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File: 1646866178402.png (36.17 KB, 245x275, 1642125931907 (1).png)

No. 188283

But is worth a shot anyways.

OC means “original character” that you have come up with. They do not have to exist in an original universe and can be meant for a pre-existing setting. Have an idea for an OC? Want to draw something for another anon? Then you’ve come to the right thread!

How it goes:
>Post an OC idea, and any anon itt can happily draw it for you if she feels so obliged.
>Be as descriptive as you like, and doodle as silly or serious as you like! Sincerity and cringe are equally embraced.
>In some cases that anons post OCs and do not get a drawing within 60 days, OP will personally pen one out for you.
>Feel free to use any reference photos for your OC and specify what you want. It is encouraged!
>You are free to post your own OC artwork and have other anons add on to it. However, all artwork of said OC MUST be posted by the farmer who drew it. OC art commissioned from outside of LC is not allowed itt.(DO NOT STEAL!!!1)
If you would like your artwork judged or fixed, please refer to the Rate My Art thread >>>/m/102700
>Spoiler any artwork that depicts NSFW; gratuitous nudity and graphic gore, or is grotesque or fetish in nature.
>It is ill advised to compromise your anonymity by crossposting finished works featured here to non-anonymous accounts and websites.

There is nothing strict regarding what the OCs can and can’t be like, as long as it adheres to global board rules (no nudity, illegal shit, racebait etc.) This is meant to be a fun thread. It’s okay and actually very cool to have shit OCs. The methods by which OCs are “drawn” is not inherently limited to any specific medium.

No. 188286

File: 1646866617153.png (15.79 KB, 446x435, buffy.png)

>they all left
I'm still here with my buff stacy oc!

No. 188336

File: 1646877534633.png (276.37 KB, 700x1000, STACY STRONK.png)



No. 188340

Someone post a request. I have downtime at work and want to draaaaw.

(I kinda suck tho)

No. 188341

File: 1646878503311.png (162.08 KB, 900x1200, short hair don't careB.png)

this is old af oc i drew back in my deviantart days, have fun

No. 188417

File: 1646912026947.png (1.15 MB, 686x1182, beetleknight-ref.png)

I have waaaay too many OCs, but here's one of my favs. She's a little beetle knight

No. 188478

This is adorable

No. 189943

BEETLE-NONNIE, IF YOU'RE STILL AROUND, WHAT IS HER WEAPON OF CHOICE (or if you can give me a weapon ref, that'd be stellar)!! I AM DOING A THING, I NEED TO KNOW.

No. 189988

File: 1647498600225.png (363.1 KB, 1000x700, beetleknight.png)


nevermind lmao

No. 190001

File: 1647511364842.jpeg (21.93 KB, 788x436, EUz1Z9BUYAAJJNi.jpeg)

AAA this is wonderful oh my god! What a wonderful thing to wake up to! Thank you so much nona!!! Do you have any characters so I can return the favor?

No. 190202

File: 1647560055898.png (94.2 KB, 1000x1121, bruja.png)

(i have a lot less ocs than i thought i did)

No. 190259

File: 1647585753227.png (795.07 KB, 714x637, yuasa ar.png)

nona, i absolutely adore this design. her proportions remind me of kaiba in the best way.

No. 197435

File: 1649982649973.png (55.01 KB, 1104x1276, agression.png)


No. 197437

File: 1649983690410.png (53.19 KB, 1224x1908, beetle times.png)

she's remembering a fight or something (?)

No. 197471

File: 1649990522846.png (147.64 KB, 406x617, Beetle.png)

NONNIE I forgot I drew your character in the Hollow Knight style. Didn't finish all the details but forgot it in my files. Hope you like her

No. 197510

i love this nonnita, thank you <3

No. 197579

nta but this is adorable.

No. 201940

File: 1651179220461.png (262.82 KB, 572x623, carmineophelia1color.png)

two ocs but other than a general idea on their personalities there isn't any story to them at the moment.

No. 204313

File: 1651886046278.png (156.18 KB, 1000x1000, Car.png)

carmine is cool
might draw ophelia later
are they like vampires?

No. 205025

Oh they are so cute, I saw them in the doodle board the other day. Are they actually a canon couple or do you just ship them in a not-serious way?

No. 205055

nonnie I loved this! I saved it I hope that's okay!

Carmine is a vampire bat and likes to drink blood but tries to live off fruit (in a sort of rebellious way)
Yes! They start out as "roommates" who are just sick of men and others staring at their noses… and just sort of fall in a love and do cute things together. Very slice of life type of stuff haha.

No. 205057

File: 1652191806992.png (97.89 KB, 218x373, sweeti.png)

sorry to samefag. Ophelia really likes lolita and rococo-esq. I felt this picture shows her style better

No. 208441

File: 1653257209490.png (134.83 KB, 352x684, Sister_Margret.png)

My OC inspired by the confessions threads. She's an orchid mantis nun and she devours absolves men of their sins

No. 209125

Cool asf nona

No. 227970

File: 1659911271062.png (232.73 KB, 396x600, margret.png)

here you go nona, i like her

No. 248176

File: 1666054679702.png (493.99 KB, 709x1000, 649E4409-87B7-49A0-9544-F9983A…)

I know this thread is dead and no body cares anymore but here take this unoriginal basic faggot .

No. 270584

File: 1674106838887.png (202.81 KB, 1200x2000, anonocbutcheredbyme.png)

realized only after coloring how much darker and less curly I made the hair. sorry nonners.

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