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File: 1646714041748.jpg (154.7 KB, 1024x768, getbackers.jpg)

No. 187722

because from all the other threads that are lost, this one is the one we need to bring back the most! post about your husbando smell or flavor, and how you imagine it is like.

No. 187724

They all look like they stink of anorectal violence

No. 187726

File: 1646714818359.jpg (173.26 KB, 1280x910, anorecto.jpg)


No. 187728

File: 1646715135457.jpg (160.46 KB, 735x758, a9af7392c8e53e9616565b93879866…)

Instead of identifying the smell I want to present a smell and nonnies suggest me a new husbando.

I like the smell of citrus, coca cola, neroli, and tobacco (on a cold winter day.) Not necessarily all at once. Hate the smell of sweat so no stinkers.

No. 187735

File: 1646716527064.jpg (600.77 KB, 1200x1129, jiro yamashitter.jpg)

coffee, cat hair, occasionally maybe cig smoke or beer? i'm unsure if going to the racetrack is enough to get him smelling like horse, but i'm used to that smell so it wouldn't matter.

No. 187753

File: 1646719360526.jpg (144.48 KB, 643x900, 00a496de1344d53bfdca7df3c5c77a…)

Hoping like a nice sandalwood candle and the back of stamps but honestly probably prison soap

No. 187812

File: 1646749740510.png (260.11 KB, 600x600, 36566226_p0.png)

I don't realy think much about it, but I believe my beloved smells like citrus, with some musky undertones.

No. 187816

File: 1646751270849.jpg (186.98 KB, 1400x1400, FF7_Remake_Reno.jpg)

It's giving me
>The annoying ginger fag from Psycho Pass
>Reno from Final Fantasy
>Laurent Thierry from Great Pretender
>Agni from Black Butler

No. 187860

File: 1646766702630.jpg (244.22 KB, 1024x768, Catchup01.jpg)

>disgusting testosterone sweat but also tanned leather and piss (that smells of coffee)
>very expensive delicious cologne but you can't smell it through 75 layers of cigarette smoke. And also stale sweat (he doesn't wash his balaclava)
>disgusting testosterone sweat but also bird seed, hair pomade and medigun fluid vapors (blood, piss and drugs)
>disgusting testosterone lardass sweat stink but also gunpowder
>disgusting testosterone sweat but with lots and lots of cheap body spray spritzed on top and also artificial cherry
>Just scrumpy. You can't even smell the sweat through it!
>very very disgusting testosterone sweat but also that rotten stink of wet dog, and cigars
>that horrible smell when sweat touches metal, warm musky cologne and a little alcohol
>propane gas
And Saxton would smell like australian sweat of course

No. 187861

…Why am I horny?

No. 187864


No. 188017

Parappa? Based

No. 188176

File: 1646841080670.jpeg (87.37 KB, 1440x1327, 67624FEF-CE93-4F51-AB44-DBF217…)

Thanks anon, I feel like I’m kinda weird and out of place compared to all the posters with anime husbandos on these threads sometimes, but I’m glad to see opinions so positive about him.

I like all aspects of him, from his cute appearance, to his cheerful, optimistic personality, to his incredible talent and skill and of course, the idea of him having a cute smell. He’s my one and only, and I like it that way.

No. 188251

To be honest, it's hard for me to imagine smells that I'm not very familiar with, and since I almost never get close to other people I have no idea what my husbando would smell like. I lack creativity when it comes to stuff like this

No. 189690

File: 1647394543521.png (922.81 KB, 1434x960, fresh vanilla my ass.png)

Reminder that Komaeda canonically smells like a dead person, since someone in the old thread said he smells fresh like vanilla

No. 189695

File: 1647396503459.jpg (25.01 KB, 443x380, 0e1ccf8e410c222b242d2febd5e544…)

He probably smells like booze and chickenshit before he cleaned up

No. 189720

my husbando actually has a cologne but you can't import perfume from japan. i want it so bad it hurts

No. 189791

File: 1647435261823.jpg (58.55 KB, 878x917, 66b4c21dad94ba7a1aecdaf53f4d23…)

cig smoke, coffee, the fresh smell outside after it's been raining. something sharp, like eucalyptus

No. 189793

Wow, I used to be obsessed with Akabane when I was in middle school, haven’t seen a reference to this anime in a hot minute

No. 189836

File: 1647456341941.jpg (53.79 KB, 1192x850, 20220303_234118.jpg)

I recently finished the TGCF novels and Hua Cheng occupies my mind 24/7. I love him so fucking much. This series grabbed my soul and sucked me in so hardcore it's insane. I watched the donghua, immediately fell in love and rewatched it, read the novels, and now I've spent like $400 on merch already.

