strange.

No. 193417

No I meant like why are they turning male characters into coomerbait for moids, even though the designs are cute I can't help but be annoyed at the fact that they have to genderbend them for males to buy

No. 193418

To make money obviously, I get your complaint even though I'm still going to buy her figure.
I appreciate that even though it's kinda coomerbait it's waaay less than their other designs like the horror series.

No. 193436

I wish there was something like this but it would be regular human megs and we could have A pantless version with a huge megadong

No. 193449

File: 1648682399709.png (405.85 KB, 657x607, DFDBC890-67B7-4803-BA55-7F6FFD…)

it would need grey pubes too

No. 193467

File: 1648684197261.jpeg (161.49 KB, 1018x1280, EeIIEswU0AIbMU-.jpeg)

They're perfect together.

No. 193490

File: 1648696217369.jpeg (122.97 KB, 600x450, C83B167A-3D1F-442B-88DF-498CCC…)

I feel you nonny, saving beautiful fanart of them is my only respite

No. 193508

File: 1648700548286.png (793.39 KB, 800x784, Hunter.x.Hunter.full.2758888.p…)

These were the only two characters I ended up caring about in HxH.

No. 193547

File: 1648711502124.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.56 MB, 4074x3056, Hunter X Hunter v30-076.jpg)

What an elite and interesting couple. They feel so different to other anime romance subplots, maybe because they're just unapologetically not meant for self insertion. I can't think of many female love interests as unconventional as Komugi, not that Meruem is conventional either. Bad guy becoming good through the power of love could get cliche so fast but it never feels like it does because their moments are so well written. Man I miss HxH no other battle manga is on it's level.

No. 193557

damn he’s thicc

No. 193605

ooh its been ages but I loved these two.. their story was really beautiful and made me feel things, good to see them appreciated itt great taste nonas

No. 193815

File: 1648799746561.jpg (358.07 KB, 800x690, IMG_4706.JPG)

For what little was shown, they were cute together. I fear what happened to him though.

No. 193834

literally this

No. 194467

File: 1649008935486.jpeg (259.73 KB, 1024x768, 95DCAFD4-4AD8-47D5-A266-62FA88…)

got back on my old shoujo kick and remembered how obsessed i was (and still am) with these two

No. 200264

File: 1650861301231.jpg (495.27 KB, 1280x1546, by smengus_smengart at tumblr_…)

I haven't even played any MGS game in years but I still fucking love BBKaz/KazuSune so much. Seeing new art of them a few minutes ago made me remember how much I adore this ship

No. 200266

File: 1650861776224.jpg (357.76 KB, 1280x823, tumblr_4a3008b24ff114c304f89b7…)

Samefag, just posting more fanart and lamenting the fact that all the MGS ship artists are now fakeboys

No. 200305

File: 1650875288882.png (784.13 KB, 1000x1056, export202204250327215720.png)

You are most certainly correct anon
The helicopter scene in mgsv really helped stoke the flames for me they just feel perfect together.

I also like Kaz/Ocelot they have such a cat and dog relationship but a threesome between them is the best

No. 203819

File: 1651704793768.jpg (278.94 KB, 500x600, 59787702_p4_master1200.jpg)

I just think they're neat

No. 203842

this picture smells musty in a good way

No. 203846

File: 1651710196547.png (1.19 MB, 1827x1218, 陈情令 Harper's Bazaar-20.png)

I just finished the drama and I'm in love, time to read the novel for that sweet sweet explicit uncensored romance

No. 203865

File: 1651717412260.jpg (47.53 KB, 500x491, cab5f1179b28db739217b28d6b94ea…)

Also based

No. 203875

Reminder that the shipping theme in the /ot/ doodle board is still ongoing, there's still some space left

This art is fucking beautiful

No. 203891

Gods, Wang Yibo was so beautiful in this photoshoot.

No. 203894

File: 1651723568684.jpg (1.34 MB, 2400x3300, FRTUU40XEAQ7B8j.jpg)

Can't wait for the next space lesbian book.

No. 203895

File: 1651723870814.jpg (375.1 KB, 1536x2048, rayflgkbn2k11.jpg)


No. 203944

File: 1651735870331.png (117.75 KB, 500x433, 12C3028B-C4B7-40A4-BAB0-2190B7…)

I only learned about Twilight Wings today and her episode is cute. Her pining after a terrible guy is fun.

No. 204012

Gurl looks like a bdsm secretary, of course she has the hots for some douchebag. Is that a trope yet? Pi from .hack// is another example.

No. 204307

File: 1651882909490.png (600.04 KB, 539x450, 301dc7a62141f2f2982ce6e39e487c…)

Even outside of the Kiwami games, these two have much more chemistry with each other than they do with their canon love interests (imo).

No. 207714

File: 1653022918984.jpeg (571.09 KB, 1200x1800, 9a45d14ed14ace83914c8e0b376517…)

I love how by the later seasons especially, you could see how Renee was buffer than Lucy.
Good taste, in both CyGate and Megatron.

Anyway, pic related for me.

No. 207916

Agree. I used to think fujos were exaggerating but after playing the games, they are meant to for each other.

No. 208844

File: 1653422120072.jpg (35.45 KB, 564x561, carol2.jpg)

they were so cute together

No. 208866

File: 1653427689563.jpeg (97.74 KB, 1200x675, IMAGE_1642936723 (1).jpeg)

I am crazy, but I am free.
I know it's fucking bizarre, but Sylvie and Loki are semi-canon so whatever.
And also, the fanfics are some really good shit.

No. 209137

I'm glad someone was brave enough to say it.

No. 214079

Elliot x Olivia. I seethed so hard when that other cop got introduced out of nowhere and Elliot kissed her when Olivia was gone for a while.

No. 214087

File: 1655180640051.jpg (61.12 KB, 500x375, Dacreandjoe.jpg)

Sorry not sorry

No. 214088

Everyone I've met who ships this has been a pickme who thinks ~special~ girls can fix psychotic men, and it's obvious they self-insert as Uraraka because they want to fuck ~bad boy~ Bakugou.

Love yourselves and stop worshipping psycho "project" scrotes.

No. 214101

Uh or maybe it's not that deep. NTA

No. 214102

File: 1655186804934.jpg (290.74 KB, 1500x1500, EzkkbQJUYAASCnC.jpg)

I've always loved "shy nerd x crazy troublemaker" types of dynamics. They are pretty cute and I like the idea of Crepe learning about kindness with Strawberry. They can play videogames together too.

No. 214104

The new season shit is ruining it though

No. 214119

File: 1655200191993.jpg (1.01 MB, 1280x690, Tumblr_l_224961805854949.jpg)

I didn't care much for plance while this wreck of a show was running but I kinda wish it was canon these days. Allura got a whole ass harem of boys but pidge had literally no one (even her brother who was a side character got some) and I felt like she was made the token asexual non-binary whatever genius character because she's not as pretty as allura. I think it was very lowkey implied she did have a crush on lance so I wish they at least had more meaningful moments, especially since lance is a shallow fuck and it would be better for his character development to fall for a less physically attractive girl like pidge. Obviously I'm also a sucker for genuinely platonic boy/girl relationships but gnc girls like pidge also deserve love and I really love the "girl falls for big brother-like figure" trope

No. 214128

100% this, I'm wary of Bakugofags and anybody who ships him with a woman is insane.

No. 214183

File: 1655214129888.gif (3.31 MB, 498x385, willgraham-hannibal.gif)

hannigram is basically canon

No. 214252

lmao I don't even know what's going on with L&O nowadays, I stopped watching shortly after Barba left (I kinda shipped him with Olivia too)

No. 214462

I swear to Christ if you detail this thread with another argument about fujoshis and pornsickness I will reach through the screen and strangle you.

No. 214463

so shipping two unrelated adults makes those anons "porn addicts" but you have nothing to say to >>194467 shipping a pair of underage twins from weebshit?

No. 215300

BASED very good taste nonny. also hopium for s4

No. 215836

File: 1655750239578.png (660.82 KB, 500x2022, NICE LEGS DAISY DUKES.png)

idgaf what I am called but I am buying both the Bishoujo Megs and OP and I am DESPERATELY hoping they'll release a Starscream too. All this time idk why they haven't made a purely humanfied Transformers spinoff yet, there's a sizeable fujoshi fanbase (to the point mainstream fans know about it) who'd gobble that shit up.

No. 215863

File: 1655755868316.jpeg (348.74 KB, 2048x1320, 87CA9BAF-92DC-4213-BEE1-A2B59C…)

Honestly surprised Takara/hasbro hasn’t pulled a twisted wonderland yet.

No. 216078

I'm tempted to make a poll/campaign just to show them there's interest.

No. 216099

I've always made fun of Transformer shipfags for shipping literal robots but this drawing awakened something in me, I wish they looked like that kek

No. 216119

File: 1655853287380.jpg (269.83 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_f9b12181863de13eb842740…)

Probably won't do anything, they don't care about fujos/yumejos anymore.
>shipping literal robots
To be fair most Transformers might as well be giant metal humans.

No. 216131

File: 1655860744054.webm (15.59 MB, 2160x2160, soundtrack for your backseat b…)

I think I ship Jancy just because they're cute irl and it hurts to see their characters drift apart, but I hate how they're making her fall for Steve again. Like maybe Nancy should just stay single and flourish on her own.

No. 216162

File: 1655873203440.png (85.13 KB, 450x625, 2b13f3777a3e4e496af61ca3b63d31…)

>To be fair most Transformers might as well be giant metal humans.
Before the internet, I could never imagine someone would see those piles of steel as humans, not to mention fuckable ones. I miss those times

No. 216168

When was that? Kek
>she doesn't want to fuck the hot metal men
Shit taste.

No. 216286

File: 1655928010161.jpeg (30.23 KB, 698x440, images - 2022-06-22T145848.979…)

>I could never imagine someone would see those piles of steel as humans, not to mention fuckable ones.
Nonna, I have news for you

No. 216352

File: 1655954680690.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1350, tomgreg.jpg)

I'm late but what an excellent first post. I want these two moids to make love

No. 216385

File: 1655970017098.jpg (184.84 KB, 792x726, excited robot butt wiggle.jpg)

To be fair Optimum pride isn't very sexy at all, now Rodimus on the other hand…
Honestly though even as a robotfucker I don't get the appeal of wanting to fuck characters from cars or those pictures of planes with huge tits.

No. 216389

Yes I know, people want to fuck everything, from cartoon robots to chicken breasts. Not something to be proud of

No. 216452

>Probably won't do anything, they don't care about fujos/yumejos anymore.
You sure? I feel like the inclusion of gay robots and stuff like Windblade is definitely a catering to the 'jos.

No. 216476

That was years ago, they made IDW cancel that universe and now they're ditching IDW at the end of the year.

No. 216494

I haven't read for years so that's… unfortunate to hear.

No. 218506

They keep lying to each other and she definitely has feelings for Steve now. JUST END ME.

No. 221604

File: 1657752884788.jpg (3.89 MB, 4096x3276, FMM.jpg)

Apologies for OT3 but I have liking for FMM ships with a strong girl who can fight, a reckless guy and a proper gentleman.

No. 221644

File: 1657768402769.jpg (72.18 KB, 900x643, waltjesse.jpg)

Breaking Bad might be popular with FTMs right now but they're going to have to snatch this pairing out of my cold dead hands.

No. 221650

File: 1657771974005.jpg (2.75 MB, 1816x1256, pairings.jpg)

Posting just to trigger the unhinged anti-shipper in the Genshin thread. kek

No. 221658

Love wins

No. 221659

the best hurt/comfort ship

No. 221660

I'm getting into this ship, can you guys rec me some fics?

No. 221661

Who are they?

No. 221664

File: 1657777468969.png (352.95 KB, 666x843, nat.png)

I've probably said this in other threads before, but Bubbline and Gumshall were my first OTP(s). Idk if they count as different ships or not, since they're the same characters.

I just love enemies to friends to lovers. Or in this case, enemies to friends to lovers to exes to lovers again. Anons I love ships where they break up and get back together, and also where the characters are opposites in some way.

No. 222252

File: 1657935272795.jpg (503.43 KB, 2048x1096, pt_12.jpg)

fuck wheatley chelldos will always be superior

No. 222277

File: 1657946731433.jpg (60.11 KB, 288x537, Untitled.jpg)

what did they do to her

No. 222333

you seem more bothered by it than them

No. 222503

File: 1658026419010.jpg (87.79 KB, 900x832, thinking about pantsing snape.…)

Sirius and James are one of the superior HP gay pairings. People who disagree are wrong.

No. 222547

nta, but that's Lyza and Torka from Made in Abyss.

No. 223133

File: 1658245254919.jpeg (2.16 MB, 4096x2880, PosterOnMyWall.jpeg)

ever since this card set came out I really liked these two; both the way they look and their dynamic together (tho' I want to forget the grope-y moments Mari has in the anime and the insane fanservice Kanan gets, ughh..), it also irks me when people try to make the third years a poly couple, that shit makes me wince!
otherwise I like them and am proud to say that my cowboy Mari figurine is holding a Kanan chibi on my desk!

No. 223170

File: 1658251719400.jpeg (235.92 KB, 1620x1080, 263A4675-677F-4D1C-BF12-D0BD7E…)

just remembered them. this isn’t some regular shit like this shit is in different areas

No. 223181

File: 1658254533316.png (461.7 KB, 630x473, 1636108911_wicked_w630_2.png)

i wanted to post this here and accidentaly made a thread
anyways i love these two so much What is this feeling has a perfect 'the leads in this sitcom hate eachother but fall for eachother by the end' vibe
The little 'unlimited' musical motif that goes from Elphaba's future being unlimted -> their shared future potencial being unlimited -> Glinda being unlimited because Elphaba is in exile always gets me
such a shame they had to insert fiyero in elphaba's college years they should've kept the gelphie kiss scene but whatever

No. 223203

File: 1658259889126.jpg (34.03 KB, 500x281, imbroken.jpg)

did they even deserve each other though
I never understood why tf padfoot/moony was so popular when sirius was obsessed with james and I blame the shoebox project for a lot of shit

my unfinished l/light fics scream at me from a03

No. 223224

Where are they from?

No. 223247

the k drama beyond evil (괴물) on netflix. aside from the shipping aspect it’s a genuinely good murder mystery story that i would highly recommend. apparently it was either written or directed by women which really shows

No. 226130

File: 1659399348173.png (1.49 MB, 1002x1328, Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 2.14…)


No. 226138

File: 1659400339120.jpg (124.92 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

Great taste anon. Now these two, I think are neat.

No. 226164

File: 1659409145925.jpeg (167.27 KB, 1106x1467, ExnYAyqUYAAF6h5.jpeg)

Hey excuse my autism but I swear >>214107 was up for well over a month before it got deleted. Does this mean that it was one of tranny schizo's posts that got purged the other day?

No. 226181

Yes. He says he blends in whenever he wants, but most of the time he's too much of a narc and has to make it obvious it's him.

No. 226184

File: 1659418241873.jpeg (284.75 KB, 2000x1337, 653C6279-3E67-4916-97EE-DAA3F5…)

don’t come for me but something about them has stuck with me for the past 5 years

not heavily into supernatural as i was years ago but oh man

No. 226189

What was his post??