No. 189837

Oh yes, what he would smell like. Hmm… Maybe sandalwood, or something warm and spicy. Now I wanna go and sample some colognes to find the perfect Hua Cheng scent…. ah…

No. 191474

File: 1647995892310.png (176.1 KB, 435x434, 1647627529127.png)

extreme cringe warning but i want to buy a perfume/deodorant that reminds me of my husbando but i don't know which one to pick. he has an official perfume but shipping from japan is indefinitely restricted. how should i pick it??

No. 191481

Read the description and/or ingredients of the official perfume and try to find a perfume with similar ingredients or descriptions.

No. 191486

you can create your own perfume from one of those websites like waft. i had a friend from discord who was obsessed with touken ranbu that created fragrances for her favorite characters from that game through waft.

i wonder how she is doing nowadays

No. 191490

Search for fragrances with similar notes.

No. 208352

File: 1653238264584.jpg (23.34 KB, 300x415, 73840a0ee876c01b26a157b9f74da8…)

this man fucking REEKS

No. 208357

Terrible, probably

No. 208358

What does he smell like? Death? Rotten meat? Blood?

No. 208359

ooooh brother, this guy STINKS

No. 208362

Uh oh… stinky!

No. 208363

thanks for actually being realistic, im tired of these bitches going like "MY HUSBANDO SMELLS OF LILAC WITH HINTS OF VANILLA AND THE BAREST TRACE OF SANDALWOOD" no he fucking doesnt lmao
based nona

No. 208364

File: 1653240695555.jpeg (36.35 KB, 577x960, d255aa3e-7e5c-492e-ac3c-a2d6d3…)

Actual fucking shrimp

No. 208399

She smells like fish food flakes

No. 208419

I don't remember ever meeting a man in my life who smelled like anything nice, most of them don't use any perfume or anything that would make them smell good, and the ones who do just smell like alcohol vapors of perfume. I can't even lie to myself in my head

No. 208480

File: 1653270032369.jpg (295.57 KB, 2228x2958, zarielportrait.jpg)

Adrenaline, sweat, dried blood, crushed masonry, and fire smoke. Probably reeks since she's too busy fighting to clean up, or she incinerates the dirt right off of her body and is fine.

No. 208481

File: 1653270070797.jpg (30.44 KB, 400x400, ughwhy.jpg)

Samefag. This jackass chronically smells like other people's perfume and bath products. Overwashed, artificial, and slightly off-putting.

No. 208512

File: 1653277138321.jpg (25.02 KB, 640x360, Huey_in_his_lab.jpg)

Sweat, coffee, and sometimes a hint of piss. But most importantly, steel tools and lubricant, kinda like a hardware store.
He spends all day in his lab working with tools, computers and other machines.
Even if he showered regularly, it's still very hot in there, so he sweats a lot, which is pretty obvious just looking at him anyway.
He seems to be fond of coffee, always leaving coffee stains on his documents. Let's not forget the "I ♥ DD" coffee mug.
And when he's really scared, he pees himself. It happens rarely, but I imagine that odor is hard to completely get rid of when it does, especially when he's working all the time and basically treated like a prisoner, so he might not have a lot of time for his personal hygiene.
He also used to smoke and then switched to vaping (in Peace Walker), but in MGSV there are no references to this anymore.

No. 208514

i got insulted last time i mentioned how all these people were mentioning painfully girly scents, like, at least go see what male cologne ingredients are because sweet light floral scents dont even smell good on dudes.

No. 208569

As they say: you're right and you should say it

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