No. 226192

File: 1659423703544.jpg (87.2 KB, 1200x628, 1616939498_media.jpg)


No. 226214


No. 226216

He randomly called >>208866 and >>214087 pornsick (I'm one of those anons lmao.) I'm not even sure how a ship can be pornsick, unless it involves some kind of fetish like incest or something.

No. 226218

>calling someone else pornsick
The irony considering his identification is a manifestation of his pornsickness. Men project hard.

No. 226227

So the whole time the anti fujo schizo was a literal schizo tranny? Only on lolcow…

No. 226291

File: 1659468685728.jpg (65.43 KB, 1200x1200, EwStneEWEAEgy4N.jpg)

Strangeboss… Idk why so much of the ship art is bad but this one was cute

No. 226294

File: 1659470203175.jpg (879.87 KB, 1200x1699, Jujutsu.Kaisen.full.3476077.jp…)

ummmm sorry in advance

No. 226329

Wait does Sukuna even know she exists, he's always thinking about Megumi? Haven't read the manga since chapter 50 so I don't even know what's happening anymore lol

No. 226468

File: 1659531336906.jpg (30.68 KB, 416x453, a52d4fe0ec8308b2e2016264847cc7…)

I mostly just love this one because of how hilarious their conversations always were. While I think that they're cute romantically, I like their friendship in general, and how they started off hating each other before gradually realizing how much they had in common. It's very sweet, and I wish we saw more of that development onscreen.

As much as I hate the post-canon crap, I still have a lot of affection for the characters, especially the humans.

No. 226592

>Wait does Sukuna even know she exists
there was a scene in the anime where he says to yuji "after I kill your friend (megumi) i'll go after that girl too (nobara), and i'll have fun with her" but as far as I'm aware, they didn't interact in the anime after that. idk abt the manga though, i'm too retarded to read

No. 226682

Who are these?
Also these?
And these?
And them?

No. 226904

this is from bungou stray dogs i believe: >>188259
this is norman and emma from promised neverland: >>191153

No. 228387

File: 1660012240778.jpg (632.88 KB, 1123x1600, 6e4a8655-d105-40fe-9de9-0f1b58…)

i'm not even a fujo and im all aboard this one

No. 228389

>this is from bungou stray dogs i believe: >>188259
no retard, those are the twins form twisted wonderland

No. 228424

Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama
Witch and Schezo Wegey

No. 230646

File: 1660454049616.jpg (521.87 KB, 2400x1800, setethmanuela_031.jpg)

I was surprised Seteth/Manuela made such and impression on me since I'm usually not one for Serious Character/Flirty Character dynamics, but I just love them together. They balance each other nicely, I think Manuela would help Seteth loosen up for once and enjoy life after the war is over and he'd be a stabilizing force in her life. Manuela being the only one of Seteth's potential wives to have a support chain with Flayn(aside from F!Byleth, but Byleth is a non-character so she doesn't count) makes me think she'd be a wonderful stepmother to Flayn as well, which only makes me like it even more. Love these two old coots, love them even more together. Though that being said, Seteth/Bernadetta and Manuela/Edelgard or Ferdinand are also solid pairings

No. 230857

File: 1660516477701.jpg (120.2 KB, 900x789, mcl.jpg)

old but gold

No. 230864

Are those Nath and Cas?

No. 230889

No. 232969

File: 1661275778813.jpeg (155.61 KB, 750x969, 88D550E5-88E4-4D8B-A9DD-0BE69C…)


No. 233067

File: 1661303164357.jpg (210.4 KB, 516x1548, c2aa14ee039fc4aab26e61792da4ff…)

I love them so much it's unreal

No. 233083

…I never knew I needed this

No. 233089

File: 1661311197127.png (1.17 MB, 1432x918, CAPTURE.png)

nonna I'm sure you'd be happy to know there's actually tons of fan content between Johnny and Jack, all based on that one CN Bumper


No. 233090

File: 1661311402289.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 750x7974, 0CE09D72-3EBC-4304-9ADF-33E10E…)

Spoiler because it's a huge picture, I love these fanarts of them, to think this is all because of a random Cartoon Network commercial makes this ship even more hilarious but also endearing.

No. 233094

Very cute post nonna. It's ship while still being hilarious

No. 233099

File: 1661312968468.jpg (6.01 KB, 275x183, images.jpg)

Luna and Harry, with her he has more chemistry than with all his girlfriends lol

No. 233100

File: 1661313038974.jpg (145.87 KB, 1163x796, EhP5hlIVgAAYIbh.jpg)

I usually hate healthy ships and want a ton of angst and toxicity, but I still love Zhanna and Soldier so much.
My only loving and cute ship. One of my only cannon ships as well.

No. 233109

File: 1661313587271.png (Spoiler Image,3.06 MB, 2048x1536, 189.png)

I love they made her just as psychotic and insane as the male cast

No. 233749

File: 1661487078678.png (398.74 KB, 640x473, 4f8.png)

Look me in the eyes and tell me they ain't fuckin

I want to see if this triggers kirbydede anon

No. 233752

Fr I wish they were together (whats up with that pic for ants)

No. 233754

No, why would this trigger me? First off, in the anime Dedede and Escargoon's homoeroticisms were played for jokes. Sure, they could've been fucking and to be honest they probably were but technically if they fucked it'd be the equivalent of Escargoon taking advantage of a heavily mentally disabled man as canonically he's a immature and mentally stunted man-child who can't even read.

No. 233755

She's too good for him anyway.

No. 233756

There's no such thing as """fucking""" in the Kirby universe. It's not a hentai. This is normal jovial relationship between a master and slave.

No. 233758

File: 1661489732717.png (1.43 MB, 1015x761, 67605706_p1.png)

borb x not so borb ship is cuter honestly.

No. 233760

File: 1661490257782.jpg (25.28 KB, 350x265, 2893829339.jpg)

KEKK thank you for responding, you made my night ♥

No. 233762

File: 1661491066254.png (605.22 KB, 1000x800, FQiMu4sagAcep90.png)

Y'know while kbdd is my primary I actually have a fondness for mtkb too. It's a cute ship, and I like the common dynamic of Kirby being the peppy one while Meta Knight is the stoic and more romantic of the two who can make Kirby fluster.
I actually don't mind dedesuka, and I do think it's cute. However I cannot for the life of me unsee Escargoon as Dedede's wrangler of sorts kek. If you're looking for cute dedesuka art I suggest @icjiki7 on twitter they make some super cute dedesuka.

No. 235402

File: 1662029306576.gif (884.67 KB, 500x300, 302390a77e21d33baa62b091910068…)

Based even though nothing happened at the end

I think about them every now and again. I want more stories where main couple are just side characters working together to help the in universe main couple… It doesn't help that I had a huge crush on Fakir as a kid.

No. 236687

File: 1662495329779.jpg (140.99 KB, 800x640, 1115988.jpg)

No. 236690

File: 1662496471329.jpg (173.97 KB, 478x741, tumblr_mfn7n8R7U21qk218do1_500…)

to this day i still love these two

No. 242047

File: 1664064356365.jpeg (329.26 KB, 1600x1600, lightcannon.jpeg)

No. 242060

File: 1664067760529.png (1.1 MB, 911x1006, tumblr_005269213aefdc830b12b2b…)

SO since a bunch of other people have already posted Sugimoto/Ogata I post a rare instead. Doubt many even know or remember them but I fucking love Sentinel Prime/Proteus from the IDW Transformers comic.
I am a simp for physically weak but otherwise powerful evil leaders and their deadly loyal fallen knights that are huge and scary but limit themselves and choose to be servants. Plus, it's interesting seeing the two probably worst assholes of the entire universe bond and being attracted towards each other while ruling over everybody else as the bitchy dictators they are. Proteus would probably still backstab Sentinel at some point though.

I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of them would be canonically confirmed to be into the other one in a series. Optimus and Megs are often seen as gay too, but Optimus is the hero so it won't happen outside of pandering in the comics, but Megs and Screamer are villains, they are more likely to be gay. I don't think this is always homophobia, a lot of it is probably related to people being allowed to do whatever they want with the antagonists, but not the protagonists.
The comic blew my mind because witnessing surprise gay ships with important characters in a comic that isn't marketed as gay or romance was a new experience to me. I always thought people were just headcanoning when they called the bots gay, until I actually read it.

No. 242064

Me too sister. I can't wait for the anime, I think that a lot of people will jump on this.
Awesome taste. Tutu is one of the very few series that will remain in my heart forever. I wish so much there were more fairy tail-like anime with dark themes and cute designs like this. Actually cute I mean, not what usually classifies as moe.

No. 242235

Shit, thanks for reminding me to watch this. I had only watched one or two episodes and remembered when Tutu danced with an anteater. That made me laugh.

No. 242935

File: 1664296281575.jpg (114.52 KB, 1024x852, IMG_5307.jpg)

>I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of them would be canonically confirmed to be into the other one in a series.
I feel like they probably fucked off screen in IDW, even if it was just angry hate sex post spotlight Megatron
>Optimus and Megs are often seen as gay too, but Optimus is the hero so it won't happen outside of pandering in the comics
I'm more mixed on OP x Megs, mainly because I'm just not really an Optimus fan in most adaptations I like him in G1 (though I genuinely don't get why people would ship OP and Megs there?) and Animated (Animated being the off series where they probably have the most chem and I ship them there) but in general while I get it I would much rather see IDW Megs end up with Rodimus because he clearly already filed the divorce papers with Starscream.
I just think he had the cuter moments with Rodimus because I vastly prefer Rodimus as a character, but if we're being real Megs kind of has good chemistry with almost everyone he's just kind of a robot harem protag.
>a lot of it is probably related to people being allowed to do whatever they want with the antagonists, but not the protagonists.
That's also definitely true, closest we get to a no homo for Megs throughout the entire franchise is Nightbird who Starscream instantly gets homo jealous over so it just kinda makes the whole situation more homo.

No. 243099

I know I am rantinf over Hetalia in 2022, but I feel like I am the only person who ships PrusRus in Hetalia fandom. I know canonically Prussia hates Russia, but enemy to lovers type of story is really popular and I feel this pairing is so overlooked and with the right authors, we could have a lot of amazing content.

No. 243176

File: 1664358564367.jpg (84.05 KB, 540x463, tumblr_e9f9ee23d14e7800511f01e…)

I will never stop shipping them even if I stopped reading the comics and the last animated series I consumed was Prime. I'm praying for a humanized alt universe someday to sate my desires.

No. 243234

File: 1664378052834.jpeg (510.7 KB, 1536x2048, DACE0C4F-53C8-4B3B-AC6E-7D85A4…)

Too bad neither of them were that attractive in that ver, even as squishies.

No. 243303

You don't think they're hot in Prime? They have my favourite designs in that iteration.

No. 243315

File: 1664400551968.jpeg (53.32 KB, 889x499, 89961A5B-53FE-4C0F-8546-381E5C…)

They have no noses

No. 243319

Same I could never get into Prime for the designs and humans and gave up but I love the more mecha- or mangalike designs of the comics, even the Dreamwave comics.

No. 243322

File: 1664403435290.png (426.85 KB, 500x500, AAC8D40B-3A35-4D84-AE39-4A2851…)

I liked prime as a show but the designs really never gave me the same fujo appeal that the idw stuff did (similar thing with beast wars, where I liked the show and the designs but there’s nothing fujo in either)
With that being said the humans are significantly more ugly than the robots in prime.

No. 243411

I fucking love this artists' style, but I prefer the lanky, sleek bodies over the big bulky obvious vehicle designs that most Transformers usually have. The noses are moot for me.

No. 243590

god this reminds me of shipping megaman characters. the fandom was me and 5 other people, the fucking struggle.

No. 244621

Same, I just like listening to hyadain's music from it all the time these days.
Similar thing happened to me with Kurosawa Rinko games since barely anyone plays them outside of me and my friend group.
Truly people cannot appreciate kino.

No. 245056

File: 1664996305881.jpg (63.65 KB, 540x570, noelle_susie_deltarune.jpg)

Please god, may this two end up together in this end.

No. 245392

File: 1665129124211.png (1.13 MB, 1400x1980, 2clo6axxsif91.png)

so hard to find good ship art of them

No. 245401

File: 1665132005398.jpg (81.45 KB, 720x540, 8QqVlYeZzU5ALKQa-1rIKtgbZ8bv3A…)

Alien shapeshifters>human men

No. 245414

so based

No. 245453

100% fact

No. 245461

men are more accepting of lesbian couples in their work than gay men (similar to straight female creators and being more friendly towards gay men than lesbians) so it's near guaranteed. it's cute representation still but i would have thought it would have been cooler to see toby include a gay couple.

No. 245486

Because they never interact on screen and they both die

No. 245642

File: 1665218436786.jpg (41.34 KB, 563x448, e19c581f5590cc36683a67a5b7a6a7…)

Yeah that's really true, from what I've seen I think that he is in a weird position where his games are played by normal gamer dudes but also a more "lgbt" crowd, so maybe this is a form of compromise to please both demographic. Usually when men make lesbian characters, they are kind of bad and sexualised in a weird way but for now I really liked how this two were written and I think they are really cute together. A gay couple would have been more innovative but I'm a lesbian so I will take whatever I can get kek.

>so it's near guaranteed

I hope nonna, I hope! I'm afraid that it's going to be only one sided in the end but we will see

No. 245846

Strangelove is crazy in love with The Boss though. I think the problem is that they are neither big titty anime waifus nor gay scrotes. That ship would be popular in either case (probably especially in the second one)

No. 247132

File: 1665659056128.jpg (161.26 KB, 589x700, Dragon.Age.2.full.1865876.jpg)

Oh my god I wrote a novel about muh OTP and I forgot I had already posted it

Why is there so few fan works about them, I'm sad. I think the most popular Fenris pairing is with Anders, they literally hate each other RREE

No. 247135

True. But with the comparison with gay scrotes you have to admit that the reason why another canon pairing like BB/Otacon is more popular is because we see them interact a lot in MGS3 and that final scene in MGS5 with the cigar is gay as fuck, interactions can really change how a pairing is going to be perceived in the first place. I can imagine people liking the idea of Strangelove/Boss but I can't imagine people actively writing fics or posting art.

No. 247185

File: 1665679443607.png (187.83 KB, 540x354, tumblr_nkywh3Wa2f1rc77uuo1_r1_…)

>I think the most popular Fenris pairing is with Anders, they literally hate each other RREE
that's why its based anon

No. 247232

File: 1665695525331.jpg (382.41 KB, 1178x1920, tumblr_56034d64533c54314c07285…)

I am cringe but I am free. Shun me as needed.

No. 247239

random but ugh imagine the angst and tension if dorian and fenris met each other

No. 247328

I hate you nonnas

No. 247436

What is this humanized gumball and darwin

No. 247440

File: 1665779819736.png (92.33 KB, 600x909, FYvgH3GUEAAZOQ5.png)

Stone and Pitre-Durocher are both among my absolute favorite comic artists, they were drawing the IDW Windblade and Till all are One comic that feature this Starscream. Absolute peak art, fancy and very dynamic, and the comics in general were a goldmine for everybody that searches for surprise canon gay pairings or heavily hinted gay characters.
Speaking about TF I love MegOP and Starscream/Ghost Bee a lot.

No. 247446

>surprise canon gay pairings
Disappointing part (for me at least) is the only one I cared for is cygate
>Tranny lesbians I obviously hate
>Rewind should have stayed dead
>Drift had better chemistry with Rodimus, Wing and Megatron than he did with Ratchet
I guess I’ll take something over nothing though.

No. 247448

File: 1665781117120.jpeg (115.51 KB, 540x765, 67A2BEBF-7986-4CDE-8699-CF9625…)

Oh and Ratchet had better chemistry with the token yandere

No. 247450

File: 1665782327757.jpg (369.29 KB, 2048x1454, E4za8pqUUAEk2Fu.jpg)

>Disappointing part (for me at least) is the only one I cared for is cygate
Lots of fan seemed to have that problem. I think Chromedome/Rewind were a well written couple but I don't care about the specific characters and didn't like the clone love. Otherwise see >>247448, Ratchet and Drift never worked for me either. Pharma/Ratchet was always the superior ship and honestly Pharma deserved it. Maybe not during the Messatine arc, but afterwards, after everything he has gone through. I also think if Ratchet had cared he could have weakened Adaptus' hijacking. This is especially true considering how well Drift/Rodimus would have worked. Now that pairing has kind of killed two potentially great ships at once.
Also wasn't Knockout/Breakdown canon in IDW1 as well? I don't remember anymore. They only finally kissed on-screen in IDW2 though.

Guilty pleasure: I liked Needlenose and the bad boys he is into. Sadly Horribull was killed though and I forgot how the second relationship has ended. IIRC it was one-sided and Needlenose was busier arguing with his brother that tried to rein him in again.

Considering how many gay ships we got (think there are some I forgot) plus a bunch of gay bots without partner (Blast-Off, Pharma, Tarantulas etc.) though I am inclined to headcanon many other bots as gay. I cannot view guys like Tarn, Overlord, Starscream, Megatron and a bunch of others as anything but gay. But yeah, the 100% confirmation is missing here so they are technically not canonically gay. Hell, Tarantulas even had a "son" with Prowl and I cannot interpret Prowl's reactions towards Chromedome as anything but jelly ex-lover behavior lol.

No. 247452

File: 1665783029786.jpeg (90.98 KB, 500x1000, C8EC46BE-2188-4C03-8768-776432…)

>I think Chromedome/Rewind were a well written couple but I don't care about the specific characters and didn't like the clone love.
Agreed, I’m liking Chromedome a bit more on my current reread but rewind still does absolutely nothing for me, he’s kinda just there to be Chromedome’s love interest and I wish they had just let Chromedome develop without the whole ‘other world’ Rewind stuff.
>Pharma/Ratchet was always the superior ship and honestly Pharma deserved it.
I like most Pharma ships honestly, Pharma x Tarn even though they were never on screen together is interesting for the concept of ‘lung dealer bf’ alone and he also had some possible chem with Tyrest as for Ratchet? Honestly can only really see him being shipped with Pharma haha.
>Also wasn't Knockout/Breakdown canon in IDW1 as well?
Oh yeah forgot about them, cutest version of Knockout/Breakdown was the legends ver though, it was really sad/sweet watching Breakdown in tears over seeing his loved one again.
>I am inclined to headcanon many other bots as gay.
Only Skids is straight, everyone else is a homo.
As for Overlord, he and trepan are my favorite obscure borderline crack ship~ I even bought a charm of them together hehe.

No. 247454

File: 1665784656163.jpg (268.84 KB, 2048x1051, Fcdh2skacAEUvTR.jpg)

>and he also had some possible chem with Tyrest
Oh yeah, I read some nice fics of that, sadly most ignore the late parts of the comic, pairingwise, otherwise there would be more Adaptus(Pharma)/Solomus(Tyrest) which could be quite fun. Pharma x Tarn is more popular than I thought, but the more I see of this the more I like it. It's actually a ship I could see working for Tarn. Megatron is out of his reach and doesn't want him anyway, canonically, Tarn also seems to be detached from his team (minus Nickel maybe), despite him claiming otherwise and Overlord/Tarn is fun but I cannot imagine them ever stop bullying each other, Pharma and Tarn have actually some similar issues thinking about it. Especially if you consider who Tarn was and how much he must have hated his old self to remodel himself into the polar opposite of it.

>Only Skids is straight, everyone else is a homo.

I was about to say "true", but then I remember that I even read some good theory once in which a fan was claiming that Rung's inappropriate relationship to one of his former patients might have been Skids before his memory loss. I sadly forgot the details and hints they brought up for it, but remember that it sounded very plausible. Though it might have been one-sided and maybe it was just Rung who approached him.
This is so fun, after my first read-through I totally forgot about that one scene in which Overlord kidnapped Trepan to be with him for years (ages?) to teach him mnemosurgery so I was one of those guys that legit thought that fans had created some OC to ship Overlord with until I read it again and realised Trepan was real. I have a lot of art of them saved.

God I miss Koch so much. Her OL/Trepan art was top tier.

No. 247455

File: 1665785103824.jpg (162.33 KB, 1080x1080, 952e2811188c19783299b3030525f9…)

These two, but only in a dysfunctional hard-to-love-harder-to-leave kind of way. None of that cutesy established relationship shit. Phase 1 & 3 are whump heaven.

No. 247459

>Oh yeah, I read some nice fics of that
Now I wanna read some haha, I mostly see Tarn x Pharma stuff so I wish there was a bit more variety (despite enjoying said ship) but I might have to search out some of him and Tyrest now.
>Megatron is out of his reach and doesn't want him anyway
Tarn is like an idol fan no one is allowed to be with his beloved Megs including himself, most of the Megatron fanboys (Lugnut, BW Inferno, etc) kind of have this vibe to me.
Ironic since I joke that Megatron is a harem protagonist a lot.
>Overlord/Tarn is fun but I cannot imagine them ever stop bullying each other
Overlord x Tarn is one night stand hatesex through and through, with said hatesex likely ending in one or both of them dying.
>Pharma and Tarn have actually some similar issues thinking about it. Especially if you consider who Tarn was and how much he must have hated his old self to remodel himself into the polar opposite of it.
Definitely adds a good angst aspect to the ship, despite Tarn being the reason Pharma went insane I could actually see them possibly being happy together.
>Rung's inappropriate relationship to one of his former patients might have been Skids before his memory loss.
Maybe! I think I read that Roberts said Rung wasn’t interested in romance but that also might have just been him cope talking or something.
Either way, post memory loss Skids is the token hettie, some Windblade stans may argue Starscream is also het but they are wrong and their waifu’s design is ugly.
>legit thought that fans had created some OC to ship Overlord with until I read it again and realised Trepan was real.
He kind of does have a vaguely donut steel aspect to his design (in a good way!) from the vaguely animeish googles to the twink body type, either way I love his design and hope they’ll use him again someday.
>God I miss Koch so much. Her OL/Trepan art was top tier.
So true, I almost cried when I was reading her Overlord x Trepan comic again recently, that ending hit me hard.

No. 247469

File: 1665789185012.png (728.26 KB, 740x960, cda3b2d77563a3495e246ef916872e…)

I love that they're socially retarded and codependent. Makes for good character development.

No. 247471

Why are they codependent? I haven’t read it in years.

No. 247512

I was being hyperbolic for comedic effect. Codependent probably isn't the right word, but their relationship is definitely dysfunctional. Which I like, because perfect idyllic relationships are kind of boring to write for.

No. 247637

File: 1665839325835.png (298.9 KB, 884x704, 1421443593896.png)

i love you too nonna, heres another ship i like

No. 247726

I also love dysfunctional m/m pairings. Dirk/Jake are a based pairing btw.

No. 247849

I don't hate this one so much, it's cute tbh. Something about Fenris/Anders drives me fucking crazy though

No. 249675

File: 1666471867120.jpg (69.64 KB, 952x538, 2Q==(3).jpg)

It may be stupid to ship two crusty old men from a horror-ish roguelike game where every character is expendable but the implied angst from their backstories and general situation is just too good.

No. 249677

File: 1666472221523.jpeg (270.45 KB, 748x1065, yzCZqsOvB6O1Bt3vuMQdPfXRg8O6wI…)

A dragon is the only force powerful enough to fix this idiot

No. 249678

File: 1666472223540.png (2.29 MB, 1835x1080, 86794228314c7a64de73098534b07e…)

I think it is in fact the most popular ship in the game

No. 250122

File: 1666613278546.jpg (162.56 KB, 900x888, Shyvana loves jarvan 4 league …)

nona i love you i fucking love this stupid garbage ship

No. 250173

File: 1666626878141.jpg (31.79 KB, 256x361, hOsc4a7.jpg)

Cringe but I don't care. I've loved them since middle school and now I'm an old ass lady with a mortgage kek!

No. 250279

File: 1666649996049.jpg (304.2 KB, 2123x1600, Ichihime.jpg)

I started shipping Ichihime back when I was like 5 so they might legit be my very first OTP ever. They're also one of my very few ships to actually become canon, so I hold them very near and dear to my heart kek

No. 250899

File: 1666858046697.png (12.8 KB, 1199x460, EyjIE-ZXIAAtojk.png)

>it would have been cooler to see toby include a gay couple.
Didn't he with the Royal Guards?

No. 250915

File: 1666864363054.jpg (64.59 KB, 500x495, 62c7db04ef389313919fdc9c9e047d…)

Hadn't watched dbz in over a decade then did. I'm trapped back in time with my future trunks fixation with no way out help

No. 250937

File: 1666882262642.png (399.83 KB, 1080x1116, 294928.png)

It's fun how I usually love the gay ships but hate the het that is either canon or hinted and getting the main focus and here the main focus was on the lesbian pairing but I love the het that happens in the background. One of my favorite pairings of the last years.

I feel like the main reason I usually dislike het isn't so much because it's het and rather because most people suck ass writing chemistries for couples so I latch onto the non-canon pairings.

No. 250939

I think Entrapdak is one of the best pairings in that dumpster fire of a show because despite both of them having capital-I issues, they can still be vulnerable and honest without trying to hurt each other for ~*drama*~ (coughCatradoracough). It's just hilarious how a literal autist and an emo alien clone with imposter syndrome and chronic health issues somehow manage to have the healthiest relationship in the entire cast, right after the married lesbians.

No. 250949

Im gonna say it, Ichigo and Rukia make a better pairing.

No. 250952

you're right of course but let her have her moment

No. 250953

File: 1666885888421.jpg (503.84 KB, 758x1200, 93447219_p11.jpg)

they have had virtually no interactions in-game but ryuji and hana my beloved…

No. 254477

File: 1668183832726.jpg (150.82 KB, 850x478, b70045c002.jpg)

Unpopular opinion but you can't change my mind.

No. 254828

File: 1668350694319.png (827.88 KB, 637x848, gilturia.png)

forgive me nona, but i like picrel more

No. 256745

File: 1669051772331.jpg (62.65 KB, 550x943, bb7583ac36aa2f07607b68183e4f49…)

Real women ship otasune

No. 256749

File: 1669053225864.png (820.57 KB, 1243x1758, 846ffad7aa8e98db36992013bbb343…)

i don't know if i like them romantically or platonically but they're cute, handsome, tragic and bonded for life either way

No. 256753

File: 1669054518936.jpg (176.5 KB, 777x749, 34466607_p3.jpg)

I prefer them over StephCass, tbh. Wish we had more.

No. 256776

File: 1669061939571.png (359.75 KB, 453x600, CANON AND REAL.png)


No. 256894

File: 1669080321515.jpg (47.62 KB, 563x663, 4aeb26b4a5bbdd586463cdf79c8289…)

KEK ily anon

No. 257365

File: 1669229964642.png (2.29 MB, 1280x1804, e6138611abb9b2dd91f89fcea96e83…)

Imagine having an OTP that doesnt even interact in canon

No. 257500

hot af tho

No. 257502

I see people do this for men all the time though so I don't see why not given that they're canon

No. 257924

File: 1669410440874.jpg (67.63 KB, 852x471, aaa.jpg)

my favesssss. I want a tall quietly handsome man to awkwardly kiss me I cryyyyy

No. 257931

File: 1669411019665.jpg (473.4 KB, 952x520, Tumblr_l_129140042093704.jpg)

No. 257934

oh hell yes! get these women away from their useless husbands

No. 257953

I love this concept

No. 258152

File: 1669494300794.jpg (80.68 KB, 1080x1080, Tumblr_l_322015623427784.jpg)

I still love them

No. 258160

i love them i love them I LVOE THEM@!!

i was so surprised by how much i loved this, the build up was actually intriguing in the best ways. kept me at the edge of my seat when they were on screen together.

No. 258207

File: 1669503232118.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1988x3000, lf.jpeg)

Them. I love it when the relationship is toxic too

No. 266905

File: 1672816893680.png (6.62 MB, 3600x2250, FRm_r8faMAIA8yb.png)

Yeah it's dysfunctional and I'm dumb
Also bumping cp off the main page

No. 266928

File: 1672829868555.png (4.51 MB, 1820x1762, F7CA7A9C-BC8D-4644-8CE0-67EE04…)

my beloveds

No. 267799

File: 1673239905895.jpeg (86.33 KB, 2039x1378, BB19D6E0-61EE-44CF-8890-158C00…)

Best ship.

No. 267802

File: 1673241857168.png (669.36 KB, 1200x628, 58B968E8-EA78-4383-99F3-9A5F54…)

As long as i’m alive, i will continue to spread the SuzaLulu agenda.

No. 267987

File: 1673283074189.jpg (427.28 KB, 1235x2048, FkwAeHiaEAAHgGd.jpg)

Bumping for porn.

No. 267990

File: 1673283316068.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1672907377526.png)

Bump! Moid spamming cp

No. 268352

File: 1673398449909.jpg (71.95 KB, 500x500, tumblr_678e01c55d12251b11085b5…)

nonnas with taste

No. 270856

File: 1674246586689.jpg (43.14 KB, 480x320, 408fb847a0.jpg)

lord forgive me but the chemistry between these two went crazy like didn't even have time to process

No. 270857

File: 1674246639869.jpg (23.52 KB, 550x309, F2BB0MagAYKdak.jpg)

No. 271809

File: 1674770903973.jpg (419.77 KB, 1067x1600, Bless_whoever_was_responsible_…)

I love the dynamic between this two garbage men, I can't wait to see how their rivalry will evolve. I really want to see more of them playing 5d chess together while having the weirdest tension. A bit ot, but I've recently learned that Togashi wrote a whole script for a manga about homosexuals and cross-dresser playing tennis, so at this point I feel no shame reading some of the characters in the gayest way possible.

So cute!

No. 271812

File: 1674771618228.jpg (530.31 KB, 933x981, 1674671697216640.jpg)

I have a bunch of characters from Dorohedoro that I love to ship but these two are probably my favorites.

No. 271814

File: 1674772427531.jpg (123.6 KB, 564x876, 7dcff3254b25c4d27c99896ed9f194…)

Anon I love that pairing so much! Nikaido x Kaiman is probably my first favorite though.
Do you know any other mangas that have pairings like this? Ones that could be read as either platonic or romantic, or at least have enough chemistry that it doesn't even matter.

No. 272052

File: 1674894995205.jpg (22.47 KB, 499x335, IMG_20191108_080058.jpg)

(keiki is such an autist kek)

No. 273260

File: 1675465837510.png (1.72 MB, 1280x872, improved.png)

Still mad.

No. 276796

Every girl gets to have one RPF ship to be a weirdo about. As a treat!
But only one!

No. 277160

File: 1676936174988.png (874.07 KB, 1280x1415, tumblr_lzf4lj7qWJ1qcs4tto2_128…)

TF2 has many goods ships but is one's my favorite. Crossfaction really adds to it.

I've never gotten around to Dorohedoro but this seems like a god tier het ship based off of character appearances alone.


No. 277161

File: 1676936545289.jpg (77.29 KB, 500x500, trucksnvans-9585.jpg)

A woman of taste! This is my favourite TF2 ship. <3

No. 277175

File: 1676944894754.png (292.96 KB, 313x391, FC9F4EFA-7D63-45FD-9722-5DC962…)

I’ve never been into shipping so this is a first. I know Honkai is a shitty moid pandering game but them… now that star rail Seele is mean I hope their dynamic gets more interesting kek

No. 277217

File: 1676966157014.jpg (359.98 KB, 695x745, tumblr_my4gwppSYb1r55z6qo1_128…)

absolutely BASED fucking ship nonna i love red engie/blu spy too

No. 277218

File: 1676968408308.gif (976.8 KB, 315x177, tumblr_nsqz9zceg91uc5uuuo3_400…)

Engie/Sniper/Spy is such a solid ot3 for me. I'm in love with each one of you for your good taste.

No. 277484

File: 1677046784608.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1252, 1677046722991.png)

No. 277734

File: 1677141218747.jpeg (228.9 KB, 1280x1023, C0t86iWXAAA9Moy.jpeg)

No. 280543

File: 1678124179928.jpg (635.36 KB, 1280x1670, tumblr_nec8cxqt6E1qzx1bko1_128…)

Ages later I am still into Saren/Nihlus and how well fans have developed them. My dream would be a mass effect game that is more about aliens than some human self-insert hero one day, but I doubt it will happen.

No. 282787

File: 1678835510452.jpg (243.24 KB, 1265x1800, 84016044443172864.jpg)

This game wasn't popular but them tho. It also makes Dissidia moids seethe which is +1

No. 283394

File: 1679056771900.jpg (126.36 KB, 916x887, 8961aa9354b1b7c6b1e4b460d9d68b…)

I love them

No. 284024

File: 1679217938250.gif (93.77 KB, 400x370, mcwexler.gif)

still in tears over them

No. 284791

File: 1679534664906.jpg (111.02 KB, 749x800, FF4A2F0395F1F5A375D2CA3C83252E…)

The sun and the moon ship, both literally and figuratively.

No. 285009

File: 1679637836695.png (369.16 KB, 1764x1673, 93287325476.png)

No. 285180

excellent taste, also fuck her annoying boyfriend

No. 290191

File: 1681705297409.gif (1.91 MB, 500x250, a31ae3bf905b2c369ab5ee00.gif)

I'm still surprised they didn't end up together raising Henry. The only reason to watch this show was the two of them having more chemistry than 99% of actual couples

No. 290193

Anyone who likes Miranda Priestly is 100% a sheltered retard, she was an awful and abusive boss and it's not surprising she was based on a IRL piece of shit Anna Wintour

No. 290194

its fiction

No. 290195

she is not real
have you read "truth and measure" on Ao3? that fic made me ship them ngl

No. 290543

nta but I just read the first chapter voraciously and I'm loving it. I didn't ship them before but now I 100% do

No. 291871

File: 1682374503148.jpg (86.54 KB, 1095x683, tumblr_9f6fc966ffdc239d07a8a3e…)

alternatively merry/eowyn/faramir ot3

No. 292012

File: 1682417020914.jpeg (151.64 KB, 1372x1116, FgtCY-cWIAE0Nyq.jpeg)

No. 292067

File: 1682443359961.jpg (76.37 KB, 850x1082, togachako.jpg)

I like this pairing because it's rare for F/F relationships to have a controversial dynamic and because it gave Uraraka a narrative beyond being the irrelevant love interest. It's also nice to see a shounen character have explicit feelings for someone of the same sex, too bad it will always be one-sided. It would be really funny to see Dekufags mad.

No. 292357

File: 1682533860097.jpg (311.03 KB, 1860x1536, kristina-meinig-jack-and-miran…)

Commander Shepard is the real villain of Mass Effect for interrupting Miranda and Jack's fight in ME2. Let them hate-fuck and work it out!

No. 300614

File: 1685967489953.jpeg (87.26 KB, 720x1024, 1BCC7EB3-DDC9-43C8-84F5-60A9D3…)

They’re cute, bonus points if Neige is the top and Vil is the bottom.

No. 300874

File: 1686091580184.png (98 KB, 540x405, pinkastronaut.png)

These two have had me on a chokehold since childhood.

No. 300908


No. 300947

File: 1686119383927.jpg (423.02 KB, 2560x1440, trails-in-the-sky-sc-feature2.…)

A pairing so good that it changed my mind of M/F ships. I guess because it was a popular JRPG that centered Estelle very well as a strong female character who grows from a ditz to the woman who could hunt Joshua down and drag him back into the light. My heart truly felt so full watching her supported by her loved ones throughout the second game as she grew up the hard way. Forever my favorite Trails protag and ship.

No. 300951

File: 1686121649124.png (17.09 KB, 631x1000, tumblr_lo2zb9RUmC1qmydsoo1_r1_…)

hated this ship when i was young
now it's one of my favorites (alongside of things i never paid attention to while homestuck was big, like kanaya/jade and meowrails).

they just go well together. cute nerdy boy x gothic girl. classic pb&j ship

No. 301234

File: 1686264239833.png (108.11 KB, 622x520, og hannigram.png)

Best taste itt. Screwed up, transgressive ships are the best ships

No. 301281

File: 1686280202901.jpg (838.14 KB, 1910x2048, jaimecersei_asoiaf.jpg)

are you a brazilian lesbian by any chance posting a "classic" ship of mine

No. 301283

based. i don't usually care for incest but they're such a beautiful trainwreck

No. 301385

File: 1686324102539.gif (977.83 KB, 500x300, me and my sleep paralysis demo…)

I'm a heterosexual european, why do you ask?

No. 301387

nta but there's a lesbian nonna whose really into sibling incest.

No. 301426

File: 1686339958493.jpeg (404.92 KB, 1462x2048, IMG_5008.jpeg)

I know it's cringe but…

No. 302085

File: 1686690813565.jpg (2.69 MB, 540x268, 5uCuNc1.jpg)

I was the biggest finnpoe shipper. I was literally smiling giddly when i first watched the movie and was happy to find an active fanfic community on ao3

No. 302170

File: 1686717117499.jpg (569.37 KB, 2048x1675, 765644363574351.jpg)

watching season 3 and these two are having some moments in certain scenes or maybe I'm just desperate kek

No. 302358

File: 1686800330184.jpg (635.21 KB, 3000x2030, sassy old men.jpg)

succession may have ended but their love will echo through the ages.

No. 303660

File: 1687314692721.jpg (78.62 KB, 850x756, natsuri.jpg)

No. 303791

File: 1687371757514.png (358.2 KB, 1280x720, IMG_9958.png)

yessss. peace and love on planet krank

No. 309478

File: 1689816895948.jpg (296.33 KB, 1344x1977, nvum5jgke5g51.jpg)

The one pairing I want to see on the Vivziepop-verse.
If you are still here, how do you feel about the recent chapter? I haven't keep up with this story since quite a while, but I really liked them together. Maybe I shall return to read it.

No. 314334

File: 1691864407616.gif (500.45 KB, 640x352, getvid-2_1.gif)

Them. There are so many moments in the canon where they have nice chemistry in a sort of romantic trope usually used with the female love interest of male mc in most cartoons, but that might be me being delusional. The actual female love interest gets jealous af of the Chinese guy and tries to ruin his friendship with the main guy at first and she even physically assaults both guys for talking together in class, it's hilarious. She gets to know him later and develops a crush on him and it becomes a love triangle. Which in my fujo mind is a legitimate love triangle where mc likes the other guy, the other guy likes mc, the girl likes mc, and mc likes the girl. There was another girl involved in this whole thing but she got written off unfortunately. The Chinese guy leaves the story eventually because he was the villain's secret identity all along and caused the mc so much harm in that form before knowing him and liking him, and once he befriended him he sort of regretted what he's done to him but for some reason never apologized to him or tried to make up with him and the show ended without that, but he apologized to the girl? Bro she wasn't the one whom you kidnapped their dad and faked his death and blew an airplane that they were on and not the one your little terrorist attack gave a heart condition, wtf. But overall mc was a good influence on the villain guy and made him change eventually and had so much control over him and his thoughts I find it very cute but I feel bad considering the problems the villain guy caused to mc, even though mc and his dad sort of forgive him at the end, I think what he's done is unforgivable and jail worthy but at the same time I'm a sucker for the toxic love hate relationship. My favorite moment of them was when they had to take some endurance test in an ancient temple and both of them got into a state of dreaming and seeing their worst nightmares, the girl was there and helped the mc realize it's a dream and escape it, she tried the same with the villain but it didn't work, when mc tried it, it worked. Idk why but that's super cute to me. Like he only listens to the mc and wants to hear affirmative words from him only and only cares about his opinion. He even returned his dad to him in a sort of backhanded way and helped save the day to prove himself to him and said "do you still think I'm a monster?" And idk something about that is just so good for me. The villain guy also pretended to not care about being friends with mc until they stopped being friends after their identities got revealed to each other as villain and hero, and once the friendship was over he realized he actually liked him he almost stopped being evil to go back to him but found something more important I guess (which was a way to bring his dead mom back to life so I'll cut him some slack).

No. 314342

The adorable thing is she became beefed up to compete with him because she loves and respects him so much. It's adorable. He's also very shy and she's oblivious.

No. 314346

Lol Bleach ship wars ruined the entire fandom. And fuck yeah, Ichihime. Rukia and Ichigo was stereotypical shounen bickering without any real romance. They did have a great relationship and I love that they both have the perfect love interests devoted to them. Rukia had Renji who spent a large part of his life pining for her. Also I thought he was the hottest character in Bleach so I wanted Rukia to get best boi. I'm talking manga. The anime made him look like an idiot.

No. 315634

File: 1692303661713.gif (966.9 KB, 364x204, thramsay.gif)

late but thank you nonna. picrel is another one of my otps.

No. 315637

that’s Simon from Misfits and Lily Allen’s Brother

No. 315642

File: 1692306316483.gif (2.47 MB, 406x250, TerribleMiserlyJoey-size_restr…)

kek yes but it's also thramsay from GoT. now you reminded of me another ship i used to love.

No. 315643

File: 1692307289795.gif (731.58 KB, 490x284, IMG_3081.gif)

No. 315645

File: 1692307376428.gif (2 MB, 500x210, IMG_3082.gif)

No. 315953

File: 1692415321628.jpg (36.43 KB, 250x335, dissociating while thinking ab…)

Thramsay and Jaime/Cersei are two of the most based ASOIAF/GOT ships imho. In the show the latter ended in a way that was too corny for me after the initial excitement wore off but it's still hot in the books and remains one of my biggest OTPs

No. 316861

File: 1692762342925.jpg (695.99 KB, 784x1131, 4a095db3cdd9edecc62286856dcb68…)

Not sure if it counts completely, but Subaru and Beatrice have to be one of the most adorable pairs of platonic soul mates out there.
While they're sometimes described as brother/sister or father/daughter, considering the thought process of Beatrice's name was that her nickname "Beako" sounds like "Bear child", imo its sort of similar to that of a child and their teddy bear. They lean on each other for warmth and support, even if Beatrice can't protect Subaru fully she tries hard to always be by his side, and Subaru tries and makes every day happy so Beako won't ever feel alone.
Subaru even keeps a diary recording the fun activities Beako has and they read it together every once in a while. They eat together, they sleep together (its somewhat implied throughout that Subaru has constant night terrors when he sleeps alone), always holding each other's hands and complimenting each other. Beako also keeps all of his secrets, as far as healing his self harm wounds, though she does tell him that they will eventually have to have a talk with everyone about it.
There's even a short story about their first fight, it lasted about an hour and it ended with them running to each other crying, hugging, and apologizing.
Its very bittersweet considering the story and the amount of pain they both go through, but they're just so incredibly cute.

No. 317400

File: 1692923340524.jpg (1.08 MB, 1707x2413, 78687687.jpg)

Blessed with an abundance of fan material.

No. 318344

File: 1693298600739.jpg (79.86 KB, 880x1225, F3Eb8yyXoAAaCB9.jpg)

i am literally obsessed with them right now i cant stop wont stop dont want to stop

No. 318349

No. 318351

it could've been so good if this was canon

No. 318501

File: 1693377198259.jpg (541.29 KB, 1198x1200, 62577439_p1_master1200.jpg)

they're everything to me. i'm so obsessed i could honestly go on for hours

No. 318502

>Homo shota x whore he bullies
You do you anon.

No. 318505

File: 1693378476383.jpg (615.77 KB, 801x874, 61546367_p1_master1200.jpg)

those that get it, get it.

No. 318515

is this one of those social experiment ships people pretend to like to own de fujo masses

No. 318516

Anon who are these characters? I want to know since it seems to upset others itt.

No. 318517

so it IS a social experiment kekkk

they're from dagan ronpa, basically japan's homestuck equivalent aka the single most tumblr tranny dominated fandom I have ever witnessed. shipping m/f from it is literally a meme unless one of them is a tranny.

No. 318518

OK but who are the characters?

No. 318519

File: 1693384842831.jpg (304.2 KB, 2000x1323, 8fbd3f00c81026c26370509061e7b8…)

google danganronpa and find them, lazy bones. I can't remember, I'm busy posting one of my favorite sexy yaoi boys incest ship.

No. 318520

NTA but they're Miu and Ouma
Miu's a literal masochistic whore who gets turned on by being insulted and called a cum dumpster
Ouma's the game's bratty shota character who's homo for the protagonist and bullies Miu and generally fucks with everyone.

No. 318521

All these animu ships seem to be on the same terrible level, so there is no reason to hate on other's taste.

No. 318522

Can't speak for the other anon but who said I was hating on it? I was just explaining what the characters were to the anon who asked.

No. 318523

That would be a fair point if you were under the impression that all anime, anime related media, and characters belonging to them was created equally by the sole anime god who wrote it all.

No. 318530

File: 1693388102506.png (Spoiler Image,47.27 KB, 550x550, FhrW3YUaEAEO9ul.png)


You're right and you should say it.
Funniest banter in the series. He's also just short and same age as everyone else. She does shit talk call him a tsurushota tho but she swears like a sailor and is really sweet when it comes down to it and loves being bullied by him
But secretly behind the scenes he relies on her for help and she wants him to get her out. Underneath the humor there's feels

No. 318610

File: 1693434519884.jpg (2.61 MB, 3464x2598, Picsart_23-08-31_00-28-12-866.…)

I call it having a preference, my friend says it's just daddy issues.
Anyways, do you nonas know any other ships like this?

No. 318611

I really like ships like this too! I haven't watched the show yet, but Spike/Jet from Cowboy Bebop seem similar to this dynamic.

No. 318844

You're welcome! Seems like we have similar tastes, Thramsay was my first truly screwed up ship

No. 319414

i read a lot of thramsay fics when i was like 12, pretty sure i found them accidentally because i didnt know anything about game of thrones. i don't think it affected me at all btw.

No. 319426

>Joseph and Sebastian
based. I need to replay that game.

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